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Tuesday November 16, 2010


Fraternity members accused of hazing Phi Sigma Kappa pledges found blindfolded, covered in food by travis crum and melanie hoffman da editors

The West Virginia University Police Department is investigating an alleged hazing incident between 10 and 15 Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity members that occurred early Monday morning, said Police Chief

Bob Roberts. Police officers entered the fraternity house, located at 672 North High St., between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. after hearing music and seeing an open door. There they found pledges blindfolded with food poured on them, Roberts said. One person was allegedly slapping those blindfolded in the face. There was a warrant out for his arrest, and police detained him Monday afternoon. He has since been released on bail, Roberts said. There were six to seven new members and approximately four active members, said Ron Justice, WVU’s director of Student Organizations Services.

He said there is no indication alcohol was involved, and no one was injured. WVU put the fraternity on moratorium, which bans it from any activities. “We patrol the fraternities about the same way we do the residence halls,” Roberts said. “It kind of surprises me that this was going on there because they know we do.” Hazing is, as defined by the West Virginia State Code, “to cause any action which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of another person or persons or causes another person or persons to destroy or remove public or

private property for the purpose of initiation or admission into any organization ... operating under the sanction of or recognized as an organization by an institution of higher education.” The term includes, but is not limited to, any brutality of a physical nature, such as whipping, beating, branding, forced consumption of any food, liquor, drug or other substance, or any other forced physical activity. The code also states that a person who causes hazing, if convicted, is guilty of a misdemeanor and will be fined between $100 and $1,000 or confined in a county or regional jail

no more than nine months or fined and imprisoned. The act is defined as a felony if it is an aggravated assault, Roberts said. “In this case, it would be a simple assault, so it would be a misdemeanor,” he added, if they are convicted. Any student involved in a criminal matter must appear before a panel of students and faculty, Justice said, adding that the hearing can result in anything from a letter to expulsion. With Thanksgiving Break approaching, Justice said the goal is to have interviews and paperwork complete by the end of the first week back from break.

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Austin Vantrease eligible for parole after two years CITY EDITOR


Four Loko, an alcoholic energy drink, has gone under much legal debate nationally due to potential dangers and deaths. The drinks, which come in various flavors, have been placed under an emergency ban in Washington State, Michigan, Utah and Oklahoma, according to the Associated Press. West Virginia University students have access to the drink because the West Virginia State Code allows alcohol by volume of up to 12 percent. Four Loko is sold in 23.5-ounce cans with 6 percent to 12 percent ABV, depending on state regulations. Drinks like Four Loko contain alcohol, a depressant, and caffeine, a stimulant,

which create a potentially harmful combination, said Missy Pforr, alcohol education coordinator. “The stimulant intensifies the effect of the depressants, instead of canceling each other out,” Pforr said. “It makes you an awake drunk instead of a sleepy drunk and increases BAC (blood alcohol content) more rapidly than normal alcoholic beverages.” Even though one Four Loko contains the same amount of alcohol as four normal alcoholic beverages, it’s probably the equivalent of drinking a six pack of beer because of the added stimulants, Pforr said. Pforr believes the drink has become popular at WVU because it is cheaper and intoxicates a person quickly. A can of Four Loko costs $2.50, according to its maker, Phusion

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Students from the Evansdale Campus and members of the Residence Hall Association at West Virginia University gathered Tuesday night in Lyon Tower for a Speak Up Event discussing dorm and freshmen issues. Speak Up is the Student Government Association’s monthly event to allow students to voice their opinions and concerns on various campus issues. The floor was open to hear any topics students cared to bring up and was moderated by Matt Boczanowski, SGA’s outreach director, and

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a panel comprised of other SGA members and two school administrators. Corey Farris, interim dean of students, and Trish Cendana, director of the Office of Residential Education, fielded the student’s questions and helped provide insight into their concerns. Students discussed a wide range of issues including heating and cooling within the dorms, meal plan, and problems with the PRT. Many students voiced their displeasure with the University’s current overnight visitation policy, which does not allow residents to sign in guests of the opposite gender.

NO ‘GLORY’ IN ‘DAZE’ The new TBS comedy ‘Glory Daze’ is college stereotype 101. A&E PAGE 3

Austin Vantrease, charged for his role in the beating of West Virginia University student Ryan Diviney, received the maximum sentence Monday of 10 years in jail with the eligibility of parole in two years and was ordered to help pay more than $100,000 to the Diviney family. Vantrease, 19, from Newark, Del., was sent to North Central Regional Jail Monday for his involvement in the Nov. 7, 2009, attack that left Diviney, 19, from Ashburn, Va., in a coma-like state. In a July trial, Vantrease was convicted of a malicious wounding charge that carried up to 10 years in jail. During the trial, a witness said Vantrease kicked Ryan in the head while he was on the ground similar to how someone would punt a football. Judge Russell Clawges said he had a lot of factors to consider with the sentencing and

decided to leave the case to the parole board in two years. Ken Diviney, Ryan’s father, said the sentence would never be enough to remedy what his son has went through during the past year. “You can’t put a price on a child of your own. There’s nothing I can do or say or be paid that would ever make it right,” Ken said. Ken showed pictures and video to the court of Ryan suffering through episodes where his brain misfires. Ken said he has watched his son die multiple times during the year and be brought back to life and that every breath he takes could be his last. Robert Vantrease, Austin’s father, addressed the court asking for a lighter sentence, because he said Austin has learned from his actions and has taken responsibility for what happened. “Austin has never expressed any feelings of sorrow for himself or placed blame on others. He is simply not that person,” Robert said. Robert compared Austin’s sister to Kari, Ryan’s sister. She has been heartbroken without Austin in her life, Robert said.

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Faculty Senate discusses new curriculum program by jessica leppar staff writer


A shelf that once held cans of Four Loko at BFS Liquor Store is almost empty.

SGA discusses residence hall, freshmen issues by charles young

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Diviney attacker sentenced to 10 years of jailtime BY TRAVIS CRUM

Alcohol energy drink under scrutiny

“We’re going to take statements, see what plays out and work together to solve the issues, if there is an issue,” Justice said. One party may be punished and the other not, he added. “One process doesn’t necessarily have to follow the other,” he said. Sam Whalen, president of WVU’s Phi Sigma Kappa, released a statement on the fraternity’s behalf. “We do not in any way, shape or form condone any form of hazing. We are cooperating fully with West Virginia University, Phi Sigma Kappa

Students provided many examples of how this policy is generally ignored. One student said her resident adviser had given her advice on how to get around the policy. SGA Gov. Ryan Campione said he could not agree more with the student’s feelings regarding the policy and said overnight visitation reform was one of the major issues of his platform. He encouraged any student who felt strongly about the issue to join his committee on residential education and work with him to change the policy. At the meeting, Campione announced the creation of an

online interface that would make management of Mountie Bounty easier. Campione said the system would include 50 new features, one of which would allow students to receive text message updates on the balance of their Mountie Bounty and Meals Plus. Farris said he felt the meeting was a success, and he promised to work toward making the changes students felt were important and to always keep the student voice as a top priority. SGA Vice President Ron Cheng said the main goal of the

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INSIDE THIS EDITION The West Virginia University rifle team won two matches on the road last weekend against Army and Mississippi. SPORTS PAGE 7

Faculty Senate members at West Virginia University discussed a program allowing instructors to submit new curriculum at an Executive Committee meeting Monday. Operating options for the Electronic Curriculum Approval Process allows for instructors to submit new curriculum using an online submission and approval process in place of the current paper intensive process. “Carrying around all of this paper is not very secure because we ask for sample tests, so carrying around a bunch of paper and then worrying about shredding the paper and disposing of it is an issue,” said Lisa DiBartolomeo, assistant coordinator in the Department of Foreign Languages. The system helps facilitate the faculty auditing process as well as regularize the syllabuses for faculty and students, DiBartolomeo said. With the CAP system, all

faculty members would be responsible for producing syllabuses with all the required elements such as attendance policies, learning outcomes, required textbooks, she said. “Not all units actually follow the rules about what is supposed to be in the syllabus, so from a student’s perspective, it would regularize the syllabi too,” DiBartolomeo said. Currently, to approve a brand new course the paperwork must be approved by the course’s specific department curriculum meeting, the chair of the department, the dean of the department and the college curriculum committee, she said. One of the biggest obstacles of operating the CAP system is providing all of the necessary signatures for course approval, said Todd Petty, chair of the curriculum committee. Faculty members wanting to create a new course may need to send e-mails to the

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MEN HEADED TO NCAA The West Virginia men’s soccer team earned an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament Monday. Check out who they face in the first round. SPORTS PAGE 10


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School of Pharmacy observes national Diabetes Day by dustin hoffman

pharmacy major and cochairperson, echoed and expanded on Kirk’s sentiments. “We can do screenings for factors that show elevated risks of developing diabetes and educate people about how to treat those factors through behavioral and diet modifications,” she said. Plants and Kirk gave some statistics about diabetes and their effects on the United States and the world. Diabetes affects 300 million people worldwide, including 23.6 million Americans, which is equivalent to 7.3 percent of the United States population. 5.7 million of those same Americans are living with a form of diabetes and are undiagnosed, according to a study conducted in 2007 by the American Diabetes Association, Kirk said. World Diabetes Day hopes to reduce these numbers, she said. “Since there is no cure for diabetes, prevention is the only method. We need to educate about what they can do if diagnosed to slow the progression (of the disease),”

she said. Glow sticks were distributed to both members of the APhA-ASP and other members of the Health Sciences schools who attended the event. The blue glow sticks represent the color of the World Diabetes Day logo, a blue circle, and represent the blue sky above every nation, according to the website. Events such as the glow stick ceremony are held in 160 countries, all hoping to illuminate the goal of increasing awareness of diabetes. These events include health screenings, sporting events, walks, runs, press conferences, media attention and monument lighting, among many other things. The student chapter of the ASP helps conduct screenings on campus at the Student Rec Center as well as participates in health screenings at the Morgantown Mall, local area schools, assisted living facilities and nursing homes in the community.

‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ study in which an independent panel of scientific experts found that adding caffeine to alcohol is safe.” The company has stopped shipment to New York. Some WVU students disagree with a ban on the drink. “Banning Four Lokos doesn’t make any sense,” said John Jennings, a sophomore pre-business major. “It’s the responsibility of the buyer to the dangers of a product. Just because a few people get

hurt because they drank too much doesn’t mean everyone should be punished.” Others agreed, saying the alcohol content of a Four Loko is legal. “The ingredients in alcohol energy drinks are legal, so I don’t see why they should be banned,” said Kyle McAuley, a junior pre-criminology major. “It’s about the same as mixing Red Bull and Jagermeister.”

Nigel Clark, Faculty Senate Executive Committee member, made a motion to appoint and ad hoc committee appropriate individuals to to work with the administraask for course approval once tion to solve the workflow isthe submission has been sent sues. The motion was passed into the system, Petty said. at the end of the discussion.

The CAP operating system is currently in a trial stage, and members do not expect to have the system running live until at least next year, DiBartolomeo said.

staff writer

The American Pharmacists Association of Student Pharmacists celebrated World Diabetes Day with an education and prevention theme. A ceremony was held on the lawn outside of West Virginia University’s Health Sciences Learning Center Monday to show a different aspect of the disease. The theme, which was also the headline of World Diabetes Day 2009, will run through November 2013. Holly Kirk, a junior pharmacy major and co-chairperson of the Operation Diabetes ASP chapter at the University, spoke about the link between educating people about diabetes and its prevention. “Often times, as pharmacists we are the first health care providers seen, and we are also easily accessible,” she said. “Pharmacists can detect elevated levels of blood glucose before it develops into diabetes.” Micah Plants, a sophomore

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Product’s, website. Phusion claims its drinks are safe and has called bans on alcohol energy drinks “retroactive.” “The Food and Drug Administration began its examination in November 2009 and expects to complete it in the coming months,” Phusion said on its website. “Our company has submitted a

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Continued from page 1 Ken said it was not fair to compare experiences between the two families because the Vantrease family could still talk to and hug their child. Austin can live his life once he’s free from jail, while Ryan would never be the same, Ken said. Austin addressed the court with a prepared statement saying he would live the rest of his life as a “model citizen.”


Continued from page 1 nationals and our alumni.” Roberts said the good thing about the incident was that nothing more serious happened. “Sometimes people forget

Tuesday November 16, 2010

“I want everyone to know how sorry I am about what happened. I understand that there is nothing I can do or say at this point in time to allow you to forgive me, and I don’t expect you to,” Austin said. “This experience has forced me to realize how incredibly fragile life can be, and every decision I make has the power to affect many peoples’ lives.” Ken said he did not accept Austin’s apology, and if he had his way, he would put Austin in the same position as Ryan.

James Zimarowski, Austin’s lawyer, requested a new trial during the sentencing and was denied. Austin was ordered to split a restitution of more than $100,000 between himself and Jonathan May, a second attacker who was sentenced in October. May, 19, from Newark, Del., was sentenced to one year in the North Central Regional Jail for his involvement in the attack.

and think hazing is a game,” Roberts said. “But they get hurt and injured in these things as well as being humiliated.” This is approximately the second case of hazing at WVU in the last five or six years, Roberts said. “This is not something that is routine,” he said. “I’d like to

hope the education programming is working, but some of these traditions are hard to break.” The Police Department and Student Organizations Services will continue education programs on hazing.


the issues on campus so that cause these are your issues and we can move forward with stu- they effect every student and Continued from page 1 dent government and student future students,” Cheng said. advocacy.” event was to “learn what are “Speak on the issues


Tomblin sworn in as W.Va. gov, succeeding Manchin

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — State Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin became West Virginia’s 35th governor Monday, taking his oath before heading to Washington, D.C., where he saw his predecessor sworn in as a U.S. senator. The 58-year-old Tomblin succeeds fellow Democrat Joe Manchin, who resigned at noon after a term and a half as the state’s chief executive. Four hours later, Manchin assumed the seat that was long held by Democrat Robert C. Byrd, who died last June. Manchin won that seat in the Nov. 2 election. Joined by his wife Joanne, fellow senators and his new senior staff, Tomblin took the oath privately at the governor’s Capitol offices at 12:01 p.m., Chief of Staff Rob Alsop said. Tomblin then spoke briefly to reporters before heading to the airport. “We’ve got to continue to be responsible with the taxpayers’ dollars,” Tomblin said of his approach to the new job. “We’ve got to continue to move our education forward in our state, and we’ve got to create jobs.” A state lawmaker since 1974, Tomblin is keeping his Senate seat and leadership office but will otherwise set his legislative duties aside while acting as governor. Tomblin has planned a public investiture for 10 a.m. Tuesday, outside the Capitol’s Senate chamber. Former Gov. Gaston Caperton will serve as master of ceremonies while Supreme Court Chief Justice Robin Davis will administer the oath. Video of the event will be streamed live online. The Logan County Democrat’s rise is the first such transfer of power under the state’s current constitution, and just the second since West Virginia gained statehood in 1863. The then-Senate president served as acting governor for about a week in 1869 when the state’s first governor left office early, also to join the U.S. Senate. But criticism of Tomblin’s


West Virginia Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin speaks during a news conference Monday at the Capitol in Charleston, W.Va. Tomblin says he will put aside his legislative duties once he takes over from Gov. Joe Manchin as West Virginia’s chief executive. plan persists, as do calls for a gubernatorial election before 2012. The governor’s post is already on the ballot that year. Legislative lawyers have concluded that relevant state law won’t allow for an earlier vote. But their legal analysis also raised questions whether the law accurately reflects the intent of the state constitution language addressing a vacancy in the governor’s office. Tomblin has not ruled out seeking an earlier special election and has requested public input. Those advocating for one include the state GOP and House Speaker Rick Thompson, D-Wayne and – like Tomblin – an announced candidate for governor. South Charleston lawyer Thornton Cooper said Tuesday that he will petition the state Supreme Court on Dec. 1 to order a special election, if one hasn’t been announced by then. Cooper, who has filed previous constitutional challenges involving state government, notified officials in August that he would sue

to resolve questions over when the next election for governor should take place. Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Minard will take over for Tomblin in the Senate. The Harrison County Democrat said Monday that he anticipated no immediate changes in the chamber’s current roster of leaders and committee chairs. “There is no better-oiled machine than what we have in place in the West Virginia Senate,” said Minard, 78. Minard also said he planned to seek the pro tempore office when the Senate chooses its leaders for the next, two-year term of the Legislature that begins in January. Tomblin must take part in that process, which begins during next month’s interim meetings, to remain president. Tomblin had already made West Virginia history before Monday’s swearing-in. He is the longest-serving Senate president, having held that post since 1995.

A&E West Virginia Living opens store 3

TUESday NOVEMBER 16, 2010

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by mackenzie mays and ashlie walter a&e staff


The WV Living Store sells all West Virginia made products. The Morgantown store is its second location, which opened Oct. 23.

