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FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


3, 6, 9, and 12 week courses!






FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


GOODBYE GRADUTES, WELCOME ALUMNI GEE: GRADUATION IS A GATEWAY TO A NEW WORLD, WHERE ALL YOU HAVE LEARNED DRIVES ALL YOU WILL ACHIEVE Fifty years ago, I donned my own cap and gown. I felt ready to tackle the rigors of law school, but I could not possibly imagine the many changes, challenges and opportunities that awaited me in the years ahead. Stepping out into the unknown is never easy, and your own path will surely take unexpected detours. But, no matter your route, trust your innate sense of purpose to guide you to the perfect destination. Your accomplishments so far show that you can set lofty goals and strive successfully to reach them. That is important because research shows that people with a purpose are happier, healthier and even longer-lived than those

who lack one. Unfortunately, as The New York Times reports, only about one-quarter of Americans report having a strong sense of purpose and meaning. Is your life’s purpose to heal others? Is it to inspire others with great works of art or your words or deeds? Is it to shatter the status quo with the next high-tech innovation? Life is about finding your purpose and making sure your choices serve that purpose. Even today, my personality, my views and my sense of self reflect the era in which I received my education and entered the wider world. Your experiences here will accompany you throughout life, shaping the inner drive that evolves as

your circumstances change and your horizons widen. Coretta Scott King once said: “My story is a freedom song of struggle. It is about finding one's purpose, how to overcome fear and to stand up for causes bigger than one's self.” I do not know where 2068 will find you. But if you fi nd your bigger cause, and spend your life serving it, your song will resound throughout the world. Your Mountaineer family will support you every step of the way. Your purpose is calling.

Let’s go! E. Gordon Gee President, WVU


WVU President Gordon Gee addresses faculty, staff, students and the Morgantown community on WVU’s leadership for ‘purposeful change’, at Erickson Alumni Center on Jan. 27, 2018.

FRISBEE: YOU ARE TOLD THAT THE ONLY CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE, BUT YOUR MOUNTAINEER FAMILY IS ALWAYS HERE You are days away from graduation and suddenly, you’re looking back on four incredible years at WVU. You’re graduating! How did that happen? No but seriously, that’s awesome. Congratulations! You’re probably facing a lot of pressure from your loved ones. Every day it seems like someone is asking, “What are you doing after graduation?” and “Have you gotten any job offers?” It’s only because your friends and family excited to see

what the next chapter has in store and they should be; exciting changes are heading your way. Once you find the right role, you’re probably going to be leaving Morgantown. No longer are the days of heading down High Street, or up the Life Science stairs. You’re trading in that PRT ride on the way to your 8:30 exam for a commute to the office instead. The point is, you’re on the move. You’ve heard it a thousand times – “col-

lege will be best four years of your life,” and although your time at WVU is coming to a close, the best days of your life are just beginning. Your time at West Virginia University has prepared you to be a pioneer in your field, to take life’s biggest challenges in stride and to take deep breath every once in a while, to appreciate the small moments like a sunrise over the mountains or a peaceful walk out to Cooper’s Rock. You might hear that

the only constant in life is change, but we disagree. Your Mountaineer family is always here. As a recent graduate, you’ll receive a free one-year membership to the WVU Alumni Association and I encourage you to truly take advantage of those benefits this year. With this membership, we hope to make your transition from student to professional life a smooth one, with access to special insurance rates, exclusive discounts, and a net-

work of WVU Alumni to engage with around the world. Use the WVU Alumni App as a compass on the adventures ahead. If you’re having some trouble finding the country roads, our app will help you keep in touch. Although your life is on the brink of change, your identity as a Mountaineer will never fade. There will always be a place in your heart for WVU and a place for you at the WVU Alumni Association. Remember, the beauty of be-

ing a Mountaineer is you’re never on your own. Standing behind you are a multitude of fellow Mountaineers just waiting to lend you a hand, mountaineers helping mountaineers. Please stay in touch and best wishes! Let’s Go! Sean Frisbee, ‘89 President & CEO, WVU Alumni Association


FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS, MOUNTAINEERS! Abam, Michaela-Batya Abaoud, Nasser Abdrakhmanova, Lola Abdullah, Nur Abe, Sarah Abe, Megan Abell, Mariah Abiodun, Abimbola Abraham, Caleb Abrahamian, Alexander Abruzzino, Kolby Absher, Alivia Abshire, Jason Abucevicz-Swick, Krystal Adame, Mariano Adams, Kayla Adams, Meagan Adams, Ally Adams, Matthew Adams, LaDonna Adams, Seth Adams, Amy Adams, Tyler Adams, Alyson Adams, Luke Adase, Elizabeth Adegboyega, Bolaji Ademakinwa, Natasha Adewole, Halimatu Adhikari, Deewa Adkins, Sydney Adkins, Caitland Adkins, Kristafer Adrian, Patrick Agbleze, Selorme Aguirre, Evan Ahaghotu, Obinna Ahmed, Shakil Aikens, Jordan Ainsworth, Katlyn Ajay Warrier, Pooja Ajibade, Ademola Ajmi, Abdullah Akers, Raechel Akhmedov, Togrul Akram, Abdalla Al Adawi, Atheer Al Ahbabi, Musleh Al Barrak, Abdallah Al Fulaiti, Mazin Al Hajri, Hamood Al Halak, MHD Al Riyami, Ashraf Al Salehi, Khaloud Alabi, Kanyinsola Alagel, Abduallah AlAhmad, Hussien Alahmary, Mohammad Al-Alawi, Abdulla Alamro, Mohammed Alansary, Khadejah Alatigue, Mohammed Alawadi, Ayad Alayoobi, Noof Al-Azri, Reem Albadi, Shahalla

AlBassam, Deema Albeshar, Yaser Albright, Kyle Alcantar Lopez, Angelica Estefania Aldakheel, Yazid Aldakhil, Raid Aldasam, Nouf Aldasem, Abdulaziz Alderman, Tyler Alderson, Benjamin Alderson, Rikki Alderson, Emily Aldossary, Mohammed Aldridge, Mathew Aldridge, Evan Alebraheem, Ali Alenezi, Dhari Alexander, Stephanie Alexander, Brittany Alexander, Deanna Al-Faham, Zaid Al-Falahi, Amira Alfaleh, Abdulaziz Alghamdi, Mohammed Alghamdi, Bader Alghamdi, Saeed Alghamdi, Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi, Ibrahim Alhaddad, Ammar Alhajri, Khalid Alhajri, Fahad Al-Hajri, Abdul Rahman Al-Halak, Abdulrahman Al-Hamdani, Badri Alharbi, Ahad Al-Hasani, Fatma Alhorish, Waleed Alhosani, Ahmed Alhosani, Abdulla Alhumaed, Ahmed Alhuwail, Ali Al-Ibrahim, Fabula Alimario, Alan Aljadi, Rawan Aljaroodi, Alla Aljebrin, Faisal Aljishi, Atheer Aljoaib, Faisal Alkahtani, Mohammed Alkanderi, Anas AlKhabbaz, Mohammed Alkhalaf, Sulaiman Alkhamees, Saba Alkhateeb, Abdulaziz Alkindi, Rawa Allawnha, Abdullah Allen, Dylan Allen, Monica Allen, Dalton Allen, Sarah Allen, Mariah Allen, Leslie Allmond, Derrick Alm, Elaine Almaghlouth, Mansour

Almalki, Abdullah Almarode, Nathan Almasaary, Saad Almass, Mohammed Almohammad, Zainab Almquist, Sydney Almulhim, Bassam Almutairi, Khaled Al-Naabi, Ahmed Alnafea, Abdulaziz Alnaim, Ahmed Alnasser, Laila Alonge, Gino Alotaibi, Salman Alquist, Emma Alrabee, Maryam Alrashdi, Faisal Alrashid, Saad Alriyami, Sultan Alsaleh, Sayed Ahmed Alsalmi, Alwaleed Alsannan, Mustafa Alshalan, Meshal Alshamali, Ali Alshammari, Fahad Alshehab, Naif Alshehri, Yasser Alshuqayr, Abdulkarim Alston, Tramail Alsuwaidi, Muhanad Altamaimi, Abdulaziz Alterki, Ali Alterki, Mohammed Althani, Othman Althani, Mohammed Altman, Mark Al-Toubi, Yousuf Alu, Alyssa Aluise, Joseph Alvarez, Kara Alwadhenani, Abdulaziz Alzahrani, Ziyad Alzahrani, Abdulaziz Amato, John Amena, Michelle Amendola, Michaela America, Daniel Amick, Ethan Ammar, Ahmed Ammons, Elizabeth Amoruso, Andrew Amos, William Amrein, Thomas Anbari, Ibrahim Anderson, Brady Anderson, Nicole Anderson, Leonia Anderson, Sean Anderson, Travon Anderson, Andrew Anderson, Mattie Anderson, Andrew Anderson, Callie Anderson, Michael Anderson, Alexa Anderson, Gwendolen

