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Of the myriad runway faces that beg for your attention this week, you’d best pay close attention to Elza Luijendijk. How to explain her meteoric rise from a Dutch schoolgirl to the star of Versace’s Fall campaign? A touch of luck, a lot of charm, and a surreal amount of beauty. BY EDDIE ROCHE


elcome to New York! Thank you! I even have some family here, so I hope I get to see them. And I also want to go shopping on Broadway! How did you end up at MBFW? I grew up in Hoevelaken, a small village. Unbeknownst to me, my twin sister had signed herself up to meet with Fresh Model Management. But two days later, we were both scouted by a hair stylist who told us that we had to meet with Fresh! To my surprise, my sister revealed that she already 01 10 Things did and was already invited to meet with You Don’t Know them. So I also signed up, and here we are! Now, I’m represented by IMG in New York. About Elza! How are you and your sister different? I am two centimeters taller, my shoe size is I’m vegan. one size bigger, and we have different eyes. Actually, I don’t think we are that similar, but a lot of people can’t tell us apart. I have one brother and three sisters. Was modeling always a goal? Never, but I love to take pictures and wear beautiful dresses. I have spent every How did you react to the Versace call? Christmas holiday on I called my sister and we started screaming the island of Lanzarote in Spain. and crying. We were so happy. Was Donatella on set? Yes, and it was so nice to meet her. She was I was a swimmer really friendly to me and she looked amazing! for 12 years. Was Versace couture your first show? Actually, no. I walked for Claes Iversen in I am obsessed Holland, and my first real Fashion Week show with the sun. was Prada. Have you met Lara Stone? We have not met yet, but even before I I love fireworks. started modeling, I was definitely very familiar with her and her body of work. I like to do funny things You’re 16! How does school deal with you people do in movies. taking time off? I finished school last June, so I can model I always buy shoes full-time now. My school was really great. when I go shopping. They love to support creative talent! Do you travel alone? Always. I love to sing songs, What’s your favorite thing about but not in public. modeling? Working with creative people, being in front I can’t wait until the of the camera, seeing myself in magazines, first show of MBFW!  traveling the world, and experiencing new cultures and people. Actually, I love FIRSTVIEW everything about modeling!

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