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Former student embroiled in controversy



Singer said that Phillips claimed in the Bothman, and a person you could always parking lot one day after a game that she have fun with. But Phillips’s behavior became erratic the wrote for’s Page 2. “I know Sarah told me and last two years of high school. a few others while we were “She was always on the having a conversation in the edge in the last two years By all appearances parking lot after a game that of high school and definiteshe was a writer for ESPN’s ly after high school. It was she just seemed Page 2,” Singer said early always just like, she’d just like your average Wednesday morning. “I knew take off and go do something nothing about it, but it didn’t else random,” Bothman said college student. No strike me as strange or odd Wednesday. “All of the sudindication she was because I know lots of studen she quit her job and went dents and younger people shady or sketchy to Corvallis. I feel like it wasn’t write for SBNation, which surprising at all that she was I always thought was remidoing something crazy or Chris Singer niscent of Page 2. She told random like that.” Former soccer teammate us she was writing college Eventually Bothman’s football. This was August or sister Niki lost touch with Phillips, who Bothman believes transferred September, I think, so it makes sense.” Singer can confirm that the brunette in to Churchill High School for her senior year. “Her and Niki would get together still the pictures on is the girl he sometimes and I’d see her and get to catch played soccer with. He also confirmed that up with her,” Bothman said. “But then she ... Sarah Phillips’s Twitter (@sarahphilli) avatar moved to Corvallis with a boyfriend and then picture is of the girl he played soccer with. “I am 100 percent positive the picture of the kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while, brunette on the website is Sarah Phillips, who in terms of contacting people. Niki still would text her but she wouldn’t text her back the last I played soccer with,” Singer said. “When I saw her name on Twitter, I recognized the name couple of years.” so I read the story. When I saw Corvallis menPhillips in Corvallis tioned and I saw the photos I was incredulous. According to several sources, Phillips has I couldn’t believe it was that girl from soccer.” not fallen off the face of the earth and is in fact Singer said that Phillips did not strike him a Corvallis resident as the report indicated. as the shady individual she is portrayed to be One Corvallis resident, 39-year-old Chris in the article. Singer, read the report last “By all appearances she just seemed like night and immediately recognized the Sarah your average college student,” Singer said. Phillips in the article. “Nice, friendly, was funny. Good soccer playSinger said that he used to play soccer er. Fun to have her as part of the team. No with Sarah Phillips in a co-ed recreational indication she was shady or sketchy.” indoor league (ages 13 and up) last fall at the Singer said he had not seen or heard from Corvallis Sports Park. A Corvallis Sports Park Phillips since their season concluded in spokesperson confirmed Wednesday that September. Singer and Phillips were in fact on the same See PHILLIPS | page 3 team last fall.



Sarah Phillips, former ESPN writer is currently a Corvallis resident, allegedly scammed $1000s from victims

