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“Little good is accomplished without controversy, and no civic evil is ever defeated without publicity.”


Monday August 20, 2012

Volume 126, Issue 2

Lesson to freshmen: ‘fear is ok’ by bryan bumgardner associate city editor

Even though she’s climbed mountains on every continent, world famous climber Alison Levine can now call herself a Mountaineer. Levine came to West Virginia University’s Coliseum on Sunday to give a special presentation at the University Welcome for the WVU Class of 2016.

Despite having a neurological disease and three heart surgeries, Levine has overcome hardship to become an adventurer, explorer and mountain climber. She has climbed the highest peaks on every continent and has attempted to climb Mount Everest twice, succeeding in May 2010. For the first time, the entire freshman class gathered in the

Evansdale upgrades set to break ground by bryan bumgardner associate city editor

Big changes are coming to the West Virginia University Evansdale campus this fall. In early September, construction will begin on several new buildings on the Evansdale campus. The $250 million project, known as the “Evansdale Master Plan,” will add six new buildings, as well as infrastructure improvements and sidewalk renovation. The new College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, the Wellness and Student Health center, the Art Museum of WVU and the Advanced Engineering Research Building are among the planned buildings. Also detailed in the master plan is the expansion of the WVU College of Law building. Preparation of these construction sites begins in early September, with construction beginning in the fall and continuing into 2014. The project will require closures of certain parking lots and rerouting of pedestrian traffic. According to Rob Moyer, Director of Fa-

Coliseum as Levine shared how her adventures on Mount Everest have taught her about life. “I learned a very important lesson on Everest: Fear is okay,” she said. “It’s just a human emotion, and it keeps you awake. Complacency – that’s what will kill you.” On her first attempt climbing Everest, Levine and her team encountered treacherous,

ever-changing conditions, requiring her to constantly adapt and persevere to survive – two behaviors she considers valuable to college life. “Everything is always changing,” she said. “If you’re not able to adapt to the world around you, that’s what will do you in.” Levine stressed to the students the importance of understanding consequences

of decisions, good and bad. “You have to be able to make decisions, even when the environment isn’t perfect,” she said. On Levine’s second trip to Everest, storms threatened to prevent her from reaching the summit. Getting caught in a storm on the mountain could be fatal, and Levine learned firsthand the power of cause and effect.

cilities Planning and Scheduling at WVU, some of these changes are permanent. “One of the major points when we were making the plan was ‘how do we separate vehicles and pedestrians?’” he said. The Evansdale Master Plan describes improvements to several vehicular and pedestrian conflict points. “We want to keep folks on the sidewalk and away from where cars will be driving,” Moyer said. “We really want to make the inner part of the campus more pedestrians safe.” Certain parking lots on the Evansdale campus, including Short-term lot 4, will be closed, which will require commuters to find alternative parking. However, Moyer said that additional parking will be available. “All of the projects that we’re working on, we’re making sure there’s ample parking on campus,” he said. “As spots are lost, new ones are built. We have a one for one ratio.” This construction is a continuation of several

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West Virginia University welcomed more than 5,000 freshmen this weekend. ons were involved in the incident. Roberts said descriptions of the individuals will be released today. Those with information regarding the robbery are encouraged to contact University Police at 304293-COPS (304-293-2677) or 304-293-3136 —crl

University welcomes largest incoming freshman class in school history By Carlee Lammers City Editor

West Virginia University freshman Paul Lentz knew the gateway to his adult life was nearly 5,400 miles away from his Honolulu

home – in Morgantown. Lentz, a forensic science student, said he was excited to be a part of “The Pride of West Virginia,” the Mountaineer Marching Band, to begin his studies and to transition into

peared the driver was attempting to turn into the parking garage before hitting the building. Roberts said there were approximately 20 on-campus citations and arrests throughout the weekend. —crl

by bryan bumgardner associate city editor

The Office of Information Technology at West Virginia University has recently announced all MIX email accounts will be hosted by Google by the end of September, giving users access to Google Apps and changing the MIX email interface. The change will not affect the portals used to access MIX but will change the layout of the separate email window. Email addresses will also remain the same. According to Mark Six,

director of systems administration within the OIT, the change is something OIT has wanted to do for a while. “In our opinion, we needed to give users more options and more features,” he said. “This would be the best approach to meet the needs of the WVU community.” The change will give users access to Google Apps, which includes Google Docs, a “cloud storage” system that will allow users to access stored documents from any computer. “You’ll be able to access

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life on his own in a different town. “I’m excited to learn, get a real education and just begin my adult life,” he said. “I really wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

Lentz is joining the Mountaineer family as part of the University’s largest-ever class of incoming freshmen.

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WVU to adopt Gmail system in September

DUI arrest after driver collides with Mountainlair University Police responded to a report Saturday night involving a vehicle striking the parking garage region of the MountainLair. Alcohol was a factor in the collision, and police made a DUI arrest, said UPD chief Bob Roberts. Roberts said it ap-

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‘move-in’ on up

UPD investigating robbery A strong-arm robbery was reported near West Virginia University’s Boreman Hall early Saturday morning, according to University Police. UPD chief Bob Roberts said two male individuals approached two other males, and after a brief conversation and scuffle, took their phones. No injuries were reported, and no weap-

“Everest is just a pile of rock and ice, and it’ll always be there,” she said. “But if you do something dumb, you might not have the opportunity to go back.” Continuing to the summit during a storm threatened her life and her teammates’ – making her decision to continue a difficult one.

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ON THE INSIDE WVU fans came out in droves and showed their support at Fan Day. SPORTS PAGE B3

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your assignments from anywhere,” Six said. “If you have a free Gmail account, this is going to be very familiar to you.” Other apps include a calendar, groups, chat and video conferences. With Google Apps for Education, users will have 25 gigabytes of storage and will have their email addresses for life. According to a release from the OIT, the Gmail solution boasts “99.9% uptime, has no advertising, includes spam and virus filtering and works well with almost all mobile devices.”

The idea for the switch to Gmail came from an exploratory committee that surveyed students and faculty. The survey asked users what they valued most in email services. “It came down to two options: Gmail or Microsoft Live,” Six said. “When we got the survey results back, they were nearly 80 percent in favor of Gmail.” After the survey, Six said OIT completed paperwork with Google representatives to begin the switch. However, contractual

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SHAWNE IN THE SPOTLIGHT Senior running back Shawne Alston has emerged as the starting running back this offseason. SPORTS PAGE B1

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Monday August 20, 2012

Fall add/drop dates The Office of the University Registrar 304-293-5355


Monday August 20, 2012


Continued from page 1 thinking about how your decisions affect the people around you,” she said. “Nobody gets to the top alone. That’s a part of climbing, a part of college and a part of life.” According to Levine, the most important part about reaching the summit was the preparation for years before it. Levine believes the same is true for college experiences. “It’s not about graduation, it’s about what you do in the 4 years leading


up to it. Things might not go according to plan, but as long as you come back stronger from it, failure is an important tool,” she said. Levine was also made an honorary member of the class of 2016 and led the crowd in singing John Denver’s “Country Roads” at the end of the ceremony. This event marked the beginning of Welcome For more information, Week at WVU. For more incontact one of our editors formation about upcoming events, visit http:// at or pick up an application at the DA office at 284 Prospect St.

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Students clap at President Clements’ speech at the University Welcome on Sunday.


evansdale Continued from page 3

Students carry belongings into Boreman Hall Saturday.


freshman Continued from page 1

years of changes for the campus. “It’s gonna be a little busy,” Moyer said, but we’re going to have beautiful facilities with lots of amenities for our students and faculty. Hold on tight, and we’ll get through it together.” For information about construction-related closures and project updates, follow @WVUConstruction on Twitter or visit http://


Friday, approximately 5,200 freshmen and their families traveled to Morgantown for freshman move-in day. Adam Wheeler, a forensic science student from New York, said coming from a small town, he was excited to begin life at a large University and enjoy the academic opportunities that come with the University’s size. “I come from a small school, so it’s definitely nice to be a part of a bigger school,” he said. “WVU has one of the best programs in the country for my major. Overall, I’m excited for a totally new experience.” Environmental science student Spenser Yost, from York, Pa., said along with beginning his college career, he was excited for the outdoor adventure opportunities Morgantown’s location offers. “I love outdoor activities, and I love that WVU’s location is so close to places to go white water rafting and kayaking,” he said. “This is a whole new experience for me. I can’t wait to get started with college.”


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Students and family members move into Boreman Hall Saturday. While many students were eager to begin a new chapter in their lives, movein was a bittersweet experience for some of their families. Suzanne Meckert from Hudson, Ohio, was preparing to move her youngest child into the residence hall. “He’s my last one,” she said. “We’ve been through this before. I’m just as excited for him as he is.” Meckert said despite the sadness that comes with having to watch her youngest son transition into adulthood, she is excited for the

new opportunities that lie ahead for him. “I’m excited that he’ll be finding balance, eventually,” she said. “Most importantly, I’m excited for him to be in the agronomy program. It’s so strong here and so well-suited for him.” The University has planned Welcome Week events throughout the week for all incoming and returning students. For a complete schedule of Welcome Week events, visit http://welcomeweek.

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issues with the MIX portal provider had previously delayed the process. With the change, WVU will be joining other schools that host email through Google, including Arizona State University, the University of Notre Dame and Vanderbilt University.


304-292-TANN (8266)

Know the Consequences... $1,000 FINE AND UP TO 3 YEARS IN JAIL Burning the property of another that has a value of over $500.00 could result in “guilty of arson third degree.” Upon conviction, there will be a $1,000 malicious burning fine and a definite term of imprisonment… which is not less than one nor more than three years.

405 Ensign Ave. Morgantown,WV

LOSS OF ATHLETIC PRIVILEGES If you try to get into a game intoxicated and are involved in unlawful behavior, including fires, as a result of a WVU competition.

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Monday August 20, 2012

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Quick tips for a successful semester A challenge. An adventure. A new beginning. These are a few of the many cliche descriptions of college you have probably heard over and over again since you graduated from high school. These characterizations are largely true – college is, in fact, a challenge, as well as an opportunity to reinvent one’s self. You will meet new people from all over the world. You will learn new things. Your beliefs will be challenged. The next four years will open doors for you that you did not previously know existed. Most importantly, you will be given the oppor-

tunity to excel academically and position yourself for a successful future. While this is obviously the number one reason we all go to college, many students get caught up in the multitude of distractions afforded by college life and find themselves struggling to reach their goals semester after semester. There are many good habits students can develop to ensure they don’t fall into this cycle of disappointment. Important among these are establishing regular sleep patterns, developing good organizational skills and building close relationships with

your professors. Develop a healthy sleep cycle Numerous studies have been carried out on the sleep habits of college students. The conclusions of these studies have overwhelmingly supported the notion that students with bad sleeping habits exhibit significantly poorer academic performance than those who get enough sleep. These conclusions are hardly surprising. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that being half-asleep in class is detrimental to learning. Despite the obvious nature of this advice, it is

very common for students to ignore it, and their academic achievement suffers as a result. Don’t make that mistake. Get organized Many of us got by in high school without developing great organizational skills. If you fall into this category, this is a problem you need to address as you start your college career. Students commonly complain that they forgot about a big assignment or exam until the last minute and failed to earn their desired grade as a result. Situations like this can easily be avoided with adequate planning.

Build a good relationship with your professors Class sizes at WVU vary significantly. In some of your courses, you may find yourself in an enormous lecture hall with hundreds of other students while in others, the class setting may be far smaller and more intimate. In the college environment, it is up to the student to take the initiative and create a bond with the professor. Many professors don’t even care whether or not you show up to class, so it’s common for students to get through many of their courses with minimal oneon-one interaction with

their teachers. This is something you should avoid. The advantages of having a good relationship with your professor are numerous. Take the time to visit their office hours whenever you have a question. Professors are passionate about what they do, and they will be more than happy to help a student who is genuinely trying to learn. Don’t be that student who doesn’t know where their professor’s office is until they want to complain about their deservedly low final grade at the end of the semester.

Advice from a senior: make each moment count hunter homistek associate a&e editor

This is it. Your last payment is mailed in to the financial aid office, sealed with your last shred of patience, and your books are purchased—paid in full (very, very full). You are ready to begin your journey, and graduation probably feels like a distant goal, a mirage at the end of the desert of knowledge and labor. Take it from me: That blurry mirage is a marble statue planted firmly in front of your unsuspecting face. Four years may at this point seem like a mara-

thon, but in reality you are already in the blocks for the final heat of the 100-meter sprint of your life. Having been in your position in the fall of 2008, I know all too well just how quickly the time goes. It flies. For those eager to start a career and forge a road to professional success, this reality is both good and bad. On the positive side, you get your degree and the opportunity to move on to the next leg of your life. This, I assume, is the ultimate goal of each and every one of you. Conversely, your life, your real adult life, is about to start much sooner than you realize. I remember the feeling well as I stepped into

my third floor dorm room in Stalnaker Hall in 2008. “I am going to be here forever,” I thought.“I have plenty of time to explore my options.” I was wrong. If there is one thing I suggest you do your freshmen year in college, it is this: Get involved in a club or activity that interests you. If you are the sportstype, try one of the many intramural teams on campus. If you are a social butterfly, shop around—there is a fraternity or sorority on campus that would love to have you. Understand that college is as much a life experience as it is a learning experience, and you will set yourself up for success on the professional and per-

sonal levels. Satisfying your longterm goals and meeting your immediate personal wants and needs is a delicate balance, but it is not impossible. No matter what walk of life you come from, no matter how eccentric a personality you possess, there is something here at WVU to tickle your fancy and propel you down the path of fulfillment. College is without a doubt the most important time of your life. Until you graduate. Make each day and each second here count and you will ensure a never-ending path of enjoyment and of personal and professional satisfaction. Days turn into weeks and weeks rapidly into

years. Today you are processing the knowledge gathered at orientation (provided you did not sleep through it), but tomorrow you will be receiving emails asking you to order your cap and gown. It is a foreign, distant thought now, but that day is not far away. WVU is a great place to find what you are made of and what makes you tick. If you explore your options, responsibly combine playtime with study-time and make sure to take advantage of the many resources at your disposal, there is no reason that your college experience will not provide lasting memories and realized dreams. You may have only just set foot on campus, but

there is already a chair on the graduation stage with your name on it. By staying focused and maintaining a delicate balance between your career ambitions and personal desires, you will effectively cement that seat to the floor, where it will be yours in just four short years. Class of 2016, I wish you well. Realize it or not, you are on the brink of something special. WVU will be here to accommodate you in your ambitions and ensure that you are set up for success at every turn, every slipup (and there will be slipups) and every triumph throughout your college career. The path for success is laid out for you. The rest is in your hands.

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Both sides of gun-control debate need to reassess their views adam mehring the dartmouth dartmouth college

It has been a bloody couple of weeks: a barrage of bullets at a midnight movie screening, a hate-fueled massacre at a Sikh temple, a shootout on the outskirts of a Texas university and now, most recently, a close call when a security guard thwarted a gunman’s attempt to open fire at a “pro-family” organization in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. The recent spate of random gun violence has predictably reignited the “right to bear arms” debate, with politicians from both sides of the aisle using these recent incidents as evidence either for stricter or for looser gun laws. Arguments from both sides are flawed – the world created by the right’s desire to loosen gun control legislation would probably resemble a shoot-em-up scene from a mid-century Western flick, while the left’s version with stricter controls ensures the upper hand for criminals who disregard the law and acquire guns anyway. It is unclear whether arming or disarming everyone would have changed the outcome in any of the recent cases of gun violence, but there is certainly a common thread among them: the unstable mind that pulled the trigger. James Holmes, who gunned down 12 and injured 58 people at a Colorado movie theater, had been seeing a psychiatrist who warned police of a potential threat weeks before Holmes opened fire. Emotional dis-


turbances and alcoholism plagued Wade Page before he opened fire in a Wisconsin Sikh temple, injuring four and killing six others, including himself. Texas shooter Thomas Caffall had been similarly suffering from mental issues. Even though a security guard’s heroics may have prevented a massacre in Washington this week, it is likely that evidence will indicate that Floyd Corkins II, the gunman in that case, had been suffering from some psychological turmoil. Generally such disturbed individuals display many clear warning signals before perpetrating violence. Alarming behavior, emotional distress, previous incidents – the offender was all but destined to act. Media reports on each incident are so similar that they appear to come from a common template. Perhaps the clarity of hindsight and our need to find reason during tragedy exaggerates this phenomenon, but I think there is something else at work. If we can so easily uncover psychological triggers after a shooting has already occurred, we should be able to do the same before anyone gets hurt. But we don’t, and it’s because we’re afraid to so. Despite major advancements in science and theory alike, mental illness remains massively stigmatized in our society. To acknowledge mental illness in ourselves or in others, especially those close to us, is to acknowledge a reality wholly incompatible with our highly technical, precision-based and constantly-moving world. The

Washington Police and FBI agents gather at site of shooting outside the Family Research Council in Washington, Wednesday. invisibility of mental illness allows us to deny its existence until it manifests in our physical reality – as violence, as suicide or as any danger to ourselves and others. Failing to address mental illness allows the illness to grow until its effects are undeniable and, sometimes, indiscriminating between the self and others. Had Page received adequate help for his emotional distress and drink-

ing habits, the Wisconsin Sikh temple may have had a peaceful morning of prayer. If officers had not shrugged off warnings about Holmes, a crowd of Colorado moviegoers may have simply enjoyed the latest Batman movie. And had he been compliant with his medication regimen, Jared Loughner – who shot and killed six and injured 14, including former U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords,

in Arizona last year – may have found peace from the voices in his head. The horrible irony of mental illness is that sufferers are often left without the capacity to help themselves – they may not be able to recognize their illness or might feel intrinsically averse to receiving help. Thus, we must recognize and acknowledge mental illness when it is present and make sure that adequate


treatment is given. According to the National Institutes of Health, one in four adults experience a mental health disorder in a given year, and of those adults, fewer than onethird of adults with a diagnosable mental disorder receive mental health services. It is time to end the stigma. We need to accept mental illness as a natural part of human existence.







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BORN TODAY This year, do not take offers or good will for granted. People will need feedback more than they have in the past. You could discover that you missed an opportunity or a friendship has soured. If you are single, a potential long-term relationship could appear. Be grateful rather than critical. If you are attached, work on your appreciation for each other. Your bond will grow stronger as a result. VIRGO makes it clear how he or she feels about you.

CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) HHH You easily could go overboard and not be able rein yourself in. Stop trying to please everyone else. In the afternoon, you’ll initiate a long-overdue conversation. News that comes to you could be distorted. Be a factfinder. Tonight: Out and about.

ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) HHHH Move quickly with the rising sun. The results will be far better than if you were to wait. Realize you cannot satisfy some people, especially one person you consider difficult. Confusion sets in later today. You’ll need to sort through information to find a resolution. Tonight: Vanish while you can. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) HHHH Fatigue might be dulling some of your innate resourcefulness. Once you energize and become more resilient, you will discover how much you have to offer. Time works with you today. A misunderstanding involving a meeting time is possible. Confirm now rather than later. Tonight: A loved one is calling. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) HHHH Listen to everyone’s feedback. Each person wants to put in his or her two cents. The problem is that you need a reality-based approach. A child or loved one could be overwhelming you with his or her needs. You might want to avoid this person for now.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) HHHHH You can get nearly anything rolling. The issue might be figuring out what to do with your powerful energy. If you have no answer, just enjoy the day. Others seem to be in harmony with you. Later today, you might feel that a frivolous indulgence is in order. Why not? Tonight: Go for the moment. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) HHHH You might want to rethink a decision in the morning. You could feel restricted or cramped in some manner. Your best bet is not to act until midafternoon or later, when your energy is likely to change. You will feel better. Tonight: Exercise your free will. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) HHHH You have an exactitude that not only impresses others but also encourages you to take action. If you can do just that before midafternoon, do so. Later on, your creativity and imagination will soar. Tonight: Do your own thing. SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) HHHH Know that others are watching you; whether they approve will make little difference. You still are likely to do what you want. Your creativity surges by late afternoon in a brain-

DOWN 1 Capone facial mark 2 Pitcher Hideo 3 Clock radio letters 4 Seasoned rice dish

5 Like many postcard photos 6 Continent with penguins 7 Like bogs 8 Apiece 9 Cleans and brushes, as a horse 10 __ Navidad 11 Diet soda claim 12 Deli bread choice 13 Fold, spindle or mutilate 21 Director DeMille 22 Disinclined 25 Acted in an environmentally conscious way 26 Spuds 27 Comedian Sykes and a fish 28 “... in a one-horse open __” 29 “Can We Talk?” comedienne 31 Nature Valley snack 34 Govt. antipollution org. 36 Inbound flight approx. 38 Decay 40 Welles of “Citizen Kane” 41 Watergate president

47 Grad student’s paper 49 Having just hit a double, say 52 Like a faulty pipe 53 Approximately, in dates 54 Supreme Court justice Kagan 56 Camping gear 57 Some nest eggs, briefly 58 Swoosh logo company 59 Accomplishment 60 WWII leader 61 Brit’s bathroom


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WELLNESS PROGRAMS on topics such as drinkWELL, loveWELL, chillWELL and more are provided for interested student groups, organizations or classes by WELLWVU: Wellness and Health Promotion. For more information, visit wellness. W E L LW V U: S T U D E N T HEALTH is paid for by tuition and fees and is confidential. For appointments or more information, call 304-293-2311 or visit medical. NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS meets nightly in the Morgantown and Fairmont areas. For more information, call the helpline at 800-766-4442 or visit ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets daily. To find a meeting, visit For those who need help urgently, call 304-291-7918. CARITAS HOUSE, a local nonprofit organization serving West Virginians with HIV/ AIDS, needs donations of food

and personal care items and volunteers to support all aspects of the organization’s activities. For more information, call 304-985-0021. SCOTT’S RUN SETTLEMENT HOUSE, a local outreach organization, needs volunteers for daily programs and special events. For more information or to volunteer, email or call 304-599-5020. CONFIDENTIAL COUNSELING SERVICES are provided for free by the Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services. A walk-in clinic is offered weekdays from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Services include educational, career, individual, couples and group counseling. Please visit www.well. to find out more information. WOMEN, INFANTS AND CHILDREN needs volunteers. WIC provides education, supplemental foods and immunizations for pregnant women and children under five years of age. This is an opportunity to earn volunteer hours for class requirements. For more information, call 304-5985180 or 304-598-5185. BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS, a United Way agency, is looking for volunteers to become Big Brothers and Big Sisters in its one-on-one community-based and school-based mentoring programs. To volunteer, call Sylvia at 304-9832823, ext. 104 or email R O S E N B AU M FA M I LY HOUSE, which provides a place for adult patients and their families to stay while receiving medical care at WVU, is looking for service organizations to provide dinner for 20 to 40 Family House guests. For more information, call 304-598-6094 or email rfh@


skill levels are invited to come. For more information, email TRADITIONAL KARATE CLASS FOR SELF-DEFENSE meets at 9 p.m. in Multipurpose Room A of the Student Recreation Center. THE WVU EQUESTRIAN TEAM meets in Room 2001 of the Agricultural Sciences Building. The Western Equestrian Team will meet at 7 p.m. and the English Equestrian Team will meet at 8 p.m. RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION will meet at 7:30 p.m. Any issues pertaining to residence halls can be brought up and discussed at this meeting. For more information, email Victoria Ball at vball@mix.

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THE PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA meets at 4 p.m. in room 103 Martin Hall. KAPPA PHI, a Christian women’s service organization, meets at 7 p.m. at Wesley United Methodist Church on the corner of N. High and Willey streets. For more information, email kappaphi_pi@ or visit www. RIFLE CLUB meets from 6-8 p.m. in Room 311 of the Shell Building. For more information, email Abbey at aheiskel@ or Bob at FREE ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE ADVANCED CONVERSATION GROUP meets at 6 p.m. at the Blue Moose Cafe for conversation, friendship and free English conversation lessons. New friends are always welcome. For more information, email Erin at STUDENTS TAKING ACTION NOW: DARFUR meets at 7 p.m. in the Mountain Room of the Mountainlair. STAND is active in planning events to raise money and awareness on the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan. For more information, email Felicia at fgilber@mix. or call 732-674-8357. AIKIDO FOR BEGINNERS is at 6 p.m. at Lakeview Fitness Center. There are special rates for WVU students. For more information, email var3@ WVU CLUB TENNIS is practicing from 9-10 p.m. at Ridgeview Racquet Club. For carpooling, call 304-906-4427. New members are always welcome. CHESS CLUB meets from 6-9 p.m. in the food court of the Mountainlair. Players of all



Be e


Kailey Utley, a freshmen forward from St. Louis, celebrates after scoring her first career goal in her second game for the Mountaineers Sunday afternoon. Her goal put the women up 1-0 in a game that they would go on to win 2-1.

