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By Lisa Babb


news@dailyhelmsman.com After a four-year struggle, the Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority were able to establish a chapter at the University of Memphis. This is the first sorority of its kind on campus. “We are the first Latina sorority,” said Vanessa Leon, member of the LTA chapter at Middle Tennessee State University. “Our principles are unity, love and respect.”

PostSecret Project




Female designer showcases men’s clothing line By Shelby Smith


photo By Michael lander | Special to the daily helMSMan

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton’s question and answer town hall meeting took place inside the University Center’s River Room. The mayor answered seven questions from an audience of about 150 people. a time, meet his or her unique needs. If you begin just taking one person at a time you get success by success by success,” Wharton said. “If you say ‘I’m going to wipe out

poverty’, that’s so overwhelming that after a year you give up.” Wharton gave hypothetical examples of how this might work. “You gain so much saying ‘this

is a victim of domestic violence. I now have her a place to live. She now has childcare. She can

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Multicultural sorority arrives on campus By Jennifer Rorie



Memphis Mayor attends town hall-style meeting Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. answered questions from members of the University of Memphis community in a town hall-style meeting Tuesday. The 70 seats in the University Center’s Shelby Room quickly filled up, and attendees were moved to the much larger River Room a few doors down. “I guess there was a low estimate of attendees,” Tony Mitchell, junior philosophy major, said. After being introduced by Robert Blanton, professor of international studies, Wharton pulled the microphone from its position taped to the podium and walked directly in front of the crowd to speak. Wharton’s main concerns for the community quickly became clear. “We know our greatest challenge in this city is our poverty rate,” Wharton said. “Poverty is tied up with the money we spend on public safety.” Wharton said that he was working on a solution for this problem. “We are developing what we call a blueprint for prosperity in which we take one person at

“Rocky Horror Picture Show”

The group strives on being Latin by traditions, not by definition. “It’s important to have multicultural Greeks on campus to appreciate the different cultures on campus,” Leon said. Leon said that as a sorority, LTA embraces universal women. The members are from a variety of different backgrounds. “We try to educate the campus about different cultures in a fun way,” U of M LTA Chapter President Sarah Noor said. The group teaches differ-

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ent dances on campus, like salsa dancing. “We want to break down barriers on campus to show students that there is more out there,” Noor said. She said that she feels students have been settling for what opportunities were offered to them instead of trying something new. “Other campuses up north and in other parts of the state have sororities like African-American and sexual orientation-based sororities,” Noor said.

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She encouraged students to go after their interests and passions. The sorority also serves as a support group for students who are minorities. “We will be there for each other though different issues,” Noor said. This is Multicultural Greek Week, and the group advertises with a flyer that uses Justin Timberlake’s new album title with a twist. “The Epsilon Omega Experience” lists the song “Strawberry Bubblegum”

A senior fashion merchandising major will be showcased in the Memphis RAWartist Showcase on June 13. From showcasing her men’s clothing line, Jobe88, at Memphis Fashion Weekend to being picked as a featured artist for Memphis’ first RAWartist Showcase, Aharon Thomas is slowly getting her name, as well as her designs, out to the public as a force to be reckoned with. “RAW has created an experience that can make artists crave and strive to become the hottest and most wanted in the world. I am a part of that and I am already having so much fun telling my peers about it, along with other artists who, I feel, would appreciate RAW and all they do for artist of all kinds,” Thomas said. RAW is an independent arts organization started by fashion designer Heidi Luerra that was created for artists, by artists. The organization promotes creativity through different forms of art, such as film, fashion, music, visual and performing art, as well as hairstylists and makeup artists. RAW’s mission is to provide artists with tools and resources. It wants artists to fight the good fight and promote themselves independently by giving them the right things to do so. Thomas’ line, Jobe88, is a line for men of all colors and heights who enjoy having an eclectic style with inspiration from geometric shapes and a wide range of colors. “I believe the unique touch that is Aharon is what caught the attention of RAW. The organization is all about helping artists gain resources and the tools they need to further their careers in the industry

