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We love that you want to be a part of the Daily Fab Deals’s team! Here is everything you need to sell on

OUR STORY Have you ever had a great idea that tons of people would appreciate if only they knew about it? Daily Fab Deals was created by artisans who feel the same way. is a group buying site that features the best designs at awesome deals to our clients, and we provide a high volume of targeted clients to our sellers at the lowest campaign rates. We also believe in doing our part to create a better world. Our campaign schedule includes Monday-Wednesday, and Thursday-Saturday deals; and Sundays are reserved for charity drives. A dollar can go a long way to fund a microloan, or provide supplies to deserving organizations. 100% of Sunday proceeds go to charity. So that’s our story. What’s yours? Perhaps it’s in that awesome deal you’re ready to submit. We’re happy to guide you and learn more about what you do. YOUR STORY—BECOMING A SELLER ON DAILY FAB DEALS Creating a Business Account Make sure that you register your business at You may do so by following these steps: 1. Create an account at the “Register” link at the top of the page. 2. Once your account is created, click on “Your Account.” This is also your name at the top of the page. 3. Register your Business Account. The link is located to the right on your account page. Complete and submit the online form. Submitting an Online Deal Request Once your business is registered on, you may submit as many deal requests as you like and can do so by clicking the “Submit a Deal Request” link, located on your account page. The current deal registration turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.

What do you sell and what products would you like to feautre? We’ll walk you through how to get featured on

SUBMITTING YOUR DEAL REQUEST: A HOW TO Deal Title Is your product colorful? Then snag your clients’ attention by explaining how “vibrant,” “brilliant and “vivid” your product is. Don’t be shy with your Deal Title! If you believe that your product is gorgeous, or precious-then go ahead and say it in a way that would pique your own interest.

“Create a compelling title for your deal.”

Deal Description This is where you want to be thorough. Ask yourself the questions that clients might ask, including:

Deal Images/ Digital Product Here is another feature that will make your deal pop. You deal page includes a main product image, which you will submit in the form, and a dynamic slideshow that displays your product’s options and details! If you only want one image for your deal, upload your image on our Deal Request submission form. Want a slideshow? Email up to 10 images to so we can create your product image gallery. You can check out a sample deal and slideshow at Daily Fab Deals may modify your images and use for advertising and other promotional purposes. You maintain the copyrights of your original images. All images must be at least 400 pixels by 400 pixels to allow for resizing. GIF’s and JPG’s only, please. The Deal Images/ Digital Product section allows you to upload GIF and JPG files, as well as files intended for our download deals. Want to sell digital products? Please see the “Downloads/ Digital Products” section below. Deal Request Date Our three-day deal campaigns are Monday-Wednesday, and Thursday-Saturday, beginning at 12:00 a.m., and ending at 11:59 p.m., Central Time. The current deal registration turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. Make sure that you request a date that falls either on a Monday or Thursday.

Deal Price If you’ve been selling your $30 product for $10—then you’ve been selling yourself short. Granted, you will offer your product at a deep discount on, but you also have the opportunity to establish a true retail price for your work. Featuring a product for $15, 50% off the original price, and selling in bulk within 3 days can really add up! While Daily Fab Deals cannot guarantee the amount of sales you’ll make, we can work with you to help you create a successful deal. Quantity Available and Maximum Orders per Household You know the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race?” While the idea of selling ten thousand products in a 3-day campaign sounds thrilling, it may not be what your business is prepared to fulfill within the processing time you guarantee your clients. Daily Fab Deals does not set quantity limits, but if we feel that your requested maximum quantity may impede on a quality and timely production, then we will work with you to ensure that you feature a mutually beneficial deal. We suggest that first-time sellers gradually increase their maximum quantities over time with their future deals. You may submit as many deals as you like, and we’re happy to review them. Original Price The retail value of your product will be included with the deal price.

“Don’t sell yourself short--now’s the time to list the true value of your product.”

Product Options The more options, the better! If you sell an awesome item in turquoise, why not in three different shades of blue? Clients tend to buy deals in bulk, especially if they feel that the item was just made for them.