she was creating her own website, SarahPHI. com, that would focus, in part, on betting. She offered Matt a job, saying that he could earn upwards of $200,000 a year. Matt gave her thousands of dollars to help buy adspace, but got nothing in return. No ads went up on By Grady Garrett and Don Iler the site, which no longer exists. The Daily Barometer According to the report, Given the allegations against Sarah Phillips, it is not surprising she did not answer her Phillips became a writer for’s Page 2 after rising to prominence at door yesterday. However, it has been learned that Sarah ESPN did not meet Phillips in person and she Phillips is a real person and at one time was a had used various photos of different people student at Oregon State University and a stu- all claiming to be Sarah Phillips. After the report uncovered dent at Sheldon High School in Eugene. these allegations Tuesday, ESPN reportedly Phillips, the former ESPN freelance writer, who was implicated in scamming several peo- severed ties with Phillips. Phillips’s past ple in a article posted Tuesday, At the end of the report, it resides at an apartment in west Corvallis, which is also the location of the limited liabili- was revealed that Phillips current address was ty company she set up with her alleged accom- listed as an apartment in west Corvallis. But given the uncertainty plice, Nilesh Prasad. surrounding the entire situAllegations against ation, it was unclear whether But then she ... Phillips or not the Sarah Phillips listThe article moved to Corvallis ed as a Corvallis resident was tells a story of lies and deceit, truly the Sarah Phillips at the with a boyfriend as it appears that Phillips and center of the report. Prasad used her ESPN credenand then kind of fell According to the registrar’s tials to promise money for the office, Sarah Jean Phillips off the face of the purchase of various popular attended Oregon State Twitter handles and Facebook earth for a while. University from fall of 2007 pages. These pages were to be to summer of 2011. She studused for their Sports Comedy ied psychology but did not Macy Bothman Network site they claimed to graduate. former high school teammate be launching. Before coming to Corvallis, However, after the accounts Phillips attended Sheldon were stolen, Phillips and Prasad did not come through with the money that was promised High and may have also attended Churchill High in Eugene, though Phillips’s enrolland left the sellers with their hands empty. In addition to their empty promises, ment at Churchill has not been confirmed. Phillips also convinced at least one person to Phillips played several years of soccer with send her money for a website she was in the Macy Bothman, a 2009 Sheldon graduate, and apparently became friends with Bothman’s process creating. sister, Niki. While she was a columnist for, Phillips was a nice person according to Phillips told a man identified as ‘Matt’ that n

What lies beneath the dark depths of the water House does n

Researchers at OSU have completed detailed maps of ocean floor up to 3 miles out By Michael Mendes The Daily Barometer

Oregon State University researchers have completed a map of about 55 percent of the state’s territorial waters up to three miles out. These maps include sea depth and the geological surface composition of different areas. The research was conducted by the lab of Chris Goldfinger, an Associate Professor of Marine Geology at OSU, in conjunction with the contractor David Evans and Associates. The data is publicly available on the College of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences website, at http://activetectonics. htm The project was first proposed in 2006, and planning ran until the year 2009. “In 2009, we began actual data collection,” said Morgan Erhardt, a Graduate Student in Marine Geology & Geophysics and a Research Assistant in the Goldfinger Lab. “Some was done aboard the Pacific Storm, a vessel owned by the Marine Mammal Institute, which is part of OSU.” The maps were completed in December of last year. Because the information is available to the public, it can be used for a variety of applications scientific and otherwise. “For instance, a person could rel-

not hear old, new business

atively accurately select a place to fish,” Erhardt said. “They could key in on a certain habitat type.” Another important application would be to use the depth measurements for tsunami modeling. According to the project webpage, areas were chosen for mapping based on potential marine sanctuary sites, potential wave energy sites, reef locations, and areas of concern for tsunami or erosion effects. This type of map is vastly more detailed than previous maps of the kind. Older maps relied on dropping lead lines from boats to measure depth, and sediment mapping could not be conducted in detail without modern video or systematic seafloor sample gathering. “There’s a similar project going on down in California,” Erhardt said. “They’re doing a similar set of data.” “They have focused specifically on using video to ID sediment. We focused heavily on doing actual sediment samples.” In total, the group took around 860 new geological samples from the ocean floor, and recorded about 40 hours of video. “The most interesting thing was to see areas that had never been mapped before,” Erhardt said. “We saw rock outcrops nobody knew existed before, the detail in the sediment.” This research was funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as Oregon’s Department of State.


By Don Iler

The Daily Barometer

After hearing three delegate reports, the Associated Students of Oregon State University House of Representatives adjourned without hearing any old or new business. Several bills having to do with accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities act were postponed until next week when Jeffrey Evans, president of the Able Student Alliance, could be in attendence. The house heard from Luke Marquez, ASOSU director of public relations, about the new ASOSU fact check website which he hoped would dispel any misinformation circulating about ASOSU. Angela Baxter, director of graduate student affairs, also had several announcements. Baxter said that she was organizing an ASOSU Race for the Cure team, a popular charity that raises money for cancer research. Baxter also said that ASOSU was looking at memorializing students who have recently died, and hoped to include not only those who died while attending school, but also those who died while on break or

