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Friday September 9, 2011

Volume 125, Issue 15




West Virginia University students walk past the Mountainlair Thursday afternoon. A large American Flag hangs in remembrance of the events that took place on September 11th.

West Virginia University remembers 2001 terrorist attacks on America by jessica lear staff writer

West Virginia University students, faculty and alumni are remembering the tragic events of 9/11 across campus. University events have been organized to honor those who died in the terrorist attacks on the United States that killed

nearly 3,000 people 10 years ago. “It was a defining moment of our generation and gave a lot of us our first sense of patriotism,” said Jason Bailey, president of SGA. “Most of us will never forget when we heard or where we were.” Events began Thursday with the hanging of the American

flag, donated by Central Bank, in front of the Mountainlair. The flag will fly until Tuesday. SGA, with the help of the University, has set up a “We Remember” website where alumni can post comments about their experiences of 9/11. “The WVU community is not just in Morgantown, so the website is a nice way for people

who were in Morgantown on 9/11 to be able to share memories with fellow mountaineers and bring us all together,” Bailey said. Students have also been given the opportunity to express their feelings about 9/11 on a “We Remember” canvas that has been in various areas around campus.

“It’s a great outlet for students to say what they’re feeling,” Bailey said. “We wanted a way for current students on campus to do something besides post on the website.” In October, Bailey and another SGA member plan to take the “We Remember” canvas signed by WVU students to ground zero in New York City.

“I’ll be taking the canvas to ground zero next month. It’s a great way for WVU students to give back to New York City,” Bailey said. The canvas will be available for signing at Milan Puskar Stadium Saturday for the WVU vs. Norfolk State football game.

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““““““ I was in the third grade, and I didn’t know about it until my Dad took me from school to soccer practice. I saw my math teacher start crying, and nobody knew why because they didn’t tell the kids.”

I was in the third grade, but we didn’t get sent home. I don’t know why. I was young at the time, so I didn’t really understand. I just knew it was scary.”

We weren’t allowed to watch it on the TV. I had a lot of friends whose parents commuted to New York. Luckily, my friend’s mom didn’t get on the train that day. She was so relieved. ”

I was in the second grade, and I was on the playground. That was a sad day for us, as Americans. The ceremony here on the 11th will be a great way to remember what happened.”

My first grade teacher ran out to the car with my mom crying, and then my dad took us to Gino’s. He explained it to us with a salt and pepper shaker. I remember it vividly.”

I was in the fourth grade classroom, and my teacher wouldn’t tell us what was going on. They sent us home. My mom wouldn’t tell me what happened. It didn’t really affect me. ”

– Ashley Stalnaker Exercise Physiology

– Alexander Ellis, Design & Merchandising

– Samantha Paulshack Civil Engineering

– Ray Zane Management Information Services

– Calla Walters Mathematics

– Bria Evans Medical Laboratory Science

Program helps students lose Freshman 15 ASPIRE helps students by mackenzie mays city editor

A program at the West Virginia University Student Recreation Center is not only working to help new students avoid the Freshman 15, but to motivate upperclassmen to maintain healthy lifestyles, too. The Freshman Fit-teen Program will provide support, encouragement and education to students looking to get, or stay, in shape. The 10-week program is based on a point system that will reward participants for attending activities throughout the semester. Each pound loss, decreased percentage of body fat and decreased measurement will also factor into the total. The winner will receive a $250 gift certificate to the Book Exchange. “We’ve worked to find ways

to make it easier for students to reach success,” said Nancy Oliverio, manager for fitness and wellness. “We really strive at the Rec Center to get people to understand that weight is just a number.” On average, a college student gains about 15 pounds at some point during their college career – not just freshman year, Oliverio said. “This program is for a variety of students because people gain weight in college for different reasons,” she said. “Mostly it depends on how stressful your major and schedules are.” During the 10-week program, participants are required to attend six sessions with a personal trainer, four classes of club sports or group exercises and one session of nutrition coaching, which is offered online this year for students’ convenience.

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prepare for grad school by Jessica Lear Staff Writer


Students enjoy the view while running at the WVU Rec Center.

Oliverio said this year, the muscle mass, but we encourage program is focusing more on maintaining a healthy weight, weight maintenance and not too,” she said. “Our hope is that just weight loss. “We definitely have people who join to lose weight or gain see students on PAGE 2

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ON THE INSIDE The No. 9 West Virginia men’s soccer team is traveling to California this weekend to take on No. 7 UCSanta Barbara and Cal Poly. ON PAGE 9

A West Virginia University program is dedicated to helping students prepare for graduate and professional schools. The Advanced Academic Scholarship Preparation and Intellectual Resources Exposure, now in its fourth year, provides students with the resources needed to get accepted into the graduate schools of their choice – from finding the right school to preparing a personal statement. “ASPIRE has two main goals. The first is to help students apply for nationally competitive scholarships and the second is to assist students who are applying to

graduate school or professional school,” said Amy Cyphert, assistant director of the ASPIRE program. The program, located in the Honors Hall, urges qualified students to apply for nationally competitive scholarships that can pay for undergraduate or future graduate education. “You can receive funding for graduate school or studying aboard, but there are a lot of benefits in just applying. You learn about yourself, you network and you really focus your goals as a scholar,” Cyphert said. ASPIRE encourages students to apply to prestigious

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UNFAMILIAR FOE The No. 19 West Virginia football team will host Norfolk State Saturday at Milan Puskar Stadium in game two of the season. SPORTS PAGE 9


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Former student helps NASA develop exercise program

Friday September 9, 2011

farm animals on the green

By Amy Rogers staff writer

Shannon R. Bandish Nash, a West Virginia University graduate student, has always aimed to use her knowledge of physical fitness to help others. Nash recently used her experience as a physical education teacher to help more than 4,000 children across the country learn the importance of staying fit through a NASA outreach program. This summer, she worked with the NASA Human Research Program Education and Outreach Team’s “Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut.” “Knowing that my work will touch the lives of children not just in the United States, but all of the international students, is really amazing to me,” Nash said. Nash worked to design creative and beneficial fitness plans for 8-to-12 year-olds, including a scooter activity set at an artificial celestial surface at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Activities like these are at the heart of Nash’s work – the kids were able to have fun while at the same time develop upper and lower body strength through rigorous movement. Astronauts exercise daily with mandated, special trainers who assist with physical exercise programs needed to maintain physical health while in space, Nash said. Andrew H. Hawkins, a pro-


Continued from page 1 students can take what they learn and incorporate it into their lives after college.” Oliverio said that with West Virginia being one of the most obese states in the country,


West Virginia University students were able to interact with farm animals on the Mountainlair Green during Agriculture Day Thursday afternoon.

Bernanke offers no new stimulus ap

Shannon R. Bandish Nash, a West Virginia University graduate student, helped teach children about physical education through a NASA program. fessor at the College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, said that though a NASA program isn’t something most associate with physical fitness, he realizes the importance of Nash’s work. “As a student of the College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, she learned

a lot about the practical application of fitness development, strength and conditioning,” he said. “It wasn’t surprising to me that she would get an opportunity to use those experiences somewhere like NASA.”

the program acts as a perfect opportunity to change students’ lifestyles. “In West Virginia, it’s especially needed. Some of these students have never been to the gym before and take what they’ve learned back to their families and hometowns,” she said. “We want to instill that

confidence in them so they keep it going.” The program will run from Sept. 15 through Nov. 14. Students can register on the center’s website at until Sunday.


NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks closed sharply lower Thursday after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke offered no specific plans to prop up the economy. In a speech closely watched by investors, Bernanke said the Fed will consider a range of steps at its Sept. 20-21 meeting. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 100 points shortly after Bernanke’s remarks began at 1:30 p.m. Eastern. It ended down 119. “The implications are that the Fed is going to act, but the market is disappointed because he was a little short on details,” said Scott Brown, chief economist at Raymond James. Concerns about the U.S. economy have pushed stocks lower each month since April. Many traders now say the stock market is pricing in the assumption that the economy is in a recession, meaning limited job growth and a weaker corporate profits. The economic worries have pushed the prices of Treasurys

remember Continued from page 1

During Saturday’s game, those affected by 9/11 will be honored when the band plays “God Bless America” in addition to other special moments. The “We Remember” canvas will also be available for signing Monday and Tuesday in the Mountainlair. When signing the canvas, students have the opportunity to donate money to light a candle in memory of those who died on Sept. 11 for a


Continued from page 1 scholarships like the Goldwater scholarship, which provides $7,500 for undergraduate education and the Truman scholarship, which provides $30,000 for graduate study. “We have a lot of phenomenally talented students who do extremely well in national competitions,” Cyphert said. “ASPIRE was created because we want to help these students reach their full academic potential.” The program helps students find scholarships that are tailored to their undergraduate interests, based on factors such as the student’s major, their volunteer work and their

and highly-rated corporate bonds higher and their yields lower. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note was 1.99 percent Thursday, down from 3 percent July 25. Mortgage rates, which are affected by Treasury yields, fell to their lowest level in six decades, Freddie Mac reported Thursday. President Obama will lay out his jobs plan at a joint session of Congress tonight. He is expected to announce a $300 billion package that includes tax cuts, additional state aid and spending on infrastructure. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 119.05 points, or 1 percent, to 11,295.81. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 12.72, or 1.1 percent, to 1,185.90. The Nasdaq composite shed 19.80, or 0.8 percent, to 2,529.14. Each index had posted gains earlier in the day. Cisco Systems Inc. led the 30 Dow stocks with a 2.6 percent gain after it was upgraded by analysts. JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp and Boeing Co. each fell 3 percent,

pulling the average lower. Investors received mixed economic data before the market opened. First-time applications for unemployment benefits rose last week to 414,000. Economists had expected 405,000. The prior week’s estimate of new claims was also revised higher. The weekly report on unemployment applications is an important economic indicator for investors. Rising claims can add to concerns that the job market is stalled and the U.S. economy is headed for another recession. Applications need to fall below 375,000 to indicate sustainable job growth. Last week the government reported there was zero job growth in the U.S. economy in August. Not all of the economic news Thursday was negative. American exports of cars, airplanes and other goods reached an all-time high in July, the Commerce Department reported. Economists said the jump in exports suggest future growth in the U.S. economy.