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Continued from page 1 as the title for their bake sale. “We all try to look for unique ways to attract people,” Noor said. Noor hopes that the familiar looking flyers will catch attention and draw people in. “It took them almost four years to start LTA [at Memphis],” Leon said. “They have been very dedicated.” Noor hopes the dedication of her sorority will encourage students to participate in events. This Friday, LTA will make paper cranes in the University Center Atrium from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “There is a legend that says if you make 1,000 paper cranes, you can cure any disease,” Noor said. St. Jude is the national philanthropy for the sorority. “We want to show the children of St. Jude that we are working for the cure by keeping them in our hearts,” Noor said of the upcoming event. She said the legend comes from a girl who had leukemia and began making cranes. She did not complete her goal before passing away, and her family picked up the task. “The legend is that God will cure them of their disease if they make it to 1,000,” Noor said. n

Continued from page 1 work and take care of her family,’” Wharton said. “This man here has a prison record. He’s got skills, but he’s got a record. Every door in town is slammed in his face. We find him a job.” The mayor spoke for about 15 minutes before directly addressing questions from attendees. He spent about 40 minutes answering eight questions ranging from concerns about guns in dorms at the University, to fostering a thriving medical community in Memphis. “I liked how he gave the floor to everyone else to ask a question,” Kristin Bennett, journalism major, said. “I’ve never heard him speak extensively before, so that was new.” One of Wharton’s priorities came to light when a question was asked about the so-called “Mayors Project” in which New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $24 million for a three-year program to five cities, including Memphis, in an effort to reduce handgun violence and revitalize vacant properties. “The whole idea is to know what the problems of city government are but without being hogtied with a bunch of rules,

photo By Michael Lander | Special to the daily Helmsman

Mayor A C Wharton met and posed with students following the meeting in the UC’s River Room.

and that is what innovation is all about,” Wharton said. His passion for controlling gun violence in the city was revealed when he was asked what his plans were for addressing the issue. “We are seeing more of it more and more and more. It’s guns,

Post Secrets to Success Join us as professional mime artist Michael Sanders and Playback Memphis use their creative talents to help reveal secrets anonymously submitted by U of M students.

! e m o c l e W Ever yone

Tomorrow, April 25

guns, guns. It is so easy to get a gun on the streets of Memphis,” Wharton said. “So we are focusing on that.” In his closing remarks, Wharton encouraged everyone to go to his website and get involved in the community and local government.

“We would love to have you involved now. Don’t wait until I get involved. These are your best years. You’ve got more energy and you communicate better with all of your gadgets,” Wharton said. “We need you involved right now.” n

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Rose tint our world: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and gay liberation

By Joshua Cannon

news@dailyhelmsman.com Jason Vitteri-Lewis still remembers prancing in his sixinch black leather heels through the audience of a small Knoxville, Tenn. theater. He made his way to center stage and threw a cape off of his back. Standing in pitchblack laced lingerie, he was transformed into a “sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania” — Dr. Frank-N-Furter. “When I went out there, it was better than sex,” he said. “I immediately felt self-confidence. I commanded their attention. ‘Rocky’ immediately gave me this sense of fearlessness.” It was the beginning of the 21st century, and Vitteri-Lewis was sliding his fishnet thighhigh tights over his legs for the first time. America had previously seen the assassination of gay activist Harvey Milk, AIDS take the life of Queen’s Freddie Mercury, and it was nearly four decades after “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” would begin its never-ending run of midnight showings across the country. Growing up gay wasn’t always easy, according to Vitteri-Lewis. Prior to his days as an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, he couldn’t be honest with himself about what he felt in his heart. He had been bullied as a child, and only knew “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as a silly movie that he wasn’t allowed to rent from the video store. It wasn’t until he found his way into the heels of Dr. Frank-N-Furter that he discovered the comforting environment he had been longing for in his life. When he first discovered the musical, the Internet was just at the inception of what it would become. According to VitteriLewis, it was one of the only ways gay people could find each other. Ronald Reagan zipped his lips during the AIDS epidemic in the ‘80s, and since then, homosexuality was still not largely recognized in politics and the media. An environment like the midnight screenings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” would become a catalyst for the civil rights of the LGBT community. Vitteri-Lewis is a self-proclaimed web series developer, and recently won “best writing” in that genre at the Indie Soap Awards for his YouTube series “Trailer Made,” which follows daily life in a trailer park. He has since moved on from regularly performing in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” but according to him, the sense of confidence he learned from the musical resonates through his work and life. “The Internet and ‘Rocky Horror’ are equally responsible for gay rights, I tell people. What it did for me and the work that

