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arrest on Oct. 24

Stories From a Haunted Campus

By News Staff

By Katie McWilliams Senior Staff Writer It should come as no surprise that East Campus’ Holcomb Hall has a few spooky secrets hidden in its halls. Built in 1922 as the first building of East Campus, the interior of the building still resembles the decade in which it was built, complete with antique wooden doors, closets and window frames and brick hallways. Even the building’s exterior is vintage and antiquated with an almost spooky feel to it. The arthritic building is sure to suffer some creaky aches and pains, leading to some bumps in the night that spook residents. An all-women dorm, the

Natalia Pylypyszyn/The Daily Campus

Holcomb Hall attic, which was once the site of the women’s archery team practice site, is also rumored to be the site of a suicide.

building is home to an expansive attic that was once used as the women’s archery team’s practice site. That fact is more unusual than creepy, but the

By Alban Murtishi Campus Correspondent

No one knew what was to be served, where it was being held, or why, and that’s exactly how Uconn Catering wanted it. Last night, Uconn Catering hosted it’s first official pop-up dinner in the Peqout Room in Shippee, and turned out an impressive enough crowd to motivate a repeat. The pop-up dinner was not advertised in a typical way. In fact, participants were simply told where to sign up and when through the Daily Digest. However, this is just the nature of a pop-up dinner, which is a new way for inexperienced or experimental chefs to get a name for themselves in the restaurant circuit. The dinners are usually held in areas foreign to fine dining such as warehouses, out in fields, or after hour bars, and they are usually temporary eateries. The

allure for these dinners is to cheaply display a new or experimental chef’s cooking to random customers without the exhaustive investment in a physical restaurant. “For me, I like the fact that students can really experience the culinary art of our catering staff.” Dennis Pierce, director of Uconn Catering, said. “One of the purposes is to give something back to the students on the meal plan, something different.” Uconn Catering’s pop-up was Halloween themed with standard spider webs and black tablecloths. However, the food exemplified this theme more than anything else. The first course consisted of a sweet potato chipotle soup served out of the open head of a pumpkin. This was followed by a bloody heart-shaped beet drizzled with a tangy raspberry sauce and goat cheese. The main course consist-

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This information appeared in the ‘Police Blotter’ on Oct. 29. Police Blotter information is provided by the UConn police department. All police records are public.

Women’s Basketball begins Fri.

Jess Condon/The Daily Campus

This photo from April 9, 2013 shows the UConn Women’s Basketball team in their championship win against Louisville. This year’s season begins Friday.

Upcoming tie dye, movie premier, conference by RHA By Carles Lopez Campus Correspondent

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The Daily Campus 1266 Storrs Road Storrs, CT 06268 Box U-4189

ed of grilled chicken with panko bread crumbs on mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. However, in the theme of pop-up, the chicken was shaped into a hand grasping the pink dyed pile of potatoes with hot sauce blood drenched fingers. Finally a vanilla panna cotta, a type of custard, was drizzled with bloody strawberry sauce and a ghost shaped chocolate strawberry. “I think a lot of people who showed up just really enjoy food, and its really for a foodie student,” said Stephen Wojtyna, general manager of catering. The successful event filled over 60 seats with students, will be repeated next semester, and may become a standard event for Uconn culinary. “We’ll definitely be theming it again in terms of season and location, and we’ll step it up in terms of fine culinary for the next one,” Wojtyna said.

30 years have yielded to an urban legend that the female’s ghost still lingers in her attic home.

Emil Helyer, 19, of Meriden, was arrested at 126 North Eagleville and charged with sexual assault in the fourth degree and disorderly conduct. Helyer turned himself in to the UConn Police after learning of an active warrant for his arrest from Rockville Superior Court. The warrant stems from a police investigation responding to a complaint that Helyer allegedly touched an individual inappropriately causing “annoyance and/or alarm.” His bond was set at $10,000 and his court date is Nov. 4.



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attic is also rumored to be the site of a student suicide a few decades ago. While this fact is unconfirmed by the university, ghostly occurrences in the past

Catering hosts pop-up dinner

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Storrs, Conn.

Holcomb Hall attic rumored to Sexual be suicide site, ghost still lingers assault

Aetna writer in resident reads from novel Andre Dubus III entertains audience with honesty

SUBOG hosted “Terrace of Terror”

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INSIDE NEWS: Attraction gives sensation of being buried alive

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013



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Santiago Pelaez/The Daily Campus

In this photo taken on Nov. 30, 2012, North Area Council rasied money for an AIDS organization through hosting a car smash.

The Residential Hall Association meets every other week to keep updated with their current projects and RHA’s events as a whole. Yesterday in particular, a few large events were presented and discussed by RHA. East Area Council President William Kaseta, a 7th semester nutritional science major, gave a follow up of the events that East Area Council has in the upcoming two weeks. “We are having a t-shirt tiedye event in which East residents will be able to tie-dye a t-shirt with an East design on Thursday November 7th. We might also be having a Halloween prom in which students will dress up and be able

to dance and play some games,” Kaseta told the committee. “We’re doing a lot of planning for next semester, and we spent a solid amount of time talking about how the Area Councils are doing” Maria Soshea, a 7th semester Spanish and Chemistry major, and the Treasurer of RHA, said. There were two major events that RHA has been working on and discussed during the meeting. The first event is a premiere screening of the second part of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire. RHA bought out one of the theaters at the Mansfield Movieplex. “The last time we did a movie premiere was when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 came out, so it’s been a while. I wasn’t on the

student board at that time, but I know that it was successful,” Soshea said. The screening premiere will be November 21st and there will be two busses taking students for only three dollars. The second event that RHA is organizing is its second Winter Warm-up Leadership Conference at the beginning of next semester. This event is modeled RHA conference style. This assembly is a means to check up with all the residence hall leaders and have a seminar on leadership, as well as a heads up on the spring semester. “This is the second year we are doing it, and I suspect it’s going to be bigger and better than last year,” Soshea said.

What’s going on at UConn today... Mystery Alternative Break Trip Applications Due! All Day Event New to UConn, it’s the only CO alternative spring break trip with the focus on disaster relief! We’re pushing away from where we’re going, to WHY we’re going: the love of service!

Commuter Escape: Car Kit Event 1 - 2:30 p.m. Student Union, 325 Build your own Car Kit to help when emergencies arise! There will be FREE drawstring bags, thermal blankets, handcrank flashlights, ice scrapers, and more -- sponsored by the Communter Student Association.

Five Steps to Finding an Internship 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Homer Babbidge Library Presented by the Center for Career Development. A presentation - Five Steps to Finding An Internship - will be held in the Homer Babbidge Library Class of 1947.

District 9 Screening 6 - 9 p.m. SU Theater Join the Bioethics Club in “It’s Technically Educational” screening of District 9. A discussion on the ethical issues brought forth by the movie will occur immediately after the screening. – ANNIE PANCAK

Note-taking strategies presented by students The Daily Campus, Page 2


Ashley Trinh/The Daily Campus

Chelsea Kraimer and Chris Davanzo presented different note-taking strategies at a seminar on Tuesday.

By Carles Lopez Campus Correspondent The Academic Achievement Center presented a note-taking seminar last night at the Rowe Center for Undergraduate Education. The two speakers, Chelsea Kraimer, a 7th semester psychology major, and Chris Davanzo, a 7th semester communications major, presented different types of note-taking strategies. The first note-taking strategy presented was the Cornell note template. “This style is good to organize your notes after class” said Davanzo. It consists of divid-

ing your notes into three different sections; key concepts, information, and summary of the chapter. The key concepts are placed in the left side of your notes, making a margin that separates dividing your page vertically with a smaller section of the page. This section is for key concepts, the main ideas that you will have to identify and be familiar with. The explanation and all the information needed for the key concepts is on the right side of the page. Finally, at the bottom of the page, there is the main idea of the lecture or what it means in the big picture.

“On the left side, for example, we would have the term photosynthesis. In the right we would have the definition, maybe a graph and relevant information, and in the bottom of the page we would have why is photosynthesis important for the Earth,” Davanzo said, giving an example of how the Cornell note taking strategy would look like. The second note taking strategy that the speakers addressed was the SQ3R style. “This strategy is really helpful when reading chapters,” Kraimer said. SQ3R stands for Survey, Question,

Read, Recite and Review. The first step is surveying. One should read the introduction and conclusion of the text, giving the reader a basic understanding of what the text is about. The second step is questions, which is writing the questions that the reader had after surveying the text. The third step is the first “R,” reading. This step seems pretty obvious, but many students don’t pay attention to what they are reading, making it hard for them to actually grasp the material. “You can be either a passive or an active reader. A passive reader is that one which reads but isn’t paying full attention to the reading, making the reader have to reread the material. An active reader, on the other hand, reads with friends or takes notes while reading,” Davanzo said. The second “R” stands for recite, which is reading out loud what you wrote and making sure that all of your questions have been answered, in order to quiz yourself and know you understand the material. “I think I will start using the Cornell method while taking notes, it can see it being helpful,” Deanna Conforti, a 1st semester marketing major, said. Future Academic Achievement Center seminars will also take place at the Rowe Center for Undergraduate Education room 217.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Students heard crying noise in Holcomb Hall

from HOLCOMB, page 1

According Lois Henrikson, in 1972, investigations were done after students complained of hearing crying noises and moaning coming from the attic, accessible from two doors on the third floor, late into the night. After a search of the attic, the noises were sourced to a tape deck placed by a residential prankster. Despite the debunking of the Holcomb ghost myth, residents still attest to hearing bumps in the night. However, with doors that have no elasticity in the hinges, slamming is quite frequent, leading to all sorts of reverberations around the building. Furthermore, the walls are paper thin. Residents can hear almost every word of their neighbors, including music,

This photo shows Holcomb Hall whose residents in 1972 said they heard crying and moaning noises. After investigation, the source was said to be tape deck.

Barneys NY CEO discuss racial profiling


In this Feb. 20, 2013 AP file photo, Easton Area School District students Brianna Hawk, 15, left, and Kayla Martinez, 14, display their “I (heart) Boobies!” bracelets for photographers outside the U.S. Courthouse in Philadelphia. The Easton Area School District says it will take its fight against “I (heart) Boobies!” bracelets to the U.S. Supreme Court. The board voted 7-1 Tuesday night, Oct. 29, 2013 to appeal a decision rejecting its claim the bracelets are lewd and should be banned from school. The bracelets are designed to promote breast cancer awareness among young people. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

helped the girls challenge the rule, said Tuesday night the school had been hinting that it would petition the Supreme Court. “I’m just really surprised that they’re so determined to fight this speech case of all speech

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cases,” said Mary Catherine Roper. “(The bracelets) didn’t cause any problems in the school.” School district solicitor John Freund said the district had the backing of the National School Boards Association and

the Pennsylvania School Board Association. He said they and other organizations are “concerned about the implications of a hyper-sexualized environment,” The Express-Times reported. The lone board member to


‘Boobies’ bracelet fight to go to Supreme Court EASTON, Pa. (AP) — The court battle between two girls and their Pennsylvania school over “I (heart) Boobies!” bracelets will be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Easton Area School District board voted 7-1 Tuesday night to appeal a federal appeals court’s decision that rejected its claim the bracelets are lewd and should be banned from school. The case started in 2010 when two girls, then ages 12 and 13, challenged the school’s ban on the bracelets designed to promote breast cancer awareness among young people. The students, Brianna Hawk and Kayla Martinez, said they merely hoped to promote awareness of the disease at their middle school. They filed suit when they were suspended for defying the ban on their school’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day. In August, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s decision in favor of the girls, saying also that the district didn’t prove the bracelets are disruptive. Superintendent John Reinhart told The Express-Times of Easton he supports the board’s decision. “The Third Circuit Court has compromised administrators’ abilities to intervene in what is and what is not appropriate in school,” he said. In court sessions, Reinhart had called the bracelets “causebased marketing energized by sexual double-entendres.” An attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, which

phone conversations and the occasional intimate moment. These symptoms of the building’s age only contribute to the rumors of Holcomb’s ghostly presence and often spook residents during the wee hours of the morning. Other stories from the haunted hall include a resident claiming that her fan shut off during the middle of the night. While a ghostly interference might be explanation enough for the incident, it’s safe to say more electrical reasons were involved. For thrill seekers and paranormal aficionados, the Holcomb attic will be opened on Wednesday at 9 p.m. during the Holcomb Halloween party.

vote against the appeal said the district should just drop the matter. “I think we should be done with it. Let it go. We lost 20, 30 times, I don’t even know anymore,” Pintabone said.

NEW YORK (AP) — Civil rights activist Al Sharpton met with the CEO of Barneys New York on Tuesday to discuss allegations of racial profiling at the high-end retailer, while the New York state attorney general’s office demanded its own meeting with Barneys and also Macy’s. Two black customers accused Barneys of discrimination last week after they said they had lawfully purchased items but were detained by police on suspicion of credit card fraud. “We had a very candid and open meeting today to begin a dialogue,” Sharpton said after the private meeting with Barneys CEO Mark Lee at Sharpton’s National Action Network office in Harlem. Lee said Barneys’ own initial investigation showed no employees were at fault in the two incidents, but he said the retailer does not tolerate discrimination and wants “to be part of the solution” to racial profiling. Macy’s flagship Manhattan store also has been hit with a claim from a black actor that he was stopped because of his race while shopping. Macy’s didn’t comment on the litigation but said in a statement it was investigating. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office sent letters to the executives at both Barneys New York and Macy’s East noting that racial discrimination in places of public accommodation including stores is prohibited under state and local civil rights law. The letters dated Monday asked executives at both stores to call the attorney general’s office to schedule meetings.

