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Daily Corinthian Vol. 117, No. 263

• Corinth, Mississippi •

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Marsh invents bathtub lift BY STEVE BEAVERS

MARSH TOWN – Ricky Marsh was just looking for a way to help his father-in-law. He did -- along with other elderly people who have trouble taking a relaxing bath. The 59-year-old local man has come up with a design to help those physically challenged or disabled now take a bath without fear of injury. Marsh calls his patentpending design the Tru-Help Lift. “When I went to find a lift for my father-in-law five years ago, I was told there was nothing made that would get him all the way in the tub,� said Marsh, owner of Ricky Marsh Ornamental Iron and Construction. Hearing the news put the skilled iron man to work. “I worked on that thing for a week and didn’t do anything in my shop that paid money,� he said. “It has taken me five years

Office makes ID theft arrest Staff Reports

A Corinth resident has been arrested for felonious identity theft and fraudulent use of another person’s debit card. Bridget Wright, age 49, of Corinth, was arrested Wednesday by investigators with the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Wright was indicted by a Prentiss County Grand Jury on one count of felonious Staff photo by Steve Beavers

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The bathtub lift design of Ricky Marsh has made things easier for the elderly.

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McDonald’s franchise owner loves giving back BY HEATHER SMITH

Now a successful businessman, Lew Anderson remembers back to the days when he was in junior high and successful athletes came to talk to his class about being positive, setting goals and how great it would feel when they achieved those goals. Anderson was inspired by

those athletes and now that he is a well-respected member of his community, as well as a successful McDonald’s franchise owner, he has started giving back the lessons to middle school boys that he was so lucky to receive when he was their age. “I was inspired to begin volPlease see OWNER | 3A

Photos by Sarah Rowland

Roy and Mercedes Norman enjoy playtime with their 18-month-old son, Everett, who is severely allergic to peanuts. The Corinth mother is on a mission to educate others on the dangerous allergic condition.

Mom has mission to educate about allergies BY SARAH ROWLAND For the Daily Corinthian

For the Daily Corinthian

Lew Anderson has been the franchise owner of the two McDonald’s in Corinth for the past three years. Retired after 20 years of service in the U.S. Navy, Anderson is a volunteer in the local schools.

Lover. Nurturer. Protector. Mommy means many things. For one mom in Corinth, advocate should be added to that list when it comes to her 18-month-old son. Two months ago, stay-athome mom Mercedes Nor-

How allergic? Everett’s parents immediately scheduled a visit with a highly recommended allergist in Memphis, Tenn. to find out. “The egg (allergy) was a blessing in disguise,� said Please see ALLERGIES | 2A

On this day in history 150 years ago

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man and her husband Roy, a doctor at Magnolia Regional Hospital, admitted their son to the emergency room when he broke out in hives due to an allergic reaction to eggs. A blood test revealed that then 16-month-old Everett was also severely allergic to peanuts.

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Brig. Gen. James Chalmers, a Holly Springs lawyer, leads his Confederate cavalry in an attack on the Union garrison at Collierville, TN. The raid is designed to break the railroad supplying Sherman’s army at Corinth and Tuscumbia. Though heavily outnumbered, the Union soldiers drive Chalmers away.

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110313 daily corinthian e edition

110313 daily corinthian e edition  

110313 daily corinthian e edition