ACROSS 1 Ginger cookies 6 Take down __: humble 10 1040, for example 14 Stand-up in a club 15 Close by 16 Ireland’s best-selling solo artist 17 Plentiful 18 __ Bell 19 Sinister look 20 Christian led by the Pope 23 Passionate 24 “Amadeus” subject 27 Paper with NYSE news 30 300, to Caesar 31 Federal agency support org. 32 Michele of “Glee” 33 Lotion ingredient 35 Road for Caesar 37 Brook or lake fish 39 Equine that originated in Italy’s Campania region 42 Iraqi currency 43 “Pleeeeeease?” 44 Wedding cake level 45 Part of USDA: Abbr. 46 RR depot 48 Big name in kitchen gadgets 50 Harris and McMahon 51 1862 Tennessee battle site 53 Dolly the sheep, e.g. 55 Slatted window treatment 60 Tiny dog biter 62 Balkan native 63 Eagle’s dwelling 64 Nerd 65 Machu Picchu resident 66 Boa or mamba 67 Like an optimist’s point of view 68 Big Dipper component 69 Facilitated


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storming session or from surfing the Web. Don’t hold yourself back. Tonight: Catch up on a friend’s news. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) HHHH You wish you could take off, and you just might if an opportunity opens up. Your mind focuses on yonder places and people, or maybe you just want to book a flight to an exotic spot. By late afternoon, you’ll remember everything you should have done. Tonight: Working late. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) HHHH You might want to iron out an agreement or situation with a partner. There is no reason to think you can’t. You might want to initiate the first step, as you are more serious and/or determined. The tone lightens up as the day passes to night. Tonight: Whatever makes you happy. AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) HHHHH Deal directly with a friend or loved one. The problem might be finding a quiet, secluded space where the two of you can talk. Others simply want to be around you; they cannot get enough of you. Be flattered instead of frustrated. Tonight: Spend time with a special person. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) HHHHH Defer to others, and understand that you need to handle a matter differently. Focus on what you can accomplish. By late afternoon, a sense of creativity will come over you and reveal many more options than you even thought possible. Tonight: Sort through invitations, then decide. BORN TODAY Actress Cloris Leachman (1926), singer Bobby Vee (1943), actor Al Lewis (1923)

Pearls Before Swine

by Stephan Pastis



Monday August 20, 2012

First-time students face campus housing shortages By Carlee Lammers City Editor

This fall, some first-time West Virginia University students won’t have a home in any of the University’s oncampus residence halls. The University announced housing was at full capacity and ceased accepting housing applications for the 2012-13 school year June 15. Some students have been placed on a waiting list, while others have been referred to off-campus housing. According to the WVU housing website, all single first-year students are required to live in University housing. In addition, transfer students with fewer than 29 transferable credit hours are also required to live on campus. However, housing is only available on a firstcome, first-served basis, and space often fills rapidly. “We’re not turning away huge numbers of students,” said Corey Farris, Director of Housing and Interim Dean of Students. “This is just a handful of students who were really late in the housing process.” Incoming freshman Austin Johnson applied for housing late because of a last minute shoulder injury that caused him to lose his football scholarship at another university. Johnson, who opted to commute from his home, said he understands the high demand for housing, and even though first-time students are encouraged to


WVU has announced that the student dormitories have reached capacity for the Fall 2012 semester. To compensate for the lack of vacancy, some students will reside in the lobbies in Towers until space becomes available. live on campus, he said he isn’t worried about his experience at WVU. “Honestly, it happens. WVU is very popular; they have popular athletics that are soaring even higher – a lot of people want to go to WVU now. I’m still going to a great school, and going to have a great experience. It’s really not that big of a deal to me,” he said. According to officials, reaching maximum capacity isn’t uncommon. “On-campus housing is at full capacity; however, this is an issue that typically happens this time of year,” said WVU Residence Hall Association President Walter Hardy.

While limited housing is not a new problem for the University, Hardy said there are currently no plans to expand the on-campus housing opportunities for students. “The new Evansdale Master Plan does not call for expansion of the current residence halls. There are plans to add academic precincts and recreational precincts, but in their plans for the next 5-10 years, residential precincts have not been evaluated,” he said. While the University recognizes the housing shortage, WVU housing is looking forward for a longer-term sustainable housing plan, Farris said.

“We can’t rush out and buy and build more housing all of a sudden, because then all of a sudden what if we don’t have the students to fill the housing?” he said. “We are constantly looking at what undergraduate and graduate enrollment is going to be. When the high demand for housing continues, that’s when we begin to look forward.” Farris said WVU could only house 3,600 students in on-campus residence halls in the 1990’s. When the high demand for housing continued, the University began looking for solutions. The University purchased Summit and Fieldcrest halls and began building Lincoln

and Honors halls in the years that followed. “We are looking forward right now; we just have to do it in a smart way,” he said. “Fifteen years ago, we could only house 3,500 to 3,600 students. In 15 years, we’ve had a significant growth from where we were.” Today WVU housing can accommodate approximately 5,600 students, he said. While looking forward for sustainable housing options, Farris also said the University strives to for look financially sound options. “WVU housing is completely self-supportive. We don’t receive any tuition dollars or government funding. We have to rely all on room and board charges and meal plans,” he said. “We’re trying to be mindful of room and board charges for our students. We do not want to have to have higher charges.” While some first-time students have been turned away from on-campus housing, the University is doing everything it can to accommodate those students in their transition to life at WVU, he said. Hardy said for the first month of the fall semester some students would be placed into overflow rooms in the lobby areas of Towers, which make up the Evansdale Residential Complex, until space becomes available. The Office of Student Life has also assisted students by aiding them in their search for off-campus housing.

WVU also offers a commuter student program for those students living off campus. The program provides social activities, opportunities to meet other commuter students, academic progress counseling and referral information. “The commuter program is a great way for the University to reach out to that handful of students that were not able to receive on-campus housing,” Farris said. However, Hardy said he believes the experience students gain in the residence halls is vital experience for every student at WVU. “Being RHA president, I really do enjoy the residence halls and the experience students gain from living in them. I do feel that the University is providing a real disservice by not having more housing, especially for upperclassmen,” Hardy said. In an effort to provide all first-time students with the residence hall experience, Farris said residence hall programs and events are open to off-campus students. “These students are more than welcome to participate fully in any residence hall program,” he said. “Whether it be tutoring or any other public programming event, off-campus students are welcome to come into any sessions.” To learn more, visit

Dentistry students help low income children learn dental hygiene by Bryan bumgardner associate city editor

Thanks to students and faculty from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry, some rural West Virginia children will have healthy, lifelong smiles. Camp Horseshoe’s Youth Opportunity Camp helps low-income children ages 7-12 build social skills, gain confidence and learn healthy lifestyles. Inspired by the program, sophomore dentistry student Sawan Prabhu started Project Lucky Smile, which worked with Camp Horseshoe to educate children about dental hygiene and good nutrition. “I always loved doing community outreach, and this camp is the perfect place,” she said. Prabhu had volunteered at the camp since high school, and saw an opportunity to spread knowledge about dental hygiene. “All the kids that come to this camp are low-income students from all over the state,” she said. “This is a good program to target ofage students.”

With the aid of professors and the dentistry class of 2015, Project Lucky Smile visited Camp Horseshoe several times throughout the month. During presentations, students taught children about flossing techniques, oral diseases and foods that can damage teeth. Project Lucky Smile also provided more than 300 free dental kits to students, which included floss and toothbrushes. “We tried to get things that the students would like or that they may not have had at home,” Prabhu said. Prabhu received a $500 scholarship from the WVU Student Government Association Grant through the WVU American Student Dental Association to fund the project. Before she could begin, however, she had to organize the program. Luckily, Prabhu’s contact with Camp Horseshoe made the process easier. “I approached them with the idea, and they loved it,” she said. “They were very willing to let me come in and teach.” With the aid of 14 other students, Project Lucky

Smile was a success, according to Prabhu. “I was really surprised at how much the students knew and how quickly they learned,” she said. David Cooper, YMCA Camp Horseshoe Director, was appreciative of Prabhu’s efforts. “This is a very beneficial program for these campers – not only did they learn a lot of useful information, but they also had a great time interacting with the WVU interns,” he said. “We’re very thankful for this partnership with the university.” Prabhu hopes someone will continue Project Lucky Strike into the future. “I really want people to know more about this camp,” she said. “I really hope that Sophomore dentistry student Sawan Prabhu interacts with an attendee. someone will be able to step up and keep it going. “These students are the perfect age for this sort of thing, and they may not get this education from their own hometowns.” To learn more about the WVU School of Dentistry, visit http://dentistry.hsc. Tell us what you think about this issue. Send a tweet to


A volunteer presents at Project Lucky Smile.

The Endless 111 Walnut Street, Downtown Morganrown 304-780-7841


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Monday August 20, 2012


Local paranormal investigators make national splash By Lacey Palmer Staff Writer

While many run from paranormal sightings, West Virginia University alumni Jonathan Johnson and Richard Riley have dedicated their careers to providing answers to home and property owners’ haunting questions. In 2007, the two cousins founded the Morgantownbased group, West Virginia Paranormal Investigations. They found the opportunity was a way to further understand the world of ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal. “My mom grew up in a house that she swore was haunted, so I’d always heard stories, and then when I got to college I started doing some research and looking around on my own,” Johnson said. “I saw some of the shows on TV; I started reaching out and found some other people who had a similar interest. At that point, I decided to found the group so we could combine and capture evidence to explain what was going on out there.” Johnson said the group was founded with the mission of finding scientific evidence to better understand

these phenomena, and to help those who are being plagued by it. Recently, WVPI has gained much notoriety with an appearance on the Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Challenge,” as well as an upcoming appearance on A&E Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story,” which will air in September. During the “Paranormal Challenge” taping last summer, Johnson and Riley filmed at the Old West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, W.Va., Johnson said he found the experience a unique and exciting opportunity for the group. “It was amazing just getting a chance to investigate a great place like the penitentiary, meeting a bunch of amazing people like Zak Bagans from ‘Ghost Adventures’ and getting a behindthe-scenes look at how TV is done,” he said. “I’m very thankful we had the chance to do that.” Aside from television appearances, Johnson and Riley have investigated various unique places throughout the state including the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, oneroom schoolhouses across

the state and private residences at no cost to the homeowner. Johnson said the group strives to help those in need – even if that simply means lending an ear for listening. “We usually start private residency investigations by just talking with them to find out what’s going on,” he said. “Not every family needs someone in there investigating, but if they do want us to investigate, then at that point we bring in all of our equipment and do an overnight investigation and see what we capture with audio and video, then we play that back for the family, and then if they feel like that gives them answers, that’s fine, but if not and they want something gone, then we do have ways of cleansing a house, and we can help them that way.” WVPI will also be a part of an upcoming event Sept. 9-11 at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. The event will allow the public to investigate the TALA with not only WVPI, but with other well-known paranormal personalities as well. Johnson said at the event there will be an introduction and a question and an-

swer session. Then, for the rest of the night, attendees will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with the investigation teams in the asylum. “It’ll be a great event with a lot of big name people,” Johnson said. “We’re very happy and excited to be asked to be a part of it, seeing as it is our first bigtime event.” Johnson said sometimes working with the paranormal can be a difficult job – especially when some people doubt your business. “I have a lot of people that I deal with that aren’t believers, and I even have some family members that don’t believe,” Johnson said. “When someone says they don’t believe, I usually tell them that’s hard to say until you’ve experienced it for yourself, so I always offer for them to join us on an investigation and see for themselves.” Johnson said as the profession has become increasingly mainstream, paranormal investigation teams have become more abundant in the area. However, he credits WVPI’s experience to its level of professionalism above others. “We’ve been through the


The West Virginia Paranormal Investigations group has made appearances on the Travel Channel and A&E. ringer, I guess you could say. We’ve done a ton of investigations and been in different situations, and we know how to handle them professionally.” Visit www.transallegh- for more information on the upcoming events, or e-mail

College of Creative Arts gets gold from London ity of work the students produced when I came here. I’m hoping to bring something different to this department and be able to dovetail effectively with what’s already here. Chicago will always be my artistic home, but somehow West Virginia reminds me of England. It’s great to work somewhere you’re always learning, and there’s a lot to learn here. ST: What do you think you’ll gain from this experience and the students around you? RS: For me, I always get an enormous satisfaction from seeing people with whom I’ve worked be successful in whatever way that means for them. I’m always learning different perspectives from students and insights into the process of acting. A lot of what I’ve learned has come from others’ insights and experience from doing what they love. ST: In one word, summarize how you feel about being an asset to WVU’s College of Creative Arts. RS: Excited.

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successful and effective director, you really are a manager of people, which requires skills that are sometimes neglected in directing. I always say acting is four years in school and five years of experience. So, developing and nurturing creative leadership is something I’m interested in. ST: If you could give the students one piece of advice, what would it be? RS: Follow your heart. Whenever you’re involved in the arts, that’s always important. It takes passion to pursue a life in the arts. ST: What is your goal for the current school year? RS: Find my way around the building, really to get to know my students and colleagues and figure out the best and most effective ways we can work together in order to facilitate the best possible experience for the student-actors. ST: How long do you hope to be here at WVU? RS: I certainly didn’t come here with the anticipation to move. I was very impressed by the qual-

ut s

West Virginia University’s College of Creative Arts has recently announced a new addition to its faculty. Roger Smart, Assistant Professor of Acting, will begin his career at WVU this fall. Originally from Northampton, a town approximately 60 miles north of London, Smart decided to resign from a position in Chicago as the Artistic Director at the Shattered Globe Theatre, to gain experience in both acting and directing. After traveling to West Virginia and joining WVU’s staff, he hopes to bring his enthusiastic personality and passion to the University and students. The Daily Athenaeum’s Shelby Toompas recently spoke with Smart about his past in the entertainment industry and his hopes for a promising future. ST: I see that you’ve been very successful in your profession. Were acting and/or directing always a dream of yours? RS: No. Originally, I trained to be a high school teacher of drama and theater arts, because directing wasn’t something that was covered in the curriculum. It wasn’t until I got into high school that I decided to direct. ST: What moment did you first realize you wanted to work in acting and directing? RS: After a break of working with adults and getting back into theater, I got the chance to direct a youth theater production and a

main stage with adults in a local theater. I then realized that’s what I wanted to do. It brought together a lot of things I was interested in into one job, and I pursued it. ST: What inspired you to take this job? RS: I’ve always liked working in state universities, and WVU has a great graduate program. After having taught at universities both with and without graduate programs, I think that having one makes the program increase, but to the undergraduate program as well. As I got to know more about what is taught here, it seems like a place I could fit in. ST: What do you look forward to the most about being the Assistant Professor of Acting at WVU? RS: Always working with actors. In recent years, I’ve combined teaching and working professionally, and there is always a part of me that’s interested in the next generation of the arts. Theater has to find a way to remain vital, and I think a part of that is to train actors who are skilled and interested in a number of different ways. I’ll also be working with ‘Blood Wedding,’ which will be the third show of the season. ST: Is there anything you learned on your journey that you hope to share with the students here? RS: Yes – communication and leadership skills. I think to be a




By ShelBy Toompas



Monday August 20, 2012

Northern Calif. fire forces thousands to evacuate


Wildfires continue to ravage through communities in northern California. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Thousands of people have been told to leave their homes as a wildfire burning Sunday in thick forest threatened rural communities in far Northern California. The fire that sparked around 11:30 a.m. Saturday has destroyed four homes and consumed nearly 19 square miles near the towns of Manton, Shingletown and Viola, fire spokesman Daniel Berlant said. About 3,500 homes spread out across a rural area along the border of Tehama and Shasta counties are threatened as the fire continues to expand, he said. “A good majority are immediately threatened, and a good number are in the path of the fire,” Berlant said Sunday. “We will be battling it hard today to protect as many of those homes as possible.” The fire’s cause has not been determined, but officials said it started after a series of lightning strikes in the area.

No part of the blaze was contained Sunday afternoon, and fire activity had picked up, Berlant said. John Cluff, 42, told the Redding Record Searchlight that he was forced to flee his home before the evacuations were issued. He went back for his dog about 3:30 p.m. “The fire basically chased me out of the property,” he said. “All I could see was black smoke and flames.” The Shasta County Sheriff ’s Department has declared a State of Emergency for the county, with evacuations expected to continue through Sunday. The agency also was closing some local roads. The Red Cross set up an evacuation center in Redding, about 35 miles to the west of the blaze. The fire, burning in a rugged area of thick forests about 170 miles north of Sacramento, is one of handful of new fires in Northern California. Another wildfire that started Saturday has con-

sumed about 1.5 square miles east of the Mendocino County community of Covelo. That blaze, which was sparked by lightning, was burning in a remote area of thick timber and rugged terrain, making it difficult for fire crews to access. A third new fire has scorched about half a square mile in a remote area of Shasta County. Meanwhile, a massive wildfire that has been burning in the Plumas National Forest since July 29 grew larger late Saturday and early Sunday as strong winds pushed the flames past fire lines on the fire’s northeast edge. “Winds picked up, and it got very dry in the afternoon,” fire spokesman Brad Pitassi said. “It made a good push in that area” The blaze, about 120 miles north of Sacramento, has consumed nearly 70 square miles and continued to threaten about 900 homes. The fire is 38 percent contained, with full containment expected Aug. 31.

Also in California, a wildfire in Lassen Volcanic National Park was 51 percent contained after consuming more than 43 square miles. Officials expected firefighters would have the blaze contained by Tuesday. Elsewhere in the West, fires also continued to rage. – In Idaho, about 1,100 firefighters worked to protect some 350 homes in the Featherville area under a mandatory evacuation as the Trinity Ridge Fire continued a slow approach toward the community. “The fire will make it to Featherville,” fire spokeswoman Mallory Eils said. “It’s just a matter of when.” She said when that happens is hard to predict due to varying weather conditions. The area was under a Red Flag Warning on Sunday with the possibility of thunderstorms, and she said fire managers were preparing to light fires ahead of the main fire to protect the town but were waiting for the right conditions that would draw the backfire to-

ward the main fire. “They have a very specific plan lined up for how they are going to conduct the operation,” she said, noting it included starting fires using helicopters. She said many people had evacuated but some chose to stay in the area that along with Pine is a recreation getaway in the mountains 105 miles northeast of Boise. It’s unclear how many residents remained. – In Washington state, better weather over the weekend has helped firefighters gain ground on a fire that has scorched dozens of homes near Cle Elum, about 75 miles east of Seattle. Jessica Payne, a spokeswoman for the Taylor Bridge fire, said Sunday that lightning strikes hadn’t materialized as previously feared. Fire officials expect the wildfire to be contained on Monday if the weather remains favorable. The fire broke out last Monday at a bridge construction project and has burned across

more than 23,000 acres of grass, sagebrush and timber in rural areas. – In Utah, evacuation orders were lifted east of Park City as firefighters made progress on a wildfire near Jordanelle State Park. But crews were dispatched to another Wasatch County blaze Sunday afternoon where 60-foot flames were reported in Daniels Canyon. County fire spokeswoman Janet Carson said the Whiskey Springs Fire was reported in the canyon near State Route 40 just before 1 p.m. She said an air attack might be the only effective way to fight the human-caused fire because of the steep terrain. The Fox Bay Fire that started Saturday near Jordanelle Reservoir has burned at least 550 acres but was estimated at 40 percent contained Sunday. Residents returned to their homes in the Fox Bay, Stillwater and Shores areas, and state park visitors were allowed to retrieve their property.


Monday August 20, 2012


U.N. special envoy seeks unified voice on Syria PARIS (AP) — The new U.N. special envoy to Syria admitted on Sunday that he faces a difficult job trying to broker peace in Syria and said his first task is overcoming divisions within the Security Council that stymied the efforts of his predecessor. Lakhdar Brahimi, who was named Friday to replace former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan as peace envoy to Syria, said getting the Security Council to speak “with a unified voice” is critical to his mission’s success, but that he has no concrete ideas on how to achieve that. The former Algerian foreign minister and longtime U.N. diplomat spoke during an interview with The Associated Press at his home in Paris on Sunday. Russia and China have used their veto power at the Security Council to block strong Westernand Arab-backed action against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. Brahimi, who served as a


General Babacar Gaye, head of the United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS), gives a news conference Sunday. U.N. envoy in Afghanistan and Iraq and helped negotiate the end of Lebanon’s civil war as an Arab League envoy, said Annan’s mission failed “because the international community was not as supportive as he needed them to be.” “The problem is not

what I can do differently, it is how others are going to behave differently,” Brahimi said. But asked if he had specific ideas on how to achieve that consensus, Brahimi simply responded “No.” “If they spoke in one voice and were clearly sup-

portive of what I will be doing on their behalf, that is what I need,” Brahimi said in response to what he wants from the Security Council. “Without a unified voice from the Security Council, I think it will be difficult,” Brahimi said.

Annan announced earlier this month that he will resign on Aug. 31 as joint U.N.-Arab League envoy to Syria, after failing to broker a cease-fire as the country descended into civil war. Activists say about 20,000 people have been killed since March 2011. Brahimi is was travelling to New York Sunday. Later he will go to Cairo for meetings with the Arab League. Brahimi also called on Syrians to do their part in ending the violence. “Peace will be made by the Syrians,” Brahimi said, “At the end of the day, it is not the mediator and not the Security Council.” He said, “If the Syrians realize they need to move away from confrontation toward peaceful solutions, that will help, too.” The diplomat said military intervention “is not supported by anybody.” “I’m a peacemaker. By definition if I start speaking about military intervention, that is recogniz-

ing a failure, not a personal failure but a failure of the peace process,” Brahimi said. He also said he looks forward to including Iran, a strong ally of Assad, in the peace effort. “Iran is an important country in the region and definitely I’ll be very happy to talk to them,” Brahimi said. Annan traveled to Iran with the same goal toward the end of his stint as the special U.N. envoy. Brahimi, 78, has a long record of working in the Arab and Islamic world. He served as Algeria’s foreign minister from 1991 to 1993, and joined the United Nations in 1994, where he served in a variety of highprofile posts until he retired in 2005. Brahimi’s long U.N. career took him to a number of countries such as Haiti, Yemen, Sudan and South Africa, where he led U.N. efforts to oversee democratic elections that brought Nelson Mandela to power.

Chinese politician’s wife due Sudanese helicopter crash kills to hear verdict in murder trial 32, including government officials HEFEI, China (AP) — A fallen Chinese politician’s wife who confessed to killing a British businessman is due to hear the verdict Monday in her murder trial, and Communist Party leaders may have decided against a death penalty for fear it could incite public sympathy for her. The conclusion of Gu Kailai’s trial will be a step toward closing a scandal that has rocked the Chinese leadership at a sensitive time with a handover soon of power to younger leaders. But even after the verdict is announced, questions will remain over the fate of her husband, Bo Xilai, a prominent figure who was dismissed in March as party secretary of the major city of Chongqing. Gu is accused of killing Briton Neil Heywood, a former Bo family associate. State media say the two had a dispute over money and Heywood allegedly threatened her son. A family aide has been charged as an accessory. Heywood’s family lawyer, He Zhengsheng, said: “We wait for the court’s verdict. We respect the court’s decision. I believe the ruling will be fair and just.” Security was increased at the court ahead of the verdict. Police officers stood guard around the building. At least a half dozen SWAT police vans were parked on each corner, some of them carrying plainclothes security. The main road in front of the entrance was blocked by traffic cones. State media say Gu confessed to intentional homicide, for which the penalty ranges from 10 years in prison to death. One option is a suspended death sentence that can be commuted later to a long prison term. Chinese courts regularly impose death sentences for murder, rape and some nonviolent crimes. Any ruling will be politically delicate, and Chinese leaders might have decided to impose a lengthy prison term instead of death for fear that a more severe penalty might stir outrage or make Gu look like a scapegoat for her husband’s misdeeds, political and legal analysts say. The party says Bo was removed due to unspecified violations. If Gu, whose one-day trial was held here Aug. 9 under heavy guard, becomes a target of sympathy, the scandal that has embarrassed China’s gov-

Gu Kailai stands trial in the Hefei Intermediate People’s Court in Hefei. ernment will drag on. “If you execute her, what about Bo Xilai? You should also execute Bo Xilai, because when the story becomes fully known, it’s highly likely that people will think that she was just a scapegoat for the whole thing,” said Cheng Li, an expert in Chinese elite politics at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. “Then if you want to put


Bo Xilai on the death penalty, that’s a really, really dangerous thing.” No senior leader has been sentenced to death in recent decades, and having a party-controlled court system impose such a penalty could open the door to its use in future power struggles. The family aide, Zhang Xiaojun, is expected to receive a lighter penalty.

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — A Sudanese helicopter carrying a government delegation crashed in a mountainous southern region on Sunday, killing all 32 people on board including a Cabinet minister, a former presidential adviser, two generals and a TV crew. The delegation was travelling aboard a chartered helicopter to the volatile South Kordofan state to attend prayers on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. The helicopter went down “due to harsh weather conditions” near Talodi, a small town about 650 kilometers (406 miles) southwest of the capital, Khartoum, state-run news agency SUNA said.

A Sudanese official said the aircraft slammed into a mountain just before it was to land in Talodi, as seasonal heavy rains in the region left the pilots with “zero visibility”. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the media. He said a search team that reached the site of the crash was having trouble identifying the victims as many bodies had been charred and torn to pieces. The office of Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir released a list of all 26 passengers and six crew members who perished in the crash. Minister of Endowment Ghadi al-Sadeq and a former adviser to al-Bashir, Makki Balayela, were on the list, as were the two

generals and other officials. A four-member TV crew from Sudan’s state television also died in the crash. Sudan has a poor aviation safety record, with a large number of jet accidents occurring on landing. In late 2010, a plane carrying 36 people crashed on landing in Sudan’s western Darfur region, killing at least two people. And in May 2008 – before South Sudan became a separate country – a plane crash in a remote area in the south killed 24 people, including key members of the regional southern Sudanese government. Five years earlier, a Sudan Airways Boeing 737 en route from Port Sudan to Khartoum crashed soon after takeoff, killing all 115 people on board.


