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Monday January 13, 2014

Volume 126, Issue 76


Gee outlines goals for spring semester


BY staff Reports @DailyAthenaeum

Gordon Gee visited The Daily Athenaeum staff to discuss his new role as President of West Virginia University.


Water was collected Sunday at the Coliseum to help those across the state who do not have access to water due a chemical leak in the Elk River.

W. Va. residents work for relief in southern part of state by daniel schatz correspondent @dailyathenaeum


A chemical solvent leaked from a Freedom Industries plant into the Charleston water supply Thursday, affecting residents in nine counties after the chemical spread. The chemical in question is a foaming agent used in coal processing, and state officials reported that an estimated 7,500 gallons have spilled into the water supply, affecting hundreds of thousands of people, but the exact number is still unknown. As a result to the spill, schools and restaurants closed, residents cleared stores of bottled water, and the West Virginia National Guard brought water to the aid of people affected. Sam’s Club is contributing to the relief effort by sending extra shipments of water to the affected counties. The counties affected are Kanawha, Boone, Cabell, Clay, Jackson, Lincoln, Logan, Putnam and Roane, which are all without tap water. In almost immediate re sponse, a number of West Virginia residents, local organizations and West Virginia University students began addressing the problem. The Aurora Lights Foundation collected water from Monongalia, Tyler

Members of the WVU baseball team loaded donations at the Coliseum Sunday to be sent to the southern part of the state that has been left without tap water.

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theRubberU offers new discount app by evelyn merithew staff writer @dailyathenaeum

TheRubberU, a reusable discount and rewards program that allows customers to save money and get discounts at Morgantown businesses, is offering a new service to both businesses and customers called The Big Deal. The Big Deal will highlight different local businesses weekly and offer a significant discount like buy one, get one free and 50 percent off specials. “We looked at deal a day sites like Groupon and took what custom-

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ers and business owners liked and didn’t like about daily deal sites, then we streamlined it into something that would be more user-friendly,” said Vic Lombard, owner of theRubberU. The deal will be featured on mobile app for Droid and iPhones, and keychain and wristband users will be offered coupon codes. “You purchase the app once, and the deals and specials are reusable and can be used continuously until July,” Lombard said. Another feature of the mobile app is that it allows users to check in


Two bands rocked 123 this weekend. See what our reviewers have to say. A&E PAGES 3&4

through Twitter and Facebook when claiming the special and allows them to accumulate points that can be redeemed. “We have a store in the app where you can add up your points to get prizes like gift cards and basketball tickets,” Lombard said. “The more you check in, the more you save, the more you can win.” TheRubberU has recently teamed up with many more locally owned businesses, including Mountain State Brewing Company, The Cupcakerie, Optical 101, Morgantown Brewing Company and the Vintage Room.

Shawn Owen, manager of the Vintage Room, said he thinks teaming up with theRubberU will benefit both the community and the restaurant. “For the next month, we are doing a $2 off all martinis and $5 pizza special,” he said. “This provides opportunities for college students and local residents for jobs and keeps all the money local.” Many popular bars and nightclubs, including Joe Mama’s, Fat Daddy’s and Lux, also teamed up with theRubberU, allowing

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Being President of a large land-grant institution like West Virginia University isn’t something Gordon Gee sees as a duty – it’s his calling. Gee, who served as the university’s president from 1981-85, headed back to Morgantown Jan. 1. He began his second term as university president later that week. Gee said while WVU has grown and evolved since he served his first term, he is excited to serve again. “This is not the Gordon Gee University that I knew in 1980. This is a much different place. The institution has grown, flourished and really moved on the world’s stage,” he said. “Morgantown is a wonderful cosmopolitan college town. It’s great to have a university right in the center of the city so that everything is intermixed. It feels really student-centered and safe to me.”

“I’m going to come and do.” Although he will only serve a one semester term at WVU, Gee said he is eager to make the short-term changes he believes are necessary to help WVU continue on the long-term path it’s on. “I’m someone who believes very strongly that leadership requires you to be able to act and not look through the rearview mirror all the time. I hope that I’m making the kinds of decisions in the short-term that will carry over for the longterm. I think anyone would agree that the issues I want to focus on are paramount in terms of our entire University,” he said. And “acting” is something Gee said he has believed is crucial from day one. “When the Board and I had this conversation and they talked to me about coming here I said, ‘I’m not going to come and act, I’m going to come and do.’” Rather than implement major change during his tenure, Gee said he wishes to keep his focus on the simple changes he believes WVU needs: better connection with the people of West Virginia, unifying WVU and improving student life. “I want to establish a relationship between 1.8 million West Virginians and this institution. I want people to believe this University is the most important thing in their lives. In their hearts and minds, I want them to believe that this institution is for their future, and it is,”

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he said. Gee said he believes WVU is vital to opening doors of opportunity to keep West Virginia thriving. With higher education a priority in the state, he said he believes the two can flourish together. “I am very encouraged. There is a much different view about higher education in the state than there was when I was here before,” Gee said. “So that’s the No. 1 goal. Let’s make the people of the state believe that we are terribly important in their lives.” And it’s not going to get done without making WVU more unified, according to Gee. “I was joking the other day that West Virginia University feels like 15 colleges con-

“ The whole notion of a University is that we’re being one, together. We have to work to make certain that we become much more unified, and much more focused, and much less bureaucratic.”

Gordon Gee WVU President

nected by a heating plant, rather than being one University,” he said. “Here we have a magnificent medical center and a great department of philosophy, so why aren’t the philosophers and medical folks working together?” Gee said he believes the focus should be less of a bureaucratic approach and more of a unified one. “The whole notion of a University is that we’re being one, together. We have to work to make certain that we become much more unified, and much more focused, and much less bureaucratic,” he said. “In order to be a truly great university, we have to be one. We have to be a chorus rather than a cacophony.” Gee said his third goal for his term as WVU President is to put student life issues at the foundation of his work, something he believes will make a degree from WVU stand out among other institutions. “I believe it is very important to have a student-centered culture. It is important to have quality of life issues to be paramount. Think about this, you and I are on this campus and in classes about 18 hours a week. There’s 168 hours in a week, so what do we do for the other 150 hours?” he said. “What we need to make sure

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MESS WITH TEXAS The West Virginia men’s basketball team will take on Texas tonight at the Coliseum. SPORTS PAGE 13


2 | NEWS

Monday January 13, 2014


Water was collected Sunday at the Coliseum to help those across the state who are unable to use their water due to a chemical spill in the Elk River. The leak affected the water supply in 9 southern counties in West Virginia.


Continued from page 1 and Wetzel counties accepted donations Saturday to help those without clean water. Ellie Bell, president of the Society of Environmen-


Continued from page 1 West Virginia University students to take advantage of discounts. “The app definitely helps people to try things they normally wouldn’t

tal Professionals, said she believes strongly in helping those affected and fighting for stronger regulation against power companies whose business entails risky practices in processing and retrieving fossil fuels. “Water is being polluted and used for extraction of

resources everyday, and people should be aware that it happens on such a large scale,” Bell said. “I understand that coal is necessary for the kind of lifestyle at this time, but water is important for life anytime.” Various student organizations have been in-

formed of the disaster and are urged to contribute to the effort. With this tragedy, students are given an opportunity to help and spread awareness about the dangers of polluting water for the extraction of natural resources. “Hopefully, as students,

try,” said Eli Martinez, manager of Joe Mama’s. “People who normally wouldn’t stop by our bar and may stop in because they see a $1 draft special on the app. They will come in just because they’re getting a great deal.” Lombard said an impor-

tant aspect of the app is it encourages people to invest in local businesses. “On a personal note, I’ve become friends with a lot of the local business owners. They are really the cornerstone of Morgantown’s economy,” Lombard said. “If you’re a WVU student, love the city and

your school, you should be supporting them because they’re a big chunk of the community.” People who are interested in buying the app can use the code “bigdeal” to receive a 50 percent discount.

we can carry on the awareness of the pollution of water from the extraction of natural resources. So we can try to prevent these problems in the future, instead of dealing with the problems after they happen,” Bell said. For students who are interested in getting involved



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Gordon Gee greeted a crowd at the WVU Alumni Center during his welcome reception in December 2013.

