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WinToFlash solutions to install windows from usb flash drive HTTP://DAILYFREEWARE.NET

Those who've read the postings I Install Windows Xp From Flashdisk Solution Install Windows without a CD-Rom, this way we can install windows through the flash so it is a solution that is suitable for you who want to install windows if you do not have a CD-Rom. In this way we need some files USB_PREP8 and PEtoUSB and through some step that feel too long.

Now there is another solution to this exact same, we can make a flashdisk to install windows in a computer. What I mean is WinToFlash, a program the size of about 6MB, with WinToFlash we can move all the contents of the windows installer cd and make the USB DRIVER bootable and ready to be used to install the windows os. Simply by downloading WinToFlash, then we'll stay running a few steps it will get a bootable Flashdisk is more practical .

Here are steps to install windows using WinToFlash


- Flash (min, a 1GB)

- A computer with a cd / dvd room to create a bootable pendrive

- computer without cd-rom (the computer that will be install windows)

1. download WinToFlash

2. Extract the downloaded file, then find WinToFlash.exe

3. click the windows setup wizard transfers

4. we have next to menu wizard mode, then press next.

5. at this step select the drive (cd rom) where cd installer windows are while for a usb drive, select the drive from the usbdrive you.

6. After selecting the 2 drivers above, then click NEXT

7. then we will see a popup menu of "I Accepted the terms of the license agreement" just hit Continue

8. then we will be asked to format the flash you


Warning! Formatting will of erase ALL DATA on the target disk. To format press OK, press Cancel to quit

9. when we click OK in the format will flash and then windows installer file transfer process to run flashdisk

10. Furthermore, waiting until FINISH, after you already have a usbdrive bootable and ready to install on any computer or laptop without cd-rom

The following steps will install when using this bootable flashdisk

1. input flash on a computer that will be installed

2. computer boot from flashdisk

if you do not know how to boot from the flash, when you turn on the computer / notebook very first press F2 and go into the bios menu.

looking for a boot menu, then choose flashdisk/usb drive as the main boot. then press F10 to Save and Exit

after that restart your pc / notebook you now you have to boot from the flashdisk and select

1st, the text mode setup (Boot from flash again after finished)

after the first restart select

2nd, the GUI mode setup, continue setup + 1st start of Windows


using wintoflash  
using wintoflash  

how to use wintoflash, install windows from usb flash drive