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Friday October 11, 2013

Volume 126, Issue 40

First-ever fall break kicks off by madison fleck associate city editor @mafleck

As midterms come to a close, students at West Virginia University are rewarded with a four-day weekend with the University’s first-ever fall break. The break gives students Monday and Tuesday off, and because of fall break, there will also be a different schedule for finals week. Fi-

nals for the fall 2013 semester will be held Dec. 12-18. The fall break is meant to give students a “breather” and is an opportunity for them to re-evaluate their academics. “October is a long month for students with midterms, and they felt a fall break would give them that opportunity to catch up,” said Sabrina Cave, assistant vice president of Student Affairs Communication.

Electronic cigarettes on the rise in Morgantown by caroline peters staff writer @dailyathenaeum

In July, West Virginia University put a new tobacco ban into effect, causing some smokers to make adjustments. As a result, electronic cigarettes have been more popular on campus. Although many students claim the electronic cigarettes are helpful to those who are already smokers, there is some speculation. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, allow the smoker to inhale nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive substance that lures smokers, so e-cigarettes can still be addictive for smokers. Corey Denkert, manager of the X-Hale Hookah Lounge, said he has seen an increase of clientele due to the distribution of e-cigarettes. “There has definitely been an increase in the amount of (e-cigarettes) our customers buy,” Denkert said. “They are more convenient. Everyone I know that doesn’t want to quit smoking uses the (e-cigarettes) because of the ban the businesses have in the area, as well as WVU’s new tobacco ban.” It’s not just people who smoke who are using the e-cigarettes. People that

Staff Writer @DailyAthenaeum

For one hour Thursday, West Virginia University students and friends kicked off their shoes for the global #Barefoot4Them campaign by standing without shoes outside the Mountainlair to raise awareness of poverty worldwide. The student organization E4pWVU joined forces with SustainU and Young Life to participate in this event, which is run by the nonprofit institution Soles4Souls. Each participant stood barefoot while holding a sign to represent one child of the 300 million worldwide who doesn’t own a pair of shoes. Michelle Corder, president of E4pWVU, said she thinks promoting awareness for a cause is just as important as fundraising. “People see you standing without shoes and they ask why,” Corder said. “I hope people notice because it’s easy to overlook how many people are in poverty.”

wish to quit using tobacco products have purchased the electronic cigarettes, as well. Natasha McCormick, assistant manager of Smoker Friendly, said customers have credited e-cigarettes for helping them quit. “I’ve seen a greater increase of people buying these (e-cigarettes) lately,” McCormick said. “We actually have about 20 different varieties available now, and I’ve had people say they haven’t had a regular cigarette in months.” Tara Dooley, an occupational therapy student said she believes the e-cigarettes helped her quit smoking. “I was a smoker for three years,” Dooley said. “I decided it was time, and I purchased an e-cigarette to help stop the urges of wanting to smoke. It mainly helped me just by holding it in the car or when I was drinking, because those were the main times I found it to be habitual for me to smoke.” The e-cigarettes have also made an appearance in Morgantown’s downtown bars. Brian Gage, a WVU accounting student, said he received an e-cigarette simply by filling out a form but didn’t find it effective.

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thority will remain open, the PRT and Hatfield’s will be closed. Cave said she encourages students to double check the operating hours of facilities before venturing out. “Some of our facilities, since they’re run by students, are going to be closed because many students have expressed they’re going home or going out of town

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One student chose to write her argument instead of speaking out. Her ‘You’re Wrong’ sign was just one of many displays of opposition.

Students challenge, speak out against pastor’s message BY Carlee Lammers managing editor @carleelammers

Erica Gillespie held a handmade sign high above her head that read: “It’s OK to be gay, Thursday in the Free Speech Zone in front of the Mountainlair. The freshman biology student helped lead efforts with the West Virginia University Secular Student Alliance to counter an anti-gay message delivered by Campus Ministries pastor Tom Short. Mick Posey/THE DAILY ATHENAEUM

Students with the WVU Secular Student Alliance share the free speech area with Pastor Tom and were offering help for many different causes within the LGBT community.

Corder said she thought it was great people were participating in this event all over the world. “I think this is really cool that this is a global movement,” she said. “People all over world are doing it.” The athletic footwear company partnered with Soles4Souls and donated $1 for every picture using the hashtag #Barefoot4Them posted on any social media website. Corder said she loved she could search the hashtag and see people standing barefoot with her. “It’s bringing people together from all parts of the world to stand for the same thing,” she said. SustainU, a sustainable clothing company based in Morgantown, jumped at the opportunity to raise awareness for poverty. Trey Dunham, vice president of marketing for SustainU, said he thought this event was a great way for the company to get involved and join the community. “One of the cool things


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so it’s not worth it to drive 10 hours each way to only be able to spend two days with my family,” said Kaci Sweeney, a nursing student from Frankin, Mass. University facilities such as the Mountainlair and the Student Recreation Center will remain open to those still in Morgantown but will be on holiday hours. While places like residence halls, cafeterias, libraries and the Mountain Line Transit Au-


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calendar are approved by the faculty senate, so by the time the proposal of a fall break went through the whole process, Cave said it was approved for fall 2013. Although many students will go home for this long weekend to spend time with their families, some students will be staying at the University for the duration of fall break. “I don’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket,


Soles4Souls raises poverty awareness on campus BY Laura Haight

The idea of the break first began with requests from students and the Student Government Association at WVU. “It’s something that students and SGA asked for before (in 2012), and it has been in the works,” Cave said. “Many other universities and colleges have fall breaks, and this was something students were hearing from their friends.” All dates on the academic

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Spotlight: WVU 2013 Homecoming Court BY Summer Ratcliff City Editor @SummerRatcliff

Elayna Conard is a senior public relations student from Huntington, W.Va. Conard has been attending football games with her family since she was a little girl, but said it wasn’t until the fall of her senior year of high school she finally felt like a Mountaineer herself. “Sitting at a football game, I realized that this school, this state and these people represented my heart,” she said. “This school represents me, and I represent this school.” Conard said being a Mountaineer means being an individual full of honorable character who seizes opportunities and is dedicated in achieving success. “Even when circumstances become uncertain and obstacles present themselves, a Mountaineer remains motivated to overcome adversity,” she said.

Walter Hardy Throughout her time at WVU, Conard said she has an endless list of fond memories. One of her favorite memories was the 2011 Orange Bowl. “With my brother and dad by my side, I witnessed what truly defines a Mountaineer,” she said. “The team defied odds against a tough competitor and fought to achieve what most (people) never expected.”

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GET YOUR STRIKE ON The WVU bowling club invites new members. NEWS PAGE 3

Elayna Conard Because of her journey throughout the past three years and the experiences that have shaped her, Conard said she decided to apply for homecoming queen to support her peers and fellow Mountaineers. “On the first day of my freshman year, I decided to take each day as an

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NEW SEASON, NEW ATTITUDE West Virginia guard Terry Henderson said he’s ready to put the past behind him and move forward to a better season this year. SPORTS PAGE 9


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Friday October 11, 2013

Eyes on the sky: stargazing event to take place Saturday by alyssa pluchino staff writer @dailyathenaeum

Morgantown residents will be able to kick back and look at the stars Saturday, as Chestnut Ridge Park will host its second-annual Stargazing Event. The event will be held from 7-10 p.m., and at $2 per person, all are encouraged to enjoy a night of learning, stargazing, marshmallow-roasting and sipping hot

chocolate. Those who attend the event will learn all the wonders autumn evenings can bring from an informative Tour of the Night Sky, presented by Sean McWilliams, West Virginia University professor of physics and astronomy. The WVU Astronomy Club will also provide its telescopes for public use immediately after the presentation. In 2012, nearly 100 people attended the event, and this

year’s turnout is expected to be even greater, with attendees coming from Pennsylvania and Virginia. “This is a great way for people to have hands-on experience learning about astronomy while attending a fun, family-oriented event,” said Justine McCoy, a park superintendent. Even cloudy skies cannot damper this unique event, as the telescopes being used are able to provide clear vision despite unfavorable weather

conditions. However, all who attend are suggested to bring a lawn chair or beach towel for comfortable viewing. “We host other nature-related events and programs, but most of them take place during the summer,” McCoy said. “(The Stargazing Event) is an opportunity to get outdoors in the fall and explore the natural world. The students and professors from the WVU Astronomy Club are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and make it exciting to

learn about astronomy.” Chestnut Ridge Park is located only 10 miles east of Morgantown in the neighboring town of Bruceton Mills, W.Va. Surrounded by the Coopers Rock State Forest and the West Virginia University Forest, Chestnut Ridge Park provides the community with nearly 16,000 acres of natural beauty for families to camp, fish and hike. The site also provides several outdoor lodging facilities for comfortable year-

round camping year-round, allowing local outdoor-lovers to partake in their favorite seasonal activities including skiing, rock climbing and swimming. Depending on personal preference, campers can choose a basic tent, rustic cabin or modern cabin. To learn more about events held at Chestnut Ridge Park, visit its website at www.


Friday October 11, 2013

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club spotlight

Room for spares: WVU bowling club accepting members BY Shelby Toompas Staff Writer @DailyAthenaeum

Sports have been played since the beginning of time. One of these sports, which is sometimes ignored, has approximately 95 million people in more than 90 countries worldwide enjoying it: bowling. Most individuals have bowled for fun at least once in their lifetime, but a group of West Virginia University students knows how to bowl competitively. President of the WVU Bowling Club Clark Metz said he and a friend started the club in 2009 when they realized there was not one

on campus. Metz said the purpose of the club is to bring together people who have a common interest in bowling. “Anybody can come and join us,” Metz said. “We have all skill sets – competitive bowlers and those who it’s their first time throwing the ball.” Regular meetings are held every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. in the Mountainlair Games Area. However, sanctioned bowlers also meet Sundays. “By paying a certain fee through the national organization, United States B ow l i n g C o n f e re n c e (USBC), we sanction a couple of teams to take to bowl-

ing tournaments,” he said. “This year we have about 11 members on our competition squad.” Metz said they plan to bowl at Delaware, Ohio State, Louisville and Dayton University this year. Melissa Smith, a senior math student and vice president of the club said she joined the club at the start of her freshman year because she wanted to continue bowling while at school. “I have been bowling for 15 years now – I just love it,” Smith said. “I have made so many friends through bowling, and we’re able to just relax and have a great time.”

Smith said the club has hosted tournaments as fundraisers for charity, and participates in community service. “The money raised from the charity tournament went to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), and our past community service activities as a club have been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house and participating in relay for life,” she said. Metz said consistency and practice are the two biggest tools to improve bowling skills. “Everybody is different, but consistency and practice can help every bowler

become better,” he said. “Practice literally makes perfect and many of our bowlers are dedicated to practicing outside of our scheduled meetings.” Students are welcome to join at any time of the year, no matter what his or her bowling background may be. “Everyone in the club really enjoys bowling with us every week and it’s just a really fun time,” Smith said. “It is a great way to meet new people and have fun.” Upcoming goals for the club include tournaments, more fundraisers and community service activities and recruitment. “I would like to see

the bowling club grow in members and continue to be successful after I graduate,” Smith said. “We need to reach out to more students of all skill levels.” Metz said the club strives to provide a positive atmosphere and a fun environment. Regular meetings cost $5 per person per night for three games. Membership dues are $70 per year and all equipment is provided. For more information about the bowling club, visit http://www.bowling. or like them on Facebook.