Read more about remembering the 10th anniversary of 9/11 throughout today’s edition.

hours. Another event called “Remembering Through the Arts” will be held on Sunday at the Creative Arts Center and will remember 9/11 through various types of performances. On Monday, Bailey and fellow members of SGA will read the names of the 9/11 victims in the Mountainlair. “These events aim to give students, faculty and alumni the opportunity to remember all of those who were affected by the attacks 10 years ago,” Bailey said.

candlelight vigil to be held Sunday at 8 p.m. outside the Mountainlair. The money collected will be given to a charity that has not yet been selected. In addition, the 9/11 memorial tree, which was planted one year after the attacks, will be lit and guarded outside of the downtown library for 48 laboratory research. “We first try to figure out what their goals are and what tools we have and how we can help them reach those goals,” Cyphert said. Though fewer nationally competitive scholarships are available for professional school, ASPIRE helps students applying to these types of schools by conducting mock interviews and helping with personal statements. “Sometimes it can be a daunting process, so it’s nice to have someone there helping you along the way,” Cyphert said. The program has been growing every semester and has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from students, she said.


To get an appointment at the ASPIRE office, students are asked to fill out a form that asks about research experience, future plans and activities to better gauge which scholarships a student should apply for. Cyphert suggests a student wait until at least the second semester of their freshman year to make an appointment. WVU has had 32 Goldwater scholars, 20 Truman scholars and 25 Rhodes scholars along, with many others who have won various national scholarships, Cyphert said. “We have just as many talented students as any other campus. So, we want them to have the right tools to succeed in their goals,” she said. Back

We’re hiring

For more information, contact one of our editors at or pick up an application at the DA office at 284 Prospect St.


Friday September 9, 2011

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Obama asks $450B to lift economy, mostly tax cuts WASHINGTON (AP) — Confronting an economy in peril, President Barack Obama unveiled a larger-than-expected $450 billion plan Thursday night to boost jobs and put cash in the pockets of dispirited Americans, urging Republican skeptics to embrace an approach heavy on the tax cuts they traditionally love. With millions of voters watching and skeptical of Washington, Obama repeatedly challenged Congress to act swiftly. The newest and boldest element of Obama’s plan would slash the Social Security payroll tax both for tens of millions of workers and for employers, too. For individuals, that tax has been shaved from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent for this year but is to go back up again without action by Congress. Obama wants to deepen the cut to 3.1 percent for workers. “This plan is the right thing to do right now,” Obama said after a divided body rose in

warm unison to greet him. “You should pass it. And I intend to take that message to every corner of this country.” In his televised address to Congress, Obama sought to provide a jolt for the economy, still staggering on his watch, and for his own standing at one of the lowest marks of his presidency. He put forth a jobs plan that he hopes can get bipartisan support and spur hiring in a nation where 14 million people remain out of work and the jobless rate is stuck at 9.1 percent. Public confidence in his stewardship of the economy is eroding. Obama did not venture an estimate as to how many jobs his plan would create. He promised repeatedly that his plan would be paid for, but never said how, pledging to release those details soon. The president also would apply the Social Security payroll tax cut to employers, halving their taxes to 3.1 percent


President Barack Obama delivers a speech to a joint session of Congress at the Capitol in Washington Thursday. on their first $5 million in payroll. Businesses that hire new workers or give raises to those they already employ would get an even bigger benefit: On payroll increases up to $50 million they would pay no Social Security tax.

Obama also proposed spending to fix schools and roads, hire local teachers and police and to extend unemployment benefits. He proposed a tax credit for businesses that hire people out of work for six months or

longer, plus other tax relief aimed at winning bipartisan support in a time of divided government. Under soaring expectations for results, Obama sought to put himself on the side of voters who he said could not care less about the political consequences of his speech. “The question is whether, in the face of an ongoing national crisis, we can stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy,” Obama said. His aim Thursday night was to put pressure on Congress to act – and to share the responsibility for fixing the economic mess that is sure to figure in next year’s elections. For every time he told lawmakers to “pass the bill” – and he said over and over – Democrats cheered while Republicans sat in silence. Tax cuts amounted to the broadest part of Obama’s proposal – in essence, a challenge by the Democratic president

to congressional Republicans to get behind him on one of their own cherished economic principles or risk the wrath of voters for inaction. The tax cuts alone would amount to roughly $250 billion. The president said deepening the payroll tax cut would save an average family making $50,000 a year about $1,500 compared to what they would if Congress did not extend the current tax cut. “I know some of you have sworn oaths to never raise any taxes on anyone for as long as you live,” Obama said, a reference to the conservative tea party influence on many House Republicans. “Now is not the time to carve out an exception and raise-middle class taxes, which is why you should pass this bill right away.” The American public is weary of talk and wary of promises that help is on the way.

Borrowed Italian painting of Christ in Ben & Jerry’s reveals new flavor Fla. involved in ownership dispute MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Ben & Jerry’s has Schweddy Balls. Would you like a taste? Chill out, it’s only the name of their new flavor. Schweddy Balls ice cream is an homage to a 13-year-old “Saturday Night Live” skit featuring Alec Baldwin as bakery owner Pete Schweddy, whose unique holiday offerings included a delicacy called Schweddy balls. The company’s not worried about offending people with the name, said spokesman Sean Greenwood. “We’re the caring company,” Greenwood said Thursday. “We never want to do anything that is upsetting for people. We think it’s congruent with our values, in terms of having fun. One of our principles is ‘If it’s not fun, why do it?’” Other flavors with edgy names – like Karamel Sutra and

Half Baked – were irreverent double-entendres, too, he said. True. But Schweddy Balls? The new flavor, which was unveiled Wednesday and is being offered in a “limited batch,” consists of vanilla ice cream, a hint of rum, fudgecovered rum balls and milk chocolate malt balls. It’s being sold in Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops and supermarkets. The “SNL” skit, which first aired Dec. 12, 1998, starred Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer as hosts of “Delicious Dish,” a National Public Radio program interviewing Baldwin’s Pete Schweddy character. “For a long time, I thought that ‘Here Lies Pete Schweddy’ would end up on my tombstone,” Baldwin said in a statement released by South Burlington-based Ben & Jerry’s. “Now, thanks to Ben & Jerry’s, the goodness of the Schweddy

family recipe won’t go with me to the great beyond.” The ice cream flavor aims to cash in on the nod-and-awink premise of the skit, and on the cache of the show. Ben & Jerry’s, a division of consumer products giant Unilever, has been down this road before. Earlier this year, the ice cream maker came out with “Late Night Snack” with late night comic Jimmy Fallon on the label. Will consumers bite this time? Branding expert Allen Adamson said it doesn’t matter whether consumers saw or remember the original skit. Hitching the product to Baldwin and “Saturday Night Live” is a smart move, he said. “Ice cream is closer to a fashion brand than a package good,” said Adamson, a managing director of Landor Associates, in New York.


Chucha Barber, Chief Financial Officer of the of the Mary Brogan Museum, discusses the status of the painting “Christ Carrying the Cross Dragged by Rogue” by Italian Renaissance artist Girolamo Romano. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida museum said it has been ordered to temporarily hang onto a borrowed 16th Century Italian painting of Christ holding the cross, as U.S. and Italian authorities seek to resolve questions of ownership amid claims the work had been stolen from a Jewish family in World War II. The Baroque painting was one of 50 works lent by a famous Milan museum to the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science in Tallahassee. The work was part of a display in the museum from March until earlier this month. The museum’s chief executive officer Chucha Barber said she was instructed by the U.S. Attorney’s office in July to retain the painting until the ownership issues were resolved. “My initial reaction was that this was an important opportunity for the Brogan museum to do the right thing and help the government determine the rightful ownership,” Barber said. On Thursday, the museum put back on display the painting, “Christ Carrying the Cross Dragged by a Rogue” by Girolamo Romano. The Tallahassee Democrat ( p092sL) first reported that federal authorities had ordered the painting to remain in the United States while matters are settled. The painting was part of a $30 million exhibition of Baroque paintings from the Pi-


nacoteca di Brera museum in Milan. The painting is believed to date to around 1538 and it was purchased by Gentili di Giuseppe in 1914 during an auction in Paris. Di Giuseppe, who worked for the Italian government, died in 1940 shortly after the Nazis occupied France. The painting is believed to been among 155 works auctioned off by the French Vichy government in 1941 to pay off debts. But members of his Jewish family who fled the country because of the Nazi occupation

have said the sale was illegal. Barber said that U.S. Attorney Pamela Marsh personally called her and informed her about the possible problems surrounding the painting. Marsh did not respond to a request for comment Thursday. There was no immediate response from the Milan museum to an email sent Thursday by The Associated Press seeking comment. A telephone message left with the Italian consulate in Miami was not immediately returned.

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Friday September 9, 2011

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Celebrate freedom while remembering Sunday, as most Americans are aware, is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Many students at West Virginia University were young and unable to grasp the significance of the attack at the time. But now that the world has been altered, those students who were too young at the time must rally with their fel-

low countrymen and honor those who lost their lives on 9/11. Just about every aspect of life for Americans has changed in the past 10 years, from national security to foreign relations. The world has been altered, but the memories must not fade. There were nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives that day, and most American

citizens’ lives were changed forever. It is important to celebrate our freedom during this time of remembrance. It would be counterproductive for us as Americans to show anything but pride when we mourn those we lost – otherwise the terrorists have accomplished their goals. We must not be a nation of fear. It is more important for every American, regardless of

race or religion, to see one another as equal citizens, and as patriots. History has proved that when the nation comes together there is no obstacle too big to overcome. Even though the tragic events were done at the hands of Islamic extremists, it is not true that all Muslims have the same contempt for western society. It only makes our coun-

try stronger to overcome and show the world social progress – just as we have done in the past. We encourage everyone to wear red, white and blue this weekend and show the world we are proud to be Americans, and no one can bring us down. Move toward a brighter future and keep mother liberty safe.

Tell us what you think about this issue. Send a tweet to


Mark 9/11 anniversary with commitment to tolerance omar ghabra columnist

Along with an assortment of swastikas and a depiction of a Black Muslim man being lynched, a group of anonymous vandals painted vulgar and racist words on the walls of a mosque near my hometown of Princeton, W.Va. following the 9/11 attacks. It’s been ten eventful years since, but I can still vividly recall the memory of that threatening orange graffiti. A few days earlier, I had been glued to the television with my family as we watched the horror unfold in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. As the haunting images of helpless people jumping out of the burning World Trade Centers blared across the screen, I wondered to myself: “Who could possibly be capable of perpetrating such a sadistic, devastating act?” By evening, this question was answered. These vicious attacks were carried out by a group of Muslim fanatics. “These men are not real Muslims,” I remember thinking. “They are deranged cowards.” But it soon became clear that many Americans would fail to make the distinction between these spineless lunatics and the millions of patriotic American-Muslims who were equally impacted and appalled by the tragic events of that day. Almost immediately, reports began trickling in of AmericanMuslims across the nation being targeted by individuals seeking revenge. These cases ranged in severity from verbal harassment to coldblooded murder. I remember feeling profoundly confused as I tried to comprehend these acts of hatred. This was exacerbated by the fact that I was only eleven years old at the time. At this point in my life, the only “clash of civilizations” I was familiar with involved fictional creatures called Pokemon. Was I really expected to feel guilty for what happened? Why were they blaming us? Why would they target our mosque?

