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Memphis music makes history By Samuel Prager The world of music will be “all shook up” as Memphis honors some of its most notable musicians, including Elvis, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. The Memphis Music Hall of Fame, an administration of the Smithsonian-developed Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, will have its inaugural induction at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts tonight at 7 p.m. “It’s a salute to those individuals and to Memphis as a whole. Inductees range from early pioneers to the hay day with Sun Studio and Stax Records to more contemporary artists,” John Doyle, executive director of the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum and Memphis Music Hall of Fame, said. “Most of the inductees or family members of those deceased will be in attendance and honored.” A nominating committee made up of local and national music professionals chose a list of 25 initial inductees to be honored at this first ceremony, to take place yearly from now on. The committee’s members included studio owners, producers, authors and historians who picked the musicians based on a variety of criteria that reflects Memphis’ musical heritage and integrity. The University of Memphis opera “Idomeneo” took home the first place award in this year’s National Opera Association’s Production Competition. The award is the second for the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music, following the same placing for its 2008 performance of “Hansel and Gretel.” The opera, directed by faculty member Copeland Woodruff and conducted by Mark Ensley, is a tale about a Cretan King who returns home after the siege of Troy. “Because of a vow to save his life, he has to sacrifice the life of his son, Idamante, to appease the god Neptune,” Carol Morse, the marketing and communications manager of the


Holiday Gift Guide


Basketball Preview


Interviews for provost start today By Lisa Babb

Photos Courtesy of Wiki media commens

B.B. King (top left), Jerry Lee Lewis (bottom left), Isaac Hayes (bottom center) and Elvis Presley are some of the Memphis artists to be inducted into the Memphis Hall of Fame tonight at 7 p.m. at the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum. “There’s not a general rule, that’s part of the beauty about it. Memphis music is an independent. It kind of breaks the rules,” said David Less, member of the nomi-

nating committee and partner at Memphis International Records. ”If we saw an inductee, we would know it. If we couldn’t justify it to the other committee members,

then they shouldn’t be in it.” With ties to the origin of the blues with W.C. Handy and the

see Music on page 3

U of M opera wins first place in national opera competition By Samantha Esgro

Big East Editorial

School of Music, said. The company’s production followed the example of violence Mozart set up in the writing of “Idomeneo.” Using post-war heroes, he added his own battle cry to the Enlightenment philosophers, artists, scientists and statesmen of the day. The National Opera Association’s panel of judges is made up of opera professionals who have no prior knowledge of which opera companies submit the videos of productions. The winners are selected based on the production budget and size of the program and critiqued on vocal and orchestral performance, dramatic quality, stage direction, set, lighting and costumes. “This opera is the background for exploration of the movement from one generation to another and the violence of letting go,” Morse said. n

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For the past two months, University of Memphis officials have scoured the academic world for a new provost. The search has been narrowed down to two candidates: M. David Rudd and Donald S. Siegel. “We want everybody’s input. The provost is the second most important position on campus,” said Stephanie Beasley, assistant to the president for community relations. “We want it to be a collaborative affair.” The two candidates have been invited for on-campus interviews that students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend. They will give presentations and answer attendees’ questions. “We are trying to reach as many people as possible with these sessions,” said Janann Sherman, chair of the history department and member of the provost search committee. The interviews will begin today and last until Tuesday. “We chose two sessions, one in the afternoon and one in the morning on two different days, on two sides of campus, to give as many faculty, staff and students as possible the opportunity to hear each candidate,” Beasley said. Rudd’s open sessions are scheduled for today from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the University Center Ballroom C and Friday from 9 to 10 a.m. in room 203 in the FedEx Institute of Technology. Rudd currently serves as dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Utah. He has helped raise more than $13 million for the U of U. Siegel is currently dean of the School of Business and a management professor at the University at Albany, the State University of New York. He has helped raise over $15 million for that university. Siegel’s open sessions are scheduled for Monday from 2:30 to 3:30

Photo courtesy of Carol Morse

see Provost on page 7

Malco Cooper plays Idomeneo on set of the winning opera.