Feds will let states pay to reopen national parks


Despite students’ opposition, Pastor Tom preaches from the Bible out front of the Mountainlair Thursday afternoon during National Coming Out week.


Continued from page 1 “I really think preachers like this coming out here are a poor representation of the faith. It’s really presenting a negative light to the students who might be open to a message,” she said. The Secular Student Alliance collected money for several organizations that promote equality during the message, including Fairness West Virginia, WV Health Right and WV Free. “One of the things we’re really for is free expression of religious ideas and free talking,” said Robby Ralston, a

Cigarettes Continued from page 1

“I got it at Fat Daddy’s,” Gage said. “Swisher Sweet spokespeople were giving them out to anybody who was 18 and wanted one. All you had to do was fill out a form, and just about a person from every table got one. I am a smoker, and I didn’t like the e-cigarette. I gave it away, and I don’t think it’s a healthy alternative to smoking.” Jayne Kinney, certified tobacco treatment specialist for the West Virginia Prevention Research Center, said the e-cigarettes are not a reliable alternative to smoking tobacco. “The (e-cigarette) hasn’t

member of the Secular Student Alliance. “One thing we really don’t like is when people come and shout at others and spread hate.” “We support and respect his right to be out here and do this,” said Chelsi Sayti, a member of the organization and sophomore social work student. However, Sayti said she believes Short’s message Thursday crossed a line. “There’s a gay Christian girl here that’s asking him about what he thinks of her. He told her she’s going to hell. So, obviously, we believe a lot of the things he’s saying are hateful.” Short travels to college campuses nationwide to

preach to students about a variety of faith matters including the Bible, morality, sexuality and Jesus. “Jesus’ last command was to ‘Go and make disciples of all the nations’,” he said. “I adopted this as my life mission in 1974 and since that time I’ve sought to make disciples by faithfully preaching and teaching the Word of God on campuses all over.” Short’s message Thursday primarily focused on homosexuality and the Christian faith. Short said he believes homosexuality is a sin and that God will not accept those who commit that sin. “God doesn’t create

been approved by the FDA, nor has it been proven to be safe or effective,” Kinney said. “There hasn’t been enough research or studies done. Therefore, it’s not something we recommend as a tobacco replacement.” Kinney said those who wish to quit smoking should make a phone call to the quit line of their particular state. “The first thing smokers should do is find a quit date,” Kinney said. “The quit line will offer free nicotine replacements, such as the patch for those who call.” Kinney also recommended other methods of nicotine to help smokers quit such as the nicotine patch, gum, lozenges, inhalers and nasal spray. “These will help the pa-

tient receive the nicotine as they go through withdrawl from smoking,” Kinney said. “They are only getting the nicotine, opposed to the 7,000 chemicals you get from inhaling a cigarette.” Kinney said since the ecigarettes are not monitored, they aren’t safe. “They claim there is no nicotine, yet nicotine has been found in the (e-cigarettes),” Kinney said. “They also have found percentages of carcinogens in the (e-cigarettes) which cause cancer.” For more information on e-cigarettes, visit http:// htm.

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something he doesn’t love. He created all of us, according to your Bible. And if he created all of us, then it doesn’t matter what the f--k you believe because He’s going to love us anyway,” said a student from the large crowd gathered around Short. “Why are you up here condemning all of these people for something they believe is right? Our God accepts them no matter what.” “No. No, he doesn’t,” Short said. “Are the words ‘love’ and ‘acceptance’, are those synonyms? ... I would say that I would endeavor to love Osama bin Laden, but I do not accept him. The Bible teaches that God’s love is unconditional. But God’s

forgiveness is conditional – there’s a difference.” Chris Hickey, a marketing student affiliated with the Student Government Association, said he felt Shorts message did not align with the Christian values he grew up with. “Going to church was more like going to a support group. There were people of all different nationalities, ethnicities, political beliefs and sexualities. I don’t believe there is one concrete definition of the Bible, and obviously he believes the opposite,” he said. Hickey said he believes people should spread the Christian faith by showing

their love for others – not through the approach Short took. “I don’t have to stand in front of the Mountainlair and profess my opinions. People are going to believe what they want to believe,” he said. Short will deliver his message again today in the Free Speech Zone outside the Mountainlair. For more information on Short and his message visit, For more information on the WVU Secular Student Alliance visit, https://www.


Growing up just 20 minutes south of Morgantown, Hardy said WVU has always been his backyard. “I wanted to go somewhere I would be challenged to be better, to achieve higher standards and to serve those around me,” he said. “Mountaineers were constantly proving all of these things to me, so the only choice was WVU. Thankfully it has proven to be the right choice.” Hardy said being a Mountaineer means giving all of yourself to make others’ lives better. “It is living out the Mountaineer creed,” he said. “Mountaineers strive for excellence by working to make the lives of others easier, and I have made it a point to do this. Any time someone has a problem, whether it is my problem or not, I usually try to help. Being a Mountaineer is about service and the love we show for one another.” While Hardy said he has many fond memories of his time at WVU, he said his favorite was the student-organized Harlem Shake in Woodburn circle. “This was a completely random event organized by a couple of my friends,

and somehow they got students from all over the University to just show up at Woodburn Circle with the most random things they had,” he said. “It was very impressive; they started advertising this event less than 24 hours before it.” Hardy said his passions in life are computers and asking questions to better understand the world. “ (I enjoy)Helping people find solutions to the problems they encounter on a daily basis,” he said. After years of people telling Hardy he should run for homecoming king, he said he finally gave into the peer pressure this year. “It has been a challenging experience so far, but I have learned a lot about myself and those around me,” he said. “I consider it a great honor to be able to represent the students of WVU, and I am glad that I have people around me who have encouraged me to accept this challenge.” Hardy said he believes he deserves to be crowned homecoming king because WVU is his home, and his love for the University is undeniable. “In everything I do, I work to benefit my fellow Mountaineers and the outside world that WVU touches,” he said. “Through every meeting, policy, work-order and tweet, I represent the students and faculty of WVU and have made the last four years a testament to my desire to serve all. “I am just a student who wants to make a difference and has stood and continues to strive for excellence for my University, my state and my home.” When asked what one word best describes him, Hardy said, “#LANDLINE.”

Continued from page 1 opportunity to make a difference,” she said. “Along the way, this philosophy has given me much more than I ever imagined.” Conard said she deserves to be homecoming queen so she can continue to use her voice to stand up and support others around her. In addition to Conard’s studies in public relations, she said she also enjoys spending time with her sorority sisters in Alpha Phi, cooking and running. Conard also said she has a passion for working with people to accomplish goals. “When I set my mind to something, I do not give up on myself or others involved,” she said. “My faith fuels my passions and provides me strength and motivation to always want to become better.” When asked what one word best describes her, Conard said, “positive.” Walter Hardy is a senior computer and electrical engineering student from Fairmont, W.Va.

“I shop at The Finery, where looking effortless is key!” - Karli Gasswint 21 Years Old WVU Student

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This photo shows a sign at the south entrance to Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz., indicates the park is closed. The Obama administration says it will allow states to use their own money to reopen some national parks that have been closed because of the government shutdown. Governors in at least four states have asked for authority to reopen national parks within their borders because of the economic impacts caused by the park closures. WASHINGTON (AP) — Under pressure from governors, the Obama administration said Thursday it will allow some shuttered national parks to reopen – as long as states use their own money to pay for park operations. Governors in at least four states have asked for authority to reopen national parks within their borders because of the economic impacts caused by the park closures. All 401 national park units – includ-


ing such icons as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite and Zion national parks – have been closed since Oct. 1 because of the partial government shutdown. More than 20,000 National Park Service employees have been furloughed, and lawmakers from both parties have complained that park closures have wreaked havoc on nearby communities that depend on tourism. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the government will consider offers to

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Continued from page 1 has been getting a lot of different groups together around a common cause,” Dunham said. “I think that’s one of the cool things Soles4Souls does; it’s something everyone can get behind.” Dunham said he was thankful the weather was nice, and there were many students standing barefoot with him. “When there’s a larger group, you feel a lot less self-conscious. So, it’s nice to rally other people,” he said. “We’re really grateful the student groups were so anxious to get behind this.” Andrew Archer, a sophomore business student, participated in the event with his fellow Young Life members. “It’s really not that hard to do for an hour,” Archer said. “It’s something that

reminds me of the poverty in other places in the world compared to the luxury we have here.” Archer said the event was a great way to make people realize children in other parts of the world live in poverty. “It’s kind of a heart check to look and see myself in these bare feet and know that there are kids running around who don’t have the ability to wear shoes when I have 10 pairs in my closet,” he said. Cameron King, WVU director of Young Life College, said he enjoyed the event with the students he mentors. “We need to come together no matter what our personal beliefs are to restore dignity and basic human rights and needs,” he said. For more information on Soles4Souls, visit

use state money to resume park operations, but will not surrender control of national parks or monuments to the states. Jewell called on Congress to act swiftly to end the government shutdown so all parks can reopen. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert said his state would accept the federal offer to reopen Utah’s five national parks. Utah would have to use its own money to staff the parks, and it will cost $50,000 a day to operate

just one of them, Zion National Park, said Herbert’s deputy chief of staff, Ally Isom. Interior Department spokesman Blake Androff said the government does not plan to reimburse states that pay to reopen parks. Costs could run into the millions of dollars, depending on how long the shutdown lasts and how many parks reopen. Congress could authorize reimbursements once the shutdown ends, although it was

not clear whether that will happen. Governors of Arizona, South Dakota and Colorado have made similar requests to reopen some or all of their parks. A spokesman for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said the Republican governor is committed to finding a way to reopen the Grand Canyon, one of the state’s most important economic engines “It’s not ideal, but if there’s something we can do to help reopen it, Gov.

Brewer has been committed to trying to find that way,” said spokesman Andrew Wilder. Brewer and state legislative leaders have said they would make state funding available, but “the state cannot pay the federal government’s bills indefinitely,” Wilder said. Businesses outside the Grand Canyon have pledged $400,000. October is a peak month for tourism in Arizona and other parts of the West.


be challenging and very demanding. A break after midsemester allows students to get a break and better prepare for the final weeks in the semester.” With only eight weeks until the semester finish line, this break is meant to keep students going and to give them extra endurance they may need to succeed. However, students should not take more time than they are given. “It would be an immense waste on their part to take extra days and skip class,” Cave said. “Students who attend class are more successful than students who do not. So, why a student would choose, when they have two days off, to skip, I don’t know. They should be there and eager to learn.” According to Cave, the faculty senate will decide whether or not the fall break was “necessary.” “I think it will ultimately

be faculty senate that will evaluate the effectiveness of the break and determine if we need to do it in the future,” Cave said. Students should enjoy this time but also use it wisely and spend time doing things they may not regularly have time for. “Just get caught up per-

sonally,” Cave said. “(Students should be) running errands, sleeping, doing laundry and that sort of thing.” Classes will resume Wednesday and fall break will have hopefully served its purpose.

