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“Little good is accomplished without controversy, and no civic evil is ever defeated without publicity.”

Tuesday August 20, 2013


Volume 126, Issue 3


FallFest rocks Mountainlair Plaza to kickoff 2013-14 school year

FallFest hits high note for WVU students by hilary kinney correspondent

Despite the dreary morning weather and cloud-covered sky above Morgantown, a successful, one-of-a-kind FallFest kicked off Monday evening with the unique music of Colt Ford. The opening band’s style set the tone for an event planned to fit the tastes of all students at West Virginia University. In addition to Colt Ford, the festival, arranged by WVU Arts & Entertainment, also featured Pretty Lights, Capital Cities, Ciara and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Students around campus have had mixed opinions regarding the lineup since the announcement of the artists last week. Many students believe the University’s incorporation of a variety of genres was a great move. “Macklemore is the only

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FallFest rocked Morgantown Monday with a star-studded lineup. A&E PAGE 8


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one I have heard of tonight,” said Justin Hruska, a WVU freshman. “I think it’s actually a good thing. It broadens the view people have of music.” John Galactic, a WVU sophomore, was more familiar with the lineup, but felt a similar way. “I’m honestly more excited for this year,” he said. “The music last year was okay, but it was geared more to a specific audience of students. We need to diversify our tastes in music, so it’s good to hear different styles here at FallFest.” The varied lineup of performers not only gave the students a chance to hear different styles of music but exposed the smaller groups to thousands of young music lovers. Contrasting Ciara, a blast from the past (who could forget “1, 2, Step”?), were Pretty Lights and Capital Cities. Ben Durlin, a visiting stu-

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ON THE INSIDE Bits and Bytes is now accepting the student meal plan. NEWS PAGE 2

dent from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, said Pretty Lights is what drew him to FallFest. “I like Pretty Lights a lot,” he said. “I’m actually seeing them in concert in September. It’s only a matter of time before Pretty Lights dominates the radio waves.” Junior Kayla Allen, transferred to WVU this fall semester, but has attended FallFest in previous years. Although she enjoyed the event, she preferred seeing Maroon 5 and Ludacris in 2010. Now, students are considering who might perform next year. “For some reason, Pink comes to mind,” said junior Theresa Maxon. “(Or) maybe someone from the nineties,” she said. “That’s the generation that’s here now.” Overall, students were thrilled to watch this year’s FallFest lineup.

RUNNING STRONG With a crowded backfield West Virginia’s JaJuan Seider has plenty of options to choose from this season. SPORTS PAGE 9


2 | NEWS

Tuesday August 20, 2013

Bits and Bytes now accepting meal plan By Carlee Lammers Managing Editor

Students at West Virginia University have a variety of options to grab a byte to eat on the student meal plan. And now they have even more. For the first time since its 2001 opening, Bits and Bytes, located in the Engineering Sciences Building, will accept the student meal plan.

“People, for year and years, have been trying to ask for it to be on the meal plan,� said Student Government Association Board of Governors member Evan McIntyre. “It’s always kind of been the rationale that it’s a smaller facility and it’s meant more for snacks.� McIntyre, whose platform was campus health and wellness, approached the facility’s manager this summer with the idea, and

said he was immediately on board. “He was completely fine with the idea,� he said. “I literally just had to go in and ask for it.� Bits and Bytes will offer students breakfast and lunch combos MondayFriday from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Students with the meal plan will be able to spend up to $6 on breakfast items including french toast,

breakfast wraps, tator tots and various coffees and juices. For lunch, participants are able to select from menu items including wraps, salads, soups and subs, up to $6.54. Students can choose a variety of items to form a combo meal during breakfast and lunch. As an industrial engineering student, McIntyre said he knows how benefi-

cial the move is. “What’s nice about it is that whenever you have some super, massive test and you have to be there for hours and hours, they’re going to have lunch and breakfast available,� he said. McIntyre said he’s excited to have the ability to put his platform into motion from day one. “That’s what I love about it. Anything can kind of come from (my platform),�

he said. “It seems like with SGA (in the past) they always wanted to wait and do things at the last minute. What was really nice for me was being here all summer doing research. I had time to work on this stuff.� For more information on meal plans and dining options at WVU, visit http:// home.

Eberly Advantage helps students navigate future by evelyn marithew staff writer

Opportunities come often at West Virginia University and can sometimes be overwhelming. However, the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is helping students decide which opportunities to take advantage of this year. Eberly Advantage is a seven-week course that will help students understand what opportunities lie ahead and help teach effective communication, critical thinking and future planning.

“We have students from all different grades and all different majors,� said Stephen West, a faculty member of the English department. “When we first tried out the course this past spring, students from all across the board benefited from it.� Joan Gorham, associate dean of Eberly College said the program helps students through post-baccalaureate transition. “College is broader than focusing on getting a job after graduation,� she said. “We are making a link between what happens at

the University and what you want to happen at the University.� The course is open to students of all ages and is beneficial to everyone. English faculty member Joy Carr named a few of the activities the class participates in. “We go to the career fair together, put a portfolio together and help them make a business plan if they want to start their own business,� she said. “This class is very individualized. It is very focused and personal.� Gorham said a main goal of the program is to prevent

students from having moments of uncertainty right before graduation and to give students a positive perspective the whole way. “There is a big initiative going for internships and experiential learning, and we want students to come to us and have a strong contact with a faculty member who can serve as a mentor advisor,� Gorham said. Students who participated in the start-up spring course gave positive feedback, describing it as a well-rounded, eye-opening course that gives students a

better sense of self-worth. Carr, who taught the course last semester, said she has seen the anxiety dissipate from students who have taken the course. “One of the goals is to relieve some of the anxiety that students have about their career,� she said. “Not only do we want students to find a job they want with their education, but we want them to find out what is important to them and know what they are doing with this education they are paying for.� Gorham, West and Carr all agree that many stu-

dents don’t realize the help the University already has in place for them. “I would love to see more students who are on the border take this course,� Carr said. “(It) helps you figure out why you’re in college and that you can be much more targeted and strategic.� The course will be offered before and after midterms throughout the year. For more information on the Eberly Advantage course, visit eberly.wvu. edu.


Tuesday August 20, 2013

Senior bucket list: 10 things to do before graduation By Summer Ratcliff City Editor

After four years of classes, anxious seniors are eager to wrap up their college experience and move on to greener pastures. Before doing so, they should be sure to make the most of Morgantown and all student life has to offer. Here are the top 10 things every senior should do prior to graduation:


zip line at the wvu forest

6. attend woodburn lighting

In May, West Virginia University became the first University in the nation to open a zip line course. The course is open to students, employees and the general public. A discount is available for anyone with a valid WVU MyID. To schedule a zip line adventure, visit

The annual Woodburn Hall lighting ceremony initiates the holiday season at WVU. This tradition, which dates back to 1987, is typically held during the first week of December. Over the past few years, local high school bands and choirs have been invited to perform holiday songs at the event.

2. skiing or snowboarding at wisp


Whether you’re an experienced snow boarder and are looking for a weekend getaway with friends or have always wanted to try skiing, Wisp Resort is the place for you. Visit wisp/index.aspx?season=winter for the winter schedule and rates.