I do — blogging and making YouTube videos — has helped me become a voice advocate for gay marriage,” he said. In 2006, Lewis met his husband, who asked to remain nameless in this story. The two moved in together, and have been lobbying for gay rights ever since. In 2009, when same-sex marriage became legal in New York, the two went to the New York City Marriage Bureau and were legally viewed for the first time in the state as husband-and-husband in front of almost 30 friends and family members. In Jeffrey Weinstock’s book “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” he quotes the late gay activist Dennis Altman: “Once

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Photo courtesy of Mystie-Elizabthe Michelle Watson

Jason Vitteri-Lewis, who formerly played the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, says that “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” gave him a sense of “fearlessness,” and helped him become a “voice advocate for gay marriage.”

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May 23: Gary Escoe’s Atomic Dance Machine May 30: Kid Ego June 6: Seeing Red June 13: Almost Famous June 20: The Millioniares



4/19/13 12:04 PM

The University of Memphis

uuFashion Continued from page 1 of their choosing,” said Shenequa Fowler, intern at RAW and godsister to Thomas. Aharon discovered RAW through Fowler, and was immediately sold on the organization after looking at their website. She sent in her portfolio and within the same hour heard back from Foster. By the next day, she also had a phone conference with Foster and was booked with RAWartists. “I have known Aharon since I was younger; she’s like a sister. She is a very determined and talented artist. I fully believe in her and that her work ethic will take her far, and when I found out about her wanting to submit pieces for fashion week I wanted to help any way I could,” Fowler said. Working with RAW has been a positive experience for Thomas. She

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 • 5 has been able to be around artists with similar goals as her. She is also able to work with investors and consumers who are interested in her line while networking with her fellow RAW artists. She believes that being involved with the organization, she will be one step closer to her dream, being a costume designer for Walt Disney World Company. “I am always amazed by any group of people who do one thing — believe in themselves. To have the RAW organization believe in the designers, makeup artists, singers, and others that they choose to be a part of the organization is so amazing. Memphis does not have many outlets for artistic people and RAW has come to save the day for those artists who are so gifted, and talented, and just need to be surrounded by the right kind of people and given an opportunity to shine,” Thomas said. n

Solutions photo courteSy of aharon thoMaS

Models for Memphis Fashion Weekend walk the runway in pieces from Aharon Thomas’s clothing line, Jobe88.

uuRocky Continued from page 4

All About the Business Come & learn about these majors, related internships & career opportunities:

Accountancy • Supply Chain Management • Management Information Systems


2-4 p.m. - 220 Brister Hall Refreshments will be served. Hosted by the Academic Counseling Center. For more information, call 678-4609

everyone was free to express his or her latent sexualities, boundaries between the homosexual and the heterosexual should fade into irrelevance…’ This is the sentiment that ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ ostensibly shares most visibly with the gay liberation movement.” According to Michael Gravois, an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis, the performing arts, along with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” bring unity to all of the differences in life, including the liberating movement within the

homosexual community. “The performing arts start to attract more accepting people that find safety in that because they feel different,” he said. “Rocky Horror goes into that direction, too. The characters in it are so different from the normal that when people go see it, they feel accepted because differences are accepted in that show.” If you were to attend Gravois’ introduction to theatre class, your first thought might not be that he is gay. He wears a wedding band like any other married man, but is not recognized by the federal government as so. He has been with his partner Stephen for 21 years. They met in the ‘90s while