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with water conservation to aid the affected counties and spread environmental danger awareness, The SEP club is having an open meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. in Room 1030 of the South Agricultural Sciences building.

then it’s done on the basis of them knowing I care. It’s Continued from page 1 not done on some notion of a bureaucratic from an isois that we have a total com- lated position. Besides, it’s mitted connection between very fun for me.” the students and the life of this institution. Those 150 A calling hours are very important.” Known to spend a night Gee is no stranger to what out on the town with stu- it takes to be a university dents, Gee said he believes president. firmly in immersing himSince his first tenure at self in student life at his WVU, Gee has served at university. the University of Colorado, Without a strong connec- Ohio State University, Brown tion to students, Gee said the University and Vanderbilt president’s role would lack University. personalization and underEven while serving as the president at two of the nastanding with students. “The reason the uni- tion’s top-10 universities, versity exists is because of Gee said something felt off. He wasn’t doing what he the students. We don’t exist to produce cars or wid- believes he is called to do. “When I was (at Brown gets. We exist to have great intellectual conversation and Vanderbilt) I always with great students do- asked myself at the end of ing great things,” he said. the day ‘What am I doing? “I’ve always felt that in a Why am I here?’ They are larger place it’s important to very precious institutions. personalize the institution. They have highly talented If the students know that I people, but they are really care – and I do - then when inward-looking,” he said. “I we have to make decisions think the difference between


being a great private institution as to a great public institution is that it’s a privilege to be president at a private institution, but it’s a calling to be president of a public university,” he said. Now faced with the opportunity to serve WVU again, Gee said he feels right at home and knows exactly what he needs to do to accomplish his goals. “When I wake up at Blaney House, I know exactly what my responsibility is. It starts with the responsibility to the people of the state. It starts off with the notion that we are here to make a difference. It starts off with the notion that we are not simply not an ivory tower, that we have a helping hand.” Gee will serve as WVU’s president until the end of the spring semester. The University plans to select the next president by June 5. Follow Gee on Twitter @ GordonGee.



Monday January 13, 2014

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Byzantine, Disillusion Effect rock 123


Byzantine frontman Chris ‘OJ’ Ojeda gets into the performance at 123 Pleasant Street Saturday night.

Josh ewers a&e writer @dailyathenaeum

Three musical behemoths dominated the stage and whipped the audience into a frenzy Saturday night at 123 Pleasant Street, serving as a fitting tribute to opening weekend at WVU. Disillusion Effect, Solar Burn and headliner, Byzantine, showcased a raucous lineup of metal tunes that stirred even some of the most timid into movement. The bands were very professional as they played throughout the evening. It was clear these groups put a large amount of time and effort into their stage shows. As one of the most hardworking bands in the area, Disillusion Effect is no stranger to the 123 stage. The band initiated those who were new to metal shows, and surprisingly, there were plenty of people fitting that description. There were some who had seemingly spilled over from the Morgantown nightlife scene and those who had been invited by their more heavily inclined friends. Their initiation was swift, thanks to the

four-piece’s extraordinarily heavy variety of late 2000’s influenced deathcore that takes the genre and applies a sense of rhythmical bounce and more songwriting maturity than their peers with Lamb of Godesque inhaling and exhaling vocals added in for good measure. These vocals served to give the crowd a more diverse listening experience since they were employed in several different pitch ranges rather than becoming monotonous. Vocalist Christopher Rabideau appears to stalk the stage with malicious intent, only pausing to aggressively prod the audience interaction. Though they were forced to play without their drummer, who left band in December, an electronic substitute filled in admirably with none of the appeal lost. The prowess of all three band’s front men was, for this writer, the highlight of the night. All of them were energetic and engaging from start to finish. The next band, Pittsburgh’s Solar Burn, had a de facto frontman who was clearly their bassist. While they did not have a vocalist, they really didn’t need one. The only proper way to

describe the vibe filling the room when this trio started playing is one of being caught in a gale force wind. Indeed, that’s what it felt like when the band jumped directly into their first song that eschewed any kind of building or melodic intro for an instant wall of sound. As the front man, the bassist took the lead not only in the band’s arrangements and the mix, but also in stage presence. He continuously made aggressive movements and his dreads flew around behind him as he went. He confidently allowed himself to be taken in by the flow of the songs, which always loosens up the crowd as well. Thunderously thudding bass lines led the band’s collective charge to scattered oases of extremely crafty and beautiful songwriting that brings Tool to mind. When Solar Burn’s set came to an end, Byzantine took the stage to enthusiastic cheers from the audience, many of whom were seeing the band for another of many times and already knew the place was about to be shaken to its core. Fresh and with new found momentum from

WWVU-FM presents...

Morgantown Sound Double Feature


Captain Catfeesh 8 p.m. Kingwood Pike, W. Va. Punk Folk Singer-Songwriter “Combustible Things!”


Nate DiRuzza 9 p.m. Morgantown, W. Va. Folk Pop Singer-Songwriter “Changing”

Watch in the Gluck Theatre of the Mountainlair. Listen at 91.7FM or

their critically heralded 2013 self-titled release that gained positive reviews from national metal blogs, the band is still going strong after a relatively brief hiatus and lineup changes. Sporting two new members, bassist Sean Syndor and guitarist Brian Henderson, the band was just as steel-trap tight as ever before. This sort of lockedin rhythm is of the utmost importance for a band like Byzantine, who employs some of the craziest and most demanding of time signatures and patterns. This is a thinking man’s metal band that doesn’t lose the edge many like

minded bands seem to. Groove doesn’t even begin to describe the way in which the Clendenin, W.Va., natives induce movement through these rhythms. Vocalist Chris “OJ” Ojeda pipes were a spectacle alone, as he seamlessly transferred from guttural screams to powerful melodic clean vocals, though a few passages were successfully loaned out to other members and the audience, as well. It was, as always, impressive to see Ojeda perform his vocals while also serving as a primary guitarist, making his task on stage a rigorous musical endeavor.

During a set in which they played music from all four of their albums, including tracks like “Stick Figure,” “Jeremiad” and “Efficacy,” Ojeda revealed the band is currently working on a fifth album. As the night wore on, the pit at the front the near the stage was alive with spinning and slamming bodies. There was truly an aura of primal release and accepting commonality in the air – a feeling that is well-known to the metal community at large. Afterwards, the band descended into the masses to share a drink and some good times. daa&



Monday January 13, 2014

The Cherry Street Band provides groove session at 123


Surgeon General’s Warning begins their first song of their set Friday night.


It was a full house Friday night at 123 Pleasant Street, where a large crowd came out in support of local bands Surgeon General’s Warning and The Cherry Street Band. Andrew Connolly, a junior parks and recreation student, said he enjoyed the show. “Great music, great drinks, great vibes,” Connolly said. Underground and local music have always been the heart and soul of 123 Pleasant Street. Owners, musicians and patrons alike have continued to stress that theme, and Friday’s show was no different. “It’s cool to support the people in the community, who are getting into the music scene, no matter what they’re playing. I think it’s important to show up,” said Valerie Slone, a junior environmental science student.

Surgeon G e n e ra l ’s Warning was up first, and they played a variety of music, both original and covers. The group got their start in spring 2011 as a cover band but began writing some original songs when they started rehearsing. All four members of the band either are or were WVU students. Throughout the year, Surgeon General’s Warning played shows around Morgantown and about a year later, the talented young band released their first EP during a show at 123. Since then, they have toured across the East Coast, playing clubs and festivals from Pittsburgh to Florida. “When I leave here with bruised and bloody knees, it was a good show,” said Chris Jones, guitarist and vocalist for Surgeon General’s Warning. “It seems every time we play here, it’s just more and more people.” After about an hour of heavy jamming – and the

first ever Surgeon General’s Warning beer chugging contest – the band ended their set to thunderous applause. The Cherry Street Band followed Surgeon General’s Warning and kept the party rocking for the hyped audience. Lead singer and 2012 Mountaineer Idol Paris Winfrey bantered back and forth with the crowd between songs. Another Morgantownbased band, The Cherry Street Band is also made up of all WVU students. The group formed in 2010 and soon became a local hit. In 2013, the band released their first self-titled album and are in the process of recording a second project. These local favorites are sure to take the stage of 123 again in the future, so stay updated on the lineup by visiting http://123pleasantstreet. com/calendar/month. daa&

Surgeon General’s Warning performs in their psychedelic gear at 123.


Gambino’s newest project a narrative dillan knox correspondent @dailyathenaeum

«««« «« Childish Gambino is a pretty polarizing figure in hip hop right now. Sure, there are some people who say he’s not bad, but I hear a lot of “Oh, I really hate him and his voice” or “OMG! I love Childish Gambino.” More often than not, I tend to side with the latter. His wordplay is among the top in the game currently. His storytelling is, at the very least, well articulated (and to me very captivating), and his delivery is well-thought-out and ranges from a brutal scream to a soft whimper. Gambino’s newest project embodies the topics it tries to tackle through the characters of a “concept album,” but because it is supposed to be heard while watching the short films, I’m not sure that exactly fits what he was aiming for. We follow the Boy and his friends throughout their day-to-day lives and somewhat mundane existence. The Boy has money, and his friends follow him because of it. He feels incredibly lonely, so while he doesn’t necessarily like them, it beats the alternative. And it seems like the money will be gone soon, so that fear pervades the entire album, as well. The Boy seeks purpose and acts out because he feels none. The blaring soundscape “Crawl,” the first song of the album, shows the Boy acts out frequently, because of lack of guidance and a feeling of worthlessness. Again, acting out and being born into wealth pop up on the following track, “Worldstar,” which is a banger in its own right and is sure to rattle trunks for all those who hear it. We follow the Boy through the screenplay as

he desperately tries to make sense of why he’s here and what he’s supposed to do. Some of it is cliche, and some of the symbols are over the top, but nothing is said explicitly until “Zealots of Stockholm,” a brutally honest track that breaks down a lot of walls for mainstream hip hop artists. The fact that Gambino shows instead of tells works to his advantage because the presentation, as a whole, is greater than the sum of its parts. I don’t want to ruin the story, but more highlights from the album include “Telegraph Ave,” a haunting story of finding worth in an ex and the troubles as a part of the relationship and breakup, a very fun collaboration with Chance the Rapper on “The Worst Guys,” and of course, dark love songs in “Shadows” and “3005.” Donald Glover, which is Childish Gambino’s actual name, is not okay. Or so I’m lead to believe by his screenplay/album/series of silent short films that is this “because the Internet” project. What I think about when I listen to the album, read

the screenplay or watch the short films is this is the snapshot of a mental breakdown – an existentialist mental breakdown, to be exact. And death might just be a warm welcome for Donald’s main character in this sprawling experiment that is somewhat reminiscent of Bret Easton Ellis’s “Less Than Zero” in terms of apathy, decadence and uncertainty. This is a project I found very captivating and real in its own terms. People acted in bizarre and uncertain manners. Nothing was absolute and no one really had answers, but the questions were posed well. And while I don’t have the answers either, I’m glad someone had the ability to put into their art form feelings that I’ve felt in the past so well. The project as a whole can be found at http:// free of charge. You might want to watch the short film “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons” on YouTube before streaming the album. daa&