Continued from page 1 this weekend,” Cave said. Though this time allotted by the University should be used to catch up on course work, Elizabeth Dooley, associate provost for academic affairs, said it is also a time to reconnect. “Students can get a head start on upcoming assignments, read recommended course materials, relax and connect with their support network,” she said. “Conscientious students will take advantage of this time.” Dooley also said the fall break can be a kind of “defining moment” as they assess their academic progress. “Students return to school in mid-August, and with the exception of the Labor Day weekend, students did not get a break until Thanksgiving week,” Dooley said. “For some students, college can

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Friday October 11, 2013

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Free speech, not free hate


April Liska chose to write her argument instead of speaking out. Her sign was just one of many displays of opposition. The Free Speech Zone in front of the Mountainlair is just that: a place where anyone can voice their opinions. People can campaign for elections, protest current events or raise awareness about various efforts and programs. More often than not, the revelers have something important or constructive to say. But some days, like Thursday, the free speechers have nothing but hate-

speech to spread. Every few months or so, Campus Ministries Tom Short, dubbed the “Crazy Preacher,” perches on the steps in front of the WVU Bookstore and preaches his message about God. Religion is certainly a topic that falls under the umbrella of free speech, and anyone from any denomination may inform the general public about their beliefs. However, this par-

ticular man takes his message too far. “God hates you.” “You’re going to hell.” These are words no one should ever hear from someone else under any circumstances, especially not when they’re walking to class or sharing their thoughts about a topic. This man, and others like him, don’t serve any positive purpose. Each time he comes to campus, crowds of

people gather around him, either to listen to his words or to speak out against him. By doing so, students create a wall of traffic that is impossible to get through and waste their time trying to reason with a man who is so clearly set in his ways. You don’t have to tell someone you are going to hurt them for them to feel threatened. The only reason Short is doing so is because he

knows students will stop and listen, whether they agree or not. So, we challenge you, members of the West Virginia University community, to put a stop to the negative talk. Don’t stop and listen to anyone who only has hurtful, negative or nonconstructive words to say. Even if you disagree, you can do yourself and those around you a favor and continue

walking by. One thing we can do, though, is speak up about negative speech. We can set up our own signs and give our own messages about love and acceptance and encourage people to pass it on. But we will not feed into the negativity of people who refuse to show kindness and understanding to all.


WVUp All Night: an effective alternative to partying? ashley denardo web editor @amdenardo

In 1998, West Virginia University introduced WVUp All Night to cut down on the partying scene, provide clean fun and keep its students safe. Fifteen years later, WVU is still considered the No. 1 party school in the country. This ranking started in part because there were 2,361 alcohol and drugrelated arrests and disciplinary actions on campus in 2010. Recent rankings from Playboy cite popular events like FallFest and St. Patrick’s Day, which always lead to the wild partying for which we are famous, not to mention the passionate fan celebrations after the Mountaineers get a win. This semester, Grant Avenue has already seen couch fires, riots and violence, including the flipping of a parked car after the Mountaineers unexpectedly won against Oklahoma State. Many WVU students spend hundreds of dollars on underage drinking citations annually, and that’s after the money they wasted to get wasted in the first place. To combat these pointless acts of stupidity, the University brings in musicians, student organizations, trivia shows, crafts and other events and hosts stand-up comedy, open mic night and different movies each weekend. They supply food and drinks throughout the night. And it’s all free. Instead of reducing the hard partying, Up All

Night has become an afterthought. The free breakfast at midnight is known across campus as “drunk breakfast.” Even though the program is widely advertised in the Mountainlair, some students don’t even know it exists. Every weekend I attend, I hear a student or two say, “Wow, I didn’t know this was here! Free food!” It never fails. If Up All Night was promoted in a more fun way and some improvements were made, it would have the potential to serve the purpose for which it was intended. There will always be the section of the student population who are going to party hard no matter what, but there is still a chance to rope everyone else in. The key to making a program successful is to make it seem cool and have things to do that are worth the effort to attend. Instead of presenting it as the babysitter-style program that it is, promote it as a way to get involved and have some fun while winning prizes or expressing yourself. If events like the Comedy Caravan and Open Mic Night were more heavily advertised, more people would show up. There are plenty of college students out there who have talents and nowhere to show them off. Up All Night provides the perfect opportunity – if they only knew about it. Also, keep up the momentum. Some weekends there is so much to do, but on others, there is nothing at all. Students are attracted to the events that will earn them some sort of prize, especially cash. My friend

won $90 at a trivia show at Up All Night. That’s a substantial amount of money for an hour or two of fun. Don’t bring in old-fashioned bands. They are only entertaining for about 20 minutes and then everyone leaves, and the band feels like they had a wasted trip. I have a lot of musical knowledge, so I can watch an older cover band and enjoy the music, but the reality is I am in the minority when it comes to that. Students want to hear music they recognize and makes them want to dance. While this might sound like I am criticizing the program, I personally think Up All Night is fantastic. I hope more people will give it a chance, and the people at the Lair will read this and take it to heart. There is usually a good mix of classic, cult and recently released movies to see, creative arts and crafts and interesting performances. Some of the highlights for me this year have been seeing “This is the End” in the Gluck Theatre, winning $30 at the trivia show and making necklaces with Bead Monster. The comedy shows are always fun, too. I spend so many weekends at Up All Night because I want to stay out of trouble. It also keeps me from sitting alone in my room watching “Supernatural” on Netflix for a million hours on a Saturday night. But, for most students, it is a supplement rather than an alternative to their wild and wonderful weekends.

Social media presence detrimental to students hannah chenoweth guest columnist

Take a look around any classroom on campus, from Ming Hsieh to Percival Hall, and I can guarantee you will find a variety of students. The front row inevitably consists of those students bogged down by heavy backpacks who scribble furiously the entire class. There are the kids slumped in the back row who make you question if they are still breathing. Throughout the entire lecture hall, however, one thing will unite them all: the prevalence of social media. In 2013, the infiltration of social media in all aspects of life is undeniable. Just a few years ago, smartphones had little effect on anyone. Now, even if you are in the very small fraction of the population that is smartphone-free, you are still undoubtedly affected. Students spend hours in class scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They blatantly Snapchat “selfies” and hardly try to conceal their intense games of “Candy Crush.” You will either be ignored by someone who is consumed by their phone, or you will be the offender yourself. There is a glaring inconsistency when it comes to teachers and their phone policies. What we see here is more of a generation gap than anything else. The teachers on the younger side tend not to care, even sometimes admitting to their similar phone obsessions. Some even give out

their cell number to text with any questions. The older teachers, or those not adept with technology today, tend to be the ones who attempt to adopt a “no texting in class” policy. These are the teachers who consider texting during a lecture completely inappropriate; meanwhile all students are discreetly on their phones inside their sweatshirts or under the desk. Just thinking about classroom etiquette opens up the whole debate about how appropriate it is to be on your phone in almost every situation, what is now considered rude and how things are changing in society as technology completely takes over. Face-to-face contact has been replaced with Facebook, and Twitter is the new forum for political and sports debates. While there are infinite benefits that come with technology, such as making our lives a lot smoother, there are also issues that have yet to be addressed. Is it appropriate to have headphones in while going about your day or to walk around with a Bluetooth and ignore the people right in front of you? Should you really snap pictures of people in public and post them all over the Internet? The answers are starting to lean toward yes. It’s true smartphones can be useful in school if a quick fact needs to be Googled or if there are no laptops available in a classroom. However, the truth is cheating is a real concern for teachers with students able to either text their friends or simply search

the question on the Internet. Cheating has elevated from simply trying to sneak a peek at a classmate’s paper to being able to pay for online copies of your teacher’s exact test. It’s no wonder some teachers do not want to ever see a phone in their classroom. Regardless of your teacher’s policy, the best thing you could do for yourself academically is to disconnect from your social media sites and connect with the class. The more you keep your nose out of your phone, the more you will actually be aware of what is going on around you. It sounds obvious, but take it from the girl was nearly struck by the kiddie train in the Morgantown Mall: that stuff is nothing but a useless distraction. Amusing and entertaining, yes, but you will be doing yourself a huge favor to put the phone away for a few hours, at least during class. You are more likely to earn the respect of your teacher, and we all know actually getting to know your professors is an effective way to do better in class. Sometimes getting to know your classmates is even better; people your age can explain things so they make a lot more sense to you. Those classmates could turn into more than your study buddies – they could be your best friend or the love of your life. And instead of stalking them through social media and awkwardly avoiding them in person, you can really get to know them – and that is what college is all about.


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ACROSS 1 Like the Knights Templar 8 Performers, e.g. 15 In 16 Kiss offerer 17 Unit often counted 18 Big rigs 19 Cowboy Tony 20 Writer of creamy messages 21 Lion’s prey 23 Ancient Greek storage vessel 27 Hook, line and sinker 30 Mantegna’s “Criminal Minds” role 32 The Once-__: “The Lorax” character 33 March of Dimes’ original crusade 35 Leaded fuel component 36 Rush discovery 37 Pizza places 38 Wimbledon champ before Pete 39 It didn’t get its no. until 1939 40 Urban cruisers 41 “__ see” 42 Determination 45 Alp ending 46 Fleece sources 48 People 49 Lines at the hosp. 50 Oscar winners’ lines 53 On top of things 56 Make it right 60 H.G. Wells classic, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme found in the answers to starred clues 66 “... by yonder blessed __ I swear”: Romeo 67 Muse of Hughes 68 Author Bagnold 69 Squealed 70 Sharp rival 71 Thickness measures DOWN 1 Buddy 2 Mobile home?: Abbr. 3 *”Midnight’s Children” author 4 “Typee” sequel 5 *”Armies of the Night” author 6 Hit the road, say 7 Hard part of mathematics? 8 “What a relief!” 9 Show again 10 *”Breakfast at Tiffany’s” author

11 __ Royale: Lake Superior national park 12 *”The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” author 13 Thrice, in Rx’s 14 Part of CBS: Abbr. 21 __ monkey 22 “This is a bad time” 24 Continues despite hardship 25 *”The Caine Mutiny” author 26 Radar of TV 28 Common boot feature 29 They affect stock prices 31 UAR member 34 Fertility clinic cells 43 That, in Oaxaca 44 Brandy letters 47 Quaint memory aid 49 Respect 51 Farm female 52 “Friendly skies” co. 53 Casino fixtures 54 “Halt!” 55 Near-eternity

57 Upscale hotel chain 58 Get exactly right 59 Culminates 61 Annoy 62 Anger 63 Men’s patriotic org. 64 Skater Midori 65 Enclose, in a way





HOROSCOPE BY JACQUELINE BIGAR BORN TODAY This year you’ll want to make changes on a deep and profound level. You might question what is too much and what serves a purpose. Others could become reactive if you always seem to go your own way. If you are single, you draw many people toward you. Be honest with yourself about who really knocks your socks off. If you are attached, you often feel as if you don’t have enough to offer. You need to get past this insecurity. You are creative, and you have a lot of great qualities. ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) HHH Your preference might be to end the week on a positive note. When you finally achieve your goals, you could find out otherwise. Maintain a balanced perspective. Realize that dis-

agreement has an important role in life. Respect others’ differences. Tonight: Out on the town. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) HHHH Reach out to someone at a distance. You could decide to take most of the day off, as you might not be present in the moment. You seem to feel shut out by a close loved one. This situation could change quickly. Remember, you can only control yourself. Tonight: Off on a trip. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) HHHH You see a situation differently from how a partner sees it. You easily could create a difficult situation if you’re not careful. The alternative would be to compromise and respect these different ideas. Try to be considerate. Tonight: Spend some time with a dear friend or loved one.

CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) HHHH Defer to others. Trying to convince your normal supporters or a special person in your life that you are right will not happen today. Release the need for control, and trust that others will come to the same conclusion that you have come to. Tonight: Go along with a suggestion. LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) HHH You might need to spend some time cleaning your desk and putting the finishing touches on a project. You’ll want to greet Monday with a sense of rejuvenation. Approach a situation and your work in this manner. Tonight: Let the good times rock and roll. Still, make it an early night. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) HHHH You can’t seem to hide your enthusiasm about the coming weekend, nor should you. Attempt to carry

out what has not yet been done this week. Wrap up or initiate a conversation, as it might be more important than you realize. Tonight: Be as spontaneous and happy as possible. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) HHHH Be aware if what is dragging you down. You could be upset at the expense of proceeding in a certain direction. You might want to come to a new understanding with a family member. It seems that lately you have felt especially pushed by this person. Tonight: Head home early. SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) HHHH You have many creative ideas, yet you refuse to share them. Be honest with yourself about why you might be holding back. Are you trying to withhold some important information? That type of secrecy could backfire. Be careful! Tonight: Hang out with

friends and loved ones. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) HHH You might be too concerned with a money matter. Seek advice from a friend so that you can see how a problem developed and your role in it. Do not be so hard on yourself. Just accept what is, and try to avoid having a situation like this happen again. Tonight: Treat yourself well. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) HHHH You’ll beam, and someone else will respond in kind. It is clear that there is an innate mutuality between you. A friend seems a bit off and unwilling to share. Don’t take his or her behavior personally; instead, loosen up. Tonight: Avoid crowds, but be with a loved one. AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) HHH Know when to pull back and say less. You might not agree with a boss or

higher-up, but hold off on expressing how you feel right now; otherwise, it could cause you even more trouble. In the meantime, you’ll hear some other views and information. Tonight: Play it low-key. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) HHHHH You have a keen sense of direction, and it will be confirmed in a meeting. Just the same, you still might not be able to see the bigger picture. Before launching into action, you will want to detach a little more. You’ll need to hear others’ perspectives. Tonight: Where the crowds are. BORN TODAY Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt (1884), philanthropist Charles Revson (1906), H.J. Heinz company founder Henry John Heinz (1844)



Friday October 11, 2013

Fall Break Fest at 123 features New York band Consider the Source BY NICK WESDOCK A&E WRITER @dailyathenaeum

New York-based band Consider the Source will bring their psychedelic sound to 123 Pleasant Street Sunday night as part of their 2013 fall tour. This show will be the trio’s first appearance in Morgantown. As with many of the groups that play at 123, Consider the Source has a very distinct style of music. Guitarist Gabriel Marin

sports a fretless double-neck guitar, complemented by bassist John Ferrara and drummer Jeff Mann. Together they create a blend of progressive rock, fusion/jazz and Middle Eastern classical with a hint of heavy metal in the mix. With such broad musical influences and sounds, the band has created a following in many different genres from jazz to metal. Fans can be found everywhere from California to Israel.

Morgantown will be one of the band’s first stops in the East after spending time touring the Midwest. They will continue to tour the Northeast until mid-October, when they’ll head south. Since their formation in 2004, Consider the Source has toured all over the U.S. as well as in Europe and the Middle East. They have had the opportunity to play with hundreds of other musicians, including Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), Wyclef

Jean and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. In addition to their long list of tour dates, Consider the Source has played nearly a dozen music festivals in their career, including Burning Man, Catskill Chill and The Big Up. Consider the Source plans to release an all new nine-track album entitled “F**k It! We’ll Do It Live, Volume 2” Oct. 22. This is Mann’s first recorded album with the band.

“F**k It! We’ll Do It Live, Volume 2” is the fifth album Consider the Source has recorded and the second in the series of albums by the same title. They recorded their first CD in 2007, “Esperanto” and followed up with “Are You Watching Closely?” in 2009. Before they started work on “F**k It! We’ll Do It Live,” they released “That’s What’s Up” in 2010. They will play with Tauk, another New Yorkbased band, Surgeon

General’s Warning, Gnarwhal and DuoGrove as part of Fall Break Fest, hosted by Music To Your Ears Productions. The show starts Sunday at 9 p.m. and is open to anyone ages 18 and older. Tickets are $7 at the door or $5 in advance. For more information about the band or to listen to their music, visit http:// daa&

AP talks producing for Spears, Gaga and Cyrus NEW YORK (AP) — says his heart is connected to Britney Spears’ upcoming album. He’s the executive producer of the pop star’s untitled eighth album, to be released Dec. 3. “This Britney record is like a piece of me, no pun intended!” said, referring to Spears’ 2007 single, “Piece of Me.” “I appreciate Britney – how she is as a person, all that she’s accomplished, how down to Earth and humble she is, sweet, but at the same time fierce. She don’t play. She wants to win.” Spears’ first single, “Work B--tch,” is currently No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. They recently collaborated on the hit “Scream & Shout.” “It’s really fresh. I’m really passionate about this Britney record,” he added in an interview Thursday. “I’m a music-aholic, so when it comes to ... my appreciation for people’s passions, and when I collaborate or contribute or consult ... I can’t separate myself.” The Black Eyed Peas leader also called the song he’s producing for Lady Gaga “fresh.” He was tightlipped about the singer and her “ARTPOP” album, to be released Nov. 11. “It’s really good. Really

Miley Cyrus and pose for a photo at the Billboard Music Awards. good,” he said of her new song “Do My Thang” for Mimusic. “I loved Lady Gaga ley Cyrus’ album “Bangerz,” even before I worked with which was released this her, and I love her even more week. now.” “It was fun doing that – who has pro- song with her,” he said before duced for Justin Timber- singing some of the song’s lake, John Legend, Nas and lyrics. “I love the whole freaUsher – also produced the kin’ thing.”

New Tom Hanks movie features amateur Somali actors MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — When Barkhad Abdi and three other amateur Somali actors from Minnesota learned they had won major roles in a new Tom Hanks movie, they tore off their clothes and jumped into the Pacific Ocean. “It was exciting,” Abdi recalls of that day on the beach in Santa Monica, Calif. “We had to make sure that wasn’t a dream.” Abdi and his fellow actors from Minneapolis are now living that dream of red carpet premieres and Hollywood endings. The four portray Somali pirates who hijacked an American cargo ship off the Horn of Africa in 2009 and took its captain, played by Hanks, hostage in “Captain Phillips,” opening Friday. The ordeal ended when U.S. Navy sharpshooters picked off three of the pirates holding Capt. Richard Phillips captive in a lifeboat. Abdi, 28, makes his acting debut in “Captain Phillips” as Muse, the pirates’ skinny ringleader, and is generating supporting actor Oscar buzz for his performance. Before that, he had shot and edited videos but “nothing major,” he said. Now he wants to make acting his career. “It feels great, and a little bit scary,” Abdi said of his new fame. “I was just kind of a private person (before the movie). This took part of my life.” Abdi and the other three Somali actors – Faysal Ahmed (the “muscle” of the pirates), Barkhad Abdirahman (the youngest pirate, nicknamed “Little B” by his castmates) and Mahat M. Ali (the lifeboat’s navigator) – all answered an open casting call at the Brian Coyle Community Center, a hub of Minneapolis’

large Somali population – in November 2011. Generic flyers sought actors for what was described only as a new Tom Hanks movie. Over 700 aspiring actors showed up, filling the center. “There were so many people I just had to put every single person on tape,” casting search director Debbie DeLisi said. Afterward she went to a friend’s house where they watched every clip and voted yes, no or maybe. The video also was uploaded for the film’s main casting director in Los Angeles. DeLisi said she chose Minneapolis because the city has the largest population of Somalis in the U.S. (The U.S. Census says roughly 25,000 Somalis live in Minnesota, while local advocates peg the number as high as 100,000). Another casting call was held in Columbus, Ohio, also home to a growing Somali population, and submissions were accepted from England and Somalia. In the end, the field was narrowed to the four Minneapolis actors, who all knew each other. “I would say they were anointed,” DeLisi said. After they were cast, DeLisi’s assistant took the actors shopping for swim trunks at the Mall of America and made sure they had passports for Malta, where most of “Captain Phillips” was shot. DeLisi said she was looking for “heart and grit” in the actors playing the pirates. “It’s not about jumping and being the bad guy,” she said. To capture the shock of the ragtag band of armed pirates storming the ship Maersk Alabama, British director Paul Greengrass (“The Bourne Ulti-

matum,” “Flight 93”) kept the Somali actors apart from Hanks until their first confrontation on the bridge. “It’s never an easy thing to scare someone you know and admire,” Abdi said of facing off against Hanks. “For me, it was really a nerve-racking scene and I understood the weight of it.” Abdi and Ahmed recall Hanks as humble and always joking, and say the two-time Academy Award winner, for “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump,” was their mentor. In their first fight scene aboard the narrow lifeboat, the 6-foot-3 Ahmed says he accidentally grazed Hanks with his fist. Hanks shrugged it off, the two talked and a second fight scene filmed a couple days later went perfectly, Ahmed said. “He was a really tough guy,” Ahmed said. Ahmed, 29, was born and raised in Yemen and came to the U.S. in 1999 at 14. He said the main motive for the pirates from war-torn Somalia was to get money. He tried to imagine himself that desperate. “If you were put into that situation and only wanted to change your life, what would you do? For me, that’s something I constantly thought about,” Ahmed said. Abdi was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, and raised in Yemen. He came to the U.S. in 1999 when he was 14 with his parents and siblings, and said he also understands the pirates’ motivations. “What they’re doing is bad. I totally agree with that,” Abdi said. “I was fortunate to have parents who got me out ... So they were stuck in this situation. And I feel compassion.”

Anna Faris talks motherly duties, upcoming projects LOS ANGELES (AP) — Anna Faris can’t shake that guilty feeling. Even as the 36-yearold actress got out of the house for a party for the first time in months, she couldn’t stop thinking about her son, Jack, who is just over a year old. “I feel like I’m not qualified in any way to be a parent,” Faris said in an interview Wednesday night at People magazine’s “Ones to Watch” party. “But I’m loving it. I think that I’m going through that thing that all new parents feel which is just the guilt. ... Like I feel guilty for being

here tonight, not cuddling him in bed.” Faris is playing a mom on her new CBS series, “Mom,” alongside Allison Janney. Although it’s a comedy, Faris says the show tackles more serious issues than she anticipated. “We’re going to places that I would never have expected us to go. Really, truly it feels like such a daring program,” Faris said. “We deal with some heavy, heavy (expletive).” Faris has had a busy fall, shooting the series and taking care of Jack as

her husband, Chris Pratt, has been out of the country filming the Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.” “He’s coming back next week, though. So, you know, hopefully he’ll start to haul the baby around,” Faris said. There’s b e en one benefit to lugging her 35-pound son around the house. “That’s a big boy. ... My arms, they’ve never been so toned,” she said, laughing. Faris most recently lent her voice to the animated “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.”