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Across 1 Map site 6 Senate figure 10 Brash 14 Winner of the 2005 Best Picture Oscar 15 Verdi title princess 16 Rapier cousin 17 America’s most popular dining-out occasion 19 Flavorful plant 20 Spot 21 Shows the way 22 Heaven-sent food 23 Academy freshman 24 Give way 25 Chess announcement 28 Place setting item 30 One way to sing 32 Smack on the head 33 Last chance in court 40 Semitic deity 41 Frigid 42 Where some plates are made 48 Vodka in a blue bottle 49 Rug often groomed 50 Honor, in a way 52 “... but I could be wrong” 53 Wear slowly 54 __-mo video 57 Old stage line? 58 Political propagandist 60 Department store founder Rowland Hussey __ 61 Asian staple 62 Standard 63 Arise 64 Gross 65 Swing era dance Down 1 Fictional corporation that sells earthquake pills and portable holes 2 Hector’s home 3 Behind schedule

4 Flooring wood 5 Yellow-and-red gas station symbol 6 Sushi condiment 7 Diamond gambit, or a hint to this puzzle’s circles 8 Lupino and others 9 Salary 10 Sake 11 Not against trying 12 Loewe’s partner 13 Get off at the pier 18 Clarinetist’s need 22 Retail price component 23 Writers 24 __ shui 25 Scot’s nickname, maybe 26 Tide rival 27 As well 29 “__ any drop to drink”: Coleridge 31 Kind of gravy

34 Tag information 35 Moo goo __ pan 36 Lion’s share 37 Caribou cousin 38 Disagreeing word 39 Give it a go 42 Leaves in a huff, with “out” 43 Attacked eagerly, as a wrapped gift 44 Kennedy who married Sargent Shriver 45 Euclid, vis-à-vis geometry 46 __ Tunes 47 Road safety gp. 51 Han River capital 53 Large in scope 54 Floor 55 Truck filler? 56 Airport south of Paris 58 __ Lanka 59 TV franchise since 2000

S u d o k u

Complete the grid so that each row, column and 3-by3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012 • 3


From Big East to Big Least By Bryan Heater Tu e s d a y night, more bad news came for the Big East as the Louisville Cardinals jetted for the Atlantic C o a s t Heater Conference. The move continued the downward spiral for the Big East, a conference that at one time housed some of the top programs in the country. As one program after another leaves for top-tier conferences, University of Memphis Tigers

uuMusic Continued from page 1 integration of rock ‘n’ roll and mainstream radio with Elvis Presley, Memphis has served as an epicenter for music from all over the country for more than half a century. “As far as one city literally producing hundreds of charting musicians through the years, it’s kind of unequal,” Doyle said. “This city exploded rock ‘n’ roll. The Memphis Music Hall of Fame was something that the city needed.” Each inductee is presented with a Memphis Music Hall of Fame statuette, handcrafted by the Tennessee Pewter Company of West Tennessee. The award features the organization’s logo — a hand and vintage microphone — mounted atop a base of West Tennessee hardwood and individu-

fans and school officials have to be second-guessing the move as the Big East looks more and more like Conference USA with each passing day. In football, the Big East now has Boise State, Central Florida, Cincinnati, Connecticut, East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, South Florida, Southern Methodist, Temple, Tulane and Navy, which is set to join in 2015. Basketball has a much sexier look, with Central Florida, C i n c i n n at i, C on n e c t i c ut , DePaul, Georgetown, Houston, Marquette, Memphis, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, South Florida, Southern Methodist, Temple, Tulane and Villanova.

Even with the remaining bigtime programs, it is hard to be optimistic about the conference’s future. Connecticut and Cincinnati have put out some serious feelers to leave the Big East and join forces with more prominent conferences. When it comes to conference realignment, it is all about money. The fact of the matter is the Big East just cannot match the deals set forth by other conferences, such as the ACC, Big 12 and Big Ten, conferences that have dipped in and made off with what made the Big East an attractive move to begin with. The once powerful Big East has dwindled into the Big Least. Basketball is what can salvage the conference in the end. After

ally inscribed for each inductee. “Often we take these people for granted. We don’t really have a concept of the huge impact they’ve had on music and what the city really meant and still means to music,” Doyle said. Along with the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, the Hall of Fame also has the cooperation and support of other respected Memphis music organizations, such as Sun Studio, Graceland and the Blues Foundation. “The audience will see a lot of Memphis musicians playing tributes to inductees, as well as a few inductees performing themselves,” Doyle said. Musicians inducted this year come from an array of genres that have found a home in Memphis. Artists being honored at the induction range from Three 6 Mafia to ZZ Top to Booker T. and the MG’s.