Michael Arad, an architect of the September 11 Memorial and Museum at ground zero, poses for a picture in front of the ongoing construction in New York. This was a place that taught me the importance of honesty and charity. It was a place my friends and I met for pickup basketball games and where members of our community gathered to pray and break their fasts during the month of Ramadan. There was nothing evil about it. Could people really be so rash as to blame an entire group of people for the actions of a few dozen maniacs? Unfortunately, this is a question I still have to ask myself today. Despite the fact that a decade has passed since the tragedy took place, Muslims in America are still struggling to overcome the negative stereotypes with which many Americans have associated them with since. This is highlighted by a recent

survey conducted by Gallup. Sadly, it found that nearly half of American Christians do not believe that Muslims are “loyal to the U.S..” While alarming, these numbers are hardly surprising. Over the past year, anti-Islamic sentiment has been on the rise across the nation. This phenomenon has largely been fueled by hate-mongering pundits and politicians desperately seeking to further their careers by perpetuating unfounded fears of Islam’s impending conquest of America. This trend gained its initial momentum with the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy (interestingly, the proposed structure at the heart of the controversy is neither a mosque nor is it being con-

structed at Ground Zero). Since then, communities across the country have tried to block the construction of mosques in their neighborhoods while fringe political commentators continue to preach about the threat of “creeping Sharia”. Disturbingly, these irrational fears have been adopted by a significant segment of the population. This resulted in a number of troubling political developments including the passage of anti-Sharia laws in several state legislatures. Congressional hearings accusing Muslim communities of not doing enough to combat extremism, and presidential candidates proudly proclaiming their distrust of Muslims have also surfaced.

It is in this hostile climate that Muslims find themselves as America prepares to mark the ten-year anniversary of a catastrophe that rocked it to its core. While there is no disputing that Islamic terrorism is a threat, the claims that American-Muslim communities aren’t doing enough to help law enforcement officials and should thus be eyed with suspicion are flat out false. A recent study published by a Duke University researcher found that half of all terrorist plots involving Muslims were disrupted because law enforcement officials were tipped off by members of Muslim communities across the country. And why wouldn’t they be trying to stop these attacks? A terrorist attack is just as threatening to an American-Muslim as it


is to anyone else. There were Muslim first responders buried under the rubble of the World Trade Centers after they selflessly rushed in to save their countrymen. There were Muslims working at the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers and the airlines. Blaming 1.5 billion Muslims, spanning hundreds of different countries, cultures and ethnicities for the actions of a handful of criminals is no less ridiculous than blaming all southern whites for the lynch mobs of the Jim Crow South. As we prepare to commemorate the unspeakable tragedy we suffered on that dark September morning, let us honor the memory of those we lost by rising above the petty ignorance that continues to divide us.

American’s must rearrange priorities and put country issues first jacob lubman correspondent

The NFL season is here, hooray! So before catching the game, did anyone happen to see that speech President Obama gave? You know the one, about… jobs or something like that, I think. How about the Republican primary debate? Yeah, I didn’t see much of it either; I was just pretty hyped about the game. Obama even moved the speech to be in a better time slot – directly before the game instead of during it. While this move was undoubtedly smart, it raises a serious issue – the president and the search for his opponent in the next election are both no match


for the NFL in this country. On a day congested with political maneuvering and marked by partisan bickering, both parties were trumped by the Saints versus the Packers. The game contained much simpler and more interesting story lines for the American public than the depressing and complex issues facing the economy. Would Aaron Rodgers and the finally-healthy Packers look strong as they began their title defense? Would Drew Brees ever pick a favorite receiver? Much more palatable topics than whether or not the European debt crisis will plunge us into another worldwide recession or who will emerge among the squabbling Republicans to represent them against Obama in the next election. Really, there is no competition here. When given the choice

to engage themselves politically or just be entertained, most in this country (and around the world, to be fair) would rather just relax. Life is busy and hard – who has time for civil or political engagement anymore? But a lack of understanding of the key issues in our society has become an epidemic in America. Misinformation is the norm with media outlets pushing their own agendas and attempting to discredit their opponents. Now, more than ever it is of the utmost importance to be active in seeking facts. Strangely enough, it has become less acceptable to search for facts and understanding. More than that, it has become expected to be more engaged in sporting events than in the condition of your country. Even those who are directly connected with the political pro-

cess have basically shrugged aside the importance of the president’s speech in relation to the opening game of the NFL season. It is tradition for Republicans to offer up a rebuttal to a major speech by a Democratic president (particularly as this is a Republican-controlled congress). However, Dana Perino, former press secretary for President Bush, was quoted as saying, “… tradition would say there should be a rebuttal. I don’t think it’s necessary, the game is starting.” Not even politicians care enough about politics to follow typical protocol – how could the American public possibly be expected to do so? The answer is simple – because it’s what is required of us to be proper citizens of the United States and the world. Like it or not, it is our responsibility to act on our own to be

informed on the workings of our country and at least the basic ideas behind the policies our lawmakers are making for us. Instead, I am sure that four out of five Americans could name more starting quarterbacks than senators. For that matter, how many could name their local elected officials? I know I have much more brain space dedicated to sports than I do social issues or the economy. That’s not always how it was, though. Our parents remember a time where being politically active was more accepted and much more popular. When they made their feelings known about the conflict in Vietnam, for example, political activism on campus was quite common – to the point where people were willing to sacrifice time and energy to argue for either side of the debate.

We have become far more politically lazy in this generation particularly when it comes to focusing on social issues. There are simple ways to become more informed, however. Listen to NPR on occasion. Watch major speeches. Follow important political events. Pay attention to local issues and the actions of your representatives. I know you watched last night, as did many across the country. But remember, it was a major night for politics, too. In a new age of realigned values in this country, even the president is willing to acknowledge that he’s been replaced as the pinnacle of American identity. Obama just warmed us up for the event of the season – the holiday that was the opening day of the NFL. “Quick, honey, turn off the president, the game is coming on!”



Friday September 9, 2011


Dozens of potential jurors dismissed on Jackson case LOS ANGELES (AP) — More than half of the first panel of prospective jurors for the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor were dismissed because of hardship claims Thursday, signaling a long search ahead for those who will serve in the fiveweek trial. And it is yet unclear how many prospects will be excused for disclosing strong opinions about Jackson, defendant Dr. Conrad Murray and the high profile case with which all potential panelists are familiar. Authorities contend Murray gave Jackson a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol in the bedroom of the pop superstar’s rented mansion in June 2009, but attorneys for the physician deny he administered anything that should have been fatal. They will contend that Jackson swallowed an overdose of propofol when Murray wasn’t watching. When the judge asked Thursday whether anyone in the jury room was unaware of case, not a single hand was raised.

A larger than expected contingent of 187 prospects showed up for questioning Thursday. Court officials said that of those, 115 were dismissed and 72 remained to fill out lengthy questionnaires probing their views of the case in which Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the pop star’s death. Murray has pleaded not guilty in the case. A new panel of prospects was on call for Friday morning and questioning could continue Monday if a sufficient pool has not been cleared by then. The judge has said he wants 100 prospects available who have no problems with hardship and no views on their questionnaires extreme enough to require dismissal. Those who reported for duty Thursday appeared ready for the news delivered to them by Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor: They had been summoned to serve on Los Angeles’ biggest trial of the year — the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor. No one flinched at the an-

nouncement. And all indicated they had prior knowledge of the case. The judge was not surprised. “We didn’t expect you’d been living under a rock for the past several years, or that you made a pit stop from Mars,” Pastor said. Murray sat with his lawyers on one side of a long table and prosecutors on the other in the vast jury assembly room, which was transformed into a courtroom for the first round of a jury selection process that is expected to take two weeks to find a pool of 100 people willing and qualified to serve on the case. The judge told prospects he had decided against sequestering the jury because he felt, “Jurors would, in effect, be prisoners if they were holed up in a hotel. “ A central focus of his talk was the Internet and all of its offshoots. “I certainly realize that for some of us, especially those who have grown up in the Internet age, searching the Internet is as easy as breathing,”

Pastor said. But he warned that jurors must avoid online reports about the case. “If you want to Google, Google away,” he said. “Surf the Net, but not about anything to do with this case.” He read an admonition that will be repeated daily forbidding them to discuss the case with anyone, to post messages on social networks or to read any tweets about the case. He warned they must wait until 90 days after the case is over to negotiate any deals to be paid for information. “This is not a case about whether Dr. Murray is guilty or innocent,” he said. “It’s about whether the people can meet the burden of proving him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” Prosecutors and defense attorneys will have several days to scrutinize the responses before direct questioning of potential jurors begins on Sept. 23. Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009, stunned the world. The King of Pop had been in

Dozens of jurors have been dismissed from the Jackson case due to hardship claims


final preparations for a seThe Houston-based cardiries of comeback concerts in ologist faces up to four years London, and the focus quickly in prison and the loss of his turned to Murray, his per- medical license if convicted. sonal physician.