Michael Mendes, reporter On Twitter: @MendesMHM

Quick house meeting adjourns after hearing three delegate reports, singing alma mater

Contrbuted PHOTO


See HOUSE | page 3

2• Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Student Leadership Spotlight : Kyle Ireton “Have you seen the Cherry Blossoms falling?” Kyle Ireton is expressive as he sits across from me, enthused by a detail that many would not take the time for. We listen to a Pandora station that shuffles from genre to genre in demonstration of his eclectic taste. It is easily understood that this is a man who can find the best in anything. “They look like pink snow!” He seems relaxed and jovial, but one would never surmise this from looking at his resume. Kyle expects an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Biophysics this summer upon the completion of his thesis. His honors thesis concerns the nongenomic estrogen regulation in the ovine endometrium. He is a research assistant in the Dr. Joseph Beckman Research Laboratory, and has been a

research fellow at the OSU HHMI Research Program. His GPA, 3.87, though not perfect, satisfies him. His GPA has also satisfied committees both the OSU Presidential Award and Waldo Cummings Outstanding Student Award three years in a row. Kyle has also maintained numerous extracurricular positions. He is the President of the OSU Biochemistry/Biophysics Club . He is the Vice-President of Membership for the OSU Mortar Board, a group for outstanding students in science. He is a Fee Board Officer for the OSU Student Sustainability Initiative. These are his current positions. He has also served as an Alternative Spring Break Service Trip Leader, a Northwest Student Leadership Conference Representative, a Students Actively Changing Society

Conference Representative, and a Powershift West Conference Representative. That’s not all. He has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, the 1st Christian Church Soup Kitchen, and Corvallis High School. It is not surprising that he was an Eagle Scout. Many students would crack under such a workload. It is remarkable that he still has hair, no less find the time to observe the Spring blooms on campus. Kyle appreciates how much work he has done, but feels a need to make a difference that goes beyond the classroom and laboratory. “Involvement and leadership, for me, is the practice of compassion,” Kyle says. He prides himself on his ability to go the extra mile for himself and for others to deserve the impacts others have had in

his life. Kyle seeks to be like that from which he has benefitted the most. “The more that people exercise care and patience in their lives,” Kyle says, “the better I think our world will be. I am idealistic about this, but if it means the transformation of my vision of how the world should be into a small reality than everything is worth it.” The Center for Leadership Development is an office of Student Leadership and Involvement, a department of the Memorial Union. If you know leaders that do not receive the recognition they deserve, you can recommend them for an SLI Leader Spotlight by contacting Nate Bodie at Bodie. Nate Bodie Sttudent Leaderhship and Involvement

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Calendar Thursday, May 3 Meetings Baha’i Campus Association, 12:301pm, MU Talisman Room. “Foundations of Civility” theme of this interfaith meditation, devotion and sharing time. Bring your favorite inspiration to share.





Black Cultural Center, 5:30-7pm, Black Cultural Center. Learn about different countries and cultures in Africa.

Friday, May 4 Events Music Department, Noon, Giustina Gallery, LaSells Stewart Center. Music å la Carte, featuring the OSU Clarinet Mafia and the OSU Double Reed Ensemble. Free noontime concert. Student Events and Activities Center, 7-9pm, MU Commons. MUvies: Free showing of The Help for Mom’s and Families Weekend. Includes free popcorn and snow cones. ROTC,10-11am, MU Quad. Joint Service Review. Traditional “Pass in Review” combining all members of Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Cadets & Midshipmen.Saturday, May 5

Monday, May 7

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Voluntary Student Organization Spotlight: Hip Hop Student Association Have you ever walked down a busy street to see cardboard spread across the cement with bodies flailing and flying around? Well, those moves you see each have their own names, from flares to windmills to headspins. These moves come together to make up a form of hip hop dance called breakdancing — and there is an actual club here at Oregon State where you can learn about these crazy power moves as well as other aspects of hip hop culture! The Hip Hop Student Association at Oregon State University (HHSA) wants you to know that breakdancing does not consist solely of power moves like windmills. There is toprock, footwork as well as holds plus, like any other dance form, musicality and personal style goes into each movement. Everyone may be able to pull off the same moves, but you can make it look like your own by tailoring the moves to fit your personality. Members of HHSA have competed in various dance battles and performances held at OSU. You may have seen them in Cultural