Even some of the behind-thescenes musicians will be inducted and saluted at the event, such as Memphis record producer Jim Dickinson. “This first year is a heavy one. We’re inducting 25 people this year. However, there are so many more,” Doyle said. “We have already identified 300 names that are significant Memphis musicians, worthy of inductions. This is something that will be taking place for decades.” Other legendary musicians to be inducted tonight include Jerry Lee Lewis, B.B. King, Isaac Hayes and Otis Redding. “Not only do we want the inductees proud and honored by the induction, more importantly, Memphians that attend or see the media the following day should have a sense of pride,” Doyle said. n

all, it is basketball that gave the Big East its reputation before the floodgates opened. As for what this means for the Tigers, well, it is definitely not what the athletic department had in mind when it accepted the invitation to join earlier this year. Nonetheless, bigger bucks await the program. Consider the payouts from the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament — last year, the Big East brought in $26.1 million compared to C-USA, which earned $5.5 million. Television contracts are also huge. The Tigers have averaged about $2.2 million per year with their contract as a member of C-USA. That is a far cry from the $8 to $10 million brought in by Big East schools. While

FedExForum is a great place to host the C-USA Tournament in basketball, it is no match for Madison Square Garden, where the Big East Tournament is played. Though the future of the Bowl Championship Series bowls is still unknown, if Memphis were invited to participate in one of the bowls, the program could receive $2 million and another $1.1 million for the Fiesta Bowl. With those numbers, it is easy to see why the Tigers initially made the switch in conferences. However, only time will tell if the move was as seismic as people first thought. Time has not been a friend so far, as teams continue to pack their bags, but regardless, the Tigers will press forward and hope for the best. n

2012 Memphis Music Hall of Fame Inductees Bobby Blue Bland Booker T and the MG’s

Lucie Campbell George Coleman Jim Dickinson Al Green W.C. Handy Isaac Hayes Howlin’ Wolf B.B. King Jerry Lee Lewis Jimmie Lunceford Prof. William McDaniel

Memphis Minnie Willie Mitchell Dewey Phillips Sam Phillips Elvis Presley Otis Redding Staple Singers Rufus Thomas Three 6 Mafia Nat D. Williams ZZ Top Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton


the isaC playlist experience tomorrow SAC cinema: mean girls 2 & 7 p.m. | UC theatre

4 • Thursday, November 29, 2012


Holiday gift guide

Ideal gifts for the techie on your Christmas list By Matthew Fortner The News & Observer

Tablets and smartphones are sure to top the holiday wish lists of many this year. The battle is hotter than ever amid Apple, Android and Windows devices. While that decision is a big one, it is relatively straightforward for most buyers. What about other tech gifts? Here are a few items that have pushed their way to the top of our gift lists for those we’re connected to most.

stream audio while relaxing on the sofa, toiling in the kitchen or even in the car. FOR THE ROAD WARRIOR


CableJive dockBoss air: $34.95 With CableJive’s wireless receiver nearly any gadget can stream audio to a speaker dock designed for 30-pin Apple devices. Android? Windows? Tablets? The dockBoss air adapter works with devices that support Bluetooth AD2P which is about any smartphone, tablet or computer these days. Thanks to a 30-feet wireless range you can free your gadget from your dock and


Just Mobile Gum and Gum Plus: $50-$90 These small backup batteries from Just Mobile are a favorite accessory among many tech road warriors. The aluminum clad packs come in black, red or silver and are packaged with a Micro-USB cable, an adapter for 30-pin Apple devices and storage pouch. Lightning cables are not included. The $50 Gum’s 2,200mAh capacity is enough to charge a fully depleted smartphone. The $90 Gum Plus packs a 5,200mAh battery and can push enough current to charge tablets. Both have a series of LEDs to indicate their remaining charge and can be charged via a computer’s micro USB or with a USB wall charger.

