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“Little good is accomplished without controversy, and no civic evil is ever defeated without publicity.”


Wednesday March 21, 2012

Volume 125, Issue 127

City condemns illegal student behavior by lydia nuzum associate city editor

The Morgantown Police Department, Fire Department and City Council addressed the aftermath of St. Patrick’s Day weekend Tuesday to determine if more aggressive measures should be taken to prevent malicious fires. Fire Chief Mark Caravasos said the city should consider increasing fines or instituting jail time for offenders, as well

as working with West Virginia University to more harshly discipline students involved in setting fires. “One of the best recourses I believe we have is the WVU judicial system,” Caravasos said. The MFD responded to 35 street and dumpster fires and one fire involving a tractor-trailer ignited on Kingwood Street. Three people have been cited for malicious burning, including one juvenile,Caravasos said. The city and the University

must make a concerted effort to manage the problem, he said. Caravasos said while jail time may be a deterrent, he would like to see WVU either suspend or expel students depending on the severity of the offense. “It does vary – that’s a tough call for them, but I would like to see more discipline with this also, because we do have our hands full with this,” he said. MPD received 597 calls over the weekend relating to disorderly conduct, possession and

Forum combats bullying of LGBTQ community

consumption violations and other unlawful behavior involving students. “I think it’s time to say ‘enough is enough,’” said Deputy Mayor Ron Bane. “I think it’s time to put some felonies to these actions, and these kids are going to have to accept that they will have a felony on their record, and that’s tough.” The MPD issued four controlled substance violations, four DUIs, four underage possessions, 41 open container and

public consumption citations, 30 underage consumptions and four nuisance parties, said Police Chief Edward Preston. Preston said the nuisance parties involved 500 to 600 people in one place leading to noise concerns and safety issues. “These weren’t parties with 20 or 30 people – the numbers were in the hundreds,” he said. Bane said the University needs to become more involved in order to prevent influxes of illegal incidents involv-

ing students. “I would love to see this city send a bill to WVU for all the time you put into these efforts to keep these fires under control and finally make them start paying because this is not their playground,” he said. “This is my home and your home, and these kids don’t care. They don’t care that this is our home, and it’s time that we send them a bill.” “I’m Schmacked,” a

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Students gather to discuss bullying prevention in the LGBTQ community in the Mountainlair ballrooms Tuesday evening.

by lacey palmer staff writer

West Virginia University students and faculty hosted a bullying awareness forum Tuesday evening to combat issues in the local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community. “Bullying is a problem that hasn’t really been addressed yet on WVU’s campus. Whether we know about it or not, it’s occurring on campuses nationwide. We need to find out what exactly bullying is, who’s being bullied, who is bullying, what they’re doing and how we can we stop it,” said Benjamin See-

baugh, a Student Government Association governor on the forum panel. “We want people to leave here tonight feeling empowered that they can make a difference, and hopefully we’ll be able to change some minds about what is not acceptable on campus.” The “Bullying in the LGBTQ Community” panel also included sociology professor Daniel Brewster, Assistant Vice President for Student Success Barbara Copenhaver-Bailey and women’s studies professors Brian Jara and Melissa Chesanko.


Shea Adkins, a sophomore human nutrition and foods student, chooses toppings for her frozen yogurt at Naticakes frozen yogurt shop, located in the Suncrest Town Center Tuesday.

Students team up with frozen yogurt shop to benefit the House that WVU Built

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Economic Outlook Conference predicts strong growth by mike atkinson staff writer

The Morgantown Metropolitan Statistical Area announced Tuesday that the greater Morgantown area will “remain an engine of growth for the state” with plans of continuing to add jobs through 2016. The Economic Outlook Conference was held at The Waterfront Place Hotel to examine the economic trends of the United States, while focusing on the impact on Monongalia and Preston counties. Since the recession hit in 2008, jobs in West Virginia have increased by 15,000, and the greater Morgantown area is likely to see 1.8 percent more jobs per year for the next five years, according to George Hammond of the West Virginia University Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Hammond said the median 2010 income level in the greater Morgantown area was $39,749 – higher than the state median of $38,218, but lower than the national median of $50,046.

In addition, West Virginia natural gas production has increased from approximately 220 million cubic feet in 2005 to 260 million cubic feet in 2010. “Overall, the United States economy outlook continues to experience a number of shocks that keep it from reaching its full potential. We’ve seen a very sluggish recovery, but there are a number of factors the economy continues to work through,” said Andy Bauer, regional economist at the Baltimore branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. Bauer holds a bachelor’s degree from American University and a Ph.D. from Emory University, and has coauthored articles on macroeconomic forecasting, customer inflation measures and shocks to the U.S. economy during recessions. “Spending decreased considerably in 2011. It’s tough to generate economic growth when spending is low,” he said. Bauer said the

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by mackenzie mays city editor


Customers can create their own yogurt creation at Naticakes.

by kelsey montgomery staff writer

Best-selling author and journalist Gayle Tzemach Lemmon visited the West Virginia University Erickson Alumni Center Tuesday evening to talk about her experiences with female entrepreneurs in conflict and post-conflict zones within Afghanistan. As part of the David C. Hardesty Jr. Festival of Ideas, Lemmon told the story of a young Afghan entrepreneur named Kamila Sidiqi, who created jobs for 100 women in her community during the Taliban years. Sidiqi is the main focus of Lemmon’s book, “The Dress-

maker of Khair Khana.” Lemmon began her story in December 2005, during her first trip to Afghanistan. When she arrived at the airport in Afghanistan, she told a colleague she was trying to find female entrepreneurs in the region. “His response was the same response I had gotten from many others before him,” Lemmon said. “He replied, ‘Well, that’s great, but why are you here for two-to-three weeks when all that would take is a day?’” Lemmon proved her colleague wrong when she met with Sidiqi. When Lemmon was introduced to the young woman, Sidiqi was already on her third




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Festival of Ideas guest spotlights brave Afghan women

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West Virginia University students teamed up with Naticakes Frozen Yogurt Tuesday to raise money for The House that WVU Built, a project that helps build homes for local families in need. Public relations students hosted the “Natti Night” and offered a special promotion to customers who used the code word “house,” donating 10

percent of sales to the project. “It’s just a great way to give back, especially for those of us who have been here for four years and never really gotten to know and have the opportunity to touch the lives of someone in the community,” said Haleigh Cohen, a senior public relations student and account executive for The House that WVU Built. The House that WVU Built

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ON THE INSIDE The West Virginia baseball team split a double header against Akron Tuesday at Hawley Field. SPORTS PAGE 6

business venture, consulting both men and women in the Kabul area about entrepreneurship. “We are so used to seeing women be depicted as victims of war rather than as survivors,” Lemmon said. “War, in some ways, was also a moment of opportunity for this Afghan woman.” Sidiqi became a dressmaker in Kabul during the Taliban reign over the city and the majority of the country. Her business ventures were risky due to extreme laws the Taliban placed over citizens, especially women. Women were not allowed to leave their homes without a male accompanying them.

Sidiqi managed to avoid breaking the rules of the Taliban and still start her own dressmaking business. As word got around about her venture, business flourished and provided opportunities for other women in the region to become apart of Sidiqi’s creation. “From that one dress, Sidiqi created a lifeline throughout Afghanistan,” Lemmon said. “What these girls did was really the difference between starvation and survival for so many people.” Lemmon said she’s often asked how the business managed to stay alive.

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HIGH EXPECTATIONS The West Virginia football team’s offense is ready to handle high expectations after it found success last season. SPORTS PAGE 6


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SAPA addresses national debt by lacey palmer staff writer

The West Virginia University Student Association of Public Administrators is asking the student body to take a look at national debt in the US. The student organization is sponsoring a free screening of I.O.U.S.A., a documentary focusing on financial issues in the country tonight at 7 p.m. in the Gluck Theater in the Mountainlair. The film screening will act as an introduction to Create The Fix: Empowering the Public to Solve the Federal Budget Crisis, a conference at WVU on April 3 that will focus on the national debt. “The movie just goes into what is going on in our nation throughout our last few presidencies and how to communicate a non-partisan picture of the national debt,” said Hilah Zia, Primary Me-

dia Relations Contact for Create the Fix. “The reason the symposium was created is because of this movie and how it impacts our communities and our generation.” Those interested must register for the Create the Fix conference by March 31. The conference will be held at the Waterfront hotel from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. April 3. The goal is to spur a conversation that will be the first step toward developing realistic alternatives to curb the current budget outlook, Zia said. “We are not trying to solve the problem all in a oneday symposium,” Zia said. “We’re bringing people together from different communities – students and professionals – to talk about the federal budget issue and see what we can do to get the public more involved with what’s going on with the use of media, e-Government and

other public resources.” Zia said the symposium will also examine elements of the federal budget with a focus on the choices that have contributed most to our nation’s ballooning debt problem, in addition to exploring how traditional and online social media portray the deficit issue to the public. “Throughout the day, we’ll be talking about finding the problem and getting past the current budget rhetoric,” Zia said. “We, as students, are really passionate about the budget issue because it is impacting our generation and impacts our future job outlook and how communities will be 10 to 20 years from now.” For more information about the event, visit http:// home/create-the-fix.

Romney wins GOP primary in Illinois SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (AP) — Mitt Romney took a major stride toward the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night, routing Rick Santorum in the Illinois primary for his third big-state win in a row and padding his already-formidable lead in the race for convention delegates. “What a night,” Romney exulted to cheering supporters in suburban Chicago. Looking beyond his GOP rivals, he said he had a simple message for President Barack Obama, the man Republicans hope to defeat next fall: “Enough. We’ve had enough.” Returns from 98 percent of Illinois’ precincts showed Romney gaining 47 percent of

the vote compared to 35 percent for Santorum, 9 percent for Ron Paul and 8 percent for a fading Newt Gingrich. That was a far more substantial showing for Romney than the grudging victories he eked out in the previous few weeks in Michigan and Ohio, primaries that did as much to raise questions about his ability to attract Republican support as to quell those questions. Santorum, who hopes to rebound in next Saturday’s Louisiana primary, sounded like anything but a defeated contender as he spoke to supporters in Gettysburg, Pa. He said he had outpolled Romney in downstate Illinois and the areas “that conservatives and

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Republicans populate. We’re very happy about that and we’re happy about the delegates we’re going to get, too.” “Saddle up, like (Ronald) Reagan did in the cowboy movies,” he urged his backers. Romney triumphed in Illinois after benefiting from a crushing, 7-1 advantage in the television advertising wars, and as his chief rival struggled to overcome selfimposed political wounds in the marathon race to pick an opponent to Obama. Most recently, Santorum backpedaled after saying on Monday that the economy wasn’t the main issue of the campaign. “Occasionally you say some things where you wish you had a do-over,” he said later.

