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Unrest in Egypt Hits Home U of M student, prof reflect on the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 Vol. 79 No. 61

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Get in the Game

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Student develops game for smartphones

Blasting through asteroids can be a pastime for any University of Memphis student with a smartphone thanks to one student who is starting up his own independent video game team. Joseph Luebbe, a senior history major, partnered with Matthew Seligman, who attended The U of M for a short time then continued his education at an entertainment technology school in Florida. They call themselves Nephilim Games after the biblical creatures from the Old Testament who are born of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men.” Their first project, a recreation of the original 1979 classic Atari game “Lunar Lander,” started as a hobby over Christmas break. “We wanted to bring an old idea to a new platform,”

Seligman said. Nephilim Games is turning the flat, black-and-white image of a ship landing on the moon into an all-new, 3D game for Apple devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad. “The older game is more about a lander. We changed the concept to piloting an actual spacecraft,” Seligman said. The game consists of 18 levels and adds power-ups and acceleration boosts to crash through asteroids. The accelerometers present in iPhone Operating System platforms enable the player to direct the ship by tilting the device. “This game manages to take advantage of a modern phone’s impressive 3D capacity and uses an intuitive and powerful control scheme; it’s the best of both worlds,” said Jeremiah Humphries, Nephilim Games’ concept artist. Luebbe and Seligman initially called the game “3D Lander,”

but after it was approved by, a website designed to help people fund their creative projects, the duo let site visitors vote on the name. “Nebula Sector” received the most votes. After “Nebula Sector” was approved, Nephilim Games set up a goal of raising $8,000 by March 1 to fund their project. If their goal isn’t reached, the pledged donations are never charged to the donors and Nephilim Games does not get any of the money. If they exceed their goal, they will be able to release “Nebula Sector” for Android devices as well. “There are certain licenses we need to get and we’re working with a concept artist. Plus we need to purchase the IOS devices because, in order to debug the game, we have to play it,” Luebbe said.


courtesy of Matthew Seligman


Joseph Luebbe (left) and Matthew Seligman (right) collaborate on their game, “Nebula Sector,” for Apple touch screen devices.

Game, page 3

The happiest place on SGA imposes new voting system Earth comes to U of M BY CHRIS WHITTEN News Reporter

Once a week, students can expect to enter a whole new world when they step into the Fresh Food Company. Tuesday, Fresh Food held a Disney Day that included balloons, Mickey Mouse hats and a large Disney cake. Similar theme days, where everything from the decorations to the staff ’s costumes and the food itself revolve around the theme, will be implemented at Fresh Food throughout the semester. “We’re trying to make this the next cool place to be,” said Sean Armstrong, marketing manager for the company. “We want to try and regulate traffic on campus. Since the building of the University Center, the majority of students go there for food. We want to change that,” Armstrong said. The marketing idea began when Fresh Food decided to hold a recurring event enti-

by Brian Wilson

BY JASON JONES News Reporter

Employees of Fresh Food Co. donned tiaras, mouse ears, cowboy hats and more on Tuesday in celebration of an overthe-top company birthday. tled “Cruising the World” last year, where they served exotic foods from different locales around the world.

The idea was so popular with students, Armstrong


Disney, page 3

Last year ’s University of Memphis general election for the Student Government Association saw infractions concerning misplaced campaign material, misappropriation of funds and misconduct by student candidates. This year, SGA President Tyler DeWitt plans to eliminate that behavior by implementing a new system, which will reduce the percentage of overall votes received by the party in violation. “Under this system, candidates are held directly accountable for their actions by a penalty that is enforceable,” DeWitt said. Under the old system, candidates who conducted themselves improperly received monetary fines once a formal grievance had been filed. However, fines had never actually been issued until last year,

DeWitt said. “This led to some serious issues concerning whether SGA has the right to assess such a fine and where the proceeds from any fine would go,” he said. Last year, then-President Hunter Lang violated University and election policies and the Finding Answers Concerning Everyone party was fined $350. The 14 representatives elected from the FACE party were responsible for those fines before taking office. However, the election commission waived the fines, not wanting to “add insult to injury,” DeWitt said. He said SGA revised the policy in order to hold those running for election more accountable for their actions. “The former system did not hold candidates accountable for their actions,” DeWitt said. “Under the previous laws, if a candi-


SGA, page 6

2 • Wednesday, January 25, 2012



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3. Noam Chomsky in Memphis 4. The 10-Year Plan

by Elizabeth Cooper by Timberly Moore

5. Positive results for Daniel Fast

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The University of Memphis

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 • 3

Campus Events Disney from page 1 said, that the Fresh Food Company created a new option for their meals called the World Market where students can enjoy exotic foods on a regular basis. With the success of Cruising the World, the dining area’s marketing team decided to

keting team. “We want these days to be fun, but also make sense operationally as we have to be able to cook food that matches with the theme,” said Kendall Hodges, marketing assistant. Ruby Boatley, a cashier for Fresh Food, sported a princess tiara as she greeted students Tuesday. “It helps to create excitement,” said Boatley. “Wearing

“It helps to create excitement.