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In an Oct. 28 article titled “Stories from a haunted campus: The hosts of Greenlawn Mansion,” the accompanying photograph actually showed the Whitehouse Building.

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Attraction gives sensation of being buried alive By Fatir Qureshi Campus Correspondent

Students visiting the Student Union terrace on Tuesday were able to experience the chilling feeling of what it’s like to be buried alive. The SUBOG organized event titled “The Terrace of Terror” featured numerous Halloween themed foods and attractions. The free event ran from 12-4 p.m. and attracted a small crowd. Most prominently, the event featured an attraction known as the “Last Ride,” which was a mechanical coffin that simulates the experience of being buried underground. Participants would be asked to lie inside of a seemingly wooden coffin, which would then be sealed. The experience included the option of holding a rose. After the casket was closed and light was cut off, the coffin would begin to shake violently. While this is going on, eerie voices would be heard as though they are coming from the outside and air would be forcefully blown through the coffin’s inside. The stereo system within the coffin was such that it was in sync with the actual air blowing within it. A sinister calm would momentarily take hold before the ride would start up again, often feeling more frightening than before. Then the casket door would open, when it would seem to be least expected to.

Meanwhile, friends and any other onlookers are able to see the victim’s every action through a connected television screen. Despite the attractions terrifying nature, many students were willing to try it. Takina Pollock, a 7th-semester allied health science major, was one of the rides several “victims.” “It was an interesting experience ... more creepy than scary,” Pollock said. Besides the “Last Ride,” the “Terrace of Terror” also featured two psychics, a maskmaking station and a considerable amount of food. Within the Student Union, psychic readings attracted lines of people with wait times being often longer than 20 minutes. Each reading took between 2-4 minutes. Many students also took advantage of the free fallthemed food at the event. The food included apple cider, dirt pudding, cookies and rice crispy treats. Uptakes in the number of people often took place between classes. According to SUBOG Daytime Committee member Jackie Lombardi, the event took about a month of prior planning and organization. The decision to include the coffin themed “Last Ride” was based on its popularity and timeliness. “Many other schools felt that it was popular, plus it fit in well for Halloween,” Lombardi said.

Mic Johnson/The Daily Campus

Students on the Student Union terrace watch as the SUBOG attraction called the “Last Ride” simulates the expereince of being buried alive.

Irish Chamber Orchestra at Jorgensen

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inadequate proof sought inmate death

DENVER (AP) — Colorado prison officials said Tuesday they did not find enough evidence to take action against a Saudi inmate who was accused of trying to have another inmate killed. No criminal charges were filed and no internal discipline was pursued against Homaidan al-Turki, said Roger Hudson, a spokesman for the Colorado Department of Corrections. Al-Turki is serving an indefinite prison term after he was convicted in 2006 of sexually assaulting his housekeeper and treating her as a virtual slave when he lived in the Denver suburb of Aurora. Prosecutors, who are fighting al-Turki’s request to finish his sentence in Saudi Arabia, said at a court hearing last week that an inmate accused al-Turki in 2007 of trying to have a fellow inmate killed. Prison officials released a redacted copy of a report on the alleged threat on Tuesday in response to an open-records request by The Associated Press. Hudson said prison officials reviewed the allegation but not enough evidence was found to file administrative charges, and no criminal case was filed. He said some inmates were moved for their own safety, but he did not identify them. Al-Turki’s lawyer, Hal Haddon, has said the prison allegations were baseless. He said the report substantiated that.

Israel releases 26 Palestinian prisoners RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Israel freed 26 Palestinian prisoners early Wednesday, the second of four batches to be released as part of a deal that set in motion the current Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. The decision to release the 26 has triggered anguish and anger in Israel, where many view the men as terrorists who have committed grisly crimes against Israelis. But jubilant celebrations erupted in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, where the prisoners are seen as heroes who fought for independence, and were received by their families and Palestinian leaders. Wednesday’s release was part of an agreement brokered by U.S.

Secretary of State John Kerry that brought Israel and the Palestinians back to the table for peace talks that had been paralyzed since 2008. In all, 104 convicts are to be released in four rounds over the coming months. In the West Bank and Gaza, the mood was boisterous as hundreds of relatives and well-wishers welcomed the prisoners home, after many had spent more than 20 years behind bars. Throngs of people rushed toward the five prisoners released to Gaza, hoisting them on their shoulders, waving Palestinian flags and bopping to blaring music. Relatives held signs that read “we will never forget our heroes.”

Santiago Pelaez/The Daily Campus


On Sunday, Oct. 27 Jorgenson Theater hosted the Irish Chamber Orchestra. The flautist is Sir James Galway and the conductor is Joann Falletta.

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A released Palestinian prisoner, Omar Masoud, 40, center, who was arrested in May, 1993 for killing an Israeli lawyer, smiles to his mother Tamam Masoud, 70, right, upon his arrival to his family house in Shati Refugee Camp, Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013.


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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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New Jersey’s clearance of same-sex marriage a great step forward


roving once again that progress will keep on happening despite conservative effort, the state supreme court denied an official request from Gov. Chris Christie, to delay a lower court order that same-sex marriage be effective starting Monday, Oct. 21. Since the block, Christie, though maintaining his disapproval, supported the measure and asked the state Health Department to assist in efforts for the smooth rollout of same-sex marriages. Chris Christie’s disapproval of the law relates to legality. Despite this, on the same day homosexual couples were able to wed in his state, Christie dropped all legal challenges on that Monday and will not appeal the lower court order in the state supreme court. Same-sex couples in New Jersey have been happily marrying each other since Oct. 21. However, because of restrictions regarding a 72-hour waiting period, many measures were needed to insure that couples would be able to wed in the early morning on Oct. 21. Because of this restriction, many same-sex couples found they may not be able to marry as soon as they had hoped and had to continue to wait for their rights to be recognized. The group Garden State Equality worked hard with 15 volunteer lawyers to find judges who would waive that three day waiting period for couples. Additionally, several communities started the process for same-sex couples the Thursday beforehand so that they could be legally wed on that Monday. Regardless, New Jersey could be commended for their efforts to reduce the political red tape that would prevent same-sex couples’ access to their legal rights to marry. As a result of this ruling, New Jersey became the 14th state to legally recognize same-sex marriage, joining California, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. The District of Columbia has also legalized it. New Jersey’s decision comes on the heels of the federal overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act. As a result, all same-sex couples now married in New Jersey have the same state and federal benefits as heterosexual couples married in the state. New Jersey should be proud of their actions in ensuring that marriage is equal in its borders, and other states should continue to follow their lead.

How to be a great video game publisher, scene one: Take-Two


he video game industry is approaching a new generation of consoles and a crucial part of that future will depend on publishers. Among some of the most notable are Electronic Arts, Activision and Ubisoft, but none of these are what I would consider the model publisher. That distinction in my opinion goes to, without a doubt, Take-Two Interactive. Compared to the others, Take-Two is a much smaller company, but it is by no means less successful. The publisher owns Rockstar the By Kayvon Ghoreshi Games, studio behind Commentary Editor the recently released Grand Theft Auto V. Not only has the game smashed entertainment records, but according to Take-Two chief executive Strauss Zelnick, the game has already sold close to 29 million units. This is unprecedented considering GTA V only launched a little over a month ago. Take-Two isn’t just a one trick pony. They were also the publisher behind Irrational Games’ critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite, released earlier this year and Borderlands 2, released last year. Arguably every game that Take-Two has put out in the past few years has been both a critical and a commercial success. So what makes them so special? For one thing, other major publishers

see franchises as something with a finite time frame and want to maximize the profits within that time frame. This is why Activision releases a new Call of Duty every year and Ubisoft turned the Assassin’s Creed series into an annual franchise. TakeTwo has a different approach. As Zelnick said in a conference call over the summer, “Our goal is to try to create permanent franchises, that’s the unique goal in the industry.” As ironic as it may seem, this idea of a permanent franchise is the perfect remedy to an industry that has succumbed to sequel overdose. Part of Take-Two’s strategy in creating a permanent franchise has been in spacing out the releases of new entries into a series. The last Grand Theft Auto title was released in 2008. As a comparison, between GTA IV and GTA V, there have been five Call of Duty games, six if you include Call of Duty: Ghosts later this year. Take-Two tends to do this with their other franchises as well. The two most recent BioShock games have had a three year gap; Borderlands and Borderlands 2 have also had a three year gap; and the Red Dead series hasn’t continued since 2010’s Red Dead Redemption. This strategy prevents fatigue which can be caused if a series is annualized and it also creates more hype. GTA V’s release, for example, would not have been surrounded by nearly as much excitement if a GTA title came out every year. It also allows the developer to put in the necessary time to make a quality game, rather than the one or two year time cycle many other developers are currently on. However, Take-Two hasn’t forgotten that it needs to make money. In this regard, they

have also taken a much better strategy than their larger competitors. For a time, publishers like EA implemented an online pass system. It was meant to curb used game sales, which hurt a publisher’s bottom line, by restricting the online portion of a game for those that buy a game used and requiring them to purchase an online pass to access it. That system has since been virtually eliminated, but it has only been replaced by a system of microtransactions that try to “nickel and dime” gamers with in-game purchases. Take-Two’s approach, on the other hand, has been to create games that people don’t want to trade-in, in the first place. They have also superbly provided content for their games past launch, some of it for free. Borderlands 2 launched last year, yet Take-Two and developer Gearbox are still pumping out good, quality content for it. The same plan is currently being implemented for GTA V and BioShock Infinite. Rather than limit content and reprimand consumers, this strategy rewards consumers with fresh content while also allowing Take-Two to bring in additional revenue. EA actually offered to buyout Take-Two for $2 billion, but the offer was declined. Hopefully, it stays that way. Take-Two’s strategy has not only proven to be beneficial to consumers and the industry, but also profitable and sustainable. Rather than buying them, I hope other publishers take note and try to emulate Take-Two’s philosophy on how to be a great publisher.

  3rd-semester molecular and cell biology

Water scarcity exacerbates Syria’s position Today is THE DAY where UConn basketball returns to Storrs!!! “I’m considering driving myself to the hospital after I get out of here... but I don’t want to lose my parking spot.” I’ve never been awakened by a fire alarm at 3am... I feel kind of left out now. I’ve wondered how many people actually recognize the AIM design of InstantDaily, but nobody seems to question it so maybe freshman are more worldly than I thought Why no editorial cartoon in today’s paper? Glad to see some Pretty Lights posters up in the Classroom Building, maybe I shouldn’t lose faith for the spring concert just yet... I JUST realized the pun on the Dog Lane Cafe’s doors... Come. Sit. Stay. Genius! Ray Allen forever making me proud to be a Husky. “I’m just over here fighting the establishment.” Anybody used the gender-neutral bathrooms in CUE and Gentry? Best bathrooms on campus.

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hroughout the world protests ensue to make a statement and incite change in social, political or religious ideologies. was already in chaos due to political instability and climate change before escalating into civil war. As climate change manifests itself in the availability of water, it became clear that one of the leading reasons that this brutal conflict occurred is a resource that we take for granted. The conflict in By Jesseba Fernando Syria only Staff Columnist continues to increase while many people keep asking the same question: “What is happening in Syria?” Essentially, Syrians became inspired by the protests in Egypt and Tunisia and started their own peaceful protests against the dictatorship in power. The government responded by sending security forces out to suppress the rebellion. Soon, the military began to open fire on the protesters as well as deploy chemical weapons on

QW uick


civilians on top of the murder, rape and torture already taking place. This turned into an extremely violent conflict that continues today and will until compromise or exhaustion is reached. The Middle East and North Africa are the most water stressed regions of the world. Syria in particular has been going through a drought since 2006. Jay Famiglietti reports that his research team found the region consisting of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran has lost 144 cubic kilometers of fresh water between 2003 and 2009. As if the climate change alone wasn’t enough to increase tensions, Turkey employs the Greater Anatolia Project. This is a system of reservoirs built upstream of Syria and Iraq that allows Turkey to store plenty of water within its borders while simultaneously reducing river flow into Iraq and Syria by 40 to 80 percent, according to Famiglietti’s “Water and the Roots of Violent Conflict in Syria”. Scientists observed the dropping water levels around the same time politicians noticed the rising tensions within the


country as well as between the neighboring nations. These areas are already experiencing political instability but the water inequities only adds fuel to the fire. Syria is located directly in the Middle East hotspot. A high demand for a resource that isn’t readily available caused the tension in Syria to escalate. The unemployed, displaced civilians felt the need to protest against their ineffective government, which led to bloodshed. When humankind is deprived of its basic necessities such as food, water, shelter and clothing conflicts will arise. The drought and lack of fresh water catalyzed a huge reaction by causing substantial crop failure, causing a mass migration of farmers to the urban areas. However, they still remain unemployed in these regions. This is causing cities to experience economic hardships, which pose numerous security risks. With a refugee crisis affecting bordering nations and food insecurity due to climate change and lack of water, it causes a violent eruption in a stressed region. Syria has a long history of

water related conflicts. Joshua Hammer tells the Smithsonian magazine that the earliest war over water occurred near the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates River over 4,500 years ago. Wars are a way of acquiring the commodities a region desires through brute force. Increasing population in the moder day only blazes a pathway for more intense and advanced warfare. The government is unable to help its civilians by creating water treaties and increasing water efficiency, conservation and reuse. This causes hostility between the government and its people leaving the country in turmoil. Water scarcity in Syria is what tipped the scale from tension to full on war. Civilizations have risen and fallen based on the availability of water and that pattern continuesin this modern day and age. As advanced as modern wars may be, they are being caused by something most of us take for granted, water.

