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Assessing the faults of the Electoral College

B Basketball heads to Austin for bout with A the Longhorns th

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Metro Property Management under fire from Morrisey WV Attorney General filed a lawsuit Thursday in response to tenant complaints regarding alleged unlawful fees charged by the company p. 3



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FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017

Cover photo by John Raby / The Associated Press. West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey speaks at a news conference on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016, at the state Capitol in Charleston.

Women’s basketball hosts the Texas Longhorns at the Coliseum at 4 p.m. Men’s basketball visits Texas at the same time.

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FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017

NEWS | 3


Morrisey files lawsuit against Metro Properties BY JENNIFER GARDNER MANAGING EDITOR West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging that Metro Property Management charged its tenants numerous fees in violation of state consumer protection laws. Metro, the state’s largest residential landlord, primarily caters to students in Morgantown and other campus communities throughout the state. Metro is accused of charging tenants a non-refundable fee, in addition to the standard damage deposit, to prepare the residence for its next tenant. “Landlords are required to deliver on a suitable living environment for their tenants, and when you try to pass on that obligation to the tenants, you’re violating

the consumer protection laws,” Morrisey said. The complaint included a lease showing the property charged a tenant “Non-Refundable Reconditioning Fee of $215” in 2015 at Courtyard East on Willey Street. “We have received a number of complaints about this practice and we take very seriously the enforcement of our consumer protection laws,” Morrisey said. “We want to stand up for (those victimized) and make sure the laws are being enforced.” According to the civil complaint filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court against parent corporation Biafora’s Incorporated, the Attorney General has received at least 28 formal complaints from consumers between 2004 and the present and a review of the complaints prompted a formal investi-

gation in September 2015. The company was sued after failing to comply with a subpoena on Sept. 30, 2015, requesting information on its business practices. In September 2015, Morrisey filed a lawsuit against another large student landlord, Copper Beech Town Homes for allegedly charging its residents an illegal and nonrefundable $800 “redecoration fee” to prepare apartments for incoming tenants starting in 2012. The suit claimed Copper Beech profited more than $600,000 from the unlawful fees. The suit is still pending. Morrisey asks students who have been victimized by the fees at housing managed by Metro Property Management to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. The lawsuit also tar-

gets Metro’s alleged convenience and processing fees of $5 to $30, returned check and late fees of $50, an abandonment fee of $200, a hourly fee of $100 for those vacating after the deadline and $25 for every item left behind. The Attorney General, who announced the lawsuit at a press conference at the Morgantown court house, seeks a court order demanding Metro Property refund all affected consumers, return all money collected from the unlawful fees and zero balance any outstanding related accounts, while notifying credit bureaus to delete information about those accounts from the consumers’ credit record. The lawsuit also seeks a $5,000 civil penalty for each violation of the state’s Consumer Credit and Protection Act.


West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is shown on Thursday, March 3, 2016, outside the state Capitol in Charleston. Morrisey filed a lawsuit against Metro Property Management on Thursday.

Huggins to participate in annual charity challenge BY CASSANDRA MCPHAIL STAFF WRITER WVU men’s basketball coach Bob Huggins is taking part in this year’s national Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge in hopes to fund Norma Mae Huggins Cancer Research Endowment Fund. The fund was founded in honor of Huggins’ mother who passed away from cancer in 2003. The money will

be donated for cancer and clinical research at WVU. “This challenge is a way to build excitement around college basketball,” said Matt Wells, WVU senior associate athletic director. The challenge is run similarly to a March Madness tournament. It starts with 48 coaches and each round the number of coaches gets smaller. “It doesn’t matter whether you are first or just

scraped by to make it to the next round,” Wells said. “The voting resets and the process starts over.” Fans can vote once per day per account through an ESPN account or a Facebook account. “The NABC has this challenge and it has 48 coaches and each coach is competing for a charity of their choosing,” said Nathaniel Zinn, WVU assistant athletic director. “The voting

is done online and you can always look up where Huggins is on the list.” Infiniti, the car company, is a national sponsor of the charity contest along with ESPN. If Huggins were to make it through the first round he would receive $1,000 for this charity, Zinn said. There are four rounds and each round the donation gets larger. The fourth and final round is worth