Night performances, “OSU Has Talent” or at this year’s dance battle, “Breakin’ Down the MU.” HHSA will be showcased this Saturday, April 28th at “Dance Against Hunger” being held Milam Auditorium. Organized by FeelGood at OSU, this event features dancers from around the state uniting together to fight against world hunger. Doors open at 6pm with all proceeds benefiting The Hunger Project. Currently HHSA is planning the first ever MU Quad Dance Cypher — a dance circle with loud music where everyone is welcome to jump in and show what they got - so look out for this in May. Current meetings are held three days a week and consist of dance sessions — where people will come to practice and hone their skills for personal gain, future performances, or jams. Any student with a desire to join this organization is welcome to come to these sessions. All skill levels are welcome, from knowing absolutely nothing to the more advanced dancers. For those just coming into the scene, there are current

members who can teach and assist in the development of these skills. HHSA is here to build the hip hop community and provide an outlet for students to express themselves in any form of hip hop whether it be dance, art, or music. While current expertise lies in breakdancing, HHSA is actively seeking individuals with interest in developing the artistic and musical aspects of hip hop. If interested in leading in these areas or simply want more information on dance sessions — including location and times — check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook. com/osuhhsa. Any additional information about the Hip Hop Student Association at OSU email at If you have a suggestion for a Voluntary Student Organization that should be spotlighted, let us know. Stop by the Student Events & Activities Center (MU 103) or email us at Edward Pham, peer consultant Student Leadership and Involvement

House chairmen praise Secret Service response to prostitution scandal Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan has cooperated properly with congressional investigators looking into the prostitution scandal in Colombia last month before President Barack Obama’s visit, influential House members said Wednesday. Rep. Peter King, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Sullivan provided answers to 50 questions from his panel about the controversy in Cartagena that embar-

rassed the nearly 150-year-old agency and raised concerns of a possible security breach. “I got the answers back last night, and I would say the answers were very detailed,” King said on CNN’s “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien.” In addition, King said, Sullivan notified the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general when the scandal became public in mid-April, “which showed that he wanted

a real investigation.” Also Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee’s leading members said Sullivan provided a “detailed response” to their separate list of questions about the incident. “Director Sullivan’s cooperation with our oversight efforts underscores his commitment to understand the extent of the problem and ensure that this unacceptable conduct does not occur again,” said a statement

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by the panel’s chairman, Darrel Issa, R-California, and ranking Democrat, Elijah Cummings of Maryland. Even Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a frequent critic of government resistance to congressional oversight, praised Sullivan’s response to his request for details of any possible involvement of White House advance team staff in the scandal. — CNN

Socratic Club, 7pm, LaSells Stewart Center. A debate titled, “Is Curiousity Auti-Science?” Free and open to all. For more information visit groups/socratic or “Like” us on facebook at

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Meetings ASOSU Senate, 7pm, MU 109A. Convenes to discuss student issues. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend.


SOL: LGBT Multicultural Support Network, Pride Center, DHE Staff, 5-7pm, MU 206. Gender & Fashion. Event. Discussion on how fashion constructs gender & queering this concept.

Wednesday, May 9 Meetings ASOSU House of Representatives, 7pm, MU 211. Convenes to discuss student issues and concerns. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend. Vegans and Vegetarians at OSU, 5:30pm, 330 NW 23rd St. All welcome potluck-style meetings, share recipes and have great conversation.


Childcare & Family Resources, Noon-1pm, MU 211. Talking to your kids about sex. Dr. Kathy Greaves. SOL: LGBT Multicultural Support Network, Asian Pacific Cultural Center, 6-8pm, APCC. Queer People of Color meeting. An informal social gathering of queer people of color with discussion and refreshments.