A10 | NEWS

Monday August 20, 2012

Japan activists land, raise flags on disputed isle SENKAKU ISLANDS, Japan (AP) — Japan’s territorial disputes with its neighbors flared anew Sunday as a group of nationalist activists swam ashore and raised flags on an island also claimed by China. Chinese took to the streets in protest, overturning Japanese-branded cars and smashing windows at some Japanese-owned businesses, as Beijing lodged a formal complaint, urging Tokyo to prevent frictions from escalating further. Ten Japanese made an unauthorized landing on Uotsuri, the largest in a small archipelago known in Japan as the Senkaku Islands and in China as the Diaoyu Islands. The uninhabited islands surrounded by rich fishing grounds are controlled by Japan but also claimed by China and Taiwan. Of the 10 who visited the island, five were conservative local assembly members. “The Senkakus are undoubtedly Japanese territory. It is to be expected that Japanese would take that to heart,” said Eiji Kosaka, an assemblyman from Tokyo’s Arakawa district. China’s Foreign Ministry protested, summoning Ja-

Thousands of anti-Japan protesters march in the streets of Chengdu, in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, Sunday. pan’s ambassador to voice its complaints. “The Japanese side should properly handle the current issue and avoid seriously damaging the overall situation of China-Japan relations,” ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in a statement. Tokyo rejected a complaint by China’s ambassador to Japan, Cheng Yonghua, according to Japan’s Foreign Ministry. Vice Foreign Minister Kenichiro Sasae told Cheng in a phone conversation that the protests in

China were “regrettable” and urged Chinese authorities to ensure the safety of tens of thousands of Japanese citizens there, the ministry said. China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported protests in cities across the country. Demonstrators burned Japanese flags, overturned or smashed Japanese cars and in some places broke windows of Japan-related businesses. Days earlier, a group of 14 Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese traveled by boat to the islands, some


swimming ashore. Protesters in Beijing, Hong Kong and other cities praised them as heroes and burned Japanese flags, but Japan arrested the 14 for landing without authorization. On Friday, Tokyo deported the group, seeking to quiet the regional spat. But plans for further visits by activists on both sides appear likely to further inflame the territorial tensions. Taiwanese Foreign Minister Timothy Yang summoned Japan’s de facto ambassador to Taiwan, Sumio Tarui, on Sunday to lodge a

protest over the visit by the Japanese activists to the islands, which are about 190 kilometers (120 miles) off Taiwan’s northeastern coast. Yang said the “provocative act” had heightened tensions in the area, according to a ministry statement. The spat over long-contested territories comes as China’s ruling Communist Party prepares for a major leadership transition. Leaders in both China and Japan face strong domestic pressure to defend national interests. Frictions have also flared recently over another set of disputed islands, controlled by South Korea. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak visited the islands in the Sea of Japan, called Takeshima in Japanese and Dokdo in Korean, earlier this month. His visit was seen by many as an attempt to play up anti-Japan sentiment ahead of elections later this year. In the latest move to reinforce its territorial claim, South Korea unveiled Sunday a 47-inch (120-centimeter) -tall monument in the disputed islets, emblazoned in Korean with “Dokdo” in front, “Republic of Korea” on the back and President Lee Myung-bak’s name on

the side. The Japanese group that landed on Uotsuri Island on Sunday was among dozens of conservative lawmakers and activists who were visiting waters off the disputed islands over the weekend. “Four days ago there was an illegal landing of Chinese people on the island – as such we need to solidly reaffirm our own territory,” said Koichi Mukoyama, a national lawmaker who was among seven conservative parliamentarians aboard a boat in the flotilla of some 20 vessels that traveled to the islands. The lawmakers refrained from landing on Uotsuri after the government last week rejected their application to visit. Last week’s visit by the Chinese activists raised calls by critics of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s government to take stronger action to protect the islands. Some lawmakers are urging that Japan’s military be called on to protect the territory. Japan says it has controlled the five main islands for more than 100 years. It has been trying to place four that are privately held under state ownership to bolster its territorial claim.

Like NASA rover, family switches over to Mars time LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. (AP) — For one family, an exotic summer getaway means living on Mars. Martian time, that is. Since the landing of NASA’s newest Mars rover, flight director David Oh’s family has taken the unusual step of tagging along as he leaves Earth time behind and syncs his body clock with the red planet. Every mission to Mars, a small army of scientists and engineers reports to duty on “Mars time” for the first three months. But it’s almost unheard of for an entire family to flip their orderly lives upside down,

shifting to what amounts to a time zone change a day. Intrigued about abiding by extraterrestrial time, Oh’s wife, Bryn, could not pass up the chance to take their kids – 13-year-old Braden, 10-year-old Ashlyn and 8-year-old Devyn – on a Martian adventure from their home near the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where the Curiosity rover was built. “We all feel a little sleepy, a little jet-lagged all day long, but everyone is doing great,” Bryn Oh said, two weeks into the experiment. Days on Mars last a tad longer. Earth rotates on its

axis once every 24 hours – the definition of a day. Neighbor Mars spins more lazily. Days there – known as sols – last 39 minutes and 35 seconds longer than on Earth. The difference may not seem like much each day, but it adds up. To stay in lockstep, nearly 800 people on the $2.5 billion project have surrendered to the Martian cycle of light and dark. In the simplest sense, each day slides forward 40 minutes. That results in wacky work, sleep and eating schedules. Many say it feels like perpetual jet lag. The Oh family broke

in slowly. A sign on their front door warns: “On Mars Time: Flight Director Asleep. Come Back Later.” Days before Curiosity’s Aug. 5 touchdown, the children stayed up until 11:30 p.m. and slept in until 10 a.m. In the beginning, it wasn’t much different from a typical day on summer vacation. As the days wore on, they stayed up later and later, waking up in the afternoon and evening. One day last week, the family ate a 3 p.m. breakfast, 8 p.m. lunch, 2:30 a.m. dinner and 5 a.m. dessert before heading off to bed. To sleep when the sun

is out, their bedroom windows are covered with aluminum foil or cloth to keep out any sliver of light. In the hallway, a handmade calendar keeps track of the days and schedules are written on an oversized mirror. A digital clock in the master bedroom is set to Mars time. Bryn Oh keeps a meticulous spreadsheet updated with her husband’s work hours and the family’s activities. They wear a wireless device that monitors their steps, calories burned and sleep patterns. When David Oh tells coworkers on Mars time and

friends on Earth time about the switch: “Some of them think it’s really cool to have the kids along. Some who worked on other Mars missions have said, ‘You’re crazy.’” Being night owls has its perks: Braden, Ashlyn and Devyn saw their first shooting star. The family went on night hikes in the hills around the neighborhood. They had a late dinner in Hollywood and gawked at street performers on the Walk of Fame with other tourists. They saw a midnight screening of a zombie film and then went bowling.

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Monday August 20, 2012

NEWS | A11

Least-loved day of the week is also the market’s worst NEW YORK (AP) — It’s not just in your head. Mondays really are the worst. Monday is the only day the stock market is more likely to fall than to rise. The Dow Jones industrial average has been down 10 of the past 11 Mondays. And the two worst days in market history are both known as Black Monday. There’s no single reason why Mondays are so blue. Then again, there’s no single reason the market rises or falls on any given day, driven as it is by the whims of traders placing millions of individual buy and sell orders. Some anecdotal evidence comes to mind: Companies are prone to release bad news on Friday nights, when fewer people are paying attention. Monday is the first day investors can react. And when companies collapse, they often do it late Sunday or early Monday, after spending a last weekend trying to stay afloat. See Wachovia, Bear Stearns and, most famously, Lehman Brothers investment bank, on Sept. 15, 2008.

Much like the rest of the workforce, Monday has historically been a tough day of performance for the stock market. Maybe people are just grumpier. They are at least more anxious: The so-called Vix, a gauge of investor fear, tends to go up on Mondays, notes Ryan Detrick, senior technical strategist for Schaeffer’s Investment Research in Cincinnati. The Vix has risen on twothirds of this year’s Mondays. On Tuesdays, the second-most-anxious day, the Vix was up just 58 percent of the time.

Or maybe it’s a fluke – another pattern people latch on to, to make the market seem more understandable, same as the stories that hemlines go up in bull markets, or that stocks rise if a team from the NFC wins the Super Bowl. Burton Malkiel wrote about those last two theories in his finance classic, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street.” He stuck them in a section called “A Gaggle of


Other Technical Theories to Help You Lose Money.” He found the “blue Monday” phenomenon equally underwhelming. “Far from dependable,” he says, and “most likely due to chance.” Still, there is a pattern. Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst for S&P Dow Jones Indices, crunched numbers for the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index back to 1928

and found that melancholy Mondays are a long tradition. Over the past 84 years, the S&P has declined on 52 percent of the Mondays, Silverblatt says. Same goes for the Dow, going back to 1900. On each of the other four days, the market is more likely to rise than fall. The S&P averages a decline of 0.12 percent on Mondays over history. On each of the other four days, the market averages a gain. (The best is Wednesday, averaging an increase of 0.08 percent.) This year follows the pattern: For both the S&P and the Dow, Monday is the only day to average a loss. Notably horrible was Monday, June 11, when the Dow fell 142 points because of worries about Spanish debt. Almost as bad were June 25, also capsized by worries about Spain, and April 9, after an anemic jobs report. “Maybe over the weekend, that’s when reality sets in,” says Tim McCandless, senior stock analyst at Bel Air Investment Advisors in Los Angeles. Three of the five worst

days in the history of the S&P 500 were Mondays, including two days known as Black Monday: Oct. 19, 1987, when stocks plunged more than 20 percent, and Oct. 28, 1929, which helped set off the Great Depression. So pity the poor Monday. Even pop culture is stacked against it. The Mamas & the Papas sang that every other day of the week is fine. Nobody names a restaurant T.G.I. Monday’s. The Titanic sank on a Monday, for crying out loud. It wasn’t always like this, with Mondays representing the dreaded beginning of the workweek in Western countries. Monday probably got its bad name when the Roman emperor Constantine invented the weekend, as David Ewing Duncan, author of a book on the history of the calendar, is fond of saying. Constantine made Sunday a rest day, an attempt to please both sun-worshippers, who were already observing it, Duncan says, and Christians, who Constantine knew could be persuaded because they believed in the resurrection of Christ on a Sunday.

Suburban areas of NYC struggle to lure tourists outside of the city

WEST POINT, N.Y. (AP) — The Empire State Building casts a long shadow. Suburbs in the metropolitan area are stepping up efforts to attract tourist dollars, but they have to deal with the proximity of New York City, the country’s biggest magnet for visitors and their money. “We’re definitely in the position of looking to steal some of the crumbs,” said Kristen Matejka of the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau. New York City’s tourism industry brought in $32 billion and supported about 320,000 jobs last year, when more than 50 million people visited Gotham. In contrast, neighboring Westchester County says tourism was worth $1.7 billion. Long Island counted $4.8 billion.

So how do the island and the Hudson Valley compete with the city that doesn’t sleep? They don’t. “New York City is a major draw, like a London, a Las Vegas, an Orlando,” said Natasha Caputo, Westchester’s tourism director. “We’re not competing with Orlando. “What we try to show is we’re an extension of New York City, enhancing that New York state of mind,” she said. There’s no Broadway or Museum of Modern Art or Yankee Stadium, but there are highly regarded community theaters, regional museums and minor league baseball. The suburbs can also brag that they have a few things the city doesn’t. “New York doesn’t have the specific ocean beaches

we have,” Matejka said. It also can’t offer Halloween celebrations focused on the Sleepy Hollow legend in Westchester. And it doesn’t have the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, which attracted about 211,000 visitors last year. But rare is the visitor who comes from Texas or Timbuktu just to see the Hamptons, the Headless Horseman or the Long Gray Line. “I would be hard-pressed to think anyone is making a special trip to this area from a distance just to see West Point unless they’re an old West Pointer or they have a military background,” said John Schieneman, who operates West Point Tours under an Army contract. So tourist agencies do their best to take advantage of New York City’s draw.

They also narrow their marketing area, in general, to a few hundred miles. Dave and Deb Maciewicz are in that target zone. They were visiting West Point this month from their home in Barneveld, N.Y., about 200 miles away. “We love the Hudson Valley,” said Dave Maciewicz, 63, a controller at a nonprofit agency. They’ve been to West Point a couple of times, to the Franklin D. Roosevelt homestead in Hyde Park and the nearby Culinary Institute of America. But they also love Christmas in New York City, the Bronx Zoo and the racetrack at Saratoga, said Deb Maciewicz, 58, a registered nurse. Not all the visitors live within driving distance. Feeding the big numbers at West Point is a huge in-

flux of Chinese tourists on East Coast bus trips. On the day the Maciewiczes visited, 21 buses arrived for tours, most while traveling from New York to Boston. Guides speaking Mandarin and Cantonese were available and the tourists bought T-shirts at the gift shop and posed for photos with cadets. “It’s the most famous military academy in the world,” explained Sheng Zhen of Hong Kong, who was leading one group of Chinese. “All the boys dream to be a soldier.” But Schieneman acknowledges those long-distance travelers would not be at West Point if they hadn’t come to see New York. Rob Schweitzer, spokesman for Historic Hudson Valley, which operates six historic sites and runs the

Halloween festival, agrees that the city is good for business. “The city has such a vibrancy and such energy from a cultural and tourism standpoint. It’s not a problem to offer people a different experience but a complementary experience: If you’re visiting New York or you’re a New Yorker, come out and see what’s half an hour away.” “Clearly, having New York City 55 miles away is a tremendous benefit, just in general because of the size of the population,” says Schieneman. Rockland County’s tourist office is planning to run TV commercials in the Bronx and Brooklyn with the slogan, “A World Away in Your Backyard,” says coordinator C.J. Miller.

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a12 | NEWS

Monday August 20, 2012

GM, Isuzu recall 258,000 SUVs to fix power windows DETROIT (AP) — General Motors and Isuzu are recalling more than 258,000 SUVs in the U.S. and Canada to fix short-circuits in power-window and doorlock switches that can cause fires. The recall covers Chevrolet TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy, Buick Rainier, Isuzu Ascender and Saab 97-X SUVs from the 2006 and 2007 model years. The SUVs were sold or registered in 20 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and Canada, where salt and other chemicals are used to clear roads in the winter. GM has reports of 28 fires. It doesn’t know of any injuries caused by the problem. Fluid containing the road-clearing chemicals can get inside the driver’s


The 2006 Chevy TrailBlaizer SS is one of 258,000 SUVs GM and Isuzu are recalling to fix an electrical issue that can cause fires. door and cause corrosion in the power-window and door-switch circuit boards, according to documents

posted on the U.S. National circuits, knocking out the Highway Traffic Safety Ad- switches and causing fires. ministration website. The The recall affects SUVs corrosion can cause short- sold or registered in the fol-

lowing states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Dealers will replace the power-window switch for free, according to NHTSA documents posted Saturday. Owners will get letters telling them when to schedule appointments. GM also will make repairs at no cost to owners living in states not covered by the recall, spokesman Alan Adler said in an e-mail. NHTSA started investigating the SUVs in February after getting a dozen complaints of fires. In one complaint filed

with NHTSA, from Oct. 29, 2008, a woman reported that the alarm sounded while her 2006 TrailBlazer was parked in her driveway. When she looked outside, she saw the SUV in flames. Firefighters put out the blaze and told her it started in the driver’s door. “The fire burned the entire driver’s side of the vehicle, a portion of the front passenger seat and the roof,” she wrote. The TrailBlazer was the biggest seller among the SUVs, which helped to make the truck-based sport utility vehicle popular in the U.S. The SUVs were phased out in 2009 and replaced by more efficient car-based crossovers such as the Chevrolet Traverse, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia.

Late Steve Jobs’ home burglarized CEO of Pernod Ricard liquor conglomerate dies at 67 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Families waiting for San Francisco’s cable cars on a recent morning couldn’t help but notice Kenny the Clown, who wore a curly rainbow wig as he twisted brightly colored balloons into animal shapes for visitors, blasting Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” from an iPad at his feet. Little did the clown know that the tablet doubling as his stereo would turn out to have been stolen from the home of the late Steve Jobs. “The thing that is embarrassing to me is I’m a huge fan of Steve Jobs,” said Kenneth Kahn, 47, a professional entertainer who police say unwittingly received a silver 64GB iPad pilfered from the home of the Apple co-founder last month. “It’s just bizarre.” Kahn’s friend, Kariem McFarlin, 35, of Alameda was arrested on suspicion of breaking into Jobs’ Palo Alto residence on Aug. 2. The pair had been planning a vacation to Hawaii, and when their trip fell through, Kahn said McFarlin gave him the iPad in exchange for money he had borrowed. “He owed me $300 for the

plane tickets, so he said he had an Apple computer that he wasn’t using anymore. I said fine, not having any clue what the hell was going on,” Kahn told The Associated Press on Friday. Kahn, a well-known local street performer who has also made unsuccessful bids to become mayor of Alameda and San Francisco, said he never examined the contents of the device and had no idea where it came from. It was unclear if Jobs had ever used it. Kahn said he downloaded Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five,” the “Pink Panther,” and other tunes for his clowning routine, which includes magic shows and torch juggling on a unicycle. Kahn said he played pop songs on the iPad for a few days at several San Francisco landmarks and at an Alameda street fair before police came for it. The device has been returned to the family of Jobs, who died last Oct. 5. Apple investigators identified McFarlin after he used the stolen device to connect to his iTunes account on the Internet, police said. He acknowledged to po-

lice that he broke into Jobs’ residence, as well as other homes, and wrote an apology letter to Jobs’ widow, according to a police report. The unoccupied Palo Alto home was targeted on July 17 because it was under renovation, authorities said. When construction crews left, a burglar hopped a fence and found a spare key, the San Jose Mercury News reported. The newspaper said the thief apparently didn’t realize he was in Jobs’ house until he saw a letter addressed to the Silicon Valley icon. During the 15-hour overnight heist, Jobs’ wallet and driver’s license were taken as well as iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac computers, champagne and $60,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry, police said. Kahn said he met McFarlin when he coached him on a high school basketball team in Alameda more than a decade ago. “Kariem and I used to talk about ethics all the time, so I thought we were on the same page,” Kahn said. “I guess he just got desperate, and made a terrible decision.”

PARIS (AP) — Patrick Ricard, who transformed a small firm based on his father’s anis-flavored liquor into a global entity with some of the most famous names in alcohol, has died. He was 67. The company, Pernod Ricard, said in a statement that he died on Friday. Ricard’s father founded the company in 1932 and developed pastis, beloved in France as an aperitif but relatively unknown outside the country. His son joined the company in 1967 and became chairman and CEO in 1978, turning Pernod Ricard into a global brand with the acquisition of some of the world’s best-known liquors, including Absolut Vodka, Jameson Irish Whisky and Perrier-Jouet champagne. Ricard, who was chairman of the board of directors, is survived by his wife and three children. A tribute in Ricard’s honor is planned for the ap coming days and funeral Patrick Ricard, head of French drink group Pernod Ricard, poses after a press conplans will be released ference in 2008. shortly.


Monday August 20, 2012

NEWS | A13

Don’t expect parties to get bold in platforms WASHINGTON (AP) — Don’t look for many bold pronouncements when Republicans and Democrats adopt party platforms at their national conventions. Platforms are supposed to reflect the core values of the party and maybe provide some red meat to fire up the base, getting activists excited about supporting their presidential nominee. That’s what Democrats hope to do by embracing gay marriage in their platform, a position that President Barack Obama only recently has adopted. But no candidate wants to provide political fodder for opponents by including something in the platform that might turn off the sought-after undecided swing voters who could decide the election. “You don’t want a sentence or paragraph or phrase from your platform to be used against you in an ad or in a speech as a wedge issue,” said Linda P. Schacht, a veteran of many Democratic conventions who worked on Jimmy Carter’s campaigns in 1976 and 1980. That could present a challenge for Republican Mitt Romney, who will have to contend with supporters of Rep. Ron Paul at the GOP convention in Tampa, Fla., at month’s end. Paul’s supporters are determined to make their mark on the convention, and the Texas congressman has pointed to the platform as a good way to do it. “A lot of delegates who are pledged to vote for Romney are actually very strong supporters of ours and will be strongly supporting us when we want to put things into the platform to say, ‘Hey, we don’t need another war,’” Paul said in a recent broadcast interview. “The Federal Reserve? Yes, we do need to audit the Fed and we ought to really cut spending.” The GOP platform committee meets Monday and Tuesday in Tampa, ahead of the start of the convention Aug. 27. Romney will have enough delegates to win any battle over the platform. But if Paul’s sup-

porters aren’t placated, they could become an unwanted distraction, forcing public debates over foreign policy and the fight against terrorism at a time when Romney would rather focus on the struggling economy and his efforts to defeat Obama. Many of Paul’s libertarian views dovetail nicely with mainstream Republican ideas on limited government and low taxes. But Paul breaks with much of his party when he rails against American intervention abroad, calling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan illegal because Congress never passed a declaration of war. Paul also calls for abolishing the Federal Reserve and repealing the Patriot Act, legislation enacted after the Sept. 11 attacks to give law enforcement more tools to fight terrorism. Don’t look for any of those positions in this year’s Republican platform. But party leaders could make some concessions, perhaps agreeing to a plank that calls for an audit of the Fed or a broad statement that calls for respecting civil liberties in the fight against terrorism. Would that be enough to appease most Paul supporters? “The delegates are individuals. They’re going to go in there, the ones we have on the platform committee, they’re going to go in there and fight for what they actually want,” said Marianne Stebbins, a delegate who coordinated Paul’s campaign in Minnesota. “I think you’re going to see – I’m hoping – quite a different platform (from 2008), where we’re talking about civil liberties a little more, whether it’s Internet privacy or warrantless wiretaps,” But, she added, “You don’t turn the barge around in a day.” Paul has a dedicated following, even though he didn’t win a single Republican presidential primary. Nevertheless, his supporters took control of several state GOP conventions where they elected delegates to the national con-

vention. Paul has 160 delegates, compared with 1,552 for Romney, according to The Associated Press count. The Romney campaign treads lightly around Paul, careful not to offend his supporters but insistent that the national convention is Romney’s affair. “We look forward to preparing a platform that represents Republican conservative principles on the wide variety of issues facing the nation,” Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in an email. “We are confident that there will be broad participation and that we will have a successful platform committee meeting and overall convention in Tampa.” Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will head the GOP platform committee. Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota and Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee will serve as co-chairmen. Ap The Democratic platform committee met a week ago President Barack Obama greets supporters at a campaign stop Saturday. and approved the platform that will be presented at the party’s national convention in Charlotte, N.C. The platform endorses same-sex marriage for the first time and calls for the repeal of a federal law that denies federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples. The same-sex marriage plank represents a milestone for advocates who have watched the platform’s position on gay rights gradually evolve. Democrats first mentioned gay rights in their 1980 platform, when the party quietly added two words, “sexual orientation,” to the list of reasons why people should not be discriminated against. Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, N.J., who is cochairman of the platform committee, said the plank is important but he questioned its impact on the outcome of the election. “At the end of the day it’ll maybe repel some and atAp tract others to be more en- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney points to a white board as he talks about Medicare during a news confergaged,” Booker said. “This ence in Spartanburg International Airport in Greer, S.C. campaign is not going to turn on gay marriage. This campaign is going to turn on who has the best ideas for the economy.”


A14 | NEWS

Monday August 20, 2012

Democrats slam Ryan over Social Security WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats are eagerly renewing their fight against privatizing Social Security now that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. It was a fight that didn’t go well for the GOP when President George W. Bush pushed the idea in 2005. In his 2010 “Road Map for America’s Future,” the Wisconsin congressman proposed a plan to allow younger workers to divert more than one-third of their Social Security taxes into personal accounts that they would own and could will to their heirs. Ryan wrote that the accounts would provide workers an opportunity “to build a significant nest egg for retirement that far exceeds what the current program can provide.” Workers 55 and older would stay in the current system. Romney hasn’t embraced the proposal and Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, didn’t include it in either of the federal budgets passed by House Republicans the past two years. But now that Ryan is running for vice president, Democrats hope to capitalize on the issue. Bush’s proposal for private accounts received a chilly reception from members in both parties in Congress, though Ryan embraced it. Democrats used the issue against GOP congressional candidates in the 2006 election, when they regained control of the House and Senate. “The very last thing we ought to be doing is putting at risk the retirement security of millions of America’s seniors,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, who heads the Democratic National Committee. Until now, Social Security had been largely absent from the presidential campaign. President Barack Obama has yet to lay out a detailed plan for addressing the issue, and

Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., speaks at a campaign stop in North Canton, Ohio.

