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Thursday December 5, 2013

SGA talks Univ. president search, textbook partnership By Sam Bosserman Staff Writer @DailyAthenaeum

The West Virginia University Student Government Association held its last regular meeting of the fall semester Wednesday night. The meeting featured lengthy discussions on several topics with potentially wide-reaching repercussions for the entire student body. SGA president Ryan Campione announced the University is looking to fill several spots on the presidential search committee with student representatives. Campione said the University wants to make sure every group on campus is represented in order for all potential concerns and ideas to be heard. “In the selection of the new University president, it is important that everyone’s viewpoint is considered, and students are just as an important part of that as are faculty and staff,” Campione said. “When President Clements was selected, there was a selection committee where students who served on it had a significant role in addressing the personality characteristics they’d want to see in a future University president.” Campione said the University is looking for a cross-

section of the student body to serve on the committee, and he encourages anyone interested to get involved. “We really wanted to open this up to the entire student body,” he said. “The trick is getting equal representation by having undergrads from different colleges and potentially even a graduate student if any are interested. “We are mandated to find a student representative from the Health Sciences Campus.” Anyone interested in serving on the committee should get someone to nominate them by sending an email to SGA@mail. with their resume and contact information included. Self-nominations will not be accepted. In addition, the SGA Board of Governors unanimously passed a resolution endorsing a partnership with the website The resolution will see the WVU SGA officially promote the use of the website, which offers a platform for students to buy and sell textbooks. Gov. Chris Nyden, one of the resolution’s co-sponsors, gave a brief tour of the website before the voting began. He said the resolution represents SGA’s commitment to the student

Volume 126, Issue 70

body. “I’ve cared a lot about getting something like this in place for about two years, and it’s like the perfect storm that brought this on now,” Nyden said. “It really is a good deal for SGA and an even better one for the student body.” During the discussion of the resolution, a concern over spending SGA money to promote a private company was raised. Nyden said he recognizes where the concern is coming from but any money spent on promotion would be well worth the investment. “This is the way government should work; it’s about looking at the private sector and realizing they can also provide an efficient service,” Nyden said. “What typically happens in a private public partnership is the private sector is efficiently providing a public good, in this case it’s a platform for finding cheaper textbooks.” Nyden said he was happy to see the resolution pass unanimously despite reservations from board members. “I thought there may be a few nays but it turned out to be a unanimous vote, and I’m proud of that,” Nyden said. “The bottom line is the company is not

Four students announce intent to seek candidacy Wednesday



Chris Nyden, left, and Jacob Evans announce their intent to run for SGA office Wednesday.

Farah Famouri, right, and Kartik Motwani announce their intent to seek candidacy in the upcoming SGA election.

Nyden, Evans seek to continue to better WVU

Famouri, Motwani hope to guide through transition

Board of Governors members Chris Nyden and Jacob Evans announced their intent to seek the offices of student body president and vice president for the 2014-15 school year. Nyden said the motivating force behind his decision to run is the individual stories and problems he has heard directly from students and his desire to reach out and help each of them. “The rewards of being a member of this body are not the bullet point on your resume or the recognition you receive when doing good work,” Nyden said. “Those are nice, but the real reward is being able to look people in the eye and know that your work, however meager or insignificant it may seem to many, is bettering their lives while at this University.” Nyden and Evans both serve as Governors in the current Student Government Administration.

Farah Famouri and Kartik Motwani announced their intent to seek the offices of student body president and vice president for the 2014-15 school year. Both Famouri and Motwani have been active members of Student Government Association throughout their years at West Virginia University. Famouri currently serves as the Chief of Operations, while Motwani is the SGA’s Director of Academics. “The University is in a transitional period right now in its administration, so we need stability on the student level,” Famouri said. “Now is the time to do better, we’ve done a lot but we can do much more. “We can have cleaner campaigns, we can have everyone in the organization involved rather than just a few notable

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Ice Arena offers winter escape to students Holiday Book

Drive keeps W.Va. children reading

by laura haight staff writer @dailyathenaeum

With final exams approaching, West Virginia University students wish they could skate away from the stress of school. The Morgantown Ice Arena offers them the chance to do so. Sarah Lancotti, who has been ice skating for several years, said she attends a freestyle session every week at the arena. “It’s freeing. I like coming here and just forgetting everything once I get on the ice,” Lancotti said. Lancotti said she also enjoys the atmosphere in arena. “It’s very welcoming, you feel like you’re part of a community,” Lancotti said. “The people here are very nice, and you feel like you belong to a nice club.” The rink is a full collegiate hockey-sized rink, and where the West Virginia University hockey team and Figure Skating Club practice. The rink offers lessons for beginners who aren’t comfortable with learning to skate independently. WVU also offers a ice skating courses, which count as physical education credits. Ice skating classes range from beginner to immediate and students can also take a class to learn how to play hockey. Larry Casteel, the rink

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by hannah Wigal correspondent @dailyathenaeum


manager, handles the day-today operations of the rink. Casteel said he believes ice skating is a great way to get out and do something. “It’s a good stress reliever, and it’s good exercise,” Casteel said. “There are a lot of good things that happen at the ice rink.” The rink started as an outdoor rink, but is now fully enclosed. The rink opens in August and closes for the summer in April. Becca Salvatore, a sophomore journalism student, said

CARDS OF HOPE Local children are working to make spirits bright this holiday season. A&E PAGE 3

she likes to ice skate, because it reminds her of being in New York City. “Ice skating at the arena reminds me (of) skating in the city during the holidays with my family,” Salvatore said. “I love the holiday cheer.” Salvatore said she enjoys being able to get away from the stress and do something different. “It’s an affordable way to have fun and take a break from being at the library studying for all my finals,” Salvatore said. “I feel less stressed

now.” The rink holds public sessions Fridays 7-9 p.m., Saturdays 1:30-3:30 p.m., again at 7-9 p.m. and Sundays 1:303:30 p.m. The Ice Arena is located off of Greenbag Road at 1001 Mississippi St. in Morgantown. Admission to the rink is $5 and skate rentals cost $3. For more information on the BOPARC Ice Arena, visit html.

The West Virginia University College of Education and Human Services has kicked off its fourth annual Holiday Children’s Book Drive. The WVU CEHS is teaming up with the College of Education and Human Services Alumni Association and the WVU Extension Service’s Energy Express Program to help more than 3,000 disadvantaged elementary school students in West Virginia. Energy Express is an award-winning summer reading and nutrition program for children in rural and low-income areas in the state. Books collected from the drive will be distributed by Energy Express program advisers. A mission of the CEHS is to enhance and improve educational opportunities in West Virginia. Mary Beth Sickles, CEHS Alumni Relations and Special Events coordina-

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tor, said books are crucial to a child’s educational development.

WANT TO DONATE? Where to donate: • Morgantown Mall Children’s Play Area • Black Bear Burrito’s (Both Locations) • Healthworks (Maple Drive ) • 802 Allen Hall • United Bank (Cheat Lake, When: Donations will be accepted until Dec. 20. “Disadvantaged children have limited access to books, especially in their homes,” Sickles said. More than 1,300 books were donated and distributed to children throughout the state in 2012. The goal for the 2013 Holiday Book Drive is 1,800 books. “This drive is a way

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TAMING THE TIGERS The WVU men’s basketball team will take on Missouri tonight at 7. SPORTS PAGE 7


2 | NEWS

Thursday December 5, 2013

Toronto mayor tried obtaining tape TORONTO (AP) — New court documents released Wednesday suggest Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have offered $5,000 and a car to suspected drug dealers in exchange for a video that appears to show him smoking crack. The information is contained in police wiretaps of alleged gang members who spoke about delivering drugs to Ford and having pictures of him using drugs. One alleged gang member is heard telling another that he rejected the offer for the tape and planned to meet the mayor and ask for “150,” meaning $150,000. On one wiretap on April 20, an alleged gang member is heard saying, “Rob Ford was smoking his rocks today” and that he would post a picture on Instagram. On another wiretap, one man says he has many pictures of Ford “doing the hezza,” which police say is known to be slang for heroin. Another man suggests those pictures would be worth a lot, the document says. On Wednesday, Ford