West Virginia Living Marketplace is a store dedicated to showcasing what the state has to offer and works as a “natural extension” of West Virginia Living Magazine. The store recently opened on Beechurst Avenue next to the Seneca Center’s open house and will celebrate its official Grand Opening Nov. 25. Store owner and editor-inchief of West Virginia Living Magazine, Nikki Bowman, said the boutique-like shop is not only focused on showcasing local crafts but wants to add a “modern twist” to the decor found throughout the state. “We showcase a modernized side of the state. Most people think of primitive and rustic decor when they think of West Virginia, but we’re none of that,” Bowman said. “What we’ve tried to do is show people they can incorporate West Virginia-made products into their daily lives and homes without using

what is stereotypically associated with the state.” The store offers a variety of products made within the state including glassware, pottery, textiles, pillows, scarves, books and food. Pieces from the West Virginia Living Artisan Collection are also offered, which features work by local blacksmith Jeff Fetty and glassmaker Ron Hinkel. With its bright turquoise interior and red and yellowaccented crystal chandelier as a focal point, the store’s atmosphere is unique in itself. “We’re definitely putting a different twist on West Virginia decor,” Bowman said. “We’re modern and contemporary, but everything we offer is locally produced. It’s just an interesting combination.” Bowman said the transition from magazine content to store was a seamless and exciting one. “West Virginia Living Magazine is a high-end publication, and bringing that into four walls was a lot of fun,” Bowman said. “We were able to take the items featured in the magazine and see how

FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit the WV Living Magazine Facebook page at http://www. they look when you actually put them out on your dining room table.” Though a store was opened this summer in Snowshoe Mountain, Bowman said the new location exhibits the store’s goals even further. “We’re set up where old Seneca glass was made, so it’s really cool that our number one selling items are glass pieces, and we’re able to showcase modern glass blowers in this historic building,” Bowman said. “Every one of these pieces tells its own story,’” Bowman said. “We’re able to make these products more accessible to the public and help out local artists at the same time.” For more information, email daa&

DJ Monsta Lung to hold release party for new CD by jake potts A&E writer

Morgantown artist DJ Monsta Lung will be celebrating the release of his new mix tape Thursday night at Buck’s Corner Pub in South Park starting at 10 p.m. DJ Monsta Lung released the mixtape online a couple of weeks ago but is holding a performance to help increase the awareness of the tape. Eric Jordan, more commonly known as DJ Monsta Lung, is excited for the release. “I’m hoping this release party will let the public know about us and what we’re producing,” Jordan said. The album debuted online for users to download for free. “We’ve had some great online response to the album,” Jordan said. The online release of the album has also increased awareness for the event. During the show, songs will be performed by all of the artists and free copies of the CD will be given to those in attendance. “We’ve always handed out free copies of our stuff at shows,” Jordan said. “It really helps people hear our stuff.” While DJ Monsta Lung is the key artist for the release, the tracks incorporate artists from the surrounding areas. The entire tape holds 18 songs, nine of which were produced with West Virginian artists and nine more with artists from the Pittsburgh area. “We’ve got a lot of artists together on this tape,” Jordan

FOR MORE INFORMATION To learn more about local hip-hop artist DJ Monsta Lung or to hear tracks from the recently released mixtape visit www.myspace. com/djmonstalung.

said. “It’s really awesome to see so many artists working together.” The group chose Buck’s for its rising popularity and convenient location. “We’re hoping a lot of kids in South Park come in for the show,” Jordan said. “It just looks like a bar from the outside, but when you get in, it’s a crazy place to hear live music,” Jordan said. With two levels, Buck’s Corner Pub holds a capacity of 300 people. After the release of this tape, the group is trying to turn it into a monthly debut series. With this being the first one, a great response is hoped for to turn it into a successful series. The group’s release event will start at 10 p.m. at Hunt’s Corner Pub located in South Park. The show will consist of live performances of the artists and free copies of the mix tape for members of the audience.

TBS’ comedy ‘Glory Daze’ better left in the past DAVID RYAN A&E EDITOR

What is it about the ’80s that makes everyone go gooey-eyed and nostalgic? It was a cultural wasteland, filled with overly hairy rockers, terrible electronic music and Molly Ringwald. But for some reason, Hollywood can’t seem to let it go. After a slew of ’80s-themed movies (“The A-Team,” “Karate Kid,” “Hot Tub Time Machine”), the decade is back in “Glory Daze,” a new dramatic comedy, which premieres tonight at 10 on TBS. Of course, if sentimentality and an overly affectionate reminiscence of the decade were the worst of the show’s problems, it might be worth watching. It isn’t. The show, unlike others trying so desperately to con-

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Hartley Sawyer, Drew Seeley, Kelly Blatz and Matt Bush star in the TBS comedy ‘Glory Daze.’

2129 21 29 U University Ave. Sunnyside


NOV. 16,17,18

“BULL”ing For Turkeys - XXX Red Bull Specials All Night 21+

vince you of its era, fails at its other central premise – college life. Immediately into the show’s first few minutes, the father becomes so distracted by the typical hordes of scantily clad women parading about campus that he crashes the car, much to the embarrassment of his son. Ah, man, parents are, like, so embarrassing. The show centers around four freshmen who want to help satiate their lust for beers, buds and babes. So, naturally, they join a fraternity. The group includes Joel (Kelly Blatz), Eli (Matt Bush), Jason (Drew Seeley) and Brian (Hartley Sawyer). The quest for women is none more important to Eli, who re-

veals that, after years after promoting himself as a ladies man, has only had a committed relationship with a swimsuit poster. He’s so determined to get in to a fraternity, he’ll voluntarily brand himself with a hot iron. Perhaps Eli is our underdog – we’re supposed to root with him as he challenges himself to earning his alleged manhood. But that doesn’t leave much wiggle room for the rest of the gang. They’re all apparently supposed to be likeable, but they’re not. They are perhaps the blandest characters ever concocted in this type of show. This isn’t “American Pie,” which in the span of only two hours managed to establish personalities, backstories and likeable traits for its cast.

Perhaps this will be fleshed out over time in the series, but for a pilot, there’s not much to really keep people hanging around. In fact, throughout the pilot, I found myself constantly thinking the end must be soon. The humor is all-too brief, coming after long and drawn out pauses of what appear to be emotional development. For something that has been promoted as a fun look at college life, “Glory Daze” comes off as nothing new. Perhaps, like the era in which it’s set, “Glory Daze” should be left in the past.

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Tuesday November 16, 2010

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Manchin’s time has come to reassure voters It’s official: Joe Manchin has finally been sworn in as the new United States senator. Just after Manchin resigned as governor of West Virginia Monday, he was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden. The time has arrived for him fulfill campaign promises. Manchin, who replaced the beloved Sen. Robert C. Byrd who died earlier in the year, is one of two new Democrats in the Senate, the other being Sen. Chris Coons from Delaware.

One of Manchin’s focal points discussed in his farewell address on Friday was his vow to bring jobs back to America. “If the products are going to be bought in America, they should be made in America,” Manchin said. We hope he stays true to his word, especially coming from a state where every job counts. Every politician faces certain dangers when entering Washington. If Manchin continues on

in Washington with the same attitude and concern for his state, West Virginians should have nothing but the upmost confidence in our new senator. However, Manchin does have some big shoes to fill. The late Sen. Byrd was known for standing up for what he believed in and not letting anyone push him around. We can all hope the evil politics of Washington don’t taint Manchin’s goals and promises made to West Virginia.

During his six-year reign as governor, he did his best to create jobs and keep our coal industry safe. He spoke against Obama’s cap-andtrade system that limited emissions produced from coal production and would have caused devastating job loss to our state. Instead, Manchin pushed the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act, which directs the country away from using foreign oil, and the goals of the act can be accomplished

using just coal and natural gas, which are major money-makers for West Virginia. Manchin will be back in the race again in the 2012 election. This means he must be ready to show effective progress early on while in Washington. West Virginia will be watching, because it is up to him to prove to voters that the right choice was made. We’ll just wait and find out.

Tell us what you think about Sen. Manchin.



TSA Transportation Security Officers, screen airline passenger as they check in at Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport on Monday. U.S. officials are defending new anti-terrorism security procedures at the nation’s airports that some travelers complain are overly invasive and intimate.

