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Jennifer Garrett completed the New York City Marathon last year, an accomplishment she says is one of the more exciting things she has done in her life.

“People say all the time they can’t believe we do all that we do, but it’s just our life and we do what we need to do.”’ Dr. Jennifer Garrett Owner, Garrett Eye Clinic

some level we understand each other. I’m just like they are and they’re like me and we’re all just people doing our jobs,” she said. Jennifer explained that an important part of her life is her faith and religion. “I’ve learned to not put my faith in my husband or my family, though I’m really close to my family, but to just put my faith in God and to trust Him first and let Him control everything,”

she explained. She said she sought to trust God and glorify Him when she ran the New York Marathon last year. Both Brett and Jennifer are runners. Brett said he has completed one marathon and Jennifer has completed two marathons. They have both completed several half-marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks. Jennifer got into running because she wanted to run the local Coca-

Cola Classic 10K. Brett said he began running the same year. From there Jennifer was convinced by friends to train for a marathon, running a halfmarathon as part of the training. At the time she didn’t believe she could do it. “I thought, ‘Are you joking? I just barely ran six miles. I can’t run 13 miles.’” Jennifer planned to run the New York Marathon two years ago, but when Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast, she said she cancelled her plans, saying she didn’t think it would be in “good spirit to run a silly race” while most of the area was in distress. Then as she was preparing for last year’s race, the Boston Marathon bombing occurred, causing her training partner to drop out of the New York Marathon, but Jennifer decided to race. She said about running the New York Marathon last year was “probably one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done.” When asked what she believes is the most important aspects for a successful marriage, Jennifer said teamwork and communicating appreciation to your spouse. “When you feel underappreciated,” said Jennifer, “More than likely the other person feels as equally underappreciated.” She advised people to watch their tone, do not seek the last word and show appreciation and love for what the other person does, which builds the relationship and trust. (Sarah Rowland is a freelance writer who lives in Selmer, Tenn.)

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