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Cecil C. Humphreys celebrates anniversary By Kelsie Carter The Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law will celebrates its golden anniversary this weekend, the same year as the University of Memphis’ Centennial. “Since we are focusing on the people of the law school, we want to make it so that faculty, staff and students have an opportunity to be a part of the celebration,” said Wendy Sumner-Winter, coordinator of alumni and constituent relations. The 50th anniversary celebration will take place Saturday at the law school, located at 1 North Front St. Sumner-Winter said the location was chosen because the new law school opened in 2010 and “the alumni are very proud of their part in making that happen.” Kyle Wiggins, chair of the anniversary celebration planning committee and a 2004 graduate of the law school, has been a member of the Law Alumni Board for 3 years. He was asked to chair the event committee by the past president of the Law School Chapter of the University’s Alumni Association. “This was a way for me to give back and celebrate a very important milestone,” he said. The celebration will have a ‘60s theme, and attendees are encouraged to wear cocktail attire from that decade. More than 1,000 people are expected to attend. “Since the law school was founded in the ‘60s, we wanted to go with a madmen cocktail party theme,” Wiggins said. “It’s not a costume party, it’s a cocktail party, but we want people to have fun with [the] theme and the event.” The event is divided into two parts. The first is a VIP reception

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Fall Beauty Trends

Tiger Patrol goes green with new quadricycle

By Michelle Corbet Need a ride? Get ready to pedal your way. Tiger Patrol is now carrying students to and fro in its new ecofriendly, four-wheel bicycle known as a Rhoades Car. University of Memphis Police Services Capt. Kevin Langellier said when the University sent out an email asking the department to submit ideas that would make campus more green, he thought of a demonstration he’d seen last spring from a small business in Hendersonville, Tenn. The business was Rhoades Cars, an independent company specializing in the production of car-like bicycles known as quadricycles. The Rhoades Car quadricycle is a four-wheeled, pedal-powered bicycle that drives like a car. They are “100 percent green [and]human powered,” Langellier said. There are a few parts that are not available in the U.S., but over 80 percent of the cars’ components are made in the U.S. with most of those parts coming from Tennessee. Rhoades Cars are handmade and manufactured on-site

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photo By NathaNael packard | staff

Angelo Bologna takes a ride in the Rhoades Car with Capt. Kevin Langellier of the University of Memphis Police Services. The vehicle is powered by bike pedals in order to save energy and reduce fuel emissions.

Former Maybelline VP to speak today By Samantha Esgro Today at 4:30 p.m. in room 128 of the Fogelman College of Business and Economics, the Supply Chain Management Student Association will bring in guest speaker Heard Murphy to show that hard work, drive and dedication really do pay off. For students unfamiliar with the phrase “supply chain management,” board member Michael Miller offers a simplified definition. “Supply chain management is the process of how a product gets made from scratch at the ware-

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house and ends up in retail stores, ready for sale,” Miller said. Murphy, former vice president of Maybelline, is all too familiar with starting from scratch — and not just with products, but also with his career. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in general business from Mississippi State University in 1970, Murphy landed a job at Schering-Plough Corporation. This pharmaceutical company is home to products such as Coppertone skincare products and Maybelline cosmetics — the latter of which he stuck with for the next three decades. “I started with an entry-level

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position at the very bottom and worked my way up through various sales positions to become vice president,” Murphy said. While 30 years seems like a long time to work toward a goal, Murphy modestly assures students that he was on the fast track. Before retiring at age 50 from his position as vice president at the infamous cosmetic supplier, Murphy was in charge of 75 people in the customer service department — nothing compared to the 500 people he oversaw in the sales department, he said. The level of expertise Murphy has to share will be beneficial to both students and faculty who are Tiger Babble Letter to Editor Fashion

interested or involved in business at the University of Memphis. Topics of focus include how corporate sales works and promotional activity — “from manufacturer to retailer to consumer,” Murphy said. Shawn Jones, assistant professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, said Murphy will specifically address the innerworkings of corporate sales. “Additionally, he’s coming in to give clear advice to students and to talk about what it takes to become a VP later on in life and some key things he has seen,” Jones said. n

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thoughts that give you paws

“Just drove past the Liberty Bowl. Who [the] hell is watching tv on the jumbotron?” @MemphisGinger “I hate trying to run the perimeter of campus and inhale a big wind of second hand smoke. So much for trying to be healthy.” @GinaBean88 “Southern people are too windy... Just killed a pep rally with boring awards and speeches.” @bjcross42

Complete the grid so that each row, column and 3-by3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9.

