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Spring Fashion Issue Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will Barton Will Be Back Sophomore guard back in blue for the 2011-’12 season with Tigers basketball

Vol. 78 No. 095

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UM students help put the BET in beauty BY Amber Crawford News Reporter On Monday, University of Memphis students gathered in front of the University Center looking for their chance to show their love for fashion. BET marketing intern and senior communications major Milton Howery III and two members of his Street Team, Cordy Washington and Cherika Burditt, promoted BET’s “Rip the Runway” on campus on Monday, taking pictures of fans and passing out prizes. The photos of The U of M students taken Monday will be submitted to BET’s

headquarters in Washington, D.C. so BET employees can see their fans, said Howery, who last semester received one of 30 national marketing internships with BET. “Also,” said Washington, “some will be posted on Facebook so everyone can look and try to find their picture.” “Rip the Runway” is BET’s annual fashion show that features models, musicians and celebrity hosts. This year’s hosts included Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks and actor and Calvin Klein model Mehcad Brooks. Howery said BET selected the Memphis area and The U of M as places to advertise and reach out to fans because Memphis has

a large audience of people who “love” BET. He added that “Rip the Runway” is more than just entertainment. “It encourages people to rock the show,” he said. “Fashion is your appearance; it’s how people perceive you, so it’s important to make sure you look your best at all times.” The program, which aired on BET at 9 p.m. Monday, featured performers Keri Hilson, New Boyz, Lloyd, Melanie Fiona, Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa and Miguel and 29 models showing off the clothes of seven designers. The models were chosen during auditions held across the nation last year.

Freshman education major Marqueshia Bowles said she isn’t a fan of fashion, but she enjoys watching “Rip the Runway” each year. “I like seeing the different clothes, designs and styles for the year,” she said. Sophomore journalism major Destini Johnson said she watched “Rip the Runway” this year to see the musical performances, male models and the new lines coming out. “I enjoy the styles that everyone comes out with because no one is the same,” she said. “And I like the vintage styles, the unique styles that make everyone different from anything else we all wear.”

University of Memphis sophomore psychology major Jerikka Reynolds shows off her unique fashion style, wearing Chuck Taylors with lacy fishnet-style tights from Target, a West Hill skirt, a red tank top from Charlotte Russe and a blue cardigan by Black and Brown. She completes her outfit with glasses and owl earrings from Forever 21, a Charlotte Russe ring and a G-Shock watch.

by Aaron Turner

courtesy of Amanda S. Mauck

If the store fits Midtown’s newest retail haven opens Thursday, offering trendy clothing and kitschy accessories to the Pabst-guzzling masses BY Michelle Corbet News Reporter Urban Outfitters, a store known for selling bohemian, retro, hipster and kitschy merchandise, is opening its first Memphis location at the corner of Cooper and Central in Midtown this Thursday. “The middle of Cooper-Young is an awesome midtown area,” said Bradley Willamson, sophomore mathematics major and avid Urban Outfitters aficionado. “Urban Outfitters has the potential to make that area even better.” The 11,490 square foot location at 2151 Central Ave. has

been vacant for over two years now. The lot, once home to Memphis’ first Volkswagen and Studebaker dealer, is over 100 years old and the building has received a major overhaul to transform it into a place to hang out, shop, read and listen to music. A group of team members from around the country have been arranging the store and creating displays for a week in preparation of its opening day. “They completely gutted the building,” said Courtney Clark, sophomore marketing major and employee in training for Urban Outfitters. “There are merchandisers and managers here, some from Virginia, New Orleans and

The new Urban Outfitters storefront illuminates the corner of Cooper and Central. The Midtown location of the national retail chain opens Thursday at 10 a.m., with live music from 4 to 8 p.m. (the) home office in Philadelphia, to show us how they want the store to be set up.”


Urban, page 3

2 • Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Letter to the Editor

Helmsman Volume 78 Number 094


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2. Meet your presidential candidates

by Chelsea Boozer

3. UM loses instructor and coach 4. Don’t lie to Wii

by Rob Moore

5. Author explains paternity DNA

by Erica Horton

DOMINO’S PIZZA Across 1 Crick in the neck, e.g. 6 Exec’s “I want it now!” 10 Sci. class 14 Foil maker 15 The Big Easy, briefly 16 Golden rule word 17 Having a sense of the Prairie State? 20 Retreats 21 Pub quaffs 22 Between then and now 23 “V for Vendetta” actor Stephen 24 Mil. morale booster 25 Scandinavian capital 27 Webster’s impression of the Natural State? 33 ‘50s song, e.g. 35 Fr. holy women 36 Not con 37 Soccer score 38 En __: all together 40 Like the Reaper 41 Breakfast food 42 __ rug: dance 43 Skip over 44 Watch the Evergreen State? 48 One-named Deco designer 49 Mine output 50 Verizon forerunner 53 Test during pregnancy, briefly 56 Start of a birth announcement 58 Potting soil 59 Close to the Magnolia State? 62 Have to have 63 Sooner State tribe 64 Staggering 65 Estimate words 66 Political org. until 1991 67 Things to solve for, in some equations Down 1 Not so dangerous 2 West Point rookie 3 Injury treatment brand 4 Beethoven’s fifths? 5 Spring month in Paris