 Jesseba.Fernando@UConn. edu

NSA in charge of the website . T hat way there ’ s nothing to fill out . T hey already have all our information . Y ou just put your name in .” –J ay L eno the president should do is put the



1938 Orson Welles causes a nationwide panic with his broadcast of “War of the Worlds.”

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aetna Writer in Resident reads from novel:

1735 - John Adams 1885 - Ezra Pound 1960 - Diego Maradona 1989 - Nastia Liukin

The Daily Campus, Page 5

Andre Dubus III entertains audience with honesty, unique perspective and creativity Anal Sex:

By Zarrin Ahmed Staff Writer

American novelist and short story writer Andre Dubus III imparted knowledge upon students and faculty during his lecture Tuesday night at the Dodd Center as part of his visit to the university as part of the Aetna Writer-in-Residence program that the university holds every year. Members of the English department, students, faculty, and other reading enthusiasts chatted with each other and the author before the book talk, where Dubus became acquainted with them. While they gathered in the Konover Auditorium, the buzzing of the crowd died down as Sean Forbes, director of the Creative Writing Program, introduced Professor Gina Barreca. Forbes described the Aetna Writer-in-Residence program to the audience, explaining how it allows nationally or internationally renowned writers to live on campus for a couple of days, during which they participate in meals with students, public readings and other events to provide a handson learning experience. Barreca introduced the keynote speaker, but before doing so, she shared her experience of hearing Dubus speak in public, which made some people laugh and others impatient to hear the author. She described how Dubus “makes us see the world in a different way.”

Highly accredited and widely known, Dubus is the author of six stories, one of which is nonfiction. His latest book, “Dirty Love,” was published just this year and was sold outside of the auditorium. He currently teaches at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, having previously taught at Harvard University, Tufts University and Emerson College. When Dubus took the podium, he first boomed a greeting while enthusiastically asking the audience if they were doing “wicked good.” He told the audience that he’d only spend some time reading an excerpt from his novel and then he’d jump into his favorite part of his readings: the question and answer session. He took us into the head of Devon, a teenage girl escaping an image of herself posted online by living with her great uncle, as she tries to practice writing essays to pass standardized testing. Not a pindrop was heard throughout the audience as Dubus gripped his audience with the passage, giving a glimpse into the themes of need, power, boredom, ego, fear, and fantasy that are recurrent in the novel. The reading was no longer than he promised, after which he asked the audience, “Should we just have a conversation? Because I’ll go on and on.” He invited the audience to ask him questions, even difficult ones. When asked what he would like to learn to do and what he wants for his future, he

called the question a scary one tackled it head on. He pulled an old proverb out: If the mad dog comes at you, whistle to him. Dubus quoted many people during his reading, and many of these quotations gave insights into his world views and attitudes toward writing and growing. In response to the question, he told the members of the audience that he would love to use abstract language, which he described as something that needs to be “laser precise” because it is hard to do well. Dubus enjoyed connecting with his crowd, but he warned people to put their phones away during the speech. He wasn’t afraid to shout at people at the back of the auditorium and inspired one person to run out of the room to take an important phone call. As he spoke, writers in the audience would show signs of agreement about writing techniques and gathering new ideas. He admitted that each of his books were rejected many times before they found a home at a publisher, reassuring writers to not be discouraged. Dubus enjoys writing about things that he is genuinely curious about even though they are disturbing and frightening to him, and he treats all of his characters as if he has relationships with them. His experience and wisdom touched members of the audience who looked to him for advice and inspiration.

Panel says journalism is ‘alive and well’ despite cutbacks in print

Zarrin Ahmed/The Daily Campus

During a panel hosted by the Leadership Office panelists affirmed that journalism as a discipline and a career is alive and well, contrary to popular belief and statistics that show print journalism on the decline. The panel was moderated by Rock Green of the Hartford Courant.

By Tyler Morrissey Managing Editor

While journalism continues to evolve from a world revolved around print and broadcast media toward online media platforms, four members of the media say there is hope for the survival of the industry. Yesterday at Laurel Hall, a panel addressed over 50 students and faculty on the future of journalism as social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have changed the way consumers get their news. The panel was moderated by Rick Green, a reporter from the Hartford Courant who said that among the 18-29 year olds, one quarter get their news through social media. Ric Harris, president and general manager of NBC Connecticut, said that his company not only focuses on social media to deliver news content to their viewers but also takes advantage of the internet through mobile devices and smartphone applications. “There’s greater access to devices and to technology and capital,” Harris said. “But at the

end of the day you look at the trust and credibility we have built with our audience over the years, that’s not going away anytime soon.” Harris said that his station, NBC Connecticut, emphasizes both solid reporting skills and fact checking to deliver content to their audience in a timely fashion, while still staying ahead of competing networks in the state. “There’s the old saying if you’re not first, you’re last,” Harris said. “There’s no second or third. If you’re selling shoes or selling inventory in television, you always want to be first. Unfortunately many of these businesses tend to employ competitive people, but that’s just the nature of the business.” While social media provides news consumers with up to date information in an instant, the panel warned against the possible shortcomings of social media. Jennifer Frank, editor of the CT Mirror used the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School as an example of how social media is not always the most trustworthy source

of news. Many media outlets reported false information which led to the misidentification of the shooter and other false claims during coverage of the breaking news event. “The only moral to that story is that there’s a lot of quick news out there,” Frank said. “There are blogs, there’s social media, but what we try to do and a lot of people in online news sites is to give it context and take the time to check the facts.” As the industry evolves, the panel explained that there is still a need for trained and highly skilled journalists to effectively tell a story. Jerry Franklin, president of Connecticut Public Broadcasting Inc., said that his company is hiring 12 people this year, but stressed all aspiring journalists must have the ability to write. “Journalism is alive and well,” Franklin said. “I encourage you to continue to sharpen your skills and learn to tell a story.”

Take it step by step

By Imaani Cain Campus Correspondent

Zarrin Ahmed/The Daily Campus

Andre Dubus III is Aetna Writer in Residence. The program brings a prominent writer to UConn’s campus for a few days each semester to meet one on one with selected students and do a reading for the public. Dubus delighted the audience with his fresh perspective.

The degeneration of classic horror: How the ‘Saw’ films changed it all

they achieve their desired effect, in the long run they are forgettable and easily disposThe amount of violence in able. We get more of the second American cinema has substantially increased through- type of horror film for the out the years. This is espe- obvious reason that they are cially true of the horror genre. both cheaper and easier to Horror has gone through dif- make. Rather than be creferent stages throughout the ative, all writers have to do is years. We saw a boom of stick to what works and stuslasher films in the 80s after dios don’t mind giving small a few groundbreaking movies amounts of cash knowing they will make a small, but profitof the genre arrived. able return As more came out, on the film. the gore exponentially increased to Starring Cary Elwes, Danny Glover This is why Oct. 29, 2004 we see so achieve a shock many horror value. The 90s gave 103 mins. franchises us a mix of slashRating: NC-17 continue ers and dark susto make pense thrillers like “Silence of the Lambs” and obnoxious amounts of sequels “Seven.” While not as gory when nobody is asking for as their slasher counterparts, them. The few who are make these thrillers focused more these cheap things profitable. These films are never meant to on disturbing content. The 2000s introduced be more than just films for the us to “Saw” and the “tor- immediate moment. Movies ture porn” horror sub-genre. like the original “Saw” that While “Saw” was shocking have substance may become and groundbreaking at the horror classics, but the majortime of its release, to achieve ity of cheap slasher, torture the same shock in sequels and porn or found footage films “copy-cat” films, the gore and are forgotten as they are nothcruelty had to be raised more ing but a cheap thrill for its and more each time as audi- time. The torture porn genre really ences easily became desensitized to the carnage. Go back pushed audiences to a limit of and re-watch the first and sev- unspeakable violence and cruenth “Saw” films. You’ll see elty. While at first disturbing that the original, which earned and thrilling, we all became controversy and an NC-17 rat- so numb to it that nothing ing, appears tame and cen- could achieve the same effect. sored in its uncut form while This is why we see the horthe R-rated “Saw: The Final ror genre in such poor shape Chapter” is outrageously vio- today. While we are seeing a lent and cruel to an unspeak- move away from torture porn able level. The amount of and the relatively quick fad of gore is almost comical and found footage films there is impossible to take seriously now a different focus. Recent horror films seem to disregard at times. There’s a good rea- plot, logic, characters and the son why most people always other important elements of assume that horror movies any story for what I call “creare a waste of time. This is ative deaths.” We have films because most of these films like the “Evil Dead” remake are aimed at the lowest com- or “You’re Next” where the mon denominator. There are plot, acting and everything is two kinds of horror mov- laughable, but we see clever ies. One is a well written extremely gory sequences of and creative horror film that people killing each other in truly terrifies the audience. creative manners. Personally, I am not against These films like “Psycho,” “Halloween,” “The Exorcist” this sort of thing and think it or “The Thing” stand the test can work, but it just isn’t right of time because they still now. In order for it to work, manage to scare and enter- we need to remember that tain years later. However, they while the addition of gore and have always been a rarity and graphic violence may please are becoming even more so the lowest common denomiin the state of modern horror nator, it does not substitute for films. The other kind of film, every other aspect of a crethe one we are all more accus- ative story to everyone else. tomed to, is a cheap formulaic I love horror movies and see suspense film. Rather than some creativity in the new add anything new to whatever sub-genre, but I am tired of genre they are attempting to movies with gory sequences emulate, these films just stick for the sheer gratuity and no to the formula and aim for redeemable qualities othercheap thrills involving jumps wise. and gory sequences for shock value. While at the moment

By Maurilio Amorim Staff Writer


Along with flared jeans and wool beanies, anal sex is back in style. For whatever reason, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s always held an air of mystery about it. For the longest time, it’s been held up on a sort of pedestal; it was the ultimate sex act, and as good as a gushing declaration of love if your partner was up to it. Anal sex has long been attributed to being part of the gay male lifestyle, but it is practiced in a variety of relationships, whether heterosexual or homosexual (and not always with a male as the ‘dominant’ one; there are women who practice pegging, after all). Of course, the so-called glamour of pornography might make it seem far easier than it is in real life. There are even men who try to convince women that they’ll enjoy it more because they have prostates as well, which isn’t true. A friend has offered a stepby-step guide for anal sex for the uninitiated. “Start out doggy-style and work up to it. You gotta stretch her out first, so you don’t hurt her,” he said adamantly, “communication, like always, is key. Make sure you’re both doing good, and then go in slowly. Check up on her throughout it.” A vital point in any sexual act is to relax both your mind and body, and of course – enthusiastic consent. It’s recommended that you start off with stretching while hooking up first, or try a variety of anal insertions with toys. Even on your own time, you might try stretching if you’re considering doing anal sex to see if it’s your cup of tea. The actual experience is something I have heard described as “a little uncomfortable the first time, but it gets so much better the more you do it.” It’s probably best to have some kind of safe word so your partner will know if he or she is beginning to hurt you, or you simply want to stop. Why is anal sex so popular now? The general consensus is that the anus is tighter than the vagina, which is assumed to be looser after having sex multiple times. However, this isn’t true: a vagina becomes tighter over time, and kegel exercises can be done to strengthen them further (although the anus does contain more nerve endings than the vagina). I know a handful of people who use anal sex as an alternative to vaginal sex when their partner is menstruating – the risk of pregnancy is lower, but condoms should still be used. Unfortunately, there is the matter of tearing with anal sex – if not done properly, it may result in a ‘pink sock’ (the layman’s term for a rectal prolapse). Anal sex is also a high-risk activity for STDs considering the vulnerability of the anus/rectum. You could seriously damage your partner, so make sure to consider the consequences and have plenty of lubricant on hand. Take it slow, be safe and enjoy yourself.

The Daily Campus, Page 6


GAMES Focus Favorite

“Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga” “Lego Star Wars” is good old fashioned, pick-up-and-play, family fun. The game is as adorable as it is addictive. With simple, easy to learn game mechanics and great drop in/drop out co op, anyone can have a blast breezing through one of the most beloved sagas of all time. A simple combat system makes it a ton of fun to lay waste to legions of enemies with either a lightsaber or blaster. Without voice acting, the game humorously retells the classic saga brilliantly (watch Vader tell Luke he’s his father without words, priceless). Loaded with easter eggs for fans (Why not a secret disco room on Kamino?) and the ability to replay levels with dozens of different characters from the Star Wars franchise, the title stands as nothing less than a pure serving of fan service. -Alex Sferrazza

Upcoming Releases Battlefield 4 Nov. 1 Call of Duty Ghosts Nov. 05 Watchdogs Nov. 19 Killer Instinct Nov. 22 South Park: The Stick of Truth Dec. 10 Dark Souls II Mar. 11 Mad Max May. 31

Game Of The Week

Top Purchases 1. Call of Duty Xbox360 2.Assassion’s Creed IV: Black Flag Xbox360 3. Battlefield 4 Xbox350 4. Call of Duty: Ghosts PS3 5.Pokémon X Nintendo 3DS 6.Pokémon Y Nintendo 3DS 7.Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag PS3 8.GTA V Xbox360 9. GTA V PS3 10. Walking Dead: 400 Days Online Only

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Can’t get your head out of the game?

“Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga”

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‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag:’

What every fan should know before purchasing the next installment By Matt Gantos Staff Writer For years the debate has raged on: which are better, ninjas or pirates? Who would win in a fight? Well, now it doesn’t matter. On Oct. 29 Ubisoft is releasing “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,” in which the player takes on the identity of Edward Kenway, a pirate that learns the way of the assassin. No, the assassins from the game are not technically ninjas, but they do use stealth and awareness to aid in their combat. Mixed with the brutality and cunning of a pirate, this is a virtually lethal combination. Edward Kenway is the father of Hatham Kenway, who in “Assassin’s Creed III” was the father of the player’s character, Connor, creating what will hopefully be an interesting plotline. Taking a second to address the fact that the series cannot decide on a naming system, the game is fully titled “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,” whereas “Assassin’s Creed III” was simply that. Prior to III, there was “Assassin’s Creed II,” “Assassin’s Creed II: Brotherhood” and “Assassin’s Creed II: Revelations,” both under the “Assassin’s Creed II” name with the same hero and semi-continuous plot lines, so it is understandable that they got secondary names. This game’s storyline will actually take place before the events of “Assassin’s Creed III” as far as pirate life goes, but should carry on in the modern day story line with Desmond Miles where III left off. There is not much informa-

Nintendo’s Wii in memoriam part deux By Alex Sferrazza Staff Writer

for the virtual consoles on the WiiU and the 3DS. “Mario Bros.,” “Super Mario Bros.,” “Super Mario Bros. 2,” “NES Open Tournament Golf,” “Mario & Yoshi” and “Super Mario World” have all been re-released in order to rejoice in this, the Year of Luigi. Before the year is up, Nintendo will release one other piece of collectible merchandise, a Luigithemed 2DS. If any fan missed the collectable Year of Luigi 3DS XL, then this is your chance to show your Luigi pride. Nintendo fans will remember 2013 as the year that Luigi was more important than his red counterpart, Mario. This is the year for those who have always loved Luigi most; the year Luigi gets what he deserves, the spot light.

The launch of the Nintendo Wii in 2006 was nothing less than an international phenomenon. Both hardcore and casual gamers everywhere were swooning over the console and the unique gameplay experiences its motion controller provided. For the next year and a half, Nintendo dominated both press headlines and the sales charts following up the Wii’s successful launch with a series of blockbusters including “Super Mario Galaxy,” “Metroid Prime 3: Corruption,” “Mario Kart Wii,” “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” “Wii Play” and “Wii Fit” that would hit the console by summer of 2008. Coupled with a lack of major system selling software, hardware failures and low adoption rates, which plagued Nintendo’s competitors at the time, as well as the concurrent runaway success of Nintendo’s “DS” handheld system, the Big N was seemingly on top of the world. However, their success would not last E3 2008 spelled the beginning of the end for the Wii, when Nintendo decided to focus their press conference of the absurd title “Wii Music” and other games for the so-called casual crowd. Without any new major firstparty titles to showcase for the core market and with a significant lack of third-party party support, Nintendo’s fans felt slighted by the company they had supported even through the comparatively unsuccessful days of the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. To make matters worse, a year earlier, Nintendo had stopped publishing its long running fan magazine “Nintendo Power” in house. The title would be cancelled outright a few years later. In tandem with the sale of Nintendo Power, the company also closed its website’s “Nsider” forums, long considered the home of the Nintendo fan community. It seemed as though the company’s success had led them to neglect what is perhaps the most dedicated fanbase in the video game industry. While covering the E3 convention for G4 a few years back, journalist Adam Sessler described the situation, saying Nintendo reminded him of the nerdy kid in high school who suddenly became popular, ignored the friends who always stood by him anyway, even though they will be all he has left when his popularity inevitably fades. By the end of summer 2008, it was apparent that the Wii’s fad phase was coming to an end. While Nintendo managed to attract initial attention with its unique console, developers began to unlock the full potential of the HD systems. The Big N was forced to stand aside and watch a string of major third party titles hit the PS3 and Xbox 360, including “Grand Theft Auto IV,” “Metal Gear Solid 4,” “Bioshock” and “Fallout 3,” titles that would never reach the Wii due to its comparative lack of system power. Beyond that, gamers were beginning to become spoiled with a plethora of features present of the PS3 and 360 that the Wii lacked. The Nintendo Wii had become a lost cause in the eyes of core gamers everywhere.

Desmond Miles is one of the main characters of that the Assassin’s Creed franchise returns to in their successful franchise. For “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,” however, the player will masquerade as a pirate, Edward Kenway. The game makes its debut on Oct. 29.

tion out about the “modern” storyline because much of the advertised information is about the glamorization of pirate life. That said, it looks like there are exciting new features that allow the player to explore more than just your ship and the beach. First, according to the trailers, naval battles have been revamped in terms of controls, handling, options and customization. As a pirate, a ship is the main base. So the ship, Jackdaw, is essentially Monteriggioni from “Assassin’s Creed II.” It’s where you keep all of your weapons, armor, treasures, notes and other such things. The only problem is that Edward uses his base to attack targets, so if you get taken over,

you lose everything, and die. Fortunately, the game reloads. The upside to that is that you get to take other people’s ships and all of their treasure along with it, one of the perks of being a pirate. What comes along with being based in the water is underwater exploration, it looks phenomenal, but trailers always show only the good parts so it could end up being pretty boring. But for the first time, players will get to explore underwater in air tanks, swim out and take treasure from shipwrecks while avoiding aquatic predators. There are plenty of new features that are better left for the game to explain once you buy it. The only question is, where should you buy it? From the official website, the

rorizing the monster retirement village of Hallowed Hollow. Upon defeating him, players are able to collect and wear the Pumpkin’s head as a reward. The DLC is great entertainment, certainly, but I couldn’t help feel that there was something missing. The plot was so meager – even for a shortened piece of content – that it felt more like a challenge map than a piece of legitimate DLC. Despite that, it was an enjoyable two hours, and for only $3, I can’t really complain much. One new feature I really enjoyed in DLC were the temporary upgrades and abilities in the form of pieces of candy. The candy drops from enemies upon their death and can grant

increased damage, movement speed and drop rates, just to name a few. This is something I would have liked to see in the main game, as it would have definitely changed things up a bit from just running and gunning. Other than this new feature, everything is roughly the same. Enemies are reskinned (or should I say, deskinned, because they’re skeletons) versions of the typical bandit baddies, and combat is just as crazy as it’s always been. Unfortunately, there were no new guns added, which disappointed me, as I was really looking forward to a new E-tech weapon in a Halloween fashion. Something that shoots

is Missing” and the Gamecube classic “Luigi’s Mansion.” Of course, Luigi appears in many Mario games as the “Player 2” character, but there are multitudes of games where he is only a novelty gameplay mechanic, such as “Mario Galaxy.” In the “Paper Mario” series, he is only a background character that is constantly mocked. Luigi doesn’t even appear in “Super Mario 64.” Twenty-nine years with only two games to his name is not what Luigi deserves, and that is why Nintendo is giving him a whole year of celebration. The Year of Luigi has brought fans of the humble, green plumber a number of limited edition collectibles, such as a Luigi-themed 3DS XL, a 30 song “sound selection” based on Luigi in Mario games and a number of other collectibles. But

what the Year of Luigi will really be remembered for are the three different Luigi-themed games, such as “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon,” a sequel to the ghost vacuuming game “Luigi’s Mansion” for the 3DS. “New Super Luigi U” is a completely Luigi based platformer for the WiiU, a genre for the Mario Bros. that has never been without Mario before. “Mario & Luigi: Dream Team” is a 3DS game that continues the “Mario & Luigi” RPG series, and even though you play as Mario much the game takes place within Luigi’s dreams. This is an entire game based around Luigi’s subconscious thoughts and personality, which incidentally shows Luigi loyally and adorably concerned with cheering on his older brother. Nintendo has also re-released several old Mario Bros. games

game is offered from five different retailers for pre-order. Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart and Amazon, all include different exclusive content with their preorders. The offers range from ship customization to different missions, weapons and treasures. No two packages include any of the same material, so choose wisely, though it would be difficult to imagine Ubisoft not releasing most of it, if not all of it as downloadable content in the future for you to purchase. The release of this game is exciting but the series is kind of getting dragged out. It’s nice to see that the “Assassin’s Creed” Ubisoft team is working hard to keep gameplay fresh, beautiful and allegedly fully interactive.

A bloody brilliant addition to ‘Borderlands 2’ By Zachary Lederman Staff Writer

courtesy of

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It’s time to head back to the planet Pandora in the newest piece of “Borderlands 2” Halloween themed downloadable content, “TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest.” “Bloody Harvest” is the first in a series of four pieces of content, entitled ‘headhunter’ packs. They are smaller than your typical DLC (you’ll finish in about two hours), and are priced as such, running only about $3 each. Veteran Borderlands players might remember Baha from his brief appearance in the first game as a quest giver near Fyrestone, where he was both killed, and later reanimated as a zombie. The now-zombified TK serves as the sole-friendly non-player character in “Bloody Harvest” and guides players on a short journey to defeat the Pumpkin Kingpin, who is ter-

“Borderlands 2: TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest” 7/10

bats or pumpkins or zombie babies would have been most appreciated. The last thing I want to mention is that, as a veteran “Borderlands” fan myself, it was really wonderful to see that the creators haven’t forgotten about the characters that made the original game so great, namely TK himself. Despite being a reanimated, blind, crippled corpse, TK is as cheerful as ever. It was really disheartening when he didn’t make an appearance in the first game (though he was referenced in at least one sidequest), but now I feel as though my TK Baha appetite has been sated. So if you’ve beaten “Borderlands 2” and all the other pieces of DLC, give this a try. It isn’t exactly much, but it’s enough for a fun Friday night with a few friends.

Bless this, the Year of Luigi By Darragh McNicholl Campus Correspondent

Nintendo has always found a way to strengthen its place in the hearts of its fans. Every year Nintendo reminds us why it is so loveable, and this year it has out done itself by marketing on its favorite Italian plumber, Luigi. 2013 has been declared the “Year of Luigi” by Nintendo in celebration of Luigi’s introduction to the Mario Bros. canon 30 years ago. Nintendo is paying respect to a character that has spent too long under the shadow of his brother and confirming that no character deserves to break their sidekick chains as much as the loveable Luigi. In the past Luigi has only had a handful of games based on him, the most significant being “Mario

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Last generation buyers guide part III: Even more can’t miss titles from the HD era

By Alex Sferrazza Staff Writer

Gaming has evolved so much since the dawn of the HD era, its hard to believe how far the medium has come. With the next generation of consoles on the horizon, we present even more of the most impressive, can’t miss titles of this past generation. “Bioshock Infinite” A pop culture laden experience unlike any other, “Bioshock Infinite” shared a few concepts with its spiritual predecessor but was most certainly its own game. A masterwork of modern fiction, the game sets you atop the fictitious floating American City of Columbia in 1912. Tackling heavy themes ranging from time travel and string theory, to nationalism and religion, the game represents the epitome of complex video game narratives. Your companion Elizabeth, one of the most brilliant supporting characters in gaming history, accompanies you on your journey through the most painstakingly detailed experience of this past generation.

“The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim” Hands down the biggest time sink of the last generation, “Skyrim” had a dangerous combination of being both incredibly addictive and non linear by design. While the title did feature a story line, it was in the title’s massive explorable open world that players became engrossed in. A slight distraction could end up taking you on an hours-long side quest and dozens upon dozens of dungeons resulted in hundreds of hours of content for players to absorb. Talk about bang for your buck. “Batman Arkham Asylum” (2009) and “Batman Arkham City”(2011) (PS3, 360, PC) The best comic book/superhero games ever made hands down, the first two Batman “Arkham” games truly gave one the feeling of being the Dark Knight himself. “Arkham Asylum” creates a hauntingly beautiful Metroid/ Zelda style experience where Batman must re claim control of Arkham Asylum from the Joker. “Arkham City”, while lacking the intimacy of its predecessor, it upped the ante


Stevie Wonder plans 2 albums next year LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stevie Wonder plans to release two albums next year, including some newly written songs, and he’s working on a third. The 63-year-old performer said in an interview Tuesday that his first albums in eight years would be “When the World Began,” a collaboration with producer David Foster, and “Ten Billion Hearts.” Wonder, who filed for divorce last year, said the new music was inspired by “my children, family, change, growth, heartbreaks.” He’s also using hip-hop elements to convey political messages. “I listen a lot to rap, and I’m inspired to take it, to use it in another way, to get the message across,” Wonder said. Rolling Stone reported over the summer that the album with Foster would include reworked versions of several of his biggest hits played with a symphony orchestra. Wonder also plans to fulfill a

promise to his mother Lula, who died in 2006, by recording a gospel album in her memory. “I might sing a gospel song in Arabic or do something in Hebrew. I want to mix it up and do it differently than one might imagine,” he said. “Obviously the good word at the end of the day, it’s not about the religion, it’s about the relationship. And I think we all need to check our relationship.” First, though, Wonder plans a celebration of one of his most acclaimed albums, 1976’s “Songs in the Key of Life.” Joined by musicians from the original recording as well as contemporary recording artists, Wonder will perform the album in its entirety for the first time Dec. 21 at his annual Los Angeles charity concert. Last year’s House Full of Toys benefit concert included performances from Justin Bieber and Drake.