THE FINE PRINT/ SHIPPING FEES / TURNAROUND TIME The Fine Print Include extra details such suggested use, or instructions for clients to complete a purchase for a personalized deal. Deal Shipping Cost Our clients want, well—a deal, and that includes shipping costs. We suggest that you ship First class and include a reasonable fee for packing, unless it’s more cost-effective to ship U.S. Priority. Sellers have two shipping fee options: 1. A flat fee 2. A fee per item shipped (Note: Right now we can only accept identical fees per item, e.g. $2.50 each per item shipped.) Turnaround Time Turnaround time is the time it will take for you to ship the orders. If it only takes 5-7 business days to complete an order—awesome! But if it takes 2-4 weeks to create a high-quality product in bulk, that’s okay too. We discourage deals that take longer than 4 weeks to ship. Seller Affiliate Program Want to lower your campaign fee (what we charge to run your deal) to just 18.5%? Enter “Yes” in the field. You can read more about our Seller Affiliate program below. It’s a great way to build clientele with little effort on your end. Not interested? Enter “No” to be charged the still-low 22.5% campaign fee. Seller PayPal Account Email One of the most important details you need to include is your business’s PayPal email. All payments for deals sold are processed through PayPal. Visit to create an account. AFTER YOU FILL OUT THESE SECTIONS ONLINE, SUBMIT YOUR DEAL REQUEST AND PROCEED TO THE FINAL REQUIRED STEP: MAILING A SAMPLE PRODUCT FOR REVIEW A sample product for your deal is required. It is our duty to ensure the quality of the product and packaging that our clients receive, and we know you understand. Be sure to include a sample order receipt. We only require one sample product per deal—even for deals that offer several product options. Mail your sample to:

Daily Fab Deals P.O. Box 562 Pflugerville, TX 78691

Once we receive your sample product, we will review your deal for suitability and work with you to create a successful deal.

PEFRSONALIZED PRODUCTS AND DOWNLOADS Personalized Products Selling personalized products is another great option on Daily Fab Deals. There is no limit to what you can offer you clients, and clients love what they cannot find elsewhere—especially if it’s personalized! You must define what is required of the clients for you to produce their personalized product. Write it out, step-by-step, in The Fine Print/ Shipping Fees/ Turnaround Time section of the “Submit a Deal Request” form. If you’re featuring a deal that requires clients to submit a photo for a custom family portrait, define exactly how the client submits their photo, include required image dimensions, accepted file formats, etc.—AND be sure to include the email address they are to submit this information to. Daily Fab Deal clients and sellers are permitted to communicate via email to ensure the client’s order is fulfilled. Downloads/ Digital Products Running a digital deal may be one of the easiest deals as the product is already created and formatted for duplication. Daily Fab Deals is proud to offer the technology that allows clients to instantly download digital products. Make sure that you upload the digital product you intend to sell in the Deal Image/ Digital Download section on the “Submit a Deal Request” form. SELLER AFFLIATE PROGRAM/ CAMPAIGN FEES/ PAYMENTS TO SELLERS Seller Affiliate Program

We offer the lowest campaign fees. Working together means more money in your pocket.

Once your deal is scheduled, you’ve become a part of the Daily Fab Deals’s team, and we’re excited to offer an innovative way to keep campaign fees low, drive traffic to your deals, and present a business model that proves that small businesses can successfully work together. Let’s say that every seller has previously sold to 50 clients before selling on Daily Fab Deals. When 10 sellers blog about their upcoming deal on, adds a badge to their site the month they are a Daily Fab Deals’s seller, makes a Facebook post, and “likes” us on Facebook—they have increased their viewership from an initial 50 contacts to a network of 500 potential clients. Working together pays off with increased traffic to your deal and a discounted campaign fee of 18.5%. Sounds great, right? We think so too. To sign up, make sure to enter “Yes” in the Seller Affiliate Program section on the “Submit a Deal Request” form. When we email you to schedule your deal, we will send instructions on how to participate in the seller affiliate program. And that’s it. Daily Fab Deals may choose to validate your participation in our Seller Affiliate Program. If this process results in a failed validation, we will contact you to remedy the situation, including assessing the standard 22.5% commission fee.

