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Murder trial Independent Student Newspaper of the University of Memphis

UM Pikes not buying report of Trial for 2009 murder of UM student has begun UT incident By Michelle Corbet


By Lisa Babb Trial began Tuesday for three men alleged to be the culprits in the 2009 murder of Tederrial “TK” Hancock, then a sophomore at the University of Memphis. “He was fun-loving, affectionate and had a good sense of humor,” LaVata Hancock said of her deceased




son. Shortly after 9 p.m. on Nov. 11, 2009, Hancock was shot multiple times. Police arrived 20 minutes later at the Hollywood branch library in North Memphis to find Hancock dead behind the wheel of his Honda Civic. He had been shot seven times in the head and neck. Within 10 days, four were arrest-

ed in connection with the murder. Charles McClain, 18, Lavino Horne, 17, Leterpa Mosley, 17, and Quantel Stubbs, 16, were charged with firstdegree murder and aggravated robbery. The court case for McClain, Horne and Mosley began Tuesday with Judge James Beasley Jr. presiding. Stubbs awaits an Oct. 4 trial date when he is expected to testify against

the other three suspects. Hancock was found dead at the scene. His iPod, watch, MacBook, TI calculator and wallet containing about $70 were found in his car. The car was in gear and the radio was on. Cell phone records indicate Hancock’s phone called and texted a cell phone believed to be in

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Students to anonymously reveal secrets By Dana Porter Students don’t often reveal their deepest secrets to total strangers, but that’s exactly what’s happening at the University of Memphis. PostSecretU is an ongoing project by Active Minds, a registered student organization at the U of M, where students share everything from hilarious secrets to feelings of regret and sadness on postcards. Students can express their personal thoughts, issues and secrets by writing them down and dropping them in a post box on campus. The project is derived from the Active Minds Incorporations across college campuses. Shenika Brown, president of Active Minds at U of M, displayed the campus’ first PostSecretU in the University Center last week for “Feeling Blue” day. Brown said the postcards get

students comfortable with the idea of seeking help, and the organization directs them to different places on campus for resources if necessary. “It’s not necessarily a secret. It’s anything you have on your mind to talk about,” she said. Students can pick up and return a postcard at any of five locations on campus: the University Center information desk, Psychological Services Center, Living Learning Residence Complex, Richardson Towers and Wilder Tower room 214. Students have until Oct. 14 to submit their postcards. After October, PostSecretU will continue with a collage of the postcards to be shown on campus this semester at a yet to be announced date. “The public showing of all the cards may be a moving exhibit and it may display at different sites across campus,” said Theresa

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phoTo By naTalie Cole | sTaff

Members of the University of Memphis Delta Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha said they are skeptical about the reports of “butt chugging” at the University of Tennessee’s Pike fraternity house over the weekend. Alexander Broughton, a 20-yearold Pike member at UT, allegedly participated in an “alcohol enema” that involved pouring boxed wine into rubber tubing inserted into his rectum. U of M Pike recruitment chair Nick Schweitzer said according to his sources, the media has reported the incident incorrectly. “I was informed by a direct credible source of the incident Saturday morning, and the way the media twisted it was not the true story,” Schweitzer said. According to that source, Schweitzer said, a group of guys were drinking at the Pike house and Broughton, a graduate of Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, passed out. Unresponsive, Broughton was taken to UT Medical Center in Knoxville on Saturday. The Knoxville Police Department began an investigation around 1:15 a.m. when Broughton’s blood-alcohol level registered more than 0.40 percent, five times the legal limit. The UT Police Department also immediately conducted an investigation at the Pike house at 1820 Fraternity Park Drive in Knoxville. “When the police came to the house, a student mentioned that ‘he was probably butt chugging’ when they heard of how intoxicated he was, [and] they ran with that,” Schweitzer said. Reports said UTPD found “beer cans, alcohol paraphernalia and a plastic bottle that appeared to be from the interior of a wine box” outside the fraternity house. When campus police entered the house, they found “several subjects passed out in their rooms and bags from wine boxes, some empty and some partially empty, strewn across the halls and rooms,” the

Holly Keating, employee in the Psychology Building drops her PostSecret card into the box.