Fishbowls, a Morgantown staple since 1963, are the largest and coldest beers in town. Today the walls at Mario’s are covered in decades of handwritten signs proclaiming eating and drinking records. If you’re 21 or older, be sure to visit one of two Mario’s Fishbowl locations to enjoy a frosted Fishbowl and be sure to leave a note on the wall.

3. hike at coopers rock

8. attend various sporting events

With more than 20 trails to choose from and gorgeous views, Coopers Rock is the perfect location for a fall or spring hike. For more information about trails, visit

Believe it or not, WVU actually has 17 sports teams. Adventure outside your comfort zone and support some of the other teams as they compete this school year. To see each team’s schedule, visit


9. travel to an away game

climb sky rock at dorsey’s knob

Sky Rock stands nearly 600 feet above Morgantown, providing a picturesque view of the area. The 70-acre park, also includes hiking trails and a disc golf course. For more information and directions visit,

5. take in a show at the cac


NEWS | 3

The Creative Arts Center plays host to numerous concerts and productions throughout the year. For the schedule of events, visit

Have a fishbowl at mario’s

We all know the Mountaineer spirit is alive in Morgantown, but traveling to another city and cheering the team on an opponent’s turf is something everyone should do at least once. This year the Mountaineer football team takes on Maryland at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Md. For ticket information,visit www.wvugame. com

10. whitewater rafting Each spring AdventureWV offers day trips for students to Cheat Narrows or Dry Fork for a day of whitewater rafting for $45. For more information on these trips and other AdventureWV opportunities, visit orc_trips/trip_schedule_spring

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New Zealand gay weddings begin, 1 at 39,000 feet Submitted

Last season members of the WVU cricket club competed in a national tournament.

WVU cricket player selected as All-American BY Evelyn Merithew Staff Writer

West Virginia University alumnus and Islamic studies teacher Sohail Chaudhry has been chosen as one of 16 honorary cricket players for the All-

American College Cricket team. “Last year, our cricket team got an invitation to participate in a tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,� Chaudhry said. “We reached the quarter finals out of 28 participating

universities.� According to many statistics, cricket is the second largest sport in the world after soccer. WVU has had a cricket team since 1996, which comprises of approximately 15 players each year. “Cricket is a relatively new game in the United States. We wanted to promote and represent WVU at the tournament and put our school at that national stage,� Chaudhry said. “Being chosen for the honorary team was completely unexpected.� Chaudhry explained that most European countries play cricket, as well as New Zealand, Australia and the Caribbean Islands. WVU has a significant number of students from these countries. “Cricket is one of the big sports back home and as a child, watching the game

on television was fascinating,� Chaudhry said. A family friend attended WVU and Chaudhry’s mother pushed him to attend and earn a degree. “I wanted to be a professional cricketer; I didn’t want to come over here and study at first,� Chaudhry said. Chaudhry decided to stay at WVU upon finding out there was a cricket club, and went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University. “Computer engineering was a passion. I was not looking for a job or career. I am currently getting an overseas graduate degree online of religious studies,� Chaudhry said. “I teach Religion 232, History and Practice of Islam.� As well as playing cricket and teaching, Chaudhry is

QUEENSTOWN, New Zealand (AP) — When Lynley Bendall and Ally Wanikau walked down the aisle to exchange vows, the fastenseatbelt signs were off. The couple celebrated the legalization of gay marriage in New Zealand by getting hitched in a plane at 39,000 feet (11,900 meters). Along for the ride was Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of the American TV sitcom “Modern Family.� Instead of soda and peanuts, the flight attendants served champagne and canapes. Monday was the first day same-sex couples could


Continued from page 2 the imam of the Islamic Center of Morgantownand also is a federal prison chaplain. Fellow cricket club member and MBA graduate, Eshwar Gullapalli, said he feels that Chaudhry is an important mentor to the other players on the team and deserves this great opportunity.

Stop by for a volunteer application in the Mountainlair all this week.

She and Wanikau have been together 13 years. They are both childcare workers and met through work. The newly wed Ferguson, whose husband Justin Mikita was also on the flight, said he hoped to help shine the spotlight on New Zealand’s law change. “So I’m very happy to come out here with my husband to bring some attention to this great day,� said Ferguson, who was married in New York City last month. Ferguson said that with gay marriage not legally recognized in 37 U.S. states,

“Sohail has good qualities for the team. He is trying to build the college team to another level,� Gullapalli said. “He is a coach to us and sets an example for the younger players. He is like a brother to everyone.� To learn more about the WVU Cricket Club and its schedule visit http://cricketclub.studentorgs.wvu. edu/

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there is plenty of work to do there to change attitudes. He said television comedy is a great way to help normalize gay relationships. “We really sneak into a lot of living rooms with no agenda,� he said. People “start loving this gay couple on television, and they say, ‘I love Cam and Mitch,’ and so what’s so different with Bob and Joe down the street?� Ferguson said he faced discrimination growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “It was very difficult. I was name-called a lot, I had to move schools a few


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marry in New Zealand, where the law was changed in April. Officials said about three dozen same-sex couples planned to marry. Bendall and Wanikau were flying high after winning a promotion by national carrier Air New Zealand. Their winning video featured their three young foster children holding handwritten signs saying why their parents should get married on a plane, including one that read “Wow. Imagine that for news at school.� Bendall said the law change is “huge� for New Zealand: “We’re so proud.�










times because I was bullied,� he said. “A lot of those people who bullied me are now very jealous of my career, and have tried to connect with me on Facebook. And, of course, I’m a very forgiving person, but, you know, I don’t totally forget.� Asked what he thought about leaving on the flight from a place called Queenstown, Ferguson laughed, saying he thought it was “very appropriate,� and adding that “It hasn’t gone unnoticed.�

After the charter flight landed in Auckland, the plane was towed to a hangar for a reception with live music and a rainbow-colored wedding cake. Celebrant Kim Jewel Elliott had twice before united the couple – first in 2001 in a commitment ceremony and then in 2009 in a civil union. “I feel so happy,� Elliott said. “Injustices still happen and there are still things to fight for. But this is a real day of joy.�



Tuesday August 20, 2013

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How realistic is the smoking ban?


The new campus smoking ban has been in effect since July 1, though it is debatable how well it can be enforced. As you all may have seen on the tobacco-free campus signs on all University owned buildings, West Virginia University has recently adopted the increasingly popular campus-wide smoking ban. The ban states law enforcement officers will issue citations, expel students or even terminate the positions of faculty and staff for disregarding the ban. While the punishments are quite harsh and the University is not currently tak-

ing any actions to designate smoking areas, the premise itself, on the surface, seems fair. No one wants to walk out of the main entrance of a building into a cloud of cigarette smoke. One major initiative of WVU is to promote a clean and healthconscious campus, one that hopes to keep its inhabitants happy and healthy. However, there are a few gaps in the policy. There is first the question of how the University plans to enforce

the ban. Will police regularly patrol every inch of campus? This seems unfeasible; the banned areas are just too expansive. And then there’s the the fact that many students and faculty will ignore the ban, as evidenced by the amount of people already smoking on campus. It is early in the school year and the authorities may be more lax, but a common sentiment is that no one can infringe upon personal rights or influence free will, a thought that isn’t

entirely wrong. So, that begs the question: is this actually infringing upon the people’s rights? The only excuse the University has given so far is that other universities have enacted this ban, which, frankly, is a pretty thin argument. And the policy bans all forms of tobacco including smokeless tobacco, which is harmless to everyone but the user. The University has relented and permitted the use of e-cigarettes and has men-

tioned cutting back on some of the other restrictions. Admittedly, there were several open forums discussing the ban before the decision was made, but they were poorly thought out and not very well publicized to the target population. It’s up to the students to speak out against the all-encompassing ban and it’s up to University officials to revise it into something a little more realistic.