Andrade, Rosalynn Andre, Nethania Andreini, Nicole Andrews, Will Andrews, Morgan Andrews, Daniel Andrews, Kelsey Andrews, Brianna Andujar, Corabeth Angel, Christopher Angioli, Joseph Anile, Isabella Anile, Gianna Anselmo, Leeann Anthony, Jason Antonio, Nico Antonucci, Kyle Aponte, Anthony Aquino, Miranda Aratuo, David Araya, Filmon Arbogast, Kristen Arboleda, Maria Arcuri, Alexander Arellano, Wynn Aria, Brittany Ariturk, Muhammet Armel, Cody Arnold, Clairece Arrington, Charlotte Artemowicz, Igor Arthur, Agusta Artusa, Francesco Arvay, Kevin Arvon, Jessica Asch, Calvin Ash, Stuart Ashcraft, Roderick Asher, Sadie Ashfaq, Huda Ashley, Whitney Ashman, Melissa Assadzandi, Shauna Asselta, Aria Assif, Skyler Astorga, Rocio Athuluri, Sindhura Atkins, Matthew Atkinson, Jordan Attarabeen, Omar August, Dylan Austin, Ryan Avis, Phillip Avula, Roopa Awaldt, Brittany Ayash, Eman Aylestock, Benjamin Ayoob, Alexandra Azimian, Amin Ba Kathir, Saud Babcock, Christopher Babin, Kelly Bache, Abigail Backus, Cody Baderian, Talia Badia, Alexandra

Badmaev, Ryan Bahamondes, Paulina Bahr, Kyle Bai, Xue Bailen, David Bailey, Chase Bailey, Ethan Bailey, Caroline Bailey, Justin Bailey, Christopher Bailey, Waylon Bailey Martinez, Karen Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Logan Baker, Jessie Balasko, Amy Baldwin, Faith Baldwin, Nicole Ball, Ethan Ball, Benjamin Ballard, Shawn Ballard, Jared Ballato, Casey Ballentine, Charlotte Balogh, Karl Bandak, Samer Bane, Randy Banfill, Skyler Banick, Stephen Bankhead, Kyler Bannister, Paige Baradaran Motie, Golnaz Barahona Barahona, Omar Baranski, Craig Barbeau, Wendy Barber, Lucas Barberio, Amelia Barchiesi, Stephanie Barfield, Lauren Barger, Linkoln Barker, Nicholas Barker, Paige Barker, Chelsie Barker, Mary-Kate Barker, Matthew Barker, Calvin Barker, Nathaniel Barley, Kelsey Barlow, Ashley Barlow, Paul Barnes, Jamilah Barnes, Mark Barnes, Aaron Barnett, Jessica Barnett, Savannah Barnett, Mckenzi Barnett, Andrew Barnett, Logan Barnette, Joshua Barnette, Caleb Barnette, Kathryn Baroudi, Ahmad Jamal Barr, Amber Barr, Makenzie Barr, Jamie Barral, Morgan

Barrett, Tyler Barrett, Hudson Barry, Ramata Bartell, Dylan Barthelmess, Erin Barthelmess, Megan Bartlett, Natalie Bartley, Jenna Bartley, Danielle Barton, Hilari Bartrug, Jared Basagic, Grant Bashiti, Elizabeth Bashour, Laura Basil, Francesca Basinger, Madison Bassel, Jennifer Bassi, Andrew Batten, Fletcher Baublitz, Steven Bauer, Kristin Baughman, Anna Baxa, Erika Baylock, Charmas Baylor, Lauren Baylor, Patric Baylor, Robert Bayly, Patrick Bays, Andrew Bazant, Ryan Beard, Jonathan Beard, Jared Beard, Ryan Beardsley, Madeline Beasley, Crystal Beasley, Jesse Beck, James Beck, Nathaniel Becker, Stephanie Beckley, Taylor Beckman, Haley Bedenbaugh, Michelle Beeson, Willie Beggs, Thomas Begley, Bryson Belancic, John Belanger, Nicole Belcher, Gregory Belcher, Stephen Belko, Nicole Bell, Samantha Bell, Joseph Bell, Carson Bell-Garrison, Daniel Belz, James Benedetti, Marisa Beneke, Blake Benigni, Amanda Benincosa, William Benjy-Osarenkhoe, Osasenaga Benner, Eva Bennett, Amy Bennett, Brooke Bennett, Raenah Bennett, Amanda Benson, Brynn

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 Benzeglam, Mohamed Beodray, Kaitlyn Berberette, Jack Berdar, Kaleb Berecin, Joseph Berg, Lindsay Bergdorf, Kensey Berhanu, Leah Beringer, Owen Berisha, Sovran Berman, Chase Bernard, Mikaela Berrebi, Michael Berrebi, Daniel Berry, Kelli Berry, Marina Berusch, Devin Berzingi, Sara Best, Joshua Bethune, Sierra Beverage, Brianna Bhatia, Henna Bianco, Nicole Bianco, Justin Bicknese, Frederick Bieniek, Amelia Billips, Victoria Bird, Shelly Bird, Kyle Bird, Jordan Biro, Jason Birtsch, Ryon Bisch, Alexandria Bishop, Alexis Bishop, Courtney Bishop, William Bisignani, Collin Bittorf, Victoria Bizub, Breeana Black, Steven Blackburn, Lynsey Blaine, Zachary Blair, Allison Blair, Daniel Blaize, Justin Blake, Emily Blake, Derek Bland, Cassidy Blankenship-Ashenfelter, Nicole Blanton, Issac Blasinsky, Aaron Blazek, Spencer Blethen, Kathryn Bleull, Samantha Blevins, Savannah Blevins, Alex Blitch, Emmott Block, Daniel Blosser, Tonya Blust, John Bobick, Rebecca Boehner, Sierra Boehner, Joshua Bogac, Joshua Boggs, Hannah Bohach, Jenna Bohrer, Dalisa Bohrer, Madison Bohrer, Juliana Bolen, Steven Boles, Zachary Bolieau, Danielle Bolin, Madeline

GRADUATES | 5 Bolin, Ryder Boltersdorf, Kyle Boltralik, Lindsay Bolyard, Katherine Bonar, Eric Bonasso, Sarah Bondi, Andrew Bonham, Zachary Boocks, Morgan Booe, Ian Bookwalter, Chloe Boone, Jarred Boone, Hannah Booth, George Bopf, Keith Borkoski, Andrew Borowski, William Borror, Jacob Bosch, Katelyn Bosch, Diandra Bosley, Candace Boso, Samuel Boster, Melanie Boster, Madison Bostic, Brandon Boszczuk, Tara Boustany, Adam Boustany, Osama Bovard, Victoria Bowders, Adyline Bowers, Jarred Bowers, Alexandra Bowles, Bailey Bowling, Erin Bowman, Brandon Bowman, Dillion Bowman, Conner Bowyer, James Boycan, Elizabeth Boyce, Sydney Boyd, Ethan Boyd, Connor Boyer, Ryan Boyles, Jonathan Boyles-Horan, Mackenzie Bracken, Joel Bracley, Marissa Braden, Mackenzie Bradley, James Bradley, Lindsey Bradley, Zachary Bradley, Nicholas Bradshaw, Chelsea Brady, Chad Brady, Sean Bragg, Ashley Bragg, Dustin Bragg, Lucas Bragg, Molly Braham, Ryan Brannen, Frederick Branson, Linnea Branson, Jarrod Bratcher, Tegan Brengle, Hillary Brennen, Michael Brescoach, Carrie Breslin, James Breunig, Nicole Breunig, Taylor Brevik, Bridget Brezler, Emily Brezler, Allyson Bridges, Joshua