Vice President Joe Biden cmapaigns in Columbus, Ohio, July 19. his silence is drawing criticism from advocates who supported him in the past. Romney has been more forthcoming with proposals, but Social Security has not been a big part of his campaign, either. Romney, in his book, “No Apology,” said he liked the idea of personal accounts. But, he wrote, “Given the volatility of investment val-

ues that we have just experienced, I would prefer that individual accounts were added to Social Security, not diverted from it, and that they were voluntary.” Romney’s current plan for Social Security doesn’t mention personal accounts. Instead, he proposes a gradual increase in the retirement age to account for growing life ex-


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pectancy. For future generations, Romney would slow the growth of benefits “for those with higher incomes.” Romney says tax increases should be off the table, and current beneficiaries and those near retirement should be spared from cuts. “Mitt Romney and Paul support gradual reforms to

Social Security that protect current beneficiaries from any benefit disruptions while strengthening the program to ensure that it doesn’t go bankrupt,” Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said. The trustees who oversee Social Security say the trust funds that support the program will run dry in 2033. At that point, Social Security will generate only enough tax revenue to pay about 75 percent of benefits, triggering automatic cuts unless Congress acts. During the 2008 campaign, Obama said he wanted to improve Social Security’s finances by applying the payroll tax to annual wages above $250,000. It is now limited to wages below $110,100, a level that increases with inflation. Obama also pledged to oppose raising the retirement age or reducing annual cost-of-living adjustments, or COLAs. “Let me be clear, I will not do either,” Obama said at the time. Last year, however, Obama put on the table a proposal to reduce annual COLAs during deficit-reduction talks with House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. The talks ultimately failed and nothing came of the proposal, but it raised questions about whether Obama would honor his 2008 pledge. “A national politician would do well to strongly identify themselves with Social Security, not just with rhetoric, but to be very clear that they understand the pain people are experiencing today, that they stand behind this program and they will protect the citizenry and they will not cut benefits,” said Eric Kingson, a Syracuse University professor who cofounded Social Security Works. “I hope to hear that from the White House. I have not heard that yet.” Obama offered some principles to strengthen

Social Security in his 2011 State of the Union address. “We must do it without putting at risk current retirees, the most vulnerable or people with disabilities, without slashing benefits for future generations and without subjecting Americans’ guaranteed retirement income to the whims of the stock market,” Obama said in the speech. Last week, Vice President Joe Biden made a more sweeping guarantee during a campaign swing in southern Virginia, telling a customer at a diner that Social Security will not be changed. “I guarantee you, flat guarantee you, there will be no changes in Social Security,” Biden told the customer, according to a White House pool report. “I flat guarantee you.” A Biden adviser said later the vice president was merely reassuring the woman that her benefits would not be changed. The adviser spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the issue. Obama campaign spokesman Adam Fetcher said the president “has put forward a set of principles to guide bipartisan action to strengthen it for future generations. Rather than laying the groundwork for a bipartisan approach as the president has done, Mitt Romney’s only solution would mean deep benefit cuts for future retirees. His running mate, Paul Ryan was an architect of privatization.” Romney’s campaign chided Obama’s inaction. “His failure to lead on entitlements has put the future of Social Security at risk,” said Williams, the Romney spokesman. “Mitt Romney is committed to ensuring that Social Security is there for future generations and he has a comprehensive plan to save Social Security with commonsense reforms.”


Monday August 20, 2012

NEWS | A15

Ranchers lose hope drought aid will come in time OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — It’s hard to tell what frustrates Todd Eggerling more – the weather or Congress. Searing temperatures and drought scorched Eggerling’s land in southeast Nebraska, leaving little grass to feed his 100 cattle. Then Congress left for a five-week break without agreeing on aid to help ranchers through one of the worst droughts in the nation’s history. That means it will be September before Eggerling and other ranchers can even hope for disaster aid legislation that includes cash to buy feed until they would normally send their cattle to feedlots or slaughter in the fall or winter. For some, it’s already too late. Out of grass and out of cash, they’ve sold their animals. For others, time is rapidly running out as they try to hold on. Their decisions will affect the price and supply of meat for months, perhaps years, to come. “I’d like to see every one of the senators and congressmen go out into one of these widespread, droughtstricken areas and spend a day,” said Eggerling, 44, of Martell, Neb. “Walk around and see the effects of what’s going on. Look at the local

Todd Eggerling, of Martell, Neb., points to some of his cattle grazing on thin pasture. economies and see what’s going to happen to them. Then they can go back to Washington with a real perspective and say, ‘Hey; we need to do something.’” Most farmers are having a hard year with drought and unusually warm temperatures in the middle of the country burning up everything from corn to cabbage. But ranchers are in a particularly precarious position because most don’t have access to federally

Boy drowns, brother missing in river in Yosemite FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Authorities were searching a stretch of the Merced River for a 6-year-old boy after his older brother died when a current swept them away during a family outing in Yosemite National Park. The boy is presumed dead. Other hikers pulled the body of his 10-yearold brother about 150 yards downstream from where family members had waded into the river to cool off Wednesday. Their mother was hospitalized with a back injury after being pulled from the river, park spokeswoman Kari Cobb said. “She went into the river but made it out,” Cobb said. The names of the boys were not immediately released. The family from Southern California was hiking near the Vernal Fall Footbridge, a vantage point on the Mist Trail where Vernal Fall first comes into view. That portion of the hike can be perilous. The river falls 317 feet straight down to a narrow gorge filled with boulders the size of cars, then descends another 400 feet by the time it reaches the bridge. Even when the river is moving slowly, the drop in elevation and narrow channel cause the water to move swiftly. The Merced River runs through the heart of Yosemite Valley. The boys were part of a group of about 15 extended family members who made the short hike to the bridge, park spokesman Scott Gediman said. Signs at the trailhead warn that the river can be dangerous, but people often are drawn to the water’s edge. “We’ve got a low water year this year, and around the banks it’s only 8 to 10 inches deep, but once you get out further, we have a swift current and it gets deeper,” Gediman said. “They both got swept away by the current.” The location also was the site of tragedy last summer when three Central California friends cooling off in a pool above

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the fall were swept to their deaths. Two of their bodies were discovered months later lodged under boulders near the site where the 10-year-old boy was found. A 57-year-old man drowned two weeks ago in the Merced River when he was pinned under a rock, and another person died in June on the south fork of the river near the Wawona area in the park. The trail remained open during the search for the boy but portions might be closed depending upon developments.

subsidized insurance programs that cover crops like corn and soybeans. Private companies won’t insure grazing land because it’s too hard to predict losses, and ranchers say pilot programs tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture are too expensive and pay out little when there’s a loss, Nebraska Farm Service Agency director Dan Steinkruger said. The White House announced last week that the


federal government will buy up to $170 million worth of pork and other meat for food assistance programs in an effort to help droughtstricken farmers. The Defense Department also was expected to encourage its vendors to speed up meat purchases in an effort to prop up prices with a glut on the market expected in the next few months. Feed prices soared amid the drought, and livestock farmers have been sell-

ing off animals for months as they run out of money. The meat is expected to hit grocery stores this fall, with prices dropping briefly and then rising early next year. Meanwhile, farmers are getting a fraction of what their animals would normally be worth at sales. “It’s not like we can hold our products – like setting a shirt on a shelf until it sells for the price we set,” said Kristen Hassebrook, a spokeswoman for the Nebraska Cattlemen, a trade group. “We can’t just tell that steer or heifer to stop eating for a couple of days until the market share goes up. If we can’t feed that animal, we have to sell it for whatever the price is that day.” The Obama administration also has offered lowinterest emergency loans, opened federal land for grazing and distributed $30 million to get water to livestock. Farmers say they’ll take what help they can get, but emergency loans come with a tangle of red tape and aren’t available to everyone. Water is appreciated, but animals need to eat, and even with grazing on some federal land, hay is in short supply. The House approved

$383 million in disaster relief earlier this month, but Congress went home before the Senate acted on the bill. The Senate had previously passed a disaster aid package as part of a five-year farm bill, but GOP leaders in the House refused to bring that to a vote because many Republicans object to the nearly $80 billion included for the food stamp program. The standoff left ranchers uncertain about what to do: Should they buy expensive feed, assuming the federal government will ultimately help them pay the bill, or should they sell their cattle at a loss, knowing they may find out later they would have been eligible for aid? “For Congress to put this off for five weeks until they come back is really, really difficult to understand,” said Michael Kelsey, executive vice president of Nebraska Cattlemen. With no grass for grazing, Eggerling cut corn and soybeans stunted by the drought to use as cattle feed. But that will soon run out, he said, and he’ll send animals he can’t feed to slaughter. Because they haven’t reached their full weight and he’s paid by the pound, he’ll take a loss.

50 Shades of Grey phenomenon continues NEW YORK (AP) — You’ve bought rope for that special someone, picked up a few sex toys and read those “Fifty Shades of Grey” books a time or three. You know who you are. Well, no need to skulk about at naughty shops or the hardware store as Fifty Shades of Consumption makes it further into the mainstream. Stuart Weitzman and Marc New York have Greystruck campaigns in the fat September issues of fashion magazines, the former touting black stilettos and high, Anastasia Steele-worthy boots called “Fifty Fifty,” named not for the blockbuster bond-

age books but equal parts leather and stretch. “Stuart has always known that people just think shoes. They daydream shoes. They lust after shoes 24/7,” said Susan Duffy, Weitzman’s senior vice president of marketing. “It’s almost like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ People want 50 pairs of shoes. It’s a love affair.” EMI Music is feeling the love. It’s putting out “Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album” next month in partnership with E L James herself, ahead of the British writer’s first visit to the Pacific Northwest locales where her hunky gazillionaire Christian Grey and his

new-to-kink love interest dwell. While James goes about remedying that geographical blip on her resume, she let loose Monday with her first licensing agreements for a range of products in North America. Coming soon: official Fifty stockings and garters and printed tights. Undies and jammies and robes. T-shirts and knit tops and hoodies. Add those to a slew of wildly accessible parody books, many self-published, beauty giant Bobbi Brown’s new set of “ComeHither Shades” for eyes in, yes, grays and marketing references and tie-ins for

everything from iPad covers to bathroom fixtures. There’s even a critical reader’s guide, “Lighter Shades of Grey,” that counts the number of times Ana mutters “Oh my.” These days, we’re all Fifty Shades of somethin’. “We don’t always get a chance to connect our clients’ brands to current day entertainment or news. “But when we do, tie us down and hold us back!” said David R. Schlocker, founder and president of DRS and Associates, a luxury marketing and PR firm in Los Angeles for architectural, interior design and building clients.


A16 | NEWS

Monday August 20, 2012

Lawyers across US urged to give more free services HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Jennifer Garcia stood alone before a judge with a stack of legal papers in her hands, answering questions about her personal life. She has acted as her own lawyer in state Family Court in a paternity, child support and visitation case on and off for three years, but representing herself in a courtroom full of strangers still makes her nervous. “Sometimes I get this gut feeling because you never know what the judge is going to say,” said the 23-year-old single mother of two from Hartford. Garcia is part of a crush of people who are representing themselves in the nation’s civil courts because they can’t afford lawyers, who typically charge $200 to $500 an hour. The boom has overwhelmed courts and sparked new efforts to get attorneys to meet what the American Bar Association says is its professional responsibility to offer free legal services to people in need. The increase in self-represented parties stems from a recession that has left fewer

Jennifer Garcia, 23, of Hartford, Conn., stands in front of Hartford Family Court after a child visitation hearing. people able to afford lawyers and created new waves of foreclosure, debt collection and bankruptcy cases, judges and lawyers say. Judges say self-represented people are slowing down court dockets because they typically don’t know what legal points to argue or what motions to file. “There’s a crisis in this country,” said John Levi,

board chairman of Washington, D.C.-based Legal Services Corp., the nation’s largest funder of civil legal aid for the poor. “Courthouses are being filled with people just showing up, trying to figure out what their rights are. If you’re a low-income person and you have a legal need, it is not easy to get it addressed.” Legal Services has a

58-member pro bono task force comprising judges, attorneys, law school deans and other legal experts working on recommendations due out next month on how to get more lawyers to provide free services. At a time of rising demand, LSC has been dealing with funding cuts. Federal government funding for LSC dropped 17 percent to

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$348 million this year, compared with $420 million in 2010. LSC funds 135 legal aid groups across the country and serves about 900,000 clients a year, but it has to turn away about the same number of people seeking help because of a lack of staff. Less than 20 percent of the legal needs of low-income people are addressed with the help of a private or legal aid lawyer, LSC says. And the number of Americans with incomes at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty level – the income limit for qualifying for legal aid – is expected to reach an all-time high of 66 million this year. A family of four earning 125 percent of the federal poverty level makes about $28,800 a year, government figures show. Several states report high percentages of civil and family cases with at least one self-represented person. In Connecticut, 85 percent of the more than 45,000 family law cases in the 2011 fiscal year had at least one selfrepresented party. Pro bono work by large law firms has declined in the past few years amid downsizing because of the economy, according to the July and August issue of ALM’s The American Lawyer magazine. Average pro bono hours per lawyer in large firms dropped to about 54 last year, a 12 percent decrease from a 2009 peak, the magazine reported. Laurel Bellows, a Chicago attorney and president of the American Bar Association, said the magazine’s findings conflict with an increasing pro bono trend that she sees. The ABA has several pro bono programs including one that helps military families. “The need is extraordinary,” Bellows said about pro bono services. “You not only have the poverty level community, but also the middle class community. We’re really very proud of our lawyers because they’re stepping up to the plate and helping more people who need assistance.” An ABA survey last year said 75 percent of lawyers believe that people who represent themselves are more

likely to lose their cases. Court officials say the recession from 2007 to 2009 and its aftermath sparked new waves of foreclosure, debt collection and bankruptcy cases and left fewer people able to afford a lawyer. Garcia, the Hartford mother, said she can’t afford an attorney. After several court appearances, she said she is beginning to feel more comfortable representing herself. State judicial systems have taken steps to deal with selfrepresented parties, including offering legal forms and help online and setting up court service centers to answer questions. Some states, including Illinois, Georgia and Arkansas, even have pro bono cellphone apps to help lawyers find volunteer opportunities. But state officials are trying to increase pro bono work to help meet demand. New York will become the first state in the country to require lawyers to do pro bono work – 50 hours – as a prerequisite for obtaining a law license starting next year. The state of Washington’s Supreme Court in June approved a landmark rule allowing non-lawyers to offer pro bono help in some cases after they receive training. In June, Connecticut Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers urged members of the Connecticut Bar Association to help address what she called her No. 1 concern: the increase in self-represented parties. Judicial officials also held a pro bono summit for lawyers and judges last fall. “Our feeling was that we needed the lawyers, the legal community, to understand the problem. It was getting worse and worse,” said Judge William H. Bright Jr., chairman of the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Pro Bono Committee, referring to people representing themselves. Sharonne Martin believes Connecticut should provide public defenders for civil cases like it does for criminal ones. She’s been representing herself for two years in Family Court in Hartford and is now fighting an attempt by the father of two of her three children to gain full custody of them.

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Monday August 20, 2012

NEWS | A17

Honda looks to silence critics with new Accord

The 2013 Honda Accord hits showrooms in a couple weeks, with a fresh athletic look and better fuel economy. Honda, burned by criticism that it cheapened its new Civic earlier this year, says that won’t happen with its newest remake. DETROIT (AP) — Honda wants to silence its critics when it rolls out the new Accord this week. The automaker, chastened for cheapening the Civic compact earlier this year, says that won’t happen with the midsize Accord. It better not. The sedan is up against the toughest competition it’s ever seen. It faces a new Nissan Altima that leads midsize sedans in highway fuel economy at 38 miles per gallon, and a revamped Toyota Camry that has cemented its place as the best-selling car in America. The stylish Hyundai Sonata, the redesigned and lower-priced Volkswagen Passat, and a new, more efficient Chevrolet Malibu also are on sale. And then there’s the European-looking Ford Fusion due out in the fall. “It’s certainly a battle royal in the midsize sedan segment,” says Sage Marie, a Honda public relations executive who is coordinating the Accord’s marketing launch. “And we have a lot of confidence.”

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Just five years ago, leading the midsize segment wasn’t that difficult. It was pretty much a two-car contest between Accord and Camry, with the Altima a distant third. Camry and Accord still lead, but in the past few years, other car companies have upped their games. American, South Korean and German rivals are chipping away at their sales. “Honda and Toyota can no longer take it for granted that this is going to be a two-horse race,” says Jesse Toprak, vice president of market intelligence for the auto pricing service. “It’s a remarkable change, how competitive the segment has become.” The new Accord has a fresh athletic look and nicer interior. Honda says it’s aiming to beat Camry in sales to individual buyers. That excludes sales to rental car companies and other fleet buyers. The company has released only a few details about the 2013 five-seat Accord, which it will start

making Monday at its factory in Marysville, Ohio. It says the Accord’s fuel economy with be competitive with the Altima. And the price will be similar to the current Accord, which starts at $21,480. The car’s look is still conservative, and in pictures, it resembles the 2012 version. But side creases give the new version a little more style. And the front and rear look more aggressive and athletic. The car is a little smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside, says Honda’s Marie. It is shorter – making it easier to handle and park – and more aerodynamic, giving it better gas mileage. The Accord’s door lines were lowered and the glass area enlarged so the driver and passengers can see better, Marie says. The changes buck the industry trend of making doors taller and windows smaller. The car also will get allnew engines and transmissions, including a four-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection, a technology

that uses less gas by mixing it with air in the cylinder. The new Accord also has a continuously variable transmission that doesn’t shift gears. That allows the engine to work at the optimal level regardless of speed. Honda also went against trends by giving buyers the option of a V-6 engine. Hyundai, Ford and Chevrolet offer only four-cylinders in their new midsize cars. Marie says Honda kept the V-6 because it is smooth and powerful. A new V-6 will get gas mileage that’s similar to rivals’ four-cylinder motors, he says. Honda hasn’t released any pictures of the interior, which Marie promises will have rich materials and a high level of craftsmanship. After decades of being the most popular segment among U.S. buyers, midsize cars saw their market share start to drop in 2009 as automakers improved compacts and smaller SUVs. So far this year, though, the midsize sedan is back. Its market share is 18.6 per-

cent, up almost two percentage points from 2011. Analysts say it’s because baby boomers still are downsizing from larger vehicles, and they are attracted to the roominess and fuel economy of the improved sedans. The Altima, for instance, gets highway mileage that is just under the best compact cars. Versions of the Fusion and Malibu get 37 mpg on the highway, a mile per gallon shy of the Altima. With the new Accord, Honda clearly is trying to avoid the kind of criticism it got for the Civic. Consumer Repor ts panned the new Civic earlier in the year and repeated the criticism in the September issue, putting the Honda on a list of five popular cars to avoid. Although it is still reliable and efficient, the Civic has a choppy ride, noisy cabin and a mediocre interior, the magazine says. While the criticism hasn’t hurt Civic sales, it has cost Honda. The car led all compacts last month with sales topping 25,000. But Honda


is now spending $1,550 per Civic on incentives, $250 above the industry’s small-car average, according to TrueCar. Civic discounts were $1,400 higher than Hyundai’s Elantra, $450 more than the Chevy Cruze, and $350 higher than the Ford Focus. Honda, realizing the competition had gotten better, is reworking the 2012 Civic to fix some of the problems. “We need to see if Honda has learned from Civic and what they’ve applied to the Accord,” says Aaron Bragman, an auto industry analyst for the IHS consulting firm. Glenn Mears, who owns Nissan and Honda dealerships around Dover, Ohio, south of Canton, has seen the new Accord. He is betting it will live up to expectations, and is thrilled to have two strong cars to sell against rival dealers. “It should help me dominate my market,” he says, “or at least get more of the market than I have right now.”


A18 | NEWS

Monday August 20, 2012

Assange urges US to end Wikileaks ‘witch hunt’


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange makes a statement to the media and supporters at a window of the Ecuadorian Embassy in central London Sunday. LONDON (AP) — Wikileaks founder Julian Assange portrayed himself Sunday as a victim of an American “witch hunt” over his secret-spilling website in a defiant address from the balcony of an embassy where he has holed up to avoid extradition to face sex assault allegations. Surrounded by British police who want to detain him, Assange made no mention of the sex assault case in Sweden or how long he would remain in Ecuador’s embassy in London, where he took refuge two months ago. Instead he shifted focus to the U.S., accusing the government of targeting him for revealing a trove of American diplomatic and military secrets. “I ask President Obama to do the right thing. The United States must renounce its witch hunt against WikiLeaks,” Assange said, wearing a formal blue shirt and red tie in front of the Ecuadorean flag. “The United States must vow that it will not seek to prosecute our staff or our supporters,” he said, referring specifically to Pfc. Bradley Manning, who awaits trial

in Virginia in the scandal. The U.S. risks “dragging us all into a dark, repressive world in which journalists live under fear of prosecution,” Assange said Assange and his supporters claim the Swedish case is the first move of a Washington-orchestrated plot to make him stand trial in the U.S., which Swedish authorities dispute. The White House declined comment Sunday, but on Saturday said Assange’s fate is an issue for Sweden, Britain and Ecuador to resolve. Assange, a 41-year-old Australian citizen, shot to international prominence in 2010 when his WikiLeaks website began publishing its huge cache of American secrets, including 250,000 U.S. Embassy cables that highlighted sometimes embarrassing backroom dealings. As he toured the globe to highlight the disclosures, two women accused him of sex offenses during a trip to Sweden. Assange has said the sex with the women was consensual and denied wrongdoing, but has fought off efforts to return him to Sweden for questioning for two years.

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa granted Assange asylum Thursday, and he remains out of reach of British authorities while he is inside the country’s embassy. Britain insists that if he steps outside, he will be detained and sent to Sweden. Assange praised Ecuador Sunday as “a courageous Latin American nation took a stand for justice,” in offering him sanctuary. He suggested he had won the support of a host of Latin American nations – including Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Argentina. Of those five, however, only Argentina has endorsed Ecuador’s decision to grant asylum. Assange urged the U.S. to release Manning, the U.S. soldier charged with aiding the enemy by passing the secret files to Wikileaks. A Virginia grand jury is studying evidence that might link Assange to Manning. Calling Manning “one of the world’s foremost political prisoners,” Assange said: “If Bradley Manning really did as he is accused, he is a hero, an example to us all.” The WikiLeaks founder give no indication of how he

believes the stalemate over his future may be resolved, though he said he hoped to be “reunited soon” with his two children. “I think these allegations are just a way of getting to him,” said Laura Mattson, a 29-year-old supporter from London who joined a raucous crowd outside the embassy. “Is it about the charges or is it about silencing WikiLeaks?” South America’s foreign ministers met in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on Sunday at the host nation’s request to discuss the case. The ministers condemned Britain’s threat last week to forcibly enter the Ecuadorean embassy in London but did not uniformly endorse Ecuador’s decision to grant asylum to Assange. A day earlier, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Argentina all endorsed Ecuador’s asylum decision about Assange. Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Chile are among Latin American nations that have not taken a stand. On Friday, foreign ministers of the Organization of American states are to convene in Washington.

Former Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon, who is representing Assange, said Sunday that Ecuador could consider making an appeal to the International Court of Justice in the Hague to compel Britain to grant Assange safe passage out of the country. Garzon, who won global fame for aggressively taking on international human rights cases, is appealing Assange’s conviction for overstepping his jurisdiction in a domestic corruption probe in Spain. Tensions have risen between London and Quito over the case, after Britain appeared to suggest it could invoke a little-known law to strip Ecuador’s embassy of diplomatic privileges – meaning police would be free to move in and detain Assange. Assange claimed Britain had only refrained from carrying out the threat because of a vigil by his supporters outside the embassy. Ecuador’s mission is a small apartment inside a larger building which houses offices and Colombia’s Embassy. British police form a thick line outside, and are

on guard in the building’s shared lobby and staircases. “Inside this embassy in the dark, I could hear teams of police swarming up inside the building through its internal fire escape,” Assange said. “If the U.K. did not throw away the Vienna Convention the other night, it is because the world was watching.” Under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, diplomatic posts are treated as the territory of the foreign nation. Britain’s government declined to comment on Assange’s statement, though diplomats have accused Ecuador of deliberately misinterpreting its attempts to explain its legal options. The WikiLeaks founder attempted to draw parallels between himself and the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, whose three members were convicted and jailed this week for a performance denouncing President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral. “There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response,” Assange said.