Designer John Galliano convicted in anti-Semitism case PARIS (AP) — John Galliano’s drunken anti-Semitic ravings cost him his job at Paris luxury house Christian Dior and gave him a criminal record but didn’t land him in jail, a Paris court ruled Thursday. The court found Galliano guilty on two counts of “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity” - charges that carry a maximum sentence of six months in prison and fines of up to euro20,000. But the three-magistrate panel showed leniency, sentencing the legendary designer to a euro6,000 ($8,400) suspended fine, which means it goes on Galliano’s criminal record but he does not have to pay it. The court did not give Galliano prison time. Presiding judge Anne-Marie Sauteraud said the magistrates’ clemency was in part due to the fact that the designer had apologized to the court and the plaintiffs - who contended the designer showered them with a litany of racist and anti-Semitic insults in two separate run-ins at a Paris watering hole. In testimony before the court in proceedings in June, Galliano

said he didn’t recall anything about the spats and explained he had been under the influence of a “triple addiction” to alcohol, barbiturates and sleeping pills. Still, he added he was sorry for “the sadness that this whole affair has caused.” Lawyers for both sides welcomed Thursday’s ruling. “It is a wise ruling,” Galliano lawyer Aurelien Hamelle told journalists outside the courtroom. “Mr. Galliano is clearly relieved ... and asked me to apologize for him once again.” Galliano “is looking forward to a future of forgiveness and understanding, hopefully, and to put all of this behind him.” Yves Beddouk, an attorney representing one of the plaintiffs, said his client, Geraldine Bloch, was “perfectly satisfied.” Although Galliano will not have to fork out any money in fines, he was ordered to pay euro16,500 ($23,200) in court fees for Bloch and two other plaintiffs, as well as five antiracism associations. The court also ordered him to pay a symbolic euro1 ($1.40) in damages to each. Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Con-

gress, denounced the ruling. “It is outrageous that someone who told others that they ‘ought to be dead’ and expressed support for the Holocaust gets away with less than a slap on the wrist,” Kantor said. “This sentence demonstrates that there appears to be a culture of impunity in the entertainment world.” The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization, said “the symbolic one euro fine by a French court was the right legal punishment for John Galliano’s public antiSemitic outbursts. “Now it is up to him to make amends to the community he demeaned and to the public at large,” according to a statement from the center. “That cannot be achieved through carefully crafted press releases but only through his future deeds and words.” Although Galliano’s remarks would not be punishable in the U.S., France has strict laws aimed at curbing anti-Semitic and racist language. The laws were enacted in the decades following the Holocaust. Galliano did not attend Thursday’s ruling, and judge

Sauteraud explained his absence as an attempt to keep him out of the media spotlight. The saga of Galliano’s undoing has riveted the fashion industry since allegations surfaced that he accosted a couple at Paris’ hip La Perle cafe on Feb 24. The story made headlines worldwide, and soon another woman came forward with similar claims about a separate incident in the same cafe. Days later, Britain’s The Sun tabloid posted a video showing an inebriated Galliano insulting a fellow cafe client, slurring “I love Hitler,” among other incendiary remarks. As the video went viral, the house of Dior took swift action against the man it had long treated as icon, sacking Galliano days before the label’s fallwinter 2011 runway show in March. Galliano was also later ousted from his eponymous label, also owned by Dior’s parent company. At his daylong trial in June, Galliano was a shadow of his former self. The man whose proud rooster-like post-fashion show strut had long been a thing of legend appeared stooped and addressed the

Roast of Charlie Sheen gathers more help


The “Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen” is gathering more comedians for the event.

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap. com)— The list of people who’ll be raking Charlie Sheen over the coals at his Comedy Central roast is complete -- and it’s a varied crew indeed. Comedy Central announced Thursday that comedians Jon Lovitz, Patrice O’Neal and Amy Schumer will be taking the dais to mock the ousted “Two and a Half Men” star, along with actress Kate Walsh and William Shatner the latter of whom has also been the subject of a Comedy Central roast. The newly announced roasters will join


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Anthony Jeselnik, Steve-O, Jeffrey Ross and Mike Tyson in poking fun at Sheen. As previously reported, “Family Guy” honcho Seth MacFarlane will serve as Roast Master. Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash will make a special appearance at the ceremony. The “Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen” will tape Saturday at Sony Studios in Los Angeles, and air on September 19 - perhaps not coincidentally, the same night that the revamped “Two and a Half Men” makes its debut.

court in a faltering, barely audible voice. In his testimony, Galliano was contrite and humble, telling the three-judge panel that he was sorry “for the sadness that this whole affair has caused.” He said he’d kicked his addictions during a stint in a rehab clinic in Arizona and was “feeling much better.” He said he’d resorted to the potent cocktail of drugs and alcohol to escape the ever-increasing pressures of the high-stakes fashion industry. Galliano- a 50-year-old who was born Juan Carlos Galliano to a Spanish mother in the British Iberian enclave of Gibraltar- rejected any suggestion he was fundamentally racist, saying his multicultural-infused work spoke for itself. His extravagant, theatrical collections culled their inspiration from cultures as far-flung as Kenya’s Massai people and the geishas of Japan. In the wake of the scandal, Galliano was replaced at his signature label by his longtime right-hand man and fellow Briton, Bill Gaytten, in June. Gaytten was behind the

Dior haute couture collection presented in July to nearly universally disastrous reviews — though officials at the storied house have stressed he has not been appointed Dior creative director. Rumors about Galliano’s possible successor at Dior have swirled for months, with Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci and Colombianborn star Haider Ackermann emerging as possible contenders. A report last month in Women’s Wear Daily cited unnamed sources as saying that New York designer Marc Jacobs was in talks for the plum gig. Neither Jacobs nor Dior or parent company LVMH would comment on the report. The fashion industry is waiting to see whether Galliano will manage to rehabilitate his image and make a comeback, much as supermodel Kate Moss did after images of her taking cocaine hit newspapers the world over. Asked by journalists about Galliano’s plans, attorney Hamelle said only that his client is “looking forward to the future” and “will continue to care for himself.”


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HOROSCOPES BY JACQUELINE BIGAR BORN TODAY This year, be open to the unexpected within a partnership. Your understanding deepens because of a continually developing perception. Travel, a foreigner and education all could play significant roles in your year. You might be looking at making a commitment to a new lifestyle. If you are single, you could meet someone from a different culture. Get to know this person and his or her lifestyle before making a commitment. You might like the experience but not want to make a lifelong commitment to this person and his or her culture. If you are attached, the two of you benefit from planning that special, long-desired vacation. AQUARIUS is a good sign for a co-worker. ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) HHHH Someone could be quite fussy. You might be partially listening, not wanting to deal with this person’s energy. Know that you are fortunate with funds, but don’t overspend. A partner seems to be easing up and relaxing. Tonight: Find your pals.

mind to open up to more fantasies and get in touch with the child within. Tonight: A late lunch could develop into a fun night. CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) HHHH Deal on a one-on-one basis with others. A friendship could help you overcome some sense of awkwardness. You are coming from a very stable position where you enjoy yourself a lot more. Listen to feedback carefully. Tonight: Kick back and allow someone to express him- or herself. LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) HHHH Others clearly want your attention. You have little control over various situations. Understand what is happening and how a new friendship could be impacting your daily life. A boss, parent or supervisor looks up to you. Tonight: A must appearance. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) HHH A nice, easy pace marks your interactions. If you detach and try to understand where others are coming from, you will gain. When people sense your comprehension and empathy, they naturally warm up. Tonight: Hook up with a co-worker or two.

TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) HHH You might be dealing with considerable tension, yet you seem to be able to twist a difficult situation into a more positive one. Realize your limits within the workplace. An awkward moment or two could evolve into a new understanding of boundaries. Tonight: A must appearance.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) HHHHH Give 100 percent of yourself no matter what you do. Your levity and intensity draw another person to you. Allow your creativity to come forth when it counts. Lighten up and relax with the moment. Tonight: Christen the weekend well.

GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) HHHHH Put your imagination into fifth gear. You’ll not only come up with some good ideas, you’ll enjoy yourself much more, as will a child or loved one. Frequently, you allow your

SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) HHHH In your environment, there could be a variable involved that could be getting the best of you. Realize what is going on with someone you deal with on a regular ba-

sis. You might need more feedback from a friend or a trusted loved one before making a decision. Tonight: Don’t make it too late! SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) HHHH Keep conversations moving as you gain a greater sense of direction and knowledge. Take time to go over the pros and cons of a situation or project with an associate. A discussion, though serious, could be the gateway to a fun afternoon. Tonight: Hang out. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) HHH Be aware of what you have to offer. Money isn’t the only asset you have. Your assets touch both your intellect and your emotions. Tap into your innate creativity and take a risk. You could be surprised by what someone offers. Tonight: Treat a friend to a fun few hours. AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) HHHHH Continue to express yourself. Someone delights in your offbeat yet perceptive ideas. You might feel a bit awkward with someone who is too detail-oriented for your comfort. Remain in control and create your plans. Tonight: Start the weekend full force. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) HHHHH You could be exhausted by everything that is going on. Say little and observe more. A partner shares much more than he or she has in the past. You are full of information, but hold back for now. Tonight: Opt for something tranquil. BORN TODAY Actor Hugh Grant (1960), actor Adam Sandler (1966), singer Otis Redding (1941)


Pearls Before Swine

by Stephan Pastis

F Minus

by Tony Carrillo

Get Fuzzy

by Darby Conley

Cow and Boy 

by Mark Leiknes


Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit


ACROSS 1 Gung-ho response 7 Delay 10 Evans of country 14 Buff 15 Farm female 16 Left 17 Village with very little gardening equipment? 19 The NCAA’s Runnin’ Rebels 20 Lab, for one 21 Reject 22 Sends 24 Jacket label letters 26 Get off the shoulder, say 27 Entrance purchases for a conditioning program? 35 Actor Milo 36 Pool game call 37 Tiny beef 38 Fly on a line 39 Gives credit where credit is due 40 On the safer side 41 Rational ending? 42 “__ it Art?”: Kipling 43 1955 UN joiner 44 What Ruth forgot to bring to pool night? 47 Morgan Freeman won its 2011 Life Achievement Award: Abbr. 48 Morning talker 49 Fly over the equator? 52 Pleased cry 53 Droid, e.g. 56 Slip through the cracks? 57 Like calls between drudges? 61 Run well 62 Unsound 63 Like Napoleon 64 Relaxing locales 65 The Hartford logo 66 Failures (and in another way, a hint to 17-, 27-, 44- and 57-Across) DOWN 1 Tune carrier 2 One-track 3 Couturier Cassini 4 Med. research agency 5 Bar opening? 6 Pistons’ place 7 Last non-priest to be named pope 8 “Isn’t that cute?” 9 It involves mapping 10 Gripe

The Daily Crossword

11 Reunion attendee 12 Stir up 13 Off-rd. rides 18 Worker with light metal 23 Bonkers 24 Slush Puppie maker 25 Radical ‘70s group 27 __ acid: vitamin B9 28 Amigo on the road 29 Crowd starter? 30 “Socrate” composer 31 Nice compliment 32 Zhou __ 33 Happy Meals toy, e.g. 34 Writer of short letters 39 Honey 40 NYPD notices 42 Ones who’ve got your back, in Internet shorthand 43 Future George W. Bush Presidential Library site 45 “Hondo” et al. 46 Dutch brewery 49 A-one