What are your thoughts about the campus smoking ban? Tweet them to us @dailyathenaeum.

“Chasing Ice” is a global warning Benajmin Russell gUEST columnist

I recently took advantage of my Netflix account by watching a documentary featuring an environmental photographer’s journey across various parts of the world as he watched ice melt. The documentary, “Chasing Ice,” brought about the reality of global warming in a genuinely frightening adventure using time-lapse photography across a couple of years to measure the melting rate of glaciers. James Balog, the founder of The Extreme Ice Survey project, used photography to shine light on the indisputable evidence of global warming happening all around us. According to the Los Angeles Times article in early 2012, only 62 percent of Americans agree that climate change is a real issue, while 12 percent of Americans were not even able to take a stance on the issue. As members of a vastly uninformed society, it is our generation and the generations after us that will bear the brunt of the devastating ecological changes. I do not want this to be just another article about global warming that we read and brush off. There are many things that we can begin doing to reduce the pace of global warming. It is not inevitable. Knowledge of the world around us is the first step to approaching this issue. Those who choose to stay

James Balog captures photos of retreating glaciers in the Arctic for ‘Chasing Ice,’ a documentary about the disastrous effects of climate change. oblivious about this crisis need to be informed. As reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2012 was the warmest year recorded in the U.S., and it will only continue to worsen if we choose to ignore it or stay uninformed.The increase in polarized temperatures brings about disease and health risks that are more dangerous and potent than any viruses or bacteria we have ever seen. Although humans have the potential to adapt

quickly to these changes, a recent Time magazine article reported that plants and animals will not be as equipped. We could soon see the rise of parasitic and bacterial viruses as the world continues to become less temperate. Balog describes the dissipation of the glaciers as “deflation as the heat takes away the surface of the glacier, and at the same time a stream is undercutting it from a glacier that is melting up valley ... washing this (glacier) away.”

Miles and miles of previously solidified ice and snow are now being washed into our oceans, causing sea levels to rise. One glacier had a retreat of two and a half miles in a three-year time span. Global warming is incredibly difficult to wrap your head around without visible evidence being brought forth. “Chasing Ice” is this visible evidence. One particular glacier retreated 10 miles spanning from 1902-2001. This very same glacier retreated nine miles from

2001-2010. The rate has increased tenfold. This exponential growth indicates that the time to be proactive needs to come very soon. A sharp decrease in our use of fossil fuels and emission of greenhouse gasses is necessary if we are to protect our world. If the record breaking drought temperatures, wildfires, torrential downpours of precipitation and other extreme living conditions weren’t enough, the rising cost of fossil fuels should be enough to make us all want to create a more efficient way of utilizing energy. We need to find more ways to cut down on carbon emissions. We need to be more efficient with our resources. We need to use the natural supplements that our earth has to power the lifestyle that we are accustomed to living. We need to cut down on the misuse of energy and stop this mess from slipping through our hands. So, what are we waiting for?


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10 Curmudgeonly cries 12 Cleaning aid 13 Best Buy buy 14 Shows the way 17 “Hurry up!” 22 Okla., before 11/16/1907 23 “Good one!” 26 Square, moneywise 27 Sit for a spell 28 Juicer refuse 29 Mayberry boy 30 Napa equipment 31 Back-tied sash 32 “Breaking Bad” cable channel 33 Place to start a hole 37 Kind of verb: Abbr. 38 Bite with un aperitivo 41 Cantankerous 44 Belly laugh 46 Yours, to Yves 47 Chain with Market Fresh sandwiches 49 Lead-in to bad news

50 Silicon Valley’s Santa __ 51 Deejay Casey 52 Like a wallflower 53 Madrid month 54 Ask for more Money? 55 PC key 56 Shout between ships 60 London hrs.





HOROSCOPE BY JACQUELINE BIGAR BORN TODAY This year you often weigh the pros and cons of being spontaneous and emotional against those of being intellectual and logical. You will see which voice works best for you by your next birthday. If you are single, others often express their admiration of your daring love life. You want to date and have fun rather than commit. If you are attached, as a couple, you often might have disagreements. Learn to respect your differences rather than trying to convince each other that you are right.

ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) HHHHH Many of your ideas could be challenged, but that doesn’t worry you. Your friends will manage to add

a touch of chaos to your life, as they will be clamoring for your attention. You might feel as if there is no way to continue on with your plans. Tonight: Go with the flow. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) HHH You could feel pressured by several different situations. An important matter at work demands your attention, but a roommate or family member also needs your feedback on the domestic front. Know that you can’t please everyone all the time. Tonight: Work late. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) HHHH Keep reaching out to someone at a distance. You respect this person and often get important information from him or her. At the same time, an overwhelming amount of people seem to need to give you their feedback. Tonight: Catch up on a good friend’s news.

CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) HHH You are unusually responsive to the Moon phases, and today’s Full Moon could find you juggling your needs while also trying to be there for a significant other. Realize what is happening and consider how pressured you feel. Tonight: Continue the juggling act. LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) HHHHH Others will be a little too challenging for your taste. You also might feel overloaded right now. It could be difficult to figure out how to handle all the requests, calls and appearances. Just try to enjoy your popularity. Tonight: Go along with the suggestion that you like the most. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) HH You might be feeling out of sorts, and you will have no difficulty telling someone just how you feel. You could

find that several disagreements will emerge at the same time if you are not careful. Take a step back rather than make a mistake. Tonight: Stay levelheaded and calm. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) HHHHH A flirtation might have a lot more power over you than you initially had intended or even considered. You might not be sure whether to attend an important get-together tonight or hang out with this person. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Tonight: Try to squeeze it all in. SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) HHHH An authority figure could be more ornery than he or she has been in a while. This person even might be a parent or higher-up. Do not let this situation, or perhaps a different one involving your personal life, get out of control. Tonight: Be where you are

happiest. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) HHHHH Your phone might ring right off the hook. You could become rather crazy as a result of dealing with all the knocks on the door. Do not plan on getting everything accomplished that you wanted. Save some of your energy for later on. Tonight: Beam in more of what you want. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) HHHH You might be a bit too busy juggling your budget, your responsibilities and other people’s needs. You could feel overwhelmed by everything you need to get done. Do not take any risks before you do more research. Only then will you be able to decide. Tonight: Indulge a friend. AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) HHHHH You will have a lot of en-

ergy and want to channel it into what you feel would be most appropriate. Listen to your inner voice. You might want to be more spontaneous, but understand that you could hit some opposition along the way. Tonight: Do whatever you want. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) HHH Stay centered, and realize that you might not want to get sucked in to the high energy that is swirling around you. Even when trying to focus, you could experience many disruptions. A close friend refuses to agree with you. Avoid the confrontation. Tonight: Do your own thing.