Monday January 13, 2014

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The pros of following academic debate In late 2013, the American Studies Association made the decision to boycott Israeli universities as a result of Israel’s treatment of Palestinian scholars. Israel has reportedly been arbitrarily denying access to U.S. academics who have been invited to teach or do research at Palestinian universities in Gaza and the West Bank. This decision, while welcomed by Palestinian scholars as a sign of support from their foreign peers, has divided American higher education. The boycott is aimed at the Israeli higher education,

not the individual scholars, but such an action will inevitably trickle down. Since the mid-December campaign for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel, the presidents of more than 80 American colleges have condemned the boycott. “Such boycotts threaten academic speech and exchange, which it is our solemn duty as academic institution to protect,” said Carolyn Martin, president of Amherst College, in a statement posted on its website. So far, five accredited institutions have withdrawn

their ASA memberships, according to the Chronicle for Higher Education. The National Review reported more than 180 academic institutions have voiced their concerns about the boycott for its limitation of academic freedom. However, some universities say they revoked their membership simply because they believe boycotts are a bad idea. This boycott has sparked a massive debate in the academic sphere, for better or for worse. The debate has brought into question many practices of American institu-

tions. Should the ASA have gotten involved in the academic practices in Israel, especially given the U.S.’s relationship with Israel? Is this a question of academic freedom? This type of debate, and the resulting boycotts, may seem unimportant, stuffy and boring. However, they’re incredibly important to academics in America. By severing these ties, academics in Israel cannot study in America and vice versa, seriously harming scientific research, among other academic pursuits. More than ever, it is vital countries share their collec-

tive knowledge. The world is in an age of advancements, which trumps the previous rat race of “who discovered it first.” On the other hand, there is a fine balance between trying to draw attention to a sensitive issue in another country and plain meddling. Regardless of what this boycott will bring, it has sparked a change within the academic community, hopefully one that will continue to grow, at least to keep the institutions talking and thinking.

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op-Ed commentary

Flaws of the Baseball Hall of Fame: biased voting? Ryan van buren columnist

During recent years, the Baseball Hall of Fame has been highlighted by all of its miscues and flaws, rather than honoring the players who have been voted in. Much discussion was brought to light about who actually gets to vote for the Hall of Fame. Many baseball purists and historians are not granted a vote, and the results are starting to diminish the credibility of the Hall. To make matters worse, the players who played in the steroid era aren’t getting into the Hall of Fame, and this issue has been a major dark cloud over the hall and its voters. To the credit of one voter, ESPN’s TV and radio host Dan Le Batard, maybe the Hall of Fame is starting to make changes. Le Batard made sports headlines when he submitted

The BBWAA has stripped Dan Le Batard of his Hall of Fame voting privileges after he turned his ballot over to Deadspin. his vote based on the results of a poll from Deadspin readers. According to the Miami Herald, Le Batard was stripped for life of his Hall of Fame voting privileges as well as being “banned” for one year from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. This whole situation is not a good look for the reputation of the Hall,

and Le Batard is owning his actions and hopes it will bring the changes every one wants in real qualified voters. “It was worth it. I knew this would be the consequence. Hopefully change is a consequence, too,” Le Batard said. Now in his mind it was worth it, but a lot of people worked hard to earn their

Hall of Fame vote, and for Le Batard to make a mockery of the system isn’t a smart move. While many share his opinion that the Hall needs to strip some voters their rights and give them to true baseball writers and former players, you can’t do this as such a polarizing figure in the sports world. For a man who hosts his own radio and TV shows on ESPN, I believe there are many other ways he could have shared his opinion instead of embarrassing himself. Using his media outlets, he could have criticized the Hall and told the public how they need to change, but giving your vote to a bunch of readers and bloggers on a sports website is ridiculous. Le Batard elaborated on his actions on his TV show “Highly Questionable” Wednesday. “I probably won’t have a vote next year because I gave mine to Deadspin,”

he said. “I don’t like how they do business over there at the Hall of Fame, where they’re sitting there and they’re sanctimonious, and they’re keeping all the steroid guys out.” While I don’t agree what he did with his vote, I fully support his opinion on voting in former steroid users into the Hall of Fame. Most baseball fans will agree they don’t support the use of performance enhancing drugs in the sports, but not many can argue it makes the game a lot more enjoyable and fun. The problem I have with all of the voters keeping Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, etc., out of the Hall is we can’t just erase them from baseball history. In the future when we look back at this great sport, are we just supposed to forget all of these transcending players and all that they did for the game be it bad or good? Those guys tarnished the name of the game, but

at the same time, these players were truly special and game-changing. My reason for voting steroid players into the Hall of Fame is simple. If they have the stats to make the Hall of Fame they should, but under one circumstance. Next to their plaque, stats or whatever it is they receive when entering the Hall, it needs to be marked by an asterisk saying they cheated. These players cheated, and there’s nothing to change that, but a lot of players cheat and don’t even make it to the Major Leagues. For them to put up the amazing the numbers they did, clean or dirty, has to be appreciated and acknowledged one day. In a worst case scenario, baseball can make a steroid hall of fame to induct the cheaters. That hall of fame might not be the most respected, but you can bet it would make headlines.

Universities across the nation

How courts are saying no way to unwarranted cell phone searches malcolm aquino florida state university

With technology rapidly improving all the time, the way we communicate has changed. Texting has quickly become the most popular way to communicate in the past few years, with smartphones taking over the market. Sending texts is an easy, more private way of communicating with other people. Well, at least until recently. With government programs like PRISM being revealed to the public, it is easy to feel unsafe about who and what you’re sending texts to. For example, in the case of State of Rhode Island vs. Michael Patino, in which Michael Patino was charged for the murder of his son after police read through some of his girlfriend’s frantic texts while the police were searching Patino’s girlfriend’s house. The police did not have a warrant for the phone. The Superior Court of Rhode Island ruled that the search was unlawful under the Fourth Amend-

ment, which states: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” The court, in its 190 page decision, states that: “Text messages are often raw, unvarnished, and immediate; revealing the most intimate of thoughts and emotions to those who are expected to guard them from publication.” We now have these devices on our person almost all the time. They are, in essence, receptacles for our thoughts – external hard drives for the mind. Accessing them is almost like tapping the brain and forcing information out, and that can’t be done without then violating the Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination. This decision obviously didn’t sit well with the

prosecution, who quickly appealed. The case has made it all the way to the Supreme Court, who have decided to halt the trial until the appeal process has ended. It should be noted that Patino was arrested in 2009 and has been incarcerated for almost four years now. It should also be noted that many of the texts that implicated Patino are very strong pieces of evidence that can convict Patino. Some of the texts included in the evidence read as follows: “I punch dat lil ***** 3 times. Da hardest,” Patino texted. “1 was on his stomach cuz he moved. But let him b a man and not a lil ***** like u.” Pretty incriminating stuff. However, I am not focusing on whether he is guilty or innocent (I think it’s pretty obvious). Instead, I am more interested to see how the courts will rule further cases where texts or social media posts are affected by the Fourth Amendment. The rapid advances in technology and the popularity explosion of social

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In the case of State of Rhode Island v. Michael Patino, in which Michael Patino was charged for the murder of his son after police read through some of his girlfriend’s frantic texts while the police were searching Patino’s girlfriend’s house. media has no doubt con- police departments asking be too safe with your pervoluted what is deemed to cellular providers to keep sonal information. Be sure be private information. records of every text mes- to always keep your inforIn addition, with whis- sage from every customer. mation protected and altleblowers like Edward Now, for upstanding ways know your rights. Snowden and Chelsea and law abiding citizen, I The Electronic Frontier Manning, fear of govern- think there is a little less Foundation has a great ment spying on citizens is risk of your phone being guide to protecting yourseized as evidence. self from unwarranted inat an all time high. This fear is rightly However, in this day formation searches and placed in most cases, with and age, you can never text message searches.

