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More movies arriving at nearby theaters soon Personally I enjoy the movie trailers at the beginning of the main attraction. I wait with anticipation as to what movie will be opening in the future. It gives one a chance to think about the movie and if it is worth watching. I arrive about 15 minutes before the movie begins, making sure I’m on time. I find my seat in the middle about threefourths toward the top of the theater, and settle down with my plain popcorn and a drink, ready to be entertained. Below are short summaries of new movies coming out in November and December: “Free Birds” -- This is an animation film about two turkeys with disagreements. The two fowl team up to return to the days of yesteryear in order to change the food menu on Thanksgiving Day. Who can blame them? “Last Vegas” -- Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline decide to have a bachelor’s party for a friend. How can this film fail with these old talented codgers trying

to mix with Las Vegas escorts, gamblers and “One Arm Bandit” maTerry c h i n e s Burns p a c k e d w i t h Movie Critic would-be winners? “August: Osage County” -- Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Juliette Lewis star in a movie version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Tracy Letts. Comedydrama about the lives of family members whose paths have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Oklahoma house they grew up in. “The Wolf of Wall Street” -- Written by Jordan Belfort and directed by Martin Scorsese, this drama is based on the life of Belfort and his rise and fall as a wealthy stockbroker. Ah — Wall Street at its best, the corruption, crime and Uncle Sam’s rules and regulations. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Favreau and Spike Jonze. “The Hunger Games 2” -- Another round in-

Terry Burns’ movie ratings Red 2, PG-13 *** The Lone Ranger, PG-13 ***** The Heat, R, ***1⁄2, World War Z, PG-13, ***1⁄2, Man of Steel, PG13, **1⁄2 volving the crazy, deadly games played in the first film. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutch, Liam Hemsworth and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. “Nebraska” -- About another old codger with a taste for the fruit of the vine along with an attitude who ends up winning a million dollar sweepstakes contest. Now this should be interesting. The film stars Bruce Dern who has the capability of delivering a great performance. We will just have to wait and see. “Black Nativity” -A street-wise kid visits relatives in New York and begins an inspirational

journey; Forrest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Hudson. “Mandela A Long Walk Home” -- The story of Nelson Mandela, the first democraticallyelected president in South Africa; Idris Elba, Naomie Harris and Robert Hobbs. “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” -- The dwarfs and Bilbo Baggins are back as they continue their journey to get their gold back from the dragon Smaug; starring Elijah Wood, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage and Ian McKellen. “Tyler Perry’s A Modern Christmas” -- Tyler Perry is at it again with his laughout loud comedy. This should be a great movie for the Christmas season. I am sure he will bring forth laughter and frolic. Starring Tyler Perry, Chad Michael Murray Tika Sumpter and Larry the Cable Guy — who I’m sure will “Get er done” “The Monuments Men” -- About an attempt to recover art stolen by the Nazis. The team must work fast to keep Hitler from destroying the masterpieces. Stars Matt Damon, George

Clooney, Cate Blanchet and John Goodman. How this movie go wrong with a crew like this? “Saving Mr. Banks” -- P.L. Travers, author of “Mary Poppins,” travels to Hollywood to pitch her book to Walt Disney. Starring Tom Hanks, Ruth Wilson, Colin Farrell and Emma Thompson, This should be a great film for Christmas. “Walking With Dinosaurs —3-D” -- Now who can resist watching dinosaurs — especially with 3-D glasses. This should be a great visual and educational experience, not to mention entertaining. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” -- Directed by Ben Stiller, this is about a magazine plate manager who lives a vicarious life through daydreaming. Stars Kristin Wiig, Ben Stiller and Adam Scott. “Jack Ryan” -- Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is back helping to keep the world safe. However, this time he is a young whippersnapper. Starring Chris Pine, Kerio Knightly and Kevin Costner. “Lone Survivor”

-- Four SEAL Team members go after Aknad Shahd, a Taliban leader. Only one of the SEALs survives this dangerous assignment. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Eric Bana and Josh Berry. “12 Years a Slave” -- A true story about Solomon North, a free black man from New York who was abducted and sold into slavery. This is a heart-breaking story and the fact it is a true story makes it even sadder. “Grace of Monaco” -- This is the story of Grace Kelly, a very successful Hollywood actress who at age 26 married a prince. The things we do for love . . . (Daily Corinthian columnist Terry Burns is technology coordinator for the McNairy County School System. A lifelong movie buff, he can be contacted by email at Terry’s movie grading scale: five-plus stars -- as good as it gets; five stars -- don’t miss; four stars -- excellent; three stars -- good; two stars -- fair; one star -- poor; no stars -- don’t bother.)