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Romney, Obama have competing ideas on how to bring college tuition down By Renee Schoof MCT

WASHINGTON — Should money for federal student grants for college be cut back? Should parents be able to spend local tax dollars to pay for private schooling if they don’t like their public schools? Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama agree that a good education for all Americans is essential for democracy, individual success and the national economy. The areas where they disagree — such as on school choice and federal spending — make education another of the stark public policy choices in this presidential campaign. Their divide was evident Tuesday at NBC’s Education Nation Summit in New York. In an interview for the summit, the president said the big difference between them on education reform was paying for it. Romney and his supporters “talk

a good game about reform,” Obama said, “but when you actually look at their budgets, they’re talking about slashing our investment in education by 20 to 25 percent.” Romney, speaking at the summit, said he would not support more federal spending for education but would leave that to the states. “I think we all know what it takes to improve schools — invest in great teachers,” he said. Romney has said during the campaign that a “world-class education” for American students was paramount to boosting the economy. His top reform would be a dramatic expansion of school choice. Obama has called education a “gateway” to the middle class, saying the United States must be able to “out-educate and out-compete” every other nation. He wants Congress to approve more spending for his key reform, Race to the Top, a competitive grant program that rewards schools that improve. The nation’s needs for edu-

photo By Chelsea Boozer | staff

President Barack Obama contrasted the views of presidential candidate Mitt Romney and himself at a campaign event in Clifton, Va., in July where Obama talked about the bill he signed over the summer that halted federal student loan rates from doubling. cation improvement are plain. Federal data show that a quarter of


Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney delivers remarks during a rally at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla., on Aug. 13.

all high school students fail to graduate in four years, low-income students lag academically and many students are struggling in reading and math. Romney wants to restrict Pell Grants, the main source of federal financial aid for college, to the poorest students. “Flooding colleges with federal dollars only serves to drive tuition higher,” a Romney campaign education policy paper says. But campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg declined to provide details about where Romney would set the limits. Under Obama, Pell Grants have more than doubled, from $16 billion in 2008 to $36 billion last year. The size of the grants increased, as did the number of recipients, from about 6 million to 9 million. In addition, Congress passed an Obama-backed effort to remove commercial banks from the federal student loan business. The savings, in the

form of subsidies that had been paid to the banks, paid for the increase in Pell Grants, Obama has said. Romney, however, has said he’d let commercial banks back into the student lending market. “America is fast becoming a society where education is unaffordable, a government loan is an entitlement, default is the norm and loan forgiveness is the expectation,” a campaign policy paper stated. Neal McClusky, an education expert at the libertarian Cato Institute, questioned the premise of Romney’s plan. “The wording . . . and the way many Republicans talk about it is to say this would return to loans grounded in the free market,” he said. “But that’s not at all the case.” McClusky said the federal government still would guarantee the loans, meaning that taxpayers, not the banks, would take nearly all the risk. n

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Social media history could haunt students


College spikes story about professor’s arrest Associated Press


Social media can be a boon for high school students and young adults like Connor Nolte seeking a coveted internship, employment in the tight job market or a slot in this fall’s freshman class. But college admissions officers and employment experts say it also can have the opposite effect.

By Gracie Bonds Staples MCT

ATLANTA — He has a website, a blog, a YouTube channel and he’s on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. If you want to know University of Georgia student Connor Nolte, 23, of Milton, Ga., take your pick. It’s all there for the world to see. Done the right way, social media can be a boon for high school students and young adults like Nolte seeking a coveted internship, employment in the tight job market or a slot in this fall’s freshman class. But college admissions officers and employment experts say it also

uuTrial Continued from page 1 McClain’s possession several times before and after his death. Stubbs, now 19 years old, took the stand in gray slacks and a loose fitting red V-neck shirt to testify against the three defendants Wednesday. He told jurors he was involved in Hancock’s murder, along with McClain, Horne and Mosley. However, he stated that he did not initiate the robbery or pull the trigger. A short recess was called abruptly during Stubb’s testimony. The jury was excused and, after they exited, the courtroom discussion of gang affiliations emerged. According to McClain’s defense attorney, the jury was not privy to this information because it would unfairly taint their view of the defendants.