We’re hiring


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford watches the Buffalo Bills play the Atlanta Falcons during the first half of an NFL football game, in Toronto. Saying he’s a big Washington Redskins fan and will “go on any radio,” scandal-plagued Ford has agreed to appear on a Washington-based sports talk show to make NFL picks. it at a home they believe to be a crack house and that Lisi was trying to get it back. Police say they overheard that Lisi threatened to “put the heat on” the gang if he didn’t get Ford’s phone back and that the alleged gang members said they would not tolerate Li-

si’s threats because they had a picture of Ford “on a pipe,” which police believed meant a crack pipe. Police say Lisi gave the men marijuana in exchange for the return of the mayor’s phone. Dennis Morris, Ford’s lawyer, said the wiretaps are


body.” Students interested Continued from page 1 in interviewing with the Nyden-Evans ticket should “ G o v. N y d e n visit http://www.nydeneand I have worked together on a lot of proj“We’re looking for exe cts, esp e cially my perienced and hard workLiveSafe proposal,” Ev- ing students who believe ans said. “When he ap- in leaving this Univerproached me about run- sity a better place than ning for vice president they found it,” Nyden it was an offer I couldn’t said. “Dedication and derefuse. termination coupled with a “I look forward to work- heart of passion is what our ing with him, as well as student body needs. We what I’m sure will be a will provide all of this and great group of people more.” —slr elected by the student

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charging anything for this service and students will not be asked to pay anything for it either.” WVU SGA meetings will resume at the start of the spring semester. Meetings will be held Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Hatfield’s B in the Mountainlair.


Continued from page 1 people.” Famouri and Motwani worked together for the past year to establish a primary school in Ghana as part of Mountaineers for International Disease Awareness. Both said throughout this work they were able to prove the level of effectiveness they can achieve as a team. “We’re clearly a proven





will be organized in Parkersburg and Charleston. There are book collections that will benefit McDowell County school libraries and the Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg. For more information about the CEHS Holiday Book Drive, email Mary Beth Sickles at Marybeth.Sickles@mail.wvu. edu.



books will be collected until Dec. 20. Donations can be dropped off at the following locations: The Morgantown Mall Children’s Play Area; Black Bear Burrito’s Downtown and Evansdale location: Healthworks’ Maple Drive location; 802 Allen Hall on the Evansdale Campus ; or Unite d Bank’s Cheat Lake, Sabraton and Waterfront locations. Additional collections

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team,” Motwani said. “The focus of our work in SGA is to help foster a growing environment at WVU for the benefit of our fellow students and generations to come.” Students interested in interviewing for a position on the Famouri-Motwoni ticket should visit http:// “We’re in this for the right reasons,” Famouri said. “We want any student who wants to make WVU a better place.” —slr




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-.125" all BLEED SIZE: +.125" Nolan INTERNAL ROUND: R1

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to build the inventory of age-appropriate books in rural schools across the state, so that low-income children have access to books, which provides a strong foundation needed to develop important skills required for school,” Sickles said. New or gently used


of a drug and weapons investigation involving alleged members of the Dixon Bloods gang when the mayor’s name surfaced on wiretaps in March and April. Police didn’t open an investigation into Ford and Lisi until May, when U.S. website Gawker and the Toronto Star reported that alleged drug dealers were shopping around the crack video. Ford says he has quit drinking and adopted a healthier lifestyle. And he’s not avoiding the spotlight. He’s agreed to appear on a Washington-based sports talk show to make NFL picks. Councilor Janet Davis said the image of Ford laughing at the newest revelations demonstrates his arrogance and lack of judgment. “If he laughed today, and thousands and thousands of people of the city of Toronto saw that he was laughing at what was revealed today, it will just simply deepen the anger toward this man,” Davis said.

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snippets of alleged gangsters who are talking among themselves. “It’s very dangerous to put any weight into any of this,” Morris told The Associated Press. “There’s nothing to address.” City councilor Joe Mihevc said police need to examine the allegations that Ford tried to obtain the tape. “The mayor can’t come out and say, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’” Mihevc said. “This man needs help. He needs a lot of help.” Toronto Police Bill Blair declined to comment on the newly released documents. The wiretaps are evidence in the case against Lisi, who faces trial on drug and extortion charges. The mayor has not been charged. “All of the evidence that was gathered in that case has been reviewed by investigators and with the Crown prosecutors in this case, and where reasonable and probable grounds to lay a charge exists, charges have been laid,” Blair said. Police were in the midst



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laughed and ignored questions as he left his office. Ford, who’s become an international media sensation, acknowledged last month that he smoked crack in a “drunken stupor” about a year ago. He previously denied the existence of the video. Ford has refused to resign as mayor of Canada’s largest city and financial capital, despite mounting pressure after a string of incidents that have embarrassed Canadians, from public drunkenness to appearing in another video that showed him threatening “murder” in an incoherent rant. Toronto’s city council has stripped him of most of his powers. Ford admitted that he smoked crack after police said they had obtained a video that appears to show him puffing on a crack pipe as part of an investigation into his friend Alexander Lisi. The newly released court documents say police heard on the wiretaps that Ford had his phone stolen or lost

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Thursday December 5, 2013


WVU Children’s Hospital celebrates 12th annual Cards of Hope project


by jake jarvis A&e writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia University Children’s Hospital is celebrating its 12th annual Cards of Hope charity project. This heartwarming event allows Morgantown residents and people around the country to contribute to finding a cure for cancer while providing holiday cheer. Lora Edgell, the Children’s Miracle Network Director for WVU’s Children Hospital has been organizing this project from the beginning. Of the many

events she organizes, she said this one in particular carries the most emotional reward. “This is one that is very near and dear to my heart,” Edgell said. In the summer months, active patients in pediatric cancer cancers, former patients and siblings of patients are invited to draw a Christmas card. The best of these cards are voted on by a committee of members from the community. The top 10 cards are chosen to be a part of the Holiday Collection, which will be for sale to the pub-


lic. The proceeds from these sales go directly to the Cure Kids Cancer Fund at the hospital. “The cards are underwritten this year by Kroger,” Edgell said. “Therefore, when someone purchases a pack of cards, 100 percent of their donation goes directly to families in need.” One of the artists returning this year is 15-yearold Glenn Koon. Glenn’s mother, Michelle, said he and his family participate year after year. “We participate to give back to the hospital that took such good care of

us,” Michelle said. “Glenn draws his cards in memory of his brother Johnny who died in 2005 from brain cancer. “Being involved for 12 years, I see the card orders come in every year,” Edgell said. “It amazes me the people who purchase them year after year.” This year, orders have come from across the country. Cards will be delivered from California to New York. Tracy Burcham, a West Virginia resident, has purchased cards for the past five years and said it is definitely a part of her Christ-


mas traditions. “It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without the kids’ cards hung up on my mantle,” Burcham said. “They’re so precious that I never end up sending them out, I just keep them for myself.” For only $15, a pack of 20 cards can be purchased that include two copies of each one-of-a-kind design. Designs range from reindeer to snowmen and Christmas trees. Each reflects the personality of the child who created it. After the holidays end, people can still help the pediatric patients at WVU

Children’s Hospital. Unlike some others, this is a nonprofit hospital. “What that means is that no child is ever turned away, regardless of their ability to pay,” Edgell said. “Fundraising dollars assist in the day-to-day needs of our patients and their families.” To make a donation, visit To purchase a pack of cards, visit http:// w v u h / Ho m e / S u p p o r t / Cards-of-Hope. daa&

WVU alumni wins best director at NY Independent Film Festival for documentary By westley thompson a&e writer @dailyathenaeum