by Joshua Bolden


No Waiting! 323-3030

While reading The Daily Helmsman’s article, “Inside The Campaign,” I noticed a statement that I found rather frustrating. While Hunter Lang was discussing the use of laptops during voting in the previous election, he stated, “(The candidates) were not near students when they were voting (last year) ... No one was ever able to see who they voted for.” Last year, I was a Senator-at-Large candidate on the Finding Answers Concerning Everyone party and know for a fact this is a false statement. There were multiple occasions when students pulled up their ballot on laptops and asked campaigners who to vote for because they did not know anything about the election. Candidates not only told them to vote for themselves, but other FACE candidates as well. There were instances when they voted with candidates standing behind them helping pick out candidates to vote for on their ballot. I never actually saw Hunter himself watch someone vote, but I definitely watched other candidates do this. I am not writing this letter to single Hunter out. I am simply writing to say that if candidates are going to be allowed to carry around laptops to encourage others to vote, then it needs to be done by a third party. Although “Lang said Vice President of Student Affairs Rosie Bingham and former Dean of Students William Porter both suggested candidates carry around laptops to encourage more students to vote,” I have spoken with several other students who agree that if a candidate walked up with a laptop asking for them to vote, they would feel pressured to vote for that person’s party. I think the issue presented above about last year’s elections also shows that candidates using laptops can, and will, affect a student’s vote. According to The University of Memphis’s Information Technology website, there are 1,112 Technology Access Fee (TAF)-funded computers in 22 labs just on campus. This does not include the TAF-funded computers available on South Campus, the Millington Center, the Carrier Center, the Jackson Center, or the Kemmons Wilson School. These 22 TAF-labs are open at various times, including 8:30 4:30, 8 - 8:30 and 24-hours. After checking the Bursar’s website, full-time undergraduate, graduate, and law students are paying $112.50 a semester for these computers. With 1,112 computers available on campus, candidates do not need to walk around with laptops to encourage voters. They need to be advertising the information above and say, “Hey! You are paying $112.50 each semester for these computers. Go use one and vote.” By doing this, you prevent a potential party bias that could occur if a candidate walked around with a laptop to vote, and students can put their Technology Access Fee to work. Magellan Taylor Psychology senior

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6 Latino’s white American buddies 7 Sorbonne silk 8 What it takes, in an inclusive idiom 9 Buddy 10 Toe inflammation 11 Aware of 12 Suffix with narc 13 Misplace 18 Poet Ogden 19 __ Canarias 24 Its cap. is Abu Dhabi 26 __-Ball: arcade game 28 Olive or peanut product 29 Very, in music 30 Emulate a jack-in-the-box 31 Saharan 32 Vague number 33 Architect’s S-curve

34 Feeling sluggish 38 Has to 39 Nonbelievers 40 Mop & __: floor cleaner 42 Pool shot 43 Lyon summer 45 Nut 46 More snoopy 47 Mardi __ 51 Recorded, in a way 52 Most popular baby girl’s name, 1996-2007 53 A.D. part 54 The Mediterranean, to Hans 55 Scot’s turndowns 57 General __ chicken 58 Old Italian dough 60 Debt acknowledgment 61 Clinton played one

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 • 3


mcwherter library hit with two laptop thefts BY JoShUA Bolden News Reporter University Police believe the same suspect is responsible for two laptop thefts that occurred last week in the Ned R. McWherter Library. The suspect, caught on a sur-

veillance camera in the library, is believed to be a male, black, 5’10 to 5’11, 145 to 160lbs, and between the ages of 20 and 25, according to police services. The suspect is of medium complexion and was last seen wearing a tan or brown longsleeve shirt, dark pants, white

belt, and a short necklace that is silver and tan in color, police said. On March 15, the suspect stole a laptop and charger from the 4th floor of the library when the owner of the laptop stepped away to get a drink of water.

On March 16, the suspect is believed to have stolen another unattended laptop from the 4th floor. The victim said she, too, had walked away from her laptop for a short time. Bruce Harber, director of police services, advises students to always keep posses-

sions on their persons or lock them up. “Don’t leave stuff unattended even when it comes to taking a two second phone call,” said Harber. The laptop stolen on the 15th has been recovered but the charger is still missing.