Wednesday March 21, 2012


Continued from page 1 The panel interacted with the audience by using Poll Everywhere technology – an electronic polling website that allows audience members to anonymously respond and ask questions via text messages. Eighty percent of the audience answered “yes” when asked, “While at WVU, have you ever experienced or witnessed bullying?,” while 15 percent admitted to bullying while at WVU. When asked, “While at WVU, how often have you used or heard someone use ‘gay’ as a negative word?,” 62 percent of the audience answered “Always, just about every single day.” “I realized last semester when I was accosted by a student that if a member of the faculty was being bullied in some capacity, then students were being bullied as well,” Brewster said. “For us, one of the biggest things is defining it. I don’t think a lot of people really understand what it constitutes. Each one of us has the capacity to cultivate change in our society. One person has the capacity of changing a life.” The panel showed moving public service announcements and addressed recent suicides provoked by bullying. Members of the committee also discussed their personal, emotional experiences with bullying and opened the audience up to testimonials. “It’s not one of us, but all of us that have to change this problem,” said Marissa Lewis, a WVU graduate who witnessed a friend struggle with and overcome bullying.


Continued from page 1 The community looked out for the business and the business looked out for the community, she said. “These girls were lead by one simple idea,” Lemmon said. “You do as much as you can, for as many as you can, for as long as you can.” Another objection Lemmon frequently experiences is why she or others should care about issues in a nation that is not their own.


Continued from page 1 documentary project focused on “party schools” around the country, visited WVU during the weekend and may have contributed to the number of incidents, Preston said. “Any time you get in a situation like that where there are cameras and you add the alcohol and the party atmosphere, they will start putting on a show for the camera,” he said. Caravasos said the incidents often involve students from other colleges and areas who are not afraid of expulsion or University recourse.

naticakes Continued from page 1

is a continuing service project through the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design Division of Design & Merchandising students in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Monongalia County. Cohen said students in the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism have goals of raising $20,000 toward the construction of the house, which will be located on Dunn Street and cost approximately $76,000. “We want this to be a University-wide thing, not just our project. This is a chance to help a family in Morgantown,” Cohen said. Executive Director of


Continued from page 1 unemployment rate remains fairly low and drew a connection between mortgage problems and unemployment. “It took a while for job growth to pick up again following the recession. Areas caught in the housing boom were hit first and hit the hardest by the recession,” he said. Bauer also spoke about the manufacturing sector of the country. “Jobs lost in the 2001 recession have not come back. Jobs have opened, but the unemployment rate has not


SGA Governor Benjamin Seebaugh told the student body how they could work to combat campus bullying in the LGBTQ community during Wednesday’s town hall event in the Mountainlair. Zach Krebs, a senior political science student, was bullied in middle school and said he was glad it happened because it made him a stronger person. “Victims of bullying need encouragement to help them and keep them positive,” he said. The event worked to find possible solutions to problems on campus and suggested a course on bullying and more education about the LGBTQ community be offered at WVU. Jara encouraged students to take advantage of WVU’s 2020 Strategic Plan by giving feedback on the plan’s website. The last poll question asked, “Honestly, are you interested in helping to stop bullying in our community?,” and 92 percent of

the audience said they were. “Therefore, if nine out of the 10 people in this room are committed to action, we can get a lot done here at WVU,” Chesanko said. Nicole Saas, a freshman political science student, said she believed the event made a positive impact on the WVU student body. “I really enjoyed the event, and I think that it helps get the message out that bullying is a real thing, and it’s happening here on campus,” Saas said. “I think tonight’s meeting makes people realize how serious bullying can really be.” For more information, visit

To Lemmon, it’s not an “either/or” situation. “They are people, like us, who do everything they can to make sure that the people they love are taken care of,” she said. “Each one of us possesses the power to make a difference, no matter where we are in the world. The smallest thing can make all the difference.” The main message Lemmon wanted the audience to take away Tuesday night was to avoid viewing women as fragile or “micro financial” rather than as entrepreneurs. “Each one of us has the

power to make change, but the power gets lost in the noise of day-to-day life,” she said. “These homegrown role models make you optimistic for next generations. They are proving that a woman receiving an education is great thing for everyone.” For more information on Lemmon’s message, visit www. Her book, “The Dressmaker of Khair Khana” is available for purchase at the WVU Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

“Some involved are students, some aren’t,” he said. “We cited a 17-year-old from Ohio whose excuse for coming here was that he came to see if he wanted to come to WVU. His chances of that are now very slim.” Bane said the city could not afford to ignore the level of involvement of student-populated areas. “Let’s not water this down. It’s the student areas. Let’s not put that on ‘Oh, it’s out of town people,’ because it’s not that,” Bane said. “Some are, but it’s occurring in student areas.” Sabrina Cave, assistant vice president for Student Affairs Communications, said the University is willing to offer support for any initiatives ap-

proved by the city to prevent future issues. “Whatever those penalties are, whatever is set by the city, we follow,” Cave said. “If it’s jail time, if it’s restitution, we’re all for it because that sends a strong message to our students that we’re not going to tolerate this at WVU.” The council also approved the adoption of the budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year during the meeting. In the budget agreement, the council voted 4-3 to cut $25,000 in funding for the Sunnyside Up neighborhood revitalization program to allocate to a gumcleaning machine for the city.

Monongalia County Habitat for Humanity Shawnda Cook said the organization has been working to create The House that WVU Built for more than two years and said she’s pleased “it’s finally come to fruition.” “Students have really gotten involved – we’ve gotten a lot more publicity, community awareness and involvement throughout the University. They’ve been a big player,” Cook said. “The PR students that we’re working with are a very enthusiastic group. The project is done by 100 percent volunteer labor, so fundraising for materials is important.” A family will be selected to receive the house based on criteria such as need, ability to pay and willingness to partner, Cook said. “They need to show they

live in either unsafe housing or substandard housing or they’re staying with friends and family,” she said. A party at Dragonfly April 12 will raffle a variety of merchandise with 100 percent of proceeds from the night going to the cause upon a $5 cover charge. Other fundraising events include a benefit at IHOP April 11, a fraternity DJ competition at Bent Willey’s April 18 and a “Night at the Races” at Lakeview Golf Resort & Spa April 19. “This has been such a great time for us students, and it’s really turning into a chain of good,” Cohen said. For more information, contact WVU Design Professor Barbara Lingle at 304-376-7272 or email Barbara.Lingle@mail.

fallen,” he said. “We do see growth in the manufacturing sector; we just do it with less people.” He said the reason for the growth is due to changes within businesses. “Businesses have found the need to invest in new equipment and technology,” he said. “Jobs are very different today than before.” Restaffing and payroll changes have not occurred as they had after previous recessions, which leads to a dramatic rise in long-term unemployment – 27 weeks or more without a job, according to Bauer. Although the overall out-

look of the economy may not be great, Bauer said there are positive factors to be found. “Light vehicle sales have picked up notably in the last few months,” he said. “This is a form of purchase that shows households are comfortable with their income. This is a very positive sign. 2012 is the year we will see improvement in the residential sector.” For more information regarding the Morgantown economy, view the latest Bureau of Business and Economic Research publication at pdfs/BBER-2012-03.pdf.


Wednesday March 21, 2012

NEWS | 3

Strong, long 7.4 quake shakes Mexico City MEXICO CITY (AP) — A strong 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico on Tuesday, shaking central and southern parts of the country, sending a pedestrian bridge crashing atop a transit bus and swaying highrises in Mexico City. At least one building in the capital appeared on the verge of collapse. More than 60 homes were damaged near the epicenter in Ometepec in southern Guerrero state, though there were no reports of death or serious injury. Fear and panic spread as a less powerful, magnitude-5.1 aftershock was also felt in the capital, where there were also no reports of deaths. Other aftershocks were felt around the borders of Oaxaca and Guerrero states close to the epicenter. “It was very strong, very substantial,” Campos Benitez, hospital director in Ometepec. Police radio operator Marcos Marroquin said there were preliminary reports of 60 houses damaged in the municipality but only a report of a broken arm. In Mexico City, frightened workers and residents poured into the streets of the capital just minutes after noon local time (18:02 GMT). Telephone service was down in the city and throughout the area where the quake was felt, and some neighborhoods were without power, according to Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, who set up a hotline for people to report damage. About 40 passengers were stranded for a short time on

Workers and residents gather at the Angel de la Independencia square after evacuating buildings during aN earthquake felt in Mexico City Tuesday. the Mexico City airport air train, but later released. The airport closed for a time but officials said there was no runway damage and they resumed operations. Samantha Rodriguez, a 37year old environmental consultant, was evacuated from the 11th floor on the Angel Tower office building. “I thought it was going to pass rapidly but the walls be-

gan to thunder and we decided to get out,” she said. The quake was felt strongly in southern Guerrero state, where the epicenter was located about 15 miles (25 kilometers) from the city of Ometepec. Neighboring Oaxaca state also shook heavily. Governors in both states and civil protection reported strong shakes and some building damage but no casualties.

In Huajuapan, Guerrero, near the epicenter, hotel owner Marco Antonio Estrada also reported shaken-up guests but no major damage. He said it was the longest and strongest earthquake he had ever felt and people ran out of their homes and cars. “It was very strong, but we didn’t see anything fall,” said Irma Ortiz, who runs a guesthouse in Oaxaca. She said their


telephones were down, and that the quake shook them side-to-side. The U.S. Geological Survey set the preliminary magnitude of the first quake at 7.4 and said the epicenter was 11 miles underground. The survey set the aftershock at 5.1. U.S. President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, was reported safe while on vacation with a school group

in Oaxaca. Groups of women hugged and cried at Mexico City’s Angel of Independence monument, where hundreds of people evacuated from office buildings said they had never felt such a strong earthquake. Others typed ferociously on their Blackberries. Mexico City’s airport was closed for a short time but there was no damage to runways and operations were returning to normal. In Oaxaca, Sylvia Valencia was teaching Spanish to five adult students at the Vinigulaza language school when the earthquake hit. “Some of us sat down, others ran out,” she said. “It was hard, it was strong and it was long.” After the shaking stopped, however, she said they found no damage in their own classrooms, nor outside in the historic center of the city, so they went back to class. Celia Galicia, who works at the U.S. consular office in Oaxaca, had just flown in from Mexico City when the temblor hit. She said there was panic in the airport, and a dash for the doors. But she said that she saw no damage at the airport and no one was hurt. She says one building in downtown Oaxaca appears to be damaged and has been evacuated. She added that they felt two strong aftershocks, and that in downtown Oaxaca most people were out on the street. “It started shaking badly,” she said.