can have the opposite effect. Dan Rauzi, senior director of technology programs for the Atlanta-based Boys & Girls Clubs of America, said he has seen it happen. Rauzi recalled a cautionary tale delivered by a Holland, Mich., senior at a recent youth conference. After a run-in with a school official, the student went home and, in frustration, posted a note on his Facebook page asking, “do we now have permission to brutally murder” the principal. Although the student was accepted into college, Rauzi said, he faced felony charges that were later dropped and was given in-

school suspension, fines and community service. The student told his audience it was “11 words that changed my whole life.” “As a parent, especially of two Division I athletes, there’s a lot of fear about that in my household,” said Kurt Nolte, Connor’s father. And for good reason. In addition to playing an ever-increasing role in people’s personal and professional lives, social media use also is playing a role in job and college application decisions. It has become increasingly common for employers to scour social media profiles to learn more about job candidates. Almost one in five

people surveyed in the United States are going online to find jobs, but many are nervous about potential fallout from personal content on social networking sites, according to a 2011 survey by global work force solutions leader Kelly Services. And according to Jieun Choe, executive director of college admissions for Kaplan Test Prep, a 2011 Kaplan survey found that 24 percent of admissions officers checked applicants’ Facebook or other social media pages — up from just 10 percent in 2008. Of those, 12 percent said they found something that negatively impacted an applicant. n

“Being in a gang is not a crime. You are protected by the First Amendment so that you can associate with whom you want,” defense attorney Claiborne Ferguson said. “The fact that you might be in a gang is not evidence that you are involved in a crime.” Stubbs testified that McClain planned the robbery and provided the .38 caliber gun that he said Horne used in the murder of Hancock. Hancock’s cell phone, Stubbs said, was taken. It and the gun were allegedly given to McClain after the murder. However, neither has been recovered. According to Ferguson, Stubbs’ testimony is littered with lies. “He is a snitch who has flipped and rolled and he will walk because he has testi-lied,” Ferguson said. “Stubbs made an agreement with the state so that he will receive consider-

ation in his plea agreement.” Other witnesses included McClain’s sister Rachell and former girlfriend Kandace Turley. “He was nice . . . respectable,” Rachell said of Hancock. Turley, 20, told jurors that Hancock met McClain during routine visits to his house where Hancock would bring his and Turley’s child to see her. “He’d take me shopping, like to Walmart, or we’d go to Putt-Putt,” she said. Turley testified that she moved in with Hancock and his mother in October of 2009 after he gained custody of their child. Although she had been romantically involved with both McClain and Hancock, she claimed to have been dating neither at the time. Shortly after the move she said she gave McClain the phone that Hancock bought for her, which was

the number Hancock’s phone had been communicating with the night of the murder. Later in her testimony, Turley recounted that on the day Hancock was murdered, she saw him at the hospital where they were both visiting his mother. He told her he wanted the phone back and began texting the person who had it — which was McClain, according to Turley. Hancock was told that the person who had it was named Diamond. The trial resumes today at 9 a.m. when the jury will visit the crime scene at Sanders and Hollywood. No questions will be allowed and no explanations will be given. The jury will only be allowed to witness where the crime occurred. The jury will return to the courtroom to hear testimony from the medical examiner and the friend of Hancock’s to whom he was allegedly planning on selling the cell phone. n

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A student newspaper at a Christian college in Dayton planned to write a story about a Biblical studies professor who resigned after being arrested on attempted child molestation charges, but the story was spiked by the college president. So Alex Green, the 22-year-old editor of the student newspaper at Bryan College, instead posted fliers around campus about the arrest of David Morgan, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported. Morgan resigned this summer after he was arrested by officers in an FBI sting and accused of meeting two underage girls at a gas station in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Morgan was also the assistant director of the Bryan Institute for Critical Thought and Practice. The college is named after William Jennings Bryan, the prosecutor in the 1925 trial held in Dayton of John Thomas Scopes, who was convicted for teaching evolution. “Bryan College is not Penn State,” Green wrote in the flier. “Because there are people here that will not attempt to save face by dusting over the arrest of Dr. David Morgan.” Green declined to talk to the newspaper about his actions. On Tuesday, Bryan College President Stephen Livesay held a meeting with staff and faculty to explain that he didn’t allow the story to be printed because it was inappropriate. A spokesman for the college, Tom Davis, said Livesay and the school’s cabinet said they felt the story should not be published because they could not verify the facts. “They are looking at this as: We are an institution that says it’s a Christian institution and we’re trying to live that out, to not spread information we can’t confirm,” Davis said. The original story, which has been posted online, cites an FBI press release and arrest reports provided by the Catoosa County Sheriff ’s Office. The student newspaper, called the Triangle, is a classroom-run paper that publishes weekly online and monthly in print. Davis said Livesay does not normally read stories before they are printed and said he knows of only one other time in his 21 years at the school in which the college administrators stopped a story from being printed. Davis said Green has not been disciplined. n