Bridwell, Jean Briggs, Joshua Brigham, Katelyn Brill, Christopher Briscoe, Alexandra Brisky, Thomas Brizes, Jennifer Brohard, William Brooker, Erin Brookover, Samuel Brooks, Sydney Brouse, Justin Brown, Christopher Brown, Douglas Brown, Rachel Brown, Charles Brown, Jasmine Brown, Hannah Brown, Darby Brown, Khadijah Brown, Corwyn Brown, Ciara Brown, Lauren Brown, Alexander Brown, Rebecca Brown, Timothy Brown, Kinsey Brown, Danielle Brown, Andrew Brown, Douglas Brown, Ryan Brown, Megan Brown, Jessica Broyles, Destini Bruce, Marcus Bruce, Ellen Bruner, Katie Bryant, Bethany Bryant, Ashley Bryant, Jordan Bsharah, Megan Bucchere, Jessica Buch, David Buck, Mackenzie Buckel, Ryan Budkey, Stephen Buellesbach, Stephen Bugg, Howard Bui, Elijah Bulbule, Aneeruddha Bullock, Julie Bullotta, Dominic Bultman, Ryan Bunner, Olivia Buongiorno, Austin Burchard, Paul Burdette, Michael Burdette, Anne Burdette, Dacotah Burech, Scott Burger, La’Montica Burgess, Stephanie Burgess, Kayla Burgess, Ashley Burgess, Garrett Burgess, Hannah Burgess, Erin Burkett, Alexa Burkett, Sarah Burks, Nathan Burnette, Thomas Burns, Margaret Burns, Katelynn Burns, Jordan

Burnside, Heather Burrows, Georgina Burton, Kirsten Buser, Gracie Bush, Taylor Bush, Tyler Bush, Robert Bush, Jane Busky, Joshua Busnuk, Ashley Bussey, Joseph Butcher, Nicholas Butler, Steven Butts, Lewis Buzzo, Casey By, Sithsarey Byers, Amina Byrnes-Near, Mary Cabral, Caitlyn Caccamo, Lauren Cadavid Martinez, Ricardo Caddenhead, Nicholas Cadle, Abigail Cahill, Matthew Cahill, Ryan Cai, Yilin Cain, Breanna Cain, Andrea Cain, Kristoph Cain, Tanner Calandrella, Sara Cale, Alicia Cali, Anthony Calkins, Andrea Callahan, Ian Camelo, Nicole Cameon, Simone Camillone, Daniel Camp, Joshua Campanelli, Nicholas Campbell, Sarah Campbell, August Campbell, Kristyn Campbell, Darby Campbell, Keegan Campbell, Jacob Campbell, Victoria Campbell, Morgan Cannon, Thomas Cantley, Kaitlyn Cantrell, Steven Cantrell, Joshua Cao, Vivian Capano, Natalie Caperna, Chris Caple, Makenzie Capo, Emilee Cappello, Lauren Caraway, Kamilla Carbone, Joseph Carenbauer, Jeri Carey, Christopher Carey, Nathan Carl, Hannah Carman, Sally Carns, Lindsay Carpenter, Alyson Carpenter, Ashley Carpenter, Mylea Carpenter, Richard Carpenter, Megan Carr, Sarah Carr, Melissa Carr, Nathaniel

Carr, Matthew Carrell Jacks, Lynnsey Carroll, Dylan Carroll, Taylor Carter, Alisha Carter, Sydney Carter, Peter Carter, Leroy Carter, Benjamin Carver, Jason Casados, Derrick Casagranda, Nicola Cassarino, Kevin Cassella, Joshua Cassidy, Kayla Casteel, Hillary Castiglia, Onofrio Casto, Caleb Castor, Cody Catherman, Kristen Catlett, Mary Catlin, Casey Catterson, Elizabeth Catterson, Erin Caugh, Courtney Cavaliere, Shawn Caviston, Lukas Cayton, Abigail Cecchett, Marcelle Cecil, Victoria Cesa, Michelle Cesa, Kayla Chacalos, Alexandra Chafin, Evan Chafin, Whitney Chahal, Ikttesh Chamberlain, Dennis Chambers, Aaron Chanatry, Peter Chandler, Alexis Channell, Carissa Chapman, Taylor Chapman, Madison Charles, Anna Charletta, Theodore Charlton, Jada Chavis, Elizabeth Cheeseboro, Belinda Cheesebrough, Mazie Chen, Jing Chen, Brian Cheng, Gerald Cheslick, Lauren Chiang, Chun-Wei Chiartas, Rebecca Chichester, Haley Chichilla, Jennifer Childers, Kristina Chinn, Kaitlin Chisler, Zachary Chmelik, Samuel Cho, Jae Hyun Choi, You Na Chotkowski, Krysta Chow, Cody Chowdhury, Sara Christiansen, Kelsie Christner, Christopher Chughtai, Zareena Chumber, Jasleen Chupa, Mary Chute, Brianne Ciccone, Sierra Cipollone, Tyler

Cirelli, Sara Civichan, Noel Claeyssen, Charles Clark, Bonnie Clark, Lance Clark, Meghan Clark, Hannah Clark, Maci Clark, Kyle Clark, Rashel Clark, Bailey Clark, Chaz Clark, Skyler Clarke, Patrick Clarke, Katherine Clarkson, Samantha Claudio, Zachary Claudio, Christopher Claycomb, Erica Claydon, Elizabeth Claypool, Rachel Clayton, Loran Clayton, Byron Clem, Justin Clement, Matilda Clemons, Garrett Clemons, Troy Cleveland, Brian Clevenger, Seth Clevenstine, Carly Click, Brian Clifford, Hatley Cline, Tyler Cline, Lauren Cline, Robert Cline, Paula Cline, Caitlin Cline, Joseph Clinton, Jacqueline Clouse, Clayton Clutter, Tammi Cobb, Raquel Cochrane, Kelsey Coe, Steven Coe, Corey Coker, Hunter Colasanti, Jessica Colaw, Kevin Cole, Nathan Coleman, Cassandra Coleman, Aaron Coleman, Tyler Coles, Larry Coles, Dustin Coles, Kierra Colhouer, Aaron Collard, Tyler Collett, Clayton Collins, Ashleigh Collins, James Collins, Kyle Collins, Kaitlyn Collins, Hannah Collins, Shane Collinson, Shelby Columbus, Emily Combs, Kasey Comer, Bryen Comerci, Mary Commodore, Kayla Comparetto, Michael Conaway, Sarah Congedo, Mariah Coniglio, Samuel

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FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

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FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

THINGS YOU WILL MISS ABOUT WVU You might be happy to see the Coliseum in your rear-view mirror but we are betting there are some things you’ll miss about WVU. Here’s our list of those things you won’t easily forget: BY ANDREA WARNER

FALL FEST There is no better way to mark the start of school, homework and tests than with a massive concert. And who won’t miss the free food from Food Fest? WVU UP ALL NIGHT Wacky events, crafts, movies and a sea of scrambled eggs: A college student’s dream. THE LIFE SCIENCE STEPS Just kidding…you probably won’t miss that calf- burning, out-of-breath feeling you get after climbing up and down those steps. THE INFAMOUS PRT Regardless of its reliability, the PRT is one of a kind. You used it for two important things: To get around and as an excuse for being late to class. Kiss both goodbye. SNOW DAYS IN MORGANTOWN The slippery hills can make these days dangerous, which you may not miss. But ditching the car for a sled is a guaranteed fun time. Note: Your boss will not be scheduling any snow days.


Matt Shultz lead singer for Cage the Elephant performs at WVU Fall Fest 2017.

HAVING TO RESET YOUR MIX PASSWORD EVERY COUPLE OF WEEKS Having to reset your Mix password constantly is over. The eight weeks your password lasted always felt like two. And after you have used the name of every pet you ever had, you begin to run out of password ideas. Here’s wishing you a longer password life. CHICK FIL A Did you know that our Chick Fil A does more business than Chick Fil A on any other college campus? Aren’t you proud? You might not miss the line but you’ll miss using your swipes there.


The big hills on campus make for the perfect sledding venues... even though the signs may indicate otherwise.

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

MOUNTAINEER SPORTING EVENTS Passionate fans, tailgates and singing Country Roads with 60,000 other Mountaineers in gold and blue is unmatched. Being an alumni at games will be just as fun, but a lot more expensive.


FREE REC CENTER The free classes, cheap equipment rentals and fine facilities the Rec offers won’t be free once you move that tassel to the other side. So we hope you pumped, peddled and dog paddled your fill.

CLOSE KNIT COMMUNITY OF STUDENTS Always having peers around you who can relate to the daily struggles of being a student was the best part of WVU. Don’t worry, those friendships, just like your fancy new degree, will last a lifetime.


WVU fans in the student section share their excitement for the Mountaineer football team with high-fives after a game.