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an pizza


Down 1 Oaf 2 Take for a time 3 “Becket” star 4 No page-turner


“There are seriously 10,000 squirrels on campus.” @ElleryJN “The uc tech hub makes me feel like I’m in a preschool classroom. ” @MissMoose73

2-topping p

Across 1 Hip-hop fan 5 Les __-Unis 10 Olympian’s goal 14 Smidgen 15 Chevy Blazer, now 16 Orchestral wind 17 *One to four inches per day, for bamboo 19 Endorse, in a way 20 Rice-__ 21 Toga party costume 23 Take part in a 1920s fad 26 Like a prof. emeritus 27 Big pitcher 28 *Noted scythe bearer 33 Lowly laborer 34 Goody two shoes 35 *1973 Thomas Pynchon novel 41 Concerning the ears 42 Japanese noodle 43 *Wrestling style that forbids holds below the waist 46 First responders, briefly 50 Cyclotron input 51 Meeting 53 Eleanor Rigby, for one 57 Snorer ’s problem, perhaps 58 Hops drier 59 *Pearl Jam genre 62 Attend to, as a job opening 63 Come out with 64 Wrath, in a hymn title 65 “South Park” co-creator Parker 66 Nonlethal weapon 67 Recipe amts.

“Shirley Raines, will you be my grandma?”

“That system could cause a lot of fouls if you ask me but hopefully we will be a better rebounding team in the new conference.” @ihlapi

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5 Ordinal suffix 6 Roofer’s goo 7 Obsessed fictional captain 8 For the full nine months 9 Garden apparatus 10 Dad-blasted 11 Drama award 12 Theater section 13 It might be pounded out 18 “True dat,” quaintly 22 Do more than listen 24 “__ Around”: Beach Boys hit 25 “Iliad” setting 29 “Recapping ...” 30 Pint seller 31 Old Japanese capital 32 Remote button 33 Test showings 35 Silence 36 Robot play

37 “Now We __ Six”: Milne 38 Thoughtless way to stare 39 Nutritional figs. 40 First-class 44 Lousy liquor 45 Mobster’s code of silence 46 Lively wit 47 They may have fake IDs 48 Work boot feature 49 Treacherous types 52 Freelancer’s encl. 53 Like fuzzy slippers 54 Poker holding 55 Cruise destination 56 Wearying routines 60 Once known as 61 Canine warning that the answers to starred clues have in common, initially

The University of Memphis

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 • 3


Fall Beauty Trends Experts say dark colors coveted by makeup wearers this fall By Zoë Muldoon

Special to The Daily Helmsman

Berry-red lips and deep, smoky eyes have been widely touted as this fall’s must-have makeup colors. Just as fashion usually mimics the typical autumn shades, the beauty world has done the same this year with colors like oxblood, mulberry and dark greens taking center stage. “Women are starting to change their coral and hot pink lipstick shades to a darker, vampy color,” said Tricia Wetherby, a sales associate for Makeup Art Cosmetics. “We’ve been selling darker-colored eye shadows and berry-colored lipsticks now that summer is over.” Since the arrival of fall, the bolder, more luxurious colors have been the focus of attention for beauty enthusiasts. Smoky, two-tone eyes and wine-colored

We hold worship at 7 p.m. Tuesdays, followed by a free hot meal for all of the Campus Community. What stands between you and what you truly want? We’ll talk about “There’s Just One Thing” tonight at 7. There is a place for you here.