Wearing the costumes also helps break the monotony of wearing our uniform.” by Brian Wilson

— Ruby Boatley Fresh Food cashier run with the idea and created the theme days to attract more students. Themes range from Tuesday’s Disney Day to smaller days such as Birthday Day, where the birthdays of everyone in a particular month are celebrated. Dishwashers, cooks and cashiers have a say in the themes, along with the mar-

the costumes also helps to break the monotony of wearing our uniform.” Along with the staff, Hodge said the students seem to be responding positively to the marketing plan. “I go to Fresh Food because it’s less crowded than the UC and this helps the experience to not be boring,” said Devon Haines, senior film major.

A Tiger Den employee dons mouse ears while preparing food at Fresh Food Company.

by Brian Wilson

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Tiger Den staff dresses as fairies, princesses and various Disney characters in celebration of Disney day.


from page 1 Nephilim Games plans to purchase software licenses with game engines to consolidate aspects of the game, such as audio, into one user-friendly platform that will bring costs down, Seligman said. Luebbe and Seligman plan to


release a free abridged version first to test the market, followed by the full version priced at 99 cents. An avid gamer, Luebbe contributes to the creative thinking of the team, debugging the game and serving as head of public relations for Nephilim Games. Seligman applies skills gained through his bachelor’s degree in game development to plan,

design and program the game. Nephilim Games plans to let their backers vote on more decisions in the game design process through “We’ve been hoping to get more people interested in the project. We want to leave the decisions up to people who are interested in the game to inspire more entrepreneurship into this,” Seligman said.

delivers... Foreign Films Festival: Pans Labyrinth 2 & 7 P.M. | UC THEATRE


4 • Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Study Abroad

Photos by Brian Wilson

The UC’s annual Study Abroad fair kicked off Tuesday morning.

Students receive encouragement and information on studying abroad.

Asian studies majors Steven Harris and Jing Zhu greet students at Tuesday’s Study Abroad Fair.

The University of Memphis

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 • 5


From Memphis to Cairo BY ELIZABETH COOPER News Reporter

Suzanne Onstine stood on the rooftop of a building in Luxor, Egypt and watched men with sticks gather in protest while Ahmed Elnahas and his family watched news reports in Memphis saying that hundreds of people were being killed in the streets. Onstine, a University of Memphis professor in Egypt, and Elnahas, an Egyptian doctoral student in Memphis, found themselves drawn into an unfolding history as a popular

“Under Mubarak everything became nil — healthcare, education — everything but their bank accounts,” Elnahas said. “If you had asked me before the Revolution, I would have told you nothing would change. I would have told you these young people are distracted in the Internet, technology, fashion — they are experts on Twitter, but they know nothing about life.” But Onstine points out that this same generation of tech-savvy young people in Egypt led the revolution. “You see people here plugged

“You see people here plugged

into their iPods with their earbuds in. That same generation of people brought down a government just by having a voice collectively,” she said. Onstine said she has noticed a rise in the awareness of the strength of activism in her classes following the events of the Arab Spring. What began as a 26-year-old Tunisian setting himself ablaze to protest the police confiscation of the vegetables he was selling as a street vendor cascaded into a series of pro-democracy move-

ments throughout the Middle East. The Egyptian Revolution did not begin here though. Many interest groups, activists and journalists have been working to gain freedoms and rights for the Egyptian people for years, Elnahas said. Both Onstine and Elnahas, who have never met and were on separate trips, returned Jan. 15 from their first visits to Egypt since the uprising. Much is the same as before,

they said. Businesses conduct themselves as usual. People walk down the street in peace. Except in Tahrir Square, where protestors maintain their dissent of the military occupation. Hussein Tantawi, former defense minister under Mubarak, serves as the head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. SCAF acts as the country’s interim government and continues to use violence against activists and journalists. Now, the chief concern for

the majority of Egyptians is that the sacrifices they made are not going to bring about a real democracy, Onstine said. “They feel like they have traded one bad master for another,” she said. Elnahas said these changes would take time. “Mubarak’s regime is still there,” he said. “The whole system is still there. You cut off the head, but you still have the body.”


uprising erupted on Jan. 25, 2011. Elnahas came to the United States to study finance at The U of M, three months before the revolution took place. Both his and his wife’s family still live in Cairo and other parts of Egypt. Onstine was researching a tomb in Luxor, roughly 450 miles from Cairo, when Egyptians took to the capital’s streets in protest of the 30-year regime. Both Onstine and Elnahas said former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s reign left the population hopeless.