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Morgantown Beauty College e

Brows & Blowouts Benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness For every brow waxing or blow dry service performed, the school will donate a portion ($1) of the service to the Betty Puskar Breast Care Center. * This special not valid with any other specials

*All work done by supervised students

304-292-8475 2-8475


Friday October 11, 2013


Pink Circus to host fashion show, raise funds for cancer center BY MARIA SOLANO CORRESPONDENT @dailyathenaeum

The RockTop Bar & Grill and South House Productions will host the first ever Pink Circus to raise awareness for breast cancer Saturday. This fashionable evening will feature a fullspectrum theatrical fashion show designed by Altered Ego Boutique. Hair and makeup will be styled by Bella Hair, and

local sponsors include Joyce’s Jewelers and Scene Conexion. Owner of Altered Ego Boutique, Christina DeAntonis, said she was inspired by the 15 years of the Betty Puskar Fashion Show. Being a part of Betty’s final show in 2012 made DeAntonis want to produce a fashion show with an Altered Ego twist. She is dedicating this show to Betty Puskar, and all of the profits will benefit the Betty Puskar Breast Can-

cer Center at West Virginia University. According to Kaitlyn Campbell, a fashion design and merchandise student, Puskar herself has confirmed her attendance. The night will include a 50/50 drawing, silent auction, local vendors and circus surprises. The show will present guest models such as Miss West Virginia 2013 Miranda Harrison, MTV Buckwild’s Cara Parrish and Ashley Whitt and

WVAQ’s Katie Richter. In 1985, Puskar was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. The Betty Puskar Breast Cancer Center was founded by Puskar when she realized there was no place for women to go after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She was invited to serve on the board for a new West Virginia Cancer Center. Today, not only is Puskar cancer-free, but she is also helping about 18,000

women receive center services this year. According to, Puskar is proud of the accomplishments the cancer center has made throughout the years. “It’s a woman’s center – the doctors, administrators and technicians are all women. We have a new branch at Cheat Lake and have started evening hours twice a week,” Puskar said on the website. “It is just exactly what I had in mind.”

The fashion show will be an entertaining, fun way to raise money for a great cause. The doors open at 7 p.m., and the show will begin at 9 p.m. on the deck. General admission is $7 in advance and $10 at the door. VIP tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door and will include hors d’oeuvres, a private cash bar and preferred standing room. daa&

Fall TV Spotlight

American Horror Story: Popular FX horror show premieres third season

The American Horror Story season three promotion features witches hanging from walls.


Editor’s note: ***Contains Spoilers*** Season three of “American Horror Story,” the popular FX horror series, premiered Tuesday night at 10. This season, entitled “Coven,” follows a young girl, Zoe, who is sent to a witch boarding school after discovering her secret powers in a rather unfortunate way. Where previous seasons dealt with ghosts and medical experiments, “Coven” delves into witch-

craft, magic and voodoo. Staying true to previous seasons, this show again promises a disturbing, gruesome and unsettling ride into darkness and horror. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, feel free to start watching now. “American Horror Story” sets itself apart from other shows. Each season is a stand alone mini series with distinct plot lines. Season one was “Murder House,” and season two was “Asylum.” Casting-wise, this is the most exciting season yet. Series favorites, including the delightfully twisted Jessica Lange, make a return.

Three notable new cast members have been added. Gabourey Sidibe, the star of “Precious,” is introduced as a pupil in the witch school, and Emma Roberts (“Scream 4”, “Unfabulous”) also plays a young witch. The most thrilling update to the cast, though, is the addition of Kathy Bates of “Misery” fame. Bates plays a socialite from Louisiana circa 1800. As an upper-class woman with a penchant for bathing in human blood and creatively mutilating her slaves, Bates is sure to shine in this role. The episode starts off with a bang. Zoe, while in

Kirkman offers no road map for ‘The Walking Dead’ NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Nothing’s been as hard for Robert Kirkman as killing off Glenn. Not only did he do away with a beloved character in the comic book version of “The Walking Dead,” he knew he’d eventually have to face actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on the hit AMC zombie apocalypse television series. Although the series departs from its source material, he knew Yeun would wonder about his fate on Season 4, which begins Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. “It was really strange for me writing that, knowing that Steven was going to read it,” Kirkman said. “There was a concern like I didn’t want Steven to read it and think I was mad at him.” Lucky for Yeun, then, that Kirkman isn’t like George R.R. Martin. When fans went bonkers over the season-ending “Game of Thrones” episode “Red Wedding,” Martin, author of the books the series is based on, chided fans they needed only to read his novels to know what was coming. Kirkman gives his watchers, readers – and actors – no such road map. Kirkman and the show’s creators long ago decided to veer away from the source material in key places, so Glenn’s sudden passing in the pages of pivotal issue No. 100 - we’re not going to tell you anything more, but rest assured it’s spectacularly terrible - did not mean Yeun’s days are numbered on the show. Necessarily. “No, there’s never reassurances on the show,” Yeun confirmed. “Obviously, I would like to keep it going as long as possible, but it would be fun to go out that way too. ... At first when I read it I was like, `Wow.’ I thought it was brave. I thought it was terrifying. I actually loved it. I mean what a way to take a beloved character away from the readers, just snatch

it away.” The Season 3 finale, which drew a cable dramatic series record 12.4 million viewers, left the comic book’s fans in a titter as the epically megalomaniacal bad guy The Governor mowed down most of his followers with an automatic rifle and fled, very much alive. At that point, the show took a hard turn from the comic where the showdown with The Governor had a very final conclusion. There are other differences that consume longtime fans of the comic. For instance, when’s Rick going to lose his arm? Or will he? Why did they have to kill off Andrea, who plays a large role in the comic? Kirkman sits in a room alone dreaming up the comic, but when he gets in a room with the show’s producers and other writers, he says he’s not protecting his baby. “I sometimes am the loudest when it comes to let’s change things up and let’s make things different,” Kirkman said. “We’re all of the mind that the television show is a different animal, so while we’re adapting these stories we do want to keep things fresh and new for the television audience just like it was fresh and new with the comic book audience the first time they read it, so I feel like those changes are important.” Though few details have leaked out about Season 4, Kirkman and supervising producer Scott Gimple confirm The Governor plays a role going forward and the show’s main characters, led by Rick Grimes, remain in their hard-won prison safe haven with several new additions from Woodbury. “We’re doing some very new and interesting things with The Governor in Season 4, as you’ll see,” Kirkman said. “... The new season is about the continuing

progression of these characters and their lives, so while we’re still in the prison, it is a very different prison than what we’ve known thus far, and they have kind of built a little pocket of civilization within those fences.” In a trailer for the upcoming season, we see new faces, crops growing within the prison walls and children learning lessons - all signs of civilization. There are also walkers within the walls and plenty of trouble. In an unguarded moment, Kirkman says the character Daryl is expanding the prison population by bringing in new survivors under a special protocol to screen out the dangerous – a clear reference to future events in the comic book. Gimple said fans of the comic will see bits and pieces like that incorporated more and more into the show. While Kirkman has always pushed for fresh storylines, Gimple acknowledges that a 16-show season means they’ll likely be relying on the source material more than before. “I use this term a lot – it’s like we’re remixing the comic,” Gimple said. Gimple promises more character studies in his first season as show runner, and varied storytelling formats. There will be plenty of gore and the horror conventions that bring in some fans, but there will also be more philosophical examinations into human nature. “Ultimately they’re in an ugly world and how ugly is that going to make them?” Gimple asks. “I will say the theme of this season is are we too far gone, are these characters too far gone, have they gone through too much? Have they endured too much to still be people, to still be able to just be human beings, to experience love, to experience happiness, to be more than animals just surviving?”

the throes of passion with her boyfriend, discovers she has the unfortunate curse of causing people to bleed to death from their eyes. She is transported to a school for young and exceptional women, where she meets her fellow classmates. We also learn Jessica Lange’s character is the supreme witch, while her daughter, who runs the school, is a disappointingly regular witch. There is much social strife among the four students, mainly due to Robert’s character as Madison Montgomery, the spoiled, popular girl archetype. This show pulls no

punches, coming out of the gate hard with scenes of rape, murder, slave abuse and torture. However, “American Horror Story” never claims to be for the weak of stomach or easily offended. The show is disturbing and scary, as it should be. Another notable part of the series is the opening credits. “American Horror Story” is well-known for delivering truly creepy backdrops to the beginning of the show, and “Coven” is no exception. Unnerving and distorted music plays over moving images of witchcraft, demons and other horrors. It grabs the viewer’s atten-

tion and helps to mentally prepare them for what is to come. The creators of the show are truly masters of horror. The show is back for its third season and will hopefully have many more to come. This season looks to be as disturbed and horrifying as the previous ones; viewers will undoubtedly be glued to their seats and watching through their fingers. Catch American Horror Story Tuesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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‘Downton Abbey’ to air preview special NEW YORK (AP) — PBS is setting the table for the “Downton Abbey” feast ahead with a preview special planned for broadcast in December. PBS’ “Masterpiece” says “Return to Downton Abbey” will air Dec. 1 with what’s billed as “a tantalizing taste” of the upcom-

ing season, which begins Jan. 5. It also will look at the series’ past three seasons. Susan Sarandon serves as host for the special, a mix of behind-the-scenes footage, clips of favorite moments and interviews with cast members. Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonnev-

ille, Elizabeth McGovern, Jim Carter and Shirley MacLaine are among the stars who will appear in the special. “Downton Abbey,” the wildly popular drama about British class and culture a century ago, will move into the Roaring Twenties in the new season.

Magic Johnson will not return to ESPN as analyst BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) — Magic Johnson won’t return to ESPN as an NBA studio analyst. The Hall of Famer says in a statement released by the network Thursday that because of his busy schedule, “I don’t feel confident that I can continue to devote the time needed to thrive in my

role.” Johnson is part of the ownership group that agreed to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers in March 2012. Since retiring from basketball, he has been successful in business, investing in movie theaters, a production company and restaurants. He has also been an

activist in the fight against HIV after being diagnosed with the virus in 1991. He expanded his role on ESPN to join “NBA Countdown” in 2011. Johnson says: “I will always feel a strong connection to the ESPN family and I enjoyed working with them very much.”



Friday October 11, 2013

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strollING the streets

Fall break fever How to maximize your free time Jake JarVIs Correspondent @DAILYATHENAEUM

Zombies stroll the streets of Portland, Ore. in a similar zombie walk.