lips have dominated the catwalks recently and in turn created a buzz at cosmetics companies such as MAC, with girls and women alike hoping to recreate some of this season’s trends on their own. The smoky eye has continued to evolve in tones of classic black with accents of pine green and deep violet. “All skin tones can wear them,” said Wetherby. “Not only can the color be adjusted but the texture too. There are many different shades of dark shadows that vary in texture, for instance matte or shimmer.” However, not every woman who wears makeup identifies and follows these popular trends. “I follow some fashion trends, but I don’t take notice of beauty crazes,” said Sofi Lopez, a healthcare management senior at the University of Memphis. “I don’t like the very dark lipstick. I’d feel as though I was dressing up for Halloween.” According to Wetherby, a lot of women she meets are inspired

by the color of lipstick she is wearing or the shadow texture she is sporting on her eyes. “If we stay trendy, then they stay trendy,” Wetherby said. The cosmetics industry posted sales of $36.5 billion in 2010 according to Drug Store News, and this is gradually increasing every year with the emergence of “beauty gurus” on YouTube and makeup blogs. These days, makeup seems more popular and important to women and not just because of the fashion crazes. “Makeup can change peoples’ lives,” Wetherby said. “Face and eye shapes can be transformed. That’s why it’s important to women.” More women focus on the seasonal beauty trends they see in magazines such as Glamour, makeup counters and blogs, according to experts. For instance, Wetherby has seen a definite increase in the sale and interest of oxblood-colored lipsticks called “Diva” and “Rebel,”

and with spring approaching in a few months, the makeup world has to be just as ahead of the seasonal trends as the fashion world does. “Spring beauty will be very different [than] fall,” Wetherby said. “Expect pops of vibrant colors and dewy, healthy skin.” n

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Tigers’ Ta es “Hopefully it will be better. We are more of a basketball school.”

Morgan Daugherty, Business sophomore

uuCelebrate Continued from page 1 from 6 to 7 p.m. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served, and there will be a performance by up-andcoming country singer Caroline Jones from New York. Jones has performed at places such as Juilliard, Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall. According to her biography, she is also an unofficial master class faculty member at the Memphis Orpheum Theatre. “She is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter, and we want to have something special for the VIP reception,” Sumner-Winter said. The second part is called “Music from the Decades.” It is a collection of different musical performances that will take place between 7 and 10 p.m. in different locations at the law school. The cost of the VIP event is $250 per ticket, and the music event is $150 per ticket. However, current students and graduates from 20092012 will pay $50 for tickets to the second event. The first event will remain full price for students. Sumner-Winter said the group “really want[s] to engage young alumni.” Tyler DeWitt, U of M Student Bar Association bar governor and current Cecil C. Humphreys law student, is volunteering at the anniversary celebration. “It’s definitely worth [going to salute] the people who built the University,” DeWitt said. Proceeds from the event will benefit the law school. “They are doing this to be able to increase their ability to support the law school,” Sumner-Winter said. Tonight from 5 to 8 p.m., the law school will host an Admissions Workshop and Recruitment Fair. The event will be held at the law school and is free and open to the public. Assistant Dean of Admissions Sue Ann McClellan will speak for the first hour of the event about the admissions process and study tips for the LSAT, the entrance exam for

“Basketball will be way better than football. They never do worse than the football team.” Ben Wayer, Computer science sophomore

law schools. “It’s a good way to get firsthand experience from professionals in the business,” McClellan said. Afterwards, representatives from 12 law schools in the South will talk to students about their respective admissions procedures and law programs. DeWitt attended one of these events when researching which law school he wanted to attend. “It was nice having all the different law schools there so you can pick up information and talk to all of the different admissions personnel,” DeWitt said. n


“I have no idea. I’m not really a sports person.”

Kevin Goering, Physics senior

How do you think this year’s basketball season will compare to the football season? By Nathanael Packard

“I am a proud Tigers supporter and hope that the basketball team does better than the football this season. They need to bring us home some wins!” Carly Means, English junior

Blu & White Week • SWeet DreamS present


“I think the Tigers are gonna be great! Wooo!!!”

Mari Edwards, English senior

B l u n i g h t m at e S

Greek B edtime StorieS TODAY...


“Who You’re Around”

“Young and Gettin it”

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l D a i e t b n a e t d e i 2 s 0 e 1 r P

The University of Memphis

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 • 5


“ “ “ “ “

Below, five University of Memphis leaders analyze the Oct. 22 presidential debate between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Their views represent their own opinions and in no way reflect that of the organization they have been selected from.