Syrian forces take eastern city from rebels Iraqi Kurd leader

denounces Baghdad ‘power grab’


In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, damaged apartments are seen after a CLASH between the Syrian rebels and the Security forces in the Mazzeh neighborhood of Damascus, Syria Monday. BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian soldiers backed by tanks seized the eastern city of Deir elZour from rebels on Tuesday, the latest opposition stronghold to fall to an offensive by the better equipped Syrian military. Activist Osama Mansour said government troops and armored cars entered the city about 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the Iraqi border from four sides, sparking short gunbattles with fighters from the Free Syrian Army. Mansour, reached by telephone in Deir el-Zour, said the rebels quit fighting and took shelter in homes and apartments, fearing that protracted clashes would destroy the city. Taking back rebel-held cities in the past weeks, government troops have often heavily shelled neighborhoods before sending in troops, killing civilians and damaging buildings. “They knew they could not hold control of the neighborhoods, so they decided to stop fighting, knowing that the regime would bring in heavy weapons and kill many civilians,” Mansour said. The rebels also lacked

guns and ammunition, he said. Rami Abdul-Rahman of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on an activist network in Syria, said the rebels faced little resistance when they took the city a few days ago. But over the past three days, regime forces attacked some of their hideouts in the Omal neighborhood, killing more than 25 fighters. Mansour said 15 rebel were killed in recent days. On Tuesday, government forces rolled into the rest of the neighborhoods. No one was killed in Tuesday’s clashes, both activists said. The uprising against Assad started one year ago. His security forces quickly cracked down on dissent, attacking protesters with tanks, snipers and pro-regime thugs. The conflict has grown more militarized as many in the opposition have taken up arms to protect their towns and attack regime forces. But the loose-knit Free Syrian Army is overwhelmingly outgunned by Assad’s forces and has proven unable to control territory. Assad has justified the


crackdown by saying terrorists and foreign extremists are driving the revolt. The U.N. says more than 8,000 people have been killed, many of them unarmed protesters. The Syrian government has barred most media from working in the country, and activist claims could not be independently verified. Also Tuesday, Human Rights Watch accused some in Syria’s armed opposition of serious abuses, including kidnapping and torturing security forces. In a letter to the opposition Syrian National Council, the group called on opposition leader to condemn all abuses but said many of those responsible are not under a clear command structure. SNC leaders did not respond to requests for comment. The Assad regime has faced mounting international criticism, but diplomacy has failed to stop the bloodshed.

The U.S., Europe and many Asian countries have called on Assad to step down, but Russia and China have protected him from censure by the U.N. Security Council. Joint U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan has been trying to broker a cease-fire, but apparently made little progress during recent meetings with Assad in Damascus. Russia said Tuesday it is ready to support a U.N. resolution endorsing Kofi Annan’s plan to end the crisis – a sign of impatience with Russia’s closest Arab ally. But Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the resolution shouldn’t turn into an ultimatum to the Syrian government, setting the stage for tough bargaining over the document at the Security Council. Annan met with Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby in Paris Tuesday to discuss steps to achieve a ceasefire and ways to monitor its implementation.

BAGHDAD (AP) — The president of Iraq’s self-ruled Kurdish region threatened Tuesday to pull support from the nation’s already wobbly coalition government, criticizing the central government for a power grab he denounced as ideological terrorism. Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani stopped short of directly saying he would declare independence for the three-province Kurdish region from the that makes up Iraq’s north. But he called political agreements between the region and Baghdad “meaningless” and said he was willing to put a decision to his people “in order not to blame us in the future.” The speech signaled a sharp deterioration in Iraq’s already shaky political alignment. Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki kept his job only with Kurdish support after his party fell short of a majority in the 2010 parliamentary elections. It came a week before an Arab summit is set to convene in Baghdad, already shaken by a wave of deadly attacks by militants. “It is time to say that enough is enough, because Iraq is headed toward an abyss, and a small group of people are about to pull Iraq into a dictatorship,” Barzani said in a speech that his aides billed as a major announcement. He delivered it on the occasion of Nowruz, the Kurdish and Iranian new year. He said Iraq is facing “a serious crisis, and this situation absolutely is not acceptable to us.” Baghdad has been arguing for months with Kurdish leaders over whether Exxon Mobil Corp. should be allowed to develop lucrative oil fields in the north without the central government’s approval. Iraq’s Oil Ministry last week

said Exxon agreed to shelve its plans to avoid being blacklisted from other oil deals in Iraq until the country passes its oil law, which could take months at least, if not years. A spokesman for the Kurdish region denied that Exxon has frozen its plans, and Exxon officials have not commented. Barzani accused Baghdad of pressuring oil companies against working in the north. “They in Baghdad get mad whenever any corporation come to the region to sign contracts,” he said. Barzani’s heated complaints come the week before top Arab leaders are to meet in Baghdad in what the government hopes will showcase Iraq’s move toward stability and national unity after years of sectarian fighting. The Kurdish president predicted that Iraq will not resolve any of its political feuding until after the Arab League summit ends March 29. Sami al-Askeri, a close Shiite aide to al-Maliki, called the speech “unjustified” and said Barzani was just jealous he does not have a role to play in the summit. “It comes in a period that we should have harmony, because we are close to the Arab League summit,” al-Askeri said in an interview about Barzani’s speech. “He wants to make a crisis, not to solve the situation.” It’s not the first time in recent months that Iraq’s government has been on the brink of falling apart. In December, the Sunni-dominated Iraqiya block walked out of parliament and the Cabinet in protest after the government issued an arrest warrant against Vice President Tariff al-Hashemi on terrorism charges he says are politically motivated. The boycott brought government work to a standstill until Iraqiya returned in February.

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Wednesday March 21, 2012

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Know your student loan options It’s difficult to believe it, but the 2012 spring semester at West Virginia University is nearly finished. Once students return from spring break, there will only be another four weeks of regular classes. This may come as a shock to many graduating seniors who will be stepping up to the plate of full-time work and paying back hefty school loans. There may be a few students who qualify for their loans to be discharged (canceled), but it’s a rare occasion. Most

likely, every cent will be expected to be paid in full – and more when adding interest. WVU requires all students who have received loans to undergo exit-loan counseling before they graduate, transfer or leave school, or drop below full-time status. This will help if students are aware of the responsibilities of paying school debts prior to accepting loans. It’s easy to picture college life lasting forever and the thoughts of growing old to be a hypothetical situation that will never happen, but reality

is much colder. Except for the students who have had help paying for tuition and other expenses at WVU – scholarships, family funds, etc. – many students’ futures will be a heavily based around paying for their education. The exit-loan counseling should be taken with the most sincerity. The program will be able to give students the necessary knowledge they need to fully understand options upon graduation. A student’s lender will

most likely be able to work with his or her particular situation. Payment plans can be adjusted around a graduate’s employment, but students should realize that with lower payments comes more interest paid in the long run. There is a lot to know when it comes to paying student loans and students should be well informed. Students should not wait until their loans are on the verge of defaulting before contacting someone for help. Even if a student is unsure

of his or her employment status upon graduation, it is best to know the options that can be taken beforehand. Many college students expect they will immediately land their dream job and have no problem paying loans. This is not always the case. Students must be ready to take the world head on – along with its challenges. It starts by knowing the best options and creating an efficient plan of action.

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Irresponsible students in video deserve to be ‘Shmacked’ how to party hard #truth”

John terry managing editor

West Virginia University was trending worldwide on Twitter Tuesday night for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t ground-breaking research or a Mountaineer victory – it was a bunch of drunken idiots making fools of themselves and the University. “I’m Shmacked,” a film company that documents weekend experiences at 20 of the best and biggest universities around the country, was at WVU this past weekend for St. Patrick’s Day festivities. At least 10 people were arrested, and more than 40 people were cited for alcohol violations, according to Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston. The Morgantown Fire Department was called to 36 fires that started between Saturday night and the wee hours of Sunday morning. The events prompted WVU Vice President of Student Affairs Kenneth Gray to send an email to students Monday afternoon condemning the behavior that took place over the weekend. But the damage was already done. Several scenes of fires appeared in the four-minute video, along with scenes of individuals destroying a car covered in graffiti and a lot of partying and

I’m Shmacked

WVU students pose for a photo on St. Patrick’s Day for ‘I’m Shmacked,’ a movie documenting weekend experiences at 20 Universities across the country. The video featuring WVU on St. Patrick’s Day was released Tuesday night. drinking. There was at least one scene showing individuals drinking in the back of a moving car. I lost count of the number of times someone smashed two beer cans against their head and shotgunned them, not to mention the number of keg stands. It was mayhem. The video could’ve been worse. It could’ve shown more fires, it could’ve shown students throwing bottles and cans at

cop cars, but it made its impact nonetheless. The reaction from WVU students is also concerning. When “I’m Shmacked” posted the video on its Facebook page Tuesday night, it took only five minutes for #imshmackedwvu to start trending in the US. In just 13 minutes it was trending worldwide. The buzz on Twitter and Facebook was embarrassing. Students were revelling over

the potential of WVU having the best party scene in the country – and there was video evidence to prove it. It’s pathetic. There really aren’t any other words to describe the reaction. Students seem proud that their inability to be responsible is being showcased for the world. Following the video’s debut, hundreds, if not thousands of tweets flooded my social net-

work timelines bragging about it. A few examples: zz “Broke a tear while watching #imshmackedWVU proud to be a #Mountaineer #WVU” zz “i f---ing love my schoooool #WVU baby alll dayyyyyyy” zz “Thank god for the @ImShmacked WVU video or else I wouldn’t even remember half the sh-- I went too. #WVU knows

Some students even bragged about showing up in the video. Some were smart enough to point out the exact time they made their appearance. Good luck with the fame. It’s okay to party. It’s okay to have a good time. But to break the law and act like a hooligan? C’mon, folks – grow up. I feel terrible for all of those in the video, because whether they know it or not, it’ll be a regrettable decision. But I really feel for the many, many students who were responsible and had nothing to do with the mayhem. The video sheds a negative light on the University – one that the WVU has tried to outrun for years – a “party school.” When potential employers see videos like this, it stamps a negative image on the University and those associated with it – not just the irresponsible students. University officials said they “will be viewing videos and other surveillance from the weekend to identify additional offenders.” I hope the University does, and I hope the University comes down hard. There are just more than 29,000 students at WVU, and this small fraction of them shouldn’t be let off the hook. I hope St. Patrick’s Day weekend was worth it when University officials review the video.

Rising gas prices are largely out of President Obama’s hands Robert Davis columnist

With the unseasonably warm weather comes the inherent jump in gas prices and with that jump in gas prices comes an old Republican talking point. As we approach a time of year when gas prices historically increase by about 10 percent, many critics of the Obama administration have fired that it has done very little to combat high oil prices. It seems as if every self-proclaimed pundit has their own miracle cure for our oil problem. Yet very few of these solutions are being employed. Why is this? In reality, the cost of oil is largely out of the president’s hands. Oil prices are mostly driven by commodities traders and their self-fulfilling prophecies. Whenever a possibility exists for a decrease in supply, such as unrest in the Middle East, speculators will place their bets on rising prices, artificially driving up the cost of oil. This is why Americans saw gas prices skyrocket during times of unrest in the Middle East. In fact, the market is so sensitive to events in these oil producing regions that merely talking of war can give international fuel prices a bump. The speculation of high future prices creates an asset bubble not unlike the housing bubble of 2008. This speculation also comes into play when demand is expected to increase, such as warmer months when Americans tend to spend more time



U.S. retail gasoline prices rose less than a penny Monday to a national average of $3.57 per gallon, according to AAA. on the road. Additionally, the Republican cry for more domestic drilling isn’t likely to be the cure-all remedy they’ve hyped it up to be. In fact, the United States is already producing massive amounts of petroleum products. You wouldn’t know it by looking at gas prices but the United States is presently in the midst of an oil boom. What’s even more shocking is the fact that the U.S. is not only the world’s largest consumer of fuel, but one of the world’s largest producers. That’s right, dollar for dollar, the United States’ largest export in 2011 was refined petro prod-

ucts such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. During the first 10 months of 2011, the United States poised itself as a net exporter of fuels when it shipped or pumped out 848 million barrels (worth $73.4 billion) and imported 740 million barrels. Unfortunately for motorists at the pump, products go to the highest bidder in a world economy. With a steady decrease in U.S. oil consumption, American oil tycoons would rather secure a place in emerging markets, such as those in Asia and Latin America. Efforts to discourage exporting would likely be met with refining jobs being sent to offshore companies.