The University of Memphis

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What is something someone would never hear about the U of M?

“The school budget is used very effectively.”

Morgan Smith, Art junior

By Natalie Cole

“That lovely train on Southern never makes me late for class.”

Mariah Scott, Education junior

“Richardson Towers is the place to stay on campus.”

Zach Mgbemere, Biology junior

Research Memphis police director not quitting expo today By Adrian Sainz Associated Press

Memphis Police Director T o n e y Armstrong s a i d We d n e s d a y that he is not resigning despite intense public scrutiny Armstrong over multiple allegations of officer misconduct and the shooting of a 15-year-old boy by an off-duty officer. Armstrong held a hastily-called news conference in response to rumors that he was stepping down as head of the Memphis Police Department. Earlier, the head of the Memphis police union said he supports Armstrong and that Mayor A C Wharton Jr. was unfairly blaming the police director for problems within the 2,400-officer department. Wharton expressed frustration with the department during a news conference a day earlier. Wharton ordered a review of police department procedures by an outside consultant with law enforcement experience who will investigate the department’s hiring, recruitment, ethics training and internal affairs. Wharton said the department was in an unacceptable state and firmly said “Yes” when asked if jobs were on the line pending the outcome of the review. Armstrong disagreed with the mayor’s statement that the department is in an unacceptable state, adding that a few isolated incidents of misconduct unfairly cast the entire department in a bad light. “I am not stepping down. I am still the director of the police department and I still have all intentions of serving as director of the police department,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong and Wharton met Wednesday. Afterward, the mayor appeared to soften his criticism with a statement saying he is not questioning the ability of the police director or his officers to protect the community. “With 23 years on the force, he is a proven and exceptional leader and has my full support,” Wharton said. Earlier Wednesday, Michael Williams, president of the Memphis Police Association, said Armstrong was ambushed by Wharton on Tuesday. Williams said the mayor is to blame for a 4.6 percent pay cut for police officers that has lowered their morale. Armstrong, who became director in April 2011, should be given time to fix the problems he inherited from previous administrations, Williams said. “We think that the director needs to be un-handcuffed,” Williams said. “He’s being thrown under the bus at every turn, and we can’t figure out why.” Criticism from the community increased after authorities said offduty police officer Terrance Shaw fatally shot 15-year-old Justin Thompson on Monday night. The mayor’s office said Wednesday that Shaw was the apparent victim of a robbery attempt. Armstrong said the officer discharged his weapon during the robbery and shot “the responsible suspect.” The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting, at the request of Armstrong and the Shelby County district attorney’s office. Shaw has been relieved of duty with pay pending the results of the probe. There have been 22 arrests of Memphis Police Department personnel this year, including arrests of two civilians working for the department, according to the mayor’s office. n

By Shelby Smith An on campus expo today in the FedEx Institute of Technology will showcase the global advances being made at the University of Memphis and local research companies. The Memphis Research and Innovation Expo will feature Posture Mirroring, shown by the Institute for Intelligent Systems. Kevin Boggs, assistant vice president of Technology Transfer, said the demo shows how people usually imitate each other when they talk. “The demo connects a Wii Fit board to an animated agent that can talk, emote and copy body leans to build greater rapport with users,” Boggs said. In addition to Posture Mirroring, research on invasive beetles and a demonstration of a hand-held pocket radar will also be shown. Stan McChrystal, a retired fourstar general and former commander of United States and international forces in Afghanistan, will be the featured speaker. He now teaches a leadership course at Yale University. The expo is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. McChrystal’s speech will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Zone inside the FedEx Institute. Seating is limited. Admission is free and open to public. Paid parking is available in the Innovation Drive garage across from the FedEx Institute of Technology. n