Tonight’s debate was the least talked about and will also be the least memorable of the four overall as the economy is the chief concern for voters. I truly believe no one will vote solely based on this debate. Neither candidate wants Iran to have nucle-

Russell Born Student Government Association president

With most polls indicating that the President is viewed as best equipped to handle most foreign policy issues going into this debate, former Gov. Romney had more to prove tonight. At the same time, keeping Obama’s performance in the first debate in mind, the President had little room to get too comfortable or complacent in this foreign policy debate. It was unsurprising that Obama touted the cap-

ture of Osama bin Laden multiple times or that Romney shifted focus to the U.S. economy when he found the opportunity to pivot the moderator’s questions. Obama remained as aggressive in this debate as he was in the second debate, and his commander in chief expertise was well communicated. However, Romney held his own in this debate. Therefore, once again there may be no clear winner. The undecided

I found the last debate to be the most interesting of the three debates for two reasons. First, there was a newly defined foreign policy stance from Romney and a declaration of self-determination to all rising nations from Obama. Summarizing the policies of Romney’s plan would extend far beyond my word count and would contradict each

President’s foreign policy in the Middle East. On the flip side, Obama continues to use his withdrawal date in Afghanistan as an excuse to justify his foreign policy. I voted Monday for Romney because I do not think that withdrawing troops from a conflict constitutes foreign policy success. I firmly believe that the assassination of Osama bin Laden does not justify voting for Obama. We, as citizens,

After the final presidential debate, I think former Gov. Romney should probably ask for some binders with some other job openings. That’s because President Obama sunk Romney’s battleship Monday — he came in and did his job. Political democrat commentator James Carville said Monday night, “Obama came to attack. Romney came to agree.” Obama closed, saying we’ve heard three

Christopher Whitten Managing editor of the Daily Helmsman

discussed tonight. With all three presidential debates, I believe you saw a Romney victory, a draw and an Obama victory tonight. Going forward, this election will be solely decided by who is the best choice to improve the sluggish economy.

Florida voters in CNN’s focus group seemed to prefer Obama’s responses slightly more than Romney’s responses. However, the gender gap was evident, with undecided women preferring Obama’s responses to a greater degree than the undecided men voters in the focus group. As with the last debate, it is doubtful that this particular debate will affect the election outcome.

Heather Larsen-Price Political science professor at the U of M

point in his own policy. He clearly believes that a nuclear Iran, which has yet to actually exist, is a larger danger than Obama’s answer of terrorist groups that have a record of killing American citizens already. This debate on foreign policy really became a recap of the other debates through Romney’s deterrence from answering the ques-

Nicholas Mastron Treasurer of the U of M College Democrats

Again, I have noticed two things: Neither candidate seems to want to answer the question, and they both are too busy trying to say as much as they can to notice they are repeating the same things they said in the past. Romney continues to remind the American people of the allegedly poor macroeconomic decisions made by Obama during his term. Romney does this in an attempt to discredit the

” ” ” ”

ar weapons or Assad to have control of Syria, and both would have let Hosni Mubarak lose power in Egypt. The only major differences they have are on issues in the past, such as the Surge in Iraq and issues involving enhanced interrogation techniques, which weren’t really

tions about American international policies. The tone of attack, evidenced by both candidates, was portrayed as deteriorating in spirit and solidified as a loss to the logic of his policy proposals, whereas the President concentrated efforts toward rational means of solving both foreign and domestic problems with the sincerity of a leader of the free world.

have the privilege of reelecting our leader or choosing a new one. In his last four years, Obama has had very little success in returning our country to its former glory. Using change as the platform for his election, Obama has not delivered on his promise for a better future. I conclude that the change we need now is a new leader, and I have hope that Romney could be the real change we deserve.

Chris King Activity Chairman, College Republicans

debates, months of campaigning and way too many TV commercials. I don’t think truer words have ever been spoken by a politician. The fact is, now is the time to decide who will lead this country for the next four years. Fact checks tonight proved a majority of Romney’s foreign policy advisers served under former President George W. Bush as well. If that’s the case, which would you prefer? More of the last

four years with recovery and building? Or back to the Bush era with false wars, growing misconceptions and false peace with a President Romney? Obama took over a broken country. He has worked for four years to repair it. I don’t know if I’m better off than I was four years ago, but I don’t blame Obama for that. I blame the former administration that torched everything on the way out.