It’s the height of the Cold War in 1961, and the U.S.’s fear that Central and South America will side with communist territories created tension throughout the Western Hemisphere. After meeting a Colombian student, a group of American college kids undertook an exciting expedition. The groups’ eyes were opened to U.S. foreign policy and attitude toward Latin American countries. They decide to buy a surplus military amphibious vehicle and take a yearlong goodwill trip throughout the Americas. Throughout this trip the boys learned perseverance is the greatest asset one can possess. This documentary, released in October by

award-winning director Matt Twomey, is called “The Duck Diaries: A Cold War Quest for Friendship Across the Americas.” The group’s journey starts at “The Today Show” in New York City. They left the States and crossed the country into Mexico. The group planned to hit every major university throughout Latin America and extend a hand in friendship. In the process, they made efforts to learn about the cultures of other countries, while at the same time teaching others about their own ways. Every town the group entered was full of people curious about this group of men and their strange vehicle. The journey was full of challenges. Crossing the borders was difficult. Guards didn’t know what

to make of these unofficial ambassadors of goodwill. The men also met much mechanical trouble brought on by the poor roadways that plague these regions, and their vehicle was never designed for distance or endurance. Their most harrowing challenge took place at sea. In order to cross the treacherous Darien Gap separating Panama from Colombia, the group had to take to the water. After being at sea for three days in rough conditions, the amphibious vehicle’s propeller broke, and everyone was left stranded ashore on a tropical island. Thematically this documentary has a lot to offer. Within the adventure, there are two different themes. Firstly, the documentary showed the importance of reaching across cultures with friendship. Too often

people write off other cultures without ever learning about them first. By making the effort to understand and befriend those who are different, we can learn to peacefully coexist. Secondly, the story deals with the power of true commitment. Throughout their adventure, the group faced many challenges, but their commitment to finishing the trip always pushed them forward. Twomey learned some of these lessons himself. With the exception of some aid for voice-overs and certain technical aspects, everything put into this documentary was done by Twomey. It took a lot of commitment to bring such a large project to fruition. Towmey won best director for “The Duck Diaries” at this year’s NY Independent Film Festival.

For him though, this movie is more than just an interesting adventure from the Cold War. His father was actually a member of the group. “One of the guys on this was my dad,” Twomey said. “So I knew the story growing up, and I’ve seen the footage from time to time.” The difficulty came in putting the film together to create a narrative arc. Due to age, a lot of the footage was damaged and needed to be professionally salvaged. Taking all of the stories and interviews and compiling them together in a comprehensible way proved to be the greatest challenge. “There are a million ways to put a story together with all this footage,” Twomey said. “You have to decide which ones to use to make a narrative arc.”

Twomey is a graduate of West Virginia University, and he grew up in Morgantown. His father was a professor at the University for some time. He completed an undergraduate English program at WVU and learned a lot from his experience at the University. “I’ve always been a believer in the power of story telling,” he said. “We take lessons from them.” Twomey said he wants to take the documentary to other film festivals and have it shown at universities. For more information on the film, visit its Facebook page or Twomey’s website,, for clips from theis documentary and his other works. daa&

Florida Georgia Line releases deluxe album ‘Here’s To The Good Times... This Is How We Roll’ Carly Smith A&E WRiter @dailyathenaeum

««««« Country duo Florida Georgia Line has skyrocketed to the top of the charts and in country music since the debut of their first album. Fans of the group wanted more, and Florida Georgia Line delivered with the release of their deluxe album, “Here’s To The Good Times… This Is How We Roll.” Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line released their first album, “Here’s To The Good Times” in December 2012. Since then, the duo has come into great fame and success, beginning with their single, “Cruise.” FGL then created a country-pop crossover sensation through a remix of “Cruise” featuring rapper Nelly, which topped the charts. Florida Georgia Line has won numerous awards since their first CD, includ-

ing the Academy of Country Music award for New Artist of the Year and the Country Music Association award for Vocal Duo of the Year. Florida Georgia Line wanted to continue the success of their first album with a deluxe version. The “This Is How We Roll” deluxe album includes all of the songs from their first album, five new songs and a DVD with music videos and behind-the-scenes footage of the band. Florida Georgia Line opens up the deluxe portion of their CD with the title track, ”This Is How We Roll.” Featuring Luke Bryan, the song explains how Hubbard and Kelley live their lives. This song resonates with many country music fans, and the vocals on the track are impeccable. The next new song debuted on the album is “Take It Out On Me.” This track is very sensual and talks about consoling a girl who is fed up with her boyfriend. The background music is reminiscent of their newest single, “Stay”

School named after Ron Burgundy BOSTON (AP) — Actor and comedian Will Ferrell told students he was “literally in a glass case of emotion” Wednesday as Emerson College temporarily named its School of Communication after Ron Burgundy, his character in “Anchorman.” Ferrell appeared as Burgundy, the fictitious television anchorman he plays in the 2004 hit movie as well as its sequel, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” which opens this month. The renaming was one of several recent promotional events for the movie. Ferrell anchored a newscast as Burgundy in North Dakota over the weekend. Then he helped cover curling trials in Canada. A spokeswoman said Emerson received no money for the appearance. The idea came from Ferrell’s publicist, an Emerson alum.

Many people had asked why the school would name itself after Burgundy, even for a day, said Phillip Glenn, professor and interim dean of the School of Communication. “Why indeed?” he said. “Why not?” Ferrell pretended to cry as he hugged Glenn and Emerson President Lee Pelton. “To be finally recognized for my work as a journalist is truly extraordinary,” he said. “I can’t believe it’s finally happening.” He took questions from students and reporters, telling them he gets a lot of news from carrier pigeons and offering hair advice including “use a leave-in conditioner.” He also offered this recommendation for journalism students: “Keep a $20 bill in your shoe. You never know.”

and takes what could be a slow song and make it rock. “People Back Home” is a way for Hubbard and Kelley to thank those who have helped them get where they are today. The song is extremely relatable and puts the typical “thank-you” to shame. The funky beat along with Hubbard’s rap talent makes it unforgettable. “Headphones” is a rockinfluenced hit that could very well be FGL’s next single. The song explains how he thinks of a girl every time he listens to music. This track is upbeat and fresh, making for a great track. When “Here’s To The Good Times” was originally released, a version sold at Target included two extra

tracks. These tracks were released again on the deluxe version and have resonated well with fans. One of the extra tracks, “What Are You Drinking About” is a fan favorite. From the hundreds of covers on YouTube, it is obvious that the track is a hit. “What Are You Drinking About” can remind the listener almost of a boy-band song, but with a grown-up message. Florida Georgia Line made a smart move by rereleasing their chart-topping CD with some fresh songs. The extra content makes the CD definitely worth buying and proves FGL has so much to offer to fans of all genres of music.


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Thursday December 5, 2013

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Finals schedule a questionable call One of the biggest changes to the 2013-14 West Virginia University academic calendar was the addition of a “fall break.” This short break was intended to be a chance to refresh during the longer block of classes after the Labor Day recess and Thanksgiving Break. Students often used to complain they started to get burned out from school in the middle of the semester with no pressure to start tackling larger projects and the constant monotony of class discussion and homework. A fall break, then, seemed like the perfect solution. The break, which fell this year on Oct. 14-

15, gave the students a four-day weekend to return home to visit their families, catch up on sleep and course work or simply take some personal time to relax. While most enjoyed the time off, no one truly anticipated the unintended consequences of this additional break. As a result of the Monday and Tuesday without meeting for class, the finals week scheduled shifted drastically. Traditionally, there was a week of full classes after Thanksgiving Break and then a period called “dead week,” during which students were supposed to take the week to prepare

for the final exams and projects, and the instructors were supposed to review for their finals and give students a chance to ask questions. This term has also been adapted to describe the look on the students’ faces as they emerge from the library at 1 a.m. While not all teachers adhered to this code and not all students took to the library, the system worked fairly well. Or it was at least familiar. This year, there will be one full week of classes after Thanksgiving Break before turning over to finals week Dec. 12, next Thursday. Finals will continue through Wednesday,

Dec. 18. This does not include time for a “dead” period, only a “reading day” Wednesday before the start of finals. This cuts the week of final exams into two halves, with a weekend in between. This could be a time to study, or this could be a time to head out to the bars for a quick pick-me-up. This schedule affects the syllabi of many teachers, forcing them to decide to continue classes into next week and wholly losing the attention of their students or choosing to forgo meeting altogether Monday-Tuesday. This seems like a disaster waiting to happen, but like all trial runs, there’s

no way to tell how it will all turn out. Perhaps there will be no problems, and the entire test-taking process will go off without a hitch. If that is the case, the administration will need to revisit the schedule and work out any kinks, as they’ve already promised. As it stands, the only outcome of this finals schedule has been to cause additional stress and confusion to both students and teachers. So, everyone, make sure you visit students/finals to determine when your finals will be and double check your syllabus to find out where.