6 • Thursday, September 27, 2012

Arts & Entertainment

Lights! Camera! Music! Entry deadline approaches for Memphis’ International Film and Music Festival By Samuel Prager For students who are handy with a camcorder or want their voice to be heard, deadlines are approaching for On Location: Memphis, a local and international film and music festival that will take place in the spring. The festival, which began locally, is calling for film entries and up-and-coming musicians for the 14th annual film and music event. “We bring in people from all over the world,” said Lisa Bobal, president and executive director of On Location: Memphis. “Those people stay in Memphis hotels, they soak in our culture, they sight-see and they leave with a great impression of what

Memphis is. It’s a celebration of film and music and a great networking opportunity for anybody interested in those industries.” The festival is a volunteer event with goals to advance, educate and inspire filmmakers, musicians, students and professionals by introducing a regional audience to the art of local and international musicians and filmmakers. “We have a lot of new people on our committee with a lot of new ideas,” Bobal said. “This year will be bigger and better than ever.” On April 25, On Location: Memphis will host its annual three-day array of local and international talent at Memphis Malco Theaters and the world-famous Beale Street. The festival will open at Malco’s Paradiso Theater. The events on April 26 and 27 will take place at Malco’s recently refurbished Ridgeway Four Theater and feature

the festival’s trademark Airstream trailer green room. The music showcases, which promote up-and-coming local and international musicians, will take place April 26-27 on Beale Street. n

For more information For details on how to be considered for a spot in the music showcase, contact Mike Beck at mike@ Deadline for film entries is Dec. 15. For details, visit the On Location: Memphis website at www. onlocationmemphis. org and click on the Withoutabox logo.


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Solutions uuSecret

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Continued from page 1 Okwumabua, assistant professor and outreach coordinator of the psychology department. Okwumabua said the project is an opportunity for students to share their thoughts during a difficult time in their lives. The mission of Active Minds is to bring awareness to campus concerning mental health and to keep students from feeling embarrassed about seeking help. In addition to PostSecretU, Active Minds gives tips for reducing stress, anxiety disorders and community support every year in April at National Stress Out Day. n




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The University of Memphis

Thursday, September 27, 2012 • 7

Friend hosts service for deceased professor Violinist to receive award By Jaclyn Redmon

A service to celebrate the life and work of former University of Memphis Professor James D. Preston, who died in early August, will take place Saturday. Preston was a professor of sociology for 41 years. During his tenure, he was also known as a role model and friend. “His students always loved him,” said Shelley Brown, a close friend of Preston. “He was more than happy to help them with their careers. He helped everyone that needed help.” Preston earned a Bachelor of Science at Middle Tennessee State University in 1962. He went on to earn a Master of Science and a doctorate in sociology from Mississippi State University. He was an expert in the fields of gambling and deviant behavior. “It was funny,” Brown said, laughing. “He was an expert in gambling but was a gambler himself. He even used to write the handicap guides for the dog tracks.”

uuPike Continued from page 1 report said. In a statement released Monday by the Knoxville Police Department, spokesman Darrell DeBusk gave a description of “butt chugging” as heard from students the night of the investigation. “Upon extensive questioning, it is believed that members of the fraternity were utilizing rubber tubing inserted into their rectums as a conduit for alcohol as the abundance of capillaries and blood vessels present greatly heightens the level and speed of the alcohol entering the blood stream as it bypasses the filtering by the liver,” DeBusk said in the statement. In an interview Wednesday with the UT student newspaper The Daily Beacon, Mark Broughton, Alexander Broughton’s father, said the reports are erroneous. “There are significant errors that have been reported and we will correct them,” Broughton said of his son’s incident. Christian De Leon, president of the Memphis Pike chapter, said he knows friends of Broughton’s who say the allegations about “butt chugging” aren’t true. “I’ve never heard of it or someone in the community doing it,” he said. “That’s why I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that it didn’t happen. I can’t believe a full-grown man would do that.” Pike’s national headquarters, also in Memphis, released a statement Tuesday that said the situation at UT could be viewed as a learning experience. “Although these activities are isolated to a small group of individuals, the fraternity recognizes that this is an opportunity to increase the public’s awareness of what appears to be an unfortunate and extremely dangerous practice by some young people today,” Executive Vice President and CEO