10 | GRADUATES Conley, Gabbrial Conley, Deanna Connor, Mary Connors, Sara Connors, Micaela Conrad, McKinley Conrad, Jaclyn Conrath, Cheyanne Conroy, Jason Conroy, Carleigh Conroy, Michael Constable, Drew Constante, Nathaniel Constantine, Alexandria Conti, Benjamin Conway, Devin Cooey, Crissa Cook, Linsey Cook, Sean Cook, Sarah Cook, Mary Cooke, Damian Cookman, Jackson Cooper, Lacy Cooper, Kimberly Cooper, Noah Cooper, Kayla Cooper, Leslie Cooper, Sara Corapi, Alex Corbin, Marta Corcoran, Conor Cordaro, Carly Cordwell, Tawnya Core, Lindsey Corley, Cooper Cornell, Ashley Correll, Hayley Corrigan, Brian Corsetti, Monica Cosner, Kristen Costa, Gina Costello, Vince Cottrell, Cortney Cottrill, Tyler Cottrill, Brian Coulsting, Connor Coval, Bailey Cowan, Cara Cox, William Coyle, Nathan Coyle, Patrick Crabtree, Lindsay Craddock, Tabitha Craddock, Miranda Craft, Sarah Craig, Katherine Craig, Jason Craig, Samantha Crandall, Ashley Crane, Michael Cranston, Andrew Crawford, Taylor Creager, Karri Creger, Robert Crestfield, Jamie Crews, Samantha Crickenberger, Samuel Crider, Kasey Crihalmeanu, Irina Crim, Philip Crites, Nicholas Croft, Taylor Cross, Mandy

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 Cross, Ashton Crouch, Brandon Crowe, David Crowe, Michael Crowe, Tyler Crowell, Jessica Crumm, Corey Crumrine, Shannon Crutchfield, Dustin Cua, Saahirah Cuello, Ignacio Cuervo, Kathryn Cui, Bingyi Cuiffi, Alana Culicerto, Matthew Culicerto, Ashley Culpepper, Tess Cumberland, Ali Cummings, Camille Cumpston, Brian Cunningham, Christopher Cunningham, Trevor Cunningham, Shannon Cunningham, Breeanna Cunningham, Christopher Cunningham, Morgan Cupini, Julia Cuppett, Robert Cureton, Dominique Currat, Amelie Natacha Florence Curry, Dillan Curtis, Kevin Custer, Edward Custer, Chasity Cutlip, Jasmine Cymny, Patrick Cyphers, Levi Cyphers, Lauren Czesztyicki, Emiley Dabeek, Wijdan Dagostin, Justin Dahang-Young, Jadeyn Daley, Jacob Dalida, Maria Robelle Dalla Riva, Michael Daly, Everett Damarputra, Naby Dameron, Ryan Dandeneau, Dana Dang, Tinh Daniele, Alexander Daniels, Alessandra Daniels, Katherine Dannals, Victoria Danner, Christopher D’Annunzio, Anjelica Dans, Cristina Dapper, Rachel Darby, Graciana Darko, Jason Darnell, Gregory Daugherty, Ryan Daugherty, Logan Davidson, Nicholas Davidson, Gilbert Davidson, Nicholas Davis, Hunter Davis, Emily Davis, Jesse Davis, Kerrie Davis, Mark Davis, Matthew Davis, Sarah

Davis, Terri Davis, Robert Davis, Jacob Davis, Emily Davis, Tyler Davis, Jessica Davis, Stephen Davis, Madison Davison, Karla Davis-Wilson, Mary Davydova, Deliya Daw, Rachel Dawson, Joseph Dawson, Jonathan Day, Rachael Dayton, Katherine de Blas Hernandez, Sara Dearth, Hannah Deaver, Emily DeBolt, Lindsey Decker, Catherine Decker, David Decker, Ryan Deem, Ryder Deere, Sara DeFaria, Alexandra DeForest, Elena DeFries, Garrett DeGarmo, Nicholas D’Egidio, Christa Del Buono, Gregory Del Gais, Jake Del Rio, Danielle Del Valle Revuelta, Sara Dela Vega, Madison DeLancey, Allison Delaney, Alexandria Delauter, Heather Delawder, JoBeth Delia, Nicholas Dellavalle, Blase Demirgok, Berk Demopoulos, Adam Dempsey, Jordon Denisi, Allen Dennis, Ryan Dennler, Shawna Deolindo, Thaina Depalma, Ana Der, Laura DeRoos, Katherine Derrico, Michael Derrow, Ashley Deschler, Julie DeSimone, Michael DeSpain, Cherie Despeaux, Emily Despines, Cassandra Desta, Arsema Devine, Dorothy Devine, Jordan Dewald, Andrew DeWitt, Derek DeWitt, Lauren Dhillon, Lauren Diakite, Alima Diaz, Joe Dicken, Kiersten Dickerson, Shannon Dickman, Brian Diehlmann, Anthony Diemler, Noah Dietrich, Kevin Dietz, Brianna

Digman, Carrie Dillon, Kelsey DiLoreto, Marissa Dinant, Ryan Dinardi, Peter Dineen, Bethany Dingess, Cody Dinsmore, Kathryn DiPasquale, Emma DiSciullo, Victoria Dittmer, Lauren Dixon, Courtney Dluzniewski, Erika Dobbins, Cody Dobler, Zoe Dobrzynski, Sara Docherty, Kellie Doczkat, Eric Dodd, Thomas Doepker, Christine Doering, Ashley Doherty, Patrick Dolan, Corena Donadieu, Collin Donadieu, Courtney Donahoe, Erin Donnelly, Meaghan Donnelly, Helen Donnelly, Brian Donovan, Zola Dooner, Alyssa Doppala, Thrisha Dopson, Hannah Dorsey, Tyler Dorsey, Christopher Dorwart, Micailyn Doss, Amanda Dougal, Nicholas Dougall, Ryan Dougherty, Katrina Douglas, John Dovgan, Danielle Dowd, Briana Downey, Sydney Doyle, Patricia Doyle, Samantha Dozier, Kenya Drahota, Bethany Drake, Alyssa Driggs, Zachary Drischler, Brianna Drummond, Erin Dubicki, Paige Duchaine, Camma Duckworth, Tyler Ducreay, Phillip Duda, Taylor Duffey, Spencer Dufford, Brianna Dufresne, Alec Dugan, Elena Duiguid, Jasmine Duino, Allison Dulaney, Kaylea Dunaway, Rebekah Dunbar, James Duncan, Holly Duncan, Kameron Dunham, Alexander Dunkle, Aaron Dunlop, Katelin Duong, Quan Dupler, Connor Duran, Joe

Durgin, Royce Durham, Jodi Durkacz, Morgan Durkin, Kristine Durkin, Paige Durso, Christopher Dwyer, Katherine Dye, Alex Dyer, Riley Dyer, Angela Dzuna, Nicholas Dzuris, Joel Earle, Mitchell Earley, Andrew Early, Matthew Ebanks, Maleesha Eberhard, Jacob Ebersole, Ian Eberspeaker, Matthew Eckert, Katharine Eckhart, Amy Eckleberry, Payden Eckman, Nicholas Eddy, Meredith Eden, Anna Edenbaum, Sarah Edgar, Matthew Edgar, Sarah Edman, Micaela Edries, Sami Edwards, Shay Edwards, Abigail Edwards, Christopher Edwards, Dana Edwards, Dominique Eichelberger, Zachary Eichstedt, Kayla Eickholt, Molly Eisenhut, Sian Eisenman, Rhae Ejimofor, Chibuzor El Hawary, Omar Elek, Garret El-Ghoul, Amanda Elkins, Donna Ellington, Marriah Elliott, Lindsay Elliott, Sean Elliott, Lindsey Elliott, Andrew Elliott, Brandon Ellis, Zachary Ellis, Jeffrey Ellis, Taylor Ellis, Matthew Ellison, Todd Elsaid, Dalia Elsarrar, Osama Elsrrawi, Fariha Elswick, Emily Elvin, Amber Elza, Kali Elzy, Brennon Embeywa, Richmond Emery, Victoria Emig, Jason Ends, Amanda Enearl, Ryan Engle, Tyler Engle, Jake Engle, Anna Engle, Renee Ennis, Samantha Ennis, Shane