Islamist, liberal and revolutionary figues lead thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, on Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 in unifying protest to criticize policies of the military government of Egypt.

courtesy of Suzanne Onstine

— Suzanne Onstine Professor of Egyptology


into their iPods with their earbuds in. That same generation of people brought down a government just by having a voice collectively.”

A man sells revolution-inspired souvenirs in Tahrir Square. With the related grafitti and public murals slowly being erased from Cairo’s walls, souvenirs commemorating the Jan. 25, 2011 revolution are a way to remember the historic events.

Graffiti protesting former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

6 • Wednesday, January 25, 2012


BY Scott Powers & Sara Clarke MCT President Barack Obama’s visit Thursday to Walt Disney World is as much an appeal to Brazilians and their dollars as it is Florida voters and their jobs. But it was a brief one, highlighted by a speech that lasted just 13 minutes. As expected, Obama announced he intends to expand the U.S. State Department’s Global Entry Program for trusted international visitors; expand and accelerate visa application processing for such countries as Brazil, India and China; and attempt to add more countries to the Visa Waiver Program that allows foreigners from 36 countries to skip the visa process. The moves all are designed to make it easier for international travelers to visit the


from page 1 date had some money and wanted to absolutely plaster the campus with illegally placed yard signs, posters, flyers, then the only penalty they would receive is a fine.” Under the new election laws, if the same scenario were to happen, the candidate in violation would be subject to a percentage loss of their final votes received. Dean of Students Stephen Petersen, who is also the

United States. In Florida and at Disney World, the issue focuses mostly on Brazilian travelers, whose visa applications are backlogged. Florida and Disney World are among the favorite destinations of free-spending Brazilians, who spend an average of $5,000 each per visit. “We’ve got the best product to sell. I mean look at where we are,” Obama declared, gesturing to Cinderella’s Castle behind him. “We’ve got the most entertaining destinations in the world. This is the land of extraordinary natural wonders from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon, to Yellowstone, to Yosemite. This is the land where we do big things, so we have incredible landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Hoover Dam, the Gateway Arch. This is the land of iconic cities.

adviser for the SGA, said he thought the new policy was fair. “After last year, there was a reasonably high sentiment among many people that the fining process wasn’t working and wasn’t an effective deterrent to keep candidates from not putting their posters and their advertising and their solicitation materials all over the campus and so forth,” he said. Petersen suggested to DeWitt that he poll other colleges and universities to see how their systems were set up. What he came up with


‘America is open for business,’ Obama says at Disney World

President Barack Obama delivers remarks in front of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. “I’m here because I want tourists here tomorrow,” he concluded. “I want America to be the top tourist destination in the world.” The declaration drew enormous applause from the 300 or so invited guests and top Disney employees who crowded into a seating area in the middle of Main Street U.S.A.,

and filled the sidewalks in front of the Casey’s Corner hot dog restaurant. “The more folks who visit America, the more Americans we get back to work. It’s that simple,” he added. Obama was introduced by Ruben Perez, a son of Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants, who owns a restaurant at

Orlando International Airport, ZaZa Cafe, plus a couple of other businesses. “Needless to say, tourism is a big factor in our business. Tourism is a big factor for thousands of working families in Orlando, in the service industry. Anything that increases traffic is great for business,” Perez said.

is The University’s new system—a blend of Vanderbilt and the University of Florida, DeWitt said. “I don’t know if it will work or not — we’ll find out this time around,” Petersen said. “The wonderful thing about student governance is it’s always an open agenda as far as opportunities to change things, so if this system doesn’t work as they hope it will, they’ll have to look for a different method.” The senators intending to run for SGA president in the upcoming election — Russell Born, Hunter Dawson and

Nicholas Mastron — have collectively agreed that the new system will serve as an adequate leveraging mechanism, Petersen said. Under the new election laws, the person filing the grievance must prove that the candidate in question actually violated the laws. DeWitt said that these new laws were not in place to take away the voice of the students. “There has to be an effective system in place to hold elected officials accountable. The most recent SGA elections have not had such a system

and, consequently, have been sullied with egregious violations and controversy,” he said. DeWitt said it is the SGA’s responsibility is to ensure a system of accountability during the SGA election and throughout any elected student’s term in office. “Students are not losing their voice in the election. Last year, students demanded that SGA be held accountable. So, SGA is holding itself and its candidates accountable,” he said.