Trading shells for Percy’s watermelons and a life lesson BY JIMMY REED Percy Paterson’s watermelons were ripe for the picking when dove season started that year. Five of us teenagers, shotguns a-shoulder, decked out in boots, bandoleers and camouflage hats, were pillaging the countryside, ignoring bag limits, hunting posted ground and generally being cocky young bucks full of devilment. Stumbling upon the watermelon patch, we felt like lusty pirates of yore, about to reap the spoils of war. “Mr. Percy has got plenty of watermelons,” I said. “He’ll never miss a couple. Besides, he ain’t nowhere around anyway.” Snatching up two hefty melons, we plopped down under a shade tree,

Longtime legislator Barnett dies The Associated Press

BROOKHAVEN — Dr. Jim Barnett, a country doctor and longtime state legislator, has died at the age of 86. Officials with Riverwood Family Funeral Service say Barnett died Friday at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson. Services are 10 a.m. Tuesday at First United Methodist Church of Brookhaven. Burial will be at Riverwood Memorial Park. A veteran of the Korean War, Barnett practice medicine in Brookhaven for 36 years. He served in the Mississippi House from 1992 to 2008. In an interview with the Daily Leader in 2012, Barnett said he had always been interested in politics. “I enjoyed the Legislature, and I did everything I could for Brookhaven,” he said. Barnett worked diligently to bring the Mississippi School of the Arts to Brookhaven and the campus of old Whitworth College. Barnett was a native of Edinburg. He received his Medical Degree from the Southwestern Medical College of the University of Texas in 1949. Barnett practiced medicine in Lincoln County for 36 years. Survivors include his wife, Roberta; nine children, 26 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

unsheathed our bowie knives and shared out the booty. Watermelon is good anytime — even better when stolen. In stature and character, Mr. Percy was a giant of a man, and one of the most esteemed farmers in the area. He started his working life as a boy, and with no education, a sharecropper’s grubstake, one mule and a few acres of hardscrabble land, built a highly productive farming operation that will support generations of Patersons. He stood head and shoulders above average mortals. His chest was as large as a bale of cotton; he had shoulders like boulders, ham-sized fists and banana fingers. No shirt collar could close

around his neck, and his deep basso voice shook the ground like a trumpeting elephant. His face was wide, whiskered and stern, and while he was the quintessential Southern gentleman, you knew by looking at his face that he was not a man to be trifled with. Yet, he had a marvelous sense of humor that perpetually expressed itself in his laughing, twinkling eyes. But Mr. Percy was the last thing on our minds. We were gorging ourselves on forbidden fruit. Suddenly the entire circumambience shook. “How many shells you boys got?” The giant black man materialized out of nowhere, towering over us

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The Benevolent King Most kings become king through a royal inheritance, ...But mine shares His inheritance with me (John 14:2-3). Some men fight for their king,...But my King died for me (Romans 5:8). Most men pay taxes to their king,...But my King paid the price for me (Matthew 20:28). Who do you serve?

Danville Church of Christ Mike Swims, Minister

481 CR 409, Corinth MS • (662)212-2230-Cell

like Goliath, the mocking humor in his eyes a sharp contrast to the bulging, terrified eyes peering up at him. We were frozen stiff, chunks of juicy watermelon dripping from our knives. “You boys count them shells out — every single one of them,” he thundered. His command galvanized our paralysis into mad counting. In a flash, we divested ourselves of about twenty shells each, piling them at his feet. He gathered up the shells, stuffed them in his

coveralls, and turning to leave, said, “I hope you boys have a good hunt, and whenever y’all want to buy more watermelons, just let me know.” With that, he faded back into the trees, disappearing as silently as he’d appeared. We thieves were silent too … silent, humbled, and ashamed. And we’d totally lost our taste for the watermelons, even though they had cost us all of our ammunition. Mr. Percy has been dead a good many years now, but he taught us reckless

teenagers an invaluable lesson: Even if it’s just stealing watermelons, crime does not pay, a lesson we learned the hard way … the day we traded shells for melons. (Daily Corinthian columnist and Oxford resident Jimmy Reed is a newspaper columnist, author and college professor. His latest collection of short stories is “Boss, Jaybird And Me: Anthology Of Short Stories.” He can be contacted at jimmycecilreedjr@

NOTICE OF PROPOSED AD VALOREM TAX EFFORT The Corinth School District will hold a public hearing on its proposed school district budget for fiscal year 2013-14 on August 7, 2013 at 5:30 p.m., at Corinth School District Administrative Office, 1204 North Harper Road. At this meeting, a proposed ad valorem tax effort will be considered. The Corinth School District is now operating with a projected total budget revenue of $22,847,196. Of that amount, 22.3 percent or $5,102,009 of such revenue is obtained through ad valorem taxes. For next fiscal year, the proposed budget has total projected revenue of $23,308,288. Of that amount, 21.88 percent or $5,102,009 is proposed to be financed through a total ad valorem tax levy. For the next fiscal year, the proposed increase in ad valorem tax effort by Corinth School District may result in an increase in the ad valorem tax millage rate. Ad valorem taxes are paid on homes, automobile tags, business fixtures and equipment, and rental real property. Any citizen of Corinth School District is invited to attend this public hearing on the proposed ad valorem tax effort, and will be allowed to speak for a reasonable amount of time and offer tangible evidence before any vote is taken.

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