Enoka, Kingsley Enright, Riley Epler, Hannah Epperly, Warren Epperly, Andrew Epperly, Lisa Erdley, Shannon Erlendson, Kelly Esch, Victor Esposito, Anthony Estebez, Anthony Evans, William Evans, Samuel Evans, Bradshaw Everton, Garrett Evick, David Faber, Ryne Faber, Travis Fabian, Samantha Fagbemi, Mofetoluwa Fain, Aryn Fair, Morgan Fairchild, Colleen Fallova, Nicholas Fancella, Mikayla Farajidizaji, Behzad Farber, Sara Farley, Samantha Farley, Cara Farmer, Matthew Farmer, Chase Farmer, Alexis Farnan, Zachary Farooqi, Farrah Farquharson, Wyclif Farrar, Michael Farris, Joshua Farwell, Laura Fast, Jacob Fathallah, Adila Faulknier, David Fay, Allison Fazenbaker, Guy Feaster, Jennifer Feaster, Kelli Feldkamp, Madison Felek, Sevde Feliachi, Yacine Feng, Jun Feng, Xue Fenner, Grace Fenske, Dylan Ferebee, Isaac Fergo, Ralph Ferguson, Connor Ferguson, Amanda Ferguson, Dylan Ferguson, Evan Ferguson, Amy Ferguson, Carinna Ferguson, Kyle Fernandez, Tomas Ferns, Michael Ferrari, Aaron Ferrebee, Kathryn Ferrell, Misha Ferrell, Callie Fetterman, Connor Fichter, Tyler Fidler, Laura Field, Jessica Fields, Jaleel Fields, Ladina Figaretti, Julian

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 Figueiras, Jody Figueroa, Julian Filben, Tanner Fillinger, Rachael Finch, Shannon Finch, Zachary Fine, Kaitlyn Finfrock, Sara Fink, Danelle Finney, Ronald Fiorenzi, Philomena Fiorvanti, Meghann Firuta, Joseph Fischer, Chelsea Fisher, Abigail Fisher, Kalin Fisher, Jaimee Fisher, Jamie Fisher, Kylie Fitzgerald, Thomas Fitzgerald, Kelly Fitzgerald, Colleen Fitzhugh, Katherine Fizer, Kayla Flaherty, Ryan Flammang, Nicholas Flatley, Miriam Fleeger, Amy Fleming, Kylie Fleming, Laken Fleming, Marissa Flenner, Kimberly Fleri, Giovanni Flesche, Nicole Flesher, Jordan Flohr, Kaylee Floyd, Robert Fluharty, Brandon Fogle, Alyssa Foglesong, Danielle Foligno, Jonathan Forbes, Cassandra Forbes, Courtney Ford, Elizabeth Ford, Mackenzie Foreback, Caroline Forest, Jessica Forkey, Haley Fornes, Vincent Forsberg, William Forsey, Jillian Forte, Jessica Fortney, Danielle Foshee, Lindsay Foster, Kaitlyn Foster, Melissa Fountain, Tatiana Fox, Ashton Fox, Adam Fox, Ryan Fox, Daonna Fraley, Jacob Frampton, Alexander Franks, Colton Franson, Kristen Franzen, Bradley Frazier, Cody Frazier, Dylan Fredenrich, Allison Frederick, Dakotah Freebery, Megan Freed, Ariel Freeman, Courtney Freeman, Mitchell

GRADUATES | 11 Frick, Edward Fricke, Christopher Friend, Jennifer Frimberger, Walter Fritch, Sarah Fritzinger, Michael Fromhart, Jeremiah Fromm, Elizabeth Fronczek, Paige Frost, Alicia Frye, Tyler Fuentes, Zabrina Fuentes Ramirez, Demi Fujimoto, Christopher Fulk, Madison Fuller, Benjamin Fultz, Charles Furbee, Nicholas Fuson, Ethan Gadd, Taylor Gaertner, Melissa Gage, Steven Gagliardo, Joseph Gago Velasco, Clara Gainer, Brian Gaither, Allysa Gaito, Giovanni Galatic, John Galbraith, Jeannie Gallacchi, Courtney Gallahan, Kayla Galloway, Michael Gamboa Garcia, Raul Gamelli, Brooke Gandee, Brandon Gandhi, Shalin Gao, Xiang Garashi, Ali Garcia, Jocelyne Garcia, Grace Garcia, Jacquelynn Garcia Martinez, Natalia Gardiner, Brandon Gardner, Brian Gardner, Matthew Garg, Prasoon Garland, Abigail Garloch, Courtney Garlow, Jessica Garner, Catherine Garrastazu, Brandon Garrison, Ty Gartin, Ethan Garuccio, Vincent Garzione, Sabrina Gaskins, John Gaskins, Megan Gattu, Srikanth Gaughenbaugh, Rachel Gauvin, Andrew Gavin, Eric Gay, Joseph Gaylor, Mitchell Gedang, Cynthia May Geddy, Tristan Geise, Audrey Geisecke, Michael Geltzeiler, Kyle Genereaux, Derek Gennuso, Alex Gentile, Peter George, Muryssa George, Matthew George, Chelsey

Georgeou, Joseph Georgiana, Lawrence Gerard, Samuel Gercak, Samuel Germany, Justice Gerstenfeld, Melanie Gerundo, Brianna Giachetti, Sarah Giannaccari, Alfredo Gibb, Amy Gibbons, John Gibson, Mathew Gibson, Kristen Gierana, Akram Giese, Kailey Gifford, Zachary Gil, Ivan Gilbert, Jennifer Gilbert, Garrett Gill, Ashley Gill, Taylor Gillespie, Carrie Gillispie, Joseph Gilmore, Kennedy Gilpin, Anna Ginda, Kerry Giovannone, Francesca Given, Brittany Givens, Elizabeth Gladstone, Alaina Gladwell, Ian Glance, Christina Glasko-Tully, Heather Gleason, Patrick Gledhill, Andrew Glover, Chelsea Glover, Emily Glover, Lauren Glunt, Nicholas Glynn, Ryan Goad, Tyler Godbey, Samantha Goddard, Kaitlin Goettel, Meghan Goetz, Kyle Goff, Kody Goff, Travis Goff, Morgan Goff, Ashlee Goff, Karianne Goffredo, Gianna Gohlmann, Corbin Golaszewski, Candace Goldsmith, Alysha Goldstein, Nathaniel Golias, Kaitlin Golombieski, Casey Gomez, Ariana Gompers, Christine Gontijo Silva Maia, Lucas Gonzales, Paul Gooch, James Good, Karlee Goode, Justin Goodfellow, Robert Goodman, Nickolas Goodman, Devon Goodman, Brianna Goodson, Aaron Goodwin, Austin Goodwin, Mitchell Goodwin, Catlin Goodwyn, John Goralski, Georgette

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Harmison, Emilee Harper, Scott Harrington, Michael Harris, Taylor Harris, Sierra Harris, Brianna Harris, Trey Harris, Kevin Harris, Matthew Harris, Laura Harris, Cassidy Harrison, Courtney Harrison, Destiny Harrison, Adam Harrison, Samantha Harrison, Olivia Hart, Johnchristopher Hart, Jacob Hart, Lucas Hart, Christopher Hart, Raychal Hartin, Audrey Hartley, James Hartman, Brandon Hartman, Ryan Hartwell, Matthew Hartzell, Erin Harvey, Erika Harvey, Justin Harvey, Lauren Hasan, Mohammed Haskell, Scott Haskell, Andrew Haslacker, Rhett Haslam, Christine Haslebacher, Sarah Hassanzadeh, Masoumeh Hatampa, Charity Haught, Brenna Haught, Breanna Haught, Allison Haupt, Susan Haverty, Eric Hawkinberry, Megan Hawkins, Douglas Hawkins, Emily Hawkins, Gabriella Hay, Zachery Haydu, Keith Hayducka, John Haye, Lucas Hayes, Tabatha Hayes, Rebekah Hayes, Allison Haynes, Amanda Haynes, Azia Hays, Nicole Hazuka, London He, Xiaoqian Healy, Katherine Heaney, Mary Hearn, Madison Heath, Taylor Heaton, Hailee Heavner, Adam Heck, Garrett Heckman, Brittany Hedrick, Denali Heefner, Kati Heeter, Erin Hegele, Nicole Heinrich, Jon Heitz, Devin Hellems, Hannah

12 | ADS

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

We aren’t! WVU STUDENT HEALTH and WVU MEDICINE URGENT CARE clinics will continue normal hours of operation during summer break, including Commencement Weekend.

EVANSDALE M - F: 7:45 am – 8 pm Sat: 9:45 am – 4 pm

SUNCREST 7:45 am – 8 pm Every day

ALWAYS bring valid ID and insurance card; student IDs accepted at Evansdale. All WVU students with the Aetna student insurance may access health services at Student Health until August 10.


Earn a paralegal certificate in just one summer.