Thursday, May 10 Meetings Baha’i Campus Association, 12:301pm, MU Talisman Room. “The Nature of Prosperity” theme of this interfaith devotion, meditation and sharing time. Share your favorite inspiration.


SOL: LGBT Multicultural Support Network, Pride Center, 6-8pm, MU 206. Full Spectrum Sexuality: An Art Exhibition. Art show focusing on multiculturalism and sexuality. Reception with refreshments.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012 • 3

He who laughs last might be the last n

Alonzo Bodden to come to campus for annual mom’s weekend comedy show Saturday night By Drew Wilson-McGrath The Daily Barometer

Oregon State University is nestled in a valley and in this valley there are trees, farms, an excess of independent breweries and a surprising amount of livestock. While this combination might seem normal to the vast majority of Corvallis residents, it has the potential to sound a little too much like a poorly delivered “You Might be a Redneck If‌â€? joke. However, none of these factors will affect the quick wit and political insights of Alonzo Bodden, who will be performing in the Lasells Stewart Center twice this Saturday — 6:30 and 9 p.m. — for OSU’s annual Mom’s Weekend celebration. “I performed in Biloxi, Mississippi,â€? Bodden said. “And if you can get Biloxi, Corvallis can’t be too tough.â€? Bodden has performed all over the world, from Sydney, Australia to Montreal, Canada. At 49 years old, he has experienced some of the best and worst crowds known to the comedic profession. “My set is almost like a news broadcast; news, sports, weather,â€? Bodden said. “I’ll probably hit on relationships a little bit. And I enjoy the end of the world.â€? A topic that has become quite prevalent lately, from the underground shelters of crazed nuclear war junkies to the streets of rural Corvallis, everyone is talking about how December 21, 2012, will be our day of reckoning.

“It’s a big topic with me. Love the end of the world. I hope the Mayans are right because I am seriously in debt.� Bodden joked. Debt, sports, and chaos theories; while this may seem like a right-wing hockey fans dream come true, it turns out that it is just a small portion of Bodden’s agenda, which aims to please parents and students alike on Saturday. Tickets for the show are $34. “I may talk to the parents about how broke they are. They might be broke, but they are happy to get rid of you.� Bodden said. “College kids don’t have the same issues. Sometimes, I do issue driven comedy, and you all are like ‘Oh, my parents talk about that,� Bodden said. “Which is when I make the switch to the weed jokes.� Some of you may know of Bodden from Last Comic Standing, the third season of which left the comic walking away with the grand prize after falling short of that goal the year prior, during the show’s second season. “When Isaiah Thomas won MVP of the NBA All-Star Game, he said ‘Right now today, just for today, I am the best basketball player in the world,’� Bodden said. “And that’s what it felt like to win Last Comic standing. Not that I’m the best comic in the world, but in that moment I was the best comic, and that felt good.� While Bodden has lent his talent to various films and television shows, including being the host of Speed TV’s “101 Cars You Must Drive�, he claims that his real home is on stage performing comedy. “I love improv, I love working in the moment. The creativity is what keeps me

going; the best part of my job is on stage,� Bodden said. As any good comic should strive to do, Bodden prides himself on being able to stay current with the times and provide insightful yet stabbing humor into the guts of those willing to listen. “I talk about a wide range of topics. Obviously now the election is going to be a hot topic. I’ll talk about sports,� Bodden said. “Listen, we live in a time where we have a black hockey player, and an Asian basketball player. Something has gone horribly wrong in the world.� At first, comedy was not a career path for Bodden. He did not attend college in his youth, rather, he attended a technical High School called Aviation in New York City where he was born. There, Bodden learned the skills of an airplane technician and set about his life as a member of the blue-collar work force. “I did that for 10 years, and then I started training airplane mechanics, and found that I had more fun making them laugh.� Bodden said. After a few comedy-writing classes and a couple of good starts at Los Angeles comedy clubs, Bodden started to gain some notoriety. Eventually, he was performing with the likes of Dave Chappell and the Wayans brothers, privileges that at times, Bodden says, were very surreal. He hopes to bring some of that experience to the table Saturday night. “I just hope that people buy tickets. And follow me on twitter. I need ten more followers because that is how we are judged.� Drew Wilson-McGrath, reporter On Twitter: @DrewWilsonMcGra