BORN TODAY Musician Robert Plant (1948), singer/songwriter Isaac Hayes (1942), boxing promoter Don King (1931)



Tuesday August 20, 2013

Live Morgantown entertainment possibilities are endless CAROL FOX A&E WRITER

While you’ll see plenty of theatrics on the field, and it may seem like your calculus teacher is doing a one-man set at Second City to convince you that Green’s Theorem is important, when you get some downtime as a student at West Virginia University, you may want to check out some live entertainment. In any large college town like Morgantown, there are bound to be creative people looking for an outlet, which is great for those of us looking for a timeout from the daily grind of studying and classwork. The following is a list of potential escapes and guaranteed good times. Live Music Morgantown’s bestknown small music venue is 123 Pleasant Street. The great thing about 123 is they host a variety of music for everyone’s taste. One night they will have well-established jam band and local favorite Fletcher’s Grove, another they’ll feature New York-based chiptune rock band, Anamanaguchi, and the next night will be an open mic night for amateurs and locals. It’s a chill atmosphere and a great place to catch live music any night of the week. If open mic is your thing – whether you’d like to participate or you’re just in-

terested in hearing what your fellow Morgantowners are producing – check out other venues for their weekly open mic nights. The Blue Moose Cafe, Mountain State Brewing Co., Black Bear Burritos and the Dancing Fig all hold open mic nights, and some of these venues feature established local bands some nights, as well. Finally, if it’s a big name or larger productions that you’re really looking for, Morgantown’s got that, too. The Metropolitan Theatre, located on High Street, is a great venue for these things. This fall, the Met will welcome Get the Led Out, Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Capitol Steps – a songwriting political satire troupe of former politicians – and deep-rooted jam band, Leftover Salmon. WVU Arts & Entertainment is also dedicated to bringing these high-demand shows to the Creative Arts Center each year. This year the CAC will host Sara Barielles, Josh Turner, B. B. King, Kenny Rogers, the Irish Tenors, the Soweto Gospel Choir, the Amernet String Quartet and a horde of other great shows. Multiact events like Mountain Stage, which offers a variety of well-known bands each production and is aired on NPR, often come to the CAC, and these are not to be missed. Theater If your interests are more dramatically inclined, Morgantown offers a couple of

excellent venues and plenty of exceptional shows to quench that thirst, as well. Because of its focus on avant-garde, provocative productions, promoting women in the arts and providing a venue for new playwrights and actors, M. T. Pockets is my favorite Morgantown theater space. This fall, M. T. Pockets will produce “Birth,” a show about the wonder and reality that is childbirth, which runs Aug. 28-31. Their next production, “Art,” raises questions about the nature and value of art and will run Sept. 13-14, and 1921. And, “Stories from the Brave Black Regiments of the Civil War” will run Sept. 27-28. M. T. Pockets is a great venue because the work is all volunteer-based, and many people from the community participate, so you never know who you’ll see there. They offer such a wide variety of shows that there really is something for everyone. WVU Arts & Entertainment is also a great resource for musical theater in Morgantown. This season the CAC will host Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story, 50 Shades! The Musical, Hello Dolly!, Memphis, Godspell, RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles, We Will Rock You, Cirque Dreams Rocks, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Bring it On The Musical. Stand-Up Comedy There’s nothing more satisfying after a stressful

Gibbie’s open mic night is held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month. day than a strong drink and a hearty laugh, and Gibbie’s Pub & Eatery can provide you with both. Located on High Street, Gibbie’s hosts an open mic stand-up comedy night the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month at 8 p.m. Both seasoned and amateur comedians take the stage, and you’re guar-

anteed a spirited atmosphere and more than a few laughs. In addition to Gibbie’s, there are larger venues working to bring comedy to Morgantown. For example, the Metropolitan Theatre will host Ralphie May in September. And, as always, the folks at WVU Arts & Entertain-

ment will welcome a variety of well-known comedians this fall. With performances from Bill Burr, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin and William Shatner, Arts & Entertainment will have Morgantown in stitches regularly throughout the season. daa&

Lee Young, former Disney star, dies at age 29 The Faceless’s bassist, Brewer, goes solo LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lee Thompson Young, who began his acting career as the teenage star of the Disney Channel’s “The Famous Jett Jackson” and was featured in the film “Friday Night Lights” and the series “Rizzoli & Isles,” was found dead Monday, police said. He was 29. There was no official cause of death, but Young’s manager, Paul Baruch, said the actor “tragically took his own life.” “Lee was more than just a brilliant young actor, he was a wonderful and gentle soul who will be truly missed. We ask that you please respect the privacy of his family and friends as this very difficult time,” Baruch said in a statement. Young’s body was found at his North Hollywood home by police Monday morning after he failed to show up for work on TNT’s crime drama “Rizzoli & Isles,” police Officer Sally Madera said. The Los Angeles Fire Department was

summoned and pronounced him dead at the scene, she said. LAPD robbery-homicide detectives and the Los Angeles County coroner office were investigating because it is a high-profile death, she said. Madera had no details about the cause of death. In the TNT series, Young played fledgling police Detective Barry Frost, who’s computer savvy but squeamish. Earlier Monday, the channel announced it was renewing the series that stars Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. “We are beyond heartbroken at the loss of this sweet, gentle, good-hearted, intelligent man. ... Lee will be cherished and remembered by all who knew and loved him, both on and offscreen, for his positive energy, infectious smile and soulful grace,” TNT, studio Warner Bros. and series producer Janet Tamaro said in a joint statement. According to a biography from TNT, Young was inspired

to pursue acting when, at age, 10, he played Martin Luther King Jr. in a play in Young’s hometown of Columbia, S.C. In 1998, Young began starring in “The Famous Jett Jackson,” playing a TV action hero who returns to his roots for a less high-profile life. The series ran until 2001. Young followed it with roles in TV series, including “The Guardian,” “Scrubs” and “Smallville” and in the films “Akeelah and the Bee” and “The Hills Have Eyes II.” Young joined “Rizzoli & Isles” when it debuted in 2010. “I’m the youngest member of the cast, so I really take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that I find myself surrounded by,” Young said in a 2011 interview with the website Rolling Out. Young, a graduate of University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, was an as an avid photographer, traveler and student of The Faceless’s bassist Evan Brewer also plays solo. martial arts, according to his biography. ing backdrop for some seriously beautiful and articuJOSH EWERS late writing. This backdrop is A&E WRITER the perfect complement for Brewer’s twisting and weavIt’s always interesting ing bass lines. Though many when members of metal times they are relatively bands branch out to other fast, he still stays within the genres to try something framework of the song so new. There’s a lot of spectac- they never seem too frantic ular musicianship in metal or out of place. that gets swept under the Those passages and a rug due to the abrasive na- penchant for song writing evidence why he is considture of the music. So, when an underrated ered one of the very best musician like The Faceless bassists both in metal and bassist Evan Brewer en- in general. His ability to deavors to create his own make the bass an instrusolo progressive album, the ment of melody at the foreresults are often surprisingly front of the mix provides lisinteresting to both metal teners with a mind-opening and mainstream audiences. and somewhat inspirational On his latest work, “Your experience. The album also features Itinerary,” Brewer gives us a 31, 2013 glimpse into his mind be- Navene Koperweis, formerly yond the blast beasts and of Animals as Leaders and technical guitar work of The Animosity, on drums, who is a fine musician in his own Faceless. Brewer sets an atmo- right. Koperweis provides a spheric, more subdued and slight edge to the music, as self-conscious mood from his drumming fluctuates the beginning of his sec- seamlessly between offond solo record. Both re- beat, jazz-influenced patlaxing and science-fiction- terns and more traditional esque, electronic sounds metal beats. In addition, it’s all procreate an other worldly vibe that serves as a calm- duced in a way that every

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hit seems to really pop and stand out under the chilled atmosphere. The tone and lack of intrusiveness by the songs make them the perfect background sound track to get some work done or just sit back and think about things. It’s easy to get lost in the music. However, the same thing that makes the album great works against it. At the end of the day, it’s a solo instrumental album. It’s a great one, but almost all albums of this nature suffer from a bit of staleness or over-saturation after awhile. While it’s all very interesting for a time, it doesn’t sustain over the length of the release and deep into the listen it just starts to seem like “noodling.” In conclusion, “Your Itinerary” is a fantastic, adventurous effort of a solo album that creates its own distinct mood and displays some phenomenal talent, but it’s still a solo album.

