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navy beach

Martin Cabrera, partner What’s the scoop on your Torpedo? It’s a launch service for our boater guests—a red 1967 Boston Whaler that we’ve named The Torpedo! During WWII, the Navy used Fort Pond Bay, just down the beach from us, as a training and testing area for torpedoes. What’s your fave rosé on the menu? I truly enjoy rosés from Bandol; islands like Corsica are making magnificent juice, and Rioja is another region catching up to France. What’s your ideal Navy Beach dinner? I’d start off the evening watching the sunset with a Fort Pond cocktail— muddled cucumbers and raspberries with Grey Goose l’Orange and rosé—followed by Peruvian ceviche mixto, nori salmon tartare, and shaved cucumber salad to share. My entrée goto’s are MTK seafood stew, fried local catch, and our seared Atlantic salmon. For dessert, our cast-iron donut crunch served with vanilla ice cream is unreal! 16 Navy Rd., Montauk

tutto il giorno

Maurizio Marfoglia, executive chef and managing partner What’s new this summer? A beautiful salad of shaved raw asparagus with lamb’s lettuce and shaved Grana Padano cheese. Favorite beach food? A burrata and tomato sandwich. What’s your Hamptons wardrobe? Cotton pants, a linen shirt, and flipflops while riding my motorcycle. 56 Nugent St., Southampton, and 6 Bay St., Sag Harbor

living room c/o the maiDstone

Mathias Brogie, chef de cuisine What’s new on the menu? Grilled local seafood bruschetta with garden vegetables and harissa aioli. What’s trending in the Swedish culinary scene? Extracting original flavors without over-engineering it. We’ll see more deconstructed dishes that are high on flavor and low on carbs. What’s the most-ordered room service item? Swedish meatballs, served with potato purée, cream gravy, and lingonberries. What do you wear off-duty? Dress codes are up to my wife, Sara, but earphones playing a Harry Belafonte song are a necessity for my perfect day off. 207 Main St., East Hampton

bay kitchen bar Eric Miller, executive chef and owner What’s your hottest dish? My Anson Mills corn-floured softshell crabs served over a summer vegetable slaw with chili crema. Cocktail of the season? The Little Bird: a blend of white rum, Peruvian Pisco, fresh lime, and coconut served on ice. You just opened up a Bay Kitchen Bar location in NYC! The New York location is a little bit more elegant, and the food is a little bit more refined. 39 Gann Rd., East Hampton

bostwick’S chowder house


Pierre Weber, owner What’s new? The opening of the Upstairs Project at Pierre’s. It’s a discreet, private space for evening or daytime events, and although there’s no membership fee, guests will have to be in good standing with Pierre’s or invited for a particular event to be let in. What’s the buzziest brunch dish on the menu? The lobster Benedict. A Hamptons summer, in one French word, is... Élégance. What do you don outside the kitchen? White clothing and J.M. Weston moccasins. 2469 Main St., Bridgehampton A L L P H O T O S co u r tesy

Chris Eggert, chef and owner What’s your absolute favorite type of seafood? Sautéed local bay scallops: I dip them in flour and sauté them in a hot pan with white wine, butter, garlic, and lemon. What’s your lobster order? Steamed with lots of butter! Thoughts on Manhattan vs. New England chowder? I mix them together. Other restaurant haunts? I like Fresno, the Tavern at 1770, and Dave’s Grill. 277 Pantigo Rd., East Hampton


Gary King, chef What’s your best-selling pizza? The margherita. It’s very traditional! This year, we’ll be making our own stracciatella cheese for it. An unsung but killer pizza, please! When eggplant is in season in August, we do an eggplant Parmesan pizza that’s pretty awesome but underrated. How do you feel about pizza crusts? I’m down with old-school flour, water, and yeast. No starters or any of that fancy bread-making stuff. Just straight-up, Italian grandma style. Which restos do you frequent? Ruschmeyer’s, Surf Lodge, and South Edison. I also love tacos and cold beer at La Fondita. Got any grilling tricks? Buy the best ingredients possible, use all wood—no fire starters or fluids, do not overcook anything, avoid flare-ups, make sure the grill is hot before you put anything on it, drink beer, and be happy! 341 Pantigo Rd., East Hampton


The Daily Summer  

The Daily Summer has the haute beach season covered from Southampton to St. Barth. This oversize glossy has become the uncontested fashion b...

The Daily Summer  

The Daily Summer has the haute beach season covered from Southampton to St. Barth. This oversize glossy has become the uncontested fashion b...