The University of Memphis

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 • 7


BY DAVID CAFFEY Sports Reporter With National Signing Day rapidly approaching, new head football coach Justin Fuente and staff have been continuing to fill spots for the 2012 recruiting class. As the coaching staff continues to shape up with the hiring of offensive coordinator Darrell Dickey and quarterback coach Brad Cornelson, Fuente and his assistants have also picked up four more players heading into Signing Day on Feb. 1. Cornerback Chris Morley committed to the Tigers earlier this month over Bowling Green and Utah State. Morley is ranked two stars by and could make an impact on defense. In his last season at South Plantation High School in Plantation, Fla., Morley broke up 16 passes and caught four interceptions. Sheldon Dawson, a four-star CB that is currently listed as a soft, verbal commitment to Memphis, could overshadow Morley’s recruitment. It is still unknown if Dawson will file a letter of intent for Memphis on signing day as he is heavily considering Georgia, Cincinatti and others. He would likely play for Memphis as a running back or at another position. Three more LOI’s were accounted for on the offensive side of the ball, as the ailing offensive line picked up three additions last week.

Micah Simmons, a two-star offensive guard from Lindale, Texas, was originally recruited by Hugh Freeze at Arkansas State. Simmons changed his commitment to Memphis after Freeze accepted the head coach position at Ole Miss. At 6 feet, 4 inches and 240 pounds, Simmons has the size to be a formidable lineman next fall. Memphis native and offensive tackle Tony Mays committed to the Tigers after taking an official visit to The U of M last weekend. Mays sat out last season at Whitehaven High School with an ankle injury. Another local standout, twostar OG Latarius Brady, committed to Fuente on Monday after visiting the campus over the weekend. Brady played at Memphis’ East High School before coming to the Tigers. The Tigers currently have 11 players committed that are expected to sign LOI’s next week. Three recruits, including Sheldon Dawson, are listed as soft verbal, and may or may not sign with the Tigers next Wednesday. Fuente and staff are hoping to pick up a few more commitments as several players, including two-star wide receiver Dontavious Heard, have official visits scheduled this week. After next Wednesday, Fuente and staff will have two months of recruiting left until the final day to sign, April 1.

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Recruiting roundup: Fuente and staff look to signing day

Christian Walker heads to first after connecting on a single in the 11th inning during Game 1 of the College World Series final at TD Ameritrade Park

South Carolina defeats Florida to win second consecutive College World Series BY Neil White MCT The South Carolina baseball program etched its name into the College World Series history book Tuesday night. With a 5-2 victory over Florida behind the stellar pitching of junior left-hander Michael Roth, the Gamecocks won their second consecutive NCAA championship, becoming the sixth program to repeat along with Texas, Southern Cal, Stanford, LSU and Oregon State. The Gamecocks opened TD Ameritrade Park, the $131 million, downtown ballpark on the Missouri River, the same way they closed Rosenblatt Stadium, the historic “Diamond on the Hill” that housed 61 College World Series: with a sweep of the best-of-three championship finals. The Gamecocks (55-14) also won their record 16th consecutive NCAA tournament game, breaking the record set by Texas in 1983-84. And by winning their 11th consecutive CWS game, they broke the record set by Southern Cal in 197274 and matched by LSU in 1996-98. With a 10-0 run in the NCAA tournament, South Carolina

became the first team to go unbeaten in the postseason since Miami went 9-0 in 2001. The last team to go unbeaten in the CWS was Oregon State in 2007. Roth (14-3) turned in a workhorse effort of 127 pitches and held the Gators (53-19) at bay by allowing five hits and two walks while striking out six in 72/3 innings. He finished with a 1.06 ERA in 145 innings this season. Sophomore closer Matt Price recorded the final four outs without allowing a base runner to collect his 20th save of the season. He was no stranger to the situation; Price got the win in the 2-1 national championship victory over UCLA last season. Peter Mooney, Brady Thomas and Christian Walker led the 10-hit attack with two hits each. Mooney’s double started a three-run rally in the third, and he added a solo home run, South Carolina’s first in the CWS, in the sixth. The defense sparkled again with an errorless game. South Carolina got on the scoreboard first with three runs in the third inning off Florida freshman right-hander Karsten Whitson (8-1). Mooney led off with a double into the left-field corner and moved