Preston taught for years while fighting multiple illnesses. “He loved to teach and did it as long as he could,” Brown said. Preston struggled with diabetes and congenital heart failure. He died Aug. 7. He was preceded in death by his wife, Kathy Lynn Pinchback Preston, who passed just weeks before. She taught mathematics at the U of M. “He was an incredibly friendly, open-minded person,” Brown said. A service to celebrate the life and work of James Preston will be on Saturday at 2 p.m. at Faith Cumberland Presbyterian Church, located at 3427 Appling Road in Bartlett, Tenn. The celebration will feature a slide show and allow friends to share their thoughts and memories of him. His family asked that in lieu of flowers, personalized memorials be made to The American Diabetes Association by visiting donate or by sending a check to The American Diabetes Association, P.O. Box 11454, Alexandria, VA, 22312. “He enjoyed teaching, enjoyed his students, enjoyed his job. He truly loved his life,” Brown said. n

Justin Buck said. The national headquarters has suspended UT’s Pike chapter for 30 days. UTPD, KPD, the Broughton family, Pike national headquarters and the UT Division of Student Life are conducting investigations on the incident. UT Vice Chancellor for Student Life Tim Rogers said the university is not sure if the Pike chapter was using the alcohol enema as a means to consume alcohol. “The delivery method if indeed — and we don’t know if they were using the method it alleged; it carries so much risk to life and health — holds true, the penalty would be expanded, if that was the way they were delivering it,” Rogers said. Rogers said the nature of the alcohol consumption, if proven, would result in

By Jaclyn Redmon

Courtesy of Shelley Brown

Former professor James Preston and his wife pose for a photo on their anniversary. Both are recently deceased and will be honored at a celebration of the life and work of Dr. Preston on Saturday.

a harsher punishment because of the health risks involved. “That is so inherently dangerous we would move to a more severe punishment,” he said. “We’re not going to tolerate that.” UT plans to make another statement near the end of the week. Rogers said he will need at least two to three weeks to contact witnesses and develop a case before disciplinary action can take place, “unless the chapter and university can agree on the facts.” De Leon said the whole UT chapter should not be punished by “poor decision making” of a few of its members. “There are a lot of false claims,” De Leon said. “And if they are true, it’s an isolated incident by a few people who created this whole incident — not the chapter as a whole.”

De Leon said the incident was not believed to be a form of hazing at the UT chapter. “It’s been quoted there were no signs of hazing, but they had an incident with hazing a few years ago,” he said. UT’s Zeta chapter was suspended in 2008 following a spring incident that landed three pledges in the hospital with staph infections. Additionally the group has been under disciplinary probation for five of the last six trimesters. U of M Delta Zeta members said they have never seen or heard of “butt chugging” within the Memphis Greek community. “There is no specific policy on butt chugging because it has never been and never will be an issue here at the University of Memphis,” Schweitzer said. n

Joy Brown Wiener will be awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award in the Creative and Performing Arts by the College of Communication and Fine Art at the University of Memphis. Wiener has had a lengthy career as a violinist, making her professional debut at age 10. The Distinguished Achievement Award is given to artists who are associated with the Mid-South. The award, established in memory of Elvis Presley, is given in recognition of musicians’ outstanding career achievements. Wiener studied music at The Julliard School, Columbia University and the Manhattan School of Music. She later returned to Memphis where she spent almost 40 years as the concertmaster for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra before retiring in 1992. Wiener’s music career has allowed her to play with many symphonies across the country, including the St. Louis Symphony where she was the youngest member in the history of the group. She has earned several awards, including first prize at the Festival of Artists in Sienna, Italy, and has been a longtime performer on the television series “The Joy of Music.” The award will be presented during the annual awards luncheon Oct. 4 at 11:30 a.m. at The University Club, located at 1346 Central Ave. Tickets for the awards luncheon are available online or by phone at 901-678-2350. Tickets are $50 each or group tickets are available for $400 for a party of eight or $500 for a party of 10. n