• 12-week program begins June 4 • Associate’s degree accepted • American Bar Associationapproved program Register today for OPEN HOUSE Join us any second Tuesday of the month

School of Law Paralegal Institute

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

AD | 13

14 | GRADUATES Heller, Josef Helm, Krystal Helmick, Abigail Helmick, Nicholas Helmick, Shania Henahan, Connor Henderson, Rachel Henniges, Bailey Henning, Colin Henriquez, Miguel Henry, Jenna Henry, Gabrielle Henry, Kassie Hensler, Molly Hensley, Virginia Henson, Jonathan Herath Mudiyanselage, Uthpala Herman, Gabrielle Herrick, Hannah Hess, Devin Hesse, Courtney Hester, Cory Hickenbottom, Kristina Hickey, Ryan Hickey, Haily Hickman, Jacinda Hicks, Drew Hicks, Erin Hicks, Allie Hicks, Connor Higgins, Andrew Higginson, Jordyne Higinbotham, Anthony Hild, Catherine Hildebrand, Allie Hileman, Mark Hill, Brandon Hill, Amanda Hill, Eli Hilliard, Mackenzie Hilling, Alexis Hilsbos, Lucas Hinderliter, Kristen Hinerman, Alec Hines, Kelsi Hines, Justin Hines, Jacob Hinkelman, Kathryn Hinshaw, Alexandria Hintz, Madeline Hitchins, Thomas Hively, Cody Hixenbaugh, Miranda Ho, Jessica Hoak, Jacob Hobeika, Natalie Hockman, Alex Hodge, Byron Hodgkiss, Lindsay Hoeng, David Hoffman, Sydnie Hoffmann, Kerin Hofmann, Grant Hogue, Abby Hohenwarter, Thomas Hokland, Shayla Holbrook, Joshua Holcomb, Paul Holden, Jacob Holdren, Katie Hollenbach, Nathan Holleron, Matthew Hollis, Aaron

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 Holmes, Paige Holmes, Rebecca Holmes, Rachel Holstein, John Holstein, James Homer, Natalie Hone, Emily Hood, Denny Hooper, Elizabeth Hoover, Clayton Hoover, Timothy Hopes, Bobbi Hopkins, Joshua Horan, Justin Horn, James Horn, Cassidy Hornick, Kendra Horsford, Terrence Horton, Whitney Horvath, Jason Horzempa, Michael Hose, Brandon Hostutler, Lisa Hott, John Hott, Sarah Hottle, Brenda Houchins, Megan Hough, Emilee Hough, Robert Houghton, Jonathan Hoult, Kelsi Houser, Carissia Hovatter, Kristin Howarth, Dylan Howells, Nathan Howells, Elizabeth Hower, Kelsea Hoyson, Mitchell Huang, Sizhe Hubbard, Carlyn Hudnall, Erin Hudson, Matthew Hudson, Kaitlin Huffman, Kearsten Huffman, Cheyenne Hughes, Wyatt Hughes, David Hughes, Phoebe Hughes, Peyton Hughes, Robert Hull, Tracie Hull, Jennifer Humbert, Andrew Hunchuck, Steven Hunger, Caroline Hunt, Amanda Hunt, Raymond Huntemann, Wesley Hunter, Alexis Hunter, Matthew Hunter, Daniel Hurst, Travis Husain, Husain Hutcheson, Robert Hutchison, Katie Hutzler, Caleb Huynh, Phat Huysmans, Zenzi Hylton, Michael Hylton, Morgan Iacovino, Steven Ibrahim, Yusef Ibrahim, Sherif Ibrahim, Abdulrazzaq

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Kipfer, Hannah Kirby, Tara Kirincic, Nicholas Kirkpatrick, McKinsey Kisamore, Rebekah Kise, Hunter Kist, Anthony Kitchen, Hannah Kitchen, Emily Klauer, Elizabeth Klauke, Rice Klejka, Kimberly Klingensmith, Austin Klocke, Kenneth Klocke, Lee Knaggs, Leah Knapp, Jennifer Knepple Carney, Amy Knight, Staci Knight, Ashley Knight, Jennifer Knotts, Kevin Knotts, Kristen Knupp, Connor Kobylarz, John Koch, Hunter Kocher, Cole Koehler, Max Koehler, Emily Koenig, Zachary Kohi, Arian Kohler, Marissa Kohler, Matthew Kolade, Adeyemi Kolb, Wyatt Kolberg, Shyler Komarina, Vivek Kommera, Sricharan Reddy Kong, Minying Konno, Sakura Konya, Ashley Koontz, Stephanie Koontz, Josiah Kooragayala, Rahul Koos, Jordan Kopcienski, Jacob Kopcsak, Matthew Koper, Justin Kopko, Weston Korhammer, Victoria Koribanick, Michael Korman, Allison Kornhauser, Lisa Kostelic, Stephen Kostelic, Phillip Kovacs, Alexa Koval, James Kowalczyk, Clarissa Kozak, Kortnie Kranske, Christopher Krantz, Summer Krasny, Magdalena Krause, Kathryn Kreiser, Ashlee Kresen, Allison Krivenki, Taylor Kroll, Jessica Kronenwetter, Jurney Kropf, Madeline Krug, Krista Krug, Haley Krul, Erica Krutko, Maria Kuethen, Kimberly

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 Kulow, Kearnan Kulp, Kelly Kumar, Ankur Kumazah, Roselyn Kunisky, Kelsey Kunze, Gregory Kunzer, Keil Kurucz, Brady Kurzinski, Emily Kuyk, Parker Kuzma, Tyler Kuzma, Kelsey Kuznetsova, Natalya Kwakye-Ackah, Daryl Kyak, Nicholas Kyle, Jacob Kyle, Sarah Lack, Dylan Lacy, Frank LaFata, Rebekah LaFata, Vincent Lagana, Celine Laker, Audrey Lakshmanan, Hari Hara Sudhan Lamb, Matthew Lambert, Madison Lambert, Dane Lamm, Lindsey Lancaster, Melissa Lancaster, Tyler Lancellotti, Cody Landers, Hilary Landis, Logan Landsberger, Kayla Lane, Christopher Lane, Theodore Lang, Kylie Lanier, Dixie Lanigan, Sean Lanning, Kaytlyn Lantto, Sean LaPine, Michelle Large, Patrick Laroc, Kevin Larry, Emily Larson, Anna Lashari, Shan-E-Zehra Latham, Lauren Law, Lisa Lawrence, Jordan Lawrentz, Logan Lawton, Ellen Laxton, Derek Layman, Hannah Layne, Jessica Leach, Alexa Leary, Dylan Leasure, Carolynne Ledda, Sierra Lee, Malcolm Lee, Taewan Leek-Silva, Jamie Leffingwell, Erica Legg, Donald Legg, Joshua Legg, Molly Lehosit, Melody Lehto, Elaina Lemley, Jessica Lemmon, Ryan Lenhart, Angela Leo, Thomas Leombruno, Zachary

GRADUATES | 15 Leon, Denisse Leonhard, Robert Leslie, Daniel Letterio, Eric LeVasseur, Nicholaus Levat, Kyle Levelle, Ross Levendorf, Ethan Lewis, Kendall Lewis, Amanda Lewis, Jon Lewis, Kathryn Lewis, Michael Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Benjamin Lewis, Heather Lewis, Nathanael Lewis, Tonya Lewis, Katharine Lewis, Alexandra Li, Jiaao Li, Shijia Li, Chenyi Libby, Caitlin Licata, Nicole Lichty, Brandon Light, Daron Liller, Jessica Lillibridge, James Lilly, Kassondra Lilly, Kaitlyn Lilly, Victoria Lin, Oliver Linaburg, Samantha Lindberg, Emma Lindo, Ashley Lindsay, Alexander Link, Scott Linkous, Bethany Linsenbigler, Jacob Lintala, Aidan Linton, Emily Linton, Jared Linton, Claire Linton, Lauren Linton, Melissa Lisk, Michael Little, William Little, Kara Litzinger, Brandon Liu, Feiyu Liu, Minghao Liu, Tse-Huai Liu, Xudong Lively, Daniel Livengood, Sara Livengood, Julia Lodi, Joanna Loeb, Amber Loeffelbein, George Loeffelbein, Kyler Logan, Rebecca Loh, Audrey Lomaka, Victoria Lombosso, Rodriguez Long, James Long, Kelsey Long, Logann Lopez, Hannah Lopez, Kaitlyn Lopez Vera, Sara Lopez Vera, Alexandra Lopresti, Jalynn Lorditch, Maria