As always, study hard, take breaks often, and just think – in two weeks’ time, this whole nightmare will be over.

Look up this year’s final schedule at:

http://registrar.wvu. edu/current_students/ finals.

op-ed commentary

Studying smarter, not harder for final exams hannah chenoweth columnist

When the calendar officially says December, most people automatically think “Christmas! Santa! Fa la la la la!” However, college students know there is a looming obstacle to survive before they start dreaming of eggnog and shiny gifts under the tree. This hindrance is referred to as final exams. There are always students who claim they don’t have any finals, which leaves me baffled and amazed. Most of us aren’t so lucky and are slammed with multiple exams, some of them cumulative. I believe I speak for the

majority here when I say Thanksgiving Break turns my brain to mashed potatoes and gives me a glimmer of hope for the laziness to come during Christmas break. Coming back from a week of home cooked meals and no textbooks in sight, it’s difficult to push through finals week with the same fresh determination many of us possessed at the beginning of the semester. Doing well on your finals doesn’t have to equate to water torture. The key is to study smarter, not harder. This is a concept many people don’t fully grasp even after years of oversaturating their brain with irrelevant information. Every class, no matter what subject, has crucial key

concepts. If these are laid out in a study guide, your job is pretty simple. It starts out with identifying the concepts and breaking them down into definitions, maps, diagrams – whatever it is that clicks for you. Instead of simply looking back over your notes, do something with your notes that will solidify these concepts into your brain. For me, mnemonic devices work wonders. If you doubt the power of mnemonics, just think about how many song lyrics have been permanently drilled into your brain throughout the years. If you can create a jingle, rhyme, or memorable saying out of a confusing concept, it’s so much easier to recall come test time. It

may even stick in your head long after the exam is done, which is pretty remarkable. Most of us get so obsessed with memorizing but not really understanding that everything we studied flies out the window immediately after the test. My next piece of advice might seem counter-productive, but is something I swear by after three years of college. Sleep is more beneficial than that last hour of studying you try to cram in. You’re not being weak or lazy by slumbering, but actually allowing your body to repair itself both mentally and physically. Sayings like, “I can sleep when I’m dead,” are delusional and harmful, yet too many students continue to put themselves at a disadvantage. During the

REM stage of sleep, all the information swirling around your brain is consolidated; the new stuff is solidified, and the unnecessary fluff is cleared to make room for tomorrow’s information. Ever notice how the days start blurring together when you’re sleep deprived? That goes for information too – everything gets jumbled and confused. After a good night’s sleep, you are much more likely to think logically and perform better on a test. No matter how you decide to study during finals week, just make sure it’s active. This might mean talking out loud, pulling out the highlighters, drawing pictures of concepts or e-mailing your teachers for further clarification. It took me until my ju-

nior year of college to realize your professors are there to help you. You might understand a difficult concept much easier when meeting one-on-one instead of learning in a 200-person person lecture hall. It’s also always helpful to teach someone else the concept you’re learning; your roommates might completely ignore you, but it can’t hurt to try. Whatever you do, make sure you are actively engaging yourself in your studying and not just drooling over a ten pound textbook. It is possible to still get some sleep, exercise, and maybe even a little social interaction if you choose to study smarter, not harder.

New Amazon drones give customers a look into the future of deliveries

An Amazon octocopter is tested in California Tuesday. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, claims the goal is to have customer’s packages delivered within 30 minutes of ordering with the new delivery drones.

ryan van buren columnist

Online shopping has grown and advanced to new levels during the last couple of years. But what Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, introduced on CBS “60 Minutes” Sunday is revolutionary. Bezos has developed “octocopters,” which are delivery drones that drop off packages gently on the customer’s front doorstep. The idea still has a long way to go, but the thought of this becoming a reality is difficult to wrap your mind around.

Bezos is trying to emphasize Amazon’s mission of, “we do everything to make products cheaper and life easier for our customers.” If I can order a package from Amazon and have it delivered to my doorstep by a drone, I would be more shocked than happy. Since the idea is still only a concept, we can all imagine what it would be to walk out your front door and watch Amazon drones fly overhead and deliver online shoppers their newest purchases and gifts. Of course when Bezos’ revealed his delivery plan, immediate safety concerns and uproar rumbled through the social me-

dia world. But most people like me could not be more excited to see this new delivery system be implemented and watch this futuristic technology with our own eyes. Through the last couple of years we have seen technology change how we live our everyday lives. With the world so accepting and open to new technology, it might not be as far-fetched as it appears. “It will work, and it will happen, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” Bezos said. Unless the drones are secretly working for the CIA, or falling out of the sky, this should change the way items from the Internet are

delivered. What I find so intriguing about this news is what the Amazon drones can develop into. Because we don’t know the exact numbers and engineering behind the drones and what they can carry, it’s hard to fully understand their potential. But can you imagine a day where you can get your groceries, appliances or even furniture delivered through the sky to your doorstep? Amazon’s mission to make their customers happy is definitely felt, but I can foresee some tremendous safety problems for these drones.

For one, they need to have internal GPS systems to get to and from the houses without hitting trees, cable lines or anything the drone can’t determine while flying. The problem is once a drone goes down, doesn’t deliver a package on time or harms a human being, house or car, how will society react? Also, what if people start shooting down or finding ways to take the drone out of the sky and steal another person’s gift? What is Amazon supposed to tell to the customer then, because I’m sure they wouldn’t be too happy about that certain scenario. Now I’m sure these are

just some of the many issues and problems Amazon is trying to figure out for the next couple of years, but once they iron out the kinks changed the world forever. I don’t know if society is completely ready for these drastic changes, but the transformation we’re going to experience in the next few years will be unbelievable, and we’ll look back to Amazon drones as a mere afterthought. As a society, with the help of Amazon and other innovators, we’re slowly transitioning into the life from The Jetsons.


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Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit











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ACROSS 1 Unapproachable 7 Heavy shoe 13 Like Steven Wright’s delivery 15 Fragrant hybrid bloom 16 Unusually large 17 They enjoy being cruel 18 GPS display 19 Scottish refusal 20 Melodic passages 21 Cabbage head? 23 E. __ bacteria 24 Hug 27 Buckeyes’ sch. 29 Blunt blade 32 Main idea 33 Defensive story 35 “I hate when you do that!” 36 Balkan Peninsula capital 37 Profit share 38 Heavenly hunter 40 Prov. on Lake Superior 41 Tottenham tot toters 43 Squares 44 Grape soda brand 46 A in German class 47 Light spectrum extreme 48 L.A. Sparks’ org. 50 Contractor’s details 52 Ones with a common heritage 55 Eyeball 56 “Grimm” network 59 Put away, as a hunting knife 60 More apt to pout 62 Many a Nickelodeon watcher 63 Exalt 64 Astonishingly enough 65 Carol opener DOWN 1 Air Wick target 2 It can go on for years 3 Dieter’s count 4 Picks from a lineup 5 *”Break Like the Wind” band 6 Thin ice, say 7 Berenstain youngster, e.g. 8 Active beginning? 9 Maryland state bird, for one 10 *TV drama narrated by a teen blogger

11 Apropos of 12 Storied loch 14 Can’t be without 15 Bag-checking agcy. 21 HŠgar’s daughter 22 The answers to starred clues start with kinds of them, and are arranged in them 24 Canon rival 25 Worst possible turnout 26 *Double-date extra 28 Tries to please a master, perhaps 30 Diminish by degrees 31 Arp contemporary 33 Trendy healthful berry 34 *Chemical connection that involves a transfer of electrons 39 Classic autos 42 Is guilty of a dinner table no-no 45 Congenital 47 Shakespearean setting 49 Falls for a joke 51 Fleshy fruit

52 “Mike and Mike in the Morning” broadcaster 53 Via, briefly 54 China’s Sun Yat-__ 56 Calligrapher’s points 57 Seat restraint 58 Hudson Bay native 61 Forest female