Three congressmen recently began urging President Obama to tap into the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to bring down high gas prices spurred by tensions with Iran over its nuclear program. This cache of 727 million barrels of oil is kept on hand by the government to prevent shortages like those seen by Americans in the 1973-74 oil embargo, when Americans lined up for miles to fill their tanks. The truth is, releasing reserves from the SPR would only be a short-term solution. With barely enough oil to carry the U.S. through a brief cutoff, releasing the 36-day supply in the absence of a dire emergency is bad policy to say the least.

Obama is especially reluctant to tap this resource since it would be the second year in a row he has done so. Last year, President Obama was criticized for releasing 30 million barrels of oil from the nation’s strategic reserve in response to the uprising in Libya. The release stood as a warning shot to oil speculators, but did very little to lower market prices. If all these solutions fall short of easing Americans’ gas pump pains, surely a reduction in fuel consumption by American motorists would lower oil demand and in return lower gasoline prices. Think again. Because gasoline only ac-

counts for 20 percent of a barrel of oil, even if Americans could cut their driving in half (which isn’t likely), we would only see a decrease of about 10 percent in the price of gasoline. Oil giants would still profit from the nongasoline oil consumers within the market, thereby keeping prices high. The hard truth of the matter is that there is no easy fix for our energy woes as some politicians would lead you to believe. Don’t allow promises of cheap gas prices cloud your judgment in the coming elections. Like it or not, until a competitive alternative to petroleum is found, high fuel prices are here to stay.

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ally unavailable. Tonight: To the wee hours.

BORN TODAY This year your wit, mental agility and resourcefulness come together in an unprecedented manner. Whatever you touch seems to work, yet there is a current of the unexpected that runs through your life. People recognize your abilities and enjoy tossing ideas at you. If you are single, romance could be very exciting but unstable. Change is a constant in life that often creates excitement. If you are attached, the two of you seem to grow closer together. This is a year that will be instrumental to your relationship. You might be strengthening the foundations. ARIES is always ready for a challenge.

CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) HHHH Keep reaching out for someone who has more expertise. Feedback can only help you make better decisions. You also might want to do more research and speak to more people. The more opinions you hear, the better decisions you’ll be able to make. Tonight: Feed your mind and hop on the Internet.

ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) HHH Keep your own counsel, as you have much to think about. You could cause more change by doing nothing at this point. The situation in question could transform radically. Get into an intense conversation and exchange ideas. Tonight: Make it early. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) HHHH Others will respond well to your calls and inquiries. Loved ones and friends actively seek you out because they know how much you have to offer. Keep some opinions to yourself. Should you decide to share, choose a trusted partner. Tonight: Where you want to be. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) HHHH You have excellent ideas and a lot to offer. Others appreciate your sharing nature, but be prepared to take the lead. Use care with new acquaintances. You will have a tendency to attract people who are emotion-

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) HHHH Somehow, you have a way with a key person in your life that adds to the positive vibes. Count on this person’s support, and acknowledge his or her level of caring. Communication sizzles. You will want more information once you hear some news. Hop on the Web, and/or speak to someone who knows about this topic. Tonight: Be with a favorite person. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) HHHH If you let others take the lead, you will free up a lot of time and enjoy yourself so much more. You have an opportunity or open window. You can only gain from the experience; it could be a real eye-opener. Tonight: Out. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) HHHH Your ability to defer to others and see situations differently from the majority could become a problem. In an open discussion with a partner, loved one or close friend, share some of your reticence and thoughts. He or she will understand you better. Tonight: Sort through offers. SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) HHHHH Keeping your feet on the ground could take a lot of work. Your present inclination

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Pearls Before Swine

by Stephan Pastis

F Minus

by Tony Carrillo

Get Fuzzy

by Darby Conley

Cow and Boy 

by Mark Leiknes


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Wednesday March 21, 2012


matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Starting quarterback Geno Smith shakes hands with Athletic Director Oliver Luck and WVU president James P. Clements after the Orange Bowl in January.

West Virginia offense ready to handle high expectations after explosive 2011 season by michael carvelli sports editor

It seems like only yesterday that the West Virginia football team was celebrating its Orange Bowl victory. But with the record-setting performances and the bulk of the offense returning, expectations have never been higher for the Mountaineer offense. They don’t mind that,

though. “It doesn’t matter where we come in at in the rankings, we have to go out, and there’s still an opponent and there’s still a defense we have to go up against. It’s all the same,” said senior running back Shawne Alston. “People may have a certain perception of us, but when we get on the field, we’ll change that.” After such a successful sea-

son in just the first year in head coach Dana Holgorsen’s offense, West Virginia has the confidence that it will be able to meet – and maybe even exceed – those expectations. “We have a great sense of confidence. We’re not arrogant, but we have confidence, because we know what we’re capable of,” Alston said. “When the season comes around, we’re just going to showcase our talents,

and we’re going to do great things.” They’re handling the heavy burden that comes with expectations well. Unlike most teams, the Mountaineers aren’t allowing all the talk surrounding what they’re capable of doing get to their heads. It’s making them hungrier. “The confidence is high around here, but I also think it’s in a good way. It’s not us

believing that we’re unbeatable,” said senior quarterback Geno Smith. “We all know that we put up 70 points against Clemson, but we put up 10 against South Florida. We have to maintain a level head and understand that we are capable of doing good things, but it takes hard work.” This year, the pressure is on this West Virginia team, especially considering the fact that it will be starting play in the


Mountaineers split series with Akron

patrick gorrell/the daily athenaeum

Freshman second basemen Billy Flemming lays down a bunt during the game against Akron Tuesday.

By Alex Sims Sports Writer

In its last two games before the start of Big East Conference play, the West Virginia baseball team fought to a doubleheader split against Akron. The Zips (6-13) roughed up WVU’s junior ace Dan Dierdorff in an 8-2 game one win, but the Mountaineers (11-12) returned the favor, posting their highest run total of the season in a 12-7 game two win. Dierdorff had likely his toughest outing of the year, going 5.2 innings, allowing seven runs off 11 hits and two walks, and taking his first loss of the season. Meanwhile, senior Akron left-hander Scott Foster earned his first win of the season, throwing five innings allowing only two runs off four hits. Freshman right-hander Andrew Fanning came in for two innings in relief of Foster, allowing no runs and only one hit. Sophomore shortstop Tyler

Begun led the Zips at the plate in game one, going 2-for-3 with three RBIs and two runs scored, including a two-run home run in the third. The Zips tacked on three more runs in the fourthm, thanks to a two-run double from sophomore outfielder Darius Washington, one of his two hits in the game. The Mountaineers were kept off of the scoreboard until the fifth inning when redshirt freshman pinch hitter Tyler Steele-Worsham sparked a rally with a one out double into left-center field. Freshman catcher Max Nogay came up next and belted a two-run home run over the left field fence to put WVU within three, while driving in its only two runs of game one. Junior left-hander Benny Miller threw 1.1 innings in relief of Dierdorff, allowing one run on two hits and one walk. In the end, WVU was unable to match Akron’s run production across the board. The Zips finished with eight

runs off 13 hits, while the Mountaineers went for two runs off five hits, with neither squad making an error in the field. “They came out and punched us in the face,” said West Virginia head coach Greg Van Zant. “Their hitters did a great job in that first game. Danny is one of our conference starters and they knocked him around and their lefty kept us off balance.” In game two, Akron jumped ahead 2-0 early, but junior shortstop John Polonius made Akron’s freshman starter, Matt Gebacz, pay for issuing consecutive walks in the third. The Willemstad, Curacao, native launched his second home run of the season over the left field wall in the third inning, which gave WVU its first lead of the day, as part of his 2-for-3, three RBI performance. “You could see a big improvement from the games before,” Polonius said. “We are having better at-bats, and the hitters are improving so I think

that’s what’s giving us these big numbers now.” Freshman left-hander Caleb Ross started game two on the hill for West Virginia, going four innings allowing five hits and two runs. However, it was sophomore right-hander Josh Harlow who earned his first win of the season, throwing four innings, giving up seven hits and allowing three runs, while striking out three. The Shinniston, W. Va., native came in for Ross in the fifth with two runners on and no outs, but battled his way out of the inning unscathed. Akron was led offensively in game two by Washington, who went 3-for-4 and scored two runs. Sophomore left-fielder Matt Frazer led the game two offensive explosion for WVU, going 4-for-4 with three doubles and two runs scored. “Everything was working today,” Frazer said. “Pitch selection is a big thing. When you have good at-bats, hitting is

contagious and our guys feed off that.” Freshman center fielder Bobby Boyd went 2-for-6, scoring three runs and knocking in three, including his first career home run in the seventh over the right field wall. Two Mountaineers earned their first career hits against the Zips. Junior catcher Alan Filauro, a transfer from Potomac State, went 2-for-4, crossing the plate three times. Freshman pitcher Pen Nakazato was inserted as a designated hitter and went 2-for-2 and scored both times he reached base. “We had a lot of guys contribute today,” Van Zant said. “I was happy we were able to bounce back (from game one). It’s easy in a situation like that to pout and feel sorry for yourself. We even fell behind 2-0, but we just kept playing and we were finally able to take the lead.”