New airport security measures violate passengers’ privacy, dignity tomas engle columnist

In this era of strident partisanship where seemingly no common ground can be found among Americans of various ideological stripes, a galvanizing event has finally come along to bring us together in misery. The Transportation Security Agency, apparently not satisfied with making passengers at the airport take part in the largest game of “HokeyPokey,” are now in their final stage of implementing a new policy of “enhanced pat-downs” and body-image scanners in response to the failed 2009 Christmas crotch bombing on board Northwest Flight 253. This new policy is an egregious violation of passengers’

privacy and dignity for a variety of reasons and might just be the nail in the coffin of the TSA. The new policy is highlighted by the introduction of advanced imaging technology units, where passengers walk through a device similar to a metal detector, except this device scans the body with low-level x-rays, giving the TSA agents an under-clothing view of the passengers’ bodies to detect concealed weapons or explosives. Despite the assumption that the images more closely resemble chalk drawings than starkly naked pictures and are immediately deleted upon inspection, there is evidence to the contrary. While the TSA states on their blog that they use a “modesty filter” to make the raw data images appear fuzzier, they also show the striking nude figures of what agents would look like they did not

use the privacy algorithm. The question of who has the knowledge to change the parameters of the algorithm, thus being able to lift the “modesty filter” at their discretion, has not been answered or acknowledged by TSA. Storing of these scanner images has also been hotly contested. A policy memo from TSA that “requires all airport body scanners it purchases to be able to store and transmit images for ‘testing, training, and evaluation purposes’” was revealed by Cnet Magazine this past August. Cnet also reported that US Marshals saved “more than 35,000 images” collected via AIT scanner at the Orlando, Fla., Federal Courthouse. Besides privacy concerns, there are numerous safety concerns regarding the longterm health of those who pass through the machines. Los Angeles area engineer

Jason Gonella explains that when the AIT scanners were first proposed, the x-ray technology used in the trial was by millimeter wave, which uses non-ionizing radiation. This causes the effects to cease as soon as radiation ends, meaning that multiple scans do not accumulate inside the body. In an effort to foster competition, the TSA also utilizes AIT scanners that are run with backscatter x-ray technology. In contrast to millimeter wave, backscatter technology uses ionizing radiation, so each time one goes through the scanner, the radiation would accumulate in the body, posing extreme risk of mutation of the body’s DNA and RNA. The TSA maintains both scanner technologies have been tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices

and Radiological Health, the National Institute of Standard and Technology and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. But many groups, including the two largest pilot unions, the U.S. Airline Pilots Association and the Allied Pilots Association, are boycotting the use of the scanners based on a congressional report delivered by Dr. David Brenner, head of Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research. Brenner contends the TSA estimates of “exposes the body to about 1/1000th of the radiation received from a standard chest X-ray” are underestimated “five to 20 times too low, and that the actual risk was probably close to about 1/50th to 1/100th of a chest X-ray’s radiation dosage.” Another problem for the agency is one of the two companies producing the AIT

scanners, Rapiscan Systems (which utilizes backscatter technology), is represented by Chertoff Group, a security consulting group which is headed by former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. According to the Washington Post, during his stay as DHS Secretary under the previous Bush Administration, Chertoff was a strong advocate of AIT scanners. In 2005, he ordered TSA’s first batch of scanners from Rapiscan Systems. One can “opt out” of the scanners, but be prepared for some extremely heavy petting without TSA even buying you a drink first. The internet is abuzz with testimonials of how invasive and humiliating the “enhanced pat-downs” are, and students thinking of flying home for the holiday season should be inform of the new situation.

If you’ve got nothing useful to say, then don’t say anything at all Mary novokhovsky Uwire The maneater

According to Nielsen Internet ratings, YouTube was the No. 1 most-visited Internet video site in the U.S. during September, totaling more than 100 million unique users. While a statistic like that probably doesn’t incite a reaction of shock and awe, one might be interested to know that YouTube beat out the No. 2 most-visited site for video content (Facebook) by about 68 million users. I think it’s safe to say the average American heads to YouTube for his or her daily video content fix.


If you’re a regular “YouTuber,” then I’m sure you’ve found yourself reading the video comments section, maybe even posting a few words of praise or criticism. Personally, I’ve spent a long time avoiding entrance into heated YouTube comment wars. Lately, however, I find myself tempted to respond not so much to the video I just watched but to other user’s comments. As the days grow shorter during these approaching winter months, so does my patience for a--holes. Last night I watched a really bad music video on YouTube (I’ll refrain from inserting song and artist information as not to offend anybody’s personal tastes)

and was curious to see people’s feedback on the video. I knew I hated it, but it was critically acclaimed, and I hoped that a quick down scroll would provide me with some insight as to what I was missing. After all, this video had thousands of “thumbs up.” Instead of discovering musical revelations, I found myself reading hundreds of comments endorsing and debating smoking weed and doing other drugs (quoted mentions include “shrooms,” “da Xtacy” and “oxycotton”). I mean, this song did have drug references don’t get me wrong. But any able-bodied Google user could have easily done a lyrics search and realized the song wasn’t putting the “cool”

stamp of approval on drug use but was merely discussing this artist’s need for an escape tool. Believe me, there weren’t any complicated metaphors here. And no, I’m not about to start on an anti-drug rant that’s not my point and not my place. What I’m saying here is that whatever debate might have existed that was actually pertinent to the song had become buried beneath a slew of personal attacks, copied and pasted Erowid factoids and just dumb arguments (both in defense and in opposition of drugs). Now, technically, I could have saved myself the irritation by simply navigating away from the site. Clearly, drug use is a sore subject for me. Sitting

on YouTube and allowing my anxiety to escalate was not the best move. But alas, once I started it seemed impossible to stop. I read and read and then read some more. There were moments when I felt my heart drop into the pit of my stomach especially after reading something along the lines of, “your friend is f---ing dumb and he didn’t know how shoot up the right way, he deserved to die.” I couldn’t help but think, who the hell is the a--hole and what propels him/her to take time out of their day to talk that kind of s---? It was moments like this that went so beyond your “pothead vs. sober guy” debate and endorse-

ments of experimentation in moderation, that it was clear that some people weren’t interested in weighing in on the already off-topic issue they just wanted to be dicks. It’s unfortunate that some people have decided to use the No. 1 video site on the Internet to spread their hate and agenda. The beautiful thing about open forums is they allow you to express your opinions and discuss issues. Like many good things handed to us on a golden platter, people in our society have managed to take negative advantage of the forum something that could have been, and may still be, a powerful and useful tool for us to honestly learn from one another.



Tuesday November 16, 2010


‘Mafia II’ respects the family business in latest release JAMIE CARBONE CAMPUS CALENDAR EDITOR

Organized crime families have been in video games for a while. Over the years, they have been friend and foe in games like “Fallout 2” and “Max Payne,” with players being members of the Cosa Nostra in games like “The Godfather,” based on the film, and “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.” The latest mob-oriented game is “Mafia II,” the sequel to 2002’s “Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.” Developed by 2K Games, “Mafia II” puts players in the shoes of Vito Scaletta, a young Italian immigrant in Bay City during the 1940s and ’50s. The game starts by telling Vito’s story of his family’s immigration, his father’s alcoholism and his first encounter with the cops that ends with him being shipped over to Europe as a combatant during World War II. This is where the player takes control, fighting fascists in Italy before being shot and sent back home. Once back, Vito’s best friend and comrade in crime, Joe, reveals he has been working with local mafia bosses, making a name for himself. Soon, Vito joins in on the action, stealing cars, extorting dock workers and robbing

those who don’t pay for protection, only to end up in a prison that looks like Shawshank. Six years later, after making friends and enemies, Vito gets out and really starts making his mark on Bay City. The game plays like your typical over-the-shoulder sandbox game, giving players all of Bay City to explore. Unlike some sandbox games, which allow for multiple mission givers at once, “Mafia II” features use chapters to tell the story, each chapter having Vito travel from point A to point B to point C, typically killing fellow criminals in between. While the lack of many missions is a negative, what you do in the missions makes up for it. From waging a turf war with greasers to planting a bomb while wearing a fake mustache, this game gives players a lot to do. There are a few things that can be done on the side as well, such as selling stolen cars or collecting Playboy magazines, but they don’t really add to the game and do nothing for the story. The combat shies away from the typically criminal game play in that you don’t play as an unkillable mobster; if you stay out in the open or choose a poor place to take cover, you will be shot to death, although you heal incredibly quickly. At times, the attempt at realism in combat can be neat, but most of the time it is annoy-

ing as the same shotgun-toting gunman takes you out again and again. Thankfully, most AI partners you have are fairly intelligent and can help you out of stickier situations. One of the best elements of the game is the era in which it takes place, predominantly the 1950s. Men still wear hats, rock n’ roll was just getting its start and the cars were all classics. It all really translates well, or about as well as one can expect for a video game to emulate a time era. The voice acting for the main characters is well done but not terribly noteworthy, although some of the peripheral characters suffer from a bit of stereotyping with their dialogue and accents. With all this going for it, though, the game doesn’t actually add anything to the gangster video game genre. There is betrayal, violence and plenty of dark humor, but so many games have already featured these and done it better. So, while it is an enjoyable trip down crime-filled memory lane, if you skip it, everyone will understand. “Mafia II” is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, and is rated M for Mature.

«««« ««

Attention graduates: Schwarzenegger, Dress to impress to Luhrmann eulogize get that dream job Dino De Laurentiis professional.