Eye-Fi wireless SDHC memory card: $40-$100 Ever wish your camera could connect wirelessly to your computer? Would you like to share photos to Facebook directly from your camera? An Eye-Fi memory card works like a regular SDHC card, but it also makes wireless photo transfer straight from your camera possible. Photos and videos can be copied to your computer, mobile device or uploaded online. Eye-Fi has Android and iOS apps that can share your media via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others. Aside from the price there is one small trade-off: The Eye-Fi does use more battery power than a standard card. FOR THE TECHIE CHEF

“Cooking for Geeks”: $20 Author Jeff Potter threads science and humor in his book “Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food.” The 432-page cookbook for those who have to know how things like protein denaturation, Maillard reactions and caramelization affect the foods we cook. Learn about cooking with blowtorches, dry ice and liquid nitrogen. The book features interviews with chefs, scientists and Adam Savage of the “MythBusters” television show. FOR THE DIY-ER

Getting Started with Arduino Kit v3.0: $65 The Arduino Starter Kit from Maker Shed is a gift beginners and pros both can appreciate. The kit opens the door to the popular microcontroller lauded by DIY computing geeks and is designed as a companion to the “Getting Started with Arduino” book by Massimo Banzi, founder of the open source Arduino project. Some minor soldering is required for the power

supply, but the other components plug into the board. This should make for some great parent-child team projects. Look out, science fair. FOR THE DATA HOG


LaCie PetiteKey: $15 WWW .FREETHEHELMSMAN .COM On the more affordable side of WWW.FREETHEHELMSMAN.COM the spectrum is LaCie’s ultra-comWWW .FREETHEHELMSMAN pact USB 2.0 PetiteKey that.COM starts around for 8 GB of flash storage. WWW.$15 FREETHEHELMSMAN .COM Also available with 16 GB and WWW .FREETHEHELMSMAN .COM32 GB of space, PetiteKey is waterproof WWW.FREETHEHELMSMAN.COM to 100-meters and designed to resist WWW.FREETHEHELMSMAN.COM scratches. WWW.FREETHEHELMSMAN.COM









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This Saturday, Dec. 1 @ 8:30 a.m. WWW.FREETHEHELMSMAN.COM UC River Room (300)

• Meet New People • Serve the Community Several opportunities to choose from


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Thursday, November 29, 2012 • 5

Official parking citation grace period sought by SGA By Michelle Corbet One Student Government Association senator plans to propose an act that would allow students who receive a parking citation for not having a hangtag to be given a one-week grace period to acquire necessary tags and decals to park in a University of Memphis lot. Joshua Jackson, senator for the graduate school, sponsored the act to amend a section of the SGA Constitution that will allow students a one-week reprieve by the Student Government Court to obtain necessary documentation from Parking Services. “It’s a big bill to a simple solution, to a problem that has been recurring,” said co-sponsor Matt Hotz. “It will [be] for the betterment of everyone.” Jackson, former SGA chief justice, said this one-week grace period is needed because when he was in office, appeals came mostly from freshmen who did not receive proper hangtags

and decals for their cars or were misinformed about parking practices on campus. “I didn’t want them to come to the University and the first thing they experience is a ticket,” Jackson said. “I didn’t want a ticket issue to cloud their experience at the U of M.” Because tonight’s regular bi-weekly senate meeting conflicts with the men’s basketball game, the meeting was moved up and took place Wednesday night. Because of the short notice of the schedule change, Jackson’s bill wasn’t discussed, but is expected to be up for vote at the next meeting on the first day back from winter break, Jan. 17. “After speaking with many of y’all, I know many of y’all want to go to the game tomorrow, and we had to look at changing [the meeting date,] so this is the best time, but unfortunately we knew that we most likely wouldn’t meet quorum tonight,” SGA President Russell Born said to the senate Wednesday night. The grace period mentioned in the act will allow students to appeal to