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A20 | NEWS

Monday August 20, 2012

Lonmin to South African strikers: Work Monday or fired MARIKANA, South Africa (AP) — Miners must return to work Monday or face being fired from the platinum mine where rivalry between unions exploded into violence that led to the deaths of 44 people in a week, Lonmin PLC said Sunday. Thirty-four strikers were gunned down by police in one of the worst displays of state violence since apartheid ended in 1994. President Jacob Zuma declared a week of national mourning starting Monday to commemorate the lives of all South Africans who have died violently, especially the 44 at Marikana mine. “The nation is in shock and pain,” Zuma said in a statement. “We must this week reflect on the sanctity of human life ... We must avoid finger-pointing and recrimination. We must unite against violence from whatever quarter.” Some 3,000 rock-drill operators called RDOs have been leading an illegal strike among the mine’s 25,000-strong labor force plus 10,000 contractors. Intimidation and threats of violence kept many more away. “The safety and security of our employees is paramount and nobody will be asked to report for duty if the police consider them in danger of reprisals,” CFO Simon Scott said in a statement. Lonmin had initially ordered miners to return to work by Friday, then, after the shootings, changed the deadline to Monday, spokeswoman Sue Vey said. “The final ultimatum provides RDOs with a last opportunity to return to work or face possible dismissal,”

the company said in a statement Sunday. “Employees could therefore be dismissed if they fail to heed the final ultimatum.” Strikers said they were not sure what to do. The company has not responded to their demands for the minimum wage to be increased from R5,500 ($688) to R12,500 ($1,560). Last year after a similar dispute over labor representation stopped work at its nearby Karee mine, Lonmin fired all 9,000 workers. Then it asked them to reapply for their jobs and most were rehired. “Because we work as a majority, if the majority goes back to work tomorrow I’m going too,” said miner Vuyisile Mchiza. But “If the majority is not going back to work tomorrow, I’m not going either because I won’t be able to go to work while others are sitting grieving.” Another vowed not to go to work Monday, telling the South African Press Association that, “Expecting us to go back to work is like an insult — many of our friends and colleagues are dead.” He was not identified by name for fear of recriminations. Jeff Mathunjwa, head of the union to which the strikers belong, said he was not talking to journalists until Tuesday, when asked how he was advising his members. More than 100 people, miners, their families and local community members, processed past the mine Sunday singing hymns as they made their way to the dusty veld where police officers fired a barrage of shots from automatic rifles and pistols at

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Unidentified women hold a placard that reads “Piega come Piega (Phiyega) ,“ as they protest against the police near a shooting scene at the Lonmin mine near Rustenburg, South Africa on Friday. a group of charging miners on Thursday. A memorial was led by Pastor Sakhumzi Qiqimana of Marikana New Creation Ministry, who told those gathered: “Now we have no power to come in the middle of the negotiations of the company and the workers, but we are here now to pray and say ‘God forgive us,’ and now we are here to say ‘This (killing) must stop.’” Police say one of the charging miners shot at

them first with a pistol and that they acted in self-defense. Earlier in the week, the strikers had butchered two captured police officers with machetes. Lonmin said Saturday that it will pay for the educations of all children of mine employees killed in the unrest, up to university level. A presidential statement Sunday said Zuma would announce the composition of a judicial commission of inquiry into the killings

and its terms of reference within a few days. It said he had appointed 10 Cabinet ministers and a provincial premier to visit Marikana on Monday to lead support for bereaved families including the identification of bodies, burials and counseling. Many people have said they do not know whether missing husbands and sons are among the dead, among 78 wounded, or among more than 250 arrested on charges ranging from pub-

lic violence to murder. Zuma urged South Africans to “reaffirm our belief in peace, stability and order and in building a caring society free of crime and violence.” The shootings have South Africans debating their country’s magnified levels of violence, and the frequency with which they resort to violence to resolve disputes. South Africa has one of the highest murder and rape rates in the world.

Car bombs explode in Libya’s capital, killing 2 TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Two car bombs exploded in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, killing two people and injuring several others early Sunday, a security official said. Two others were dismantled safely. The first bomb went off in a main street near a military college used as a base for former rebel forces, killing two and wounding four, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters. Half an hour later, a taxi parked in a narrow alley near the Interior Ministry exploded, wounding several people. The official said a third

car bomb was discovered, also near the ministry. It was safely defused. Late Sunday, officials found a fourth car bomb near the military college and dismantled it. Police said they arrested three suspects in connection with the bombings. The bombings came on the eve of the anniversary of the fall of Tripoli. On August 20, 2011, rebel fighters liberated the city during the eight-month civil war that toppled dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s regime. Gadhafi was captured and killed last October, but many Libyans are convinced that some of his associates remain at large around the country.

After Sunday’s blasts, officials blamed Gadhafi loyalists, saying they were plotting attacks and seeking to spread fear among the public and prevent the country from returning to normal. “I hold former regime aides fully responsible for this cowardly action,” said the deputy interior minister, Omar al-Khadrawi, visiting one of the bomb sites. He said “the same kind of bombs and the same tactics and equipment” were used in previously foiled car bombing attacks in Tripoli. The city’s security authorities went on high alert after the bombings, which came just hours before Muslim prayers were

to take place at the main Tripoli square for the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Attacks have been on the rise in both Benghazi to the east, in Misrata in central Libya, and in the capital, Tripoli. Last month, Libya elected its first parliament in the nation’s first-ever free vote. The house elected a president earlier this month and is now trying to form a government. The future Cabinet faces a mountain of challenges, including forming a strong national army to unite various militia groups under a central command.


Monday August 20, 2012

NEWS | A21

Swimmer Nyad steady in Cuba-Fla. record attempt


Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad swims off the coast of Havana Saturday as she begins a more than 100-mile trip across the Florida Straits to the Florida Keys. HAVANA (AP) — Endurance athlete Diana Nyad forged ahead through the Straits of Florida with renewed vigor Sunday in pursuit of a record 103-mile (166-kilometer), unassisted swim in open waters without the aid of a shark cage. The 62-year-old Los Angeles woman was said to be comfortable, confident and steady at around 50 strokes per minute after a harrowing night of painful jellyfish encounters – despite an improved bodysuit that she had hoped would offer better protection. Nyad was stung four times during the night on the neck, lips, hand and forehead, according to members of her 50-member crew who updated fans through social media. “Today is more like swimming,” one member quoted

her as saying, via Twitter. “I don’t know what you would call last night ... probably surviving.” Nearly 24 hours into the swim into the swim, she had traveled 23.9 miles from Havana. Choppy seas turned calm, and her team reported only a light wind. Video posted on her website showed her on a break joking with the crew, singing a verse from the Beatles’ “No Reply” and asking about a kayaker’s son while sucking nourishment from a long tube. “I’m sort of cruising a little bit right now. I feel like pushing it. I have the energy but I’m saving (it),” Nyad said. “You’re right on the mark,” came the response from the boat. Nyad had planned to don the bodysuit, which covers

her from head to toe except for holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, at night, when jellyfish tend to rise to the surface. But it apparently did not work as well as anticipated. At least two of the stings were from the dangerous box jellyfish, which forced her to cut short her second of two attempts last year as toxins built up in her system. At one point, with jellyfish particles everywhere in the water, Nyad changed strokes to keep her face out of harm’s way. “There are so many jellyfish,” said another tweet. “Diana is swimming backstroke right now leading with the cap-covered part of her head to minimize contact.” “The backstroke is working!” it added.

By day, the jellies receded, and she was able to resume freestyle swimming. Nyad, who turns 63 Wednesday, is making her third attempt since last summer at a cageless crossing of the Straits of Florida. She also made a failed try with a cage in 1978. Australian Susie Maroney successfully swam the Straits in 1997, but she used a used a cage. This June another Australian, Penny Palfrey, made it 79 miles toward Florida without a cage before strong currents forced her to abandon the attempt. A kayak-borne apparatus shadowing Nyad helps keep sharks at bay by generating a faint electric field that is not noticeable to humans. A team of handlers is always on alert to dive in and dis-

tract any sharks that make it through. One of those divers was also stung by a jellyfish. Nyad, goggle-eyed with sun-bleached hair, said before she set out from Havana’s Hemingway Marina on Saturday that she had braced herself for pain. “There’s a reason no one’s ever done it, but I’m prepared,” she said. “I may suffer some, but I’m prepared for that, too.” Nyad has been training for three years and is in peak shape, according to friend and trainer Bonnie Stoll. The team expects Nyad will take at least 60 hours to complete the swim, meaning she would arrive in the Florida Keys sometime Tuesday. She takes periodic short breaks to rest, hydrate and

eat high-energy foods like peanut butter. Besides sharks, jellyfish, the elements and the limits of human endurance, Nyad must contend with the monotony and sensory deprivation inevitable in marathon swimming. To help, she sings silently from a mental playlist of about 65 songs, mostly “from my generation.” They include classics from the likes of Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Neil Young, plus Janis Joplin’s chart-topping version of “Me and Bobby McGee.” “If I sing that 2,000 times in a row, the whole song, I will get through five hours and 15 minutes,” Nyad said in a video posted on her website. “It’s kind of stupid,” she added, “but it gets me through.”



women’s soccer

Monday August 20, 2012

Rodriguez gaining confidence after returning from injury

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Sophomore forward Kate Schwindel scored the game-winning goal in the West Virginia women’s soccer team’s 2-1 win over Western Carolina.

Mountaineers split with La Salle, Western Carolina by shea ulisney sports writer

For the third-straight season, the West Virginia women’s soccer team fell in its opener. The Mountaineers fell to La Salle 2-1 Friday night at Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium. WVU hasn’t won the first game of the season since 2008, when it scored a 3-0 victory over Towson. “It’s tough, because we are a young team, and losing three starters is hard,” said West Virginia head coach Nikki Izzo-Brown. Early in the game, an intercepted pass and goal by defender Bry McCarthy put the Mountaineers in control with a 1-0 lead. La Salle was able to grab some of the momentum back in the 60th minute when forward Leigh Gray scored the equalizer to tie it 1-1. “Our youth showed tonight, and unfortunately, our upperclassmen broke down in the second half,” Izzo-Brown said. “Freshmen can make mistakes, but upperclassmen need to clean that up.” Within the next six min-

utes, the Mountaineers had lost the lead. West Virginia sophomore goalkeeper Sara Keane finished with five saves and denied a penalty kick from La Salle forward Kelsey Haycook. “I thought I did play well, but the ultimate goal is a team result, and it wasn’t good enough,” Keane said. “We have to get better right away.” The Mountaineers were able to shake off the loss fairly quickly, bouncing back with a 2-1 victory over Western Carolina Sunday. In the 17th minute, West Virginia true freshman forward Kailey Utley shot but was blocked by WCU keeper Katie Jacobs before following up her shot with a goal, giving the Mountaineers a 1-0 lead at the half. Western Carolina was limited to only two shots in the first half. “You ask your forwards to create chances and to finish chances, and Utley did both, so as a freshman, what an exciting day for her,” Izzo-Brown said. Western Carolina tied the game with a goal from

forward Markie Studnicky. A pass by sophomore forward Kate Schwindel and header by forward junior Frances Silva nearly added a game-winning goal that was wide of the goal post. Late in the second half, an assist by Utley led to a game-winning goal by Schwindel, leading the Mountaineers 2-1 with 7:05 remaining in the game. “I think our tiredness showed a little today, but tomorrow we get our day off; we’ll get our legs back, and we’ll be back at it on Tuesday,” said senior midfielder Bri Rodriguez. West Virginia finished the game with 24 shots and three saves by Keane. The Mountaineers will return to the field next weekend for the Penn State Invitational. “I think we have nothing to lose going into that game – we’re the underdogs,” Schwindel said. The team will face Central Michigan August 24 and defending national champions Stanford August 26.

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Senior midfielder Bri Rodriguez tore her ACL in West Virginia’s NCAA tournament loss to Virginia Tech at the end of last season.

by robert kreis sports writer

West Virginia women’s soccer senior Bri Rodriguez ended last season with head coach Nikki Izzo-Brown comforting her as the midfielder lay in pain on the soccer pitch, grasping her knee during the Mountaineers’ loss to Virginia Tech in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. After an offseason of rehabilitating the torn ACL, Rodriguez is working her way back into game shape. “I would say I am almost there – almost right where I want to be,” Rodriguez said. In the first two games of the season, IzzoBrown and the training staff has been limiting Rodriguez’s time to help her get back into game shape. “In the first half, we are going by what the trainer thinks is a good amount for me (to play),” Rodriguez said. “Then, in the second half, they can take me out and put me back in with rules being different in the second half.” To help stay in shape while nursing the injury, Rodriguez spent her summer in Morgantown to stay in the best shape possible and also helped the knee as much as possible. “I came back in the beginning of the summer (to make) sure my fitness was as good as I could get it, and that would help me as much it could with my knee,” she said. “Game fit will come with more and more games.” Izzo-Brown acknowledged the fact that Rodriguez is not afraid of mixing it up a little in her first game back from the injury. “The good thing is she did not back down from contact tonight, and usually that’s the

biggest adjustment,” the veteran head coach said. “I thought she did a really good job with that.” In the first two games of WVU’s season, Rodriguez showed flashes of what helped the Aurora, Ill., native start all 22 games last season for the Mountaineers, as well as add three goals and five assists. “You keep seeing glimpses of (Rodriguez),” Izzo-Brown said. “The great thing is she got more minutes, and at times she was very effective, and at other times it looked like she was just coming off an ACL surgery.” Izzo-Brown looks for Rodriguez to connect the restructured back line with an offense looking for a leader after last year’s leading goal scorer Blake Miller graduated. “I think it is hard for (Rodriguez), because you do not want to put anything more on (her) because of what she is trying to take care of individually,” Izzo-Brown said. “Obviously, being a leader, setting a tempo, are we settling things down, are we possessing the ball- (those) are expectations we have always had with (Rodriguez), and I think as she works through this she is going to get it and be more effective.” “We just have to keep building her confidence and her belief in herself and the battle for her to keep connecting.” Rodriguez is gaining confidence with every game she plays, and she is feeling more like her own self with every minute played on the pitch. “A goal Izzo-Brown and I talked about is making sure I am gaining confidence every game and going forward, not taking a step backward,” Rodriguez said.

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Monday August 20, 2012


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Alston emerging as starter at end of camp by doug walp sports writer

As the West Virginia football team prepares to begin its highly anticipated first season in the Big 12 Conference, it appears senior running back Shawne Alston is doing everything he can to make sure he’s a big part of it. Through his performances in spring practice and fall camp, Alston has jumped up the depth chart and is currently listed as the No. 1 running back on the depth chart. “Leadership,” said West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen on what he’s see out of Alston so far. “(He’s) very physical and tough. He’s in shape, and he’s healthy. He’s really playing well.” The 5-foot-11, 236-pound tailback says the leadership role is indeed a vital facet to any team’s success, and it’s one he’s embraced heading into his final season as a Mountaineer. “Every team you can think of that’s been great has always had great leaders,” Alston said. “Someone who can just reiterate what the coaches say.” Alston has rushed for 682 yards in 29 games over three seasons during his career at West Virginia, and has seen a phenomenal increase in productivity in each successive season. After picking up just 18 yards as a freshman in 2009, Alston powered his way to 248 yards on 56 carries in 2010 as a sophomore, getting his first taste of extended action in collegiate action and establishing himself as somewhat of a power running back under the late Bill Stewart. In 2012, Alston nearly doubled his yardage production while still averaging over four yards per carry in the notoriously pass-heavy offense installed under Holgorsen. The Hampton, Va., native also tallied all 12 of his career rushing touchdowns last season during his junior year, providing a vital goal-line presence to the Mountaineers’ “Air Raid” offense. Alston was a contributing factor to the

record-setting onslaught of last year’s Orange Bowl too, leading the team with 77 rushing yards and two rushing scores of his own. “Right now Shawne Alston has carried the momentum that he had from the Orange Bowl and the momentum he had during the spring over to fall camp,” said running backs coach Robert Gillespie. “So right now he’s the lead dog – right now it will probably be Shawne Alston, number one.” There was nothing easy about Alston’s road to the top though. His reward truly is the culmination of an entire career of fervent dedication, hard work, long hours and an uncanny ability to overcome adversity. Alston admitted recently that only a year ago, in the midst of last season’s fall camp, he actually thought his career in football might be over, after being held out of the entirety of preseason camp with a persisting neck injury suffered in a car accident. But Alston’s determination ultimately couldn’t be overcome by the injury; the resilient senior worked tirelessly throughmatt sunday/the daily athenaeum out the beginning of the 2011 season in order to be ready when his number was in- Senior running back Shawne Alston has performed well since he started in the Discover Orange Bowl and ended camp as evitably called. He did miss the first two West Virginia’s starting running back. games of the season, and saw somewhat limited action as the Mountaineers continued to establish their offensive philosophies and identity under first-year head coach Dana Holgorsen – but then, in Week 8, the Mountaineers went to Rutgers. As a heavy, relentless snow blanketed the field in Piscataway, N.J., an equally relentless Alston exploded for a career-high 110 yards rushing and two touchdowns to lead his team to a critical second-half comeback victory. Alston had proven he was indeed healthy enough to contribute, and the coaches immediately began to install Alston as a more prominent piece of the offensive attack, especially around the

see alston on PAGE 5 THE DAILY ATHENAEUM Follow us on Twitter for breaking news updates and give feedback.

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Monday August 20, 2012

West Virginia Position Preview: Running Backs

Running game will look to complement WVU’s Air Raid

patrick gorrell/ the daily athenaeum

The West Virginia running backs ran for more than 1,500 yards in 2011 and return four players who made starts a year ago.

by michael carvelli sports editor

Looking at just about every good passing team, there’s always a good group of running backs to help take some pressure off the aerial attack. And with all of the returning talent the West Virginia football team has for the quarterback and receiver positions, it’s not too hard to forget about a WVU running back unit that was also pretty solid in 2011.

While there wasn’t as much emphasis on the running game before head coach Dana Holgorsen took over, the Mountaineers ran the ball for more than 1,500 yards on the season and provided a nice complement to the potent passing game led by Geno Smith. As West Virginia prepares for the 2012 season, it appears senior Shawne Alston has taken the lead in the competition for the starting job at the A-back position. “Shawne has carried the

momentum that he had over from the Orange Bowl and from the spring. He’s still the lead dog,” said running backs coach Robert Gillespie. “For the first time, he’s healthy. He’s able to be more than just a bruiser. He’s an all-around back right now, and he’s one of the quicker and twitchier guys we’ve got. He’s a complete back.” Alston emerged as the Mountaineers’ go-to back in the red zone in 2011. Af-

Welcome Week 2012 Schedule Move-In Day – Friday, August 17, 2012 6:30 a.m.-6:15 p.m. – PRT Transportation Available 8 a.m.-4 p.m. – Residence Hall Check-In 9 a.m.-6:00p.m. – Student Services – 2nd Floor Mountainlair 10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. – Lunch- Cafe Evansdale, Boreman Bistro, Hatfields 5 p.m. – Mandatory Floor Meeting – All Residence Halls (see your RA for details) 5:30-7 p.m. – Welcome Cookouts – Student Rec Center & Mountainlair Plaza First Year Academy Events – Saturday, August 18, 2012 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. – Breakfast, Lunch – Cafe Evansdale, Boreman Bistro, Summit 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. – PRT Transportation Available 10 a.m.-2 p.m. – Student Services Days – 2nd Floor Mountainlair 1-5 p.m. – Academic Department Visits and Discover! WVU Libraries – (Detailed Schedule To Be Announced) Mandatory Event for First-Year Students 3:30-6:30 p.m. – Dinner – Cafe Evansdale, Boreman Bistro, Summit 5-9 p.m. – Mountaineer Shopportunity – University Town Center (Buses Depart from Mountainlair and Towers) WVU Welcome Day – Sunday, August 19, 2012 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. – Breakfast, Lunch – Cafe Evansdale, Boreman Bistro, Summit Noon-5 p.m. – Poster Sales – Mountainlair Vandalia Lounge 2-3 p.m. – New Student Welcome – WVU Coliseum – Mandatory Event for First-Year Students 3:30-6:30 p.m. – Dinner – Cafe Evansdale, Boreman Bistro, Summit, Burger King, Tazikis, Quizno 4-7 p.m. – VolleyPallooza – Rec Center Fields 8-9 p.m. – Mandatory Floor Meeting (See your RA for details) Your First Day! – Monday, August 20, 2012 6 a.m.-6 p.m. – U-92 Campus Radio Live Remote Front of Mountainlair 6:30 a.m.-10:15 p.m. – PRT Transportation Available 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – Student Services Days – 2nd Floor Mountainlair 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – OIT (Office of Information Technology) Information – Mountainlair Commons 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – Welcome Week Informational Fair and Activities – Mountainlair Commons 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – “Ask the Experts”- stationed throughout campus 9 a.m.-5 p.m. – Poster Sale – Mountainlair Vandalia Lounge 11 a.m.-1 p.m. – Commuter Pizza Party – Commuter Lounge/Purinton House 7:30 p.m. – FallFest – Mountainlair Plaza Ask the Experts – Tuesday, August 21, 2012 6:30 a.m.-10:15 p.m. – PRT Transportation Available 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – Welcome Week Informational Fair and Activities – Mountainlair Commons 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – OIT (Office of Information Technology) Information – Mountainlair Commons 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – “Ask the Experts” – stationed around campus 9 a.m.-5 p.m. – Poster Sale – Mountainlair Vandalia Room 2-4 p.m. – Commuter Ice Cream Social – Commuter Lounge/Purinton House Wellness Wednesday! – Wednesday, August 22, 2012 6:30 a.m.-10:15 p.m. – PRT Transportation Available 8 a.m.-4 p.m. – OIT (Office of Information Technology) Information – Mountainlair Commons 9 a.m.-Noon – Commuter Open House – Commuter Lounge/Purinton House 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – Welcome Week Informational Fair and Activities – Mountainlair Commons 9 a.m.-5 p.m. – Poster Sale – Mountainlair Vandalia Lounge 4-6 p.m. – Rec Center Clubs & Sports Informational Tables- Student Rec Center 4-6 p.m. -Free Cholesterol Screenings- Student Rec Center 4-6 p.m. -Free Chair Massages- Student Rec Center 4:30-6:00 p.m. “liveWELL” Games - Evansdale Residential Complex (Towers) Green 5:30-7 p.m. – Welcome Week Zumba – Student Rec Center Multicultural Day – Thursday, August 23, 2012 6:30 a.m.-10:15 p.m. – PRT Transportation Available 8 a.m.-4 p.m. – OIT (Office of Information Technology) Information – Mountainlair Commons 9 a.m.-5 p.m. – Poster Sale – Mountainlair Vandalia Lounge 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – Welcome Week Multicultural Program Activities – Mountainlair Commons Special Multicultural Dishes – Residence Hall Dining Halls Traditions Day – Friday, August 24, 2012 - Wear Gold and Blue! 6:30 a.m.-10:15 p.m. – PRT Transportation Available 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – OIT (Office of Information Technology) Information – Mountainlair Commons 9 a.m.-5 p.m. – Poster Sale – Mountainlair Vandalia Lounge 9 a.m.-4 p.m. – WVU Traditions Events – Mountainlair Commons 7:30 p.m. – Mountaineer Idol Preview – Mountainlair Commons 9 p.m.-1 a.m. – WVUp All Night – Mountainlair Commons Community Service Day – Saturday, August 25, 2012 6:30 a.m.-10:15 p.m. – PRT Transportation Available 10 a.m.-2 p.m. – Sprint, Splash, Spin – Habitat for Humanity. Students can find out more information about this service program through 9 p.m.-1 a.m. – WVUp All Night – Mountainlair Commons

ter not scoring a touchdown in his first two seasons, the senior from Hampton, Va., reached the end zone 12 times as a junior. Last season, Alston paired with then-freshman Dustin Garrison to form a nice one-two punch in the Mountaineer running game. That combo will make its return this season now that Garrison has made a full return from a torn ACL, which he suffered a few days prior to the Discover Orange Bowl last season. The sophomore, who plays the role of the shiftier back between the two of them, has been going through drills throughout fall camp and has been wearing a knee brace. But both Garrison and Gillespie expect the Pearland, Texas, native to be 100 percent when the Marshall game rolls around. “Nobody is going to talk about him having a knee brace on or being hurt anymore. He’s back, and that is how we, as a staff, are treating him,” Gillespie said.

“He’s taking the hits like everybody else. “It’s getting better every day. You can see it coming back to him. He’ll get it back all the way, we have no doubts.” The third player looking to see time on Saturdays this season is Andrew Buie. Of the three freshmen to join the program last season, Buie had perhaps the highest expectations and started two of the first three games of the season. What plagued Buie in his first season and ultimately led to him not seeing as much playing time until his 13 carries for 45 yards in the Orange Bowl was the fact that he had trouble holding onto the football. But it’s something he thinks he’ll be better about as he enters his sophomore campaign. “He’s looking good. He’s worked hard, and he’s done a good job being physical and taking care of the ball,” Gillespie said. “Quarterbacks throw picks at times and running backs, unfortunately, drop the ball

sometimes. It comes along with football, so you can’t harp on it, and you’ve got to just let him go out and make plays.” And at the B-back slot, senior fullback Ryan Clarke returns for his third season as a starter. After getting 140 carries over the course of the previous two seasons, Clarke did not receive a single carry as a junior and was reduced solely to a blocking role. The new role didn’t sit well with Clarke, who has been able to impress and regain the trust of the coaching staff in the spring and in preseason camp. It looks like he could be back to receiving some carries this fall. “At first it’s hard to adjust,” Clarke said. “But when you think about it, it’s not about you. It’s about the team. It’s about us winning. “That’s all I really care about, and if they needed me to block in order for us to win, I was willing to accept it.”


