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Vol. 81 No. 057

Muck Sticky hypes new album Independent Student Newspaper of the University of Memphis

Veterans lounge to open By Mandy Hrach

students re-purchase a meal plan the next semester. Rachel Brandon, an administrative assistant for SGA, believes the small selection from the Tiger Den buffet grows old fast. “My first year, I had a meal plan, but this year I don’t because of the food selections available,” Brandon said. “Why eat at the Tiger Den buffet when I can eat fresh at Subway?” According to Brandon, Flex Bucks are the reason that a lot of students purchase meal plans in the first place, since those who are not on a plan do not receive any.

A poster with the words “Never leave a veteran behind” hangs on a wall in the once-empty office of the Panhellenic Building. Flags from around the world adorn the room. Lists of names of military veterans line the walls, and a white board is filled with ideas of ways to make those who served in the military comfortable on a college campus. It is all part of the preparations for the new Veterans Resource Center, a first for the University of Memphis. The grand opening is Jan. 22 at 1 p.m. in room 110 of the Panhellenic Building. “We are focusing on creating an environment where veterans can get the help they need to graduate,” said Darrion Garrett, secretary for the Veterans Student Center and a 25-year-old communications major. Garret is one of the 660 veteran students enrolled at the University, according to a data collection from the Veteran’s Student Center. The center will provide a place for veterans to study together, exchange ideas and share concerns about returning to college after a military career. The idea developed this past summer when Joy Stout, the director of the Adult and Commuter Student Services, analyzed the results of a student-conducted survey. The survey’s purpose was to see what programs the veteran students were looking for on campus. The results showed many veteran students were looking for a place where they could converse with other veteran students and have a place to hang out. “I wouldn’t want to take credit for the idea,” she said. “We just simply heard their request and the University honored it.” Over summer break, Stout met with campus administration and together developed the idea of the resource center. “I am so excited,” she said with a smile on her face. “We learned from the students what they wanted and, on the 22nd, we will accomplish just that.” The center will offer its facilities

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Muck Sticky has released 13 albums in his 10-year career as a funk-fueled comedic pop musician. He recently played from his new album “Fantasterrific” on “Memphis Sounds.”

By Samuel Prager The pajama-clad Muck Sticky is one of Memphis’ more eclectic natives, equipped with Seuss-like top hats and a singular stretched earlobe. He said his newest release titled “Fantasterrific” has even more posi-

tive energy than any of his other albums. In the past two years, Muck Sticky has put out three albums — “Hullabaloo” in April of 2012, “Schnickelfritz” in March 2013 and now “Fantasteriffic.” According to him, the new album captures his signature alternative positive-pop sounds, while

featuring more guitar riffs and Southern-influences than his older albums had. “The album is a lot more positive and uplifting than some of my previous work has been. It’s good vibes and the songs are about a lot of stuff,” Sticky, a former psychology student at the U of M, said. “I feel all different kinds of emotions in life.”

Muck Sticky, born Justin Osburn, said he stays optimistic on everything from his music to rush hour road-rage and cites this as a major influence in his unique lyrical style. “I think that the most important thing in life is to keep a positive perspective, no matter what you’re doing,” Sticky said. “It’s about having

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SGA proposes meal plan changes By Karlisha Hayes When Flex Bucks run out, University of Memphis students with meal plans are restricted to eating in the Tiger Den buffet. The Student Government Association aims to change that. Recently, Ricky Kirby, president of the SGA, sent Aramark food services a proposal that would allow students who purchase a meal plan to use it at all Tiger Dining locations on campus. Students can currently use their meal plan only in the Tiger Den buffet. If Aramark approves the proposal,

students would be able to use their meal plan and receive up to $6 off their purchase. “A few years ago before Dining Dollars took affect, you could use meal plans in the Union of the University Center, and $5.50 would be taken off of each meal,” Kirby said. “However, as of now, there is no equivalency in meal plans — equivalency is what SGA is working towards gaining for students.” Kirby said that, according to Danny Armitage, assistant vice president for Student Affairs and Campus Services, there are only 50 commuter students who have a meal plan. As a commuter, Kirby purchased