the student court. Depending on the outcome of the traffic citation appeal, students may not have to pay the fine. “It would still appear on your record, but you wouldn’t have to pay for it,” Jackson said. Associate Chief Justice Andrew Ray said he isn’t opposed to a grace period, but Parking Services should continue to issue citations not related to displaying or possessing a valid permit, such as improper parking and handicapped parking zone violations. “I believe the grace period could serve as a time in which students can remedy any mistakes they or Parking Services made that kept them from receiving their permit,” Ray said. Jackson said the grace period is something Born and Parking Services Director Angela Floyd have a verbal agreement about. “I was strengthening this agreement by making it law,” he said. “I thought this could strengthen the relationship between Parking Services and the judicial branch [of SGA.]” Jackson said there is a possibility

Tigers’ Ta es

Dusty Jolliff, Photography senior

Interested in pursuing a career in Dentistry? Join

The Pre-Dental Society

Last Meeting of Fall

Friday, Nov. 30

12:45 p.m. UC Senate Chambers (261) Guest Speaker from Cloud Aptitude

Questions? Contact Cheryl Bird (623) 910-7736

“No. Honestly I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet. I’m sure I’ve deserved some because I can’t park.” Rachel Matousek, Elementary education freshman


“I’ve gotten plenty of them, like one per semester. I literally went into a building for two seconds and came back to a ticket. I was pissed!”

“I’ve gotten well over 15 to 20. It makes me very mad because if you don’t or can’t pay your ticket, you can’t register for class.” Christian Moskovitz, Sports management senior

that the student court will strike down the act because by changing the constitution, the SGA is “telling the court what to do.” “We assign laws, and the court can agree or strike them down, but I think this is something the court should be on board with,” he said. Chief Justice Daniel Albright said he has already instituted a policy to give students the first week of school to get the necessary documents needed to park. “We’re already doing what that is saying, so I’m not sure if there needs to be a constitutional amendment,” he said. “We don’t want to be restricted to a constitutional amendment.” Ray said if the SGA Senate does pass a constitutional amendment, the student court must abide by it. “The student court ensures that all University rules and regulations are properly followed and enforced, so I’m not worried about the proposed amendment making any choices for the court since the court’s job is only to enforce rules and regulations in effect,

which includes the SGA Constitution,” he said. Jackson also sponsored a bill to purchase the chief justices of the student court nine black “choir/graduation robes” for weekly traffic meetings. “Essentially, they have earned the position they are in and I think they should look the part,” Jackson said. Jackson said he didn’t know who was fronting the cost of the robes, but the bill states, “The cost to the Student Government Association per robe will be approximately $90 per robe, plus shipping tax.” “I know it is a lot of money, but it is something they need and haven’t had for 10 years,” Jackson said. “The current ones are in total disarray.” Albright said he’s heard concerns among senators about the costs of the robes, but the robes would be a good investment because they will last for a long time. “It’s just a good thing to have for the court,” he said. “It helps us look official. Every other university has them, so it’s just a good thing.” n

Have you ever gotten a parking ticket on campus? By Natalie Cole

“No. Pay $90 for a garage pass and you won’t have to worry about tickets.”

“No. I’ve received zero tickets because I ride my bike. I care about the environment.” Barrett Schwarz, Philosophy graduate student

Chris King, Political science senior


Tomorrow | 2 + 7 p.m. | UC Theatre

6 • Thursday, November 29, 2012


The 4th Annual



“Characteristics of a Man” Saturday, Dec. 1 • 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. UNIVERSITY CENTER BALLROOM


“Leadership on the Big Screen” BY DELATORRO MCNEAL

Best Selling Author, Motivational Expert, Thought Leader & Transition Coach


Kymone Hinds

Tony Knox

Pastor Aaron Litzey


Personal Marketing The Workout Plan

Rich Forever

You’re Hired

Free & Open to Everyone! REGISTER IN ADVANCE AT (901) 466-6362, OR AT THE DOOR

The University of Memphis

Thursday, November 29, 2012 • 7

uuProvost Continued from page 1 p.m. in the University Center room 304 and Tuesday from 9 to 10 a.m. in room 203 in the FedEx Institute of Technology. Dean of Students Stephen Petersen encouraged members of the Student Government Association to attend the sessions. “The provost is responsible for everything academic in this institution, not just your classes and the department chairs and the deans, but they’re also responsible for things like the library,” he said Wednesday night during the SGA’s last meeting of the semester. Those attending the sessions are asked to complete evaluation forms, which can be found online at “I hope people will come to these sessions and take the evaluations seriously, because we will take them seriously,” Sherman said. The provost is the leader of academic affairs and reports directly to the president. Sherman stressed the importance of the position and the sig-