HOROSCOPE BY JACQUELINE BIGAR BORN TODAY This year you could experience an inordinate amount of pressure, as often what you feel could be in conflict with what you think or must do. People pick up on your mixed messages. You are better off explaining your internal battle to others, even though they likely will know about it anyway. If you are single, check out someone you meet with care. This person might not be everything he or she portrays him- or herself to be. Take a full year to get to know each other. If you are attached, the two of you will learn to communicate far better, which allows you to open up more. ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) HHHH Focus on a project that you

must complete. A partner or an associate could act like a taskmaster and frustrate you to no end. Understand your limits here, and tap into your ingenuity. You just might find a way to lighten up the situation. Tonight: To the wee hours. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) HHHH Your imagination knows no limits, and it opens you up to a new way of thinking. You could find that a friend wants more, which confuses you on some level, as you have kept romance and friendship separate. Be true to yourself. Tonight: Let the fun begin. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) HHHH You might decide to call it an early day and head home; on the other hand, some of you will decide to just enjoy a day off. Of all the signs, you have the least amount of tolerance for boredom. Take up a new hobby

to invigorate your daily life. Tonight: Make it easy. CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) HHHH Express yourself in a clear and succinct manner. Realize your limits within a discussion. No matter how creative you get, there are some things that are best left unsaid. Take time for a child or a new friend. Tonight: Catch up on a neighbor’s news. LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) HHH You no longer can avoid taking a hard look at your budget. You might feel uncomfortable at first, but it is better than not having enough money for the holidays. You’ll come up with some good ideas that could make the next few weeks even more special. Tonight: Buy a gift on the way home. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) HHHH Confusion surrounds a project, and

possibly even a loved one. A misunderstanding might not be all that bad, as perhaps you have not yet heard the whole story. You’ll feel happier when you do. Your creativity surges as a result. Tonight: Whatever makes you smile. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) HH Know when you want to pull back. You could be taken aback by the assumptions someone close to you makes. You might not be sure what direction to head in. Do not worry so much. Try to think positively. Tonight: Make an adjustment to your thinking. SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) HHH Emphasize others. You understand your own strength and where it comes from. You need less support than many other people do. Meetings could be quite important. Use them for networking. Tonight: Only

where people are. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) HHH Carefully rethink a situation involving a boss or higher-up. You could feel quite restricted, as you sense this person’s negativity. The question remains: Is there really negativity here, or are you projecting it onto the situation? Tonight: A force to be dealt with. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) HH Listen to your sixth sense. You know when something is off. You need to honor those feelings, as they could prevent a problem before it happens. Someone at a distance or on a trip could rain on your parade. Tonight: Detach, and you will see more. AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) HHHH A partner whispers in your ear and has a lot to share. You listen,

though you might want more information. A boss or an older friend could be challenging. Though you get feedback, your sixth sense tells you something different. Follow your instincts. Tonight: Be a team player. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) HHHH Think carefully about what is being proposed. The problem lies in how much is being thrown on your plate. Not one person approaches you to help, either. You have to choose with whom and on what project you want to be involved. Tonight: Join friends.

BORN TODAY Entrepreneur Walt Disney (1901), U.S. Army Gen. George Custer (1839), politician Strom Thurmond (1902)



Thursday December 5, 2013

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‘A Celebration of Dance’ to feature WVU students by nick wesdock a&e writer @dailyathenaeum

West Virginia University’s dance program will put on their annual winter showcase, “A Celebration of Dance,” tonight and Friday at the Creative Arts Center. “It’s basically (designed) to showcase students and their work, both as performers and as choreographers,” said Professor Yoav Kaddar, director of the dance program. The 80-minute show will feature 17 dances, more than any of the previous years. WVU dance students choreographed all of the dances that will be performed, but any student could audition. Many different styles of dance will be exhibited, including tap, African, modern and Irish step. “About 80 dancers attended our audition in September, and we have been rehearsing from then on,” said

Olivia Kinney, a senior pharmacy student. “Any WVU student can audition; we operate on the motto that ‘everyone’s a dancer,’ so we always welcome new dancers to our program.” Kinney said she has been dancing since the age of three and chose to come to WVU in part because of its dance program. “A Celebration of Dance” is officially considered an informal concert, but it has all the elements of a formal production. “It doesn’t have a large and heavy production value,” Kaddar said. “It’s pretty formal, (and) it’s really well put together. “(It) presents a wide variety of student works and multiple genres.” Kaddar and other dance instructors have been working with students throughout the semester, giving them feedback on their work. Now in its fourth year, “A Celebra-

tion of Dance” is one of the changes Kaddar made when he first arrived at WVU. “Students were asking for more performance opportunities,” he said. “So we have such a concert at the end of this semester and also at the end of next semester.” Rehearsal won’t end after this weekend’s performances, as five of the 17 dances were chosen to move on to “Dance Now!,” another of the dance programs annual concerts in February. “We are looking forward to presenting the dances we have been working on all semester,” Kinney said. “A lot of hard work goes into creating a piece, and it’s very rewarding to share it with an audience.” “A Celebration of Dance” will have three showings, starting tonight with shows 7 and 9 p.m., and Friday at 7 p.m. General admission is $9. daa&

file photo

The 2012 ‘A Celebration of Dance’ featured dances choreographed and performed by WVU students.

Gavin DeGraw to perform at CAC Disillusion Effect loses drummer BY LACEY PALMER A&E EDITOR @LaceyPalmer

Singer, songwriter and musician Gavin DeGraw will return to Morgantown in March for the first time since 2004, providing West Virginia University students and the Morgantown area a melodic, soulful concert experience. “We’re excited to welcome back Gavin DeGraw to Morgantown,” said David Ryan, WVU Arts and Entertainment public relations specialist. “It’s great to see so many people on Twitter excited for the show.” DeGraw is most commonly known for his hit single “I Don’t Wanna Be” from his 2003 debut album but has continued to impress fans since. His recent album,

“Make A Move,” is proof the artist continues to create successful music. The debut single from his recent release, “Best I Ever Had,” mentions West Virginia, which is sure to excite audiences at the concert. DeGraw has toured with Maroon 5 and Train, and his music has been featured on popular television shows, such as “One Tree Hill.” DeGraw is also well known for his songwriting ability. “Gavin’s music has touched millions of people around the world with hits like ‘Chariot’ and the latest wave of hit songs from his new album,” Ryan said. Pop and soul group Parachute and Adam Levine’s first signed artist, Rozzi Crane, will open for DeGraw. Parachute, with popular songs such as “She Is Love,”

and “Kiss Me Slowly,” promises to provide a relaxing yet upbeat experience. Crane, whose music has been featured in “The Hunger Games,” will bring her own element of soul, as well. “Parachute and Rozzi also promise to deliver some terrific music,” Ryan said. “The Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre really connects the audience with the music. It’s the perfect venue for this music.” The show will take place March 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Creative Arts Center. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. at the Mountainlair and CAC box offices, online at or by calling 304-293-SHOW and range from $34.75-$60.75. WVU students receive $10 off with a valid ID.