Zombies taking over High Street Saturday BY WESTLEY THOMPSON A&E WRITER @DAILYATHENAEUM

High Street will become the domain of the dead during the seventh a n nu a l Mo rga ntow n Zombie Walk, hosted by The Illusive Skull. For years now, people have gathered, dressed in their best zombie costumes, to shuffle down High Street, and this year promises to be another fun time. One of the first zombie walks took place at a gaming convention in August 2000. From there, it grew quickly. The first event actually billed as a “zombie walk” came three years later in Toronto. Since then, zombie walks have become very popular

events. One in Pittsburgh entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006 for largest turnout, with approximately 900 people. The popularity of zombies in the media has only increased the popularity of the walks. With shows like AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and movies like “Zombieland,” “Dawn of the Dead,” and “World War Z” zombies have become a public favorite. Morgantown’s Zombie Walk has a greater purpose than just entertaining people for an evening. During the zombie walk, the Illusive Skull also hosts a food drive for downtown Morgantown food pantries. These pantries feed more than 5,000 families in the area dur-

ing the winter, and it’s important they have enough food. “Since zombies don’t do anything but eat brains, what more appropriate thing to have than zombies bringing canned foods?” said event coordinator Pam Markel. “Last year, we filled half of a big box truck with food. This year, I’d like to fill the whole truck.” According to Markel not only is it for a good cause, but it helps get people into the spirit of Halloween, and who doesn’t want to spend a night walking around in cool costumes with other zombie-loving individuals? “Everybody has such a good time,” Markel said. “It’s a relief from daily ev-

eryday tasks.” And after a long week packed with midterms, everyone can afford to blow off some steam and help those in need at the same time. A related event, the Zombie Prom, is happening after the walk. The prom, hosted at Bent Willey’s, starts at 9 and will cost $6 per person. The night will be all about dancing and having a good time as your undead alter ego. “It’s going to be a good time,” Markel said. “Lots of dancing, lots of crazy people.” So shuffle down to High Street at 8 p.m. Saturday and feel what it’s like to be in the shoes of a monster for an evening. daa&

Morgantown Tattoo Expo to be held this weekend Get inked by some of the nation’s finest tattoo artists at the first annual West Virginia Tattoo Expo. Hosted at the Morgantown Event Center today through Sunday, the expo offers attendees the chance to view work from worldclass artists, attend seminars related to the art of tattooing and of course, receive high-quality tattoos and piercings. Tattoo competitions will be held nightly. Eventgoers can show-

case their tattoos before a panel of judges, who will then select a winner within specific categories. Small color, small black and gray, portrait, sleeve, large color, large black and gray, traditional and back piece are this year’s areas of emphasis. A “Tattoo of the Day,” which is not restricted by style or size, will also be awarded nightly. The event will also crown a “Miss Tattooed West Virginia” Saturday at 7 p.m. All tattooed females above

the age of 18 are allowed to enter the contest, and prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third place finishers. The expo is open today 2-10 p.m., Saturday noon-10 p.m. and Sunday noon-6 p.m. A one -day pass is $15, while a weekend pass, good for all three days, is available for $40. For more information, visit —hah

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If you’re anything like me, West Virginia University’s first fall break cannot come soon enough. But have no fear, after classes are over today, we have a glorious four days during which there will be no attendance taken, no PRTs to cram onto and no stress. I always make big plans for breaks I have from school, but those breaks always fall short of my expectations. Usually, I end up vegging out on the couch for 72 hours or more. “I’m going to try and rewatch all of the seasons of One Tree Hill,” said Jessilynn Lawson, WVU technical theatre set design student. “For the first time this semester, I’m not going to do anything.” We are being given this time to recharge our batteries, so let’s use it effectively. The first way to maximize your fall break is to catch up on sleep. Does this mean sleeping the days away? No. This means sleeping an extra hour or two every night. Contrary to popular belief, one cannot “catch up on sleep.” Damage has already been done from semisleep deprivation; now, we can only work to get a better sleep cycle going. When you’re not sleeping, try to take advantage of this last bit of good weather and go on a run. Running at this time of year is great: you’ll experience cool weather, great scenery and the perfect way to clear your head after that organic chemistry midterm. According to the American Intercontinental University, exercise not only stimulates brain development, but it also improves concentration, memory and retention. Remember when carving a pumpkin was one of the best parts of fall? I sure do. Take time out this weekend to carve a pumpkin with your family. This can be both a relaxing and bonding time. Nothing’s worse than

spending time crafting the perfect jack-o-lantern only to have it rotting by the time Halloween rolls around. To prolong the life of your pumpkin, spray the inside with either a bleach spray. This will kill any bacteria inside and prevents mold from forming. If your pumpkin looks like it’s wilting, soak it in cold water for an hour or so. This revitalizes it and can extend its life for more than two weeks. “For fall break, I’m most excited about spending time with my dog Gabel,” said Samuel Chambers, a WVU speech pathology student. “But let’s be honest, I’ll probably just end up eating my feelings.” Food is a definite comfort for many who have stressful classes. As we all know, weight gain starts pretty heavily this time of year. Use the break to scout out healthier food options. For the past week, all I’ve wanted to do is stuff my face with pumpkin pie. Luckily, I found a lowcalorie, low-sugar pumpkin pie recipe that tastes just as good as my grandma’s. You can access the recipe at The last tip I have for maximizing your fall break is simple: remember why you are here. With everything that goes along with a semester, often, our end goals get lost in the haze. Whether you hope to be a surgeon, a chemical engineer, an astronaut or a teacher, take this break to refocus. For example, say you want to go to medical school. Take a few hours to look up an exciting new surgery. This will re-energize your efforts and remind you why you are going through all of this in the first place. This semester has been tough for all of us, and it only gets tougher from here. Don’t let these few days slip through your fingers and leave you wondering where your break went. daa&

AMA nominations announced NEW YORK (AP) — Newcomers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are the top contenders at the 2013 American Music Awards. The rap duo is up for six awards, including artist, new artist and single of the year for “Thrift Shop.” The “Same Love” performers will battle heavyweights Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Bruno Mars for artist of the year at the Nov. 24 fan-voted awards show in Los Angeles. Miley Cyrus will perform. Kelly Clarkson and announced the nominees Thursday at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York. predicted Mars would win the top prize. Swift and Timberlake have five nominations each, while Robin Thicke, Rihanna and

Florida Georgia Line have four each. Mars and Imagine Dragons are up for three awards each. Nominees for single of the year – a new award – include Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and Florida Georgia Line and Nelly’s “Cruise.” Swift, Rihanna and Pink are nominated for favorite female artist-pop/rock. Timberlake, Thicke and Mars are up for favorite male artist-pop/rock. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ other nominations include favorite band, duo or grouppop/rock, favorite artist-rap/ hip-hop and favorite albumrap/hip-hop for their platinum-selling debut, “The Heist.” They will compete with Jay Z in both rap categories. The AMAs will air live on ABC from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.



FRIDAY october 11, 2013



Baylor loss shouldn’t influence WVU season For most of this week, I’ve been hearing about how West Virginia may have a difficult season remaining based on what we saw Saturday night against Baylor. While the Mountaineers weren’t the best, Baylor is a very, very good team. The Bears undoubtedly have one of the best offenses in the country. While I knew they were potent and extremely balanced prior to Saturday’s matchup with WVU, Baylor proved it is the real deal offensively and that it is a top 15 program this season. For West Virginia fans, there shouldn’t be much concern after the loss to BU. Going into the bye week, the Mountaineers are 3-3 and every game could be considered winnable the rest of the way. To be completely honest, this was the game everyone should have expected to be a potential blowout. Coming into the game, Baylor was ranked in the top 5 in many offensive categories. The Bears didn’t disappoint in the running/passing game and often made plays where you just shake your head in amazement. Following the bye week, however, it’s a new life for WVU. As a rebuilding year, the standard should be set at bowl eligibility in 2013. That is the main goal. For those who believed West Virginia was going to win the Big 12 Conference after its win against Oklahoma State, you may want to rethink your stance and adjust your expectations. From what it looks like right now, the conference championship could very well come down to Baylor’s showdown with Oklahoma later this season. They are currently the two best teams in the league. While West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen said a loss is a loss, this was to be expected, and the result shouldn’t leave a lasting impact on the 2013 season. “I would recommend giving Baylor some credit,” he said. “They never changed anything, and they established the line of scrimmage. They’re playing fast ; they’re playing physical.” Another aspect to take into account is Baylor was the fresher of the two football teams. On the night of their win over the Mountaineers, the Bears had played just one game in 28 days. In all honesty, I’m not sure how even one of the best defenses in college football could stop this potent Baylor offense when the team is clicking. It’s definitely no easy task. That said, WVU fans shouldn’t be too disappointed following this loss. I’m not saying that any loss is a “good” loss, but one to a program that is this balanced isn’t the end of the world. The Mountaineers will need to prepare for a decent No. 20 Texas Tech team coming to town Oct. 19. Like I said, every game could be considered winnable from here on out. So, for now, let’s turn this supposed panic button off and be patient with this WVU team. The season is only halfway over.

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file photo

Sophomore guard Terry Henderson shoots from the perimeter in a home game against Baylor in the WVU Coliseum last season.

Henderson, West Virginia look to rebound from mediocre 13-19 season in 2013-14 by doug walp sports writer @dailyathenaeum

True sophomore Terry Henderson said he thinks this year’s West Virginia men’s basketball team actually has less talent than the Mountaineer team that finished 13-19 in 2012 and missed postseason basketball for the first time since coach Bob Huggins returned to his alma mater in 2007. But Henderson said he also believes while this year’s group doesn’t necessarily possess as much raw talent, it’s also a more cohesive unit, in which everybody has a little better understanding of their job within the team. “I think last year we were more talented, but this year everybody knows what they’re on the team for,” he said. “Everybody understands their

role. That’s what every good team is. You look at the Final Four team with Da’Sean (Butler) and John (Flowers); everybody did their job. And I think we have more of that team chemistry this year than we had last year.” The sophomore also said nobody, including himself, ever saw struggles of last season’s magnitude coming. “It was horrible,” Henderson said. “Coming in as a freshman, I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting us to go and continue the legacy of making the tournament and being a great West Virginia team, but it was just disappointing.” Henders on, WVU ’s second-leading returning scorer from 2012, certainly contributed his share by making exactly 40 percent of his threepoint attempts last sea-

son, which is good for first on the team. But Henderson said he’s also worked more on his physique and making his game even more versatile in the offseason. “I definitely got bigger and stronger,” he said. “(I’ve) been working on attacking the basket more, because I know everybody’s going to be playing me for the threeball. So I’ve been working on that all summer and can’t wait to prove it this year.” Henderson may only be a sophomore this year, but he comes into the season as one of WVU’s most experienced players. He only started in 11 of the Mountaineers’ 30 games in 2012, but saw more than 600 minutes once he made it onto the floor. He said he believes it’s part of his duty to use that experience to help men-

tor some of the new arrivals this year. “That’s what I’m here for,” Henderson said. “We’ve been getting the new guys rolling, telling them the right things to do and correcting them when they make mistakes. That’s pretty much our job as veterans on the team.” Huggins said both Henderson and fellow true sophomore long-distance threat Eron Harris, WVU’s leading scorer in 2012, are indeed making strides in taking on more of a leadership role this season. “They’re trying,” Huggins said. “The best leaders are guys that led by example. I think we’re back there with Terry and Eron.” One issue Huggins and the Mountaineers faced in the 2012 season was being able to get both Henderson and Harris

(WVU’s two best shooters) on the floor together enough, as they actually ended up splitting time at the small forward position for the majority of the season. But Henderson said this has indeed been one of the focuses for the two talented Mountaineer shooters this offseason, and he said he expects to share the floor with Harris much more often and effectively in 2013-14. “Oh yeah, definitely I’m looking forward to playing with him (Harris),” Henderson said. “We’ve been playing together all summer. In open gym, we’ve been on the same team sometimes, and you know (Huggins) knows what’s he’s doing, so when he puts us in, we’re going to be able to do some things.”