Lorenz, Danielle Lough, Morgan Lough, Jared Lovell, Catherine Lowe, Robert Lowe, Cory Lowe, Emily Lowen, Luke Lowman, Jessica Lowndes, Joshua Lowney, Andrew Loy, Eric Lu, Ken Lu, Yingxiang Lucas, Jeremy Lucente, Charlie Luchese, Morgan Luchini, Patrick Luci, Lauren Lucke-Wold, Brandon Ludwick, Hannah Lugo, Alejandro Lukonis, Sarah Lundy, Michael Lushbaugh, Hartley Lusk, Andrew Lusk, Abigail Lusk, Samuel Lusk, Savannah Lusk, Ronnie Lusk, Alexander Lutz, Morgan Lutz, Aaron Lux, Kayla Ly, Julie Lynch, Hailey Lynch, Morgan Lynch, James Lynott, Keegan Lyons, Kelly Lyons, Christopher Lyons, David MacDowell, Lauren Machak, Matthew Mack, Seth Mackey, Paige MacLeod, Hannah Maerten, Rachel Magee, Cory Magers, Gary Maggard, Justin Mahar, Anam Mahavadi, Sricharan Mahler, Jessica Mahmoud, Karim Maholic, Robert Maidona, Christopher Majestro, Joseph Makono, Ally Malamatenios, Demetra Malandrino, Steven Malay, Kylie Maldonado, Stephanie Mallon, Emma Mallow, Chelsea Malnikoff, Amanda Malone, Skyler Malone, Jonathan Maltz, Stephen Mandarino, Dominic Mandlem, Koushik Mangan, Samantha Mangold, Bethany Mangold, Brooke

Mangu Bali, Bonaventura Manibusan, Brynna Manlove, Jacob Mann, Meghan Mannering, Jessica Manso, Elizabeth Mansson, Hannah Manswell, Mykal Marafi, Abdullah Marchal, Quinn Marchione, Brittany Marcotte, Thomas Marcum, Stephen Marcus, Erica Marcussen, Lee Margulies, Jacob Marino, James Marinucci, Victoria Markham, Brandon Marks, Gina Markwell, Steven Markwood, MiKayla Marmol, Maria Marmora, Michael Marois, Bridget Marple, Amanda Marquart, Natalie Marsh, Kyle Marshall, Austin Marshall, Lionel Marshall, Kevin Marsicano, Samuel Martik, Brennah Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Lauren Martin, Benjamin Martin, Chad Martin, Ryleigh Martin, Kyler Martin, Mathew Martin, Jason Martin, Emilie Martin, Daniel Martin, Rachel Martin, Samantha Martin, Alijah Martinez, Bruno Martinez, Eduardo Martinez, Joshua Martinez, Tatjana Martinez, Tessa Martinez De La Torre, Celia Martinez De Lahidalga De Lorenzo, Maria Martinez Gomez, Yvon Mascatelli, Allison Mascoop, Joshua Masenge, Brian Masica, Kevin Mason, Tyler Mason, Spencer Mason, Rachel Mason, Amy Mason, Megan Massey, Logan Masters, Peter Mastoras, Stylianos Matella, Mary Mathar, Azsra Matheny, Brittany Matheny, Tyler Mathews, Michael Mathews, Ryan Mathews, Danielle

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McGurgan, Lynn McGurgan, Megan McHale, William McHenry, Caleb Mchenry, Logan Mckee, Jenna McKenzie, Paige McKenzie, Alex McKown, Matthew McLaughlin, Evan McLeod, Sean McMahon, Christopher McManus, Sydney McMasters, Logan McMillan, Ryan McMillan, David McMinn, Jordan McMinn, Morgan McMinn, Brennen Mcnabb, Morgan Mcnamara, John McNeil, Shamoya McNeill, Joseph McNellis, Lindsey McNish, Megan McPherson, Jessica McPherson, Kaitlyn McQuain, Kaitlyn McQueen, Sara McWatters, Brittany McWreath, Evan Meadows, David Meadows, Lukas Meadows, Christopher Meadows, Lanny Meadows, Allyson Means, Andrew Mears, Rachael Medve, Nathan Meeks, Julia Meerza, Fadhel Meglich, Madeline Mehta, Priyanka Meinze, Benjamin Meisterling, Eric Melendez-Pingus, Rodrigo Mellendick, John Melroy, Samantha Melton, Alexandria Mende, Matthew Menzer, Derek Mercuri, Frank Meredith, Amy Merlos Pascual, Isabel Merrell, Brittany Merrill, Lauren Merritt, George Mertz, Robert Metcalf, Kelly Metheny, Whitney Metz, Nina Metzger, Logan Meyerriecks, Alex-Marie Meyers, Ruby Miara, Michael Michaels, Justin Miele, Julianne Migaiolo, Arin Milam, Bradley Miles, Daxter Miley, Zachary Miley, Susan Miller, Ian Miller, Cameron

16 | GRADUATES Miller, Taylor Miller, Kyle Miller, Malia Miller, Thomas Miller, Angela Miller, Kaitlyn Miller, Alison Miller, Noah Miller, Chandler Miller, Rene Miller, Kristy Miller, Erica Miller, Eilish Miller, Julia Miller, Kendall-Sue Miller, Nicholas Miller, Abigail Miller, Courtney Miller, Ryan Miller, Jordan Miller, Brandi Miller, Rachel Miller, Gregory Milliken, Sarah Mills, McKenzie Mills, Rutheana Mills, Alexandra Mills, Sarah Milman, Kenneth Milsap, Ginny Miner, Mathew Minihan, Hannah Minney, Brionna Minshall, Jordan Mirabella, Bryan Mirlekar, Gaurav Misko, Jessica Mitchell, Morgan Mitchell, Alicia Moats, Ricky Mobayed, Leeanne Mobley, Brian Mobley, Kayla Mock, Scott Moen, Janay Mohammadi, Andrew Mohammed, Tadamon Mohler, Duran Mojahed, Kiana Mojica, Vanessa Mokaya, Erica Molenda, Jenevieve Molgaard, Ian Mollica, Annalice Mondlane, Elias Montealegre Diaz, Saul Montefusco, Jacklyn Montgomery, Morgan Moody, Amanda Moonert, William Moor, Jessica Moore, Hayleigh Moore, Christopher Moore, James Moore, Courtney Moore, Paxton Moore, Anna Moore, Sarah Moore, Kaira Moore, Mikayla Moore, Aaron Moran, Karena Morehouse, Mackenzie Morella, Fallon

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 Morelli, Nicholas Moreno Munoz, Clara Morgan, Rachel Morgan-Cutright, Betsy Morozov, Anton Morris, Jason Morris, Mariah Morris, Ray Morris, Allison Morris, Gabriella Morris, Allison Morris, James Morris, Madison Morrison, Thomas Morrison, James Morrison, Adam Morrison, Claire Morrone, John Philip Morrow, Tayler Moschella, Madison Moses, Alexandra Mosher, Hayden Mosher, Madelyn Moskowitz, Kayla Mossor, Shealee Motiian, Saeid Mott, Olivia Mountjoy, Bryant Mouser, Lakin Mowad, Nolan Mowchan, John Mowles, Fallon Mucino, Veronique Mueller, Mikia Muenchow, Lucas Mugrage, Richard Muhammad, Syihan Muhammad, Zaakira Mullen, Kevan Mullen, Catherine Mullens, Shannon Mullin, Matthew Mullings, Ashley Mullins, Stephen Mullins, Jeffrey Mullins, Samantha Mullins, Marlena Mullins, Sarah Munchel, Emily Murdock, Alyssia Murdock, Meredith Murdock, Karaline Murphy, John Murphy, Amber Murphy, Paul Murphy, Thomas Murray, Benjamin Murray, Jaime Murray, Dana Murrer, Brigitte Mushy, Emmanuel Musick, Joseph Musilli, John Myer, Lindsey Myers, Laura Myers, Bryon Myers, Elly Myers, Emily Myrie, Calvin Nabers, Ashleigh Nadenbousch, Emily Nadjmabadi, Michael Nagoor, Shahad Nails, Alysha

Nakarmi, Ganga Nalley, Ashley Nanda, Nainika Nanda, Tanuj Nanners, Caroline Nanners, Benton Napier, James Naples, Heather Nardone, Eleni Nardoni, Paulina Nauer, Jennifer Navarro, Brittany Nave, Olivia Navidi, Mir-Mohammad Nawabdin, Fatemah Ndayako, Kaltume Usman Nditsi, Hellen Ndobo, Toussaint Neal, Joshua Nealis, Kathryn Nedrow, Taylor Neelley, Rachel Neely, Hannah Neely, Colbie Neely, Emily Negie, Jennifer Neice, James Neilan, Shannon Nellhaus, Sophie Nelson, Abe Nelson, Alexander Nelson, Bailey Nelson, Derek Nelson, Alaina Nelson, Adam Nesmith, Tori Nesselrotte, Garret Nething, Kirstin Nettles, Cortney Neumann, Eric Neville, Sophia Nevin, Ciara Newbrough, Anthony Newlin, Lyndsey Newman, Justin Newman, Krista Newman, Justin Nezhad, Rohit Ngan, Tiffany Nguyen, Jennifer Nguyen, Thu Nguyen, Bao-Vuong Niang, Madeleine Nibblins, Matthew Nibert, Shawn Nicholas, Karen Nicholas, Taylor Nichols, Ian Nichols, Brian Nichols, Jon Nichols, Cainan Nichols, Brian Nichols, Austin Nicholson, Kayleigh Nicholson, Haley Nicolas, Nyl Nicoloudakis, Olivia Niell, Shirley Nieman, Jeffry Niemi, Kaitlin Niemynski, Faith Nieves, Cesar Nieves, Isabella Nigh, Emily

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FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


CONGRATS GRADS You did it! Your friends and family send you their love and best wishes on your special day.