««««« daa&


Tuesday August 20, 2013


Ciara wows at FallFest, discusses recent album BY LACEY PALMER A&E EDITOR

One FallFest artist was particularly excited to visit Morgantown last night and share in the ultimate Mountaineer experience with her fans. Multi-platinum R&B songstress Ciara visited West Virginia University as part of FallFest 2013. Ciara brought the house down with her performance. Although she said she had performed in West Virginia once before, she had never been to the University. “I’m looking forward to the fans and the people and just having a special time together with everybody,” Ciara said. “I hope my fans at WVU will feel more connected to me, and that they will have a fun and overall great experience with me.” Ciara said her most recent album is one of the most genuine albums she has ever recorded. Entitled “Ciara,”

her fifth studio album displays the growth she has experienced over the past nine years. “This album is the most vulnerable and the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my skin while making or sharing it creatively,” Ciara said. “I’m just in a different place, and I’ve grown so much. My fans get to know me in a way they never have before.” In 2004, Ciara released her debut studio album “Goodies,” which delivered three hit singles to the charts: “Goodies,” “1, 2, Step” and “Oh.” The album went triple platinum and was undoubtedly a success. Her second album, “Ciara: The Evolution,” also produced three hit singles in 2006: “Get Up,” “Promise” and “Like A Boy.” Her third studio album, “Fantasy Ride,” which was released in 2009, and her fourth, “Basic Instinct,” in 2011, were considerably less

successful than the first two, though still produced hit singles such as “Love, Sex and Magic,” featuring Justin Timberlake. “At the beginning, I got a couple bruises, and I’ve bumped my head a few times. I’ve gotten to see a lot of the ups and downs of work, and I feel like all those things make me a much smarter woman,” Ciara said. “I’m just much more wise, and now I can work from the point of complete comfort in trusting my gut.” In 2011, Ciara left Jive Records and signed a new record deal with Epic Records, once again working with L.A. Reid, whom she worked with from the very beginning. “My first deal was actually given to me by the same person, Mr. L.A. Reid at Epic Records, but the difference is that when he signed me when I was younger, we never got to launch our project – my first album – together, and he was the rea-

son I had a recording deal at that time period,” Ciara said. “So now it’s really special that we’re back together, and I’m basically back at home finally getting to do what we wanted.” Ciara is known for the impressive, mesmerizing dance moves she shared with the WVU students Monday, and according to the artist, there were no lessons involved. “I was gifted, I have to say,” Ciara said regarding her dancing ability. “Body Party,” Ciara’s lead single from her fifth studio album, has been climbing the charts to No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 8 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. “I did believe in the song,” Ciara said. “It’s always great when you believe in something and it actually comes true.” The second single from her recent album is entitled “I’m Out,” featuring Nicki Minaj. There are also collab-

orations with 2 Chainz and Future, whom Ciara is rumored to be dating. “We (Future and I) have a song on my album called ‘Where You Go’ and it’s really beautiful,” Ciara said. “Of course, that was a special collaboration for me, but I would love to do something with Janet Jackson.” Ciara said Jackson is one of her biggest inspirations in the industry. Although Ciara doesn’t plan to stop working on her music any time soon, she also plans to accept more acting roles in film and TV. With a recurring role in the BET series “The Game” and a role in “That’s My Boy,” a recent movie starring Adam Sandler, Ciara is no stranger to the big screen. “I love it (acting). It’s a great challenge,” Ciara said. “It’s something I’m not as familiar with, but I like that. It’s like growing.”


Ciara performs in a WVU jersey.

Aaron Lewis to perform in Clarksburg, W.Va. Bookapalooza to be held at Book Holders BY LACEY PALMER A&E EDITOR

Multi-platinum rock and country music artist Aaron Lewis will perform Friday in Clarksburg, W.Va., at the Clarksburg Amphitheater, which is only a quick jaunt down I-79 South for those in Morgantown who wish to attend. Lewis recently began his solo career in country and is the lead singer of the rock band STAIND, and he has found nothing but success in both ventures. While balancing a tour supporting STAIND’s seventh studio album, Lewis found time to record an album in the first genre of music he was ever exposed to – country. His debut country single, “Country Boy,” featured the late George Jones and Charlie Daniels and climbed both the rock and country radio charts. In March of 2011, Lewis released his debut country EP, “Town Line,” which hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums. Lewis released his first fulllength album, “The Road,” in

September 2012. This album reached No. 7 on the chart and featured the hit single, “Endless Summer.” Although Lewis just recently achieved success in country music, STAIND has been successful for many years. With over 15 million album sales and numerous chart topping hit singles such as “It’s Been Awhile” and “So Far Away,” the group is considered one of the better rock groups of its time. STAIND also performed at West Virginia University’s FallFest 2006. According to John Cooper, superintendent of Parks & Recreation for the City of Clarksburg, Lewis’s concerts never fail to disappoint. “Aaron’s solo concerts typically include many of his country hits, some STAIND favorites and a few surprise cover songs from the likes of Rascal Flatts, Alice in Chains, Bob Seger and even Prince,” Cooper said. “He’s done some acoustic tours before, but this time he’s got a full band with him and they sound great.” Cooper said the City’s biggest goal is to give the local

communities the chance to experience high quality entertainment without having to drive to major markets and pay significantly higher ticket prices. “We always aim to keep our ticket prices around the $20-$25 mark,” Cooper said. “You can go see many of the bands that play at The AMP in markets such as Pittsburgh for two and three times the ticket price, and often with worse seats. At The AMP, the farthest seat is only 130 feet away from the stage.” Thus far this year, The AMP has hosted acts such as Florida Georgia Line and American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. In the past, they’ve hosted Jake Owens, Thompson Square and Kansas. “Aaron is unique because he appeals to both rock and country fans alike,” Cooper said. “He’s a fantastic singer and he really puts on a great show.” Tickets for this event are available by visiting www. or by calling 1-888-71TICKETS.