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Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit


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ACROSS 1 Business attire 5 Somewhat 9 Punches hard 14 Tolstoy’s “__ Karenina” 15 Jazz singer Horne 16 Packing rope 17 Hot spot connection 18 What gears do 19 Addition to a school, say 20 Noncash executive compensation 23 Siamese or Abyssinian 24 Solo in “Star Wars” 25 Seminary deg. 26 Dog tags, for instance 27 Close boxing match outcome 33 Part of a foot 34 Norway’s capital 35 Low soccer score 38 Aquatic plant 40 Work wk. end for many 42 “__ Lama Ding Dong”: doo-wop hit 43 Enter 46 Hurricane rescue op 49 Omnivorous Looney Tunes devil, familiarly 50 Folgers competitor 53 Greek letter between phi and psi 55 Airline approx. 56 Tee or blouse 57 Sandwich meat 58 Randomly determined NBA draft choice 64 “Me, too” 66 Use a piggy bank 67 Overflow with, as charm 68 Prelude, for short 69 Hawaiian strings 70 Thief’s haul 71 Explosive experiment 72 Felt tips and ballpoints 73 Dumbo’s wings DOWN 1 Log cutters 2 Condo division 3 “Inside” facts, briefly 4 Meditative exercise regimen 5 Teardrop-shaped nutlike snacks 6 Answering machine cue 7 Part of MIT: Abbr. 8 South Seas getaway

9 Substitute (for) 10 “To thine __ self be true” 11 Ohio city 12 Work on dough 13 Titillating cellphone messages 21 Green Hornet’s sidekick 22 Extremely 27 Male deer 28 Game on horseback 29 Valid 30 Christmas toymaker 31 Gadget used on an apple 32 “__ the fields we go” 36 PC alternative 37 Relax in a hammock 39 California’s Santa __ 41 ICU drips 44 Poet whose work inspired “Cats” 45 Director Preminger 47 Woman on stage 48 Bok __: Chinese cabbage 51 Consumes avidly



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HOROSCOPE BY JACQUELINE BIGAR BORN TODAY This year your focus remains on your daily life and on your relationships. You’ll have a goal in mind and, with endurance, you can make it happen. Don’t focus on the obstacles; instead, focus on the end results. If you are single, in the next six months, you could meet someone of significance. Do not settle right now. Go for what you want. If you are attached, the two of you might disagree about who should take out the garbage, but your relationship will evolve to a much closer and intimate level. ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) HHH You could be set on having certain results, most likely involving your finances. You will communicate your

determination, but there are others involved who might be less enthusiastic. This conversation could continue for several days. Tonight: At home, indulging in a fun pastime. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) HH Others will want to have a discussion with you involving your funds. You might need to distance yourself a bit, but still be aware of where they are coming from. Try not to cut off the parties involved; instead, just change the topic. Tonight: Have a long-overdue chat. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) HHHH You will turn whatever is going on into a social happening. Be aware of what you are doing and why. In this case, you might want to help someone lighten up. However, keep in mind that sometimes your actions could backfire. Tonight: Buy a special

gift for a loved one. CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) HH Take a back seat until you gain a greater perspective and a better sense of direction. You might not be as tuned in to a situation as you think you are. Do some research, and keep your judgments to yourself for now. Tonight: Let go of today, and enjoy living. LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) HHH Use the daylight hours to the max. You could feel as if a family member is holding you back. Listen to your inner voice in this situation. Your ability to go for what you want will be unfettered by this person. That strength comes from within. Tonight: Go for some extra R and R. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) HHHH Others will follow, once they understand why you’re doing what you’re

doing. You might feel as if you have taken on too much. You need to emphasize what you want from others. Understand that they will be more responsive later in the evening. Tonight: A late discussion. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) HHHH Reach out for new information. If you don’t, you won’t be able to make a solid decision. There will be a lot going on around you; sort through as much of it as you can. You might note that a common thread runs through these different issues. Tonight: Work late. SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) HHH Your instincts will kick in when dealing with a partner and/or a financial matter. Your sixth sense could go against your logic, but it likely is right-on. Detach some, and revisit this issue later. You will understand a

lot more at that time. Let go for now. Tonight: As you like it. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) HH Others really want you to hear what they think. Your knee-jerk response might not be positive. Stop, and get to the bottom of what is happening with you first. Try not to give feedback until you clear up your feelings. Tonight: Be with a favorite person. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) HHH Pace yourself. Stop and visit with someone in your daily life who could seem off. You have the capacity and organization to make time for this person. You might decide to return calls and schedule a meeting toward the end of the day. Tonight: Reach out to a loved one. AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) HHH Your playfulness might be endear-

ing to some, but it won’t be to a boss, who might be quite stern and difficult to deal with. Stop, take a deep breath and adjust to the moment. How you see a situation could change radically as a result. Tonight: Be constructive. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) HH Realize that it is OK if you have a difficult time starting the day. If you can take a personal day, you could enjoy some extra time at home. Know that you will lighten up in either case; you just have a case of the Monday blues. This, too, will pass. Tonight: Choose a stressbuster.

BORN TODAY Actor Patrick Dempsey (1966), singer/pianist Alicia Keys (1981), actress Julia LouisDreyfus (1961)

Monday January 13, 2014



Stella & Dot offers students opportunity in fashion, entrepreneurship by stephanie messinger a&e writer @dailyathenaeum

Now it’s easier than ever to rock the latest fashion styles and make money with Stella & Dot. This social selling company is about the flexibility of multitasking. Through inhome trunk shows, social media and online shopping, students are able to begin a journey to become an inde-

pendent stylist. Work on your own time and make extra cash to help with the odds and ends of being a college student, all the while being trendy. “I’m a full-time student with another part-time job at Tanning World, so I put in as much time into Stella & Dot as I can,” said Madison Mazza, independent stylist and WVU psychology student. Because you can work on

your own time, you decide how much effort you want to put in and decide your salary. It is easy to sign up online by purchasing a start-up kit depending on how much your budget allows you to spend. Stella & Dot’s commitment is flexible because you can cancel your business whenever your student schedule becomes too much of a conflict. Being a stylist means

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ness,” Mazza said. “I think it’s also great because you become a stylist and you get to style other women and make them feel good about themselves.” You don’t have to be a business or fashion student to start your new career and make some extra cash with Stella & Dot. All that is required is time and effort along with the overall desire to help women become stylish.

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Tina Fey, Amy Poehler sure to cause a stir as two-time hosts of Golden Globes (AP) — The surest bet at Sunday night’s Golden Globes? Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. For the second year in a row, the duo will lead the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual glitzy Beverly Hills banquet, where stars gather for a boozy dress rehearsal to the Academy Awards. Poehler and Fey last year brought the Globes telecast to a six-year ratings high of 19.7 million, winning universal praise along the way for their irreverent cracks that playfully punctured Hollywood’s veneer. With Fey and Poehler signed up for next year, too, the 71st Globes show finds itself on the upswing. While the more prestigious and meaningful Academy Awards ceremony wrestles awkwardly with updating its brand, the Globes telecast has thrived as a more comic, unpredictable affair, free of Oscar’s self-regard and musical dance numbers. Yet there’s nothing unpredictable about this year’s favorite nominees: David O. Russell’s con-artist caper “American Hustle” and Steve McQueen’s unflinching epic

“12 Years a Slave.” The films and their much-nominated ensemble casts lead with seven nominations each, but they will be kept mostly separated by the Globes’ split between comedy-musical and drama categories. Still, the broadcast holds plenty of intrigue, with several other films prominently in the mix, too. Alfonso Cuaron’s space odyssey “Gravity,” a worldwide hit starring Sandra Bullock, is just as much a front-runner, only with a more limited cast. When Oscar nominations are announced Thursday morning, “Gravity” (nominated for four Globes) will likely clean up in the technical achievement categories that the Globes don’t honor. Support is also strong for the Coen brothers’1960s Greenwich Village folk tale “Inside Llewyn Davis” (three nominations), Alexander Payne’s fatherson road trip “Nebraska” (five nominations), Spike Jonze’s futuristic romance “Her” (three nominations) and Paul Greengrass’ pirate thriller “Captain Phillips”

(four nominations). All have found various honors in an awards season that has seen critics groups and guild organizations often make divergent choices. Those films and others will bring a room full of famous faces to the Globes show, airing live on NBC from 8-11 p.m. EST, including nominees Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett, Bruce Dern and many others. One celebrity not likely to attend is Woody Allen, the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. The director famously disdains award shows and his “Anne Hall” star Diane Keaton is expected to accept on his behalf. The television side could shape up as a battle between HBO and new challenger, Netflix. Tied for a leading four nominations are HBO’s Liberace drama “Behind the Candelabra” and Netflix’s first major foray into original programming, the political thriller “House of Cards.” Fey and Poehler make jokes at the 2013 Golden Globes.