nificance of the input from members of the U of M community. “These are people who will be making decisions on your behalf, decisions that will affect you,” Sherman said. “This University is a community and if you are going to be a member of that community, you should be a participating member.” Petersen told the SGA Wednesday night that candidates appreciate student feedback. “Don’t foreclose on your opportunity to ask questions from these individuals,” he said. “It says a lot to the candidates when students show up and ask questions.” The committee culled stacks of résumés and nominations before settling on Rudd and Siegel. “Mainly they had experience in a similar size university. That is very important to understand the scope, the importance of the job. When you are provost, you are in charge of just about everything,” Sherman said. After the sessions, members of the provost search committee will review the evaluations and report to President Shirley Raines. She will make the final decision. n

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Apptitude Turn to apps to find best holiday deals

By Reid Kanaley

The Philadelphia Inquirer Check out these smartphone applications for shopping in the holiday season. All are free and have versions for Android and Apple devices. ShopAdvisor, by Evoqu Inc., will ask you to turn on your phone’s GPS or enter your ZIP code and then search for any product. The results you see will indicate online and brick-and-mortar sources, prices, and, in the case of local stores, a map to the nearby locations. For online sources, you may add the product to a virtual shopping cart or place a call if the selling website has a telephone option. With any product on the screen, tap “Advise Me” to see a graph showing a history of the product’s price fluctuations. If you like the product


Ordering Online is as easy as changing yOur majOr…again.


By Samantha Esgro Richard Sweigard has been the associate dean of engineering for administration and academic affairs at the University of Kentucky since 2007, but that is not where his career will end. Beginning in June, Sweigard will bring his expertise to the University of Memphis as dean of the Herff College of Engineering. Since 1988, Sweigard has been a professor or associate professor, and he served as chair of the Department of Mining Engineering at UK.


Large 1-Topping pizza

No coupon required, just valid College Student ID. Offer Expires 12/30/12

1229 Getwell Rd. Pizza & Wings



575 Erin Dr.

Choose Bone-In, Bone-Out or Traditional Wings. Additional charge for Stuffed Crust, Specialty and Super Premium Pizzas.

One coupon per order. Not valid with other offers or promotional pizzas. Wing types and flavors vary by location. Additional charge for extra cheese and duplicate toppings. At participating WingStreet® locations. Delivery areas and charges may vary. Cash value 1/20¢. ©2012 Pizza Hut, Inc. MEMPHIS/5.75x8/F

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Large Pizza Up to 3 Different Toppings + Order of 8 WingStreet Wings 519

Expires 12/30/12

“People make an institution great, and I was impressed with the dedicated people I met when I visited campus,” Sweigard said. The staff and faculty, along with former dean Richard Warder and interim dean Eugene Eckstein, have kept the college in pristine condition for Sweigard, according to U of M President Shirley Raines. “Dr. Sweigard has implemented successful scholarship and recruitment programs at the University of Kentucky,” Raines said in a statement, confident he will build on the College of Engineering’s strengths in both education and research. n



Delivery & Carryout


said they would match some online prices, under certain conditions.) Sly old Amazon also asks you to “Share [the] in-store price with us.” But that’s an option. And, of course, you can notify your social-media contacts with all the particulars. A crowd-sourcing app, iSlick, is for hunting down and sharing online and off-line freebies and other deals. From a built-in browser, you may simply tap an image or text on a website, then fill in some blanks with your own thoughts on the “Review” screen, and submit that deal for other users of the app, provided by Lanuta. For off-line deals and sales — like the one I saw for a $3,000 fuel card with purchase of a naturalgas-powered Honda Civic — take a photo and submit information about the deal. You can browse deals from the “Frontpage” or tap “Categories” to drill down for stuff you are interested in. n