Monday August 20, 2012


Fan Day a hit among WVU faithful What to make of

WVU’s place in preseason rankings

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Senior quarterback Geno Smith and the West Virginia football team are ranked No. 11 in the Associated Press preseason poll.

cody schuler managing editor mel moraes/the daily athenaeum

Redshirt junior wide receiver Stedman Bailey signs an autograph for a WVU fan during Fan Day last week.

by doug walp sports writer

There has been an unprecedented amount of hype surrounding the West Virginia Mountaineers’ inaugural season in the Big 12 Conference. It has never been more evident as droves of Mountaineer fans amassed outside the indoor Caperton Indoor Practice Facility Sunday Aug. 12, in order to participate in the 2012 West Virginia University’s football Fan Day. The preseason excitement had finally reached a breaking point. “I’m in Morgantown,” said Andrew Kiger, a lifelong Mountaineer fan and finance major at WVU. “It can’t get any better than this.” The fandom convention was set to begin at 1 p.m. but due to excitement, the doors opened early. Thousands of fans, some who had been waiting outside since 5 a.m., poured

into the facility with jerseys, posters and helmets in hand, hoping to obtain autographs from their favorite Mountaineer players and coaches. It was an endless sea of blue, white and gold-clad members of the Mountaineer faithful, all eager for the newest chapter in West Virginia’s rich history of football traditions. “Absolutely more people are here than there have been the last few years,” said 36-year old Brad Waldo. “I think about four or five years ago it was about this big, so it’s good to see the excitement of all the people coming out and fans showing their appreciation for the team.” There was no real discernable demographic among the scores of Mountaineers supporters; it was truly a convergence of fans of all ages. Families, students, senior alumni and youths flocked to the indoor facility for a chance to get a photograph taken with the

Orange Bowl trophy, grab Geno Smith’s autograph or even share a few words with the newest Mountaineer mascot. Current WVU student and lifelong Morgantown resident Andrew Page said the biggest draw of Mountaineer fan day for him was the chance to catch up with a couple old friends and teammates. “I definitely want to see (Ryan) Nehlen,” Page said. “I went to high school and played football with him. I had classes with a couple of the other guys too, so it’s just cool to be able to stop by and see how they’re doing.” Assistant coaches also joined the players and Holgorsen in signing autographs and shared some inspiring words and highfives with the younger kids. “It’s great,” said Parkersburg native Dru Saunier. “My goodness, just look – tremendous amount of kids here. These are tomorrow’s fans.” Inwood resident James

Chancey echoed Saunier’s sentiments in regards to the experience for the impressionable youth. Chancey, his wife and their two young children, Conner and Regan, made the three-hour trip to Morgantown mainly to introduce the Mountaineer tradition to the next generation. “A couple of future Mountaineers, hopefully,” Chancey said. His daughter sported a Mountaineer cheerleading outfit while her younger brother sported a shirt that simply read “future Mountaineer quarterback.” “They just love it,” Chancey said. “They get to interact with the players they watch on TV. I don’t think they even care about the autographs as much as just seeing the players, being where they are, being in their environment. “It’s just great, it’s a great experience.”

Rigg, Barber stepping up as leaders on defense by greg madia multimedia editor

In the last 10 years, the West Virginia football program has regularly seen leaders emerge at the linebacker spot. Since 2002, the Mountaineers have had seven linebackers become team captains. From Grant Wiley to Reed Williams, these marquee linebackers have become the face of the WVU defense. This season is no different. While they won’t be captains, junior Doug Rigg and sophomore Jared Barber look to lead a young Mountaineer defense in 2012. With the transition from the 3-3-5 stack to the 3-4, it is vital that Barber and Rigg at the SAM understand the intricacies of the scheme, considering they will be in the middle of it all. “The last two seasons, I was really quiet with Najee (Goode) and J.T. (Thomas) here. They were more of the vocal guys to get people going,” Rigg said. “Now it is my job to get the linebackers going, because a lot of them are young.” Rigg has the most experience, playing in 24 career games. He had 30 tackles, four tackles for loss and one sack in 2011. He also had arguably the biggest play of season when he stripped the ball from Clemson’s Andre Ellington and enabled Darwin Cook’s 99-yard fumble return in the 2012 Orange Bowl. Rigg knows he has the

right to lead, and he’s earned it with what he has done since he arrived on campus. “You don’t have to be the vocal guy, but you can pick someone up quietly – you don’t have to yell and shout, but do the right thing; do the drill right. When you’re in for a rep, do the rep hard. You have to get excited for defense,” Rigg said. Another of Rigg’s abilities is the way he thinks on his feet. He’s one of the smartest players on and off the field. Having made the Big East Academic Honor Roll and the Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll, Rigg has helped make the transition easier by picking up the new scheme quickly. West Virginia linebackers coach Keith Patterson believes in order to lead, a player has to have the mental capacity to read and recognize things quickly. “He has to come out with a focus; he has to put in the time mentally studying film, knowing assignment and knowing what to do,” Patterson said. While Rigg has estab-

lished consistency and that reputation, Barber – who will line up next to Rigg – could serve as a leader to the younger players on the defense. Barber is only a year removed from having been in their shoes as a wide-eyed freshman. Obviously, Barber did something right when he arrived on campus. He went from contributing on special teams early in the season to a spot player during the middle to a starter at the end of the season. Now, as a sophomore, Barber has reached one of his goals of being a starter going into the season. “Ever since last year, I wanted to come in and start like every other freshman does, but I knew realistically, redshirting or just playing special teams was an option,” Barber said. “Back then, I always told myself that if I’m going to play college football, I want to be a main contributor or starter my sophomore year.” Barber serves as the ultimate leader by example. He is certainly someone his teammates can look at and know he’s do-

ing the right thing, because he’s had success in a short period of time. In his freshman season alone, he compiled 23 tackles and two tackles for loss, and in only his third career game was named WVU special teams champion against Maryland. “I don’t think it has to be a specific thing; it can be a number of things,” Barber said about leadership. “Some guys are good at being vocal and speaking out, some guys you just look at and say ‘they’re doing the right thing, so I should do that as well.’” Finding guys with leadership qualities isn’t hard. West Virginia has two guys (Rigg and Barber) ready to rise as leaders at linebacker. They are both players who can serve as the face of the defense for the next couple of years, and the reason they will is because they are both impact-type players. “The bottom line is you have to be a playmaker on that field for people really to follow you,” Patterson said.

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While the merit of preseason rankings is sometimes brought into question, there is no denying that at their core, they are nothing more than bona fide beauty pageants. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. This offseason, West Virginia fans have been treated to a considerable amount of attention via preseason accolades and projections. The Mountaineers have plenty of shiny blue ribbons and sashes on paper – but does it mean anything? Well, yes and no. Coaches are notorious for their disdain of preseason rankings – primarily because they can be a bit of a distraction. Good coaches and good teams aren’t paying too much attention to them, but that doesn’t stop their fan base from obsessing over them. The number that sits in front of a ranked team almost becomes attached to it like an official title – like a doctorate or knighthood can bring. “Hello, we’re No. 4 Oklahoma. Nice to meet you, world.” The Mountaineers were pegged at No. 11 in the preseason Associated Press poll released this week, and another sticker was placed on the sterling paper resume West Virginia has built this offseason. Coaches and players have been fairly coy about it, but the fans were given another shiny title to throw around – an effective distraction for the next two weeks until the season starts. West Virginia’s ranking is a good thing for the fans. At No. 11, the Mountaineers are on the precipice of breaking into the top 10, and just a few early season losses away from hitting serious single digits in the realm of the top five. Much like spring training in baseball, it seems like now more than ever is the time for fans to let their expectations run wild – a perfectly healthy thing to do for now. When talking to others, such as someone in line at the grocery store or your mailman, you introduce yourself with a smile and a nod as No. 11. It certainly

feels good to be ranked and in a position where there isn’t much debating about why the team is where it is – sorry Notre Dame. But what does it all mean for the team? You know, the guys who have to go out Saturday and play under the herculean expectations heaped upon them by the Mountaineer fan base. It’s tough, because to me, it feels like there is no room to drop the ball. A No. 11 ranking has people talking big things – Big 12 championship, national championship, etc. Is it fair? Can the team ignore the hype and not falter under the heavy expectations? Last year, it definitely felt like there were times when West Virginia was too confident – the Syracuse game felt that way all week leading up to the game. Confidence like that, which comes out as cockiness, would be fatal on any weekend this season. On the flip side of that, though, there were times when West Virginia was confident in a positive way (Orange Bowl). The No. 11 ranking can serve up that same kind of confidence, if harnessed the right way. One thing I think is imperative to visit is the notion of a self-fulfilling prophecy based on a preseason ranking. I know they still haven’t played any games, but if you start thinking you’re a team in the top 10 before you take the field then before long, you really can be a top 10 team. The most comforting notion behind all of this is that head coach Dana Holgorsen and the rest of the coaching staff will keep the players’ attitudes in check. There is no one better prepared to deal with hype and expectations than Holgorsen – who has had to deal with them since the announcement of his hiring. Ultimately, preseason rankings will fade away, as each passing week will lead to a reshuffling in the polls. For now, there’s no need to take too much stock in a number. There is room, though, to look ahead and see what that number will lead to and how the Mountaineers will use it to their advantage.



Monday August 20, 2012

Orlosky adjusting to college style, learning from Braun by nick arthur

associate sports editor

It is extremely rare for a true freshman offensive lineman to be in a position to find playing time entering the season. West Virginia offensive guard Tyler Orlosky has done exactly that. The Cleveland native caught the attention of the Mountaineer coaching staff during fall camp and is currently finding reps with the second string. Despite the success, adjusting to life on a college football line has been a difficult process. “The biggest challenge is trying to forget what you learned in high school and try to apply what you’re learning here,” Orlosky said. “I’m learning a different technique. It’s not what I’ve done in the past, which makes it a little difficult, but I’m getting it.” What’s the main difference between high school and college for Orlosky? “It’s definitely more

physical than high school,” he said. “Guys are faster, bigger, more agile. You’re going against 22- and 23-year-old men, instead of 18-year-old boys. So it’s definitely something I have to get used to.” Orlosky, a four-star recruit according to Scout. com, has had the luxury of working with senior leader Jeff Braun. “He’s the guy I watch when I’m not on the field,” Orlosky said. “When I do something wrong, I always ask him what I did wrong. I want to get better.” Braun has started 26 games in his career and had to move from tackle to guard a season ago. The veteran Braun took it upon himself to help the inexperienced freshman. “It was more of him accepting me and helping me, more than it was me going to him,” Orlosky said. “He’s done a great job helping me adjust. Hopefully he continues to do so.” Braun admits this line has meshed more as a

group than any in his time in Morgantown. And for a true freshman, Orlosky feels this makes his transition go a little more smoothly. “I feel like we’ve really bonded. They let me come in as a freshman and have accepted me. It’s very comparable to high school,” he said. “In high school, we were always with each other and had a lot of team chemistry. It just helps me, knowing I can turn to those guys for help.” The tips from Braun can’t be undervalued, but Orlosky admits the main catalyst for him improving is simply repetition. “I’m a lot more comfortable now than I was the first day of camp. I didn’t really know what to do or where to line up at the beginning. I was kind of just going through motions,” he said. “Now, I’m getting reps and starting to take everything in.”

Matt Sunday/The Daily athenaeum

True freshman offensive lineman Tyler Orlosky is second at guard on the depth chart after fall camp.

Family pushed Paterno to read Sandusky report


Penn State president Graham Spanier, left, and head football coach Joe Paterno before a college football game against Iowa.

(AP) — Joe Paterno had to be prodded by his family to read the grand jury report regarding Jerry Sandusky and did not understand some of its graphic terminology, according to a new book. The book, “Paterno” by Joe Posnanski, was purchased Friday by The Associated Press in advance of its release next week. In the book, Posnanski describes a scene at Paterno’s home, two days after Sandusky had been charged with child sex abuse last November. Paterno’s family and a close adviser were trying to explain to the Penn State coach that there was a growing sentiment Paterno must have known for years about the accusations against Sandusky. The book quotes Paterno as shouting “I’m not omniscient!” Paterno did not want to read the report, but family members and Penn State football communications and marketing assistant Guido D’Elia insisted that he must. The book also indicates Paterno didn’t comprehend all the terms in the report, asking his son what sodomy meant. According to the book, later that night Paterno’s son, Scott, told his mother

that she should brace herself for the possibility that Joe could be fired. Sue Paterno responded, “Scotty, that will kill him.” Paterno was fired by school trustees two days later, on Nov. 9. He died in January at age 85 of cancer. Sandusky, Paterno’s longtime defensive coordinator, is jailed and awaiting sentencing after being convicted in June on 45 criminal counts involving 10 boys. Former Athletic director Tim Curley and now-retired school administrator Gary Schultz are awaiting trial on charges of lying to a grand jury and failing to report the abuse allegations against Sandusky. Paterno was not charged, though the NCAA last month slammed his beloved football program with a range of tough sanctions. Among them, the Nittany Lions were forced to vacate 112 wins from 1998-2011, meaning Paterno no longer has the most coaching victories in major college football. The penalty seemed to grow from a report commissioned by the school from former FBI director Louis Freeh. It said Paterno, Curley, Schultz and former school president Graham Spanier concealed allegations against Sandusky dat-

416 High St.


ing back to 1998. Paterno’s family and the three officials have all vehemently denied the conclusions. Paterno had granted access to Posnanski to write a biography in 2011, well before Sandusky was charged. “Nobody would argue – and certainly my book does not argue – that the good Joe Paterno did in his life should shield him from the horrors of his mistakes,” Posnanski wrote in a column for USA Today earlier this week. “Some would argue, especially in the whitehot emotion sparked by the latest revelations, that Paterno’s role in the Jerry Sandusky crimes invalidates whatever good he might have done. My book does not argue that either. My book, I believe, lets the reader make up his or her own mind.” The book also details the long and frosty relationship Paterno had with Sandusky while they worked together at Penn State. According to the book, the two were never friendly and late in Sandusky’s tenure, Paterno felt the defense was not performing well and neither was Sandusky. Paterno did not want to fire Sandusky because he was so popular in the community and with fans, according to the book. The book indicates that Sandusky showed interest in taking an early retirement in 1999, and Paterno encouraged him to do so and let his assistant know he would not be the next head coach at Penn State. Sandusky and Curley negotiated a retirement package, and among Sandusky’s demands was to stay on through the 1999 season. The book indicates Paterno reluctantly agreed, and then regretted the decision when the team, which was considered one of the national championship favorites going into the season and reached No. 2 in the nation, lost three games late in the year with an underperforming defense. Sandusky’s early retirement at age 55 has led to speculation that a 1998 allegation by a boy against Sandusky that was never prosecuted by authorities led to Penn State quietly pushing Sandusky out. Paterno told a grand jury he was unaware of that allegation but evidence uncovered by Freeh report investigators suggest that he did.

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sights from wvu volleyball’s gold-blue scrimmage

mel moraes/the daily athenaeum

Freshmen Caleah Wells, left, and Nikki Attea go up to block freshman Monique Kemp in Saturday’s Gold-Blue scrimmage.

mel moraes/the daily athenaeum

Freshman Anna Panagiotakopoulos serves during Saturday’s scrimmage. The Gold team won the match in four sets.

mel moraes/the daily athenaeum

Senior Karly Rasmussen serves for the Blue team in Saturday’s scrimmage. RasMembers of the Gold team celebrate after winning a point in Saturday’s scrimmage. mussen is the lone senior on this year’s team.

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum


Continued from page 1


matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Senior Shawne Alston, left, and sophomore Dustin Garrison talk during fall camp.


goal line. But in 2012, Alston believes the fact he’s healthier than he has been in years will ultimately allow him to be an even more dynamic rushing threat, not just a power, goal-line running back. “I think I’m at my best all-around,” Alston said. “I need to do a little better job getting out of the backfield and catching balls, but I think I’ve really grown in other aspects of the game to help my cause to be the starter this year.” West Virginia University will be, without a doubt, one of the most explosive and highest-scoring teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision heading into 2012, and Alston admits that sometimes, if your name isn’t Geno, Stedman or Tavon, you can get overlooked – kind of fly under the radar. But that doesn’t bother Alston because flying under the radar is exactly where he likes to be. “Those are electrifying guys,” Alston said of his three teammates, which include two preseason Biletnikoff Award candidates

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and the preseason Big 12 offensive player of the year. “I’m just more of a grind-itout type of guy. The number of chances you get isn’t always too important, it’s just capitalizing when your number is called. “Me, I don’t mind just being low-key and working hard.”

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sights from wvu men’s soccer’s gold-blue scrimmage

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Sophomore Nick Breitsameter, middle, slides between freshman Gerry Sanchez and sophomore Zack Claudio to get to the Freshman Nick Raskasky avoids a tackle from freshman Chris Spates after the ball was knocked away from him during Satball in Saturday’s scrimmage. urday’s scrimmage.

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Head coach Marlon LeBlanc looks on from the sidelines during the men’s soccer team’s Gold-Blue Scrimmage Saturday.



AD | B7



Monday August 20, 2012

USC picked No. 1 in AP Top 25


Southern California quarterback Matt Barkley reacts during an NCAA college football game against UCLA. NEW YORK (AP) — Southern California is No. 1 in the AP Top 25, tossing off the weight of NCAA sanctions and returning to a familiar place in the rankings – with a boost from LSU’s problems. USC earned the top spot in The Associated Press’ preseason college football poll for the seventh time in school history and the first time in five seasons, edging out No. 2 Alabama and No. 3 LSU. The Trojans, who were banned from postseason play the past two seasons, received 25 of a possible 60 first-place votes from a media panel in a close vote. USC received 1,445 points. Defending national champion Alabama had 17 first-place votes and 1,411 points while LSU, the Crimson Tide’s SEC rival, got 16 first-place votes and 1,402 points. “We definitely didn’t come here to be underdogs,” Trojans safety T.J. McDonald said Saturday. “The ranking doesn’t mean we’ve done anything as a team. But it’s good to see we’re back where we’re supposed to be.” Oklahoma was fourth with a single first-place vote and Oregon was fifth. Michigan, at No. 8, received the only other firstplace vote. The Tigers were poised to start the season No. 1 before Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu got kicked off the team a week ago.

In light of that development, the AP extended the voting deadline. Before Mathieu was dismissed, reportedly for failed drug tests, LSU had received 28 of a possible 60 first-place votes. USC was a close second with 22 first-place votes and Alabama was third with nine. The USA Today coaches’ poll, which was released Aug. 2, had LSU at No. 1, followed by Alabama and USC. Rounding out the top 10 in the AP rankings, Georgia was No. 6, followed by Florida State and Michigan. No. 9 South Carolina and No. 10 Arkansas give the Southeastern Conference half of the first 10 teams. For the Trojans, their return to national championship contention comes just two years after the program was hit by NCAA sanctions that seemed crippling at the time. “To be handed down what they said could be a death penalty, could take USC 10 years to come back from, then to have this recognition and be preseason No. 1 is very exciting for our fans because a lot people thought two years ago that this would not be possible for USC,” coach Lane Kiffin told the AP. Kiffin was an assistant coach for USC during its last great run. From 200109 under coach Pete Carroll, the Trojans won two national titles and played for a third, made seven

straight BCS appearances and had three Heisman Trophy winners in Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush. At one point, USC spent a record 33 straight weeks at No. 1. But Carroll left for the NFL after the 2009 season and Kiffin was hired to replace him. A few months later the NCAA hit USC with a two-year bowl ban, plus scholarship limitations and probation because Bush and his family received impermissible benefits. USC went 8-5 in 2010, then charged back to 10-2 last season. And when star quarterback Matt Barkley decided to stick around for his senior season instead of entering the NFL draft, the Trojans, free from the bowl ban, were set to make a run at No. 1. “There’s not a roof over our heads now,” McDonald said. And USC is once again trendy in Los Angeles. “Do you feel that? Sure you do,” Kiffin said. “Games already sold out. Just the energy around it. All those different things. That’s how it was before. I’ve talked to these players about it.” With Barkley, the preseason Heisman favorite, along with receivers Robert Woods and Marqise Lee, plus running backs Curtis McNeal and Penn State transfer Silas Redd, these Trojans have drawn comparisons to those great Leinart/Bush offenses. “They are going to be successful because of the work they put in and not because of the hype,” Kiffin said. If USC has questions, it’s on the defensive side, where the line is thin and the pass defense was spotty last season. Those potent Pac-12 offenses will provide plenty of tests, none stiffer than on Nov. 3 when Oregon comes to the Coliseum for the first of a possible two contests with the Trojans. USC and Oregon could also meet in the Pac-12 title game. Trojans-Ducks might be only the second-biggest

game of the day on Nov. 3. That will also be the day of Round III of AlabamaLSU, after the Tide and Tigers played twice last season, the second time in the BCS title game. Alabama won the rematch 21-0 to take its second national title in the last three seasons under coach Nick Saban. The Tide are rebuilding on defense, but return quarterback A.J. McCarron and one of the best offensive lines in the country. LSU has a new quarterback, Zach Mettenberger, who the Tigers hope will give the passing game more punch, and much of last year’s fearsome defense is back – except Mathieu. The defensive back nicknamed Honey Badger became a surprising Heisman contender with a slew of game-changing plays last season. He scored four touchdowns, two on punt returns and two on fumble returns. His departure was met with mixed reaction by voters, but in a tight race for No. 1 it made a difference. “Tyrann Mathieu’s a terrific player, but I don’t think the overall effect will change LSU’s results,” said John Silver from the Journal Inquirer of Connecticut, who did not change his ballot after the Mathieu news. “I don’t think a corner can make that big of a difference. “It hurts them, but at the margins.” Seth Emerson of The Macon (Georgia) Telegraph dropped LSU from No. 1 to No. 3, behind Alabama and USC. “On the one hand, he wasn’t exactly known as a lock-down cornerback and LSU has plenty of other talent. On the other hand, I was in the Georgia Dome last year when Mathieu single-handedly turned the tide of the SEC championship,” Emerson wrote on his blog. “He’s a dynamic player. There’s a reason he was fifth in the Heisman voting. “That’s why I moved LSU to third, but not any further down.”

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sights from wvu women’s soccer’s loss to la salle

mel moraes/the daily athenaeum

Junior Frances Silva, right, tries to get in position to get the ball in Friday’s loss to La Salle.

mel moraes/the daily athenaeum

Women’s soccer head coach Nikki Izzo-Brown and athletic trainers tend to freshman Kelsey Maloney, who suffered an injury against La Salle.

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Senior Bry McCarthy prepares to take a free kick during West Virginia’s game against La Salle.

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Sophomore Kate Schwindel reacts following West Virginia’s loss to La Salle Friday night.

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The home crowd at Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium reacts to a call during the Mountaineers’ 2-1 loss to La Salle on Friday night.

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Freshman defender Mia Gunter looks to control the ball during Friday’s game against La Salle.

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Ibaka’s new deal reportedly worth $48 million OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma City Thunder took a big step toward sticking around as an NBA championship contender. The Thunder and general manager Sam Presti still face difficult decisions in the team’s quest to remain a title threat for the long haul after reaching the NBA Finals last season, but reaching a contract extension with blocks leader Serge Ibaka is certainly a good start. Ibaka came to terms on the deal on Saturday as the Thunder locked up another key member of their nucleus while also putting into question whether the small-market team can afford to keep Sixth Man of the Year James Harden beyond next season. Ibaka posted on Twitter that he was happy for the chance to play for the Thunder for five more years. Presti didn’t provide details of the contract, citing team policy, but Yahoo! Sports first reported that the deal is for four additional years and $48 million. “At 23 years old (by the time next season starts), we really do expect his best

basketball to be in front of him,” Presti said in a conference call, hours before his wedding. Presti dismissed the notion that Ibaka’s signing means that Harden’s departure is inevitable. But with more than $50 million committed per season to All-Stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and starting center Kendrick Perkins, there is not much room left in the budget for Harden, who earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic team that won gold in London. Ibaka played for Spain’s silver-medal winning Olympic team. Both he and Harden were eligible for extensions to their rookie contracts for the first time this summer and were set to become free agents after next season. “We’re going to continue our conversations with James. We very much value him,” Presti said. “We want him to be a part of our organization moving forward. We’re excited that he’s a member of the Thunder and we’re hopeful that he’ll be with us for years moving forward.” To make that happen, Oklahoma City would


Oklahoma City Thunder center Serge Ibaka reacts after scoring at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London while playing for Spain. likely have to go over the salary cap – set at about $58 million for next season – and pay a luxury tax or make other moves, such as using the amnesty clause to erase Perkins’ contract. The Thunder have already let veteran free agents Nazr Mohammed and Royal Ivey sign elsewhere, and Derek Fisher remains unsigned. Backup point guard Eric Maynor, who missed most of last

season due to a knee injury, also would become a free agent after next season. “There’s still a commitment for us to try to find a way to make it work for everybody, but we know there’s going to be some difficult decisions that have to be made,” Presti said. “We’re looking forward to trying to figure those things out, and having Serge in place is certainly a ben-

efit for our organization moving forward knowing that we have another core player that will be with us for the foreseeable future.” Ibaka was the No. 24 pick in the draft in 2008, the same year Presti selected Westbrook. A native of the Republic of Congo, Ibaka remained overseas for a year before joining the Thunder and developing into a defensive stopper. He led the NBA with

198 blocks in the 2010-11 season and finished second in the voting for Defensive Player of the Year last season after recording a league-best 241 – a franchise record 3.65 per game. “He’s come a long way in a short amount of time, but I’ve seen a lot of hard work that’s gone into that on his behalf, and that gives us confidence that he’s going to continue to work at it,” Presti said. Ibaka has steadily improved his offensive game, adding a mid-range jumper while starting to develop effective post moves. But he’s best known for his defensive impact, particularly after blocking at least 10 shots in three games last season – once as part of a triple-double. “I think with Serge, he does so many things,” Presti said. “Obviously, his shot-blocking is a statistic that’s most pointed to because it’s objective, because it’s measurable, but there’s a lot of things he does for us in terms of just, I would say, deterring shots. “He really helps our pick-and-roll defense and bails us out a lot of times.”