Obama signals Afghan war’s next chapter President Barack Obama marked the first anniversary of the death of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden with an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, signing a long-awaited strategic partnership agreement meant to set the conditions of an American withdrawal from the war-torn nation. The president reiterated that U.S. forces will not remain “a single day longer� than necessary, that he remains committed to pulling 23,000 troops out of the country by September and that he will stick to a 2014 deadline to fully withdraw from Afghanistan. “We will not build permanent bases in this country, nor will we be patrolling its cities and mountains,� the president said during a nationally televised speech to the U.S. people from Bagram Air Base early on Wednesday (Tuesday evening in the United States). “That will be the job of the Afghan people.� An undetermined number of U.S. forces will remain in country past 2014 working as military advisers and counterterrorism forces, but officials have yet to decide for how long. The trip comes as Obama’s election campaign gears up and just weeks ahead of a NATO summit in Chicago,

where the details of the transition and future commitments to the region are expected to be discussed. Speaking to reporters from Turkey after the trip to Afghanistan, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Michigan, and member Jack Reed, D-Rhode Island, pointed to a series of lightening-rod issues expected to be addressed at the summit. They include hot topics such as Taliban and Haqqani safe havens in Pakistan, Afghan economic dependency on international spending and the grittier details of senior leadership positions within the nation’s armed forces. “One thing we’re going to see if there can be an early retirement of the officer corps to make room for the younger class (of Pashtuns from the country’s restive southern and eastern provinces),� said Levin, noting those groups are underrepresented. “That’s something that’s going to be discussed in Chicago, a retirement incentive,� he said, a subtle nod to lingering questions over the army’s current legitimacy in traditional Taliban strongholds. Going back to the Vietnam War era, American television

HOUSE n Continued from page 3 while serving overseas in the military. Finally a representative from Oregon Student Association announced that the voter registration drive had been successful and that OSA was looking to start a phone bank to call those who had registered in order to educate them. According to Drew Hatlen, speaker of the house, the house began the meeting by singing the alma mater. “It was sung enthusiastically, almost on key this time,� Hatlen said. The house of representatives meets again next Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Memorial Union. Don Iler, managing editor On Twitter: @doniler

networks have covered presidents speaking to military personnel or alongside foreign leaders overseas. But Obama’s speech was the first televised address to the nation delivered from a war zone on foreign soil, according to White House spokesman Josh Earnest. The president’s trip was his third since taking office and comes amid heightened tensions between the Obama and Karzai governments after a string of incidents involving U.S. personnel. Among them include an American service member charged with killing of 16 Afghan civilians, Quran burnings at a U.S. military base and the release of photographs of Americans posing with the remains of dead militants. Meanwhile, two U.S. service members were killed and two were wounded in an explosion targeting their vehicle in Wardak province, officials said. About two hours after Obama left the country, a powerful explosion rocked the capital. Authorities later reported that it was a suicide car bomb that detonated outside the gates of Green Village, a compound that houses contractors and aid workers. The attack left at least seven

PHILLIPS n Continued from page 3 Two Oregon State students, on the other hand, claim to have interacted with Phillips Wednesday. Ray McGuinness, an OSU graduate student in the MBA program, and Jeremy Carter, a senior, heard via Twitter Wednesday morning that Phillips worked at the AT&T store in Corvallis. McGuinness and Carter drove to the store around lunchtime and found Phillips working behind the counter. “It was without a doubt her, the girl from the video and the pictures,� McGuinness said. “I introduced myself and said ‘You’re Sarah Phillips,’ and she nodded and came around the desk and was like, ‘Let’s go outside.’� McGuinness asked to hear her side of