Big 12 Conference. “We raised our standards and just try to compete each day when we’re out there and try to take advantage of our opportunities,” said redshirt junior wide receiver Stedman Bailey. “We know we’re going into this new conference, and it’ll be a lot tougher. “There’s no room to slack off. We’ve been putting in a


ben gaughan associate sports editor

WVU shined when doubted At the beginning of the 2012 basketball season, the West Virginia women’s basketball team was picked to finish No. 9 in the Big East Conference standings. The Mountaineers were supposedly going to be on the bubble of making the NCAA tournament, if not on the outside looking in. They had zero preseason all-Big East team members. By the end of the season, junior center Asya Bussie earned first-team all-Big East selection, sophomore guard Christal Caldwell earned all-Big East honorable mention honors, and freshman point guard Linda Stepney was named to the all-Big East freshman team. When nobody thought WVU could knock off toptier teams in the country, the Mountaineers strolled into South Bend, Ind., and beat the No. 2 Fighting Irish, snapping their 21-game winning streak. Before the Big East tournament in Hartford, West Virginia already had a record of 21-8 overall and 11-5 in Big East play, and was a lock for the NCAA tournament. In 2011, in a season where WVU was ranked in the top 10 for 14 straight weeks at one point, the Mountaineers finished at 22-8, but only 8-8 in conference play and weren’t a sure decision to move on to the tournament. Head coach Mike Carey lost five seniors from the 2011 squad and clearly got the players he had this year to perform to the best of their abilities and to really buy into what he was trying to accomplish. The team could have shut down when it was going through adversity and not worry about expectations because they weren’t “supposed” to be anything. But they did the exact opposite. They fought hard and reached for the highest bar they could touch. It ultimately ended up in a defeat by one of the best teams in the country in Stanford, but the Mountaineers believed they could compete

see gaughan on PAGE 7


Wednesday March 21, 2012


Messi becomes Barca all-time leading goal scorer


Barcelona forward Lionel Messi became the team’s all-time leading goal scorer with his hat-trick against Granada Tuesday. (AP)—Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick to become Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer on 234 goals in a 5-3 win over Granada Tuesday which moved the champions to within five points of Real Madrid at the top of La Liga. It was Barca’s sixth consecutive league win and puts pressure on Madrid ahead of their trip to Villarreal Wednesday, three days after Jose Mourinho’s side dropped two points in a 1-1 draw at home to Malaga. Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola praised the record-breaking

Argentinian. “We have to congratulate Messi, he has scored so many goals and is only 24, he does not just score ordinary goals but great goals and we hope he gets lots more for us, we can compare him perhaps to Michael Jordan in football,” he said. Xavi Hernandez and Messi hit the net for Barcelona in the first half before Diego Mainz reduced arrears for the Andalusians on 55 minutes. In doing so, Messi equalled the record of 232 goals held by club

legend Cesar Rodriguez. Guilherme Siqueira levelled from the spot for the away side seven minutes later after Dani Alves pulled down Dani Benitez, raising the prospect of a possible upset. However those fears lasted only minutes as Messi produced a trademark chip over Granada’s Brazilian ‘keeper Julio Cesar in the 67th minute to put Barcelona 3-2 ahead. Cristian Tello then drove the ball into the net after Messi’s shot was parried by Cesar to make it 4-2

for the hosts, and Messi followed up with another fine piece of individual skill to make it 5-2 in the 86th minute. Dani Alves received a second yellow card on 88 minutes for handling the ball in the area and Siqueira scored from the spot again, moments before the final whistle. Previously, Cesar was believed to have scored 235 goals for Barcelona, but a study had revealed that the 1950’s striker had in fact scored 232 goals -- a statistic confirmed earlier on Tuesday on Bar-

ca’s website. Messi’s latest hat-trick, taking his Barca total to 234, also made it 34 goals so far in the league, two more than Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo. Earlier on Tuesday evening Osasuna and Getafe drew 0-0 in an uneventful match. The result means both teams edge a point closer to the objective of safety that both managers have set for their sides this week. However an Osasuna victory would have temporarily placed the side from Pamplona in fourth

position and in a Champions League qualifying place. Instead Osasuna remain sixth on 40 points, a point behind fourth placed Levante, while Getafe sit four points behind in 11th. The game burst into life just before half-time when first Juan Martinez ‘Nino’ for Osasuna and then Jose Jimenez ‘Mane’ for Getafe had good chances to open the scoring. However the second-half failed to continue in the same vein and chances were scarce as both teams seemed content to record a third successive 0-0 draw in this fixture.

Manning ready for fresh start with new team (AP)—Four-time NFL Most Valuable Player Peyton Manning has a new football home, calling Denver a great fit for the next chapter in his illustrious career after announcing on Tuesday he had signed to play with the Broncos. Terms of the deal for the 11time Pro Bowl quarterback were not disclosed but a report on the National Football League’s website said it was for five years and $96 million, a deal that would give Manning the league’s top average annual salary. “I’m very excited to begin the next chapter of my playing career for the Denver Broncos,” Manning told a news conference at team headquarters in Denver. “This organization is committed to winning. This truly is a special football environment ... in the end I thought the Broncos were just a great fit.” The deal came two weeks after Manning, who missed the entire 2011 NFL season after multiple neck surgeries, was cut by the Indianapolis Colts, where he won a Super Bowl and broke all of the franchise’s major career passing records in his 14 seasons. The Broncos, with Tim Tebow playing quarterback, overcame a slow start last season but won their division with an 8-8 record and went on to stun the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime in the

playoffs before falling to the New England Patriots. “Peyton is one of the best ever to play this game and I feel very fortunate to have him here,” Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said. “Our goal has always been to win Super Bowls and Peyton gives us a chance to win another world championship.” Manning will wear No. 18 on his jersey, just as he did in Indianapolis, after getting the blessing of Frank Tripucka, the Bronco’s initial quarterback whose jersey number had been retired by Denver. WOOED BY ELWAY After the Colts cut Manning following a 2-14 record in his absence to embark on a rebuilding process rather than pay him a contracted $28 million bonus, a slew of teams expressed interest in the NFL’s most coveted free agent ever. Manning narrowed down the contenders to the Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans before ultimately calling Denver this week to inform them of his decision. The 11-time Pro Bowl quarterback was wooed to the Broncos by Denver’s chief of football operations John Elway, a Hall of Fame quarterback who led the team to five AFC titles and two Super Bowl


tices this spring, the players can tell a difference. There’s Continued from page 6 something there this season that just hasn’t been there in lot of hard work.” the past. And that hard work starts “People are looking foron the practice field. ward to coming to practice. Through just five prac- Last year, it was like, ‘Man,


Continued from page 6 with anyone at anytime, when no one else did. That is something special to be recognized and shows the bright future ahead for Carey and this program. What to expect next year: The Mountaineers bring back their entire 2012 roster for next season, except forward Natalie Burton. So that’s a full off-season of workouts and practices for the players to build chemistry

and watch film of what they can fix from this season. Carey is bringing in what could possibly be his best recruiting class ever. Small forward Bria Holmes is ranked No. 28 in the ESPN HoopGurlz top-100 rankings and has the athleticism to run up and down the floor with the guards. There are several other highly-regarded players that Carey is very excited about combining with what the Mountaineers already have now. The move to the Big 12 conference will not be easy, as it features several top-10 teams

victories, including the club’s last triumph in 1999. “I believe that we’re so fortunate that he’s picked the Denver Broncos. I believe he’s got a lot of great football left in him,” said Elway. “We’re going to do everything we can to compete for world championships.” Manning indicated that Elway helped sway his decision. “I have always had a great deal of respect for John Elway,” said Manning, who turns 36 this month. “He’s one of the best quarterbacks ever to play this game, and his knowledge and respect for the game is evident in everything that he does. “Talking football with John and coach (John) Fox and his staff helped me realize that this is a great place to be.” Manning, who threw for the three finalist teams in the bidding and underwent physical exams, said he felt good enough that he could play this coming Sunday if he had to. CHALLENGE AHEAD The quarterback dodged questions about whether former Colts team mates who are free agents might join the Broncos, and whether Tebow would likely remain with the team or be traded. “I am not going to be the of-

Peyton Manning is now on Denver, after spending his first 14 years in the NFL as an Indianapolis Colt. fensive coordinator, I am not going to be involved in personnel decisions, not even the least bit,” he said. “I am here simply to be a team mate ... to do whatever I can to help this team win.” Manning said he still had work to do to get stronger but that he

was eager to get started on his fu- in some ways. “There’s no question you’d ture with the Broncos after a searather not have taken a year off, son lost due to neck injuries. but hopefully I can turn that into “I know what a challenge I’m in a positive and be fresher and have for, there’s no question about it,” certain other parts of my body be he said. “In some ways I feel my healthier and more rested not havbody will be rested, will be fresher ing taken a bunch of hits this year.”

we’ve got practice today,’” Alston said. “Now, there’s so much energy and everybody is so hyped about it; we just like being around each other now.”

in the country this year and probably the best player in the nation – Brittney Greiner. But Carey will get his players ready to compete against anyone, as he did this year, and his team definitely has a chance to be ranked in the top 25 going into next season. The defense will be there, that’s certain. But will the offense be able to score a little bit more than it did this year to elevate WVU to the next level with other top teams like Baylor, UConn, Stanford and Notre Dame?



Adults: $5.00 :: Youth/Seniors: $3.00 :: Groups of 10 or more: $2.00

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Wednesday March 21, 2012


Sophomore Josh Harlow delivers a pitch in Tuesday’s game against Akron. Harlow pitched in relief and helped lead WVU to a win in the second game of the Mountaineers’ doubleheader.

patrick gorrell/the daily athenaeum

Role players come up big for West Virginia against Zips By Doug Walp sports writer

After winning their last series, the West Virginia baseball team got critical contributions from its role players in achieving a split of their doubleheader with Akron Tuesday at Hawley Field. The split brought the Mountaineers to 11-12 on the season, a mark West Virginia’s head coach Greg Van Zant thinks can be improved with more consistent contributions from these players. “To be better than 11-12, we gotta have more good pitchers and more hitting,”

Vant Zant said. “Because we haven’t had enough runs to win consistently.” The Mountaineers have stepped up their offensive production during their latest home stand, however, scoring 40 runs over their last four games, compared to just five runs over four games two weekends ago at the Nike Showcase Classic in Eugene, Ore. “Pitch selection is a big thing,” said Ryan Frazer. “When you have good at-bats, hitting is contagious and our guys feed off that. Oregon was rough, but a great experience – we saw a lot of good arms.”

“Three weeks ago, we couldn’t hit the ball out of the infield,” Van Zant said. “But our hitters are improving – it’s a slow process.” The process has certainly sped up a bit with more noticeable contributions from some of the non-everyday players, like freshman pitcher and position player Pen Nakazato. Nakazato picked up his first two career hits to go along with his first two RBIs in a productive day at the plate for the Mountaineers in the second game of the doubleheader. “Nakazato got two big base hits in that game,” Van Zant

said. “He has good rounds of BP, he works hard. I think he’s our best left-handed hitter, but we just haven’t really been able to get him in there yet.” In addition to Nakazato, backup catcher Alan Filauro was reliable defensively behind the plate and productive as well, going 2-for-3 with a walk and giving regular starting catcher Max Nogay a game off behind the plate on a sweltering afternoon. Filauro also scored all three times he reached base. Freshman Billy Fleming, who has only started in about half of West Virginia’s games this year, chipped in a couple

hits as well as an RBI on the afternoon. Redshirt freshman Tyler Steele-Worsham also had a hit in two pinch-hit plate appearances on the afternoon. Perhaps the biggest contribution of all came from sophomore Josh Harlow, who came on in relief of Caleb Ross in the second game to hold off Akron during a crucial stretch, allowing the West Virginia offense to distance themselves for their opponents. Harlow had only previously pitched two-thirds of an inning so far this year for the Mountaineers, due to a shoulder injury, but is held in very

high regard by his head coach. “This is our 23rd game and this is the first one we’ve really used Josh Harlow,” Vant Zant said. “But he’s definitely one of our best pitchers and moving forward to be successful. The key for today was Harlow being able to come in and pitch Game 2.” West Virginia’s role players will next have a chance to contribute this weekend, with the Mountaineers opening conference play against the defending Big East champion UConn beginning Friday at 5 p.m. at Hawley Field.