Jacklyn Montefusco


Jacklyn we are all so proud of you and what you have accomplished at WVU! More importantly, you have developed into an amazing young woman, smart, conďŹ dent, kind, and funny! The sky’s the limit!

You’ve worked hard, changed plans and experienced adventures that are unique to you. We are proud. Enjoy the celebration! Love, Mom, Dad & Logan

We love you! Dad, Mom and Jenn

Ekaterina Michaela Polinski

Bolaji Enock Adegboyega

Steven W. Turack, Jr.

Congratulations, Kat! You did it! We are so very proud of you and all your accomplishments!

It was not easy but you dared and God was your helper. We are glad you were able to make it through. This isn't the end of the journey. It's the beginning of a beautiful BOECSJHIUKPVSOFZ


Congratulations, Ezekiel & Florence"EFHCPZFHB

Steven, It has been a joy to see you grow into a ďŹ ne young man. You have built a strong foundation, taken control of your future and are on the way to ďŹ nding your own path. You have a very bright future, have fun. Very proud of you!

Mom, Dad, David, Elena & Ava

Love, Mom and Dad


Ben Katz

Timothy Brown You’ve come a long way, awesome opossum! I’m proud of you and love you to infinity and beyond. 143, Mom

Lindsay Foshee

We are so proud of you and the man you’ve become! Your drive and determination to overcome obstacles and surpass expectations is truly inspiring. Congratulations on achieving this wonderful milestone! We are so excited for you as you take your next step in life. We know success will follow you wherever you go!

Congratulations! You are the sunshine in our lives, and we are so proud of you.Your determination and drive will take you to great heights–the sky is the limit! You are truly amazing! We love you to infinity and beyond, Mommy, Daddy, Ma, Brandon, Maurkita, Aubrey and Roscoe

We love you! Mom, Dad, Jake, and Zach

Andrew Brown

Congratulations Megan Ohlis!!!

Our favorite Petroleum Engineer! From Ohio to the country roads of West Virginia and now on to North Dakota! You did it! We are so proud of you. You set your goal and conquered it. We love you!

We are so proud of you!!! You have such a bright, successful future ahead of you. We are with you in spirit on your graduation day.

Mom, Alex, G&G

Love, Your Wisconsin Family

Hassiem B. Williams Your dreams and commitment to succeed are blessings! Now WVU achievements are added to your legacy. Your future is open... Go For It! Proud parents with a grateful heart, Charles and Janice

Congratulations Allison Fay! You have overcome obstacles like a true Mountaineer. We are so very proud of you! Love you always, Mom and Dad

Danielle Wright You are an amazing young lady whose drive and determination will carry you towards your dreams. We are so proud of you and are excited for your bright future in Forensic Science. We love you with all of our hearts! Love, Mom & Dad

Morgan Montgomery Congratulations Morgan! So proud of your accomplishments on and off the court. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you next. Love Mom, Dad, Aaron & Mimi

Congratulations Sara Deere We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. With your talent and determination, the sky’s the limit.

Love, Mom and Dad

Rebecca Davidson Toro We are super proud of your amazing journey and accomplishments. We know how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are! We love you very much!!!! Estamos super orgullosos de tu asombrosa trayectoria y tus logros. ¥Sabemos lo fuerte que trabajastes para llegar a ese lugar! ¥Te queremos mucho!!! ¥TQM! - Mami y Papi

Erica Krul Congratulations Erica! We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. We love you so much. Love, Mom, Dad and Spencer

18 | GRADUATES Pierce, Tori Pierce, Jessica Pierce, Tori Pierce, Kaleigh Pierson, Emily Pierson, Kevin Pietkoski, Kaleb Pietranton, Emily Pifer, Phillip Pike, Melissa Pilewski, John Pill, Christine Pinti, Alexis Pirillo, Julia Pirrone, Alexandra Pittore-Candelario, Ephraim Pitzer, Christopher Pitzer, Ashley Pivont, Evan Piyathilaka, Herath Pathiranage Pizzurro, Lauren Plank-Collins, Hayley Plantz, Samuel Platz, Graham Pleva, Nicholas Plew, Dylan Plivelich, Austin Plombon, Savanna Plum, Tyler Pockl, Stephanie Pockl, Kaely Podduturi, Srunish Poff, Tyler Poffenberger, Amy Poggi, Kathryn Polen, Devin Poling, Emilee Polinski, Ekaterina Polis, Carly Polito, Mallory Pomerantz, Austin Pong, Amy Porterfield, Jarrett Porterfield, Brittnee Posch, Courtney Posey, Haleigh Post, Bradley Powell, Adam Powell, Rachel Powell, William Powell, Brian Powell, Makalynn Pra Sisto, Nicholas Pratt, Amy Preston, Mischa Preston, Emma Price, Alissa Price, Chelsea Price, Kenya Price, Paige Price, Aaron Price, Kyle Prince, Timothy Pritts, Wade Prommel-Saenz, Jack Provenza, Christina Pruett, Johnathan Pryce, David Pugh, Kaitlin Pulice, Marissa Purdy, Matthew Purnell, Katherine Purvis, Evan

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FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018



Troy Clemons who is also graduating this week, has been the Mountaineer for the past two years. A native of Greenbrier County, W.Va., Clemons earned his bachelor’s degree in sport management and is earning a graduate degree in business administration. During his time at WVU, he has been a student assistant for the Mountaineer Athletic Club and a student manager for the basbeball team. He also interned with the West Virginia Blackbears, a minor leage basbeall team.


Mascot Troy Clemons screams after a late Mountaineer score during homecoming against Texas Tech Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. WVU came from behind for the victory.

Q: A: Q: A:

Q: A:

How will you carry the Mountaineer spirit into your future endeavors?

Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer is true for everyone on this campus so I plan on carrying that attitude with me in all of my future endeavors. No matter where I go, country roads will take me home.

What does being the face of the university mean to you?

Being the Mountaineer Mascot has been a huge honor for me. Growing up in West Virginia allowed me to learn so much about the University at a young age and the Mountaineer has always been around. To carry on the tradition and be a part of Mountaineer history is an experience that I will never forget.

Q: A:

Will you miss wearing the busckskins? It is always an honor to don the buckskins so I will miss it but will be back wearing the top for the homecoming games with other former Mountaineers. It will be an adjustment going to games in a different capacity.



Trevor Kiess pumps up the crowd during a WVU football game against Oklahoma State Univeristy on Oct. 28, 2017.

What was the most amount of push ups you’ve ever had to do at a game?

We did 283 against Delaware State last year, in a stretch of three games where we scored 56, 59, and 56, a very powerful Mountaineer offensive attack which was exciting but hard on the muscles!

Q: A:

What will you miss most about being the Mountaineer? I will miss the interaction with Mountaineer fans. Everywhere I went, there were Mountaineer fans that I was fortunate enough to strike up a conversation with and learn about why the Mountaineers were special to them.


Trevor Kiess is a senior accounting student in the Honors College from Elkins, W.Va. He is taking over the musket and the coonskin cap for the 2018-19 school year to represent WVU as the Mountaineer. Kiess was the alternative Mountaineer during the 2017-18 school year. In his spare time, he tutors student athletes and serves as director of community service for the Mountaineer Maniacs.

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FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

CONGRATS, VETERANS Congratulations to our graduating veterans.

As usual, you overcame great odds and accomplished your objective by becoming a WVU graduate. Keep up the good work and we wish you health, happiness, and success.


Your WVU Veterans Affairs OfďŹ ce

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

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FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018

Profile for The Daily Athenaeum

DA Graduation Edition 05-10-18  

DA Graduation Edition 05-10-18