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Book by Joseph Stein Music by Jerry Bock Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick John Pike, Director

November 8-10, 14-17, 22-24 • Thurs. at 7:30 p.m. • Fri. & Sat. at 8 p.m. • Sun. at 2 p.m.

The un theme iversal family a of love of n Fiddler d faith makes a mustsee for all mem bers the fam of ily!

General Seating $24 VIP Seating $29 Final Weekend (11/22-24) – Student tickets $10 (general seating, as available)

Box Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 5 p.m. 2013 Season Sponsor

177 Hartford Road, Manchester, CT For more information 860-647-9824 •

in terms of scale and scope, delivering the feeling of being Batman in the streets of Gotham City, incredible boss fights, and one of the best ending in gaming history. Complimented with an all star voice cast headlined by Mark Hamill as the Joker, the “Arkham” games are some of the best action adventure games of all time. “Assassin’s Creed II” (PC, PS3, 360) 2009 Arguably the biggest new IP of the last generation, love it or hate it “Assassin’s Creed” is here to stay. While each title may or may not have reached its full potential, the 2nd installment remains a fantastic achievement. Set in a beautifully rendered version of Renaissance Italy, the open world stealth title brought about the first appearance of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the series most popular protagonist to date. The closet experience one will ever have to jumping into the pages of history, AC2 is a true spectacle to behold. “Fallout 3” (PS3, 360, PC) 2008 Whether it be in film, television, video games, the post

In this still from “Bioshock Infinite” Edwardian America takes shape in “Columbia City.” The detail and historical references in the game make it a modern high definition classic and a must buy for avid game enthusiasts.

apocalyptic setting for fiction seems to have been over run in recent years. “Fallout 3” remains one of the few works to have gotten it just right. Set in a post apocalyptic retro future around

the Washington D.C. area, the game combined a decent narrative with a surprisingly well populated open game world, ingenious art design, and a great combat system to provide an experience like

Jackson doctor released, wants return to medicine

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson’s doctor was quietly freed from jail on Monday, two years after he was convicted of killing the pop superstar with an overdose of a powerful anesthetic — and he would like to practice medicine again. Conrad Murray was released at 12:01 a.m. from a jail in downtown Los Angeles after serving about half of his maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter. A change in California law allowed his incarceration time to be significantly reduced. Murray was taken from the jail a back way, eluding a cluster of TV crews and a few Jackson fans. Sheriff’s offi-

cials arranged the quiet exit and drove him away for safety reasons, spokesman Steve Whitmore said. “He was elated to be out of there” and planned to spend time with his girlfriend and children, said Valerie Wass, Murray’s attorney. Murray’s prospects are uncertain: At age 60 his license to practice medicine has been suspended or revoked in three states, and his face and name are well known due to his association with Jackson and his highly publicized trial. Wass said Murray wants to be a doctor again. “I believe that he will practice medicine again someday,

somewhere,” Wass said. Brian Panish, an attorney for the Jackson family, said Murray should not have “a chance to hurt anyone else” by practicing medicine. “He has shown no remorse and the consequences of his actions will last forever,” the lawyer said. The former cardiologist was convicted in 2011 of causing Jackson’s death in June 2009 by providing him with the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid. Jackson was in the midst of preparations for a series of comeback concerts and Murray was serving as his physician.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The cast and creators of the Emmywinning sitcom “Modern Family” gave back Monday, honoring more than 1,000 of the show’s devotees with a “fan appreciation day.” The fans “have really gotten us where we are,” said Nolan Gould, who plays Luke Dunphy on the series, a mockumentary-styled comedy about close relatives living in three different households. All of the “Family” acting principals attended the event, including Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Gould, for whom time with the fans doubled as part of his 15th-birthday celebration. On the arrivals line, many cast members had stories about memorable “Family” fan encounters. But when it came to namedropping, there was no topping Ed O’Neill, who portrays series’ patriarch Jay Pritchett. “I was having coffee one day in (the Westside Los Angeles neighborhood of) Brentwood in my car, reading the paper,” O’Neill said. “There was a knock on my window on the other side. And I looked up and the guy was waving, and I rolled the window down and it was Steven Spielberg. And this was the first season. And he was saying, ‘Ed, I love the show.’

He watches it with his daughter. It was very sweet.” Though “Modern Family” is in its fifth season on ABC, this event was sponsored by USA, the cable network that picked up syndication rights to the show and has been running nine hours of its reruns weekly since late September. According to a network spokesperson, each night’s “Family” block now attracts more than a million total viewers. “I can tell on Twitter that I see (postings such as), ‘Where has “Modern Family” been my whole life?’” said cast member Eric Stonestreet. “Definitely I’m seeing in my own little study and research that we’re opening up new territories for viewership.” USA has been promoting the sitcom heavily, including a campaign asking fans to go online and choose their favorite “Family” installment. USA’s executive vice president of marketing and digital, Alexandra Shapiro, said about 3,000 viewers responded and 600 were picked to see the cast do a reading of the selected episode. More than 400 additional fans showed up at the theater, waited in a standby line and obtained tickets. An exact event attendee headcount

wasn’t available Tuesday morning. Those who got into the theater watched the cast read the script for the “fan favorite” — the second-season episode in which the Dunphy kids accidentally barge in on their parents, Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen), having sex. “It may have come from an incident in real life, unfortunately,” said “Family” co-creator Steven Levitan, grinning. “That was a little daunting,” he said. “But it’s nice when you can take these moments that are perhaps a little scarring for your children and turn them into entertainment for the world. That’s a wonderful advantage of my job.” Last month, Levitan and cocreator Chris Lloyd watched “Family” score its fourth outstanding-comedy Emmy, meaning the series is one top-category statuette away from tying the all-time winner “Frasier,” on which Lloyd served as show runner for eight years. “Of course, I don’t ever want to compare the two shows, or set one against the other,” Lloyd said. “But it’s a blessed place for me to find myself.”

‘Modern Family’ cast, creators celebrate fans

no other. Blasting enemies to bits with a teddy bear projectile? Yes please!


Dutch museums

find 139 likely Nazilooted artworks

AMSTERDAM (AP) — A major investigation into whether art hanging in Dutch museums may have once been Nazi loot has yielded an unexpectedly large result: 139 suspect works, including ones by masters like Matisse, Klee and Kandinsky. The bombshell announcement Tuesday by the museums raises the question of why it has taken them nearly 70 years to examine their collections in a systematic way after World War II — and suggests that even more looted art may emerge from other countries that haven’t yet done so. “These objects are either thought or known to have been looted, confiscated or sold under duress,” said Siebe Weide, director of the Netherlands Museums Association. He said returning them is “both a moral obligation and one that we have taken upon ourselves.” The tainted art involved 69 paintings, including French artist Henri Matisse’s 1921 “Odalisque” painting of a halfnude reclining woman, which hangs at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum, one of the country’s top tourist draws. All Dutch museums that hold art from before the war participated in the review. They have identified names of 20 definite looting victims and linked them with 61 of the works. The museums said they are in the process of contacting or seeking the heirs, including those of Jewish art dealer Albert Stern, the deceased owner of the Matisse. The museum had purchased the Matisse painting from Lieuwe Bangma, Stern’s Dutch representative, in 1941. But Stern was its owner before the war and the Bangma family is known to have given aid to his granddaughters during the war. Other paintings included works by old Dutch masters such as Jacob Cuyp, Impressionist Isaac Israels and Modernists like Wassily Kandinsky. Other pieces uncovered in the investigation included drawings — one by Paul Klee — sculptures, antiquities and Jewish ceremonial objects. One painting by Cuyp had been purchased in good faith by the Museum of Dordrecht in 2002. The 1627 painting “Shepherdess with Child in a Landscape” had changed hands multiple times over decades before the latest Dutch investigation revealed it had belonged to a Jewish woman and was sold by a bank known for collaborating with the Nazis during the war. The Dutch are not the first to undertake such a review in the wake of a 1998 international conference on looted art in Washington that found previous attempts to return looted art didn’t go far enough. Attendees from 44 nations proclaimed the Washington Principles, declaring that “every effort should be made to publicize art that is found to have been confiscated by the Nazis” and have it returned.

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Meek Beesk by Meewillis

Patrick Gosselin/The Daily Campus

Student season ticket packages are collected in the atrium between Gampel and the Natatorium.



Evan Goetsch

Classic Side of Rice by Laura Rice



Mary Daudish

Aries (March 21-April 19) -- Today is a 6 -- A recipe for financial frustrations or emotional sensitivity: Take it slowly with comfort food and good company. Add some homemade lemonade. Don’t force anything.

Classic Vegetables and Fruit by Tom Bachant and Gavin Palmer

Taurus (April 20-May 20) -- Today is a 9 -- Exceed expectations. As Dr. Seuss would say, “Oh, the things you can think!” Figure out finances. They don’t have to be stressful. You might find some money. Gemini (May 21-June 21) -- Today is a 6 -- Listen to an elder. Learn new skills and attract new friends. Make sure you keep your schedule, and your promises. Reward yourself with a fun evening. Cancer (June 22-July 22) -- Today is an 8 -Don’t let your phone disconnect you from being with your friends in person. Separate fact from bias. Make sure you understand the request before moving forward.


Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Today is a 7 -- Don’t believe rumors until you’ve checked the facts. The Full Moon and Jupiter are both in your career house, bringing new, expansive opportunities. Craft some plans.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) -- Today is an 8 -- Stay objective, even as others lose their emotional rationality. Listen to the context of what’s going on, rather than the content of the words spoken. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) -- Today is an 8 -- Find the right partnership and play your cards well for a possible income increase. Don’t go crazy while shopping. Just get the basics. Hang on to those chips. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) -- Today is a 9 -You’re entering a yearlong power phase in your career, so expect a raise in status and income (but don’t count those chickens yet). Smile, and keep providing great service. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Today is a 5 -- Love is more important than money now. Refrain from impulsive actions. There could be some disagreement regarding priorities. Compromise is golden. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) -- Today is a 6 -- You’re inclined to want to find out more. Pay special attention to the details, and build a solid foundation. Choose a partner with complimentary skills. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- Today is a 7 -- Changes are for the better. The learning is great. Now’s a perfect time to write letters beneath the moon. A solution to an old problem becomes obvious.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Today is an 8 -You’re the star of your own adventure flick. What rivers will you cross; what mountains will you climb; what evil will you vanquish? No formulas. Redefine “success.”

by Brian Ingmanson

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Daily Campus, Page 9


Hot Papi: Streaking Ortiz one win from third title BOSTON (AP) — The banner hangs from a light pole on the sidewalk outside Fenway Park. It's a profile of David Ortiz with that infectious smile and the words "OCTOBER BASEBALL" beneath it. He is, literally, the face of the Red Sox franchise. This is, once again, his time of year. "I don't think you could ever ask for more out of an individual than what he does on and off the field," Boston ace Jon Lester said. "The guy's got a heart of gold." And a bat that keeps smacking balls past fielders and over fences. One win from his third championship in 10 years, Ortiz will take a .733 World Series batting average into Game 6 on Wednesday night against the St. Louis Cardinals. Only Billy Hatcher did better in a single series, .750 in 1990 for the Cincinnati Reds when they swept the Oakland Athletics. But such World Series displays are nothing new to the only player left from the team that won the Red Sox their first championship in 86 years.

St. Louis saw that on Ortiz's first at-bat of the 2004 Series when he hit a three-run homer in Boston's 11-9 win. He batted .308 in a four-game sweep. The Colorado Rockies saw it in 2007 when he went 3 for 5 in a 13-1 rout in Game 1. That time, he hit .333 in another sweep. Now, he enters the potential clincher with 11 hits in 15 at-bats in this Series. He has two homers, two doubles, six RBIs, five runs and four walks. Ortiz has one-third of Boston's hits against St. Louis, while the rest of the Red Sox are batting .151. "I was born for this," he said. Strikeouts in this Series? None. And the best designated hitter in baseball even fields flawlessly at first base. In three games in St. Louis under NL rules, Ortiz handled all 23 chances without an error after playing just six games there — also without an error — during the regular season. Indeed, it's been a charmed month for Big Papi, who has even legged out a few infield hits lately — albeit with the

second baseman often playing 50 feet or so out in right field. Slugger. Speedster. Fielder. Is there anything David Ortiz can't do? Pitch? "Hopefully, it won't get to that point," manager John Farrell said Tuesday. How about making more than one out in a game? Ortiz hasn't done that either in a World Series in which he's all but locked up the MVP award if the Red Sox can finish off the Cardinals. "He's a guy that you still have the ultimate respect for because of what he's done in the biggest situations," Boston outfielder Daniel Nava said. Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright made the mistake of pitching to Ortiz in the first inning of Game 5 on Monday night. Jacoby Ellsbury led off the game by striking out, but Dustin Pedroia doubled to left. Up strode Big Papi with first base open. "I don't like walking anybody," Wainwright said. "Got a guy on second already. It's the first inning. He hit a good pitch. He's out of his mind right now."