square dancing in New York City, and a few years ago, they decided to exchange rings — symbols of their love — at Christmas. There was no formal wedding, and they don’t have the same marriage benefits as a husband and wife. Gravois has two brothers and one sister. His older brother is going through his second divorce; his sister is on her third marriage, and his father on his second marriage. Gravois is still lobbying to have a successful first marriage. “I just want my government to recognize it so we can benefit from all of the things marriage provides,” he said. “I don’t care about the church. I just don’t want my country to discriminate.” With the Defense of Marriage Act in place, couples like Michael and Stephen can’t benefit from Social Security survivors’ and health benefits, and they can’t file jointly on tax returns. Several federal courts have deemed it to be unconstitutional, and if the Supreme Court comes to agree, same-sex married partners would have the opportunity to have the same benefits as heterosexual married couples. While the battle for gay marriage rights continues, Gravois does think that America has grown “more unapologetic,” because we are more diversified than previous generations. According to the professor, gay liberation isn’t limited to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” anymore. Shows like “Modern Family” have portrayed homosexuals as generally happy people, and game shows now feature gay candidates. “I think kids growing up now-

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6 • Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Campus Life

PostSecret project to spark conversation on mental health By Crystal Welch

news@dailyhelmsman.com “When I was a kid, I found my mom’s written plan to divorce my dad. Because of that, I can’t trust anyone.” This is one of the recently featured secrets on the user-generated site PostSecrets.com. The site allows people to anonymously send in secrets ranging from humorous to those that expose deeper issues. The University of Memphis’ Active Minds and Suicide Training, Education, and Prevention Services programs collected student secrets around campus throughout the month of April, and on Thursday, student secrets will be shared through an unveiling featuring professional mime artist Michael Sanders and the Playback Memphis improv group. The campus community is invited to this exercise of mental health awareness in room 225 of the Theatre Building beginning at 6:30 p.m. PostSecrets to Success is part of the organization’s suicide prevention and mental health awareness efforts. Part of Active Minds’ mission is lowering the stigma surrounding issues related to mental health so that students will feel more comfortable seeking assistance. Active Minds is

part of a larger nation-wide network of students on college campuses working for mental health awareness. President Drew Barnett, a senior psychology major, is hopeful that the PostSecrets event will help spark the conversation here at the U of M. Through combined efforts during the fall and spring semesters, more than 120 secrets were collected. Mime Michael Sanders and Playback will be selecting different topics to act on as they engage with audience members. “We’re trying to get the audience involved,” Barnett said. “We’ve selected different topics, such as loneliness, isolation and confusion about future. They’re going to pick up topics and try to get the audience to share honest opinions.” A 2011 report from an American College Health Association survey found that almost one-third of college students reported feeling a level of depression that caused difficulties with functioning and almost half have felt overwhelming anxiety in the previous 12 months. Lead by Dr. Pam Cogdal and Dr. Theresa Okwumabua, Memphis STEPS performs research and provides educational and training services to the U of M campus community related to suicide and the mental and

behavioral issues related to it. Students seeking psychological services on campus can be seen confidentially through the Career & Psychological Counseling Center at no cost to students. Students may apply at Wilder Tower 214 and Wilder Tower 211 any day between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday for counseling services and assessments. The Center also offers walk-in crisis counseling services during regular office hours and over-the-phone counseling after hours. Students may call 678-HELP and ask for a counselor. Barnett wants fellow students to understand that they are not alone in having whatever feelings they may have. “I want students to understand that it’s okay to have a problem, but not necessarily okay to keep it to themselves,” Barnett said. “They may feel like no one else has ever known what they feel; that is really not the case. Rather it’s someone in class or a trained counselor, others know what it’s like.” Anonymous online screening for mood and anxiety disorders is available at mentalhealthscreening.org/ screening/umemphis. n

uuLiberation Continued from page 5 a-days have those images and they hear about the many different alternatives of life — of gay life,” Gravois said. “It’s more fully realized.” While he thinks America has come a long way in facing the differences of life, he said he doesn’t believe we will ever truly accept each other. “I don’t think we’re ever going to find true equality, but maybe in heaven,” Gravois said. “On Earth, we are human. Since the dawn of man, people have not been able to put themselves in the shoes of another. There is never going to be heaven on Earth, but we have to try and make it as close to that as possible.” Haley Hanners, a sophomore English major at the U of M, believes that the U.S. is going

to find someone to discriminate against until “the world explodes,” but the first time she went to a midnight showing of the cult phenomenon, she found something close to “heaven-on-Earth.” Hanners says that “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” doesn’t just serve as a sense of liberation for the gay community, but as a sense of freedom and selfexpression for everyone. “I think Rocky Horror uses the social stigma of sex to get the attention of a lot more things,” she said. “It kind of creates this idea of what life should be like. Just complete understanding, no matter who you are. It’s not even a matter of being sexy because that’s what’s cool, or not wearing a lot of clothes because that’s what’s cool at ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ It is come how you are, and do what you f------ want.” n