people and wounded 17 others, including schoolchildren, officials said. “This is another desperate attack by the Taliban,� said NATO spokesman Gen. Carsten Jacobson. “Another attack by the insurgency that resulted in the deaths of innocent Afghan civilians, with most of that being children from a nearby school.� The U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said that the “indiscriminate and illegal attacks are unacceptable and that those responsible are fully accountable for the deaths and injuries of civilians.� In an e-mail, the Taliban denied there were civilian casualties and said it planned the attack after word circulated that the American president was going to be in Afghanistan, marking the start of their socalled spring offensive. Obama also spoke of a “negotiated peace� and said his administration has been in direct talks with the Taliban. In March, the Afghan Taliban suspended the development of a diplomatic office in Qatar designed to allow them to hold talks with the United States, following public anger over the killing of the 16 civilians. — CNN

the story, to which she said she couldn’t comment. “She seemed stressed, which is what I’d imagine from someone in the national spotlight,� McGuinness said. An AT&T spokesperson confirmed to the Barometer Wednesday that Phillips does indeed work at the Corvallis location. A T-Mobile spokesperson also confirmed to the Barometer that Phillips used to work at T-Mobile in Corvallis, but was terminated. The spokesperson would not indicate why, or when, Phillips was let go. As of today, Phillips has not spoken with The Daily Barometer. Warner Strausbaugh contributed reporting to this article. Grady Garrett, sports editor Don Iler, managing editor On Twitter: @gradygarrett @doniler


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Mom’s Weekend M

om’s weekend is this weekend. Here’s five things you should do if your mom is in town. 1) Go to a baseball game. Or two. Or three. It’s been a few years — at least two — since Mom’s Weekend has fallen on a weekend that the baseball team has been home. Take advantage of it. The Beavers host No. 12 Stanford at 5:30 p.m. Friday, 1:05 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Even if your mom doesn’t like baseball, she can at least catch some sun at the park. Wait, rain is expected Friday and Saturday’s high is 60. Shame on us for assuming there’d be nice weather in May. 2) Go to a softball game. Usually we’d leave it at baseball — you know, since most females tend to love baseball players and their baseball pants. But the softball team may actually be better than the baseball team this year. The No. 23 Beavers, who will host No. 1 California in their final home series of the season this weekend, are on the verge of making the NCAA Tournament for the first time in half a decade. 3) If you, like many of us, find yourself behind in school at the halfway point of the term, avoid walking directly through campus at all costs. The last thing you want is to walk your mom past the library, only for her to ask: “That reminds me, how’s school going for ya?” Even worse, you’re walking through campus and your mom asks you to show her which buildings you have classes in. Informing her that you’re not quite sure because you’ve only been twice — the first day and the day of the midterm — probably wouldn’t go over well. 4) Go grocery shopping at least once, if not twice. 5) Go to Clod’s or some other lowkey bar. Let your mom buy you a drink or two. Or three. Or four. But we advise against taking your mom to Impulse or Top of the Cock. No explanation necessary. For those of you whose mom won’t be in town this weekend, we offer the following three suggestions: 1) Get caught up in school. While your friends who have moms in town are busy lying through their teeth about how classes are “going well,” you can actually use the weekend to get caught up or ahead. 2) Go to the bar. And drink as much as your heart desires. Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have your mother watching your every move. Your friends who have moms in town have to monitor themselves and avoid reaching a belligerent stage of intoxication — you don’t. 3) Call your mom, if possible. Remind her that you love her and tell her you wish she could have made it to Mom’s Weekend. Editorials serve as a means for Barometer editors to offer commentary and opinions on issues both global and local, grand in scale or diminutive. The views expressed here are a reflection of the editorial board’s majority.