It didn't matter much that the 19-game winner fanned the next two batters. Ortiz already had done his damage. He's also done it with his voice. With the Red Sox trailing 2-1 in Game 4, Ortiz huddled his teammates in the dugout for a pep talk before the sixth inning. "I'm the veteran dude on this team, that's why I have to say something," he said. "I sensed everyone was feeling down, frustrated, like a sinking boat. "I told them, 'Don't do anything more than you're capable, don't force things out.' I mean, if you're a David Ross, don't try to do things as if you're David Ortiz," he said. Moments later, Jonny Gomes hit a three-run homer that sent Boston to a 4-2 win. "The way he treats us, the way he treats the fans, you would never know he's a superstar," Gomes said. "I truly can't say enough good things about him." One day after Gomes' homer, the light-hitting Ross lined a run-scoring double that broke a 1-all tie in the seventh. "He's David Ortiz. That says


Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is greeted in the dugout during Game 5 of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals Monday, Oct. 28, 2013, in St. Louis.

enough," the catcher said. "The guy is a postseason stud, and a stud in general. That's why we call him 'Cooperstown,' because he does Hall of Fame stuff." Ortiz went just 7 for 35 in 10 AL playoff games this month. But he came up with some big blows — two homers in a 7-4 win over Tampa Bay in Game 2 of the division series, a tying grand slam in the eighth that sent Tigers right fielder

Torii Hunter tumbling into the Boston bullpen in Boston's 6-5 win that tied the ALCS against Detroit at one game apiece. Now, Ortiz hopes, he has just one game left this season to do even more. "I guarantee it's going to be wild," he said. "We've got the best baseball fans and we enjoy this. Hopefully, this will get over tomorrow and they'll get to enjoy it like they always do. Party time."

Beckham picks Miami for MLS franchise Jayhawks slog their way to exhibition win LONDON (AP) — With his playing career over, former England captain David Beckham has decided his next move: starting a Major League Soccer team in Miami. Since leaving the Los Angeles Galaxy in December, and retiring from the game after a subsequent five-month stint at Paris Saint-Germain, Beckham has been mulling over the location for his MLS franchise. Beckham has now made up his mind and he would pay a discounted rate of $25 million to start an MLS expansion team in Miami, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because plans for the team aren't being publicly discussed yet.

The option of becoming a team owner was included in the MLS contract Beckham signed when joining the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. "We know that Miami is one of the most passionate soccer markets in North America," MLS Executive Vice President Dan Courtemanche told the AP. "We have met with David Beckham regarding ownership of an expansion team, and we look forward to David one day owning an MLS club." There are currently 19 MLS teams, and league commissioner Don Garber hopes to expand to 24 teams by the 2020 season. A 20th team is already in place to begin playing in 2015 after Premier League club Manchester City and its partner, the New York Yankees, paid an

expansion fee of $100 million to launch New York City FC. The MLS still has to give Beckham the go-ahead to make Miami the location of the franchise. Beckham is looking to raise several hundred million dollars of investment to fund the setup costs, including putting together the squad of players and building a stadium. Beckham's business partner Simon Fuller, the "American Idol" creator who is the driving force in franchise negotiations, will be a significant shareholder, the person familiar with the situation said. Beckham is looking to sell stakes in the team to other investors, and has already had expressions of interest from businessmen globally.

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Andrew Wiggins walked into the locker room after his first game at Allen Fieldhouse, turned to coach Bill Self and confirmed what was plainly apparent to everyone who watched him perform. "He told me after the game, 'Coach, I was so nervous,'" Self said. Indeed, the presumptive No. 1 pick in next year's NBA draft got off to an inauspicious start when he traveled the first time he touched the ball. But he eventually got into a rhythm and had 16 points, leading the Jayhawks to a 97-67 exhibition win over Pittsburg State on Tuesday night. "He didn't play very well early. He did better late," Self said. "I thought he made some right plays and things, but the thing about it is, when we're on our heels because

we're in foul trouble, then you're not aggressive." New rules against hand-checking put a whole bunch of people in foul trouble. There were 50 fouls called in the game, leading to 61 free throws. "We tried to work on it in practice as much as we can because we're so used to being up on guys," Kansas guard Naadir Tharpe said. "We just have to work hard on moving our feet." Self announced after the game that Tharpe, the expected starter at point guard, will be suspended for the season opener Nov. 8 against Louisiana-Monroe for playing in an unauthorized summer league game in Chicago. The school selfreported the violation. "He knew he shouldn't have been playing," Self said. "He just didn't use good judgment."

The Gorillas, a strong Division II program, hung around most of the first half. Josiah Gustafson's 3-pointer just past the midway point got them within 21-20, and at one point Self irritatingly called a timeout to lay into his defense. Whatever he said in the huddle must have worked. The Jayhawks went on a 12-2 run over the next few minutes, seizing control of the game. The production came from just about everyone in their young but talented lineup, including Wiggins, who started it with a basket and ended it with a dunk on an alley-oop pass from Jamari Traylor. Kansas led 50-32 at halftime, and stretched the lead to 60-36 in the opening minutes of the second half, allowing Self to start tinkering with lineups the rest of the way.

DALLAS (AP) — Larry Brown has added some depth to the roster for his second season at SMU. After the five starters each played more than 32 minutes a game in Brown's debut with the Mustangs, they all return with some needed help. There are three transfer players now eligible after having to sit out last season, including likely starting point guard Nic Moore and big man Markus Kennedy, along with a junior college center and a highly touted group of freshmen. "We didn't have a true point guard, we didn't have a small forward, we didn't have a true

center, then you had no bench, so that impacted everybody," Brown said. There is still one very important variable missing. "We don't have a culture of winning," Brown said. "You can talk about all the best recruits, good transfers and stuff like that, but the great programs have a culture of winning, they know what it takes to be successful, they approach every practice, and every game and every possession with a different mindset. We haven't figured that one out yet." That is still the biggest challenge for the 73-year-old Brown, the Hall of Fame coach

who returned to college a quarter century after leading Kansas to an NCAA title. SMU, preparing for the new American Athletic Conference instead of the Big East as originally planned, went 15-17 in Brown's first season while still in Conference USA. The Mustangs, who haven't been to the NCAA tournament in two decades, are now in a league with defending national champion Louisville and 2011 champ Connecticut, the first opponent in renovated Moody Coliseum on Jan. 4. "We've got to have a winner's mentality, and not a 15-17 mentality," Brown said.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana fans gave Victor Oladipo a warm welcome to the NBA on Tuesday night. Then the Pacers gave Oladipo and his Orlando teammates the cold shoulder. Paul George's buzzer-beating 3-pointer at the end of the third quarter spurred a 21-4 run, finally sending Indiana past the Magic 97-87 in a tougher-than-expected opening night matchup. "We've got to win the battles, win the tough games and we've got to win the games that we should win," George said. "We have to take care of business early and not rely on the end of the season to start playing well and start getting a streak going. We have to start a streak early." Roy Hibbert, who was two rebounds short of his career-high (17) in the first half, grabbed only one in the second half and left midway through the fourth quarter after an awkward tumble underneath his own basket that left him grasping at his knee. A few moments later, the 7-foot-2 former All-Star limped to the bench and coach Frank Vogel said Hibbert is expected to play Wednesday night at New Orleans. Despite the struggles, the Pacers still managed to get things done. George finished with 24 points, six rebounds and five assists.

Lance Stephenson had 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists. Hibbert scored just eight points but had 16 rebounds and seven blocks and the rebuilt bench played a huge role, scoring all but four points during the decisive run. It left Vogel optimistic about the season. "Our bench, in the last three preseason games and tonight, really just blew the game open," he said. "I think they're going to be really strong, I think it was just a matter of nerves tonight." The Pacers were aware they were facing split allegiances in Oladipo's adopted home state. More than 90 minutes before tipoff, one section near the court was almost completely full of fans decked out in Indiana University colors or fans wearing new Magic jerseys, far more than the 18 to 20 people Oladipo said he gave tickets to. When the former Indiana star wasn't announced as a starter, the fans saved a rousing standing ovation for Oladipo's grand entrance — midway through the first quarter. But by the third quarter most of those cheers were drowned out by a smattering of boos, a sign that Oladipo is no longer just the hometown kid. But most of the near sellout crowd wanted to see how quickly

and smoothly Oladipo could make the transition from college star to NBA franchise player. He finished 4 of 11 from the field with 12 points, three rebounds, two assists and three turnovers. "It was a great atmosphere. There were a lot of Hoosier fans in there," he said. "I would have liked to have won, but overall it was pretty cool." The short-handed Magic still had a chance after Ronnie Price cut the Pacers lead to 65-64 with 6.1 seconds left in the third quarter. After the basket, Orlando was called for delay of game and David West made the free throw. George then took the inbounds pass from his own baseline, drove to within 26 feet and made a 3 from beyond the top of the key to give Indiana a 69-64 lead. Indiana's rebuilt bench then took control. The backups scored the first five points of the fourth quarter to extend the lead to 10, and that 12-4 run made it 86-68 with 7:35 left. Orlando, even with Oladipo, couldn't challenge the Eastern Conference runner-ups again. "We have to be dominant at home if we hope to compete for the one seed with the likes of Brooklyn, New York, Chicago and Miami," Vogel said. "You have to be dominant at home."

SMU adds depth for Larry Brown's 2nd season at the helm

Pacers pull away from Magic, 97-87

The Daily Campus, Page 10

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Eligible for postseason once again, Huskies have sights set high


Connecticut's Ryan Boatright dunks during First Night in Storrs, Conn. The Huskies are eligible for this postseason and Boatright says they are determined to make a run at a national title.

from THAT, page 12 in 2013, being joined by a former AAU teammate, Terrence

Samuel, and Ghanaian big man Amida Brimah. Excluding the inter-squad scrimmage at First Night,

Wednesday will be the first time that the three step on the court for UConn. Senior forward Niels Giffey describes the experience as one that cannot be prepared for, but the veteran leaders on have confidence in the newcomers. “Their hands are probably going to be sweating like crazy,” UConn guard Ryan Boatright said. “They’re going to be all right, though. We’ve got a veteran team to lead them through whatever they need to and to back them up and to keep them encouraged.” The Huskies certainly enter the 2013-14 season with high expectations on the national level. UConn is ranked No. 19 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll and is likely to be ranked in the Associated Press Poll when it is released on

Facey could Fantasy Football Week 9 Advice have been at full health but help frontcourt By Jard Herlands things don’t seem to be lookfrom NAPIER'S, page 12 good to be back and to know that I‘m able to participate and help my team in this championship run that we’re trying to put together for this season.” Facey, a Trelawny, Jamaica native, was under NCAA investigation over a standardized test that he took and passed in Jamaica prior to enrolling at Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School in Brookville, N.Y. for the past two years. The NCAA believed the test could have been considered the equivalent of graduating high school. If the NCAA had determined that Facey violated “delayed enrollment” rule because of this, he would have lost two years of eligibility and be forced to redshirt this season. The support from his teammates, especially that of Ryan Boatright – who went through a similar situation in his first year at UConn – helped Facey get through the investigation process. “Everyone was like really supportive,” Facey said. “They were always there telling me keep my head up, keep working hard because you never know what the outcome would be. If I get to play, I need to be in the best shape that I could be in and if I don’t, then I have an extra year to prepare myself for next year.” The 2012-13 Gatorade Player of the Year in New York averaged 14.8 points, 13 rebounds and 4.5 blocks per game last year and could help UConn’s frontcourt woes tremendously with his presence.

Stypulkoski: New rules hurt NCAA's appeal from IT, page 12 NBA’s rule that allows a team to advance the ball upcourt in late game situations by calling a timeout. This rule, which may make for more chances at buzzer-beaters and heroic shots, is simply an affront to logic. That a team could advance the ball without making a pass or taking a dribble, but rather by merely calling a timeout, is a gimmick to inorganically create excitement. The waning seconds of a game are when a team should have to fight hardest to gain the ground needed; those precious 47 feet between their own hoop and the halfway line should be earned, not given. And if that means more fullcourt launches at the buzzer instead of mid-range jumpers, so be it – the integrity of the game need not be compromised to manufacture a moment. College basketball and the NBA are two distinctly different games. For some, both brands are exciting. But for plenty more, only one or the other will suffice. And for those that love the college game, but look less fondly upon the pros, these types of rule changes that fundamentally change the game would make the sport they love a lot less fun.