6 • Tuesday, October 23, 2012

photo By Nathanael Packard | staff

Capt. Kevin Langellier shows off the University of Memphis’ new Rhoades Car. This vehicle will be used by Tiger Patrol to give students rides around campus.

uuRhoades Continued from page 1 in Hendersonville with parts from local suppliers in places such as Madison, Tenn., and Clarksville, Tenn. Langellier said Police Services submitted the idea to use funds from the Green Fee to purchase a Rhoades Car for the Tiger Patrol escort service to cut down on costs and the use of electricity and fossil fuels. The Green Fee is a $10 fee included in tuition that helps fund proposals for initiatives that make the campus more sustainable. Sustainability Coordinator Amelia Mayahi said that while she was not involved with this proposal, it encourages more sustainable practices and talk of being greener. “It’s always a conversation piece,” she said. “It spreads the word about what we’re doing.” The U of M’s Rhoades Car is the two-passenger SportPed with a UV protective windshield, padded seats, seven-speed gearing, chrome spoke wheels and a basket on the back for

cargo. The price of the new vehicle was about $4,800, Langellier said. The vehicle is powered by both the driver and the passenger pedaling. Because of separate gears, the driver and passenger are able to pedal independently from each other and at their own pace. Mayahi said she hopes the Rhoades Car will inspire students to bike on a regular basis and become more aware of bike rules and safety. “Hopefully they will be motivated to bike themselves,” she said. “They can see how convenient it is instead of driving and looking for a parking spot or walking across campus. This is a more convenient and sustainable mode of transportation.” Langellier said he could see a potential issue with two people pedaling. “The passenger has to pedal,” he said. “We’re feeling it out to see if it’s going to be a good fit because sometimes [Tiger Patrol] has escorts who can’t pedal.” Rob Erickson, Tiger Patrol escort and junior political science major, said the majority of the response from Tiger Patrol riders has been

positive thus far. “Many people are seeing their need to pedal as a need to better themselves through exercise,” he said. According to the company’s website, the cars can reach speeds of 15-18 miles per hour, causing the user to burn about 500 calories. Several departments came to the Rhoades Car demonstration last spring, Langellier said, but so far Police Services is the only department that has one. “We’re giving it a try first,” he said. Tiger Patrol first started taking the Rhoades Car out on Oct. 9, replacing one of the electric-powered golf carts with the quadricycle. “While golf carts do well as electric alternatives, they use fossil fuels and come with extra costs,” Langellier said. “We wanted something that was 100 percent green.” Erickson said that while the golf carts allow him to carry up to three passengers, the Rhoades Car can only carry one. “The seating is limited to a driver and a passenger,” he said. “That is a

downside, but it would be nice to see more departments implement it.” Rhoades Cars offers a four-passenger option, but Langellier said the University needs to test drive the two-passenger car before invest-

ing in more. “I’m concerned with the larger one because it’s a lot of pedal power,” he said. “We’re going to see how it works with two pedaling to make sure it’s not too much strain on them.” n

Student Event Allocation Proposal Packets are Available! Student Event Allocation is a program that allows Registered Student Organizations to submit proposals for events and programs such as speakers, lectures, dance performances, etc. Proposals are submitted a semester in advance of the proposed program—the committee will hear proposals for Spring 2013 programs this semester.

Proposal Checklist: Proposal Packets Available:

A Weekly Devotional For You Is It For You? We have been looking at the good news of the gospel. The Scriptures are plain about the eternal doom of those whose sins are not covered by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter how well one might fare in this present age, the future is unspeakably ominous for those whose sins have not been atoned for by His precious blood. However, there is good, unspeakably joyful, news for those for whom the redemptive price has been paid. Remarkably, those who most feel the need of salvation from their sins are those for whom the blood was shed. Did He shed His blood for you to secure for you eternal joy? There are several ways in which the Lord refers to His own people for whom He stood as their substitute and endured the wrath of God in their place. Jesus Christ says in Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Notice that He does not summon the self-sufficient, the self-satisfied, or the self-confident. He has no invitation for the scoffer, for the one who scorns His Word and audaciously disregards His commands. He bids those who have nothing to offer, but who, realizing their great need, look to Him for mercy. He has never rejected such a one. Is this for you?

Grace Chapel Primitive Baptist Church – Zack Guess, Pastor 828 Berclair Rd. • Memphis, TN, 38122 • 683-8014 • e-mail:

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The University of Memphis

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 • 7


Tiger takes consolation title home

Men’s soccer team defeats S.C.