50 Food in a memorable “Seinfeld” episode 51 Pound of verse 52 White partner 53 “__ Eterno”: 2004 sports documentary 54 Active sort 55 Addenda 58 Lascivious leader? 59 Big name in kitchenware 60 Tecs


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Friday September 9, 2011


Papadosio will be getting down at 123 Pleasant Street BY jeremiah yates opinion editor

Electronic music is on the rise. Artist lineups are frequenting more music from the digital era at music festivals and venues around the country. 123 Pleasant Street is no different, with this Saturday night’s Papadosio’s performance, a quartet focused on electronic grooves and improvisational jams. The night will also feature Sonic Spank and The Clintonics. Papadosio, based in Ashville, N.C., is making its second stop to the mountain state this year, after they performed a late-night set at the All Good Music Festival in Masontown, W.Va. The show is also the third stop on their fall tour. The group’s songwriting

takes a different approach than most electronic music that is hitting the scene today. Because of their mixed genre of jam-band influences and electronic styles, their sound will satisfy various musical tastes and those who simply want to get out and dance. Until recently, I didn’t understand the electronic craze that is becoming so popular. But after attending some music festivals and witnessing the phenomenon first-hand, I was hooked. Critics of the genre need to step back and realize that it’s not just the music that makes the show – it’s the crowd and the party that follows. The scene is all about having a good time and dancing to great music. But to some, the lack of instruments is a major deter-

rence, but Papadosio is a great rebuttal. As opposed to many other electronic artists, they feature an array of instruments including guitars, synthesizers, percussion, computers and vocals. Prior to this year’s All Good Music Festival, Papadosio was unknown to me. It was only by chance that I learned of their awesome talent. Even without knowing any of their music, their performance blew me away. The late-night audience of thousands all seemed to enjoy the show as much as I did. In every direction, I could see people dancing to Papadosio’s killer set. It is one thing to see a band perform at a venue where you are like a needle in a haystack, but on Saturday, you will be able to get up close and per-

sonal; which is why shows at smaller venues like 123 Pleasant Street are so great to attend. The electronic sounds and crazy lights associated with Papadosio will deliver a show unlike any rock band or other genres previously showcased at 123. Have your glow sticks ready and be prepared to rage your face off. The show starts at 10 p.m. and is for those 18 years of age and older. Ticket prices start at $12 in advance and $15 at the door. But I wouldn’t wait until the night of the show to get your tickets if you are planning to attend. After witnessing their show at All Good Festival, it will most likely sell out. web

Papadosio is set to debut their electronic sounds at 123 Pleasant Street Saturday night.

Have You Heard? New tracks of the fall that fell under the radar “Video Games” – Lana Del Ray Lana Del Ray is a husky voiced singer-songwriter who has been generating considerable Internet buzz since her homemade, cut-and-paste for “Video Games” hit the Web in early August. In the video footage of Del Ray, who’s madeup like a long-lost Hollywood “Terra Incognita” – Atlas starlet, is inter-cut with archi- Sound val footage of kids skateboardBradford Cox, the lanky, ing, speeding on motorcycles awkward front man for Deerand snippets from someone’s hunter is always changing and

full of surprises. The first single on “Parrallax,” the third full-length album from Cox’s solo project Atlas Sound, “Terra Incognita” is no different. Cox lays his delicate voice atop a bed of acoustic guitar loops and lets his signature stream-of-consciousness lyrics wonder where they may. In Latin, “terra incognita,” means unknown land. In this case, its the vast uncharted lands of Cox’s own solitude. Even from its intimacy with tape loops and bedroom created demos, Atlas Sound has always been about the self. From the sound of this track, we can expect to hear Cox

doing what he does best on “Parrallax.” That is, tearing apart the ideas of conventional pop music and using the rearranged pieces to create something darker and stranger in its image.

veloper Hothead Games last year, so “DeathSpank’s” latest title, “The Baconing,” is in new hands – hands that did not do enough with the title. “The Baconing” picks up where “Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue” left off, with Deathspank having defeated all other thong-holders and halted the spread of evil. Now the ruler of his own kingdom of Spanktopia, “DeathSpank” decides to wear all six thongs of power, only for it to create an evil doppleganger called the Antispank, and it only gets more ridiculous from there. Now “DeathSpank” must

once again save the day, destroy the thongs and complete as many mindless quests as possible. This game plays almost exactly as the previous entries in the series, with players being able to equip eight different tools on various controller buttons as well as gain better armor as they continue their quest. When it comes to combat, it appears nothing has been changed, allowing players to equip items for close combat, ranged combat and special attacks – still feeling very similar to games such as “Diablo 2.”

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for the third game in a series they definitely should have done something new to keep it from getting stale. While the art style is also still very similar to the earlier games in the series, this is more of a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as it works very well overall, with characters having simple, yet entertaining designs, and the same can be said for the buildings.

home movies. While staring blankly into the camera, Del Ray delivers a tale of heartbreak and sorrow, dripping in sarcasm and chock-full of references to vintage Americana. This delicate, lingering track sounds chilling and haunted. Right now, this song only exists in the form of a YouTube video. However, October 9 Stranger Records will give it a digital release followed by a limited vinyl single.

charles young associate city editor

“Far Nearer” – Jamie xx “Far Nearer” is the first official solo release from Jamie xx (the mastermind behind chill indie-poppers the xx) since “We’re New Here,” his beautiful collaborative remix album with the late, great Gil Scott-Heron. With ringing Caribbean steel drum sounds and dreamy, floating vocal samples, Jamie puts his mark on yet another

classic. As with his work with Heron, Jamie employes production styles and techniques usually found only in the minutia of electronic sub-genres. Using these blended elements to create an original style, Jamie xx is announcing himself as a major player in electronic scene. “Here Come The Lights” – Joker For the past few years UK producer Joker has been the reigning king of the post-dubstep sound. Creating a unique, synthetic, spaced out brand of laptop electronica, Joker (sometimes known as Bristol’s Purple Prince) has become a fa-

vorite of everyone from critics to rave-heads. “Here Comes the Lights” is a first look at Joker’s debut LP “Vision,” which is scheduled to drop at the beginning of November. The track features the vocal talents of Silas Bjerregaard of Danish band Turboweekend, with the Purple Prince controlling the boards. As with everything else he releases, this track exists in a world of its own. When this album drops, everyone in the post-dubstep world had better watch out. The Joker’s coming.

‘DeathSpank’s The Baconing’ isn’t as delicious as it should be jamie carbone a&e writer

The world of “DeathSpank” has always been an interesting place, full of Orcs with machine guns, murderous reindeer and rabid unicorns, not to mention a hero who is too stupidly entertaining for words. This has been done in part thanks to game designer Ron Gilbert, the creator of titles such as “Monkey Island” and “Manic Mansion.” However, Gilbert left de-


The biggest missing element from this game, though, is the humor. Without Gilbert on board, the game just isn’t as funny as the others. DeathSpank’s voice actor Michael Dobson clearly gives it his all but he doesn’t have much to work with. Also, the madcap world of “DeathSpank” seems to get a bit repetitive. There are a few new enemies, but for the most part a lot of them are recycled from the previous games. Laziness is not attractive in a

game developer. For those who genuinely enjoyed the previous “DeathSpank,” I say go for it, but for everyone else, there are better downloadable games available on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It is just a shame that this happened to one of 2010’s more entertaining series.

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Friday Deja Brew

‘The Baconing’ falls short in the DeathSpank series of downloadable games.

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Friday September 9, 2011

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Mountaineer Idol to kick off first round by liz finley

a&e correspondent

For the 8th consecutive year, WVU’s “WVUp All Night” will be sponsoring Mountaineer Idol, giving students a chance to watch some of our most talented students come out and perform their favorite songs. With this event comes the opportunity to support your favorite performer and watch them live in the Mountainlair Ballroom Friday night at 8:30. The program will start tonight with the Top 16 contestants performing. The performers are given the opportunity to sing the song of their choice for a live audience. The Top 16 are Libby Altmeyer, Carrie Jo Barratt, Katelyn Cannon, Alyssa Fazzini, Farah Famouri, Patrick Garcia, Jisel Harris, Kasey Jagger, Ellis Lambert, Scott Link, Chelsea Malone, Maggie Power, Amy Schriner, Michaela Stahlnecker, Megan Sydnor and Briana Wilkinson. Kelly Dodds, this year’s event coordinator of Mountaineer Idol, said, “Everyone is really ex-

cited to participate. It’s nice to watch the different themes every night.” Although the contestants get to choose their own songs for the first elimination round, every round after this will have a specific theme, according to Dodds. As coordinator of Mountaineer Idol, Dodds will help us get to know the singers. “We will be showing video interviews of each contestant before the perform,” Dodds said. Each night, three contestants will be voted off. Sonja Wilson, senior programming administrator for Mountaineer Idol, has been working with the program from the beginning. “I’m excited about the talent that we have at WVU. It’s unbelievable. It’s amazing that they can sing like they do, they are all really good.” When asked about how this year’s contestants compare with the previous years, Wilson said, “The talent is amazing every year. I’ve never been disappointed.” This year’s Mountaineer Idol winner will receive $1,000. Second place will receive $750, and

third place will receive $250. The award money for the winners is provided by Coca-Cola, which along with American Idol, sponsors Mountaineer Idol. There are 5 judges for every night of Mountaineer Idol. Unlike the show American Idol, the judges make the decisions on who is eliminated. Each judge will give the singer a score out of 10. In the coming weeks there will be celebrity judges who will perform songs after the contestants. “The judges are usually someone with a musical background,” Wilson said. “People are excited to be able to be a judge.” Past winners from Mountaineer Idol include: Amanda Hughart, AJ Warne, Holly Hunmatt sunday/the daily athenaeum sberger, Samantha Bartlow, Kasey Hott, Carlton Smith, and 2010 Mountaineer Idol winner Amanda Hughart performs in front of a live audience. Joshua Jannotta. “Mountaineer Idol” has Mountaineer Idol Schedule: grown into one of “WVUp All Friday, Sept. 9, 8:30 p.m Mountainlair Ballroom “Singer’s Choice” Night’s” most popular events and the staff putting it together Friday, Sept. 23, 8:30 p.m. Mountainlair Ballroom “80’s Night” is hoping that this year will be Friday, Sept. 30, 9:00 p.m. Mountainlair Ballroom “Oldies” even better than years before. Friday, Oct. 14, 8:30 p.m. Mountainlair Ballroom “Country” Friday, Oct. 21, 9:00 p.m. Mountainlair Ballroom “Broadway and Motown” Sunday, Nov. 6, 3:00 p.m., Downtown Met Theatre, Final Competition. daa&