‘Lone Survivor’ steals top spot at box office; ‘Frozen,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ fall behind LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Lone Survivor” triumphed at the weekend box office. The patriotic Navy SEAL drama starring Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster smashed expectations to earn $38.5 million domestically in its first weekend in wide release, according to studio estimates Sunday. The Universal film directed by “Friday Night Lights” and “Battleship” filmmaker Peter Berg is based on Marcus Luttrell’s memoir about a dangerous mission his Navy SEAL team embarked on in Afghanistan in 2005. “We’re thrilled for us, the filmmakers and Marcus, who – as brave as a man as he is – continues to be brave in telling this true story,” said Nikki Rocco, head of distribution for Universal. “It’s an amazing result. What’s most gratifying about this is that it’s been endorsed by every quadrant of the movie-going audience: young, old, male, female.” Rocco said “Lone Survivor” performed particularly well in middle America. The movie’s launch marks the second biggest opening for a film in January, after the $40.1 million debut of the monster movie “Cloverfield” in 2008. “We had an inkling it’d do well when it opened in limited release in December, but projections had it coming in between $17 million to $28 million,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box-office tracker Rentrak. “Nothing had it coming close to $40 million.” In its eighth weekend, Disney’s icy animated tale “Frozen” stayed cool in the No. 2 spot, earning $15 million and bringing its domestic total to $317 million, passing Disney Animation’s $312 million record set by “The Lion King” in 1994. “Frozen” also topped the international box office with $27.8 million from 50 international markets. Paramount’s controversial “The Wolf of Wall Street” scored No. 3 in its third weekend, earning $9 million and boosting its total domestic haul to $78.6 million. The hedonistic tycoon drama di-

rected by Martin Scorsese stars Leonardo DiCaprio as reckless stock broker Jordan Belfort. The film earned an additional $10 million from 17 international territories. Lionsgate’s “The Legend of Hercules,” the weekend’s only other major release, tied Sony’s “American Hustle” for the No. 4 position, with both films earning $8.6 million, according to studio estimates. “Amer ican Hustle,” whose domestic total now stands at $101.5 million, also earned an extra $5.2 million this weekend from four international territories. The con-artist caper leads the nominees at Sunday’s Golden Globes alongside “12 Years a Slave” with seven nods each. Several other awards contenders expanded into wide release this weekend ahead of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s glitzy ceremony, including the Weinstein Co.’s “August: Osage County” at No. 6 with $7.3 million, Warner Bros.’ “Her” at No. 10 with $5.4 million and CBS Films’ “Inside Llewyn Davis” at No. 14 with $1.9 million. Overseas, Universal’s animated sequel “Despicable Me 2” earned $13.8 million alone in China, where it opened this weekend seven months after its initial release. The original animated film featuring the voice of Steve Carrell was not released in

China. — Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Rentrak. Where available, latest international numbers for Friday through Sunday are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday: 1. “Lone Sur vivor,” $38.5 million ($750,000 international). 2. “Frozen,” $15 million ($27.8 million international). 3. “The Wolf of Wall Street,” $9 million ($10 million international). 4. “The Legend of Hercules,” $8.6 million ($650,000 international). (tie) “American Hustle,” $8.6 million ($5.2 million international). 5. “The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug,” $8 million ($22.2 million international). 6. “August : Osage County,” $7.3 million ($175,000 international). 7. “Saving Mr. Banks,” $6.6 million. 8. “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones,” $6.3 million ($15.5 million international). 9. “Anchor man 2: The Legend Continues,” $6.1 million ($3 million international). 10. “Her,” $5.4 million. — Estimated w e e kend ticket sales Friday through Sunday at international theaters (excluding the U.S. and Can-

Mark Wahlberg stars in ‘Lone Survivor.’ ada) for films distributed overseas by Hollywood studios, according to Rentrak: 1. “Frozen,” $27.8 million. 2. “The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug,” $22.2 million. 3. “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones,” $15.5 million. 4. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” $14.4 million. 5. “Despicable Me 2,” $13.8 million. 6. “The Wolf of Wall Street,” $10 million. 7. “47 Ronin,” $9.7 million. 8. “The Attorney,” $6.7 million. (tie) “The Physician,” $6.7 million. 9. “Walking With Dinosaurs,” $6.3 million. 10. “Ender’s Game,” $6 million.

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cory dobson/the daily athenaeum

Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart, 33, dribbles the ball up the court in Saturday’s game against West Virginia inside the Coliseum.

Smart, No. 11 Oklahoma State edge West Virginia 73-72 inside the Coliseum Saturday by connor murray associate sports editor @connorkmurray

Despite leading for the entire first half and having several chances to close out a victory, the Mountaineers fell 73-72 at home against No. 11 Oklahoma State Saturday evening. Senior guard Markel Brown hit a 3-pointer from the elbow with 11.4 seconds left to give the Cowboys the lead, and West Virginia was unable to come back after junior guard Juwan Staten couldn’t hit a contested layup on the Mountaineers’ final possession. “Huggins told us to get the ball in bounds. We set a high ball screen. We knew that they’d be

switching everything, so I would have a big on me. I got to the rim, got the shot I wanted, and it just didn’t go in,” Staten said. Staten finished the game with 20 points, eight assists and five rebounds. He carried the offense at times and kept his team in the game when Oklahoma State looked to have chances to close out the game. The loss continued the trend of West Virginia being unable to finish games against the top teams in the nation, including Wisconsin, Missouri and Gonzaga. “If the ball goes in we’re all sitting here talking about how far we’ve come,” said West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins. “We got it at the rim

with the guy who has finished more goals at the rim than the rest of our team put together. We got what we wanted.” Staten was matched up against preseason AllAmerican guard Marcus Smart for much of the game. Smart finished the game with 22 points and 13 rebounds. “He’s a great player. He gets a lot of hype and it’s well deserved. He runs his team well. He makes plays when they need him to make plays,” Staten said. “Any time you consider yourself a good player and there’s a great player playing against you, you want to play well. You want to see how you stack up and how you match up. I take my hat off to him. He played a great game.”

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TRIO --McNair McNair Scholars ScholarsProgram Program TRIO

S o p h o m o re g u a rd Eron Harris struggled to get into the flow of the game at times and didn’t make much of an impact on offense for West Virginia. Harris said he would take this matchup with one of the nation’s best players as a learning experience. “He really doesn’t make any mistakes. He doesn’t turn the ball over and doesn’t miss free throws. I think I can learn from that,” Harris said. “Playing against those types of guys is almost like an honor. I like playing against those guys. I’m going to take that into my next game and in practice every day.” With the loss, West Virginia drops to 10-6 on the season and 2-1 in the Big 12. The team has a quick

turnaround with another home game scheduled for tonight against Texas. Huggins and the Mountaineers will look to right the ship in what has been a season full of ups and downs. “I’m trying to win, man. The two greatest emotions in the world are winning and losing, and I don’t like this emotion,” Huggins said.

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WVU loses heartbreaker by greg madia multimedia editor @dailyathenaeum

With 1:17 left to play Saturday, West Virginia guard Terry Henderson hit his fifth 3-point shot of the game to give the Mountaineers a 7270 lead over No. 11 Oklahoma State. At that point everyone inside the packed WVU Coliseum believed West Virginia would pull off the upset victory. “I shot it with confidence, and it went in for me. At that moment when the ball when in, I felt like we really had the game,” Henderson said. “It was like it was meant for us to win the game.” Then after the Oklahoma State’s Le’Bryan Nash missed a layup, West Virginia had a chance to extend its lead to a two-possession game. That didn’t happen, giving the Cowboys a final chance to tie or win the game. Marcus Smart brought up the ball and found teammate Markel Brown open on the left wing, where he buried a 3-point game-winning shot to give Oklahoma State a 73-72 lead that wouldn’t change in the final 11.6 seconds. The Mountaineers let another game slip away from them. Earlier this season, WVU lost games to current No. 4 Wisconsin, No. 21 Missouri and No. 22 Gonzaga by

less than 10 points. Add in just a five-point loss to Virginia Tech and a three-point loss to Purdue a few weeks ago, it’s safe to say all of WVU’s six losses have been extremely tough to take. “This isn’t our first game that we lost close, but it’s just in some of the games we were down and came back, but in this game we were up. Then we lost the lead,” Henderson said. With a young team early in the season, the close losses were viewed as something this team could build upon. But now as the team’s last three losses have come by a combined eight points, West Virginia enters midJanuary without a resume win for March. “We talk about it all the time,” said guard Eron Harris after an 11-point performance Saturday. “But it comes down to a couple small detailed plays like getting a rebound, grabbing a loose ball or getting a stop towards the end of the game that we don’t get.” Henderson echoed Harris’ thoughts about why the team cannot finish close games. “It’s mental mistakes down the stretch,” Henderson said. WVU will have another opportunity to find a quality win tonight against Texas at the Coliseum.