FallFest isn’t the only free concert in Morgantown. Tonight at 6 p.m., Bookholders will be hosting Bookapalooza, a free concert in their parking lot. Bent Willey’s resident DJ and Master of the Mix competitor DJ Wayne Brady will be performing. The event will be showcasing the local band I Am A Sea Creature, an indie rock group that has performed at a number of Pittsburgh venues. “We know that students are hyped up from FallFest and are excited because it is the first week they’re back,” said Bookholders’ manager Thomas Robertson. “Bookapalooza is our way of contributing to the excitement. We would like to welcome back local artists, as well as the student body. We thought it would be a neat idea to let local acts use our parking lot as a venue where people can expect to find food, energy and a positive atmosphere.” The Bookholders staff will

be grilling hot dogs and providing other refreshments in their parking lot along with free merchandise. Aside from the giveaways, Bookholders is hoping that the local acts will be able to promote themselves in the community. “Not only will this event be providing students and other local residents of Morgantown with a night of entertainment, but two local artists will have a chance to hopefully further increase their followings,” said Bookholders’ assistant manager Caitlin Lokant. “We’re happy to hold this event to provide a few hours of fun and maybe hold more events such as this one in the future.” DJ Wayne Brady said that he is eager to perform for the students. “West Virginia University is known for its high-energy atmosphere, whether it be a football game, FallFest or a Friday night,” Brady said. “I think that Bookholders is taking a step in the right direction by identifying with the students and inviting local bands

and artists, who are also students, to perform in front of their peers.” I Am A Sea Creature drummer Alan Bentley said that he is anxious to entertain the crowd at Bookapalooza. “I have played at a bunch of concert venues in the past,” Bentley said. “However, I have never played in a parking lot at a bookstore. I think that this will be a fun way to reach out to the WVU students and to show them what our band is about. We are hoping to pick up some fans along the way, especially for our album, ‘Beautiful Things’, (which is) set to be released in late fall.” The concert is sure to attract crowds of students who are purchasing textbooks. John Scherr, a WVU student, said that he is not sure what to expect from the concert. “I’m curious to see how a bookstore throws down,” Scherr said. “It’s out of the ordinary and definitely unheard of, but it should be interesting. I think it contributes to the fun energy of WVU.” daa&

Chris Brown cancels performances in Canada TORONTO (AP) — The promoter of four Chris Brown concerts in Canada scheduled this summer says the events have been canceled. Stephen Tobin, owner of Drop Entertainment Group, said Monday that the decision was made after consulting with Brown

and in light of his recent personal and health-related issues. The R&B star had his probation reinstated Friday after he was involved in an alleged hit-and-run accident. The hit-and-run charge was dismissed earlier. Brown also suffered a seizure earlier this month.

We’re hiring

Brown’s publicist, Nicole Perna, said the Grammy-winning performer regrets that he won’t be able to perform. Brown has been dealing with legal problems since 2009, when he was arrested for assaulting thengirlfriend Rihanna and was first placed on probation.

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Tuesday August 20, 2013

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Light up the night

FallFest 2013 provides memorable experience BY CAROL FOX A&E WRITER


In recent years, many colleges and universities across the country have found it cost prohibitive to accept credit/debit cards for student account payments. In some cases, the situation has become so extreme that institutions such as Boston College, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, the Ohio State University, and the University of Virginia no longer offer the option of credit/ debit card payments. West Virginia Code, however, requires institutions to offer credit/debit cards as a payment option. In continuing efforts to control costs and overcome budget challenges that impact operations across the State of West Virginia, WVU can no longer absorb the cost of credit/debit card fees for student account payments. To maintain the convenience of credit/debit card payments, we are not eliminating that payment option at this time. However, that cost will now be paid by the card holder. Beginning August 1, 2013, a 2.5% processing fee, per transaction, will be required to make payment by debit/credit card. At this time, the processing fee will be applied on student account payments ONLY. Our office will accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express as payment.

We will still accept the following payment methods with no additional fees added:

t Electronic Check (ACH) t Personal Check (by mail or in person) t Cashier’s Check (by mail or in person) t Money order (by mail or in person) t Cash (in person only)

This year’s FallFest offered West Virginia University students a fun-filled evening of music and dancing with a very compelling and exciting lineup. From the very first act, Colt Ford, a country-rap fusion, to the closing light show by Pretty Lights, the evening entertained everyone in attendance. Colt Ford, the “300-pound redneck rebel,” opened FallFest 2013 with his unique blend of good ‘ole boy traditional country music and rap. “I thought Colt Ford was good for a country act because I don’t normally like country,” said Kendra Ricer, a local high school student who came as a guest of a friend. “He did a Red Hot Chili Pep-

pers cover, and that was really interesting.” “Colt Ford was really good, and I thought his live shows were even better than he sounds on CD,” said Fairmont State student Catherine Baker. Colt Ford brought an interesting sound and an easygoing vibe for a flawless opening act. Capital Cities, with its synth-indie pop sound that is similar to MGMT, was a unique follow-up. “I really liked Capital Cities,” Baker said. “I was a fan before, though. My favorite live song they did was the Pink Floyd cover.” Ciara, who looked gorgeous in a cropped WVU jersey, brought some sex-appeal to the FallFest stage. Though many in attendance admitted to not hearing from Ciara in a while, she soon had the

Interested in expressing yourself through music? Check out the WVU Community Music Program m this Fall! Learn an instrument - Learn to write your own music Introduce the world of music to young children - Classes available for all ages Private lessons also available on instruments and voice! - Great facilities, Great faculty and access to the resources of WVU Fall Registration Begins August 19

Classes Begin Tuesday September 3rd

For a complete listing of tuition, fees, and payment options, please visit the Office of Student Accounts website at

West Virginia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution. The WVU Board of Governors is the governing body of WVU. The Higher Education Policy Commission in West Virginia is responsible for developing, establishing, and overseeing the implementation of a public policy agenda for the state’s four-year colleges and universities.

Karen Taddie, NCTM Coordinator, Community Music Program/ WVU School of Music 304-293-6946 Office hours M-T-F 10am-1pm and 2pm-3:30pm

crowd swaying back and forth with “Promise.” And her cries of “bounce, bounce, bounce” from “Body Party” reflected her old-school vibe. “She’s beautiful,” said Jennifer Willis, an occupational therapy student. “And it’s like a throwback. We mostly came to see her.” Of course, she made longtime fans incredibly happy with her performances of favorites “1, 2 Step,” and “Goodies,” during which the crowd really started dancing. “My favorite Ciara song is ‘1, 2 Step,’” said nursing student Grace Porter. “It’s a total classic.” Overall, Ciara looked amazing and sounded fresh. Macklemore began his set with his inspirational “TenThousand Hours.” After that, he managed to find a person with a wolf hat in the crowd, and the audience was treated to his most well-known hit, “Thrift Shop.” And ever-true to his belief in marriage equality, Macklemore followed up with “Same Love”. Finally, after “White Walls,” “Wing$” and “And We Danced” – performed by his alter ego Sir Raven Bowie – Macklemore ended his performance with “Irish Celebration.” “Seeing Macklemore with my friends was a dream come true and a perfect way to end the summer,” said former WVU student Zachary Morse. After Macklemore finished his set, the crowd diminished a bit. The ones left were truly committed to starting the semester off right. Pretty Lights set was perfect for such dedicated concert-goers. Pretty Lights ended the show with his mind-blowing light display and incredible electronic music. And of course, his cover of “Country Roads” will always endear him to every Mountaineer. Robbie Messick, a forest resources management student, said he solely came to FallFest to see Pretty Lights. “I came for Pretty Lights, and my favorite song is ‘Electro Cali,’” Messick said. Messick, like most students who attended this year’s concert, also thought that FallFest provided students with an incredibly diverse and satisfying lineup. “Everyone could come and see their own personal version of a headliner,” Messick said. “I came for Pretty Lights, but there were less people out there. For other people their headliner might have been Macklemore or even Colt Ford.” And as Macklemore ended his set, “One. Two. Three. Peace.”