University commemorates terrorists attacks across campus by leighann mcclurg a&e writer

It has been 10 years since the day there were no planes in the sky and every television was tuned into a news station that gave countless reports of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Numerous events will be held this weekend in honor those who have fallen, including two WVU alumni, Jim K. Samuel Jr. and Chris S. Gray, from Thursday through Monday. Although some of us may

not have been directly affected by these events, they have touched countless lives and have shaped our history to the point that we almost all know of someone whose life was changed forever. These events provided by the University and all who contribute are a way to reflect on one of the worst events some of us have ever witnessed and also a way to pay our respects to those who lost their lives. Leading up to 9/11, there is a signing wall where anyone can sign their names

and/or messages of their condolences. This is available to everyone from Thursday through Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will be located throughout the downtown University campus. The flag will then be delivered to Ground Zero in New York City in October. During the home game against Norfolk State University on Saturday there will be a special message regarding 9/11. On Sunday there will a memorial tree lighting in front of

The Daily Athenaeum has

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the downtown library in honor of the attacks at 8:45 a.m. in accordance with the ROTC vigil. At the Creative Arts Center there will be a “Remembering through the Arts” event From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. At the Mountainlair there will be a University community candlelight vigil in honoring those who fell victim from 8 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Here attendees will be able to listen to the speakers’ stories they have from the attacks, have a chance to honor those affected and will be

able to capture the experience through performances provided. On Monday, September 12, there will be a reading of the victims’ names outside the Mountainlair. From Thursday to Tuesday, a large American flag will be displayed in front of the Mountainlair as a reminder of our will to keep fighting and to remember those who were less fortunate. Everyone should try to come be a part of something that has affected us and that

will always be a part of our lives and history. It has been a decade since tragedy struck our nation, forever shaping the history of our country. The events provided by West Virginia University give us an opportunity to come out and remember those lost and those whose lives have been changed. For more information, visit http://w erememb er.wvu. edu/.

Battle of the Bands: Round Two by jake potts a&e editor

West Virginia University’s Student LOT returned this year with the same goal as last year: provide students with an alternative from the normal tailgating atmosphere. Providing free entertainment for anyone with a student ID, the main attraction of both years has become the “Battle of the Bands.” The Student LOT has made a name in pregame activities, with music, activities and plenty of students to keep you company. With last week’s battle being such a success, the second round promises nothing less. The competition is sponsored by West Run Apartments. Zachary Francis, bass player of Belladonna Deadbeats, is looking forward to the event. “It’s an awesome opportunity to come out and get some exposure,” Francis said. With their band only performing together for the length of the summer, the event should promise more exposure than the band has seen. “We’re used to playing a lot of downtown shows and some house parties so this event is gonna be big for us,” Francis said. One of the vocalists from

Belladonna Deadbeats found an ad for the competition and decided to sign the band up. While the band’s main goal isn’t winning, they’re still going to bring their A-game for the competition. “Our sound is a big mash of everything. It’s like blues meets funk meets classic rock,” Francis said. “We think everyone will find our music to be something everyone can jam to.” Along with Belladonna Deadbeats, two more bands will be playing- one of which is Descension Rate, a heavy metal band out of Morgantown, W.Va. The competition will be held in an elimination style, having three bands perform before every home game. The winner of the individual competitions will advance to the competition that will be held later in the semester. The first 250 students into the Student LOT will receive a free WVU T-shirt upon entrance. Student LOT has strived to give students an alternative to the normal tailgate atmosphere. With the main attraction set as the Battle of the Bands, the second week should be just as successful as the first.



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Friday September 9, 2011


nick arthur sports writer

Holgorsen bringing the buzz back

When West Virginia Athletic Director Oliver Luck decided to add Dana Holgorsen to the coaching staff in December, one thing was clear: Luck wasn’t pleased with the progress being made by former head coach Bill Stewart. The reason for the actions by Luck were obvious when he said, “My goal is to win a national championship at West Virginia University.” After three seasons of underachievement in a weak Big East Conference, it was apparent that a national title wasn’t likely under the direction of Bill Stewart. With Stewart as head coach, every game was a nail-biter. Even against FCS teams such as Liberty and Coastal Carolina, the Mountaineers showed no flare and struggled to flex their FBS muscles. Losses to Syracuse, East Carolina and Colorado didn’t help, either. Mountaineer football between 2008-2010 was like watching a dog chase a car. Sure, it’s fun to watch the little guy try, but in reality, he’s got no chance. The constant setbacks led to fan frustration, which inevitably led to low attendance. During the Bill Stewart tenure, the largest crowd at Mountaineer Field was 60,765. The first game for current head coach Dana Holgorsen at Mountaineer Field had 60,758 fans in attendance. It was common for the student section to have empty gaps for almost every game. In fact, most students made their way out of Mountaineer Field and back to their apartments during halftime, no matter the score or opponent. Morgantown had lost its mojo. The most embarrassing moment in the Bill Stewart era came just last December. With a Big East Championship on the line, only 48,386 fans watched the No. 24 West Virginia Mountaineers defeat Rutgers. Exactly two weeks later, Dana

see arthur on PAGE 10

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

West Virginia won 34-13 in its opener against Marshall. The Mountaineers play Norfolk State for the first time ever Saturday at 1 p.m.

No. 19 West Virginia to display depth; RB Buie likely out, Trey Johnson back from injury by cody schuler sports writer

When Norfolk State makes the trip to Morgantown this weekend, it will be the first time the two programs face each other. The Spartans, a Football Championship Subdivision school that competes in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, defeated Virginia State 37-3 last Saturday in the team’s season debut. Led by redshirt senior quarterback Chris Walley, NSU racked up 438 total yards on offense, including 255 through the air. Walley, who threw for two touchdowns in the game, also rushed for 42 yards. On offense, the Spartans’ scheme is a spread attack that uses a lot of pre-snap motion in an attempt to distract the

opposing defense. The Spartans boast an athletic team from all angles, including wide receiver. Redshirt senior Victor Harrison grabbed five catches for 67 yards and a touchdown against Virginia State. Alongside Harrison’s performance in the game was junior Xavier Boyce, a Virginia Tech transfer, who tallied four catches for 30 yards and a score. Defensively, Norfolk State employs a 3-3-5 similar to West Virginia’s defense. Redshirt senior Corwin Hammond serves as the anchor for the defense, and tallied nine solo tackles in the victory over Virginia State. Defensive tackle Josh Taylor, a 6-foot, 315-pound senior, earned all-MEAC honors the past two seasons. The three points Norfolk State surrendered in the sea-

men’s soccer

son opener were due largely in part to a long kickoff return by Virginia State that led to a field goal. The Mountaineers may play the game without true freshman Andrew Buie, who suffered a bruised collarbone in a 15-carry effort against Marshall. It appears true sophomore Trey Johnson will make his season debut after missing the Marshall game due to an injury. West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen believes the injuries to both players are not substantial, and the depth the team had at the position serves them well at a time like this. “We were deep, which means if you get a few injuries, you’re still in pretty good shape,” he said. “Buie will be back, I don’t know what the timetable is, we’ll re-evaluate

West Virginia 1-0

Norfolk State 1-0

When: Saturday, Sept. 10 at 1:00 p.m. Where: Morgantown, W.Va. (Milan Puskar Stadium, 60,000) TV: Big East Network Radio: MSN 103.3 Coverage: Check out The Daily Athenaeum’s Twitter (@dailyathenaeum) for ingame updates. Read Monday’s edition for a full recap of the game.

him today. Trey will be back, and we’ll re-evaluate him today. It will be day-to-day with both of them.” Although the Mountaineers are evaluating Norfolk State on film, it would not surprise Holgorsen if the Spartans displayed a different strategy on the field Saturday. “(Norfolk St.) may come out and do something completely

different, which most teams do,” Holgorsen said. “But it shouldn’t be a problem figuring out what they’re going to do based on the familiarity we have with our own defense.” Two members of the Norfolk State coaching staff are West Virginia alumni and former members of the football team. Mark Thurston, the defensive line coach, was a threetime letter winner in the program between 1997-1999. NSU head coach Pete Adrian graduated from West Virginia in 1970 and played in a limited role for three years on the football squad. Adrian has been at the helm for six seasons, leading Norfolk State to a 6-5 record last year and 34-33 overall.

women’s soccer

No. 9 Mountaineers head WVU to face High Point in final nonconference game of season to West Coast for weekend by nick arthur

by alex sims

sports writer

sports writer

The No. 9 West Virginia men’s soccer team is off to the west coast for its next weekend of action. Two more tough opponents await the Mountaineers, as they head to sunny southern California. WVU (2-1) will take on No. 7 UC-Santa Barbara, the 2006 national champion, at 10 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Friday, in front of what is certain to be a voracious crowd. The Gauchos set the NCAA record for average attendance last year, drawing more than 5,873 fans per game. The Mountaineers are poised and ready for the challenge, waiting for them at UCSB’s 17,000 seat Harder Stadium, known as “Soccer Heaven.” “The crowd we’re going to face there is going to be egging us on and hoping that we do badly,” said WVU freshman striker Andy Bevin. “But I’m pumped to go and show what we can do.” The last time these two teams met was in WVU’s 2009 season opener, before a crowd of just less than 3,000 at Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium. ThenNo. 16 UC Santa Barbara defeated the Mountaineers 2-0. WVU will seek revenge on UCSB Friday night, who has averaged more than 17 shots per game so far this season. Despite this offensive potential, West Virginia head coach Marlon LeBlanc is confident in his team. “If you’re going to be able to compete and win games, you

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Junior midfielder Travis Pittman had five points for WVU last season. have to be able to make adjustments, but you also have to be able to impose your style of play,” LeBlanc said. “I think we’re good enough, and we’re a mature enough team that we can still focus on the things we do well and try and make them have to change tactically for us.” The Gauchos (3-0) will look to stay unbeaten this season after winning their home opener against Seattle, and most re-

cently defeating Duke and No. 23 NC State. The long road trip for the Mountaineers will continue more than 2,500 miles away from Morgantown in San Luis Obispo, CA, in front of yet another rowdy Big West Conference fan base. Cal Poly (1-1-1), who ranked fourth in the NCAA in average attendance last year, bringing

see men’s on PAGE 10

The West Virginia women’s soccer team will take the field Sunday for the last time this season against a nonconference opponent when High Point visits Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium. The Panthers currently hold a 2-2-1 record and are on a two-game winning streak. “High Point is a very dangerous team,” said head coach Nikki Izzo-Brown. “They won their conference the last two years, and have played a pretty competitive schedule thus far. We expect a very good and hardworking team coming in that knows how to win.” After playing four games in 11 days, the Mountaineers caught a break. Following a victory over Marshall on Monday, the team got a week off prior to this weekend’s game. “We’ve been going at it and working on some of the things we need to work on,” Izzo-Brown said. “It’s just been focusing on what we need to focus on as a team.” Izzo-Brown thinks there is one main area that needs to be improved immediately if the Mountaineers want to improve on their 3-3 record. “Finishing inside the 18,” she said. “Against Marshall I thought we created a lot of opportunities, but only came up with three finishes.” Sunday’s game will feature a special ceremony for the 10-year anniversary of the attacks on 9/11. Troops, reserves and emer-

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

Junior midfielder Bri Rodriguez is one of four players leading the WVU women’s soccer team with three points. gency responders will be in attendance. They will all be honored at halftime for their dedication and service to our country. “It’s huge that we never forget what happened to us, and not to forget which people sacrificed their lives to serve,” Izzo-Brown said. “It’s important to recognize that date with so many people that served our country on that day.” Izzo-Brown has a geographic connection with the attacks that occurred in New York City.