In less than six months, another generation of West Virginia graduates will walk across the stage, claim their well-earned diplomas and continue on their journey of accomplishments. When it comes time to gather your resume and organize your portfolio before heading to the interview for your dream job, it is important to portray yourself professionally. Four years of constant dedication and work may have distracted seniors from the thought, “What am I going to wear to an interview?” Follow these professional styling tips and you will be one step closer to landing that dream job. Time is money. Avoid wasting yours on thoughts about what to wear. Every professional’s closet should be about fast and easy choices. If there are clothes hanging in your closet that have not been worn in the past six months, throw them out. Restock your closet with classics that are never out of season, like a professional trench coat. Even if you are running late and lacking appeal, a trench coat will add instant smarts to any working man or woman’s arrival. Overdress to impress. When in doubt about the dress code for an interview or meeting, always count on overdressing. Guys, it is better to show up in a business suit and tie rather than khakis and a polo shirt. Girls, it is always better to show up in a classy blazer and matching pencil skirt (as long as you cover your legs with a pair of pantyhose) than an outfit that communicates how unserious you are about life. No matter the setting or situation, you will look

Ditch the bright colors for a brighter future: Bright colors represent unprofessionalism. The best color to wear to an interview is blue, because it causes the wearer to appear authoritative yet trustworthy at the same time. Gray is another excellent wardrobe choice, because it is also authoritative, but is not overwhelming. Brown makes a person seem calm, trustworthy and levelheaded. Keep it simple. Your jewelry and makeup will fit in with the professional look by being understated to your well put-together outfit. Keeping makeup elegant through the use of neutral tones and minimal eye makeup will look best in a professional setting. Lipstick can be slightly brighter since that is what it’s meant for, but avoid glitters, glosses and hot colors. Your jewelry can be worn, but make sure you pick one item to keep a balanced look. Every young professional should invest in an elegant piece of jewelry; watches are always a sleek choice. BlackBerry on your own time. It may seem old fashioned, but in most job settings, it seems more professional to keep a planner and pen in your bag rather than fishing for your phone to enter an e-mail address or phone number. Although intentions are good, the revealing of a phone for any purpose during an interview will look bad. Never keep your decisionmaking boss waiting while you fumble with your savvy phone and neglect eye contact.


A screenshot from the video game ‘Mafia II.’

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dino De Laurentiis was a man who loved life, his family, good Italian food and the movies. So said Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Lynch and Baz Luhrmann, who shared stories about the veteran producer at his funeral Monday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles. All described the Italianborn producer, who died last week at age 91, as larger than life. “He fought big, he dreamed big, and that’s the way he saw the cinema, as big,” said Lynch, who made “Dune” and “Blue Velvet” with De Laurentiis. “Ten grown athletic men combined, on PCP, would not equal even a tiny fraction of the energy that Dino had every day... Dino was like a steamroller working, dreaming and thinking the movies.” Lynch described De Laurentiis as a “great practical joker.” Schwarzenegger, who was accompanied by wife Maria Shriver, got laughs from the crowd when he imitated De Laurentiis’ Italian accent. Schwarzenegger made four films with De Laurentiis and said he admired the producer’s brains, courage and heart. “He never feared failure, and this is the only way you can be successful in life,” the governor said. “I learned that from Dino.” Luhrmann said De Lau-

rentiis “taught me how to have fun.” “Dino De Laurentiis was able to blend effortlessly, without any effort whatsoever, life, art and family,” the filmmaker said. The producer’s youngest daughters, Carolyna and Dina, also eulogized their dad. Carolyna De Laurentiis called him “a force of life” and a “master of Italian guilt.” His grandchildren, including Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis, read brief passages during the service. Many guests at the 90-minute service wore red at the request of the family. “It was Dino’s color,” the pastor said. A statement released by the family late Friday explained the legendary producer “did not want to be met with a sea of black at his funeral.” The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is the primary church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles and hosts some of the city’s most prominent funerals. Lynch summed up De Laurentiis like this: “Dino was energetic, childlike, powerful, kind, unstoppable, charming, opinionated, fair-minded, fun-loving, an entrepreneur, a family man, a workaholic, a sharp dresser, a practical joker, a dreamer, a producer, a gourmet, a showman, a deal maker, a risk taker, a giver, a taker.”

NBC reshuffles Thursday night to help boost ratings LOS ANGELES (AP) — NBC will reshape Thursday into all-comedy night and move its two “Law & Order” dramas as part of a midseason shake-up. The network is shifting “30 Rock” and the freshman series “Outsourced” to the final hour of prime time starting Jan. 20. The rest of the night’s lineup, starting at 8 p.m. ET, will include “Community,” newcomer “Perfect Couples,” “The Office” and returning series “Parks and Recreation.” “We were looking to add more comedy to our schedule, and we believe the best way to do so is to expand our already successful Thursday night,” NBC scheduling chief Mitch Metcalf said in a statement Monday. Tina Fey’s “30 Rock” has been renewed through the 2011-12 season, NBC also announced. The novel approach of comedy in a spot traditionally held by dramas could help fight a 10 p.m. ratings weakness that has beset the major broadcast networks this season.

Some of the blame goes to viewers’ increasing use of the time slot to catch up with DVR-captured programs from earlier in the evening. But another bold NBC experiment, putting Jay Leno in the 10 p.m. spot last season, proved a resounding flop. Hourlong dramas aren’t extinct at 10 p.m. In January, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” is moving up an hour, to 10 p.m. ET Wednesday, from its current 9 p.m. ET Wednesday home. In February, “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” which now airs on Wednesday, will shift to 10 p.m. ET Tuesday. “Parenthood,” after returning at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday, Jan. 4, will move to 10 p.m. ET Monday starting March 7, after NBC tries out newcomer drama “Harry’s Law,” starring Kathy Bates, in the slot beginning Jan. 17. Besides beefing up NBC’s comedy quotient, the revamped schedule provides o r i g i na l p ro g ra m m i n g through the rest of the season with new and returning series, Metcalf said.

A poor outfit decision is the worst reason to not be accepted for a job you are highly qualified for. Follow these professional tips and you will not be disappointed.

WE’RE HIRING We’re currently taking applications for A&E writers. We want you to help us cover the local arts and entertainment scene in Morgantown. For more information on this paid position, e-mail us at DAA& or give us a call at 304-293-5092 xt. 3.


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FEATURE OF THE DAY WIND SYMPHONY CONCERT will be at 7:30 p.m. in the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre at the Creative Arts Center. For tickets and information, call 304-293-SHOW.

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Nov. 18 POET STACEY WAITE will be featured with Morgantown Poets at the Monongalia Arts Center at 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Every Tuesday MOUNTAINEERS FOR CHRIST, a student Christian organization, hosts free supper and Bible study at its Christian Student Center. Supper is at 8:15 p.m., and Bible study begins at 9 p.m. All students are welcome. For more information, call 304-599-6151 or visit WVU SWING DANCE CLUB meets at 7:45 p.m. in Multipurpose Room A of the Student Recreation Center. No partner needed. Advanced and beginners are welcome. For more information, e-mail SIERRA STUDENT COALITION meets at 7 p.m. in the Blackwater Room of the Mountainlair. The group is a grassroots environmental organization striving for tangible change in our campus and community. For more information, contact Kayla at kmedina2@mix. FEMINIST MAJORITY LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE meets in the Women’s Studies Lounge of Eiesland Hall at 6 p.m. For more information, e-mail rsnyder9@mix.wvu. edu. ECUMENICAL BIBLE STUDY AND CHARISMATIC PRAYER MEETING is held at 7 p.m. in Potter’s Cellar of Newman Hall. All are welcome. For more information, call 304-2880817 or 304-879-5752. MCM is hosted at 7:37 p.m. in the Campus Ministry Center at 293 Willey St. All are welcome. BCM meets at 8:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church on High Street. THE CARRUTH CENTER offers a grief support group for students struggling from a significant personal loss from 5:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. on the third floor of the Student Services Building. AMIZADE has representatives in the common area of the Mountainlair from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to answer questions for those interested in studying abroad. WVU WOMEN’S ULTIMATE FRISBEE meets from 10 p.m. to midnight at the Shell Building. No experience is necessary. For more information, e-mail Sarah Lemanski at THE CONDOM CARAVAN, a project of WELL WVU Student Wellness and Health Promotion, will be in the Mountainlair from noon to 2 p.m. The Caravan sells condoms for 25 cents or five for $1. PI SIGMA SIMGA PUBLIC POLICY STUDIES HONORARY meets at 5:15 p.m. at Woodburn Hall.

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easier. Tonight: Time to wish upon a star.

BORN TODAY This year, you deal with many changeable people and circumstances. Tap into an innate creativity, and you will gain. Your abilities to energize others and funnel solutions also emerge. Spring could bring good news professionally. Curb a sweet tooth, if possible. If you are single, you could meet someone nearly any time this year who could be quite important to your life’s history. If you are attached, you act like new lovers. Many couples could see new additions to their family. ARIES can push your buttons.

CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) HHHHH If you feel that you aren’t getting acceptable answers, seek out an expert or get more information on your own. Avoid making an uninformed decision at all costs. Responsibilities tumble on you in the late p.m. Tonight: Count on a late night.

ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) HHHH Count on coming out of a recent funk by late afternoon. Attempt to keep important decisions on the back burner until then. Unexpected developments could force you to take another look at your business situation. Tonight: Suddenly, a force to be dealt with. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) HHHH Use the morning for meetings or making a cherished goal happen. You find those around you to be unusually generous. A kind remark comes back in multiples. Slow down midafternoon. Do work or activities that are not people-dependent. Tonight: Take a muchneeded timeout. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) HHHH Good news certainly perks up your mood. In a positive frame of mind, you can make nearly anything happen. Plan key meetings and other important matters for late afternoon. What starts out as a stern conversation becomes a lot

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) HHHHH Flex with your mood and energy. Success greets those who are skilled at reading people and also detaching sufficiently in order to see the path through a complex issue. Late afternoon, your mind wanders. Hop on the Net. Tonight: Go for something imaginative. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) HHH You could be taken aback by another person’s resourcefulness. There always seem to be solutions when you listen to this person. See where his or her thinking varies from yours. You just might want to take a lesson. Tonight: Visit with a close friend. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) HHH You have a lot to do and accomplish. Count on the fact that you will be able to do exactly what you want. Later on, squeeze in some time to network or just take off. You suddenly feel buoyant. Go off and enjoy yourself. Tonight: Just not alone. SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) HHHH Your creativity is a gift; it also can add to the quality of a relationship. A child adores your flights of fancy, and a loved one delights in your fun ideas. Focus some of this energy into the workplace

or your daily life. Tonight: Let your hair down. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) HHHH Remain grounded, and you’ll come up with solutions that work. In the afternoon, you discover the power of a brainstorming session. Be careful how much money you commit in a discussion. You easily could change your mind later. Tonight: Let your hair down. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) HHHH Screen your calls if you’re feeling overwhelmed by news or the amount of calls. On some level, you might be hesitant to be unavailable, but staying focused and on topic is more important. Catch up on calls later today. Tonight: Don’t take out your irritation on the cat, the dog or your roommate! AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) HHH Curb spending, if possible. At times you have gone way overboard. A change might be needed. Surprises could happen when you least expect them. Schedule a meeting for late afternoon. Clear out messages then, too. Tonight: Join a pal for dinner. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) HHHH You might be more direct and open than you realize. Others respond to you in odd ways, which could make you a touch reactive. Maintain a sense of humor, and you will have a lot to smile about. Tonight: Time for a treat. BORN TODAY Baseball pitcher Dwight Gooden (1964), actress Lisa Bonet (1967), voice actor Daws Butler (1916)


Pearls Before Swine

by Stephan Pastis

F Minus

by Tony Carrillo

Get Fuzzy

by Darby Conley

Cow and Boy 

by Mark Leiknes


Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit


ACROSS 1 Cold shower reactions 6 Chicken or turkey 10 Hair tamers 14 Sacro- ending 15 Athletic shoe brand 16 Stratford’s river 17 Seward’s Alaska purchase, to some 18 *Chicken soup dumpling 20 National flower of Scotland 22 Neophyte 23 Anatomical bag 24 Zeus’ wife 26 Fight-or-flight response generator 30 Ajar, say 32 Atop 34 Typical studio apartment room count 35 *Paleontologist’s lucky find 38 Punch-in-the-gut grunt 39 “Batt. not __” 40 Bon __: witticism 41 Sit in traffic 42 Utmost degree 43 *Cappuccino seller 47 Baseball’s Diamondbacks, on scoreboards 48 Apollo program org. 49 Wee 50 Bunny or kangaroo 52 Came out with 54 Recede 57 Ahmadinejad’s land 59 Body surfer’s ride 61 Confection that can start the ends of the answers to starred clues 65 Come up 66 Crest 67 Coup d’__ 68 Correct, as a stitch 69 Torah holders 70 Geologic stretches 71 A barque has at least three DOWN 1 Birthday buys 2 Hawaii hi 3 *Basic computer component 4 Buddies 5 Grain-cutting tools 6 Hall of __: athletic standout 7 Breakfast for Brutus? 8 Two-time 1980s skating gold medalist Katarina


9 Quick brown fox’s obstacle? 10 Cameroon neighbor 11 “The Loco-Motion” singer Little __ 12 Texter’s guffaw 13 Tina Fey was its first female head writer, briefly 19 Asian ape 21 Singer Horne 25 Sky lights 27 *Parting smooch 28 __ Gay 29 Send for consultation 31 D.C. go-getter 33 Tennis’s Sampras 35 Shore of Hollywood 36 Words before the talk show guest enters 37 Masked men at home? 41 Charged particle 43 Diciembre follower 44 Frozen cake maker 45 Recipe direction 46 Holstered pistol, e.g. 51 Selections

53 Looks out for, as a partner in crime 55 Plague 56 Beer and ale 58 Belg.-based peacekeeping gp. 60 Place 61 Tax pro 62 “I’ve Grown Accustomed to __ Face” 63 Wine barrel wood 64 Brown shade


Scholarship to teach math or science. Deadline: Nov. 30 Info:


Tuesday November 16, 2010

cross country



Pair of injuries overshadow strong matches By Matthew Peaslee Sports Writer

wvu sports info

West Virginia cross country head coach Sean Cleary looks on at his team prior to a race last season.

Six West Virginia wrestlers went undefeated in the Washington & Jefferson College Open. Three of those Mountaineers won their weight class this weekend. “It’s hard to pick one strong suit from the matches, because everyone did so well across the classes,” said WVU head coach Craig Turnbull. Junior Matt Weston, freshman Brandon Lintner and junior Robert DeSano placed first, second and third, respectively, in the 174-pound weight class. Weston and Lintner squared off in the championship bout,

as the meet focused more on individual competitors as opposed to team score. Weston won the head-to-head match. “It’s good to focus like this early on in the season,” he said. Sophomore Shane Young defeated Pittsburgh-Johnstown’s David Fogle to capture the 125-pound division. Redshirt Junior Matt Ryan also downed a Pitt-Johnstown rival to win his respective weight class. Ryan beat A.J. Brentzel to win the 184-pound title. True freshman Michael Morales continued his impressive inaugural campaign by going 4-0 and landing in sixth place in the 155-pound class. Another true freshman, Michael Bennett earned second

place in the 149-pound division. In the finals, he lost to Delaware Valley’s Emmanuel Ajagbe. Redshirt senior, 165-pound Donnie Jones entered his final match of the day with a 4-0 record under his belt. Midway through the match, ahead 5-3 against Penn State grappler Dick Cowburn, Jones was forced to forfeit after suffering an acromioclavicular joint sprain. Redshirt freshman Cameron Gallaher, in the 197-pound class, also was a victim to injury, as he suffered a concussion in his final match of the day. Gallaher was 4-0 prior to the head injury. “They wrestled in a small

gym for a couple of weight classes, and the mat was real close to a wall,” Turnbull said. “He went out of bounds, hit his head and received a concussion.” Gallaher, who is just coming back from offseason shoulder surgery, has looked strong in his first two meets. Turnbull said Gallaher is fighting to solidify a starting spot and looks well on his way to do so pending his recovery time. “They were unfortunate accidents, and we won’t really know what happens with them until the week goes on,” he said. “I’m going to assume that they’ll be fine by this weekend.”

stayed persistent and stayed focused,” he said. West Virginia (2-3, 1-2 Big East) was disqualified from the morning’s first event, the 400-meter medley relay, but kept the visiting Scarlet Knights (1-3, 1-3) within reach with the help of some strong swims. “We learned a lot about ourselves as a staff and as a team,” Riggs said. “We knew we would have to swim well to win without any diving points, and we were able to do that.”

Sophomore Kata Fodor continued her dominance of distance swims with another firstplace finish in the 1,000 free. Sophomore Rachael Burnett went on to first-place finishes in the 100 free and the 200 free, but it was her first-place swim in the 400 IM – the meet’s first-to-last event – that set the stage for the Mountaineers’ dramatic win. RU’s disqualification in the 200-meter free relay gave WVU the two top spots in the event sealing the Mountaineers

come-from-behind victory. Senior Lyn Ann Nelson chipped in big points with first-place performances in the 50 free and the 500 free. She teamed with redshirt sophomores Sara Conner, Breanna McCann and Nikki Vetterlein for the clincher in the 200 free relay. West Virginia’s other firstplace finish of the meet was provided by sophomore Mandie Nugent.