Fantasy Football Columnist

Start ‘em: Coming off a bye week, Darren McFadden looked as explosive as ever against the Steelers. He put up two touchdowns on 78 total yards. With 24 carries and two receptions, he is clearly the focal point of the Raiders offense again. Plagued by injuries his whole career, McFadden may not exactly have much more than flex appeal going forward, but he has proven that when he plays a full game, he produces. Although the Eagles have been fairly solid against the run this year, McFadden will explode at home if the offensive line finds some running room for the veteran back. You can do much worse at flex this week and following an impressive game, McFadden has a good chance to repeat. Sit ‘em: Steven Jackson looked pathetic against the Cardinals. Rushing 11 times for just six yards, he just couldn’t get anything going. Coming off of his hamstring injury that held him out since Week 2, Jackson may not

ing up from here with this struggling Falcons offense. It isn’t going to get any easier this week facing a Panthers defense that has given up the 11th-fewest fantasy points to running backs this year. Jacquizz Rodgers was productive filling in for Jackson, but mustered just four carries Sunday. With the lack of production from Jackson, you may see him getting more involved again. Waiver Wire Find: Although Percy Harvin has yet to play in a game this season, he is expected to return a lot sooner than anticipated. Harvin put up great numbers while healthy last year with a quarterback a lot worse than Russell Wilson, and with Sidney Rice’s latest injury and status in doubt, he is definitely worth stashing on your bench. Harvin is an explosive wide receiver that Seattle’s offense could utilize very well and is somehow owned in only 38 percent of ESPN leagues. Grab this guy.

Thursday. After a year without postseason eligibility, UConn is ready to be back in the spotlight and to make a run at a fourth national championship. A big part of the hype surrounding the Huskies is the backcourt, prominently featuring Boatright, sophomore Omar Calhoun and senior Shabazz Napier, who announced his intention to return to UConn on April 26, forgoing the NBA Draft. Calhoun was named to the All-Big East Rookie Team last season, and Napier and Boatright have been tabbed as preseason All-American Athletic Conference selections this year. The talent around the perimeter has many calling UConn’s backcourt the best in the nation. “I’m never going to doubt myself or my teammates,

especially my man Shabazz because I’ve seen him put in the work and seen what he can do, so I know me and him together, we can compete with anybody in the country,” Boatright said. “But I’m going to let the analyst talk about all that. We’re just going to show up and perform when it’s time to perform.” Wednesday’s game will be the second meeting ever between UConn and Southern Connecticut. The Huskies won the first meeting 100-37 during the 1989-90 season. The present-day Owls, featuring nine players from around Connecticut, barely missed out on a trip to the NCAA Division II Tournament during a historic season. Southern’s 17 wins were the most by the program since the 1999-2000 season,

and marked the first time since the 2001-02 season that the Owls had won more than 14 games. Their 14-8 record in the Northeast-10 Conference earned them fifth place, matching the team’s highest position ever in the conference. Wednesday is the first of two exhibition games for the Huskies, who will host Concordia on Monday at the XL Center. With expectations high this season, UConn fans would like to jump ahead to Nov. 8 and the showdown with Maryland, but for the Huskies, the road to Dallas begins sooner rather than later. “(Wednesday) is the first step,” Giffey said.

Rangers rally in 3rd to beat Islanders 3-2 UNIONDALE, N.Y. (AP) — Benoit Pouliot and Ryan McDonagh scored third-period goals, and the New York Rangers rallied for a 3-2 victory over the New York Islanders on Tuesday night. Trailing 2-1 after two periods, McDonagh got the Rangers even at 4:59 with their second power-play goal of the night. Pouliot netted the game-winner off a pass from Carl Hagelin with 6:14 left. Cam Talbot, subbing for No. 1 goalie Henrik Lundqvist, made 22 saves for his second win. He played for the third time in four games. McDonagh's goal was set up by a penalty for too many men on the ice that had Islanders coach Jack Capuano screaming at the officials. Cal Clutterbuck and Peter Regin had rallied the Islanders (4-5-3) in the second period after the Rangers took a 1-0 lead in the first. Evgeni Nabokov made 21 saves. The Rangers shut down John Tavares, Frans Nielsen and newcomer Thomas Vanek, who made his

Islanders debut two days after he was acquired from the Buffalo Sabres. Chris Kreider scored in the first period for the Rangers, who rebounded after dropping their home opener to Montreal on Monday. The Rangers (4-7) have played all but one game on the road. Talbot made the goals stand up one night after Lundqvist lost 2-0. The Islanders nudged ahead in a ragged second period in which both teams had defensive lapses and turnovers that created numerous scoring chances. The Islanders made the most of a miscue by forward Brad Richards, who was playing at the left point. Richards made a lunge to keep the puck in, but missed it. That allowed Clutterbuck to race the other way. With Richards chasing, Clutterbuck snapped off a textbook wrist shot that nestled into the top right corner to make it 1-1 at 3:40. It was the first goal and second point for Clutterbuck. The Islanders went ahead with 40.5 seconds left in the middle period, with help

from the Rangers. A shot from the left circle was deflected in the air by Talbot with his glove. The puck hit defenseman Dan Girardi, who was protecting the crease behind Talbot, and Regin and fell into the net. The Rangers went from having only four shots in the first period to 15 in the second. One drive struck Nabokov in the mask and appeared to stun him, but the puck stayed out. Kreider gave the Rangers a 1-0 edge when he scored his first NHL goal of the season. He showed his relief once the puck glided into the net behind Nabokov during a brief power play. The 22-year-old forward was despondent one night earlier when he was robbed of a goal by Montreal's Peter Budaj. This time he got to a rebound of Richards' drive and scored with 7:30 left in the first. Kreider, who had two goals and two assists in six games with Hartford of the AHL before being recalled Oct. 20, recorded one assist in three previous games since his return.

NFL Pecking Order: Ranking the top 10 teams halfway through the season By Mike McCurry NFL Columnist Week 9, which entails this upcoming Thursday, Sunday and Monday, marks the exact midpoint of the NFL regular season. Therefore, it’s only right that we celebrate the first half of the year by taking a stab at what’s sure to be a daring and controversial power rankings list. After sparse consideration, it occurred to me that any column space dedicated to stinkers like the Jaguars, Bucs and Eagles would just be glorified garbage. The Jaguars would be best suited for the SEC or Big 12. Greg Schiano, head coach of Tampa Bay, would be best suited for UFC Fighting, or perhaps dodgeball (I swear, that’s not a shot at Rutgers basketball!). As for the Eagles, at this point, why not tank worse than the 76ers are about to? The Pecking Order reflects a team’s performance only up to this point–I made sure no future predictions or upcoming schedules would influence the rankings. If you don’t exactly love how low your team is on the Pecking Order, feel free to pull a Dez Bryant (is that what they’re calling it nowadays?) by throwing a childish temper-tantrum to anyone who will listen. Like the NFL trade deadline, the preface to the Pecking Order has now officially passed. Here are the top 10 teams in football right now. 1. Denver Broncos: But Mike, Denver isn’t even in first-place in their own division? But, but, the Broncos don’t even have a win over a team with a winning record? But, how can they be the NFL’s finest with a defense that couldn’t even cover a corpse? One answer, two words for you haters: Peyton. Manning. Also, Peyton Manning’s weaponry, which includes the revitalized Knowshon Moreno. The secondary has been kind of atrocious (worst in the AFC in passing yards allowed per game), but, as Von Miller continues to get his legs back underneath him, the front seven can only get better. The Broncos do have

a menacing four game stretch upcoming: at San Diego, home against the Chiefs, at New England, then on the road versus KC. 2. Kansas City Chiefs: Perhaps, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is finally learning. One, that cheesesteaks lead to heart problems. Two, that defense leads to championships. Kansas City is top in the NFL with 36 sacks, and they’re second-to-none in arguably the most important stat of them all, turnover margin. Of course, dominating turnover-margin is a two-way street. The defense, which boasts sack kings Justin Houston (11 sacks already) and Tamba Hali (9), island corners Sean Smith and Brandon Flowers, and overall studs Eric Berry and Dontari Poe, has carried the Chiefs to a perfect record thus far. On the other side of the ball, though, it’s essential that you have a riskfree, conservative man under center. Is there a more perfect example than QB Alex Smith? 3. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts record (5-2) may not exactly dazzle the average fan, but when you consider whom they’ve beaten, it’s easy to see why Andrew Luck and his boys are so high on this list. Let’s put it in perspective by comparing Indianapolis’ resume to that of the Chiefs. KC’s three biggest wins this year are probably against the Cowboys, Texans and Browns–all of which came at Arrowhead Stadium. The Colts, meanwhile, have beaten the 49ers, Seahawks and Broncos. Mind you, that’s the only time the 49ers have lost at home so far. As for the Seahawks and Broncos, that’s the only time they’ve lost this season, period. Despite the debacle that is the Trent Richardson trade, Indy has been rolling. How sweet would a Luck-Manning rematch be in late January? 4. Seattle Seahawks: If the Seahawks were able to play all 16 games at CenturyLink Field, the 1972 Dolphins might have some company. If Seattle were forced to travel for all 16 games, they definitely wouldn’t be a member of the Pecking


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) throws against the Washington Redskins in the first quarter of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, in Denver.

Order list. For whatever reason, they’re prone to sleepwalking on the road, as evidenced by the near Monday night loss in St. Louis. The defense, especially that “Legion of Boom” secondary, is Lombardi Trophy-caliber. The offense, currently, is not. An offensive line that was projected to be among the league’s best has underperformed greatly– injuries have played a role, but that’s no excuse to send Russell Wilson scrambling around like a madman on every snap. Wilson suffered seven sacks against the Rams, MarShawn Lynch had a season-low 23 rushing yards, and wideout Sidney Rice ended up tearing his ACL. Percy Harvin’s phone must be blowing up. 5. New Orleans Saints: Who Dat? The Saints are winning games with their defense?! As long as Sean Payton doesn’t get elected governor of Louisiana before the playoffs begin, he is the savior of a franchise with a great shot to go places this season. Drew Brees is Drew Brees. Jimmy Graham just isn’t human. But how about that “D,” a “D” orchestrated by Rob Ryan of all people?

They’ve yielded 17 points per game, which ranks 4th best in the league. In 2012, they gave up a whopping 28 points per Sunday. After your mouth closes from those astounding stats, clear the schedule for December 2nd: Saints in Seattle to take on the Seahawks. Those two may or may not have some history in that stadium–if you have any doubts, all you need to do is search “MarShawn Lynch Beast Mode” on YouTube. You’ll thank me later. 6. San Francisco 49ers: On Sept. 22nd, the 49ers were in complete disarray. They were 1-2, coming off of a 20-point blowout loss to Indy, and didn’t know when they’d have AllPro linebacker Aldon Smith back. San Fran has since won five straight–granted against a pillow-soft schedule–and have moved on from Smith’s immaturity. NaVorro Bowman has been his usual amazing self this season. 7. Cincinnati Bengals: Last week, I predicted Cincinnati would finally win in the playoffs this year. My only semidoubt was the abilities of QB Andy Dalton, but I am start-

ing to put faith in the guy. On Sunday, the Bengals beat the Jets, 49-9, led by five Dalton TD’s. Yes, I feel like a genius. And absolutely, this is a group that no one will want to play come January. 8. New England Patriots: Blah, blah, blah. Belichick still paces the sidelines. Brady is still in charge. A skill-position guy (maybe Ridley or Dobson) has to start going off for the Pats to be legit contenders. 9. Green Bay Packers: I received an unknown call from a Green Bay area code the other day. It was the Packers front office wanting me to play wide receiver. Bonafide playmaker Randall Cobb is hurt. So is touchdown-machine James Jones. Ditto for tight end Jermichael Finley. Besides that, the Packers are just fine. 10. Detroit Lions: Professor Calvin Johnson taught student Dez Bryant how to be a star on Sunday. But, while we’re talking about school, and smarts, Matthew Stafford’s goal-line play was the gutsiest, heads-up play I’ve seen this year.

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UConn’s margin of victory the last and only time it played SCSU, a 10037 win in 1989. » MLB

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Grounded Cards hope to fly high with Wacha

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Miami Heat players and coaches watch as the 2013 NBA championship banner is raised before the Heat’s season-opener basketball game against the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013, in Miami.

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BOSTON (AP) — Michael Wacha had a funny way of preparing for his World Series start that’s supposed to save the season for the St. Louis Cardinals. The 22-year-old October ace spent Tuesday afternoon on the tarmac at the St. Louis airport when the team plane got grounded by mechanical problems. No telling when the Cardinals would arrive in Boston, trailing the Red Sox 3-2 going into Game 6 on Wednesday night. “Everyone is just watching movies,” Wacha said from the plane, a couple of hours into the delay. “They’ve got dinner on here for us and stuff. Everyone is just walking around. Nobody is in a bad mood or anything like that. The attitude is pretty good.” His teammates were probably confident, too, considering what the rookie has done this postseason. He’s 4-0 with a 1.00 ERA in four starts, including a win over John Lackey and the Red Sox in Game 2. Lackey will again oppose the tall right-hander. “I don’t think anything will be much different,” Wacha said. “I just try to approach every game the same. I don’t think it’s going to be too much different. We know the next two games are must-wins. It all starts with me tomorrow night.” Heady stuff for a guy who was pitching at Texas A&M less than a year and a half ago, a guy who began this season in Triple-A. Then again, look at what he’s done. He came within an out of a no-hitter against Washington in his final start of the regular season, only to give up an infield single. With the Cardinals facing a 2-1 deficit in the best-offive division series, he took a no-hit bid into the eighth inning to win at Pittsburgh. He twice outpitched Cy Young Award favorite Clayton Kershaw to win MVP honors in the NL championship series, then beat Boston with his family in the seats at Fenway Park. Quite a run, by any standards. “I think it’s been one of those that’s been fun for us to watch,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said from the idle plane. “Taking everything into consideration, how this kid was in school, in college 18 months or so ago, and watch the maturity, and watch the progress, too.” “Not just Michael, but a group of other young players that have been able to do something very similar. But Michael’s done a nice job. We just want him to really not focus on the big picture of what exactly is going on. What we want him to do is go out, make one pitch at a time. There’s time for summations later.” The Red Sox are trying to clinch a World Series title on their own field for the first time since 1918. Anticipation is high in Boston, and prices on the secondary market for even a standing-room ticket were approaching $1,000.