“Being from New York, there were a lot of (my) friends fleeing from it,” she said. “I did not, thank God, have anyone directly affected.” However, a member of the Mountaineer team has lost a family member during the War on Terror. “We lost (backup goalke e p e r ) Kat i e O s t e rman’s brother in Afghanistan,” Izzo-Brown said. “It’s a great opportunity for us to bring athletics and

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Friday September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup Colts’ Manning out after back in New Zealand another surgery on neck

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) — After four long years, Richie McCaw is counting down the hours before he can start trying to fully atone for New Zealand’s disastrous finish to the last World Cup. The All Blacks captain and coaching staff have answered more questions than they’d care to remember regarding New Zealand’s failures at every World Cup since it won the first tournament in 1987. With the World Cup back on home soil for the first time since then, McCaw is desperate to end the drought. New Zealand’s host cities and towns have been scrubbed and polished. Flags for the 20 competing countries hang everywhere. The All Blacks open against Tonga on Friday night at a revamped Eden Park stadium in what looms as a bruising, highly intense clash. “It’s a stage where everyone is at their peak and if you want success you’ve got to be,” McCaw told a news conference Thursday. “That’s what motivates me – to test yourself in the toughest environment and, when you do that and succeed, that’s when you can be satisfied. “A World Cup is the biggest stage and you want to prove yourself on that.” McCaw and star flyhalf Daniel Carter were replaced during the 2007 quarterfinal in Cardiff before France staged a magnificent comeback to send the New Zealanders to their earliest exit in the tournament. That came after the All Blacks had walloped the French in a warmup match. “You’d be a mug if you hadn’t learned in the four years since then,” McCaw said. The lead-up has been different this time. The top-ranked New Zealanders lost away tests to World Cup champion South Africa and Australia to surrender the Tri-Nations title and come into the World Cup off consecutive losses for the first time. “History has shown that what has happened previously – good or bad – means nothing come kickoff,” McCaw said. “There’ll be no complacency this time.” That’s important for the All Blacks, as the Tongans aren’t likely to be ruffled by reputations. Ever since arriving on Monday, captain Finau Maka and his squad have been shadowed by thousands of resident Tongans. The welcom-

ap New Zealand captain Richie McCaw passes the ball in practice for the national team.

ing committee was so large that Auckland airport became gridlocked for hours with cars and their red-and-white flags. They’re treating it like a neighborhood game. “There’s no pressure on us, the pressure is on them,” said Maka, who passed a fitness test Thursday and is certain to take his place in the back row against New Zealand. “We’re just going to go out there and give it to them and see if they can handle it. “We want to go out there and show the world that Tonga does exist.” The Tongans won the right to start their war dance, the Sipi Tau, first. Organizers have said it’s up to the All Blacks to decide when they respond. If it’s anything like the encounters in 2003 and 1999, it’s likely to be instantaneous. Organizers have planned celebrations across the rugby-mad country of 4.5 million on Friday night in the official opening for the tournament, which features 48 matches across six weeks – including eight in the first three days. All the heavyweights are in action on the first weekend, with the most anticipated clash between 2007 finalist England and third-place finisher Argentina at Dunedin on Saturday night. Jonny Wilkinson, who kicked

England to victory in extra time against Australia in the 2003 final to secure the first title for a northern hemisphere team, is back in the driving seat at flyhalf. In earlier matches Saturday, Chris Paterson will set a Scotland record when he lines up in his fourth World Cup at fullback against Romania at Invercargill, Fiji opens against Namibia at Rotorua in Pool C and two-time finalist France takes on John Kirwan’s Japan team. Defending champion South Africa gets under way Sunday night in a challenging Pool D encounter with Wales at Wellington. The No. 2-ranked Australians kick off Sunday’s action against Italy in Auckland, and the U.S. squad will attend an ecumenical church service in the morning to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks before taking on Ireland at New Plymouth. While Tongan flags were fluttering all over Auckland, the Russian flag was at half-mast in Blenheim where the national squad was coming to grips with news of the tragic air crash near Moscow, which killed 43 people, including 36 players, coaches and officials of the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv team that was heading to Minsk, Belarus, to play its opening game of the Kontinental Hockey League season.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Peyton Manning underwent more neck surgery Thursday, the third time in 19 months, and will miss not only the opening game but possibly the entire season. Losing Manning for any stretch of time is a huge blow to the Colts and throws the race for the AFC South wide open. The four-time NFL MVP hasn’t missed a game in 14 NFL seasons, with 227 consecutive starts, including postseason. “Rehabilitation from such surgery is typically an involved process,” the team said in a statement, calling the procedure “uneventful.” “Therefore, there will be no estimation of a return date at this time. We will keep Peyton on the active roster until we have a clear picture of his recovery process.” The Colts’ statement came just hours after team owner Jim Irsay wrote on Twitter that the 35-yearold Manning would be out “awhile” and coach Jim Caldwell promised to provide more clarity. The Colts could have put Manning on injured reserve to open up a roster spot, but that would have meant he would not play at all in a season that will end in February with the Super Bowl played at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. Team officials said Manning had an anterior fusion procedure to treat the nerve problem that was continuing to give him trouble months after his May 23 surgery. The Colts didn’t provide details, but such a procedure usually involves making an incision in the front of the neck, removing soft disk tissue between the vertebrae and fusing the bones together with a graft. The goal is to ease pain or address a disk problem. Recovery from the procedure typically takes at least eight to 10 weeks, said Dr. Victor Khabie, cochief of the Orthopedics and Spine Institute at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York. He has not treated Manning, but is familiar with the procedure and how athletes recover from it. “It could be season-ending, seeing the piggybacking off of another surgery,” Khabie said. “But the athletes I’ve known over the years, I never count out because they are such great competitors and such great healers.” If Manning recovered in 10 weeks, he would be back around the Nov. 13 game against Jacksonville, the week before the Colts have a bye.


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will likely miss more than one game after having another neck surgery Thursday morning. His streak of 227 straight games started will end. Manning, who signed a fiveyear, $90 million contract in July, also had neck surgery in February 2010. The team said Manning will begin his latest rehab stint immediately. For Manning, one of the league’s true ironmen, it was a continuation of the most frustrating offseason of his career. He already has dealt with a 4½-month lockout that prevented him from working out with team trainers after his surgery to repair a nerve. He also couldn’t negotiate a new contract with the Colts during the lockout. Then he started training camp on the physically unable to perform list, which prevented him from working out with teammates until Aug. 29. After one week of practice, left Manning with a sore back. And now surgery just one day after the Colts ruled him out of Sunday’s game, ending a streak second only to Brett Favre among NFL quarterbacks. With Manning, the Colts have been a perennial Super Bowl con-

tender. Without him, the most dominant team in the AFC South since its creation faces a daunting challenge: trying to become the first team to play a Super Bowl in its home stadium without having Manning behind center for what could be a significant portion of the season. Speculation over another surgical procedure ramped up earlier this week and team owner Jim Irsay created even more buzz Thursday morning when he gave fans the latest update on Manning’s condition via Twitter. “We had a good practice yesterday and r guys r fired up 4 the season. (hash)18’s out for awhile, but compete, we will/BELIEVE,” Irsay tweeted. The biggest question is when he will be back. The Colts thought Manning would return within six to eight weeks after surgery, but the rehab has taken far longer than anyone expected. On Monday, the team issued a statement saying his progress slowed last week, too.

“I always think it’s important to give back to the comContinued from page 9 munity and do something if you can with your athletic oprecognition together and portunities. It was definitely do something good for our something (we) as a women’s match on Sunday. soccer family wanted to do.”

Sunday’s ceremonies will also include the presenting of the colors by the Air Force ROTC, as well as the singing of “God Bless America.”


Worship Directory



Continued from page 9 Mountaineers for Christ sponsored by:

Morgantown Church of Christ 361 Scott Ave.