Gillespie, Brault advance swimming and diving to NCAA Championships Women’s team beats Rutgers after disqualification by derek denneny sports writer

Two members of the West Virginia cross country team qualified for NCAA Nationals this weekend. Sophomore transfer Katie Gillespie and redshirt freshman Sarah-Anne Brault qualified for the national competition with 10th and 16th-place performances, respectively. “I am thrilled to have two girls qualify for the NCAA Finals,” said WVU head coach Sean Cleary. “This is a perfect opportunity for both of these girls to take a shot at the nation’s elite and garner the experience for next year when we expect to be in the finals with the entire team.” Gillespie and Brault will compete at NCAA Championships Nov. 22 in Terre Haute, Ind. The two qualified for Nationals in what was expected to be a down year for the program. Earlier in the season, Cleary decided to redshirt three of the team’s leaders. The team also

lost one of the most successful classes to graduation. “I learned that this team refused to use excuses to justify their performances,” Cleary said. “Every single race that this team ran was better than the one before it. What more can a coach ask for? This group dealt with the harshest graduation class in school history.” WVU entered Saturday’s NCAA Mid-Atlantic region championship race ranked sixth in the region but left with a fifth-place showing. WVU finished with 152 points. “This was one of the best overall team performances in program history,” Cleary said. “We have won the Mid-Atlantic Regional a few times in recent history, but this performance was simply amazing.” Villanova won the race with 29 points, followed by Georgetown (40), Penn State (91) and Princeton (102). Ahna Lewis took 25th place, good enough to earn all-region honors.


Team ends fall season with two medals in Philadelphia by derek denneny sports writer

The West Virginia rowing team capped off its final race of the fall season with two medals this weekend at the Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta. “The team’s overall performance was solid,” said head coach Jimmy King. “Although the results may appear to be a bit down compared to last year at this Regatta, we raced fairly even lineups across all varsity events.” The Mountaineers’ flight two varsity eight boat of Sarah Cartwright, Courtney Schrand, Karen Verwey, Danielle Widecrantz, Rachelle Purych, Katherine Moore, Megan Neckelmann, Hilary Meale and coxswain Brittany Doss took first place (7:13), finishing 12 seconds ahead of Temple. The novice four boat of Micah Truex, Anya Leach, Amber McCloskey, Laura Pugh and coxswain Rebecca Knecht took first in flight three (8:40.69).

“There’s more depth within the team that has enabled us to race different lineups throughout the fall with relative success every step of the way,” King said. “Having more lineup options not only for racing, but for daily training this fall has made for more productive practices through the course of the season.” King said he is pleased with the progress his team has made this fall. He expects the hard work it put in during the fall will benefit it during the spring season. “We will continue to work to get fitter and stronger through the winter months,” he said. “A significant portion of winter training involves getting mentally stronger, both individually and collectively. Winter training can be tough on the psyche, so all of us ... will need to do our part to keep the team on track in the upcoming months.”

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by Ethan Rohrbaugh sports writer

The West Virginia women’s swimming and diving team needed all 16 events Saturday to claim its first Big East Conference win of the season, as a Rutgers disqualification in the final race proved the difference in WVU’s 148-146 victory. Head coach Vic Riggs said his team learned a lesson in never giving up. “We kept plugging away,

wvu notebook

Women’s soccer Sweet 16 gametime announced for Friday The West Virginia women’s soccer team will face Boston College in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament at 7 p.m. in Boston. West Virginia (18-4-1), the No. 3 seed in its regional, defeated Morehead State and Penn State at home to advance to its Sweet 16 for the first time since 2007. Boston College (15-6-1), the No. 2 seed in its regional, recorded home wins over Boston and Hofstra to make it to the Sweet 16. The Mountaineers advanced past the Sweet 16 in 2007 when

it lost to eventual champion USC in the Elite Eight. That is the only time the program has advanced past the Sweet 16 round. Smith named Big East Offensive Player of the Week West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith was named the Big East Conference’s Offensive Player of the Week after throwing for four touchdowns in a 3710 win against Cincinnati last Saturday. Smith was 15-of-25 for 174 yards and four scores. He threw

all of those touchdowns in the first half to match a career high in touchdown passes. Smith has passed for 1,870 yards and 19 touchdowns as a sophomore. That is good for 15th-best on WVU’s season passing yards and third-best on the school’s season touchdown passes list with three regular season games and a bowl game remaining. Smith is on track to finish with the second-most passing yards in a season for a WVU quarterback. This is the second time Smith

has been honored as the Big East Offensive Player of the Week. Brawl kickoff set The Backyard Brawl between West Virginia and Pittsburgh will be played at noon Nov. 26 and will be televised on ABC. The Panthers (5-4, 3-1 Big East) have won two of the last three meetings with the Mountaineers (6-3, 2-2). WVU upset Pitt 19-16 last season in Morgantown. — Compiled by Tony Dobies



WVU football

Tuesday November 16, 2010

rifle A new game for true WVU football fans

GameDay Predictions Each week, The DA sports staff will select 15 categories for the week’s upcoming game. You will answer those questions and return it to us. Leaderboard: 1. Kevin Knepp (30) 2. Jake Engle (22) 3. Taylor Morehead (21) 4. Nicole Katz (16) 5. Mark Nesselroad (12) 6. Zach Smith (9) 7. Patrick McDermott (6) 8. Ryan Ruben (5) 9. Kevin Corey (4) 9. Aaron Howell (4) 9. Matt Allevato (4) 11. Tyler Colton (2) 12. Mark Zinn (1) Congratulations to Jake Engle for earning the most points last week (5), while earning an extra bonus point for correctly guessing the game’s longest play from scrimmage (53 yards). *Completed responses must be numbered and answered in order and include your name and e-mail address. If not done correctly, it will not be counted.

Send your completed responses to by Friday at 5 p.m. to enter. Here are this week’s questions: 1. How many total yards will the West Virginia defense allow? 2. What will be the score after the 1st quarter? 3. What will be the difference in pass yards and rush yards for West Virginia? 4. What team will receive the opening kickoff? 5. What yard line will the game’s opening kickoff be caught? 6. What will be the game-time temperature? 7. What will be Louisville’s third-down conversion percentage? 8. What time and in which quarter will Jock Sanders become school’s all-time reception leader? 9. Name the WVU player who will record Louisville’s first turnover. 10. How many carries will WVU running back Shawne Alston receive? 11. How many punts will WVU’s Gregg Pugnetti finish with? 12. Name the player who gets the ball on WVU’s third offensive play from scrimmage. 13. What will be Louisville’s quarterback’s longest pass completion in the game? 14. What player for either team will be the first to record a gain of at least 15 yards (quarterbacks excluded)? 15. What will be the final score?


Continued from page 10 to come out and play these teams right away and get this experience right away. “If we can knock some of the harder teams out first, that’ll be good for us farther down the road.” West Virginia starts things off Thursday night with a home game against Xavier. The Mountaineers face the Musketeers (10-6-4) at 7 p.m. in Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium. Xavier upset the Atlantic 10 Conference’s No. 2 seed, La Salle, Sunday to earn the conference’s automatic bid

into the NCAA Tournament. “I’ve never played against Xavier before, so this will be a new experience for everybody,” LeBlanc said. “(Xavier coach Andy Fleming) will have his team tactically very well organized. It’s going to be very difficult, but every game at this stage of the year has its own challenges, and Xavier’s going to pose some threats to us. “We’re going to have to be very well prepared to beat them.” If the Mountaineers can defend their home field, they will move on to face the regional host, Akron. While the Mountaineers will face stiff competition in

Tony Dobies

Brian Gawthrop



Sports Editor

Assoc. Sports Editor

WVU +3

WVU +10

Pass +120

Pass +69

WVU 3 yard-line

WVU 8 yard-line

54 degrees 33%

58 degrees 28%

3:20 - 1st

8:55 - 1st

Brandon Hogan

Sidney Glover





Noel Devine

Jock Sanders

39 yards

13 yards

Tavon Austin

Jock Sanders

WVU +4

tara mayle/the daily athenaeum

Members of the West Virginia rifle team practice earlier this season. He helped lead the Mountaineers to two wins last weekend.

WVU scores two season-high scores in successful road trip BY BRAD JOYAL SPORTS WRITER

WVU +17

the Akron bracket, it’s nothing new to them. Nine teams that were on the Mountaineers’ regular season schedule made it into the NCAA Tournament, and of those nine, six of them are from the Big East Conference. “It’s going to help a lot,” said sophomore midfielder Shadow Sebele when asked about the importance of playing such a difficult schedule. “The Big East was one of the toughest conferences in the nation, if not the best. We have a lot of great teams (on the schedule), and I think that competition is going to help us a lot going forward.”