THE Pro Side

Four Huskies added to Red Sox look to clinch Wooden Award watch list World Series at home By Dalton Zbierski Campus Correspondent Four UConn women’s basketball players were added to the Wooden Award preseason watch list last week. Given to the top collegiate women’s basketball player in the country at the conclusion of the season, a UConn player last won the award in 2011 when forward Maya Moore took home the hardware for the second time in her career. Among the nominated UConn players are center Stefanie Dolson, point guard Bria Hartley, forward Kaleena MosquedaLewis and forward Breanna Stewart. Dolson enters the season with 1,299 career points, 29th on UConn’s alltime list. The Wooden award, first introduced to the women’s game at the end of the 20032004 season, has been won by a UConn player three times. Besides 2011, Maya Moore also took home the award in 2009. Teammate Tina Charles won the award in 2010. Hartley averaged

9.2 points per game and totaled 136 assists on the season in 2012 as a key piece in UConn’s national championship run. MosquedaLewis was also significant in last year’s success. Her 17.6 points per game led the team in scoring and her 6.3 rebounds per game were second best on the team. Stewart was perhaps the most crucial contribution to UConn’s eighth national title. While inconsistent during the regular season, her 20.8 ppg and 6.2 rpg in the NCAA tournament led UConn to the crown. She was named the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player for her effort. In two of the three seasons in which UConn players won the award, the Huskies won national titles and they look to repeat that success this season. With a dynamic lineup, the season looks bright for the Huskies. Having four players on the Wooden Award preseason watch list should only increase optimism.

By Scott Carroll Staff Writer Fenway Park opened its doors on April 20, 1912 in the wake of the sinking of the Titanic. Since then, only one World Series has been won in its confines – in 1918. Wednesday night will be their first chance to end the streak in the series as the Red Sox have taken a 3-2 lead over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Red Sox’s last World Series win in Boston came 95 years ago, meaning that most, if not all of the fans in attendance in Boston in 1918, have since past away. Also, no video exists of the Red Sox’s victory because of the era in which they won and the technology that existed at the time. While Boston fans can look back fondly of the World Series victories of 2004 and 2007, neither of them were won in Boston, but instead in St. Louis and Denver. New England has taken notice of this monumental and long awaited event and has stormed the box offices in search for a seat. Ticket prices have sky rocketed with the

influx of demand. According to TiqIQ, an online ticket service, tickets are ranging anywhere from $793 to $5,844. Bleacher seats that were being sold for a face value of $300 are now being sold for $1,100. In a poll on Bleacher Report, fans were asked how much they would be willing to pay for tickets to see the Red Sox game Wednesday night. Response options included $500 or under, $1,000 plus, $5,000 plus or $10,000 plus. Sixty-one percent of the 1,204 people who had responded to the pole reported that they wouldn’t pay more than $500 for the tickets, while 25.6 percent said that they would pay more than $1,000 and 10 percent said they would pay more than $10,000. Tickets have come at such a premium due to Fenway’s limited space, as it only seats 38,400 people, which is one of the lowest capacities in MLB. While it may cost fans a small fortune to get into the park Wednesday night, there is no doubt that Boston will be rocking.


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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN Men’s basketball tips off season with exhibition against Southern By Tim Fontenault Sports Editor

Matt Stypulkoski Jay Bilas has become known as the man that tirelessly goes after the NCAA and its insistence on the amateur model. Over the past few months and years, he’s endlessly poked and prodded into the organization that governs college athletics with an iron-clad, money-grabbing fist. He’s spearheaded the push to pay athletes and publicly shamed the NCAA along the way. For that – plus, his enormous swag, of course – Bilas has been revered by hordes of college sports fans, and especially fans of college hoops, his main area of expertise. This week, however, he did something that should give those basketball enthusiasts pause: he decreed that the NCAA product on the court should more closely resemble the one assembled by the NBA. And, for hardcore college basketball fans, that, frankly, is terrifying. Though Bilas did raise some valid points that should be applauded – college referees should absolutely be professionalized and homogenized, for instance – his desire for greater freedom of movement, a wider lane, a longer three-point arc, a shorter shot clock and, worst of all, a gimmicky endof-game rule are enough to give passionate college hoops fans nightmares. One of the most enjoyable parts of basketball at the collegiate level, as opposed to its counterpart NBA, is the physical, lower-scoring, grind-it-out mentality of the game. And while it goes without saying that defensive players shouldn’t be able to do whatever they want within the confines of the post, the fact that there is more freedom in college to create a little contact and prevent scoring without fear of a free-throw parade is refreshing. Similarly, redefining the college lane or three-point arc would have an adverse effect on the game’s defense. Those in Bilas’ camp argue that the wider dimensions promote better “spacing,” which in turn leads to more room for players to work, create and score. Same thing with the freedom of motion. Of course, this is true. Turn on any NBA game and it’s apparent to see that their players have far more space to work with and score in. The theory behind these rules is simple: Scoring, it’s said, is attractive. Scoring is exciting. Scoring is fun. But the question becomes: when scoring becomes more prevalent, when buckets are made easier, do they still hold the same value? In the eyes of those that appreciate college basketball for what it is, the answer is no. Typically, college basketball fans appreciate that each basket is hard-fought. No score is easy. While a shorter shot clock may be an improvement to limit the ugliness of teams like Wisconsin that often play a burn-clock offense, the idea of a 24-second timer is also a turnoff. Just like freedom of movement and enhanced spacing, it takes away from the drama. Though these suggestions by Bilas are something of a slight to college basketball purists, his final suggestion was worst of all. The idea: instituting the

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UConn guard Shabazz Napier drives past a defender in the Huskies’ last game last season against Providence College at Gampel Pavilion. UConn will tip off its 2013-2014 season Wednesday night when they host Southern Connecticut State University in an exhibition game at Gampel Pavilion.

DeAndre Daniels thinks about UConn’s last game every day. It was March 9, 2013. With a postseason ban looming over the Huskies’ heads, they knew that regardless of the result against Providence, it would be their last game of the season. Daniels finished with 19 points that day as UConn pulled out a 63-59 overtime win against the Friars, capping off a 20-10 season with a standing ovation from the fans in Gampel Pavilion. On Wednesday night, Daniels and the Huskies take to the Gampel floor once again, as UConn opens the 2013-14 season with an exhibition game against Southern Connecticut at 7. “It seems like a long time ago, but it actually went by pretty fast,” Daniels said. “We can’t wait.” The Huskies received a big boost on Friday, when the NCAA ruled that freshman Kentan Facey was eligible to play immediately with all four years of eligibility. Facey’s eligibility was in question due to a standardized test he took in Jamaica that equates to a high school diploma. Facey then played at Long Island Lutheran High School, where the NCAA believed that his eligibility clock began ticking. UConn coach Kevin Ollie told Facey that he had been ruled eligible in private during practice Friday. Ollie said Facey was so excited that he “kicked a chair.” “I just told him, ‘That chair didn’t do nothing to you, so take it out on the opponent on Wednesday night,’” Ollie said. “But he’s doing good. He was excited when I told him the news. My compliance did a great job.” Facey provides frontcourt depth for the Huskies. During the 2012-13 season, he was named the N.Y. State Gatorade Player of the Year, averaging 14.8 points, 13 rebounds and 4.5 blocks per game. “It’s definitely good to be back and to know that I’m able to participate and help my team in this championship run that we’re trying to put together this season,” Facey said. Facey is one of three freshmen joining the Huskies

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Napier’s leadership, frontcourt play vital to UConn By Mike Peng Staff Writer After going 20-10 in a season that prohibited the Huskies from participating in the NCAA tournament, the UConn men’s basketball – eligible this time around – will tip off its 2013-14 season in an exhibition game against Division II-opponent Southern Connecticut State University Wednesday night at Gampel Pavilion. Napier’s return key to Huskies’ success After contemplating entering the NBA Draft earlier this year, UConn senior guard Shabazz Napier announced in April that he would return for his final year with the Huskies instead. Napier, one of the three captains on this year’s team, provides experience and veteran leadership to a UConn team that has been searching for someone

to fill the role since the depar- that type of leader all of us ture of Kemba Walker. know he is.” Senior guard/forward Niels Game plans for exhibiGiffey, one of the other two tions captains on the team, talked The games won’t count about what Napier’s return until the Huskies head to meant to him and the team. Barclays Center in Brooklyn, “It means a lot,” Giffey N.Y. on Nov. 8 to take on said. “It means a the Maryland lot as a teammate Terrapins at the as well as a player. official start of It’s just good to see the regular seathat you got one of son. That does the guys who have not mean there’s been here all my nothing to work four years – who on during the is a close friend of two exhibitions, mine – just coming though. Notebook back and share the Ollie said that he senior experience wanted the team too. to develop a tempo during “I think it’s big time for tonight’s game and to “domius just to have him back as a nate the backcourts.” With leader on the court and off the two of the premier guards court. And I think it’s good in the country in Napier and for him too. He’s got one Ryan Boatright, that should more year to show what he’s present no problems for Ollie got, develop him game a little and the Huskies. more and show that he’s just The frontcourt, however,


remains an issue for team. Crashing the boards was one of UConn’s biggest weaknesses last season as the team ranked at 243rd with an average of 33.1 rebounds per game, not to mention that the 6-foot-1 Napier was the team leader last with 4.4 rebounds per game. “We want our big men to step up,” Ollie said. “Just to separate themselves (from the rest). I like to have two, three, four of them to separate themselves. I need one, if not, we’ll do it by committee. … I made it real plain and simple for them that, how to get minutes is rebounding. And if I get one of those big guys to stand down and be the rebounder that we know they can be, they’ll get the majority of the time.” Ollie has not determined the lineup rotation yet. “Whoever plays with a passion and ability for us to go

out there and win is going to play,” he said. “I’ll probably start all veterans for the first game just because of tradition and we’ll go from there.” Kentan Facey ruled eligible by the NCAA Upon learning the news last weekend that the NCAA has granted him a waiver that will allow him to have a full four years of eligibility effective immediately, UConn’s 6-foot9 freshman forward Kentan Facey was excited, to say the least. “He kicked a chair,” Ollie said with a chuckle. “He took it out on a chair. So if you call that excitement, I guess so.” Facey, on the other hand, recalled the incident differently. “I didn’t really kick the chair,” Facey said. “I swung my foot and the chair was in the way. But it’s definitely

» FACEY, page 10

Heat get rings, then hold off Bulls 107-95 in opener MIAMI (AP) — They got their rings before the game, then a challenge as it was winding down. The Miami Heat responded to both. Shane Battier went 4 for 4 from 3-point range, including a critical one from the right corner with 1:33 remaining, and the Heat wasted most of what was a 25-point lead before holding off Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls 107-95 on Tuesday night in the season-opener for both teams. “You never know what to expect when you’re trying to keep the main thing the main thing, and that’s the game,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “But you can’t deny the emotions and what a special moment it was for everybody in the organization because we know how difficult that was and how harrowing that was last season. So it was great to actually get the win after that

to cap off a very good night for the Miami Heat.” LeBron James had 17 points, eight assists and six rebounds for Miami, which got its 2013 NBA championship rings and raised the franchise’s third banner in a pregame ceremony. The Heat trailed 9-2 early, then outscored Chicago 52-24 over the remainder of the first half. Rose finished with 12 points in 34 minutes in his first game since a serious knee injury in April 2012. Carlos Boozer had 31 points and seven rebounds for Chicago, which got within eight points in the final minutes. But Battier’s right-corner 3 — a staple for the Heat — snuffed out the comeback, and Miami wasn’t in trouble again. “We’re not trying to pull close. There were a lot of corrections that we have to make,” Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said. “It always comes back to the same thing — our defense and our

rebounding. And if we could have taken better care of the ball early on, we would have been in position to win down the stretch.” By halftime, Miami was rolling, up 54-33 — putting the game on pace for a 108-66 final, which would have exactly matched the score of the game in 2006 when Chicago came into Miami and spoiled the Heat franchise’s first ring night. Rose’s start was promising early, with two drives for impressive scores. The Bulls led 15-10 when Rose checked out for the AP first time with 3:36 left in the Miami Heat’s LeBron James watches a replay during the first quarter of an NBA basketball opening quarter. game against the Chicago Bulls in Miami, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013. Rose’s surgically repaired knee might be fine, but in the reserve connected on an 18-foot on one, and the Heat went to basketball vernacular, Cole jumper that sent the Miami bench work. Miami shot 7 for 10 durbroke the ankles of the 2011 leaping from its seats. ing the burst, which was capped NBA MVP — starting a run that “There was a lot of emotions by a driving layup by James with turned what was a tight game going on,” Cole said. 4:23 left, and suddenly the Heat into a romp. Cole faked out Rose That began the 17-0 run. The led 41-20. on the dribble, causing the Bulls’ Bulls missed nine straight shots, It was a runaway, and became star to tumble over, and the Heat Rose getting blocked by Bosh a grind-it-out win.

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