$15,000, but if Huggins was to get the most votes his charity would receive $100,000. This challenge is also a way for the University to gain national attention, according to Erik Martin, WVU assistant basketball coach. “There is so much for the fans to enjoy in the success of the team this season, and anything that the team can do to help cancer research is a goal,”Martin said. “Cancer

is cancer. The ultimate goal is to find a cure no matter what the charity or research finds the cure.” The winner of the first round will be announced Jan. 23. Currently, Huggins is in third place but votes reset after each round. The winner at the end of the fourth round will be announced March 14. Fans can vote at http://

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FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017

LGBTQ+ Center hosts gender resource fair BY ADRIANNE UPHOLD ASSOCIATE CITY EDITOR The LGBTQ+ Center and the Women’s Resources Center held their first-annual Know Your Resources Gender Fair at the LGBTQ+ Center on Wednesday. Christine Jacobs, the administrative assistant at the LGBTQ+ Center and Women’s Resources Center, helped organize the fair for students to learn more about resources regarding gender, sexuality, social justice and what WVU can help provide. “We have so many organizations that students can join,” Jacobs said. “There’s resources systems like Title IX, the LGBTQ+ Center, the Women’s Resources Center. Providing the organiza-

tions for the students to see can educate them and help spread the word about these programs.” At the fair, 25 campus organizations and community groups worked on intersectional approaches to gender, sexuality, social justice, and equality. “These groups can network together as well,” Jacobs said. “This way they don’t duplicate resources, so they can collaborate on different things. If a group is strong in one area and another group strong in a different area, why not have them join forces and work together?” The Appalachian Prison Book Project, the First Presbyterian Church and WVU Student Health were a few of the associations advocating


timely and important for WVU “Itasisanvery academic entity to hold fairs like this. To do everything we can for students to know what kind of resources they have.

- Christine Jacobs, LGBTQ+ Center Admistrative Assistant


Guests visit different informational booths at the Know Your Resources Gender Fair on Wednesday in the LGQBTQ+ Center in Hodges Hall. for these topics. Harlee Schimmel, a junior English student, represented The Appalachian Prison Book Project, a free service that mails books to people in prison to support their educational, vocational and per-


Searching for the best easy recipes on a budget? Ever wonder if those Buzzfeed recipes are really as tasty as they seem? Look no further: the DA Eats delivers the best new food-related content to WVU students every Monday and Friday.

dents information about reproductive justice, women’s health rights and transgender health care rights and laws. “It is very timely and important for WVU as an academic entity to hold fairs like this,” Jacobs said. “To do everything we can for students to know what kind of resources they have, different types of communities that are here, and to let students know that we are here to support them and help.”

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THE THE DA DA The Daily Athenaeum Abroad chronicles the lives of several West Virginia University students as they study abroad during the Fall 2016 semester.

sonal development, and to help them avoid returning to prison after their release. “This gives a lot of knowledge about the fails of our prison system and what it lacks,” Schimmel said. “We get a lot of requests for dictio-

naries and Bibles, books that they can’t get in the prisons.” While working the fair, some students took the opportunity to learn more about other clubs and organizatoins. “They all look great so far and provide a lot of information,” said Katherine Geleta, a member of Spectrum, a student-run organization dedicated to providing a social space for LGBTQ+ people. The Know Your Resources Gender Fair also provided stu-

The DA Sports is a digital extension of the Sports section of the Daily Athenaeum covering everything from football here at home to fútbol overseas.

Email resume and cover letter to or stop by the DA to fill out an application. 284 Prospect St., Morgantown, WV 26506

FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017



The Electoral College remains questionable at best BY ALEX WEIDMAN CORRESPONDENT For the second time this century, the Electoral College was responsible for electing a presidential candidate who lost the popular vote. Out of the 128 million votes cast in November, Hillary Clinton won nearly three million more than Donald Trump. Along with the outrage over another Democratic popular-vote-winning loser, there seems to be general confusion. How can the voice of nearly three million more Americans not count for anything in a democracy?