WVU looks to stay undefeated in Big 12 play this weekend by joe mitchin sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia women’s soccer team has been climbing the ladder to the top of not only the top 25 polls, but up the Big 12 Conference standings, as well. Two more conference foes invade Morgantown this week, as the Mountaineers will host Iowa State tonight and TCU Sunday afternoon. WVU has won five matches in a row and improved its record to 9-2-2 entering the weekend. The start of conference play has gone according to plan for the Mountaineers, as they won their first three league contests. West Virginia is the only school left in the conference with an unblemished record, but these two lower-rated teams will look to change that quickly. Iowa State is 6-6-2 on the season and 0-2-1 in the Big 12. The Cyclones are led by senior forward Jennifer Dominguez, who scored five goals and added four assists for 14 total points on the season. Goalkeeper Maddie Jobe currently leads the conference in saves with 63 in 14 games played. Iowa State, however, has given up the most goals in the conference to this point. “(Iowa State) was huge last year and are even bigger this year,” said WVU head coach Nikki IzzoBrown. “They are a team that’s very dangerous and very capable of winning.

They are physical and hard and an emotional team.” The Mountaineers defeated Iowa State in Ames in the 2012 season 3-2. It took two second-half goals from forward Frances Silva to nail down the victory for WVU. Sunday’s match will feature West Virginia taking on TCU, the only Big 12 team to ever beat it in conference play. The Horned Frogs knocked off the Mountaineers in the Big 12 quarterfinal in last season’s conference tournament. WVU had beaten TCU 2-1 earlier in the year. TCU is 4-6-3 and 0-2-1 inside the league, but will take on Kansas tonight before arriving at Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium. Freshman forward Michelle Prokof has scored six times this season for the Horned Frogs – which ranks just behind Silva and WVU junior Kate Schwindel for most of the Big 12. Revenge will certainly be on the minds of the Mountaineers Sunday afternoon, but Izzo-Brown said she hopes the team remains focused on the task at hand and takes each match one at a time. “What we don’t want is to fall into any kind of complacency now that we’re just waiting for the postseason,” she said. “We’re waiting to do something right now, and every game matters.” Despite playing just one match Friday, the awards continue to flood into the program. This week Silva

was named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week for the second time this season. The senior was also awarded NSCAA National Player of the Week after scoring twice in Friday’s victory over Texas. Freshman Ashley Lawrence was also named the Big 12 Newcomer of the Week. The Mountaineers have moved up to No. 9 in the Soccer America top 25 poll entering the weekwythe woods/the daily athenaeum end. The team is also No. Kate Schwindel looks to get past a Texas defender in Friday’s home match against 16 in the national poll the Longhorns. presented by the NSCAA. West Virginia’s winning streak has certainly gotten the team noticed on a larger scale lately, but the team does their best to ignore the hype. “We don’t think too much about it until the end of the season when it The Daily Athenaeum’s really matters,” Schwindel Distribution Department is looking for said. “It’s good to see that responsible student employees to fill the we’re finally getting the following position: credit that we deserve. I think it’s only going to get better if we stay focused.” WVU will host Iowa State tonight at Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium in Morgantown with the kickoff Applications are available at set for 7 p.m. The game the Daily Athenaeum, 284 Prospect St. has been designated the Please include a class schedule. Pink Game in support for breast cancer awareness. eoe Sunday’s match with TCU is set for 12:30 p.m.

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Friday October 11, 2013


Kramer, Mountaineers look to bounce back against Iowa State by jon fehrens

her squad traveled to Lubbock and took down Texas Tech in their next match. Now the team will look to keep this streak alive and avenge their loss by taking down No. 25 Iowa State. “I know they are excited to play Iowa State. They have a great environment. It will be an environment similar to TCU, and that is the kind that we love to play in,” Kramer said. While it may not look like it on paper, WVU was a few breaks away from taking the match against the Bears. Despite not holding a lead in the first two sets of the match, WVU only dropped the sets by a combined seven points. The Mountaineers also committed a seasonhigh 16 hitting errors. “All the other teams we played this season let us get away with mistakes, but Baylor was hungry

sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia volleyball team will look to bounce back after its first home loss of the season to Baylor Wednesday night by traveling to take on Iowa State in Ames, Iowa, Saturday. Although the Bears broke the 8-0 Mountaineers’ win streak at home, WVU still holds onto another impressive streak; head coach Jill Kramer and her team haven’t dropped consecutive games this season. When the Mountaineers lost their first match of the season to Duquesne Sept. 17, they responded by sweeping the competition at the Gold and Blue Players Challenge three days later. When TCU tripped up WVU in Fort Worth, Texas, Kramer and

and didn’t let that happen,” Kramer said. “In the first two sets, our tempo was all over the place, and that is something we will have to learn to control.” Sophomore setter Brittany Sample registered her fifth double-double of the season against the Bears by posting 30 assists and 12 digs and had a career-high five kills. Sample had a great individual game Wednesday night, but Kramer will make some tweaks in meetings that will be held before Saturday night to change up the sophomore’s game. “Brittany had a great game, but she needs to get the balls set in the middle a little higher for our outsiders,” Kramer said. The Cyclones come into the meeting fresh off sweeping Kansas State Wednesday. Unlike Baylor, who featured a high-

powered offense with two strong outside hitters, Iowa State will showcase a stout defensive led libro Kristen Hahn. Hahn, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, native, posted 20 digs against the Wildcats. Saturday’s match has been deemed Iowa State’s “Dig Pink” night, where all fans in attendance are encouraged to wear pink to show support for breast cancer awareness.

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Jordan Lee and Anna Panagiotakopoulos work together to keep the ball in play in a home match against Baylor Wednesday night.


Aldon Smith charged with felony weapons possession

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was charged Wednesday with three felony counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon, stemming from a party at his home in June 2012. The Santa Clara County district attorney’s office said in announcing the charges that Smith is expected to surrender on his own later this month. The 24-year-old Smith is on an indefinite leave of absence from the NFC champion Niners while undergoing treatment for substance abuse at an in-patient facility following a DUI arrest Sept. 20. “We’ve been aware of the incident, the serious nature of it. We’re all accountable for our actions, good and bad,” 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said Wednesday. “There’s a process, due process, that will take place. I don’t feel any need to comment further on it.” When asked whether Smith – who set a franchise record with 19 1/2 sacks last season – would play again this year, Harbaugh said only, “I don’t have any need to further comment on it.” On Monday, the coach said he had traded a few text messages with Smith, saying, “Heard that things are going very well, very positive reports back.’’ If convicted, Smith could face up to four years and four months in jail, the district attorney’s office said. “The preamble to the assault weapons law states that each assault weapon ‘has such a high rate of fire and capacity for firepower that its function as a legitimate sports or recreational firearm is substantially outweighed by the danger that it can be used to kill and injure human beings,’” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said. “California’s prohibition of these powerful weapons is not about hunting or target practice. It is about interrupting the long history of death, carnage and grief assault weapons have inflicted on Califor-

nia communities.” Smith also is likely to face a suspension from the NFL, perhaps pushed back to next season or after his legal issues are resolved. The 49ers issued a statement Wednesday. “The 49ers organization is aware of the recent developments with Aldon arising from an incident at his home in 2012,” the team said. “We recognize the serious nature of this situation, as does Aldon, and will continue to monitor it closely. As this is an ongoing legal matter, we will have no further comment.” Last month, Smith and former teammate Delanie Walker were named in a lawsuit filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court by a Northern California man who said he was shot at a party at Smith’s house on June 29, 2012. The players charged a $10 admission and $5 per drink, the lawsuit said. Smith and now-Titans tight end Walker, 29, were allegedly intoxicated on Smith’s balcony when they fired gunshots in the air while trying to end the party, the lawsuit said. Before the 2012 home opener last September, Smith was the passenger in a car during an accident in Santa Clara County in which the driver swerved to avoid hitting a deer. Smith sustained a cut beneath his right eyebrow. He apologized and insisted he had grown up. Smith, selected seventh overall in the 2011 draft out of Missouri, had previously been arrested on suspicion of DUI in January 2012 in Miami shortly after the 49ers lost in the NFC championship game. He is on the reserve non-football injury list while in rehab, and there is no NFL minimum for number of games he must miss while on the list. Smith played in a 27-7 home loss to the Colts on Sept. 22 and had five tackles just two days after he was arrested and jailed on suspicion of DUI and marijuana possession. Smith apologized for his behavior after the game.

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San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith stands on the field before an NFL football game against the Indianapolis Colts in San Francisco.





Deadline for Classifieds: Noon the day before your ad is to run


Adoptions Child Care Houses for Sale


Lost & Found Mobile Homes for Sale Notices SPECIAL NOTICES

EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation of discrimination. The Daily Athenaeum will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination in West Virginia call HUD Toll-free at 1-800-669-9777

CAR POOLING/RIDES JewelmanLLC NOW OFFERING PARKING on Richwood Ave. Call 304-288-1572 or 304-288-9662 PARKING SPACES AVAILABLE. Top of High Street. 1/year lease. $120/mo 304-685-9810.

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PINEVIEW APARTMENTS Affordable & Convenient Within walking distance of Med. Center & PRT UNFURNISHED FURNISHED 2,3, AND 4 BR Rec room With Indoor Pool Exercise Equipment Pool Tables Laundromat Picnic Area Regulation Volleyball Court Experienced Maintenance Staff Lease-Deposit Required

No Pets


3/BR 2/BTH, w/d. Parking South Park, free heat. $900/month. 304-685-4593 BARRINGTON NORTH: 2BR, 1BTH. w w w. m o r g a n t o w n a pa r t m e n ts . c o m . 304-599-6376.


INCLUDES * Full Size W/D * Utilities * Work Out Facility * Free Parking




CASH PAID!! WE BUY CARS and trucks. Any make! Any model! Any condition! 282-2560


EVANSDALE PROPERTIES 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Valley View Woods Copperfield Court

Prices are for the total unit 1 BD Willey St. Simpson St.