Mountaineers drop series vs. Michigan State

Head coach Dana Holgorsen looks on during a spring practice last week.

by michael carvelli sports editor

West Virginia’s move to the Big 12 Conference has resulted in another change to its nonconference schedule in the future. Michigan State will not play the Mountaineers in the two games the schools were scheduled to play during the 2014 and 2015 seasons. “We decided that we would contact Michigan State and ask them what their position was on this game,” said West Virginia Athletic Director Oliver Luck. “We knew from various announcements that all the Big Ten schools were going to have to look at all the schools on their nonconference schedules. “We were very up front and said that we may not be interested in playing this series and Michigan State basically said they weren’t interested in

playing it either, so let’s just drop it.” Instead of playing two games against WVU, the Spartans will take on Oregon in a home-and-home series. “We look forward to adding Oregon to our future football schedule,” said Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis in a statement Tuesday. “The series provides MSU alums on the West Coast with an opportunity to see the Spartans compete against one of the nation’s outstanding programs. “The relationship between the Big Ten and Pac-12 is built on common values and the Rose Bowl. We also look forward to bringing the Ducks back to Spartan Stadium as we continue to compete for championships and national exposure.” To free up room in its schedule for next season, West Virginia also opted out of its 2012 game against Florida State due

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

to the move to the Big 12. In the Big 12, the Mountaineers will play nine conference games and will have room for just three nonconference games on the schedule, as opposed to the five they would have when they played in the Big East. “As we go into the Big 12, we have to revisit our nonconference football schedules and quite honestly, in this case, the Big Ten is changing how they’re doing things as well,” Luck said. “They have their own arrangements. This was something that was mutually beneficial to us and Michigan State because, in a way, we’re in similar situations.” West Virginia is still slated to take on Florida State in Morgantown in the 2013 season, and Luck did not comment on the future of the matchup.


Wednesday March 21, 2012


Paul Mesaros Gallery to display ceramics student’s work by Madeline Carey A&E WRITER

It’s out with the old and in with the new at the Paul Mesaros Gallery at the Creative Arts Center. With the help of Robert Bridges, curator of the Mesaros Galleries and West Virginia University students, the School of Art and Design is the newest addition to the Mesaros Galleries this week – a short exhibition into the art of ceramics. The gallery is clearing out the prints that have been on display since January, and the College of Creative Arts is installing their annual Master of Fine Arts ceramics exhibition in its place. Thomas Stollar, a Master of Fine Arts Ceramics student, will showcase a collection of his work at the exhibit. The exhibition kicked off Tuesday night along with Stollar’s contribution entitled, “Metonymic.” The CAC will be hosting the exhibition from now until April 3. The exhibition accumulates the works of the finest masters students within the College of Creative Arts and aims to present a peak into the minds of artists working towards their degrees. It also gives them a final chance to make a lasting impression on the University

as a whole. Stollar is native of Pennsylvania and he received his undergraduate at West Liberty University. Stollar’s main goal with his work is to portray real life and bridge the gap between art and the real world that surrounds us. “I am also a lover of objects and creating them,” Stollar said in a press release by WVUToday. “My thesis show tries to bridge the gap between the art object and all the ‘art’ that happens in regards to the creation of that object.” Stollar said in the press release he was able to use a daily journal to channel his character and many feelings in preparation for creating his collection of artwork. By taking main ideas from these entries, he was able to bring forth the collection that is on display today. “I am interested in things that happen in our lives that we do not consider to be of much importance, and yet, in my opinion, those things shape who we are,” Stollar said. The exhibition, which is being held in both galleries within the Creative Arts Center, is free and open to the public. daa&

Jenna Britton, freshman graphic design student, takes notes on ceramic pieces in the MFA Gallery Tuesday night.


Despite cinematography, ‘Silent House’ is like countless other horror movies NICk WESDOCK A&E WRITER

“Silent House” hit theatres on March 9. Chris Kentis and Laura Lau directed the horror/thriller, which starred Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. To briefly summarize the movie, a young woman (Olsen) travels to her family’s vacation home with her father to fix up the old, creepy place. She soon becomes trapped inside with what seems like a human stalker, at least initially. “Silent House,” which slightly reminds one of the “Paranormal Activity” series, is filled with dimly lit rooms and slamming doors. What sets this movie apart, though, is that it creates the illusion of being one con-

tinuous shot. There are no “scenes.” Although it was filmed in ten-minute segments, the movie appears to be one long, 88-minute take. All in all, the filming style worked well. It was very believable and surprisingly creates a strong feeling of suspense throughout the movie. The rather common horror film benefited from featuring something different. Yo u n g up-and-coming actress Elizabeth Olsen was phenomenal in “Silent House.” Her acting really contributed to the movie’s scare factor, which otherwise would have been subpar. Olsen has much potential and will undoubtedly be around in the movie business for years to come. Other than that, the film was nothing special. Aside from its unique cinematography and superb acting, this was just another girlgets-chased-around-a-big-

dark-house movie. There have been countless movies that follow strikingly similar storylines. On top of this, the movie can’t seem to make up its mind between a human and supernatural antagonist. Toward the end, the storyline becomes distorted. This leads to many unanswered questions and even perhaps some confusion. The question is, does the unprecedented style and convincing acting make “Silent House” a successful movie? The answer is no. This movie might be worth watching, especially if you like horror/thrillers, but it is only worth watching from your couch. Although it was a nice break from the conventional horror film, it is not one that will stand out for very long. It was not a movie that will be remembered. daa&

Elizabeth Olson stars in ‘Silent House,’ a formulaic and forgettable horror film.

Michael Bay tells ‘Ninja Turtles’ fans to ‘take a breath and chill’ about film LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Bay thinks “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” fans need to chill. The 47-year-old director-producer incited outrage among fans of the superhero franchise when he revealed at the Nickelodeon upfront presentation in New York last week that the pizza-loving, crime-fighting turtles would come from an “alien race” in a “Ninja Turtles” film he is producing. According to franchise lore, mysterious radioactive ooze transformed the turtles into superheroes who battle evildoers. “Fans need to take a breath and chill,” Bay said in a state-

ment posted on his site Monday night. “They have not read the script. Our team is working closely with one of the original creators of `Ninja Turtles’ to help expand and give a more complex back story. Relax, we are including everything that made you become fans in the first place. We are just building a richer world.” “Ninja Turtles” debuted as a comic book in 1984 before spawning a franchise that included toys, TV shows, films and video games. Fans took to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites to vent about the apparent change to the wisecracking turtles’ origins. Robbie Rist, who voiced the

character Michelangelo in the original 1990 live-action film adaptation, said Monday in a Facebook message that Bay is “sodomizing” the original movies and causing “the rape of our childhood memories.” Bay, who directed the past three “Transformers” movies, said last week that “kids are going to believe one day these turtles actually do exist when we are done with this movie” and that they come “from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely lovable.” The new take on the “Ninja Turtles” is set for release next AP year by Paramount Pictures under the Nickelodeon Mov- Michael Bay incited outrage among many fans of the franchise when he announced at the Nickelodeon upfront presentation last week that the crime-fighting turtles would come from an ‘alien race’ in a “Ninja Turtles” film he is producing. ies label.

Will ‘Hunger Games’ have a ‘Twilight’-type $140M debut this weekend? LOS ANGELES (AP) — Fans are so hungry for “The Hunger Games” that Hollywood’s buzzing about an opening weekend to rival the $140 million debuts of some of the “Twilight” movies. Early tracking pegged “The Hunger Games” at only about half that much. But box-office forecasters have been continually revising their predictions upward based on audience awareness and advance ticket sales. Opening Friday, “The Hunger Games” has a strong shot at shattering the record March debut of $116.1 million domestically for 2010’s “Alice in Wonderland.” It would be only the second movie opening in March to top $100 million in the first weekend. box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian said “The Hunger Games” could approach the $130 million to $140 million level achieved by two of the “Twilight” flicks. “The Hunger Games” may have an edge, too. Female fans

drive “Twilight,” while “The Hunger Games” has strong interest from both sexes. “Given that this is the first installment, there’s no precedent for what this movie could do. We don’t have a track record for `The Hunger Games,’” Dergarabedian said. “This is one of those movies that because of that appeal to virtually every kind of audience, it could exceed even our strongest expectations this weekend. But we just don’t know. Everybody’s speculating.” A debut of $140 million would put “The Hunger Games” into the top-five on the all-time charts for domestic opening weekends. At No. 1 is last year’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” ($169.2 million), followed by 2008’s “The Dark Knight” ($158.4 million); 2007’s “SpiderMan 3” ($151.1 million); 2009’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” ($142.8 million); and last fall’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1” ($138.1 million).

Jennifer Lawrence portrays Katniss Everdeen in a scene from ‘The Hunger Games.’




Wednesday March 21, 2012

The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ animated movie restored for DVD LONDON (AP) — The animated Beatles movie “Yellow Submarine” has been carefully restored frame-by-frame for DVD release this year. Specialists worked for four months to individually clean each frame of the 1968 surreal tale by hand, the Beatles’ holding company Apple Corps Ltd. said Tuesday. The specialists chose not to use automated software because of the delicate nature of the hand-drawn artwork, the company added. The colorful movie, a fantasy that features cartoon versions of the Beatles and images from some of their psychedelic songs, is currently out of print. It features some of the band’s greatest hits including “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” ’Eleanor Rigby” and “When I’m Sixty-Four.” “As a fan of animation and as a film-maker, I tip my hat to the artists of `Yellow Submarine’, whose revolutionary work helped pave the way for the fantastically diverse world of animation that we all enjoy today,” said Pixar studios chief John Lasseter in the sleeve notes for the re-release. The DVD will be released on May 28, and the film’s soundtrack album will be reissued on CD on the same day. ‘Yellow Submarine,’ a surreal tale that features cartoon versions of members of the Beatles band will be released on DVD in May.





Tornado-hit Ind. school wins Lady Antebellum show

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Lady Antebellum will be playing at Henryville High School.

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indiana high school wrecked by tornadoes won a free concert by country music trio Lady Antebellum on Tuesday following an online campaign that saw students in other states advocating on the school’s behalf. Lady Antebellum chose Henryville but won’t be able to perform at the school’s prom because of a schedule conflict. Instead, the group will perform May 16 in nearby Louisville, Ky., for the school’s juniors and seniors, followed by a benefit for the community. In the band’s video announcing the win, singer Charles Kelley said the Henryville students shouldn’t be disappointed that the band won’t be able to visit their community. “Trust me, we have something even bigger in store,” Kelley said. “See you soon, Henryville!” added singer Hillary Scott. Details of the show will be posted on the band’s website in the coming days. Entries supporting Henryville came from D.C. Everest Senior High School in Weston, Wis.; Silver Creek High School in Sellersburg, Ind.; and from Harrisburg, Ill., where a tornado struck Feb. 29, killing seven people. The winning video was submitted by Silver Creek High School in Sellersrburg, Ind., which is a longtime sport rival of Henryville High School. Despite their own community’s loss, Harrisburg students said they decided to back Henryville’s prom bid. In the band’s winner announcement, it said Henryville students were chosen for “their story, resilience and unity following devastating tornadoes.”