Join us for Sunday Services. These events also available at our Christian Student Center 2923 University Ave. Dinner & Devo- Tuesday 6 pm SOMA Bible Study: Wednesday 7 pm Friday Night fellowship 8pm Facebook us @ Mountaineers for Christ of WVU

COLLEGE MINISTRY@ SUNCREST UMC acrosss from alumni center

Service Times: Fellowship & Bible Study, 9:00 a.m. Traditional College 7:30 PM 10:00House-Wed. a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m.Contemporary Service with Praise Band

College Lunch, Sunday - Noon Free College Ministry Luncheons “Home Cooked Meals” Worship 8:30at&12:15 11:00 AM Each Sunday at the College House 304-599-6306

FRESH HARVEST ASSEMBLIES OF GOD 275 Canyon Road. Sunday:10am celebrations services, children’s church. Wednesday Bible Study 6:30pm. Office hours, 9am-3pm Tuesday thru Friday, info: 304-594-3717: Monongalia Friends Meeting (Quakers) Worship 11 AM Sundays 648 E. Brockway Ave. Call 304-276-5141 for information or ride

Advertise your Worship Service In The Daily Athenaeum Call 304-293-4141 Today

in more than 3,000 fans per game, will host WVU at 4 p.m. on Sunday. Despite what lies ahead of LeBlanc and his team, they are eager and excited for the


Continued from page 9 Holgorsen was hired. To win a National Championship, Luck first had to recover the fan’s passion and involvement. Holgorsen brought something special to spike fan attendance back to where it once was. “We know that Coach Holgorsen will bring a high-powered offense that will be incredibly entertaining to watch at Milan Puskar Stadium,” Luck said. We’ve all heard the statistics. Dana Holgorsen’s past offensive numbers are mind-boggling. He has been able to make an immediate impact at every stop during his brief coaching career. Mountaineer fans hope

challenge. “We’re not going to go in there (and) sit back, we’re not going to go in there to pack it in. We’re not going to go in there and play for a draw,” LeBlanc said. “We’re going to go out there to win the game.” West Virginia knows what it is capable of and knows how

important high-profile games like these are to its ultimate goal of a national championship. “It’s what we expect. We think we’re the best team in the nation,” said junior midfielder Travis Pittman. “We just have to go out and prove it.”

his stay in Morgantown will be no different, except more permanent. Soon after the hiring of Holgorsen, Morgantown jolted with a buzz of excitement. 22,000 fans attended the spring game in April, only to watch quarterback Geno Smith throw for 388 yards and four touchdowns. The weeks leading up to the start of the regular season were just as stimulating, as the fans couldn’t wait to see the team play firsthand. The athletic department added to the hysteria by starting new traditions at Mountaineer Field. The Mountaineer Mantrip was created, a pregame walk by the players through the tailgating area. Even a new kickoff cheer was made. As for the game itself, the first premiere of Dana Holgorsen

was cut short by rain. But, the three quarters of play was very telling. The student section was full prior to kickoff for the first time in quite a while. Fans didn’t stand up and cheer because the scoreboard told them to, but because they wanted to. There was also a change in mentality. Fans didn’t wonder when the Mountaineers would falter, but when they would succeed. Yes, it was only one game. Yes, it was against an in-state rival. But, recent season openers and matchups against rivals lacked the electricity shown against the Thundering Herd on Sunday. Expect fans to continue to embrace coach Holgorsen and his team.






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Friday September 9, 2011

A DAY TO REMEMBER Troops, former Mountaineer quarterback to be honored at Norfolk State game by michael carvelli sports editor

Guard unit out of Charleston, W.Va., will provide a flyover to the stadium prior to kickoff. Wells said members of different groups will be recognized on the field during timeouts and in between quarters. Among those recognized will be soldiers who have returned to the WVU campus, as students or faculty members, after being deployed overseas, current West Virginia University students who are on campus prior to deploy but on active duty reserve or are members of the ROTC, as well as first-respond units like the West Virginia State Police, other local police and EMS and FBI representatives. At the end of the first quarter, there will be a moment of silence in remembrance of the events of Sept. 11, and “The Pride of West Virginia,” the Mountaineer marching band, will play “God Bless America.” The lyrics will be scrolled across the video board for fans who want to sing along. Another big part of the pregame activities will be to honor the memory of former West Virginia quarterback Chris Gray. Gray played for the Mountaineers from 1988-91. He later worked for the broker-

age firm Cantor Fitzgerald in the World Trade Center and died during the attacks. “Sept. 11 is special to Mountaineer fans for a number of different reasons. One of them is because we lost Chris Gray,” said Athletic Director Oliver Luck. “To be able to salute that and honor his memory and the other men and women who have served is a good feeling.” Gray’s brother, Tim, will be in attendance on the family’s behalf and will walk with the team and coaches during the Mountaineer Mantrip. He will also be on the field during the coin toss, when there will be a graphic on the scoreboard in honor of his brother. “Obviously, we want to honor a former Mountaineer and his family, which was so deeply impacted by the events,” Wells said. “I give a lot of credit to Dale Wolfley of the Varsity Club for reaching out to Chris’ family. “This is just another part of the process to recognize someone that was and always will be a Mountaineer on an anniversary of a very significant event in our nation’s history.”

West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen rubs the block of coal from the Upper Big Branch mine at the end of the Mountaineer Mantrip. Members of the West Virginia National Guard and the Mountain Eagles will take the walk with the WVU football team and coaching staff on Saturday before the Mountaineers take on Norfolk State.

This Sunday will mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and the West Virginia football team will be using its game on Saturday against Norfolk State as a time to remember the men and women who have served in the armed forces. It will begin a little more than two hours before kickoff during the Mountaineer Mantrip, when the team will be greeted at the beginning of the walk by active duty members of the West Virginia National Guard, as well as the Mountain Eagles – a wounded veterans group – and they will walk with the team and coaching staff into Milan Puskar Stadium. “We’ve worked on some activities that we hope fans will find are respectable and appropriate remembrances of Sept. 11, 2001,” said West Virginia Sports Marketing Director Matt Wells. “We’re doing several things at the game to pay tribute to 9/11 and to pay tribute to the soldiers, veterans, wounded veterans and first responders.” Following, the national anthem, the 130th Air National


wvu football opponent spotlight

brooke cassidy/the daily athenaeum

WVU ready to get back on right track in Kentucky Invitational


Norfolk State head coach Pete Adrian played offensive line at West Virginia.

Senior setter Kari Post sets senior Abby Monson up for a kill in a game earlier this season.

by sebouh majarian sports writer

In search of its first road win, the West Virginia volleyball team will travel to play in the Kentucky Invitational this weekend. The Mountaineers (2-6) are just two days removed from a Texas road trip, and will play Houston (4-2) and Loyola Marymount (4-2) Friday before playing Kentucky (6-2) Saturday. Head coach Jill Kramer knows the season is still young, and there is only room for improvement. “It was a great trip on and off the court,” Kramer said. “Even though we didn’t come away with any W’s like we hoped for, we were still playing our best volleyball of the year, and that’s what matters to me.” The team is looking to fine tune themselves as they close out the non-conference part of its schedule. One area Kramer would like to see improvement in is with the team’s sluggish offense. The Mountaineers currently have a hitting percentage of .110, which leaves them in last place in the Big East. “We got better and better

as the trip went on and by no means was it our best effort against UTSA,” Kramer said, “We got better and better and saw some continuity.” The second-year coach had tried adjusting the team’s offense by using a 10-player rotation, which includes using both setters Kari Post and Courtney Robinson at the same time. The new lineup with two setters allows the Mountaineers to have more offensive firepower on the court as the front line is filled with three outside hitters plus the libero. The lineup features more movement, which Kramer hopes will translate into more points. “When you add a few different people to the team, it creates different lineups and it’s about trying to find the right one and to find consistency from player to player,” Kramer said. The Mountaineers hang their hat on their defense which has held opponents to a .186 hitting percentage – good for ninth in the conference. The team is led in kills by senior Kylie Armbruster with 70. Freshman Halle Kearney trails with 65, while senior Michelle Kopecky follows her

patrick gorrell/the daily athenaeum

Norfolk State head coach excited to make return to alma mater by nick arthur sports writer

with 62. West Virginia is coming off a road trip that didn’t go as planned as the team was swept in straight sets by Texas San-Antonio (21-25, 10-25, 14-25), Texas State (16-25, 2125, 19-25) and Baylor (14-25, 19-25, 20-25). The Mountaineers are currently ranked third in the Big East in digs per set with 17.14, led by senior libero Serinna Russo, who leads the team with 149 digs. Kramer joked that, as a coach, she’s never pleased, despite the team ranking third in the conference in digs. “We should be first, but its part of my job to never be pleased, but the effort has been there,” she said. “I think we can be better defensively. Every match we had this weekend I thought to myself, ‘OK, this is progress.”’ Kramer loves the effort and hustle she sees on the court and knows that it will eventually pay off and turn into wins instead of tough losses. “We’re fighting for every point in every match and we need to put ourselves in a position to do well when we get to league play,” Kramer said.

West Virginia will face NCAA Football Championship Subdivision opponent Norfolk State on Saturday at Milan Puskar Stadium. This will be the third consecutive year the Mountaineers have faced an FCS team. Norfolk State is out of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. They finished 7-5 last season, tallying the first back-to-back winning seasons in the school’s history at the FCS level. The Spartans are fresh off a 37-3 season opening win over Virginia State. Norfolk State head coach Pete Adrian was pleased with the first game. “We had a good effort on both sides of the ball, especially for the first game,” he said. “We played solid from the start to the finish.” Adrian, a graduate of West Virginia, played on the offensive line for the Mountaineers and was particularly satisfied with the play from senior quarterback Chris Walley. Walley completed 25-29 passes for 255 yards and two touchdowns. “He’s like having a coach on the field,” Adrian said. “He reads the defenses well, and really doesn’t get rattled.” The competition for Walley and his teammates will be tougher this week against No.

19 West Virginia. The Mountaineers are 11-0 all-time against FCS opponents. Coach Pete Adrian and his staff know what they’re up against on Saturday. “They’re a top 25 football team, Adrian said. “They’ve got speed at every position, and they’ve got a great quarterback in Geno Smith.” The rowdy fans at Mountaineer Field have been known for having an effect on visiting teams, especially ones not used to playing in big stadiums. It’s something Adrian knows his team is going to have to deal with. “Having played there, I know the fans will be rather hostile,” Adrian said. “For our players, it will be a great experience. It will be in front of 60,000 people.” Chris Walley and his offense may be forced to go to a silent snap count to deal with the crowd noise. False starts and delays of game penalties could be something to look out for. “The stadium is a real pit for noise level. You won’t be able to hear yourself talk from five feet away,” Adrian said. Junior running back Takeem Hedgeman is Norfolk State’s biggest threat to make a big play. Hedgeman only had 12 rushes for 65 yards against Virginia State, but also caught four passes out of the backfield for 39 yards. “He’s one of those guys

NORFOLK STATE PLAYER TO WATCH Senior QB Chris Walley Walley started 11 games last season for the Spartans and started the 2011 season off with a bang. The redshirt senior completed 25 of 29 passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns in a 37-3 win over Virginia State.

where, if he gets a step, he’s probably going to go all the way,” Adrian said. “That’s something we’re hoping to see here in the near future.” The kickoff between Norfolk State and No. 19 West Virginia is set for 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.

The DA 09-09-2011  

The September 9 edition of The Daily Athenaeum, the official student newspaper of West Virginia University.

The DA 09-09-2011  

The September 9 edition of The Daily Athenaeum, the official student newspaper of West Virginia University.