Harrell shaky, out to prove he can back up Rodgers GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — If everything goes as planned for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, it’s an issue that won’t come up all season. The issue being turnovers. A reliable backup quarterback can be a critical cog that keeps a potential Super Bowl contender on track if there’s a rough patch during the season. And right now, it’s unclear whether Graham Harrell is ready for the job. The former Texas Tech star struggled in the Packers’ pre-

season loss to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night, completing 12 of 24 passes for 100 yards with two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. He also was called for intentional grounding in the end zone, resulting in a safety. Harrell wasn’t happy with the performance but said it didn’t shake his confidence. “That’s the key, is to score points and finish drives,” Harrell said afterward. “We didn’t do that tonight. We’re always confident in ourselves. It’s not

like I’ll ever lose confidence in myself. I’m fine. Like I said, we’ll evaluate the film tomorrow, see what happened and try to improve from it.” Packers general manager Ted Thompson passed on the chance to pick up a veteran backup after Matt Flynn signed with Seattle in the offseason. It was a sign that Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy felt comfortable that Harrell was far enough along in his development that he could make the leap from No. 3 to No. 2.

Harrell has shown ability and increased arm strength during training camp, but Thursday’s shaky performance is dredging up questions about whether he’s ready. “I felt the things Graham did very well and what I was very pleased with was his scrambling ability, quarterback runs for first down,” McCarthy said. “That was something that I would not say was a part of his game last year. I think he’s really improved in that part of the pocket awareness. I thought he was put in some tough spots. On the negative side, he missed some throws. We’ll take a close look at it.” It didn’t help that Browns backup Colt McCoy, a player the Packers (No. 1 in the AP Pro32) were linked to in trade rumors this offseason, looked sharp as he led a touchdown drive in the third quarter. The Browns went on to win 35-10, sending the Packers to an 0-2 start to the preseason. That said, neither interception was primarily Harrell’s fault; one came on a desperation pass just before halftime, and the other came after a receiver slipped and fell. “He had a couple hardluck interceptions,” Rodgers said. And any quarterback would be challenged to play with a mishmash of inexperienced second- and thirdstring players – particularly when facing the Browns’ defensive starters. “I’m sure he wants to clean a few things up, but he got into a rhythm there in the fourth quarter on that drive,” Rodgers said. “We’ve got a lot of confidence in Graham. We’re not worried about him.


Former Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell is looking to secure his spot as Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ backup this season. They kept their first-team defense in for the majority of the first half, I think the whole first half, and I know what that’s like at times.” Rodgers recalled his first few years as a backup, when the Packers played the Tennessee Titans in the preseason and then-coach Jeff Fisher played his defensive starters deep into the game. “And that’s difficult, especially when you’re playing against Jevon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch and Keith Bulluck and (Cortland) Finnegan and those guys,” Rodgers said. “It’s difficult. The Browns stars on defense should be able to have a favorable matchup against 2s and 3s on our team, although we’d like to probably move the ball a little bit more effectively.” Harrell acknowledged that playing with an ever-changing group of offensive per-

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sonnel is difficult, but that’s just part of life as a backup quarterback in the preseason. “I think that is tough, at times,” Harrell said. “The more reps you get with each other, I think the more consistent you can be, and you kind of feel each other out a little better. That’s something we have to kind of do on the run and try to do a lot quicker and do a better job of, is just having everyone on the same page and making things happen out there when there are so many moving parts because in the preseason that’s the way it is.” After coming out of Thursday’s game, Rodgers did his best to help Harrell on the sideline. “Well, Aaron’s always trying to coach,” Harrell said. “He was kind of saying what he sees and what he thinks and different things like that. He’s just always trying to help out over there.” For Rodgers, it was another example of going out of his way to serve as a mentor to the Packers’ younger quarterbacks. “I like to stay in the game,” Rodgers said. “I obviously care about Graham and want him to do well. We talked about some things at halftime, they were playing a lot of one-high man coverages – so kind of the best concepts we wanted. “But I want those guys, B.J. (Coleman) and Graham, to do well, and I’m going to help out as much as I’m wanted to help out.”

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Stoops suspends DT Stacy McGee indefinitely NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — Oklahoma defensive tackle Stacy McGee was suspended indefinitely Friday for what coach Bob Stoops called a violation of university policy. McGee is the fifth Oklahoma player to be suspended during this offseason. Receiver Kameel Jackson was eventually dismissed from the team, while defensive back Quentin Hayes and receivers Jaz Reynolds and Trey Franks have been reinstated to practice but won’t be allowed to play in games. “It’s a low blow for us. He’s a great player and he’s a brother to us because we’re all really tight right there in the middle, in the trenches,” fellow defensive tackle Jamarkus McFarland said. “We have to treat the situation like an injury. The train still rolls, even though we love him and everything. We’ve still got to fill that spot.” McGee has started 17 games over the past three seasons. He played in 12 games last season, starting three times and recording 22 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks. “That’s a big loss but we can always overcome anything,” defensive tackle Casey Walker said. “We’ll be all right.” Defensive end David King said coaches approached him at his locker after practice and informed him he’d be moving into McGee’s position on a fulltime basis for “the first couple games of the season.” “I don’t mind it. I’ve played there before, so it’s nothing new to me,” King said. “I’m comfortable playing down there and I’m heavy enough where I can play there and hold my weight. We’ll see how it goes.” Stoops said King, who filled in at tackle while McGee and Walker missed time due to injuries last season, is consistently weighing in at 275 to 280 pounds and will be able to slide inside without a problem. “If he could treat himself to a few more cheeseburgers, he could be 285


Dodgers’ Mattingly suspended two games ATLANTA (AP) — Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly has been suspended for two games, beginning with Saturday night’s game against the Braves. Mattingly was also given an undisclosed fine “for excessive arguing” with home plate umpire Angel Campos in Thursday’s 10-6 loss in Pittsburgh. Mattingly and outfielder Matt Kemp were ejected in the game. The suspension was announced Saturday by Joe Garagiola Jr., senior vice president of standards and on-field operations for MLB. Mattingly said he was confused when he first re-

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops suspended defensive tackle Stacy McGee Friday for a violation of team rules. in no time and he’s got the strength to play in there. The times he has played in there, he’s done well,” Stoops said. “So, in all likelihood, we’ll rotate him in there with those other guys.” The Sooners’ season opener is Sept. 1 at UTEP. Stoops has been pleased with the growing depth along the defensive line, offering positive reviews on freshmen defensive ends Charles Tapper and

Mike Onuoha plus redshirt freshman Jordan Phillips at tackle. Sophomore Chuka Ndulue figures to take on a bigger role with King moving inside. “They’re going to do great out there, and I’m just going to try and do the best I can down inside to try and fill that void that we have down there,” King said. McGee had informed his fellow defensive linemen in recent days that he had broken the rules and


punishment might be coming. It didn’t become official until Friday. “It’s one of those things where it’s like, ‘I knew better.’ You know what I’m saying? So, it’s like when you’re a kid and Mom tells you not to touch the stove and you do it anyway, and you got burned,” Walker said. “It’s just one of those things. He learned his lesson and whatnot, and he’s just moving forward now. You can’t dwell in the past.”

ceived word of the suspension. He said he now understands he was suspended because he did not attempt to restrain Kemp before joining the argument. Kemp received no suspension or fine. “I’m happy about that,” Mattingly said. Mattingly was with the team for batting practice Saturday. Asked where he will watch the game, Mattingly said “I don’t know. I heard there’s a suite somewhere.” Dodgers bench coach Trey Hillman will fill in for Mattingly, who said Friday he was expecting to be suspended “a game or two.”

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Fall semester at the CAC is loaded with talent jeremiah yates a&E editor

The 2012 fall semester brings many exciting events to the West Virginia University Creative Arts Center. The CAC is known for hosting a wide array of entertainment, including some of the world’s most renowned performers. “We’re excited by this year’s lineup and the positive reaction we’ve had from subscribers. We think this could be one of our most ambitious lineups yet for the University Arts Series,” said David Ryan, public relations specialist for WVU Arts & Entertainment. Previous acts to appear at the CAC include The Avett Brothers, “Shrek the Musical” and Joan Rivers. “We’ve got gravity defying acrobatics, intricate dance moves, legendary musical artists and national tours of Broadway productions.We believe there’s something for everyone,” Ryan said. This semester’s schedule of events at the CAC is as follows: zz Time for Three, Sept. 5 This trio blends elements of classical, jazz, country western and gypsy music together to create a unique sound. zz ‘American Idiot,’ Sept. 7 In 2004, American punk band Green Day released its seventh studio album titled “American Idiot,” which was written as a rock opera, inspired by earlier efforts by The Who and other musicals. Since then, the album has sold more than 14 million copies. Director Michael Mayer collaborated with Green Day’s frontman Billie Joe

Armstrong to create what the Toronto Star calls “One of the most exciting musicals you’ll ever see.” zz Blue Man Group, Oct. 5-6 A unique and brilliant mix of music and theatrics makes its way to the CAC and is sure to impress. zz Jackson Browne, Oct. 15 An American legend, Jackson Brown brings his classic rock sound to the CAC. His hits include “Running on Empty” and “Doctor My Eyes.” zz Martina McBride, Oct. 20 This American country music star has been referred to as “the Celine Dion of country music” for her ballads and wide vocal range. zz Dionne Warwick, Nov. 9 Dionne Warwick has captivated audiences for more than 50 years with her soothing and sensual voice. She is a five-time Grammy Award winner and has sold more than 100 million records. zz ‘A Chorus Line,’ Dec. 5 Winner of nine Tony Awards, including best musical and the Pulitzer Prize for drama, it is among the longest-running American Broadway musicals. zz Jim Brickman, Dec. 11 Brickman’s romantic style has earned him six gold and platinum albums, 30 charted radio hits and two Grammy nominations. zz M o s c o w Ballet‚ ‘Great Russian Nutcracker,’ Dec. 13 The 20th anniversary of the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker comes to the CAC to give its audience a worldly experience. Regardless of how far you drive from Morgan-

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The Blue Man Group is scheduled to perform at the Creative Arts Center Oct. 5-6 town, it is difficult to find a venue that offers a more impressive schedule than the WVU CAC.

WVU Arts & Entertainment

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Shows in Pittsburgh are worth the drive

Bassnectar is scheduled to perform at Stage AE Nov. 5.

Carrie Underwood will perform at the Consol Energy Center Nov. 27.

Pop icon Madonna will perform at the Consol Energy Center Nov. 6.

The Who will perform in Pittsburgh Nov. 11 at the Consol Energy Center.

The greatest entertainers in the world in our back yard jeremiah yates a&E editor

Morgantown is certainly not lacking when it comes to great concerts. With artists such as Kaskade, Juicy J and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at this year’s FallFest, and a slew of other shows coming to the area over the next year, there’s plenty of live music to see. But that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to experiencing only what Morgantown has to offer – especially when Pittsburgh is only a short drive away. Put your animosity for the Panthers aside and embrace the music. It doesn’t matter what your preference – rap,

metal, bluegrass, electronic or country – it will be found live in Pittsburgh. Attending shows in the city is easy and walletfriendly – as long as you carpool with other concertgoers and share hotel costs (if you don’t want to make a late-night drive after a show). While hotels in Pittsburgh can be pricey – especially the ones within walking distance to most of the good venues in the city – splitting a room with four or more people will lessen the cost and increase the fun you can have at the show. It can be a drag to know you have to make the drive back to Morgantown after a show, and many shows can last well after midnight. The Hyatt Place at North Shore is a perfect example. It is a stone’s throw from

Stage AE, which hosts quality acts daily, and is one of the nicest hotels in the city. If four people share a room, it may only cost $35-$50 per person, which is well worth the money. Walking, or even catching a cab back to a hotel after a show makes the entire experience of a concert much more rewarding. I frequently travel to Pittsburgh to see shows with friends, and it usually doesn’t cost as much as most think. You may have to pick and choose which shows to attend and budget wisely, but it is always worth the time and money. Here are just some of the shows coming to Pittsburgh this semester that would satisfy any music fan. 9/11 – Rush at the Consol Energy Center

10/09 – 3 Doors Down at Stage AE 10/09 – Neil Young and Crazy Horse at the Petersen Event Center 10/11 – Hatebreed at Stage AE 10/18 – The Misfits at the Atlar Bar 10/ 19 – Umphrey’s McGee at Stage AE 10/21 – Fiona Apple at Stage AE 10/27 Bruce Springsteen at the Consol Energy Center 11/05 – Bassnectar at Stage AE 11/06 – Madonna at the Consol Energy Center 11/11 – The Who at the Consol Energy Center 11/21 – B.B. King at the Benedum Center 11/27 – Carrie Underwood at the Consol Energy Center

Bieber, Gaga, Obama join Beyonce for campaign NEW YORK (AP) — Justin helping hand to Beyonce. support Beyonce and the Bieber, Lady Gaga and MiObama and the pop global campaign for World chelle Obama are giving a stars have signed on to Humanitarian Day, which is Sunday. The campaign asks that on Sunday people help others through such acts as making sandwiches for the homeless or volunteering at a local charity. The goal is to share 1 billion messages of hope. A representative for Beyonce says that Bieber,

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Gaga, Obama, Rihanna, Shakira, Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin and others will participate. Beyonce performed her song “I Was Here” at the United Nations in New York last week to promote World Humanitarian Day. The performance was taped and the music video will debut Sunday. The song is from her latest album “4.”


Monday August 20, 2012


Ferrell and Galifianakis disappoint in ‘The Campaign’ hunter homistek

as always, but his jokes and one-liners in “The Campaign” are sterile, overused and way over the top. His character might make a 16-year-old jock laugh, but there were few truly gut-busting moments for the film’s intended audience. In addition, the plot line that Ferrell’s character follows could not be more predictable. He begins as a popular Congressman who has it all – the wife, the house, the votes – but he eventually loses it all as the movie progresses. Can he regain it in dramatic, touching fashion or will he fall, a defeated and deflated shell of his former self? While I do not wish to spoil the movie, I already told you that the story line is generic, so take your pick. Galifianakis’ character, on the other hand, is much more developed and decidedly funnier throughout the film. Galifianakis plays Marty Huggins, a well-to-do, effeminate husband and father who lives a simple and satisfied life in his beloved North Carolina home. Huggins’ quaint life takes a drastic turn as the movie begins, though, and

associate a&e editor

Comedians Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis team up for Jay Roach’s “The Campaign,” and the results are less than stellar. The movie, which debuted in theaters Aug. 10, earned $10.3 million on opening day and an impressive $29 million on its opening weekend. These sales prove Ferrell and Galifianakis remain two of the most popular comedians in the business today, but popularity alone does not ensure a good film, and “The Campaign” is a classic example of this. Despite having a dream duo leading the way, “The Campaign” sputters thanks to poor writing and a generic plot. Look, I love Will Ferrell as much as the next guy, but watching him play the cocky, womanizing man of power is getting a little old. It is almost as if Ron Burgundy is running for Congress in “The Campaign,” and, while that sounds amazing, its execution is far from the excellence of “Anchorman.” Ferrell’s acting is solid

‘The Campaign,’ starring Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis, opened in theaters this weekend. he is selected to oppose Ferrell in the upcoming state elections. This is the story of “The Campaign”: two polar opposites run for Congress, lying and cheating their

way to the top. The movie, to this end, has some current political undertones, but the focus of the movie is definitely on Ferrell and Galifianakis just being funny.

For such a seemingly DVD” written all over it. perfect tandem, the movie is not as funny as you think it should be, and when you add in a weak plot and cliched writing, “The Camdaa& paign” has “wait for the


‘Total Recall’ is definitely an action movie to see madeline carey

as a boring, lower-class factory worker. This is when the movie really speeds up, including your run-of-the-mill chase scenes, shootouts and explosions. But “Total Recall” was able to keep your attention the entire time by throwing unanswered questions your way at every step. The movie shed light on a new perspective of postapocalyptic societies that most movies tend to skip over. Instead of one man against all odds, Farrell’s character has the help of an entire rebellion. Farrell and Beckinsale, no strangers to action films, gave great performances in the film. This is especially true for Beckinsale; she was able to make you hate her villainous character more and more as the plot developed. For all the gravity-defying action and implausible events, the most truly unbelievable fact was that Beckinsale appeared scantily

a&e writer

“Total Recall” might not have the box office numbers that “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Bourne Legacy” are generating, but don’t let the numbers fool you. In a post-apocalyptic world where traveling to the center of the earth and back out seems to be the norm (and one where Colin Farrell is married to Kate Beckinsale while dating Jessica Biel) it seems that almost anything is possible. But being married to 2009’s sexiest woman alive isn’t enough for Farrell’s character, Douglas Quaid, so he goes to Total Recall where they can tap into any memory you have and create new ones for those not fully entertained by their own lives. There are no zombie or alien sightings throughout the film and the story took the chemical warfare-destroyed planet route. The only parts of the world left habitable are, for whatever reason, China and Great Britain. Travelers can travel through the center of the planet and arrive at the other end after a short 17-minute shuttle ride. While there, Quaid uncovers the fact he was a spy before being captured by the oppressive government. Not only did the government find him, but they erased his memory and implanted his memory with a new life


clad only once during the film, and Jessica Biel was fully dressed the entire time. For a genre of films known for fight scenes and inappropriately timed sex scenes, the film delivered more plot than sex. Which, in my opinion, was a very welcome surprise. If futuristic action films are your thing, “Total Recall” is definitely the movie to see.

««««« daa&

‘Total Recall’ opened to positive reviews this weekend.

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Monday August 20, 2012

Reading checklist: Must-read books you will never see on your syllabus hunter homistek associate a&e editor

The start of classes each semester marks the beginning of a fresh chapter in every student’s life. This is a chance to continue past successes or redeem any past failings, and it is also an opportunity grow as a student in the undying quest for knowledge and intellectual fulfillment. To aid in this journey, the University is not shy about piling book upon required book on our syllabi, and for that, one can

always count on a heavy dose of informative textbooks and workbooks to fill his or her bookbag at the start of every semester. While these books are obviously an integral part of a student’s learning experience, sometimes it is nice to kick back, relax and enjoy a book for pleasure rather than out of necessity. If some of the names on this list sound familiar, they should. Cormac McCarthy is noted for his work on “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men,” both of which became major motion pictures that received critical

acclaim. Andre Dubus III, author of “The Garden of Last Days,” is also no stranger to the silver screen; his novel “The House of Sand and Fog” was adopted for film as well, where it received multiple Academy Award nominations. As you amass syllabi from your various classes this semester, keep in mind: the following titles will likely not be found on any professor’s list of

required readings, but where enjoyable, thoughtprovoking reads are concerned, they are hard to beat. The bookworm in all of us needs to be satisfied periodically, and, let’s be honest here – that Biochemistry textbook is probably just not going to cut it. For your next lazy night in, I highly recommend checking out one of these fine reads.

‘Mercury Falls’ is a hilarious take on a serious subject – the apocalypse.

Despite being a successful motion picture, ‘The Road’ truly shines in print. “The Road”– Cormac McCarthy Along with Andre Dubus III, Cormac McCarthy is at the top of the totem pole of contemporary writers. The most widely recognized title on this list, “The Road” is a post-apocalyptic tale of love, loss and utter desperation, all felt through the hearts of a father and son. If you have seen the movie adaptation of this book, do yourself a favor and read what McCarthy intended you to see and feel. While the movie is a worthy look into the story, the novel truly does the work more justice.

“The Road” is a heavy and depressing read, but its undertones of survival and the eternal bond between a father and son provides one of the most intimate reading experiences one can find. When each breath and each movement is carefully calculated and trouble can come in the human or natural form, where can we find humanity? “The Road” seeks to answer these questions and more, and the result is another spectacular offering from Mccarthy. With “The Road,” do not expect a “feel-good, pickme-up” read; expect to be fulfilled.

‘Broken’ evokes the classic tale ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ with a twist. “Broken” – Daniel Clay Daniel Clay’s “Broken” will feel familiar for those who have read Harper Lee’s classic “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and the author is not shy about proclaiming Lee’s work to be his primary inspiration for “Broken.” While there are obvious similarities among the names of characters

and general symbols and themes throughout the book, Clay’s “Broken” is a much darker and twisted take on the classic novel. Within the book, readers will find characters that inhabit all walks of life. In one facet of the story, you read about Rick Buckley, an awkward and outcast teenager who experiences a tragedy that send him into a psychologically deranged downward spiral that is as disturbing as it is intriguing to witness. Other characters include criminals, teenagers discovering love and adults still searching to find themselves and their purpose in life. In this way, “Broken” tells a disjointed tale that showcases humanity’s highest of highs and lowest of lows, all while maintaining an engaging and cohesive multi-tiered story line for the reader. The conclusion in “Broken” ranks among my alltime favorites, and the overarching moral and meaning found in the last few pages is nothing short of breathtaking. That is not to say the story as a whole is not good – it is excellent – but the value in “Broken” really comes together in the closing paragraphs. Read this one to its end, and you will be rewarded.

“Mercury Falls” – Robert Kroese I discovered Robert Kroese’s “Mercury Falls” thanks to a recommendation of a close friend, and, boy, am I glad I sat at his lunch table in middle school. This is definitely not the most popular and publicized title in the world, but Kroese writes with a masterful precision and wit that is rare in today’s literary landscape. His writing is as funny as it is serious and stimulating, and that results in a remarkable read. “Mercury Falls” spins the tale of a hardworking but decidedly plain journalist, Christine, who writes for “The Banner,” a religious publication hellbent on predicting the date

of the apocalypse. While many sneer at the very idea of an apocalypse, “The Banner” believes the end of days is coming, and as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the news magazine is justified in its forecast. As archangels, angelic minions and the antichrist himself make their way into the story, “Mercury Falls” spills out as a brilliantly crafted tale of heavenly proportions. Can Christine work with the angels to prevent the apocalypse, or does the side of Satan prevail? No spoilers here, but I can guarantee one winner in this story: the reader. “Mercury Falls” can be purchased on amazon. com and on Amazon Kindle devices.

Andre Dubus III is at peak form in ‘The Garden of Last Days.’

“The Garden of Last Days” – Andre Dubus III If you consider yourself a reader of any degree and have not checked out Andre Dubus III’s work, please slap yourself in the face for me and then continue reading. Dubus III is a master of multi-narrated storylines, and his writing frequently brings several separate stories together in unexpected and remarkable fashion. “The Garden of Last Days” is no exception to his signature style, and readers of the novel will find themselves unable to turn the pages fast enough in this fast-paced, gripping thriller. While this novel never reached the mainstream market like his most noted work, “The House of Sand and Fog,” it is every bit as clever and exciting. “The Garden of Last Days” brings together a stripper, a single father and a terrorist plotting the Sept. 11 suicide bombing in a way only Dubus III can envision. In one of the most surprising fashions possible,

Dubus is able to justify each person’s lifestyle by showing their motives, their passions and their expectations from life. His objectivity and deep understanding of these very separate walks of life is astounding to read and witness firsthand. How is somebody able to positively cast the life of a terrorist? How can a stripper have the deep-seated morality that escapes persons of authority? What does it feel like to be a single father desperately craving the life of past days? Dubus III answers these questions and many more within the pages of this novel. “The Garden of Last Days” is a roller coaster ride of emotion, and the pen of Dubus III leads the reader around every turn with the honed-in precision of a master navigator. Dubus III is one of the premier writers of today, and his work never disappoints.


Monday August 20, 2012


A Guide to FallFest 2012: Get to know headliner Kaskade

Ryan Raddon, known to fans as Kaskade, is headlining this year’s FallFest bill.

by hunter homistek and caitlin Graziani staff

Ryan Raddon, better known by his stage name Kaskade, is set to headline FallFest 2012, but the disc jockey made his name in the business long before getting the call to play for Mountaineer nation. A professional at the top of his game, Kaskade is widely considered one of the world’s top DJs, and he has collaborated with vocal artists Rebecca and Fiona and world-renowned DJ Deadmau5 in the past. In addition to these accomplisments, Kaskade is a resident DJ in Las Vegas’ Marquee Dayclub and Nightclub, located in Vegas’ posh new hotel, The Cosmopolitan. For any DJ, such a residency marks a huge accomplishment, and Kaskade recognizes and appreciates this honor. “It has been awesome, as it is one of the best clubs in the world,” Kaskade said. “I have a show there once a month, and over the last

two years I have been able to make it really special every time.” FallFest attendees can expect Kaskade to bring an equally special performance with him to the Mountainlair green and the DJ looks forward to performing for the University crowd. “I always like going to new places to perform, and since I had never been to WVU, I am excited,” Kaskade said. “I have only played a few University shows, but I love how into it the audiences get.” One of the defining characteristics of Kaskade is his remarkable ability to feel and emote his music to his fans, and he is known to get just as into his music as his crowds. “It’s always cool to play my songs and see the connection that people have with the lyrics,” Kaskade said. “I love seeing the connection there in person and how it affects the people.” In addition to always performing an intimate setlist, Kaskade is well known for his incredible

light show. Besides having state-ofthe art lights and strobes, Kaskade times his light show to his music in an impressive, synchronized fashion. This adds energy and intensity to his music, and the crowd will be able to dance and groove from the first to the last notes of his set. While Kaskade may not be a household name, there is no doubt he is one of the world’s premier DJs and musicians. The audience in attendance at FallFest is set to experience a stunning performance from the DJ, and this could turn into one of those shows you just cannot stop talking about for months afterwards. For music fans looking to push their boundaries and experience an electric event, Kaskade’s FallFest performance is an absolute can’t-miss. daa&

Fresh off his ‘Freaks of Nature’ tour, Kaskade comes to WVU.