By Bryan Heater Sophomore Liza Tymchenko of the University of Memphis women’s tennis team finished the USTA/ ITA Ohio Valley Regional in West Lafayette, Ind., as the co-champion of the consolation bracket Sunday. Tymchenko won two matches to advance to the finals of the consolation bracket. She first defeated Butler’s Caroline Hedrick 6-1, 6-3 to move to the semifinals. In the semifinals, she beat Xavier’s Alex Brinker 6-0, 7-5 to go to the finals. Surprisingly, Tymchenko and the No. 14 seed Daniela Vidal of Purdue University agreed not to play the final match, making both of the players co-champions of the consolation bracket. Kelly Gray and Skylar Kuykendall also played in the consolation draw but fell in the quarterfinals. No. 5 Tiffany Welcher lost in the quarterfinals of the main draw in singles play to No. 4 Lauren Mira of Vanderbilt University 6-2, 6-2. She also fell in the doubles main draw with teammate Alyssa Hibberd in the semifinals to Vanderbilt’s pair, Ashleigh Antal and Marie Casares 8-6. Gray and teammate Stefanie Mikesz competed in doubles play also, but fell to Purdue’s Vidal and Lynda Xepoleas 8-6 in the semifinals. The Tigers will host the Memphis Invitational Nov. 2-4 at the Racquet Club of Memphis. Teams participating in the event include Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tulsa and Vanderbilt. n

Courtesy of Memphis Athletics Communications

Liam Collins looks to pass the ball to a teammate in a recent match.

By Meagan Nichols The University of Memphis men’s soccer team picked up its first league win of the season Saturday. The Tigers (5-5-3, 1-1-2 C-USA) took to the field in Columbia, S.C., to take on the South Carolina Gamecocks (4-9-2, 1-5-1 C-USA).

“I was disappointed to lose the first goal, especially on a throw in, but the lads responded well, and we were clearly the better team in the second half,” head coach Richie Grant said. The Gamecocks fired one to the back post past the Tigers’ goalkeeper Conor Hurley to put them up 1-0 in the 43rd minute of play. The Tigers remained scoreless

through the first half. With an assist from freshman Adam Camillo, junior Liam Collins got the momentum going for the Tigers in the second half in the 60th minute of play when he netted a goal from 16 feet out to tie the game 1-1. Redshirt junior Mark Sherrod followed up Collins’ goal four minutes later to put the Tigers up

Join us for Service On Saturday Sponsored by Student Advocating Service “Highlighting Your Life With Community Service”

Sign up in UC, Room 211

This Saturday, Oct. 27 @ 8:30 a.m. UC River Room (300)

• Meet New People • Serve the Community Several opportunities to choose from • No long-term commitment required • Breakfast & lunch included

Other dates this semester: Nov. 10 @ 8:30 a.m., UC River Room Dec. 1 @ 8:30 a.m., UC River Room

For more information, contact Leslie Berry at

2-1. The Gamecocks were unable to respond, closing out the game 2-1. The Tigers out-shot South Carolina 14 to 6, and Hurley recorded his 27th save for the U of M this season. Sherrod’s goal was his second game-winning goal of the season and his eighth total goal in the 2012 campaign. Collins and Camillo were both credited with the assist, garnering Collins his 23rd career assist, the second highest number in U of M men’s soccer history. Grant said Collins’ leadership and great overall performance in Saturday’s match helped grab the game back in the second half for the Tigers. “The minute we saw Liam, we knew he would leave his mark on the program,” he said. Grant said he is very encouraging of the team and that the win over South Carolina was vital. “We are currently sitting at a record of .500,” he said. “We have a tough schedule and we know we have a very strong program.” The Tigers travel to take on the University of Central Florida on Wednesday and Florida International University on Saturday. Grant said the game against UCF is huge for the Tigers because they have a similar program and record. “Each game is another opportunity to move the program forward,” he said. n

Volleyball team takes two 8 • Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tigers end four-game losing streak By Meagan Nichols

Courtesy of Memphis Athletics Communications

Members of the University of Memphis volleyball team celebrate after scoring a point against Eastern Michigan. The Tigers picked up two wins over the weekend.