Tuesday August 20, 2012

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West Virginia has four running backs who could see significant playing time this season, including junior Andrew Buie who ran for 207 yards and two touchdowns in a 48-45 win over Texas last year.

Running backs coach JaJuan Seider has several options to choose from in WVU’s crowded backfield BY GREG MADIA MULTIMEDIA EDITOR

West Virginia running backs coach JaJuan Seider has tough decisions to make before WVU begins its season against William and Mary. While head coach Dana Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson are busy selecting a starting quarterback, Seider has been given the daunting task of sorting out a crowded Mountaineer backfield. There is both talent and depth in Seider’s position

group. Seider has to figure out how to distribute torches between Houston transfer and expected starter Charles Sims, former junior college All-American Dreamius Smith, and former WVU starters Dustin Garrison and Andrew Buie. “It’s tough. It’s (both) a good and bad problem to have because you want to have depth,” Seider said. With a competitive battle lasting the duration of camp, each talented running back tried to make the most of their opportunities. “We have so much depth

and so much talent back there that it’s hard to make a statement with two reps at a time,” Garrison said. “You have to make the most of those reps.” For Seider, the decisions he makes can ultimately define how stable the player/ coach relationship is throughout the season. Buie and Garrison, who have started multiple games for WVU in their career, could potentially serve in back-up roles this year. “I keep trying to stress to those guys (Buie and Garrison) ‘don’t get discour-

aged if your role changes’, you may not be the guy,” Seider said. Seider dealt with the same problem last year while serving as Marshall’s running backs coach, where he had multiple talented running backs. With the Thundering Herd, Seider had to deal with splitting the carries among Kevin Grooms, Travon Van, Steward Butler and Terri Watson. It wasn’t easy, but Seider learned from that experience and is using that to help him deal with the current situation.

“I learned how to deal with issues and sensitive subjects when guys are playing, especially when you have guys that talented when they all feel like they could go play,” Seider said. “You have to be sensitive and let them know to be patient because their opportunity will come and when it does they have to be ready.” By the end of training camp, just when Seider thought the backfield battle was down to four experienced runners, true freshman Wendell Smallwood

asserted himself as another contributor. “Everyone keeps forgetting about that freshman (Smallwood), but he’s pretty darn good too and he’s right in the mix,” Seider said. “He won’t be redshirting.” The bottom line for Seider is getting all five of his quality backs in Sims, Smith, Garrison, Smallwood and Buie to believe that they will all touch the ball at some point this season. But how to split those carries is going to be the

see Backfield on PAGE 12

Dakiel Shorts a versatile threat for WVU receiving corps BY DOUG WALP SPORTS WRITER

It’s no secret that the West Virginia football team will be without its most explosive weapon from the past few seasons when it kicks off its 2013 campaign in just 11 days. Inside receiver Tavon Austin has indeed moved on to the next stage of his promising young career in St. Louis, but here in Morgantown, head coach Dana Holgorsen and his staff are still trying to figure out who will take over the vacated slot receiver position for the Mountaineers this year. In fact, Holgorsen had been candid throughout West Virginia’s fall camp, which concluded Saturday, saying that he wasn’t happy at all with what he had seen from the inside receiver position so far. “I’ve got plenty of excuses why it looks bad,”

Holgorsen said Thursday. “It is what it is, we’ve got to get guys in there that we trust and guys in there that we like. I think there’s talent there.” Enter true freshman Daikiel Shorts. Shorts, a product of Eastern Christian Academy in Elkton, Md., had been lining up at the outside receiver position on a consistent basis since his arrival in Morgantown, but finally made the switch to the inside position for the first time at last Thursday’s practice. Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson admitted that he, like Holgorsen, had been fairly disappointed in what he’d seen out of his existing personnel at the slot position to this point, but that he was also thoroughly impressed after watching Shorts transition to the inside position after just a single day of practice.

“That was a good move,” Dawson said. “In one day, that kid showed that he’s got the mental capacity and everything to line up at that position and do really good things.” Shorts has yet to meet with members of the media, which is in line with the normal operating procedures for WVU’s freshman players, so to this point he’s had to do his talking on the practice field. And Shorts has certainly done that well, as evidenced by impressing his coaches immediately upon changing positions. In fact, when asked if he believed the move for Shorts would be permanent, Dawson didn’t even hesitate. “I don’t see why it wouldn’t be at this point, and that was just the first day,” he said. “But he did

see Shorts on PAGE 12

WVU Students & Staff



301 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive WVU Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic that provides a complete range of treatment for minor illness and injury. For conditions that require immediate but not LTLYNLUJ`JHYLZ\JOHZJVSKJV\NOÅ\ML]LY diarrhea, STDs, minor fractures, and more, we provide quick, convenient care. Our facility also offers on-site X-ray and lab services.

Urgent Care 304-599-CARE

8 am to 8 pm Every


(except Thanksgiving & Christmas)

Why wonder about wait times? The WVU Urgent Care app is now available for download on Android, iPhone, and iPads. Check current wait times, store important health information, and learn more about our services.



Tuesday August 20, 2013


Freshman looks to make immediate impact for WVU BY MEGHAN CARR SPORTS WRITER

After only two exhibition matches of the 2013 season, the freshmen on the women’s soccer team are certainly living up to expectations. Head coach Nikki IzzoBrown and her staff netted 10 recruits for the 2013 season. A team with more than half its roster filled with freshmen and sophomores needed players who could come in and quickly learn what it takes to play soccer at a college level. “I look at the technique of the player, their competitive drive and how fierce they are. To be able

to compete here at WVU, you have to be fierce,” Izzo-Brown said. Izzo-Brown is in her 18th year as the head coach of the Mountaineers and holds an impressive 235-92-36 overall record. Freshman midfielder ,Bryce Banuelos, has certainly been a celebrated recruit, ranked No. 66 by ESPN’s Top 150 poll. The top ranking recruit joined the team after competing this summer in the U.S. Youth Soccer League. Banuelos and Team Chicago Academy-Botafogo won the 2013 U18 U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship. Banuelos faced her future teammate in the champi-

onship, forward Daniela Neves. Team Chicago defeated Virginia’s VSA Heat Blue 2-1 in overtime. She scored her first goal as a Mountaineer in the first exhibition match of the season against Rutgers. With an assist from senior forward Frances Silva in the 28th minute, Banuelos was able to beat the challenge from goalkeeper Jessica Janosz and send the ball low to the opposite post, putting the Mountaineers up 1-0. The Mountaineers would go on to beat the Scarlet Knight 3-0 after goals from freshman midfielder Tessa Broadwater and senior midfielder Kara Blosser.