Student Life

UM event helps students find off-campus housing BY JoShUA Bolden News Reporter The University of Memphis will host its Off-Campus Housing Information Fair for students from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

on Wednesday in the University Center Ballroom. The event is free and open to the public. The fair, sponsored by Adult and Commuter Student Services, provides campus and community

resources and services to students who do not live on campus or in University housing. “This is for whoever is interested in off-campus housing who might not like where they are living now or just want to move,”

said Connie Dunn, senior administrative secretary for the vice president of student affairs. The fair allows potential residents a chance to meet and speak with local housing and apartment property representatives about

their amenities, services and specials, she said. In addition to receiving information on housing options, the fair will also include drawings for an iPad and a flat screen television.


to the area, generating more business for everyone. “It really fits in Midtown,” said Becca Wineman, sophomore recording technology major. “It should bring more businesses to the area, like more retail chains.” The store’s “street trendy” clothes and accessories are exclusive to the stores brands, which include Free People, BHLDN and Terrain. “All we’ve had is American Apparel and mall stores, and they don’t have the same things Urban Outfitters carries,” said Williamson. “And I like the fact that I won’t have to pay a $10 shipping fee every time I shop from them anymore.”

from page 1 The store officially opens at 10 a.m. Thursday. There will be an opening event from 4 to 8 p.m. with live local bands, and a friends and family event will run Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. “They will get a first look at the store one day before it opens,” said Clark. “It’s like a preview of the store and they get 25 percent off merchandise. You have to be invited by an employee, though.” Midtown retailers believe Urban Outfitters will attract a younger generation of shoppers

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4 • Tuesday, March 22, 2011


obama quietly enters the war BY BoB droGin Los Angeles Times This is not the way American presidents go to war. The opening act is supposed to feature the president sitting solemnly in the Oval Office, explaining the reasons, laying out the goals, talking tough. Barack Obama did not even announce the start to the third U.S. war in the Muslim world in a decade. He left that to his secretary of State who was in Paris, standing alongside a French president who a few months ago wanted to do more business with Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi and was now claiming credit for leading airstrikes against him. When Obama did emerge hours later, he stood at a lectern in the bottom of a convention center in Brasilia, capital of a nation that did not vote for the U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing military force. He went to pains to point out that the U.S. mission will be limited and not include U.S. ground troops. And he emphasized that U.S. forces were acting as part of a coalition that was enforcing international will. There is an explanation for Obama’s reluctance to swagger into war like his predecessor George W. Bush. This is a sensitive undertaking: deploying American military power into an Arab world still raw from the 2003 invasion of Iraq, at a time when its leaders — some of them long-term allies — are facing overthrow by their own people. But Obama locked himself to the Libyan rebels’ cause by declaring that Gadhafi had to go during the heady early days of the uprising when they appeared to be on the march to Tripoli. When they proved unable to topple the dictator, Obama and his allies confronted the prospect of Gadhafi hanging on, slaughtering his opposition, and making the U.S. president vulnerable to allegations he allowed the tide of Arab democracy to be turned back. Using military force to dislodge Gadhafi required soliciting help and political cover from Gadhafi’s Arab neighbors. But even some who back the intervention argue that Obama has failed to clearly explain why he has launched airstrikes against a despot in Libya, but has been unable to restrain American-backed autocrats in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen from shooting live rounds at unarmed, pro-democracy protesters swarming in their streets. That’s why Obama went out of his way to show that the U.S. was taking a back seat in the whole affair, even as it clearly directed events and launched fiery salvos of Tomahawk missiles against the North African nation. Aides also made sure to get out the message that Obama is fully engaged in the Libyan crisis, assured of secure communications wherever he goes. They released detailed schedules of his briefings by senior advisers and of his calls with foreign leaders before the Tomahawks flew. It made for an awkward first day of war. “What we’re seeing is Obama making a clear choice to at least give the perception that others are leading this intervention,” said

Ash Jain, a former senior State Department official. “That’s a real change.” Yet this escalation into the unknown carries risks. U.S. troops are now involved in a third Muslim country, Libya, following on Iraq and Afghanistan. If saving the rebels requires deeper military involvement, the West could be portrayed, as Gadhafi tried to do on Saturday, as 21st century crusaders, chiefly interested in Libya’s rich oil fields. Radical Islamists will cite it as evidence of the West’s antiIslamic prejudice. The Obama administration has faced bad-to-terrible choices since the Arab uprising began in Tunisia three months ago, and spread across North Africa and the Middle East, swallowing enemies and allies alike. The Saudi monarchy not only keeps a chokehold on the global

economy through oil exports (it is America’s third-largest oil supplier), but has helped check Iranian ambitions. In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, the now-ousted president, kept the peace with Israel. Bahrain, where the regime is clinging to power with the help of Saudi troops, is home to the U.S. 5th Fleet, a crucial military asset in the Persian Gulf. And U.S. counter-terrorism officials rely heavily on President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime in Yemen to help fight one of al-Qaida’s most virulent affiliates. The CIA considers al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, as the Yemeni offshoot is known, as a more urgent threat than the core terrorist group based in Pakistan. But for now, the mission in Libya is clearer than the long-term regional goals. The goal, unspoken but widely agreed, is the old

staple of bringing down the government. Whether that will require more than the imposition of a nofly zone — sustained bombing of

military targets or command-andcontrol facilities, for example, or


Libya, page 9

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 • 5


Action heroines pack a ‘Punch’


BY Rafer Guzman Newsday

Jena Malone, as Rocket, from left, Abbie Cornish, as Sweet Pea and Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ epic action fantasy, “Sucker Punch.”