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The University of Memphis

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 • 7


Student named to NCBWA Midseason Bulldog barrage: Tigers fall, 12-1 Watch List for Stopper of the Year By Bryan Heater

bheater@dailyhelmsman.com The majority of athletics are team sports that require cohesion among members to achieve the goal of a championship. Baseball is one of those sports. Players have to be on the same page defensively, produce at the plate and a string of pitchers must work together for nine innings to keep the opponent from crossing home plate. More times than not, pitchers come on in relief of the starter and are counted on to keep runners off the base paths after sitting for much of the game. This is particularly true for closers, who have the task of taking the mound over the last inning or two to preserve the victory. It takes a full team to steer to victory and, metaphorically speaking, if the team is a train then the closer is the caboose. At the end of each year of college baseball the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association nominates the four best relievers and the

best closer as finalists for the Stopper of the Year. Tuesday, the NCBWA announced its Midseason Watch List for the award, a list that included University of Memphis redshirt junior closer Jonathan Van Eaton. Van Eaton, an Arlington, Tenn. native, has recorded eight saves on the year in 16 appearances with an 0-1 record and 4.22 ERA in 21.1 innings of work, matching his output for 2012 and ranking him second in program history for saves in a season. The redshirt junior became the Tigers’ alltime saves leader with his 16th career save against UAB on April 12. Van Eaton is one of three pitchers from Conference USA on the list, which is chosen by baseball sports information/media relations contacts. The Midseason Watch List feature more than 90 nominations for the end of the year award. At the end of the regular season, the top saves leader in Division I, as well as four other relief pitchers, will be named finalists on June 5. The NCBWA’s All-America Committee will then select the winner during the College World Series. n

NEED EXTRA CASH? All donors are paid $30 for BLOOD DONATIONS

By Alex Briggs

sports@dailyhelmsman.com Playing in their second game at AutoZone Park this season, the University of Memphis baseball team struggled to score, falling to No. 10 Mississippi State, 12-1. The Tigers (25-17) had their hands full Tuesday night, facing their third ranked opponent of the season in Miss. State. The Bulldogs (33-10) came into the game boasting wins over several nationally-ranked teams, including Ole Miss, Kentucky and Arkansas. And Miss. State came ready to play on Tuesday. The Bulldogs drew first blood in the top of the first inning. After a one-out double placed a runner in scoring position, a two-out single from cleanup hitter Brett Pirtle earned Miss. St. a 1-0 lead. The Bulldog offense scored again in the fourth inning when three consecutive singles produced their second run of the night. Miss. State tallied on three more runs in the top of the fifth. Bulldog junior Hunter Renfroe launched a home run

to left field to widen the margin to 5-0. The homer was Renfroe’s 14th of the season. The Memphis bats remained quiet, however, until the sixth inning. After going hitless through five innings, back-toback singles from sophomore Tucker Tubbs and junior Drew Griffin provided the Tigers their first base runners since the second inning. Sophomore Colton Simbeck then singled up the middle, providing the Tigers their only run of the game. The Bulldogs tacked on two more runs in the seventh inning before adding five more in the ninth to put their victory on ice. Simbeck was the only Tiger hitter with multiple hits in the game, going 2-4 and driving in their lone run. The Tigers were held to four hits on the night. The offensive barrage is nothing new for Miss. State In 10 of their 33 wins on the season, the Bulldogs have scored 10 or more runs. Renfroe’s 14 home runs on the season are the third most for any hitter in college baseball. Miss. State also owned the fourth lowest team earned run