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the 50-block plan, which includes 50 meals as well as $500 of Flex Bucks. As for residents, the available meal plans include the 50-block plan, 80-block plan, 160-block plan and the unlimited meal plan. The 80-block plan is $885 a semester. The 160-block plan costs $1,360 a semester. The unlimited plan adds up to $1,475 a semester. Each of these plans includes $275 Flex Bucks. The 50-block resident plan includes $500 Flex Bucks. Flex Bucks, like Dining Dollars, are used to eat on campus. However, Flex Bucks are paid straight to Tiger Dining facilities and only roll over if

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Across 1 Bailiff ’s repeated cry 5 Captain’s order to stop 10 Amo, __, amat 14 Prefix with scope or meter 15 Like many pretzels 16 Money owed 17 Gradually and steadily 19 Nebraska tribe 20 Fellow members 22 “Ben-__” 23 2000s White House nickname 26 Like a private tutoring session 28 CIO partner 29 Not used 32 Senior-to-junior address 33 Betty of cartoons 35 Lantern fuel 39 Back up talk with action 42 Make like new 43 Ventilates, with “out” 46 “Ivanhoe” author Sir Walter 49 The Tar Heels of the NCAA 51 Forget-me-__ 52 Considering everything 56 Stows away 58 Naughty 59 Condition of being forgotten 62 Hosp. area for urgent care 64 In person 68 Got to one’s feet 69 Not quite right 70 Word after something or anything 71 Mex. miss 72 Eccentric 73 Mass transit option Down 1 Chances to get pics 2 Up to now 3 Before, in odes 4 Go past fast 5 “__ sow, so shall ...” 6 Expansive 7 Even if, briefly 8 Violinist Isaac 9 Melville work subtitled “A Peep




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at Polynesian Life” 10 “Much __ About Nothing” 11 Way of doing things 12 Teem (with) 13 Audio system 18 Dietary fiber 21 Finnish mobile phone giant 23 Blot gently 24 ET transporter 25 Squander, as a wad of cash 27 Nabisco wafer brand 30 Antlered grazers 31 “W” on a light bulb 34 First installment of a miniseries 36 Old reciprocal electrical unit 37 Lima’s land 38 Wilson of “Marley & Me” 40 “... __ man put asunder” 41 Compassionate

44 __ v. Wade 45 Ave. crossers 46 Cavalry blades 47 Loud uproar 48 Most senior 50 When doubled, tot’s train 53 BBC sitcom, to fans 54 Andes pack animal 55 Permitted by law 57 Get by reasoning 60 Sleeveless garment 61 “The __-bitsy spider ...” 63 “The Crying Game” actor Stephen 65 Pie __ mode 66 CBS series with Miami and NY spin-offs 67 Wriggly swimmer

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One issue that stands in the way of a change is the fact that U of M students and faculty have not agreed on a specific amount of money that should be taken off each purchase if the proposal is approved. While SGA hopes for students to receive $6 off with the proposed meal plan equivalency, an exact num-

ber has not been agreed upon with Aramark. According to Kirby, changes to the current meal plan may not be seen until the following fall semester depending on what progress is made with Aramark. Aramark could not be reached for comment.

Annual genre film fest taking student entries By Brady Boswell Memphis’ annual Unreal Film Festival announced they are accepting entries from high school and college students. “This is the first year that we’ve done a competition where local students can enter their short films,” said Jim Weter, University of Memphis alumnus and Unreal Film Festival director. The entry period runs from the Jan. 1 to June 15, but the entry fee will either be more or less expensive depending on when a person submits their work. Each month the price of each category to enter a film will increase $5. The current entry fee for students is $10. The three separate categories for a film are feature films, short films and student short films. The feature films are 75 minutes or longer, while the short and student shorts are from

five to 30 minutes long. The length of the films depends on the genre a filmmaker decides to do. “We’re sticking to the horror and sci-fi genre, and this year we’ve added — for the first time — the fantasy genre,” Weter said. Entries come from all over the world, and they allow local and small time filmmakers to promote their work. The student competition began as a way for students and young filmmakers to put their work on a pedestal to be critiqued by local filmmakers. “The films would help students generate traffic towards them and their films,” Weter said. For students that are interested, the Unreal Film Festival is still accepting entries and have volunteer jobs for students during the festival on their website at The festival will take place in late September.



Shelly Epperson, a second-year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health School, buys food at the Subway in the Tiger Den.