Black undies? Or white? It was a choice that confronted writer-director Zack Snyder while making “Sucker Punch,” a mostly female action-fantasy starring Emily Browning as a gun-toting, sword-swinging killer deceptively named Babydoll. She dispatches zombies and robots with the kind of brutality that made Snyder’s mostly male “300” a hit in 2007, but she also wears a thigh-high skirt that, as viewers will discover when “Sucker Punch” opens Friday, can be rather revealing. The underwear question involved more than just aesthetics. As it turns out, Snyder wanted the color to downplay any titillation,

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not increase it. “I did make a concession to say, ‘Let’s make her underwear black,’” Snyder says. “Otherwise I’m noticing it too much. If it was white, you see it. But those are the kinds of things we did, because I didn’t want the movie to be about that.” It’s a small but important point that underscores the tricky nature of a movie whose sexual politics are as multi layered as its plot. A threetiered narrative that unfolds in an insane asylum, a brothel and the escapist fantasies of its beleaguered heroine, “Sucker Punch” is a visual blend of pulp comics, steampunk and video-game violence, all shot in Snyder’s signature heightened style. One minute its female characters are invincible warriors, the next they’re chattel. And almost always, they are thoroughly rouged and suggestively dressed. “It was difficult, at first, to convince the studio, not because it’s about all-female action characters but because it was so different,” says Snyder’s wife, Deborah, who helped produce the film for Warner Bros. “You usually pitch them a set of comps” — that is, clips of comparable movies — “but there were no comps for a movie like this. That was both exciting and scary.” What has been done before is the revved-up mix of female-driven action and overt sexuality. The 1970s television show “Charlie’s Angels” was famous for strategically jiggling its heroines; Russ Meyer’s 1965 cult classic “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” featured women with aggressive personalities and outsize bosoms. More recently, Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft character often wore combat boots and little else. “You have to recognize that we are making a genre movie, a movie that has elements of, say, Japanese anime,” says Carla Gugino, who plays the brothel’s mother hen, Madam Gorski. “In ‘300,’ the men wore less clothing than we’re wearing! It is absolutely embracing that women can be sexy, strong, smart, all of those things.” “Sucker Punch” features five young actresses cast somewhat against type. Browning (Babydoll) starred in the kids’ film “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea) played John Keats’ love interest in the costume drama “Bright Star.” Jamie Chung (Amber) recently had an eye-candy role in Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups.” Jena Malone (Rocket) is known for indie films like “Bastard Out of Carolina.” And Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie) is a dimpled tween idol from Disney’s “High School Musical” franchise. For “Sucker Punch,” however, they practiced martial arts, trained with assault rifles and worked out under Logan Hood, a former Navy SEAL who also wrangled Snyder’s actors on “300.” Malone, for one, piled 10 pounds of muscle on her 5-foot-6-inch frame and eventually pushed her rack dead-lift weight to 300 pounds. “I get incredible work as an actor,” Malone says. “But no one


Punch, page 9

6 • Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Be a man — embrace the beard Dustin Black, creator of, a site celebrating man’s ability to grow a beard, puts it like this: “Without a beard, you’re the same as every woman and child.” Over the past decade, “metrosexuality” among men has become increasingly more popular. Skinny jeans, frilly scarves and an assortment of other feminine-looking styles of clothing have taken over the male population of college campuses across the country. So, for the sake of all that is manliness, it’s time for the men of The University of Memphis to embrace their masculinity and make a fashion statement of our own — by growing beards. “It’s wearing our masculinity on the outside,” said Black, 34. “Embrace the culture of the beard. It’s the counterculture to metrosexuality.” For those hesitant to sprout a beard because they think it will make them less fashionable or out of style, no worries — facial fur is en vogue right now, especially in Memphis. The U of M baseball team is participating in “Mustache

by Aaron Turner

BY Mike Mueller Managing Editor

Beard enthusiast Dustin Black calls facial hair styles like the goatee “the GED of beards.” He says he prefers more masculine, full-grown beards. March” and the Memphis Grizzlies are growing playoff beards. In Hollywood, the stardom of comedian Zach Galifinakis, wearer of one of the finest beards in entertainment, continues to rise. In fact, beards are becoming an icon in hipster fashion, said Black. But that’s not what wearing a beard is all about. “The last thing we want it to become is a flannel shirt, a can of (Pabst Blue Ribbon), Ray-Bans,” Black said. “The beard world has a retro-sexual appeal. It’s kind of an unkempt style with a roughness to it. It’s hip and trendy right now.” Avid beard wearer and senior music education major Jake Hardin, 21, said growing a beard

is one of the strongest fashion statements one can make. “Wearing a beard says that you’re a man,” he said. “It sets you apart from other, hairless people.” During the winter months, it tends to be more common for men to wear a beard. After all, a face-full of bushy locks is more practical when it’s cold outside — it keeps you warm and protects you from the elements. When the weather warms up, however, the practical benefits may not be as apparent. Beard connoisseur and U of M alumnus Matt Tubinis, 24, pointed out the advantages of wearing a beard in the spring and summer. “Other than it looking awesome, there are still some cold