WELCOME TO COLLEGE PARK APARTMENTS 1-4 Bedroom Apartments • Individual Bathrooms • All units include Balconies, Washer and Dryers, Air Conditioning • Fitness Center • Computer Station • Game Room • Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace • High Speed Internet and Cable TV


by hunter homistek a&e writer @dailyathenaeum

Disillusion Effect drummer Jacob Miller announced he is leaving the band for personal reasons, leaving the local metal outfit with a void to fill at the position. Miller, who also plays the drums in the local fan-favorite group The Soul Miners and provides lessons at Fawley Music in Sabraton, W.Va., cited family issues and an overflowing schedule as his reasons for stepping away from Disillusion Effect. “It wasn’t healthy for me – mentally or physically – to continue,” Miller said. “I was doing too much, and I wasn’t giving them 100 percent anymore.” In addition to his work as a musician, Miller is a single father of his two-yearold son, Nathan, and he performs heating and cooling repair work on the side with his family business. “I had to become a better father, and I had a lot of pressure to step up my game in that area,” Miller said. “I wasn’t satisfied with the job

I was doing for my son. When you realize something like that, it really hits home.” For the band, Miller’s departure was untimely and unexpected, leaving them in a scramble to piece together the group’s future and ensure their continued growth. The then-four-piece group recently finished recording its first EP at Zone 8 recording studio in Granville, W.Va., and they booked a Jan. 11 gig at 123 Pleasant Street to release their work to the masses. Now, these plans are in limbo, and the band has yet to make a final decision whether or not they can continue with this plan. “We’re just going to do the release digitally now, rather than make hard copies,” said guitarist Jimmy Rhodes. “But we might still play. We might use the drum tracks from the studio and play over them, just to show up and to be professional by not canceling.” The members said while they recognize Miller’s considerable talents behind the kit, they understand replacing him and his skill set is not an impossible task. “There is no denying the

incredible talent that is Jacob Miller,” said vocalist Chris Rabideau. “That said, we don’t need somebody who can match him note for note. We need somebody who is dedicated and who will put in the work to do what we need to do.” Miller said he is happy to hear the band will continue without him, despite the tension that currently exists between himself and his former bandmates. “When I heard they were looking for a new drummer, that was the greatest news to me,” Miller said. “That means that somebody else can fulfill the dream that I couldn’t. “I wanted the DE to do great things, but now somebody else will get to live that in my place.” The band urges any drummers interested in the position to contact them on their Facebook page. “This train (isn’t) stopping,” Rabideau said. “We’ve put in too much work, too much time and too much money to stop it now. We are not done.” daa&

Morgantown Beauty College

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West Virginia looks to put an end to road struggles DOUG WALP SPORTS WRITER @DAILYATHENAEUM

After two full seasons of football in a new conference, West Virginia should not only be at the forefront of the lobbying effort to add more teams to the Big 12, but ideally to add between two and four more teams from the eastern region of the United States, in particular. Let’s face it. While it’s certainly a good thing the Mountaineers escaped the collapsing Big East Conference when they did, the transition also hasn’t necessarily been smooth, especially in regard to the on-the-field success of WVU’s various athletic programs. Because apart from a few minor exceptions – the dominant women’s soccer team being the most notable – West Virginia has collectively and mightily struggled in conference play the last two years, especially on the road. West Virginia’s two biggest revenue-generating sports, football and men’s basketball, have pooled a pitiful 12-24 in conference play since joining the Big 12, which includes an abysmal six combined road wins during that span. But after nearly two complete seasons – basketball still just getting underway, baseball still a few months off – it’s also become fairly clear West Virginia is in fact at a distinct disadvantage regarding its hefty travel requirements, which are more significant than any other team in the conference. Now, while it would be foolish to blame West Virginia’s struggles completely on the burden of its travel, it would be equally foolish to dismiss it as a non-factor. Both Dana Holgorsen and Bob Huggins have commented on how much more taxing the lengthy and complicated travel has been compared to their initial expectations. For example, quite recently the WVU men’s basketball team traveled to Cancun for the four-team Cancun Classic Tournament. And believe it or not, the trip south of the border actually took less time than the team’s trip to Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas, in the 201213 season. Just let that sink in for a second. It took less time for the Mountaineers to get to Mexico than to the campus of a conference opponent. But things could still change in the coming years. There continue to be some rumblings he Big 12 could still be contemplating an expansion to 12 or perhaps even 14 to-

tal schools at some point in the future. For West Virginia and its fans, this is really the best-case scenario. By adding more (preferably eastern-based)schools into the fold, the Big 12 could follow the trend of the four other power football conferences (SEC, ACC, Big 10, Pac-12) and establish two divisions with a season-end conference championship game. The Playoff Selection Committee – of which WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck is now a member – has officially stated at this point the lack of a league championship game won’t affect a team’s consideration for one of the four playoff spots, although it still seems a conference championship game is still the best way to ultimately determine a conference’s best team. What’s the biggest problem with expanding, specifically expanding east? It’s the simple lack of schools that are either not already tied to one of the aforementioned major football conferences or are actually talented enough across the board athletically to even warrant the Big 12 accepting them, as conference officials certainly wouldn’t want to risk watering down the level of competition. For example, some of the eastern-based schools that have been potentially tied to some of these early Big 12 expansion rumors are universities like Cincinnati, UConn, UCF and USF. On one hand, it could be considered somewhat enticing, because you could theoretically revive some old Big East rivalries for WVU while also potentially curbing some of the Mountaineers’ travel. On the other hand, it’s probably safe to say not a single one of those school’s athletic programs are even as collectively proficient as WVU, which has obviously struggled mightily with its own move into the Big 12. Regardless, it’s highly unlikely that adding WVU and TCU will be the last time the Big 12 expands, especially with the end of the BCS-era now nearly upon us. Realistically, there’s really no telling how the four-team playoff will affect the various conferences, but one would think it will certainly affect every single program and conference across the country to one degree or another. The point is: sooner, rather than later, conference expansion talks within the Big 12 will undoubtedly reach yet another fever pitch. This time around, however, it will be absolutely critical that WVU lobbies long and hard for the expansion to occur a little closer to home.

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Freshman Devin Williams jumps for the opening tip-off Monday against Loyola.

West Virginia travels to take on Missouri at the Mizzou Arena Thursday by kevin hooker sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia men’s basketball team is back on the road to face Missouri tonight as part of the SEC/Big 12 Challenge. Tip-off is set for 7 p.m. and will be aired on ESPN2. The Mountaineers (6-2) will look to win their second straight game and give the Tigers (7-0) their first loss of the season. “They’re talented,” said WVU head coach Bob Huggins of Missouri. “Their guards are different than anybody we’ve played, because they have good size.” Five West Virginia players scored in the double digits Monday night en route to a 96-47 blowout victory over Loyola. The Mountaineers have won five of their last six games. Eron Harris continued his strong play, scoring 14 points and grabbing seven rebounds. His points per game dropped to 20.3 points per game, which trails only Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart for best average in

the Big 12 Conference. Terry Henderson finally got on track this season, scoring 16 points in 19 minutes. Henderson has struggled with his shot which has limited his playing time. He failed to score in 10 minutes of action against Wisconsin Nov. 27. “We were able to score, because Remi Debo and Nathan Adrian made some shots. Terry Henderson kind of looked like Terry again,” Huggins said. “(Henderson) had some bounce to him. Hopefully he continues.” As a freshman, Henderson averaged 7.8 points per game in the 2012-13 season while shooting more than 45 percent from the floor. He was the top-3 point shooter in the Big 12 but is shooting just 31 percent from downtown through the first month of this season. “(Henderson) can make shots, and he may be our best offensive rebounder,” Huggins said. “He gives us that other dimension that we haven’t really had.” Missouri is coming off an 83-70 victory over Ne-


WVU head coach Bob Huggins looks on during WVU’s win over Loyola Monday. vada. Three Tigers players scored more than 20 points, including a 28-point, 9-rebound effort from guard Earnest Ross. “Their (guards) are really athletic,” Huggins said. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try and invert some things and try to post up Juwan (Staten) and (Harris).” Missouri leads the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in field goal percentage at 50.5 percent. Tonight’s matchup should include

plenty of offense ,with both teams averaging more than 80 points per contest. Tonight’s game marks the first game of a tough pre-Christmas stretch that includes Gonzaga, Marshall and Purdue. “We’re getting ready to get into some competitive play,” Huggins said. “A victory over Wisconsin would’ve put us on the map. It would’ve helped us to beat a top-10 team.”

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PUBLISHED ON: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 DEADLINE: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 Mel Moraes/the daily athenaeum

Junior guard Juwan Staten takes a jump shot Monday against Loyola.

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Thursday December 5, 2013

da sports staff picks-FOOTBALL


DANA HOLGORSEN QUOTE OF THE WEEK “We have talked about finishing all year long. It is something that will be addressed in the offseason. We have had issues closing games this year. Why can’t we close games? It comes down to execution and a burning desire to win.”