Engineering college inducts new dean



but want to wait to buy, tap “Watch,” and set the app to alert you at a future date or when the price moves up or down. And since few apps now ignore the social aspects of every detail, you can use ShopAdvisor to share what you find via handy links to your text, Twitter, Facebook or email accounts. If you’re out at the store and want to compare the prices you find, buy on the fly or keep a wish list that you can share, get an app such as eBay’s Red Laser or Price Check by Amazon. Using Price Check, for example, you can scan a bar code, take a photo of the product or tap the “Say it” icon and speak the product name. The app returns results for that product from and its large stable of related vendors, from whom you can buy on the spot — right under the nose of the store manager, should you feel so brazen. (This year, Best Buy and Target have

Medium Specialty Pizza + Medium 1-Topping Pizza + Breadsticks + Cinnamon Sticks Valid for online orders only. Valid on Pan, Thin ‘N Crispy and ®

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One coupon per order. Not valid with other offers or promotional pizzas. Additional charge for extra cheese and duplicate toppings. Participation, delivery areas and charges may vary. Cash value 1/20¢. ©2012 Pizza Hut, Inc. MEMPHIS/5.75x8/F




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www . freethehelmsman . com

8 • Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tigers look to rebound against UT-Martin By Bryan Heater The expectations the University of Memphis men’s basketball team came in with this season were as high as they had been since the glory days of John Calipari. Those expectations were derailed last week when the Tigers went 1-2 in the Battle 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas. Tonight, Memphis looks to get back on track when they tip-off against the University of Tennessee at Martin at FedExForum. The game against the Skyhawks [2-4] will be the 19th meeting between the two programs, with the Tigers leading the all-time series 13-5. UT-Martin, a member of the Ohio Valley Conference, is coming off one of the worst seasons in the program’s history, as they finished last year 4-27 and went winless in the OVC. This year’s matchup will have a hometown feel, as 10 players from both teams hail from the Bluff City. UT-Martin has three players from Memphis, including Bobby Jones [Trezevant High School], Corderio Maclin [Ridgeway High School] and DeMarc Richardson [Briarcrest Christian School]. Maclin was a teammate of the Tigers’ junior forward Tarik Black at Ridgeway from 2008-2009. Forward Myles Taylor leads a balanced Skyhawks’ attack, averaging 16.2 points per game and 7.5 rebounds per game. UT-Martin has four other players producing double digits in scoring. Mike Liabo [12.8 ppg], Justin Childs [11.2 ppg], Jones

[10.0 ppg] and Jeremy Washington [10.0 ppg]. The Tigers failed to guard the three-point line while in the Bahamas, allowing teams to shoot comfortably beyond the arch. Memphis has a chance to shoe up in the area versus a Skyhawks team that is shooting 32.8 percent from downtown. Memphis has struggled to take care of the ball through the first five games, averaging 15.6 turnovers per game. It will not get any easier against a Skyhawks team that is forcing opponents into 17.7 giveaways a game. The bulk of the turnovers UT-Martin has forced have come via steals, where they are making off with 10.3 per contest. Perhaps the biggest key to tonight’s game will be the home court advantage the Tigers have enjoyed at FedExForum since moving from the Pyramid in the 2004-2005 campaign. Since then, Memphis owns a 147-17 [.896 winning percentage] record in the friendly confines of FedExForum. The 147 wins are the most at home by any school in the country during that span. The Tigers have also won 137 of their last 148 home games for an impressive .926 winning percentage. The Tigers look to forget last week’s tournament and take advantage of a seven-game home stand, starting tonight with the Skyhawks. Memphis will then have games against Ohio University on Wednesday and Austin Peay on Dec. 8 before gearing up for the marquee matchup against No. 5/6 Louisville on Dec. 15. Tip-off for tonight’s game is set for 7 p.m. n

Photo By David C. Minkin | special to the daily helmsman

Junior guard Joe Jackson and the Tigers look to get past their performance in the Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament during tonight’s game against the University of Tennessee at Martin.

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