Zach Galifianakis wouldn’t be caught dead with a goatee. We hear he also never leaves the couch without The Daily Helmsman.

spring days,” said Tubinis, who in the past has raised money for a church youth group with his mandibular mane. “When there’s a light breeze or if you drink a frothy beverage, the beard is noticeable. It also goes well when you jump in the ocean

and you get that nasty, wet look.” While Black described a “good” beard as thick and full, that doesn’t mean it has to look haggard. “If you want to grow it long or keep it (closely trimmed), that’s fine,” he said. “A cleaner cut says I’m stylish, I have a girlfriend and a job. Long says I enjoy throwing axes and drinking too much beer on the weekend. It’s whatever you prefer.” Black frowns upon goatees, however, calling them “the GED of beards.” Tubinis, married with a fulltime job, said after winter, he keeps his beard closely cropped, for that “clean spring look.” Whatever your style, it’s time to get rid of the tight pants and the facial moisturizer. It’s time to beard up.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 • 7

Turning back the clock at 2011 New York fashion week The fall-winter 2011 runway show season, with all of its attendant hype, hope and surprises, kicked off Wednesday in New York. Some of the most anticipated collections are coming from Los Angeles designer Barbara Tfank (a new line of denim produced in collaboration with L.A. denim guru Henry Duarte), Olivier Theyskens (for Theory) and the Libertine label. The bodysuit made famous by Donna Karan made a comeback on the runway in the strong fall-winter 2011 BCBG collection, where sheer white turtleneck versions were layered under long crepe dresses with pleated or paneled details. Earth tones were broken up with flashes of the “emberglow” orange that Pantone named as one of the top 10 colors for this show. Obviously, the Los Angelesbased contemporary label designed by Max Azria caught the 1970s fever we saw on the runways

for spring. The long looks were grounded with hard clutches and high boots with chunky heels. But will women really go long? Not one of Azria’s front-row fans (Kelly Rowland, Taraji Henson, Ashanti) was wearing anything below mid-thigh. “Sometimes, it’s more sexy to wear long,” the designer said. With a ‘zine at every seat, and remixed grunge on the soundtrack, Vena Cava designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock were saying “Viva the 1990s” with their fall 2011 collection. The ‘zine waxed nostalgic for Contempo Casuals, Judy’s, Andre Agassi’s mullet, pagers, Filofaxes and Kriss Kross. And you could see the references to Contempo, Betsey Johnson, Donna Karan and others on the runway, in the black-and-white polka-dot palazzo pants, squareneck jersey tube dress, off-theshoulder tops and leather jackets with supersized sleeves (which had the look of flea market finds).

No doubt, the twentysomething designers, who are native Angelenos, were reminiscing about their formative fashion years with this collection. But though it had a heavy dose of vintage cool, it didn’t have many clothes that flattered even the pin-thin models. Where designers Mara Hoffman and Tadashi Shoji are concerned, fall is all about spiritual transcendence, 1970s-style. There was a certain liquidity to softly draped, silk crepe one-shoulder dresses in shades of “eclipse,” “sunglow” and “horizon.” And the hand-cut silk organza petals on cocktail shifts had a rough elegance to them. Shoji finished with a pair of draped gowns — one with a single sleeve, another with a pleated floor-length skirt. For Hoffman, the theme was sacred warrior-meets-Earth mother, with hooded caftans in tribal prints, macrame detailed gowns worn with turbans and talisman-like jewelry by All for the Mountain.

Colorful boots can brighten rainy days BY KAren nAzor hill Chattanooga Times Free Press With the right wet-weather accessories, a rainy day doesn’t have to be gloomy. Dayton, Tenn., resident Deb Hunter, owner of 8:19PM Promotions/Management, said her favorite raincoat is a traditional black, European-style Poleci trench with a detachable hood, but she usually grabs the coat that best suits her mood. “When I want to brighten things up during the rain, I’ll go for either my red or yellow trench coat,” she said. “They are short, cute and great fun on a dreary day.” Children have it even better, said Jeanne Trewhitt, owner of A Child’s Garden Boutique in Chattanooga. For 12 years, the most important trend in children’s rainwear are coats that make the children look like firefighters, pirates, fairies and ladybugs, Trewhitt said. “Each coat has a coordinating umbrella and rubber boots,” she said. “It’s fun to wear and brightens their day. Children absolutely love them.”

For men, the classic belted trench never goes out of style, but women usually have several choices. Martin Nobles, manager of Belk at Hamilton Place, said the structured casual rain jacket, which can be dressed up or down, is popular this season. The jackets, as well as brightly colored rubber rain boots, have been selling well. Wearers say rubber boots are fun, regardless of age. Trewhitt said customers have told her their children put theirs on “first thing in the morning, and they’re the last thing they take off at night -- even on days when it’s not raining. My daughter told me that my grandson wore his dinosaur rain boots in the bathtub.”

Hunter said she has a pair of Hunter Wellington boots, better known as Wellies, that “actually look like psychedelic cowboy boots. They’re cute, and they chase away any rainy-day blues.”