This has led many to call for a re-evaluation of the Electoral College system; with some calling for the outright abandonment of it. But an important aspect of the current system is that people who don’t vote are still represented. States earn Electoral College votes depending on population. As we learned in middle school civics, the more populous the state, the more Electoral College votes (literally: senators plus representatives equals votes.) The idea behind this system is that it helps level the playing field between big and little states and attempts to curb electoral dominance in the big states. Of course, there are argu-

ments to the contrary. One is that little states actually have proportionally larger influence than their populations deserve. This argument was specifically used this election cycle, as relatively smaller rust-belt states became the all-important swing states that delivered Donald Trump the presidency. The problem comes down to an interpretation of who the Electoral College votes represent. As explained, the Electoral College is based on population, and importantly doesn’t take into account how many people actually vote. Therefore, as happened in West Virginia, it took only 57 percent of eligible voters to give Trump

West Virginia’s five electoral votes. But the interesting thing, and the thing many Electoral College skeptics are unhappy with, is what is happening with the other 43 percent of the population who didn’t vote. Technically, because Trump still received all five electoral votes, that other 43 percent, by not voting, voted for Trump. In the winnertakes-all system of electoral votes (it takes 50.1 percent of a state’s voters to win all the electors), all those who aren’t against the winner, are for him. Non-voters are lumped together with those who voted for the winner. So do these non-voters deserve that type of repre-

sentation by the Electoral College? Practically speaking, there is probably not a large population on either side of America’s political divide who think that people who don’t vote should still be counted in an election. However, as argued with the West Virginia example, this is what the Electoral College has been doing each election since it was ratified in 1804. But realistically, what the Electoral College does is reduce the voter base to more manageable numbers. In this way, the Electoral College acts as a census for states. To go back to West Virginia, there most likely weren’t a lot of Clinton or

third party voters within the 43 percent who didn’t vote. At least, it’s reasonable to assume there wouldn’t have been enough to flip the state any other way even if everyone eligible voted. So the question is whether the current system best represents voters. Think about it. The estimated voter turnout was 58 percent nationwide. That hardly feels like it represents the preference of all Americans. So until that other 42 percent gets out and votes, what one must decide is whether a system that attempts to make up for non-voters is more fair than a system that only takes into account 58 percent of the population.

In case you missed it: Donald Trump’s first press conference BY BRANDON RIDGELY OPINION EDITOR Trump’s main priorities were laid out as repealing the Affordable Care Act (despite the Republican led alternative currently remaining undisclosed) and building the wall on the Mexican border, something Trump continues to claim Mexico will fund in one way or another. -Trump for the first time stated he does believe Russia hacked the election in some ways: “I think it was Russia,” Trump said. “(Putin) should not be doing it. He won’t be doing it. Russia will have much greater

respect for our country when I am leading it than when other people have led it.” Trump also added, “Do you honestly believe Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me?” but said that if Putin likes him he considers it an “…asset not a liability.” -Trump revealed his nomination for the Supreme Court will be made within the first two weeks of his Presidency, an expedient promise that matches the pace of the rest of Trump’s campaign promises as he looks to make immediate impact in the office. -Trump responded to recent seemingly unverified allegations published by Buzz-


Republican President Elect Donald Trump addresses the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference in Washington, Friday, June 10, 2016. feed, saying, “…a thing like that should have never been written, it should never have been had, and it should certainly never

have been released.” -Trump spoke over multiple reporters and denied questions from some too, referring

to CNN as “fake news” as he refused to take their representative Jim Acosta’s question. -Trump passed on the running of his businesses to his children for the duration of his presidency, finishing the conference with “I hope at the end of eight years I’ll come back and say, ‘Oh, you did a good job.’ Otherwise, if they do a bad job, I’ll say ‘you’re fired.’” While the conference was as contentious and loud as you’d expect, Trump was surprisingly clear on many things we haven’t heard from him before. Few expected realistic time frames to be announced on top of Trump’s goals, but he’s

done just that. It’s now time to see if he can reach the goals he’s stated. It’s unclear whether Buzzfeed’s publication was more of a negative or positive for Trump, as the unverified information has created intense criticism for Buzzfeed and a great talking point for Trump to earn back some support from the public at large. It also distracted many from Obama’s final speech as President, and garnered even more attention for Trump’s press conference Thursday. One thing is clear, it’s soon to be Trump’s day, and the country is ready to see just what that means for the future.



FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017

Chess club to host annual tournament BY ERIN DRUMMOND ASSOCIATE CULTURE EDITOR The 17th Mountaineer Open Chess Tournament this Saturday will take place a the Mountainlair Saturday. Sponsored by the WVU Chess Club, the Rhododendron Room will be set up in a four round Swiss system, and for the first time, an unrated component has been added, allowing anyone with or without a United States Chess Foundation membership to play. “This is the first year that the Mountaineer Open has been sponsored by the

WVU Chess Club in several years,” said Anna Schles, president of the WVU Chess Club. “The Mountaineer Open began at WVU, but it was sponsored by the Morgantown Chess Club for several years, most recently in 2014.” Registration will be held 9:05-9:45 a.m. and at least three rounds will be held beginning at 10 a.m. Boards and pieces will be provided. “Students should stop by if they are interested in chess, whether as players or as spectators,” Schles said. “We will also have the Mountain Room of the Mountainlair available for people to discuss their

matches and play casual games of chess.” Players may apply in four sections: open, scholastic rated, collegiate unrated and scholastic unrated. Unrated sections are available to those without a USCF membership. Prizes range from $125 to $50 and trophies will be presented to the top three finishers. The entry fee is $30 at site, and $10 for students. Players who bring a non-perishable canned good will receive a $5 discount. All proceeds after prizes STAFF PHOTO and expenses will be do- The West Virginia University Chess Club squares off against the Carnegie Mellon University Chess Club during a tournament nated to Empty Bowls of last year in the Mountainlair. The WVU Chess Club is hosting its annual open tournament Saturday at the Mountainlair. Monongalia County.

Fifth annual Juried Student Exhibition on display at CAC BY ERIN DRUMMOND ASSOCIATE CULTURE EDITOR While the wet weather put a damper on many activities, the Laura Mesaros Gallery opened its doors and encouraged the community to remain involved by observing artwork. The WVU School of Art & Design’s fifth annual Juried Student Exhibition will be on display through Jan. 13 in the Laura Mesaros Gallery of the Creative Arts Center. The exhibition featured art created by University students in a variety of forms, including ceramics, photography, sculpture, printmaking, graphic

also a celebration of the School of Art “ It’s and our students. It is a great way to come

design, painting, drawing, video and animation. “The exhibition was founded in 2012 to provide an opportunity to showcase student work,” said Shalya Marsh, the Gallery Manager for the Mesaros Galleries. “This year was the first time the Juried Student Exhibition was presented in the Laura Mesaros Gallery.” In previous years, the exhibit was held in the lobby of the WVU Creative Arts Center. “I expected to provide students the opportunity to view their works installed in a gallery setting and give them the chance to learn about ex-

together and really take pride in what the faculty and students accomplish.

-Joseph Lupo, School of Art & Design Commitee Member hibiting and displaying their work in a professional manner,” Marsh said. Of the 151 applicants, 31 pieces by 26 artists were accepted into the exhibition, “We were hoping that students would get a sense of accomplishment, competition and comradery from either being juried into the show, or seeing their friends and classmates juried into the show,” said Joseph Lupo, a

committee member for the exhibit and associate professor at the School of Art & Design. “It’s also a celebration of the School of Art and our students. It is a great way to come together and really take ROB RAGO / THE DAILY ATHENAEUM pride in what the faculty and How to Brew Coffee In A Moka Pot’ sits inside the Laura Mesaros gallery at the CAC. students accomplish.” Juror Ron Hollingshead, and awarded 11 cash awards Jacob Guzan was awarded an artist, educator and cu- to artists, totaling $3,850 on Best in Show. rator, who received a mas- Dec. 1 at the opening recepThe exhibit is free and ter’s degree in sculpture tion of the exhibit. open to the public through Of the five juror’s awards, Friday. from WVU, selected winners

FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017



How to wear greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year by Alainia Conrad,Fashion Columnist The Pantone Color Institute has chosen a “Color of the Year” since 2000, drawing inspiration from the world through culture, politics and events. Past shades have included the neutral Sand Dollar of 2006, the deep red hue Chili Pepper in 2007 and 2009’s sunny Mimosa. On Dec. 8, 2016, color authority announced its 2017 color of the year: Greenery. The follow up to last year’s Rose Quartz and pastel blue Serenity, Greenery symbolizes a fresh start for the new year. Pantone describes the color as “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring... (and) symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose amid a complex social and political landscape.” Less can certainly be more with Greenery. Wear small splashes of the color on stand-out jewelry and accessories, in foliage-inspired prints and as part of your beauty look. OPI has the perfect Greenery-esque nail polish shades with “G re e n - w i c h Village” and “ To The Finish Lime!”. Work the refresh-

ing hue into your wardrobe by pairing it with equally clean colors, like pastels and light neutrals. All-over tan shades topped with a camel coat make an ideal base for coordinated Greenery-colored shoes, a clutch and nail polish. If your style is more colorful and you’re not afraid to go all out with the Color of the Year, a pair of green trousers with a crisp white shirt and floral neckerchief or colored jewels to accessorize may become your favorite way to wear Greenery. Look to Gucci for inspiration. The fashion house’s recent collections—especially the Spring 2016 Ready-ToWe a r show— have been filled with green shades, funky florals and sparkling, overthe-top accessories. For more Greenery looks, check out Balenciaga’s Spring 2017 ReadyTo-Wear bright vintage florals and neon green boots, or Max Mara’s Spring 2017 Ready-ToWear spor ty jungle prints.


There’s never been a better time to be a U.S. Cellular® customer. Because now you’ll get up to $250 back on any new Smartphone. 16GB or higher plan required Things we want you to know: Shared Connect Plan and Retail Installment Contract required. Credit approval also required. A $25 Activation Fee applies. A Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee (currently $2.02/line/month) applies; this is not a tax or government-required charge. Additional fees (including Device Connection Charges), taxes, terms, conditions and coverage areas apply and may vary by plan, service and phone. Offers valid at participating locations only and cannot be combined. See store or for details. Device Protection+ Required: Minimum monthly price is $8.99 per Smartphone. A service fee/deductible per approved claim applies. You may cancel anytime. Property insurance is underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida and provided under a Master Policy issued to U.S. Cellular. You will be the certificate holder on U.S. Cellular’s Master Policy for loss/theft benefits. Service Contract Obligor is Federal Warranty Service Corporation in all states except CA (Sureway, Inc.) and OK (Assurant Service Protection, Inc.). Limitations and exclusions apply. For more information, see an associate for a Device Protection+ brochure. $100 Promotional Card Offer: Offer eligible for new line activations and upgrades. New and current customers who choose a Shared Connect price plan 16GB or higher and activate a new Smartphone are eligible to receive a $100 U.S. Cellular Promotional Card in store. Up to $150 Offer: Available on new lines and add-a-lines only. New and current customers who activate a new Smartphone $399 or higher, port in a number, turn in a qualifying device and choose a Shared Connect Plan 16GB or higher are eligible to receive an additional $150 U.S. Cellular Promotional Card in the mail. Customers who are on a Shared Connect Plan 16GB or higher prior to the promotion are not eligible. U.S. Cellular Promotional Cards issued by MetaBank,® Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Valid only for purchases at U.S. Cellular stores and Card will be received in 6–8 weeks. Turned-in Smartphone must be in fully functional, working condition without any liquid damage or broken components, including, but not limited to, a cracked housing. Devices with cracked screens will be accepted as long as the device meets all other requirements. Smartphone must power on and cannot be pin locked. Kansas Customers: In areas in which U.S. Cellular receives support from the Federal Universal Service Fund, all reasonable requests for service must be met. Unresolved questions concerning services availability can be directed to the Kansas Corporation Commission Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at 1-800-662-0027. Limited-time offer. Trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. © 2017 U.S. Cellular



FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017



Level: 1


3 4

Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit © 2016 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency. All rights reserved.