The freshman surprised many people when she committed in 2011 during her sophomore year of high school. She said it was helpful because all she had to focus on was training and school. A l rea dy a s o c c e r phenom in Elmhurst, Ill., Banuelos decided early on in her high school career that she wanted to play for WVU and Izzo-Brown. “I always knew how skilled the teams were in the past. I used to watch the games with my da d ,” Ba nu e l o s said. Her father Michael Banuelos and older brother Jordan also attended West Virginia University. Banuelos said that even though

she did look at two other schools, WVU was still the best fit for her. Banuelos is a second generation college athlete. Her mother Maria Banuelos played tennis for Central Michigan University. When asked whether she was intimidated coming into a program that has had a lot of success, Banuelos said she was aware of how much winning the Mountaineers have done recently. “I know they’ve had a lot of success, especially last year,” she said. “I know they upset Stanford last year, but the coaches and players have always made me feel welcome, and I’m just happy to be

a part of it.” With the preseason officially over, the reigning Big 12 champions have another tough season ahead of them. Beginning with their season opener against No. 4 Penn State, the Mountaineers will have their work cut out for them. However, Banuelos isn’t worried about playing top competition right out of the gate. “I think it’s a good thing we are starting with one of our tougher teams of the season. It shows everybody early on what we will face throughout the year,” Banuelos said.

men’s soccer

Mountaineers use time in Arizona as preparation for season

file photo

Sophomore forward Majed Osman looks to get past a defender in a match last season.


Before the West Virginia men’s soccer team will begin to sweat out their upcoming season beginning Aug. 30, the Mountaineers were baking in the viciously hot Arizona sun last week as training camp began. WVU traveled over

2,100 miles to Casa Grande, Ariz., and the Grande Sports Academy for a four-day business trip in preparations for their second season in the Mid-American Conference. “I wanted to get them out of their comfort zone,” said head coach Marlon LeBlanc. “The whole purpose was to challenge


them mentally.” The first day of the trip was a very unique scenario. The day started with an early morning practice in Morgantown, followed by the trip out west. Once they arrived in Arizona, the team ate dinner and practiced for a second time, two time zones away from where the first practice. The Mountaineers experienced temperatures throughout the week that routinely hit around 110 degrees. Even in the evening, well after the sun had set, temperatures

could still be felt at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The team luckily escaped the worst heat by practicing early in the morning and late into the evening. “People out in the west try to describe it as a dry heat, whatever that means,” LeBlanc said. “Hot is hot.” The Grande Sports Academy is a $20 million athletic training facility located about an hour away from Phoenix. The facility is home to Real Salt Lake of Major League Soccer and the U.S. Soccer Develop-

ment Academy. Some of the Grande Sports Academy’s perks include nine standard soccer fields, a 58,000-squarefoot performance center, state-of-the-art training equipment, an outdoor technical area and two therapy pools. A long week in the desert ended Sunday when the Mountaineers returned home and welcomed Ohio State for the team’s first preseason scrimmage. Despite logging many miles and being worn down by the heat, WVU won the match

1-0. The trip appeared to have strengthened the Mountaineers’ mental and physical states. “You know we’re on preseason legs at two-adays in 110-degree heat,” LeBlanc said. “That’ll take its toll.” The West Virginia men’s soccer team will remain in Morgantown for the first week of classes. The team will travel to Philadelphia Friday for their second and final scrimmage of the preseason against Villanova.

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Continued from page 9 some really good things. Put it this way, I’m more pleased with the inside receivers already.” Dawson further explained that one of the reasons he hasn’t seen a lot out of his receiving corps collectively is ironically also one of the reasons why the third-year offensive coordinator had a lot of early confidence in this year’s young offense: the overwhelming depth. On the one hand, depth has its advantages as more bodies can be rotated in to keep everyone fresh, and the competition cultivated by that depth usually results in a higher level of play all around. However, in the Mountaineers case, the team is so deep at the receiver position that the coaches have had to spread reps across so many different guys that none of the players are actually getting the

chance to take enough reps to get comfortable. “It’s a personnel war right now, as far as who our best guys are,” Dawson said. “We’re just trying to get everybody on the same page, and we’re moving people around. That’s like moving Daikiel to inside receiver, we’re trying to get guys situated in spots where they’re going to be most helpful to help this team win and move the ball. “We can tell who’s got the potential and who doesn’t right now. So we’re going to start limiting reps and pouring reps into guys pretty quick. Because we’re never going to come together offensively like we want to until we get settled.” Shorts will get his first chance to show the Mountaineer faithful what he’s capable of Aug. 31 in West Virginia’s home opener against William and Mary.

Tuesday August 20, 2013


Jon Fehrens

Continued from page 9

toughest challenge to figure out. Game to game, week to week or even practice to practice, Seider knows the repercussions of his decisions will have meaning. “Like I tell them, there are days you will be mad at me and there will be days that I’m mad at you,” he said. But at the end of the day, those decisions have to be made because when either the fourth or fifth running back is needed, they have to be prepared. “Most offenses want to have five tailbacks because guys get banged up and you ask these backs to go get a bunch of carries. You may not have five quality starters, but you need five guys for depth,” Seider said. Finally, in the case of Garrison, who worked his way back from injury, the running back has taken the competition seriously. As a

Sports Writer

Questions remain for WVU as season nears

Dustin Garrison will compete for carries this year. freshman, Garrison found his way on the field by capitalizing on limited opportunity and that is his plan if he isn’t named the starter or even the backup. “I think it’s that same mindset I had as a freshman; once I get my chance, I’ll make the most of it,”


Garrison said. Seider, Garrison and the rest of the personnel that sit in the backfield position meeting should have a ton of success this season if those decisions are handled carefully.

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This year’s West Virginia football team has more questions than answers coming into the 2013 season. Who will be taking snaps for the Gold and Blue come Aug. 31 against William & Mary? How will a defense that allowed 9.3 yards per pass attempt the entire season respond this year with a revamped defense? These are just some of the questions this team will soon be forced to answer. The biggest question entering the season for me, though, is how head coach Dana Holgorsen responds to the talent he lost to the NFL draft. Holgorsen saw quarterback Geno Smith, who threw for more than 8,500 yards and racked up 73 touchdowns, depart to become the backup with the New York Jets. Smith’s favorite targets, wide receivers Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey, are also gone, both to the St. Louis Rams. Together, both Bailey and Austin combined for nearly 400 catches and accounted for 5,033 of Smith’s passing yards last season. Now, one of the only wideouts returning with any starting experience is sophomore Jordan Thompson, who totaled only 13 receptions. Replacing those kinds of numbers is nearly impossible, and it will take a great amount of creativity from Holgorsen to get his team back into the national spotlight. Holgorsen began to piece together his offense by recruiting junior college transfer Kevin White and freshman Daikiel Shorts. I can see Thompson and White being the top two guys for this year’s team. Even though the passing game has potential, I predict West Virginia will rely heavily on the run throughout the season. Junior Andrew Buie led the team in rushing yards last year with 850, while his backup Dustin Garrison accounted for 207 yards. With the addition of Houston transfer Charles Sims, who hustled for 1,667 rushing yards and accounted for 27 touchdowns in his last two seasons with the team, I believe this group of running backs will prove to be the most important part of the offense this year. Holgorsen will not have a lot of time to prepare his team for the first test of the season, as WVU takes on Oklahoma in the second game of the season in Norman, Okla. This is where Mountaineer fans everywhere will see how their team compares to one of the nation’s top talents. As we inch closer to the opening kickoff, more starters will be named on paper and some of the questions that have been burning with WVU fans since last season ended will be answered. Instead of looking for answers on paper, I will be looking on the field and also on the sidelines to fulfill my curiosity.

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