BY Booth moore Los Angeles Times

8 • Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Shades roundup

Spring’s hottest shape in sunglasses is the circle. Reminiscent of John Lennon’s signature specs, round frames have been popping up on more than a few celebrities over the last year, but this season round will be the frame du jour. In February, Ray-Ban launched the exact style Lennon used to wear ($145). These are obviously the most authentic in style and shape and would work for anyone who consistently rocks a classic Ray-Ban aviator but wants to switch things up for spring. Chanel is also making a gold metal pair ($290), but they’re not so perfectly round. They’re a cross between an aviator and a round shape, with gorgeous amber-colored lenses that will look so chic through summer. And if less flashy is more your speed, Persol has a matte silver pair with tortoise arms ($205) that are a little more on the masculine side, but would work for a woman as well. For a not-so-literal interpretation of the trend, I love the oversized black acetate round frames from Proenza Schouler ($310), and so do a slew of young celebs, especially the pint-sized Mary-Kate Olsen, who is almost always wearing a pair of round frames to suit her haute hippie look. Persol also has a cute pair in a tortoise frame ($235) that are a little more classic and preppy than the Proenza Schouler version, and the speckled color adds an interesting detail to


1. Find bin Laden 2. Put in room with Gadhafi. 3. We really didn’t have anything funny. Tweet us your better ideas. #tigerbabble

any look. Because Lady Gaga has also been a huge fan of round sunglasses, there are sure to be

shades, have an immediate impact on your look and can take a totally simple outfit into the 1960s or Ozzy Osbourne

more exaggerated styles out there as we roll into summer. For something a tiny bit over the top but still wearable, zebra-striped round glasses from Ralph Lauren Collection ($250) are sure to turn a few heads. Round sunglasses, more than any other shape of

territory. So tread lightly. A quirky tortoiseshell pair with rounded lenses or something in an oversized acetate can look fresh and on trend, while metal frames with colored lenses (like Olsen wears in one of her more literal looks) can seem more like the groupie who got left behind.


BY meliSSA mAGSAYSAY Los Angeles Times

The University of Memphis

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 • 9


from page 4 even ground attacks to support the ragtag rebel army — is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, U.S. intelligence officials worry that the mercurial Libyan leader will revert to his previous incarnation as a state sponsor of terrorism, or even use stocks of mustard gas, a blister agent made infamous in World War I, that remain in his arsenals. Exile groups have fueled such fears with dire stories of Gadhafi’s cruelties. “No one can be as bad as Gadhafi, whoever comes after him,” Akram Ramadan, a Libyan exile leader in London, said by


from page 5 ever says, ‘When I look at you I see someone who can kill 40 men with heavy artillery.’ Never had I had anyone instill that belief in me. It was incredible.” The film goes so far as to exclude men entirely from the main cast. There are no “boyfriend” roles at all, and most of the male characters are villains, from Babydoll’s abusive stepfather to brothel owner Blue (Oscar Isaac, “Robin Hood”). Scott Glenn plays the Wise Man, a benevolent father figure who sends the women into battle; he is the film’s only “redemptive” male, according to Snyder. At the same time, Snyder want-

phone Saturday. “The devil himself would be an improvement.” U.S. officials say they are committed to pushing Gadhafi out, but they have mapped military moves that address only short-term tactical aims — halting the regime’s air attacks, forcing its military into retreat, and protecting civilians in contested areas. “The longtime goal hasn’t changed,” said a senior administration official, who declined to be identified citing the sensitivity of the diplomacy. Though Obama did not call Saturday for Gadhafi to leave, the White House “view is still that he’s lost legitimacy and he can’t stay. But that’s several chess moves away. No decisions have been made how to get there.” ed his female characters to embrace certain traditional sexual archetypes — “the nurse, the French maid, the schoolgirl,” he says — and simultaneously take control of them. Such archetypes are common in movies with explicit sexual content, he notes, yet “Sucker Punch” seems destined to cause some hand-wringing even though it contains no sex scenes at all. “The most dangerous place to go, I think, with female sexuality, is when people are conscious of their own sexuality and it becomes a tool,” Snyder says. “The power of it, when they’re aware of it — that’s dangerous. Society is not into that, for whatever reason. I thought we had a sexual revolution and everyone is cool with that. But apparently it’s still a hot-button issue.”