No. 6 Oklahoma State vs. No. 18 Oklahoma No. 9 Baylor vs. No. 23 Texas

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No. 3 Auburn vs. No. 5 Missouri No. 13 Arizona State vs. No. 7 Stanford No. 1 Florida State vs. No. 20 Duke No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 10 Michigan State

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No. 23 Fresno State vs. Utah State Rice vs. Marshall Southern Methodist vs. No. 15 UCF

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No. 16 Northern Illinois vs. Bowling Green 7-3 89-41


6-4 96-34

4-6 86-44

5-5 83-47


da sports staff picks-BASKETBALL BOB HUGGINS QUOTE OF THE WEEK “They’re (Missouri) talented. Their guards are different than anybody we’ve played because they have good size. They’re 6-3, 6-4 and they’re really athletic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try and invert some things and try and post up Juwan and Eron.”

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West Virginia @ Missouri TCU @ Mississippi State


No. 20 Baylor @ No. 3 Kentucky South Carolina @ No. 9 Oklahoma State No. 6 Kansas @ Colorado No. 17 Iowa State vs. Northern Iowa Texas @ Temple Kansas State vs. Ole Miss

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Oklahoma vs. George Mason


Marquette vs. No. 8 Wisconsin LAST WEEK SEASON RECORD

5-5 20-10

6-4 19-11

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*New Performance, Performance Select Checking, Virtual Wallet® with Performance Spend or Virtual Wallet® with Performance Select must be opened between 12/1/13 and 12/31/13. To qualify for the $150 reward, a qualifying direct deposit must be received and at least 1 payment must be completed via PNC Online Bill Pay within 60 days of account opening. For Virtual Wallet accounts, payment must be made from the Spend account. Your checking account must remain open in order for you to receive the $150 reward, which will be credited to the eligible account within 60 days after both conditions have been met and will be identified as “Cash Trans Promo Reward” on your monthly statement. A qualifying Direct Deposit is defined as a recurring Direct Deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other regular monthly income electronically deposited by an employer or outside agency into a Performance or Performance Select Checking account, or the Spend account of a Virtual Wallet® with Performance Spend or Virtual Wallet® with Performance Select. The total amount of all qualifying direct deposits credited to your checking account must be at least $2000. Credit card cash advance transfers, transfers from one account to another or deposits made at a branch or ATM do not qualify as Qualifying Direct Deposits. New account will not be eligible for offer if any signer has signing authority on an existing PNC Bank consumer checking account or has closed an account within the past 90 days, or has been paid a promotional premium in the past 12 months. If multiple accounts are opened with the same signers, only one account will be eligible for the premium. For this offer signing authority will be defined by the customer name(s) and social security number(s) registered on the account. In the event that we determine in our sole discretion that your account does not meet the eligibility criteria or the activity on your account does not qualify as a Qualifying Direct Deposit, we will not be obligated to credit your account with the payout. **Source: U.S. Green Building Council, November 2010. ©2013 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC [15033]

5-5 20-10

8-2 20-10


Morales leading WVU by nayef alabduljabbar sports writer @dailyathenaeum

Junior Mike Morales is returning from a yearlong wrestling hiatus. Now, he is one of the leading Mountaineers with a record of five wins and two losses this season. In his first year of collegiate wrestling at West Virginia University in the 201011 season, he started his career with an 18-11 record at 141 pounds. In the Eastern Wrestling League, he placed third after defeating three opponents. The season ended with Morales being fifth for team wins with 18. He was third on the team in major decision victories with six wins. In his second season in 2011-12, he was No. 26 nationally and earned a record of 18 wins and four losses. He also scored his first NCAA Championships berth, but

lost to Iowa’s Montell Marion, who finished in second place in the national title match. He had an 8-2 record for duals, a 5-1 in the EWL and was second on the team gaining eight wins by fall. After redshirting, he came back to the current season competing at 149 lbs and starting against Iowa State Nov. 15 following a tweaked ankle and an MCL sprain. “It’s coming along pretty well,” Morales said about his ankle. “It’s not going to be an issue for the next match.” In terms of practice and training, Morales said he has been doing more cardio and less work on his injured knee and ankle. “Mostly whatever I can do that doesn’t bother me so as to not push the pace,” Morales said. “My shoulder is feeling pretty well from surgery, so hopefully I’ll stay healthy.”

• 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 person units • Convenient Locations: South Park, HSC, High St. Walkability - SAVE ON FUEL

• Fully Equipped Kitchens • Quality Furnishings • All Amenities • FREE Well-Lighted Parking • 40 Years’ Experience • Reliable Maintenance Voted by Students One of the Top Five Landlords! “Nobody Expects More From Us Than We Do” z No


z Lease

Call 304-296-7476

2 BR NEAR DOWNTOWN CAMPUS. $375/per. person + utilities. W/D. Parking. No pets. Available January 1, 2014. Call 304-599-2991.


Bell arrested for DUI by amit batra sports editor @batra01

West Virginia University redshirt junior cornerback Travis Bell was arrested for the second time in 10 months Sunday morning. Bell, who started in nine games and played in all 12 in the 2013 season, is facing DUI charges following an incident that took place at approximately 3 a.m. Sunday. Following an argument with his girlfriend outside Creekside Condos in Morgantown, Bell failed all field sobriety tests and was booked for DUI and driving with a suspended/revoked license, according to the Monongalia County Sheriff ’s De-

partment. The redshirt junior’s license had been suspended for failure to pay traffic fines. In February, Bell was arrested and charged with domestic battery. State police were called to Bell’s residence for a domestic dispute, in which the victim claimed he hit her, threw her to the ground and threw her around by the hair. A witness also said Bell made verbal threats to the victim. In Bell’s nine starts this season, he recorded 45 tackles, one interception and one pass break-up. With one year of eligibility remaining, Bell’s status with the football team is uncertain.

ATTRACTIVE 1 & 2/BR APARTMENTS. Near Ruby and on Mileground. Plenty of parking. 292-1605 AVAILABLE 12-15-13. Nice spacious one bedroom. Close to downtown campus. $570 includes utilities. No pets. 304-288-5133, 304-598-2387, 304-296-8111. COMPLETELY RENOVATED. Furnished/Unfurnished. 4BR, 2BTH, W/D, Dishwasher. Available May 15th. NO PETS Lease and Deposit Required. $450 Per Month. Gas Included. 304-599-6001 TERRACE HEIGHTS APARTMENTS. 1BR deluxe. $912.50/mth. Tenant pays for cable and internet. Electric, water and sanitation included. Available January 1, 2014. 304-292-8888





Deadline for Classifieds: Noon the day before your ad is to run


Adoptions Child Care Houses for Sale


Lost & Found Mobile Homes for Sale Notices FURNISHED APARTMENTS



Personals Pets Rides Wanted

Services Sublet Tickets


Vehicle Repairs Vehicles for Sales Wanted to Buy


Metro Towers




1BR/2BR (2 BATH) / 3BR (3 BATH) ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED * Cable-Internet * W/D * Parking * Central Heat & Air * Walk in Closets * DW/Microwave * 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance * Private Balconies * Modern Fire Safety Features * On Site Management * On inter-Campus Bus Route * Furnished Optional



Now Renting For January 2014 1 & 2 Bedrooms Renting for May 2014 Eff., 1, 2, & 3 Bedrooms * Pets Welcome * 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance * Next to Football Stadium & Hospital * Free Wireless Internet Cafe * State of the Art Fitness Center * Recreation Area Includes Direct TV’s, ESPN, NFL NBA, MLB, Packages * Mountain Line Bus Every 15 Minutes



Walk to classes! Downtown Campus NO BUSES NEEDED


APARTMENTS FOR RENT: Three 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, condos located on Creekside Drive, off West Run Road (North Hills) in Morgantown, within minutes of hospital and WVU. All kitchen appliances and washer and dryer in units. $600.00 per month with $300.00 security deposit. Telephone Jeff at 304-290-8571.

Morgantown’s Most Luxurious Living Community


Office Hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

www.chateauroyale DOWNTOWN-easy walk to main campus from this 2BR/2BTH apartment for two ($465.00/person/month-total $930.00 plus utilities). Upscale interior inc. w/d, security system, and fully applianced kitchen. Call Steve at 304-288-6012 for an appointment.