Submitted by WVU Arts & Entertainment



Monday August 20, 2012

Caged Fury 19 brings MMA to Morgantown

Professional mixed martial arts action returns to Morgantown Sept. 15.

by hunter homistek associate a&E editor



Paisleys • Plaids l d • Polka lk Dots

1042 Suncrest Towne Centre • Morgantown, WV


We a re t h e n ew k i d s i n t ow n . . . j u s t l i k e YO U !



Joey Holt returns to action at Caged Fury 19.

Professional mixed martial arts action is set to invade the Morgantown Event Center Sept. 15, as the North American Allied Fight Series presents Caged Fury 19. The NAAFS has hosted two previous fight cards in Morgantown, and company CEO and President Greg Kalikas said the town is always worth the trip for his company and fighters. “We love hosting fights here and the crowds are always really receptive and energetic,” Kalikas said. “We just want to put on great fights and a great show for everybody.” At Caged Fury 19, the NAAFS is working in conjunction with Charleston, W. Va.’s Reality Cage Combat, and this collaborative effort has resulted in a fight card that is stacked with talent from top to bottom. Lightweight fighter Joey “The Hitman” Holt returns to the Morgantown Event Center following a January 2012 performance at the venue that saw him defeat Parkersburg, W. Va., native Nate Hall in dramatic fashion. With a series of ferocious punches to a grounded Hall, Holt was able to get his work done early and escape unscathed from the cage with an impressive first-round victory under his belt.

“Holt is going to be in one of our feature bouts,” said Kalikas. “He is a former Bellator (Fighting Championships) fighter, and he is always ready to go on fight night.” Also returning to Morgantown at Caged Fury 19 is Pittsburgh heavyweight fighter Adam Milstead. Milstead previously fought at Caged Fury 17 in April at the Mylan Park Expo Center, where he defeated crowd favorite Nathan “Bamm” Bryant with a second-round knockout. “We have an awesome card again for the Morgantown crowd,” Kalikas said. “These guys always bring it and this time is going to be no different.” After filling the Morgantown Event Center at Caged Fury 16, Kalikas said he hopes to see more of the same in the NAAFS’ return to the venue. Helping to achieve this, Kalikas and the NAAFS have confirmed West Virginia fighters Josh Baker, Zac Gobel and Ronnell Green will be in the cage Sept. 15. In addition to this dose of hometown heroes, Kalikas and the NAAFS are offering a $10 discount on tickets to students with a valid student ID. “The fans have been wanting a return to the Event Center, and now they’re getting it,” Kalikas said. “We hope to get a lot of the Morgantown students involved


and out to the show, where they can witness some of the best mixed martial artists in the area compete.” While many organizations boast of having “the best” or “greatest” fighters, it is hard to argue with the track record of the NAAFS. Former NAAFS fighters have included current Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweights Stipe Miocic and Dave Herman, UFC welterweight Matt Brown and UFC veterans Forrest Petz and Sean McCorkle. For mixed martial artists, there is no bigger stage than the UFC, and the NAAFS is oftentimes a springboard to the big show for these upand-coming fighters. “For fans of MMA who wants to see the future stars of tomorrow and get a definite bang for their buck, this is the place to be,” Kalikas said. “We love Morgantown, we’ve had two successful events there, and this one is going to be no different.” Caged Fury 19 promises to be another high-octane, high-energy affair from the NAAFS, and with fighters like Holt, Milstead, Baker, Green and Gobel on the card, fans in attendance will certainly get their money’s worth. Tickets can be purchased the day of the event at the Morgantown Event Center or online at daa&

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Monday August 20, 2012

Podcasts are a great way to connect to comedy

Doug Benson hosts the podcast, ‘Doug Loves Movies.’

Laura Ciarolla copy editor

Whether you’re on the PRT or killing some time on campus between classes, podcasts are a great way to pass the time. You can plug in your earphones and immediately feel like you’re with friends – albeit much more clever and witty friends than you may be used to. The allure of this media isn’t just the entertainment; it’s the camaraderie listeners

can feel with the hosts and guests of the shows. Podcasts have a way of pulling you in to make you feel like you’re part of the conversation, and – for me, anyway – it’s a conversation I want to be a part of. They give listeners a chance to hear a more down-to-earth side of celebrities and guests that is rare in other forms of media. In the midst of the chaos of classes and beginning a new school year (and a new school for some), these can offer a much-needed release. With all of the pressure school can bring, a dose of comedy in this form can be a precious commodity.

Take a 30-minute study break and get a total body workout that burns up to 500 calories. It’s as good for your mind as it is for your body!

So, here are a few comedic podcasts to help you get through the start of the school year. All are available for free download on iTunes, and the last two are available free on, as well. ‘Doug Loves Movies’ Doug Benson, creator and star of “Super High Me” and “The Benson Interruption,” stays true to his usual laidback and childlike demeanor in this comedy podcast. The title describes it well; the podcast is basically just Benson and his comedic friends discussing movies, which he greatly enjoys. The major enticement of the show is the

guests he features. These have included Sarah Silverman, Edgar Wright, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Cera and many more. Perhaps the most popular aspect of the show for listeners is the “Leonard Maltin Game,” in which Benson reads a list of the cast of an unknown movie from “Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide” to his guests, who must guess the film. The show is really fun to listen to, and it makes the listener feel like he’s just sitting in a room hanging out with a stoned Doug Benson and (often similarly situated) celebrity friend.


$129 a r Semfoerste students

304-291-4968 The World’s Leader in Women’s Fitness

Paul Scheer, host of the podcast ‘How Did This Get Made.’

1383 Earl L. Core Road, Suite 1 Morgantown, WV 26505

‘How Did This Get Made?’ Do you ever find yourself watching something and wondering, “How the f--did this movie get made?” That’s precisely what this podcast covers. Well, it’s not so much the technicalities of how a film is created as it is jokes made at the expense of the films. With their comedic expertise, Paul Scheer (“The League,” “NTSF:SD:SUV”), his wife June Diane Raphael (“NTSF:SD:SUV”) and Jason Mantzoukas (“The League”) pick apart some of Hollywood’s most questionable films, including “Twilight: Breaking Dawn,” “Superman III” and “Jingle All the Way.” Listeners aren’t required to actually watch the movie, since it’s usually not something you want to see anyway, so it’s not hard to follow along. However, if you do happen to

have first-hand experience with the film, their commentary is even more hilarious. ‘Hodgepodcast’ This podcast seems to take in a little bit of everything; it truly is a “hodgepodge” of movie reviews. The only tie between the reviews they choose is the comedy the hosts bring to them. Former West Virginia University student Justin Channel and Zane Crosby, creators of the YouTube series “Two Dudes and a Sweet Prince” and the horror/comedy “Die and Let Live,” collaborate once a week to discuss a variety of films and other subjects. The emphasis seems to be on family films, including childhood favorites such as “Blank Check” and “Kazaam,” to which they add their own humorous perspectives. But with these two, anything is up for discussion. They also cover recent releases like “The Avengers” and even reminisce about their own theater experiences in the episode “Tales from the Projection Booth.” If you’re looking for something funny and relatable, but sporadic enough to keep you interested, this podcast is the perfect choice for you. daa&


Monday August 20, 2012


‘Music Monday’ presents: ‘Definitive 90s’ Matt Sunday art director

The 21st century has had a sound dominated by synthesizers and Will-I-Am, and that could not differ more from the sound of power chords and alternative one-hit-wonders that defined the 1990s. To honor this seemingly lost art of crunchy guitars and one-hit sensations, I present “Definitive ’90s” –

the first installment of “Music Monday,” a weekly Spotify playlist featured in The Daily Athenaeum. The ’90s featured female pop-rock vocalists like Alanis Morissette, grunge genre creators Nirvana and timeless alternative stars like Green Day, Blink-182, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Bush, The Goo Goo Dolls and the Foo Fighters. It is the collective theme that these artists produce that comes together in “Definitive

’90s.” Best played on “random,” “Definitive ’90s” will entertain for more than 12 hours, and the playlist is ever-growing. The most popular bands on the playlist are Green Day and Nirvana, and each brings six tracks to the table. Green Day wins the battle for most popular album, however, with five of their six songs coming from “Dookie,” the group’s 1994 effort. On the other end of the

spectrum is one-hit-wonder Len, with “Steal My Sunshine” coming in as the group’s only appearance on the playlist. Although the act has not dominated charts since then, the poppy feel of “Steal My Sunshine” will elicit grins and falsetto attempts of choir support with every listen. For those who enjoy bands with more sustained success, Pearl Jam, 311, Bush and Foo Fighters are all prominent on the playlist, as well. These

Pearl Jam highlights ‘Definitive ‘90s.’

bands have not changed their style immensely, and they have used that same structure to carry their success across decades. The most entertaining song on the playlist must go to The Rembrants’ “I’ll Be There For You,” the hit theme song from the ever-popular television show, “Friends.” Be prepared to clap along during the first verse and to have the song stuck in your head for hours. “Definitive ’90s” has a song

for everyone, even if you are not familiar with the pop-rock classics from “yesterday.” Listen, and be sure to voice your opinion of the list by contacting The Daily Athenaeum on Twitter at @DailyAthenaeum or by emailing Matthew.Sunday@mail.wvu. edu with suggestions. Take it a step further and email a link to a Spotify playlist for a chance to have it featured in a future issue of “Music Monday.”

Green Day boasts six songs on the playlist.

Gary’s Comics keeps Morgantown’s comic scene alive alec berry web editor

Take a stroll down High Street. Do it. Once you wander past the traffic and students in disarray, your eyes adjust and something else appears – an economic system with personality and charm. Small shops, prone to service and aesthetic charm, populate the concrete side skirts; the automaton that is Wal-Mart cranks along somewhere in the distance. Restaurants with taste, boutiques with idea and oddball establishments hinge their doors open. Trot far enough and the sight of

blue paint and a neon Bat symbol should stop you. Such a calling card belongs to Gary’s Comics and More, a college town comic book store. Founded in 2004 – a day after Thanksgiving – Gary’s Comics hit the ground running with a “strong” public interest. Gary Loring, owner of Gary’s Comics, cites the excitment as a reaction to another local retailer’s poor services. As Loring suggests, “they were not serving the public.” In response, comic readers migrated to the new business, and local residents and West Virginia University students have supported Loring’s business since. The physical store takes pride in its appearance by way of its clean space and

favorable lighting. Gary’s resembles nothing of the expected comic book store experience. Product is organized, plain and simple, and the business’ employees provide friendly interaction. Loring makes a point to emphasize a personality as well as a sense of care. “An employee at WalMart probably doesn’t know much about what you want to buy,” Loring says. “I employ people who are knowledgeable about the product as well as eager to talk.” This strategy shapes Gary’s Comic into not just a place of purchase but also a hangout, or as Loring describes it, “a safe haven for nerds.” The store seems to be the focus point of Morgantown’s comics scene. Walk in on any given Wednes-

day, and you can expect at least three or four people hanging out by the register, and in the background some new release will buzz on the store’s television set, providing inspiration for conversation. Organization also plays a big role in Gary’s success. The store makes a shopping experience easy with its attractive layout. For Loring, it is a simple manner of keeping things “easy to find.” “There’s already a confusion in comics [numerous

titles, an extensive backlog of reading material], so organization is very helpful for interested people coming in off the street,” Loring said. Gary’s Comics offers a specialized stock as well. Marvel and DC comics populate the shelves like any other retailer, but if need be you can find a copy of Dave Sim’s “Cerebus” or a volume of Robert Crumb’s work. These choices in stock show that Gary’s Comics is concerned and aware of a

variety of audiences rather than a single core group. Comic books are comic books, though, no matter the genre or subject matter they present, and for Loring it all comes back to a love for the books. “I love what they [comic books] do to people,” Loring says. “It’s a good field, and comics do good things for people. “I wanted to be a part of that.” daa&

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Monday August 20, 2012

Douglas, Wieber enjoy sparkle after gold NEW YORK (AP) — They’ve been on a whirlwind tour since the Olympics – from “Late Night With David Letterman” to the Empire State Building and the New York Stock Exchange – but gold-medal gymnasts Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber have one more stop to make before they can truly take a breath: the White House. President Barack Obama made the invitation in a phone call. “We’ll definitely take him up on it,” Douglas said. The girls say they are trying to get the most out of this post-London euphoria. Long days of interviews, autographs and photo ops haven’t left them jaded. “Were enjoying every step of the way,” said Wieber, who with Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross and Aly Raisman gave the United States its first Olympic team title in women’s gymnastics since 1996. Douglas also won the women’s all-around individual g y m na s t i c s competition. They insist they’re not tired or homesick, despite going weeks before making their way home late this week. Wieber says she has jammed pretty much everything she owns into four suitcases, including her own pillow, and hasn’t looked back. “We’ve been having so much fun the past few days,” agreed Douglas, who has Tweeted photos of herself meeting Nicki Minaj, Karmin and Nick Cannon, and also has savored online congratulations from Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. She shared a couch with first lady Michelle Obama


From left, Kyla Ross, Jordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, members of the United States women’s Olympic gymnastics gold medal-winning team, join television show host David Letterman on the set of the ‘Late Show with David Letterman.’ on “Tonight” with Jay Leno. She is still waiting for her invitation to appear on “The Vampire Diaries,” hands-down her favorite TV show. Wieber? She’d like a little gig on “Teen Wolf.” Douglas and Wieber are still girls, and they acknowledge not being fully prepared for all the attention and publicity they’ve received over the past few weeks. Douglas is 16, and Wieber 17. “I don’t think anyone ex-

pected this. ... I didn’t expect this,” said Wieber, of DeWitt, Mich. Instead of making backto-school plans for the fall, they’re gearing up for the 40-city Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions. “Not many 17-yearold girls get to do this, so I don’t feel like were missing much,” Wieber said. Douglas, who lives and is home schooled in Des Moines, Iowa, to be near her coaches most of the time, would just like to


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have time to do a little light gymnastics training in the interim before the tour and maybe try a CrossFit conditioning workout that emphasizes endurance and cardio. “We all want to stay in shape,” she said. On Thursday, they were doing their latest round with journalists at Manhattan’s swanky Surrey Hotel off Madison Avenue. There were publicists, makeup artists, photographers and family members all over the penthouse suite as

Douglas and Wieber talked up the products they use as P&G Beauty spokeswomen. (Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner for Douglas; Olay facial cleansing wipes for Wieber.) During the Olympics, they did their own hair and makeup for all the competitions - and those millions of photos. As a team, sometimes they’d critique themselves, Douglas said, deciding the next day to lighten up on the eyeliner or wear more blush. But they didn’t

pay much attention to any critics of their appearance even as Douglas’ slicked back half pony-tail became the talk of the Olympics. Douglas, who on Thursday wore her hair loose and flowy, said while she loved the transformation the pros give to their look, she, Wieber and their teammates decided they sort of like it better when they do it themselves. “Sometimes,” Douglas said, “it just looks a little bit more like us.”

Pizza Hut, Home Depot deny copying Black Keys LOS ANGELES (AP) — Attorneys for Pizza Hut and The Home Depot are denying that a pair of ads improperly used music by The Black Keys. The Grammy-winning band sued the companies in June, claiming they used the band’s music to sell pizza and power tools. The companies separately denied the band’s allegations in court documents filed Thursday and Friday in Los Angeles. Each company is asking a judge to have the band pay their attorneys’ fees if they win the case. The Black Keys claim The Home Depot Inc. used elements of its hit “Lonely Boy” in an ad for power tools. The band accuses Pizza Hut Inc. of using elements of the song “Gold On the Ceiling” to sell a ap cheesy crust pizza. Both songs appeared on Guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys performs at Madison Square the rock group’s seventh al- Garden, in New York. Attorneys for Pizza Hut and The Home Depot denied claims that two ads improperly copied their music. bum, “El Camino.”

CBS drops suit against ABC

LOS ANGELES (AP) — CBS dropped its lawsuit Friday against ABC over its reality series “The Glass House,” citing the show’s low viewership numbers as a reason it is no longer interested in the case. The CBS network said it will continue to pursue its claims that top producers on the new series violated confidentiality agreements from when they worked on CBS’ hit series “Big Brother.” Those efforts will continue in private arbitration, not a federal courtroom where the rival networks have handled the case since it was filed in May. CBS claimed the show copied “Big Brother” too closely. A judge refused to grant CBS’ request to block the show’s broadcast, saying the unpredictable nature of reality television meant that the two shows were likely to be very different, despite some similarities in their format. The season finale of “Glass House” is scheduled to air on Monday. Only 1.6 million viewers tuned in to the Aug. 6 episode.

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Monday August 20, 2012

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A guide to Pussy Riot’s controversial oeuvre MOSCOW (AP) — Given how world famous Pussy Riot has become, people are sometimes surprised to learn that the entire oeuvre of the women’s punk band is made up of six songs and five videos. Badly recorded, based on simple riffs and screamlike singing, the feminist singers were dismissed by many critics and listeners as amateur, provocative and obscene. But the performance and release of each song’s video mirrored important steps in the rise of the opposition movement in Russia that protested Vladimir Putin’s return to power as president. By Friday, when three members of the group were convicted of hooliganism for performing a “punk prayer” in Moscow’s main cathedral in February to protest the Russian Orthodox Church’s support of Putin, it was clear the group also has won support around the world, including from stars such as Madonna and Paul McCartney and Amnesty International. The band consists of at least 10 members who always performed in balaclavas so the identities of only the three who were convicted are publicly known. Here is a guide to Pussy Riot’s songs, including one released Friday just hours before the Moscow court sentenced those three members to two years in prison. “RELEASE THE COBBLESTONES” The group’s first song and video are released on Nov. 7 – the anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. A month earlier, Prime Minister Putin announces that he and his protege,

President Dmitry Medvedev, will swap jobs, giving Putin the top government post again. The announcement is followed by regional elections that the Kremlin’s United Russia party wins by a landslide. Observers and government critics cry fraud, and online protests soon become widespread street demonstrations. The Pussy Riot song recommends that Russians protest the upcoming parliamentary elections - and throw cobblestones during street protests because “ballots will be used as toilet paper,” the group said on its blog. The song’s most quoted line says that “Egyptian air is healthy for your lungs/ Turn Red Square into Tahrir” – the focal point of Egypt’s uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. The song’s video is compiled from footage of band members singing and twanging guitars from the top of subway and trolley cars. The blog says the group was formed after its members “understood that after the Arab Spring Russia lacks political and sexual liberation, boldness, a feminist whip and a woman president.” From the very start, the group’s members do not disclose their real names and sport their now trademark balaclavas and brightly colored miniskirts. “KROPOTKIN VODKA” Dedicated to Pyotr Kropotkin, a 19th-century Russian prince and one of the founders of anarchism, the song advocates the “toppling of the Kremlin bastards” and “Death to prison, freedom to protests.” It is videotaped during the band’s unannounced performances in posh res-

taurants and boutiques, during which band members uses fire extinguishers to put out fires they have started. The song’s video is released on Dec. 1 , three days before the parliamentary elections, which trigger the largest civil protests in Russia since the Soviet collapse. “DEATH TO PRISON, FREEDOM TO PROTESTS” The song is recorded in mid-December, days after the first anti-Putin protests break out. As many as 100,000 people turn out in the frigid cold for demonstrations demanding free elections, and the streets of Moscow ring with cries of “Russia Without Putin” and “Putin Is a Thief.” The band performs the song on the roof of a pre-trial detention center where opposition leaders and activists are held.

“PROTESTS IN RUSSIA, PUTIN CHICKENED OUT” The band’s breakthrough performance takes place in a part of Red Square where czarist Russia once announced government decrees. During the performance, eight Pussy Riot band members are briefly detained. Reacting to such rallies, Putin promises to allow more political competition and to take steps to ensure the transparency of the upcoming presidential election. Medvedev proposes a law to restore the direct elections of governors. “HOLY MARY, DRIVE PUTIN AWAY” Before the now-historic stunt at Russia’s grandest Orthodox Cathedral that led to Friday’s conviction, band members try to play at Moscow’s Epiphany Church but are taken away

by security guards. The 41-second performance at Christ the Savior, during which five band members high-kick, dance and kneel, whispering “Holy Mother, Drive Putin Away,” is interrupted by guards. The Russian Orthodox Church’s initial response is mild. An outspoken cleric known for his liberal views calls it a “legal outrage” during Shrovetide week, when church tradition allows and even encourages carnival-like escapades and jokes. But the band then releases the video with an actual song - with screeching guitars and an angry chorus urging Holy Mary to become a feminist. The song also claims the church’s leader, Patriarch Kirill, venerates Putin instead of God. “PU TIN SETS THE

FIRES OF REVOLUTIONS” Pussy Riot’s latest song is played Friday afternoon by one of the band members who had escaped arrest from the balcony of an apartment building that faces the Khamovniki court building in central Moscow where a judge was reading the verdict. The balaclava-wearing young woman also throws out compact discs containing the song. Hours later, the band’s supporters dance to it near the court building - before police push them away, detaining several people. The song mocks Putin for his alleged cosmetic surgery and urges him to marry Alexander Lukashenko, the authoritarian leader of neighboring Belarus. The chorus says: Russia “takes to the streets to say goodbye to the regime.”

PARIS (AP) — Supporters of the punk rock band Pussy Riot bared their breasts, covered their faces with ski masks and cross-dressed Friday in a series of raucous protests that stretched from New York to Copenhagen to denounce the musicians’ conviction in a Russian court. In a Paris square, supporters followed the trial by phone and shouted in unison with protesters in Moscow. In Kiev, Ukraine, four women, one who was topless, used a chainsaw to cut down a cross. And in cities across Europe and the U.S., young people donned the neon-colored balaclavas that have become symbols of the band. The three women, who have been in jail for more than five months because of a guerrilla performance denouncing President Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s main cathedral, were convicted on charges of hooliganism driven by religious hatred and each sentenced to two years in prison. The trial has been seen as a symbol of Russia’s intoler-

ance of dissent, especially under the reign of Putin, and a series of colorful and raucous protests have attracted worldwide attention to the feminist rockers’ fate. Celebrities including Paul McCartney, Madonna and Bjork have called for the band members to be freed. Governments including the United States, Britain, France and Germany joined the chorus Friday, denouncing the sentences as disproportionate. But Friday’s demonstrations – none of which attracted more than a few hundred people – seemed unlikely to gain the momentum needed to exert any real pressure on Russia’s government. Still, one protester in Berlin who used to be an East German dissident underscored the importance of continuing even seemingly futile calls for changes. “I remember the times when we were in opposition ... the signs from other countries were very, very important,” said Marianne Birthler,

who also served as head of a post-reunification commission that investigated the East German intelligence service. “So we knew what we are doing is recognized and there are people who are willing to support us and who follow what happens to us. That’s the reason we are here now.” Protesters from New York to London to Copenhagen donned colorful balaclavas like those the women were wearing when they performed in the cathedral and some men at the gathering in the British capital even wore dresses in solidarity. “These three girls are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Adam Adamson, a 26-yearold who set up the Facebook page for the London protest. “Many have been arrested because they were opposing Putin.” In New York, about 40 protesters gathered, holding up banners that read: “We are all hooligans.” In Barcelona, Spain, more than 50 colorfully garbed demonstrators sang and danced to Pussy Riot songs

as they protested outside the large Sagrada Familia church. “Russia may be a mixture of Europe and Asia which means it has a unique approach to religion, but we know this is not really a religious issue,” said Andrei Viachenko, a 28-year-old

Russian doctoral student studying in Spain. A protest in Washington was more subdued, with 11 people marching in a loose circle in front of the Russian Embassy. In Serbia, while anti-Putin activists plan protests in

Belgrade, a Serbian far-right group has taken Putin’s side. The group Nasi has launched an online game targeting the Pussy Riot members, and says on its website that the women should be sent to a hospital for psychiatric treatment.

A protester is arrested during a demonstration in front of the Russian consulate in support of Russian punk band Pussy Riot Friday.


‘We are all hooligans’: Protests for Pussy Riot

Black journalists protest debate exclusion NEW YORK (AP) — A group of black journalists says it is disappointed in the lack of ethnic diversity among the people chosen to moderate presidential debates. The National Association of Black Journalists said Friday that the Commission on Presidential Debates needed to stop treating black reporters and other minority journalists as if they were unqualified, invisible or both. The group said diversity was important in a year in which as much as a quarter of the electorate is expected to be non-white. Candy Crowley of CNN, Jim Lehrer of PBS and Bob Schieffer of CBS News were selected to moderate the three debates between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney this fall. Martha Raddatz of ABC News will moderate the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican candidate Paul Ryan. A commission representative did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

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