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average in the country coming into the game, sporting a stifling 2.37 ERA. Despite the loss, the Memphis Tigers are 10-4 in the month of April. The Tigers are now 6-2 versus SEC opponents on the season. Memphis’ record against top-25 teams falls to 3-3. The Tigers’ three ranked wins include a season sweep of Ole Miss and a win over Conference USA rival Houston. The Memphis baseball team’s next test comes on the road in a weekend series against C-USA foe East Carolina. East Carolina is 6-6 in conference play and 20-20 overall, sweeping their series against UAB last weekend. The Tigers are currently fourth in the C-USA standings and look to improve on their 8-7 conference record. After Tuesday night’s game, the Tigers have 14 regular season games remaining on their schedule. The Tigers’ last home series is slated from May 3 to May 5 against Marshall. First pitch against East Carolina on Friday is at 5 p.m. in Greenville, N.C. n




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Men and women’s golf compete in C-USA Tournament By Jaclyn Redmon

sports@dailyhelmsman.com The University of Memphis men and women’s golf teams are playing for the Conference USA Championships this week. The men’s golf team wrapped up its final round of the C-USA Tournament on Tuesday, while the women’s team will wrap up today. The men were in eighth place through the first two rounds. The women finished round one in a tie for fifth place. After a fair showing on day one of the tournament, the men’s team seemed to struggle through the second round, falling as far back as 11th place. Junior Grant Milner saved the round with three birdies on his final three holes, bringing the Tigers back up to the eight spot with a 15-overpar 303. Milner, who shot four-underpar after two rounds, was tied for third to start the third round. As round two came to an end, the leaders of the tournament were SMU and Houston, who were tied for first, both with 10-under-par. UCF held the third place spot shooting par through the second round. UAB and Marshal rounded out the top five spots with a six-over-par and seven-over-par, respectively. As the tournament wrapped up on Tuesday afternoon, the Tigers finished in the eighth spot. Milner led the Tigers with a 215 over three rounds, shooting

one-under-par. Milner finished the tournament tied for sixth in the individual standings. He shot five birdies in the third round and racked up 14 over the whole tournament. Senior Carlson Cox shot a three-under-par for the day with a six-over-par for the tournament. He shot four birdies in round three and only had one bogey to solidify his tie for the 28th spot. Junior Will Pearson finished one stroke behind Cox with a 223, shooting seven-over-par. Pearson had his best score in round one with a one-under-par. Pearson shot eight birdies but was hindered by 13 bogeys. Rounding out the field for the Tigers were freshman Thomas Perrot and sophomore Cory Gaylord. Perrot finished 13-overpar with a 229 and tied for 46th place. Gaylord finished one stroke behind with a 230, shooting 14-over-par. He finished in 48th place. Houston won the C-USA Championship shooting sevenunder-par. The Cougars also had the individual first place score and three tied for 10th place. Roman Robledo shot eightunder-par for the tournament to grab the first place spot. SMU finished three strokes behind in second place. The team shot a three-under-par for the tournament. Bryson Dechambeau finished in second shooting a six-under-par.

Rounding out the top five were UCF, UAB and Marshall. UCF finished at par with a score of 863 for three rounds. UAB finished 10 strokes behind with 10-overpar earning the fourth place spot. Marshall came in at fifth with a 15-over-par. On the women’s side, the Tigers shot well in the first round with a total of 16-over-par to draw a tie with Tulsa in fifth place. Memphis seniors Alex Alang and Sarah Mathews both shot a 75 on day one of the tournament, leaving them tied with each other in the 14th spot. As the second round wrapped up on Tuesday, the women’s team dropped back to seventh place, shooting 45-over-par. Mathews shot a five-overpar in the second round, dropping her back to the 18th spot. Alang and senior Julia Hodgson both finished one stoke behind Mathews, shooting a six-over-par. Finishing out the round for the Tigers were sophomores Ashleigh Whisenant and Natalie Turk. Whisenant shot a 12-over-par and is currently tied for 18th place, while Turk finished 14-over-par and tied for 22nd place. Tulane landed the first place spot at the end of two rounds with a 10-over-par. East Carolina finished in distant second shooting a 22-over-par. The women’s golf team will finish up the C-USA tournament on Wednesday. n

photo By Joe Murphy | special to the daily helmsman

Junior Grant Milner led the Tigers with a 215 over three rounds, shooting one-under-par to tie for sixth individually at the Conference USA Championships. The men’s team finished in eighth place.

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