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to third on a sacrifice bunt. After a walk to Evan Marzilli, Mooney scored on Scott Wingo’s sacrifice fly to right. Whitson continued to labor by walking Bradley, and then shortstop Nolan Fontana misplayed Walker’s chopper and Marzilli scored. Brady Thomas capped the inning with an infield single that scored Bradley to give South Carolina a 3-0 lead. The Gators got one back off Roth when Mike Zunino, the SEC player of the year, led off the fourth inning with his 19th home run of the season. Roth responded by pitching out of first-and-second situations with no outs in both the fifth and sixth innings. Mooney’s homer off reliever Tommy Toledo gave South Carolina a 4-1 lead. Zunino doubled off Roth in the eighth and came around to score on Josh Adams’ two-out single off reliever John Taylor to cut the lead to 4-2. But Price came on to strike out pinch-hitter Tyler Thompson to end the threat. Wingo capped South Carolina’s scoring in the eighth with an RBI single that scored Robert Beary, who led off the inning with a single.

Solutions are cool.

8 • Wednesday, January 25, 2012


BY SCOTT HALL Sports Editor Rice dealt a major blow to Memphis’ post-season hopes last year. Tonight, the Tigers will try to return the favor. “We need a little payback and a little revenge,” sophomore guard Will Barton said. The Tigers could not get going when these two teams last met on Feb. 19 in Houston, Texas. Memphis led 3-0 before the Owls responded with a 13-3 run to take control of the game. They never relinquished that lead, with Memphis trailing by as much as 20 late in the second half. Memphis was held to 35.4 percent shooting, and was led by Antonio Barton’s 14 points. “We didn’t execute,” Barton said. “We went out there just lollygagging and going through the motions, not playing hard. They wanted it more than us and it showed.” This time around, the Tigers find themselves trying to jumpstart their season with another winning streak after having their previous run of six straight wins snapped by Central Florida on Jan. 18. Rice return both of their best players, juniors Tamir Jackson and Arsalan Kazemi. Jackson

scored 20 points on 6-of-10 shooting against the Tigers last year, while Kazemi recorded a double-double with 11 points and 12 rebounds. Kazemi leads the Owls this year in points and rebounds, averaging a doubledouble with 13.9 points and 11.7 rebounds per game. Barton said Kazemi is good enough to someday play in the NBA. “He plays with heart,” Barton said. “He doesn’t give up on any play. He’s versatile and he can shoot it a little bit.” Kazemi might see limited minutes against Memphis, however. The forward suffered a knee injury earlier this month and aggravated it in a recent game against UAB. He sat out Rice’s last game against Tulsa despite an MRI showing no serious damage. While there is a possibility he will not play against the Tigers, Memphis head coach Josh Pastner is taking no chances. “We are preparing for Arsalan to play,” Pastner said. “But they don’t just have Arsalan, they have other good players as well.” Rebounding will be key against Rice, who comes into tonight’s matchup averaging 38.2 rebounds per game. Memphis is averaging 36 rebounds per game, with Will Barton leading the pack

with 8.7 per game, while sophomore forward Tarik Black pulls in 5.1 per game. Black said he’s pleased with how the Tigers have improved their rebounding numbers. “You’re never perfect,” he said. “We want to get better at the way we crash the glass on the offensive and defensive end. We’re out-rebounding teams every game, but we can also do better. Pastner said it’s important for the Tigers to protect their home court and get a win. “That’s critical if you’re going to have any success in the year, you’ve got to protect home court,” he said. “That doesn’t mean this is going to be a gift, but it’s always nice to be at home with your crowd. Pastner said Memphis will have to play good defense to continue to win games. “Defensively, if you look at our numbers, we’ve gotten a lot better in a lot of areas,” he said. “There are still some areas where we need to get better. Even from last year to this year, we’ve gotten a lot better if you just look at the numbers alone. We’re not a finished product, but there’s no question we’re going to have to win through defense.” Black also said that self-con-

by David C. Minkin

Tigers out for revenge against Rice

Will Barton and Tarik Black will have to continue to rebound if the Tigers are to take down the Owls. trol on the defensive end is crucial for the Tigers. “You’ve got to stay disciplined,” he said. “Use the defensive principles you’ve been

taught. Teams often try to do too much, and that’s when they start messing up on defense.” Tipoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the FedExForum.

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