The West Virginia rifle team shot its two highest scores of this season to pick up two Great America Rifle Conference victories this weekend. The No. 1 Mountaineers shot a season-best 4,686 to defeat Ole Miss 4,686-4,647 Saturday, before beating No. 5 Army, 4,680-4,659 Sunday. The two matches were the team’s first away from the WVU rifle range, and mark the first of two road trips for West Virginia this season. “I’m definitely really happy with the results,” said coach John Hammond. “It’s good to see us going in the right direction and improving scores. There is still room for improvement, but I was happy with the results this weekend.” For the third-consecutive match, Nicco Campriani finished first overall against Ole Miss. The senior finished one mark short from his school record with a combined score of 1,188. Campriani matched his own school record of 598 in air rifle, while also posting a score of 590 in smallbore to finish first in the discipline. Seniors Tommy Santelli

gawthrop Continued from page 10

watching one of the best defensive units this program has ever seen. It deser ves to be acknowledged. The unit is ranked inside the top five nationally in three categories, including total defense, scoring defense and sacks. It is inside the top 10 and is leading the Big East Conference in six different categories. It remains the only Division I team in the country that has yet to allow more than 21 points in a game. And if it wasn’t for Casteel’s crew, the team wouldn’t currently be 6-3 and in position to make a run for the program’s first Big East crown since 2007. In fact, if West Virginia wants

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and Andy Lamson shot combined scores of 1,166 and 1163 to finish second and third, respectively. Campriani’s success carried over to the match with Army, as the reigning air rifle world champion posted scores of 596 and 591 in air rifle and smallbore, respectively, to capture first. Campriani posted two school records in the smallbore discipline, shooting 200 in prone and 196 in standing. Army’s Kelly Buck shot a combined score of 1,180 to place second, while WVU junior Justin Pentz took third with a score of 1,173. Pentz shot a personal-best 588 in smallbore, including a perfect mark of 200 in prone. “His smallbore results were excellent,” Hammond said of Pentz. “He’s been training hard, and I was happy to see his practicing and training pay off with strong results.” The two conference road victories will pay dividends for the Mountaineers when NCAA qualifications and seeding for the NCAA Championships begin. After capturing both the GARC regular and postseason titles last season, West Virginia is on pace to defend its title. Hammond said he feels the

weekend results prove his team is capable of playing in different environments, which will be crucial next semester when competitions take place at other venues. “I don’t think shooting on the road will be a problem for this team,” Hammond said. “When you go on the road to get two wins, it brings confidence. The team is ready to compete away from West Virginia and will be prepared to do so when the conference and NCAA Championships come around.” The team improved its record to 5-1 and 3-0 in the GARC. Hammond said although the main focus for the team is to win the national title, a conference championship is something the team is hoping to capture for the second-straight season. “It’s something we want to win every year,” Hammond said. “It’s more about the results rather than scores. We’re competing against ourselves rather than our opponents. We want to get better each match and be ready for next semester, and winning the conference is definitely one of our goals.”

to win its remaining games, the defense will have to continue to lead the way. Casteel likely isn’t worried about taking charge, though. They’ve done it all year. His group has allowed 431 less rushing yards compared to an opponent’s average and 292 passing yards. It’s on pace to shatter the record for least amount of points allowed in a 13-game season, as the Mountaineers have allowed an average of 13.2 points per game, nearly four points less than the 2008 squad’s 17 points per game. It has the chance – a great one, at that – to become the program’s first top-ranked defense since the 1996 season. Behind its six starting seniors, consistency has surely been the key to the unit’s success this season. Yet, the attention that has been pushed away from the unit has been even more constant. While most surrounding the WVU football program were busy judging the West Virginia

offense after head coach Bill Stewart’s “total self-evaluation” this week against Cincinnati, the defense stayed on pace. The unit held the league’s top passing offense to 10 points. More importantly, the Bearcats – who entered the game as the conference’s most effective team on third down – failed to convert a third down on 12 chances. Obviously, the lack of consideration isn’t bothering the Mountaineer defense too much. So, maybe they’d rather just hand that attention over to their offensive counterparts. Maybe, despite being one of the country’s best, the defense would rather fly under the radar, continue about its business and simply help WVU win games. Either way, don’t let the all the attention the West Virginia offense is receiving distract you from cherishing how special this year’s defense truly is.


Continued from page 10 said. “I certainly would like to use as much of the talent that we have, so that’s why we try to be unpredictable so to speak. Once we get that momentum going, things just seem to click.” zz WVU has struggled on the road in the Stewart era. This season, the Mountaineers have

a 1-2 road record and are 4-9 in his three-year tenure. “The team that out-blocks and out-tackles the other usually has a good chance at winning,” he said. “There’s no magic formula; you just take your game to where it is, and that’s the mark of a good team, when you can go on the road and win.”


Tuesday November 16, 2010


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A&E SPORTS WVU gets another at home

Tuesday November 16, 2010

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brian gawthrop

associate sports editor

In defense of the defense

Mountaineers will face Xavier at Dick Dlesk Stadium Thursday

The next 20 inches will be solely dedicated to members of the West Virginia defense. The players, the coaches, and most of all, defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel – this one’s for you. With the current “crisis” that has surrounded the West Virginia offense throughout the season, the Mountaineers’ defensive unit hasn’t received its fair share of recognition this season. So, I’m taking it upon myself to try and change that. And since renting an airplane with an attached banner that reads, “Show Casteel love” and flying it over Milan Puskar Stadium costs a little more than this college student can afford, I decided a column is the next best thing. Any attention this defense receives, it deserves, and I’m sure West Virginia offensive coordinator Jeff Mullen wouldn’t mind sharing some. Because, believe it or not, between sighing over the offense’s inconsistency this season, West Virginia fans are


by Michael Carvelli Sports Writer

matt sunday/the daily athenaeum

The West Virginia men’s soccer team celebrates as it finds out it made it to the NCAA Tournament.

As the West Virginia men’s soccer team sat around the TV watching the NCAA Tournament selection show in the WVU Coliseum, half the field was announced before West Virginia flashed up on the screen. A lot of outsiders might have called WVU a “bubble team” – one that would have needed some things to work out in its favor to get into the tournament. But, WVU head coach Marlon LeBlanc wasn’t just confident his team would get in. He thought they’d get the home game, too. It turned out he was right. After waiting for almost two weeks to hear its fate, the West Virginia men’s soccer team found out Monday it would be making its first appearance in the NCAA Tournament since 2007. “It was expected, and I thought it was a just reward for the guys,” LeBlanc said. “For

West Virginia (10-7-2)

Xavier (10-6-4)

When: Thursday at 7 p.m. Where: Morgantown, W.Va. (Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium) Video: Tickets: $7 for adults and $5 for youth and senior citizens. Admission is free for West Virginia University students with a valid student ID. Winner: The winner in the WVU/Xavier game will face Akron Sunday.

us, it’s just great to be back.” However, if the Mountaineers (10-7-2) want to make a Sweet 16 run like they did in 2007, they’ll need to go through what some have called “the bracket of death.” They are in the Akron region, in which seven of the 12 teams are in the top 25, including No. 2 Akron. “If you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best,” said senior goalkeeper Zach Johnson. “It’ll be good for us

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david ryan/the daily athenaeum

West Virginia head football coach Bill Stewart looks on at his team’s huddle during the first half of the Mountaineers’ game against Cincinnati Saturday at Milan Puskar Stadium. WVU won 37-10.

Stewart happy with Geno Smith’s progress, says best has yet to come By Matthew Peaslee Sports Writer

Criticism of the West Virginia offense this season has stemmed from many different angles. The Mountaineer head coach Bill Stewart and offensive coordinator Jeff Mullen have received the bulk of the condemnation, while the offensive line has taken its fair share of bashing across the fan base, as well. Some of that criticism has even been about sophomore quarterback Geno Smith. The signal caller has had an upand-down season. Saturday would be considered one of this season’s high points after his first-half, fourtouchdown performance. “I really believe he’s really comfortable now,” Stewart said Monday. “With each and every outing, he should get better.”

Stewart said after watching film Sunday, he noticed Smith’s maturity in his demeanor and poise, which are different from last year. “Geno made some really key, quick decisions,” he said. “I really liked what he was doing with his eyes. He did a really good job of looking people off. He’s getting better.” Smith’s four-touchdown passes and 15-of-25 passes for 175 yards through the air earned him Big East Offensive Player of the Week honors. “I just thought Geno was protected very well and made a couple of nice throws,” Stewart said. “I thought the young men just performed what they have been coached to do, and they made some pretty nice plays.” In the end, Stewart is pleased with the year Smith has had but advises the best is yet to come. “He’s not near the perfect

player that he wants to be or the polished player that he wants to be in any way,” Stewart said. “He’s still a young man that has had nine collegiate starts. This year is going to be very big, next year will be even bigger, and the following year after that’s going to be the biggest of all.” Notes zz Stewart complimented the offensive line for holding its blocks and creating big plays. “The line protection was where it all started,” he said. zz WVU ran a series of sweeps to Austin and Sanders that resulted in big plays Saturday against Cincinnati. “Any time that we can bring No. 1 Tavon Austin and No. 9 Jock Sanders around to get the ball in their hands, I think that’s advantageous to us,” Stewart

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The DA 11-16-2010  

The November 16 edition of The Daily Athenaeum, West Virginia University's official student newspaper