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CLASSIFIED RATES: 1 Issue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5.28 2 Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$9.68 3 Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$13.20 4 Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$17.60 Weekly Rate (5 -days) . . . . . . . . . . .$22.00 20-word limit please

1x2” 1x3 1x4 1x5 1x6 1x7 1x8

. . . . . . .

CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES: Contrat Non-Contrat . . . . . . . . .$22.68 . . . . . . . . .$26.44 . . . . . . . . .$34.02 . . . . . . . . .$39.66 . . . . . . . . .$45.36 . . . . . . . . .$52.88 . . . . . . . . .$56.70 . . . . . . . . .$66.10 . . . . . . . . .$68.04 . . . . . . . . .$79.32 . . . . . . . . .$79.38 . . . . . . . . .$92.54 . . . . . . . . .$90.72 . . . . . . . .$105.76 or FURNISHED APARTMENTS

“Committed to Excellence”

• 2 BD Apartments • Quality Furnishings • 8 Min. Walk to Main Campus • White European Kitchens/D/W • Off-Street Lighted Parking • Laundry Facilities • Reliable Maintenance • Gas & Water Included z

No Pets



Call 304-296-7476


“The Largest & Finest Selection of Properties” Now Leasing for 2012 - 2013

1 & 2 BedroomApartments Furnished 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance & Enforcement Officer Off Street Parking DOWNTOWN PROPERTIES Phone: 304-413-0900

STARTING AS LOW AS $450.00 PER PERSON INCLUDE ALL UTILITIES Now Renting For May 2012 Efficiency 1-2 & 3 Bedrooms • Furnished & Unfurnished • Pets Welcome • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance • Next To Football Stadium & Hospital • Free Wireless Internet Cafe • State of the Art Fitness Center • Recreation Area Includes Direct TV’s ESPN,NFL, NBA,MLB, Packages • Mountain Line Bus Every 15 Mintues

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm Friday 8am - 5pm Satruday 10am - 4pm Sunday 12pm - 4pm


Morgantown’s Most Luxurious Address


Metro Towers 1BR


PLUS UTILITIES Sky Line 1 & 2 Bedroom





1-3 BR APTS AND HOUSES. SOME include utilities and allow pets! Call Pearand Corporation 304-292-7171. Shawn D. Kelly Broker 74 Kingwood St.

Location,Location, Location!


3/BR, 2/BA RANCH ON 1 ACRE. CAC. 10 minutes from both hospitals. $900/mo. NO PETS. Call 304-282-8769.


3BR. + ADD. ROOM, 2 FULL BATH. W/D. Minute walk to town. $900/MONTH. call 304-983-2529.

2/BR APARTMENT FOR RENT. 500 EAST Prospect. Available now. $300/month per person + utilities. NO PETS. 692-7587. 2BR APARTMENT IN WESTOVER. All utilities paid. W/D included, pets with deposit. $800 month. or 304-615-6071 2/3BR GILMORE STREET APARTMENTS. Available May.Open floor plan. Large Kit, Deck, AC, W/D. Off University Avenue.1 block from 8th street. Call or text 304-276-1931 or 304-276-7528. 3/BR, 2/BA TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT. Walking distance to downtown campus. $1290/mo, includes utilities. Call 304-282-8769. NO PETS. Visit:! 3BR 246 FIFE ST. NEXT TO LAIR WD DW Nice big rooms, parking available. $450+ utilities 304-685-3243. 3BR APARTMENT. 51 West Park Avenue. W/D, all utilities included. Available June 1st $1125/month 304-680-1313 BEVERLY AVENUE RENTAL, 1 BR unfurnished. Tenant pays all utilities. Monthly rental $500. Garage for 1, back porch, no pets permitted. Available June 1, 2012. 304-292-8888 ACROSS RUBY/STADIUM. INGLEWOOD BLVD. 1BR Efficiency, 2BR APT, 2BR Townhouse. May/August 2012. Free Parking. W/D in building. No smoking, No pets. Call 304-276-5233. AVAILABLE JUNE 1ST 2012. 101 Mclane Ave. 1BR AC WD on premises. $650 utilities included + TV cable and parking space. NO PETS. Call 304-599-3596 or 304-296-5581. AVAILABLE JUNE 1ST. 1-2BR apartments Pineview Dirve 304-296-5931

AVAILABLE JUNE 1ST. 2-3BR apartments lower High Street. 304-296-5931

SUNNYSIDE. NICE 2BR. 1/BA. WD. C/AC-HEAT $750/mo+ utilities. Small yard. Porch. NO PETS. Available 5/16/12. Lease/dep. 296-1848. Leave message.

AVAILABLE MAY 15. 1,2&3BD ON WILEY St. 1BD on Spruce St. 1BD on Taylor St. Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. 304-365-2787 or 304-777-0750.

TERRACE HEIGHTS APARTMENTS - A Large 4 BR furnished, including all utilities. Tenant responsible for cable & internet. Cost per month $2200 ($550/person). No pets permitted. Available August 1, 2012. 304-292-8888 VERY NICE 1/BR apt. Partially furnished. Plenty of parking, W/D $375/mo. Call Ryan at 330-361-4398 or Cliff at 304-319-2330

UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS *2BR TOTALLY REMODELED. Utilities included. All appliances. No pets. $900/month. Large 4BR 2BA remodeled. All appliances. No pets. $1600/month. 304-203-5953 1 & 2BR APARTMENTS, downtown & stadium locations. AC, WD, off street parking, affordable. No pets allowed. Rice Rentals 304-598-7368 1 & 2BR Downtown Location, Available May 15th. Parking. 304-685-6565 or 304-685-5210. 1 BR APARTMENT Stewartstown Rd. $400/month. Below BonVista Apartments. Water and Garbage Included. No Pets/No Smoking. Parking. Swimming Pool. 304-288-3860. 1 BR Downtown Location, Private Porch, Some utilities paid, $450+deposit lease, parking. 304-685-6565 or 304-685-5210. 1, 2 & 3BR APARTMENTS & 4BR HOUSES. Close to campus and South Park locations. Utill. W/D included. Some with parking, Pets considered. 304-292-5714 2 BR. WALK TO CLASS. Parking. Some utilities. No Pets. Available June 1, 2012. Lease/Deposit. Max Rentals 304-291-8423. 2 BR/2 BA. Stewarts Town Road. W/D.AC. Garage. $650/month. No pets. Available April or May. Text or call 304-288-6374. 5 BEDROOM HOUSE in South Park across from Walnut Street Bridge. W/D. call Nicole at 304-290-8972 225, 227 JONES, 617 NORTH STREET. Apts & Houses 1,2,3,4BR, excellent condition. $325 to $395each plus utilities. NO PETS. All have off street parking with security lighting. E. J. Stout 304-685-3457 712 BEECHURST AVE. 1BR, PARKING No pets. $475+utilities. 304-282-3575 1/BR APT ON BEECHURST. Available now. NO PETS. $600/mo plus utilities. 304-216-2905. 1BR IN GREAT CONDITION, large and convenient located at 779 Snider Street, free W/D facilities, parking. $500 all utilities included. 304-288-3308 AVAILABLE JUNE 1ST. 1-2 BR apartments South Park 304-296-5931

AVAILABLE MAY. Large, 2 bedroom conveniently located Westover. 7 min wak to Walnut PRT. Great condition. Central A/C, DW, free W/D facilities, Storage facilities, parking. $395 per person. ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED. 304-288-3308

Barrington North

BLUE SKY REALTY LLC Available May 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Bedroom All Utilities Paid

Apartments , Houses, Townhouses

D/W, W/D, Free Off Street Parking, 3 Min. Walk To Campus

Look us up on Facebook



Now Leasing 2012 1 & 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Apartments Prices Starting at $495 Garages, W/D, Walk In Closets Sparkling Pool 24 HR Maintenance/Security Bus Service NO PETS Bon Vista &The Villas


“The Largest & Finest Selection of Properties”




DOWNTOWN & SUNNYSIDE. 1-3 Bedrooms starting @ $400/person. 304-296-7400 FOR MAY. UNIQUE Apartments 2, & 3 BR Close to main campus. Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, Private Parking. Pets w/fee. 508-788-7769. G. W. PHILLIPS VILLAS. 2BR apartments available March, April, and May. $550, $625, $650 a month plus utilities D/W, W/D hookups, central air, no pets, no smoking 304-599-8329

Call: 304-692-0990

1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments For Rent

Check out:


STARTING AS LOW AS $510.00 PER PERSON PLUS UTILITIES Glenlock 2BR 2BA $510/Person $1020

EVANSDALE PROPERTIES Phone 304-598-9001 STARTING AS LOW AS $320.00 PER PERSON Ashley Oaks 2BR $380/Person $760

May 15, 2012

5 min walk from the Mountainlair.

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Unfurnished





DOWNTOWN PROPERTIES Phone: 304-413-0900



Now Leasing for 2012-2013

Prices Starting at $605

Minutes to Hospitals and Evansdale Bus Service


S M I T H R E N TA L S , L L C

NOW LEASING FOR 2012 2 Bedroom 1 Bath

Mountain Line Bus Service Every 10 Minutes and Minutes From PRT

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent Downtown

Minutes to Hospitals & Downtown

24 Hour Emergency Maintenance & Enforcement Officer Off Street parking

24 Hour Maintenance/Security Laundry Facilities

EFF: 1BR: 2BR: Now Leasing For 2012

Valley View 1BR


Valley View 2BR $320/Person


Valley View 2BR/2BA $410/Person $820 Copperfield 1BR


Copperfield 2BR $370/Person


Copperfield 2BR/2BA $397.50/Person $795 NOW RENTING TOP OF FALLING RUN ROAD Morgan Point 1+2/BR $590-$790+ utilities. Semester lease. WD. DW. Parking. NO PETS. Call: 304-290-4834.