The Writing on the Wall Project April 4 - 8

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Brick Painting Sessions Mass Brick Painting

March 21-23 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sign up your group in UC 210

Open Door Painting March 14-29 UC Operating Hours Just drop by UC 227A for more information

10 • Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Basketball BY John Martin Sports Editor

Wesley Witherspoon, a towel draped over his head, checks his cell phone for messages of encouragement. Preston Laird, too. “Congratulations on a great season.” “You’ll be back next year.” Will Coleman, tucked in the corner of the locker room, does not acknowledge his cell phone after the Tigers‘ 77-75 loss to Arizona in the second round of the NCAA tournament. With a black eye sustained in the C-USA tournament and an even more bruised psyche, he unlaces his blue and gray Nikes for the final time. It’s a slow process. The 6’9” Coleman is in no rush. “I feel awful, man,” the Tigers’ lone senior says. “It wasn’t supposed to end like this. We weren’t supposed to go out like this.” Truth be told, Coleman and the Tigers bowed out quite gracefully. In his last collegiate contest, Coleman had nine points and 11 rebounds. He dove for loose balls. He laid it all on the floor. He led by example, and he knows this. Still, it stings, because he also knows his Tigers had a legitimate chance to actually win the game. To upset the 5th-seeded Arizona Wildcats. To keep their turnaround season alive. They were up 63-58 with 8:38 to play. They’d made Arizona superstar Derrick Williams earn his scoring opportunities, often doubling him in the post and sending him to the free throw line. They’d shut down the Wildcats’ superb perimeter offense. The game — and the Tigers’ season — boiled down to free throws and clutch buckets. The difference: Arizona was 26-of-31 from the stripe. The Tigers were 14-of-21. Coleman contributed a 1-of-4 effort. “We did what we could,” Coleman says. “A lot of people didn’t expect us to go, to even make it here. But the fact that we did — it proved a lot of people wrong.” **** There’s a dot of blood in Coleman’s bruised left eye. He got it during the C-USA tournament, when Antonio Barton opened a door on him in a film session. But it isn’t the first time he’s sacrificed blood for his program. He got a tattoo of a Memphis Tiger on his arm last year. Loyalty, he says. Coleman, a junior college transfer, originally committed to The U of M to play for former coach John Calipari. Before Coleman arrived on campus, though, Calipari bolted for bluer pastures at Kentucky, and so did most of the recruits he’d been wooing. Coleman, who had just two years of eligibility, was the only recruit that stuck with U of M coach Josh Pastner. He regrets nothing and says so with conviction.

“I feel like I rekindled the flame,” he says. “Guys walked out on Memphis like it was a burned down building, just totally demolished. I feel like me staying really built a strong foundation to let people know — don’t give up on Memphis, man.” Although this is his final conclusion, things weren’t always so simple for the senior forward this season. At one point, he thought about giving up. A 6’9”, 240-pound specimen, Coleman relied on his athleticism during his junior season, in which he averaged 7.4 points and 6.2 rebounds, rather than a polished skill-set. He was expected to develop in his senior year. He was expected to be the bona fide interior presence the Tigers lacked in Pastner’s first season.


Coleman, page 11

by David C. Minkin

With season over, Coleman searching for rightful spot

Will Coleman (center) locks arms with D.J. Stephens (left) and Tarik Black during The U of M’s 77-75 loss to Arizona in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Coleman, the only senior on the team, graduates in May.

The University of Memphis

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 • 11


Williams’ release leaves questions about Tigers’ QB situation BY AdAm doUGlAS Sports Reporter Ryan Williams, who started 10 games at quarterback for The University of Memphis last season, has been released from his scholarship, coach Larry Porter announced last week. Williams finished the season with 2,075 yards and 13 touchdowns. Last weekend, his father, Rich, asked Porter for a release due to the switch from a pro-style offense to a spread. At 6’5” and 220 pounds, Williams doesn’t have the speed that the spread offense requires.


from page 10 But to Pastner’s dismay, Coleman’s numbers declined and he lost his starting job four games into the season to freshman for-

“Obviously, the timing of Ryan leaving is not good,” Porter said. “But I’d rather just talk about the players that are still wearing the Memphis helmet.” Williams’ departure leaves just two quarterbacks on the depth chart for the Tigers, sophomore Andy Summerlin, who sat out last season due to a shoulder injury, and redshirt sophomore Will Gilchrist. Both QBs have no playing experience at the FBS level, and Cannon Smith, who started twice last season, was converted to a defensive back. Summerlin came to Memphis

from Coffeyville Community College in Kansas where he set the school passing record, throwing 2,302 yards in his only season. “We really believe Andy is on course to return back to the form he was before the injury,” Porter said. “He was a bit rusty after the layoff but he did some things very well.” Summerlin acknowledged that he’ll need to fine-tune his throwing mechanics in order to return to his normal playing condition. “I’ll have to get some things back,” he said, “but there’s

nothing like putting on a helmet and going out there and making a pass when people are around. I understand there’ll be some ups and downs, but I’m excited about the opportunity to do it again.” Summerlin will compete for the starting job with Gilchrist, who has spent the better portion of the last two seasons as the scout team and emergency quarterback. While Gilchrist is a long shot to get the starting nod, he may be better equipped to run the spread offense due to his speed and athleticism. He’s also familiar with the new

offense, as he ran the spread in high school. Gilchrist, a Savanna, Tenn., native, was a 3-star prospect out of Hardin County (Tenn.) according to and Tennessee Football Magazine rated him as the No. 1 quarterback from Tennessee. Gilchrist led his team to state playoff appearances all four years, rushed for 835 yards and seven touchdowns on 124 carries as a senior, and holds the school record in single season all-purpose yards (2,966) along with rushing and passing touchdowns (36).