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2 X 2.5


PALACE CINEMA I-40 & I-240 at SUMMER AVE 763-1111

passion in your life for whatever you do. If there is negative energy around and you can turn that around to do something positive, that’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the people around you.” Recently, Sticky performed on “Memphis Sounds” with legendary Memphian and radio host George Klein for his third time to promote his newest album. “George Klein was Elvis’ partner and helped him with a lot of work, since then he’s been continuing the tradition of making sure Memphis has its spotlight on the national spectrum,” Sticky said. “He’s very tuned in to Memphis and the music that

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comes from here.” While promoting his new album on “Memphis Sounds,” Sticky performed “Life Goes On,” which he said is a tribute to good vibes and taking advantage of life. “It’s sort of an inspirational feelgood song, but its also deals with the fact that life isn’t permanent for any of us,” Sticky said. “We’re all going to leave at some point. It’s about making the most of your time and realizing that the present moment is a gift.” According to Sticky, people lose their optimistic perspective because they are too obligated to some of the pressures that society enforces on people. He believes that his music

allows him to stray away from those negative aspects in life, and he hopes that it does so for his listeners, as well. “Life is so much bigger than some of the details,” Sticky said. “It’s a kind of like the brick in the wall thing. Life is a big wall and all of the things that come along are small parts in it — bricks. I think if you can keep a broader perspective of the wall, the small things don’t seem so large in your life and won’t overtake your emotions.” He hopes to release his next album in April 2014, and he’s also working on a reality series called “The Escapades of Muck Sticky.”


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to veterans of any age. The average veteran student is 22 to 23 years old, but there are veterans on campus as old as 45. Stout said the goal of the center is also to increase the number of student veterans of all ages on campus, so adult and commuter student services can provide more programs like the resource center. “One thing we do not want to do is

set up an organization with no fun and games or vice versa,” said Nathaniel Hoch, a geology student who was in the Marine Corps for eight years and the Army for three years. “We just want to show the community why it is good to have veterans around.” For more information about the Veterans Resource Center, students can email Joy Stout at acss@memphis. edu.

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Winningest coach in program history leaves men’s soccer By Hunter Field The University of Memphis Athletic Department announced the departure of head men’s soccer coach Richie Grant on Tuesday. Grant completed his 15th season at the U of M last November, leading the Tigers to a 9-8-1 record overall and 3-5 in the American Athletic Conference play. Grant leaves Memphis to take the helm at California State University, Bakersfield, according to CSUB Athletic Director Jeff Konya. Memphis Athletic Director Tom Bowen thanked Grant, who recorded a 135-116-22 record while at the U of M, for his service to the University. “I want to thank Richie for his years of service to the University of Memphis and our athletic program,” Bowen said in a press release. “I speak for the entire coaching and administrative staff in wishing he and his family much success.” The Ireland native compiled more wins than any previous coach during his time at Memphis, and Conference USA named him their coach of the year in 2000 and 2004. Grant’s best season came during the 2004 campaign. The C-USA Coach of the Year led the Tigers to a 16-4-1 record, C-USA Championship and NCAA


Tournament bid. The 2004 season also saw the team win more games than in any season in the history of the program. Grant said the decision to move to California felt right but he enjoyed his time in Memphis. “On behalf of Jodi (wife) and I, I would like to thank both the University of Memphis and the athletic department for the wonderful experience we’ve enjoyed over the past 15 years,” Grant said. The Tigers earned a spot in the AAC Conference Tournament last fall, but they fell in the first round to Central Florida. The team returns 20 players next season, graduating just seven. However, the Tigers lose their three leading scorers: Mark Sherrod, Shane Keely and Liam Collins. Sherrod and Collins also totaled the first and second most assists, respectively. Sherrod became the fourth player in program history to be drafted in the Major League Soccer SuperDraft. The Houston Dynamo selected Sherrod in the second round. Grant will take over a CSUB program that has been on the decline the past two seasons. They won 12 games in 2011 compared to just nine the past two seasons. The Roadrunners’ administration believes Grant is the right man for the job.

“We are thrilled to have attracted such a quality coach to lead our men’s soccer program here in Bakersfield,” Konya said. “Richie brings an impressive résumé from an established, winning program in a major conference, so we know he is the right person to help continue the success of our men’s soccer program make a mark on the national level.” Grant shares Konya’s excitement. “I am happy to begin a new chapter of Roadrunners men’s soccer,” Grant said. “When you make a move like this it has to feel right, and this does.” The U of M plans to start a national search for the next soccer coach over the next few days.

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Richie Grant leaves Memphis with the most wins in program history. He’ll hope for similar success at California State University, Bakersfield.

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