$650 incl util $735 incl util

2 BD Burns Ave Irwin St. Eastern Ave Stewart Lane

$660 + util $600 + util $750 incl util $800 + util

3BD Charles Ave Peninsula Blvd Willey St

$915 + util $990 + util $990 incl util

4 BD University Commons $1300 + util

(304) 296 - 7930

1, 2, 3, and 4 Bedrooms Sunnyside, South Park, Suncrest, Evansdale and Downtown

THE HILTON GARDEN INN is currently taking applications for housekeeping room attendants, part-time laundry and lobby attendants. Part-time maintenance. Must have valid drivers license and pass drug test. Please apply in person at the front desk. BLACK BEAR BURRITOS hiring kitchen staff. AM and PM. Will train. Apply within. 132 pleasant street. MARIO’S FISHBOWL NOW HIRING cooks: Apply in person at 704 Richwood Ave. or 3117 University Ave.

317 RICHWOOD AVE. Available immediately. 3BR house, W/D, no pets. $900/mth. 304-290-1332




AVAILABLE LARGE HOUSE Grant Ave. 3 BR, 1.5 BTH. W/D. Off-street parking. No pets. Lease&Deposit $1000+utilities. 304-983-2229 or 681-285-9137.


EFF: 1BR: 2BR: Now Leasing For 2013


Mountain Line Bus Service Every 10 Minutes and Minutes From PRT



HELP WANTED KEGLER’S SPORTS BAR now accepting qualified applicants for Kitchen Manager. Must have previous experience in all aspects of restaurant operations. Mus be able to work evenings & weekends. Health benefits & 401k available. Will be discussed at interview. Please fax resume: 304-599-8630 or mail to: Attn: Jerry, 735 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Morgantown, WV 26505 NIGHTCLUB LOOKING FOR ALL POSITIONS: bouncer, bartender, promotions. Must be 18 years of age. No experience necessary. E-mail resume NIGHTCLUB LOOKING FOR BOOKKEEPER: must be proficient in quickbooks, quicken and have data entry skills. E-mail resume to NIGHTCLUB LOOKING FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: knowledge of social networks and google docs, no experience necessary. E-mail resume to

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* Free Parking * Full Size W/D * Pets Conditional

APARTMENTS FOR RENT: Three 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, condos located on Creekside Drive, off West Run Road (North Hills) in Morgantown, within minutes of hospital and WVU. All kitchen appliances and washer and dryer in units. $600.00 per month with $300.00 security deposit. Telephone Jeff at 304-290-8571.

Work Wanted Yard Sales

284 Prospect Street, Morgantown, WV 26506

* 916 Ridgeway $900 * 514 Penn. Ave. $800 * 410 Penn. Ave. $400 * 32 Spring St. $575 * 227 Cole Alley $500 * 6 Charles Ave. $900 * 99 Holland Ave. $900

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments


Vehicle Repairs Vehicles for Sales Wanted to Buy


BRAND NEW IN SUNNYSIDE Furnished and Unfurnished

VERY NICE, MODERN, SPACIOUS, EFFICIENT 2BR apt. Private, quiet, adult neighborhood near Law School and North Street. $500/month+utilities. No pets. No parties. 304-288-0919

ROOMMATES 2 ROOMMATES NEEDED IN 4BR HOUSE. 2BTH Jones Ave. W/D, DW, off-street parking. Close to both campuses. 9mth lease. Lease/deposit. 304-292-5714


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Now Leasing 2013

1 & 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Apartments

Prices Starting at $515 Security Deposit $200 Ask about our Specials! Garages, W/D, Walk In Closets Sparkling Pool Minutes From Hospitals & Downtown

24 HR Maintenance/Security Bus Service NO PETS Bon Vista & The Villas

304-599-1880 JONES PLACE. 1, 2, & 3BR starting at $625/person in December. No Pets. 304-296-7400

NOW RENTING TOP OF FALLING RUN ROAD Morgan Point 1+2/BR $625-$825+ utilities. Semester lease. WD. DW. Parking. NO PETS. Call: 304-290-4834.

3BR. Marion St. No pets (304) 296-5931


Metro Towers

ATTRACTIVE 1 & 2/BR APARTMENTS. Near Ruby and on Mileground. Plenty of parking. 292-1605

1-2BR APARTMENTS in Wiles Hill. Includes utilities. WD, AC, DW. $450 per person and up. NO PETS 304-288-2052 or 304-288-9978.

Services Sublet Tickets


3 AND 4 BEDROOM located at 324 Stewart St. in good condition 2 minute walk to campus. W/D, DW, Parking. $425-450. ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED. 304.288.3308

Personals Pets Rides Wanted


JUST LISTED 2-3BR Forest Ave. Just off Spruce. Parking W/D Utilities Included $445/$495 per person. Available 304-288-1572 / 304-282-8131




1 Issue ................................................................$5.28 2 Issues ..............................................................$9.68 3 Issues ........................................................... $13.20 4 Issues ........................................................... $17.60 Weekly Rate (5 days) .................................... $22.00

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CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES (non-contract & Contract)

1 X 2 ...........................$22.68..........................$26.44 1 X 3 ...........................$34.02..........................$39.66 1 X 4 ...........................$45.36..........................$52.88 1 X 5 ...........................$56.70..........................$66.10 1 X 6 ...........................$68.04..........................$79.32 1 X 7 ...........................$79.38..........................$92.54 1 X 8 ...........................$90.72....................... $105.76 2 X 2 ...........................$45.36..........................$52.88 2 X 3 ...........................$68.04..........................$79.32 2 X 4 ...........................$90.72....................... $105.76 2 X 5 .........................$113.40....................... $132.20 2 X 6 .........................$136.08....................... $158.64



Friday October 11, 2013

da sports staff picks

DANA HOLGORSEN QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Going into a bye week right now comes at a good time for a number of reasons. Heading into Baylor, we tried to convince them that we had enough in our tank to go play a good football team. Looking back on it, I don’t know if we did. They were obviously a lot more energized, fresh, excited and ready to play. It showed out there.”



















No. 12 Oklahoma vs. Texas Kansas @ TCU Iowa State @ No. 20 Texas Tech No. 15 Baylor @ Kansas State No. 25 Missouri @ No. 5 Georgia No. 17 Florida @ No. 10 LSU No. 19 Northwestern @ Wisconsin No. 18 Michigan @ Penn State Oregon State @ Washington State Georgia Tech @ BYU kyle monroe/the daily atheanaeum

Kevin White passes by in Saturday’s away game against Baylor.

men’s soccer

West Virginia looks to continue hot hand at Hartwick by kevin hooker sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia men’s soccer team will look to win its third straight game tonight against Hartick in Oneonta, N.Y. Game time is slated for 7 p.m. Despite their 3-5-2 record, the Hawks stunned No. 9 Akron Oct. 5 in a 2-0 victory. Kit Tregear and Chris Walter both scored in the win, and goalkeeper Mateo Munarriz saved a

penalty kick to retain the lead. The win puts Hartwick at 1-0 in conference play, while the Mountaineers are tied at No. 3 with a 1-1 record. Tonight’s match marks the first time West Virginia has traveled since Sept. 15, after playing five straight games at home. The Tuesday night win against Stony Brook put the Mountaineers at 5-5-1 on the season. “We’re starting to find a little bit of a rhythm,” said

head coach Marlon LeBlanc. “I’m very, very pleased with the way we’ve responded over the last couple of games, and now the goal is to keep it going, one game at time.” WVU held possession for most of the game, and the defense only allowed four shots, all of which came in the second half. Andy Bevin and Majed Osman both scored a goal Tuesday, with the gamewinning goal coming on an own goal. Bevin leads WVU and the MAC with six

goals, six assists and 18 total points. “We’ve lost some tight (games),” LeBlanc said. “But we’ve had really good training sessions over the last couple of weeks, and we’ve fixed some things that we needed to fix.” Junior goalkeeper Lee Johnston recorded his fifth victory and now has 26 saves on the season. His 1.49 goals-against average makes him No. 5 in the conference. Munarriz has two shutouts on the year with 35

saves and a 1.21 goalsagainst average. The Mountaineers will need to focus their attention on senior Will Broomfield, who leads the Hawks with three goals and one assist. WVU is 1-2 all-time against Hartwick, with its only win coming in a 3-1 victory in 2012. WVU is 1-2 on the road this season but will look to extend its winning streak to three games tonight. “(These wins) are good for our morale,” Osman said. “Moving forward from

here, hopefully we can win (against Hartwick) and keep it going.” Despite playing five straight matches at Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium, the Mountaineers will play two straight home games following tonight’s road game. “We have to adapt,” Osman said. “Hartwick will be a tough opponent. They just beat Akron, who’s a ranked team, so they’ll definitely come out firing. But we’re on a run now.”


No. 5 Mountaineers face Nebraska in early conference action by meghan carr sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The No. 5 West Virginia University rifle team travels to No. 9 Nebraska to compete against the Cornhuskers Saturday. The Mountaineers will have a weekend off after their match Saturday. This is the first conference and away match of the season for the Mountaineers; it’s also the first match of the season for Nebraska. “Nebraska is a very good team also in the second year with a new coach,” said head coach Jon Hammond. “Their head coach (Stacy Underwood) is doing a very good job with that, and they’ve picked

up some good recruits this year. They qualified for NCAA’s in 2012, and of course are preseason ranked. They are definitely going to be a tough opponent. It’s going to be a challenge for us – first away match of the season. “It’s going to be interesting, but it’s good for us to have these tests. It’s good for us to be pushed because it will better prepare us for the end of the season.” The Mountaineers understand they have a slight advantage over the Huskers with this match as Nebraska’s first of the 2013 season. “I think we probably do have some advantage. It showed us this weekend that the first match of the

season can be a little rusty. You’re getting back into things, whether it’s some nerves or anything else,” Hammond said. “Possibly for us having that under our belt may help us. We may be a little more settled. Of course that’s our perspective; I mean they could come out and shoot a great match on Saturday.” Hammond said he added an incentive for impressive performances in the Mountaineers’ opening match of the season. The Mountaineers defeated Ohio State 4657-4648, but they know they could have performed better. “Essentially we are only taking eight; I told the team we were basically looking at the last match as (a) trial, and only the

top eight scores were going, so I think that maybe created a little bit of an extra push. They’ve been working hard, and I know there was a little bit of distraction because they were thinking about Nebraska, but we like to challenge them. Anything that we can do to just challenge them is all in preparation for the end of the season.” Hammond said his team will be prepared and will perform much better because there is more on the line against Nebraska. “Conference matches mean a little bit more. We are really competing to win the conference ever year,” he said. “The conference individual honors are based on conference matches, so yeah, there’s

always a little bit more to conference matches, and we know many of the teammates being in the same conference and seeing them a lot. “We’re confident in every match that we can go in there and do well. We are focusing on ourselves this week, and I think many of them will be looking to do a lot better than last weekend’s match against Ohio State.”

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wythe woods/the daily athenaeum

Sophomore Garrett Spurgeon shoots in a match against Ohio State earlier this season.

71% of WVU students had zero or one sexual partner in the last 12 months.

If you choose to be sexually active, be informed and use proper protection. More information here: Data as reported in the American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA II)Institutional Data Report conducted on random, stratified samples of undergraduate and graduate students at WVU in 2011,2012 and 2013. N= 3,670.

loveWELL WELLWVU The Students’ Center of Health

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