NEW SUNNYSIDE TOWNHOMES Jones Place 4 BR, 2.5 BA W/Covered Parking $625/person

Townhome Living Downtown

THE SUITES AT WEST PARK UPSCALE STUDENT RENTALS. 2 BR 2 BA (one with steam shower one with Jacuzzi tub). Top of the line security system. Ample parking for yourself and visitors. Located close to both hospitals, stadium, shopping, health club, Evansdale campus, and WVU rec center. $575 per bedroom-utilities not included. One year lease-May-May. Phone:304-598-2560 TWO APARTMENTS: 2/3 BR—W/D, Off-street parking. 3/BR—W/D. Leases start 05/15/12. Garbage, cable not included. 717 Willey Street up from Arnold Hall. No Smoking, No Pets 304-685-9550. VERY SPACIOUS 2BR, 2 full bath with large closets. Washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, Hard wood flooring. Conveniently located close to the campus, stadium and hospital $840 + Electric, Sorry No Dogs. 304-692-9296 or 304-288-0387

FURNISHED HOUSES 716 BEECHURST AVE 3BR, PARKING no pets. $775+Utilities 304-282-3575 3/BR HOUSE. CLEAN! QUIET! Partially furnished. Plenty of parking. W/D. 1311 College Ave. $250 per person. Call Ryan 330-361-4398 or Cliff 304-319-2330 JEWELMANLLC.COM close to downtown, next to Arnold Hall. 3,4,5&6/BR houses. Excellent condition. A/C, W/D, parking and yard. Utilities included. No dogs. 12 month lease. 304-288-1572 or 296-8491

UNFURNISHED HOUSES * AVAILABLE MAY 2012 4 BR DUPLEX. 135-A Lorentz Avenue. Walk to Downtown Campus. W/D, Off-street parking. Utilities plus security deposit. Call 304-692-5845.

LARGE 1BR APARTMENT located at 320 Stewart St. In very good condition and very near downtown campus. $425 + utilities. Call 304-288-3308


4 BR HOUSES walk to class. W/D. No Pets. Available June 1,2012. Lease./Deposit. Max Rentals 304-291-8423.

LAST 2 APARTMENTS AVAILABLE. 3BR Wiley st. and 1BR in South Park locations. Utill. W/D included. Pets considered. 304-292-5714

WALKING DISTANCE TO DOWNTOWN. 2BR, 1 1/2 BTH, Laundry Room, Parking Permit. 501 Beverly Ave. $800 plus util. 304-685-9300

2/BR. 1/BA. WD/DW, MICROWAVE, FULL BASEMENT. 5/MINUTE WALK downtown. $900/mo+utilities. Lease/deposit. Off-street parking. NO PETS.Available now 304-290-1332.

3BR LARGE HOUSE, 2 FULL BA. NEW UPDATES. WD, 3 minute walk to campus, $425/person + utilities. 304-685-7835.

AVAILABLE MAY 2012 3BR/ 2 BA DUPLEX. 135-B Lorentz Avenue. Walk to Downtown Campus. W/D, Off-street parking. Utilities plus security deposit. Call 304-692-5845.

S m i t h R e n ta l s , L L C Houses For Rent

AVAILABLE MAY 2012 Check out:

(304) 322-1112

ROOMMATES JUST LISTED! MALE OR FEMALE roommate for brand-new apt. Close to downtown. Next to Arnold Hall. WD, DW, AC, parking. NO PETS. $420/mo. includes utilities. Lease/dep. 304-296-8491. 304-288-1572. MUST SEE MALE/FEMALE ROOMMATE NEEDED close to Arnold hall excellent condition, W/D & parking. Individual lease. $395-$450 all utilities included. 304-288-1572 or 304-296-8491.

HOUSES FOR SALE 2BR/2BA Ground level Suncrest Village condo. Close to stadium/HSC. Appliances incl. Pool and fitness center on site. $189,900. Call 307-376-2396. 3BR 1BA COMPLETELY REMODELED HOME with new appliances. Located 372 Crawford Ave Star City. $129,900. 304-288-4196

PETS FOR SALE FULL BLOODED JACK RUSSELL PUPPIES. Ready to go. $150 each. Call 304-616-7605.

AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE CASH PAID!! WE BUY CARS and trucks. Any make! Any model! Any condition! 282-2560

HELP WANTED BARTENDING UP TO $300 A DAY potential. No experience necessary. Age 18 plus. Training available. 800-965-6520 Ext. 285 SUMMER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY The Health Sciences & Technology Academy (HSTA) is looking for WVU Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students to serve as Assistant Head Mentor and Mentors for WV High School Students during our Summer Institute Program. 2012 Summer Institute dates and training are July 12 to July 27. For more information and an application see the HSTA Web site at or contact Wanda Stone at 304-293-1651. THE LAKEHOUSE NOW HIRING for summer jobs. Busy lake front restaurant. Great summer atmosphere! Hiring bartenders, servers, cooks, hosts, and dishwashers. Apply in person Tuesday-Saturday. 304-594-0088.



Wednesday March 21, 2012

CONTACT US 304-293-5092 ext. 3 | DAA&

Harlem Globetrotters coming to WVU By Hunter Homistek A&E Writer

The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to the West Virginia University Coliseum Tuesday and the players have some new tricks up their world-famous red, white and blue sleeves. The Globetrotters are known for being fan-friendly, entertaining and comedic. What they aren’t known for, however,

is going to set them apart at the performance at the Coliseum. For the first time in more than 15 years, and for only the ninth time in Globetrotter history, a female player is primed to don the Harlem uniform and show off her skills on the hardwood. “TNT” Maddox, a former college player at Temple University, will make history and join the ranks of Globetrotter

legends like Wilt Chamberlain and Marques Haynes when she suits up. Adding to this, the Globetrotters will feature both the tallest and shortest players in team history. “Tiny” Sturgess and “Too Tall Hall,” at 7 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 2 inches, respectively, will represent the largest height difference ever found on a Globetrotters roster, and each player

will look to ink his name into the Globetrotter history books Tuesday night. “The Globetrotters have been here before and everybody responded really well, so we’re happy to have them back,” said David Ryan, public relations specialist for WVU Arts & Entertainment. “Their tricks and reputation really connect with the audience.” By being both talented ath-

letes and entertainers, the Globetrotters are able to connect to audiences of all backgrounds and ages, and this has led to their worldwide success and recognition. “It’s definitely an all-ages event,” Ryan said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 25, there is something to like about the Globetrotters.” With a roster unlike any other in team history, Tues-

day’s event promises to be a prime example of the crowdpleasing, family-oriented event the Globetrotters have become known for. Tickets for the event can be purchased through the Mountainlair and Creative Arts Center Box Offices at (304) 293SHOW or through Ticketmaster outlets. daa&

Local metal band Karma to Burn to play 123 Saturday Josh Ewers A&e writer

Few bands that have ever come out of West Virginia seem to really break into the collective musical consciousness of the nation. However, there is one particular genre that the great state has been known to do right on several occasions, and that is metal. Bands like Byzantine, Bobaflex and Karma to Burn have exemplified what the state has to offer and have earned national recognition on metal blogs and gained substantial followings West Virginians can be quite proud of. Locally bred Morgantown metal-heads Karma to Burn will be playing 123 Pleasant Street Saturday night. Karma to Burn is a mammoth riffing three-piece band whose music is equal parts the heavy low and slow sounds of “Stoner Rock” or “Sludge” and epic instrumental odyssey. Comparatively speaking, Kyuss would be a great starting reference point for the band’s sound. People who aren’t as familiar with the genre might compare their song structure to that of Tool. Some of the band’s songs have vocals, but the majority are strictly instrumental. However, at times it seems

like the crushing guitar work is doing more than enough of the talking anyway. While some of the band’s tunes are droning and make for a hypnotizing but not dull experience, others are fast paced progressive Southern masterpieces. Their music is totally uncompromising and refuses to conform to the standards of any particular marketable brand, even within the already less marketable microcosm of metal. For example, once signed with the illustrious metal label Roadrunner Records, the band was forced to hire a vocalist, though the band didn’t feel they needed one. Knowing full-well the consequences of their actions, the boys of Karma to Burn dropped their vocalist after only one album and were subsequently dropped from the label. Karma to Burn has released five studio albums to date, including their most recent, the aptly titled “V,” which was recorded at Dave Grohl’s studio 606 in 2011. They’ve also toured extensively across the U.S. and Europe. This show will mark their last U.S. stop before hitting Europe again. Everything gets underway at 10 p.m. Tickets are still available and can be purchased online at or at the door for $10 per person. daa&

Local metal band Karma to Burn will play 123 Pleasant Street Saturday night.

Hill and Tatum keep audiences laughing in ‘21 Jump Street’ Caitlin Graziani A&E EDITOR

Topping box office charts this weekend was “21 Jump Street”and for good reason. The movie is based off the American police drama television series that aired on the Fox Network and in first-run syndication from April 12, 1987, to April 27, 1991. Columbia and MGM production, the same group that brought you “The Hangover,” took a risk bringing the series to the silver screen, and it paid off. “21 Jump Street” stars Channing Tatum (“The Vow”) and Jonah Hill (“Superbad”) as undercover police officers assigned to

“Jump Street.” “Jump Street” is a police operation that takes young-looking police officers and puts them undercover as high school students. Tatum and Hill are assigned to a local high school as brothers Brad and Doug McQuaid, to infiltrate a drug ring, and bring down the supplier. Tatum has high hopes of going back to high school as he was the archetypal popular guy when he was in high school, he finds that high school is not the way he remembered. Hill, who was the nerd in high school, finds the opposite to be true for him as being smart, ecofriendly and tolerant has become the new norm. As they try to get to the bottom of the drug ring, they end up becoming friends with the oppo-

site groups of people that they would have hung out with in high school, gaining a new appreciation for how things were for each other in their original high school days. This is not the same Channing Tatum whom you know from “Dear John” or “Step Up.” He plays a socially awkward jock in a nerd costume so well it makes you wonder if it is that far off from his true persona. I had flashbacks of Hill’s offbeat humor from “Superbad” as I watched the movie. His way to make you feel the awkwardness that he is portraying translates just as it did in his past films. In particular, any time he is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, seeing his blue eyes looking into the abyss you feel as awkward as the people surrounding

him. The jokes in “21 Jump Street” are just juvenile enough to make them funny, as they toe the line of being too outrageous. I wouldn’t recommend younger kids going to see this movie take the “R” rating seriously. “21 Jump Street” is a worthwhile venture to the movie theater. I laughed throughout the entire movie, and I look forward to seeing more films featuring such different pairing as Tatum and Hill. There are also a few cameo appearances by famous Oscar-winning actors. I won’t tell you who – you will just have to go see the movie for yourself.

««««« « MGM


Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star in ‘21 Jump Street’ an undercover police comedy.

Cincinnati trombone studio to perform The West Virginia University College of Creative Arts will host the Trombone Choir from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for a guest artist recital. The recital will start at 6 p.m. in the Bloch Learning and Performance Hall at the Creative Arts Center. The University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music Trombone Choir is a fixture concerts at CCM and has been featured in the conservatory’s Atrium Series concerts. The CCM Trombone Choir is under the direction of Timothy Anderson, assistant professor of trombone at CCM. Nathan Siler, a doctor candidate, and teaching assistant Benjamin Clymer conduct the Trombone Choir. The members represent all levels of study – freshman through doctoral level – and are comprised of the CCM Trombone Department. For more information on this performance and upcoming events at the Creative Arts Center, contact the College of Creative Arts at 304-293-4359 or visit their website at http:// — nlh

The DA 03-21-2012  

The March 21 edition of The Daily Athenaeum, West Virginia University's official student newspaper.

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