8 • Thursday, September 27, 2012


RB Jerrell Rhodes off the team By Bryan Heater The University of Memphis football team took a blow Tuesday when head coach Justin Fuente announced that junior running back Jerrell Rhodes is no longer with the team and will probably not return this season. “Jerrell is going through some things right now,” Fuente said. “Football does not need to be a focus in his life at this time. He needs to go and address some things.” Fuente cited Rhodes’ leave as a personal matter. Rhodes, a native of Durham, N.C., did not participate in practices last week or travel with the team to Duke University in his hometown. The news comes as the Tigers are sitting at 0-4 and still looking for the elusive first win of the season. Rhodes led the Tigers in rushing in their first three games of the

season, totting the ball 52 times for 224 yards (74.7 yards per game), good for fourth in Conference USA. He had a career-best 106 yards in the opener against the University of Tennessee at Martin. The departure of Rhodes leaves the Tigers with question marks for the running back position. Memphis will look toward juniors Jaquise Cook, Brandon Hayes and Jai Steib, and sophomore Carl Harris to fill the void now that Rhodes is gone. Steib made the start in place of Rhodes last week at Duke and Cook started the season opener. Before the start of the season, only Rhodes had carried the ball in the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. On the season, the Tigers’ rushing attack averages 121.5 yards per game, which ranks eighth in C-USA. Memphis is on a bye week and will have until next Saturday to implement new strategies so the running game does not fall off. n

Photo By David C. Minkin | special to the daily helmsman

Jerrell Rhodes runs for a first down against Arkansas State University’s Red Wolves. Fuente announced Tuesday that Rhodes is off the team for personal reasons.

Women’s Tigers making noise on recruiting trail basketball misses out By Bryan Heater

By Bryan Heater Moving to the Big East next season, the University of Memphis women’s basketball team had their eyes on Central High School’s Nina Davis, a game changer who would help the Tigers in their transition next season. Any hopes of landing the prep star came to an end on Tuesday, as she announced her intent to play for Baylor University next season. The Tigers pushed for Davis’ services vigorously, including having her meet with University president Shirley Raines. The push came up short, as she made her final decision to attend Baylor over Memphis and Vanderbilt University. Davis, the No. 52 prospect in the country according to ESPN HoopGurlz, said her decision was not because of Baylor’s national championship last season, but because of a bond she felt with Baylor’s team and coach Kim Mulkey. She also said the phone call she made to Tigers’ head coach Melissa McFerrin to break the news was “the hardest phone call I’ve ever had to make.” As a junior, Davis — a two-time Pepsi Best of the Preps player of the year — averaged 19.4 points, nine rebounds and 2.6 assists. She follows White Station High School’s 2014 prospect Leron Black, who committed to Baylor on Saturday. n

When White Station High School junior Leron Black announced Saturday he was taking his game to Baylor University, it looked as though recruiting for the University of Memphis men’s basketball team had taken a hit. That all changed Tuesday as head coach Josh Pastner saw his recruiting efforts come to fruition with the commitment of Kuran

Iverson, a highly touted forward out of Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro, Va. rates Iverson — 6-8, 185-pounds and second cousin to former NBA all-star Allen Iverson — a four-star prospect and the No. 33 prospect in the country. rates him the No. 24 prospect nationally, while pins him at No. 27. This will be Iverson’s first and only year at Fishburne after transferring from Northwest

Catholic High in West Hartford, Conn. During his junior year at Northwest Catholic, Iverson averaged 17.6 points and 9.2 rebounds to lead his team to the Connecticut Class L state championship game. Iverson’s commitment follows RaShawn “Pookie” Powell, also a four-star prospect who chose the Tigers on Sept. 15. The 2013 class with Iverson now has four top-100 prospects, including East High’s Nick King and Melrose’s

Markel Crawford. Yesterday, released the updated 2013 team recruiting rankings, with Memphis moving up to No. 2 behind Florida. Also making an appearance in the rankings are future Big East foes Louisville (No. 3) and Marquette (No. 8). The beginning of the season is still over a month away, but Tuesday’s news gave Tiger fans and the program a preseason gift. n

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