anthony pecoraro sports writer @dailyathenaeum

Deep Big 12 could pose problem for WVU Although Saturday’s game against No. 11 Oklahoma State didn’t go as West Virginia may have wanted, Mountaineer fans were able to see just how strong the Big 12 Conference is. Most Rating Percentage Index (RPI) rankings, which is used to rank sports teams based upon a team’s wins and losses and its strength of schedule, have the Big 12 Conference No. 1 nationally. However, this doesn’t mean the Big 12 is the best without question. The debate of the top conference rises as arguments for the Big Ten, the ACC or any other top caliber conference believe they have the best conference this season. Big 12 preseason favorite, No. 18 Kansas, which is ranked with the toughest strength of schedule in the country, has accumulated more losses than most thought at this point in the season, but they’re a team with few flaws and still the top contender to win the Big 12. Besides Kansas, the Big 12 has four other teams out of its 10 teams in the latest Associated Press Top 25 poll: No. 7 Baylor, No. 9 Iowa State, No. 11 Oklahoma State and No. 25 Kansas State. Baylor, which currently sits as the highest ranked Big 12 team, has been surprising many with just two losses so far this season. I don’t think much explanation needs to be said for Oklahoma State and its All-Americam talent Marcus Smart, as Morgantown was able to see what a versatile and deep team they are. Needless to say, there aren’t many flaws up and down in the Big 12. Although Baylor may be the highest ranked team at No. 7, there isn’t much belief the Bears will be able to contend down the stretch. Bears head coach Scott Drew praised the Cyclones squad after his team fell to Iowa State, 8772, for Baylor’s second loss of the season. “Iowa State, to me, is a team that can win a national championship,” he said. Baylor guard Brady Heslip added to the glorifying of this Cyclones squad. “(They are) just a matchup nightmare for teams,” he said. Much of the Cyclones’ success can be associated with transfer and former Marshall standout DeAndre Kane, who scored 30 points and had eight rebounds and five steals in the win over Baylor. Oklahoma, who upset Iowa State this Saturday, has been off to its best start in five years. The last time the Sooners averaged more points for an entire season was in coach Billy Tubbs’ final season with the Sooners in 1993-94. So, is the Big 12 the best? Well, that is for each person to decide, but if you base it solely off the rankings, then yes, the Big 12 is the best conference in the country. With such a competitive conference, it will be hard for this young Mountaineer squad to compete with teams that are more experienced, more dynamic and overall a better team.

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Sophomore Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart dunks the ball in Saturday’s 73-72 win over WVU.


Monday January 13, 2014



women’s Basketball

Mountaineers defeat Texas in overtime Sunday by kevin hooker sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia women’s basketball team returned to their winning ways Sunday afternoon, coming from behind to defeat the Texas Longhorns 56-49 in overtime. The Mountaineers (142, 3-1 in Big 12 Conference play) have won 13 of their last 14 games, with the lone defeat coming Wednesday against Baylor. Texas maintained a small lead for the majority of the game and held a 45-38 advantage with 4:30 left. But a pair of 3-pointers by Bria Holmes and Taylor Palmer and a layup by Averee Fields with 14 seconds left in regulation forced overtime. “Overall, all the hustles plays – we won the battles,” said WVU head coach Mike Carey. “We had 22 offensive rebounds to their 14. We had 14 second-chance points to their eight. When you’re not shooting well and you’re not playing well, you have to win the hustle plays, and we did that. That’s two

games now that if people watched the game, they would swear up and down we didn’t win. “That’s the Oklahoma State game and this game. But give our girls credit. Those people came off the bench and play extremely hard. They give us a push.” WV U was out-rebounded by Texas 49-45, but pulled down 22 offensive boards, which led to 14 second-chance points. WVU has recorded at least 22 offensive rebounds in three of four Big 12 games this season. The Mountaineers attempted 68 field goals – the most in team history – and shot just 26.5 percent from the field. The bench combined to shoot just 2 for 20 from the floor, and Palmer struggled to find her shot all day, shooting 1 for 10 alone. Fields led the way for the Mountaineers, scoring 12 points (on 5 for 9 shooting), with seven rebounds and four steals. Bria Holmes scored six points and shot 2 for 2 from 3-point range. The Mountaineers shot 35 percent from downtown

as a unit. “If you shoot 26 percent from the floor, 35 percent from three and 60 percent from the foul line, you wouldn’t think you’d be standing here talking about a win. But that says a lot about our players’ determination and guts,” Carey said. “I’m proud of them, but needless to say, we need to get a lot better.” The Mountaineer defense forced 26 turnovers and held the Texas offense to 35 percent shooting from the floor. Center Imani McGeeStafford led the way for the Longhorns with 13 points, six rebounds and four blocks. The Lady Mountaineers return to action Wednesday at No. 11 Iowa State at 8 p.m.

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wythe woods/the daily athenaeum

Senior West Virginia guard Taylor Palmer celebrates in the Mountaineers 56-49 overtime victory over Texas Sunday afternoon in the Coliseum.

swimming & diving

West Virginia deliver strong performance against Pitt by dillon durst sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia University men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams took on Pittsburgh this weekend in the “Backyard Brawl” at the WVU Natatorium. The Mountaine ers performed exceptionally well, but ultimately lost the meet. The men’s team fell 161-139, and the women were outscored 179-119. “We were just short on the men. We missed on two events and those cost us a meet. Our relays did a

great job, though, and Andrew (Marsh) and Bryce (Bohman) definitely had outstanding days,” said head coach Vic Riggs. The men’s 200-meter medley “A” team of senior Bryce Bohman, juniors Chris Brill, Julien Vialette and Tim Squires continued to perform well, winning the event with a time of 1.30.86, while the “B” team of senior Jake Querciagrossa, sophomores Jake Iotte and Ross Glegg and freshman Austin Green finished in third place with a time of 1:33.17. On the women’s side, the 200-meter med-

ley “A” team of sophomores Courtney Miller and Jaimee Gilmore and juniors Jenelle Zee and Julie Ogden also won the event with a time of 1:44.41. “ It wa s a g re at meet for both teams,” Riggs said. “Once again, the women exceeded my expectations and competed with a lot of heart and pride.” The Mountaine ers dominated in the 100-meter back with Bohman winning the event with a time of 48.82, while sophomore Andrew Marsh and Querciagrossa finished second and third,

respectively. Sophomore Lindsay Schmidt won the event with a score of 256.50. Juniors Jennifer Rey and Haily VandePoel finished second and third, respectively. “Having our women sweep the first board really put us into a good position,” Riggs said. “Winning six events overall was great for this squad.” In the 100-meter free, Marsh won the event with a time of 46.22. Gilmore claimed second place for the women in the 100-meter free with a time of 53.01, while junior Courtney Parenti fin-

ished fourth with a time of 53.95. Ogden also came up big for the women, winning the 100-meter fly with a time of 57.00. The men’s 400-meter medley relay “A” team of Glegg, Vialette, Marsh and Squires won the event with a time of 3:03.28. Bohman closed out the day with another stellar performance, winning the 100-meter fly with a time of 49.19, while Marsh finished fourth with a time of 50.48. Next on the schedule for the Mountaineers is a trip to Fort Worth, Texas,

to take on TCU Saturday at 3 p.m.

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Monday January 13, 2014

women’s track

Mountaineers complete PSU Relays by jon fehrens sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia University women’s track and field team traveled to State College, Pa., this weekend to compete in the annual PSU Relays. Head coach Sean Cleary took a small group to com-

pete in seven events. Senior pole vaulter Katlyn Shelar made the trip to PSU and recorded the third-best mark for the pole vault in WVU indoor program history with a vault of 3.80 meters. Her performance on Saturday broke her previous record of 3.75 meters at the YSU Icebreaker held earlier this

season. Sophomore Hannah Stone placed sixth in the high jump with a mark 1.65 meters. Stone’s jump was only two inches off her personal-best mark of the 2013 season. On the track, the WVU distance medley relay team finished second overall with a time of 12:14.52. Cleary and his team will

return to action Saturday as the Mountaineers will host the WVU Invitational at the WVU Shell Building. Fans interested in the event can find more information and a time schedule for the event later this week at http://wvusports. com.

WVU finishes third at UK Friday afternoon sports writer @dailyathenaeum

The West Virginia University gymnastics team traveled to Kentucky Friday for a dual quad meet with Penn State and Ball State. The Mountaineers scored 193.7, placing third in the meet. “I was really happy with how we started the meet on beam. That is such a difficult event to open the season,” said head coach Jason Butts. “I saw a lot of fight on that event, and that makes me really excited for this year.” Kentucky took first place with an overall score of 195.0, while Penn State

finished second with 193.975 and Ball State finished fourth with a score of 190.875. “We had some missteps on floor, but they were uncharacteristic mistakes,” Butts said. “We’ll fix that in the gym this week. The gymnastics is there.” Freshman Alexa Goldberg performed well on bars, finishing with WVU’s ninth-best score in program history with a 9.925 score. “Our bars lineup is vastly improved this year. I was glad the team put its mistakes behind them and finished the night strong,” Butts said. “Also, what an accomplishment to score 9.925 in your first college meet. I think Alexa is capa-

ble of doing that routine every weekend.” All-Big 12 gymnast Jaida Lawrence won on vault, finishing with an overall score of 9.85. Senior Hope Sloanhoffer scored 9.75 points, and freshman Nicolette Swoboda scored 9.7 points. Sloanhoffer’s score puts her career total at 1,407.3, ranking No. 18 on the Mountaineers’ all-time career point chart. Balance beam may have been the best event for the Mountaineers Friday night as they finished a perfect six-for-six, scoring 48.35 points. Junior Lia Salzano finished the night with 9.725 points, finishing fourth. Senior Erica Smith placed




by dillon durst

The Daily Athenaeum

sixth with an overall score of 9.7, while Swoboda finished seventh with a score of 9.675. Sophomore Melissa Idell got things started for the Mountaineers on floor, scoring a career-best 9.8 points. Swoboda took No. 8, scoring 9.775, while junior Dayah Haley scored 9.7. Bars figures to be another strong point for WVU this season as Sloanhoffer finished No. 2 with a score of 9.85, while Smith finished No. 2. Next on the schedule for the Mountaineers is a trip to College Park, Md., to take on No. 24 Maryland Friday at the Comcast Center.

EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation of discrimination. The Daily Athenaeum will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination in West Virginia call HUD Toll-free at 1-800-669-9777


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Police say DeSean Jackson home burglarized PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia police say someone broke into a home belonging to Eagles star receiver DeSean Jackson and stole a handgun and more than $250,000 in cash and jewelry. Investigators said Saturday the burglary happened sometime earlier in the week at Jackson’s home in South Philadelphia, not far from the team’s practice facility. Police say the cash and

jewelry was taken from a safe. A silver 9mm handgun is also missing. No arrests have been made. A police spokeswoman says the investigation is ongoing. Jackson was the Eagles’ leading receiver this season with 82 catches for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns. ap He signed a five-year, $51 mil- Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson sits on a bench against the lion contract before the 2012 Vikings in Minneapolis earlier this season. season.

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Run game, defense send Patriots to AFC title game FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — The New England Patriots are back in the AFC championship game because of a dominant running attack and an opportunistic defense. You know, the guy who filled in as the holder on extra points when the starter got hurt. In a game in which he became the first player to reach 6,000 yards passing in the postseason, Brady’s main offensive roles were to adjust play calls at the line of scrimmage and hand the ball off. New England rushed for 234 yards and beat the Indianapolis Colts 43-22 Saturday night to advance to Sunday’s game against Denver or San Diego. The Patriots (13-4) got a 73-yard touchdown run from LeGarrette Blount and had four interceptions against Andrew Luck. “The way our defense is getting the ball for us and, really, what we’ve done the last three or four weeks (with) the running game has just been awesome,” Brady said. “Hopefully, we can do it next week, too.” And if he has to hold again for Stephen Gostkowski? Well, at least he has some experience. Punter and holder Ryan Allen hurt his shoulder when he raced back after the ball was snapped over his head late in the second quarter. It resulted in a safety and the loss of Allen for the game. When Stevan Ridley scored on a 3-yard run with 6:18 left in the third quarter, the Patriots went for a 2-point conversion. Ridley ran the ball in for a 29-15 lead. “The holder was no factor at all. We were perfectly comfortable with Tom doing the holding,” coach Bill Belichick said Sunday. “It was more just the strategic plan of either being up by 13 or being up by 14.”

Brady did get two chances to hold on extra points after fourth-quarter touchdowns and, as usual, came through. He said that the last time he held on extra points was in the 2000 Orange Bowl for Michigan. Michigan won 35-34 when Alabama’s try for an extra point in overtime failed. Brady also threw four touchdown passes in that game. “Maybe I’ll try renegotiating my contract or something for doing more work,” he joked after Saturday night’s win. “I don’t even do it in practice. They said, ‘Get in there and do it,’ and I said, ‘What do I say?’ But we figured it out.” Gostkowski said Brady does practice holding, just not every week. “He’s not as fine-tuned as Ryan is, but he did a good job,” the kicker said. Brady even pulled off a surprise punt on third down in New England’s previous game, a 34-20 win over Buffalo in the regularseason finale. He does whatever it takes to win, even if it means throwing for fewer than 200 yards in each of his past three games. “Tom did a lot,” wide receiver Julian Edelman said. “A lot of people don’t understand that when you have a quarterback who can go out and put you in the right play every time, good things are going to happen.” So Brady handed the ball off 45 times and threw just 25 passes for 13 completions and 198 yards. Blount rushed for 166 yards, 73 coming on the touchdown before Gostkowski’s kick out of Brady’s hold made it 36-22. After a slow start in his first season with the Patriots, Blount ran for a total of four touchdowns in his last two regular-season games then got four more against the Colts.

His 334 all-purpose yards (189 rushing, 145 returning kickoffs) against the Bills set a club record. The Patriots had 267 yards rushing in that game and 645 in their past three. Blount tied Curtis Martin’s team record of 166 yards rushing in a playoff game and is the only player besides Ricky Watters, who had five touchdowns for San Francisco on Jan. 15, 1994, with four or more in a postseason game. “I’m really confident,” Blount said. “Those guys in front of me, they don’t get tired. I ain’t going to get tired. And if we’re going to be able to continue running the football like that throughout the playoffs, then I’ll be happy.” The defense is bringing smiles, too. Luck threw just nine interceptions in the regular season, but Alfonzo Dennard had two of New England’s four. The Patriots had three sacks and held Luck to a season-low 53.0 passer rating. “Any time we can get turnovers and get Tom and Blount, Ridley, get all those guys the ball back, it’s good for us,” said linebacker Dont’a Hightower, who had his first career interception. “It’s good for the defense.” Now the Patriots are in their third straight AFC championship game with a chance at their second Super Bowl appearance in three years. So Belichick and his assistants must devise new plans to move the ball and stop a different opponent. “Whatever happened during the regular season or some other year or some other time, or whatever reference point you want to take, is really not that significant,” he said. “What it’s about is how things go on that particular day, just being at our best on the biggest game of the year.”


New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, 11, drags Indianapolis Colts safety Antoine Bethea, 41, with him after a catch in the first half of an AFC divisional playoff game in Foxborough, Mass

DeRozan scores 26 points as Raptors beat Nets 96-80 TORONTO (AP) — Running on empty after a double-overtime win against Miami, Brooklyn’s best stretch of the season came to an end at surging Toronto. DeMar DeRozan scored 26 points, Patrick Patterson had 14 points and 12 rebounds and the Raptors snapped the Nets’ fivegame winning streak with a 96-80 victory on Saturday night. Paul Pierce scored 15 points and Alan Anderson had 13 for the Nets, worn out after arriving in Toronto in the wee hours of the morning after playing two extra periods in Friday’s big win over the Heat. “Guys were definitely tired from last night, getting in late,” said guard Joe Johnson, who had 11 points for the Nets. Brooklyn dropped to 1-6 this season in the second part of games on consecutive days. Terrence Ross scored 14 points, John Salmons had 13 and Kyle Lowry finished with 12 as Toronto won for the seventh time in nine games and strengthened its lead in the Atlantic Division. “Our guys showed mental toughness and won a slug-out game, which I don’t know if we could have won a few months

ago,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said. “It’s a testament to our guys’ mental growth and mental toughness to win a game like that.” After squandering a 10-point lead in the final minutes of the third quarter, the Nets missed six straight shots at the start of the fourth and went scoreless until Pierce made one of two from the line at 8:10. “The last six minutes of the third was tough on us,” Pierce said. “It was tough for us to execute, we turned the ball over. We were up 10 points and we had a chance to really do some damage. Maybe it was fatigue, I don’t know.” Brooklyn guard Shaun Livingston, who played 51 minutes Friday, was 3 for 11 from the field against the Raptors, but said blaming fatigue was the “easy way out.” “It’s always disappointing for me, as a competitor,” Livingston said. “That’s a game I’d like to have back.” Already without injured guard Deron Williams, the Nets gave center Mason Plumlee his first career start in place of Kevin Garnett, who got the night off after playing 36 minutes against Miami. Plumlee fouled out with six points. While the winning streak is over, Plumlee said

the Nets are feeling better about themselves. “We do have a rhythm, we do have more confidence as a group now,” he said. Livingston agreed, but cautioned against any excess enthusiasm. “Don’t relax,” he said. “I think that’s the main thing. We won five games but we still haven’t done anything.” The Raptors closed the third with an 18-4 run, then kept up the pressure in the fourth. Back-toback layups by Amir Johnson and Patterson gave Toronto a 78-65 lead with 7:24 remaining. Brooklyn responded with six straight points, but Lowry hit a 3 and Patterson made consecutive jump shots to restore the double-digit cushion, putting Toronto up 85-71 with 3:46 to go. “It was really important with them being a divisional team and playing really well right now,” Lowry said. “We needed to get this win for our confidence.” DeRozan scored eight points in the opening quarter, two of them on a breakaway slam dunk after a midcourt steal, and Lowry added six to help Toronto to a 24-18 lead. “They’re playing extremely hard, they’re

shooting the 3 extremely well,” Nets coach Jason Kidd said. “DeRozan and Lowry are playing at a high level.” The Raptors were up 40-27 with 6:16 left in the second before Brooklyn put together a 13-4 run, including back-to-back 3-pointers by Mirza Teletovic. After a Raptors timeout, Ross hit a 3, but Pierce was fouled with less than a second remaining and made both free throws, trimming Toronto’s lead to 47-42 at halftime. The Raptors went cold to start the third, missing their first six field-goal attempts before DeRozan connected on a jumper at 6:43. Brooklyn, meanwhile, started the second half on a tear, hitting four 3s in an 18-3 run that gave the Nets a 60-50 lead. Sparked by 11 points from DeRozan, and five consecutive missed shots by the Nets, Toronto moved in front again at the end of the third. DeRozan connected on three straight possessions, including a 3 with less than a second left, as the rejuvenated Raptors carried a 68-64 lead into the final period. “A lot of things were against us tonight and we AP still had a chance there Brooklyn Nets ‘ Paul Pierce shoots on Toronto Raptors’ Terrence Ross during the until the end of the third first half of the Raptors win over the Nets. quarter,” Pierce said.