DEAL CAMPGAIN SCHEDULE AND FEES Deal Campaigns Our three-day deal campaigns are Monday-Wednesday, and Thursday-Saturday, beginning at 12:00 a.m. Central Time, and ending at 11:59 p.m. CST. You’ll find that we work to ensure that your deal is unique to the campaign and not in direct competition with another seller. How unfair would that be? Campaign Fees It is typical for daily deal sites to charge 25-40% commission fees for every deal a seller lists. When you factor in those hefty fees daily-deal fees along with your supplies costs, your net profit quickly becomes the smaller piece of the pie. Daily Fab Deals charges a low initial campaign fee of 22.5%, which includes deal production, online and print advertising, marketing, and merchant processing fees. If you want to keep more of your earnings, you can enroll in the Seller Affiliate Program and the campaign fee drops to 18.5%. Think of it—you keep 81.5% of your sale—not 75% or even a mere 60%. VIEWING ORDERS/ DOWNLOADING ORDER REPORTS Viewing Orders Daily Fab Deals sellers can view their orders as soon as the deal runs, and they can watch their order reports populate in real-time. Downloading Order Reports CSV (Microsoft Excel-friendly reports) can also be downloaded to help create receipts and shipping labels. FULFILLING ORDERS/ ORDER RECEIPTES/ RECEIVING PAYMENTS All puns intended--this is when being a part of the Daily Fab Deals’s team…really pays off! Fulfilling Orders Daily Fab Deals is confident of your moxie and know that fulfilling orders within the turnaround time that you defined will be a breeze. Once your deal ends, it becomes solely your business’s duty to ensure that clients receive their quality products within the shipping terms you have defined. You will have full access to deal order and client details, and Daily Fab Deals will be available to assist only for matters related to information discrepancy. Order Receipts Sellers are required to include an order receipt with every purchase, that includes the seller’s email and contact information in the event that client requests a refund or exchange.

Receiving Payments Sellers receive 100% of their gross sales (the deal sales minus the campaign fee), along with 100% of their shipping fees within 1-3 days business days after their deal ends. All payments are made through PayPal. Again, once your deal ends, order fulfillment becomes solely the responsibility of your business to fulfill orders. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO FULFILL YOUR ORDER WITHIN THE TURNAROUND TIME YOU SPECIFIED, OR FOR ANY REASON, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT DAILY FAB DEALS IMMEDIATELY AT TO RESOLVE THE SITUATION. ORDER REFUNDS/ PAYMENT REVERSALS Order Refunds It’s rare, but clients may request a refund or exchange within 7 days after they receive their order. Clients will contact the seller directly via email in regard to refund/ exchange requests and it is the seller’s responsibility to honor refunds/ exchanges as the seller deems fit. Daily Fab Deals will work with the seller to resolve client issues if complaints have been made. Payment Reversals If the seller fails to respond to these issues, funds for the order(s) in question will be pursued by Daily Fab Deals and and refunded the client. CLIENT CONTACT/ RUNNING DEALS EXCLUSIVELY ON DAILY FAB DEALS Client Contact Any clients that buy your deal on may only be contacted to secure necessary information/ items to complete their order, or to resolve an issue with their order. Sellers are not allowed to contact clients from Daily Fab Deals’s site in regards to independent sales on seller’s business sites; solicitations of products on seller’s business sites; etc. Daily Fab Deals must enforce this rule to honor our sellers who work together in our Seller Affiliate Program and maintain their client base through our site, The only exception to this rule is if the seller can prove that they have conducted business with the client prior to selling on Daily Fab Deals. Running Deals Exclusively on Daily Fab Deals To ensure that clients receive quality products shipped in a timely manner, sellers agree not to run any deals on other deal sites 7 days before, and 7 days after their deal ends on Should you have any questions or concerns, Daily Fab Deals is more than happy to work with you. We can be reached at We will promptly return all emails during our business hours. We know the deal ideas are percolating, and we’re exciting to help you realize them. To your success! The DAILY Fab DEALS TEAM

Š 2012 Daily Fab Deals.

Daily Fab Deals Seller Handbook  

Buy and sell on Daily Fab Deals is a flash-deal group buying site for handcrafted and boutique items.

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