ward Tarik Black. At first, he pouted. Seniors aren’t supposed to lose their jobs to freshmen. “Bout to hang my sneaks up… real talk!” Coleman tweeted after the Tigers’ 94-79 win over Northwestern in November. But as the season wore on,

Coleman and Black became inseparable. They battled against each other in practice. They learned from one another. Coleman, who didn’t play organized basketball until his senior year in high school, isn‘t truly a senior. Like The U of M’s freshman group, Coleman still had growing up to do. He was still learning. He finished the 2010-11 season averaging seven points and 4.5

rebounds. Two seasons simply weren’t enough for him to fully develop, which is why it hurts his counterparts to see him go. “I feel bad for Will Coleman,” said freshman guard Will Barton, who’s waffling on the idea of returning himself. “I just wanted to make a deeper run for him.”

Coleman makes his way around the locker room and offers handshakes to all of his teammates. He goes back to his corner and removes his t-shirt, which reads “Memphis Tigers Basketball.” He reluctantly places it on the top of his temporary locker in the BOK Center. He has come to the painful realization that he won’t be a part of the Memphis Tigers any longer. He takes solace in that he spent his two years at The U of M making those around him happy. He made appearances at young children’s birthday parties. He visited the elderly in nursing homes. He went above and beyond his duties as a college basketball player. Now, he’s got to take care of himself. He’s expecting a daughter, Charli, in May, which is also when he’ll graduate from The U of M with a degree in criminology. All this while still trying to pursue his dream of playing professional basketball. “I’m just trying to find my place in this basketball world, man,” Coleman says. “With this (potential NBA) lockout, I don’t know what’s going on, man. There’s nothing I can do except work and pray and hope for the best.” He promised Pastner he wouldn’t speak to any agents until the season was over. He says he’ll sit down with his coach soon and figure out what’s next for him. For now, Coleman, in his street garb, leaves the locker room behind his U of M teammates for the final time. He glances to his right, soaking in the NCAA tournament atmosphere once more. He’s not ready to leave. But his playing career at The U of M is over. A solemn expression on his face, Coleman exits left. A gentle-hearted giant, who may or may not have met his basketball expectations, just trying to find a place where he belongs.


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12 • Tuesday, March 22, 2011


BY John mArtin Sports Editor After the Tigers’ loss to Arizona last Friday in the second round of the NCAA tournament, U of M coach Josh Pastner said his team successfully weathered the rough waters of an up-and-down season. On Monday, freshman guard Will Barton announced on Twitter that he wouldn’t be testing the NBA’s.

UT fires Pearl

AP — Tennessee has fired Bruce Pearl after a season that saw the coach charged with unethical conduct for lying to NCAA investigators during a probe into recruiting, according to a person with knowledge of the decision. In six seasons, Pearl, 51, led the Volunteers to their first No. 1 ranking in 2008 and first NCAA tournament regional finals appearance, missing out on a trip to the 2010 Final Four by a single point. Pearl acknowledged in a tearful press conference on Sept. 10 that he had given investigators false information when asked about a cookout at his home attended by high school juniors. The NCAA has since charged the Tennessee basketball and football programs with a dozen violations. After a 75-45 loss to Michigan on Friday in the second round of the NCAA tournament, Pearl said that he planned to be accountable for the mistakes he had made but his “goal and desire is to be the basketball coach at Tennessee next year and for a long time.” Tennessee docked his salary by $1.5 million over five years, banned him from off-campus recruiting for a year and terminated his contract in September. Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive tacked on an eight-game suspension from conference play. Athletics director Mike Hamilton and UT-Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek had voiced support for Pearl after he admitted lying, but last week Hamilton said that Pearl’s future would reviewed once the season ended. Failing to notify Tennessee of another possible recruiting violation that occurred just four days after his tearful press conference may have ultimately caused Pearl to lose the support of his bosses. Tennessee officials learned from the NCAA in December that Pearl would be charged with a violation of the NCAA’s “bump rule” after speaking with a high school junior on a recruiting trip to Georgia on Sept. 14.

“Ending all speculation..... I will be coming back 4 my sophomore season. No declaring or testing waters. We gonna do this the right way,” Barton tweeted. Rated the No. 8 recruit by out of high school, the 6-foot-6, 175-pound Barton toyed with the idea of declaring for the draft throughout the season. He said after Friday’s loss that he hadn’t thought about declaring “during their run” but

that he’d “evaluate his options” since the season was over. He led the Tigers in scoring at 12.3 points per game but shot only 27 percent from the 3-point line. He was second on the team in rebounding with 4.9 a game. With Barton’s decision to remain at The U of M next season, Pastner will presumably return everyone on the roster save for senior forward Will Coleman, who graduates in May.

by David C. Minkin

Barton opts to return for sophomore season

Amid speculation that freshman guard Will Barton would turn pro, he announced Monday via Twitter that he will return to The U of M.

The Daily Helmsman  

The independent student newspaper at The University of Memphis