No. 5 Missouri football star arrested for drug possession SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — Missouri receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested in southwest Missouri after an officer found about a pound of marijuana in the vehicle he was in with two other men. Green-Beckham, a sophomore who led No. 5 Missouri in receptions last season, and the other men were released without formal charges after their arrest late Friday, Springfield police said in a statement. Green-Beckham, John W. McDaniel and Patrick Prouty, were pulled over late Friday because the vehicle McDaniel was driving

had expired license plates, police said. The statement said the officer smelled marijuana in the vehicle and found “approximately a pound of marijuana and assorted drug paraphernalia” in the vehicle. Green-Beckham, McDaniel and Prouty were booked into the Greene County jail for distribution of a controlled substance. All three were released without bond or charges while the case is investigated. Missouri spokesman Chad Moller said the school was “aware of the situation and working to learn more.”

The 6-foot-6, 225-pound Green-Beckham was considered the top prospect in the nation when he signed a letter of intent with Missouri. He set national prep records of 6,353 career yards receiving and 75 touchdown catches at Springfield Hillcrest High. Last season, he had 59 receptions with a 15-yard average and 12 touchdowns. In the SEC championship game against Auburn, he caught six passes for 144 yards and two scores. His 27-yard catch set up Henry AP Josey’s go-ahead score in the Cotton Bowl victory Dorial Green-Beckham speaks at a news conference after announcing that he will play college football at Missouri in February 2012. over Oklahoma State.







Monday January 13, 2014



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WVU looks to rebound against Texas by joe mitchin sports writer @dailyathenaeum

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The West Virginia men’s basketball team will be forced to take the court just 48 hours after suffering one of the toughest losses of the season when the Mountaineers host Texas tonight. WVU was defeated by No. 11 Oklahoma State 73-72 at the Coliseum Saturday evening. The Mountaineers, (10-6, 2-1), continue to play competitive basketball with some of the top teams in the country, but the young group is still looking for a positive result. “We’re close,” said head coach Bob Huggins. “Our problem is that we have a whole bunch of freshmen who don’t understand when you stop playing hard that people take advantage of you. When you stop playing hard, then they do that.” It appeared WVU had

Oklahoma State beaten Saturday before Cowboys’ guard Markel Brown hit a game-winning 3-pointer in the closing seconds of the game. West Virginia had a chance to win the game, but a Juwan Staten layup wouldn’t fall, handing the Mountaineers their first conference loss. Texas is 12-4 overall, but 1-2 inside the Big 12 Conference. The Longhorns dropped their first two league games to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State before defeating Texas Tech 67-64 Saturday. Texas’s biggest win of the year came Dec. 18 when UT took down thenNo. 14 North Carolina on the road. “(Texas) is turning around quick, just like we are,” Huggins said. “Of course it’s challenging. Everyone complains about quick turnarounds, but it is what it is. I’m more worried about Texas than when we play them.”

The Longhorns are led by junior forward Jonathan Holmes, who averages 12.7 points per game. Texas has four players averaging in double figures, including guards Isaiah Taylor (11.3), Javan Felix (11.1) and center Cameron Ridley (10.6). Texas is one of the best rebounding teams in the country, averaging almost 42 per contest. WVU continues to follow behind guards Eron Harris and Juwan Staten. Both players average better than 17 points per game. Sophomore guard Terry Henderson continues to play at a high level and appears to be the healthiest he’s been all season. Henderson scored a team-high 21 points in the loss to Oklahoma State. Despite the continuing trend of close losses in big games, the team remains committed to improvement. Staten said he believes West Virginia’s current scheduling

situation is a positive. “I consider (the quick turnaround) as something we can benefit from,” Staten said. “We have a bad taste in our mouth right now, and that’s something that we’re ready to get rid of. What better way than to play another game?” West Virginia hosts Texas tonight inside the WVU Coliseum. Tip-off is set for 7 p.m.

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Monday January 13, 2014


Freshman forward Williams stepping up in post play


Freshman forward Devin Williams prepares to go up for a shot against Oklahoma State Saturday.


West Virginia freshman forward Devin Williams posted his fifth doubledouble – the fifth most for a freshman in WVU history – this season after a 12-point, 13-rebound performance against No. 11 Oklahoma State Saturday at the WVU Coliseum. Williams came to WVU expecting to be a threat on the glass. His 129 boards through the first 16 games this season makes him a

top-five rebounder in the Big 12. Those rebounds haven’t come as easy as the Cincinnati native makes it look. He’s had to adjust significantly to be efficient on the glass in the college game. “In high school it was just like go get the rebound,” Williams said. “Now you have people who can go get rebounds with you, so it’s about getting a body on people and getting them out of there.” When WVU took on Oklahoma State Saturday,


Williams had his work cut out for him against a very athletic opponent. “You have to put bodies on them, everybody has a 40-inch vertical, especially like Markel Brown. It’s a whole team of athletes,” Williams said. At 6-foot-9 and 260 pounds, playing a physical game down low and moving up and down the court quickly doesn’t make the game easy for Williams. He’s had to prepare himself both physically and mentally, as he’s learned throughout the first half of

the season, in order to be the guy who averages eight rebounds per game. “I know that first day, first practice with that first conditioning, I was dog tired with my tongue out. I needed water,” Williams said. “But now it really has gotten a whole lot better.” On the mental side, Williams said he knows he can’t take any of his opponents lightly. Learning from Coach Bob Huggins, he said he knows he has to be prepared by knowing most of the tendencies of what

the opponent’s big men do down low. Williams watches film of specific players he will be matched up against and how they box out and attack the glass. “I definitely do, that’s what I’m here for, to rebound. I watch how they move and look at what their rebound percentage (is) depending on where the shot is from. It really goes deep,” Williams said. With that preparation moving forward, Williams said he believes he can finish the season as one of the



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best in the Big 12 – a goal he had in mind during the preseason. “I’m not trying to look too far ahead. I’m trying to take it game by game,” Williams said. “But you always look at the potential that you have, and right now I’m top five in rebounding, so I’m thinking by the end of the year to be No. 1.”

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West Virginia ready for quick turnaround, eager to move past close loss to No. 11 Oklahoma State by amit batra sports editor @batra01

Following the most heartbreaking loss of the season against No. 11 Oklahoma State Saturday evening, the West Virginia men’s basketball team looks to get past their struggle to close out games when the Texas Longhorns come into the Coliseum tonight. “We’re on to the next one,” said WVU sophomore guard Eron Harris. “We’re about to prepare for this next game. There were a couple of plays we gave up, a couple rebounds we gave up and a couple shots we missed. “All in all, I think everyone saw we gave 120 percent effort in that game. Every game in the Big 12 (Conference) is going to

be tough. We’re going to try to move on and beat Texas.” For both the Mountaineers (10-6, 2-1 Big 12) and the Longhorns (12-4, 1-2 Big 12), the turnaround is quick. Following Texas’ 67-64 win over Texas Tech Saturday night, the Longhorns look to make the trip to Morgantown to hand WVU its secondstraight loss. Texas was No. 10 in the country in rebounds with 42.5 per game and No. 56 in points per game (78.5) coming into the game against the Red Raiders, . For West Virginia, however, the lack of experience in those dogfights, such as the loss to the Cowboys, has players a little uneasy as conference play heats up. “I still think about these kind of losses,” said WVU

sophomore guard Terry Henderson. “We just have to get it out of our heads and get ready to go for Texas. They’re a big team, too.” There are not many moral victories for this team moving forward. WVU hasn’t been in many close encounters as a collective unit in the past, but the Mountaineers haven’t had much success in those types of games this season. All six losses have been decided by less than 10 points. Against the current Associated Press Top 25, West Virginia is 0-4. In its last 15 games against ranked opponents, West Virginia has been winless. The current WVU record stands at 20 consecutive losses. As Texas comes into the Coliseum Monday night, WVU must have that quick

turnaround mentality or it could fall to .500 in conference play with a 2-2 mark. The Mountaineers have been resilient on their home court, but Texas will be coming into the game with confidence following strong results such as the win over then-No. 14 North Carolina. The Mountaineers will look to bounce back against Texas tonight in the Coliseum. The tip off is set for 7 p.m.

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The January 13 edition of the Daily Athenaeum

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