Prices are for the total unit 1 BD Downtown

$650 inc util

2 BD Star City Stadium/Hospital Suncrest Wiles Hill

$650 + util $675 + elec $750 + util $850 + util

3BD Woodburn Downtown Woodburn

$870 + util $990 incl util $1100 + util

4 BD Star City

$1200 + util

(304) 296 - 7930

1, 2, 3, and 4 Bedrooms Sunnyside, South Park, Suncrest, Evansdale and Downtown

1 BEDROOM APT. 1 BATH, AC, Parking. $500/month includes utilities and water. South Park. 304-685-8723.


1, 2, & 3BR APARTMENTS. Available May 2014. W/D, parking, no pets, no section 8. Call or text 304-288-6374.

1 & 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Apartments

5BR 922 COLLEGE AVE. $450 Per Person + Utilities. 304-319-1243 BARRINGTON NORTH: 2BR, 1BTH. w w w. m o r g a n t o w n a pa r t m e n ts . c o m . 304-599-6376.


SMITH RENTALS, LLC. 304-322-1112

1, 2, 3 Bedroom Apartments 3/4 Bedroom House * 99 Holland Ave. $900

Call: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

* 905 W. Park Ave. $800

304-319-2787 or 304-365-2787

JONES PLACE. 1, 2, & 3BR for December. 1-5BR for May. Starting at $625/person. No Pets. 304-296-7400 NOW RENTING TOP OF FALLING RUN ROAD Morgan Point 1+2/BR $625-$825+ utilities. Semester lease. WD. DW. Parking. NO PETS. Call: 304-290-4834.


EFF: 1BR: 2BR: Now Leasing For 2013


Mountain Line Bus Service Every 10 Minutes and Minutes From PRT



AVAILABLE May 15, 2014


3BR. Marion St. No pets (304) 296-5931


TERA PROPERTIES, NEW 1 & 2 BR/ 2 Bath Apts. $635-950+ electric. Locations include: Lewis, Stewart, Glenn and Irwin Streets & Idlewood Dr. Walking distance to Downtown/Hospital. Hardwood floors, W/D, wifi, fitness room, tanning beds, free parking. No Pets. 304-290-7766 or 304-692-9296


2-4 BR NEW APARTMENTS. 5 min walk to downtown campus. WD/DW. Deck, parking. Prices vary, some utilities included. 304-685-7835.

* Free Parking *Full Size W/D *Pets Conditional

SPACIOUS 1BR APT. Available now. $550/mth. 513 Clark St. Parking or walk to campus. NO PETS. Call Dave: 304-376-7282 or 304-292-7272

Arthur G. Trusler III - Broker

2BR APT. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. $600 Per Month ($300 Per Person) + Utilities. NO Pets. 304-692-7587


Complete rental list on


BRAND NEW IN SUNNYSIDE Furnished and Unfurnished 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments * Full Size W/D *Utilities *Work Out Facility *Free Parking 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Valley View Woods Copperfield Court


Now Leasing 2014 Prices Starting at $515 Security Deposit $200 Ask about our Specials! Garages, W/D, Walk In Closets Sparkling Pool

Minutes From Hospitals & Downtown

24 HR Maintenance/Security Bus Service NO PETS Bon Vista & The Villas


Work Wanted Yard Sales

284 Prospect Street, Morgantown, WV 26506



* 722 South Hills $1500 * 324 Main Street $650 BEVERLY AVE. APARTMENT. 2-3-4/BR LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION Well-maintained. Off-street parking. W/D. DW. A/C. NO PETS. Available May 20th 2014. 304-241-4607. If no answer: 304-282-0136.

WILKINS RENTALS 304-292-5714



FOURTH STREET. 3/4/5BR furnished houses. $485/person plus utilities. W/D. Parking available. Lease & deposit. No pets. Available May 16. 412-980-0865

GREEN PROPERTIES. 3, 4, 5 BR houses close to downtown campus. Parking. No pets. Available May. 304-216-3402.


MUST SEE just across from Arnold Hall 4, 5, and 6BR and 2 and 3BATH houses with W/D, DW, Microwave, A/C, parking, all in excellent condition. All utilities included. For appointment call 304-288-1572, 288-9662, 296-8491 website JEWELMANLLC.COM

5 BEDROOM HOUSE in South Park across from Walnut Street Bridge. W/D. Call Nicole at 304-290-8972 317 RICHWOOD AVE. Available immediately. 3BR house, W/D, no pets. $900/mth. 304-290-1332 3BR 1Bath $800 Month Lease Deposit W/D No Pets Off Street parking (304) 290-1332 AVAILABLE 5/8/14. 3 and 4 BR house. Recently remodeled. Partially furnished. Close to campus. Off-street parking. 296-8801. AVAILABLE LARGE HOUSE Grant Ave. 3 BR, 1.5 BTH. W/D. Off-street parking. No pets. Lease&Deposit $1000+utilities. 304-983-2229 or 681-285-9137.





Leasing for 2014-2015 Starting November 27th Apartments and Houses Close to Downtown Campus & South Park Locations All Include Washer/Dryer Many Include Parking Pets Considered Reasonable Rents Some Include Utilities Lease and Deposit Campus Area 3, 4, and 5 Bedroom Apts. & Houses South Park 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom Apts. & 6 Bedroom House

Morgantown Mattress Outlet Liquidation outlet with overstock inventory 50-70% off retail value. Sets starting as low as $140. Call or text (304) 290-1578. Bent Tree Court Apartments Now leasing for 2014-2015. JOIN OUR WAITING LIST NOW! 304296-3606 - www.benttreecourt. com



“Need Help with a Chore? Post for FREE. Need Extra Income? Sign Up to Complete Odd Jobs in Your Area”

SOUTH PARK. 2BR, 1BTH. Off-street parking, W/D, D/W. $700+Utilities. Available spring semester. 304-923-7890

ROOMMATES AVAILABLE NOW OR 2ND SEMESTER: On Campus & Jones Avenue (multiple locations). Lease until May. Rent includes utilities and washer/dryer. Large rooms. Some with free parking. 304-292-5714 ROOMMATE WANTED. Large home off West Run. WD/DW. Parking. Bus route. $600 includes utilities. Contact 724-317-6188.

AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE CASH PAID!! WE BUY CARS and trucks. Any make! Any model! Any condition! 282-2560

HELP WANTED BLACK BEAR BURRITOS hiring kitchen staff at both locations. AM and PM. Will train. $9.25/hr. Apply within. 132 Pleasant Street or 3119 University Ave. MARIO’S FISHBOWL NOW HIRING servers: Apply in person at 704 Richwood Ave./3117 University Ave. or e-mail resume to

341Live - Dine. Drink. Party. Sleep. Visit our site for up to date details on where your weekend can really take you – 341Live. com. Tan 1 Join Club Tan Today! No membership or cancellation fees – Freeze for FREE! Call 304.598.TANI for more information. The Chestnut Hotel Experience The Chestnut Hotel. Our 41 beautiful rooms, two restaurants, business center, exercise facility and wine bar await you, call 304.777.4100. Mountaineer Court Apartments Within walking distance of campus near Knapp Hall and PRT. We have 2 & 3 BR Apts. for rent. Call 304.598.2560

Between Campuses - 4 Bedroom Houses





1 Issue ................................................................$5.28 2 Issues ..............................................................$9.68 3 Issues ........................................................... $13.20 4 Issues ........................................................... $17.60 Weekly Rate (5 days) .................................... $22.00

20 Word Limit

CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES (non-contract & Contract)

1 X 2...........................$22.68..........................$26.44 1 X 3...........................$34.02..........................$39.66 1 X 4...........................$45.36..........................$52.88 1 X 5...........................$56.70..........................$66.10 1 X 6...........................$68.04..........................$79.32 1 X 7...........................$79.38..........................$92.54 1 X 8...........................$90.72....................... $105.76 2 X 2...........................$45.36..........................$52.88 2 X 3...........................$68.04..........................$79.32 2 X 4...........................$90.72....................... $105.76 2 X 5.........................$113.40....................... $132.20 2 X 6.........................$136.08....................... $158.64

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The DA 12-05-2013  

The December 5 edition of the Daily Athenaeum

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