By Bryan Heater Tennessee State showed resiliency when the team came back from a 2-0 deficit Tuesday to beat the University of Memphis volleyball team 3-2. After the loss, the Tigers refocused on the games ahead and were resilient in weekend victories over the East Carolina Pirates and the Marshall Thundering Herd. Friday, Memphis [9-16, 4-6 C-USA] dueled with the Pirates in Greenville, N.C., and looked like they had forgotten all about their collapse only three days earlier as they defeated the Pirates in four sets 3-1. The Tigers took a quick 3-0 lead in the first set, but East Carolina fought back to tie it at six. Memphis then went on a 7-1 run behind kills by Lauren Hawkins, Altrese Hawkins and Katie Meyer. Marija Jovanovic gave Memphis their largest lead of the set off a kill to make it 16-8. They then cruised to a 25-18 win to go up 1-0. The second set was much like the first with the teams tied at six before the Tigers went on an 8-2 run to bring the score to 14-8. With Memphis owning a 24-20 lead, the Pirates scored two points to pull within two, but Altrese Hawkins killed the ball to give the Tigers a 2-0 advantage. After East Carolina battled back to take the third set 25-22, the Tigers took the match 3-1 with a 25-19 win in the fourth set. Altrese Hawkins paced Memphis with 18 kills and 13 digs. Veronica Zimmerman led in the assist category with 28. In the second road game of the weekend, Memphis went toe-to-toe with Marshall, winning in a decisive fifth set to take the match 3-2. Though the Tigers dropped the first set 25-18, Altrese Hawkins made history as she became the second

player in the program to reach 1,700 kills. The Tigers responded in the second set. Jovanovic had two kills and Altrese Hawkins recorded one for a 3-0 lead early in the set. Altrese Hawkins reeled off four straight kills to put Memphis up 10-5. A Viktorija Teivane kill gave Memphis a 15-9 lead, but the Thundering Herd began to wake up. The Tigers’ lead stayed at three until the end of the set when Marshall scored three straight points. The Thundering Herd took a 24-23 lead with a 4-0 run, but Memphis caught a break on a service

error by Marshall that gave the Tigers the ball. An ace by Teivane put the Tigers ahead 25-24 and another error by Marshall gave Memphis the set 26-24 to even the match 1-1. Marshall cruised in the third set for a 25-17 win, but the resiliency continued to show from the Tigers as they came back in the following sets. With the Thundering Herd leading 12-9 in the fourth set, the Tigers hung in to cut the deficit to 17-16. Jovanovic smacked three kills to put Memphis ahead 19-18. The Tigers held the lead to even the match 2-2 and force a fifth and final set.

In the final set, Memphis held a 5-2 advantage before Marshall scored six of the next seven points for an 8-6 lead. Maja Kostic and Jaden Louie evened the set at nine. Tied at 12-12, the Thundering Herd committed two attack errors to give the Tigers a 14-12 lead. They did not look back as they took the set 15-13 and the match 3-2 to complete a two-game road trip 2-0. Memphis returns home to the Elma Roane Fieldhouse on Thursday when they host the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. Match time is slated for 7 p.m. n

The University of Memphis women’s soccer team (9-7-1, 5-4-1 C-USA) was on the road Sunday against Southern Methodist (8-6-4, 4-2-4 C-USA) at Westcott Field in Dallas, Texas. The Tigers stepped off the pitch with a tie against SMU to end their four-game losing streak. In an interview with, U of M head coach Brooks Monaghan said the team usually does not look at ties positively, but after losing four straight games, the tie was a positive result. Freshman Christi Padget netted her first career goal in the 51st minute of play with an assist from junior Christabel Oduro to put the Tigers up 1-0. The assist marked Oduro’s eighth assist of the season and the 19th of her career. Oduro stands at fourth all-time at the U of M for assists. The Mustangs evened the score in the second half with a header in the 55th minute to tie the game 1-1. The match went into double overtime, but neither team was able to bring home the win. The Tigers were outshot 27 to 10, but freshman goalkeeper Christa Strickland had a career-high 10 saves on the afternoon. Strickland is the first goalkeeper to record 10 saves since former U of M player Isabel Birones earned 12 saves against Alabama-Birmingham in 2004. The Tigers close out their regular season Thursday when they head to Birmingham to take on the UAB Dragons. The match is set to kickoff at 7 p.m. n

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