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ACROSS 1 Cabo’s peninsula 5 Stupefy 10 Earthy shade 14 “Don’t have __, man!” 15 Jennifer Saunders’ “Ab Fab” role 16 Room service challenge 17 Simba’s mate 18 Pack animal? 19 Shrewd 20 Port 23 Heavy weight 24 It may need a boost 25 Port 34 “Mean Girls” actress 35 Instrument heard in the Doobie Brothers’ “Black Water” 36 Lived and breathed 37 Uncompromising 38 __ nus: barefoot, in Bordeaux 39 Hilarious one 40 Scotch datum 41 Construct 42 Friend of Jerry and George 43 Port 46 Org. with a square-rigger on its seal 47 Jungle swinger 48 Port 57 Ointment additive 58 De Valera of Ireland 59 “Dies __” 60 Array of options 61 Urban air problem 62 Reposed 63 Rear deck 64 Blush-inducing H.S. class 65 House meas.

DOWN 1 Judicial seat 2 Smoothie fruit 3 Cola named for its intended effect 4 Football squad in white jerseys, typically 5 Lagging 6 Time change? 7 Turbaned Punjabi 8 Selective Service classification

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TODAY IN WV HISTORY By Bart Beisner 9 Blue Devils’ rival 10 Homeowner’s account, perhaps 11 Kind of sandwich or soda 12 Tiller opening? 13 Taxi alternative 21 Unlike new clothes 22 Indian tourist mecca 25 Like some pond growth 26 Blacksmith’s need 27 Copper? 28 Like Wrigley Field’s walls 29 Many a flower girl 30 Acknowledge, in a way 31 “It’d be a dream come true” 32 Judd matriarch 33 Legally prohibit 38 One of Disney’s official eleven

1/13/17 39 Perfume staples 41 Forum infinitive 42 Yokum cartoonist 44 Garage service 45 Agitated 48 Where much tiedyeing takes place 49 Kitchen bar 50 Prohibition 51 Tone down 52 Camera that uses 70mm film 53 Move like honey 54 Modern-day Mesopotamia 55 Newbie 56 Commonly anchored shelter

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On Jan. 13, 1905, Joseph H. Diss Debar, legislator and designer of the State Seal in 1863, died in Philadelphia. He represented Doddridge County in the West Virginia state legislature.


FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017

Gameday Predictions



BOB HUGGINS QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “This is my alma mater. Coming back and beating the No. 1 team here in front of our fans. I said to them that there wasn’t anybody in our locker room that didn’t think we ought to win. From the players to the managers, there was nobody in our locker room that didn’t think we should win. My hope is we get to the point where it’s expected rather than celebrating. I’m okay with the students celebrating and having fun. They were terrific tonight. They were absolutely fantastic tonight. We just need to get them to do it all the time.”









No. 10 WVU at Texas No. 7 Duke at No. 14 Louisville No. 15 Xavier at No. 12 Butler No. 9 Florida State at No. 11 North Carolina No. 20 Notre Dame at Virginia Tech No. 1 Baylor at No. 25 Kansas State

After biggest win of season, WVU shifts focus to Longhorns BY ALEC GEARTY SPORTS WRITER

MEN’S BASKETBALL West Virginia men’s basketball made its statement earlier this week. Now, four days removed from dismantling the top team in the nation, the Mountaineers (142, 3-1) will head to Austin to face the Texas Longhorns (7-9, 1-3). It will be the first meeting between the two teams this season. Texas was selected to finish third in the Big 12 Conference in October’s preseason poll. Since then, the Longhorns have

found it hard to live up to the expectations, separated from last place by a single game. Texas is in the midst of a two-game losing steak to add to losing three of its last four games. “To be honest, I think that it’s not a matter of what the score is,” said Texas head coach Shaka Smart on TexasSports. com. “It’s a matter of ‘are you willing to play 1,000 percent for Texas.” While the Longhorns have experienced misfortune on their latest run, like when they lost to TCU, which was selected last in the preseason poll,

Texas remains a team that proves to be resilient and a potentially dangerous opponent, especially at the Frank Erwin Center. The Longhorns made Austin a less-than desirable place for opponents to play. All seven wins on the Longhorns record came on its home-court, and the only conference loss at home was by three points, and that game was separated by free throws. West Virginia will put that in the back of its mind as well as the elation it felt from the first court-storm of the year. The Mountaineers, like always, will display their

We have to make sure we have the same amount of energy. We have to go back to work now.

- WVU Head Coach Bob Huggins press defense to contain the Longhorns. While Texas averages roughly 13.3 turnovers on the season, the Mountaineers have forced 47 in the past two games. Once the press is activated, it is hard to break out and get into a regular routine. As Baylor guard Jake Lindsey said after facing West Virginia, “Press Virginia is real…” However, Texas has fared well against West Virginia since Smart took

over in April 2015. Smart led his Longhorns to defeat the Mountaineers both times last season. One occasion led West Virginia to have its least efficient game of 2015, suffering a 56-49 defeat. Luckily for the Mountaineers, Javan Felix and Isaiah Taylor are no longer with the team to cause distress, so now the Mountaineer focus is on sophomore Kerwin Roach Jr., who averages 11.3 points per game. Fel-

low sophomore guard Tevin Mack, who leads the team in scoring, is suspended for a violation of team rules. WVU head coach Bob Huggins feels the Mountaineers’ matchup against Texas will require the same amount of effort that was required for last Tuesday’s game against Baylor. “We have to make sure we have the same amount of energy,” Huggins said. “We have to go back to work now.”


FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017

Women’s basketball prepares for brutal January schedule BY NEEL MADHAVAN SPORTS WRITER

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL March is typically the most noteworthy month in a college basketball season, hence the term “March Madness.” But for the WVU women’s basketball team, January might test their mettle more than any other time this season. With classes back in session for the spring semester, the Mountaineers will have to readjust themselves back to balancing both academics and athletics for the rest of the season. In addition to classes, the Big 12 Conference schedule doesn’t do them any favors either. So far this month, WVU has played No. 25 Kansas State, No. 2 Baylor, No. 22 Oklahoma and Texas Tech, winning just one game during this stretch, an 83-

73 win over the Sooners. “This month is crazy, it really is,” said WVU head coach Mike Carey. Three of the team’s five remaining games in January are on the road. The upcoming slate of games includes an away game against the Lady Bears, a home-and-away against No. 16 Texas, a home game against Texas Tech and finally an away game against Kansas. “If we can get through January and we’re still standing, then that’s going to be great,” Carey said. “Not that February is going to be easy, but the matchups are going to be a little bit better for us. But we got to get through January.” With the Big 12 schedule in full gear, depth continues to be a concern for the Mountaineers as well. “We know that we have to take it one game at a time on the road, and that we just have to play our

game, play hard and play smart,” said center Lanay Montgomery. Depth has been a concern all season for WVU, but especially during this brutal January stretch. Having guard Alexis Brewer back from an injury for the Oklahoma game certainly helped. But outside the starting-five, WVU only has three other players in the rotation who make regular contributions. Guards Tynice Martin and Chania Ray both average more than 33 minutes per game while Montgomery, Brewer and forwards Teana Muldrow and Kristina King all average more than 20 minutes per game. “A lot of people are playing a lot of minutes, so all we can do is just try to stay healthy,” Martin said. After the loss to Texas Tech on Wednesday night, the Mountaineers will return home to face Texas at 4 p.m. Saturday.



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FRIDAY JAN. 13, 2017

IT CAN HAPPEN IN A FLASH. WHEN YOU’RE AWARE, THERE’S A WAY. Learn how to prevent violence on campus. Sign up for a bystander training program.

This project was supported by Grant No. 2013-WA-AX-4002 awarded by the Office of Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women.

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