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Prostitution should be legal considering our constitutional rights


rostitution is the one of the world’s oldest professions. As well, the laws prohibiting and forbidding the act of prostitution is the oldest form of government discernment and overbearing regulation. In a free society, of which the United States is undeniably considered, such supervisory actions are a blatant violation of the civil rights and liberties granted to all citizens. Legalized prostitution has the potential to improve public and personal health, increase job openings, increase tax revenue, can help keep families off of the streets and out of poverty, and most importantly, allows consenting adults to engage in actions they consciously choose to make. Prostitution is a victimless crime. Prostitution can also be defined as the sale or rental of labor services in a voluntary manner. Simply put, each of us has complete regulation over our own bodies and said ownership encompasses every single person in this world. A junkie on the streets of Miami has the right to inject the numbing sedative known as heroin into their bloodstream; many collegiate undergraduates choose to spend their weekends consuming amounts of alcohol so large that they end up wallowing in their own projected stew of that night’s dinner and stomach acid. The point being that, each of us


Hart has the God-given right to partake in any activity of conscious choice without government interference. The way our government is prohibiting and regulating prostitution blatantly violates the rights of an individual, attempting to muzzle and control individual choices. The most ironic aspect regarding the matter is that our government stands under the belief that their actions are ultimately helping our country and are constitutionally justifiable. If prostitution were deemed a legal activity, the benefits would resonate through every facet of the business: from the buyer, to the supplier, to the constantly observing “Big Brother.” Moreover, the mental, physical and monetary well-being of many American citizens would be stimulated and in turn, the economy would also see exponential growth. If selling your body for sex became politically correct, the state would (more than likely) require regulatory monthly or weekly exams to guarantee that prostitutes did not acquire sexually transmitted infections. It would allot opportunity for sustainable and consistent income as well.

No longer would these women (or men) be involuntarily required to forfeit a chunk of their pay to pimps, as they would take home what they grossed with hard, honest work. Also, it would leave the door wide open for unionization and if legalized, would deter and punish nontax paying, illegal, non-health exam abiding, underground, devious prostitutes. Additionally, many pimps have historically beaten, abused and raped their employees, effectively making the workplace a “Russian roulette” of possible mistreatment and battery. Under legal circumstances, prostitutes would not be subjected to the maltreatment of one overbearing, mentally and physically abusive supervisor, but instead under the protection of the police force and the swift, equitable hand of the law. Illegal prostitution is also cost inefficient and exceedingly expensive. The total prices incurred are difficult to estimate, but the current prostitution regulations results in taxation to the police. Could we instead, if legalized, tax the prostitution in the same way we have a sales tax and circulate currency back into the community? Prostitution is one of the oldest forms of work and, honestly, regardless if it remains illegal or becomes legal doesn’t show signs of discontinuing or even slowing down. With the ever-rising unemploy-

ment rate, legal prostitution could stimulate employment and create a plethora of job opportunities for citizens. Albeit, this method many not be Obama’s top idea for job creation; however, in times of such evasive chances to find work, many men and women would gladly seize the chance to make money this way. Furthermore, is it not completely socially acceptable for a man or woman to have sex with a stranger with no legal repercussions or punishment? Is it illegal for a woman to go home with a man after he purchases her dinner after a date, buys a few drinks at the bar, trinkets or other material objects? Why and how is cash for sex exchange any different from material for sex exchange? The old school views and connotations of prostitution need to become something of the past, immediately. If this country is founded on personal freedoms with no constraints on the people you’re allowed to partake in intercourse with, our prostitution laws have to change immediately. Legalized prostitution would prove tremendously beneficial for many people and the nation we live in. Respect the constitutional and personal rights granted to all humans upon birth. It’s. Your. Body. t

Kyle Hart is a junior in psychology. The opinions expressed in his columns do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Barometer staff. Hart can be reached at

America’s addiction to ‘reality’ Practicality of student W The Daily Barometer loan debt questionable T Daily Bruin hen is the last time you James Leathers checked your Facebook, Twitter or email? You’re probably doing it right now as you read this article. did many case studies in 1996 that I, like many Americans, am guilty illustrated the true severity of this of this addictive compulsion. It is emerging condition. In one specific an addiction isn’t it? We’d be kidding case, a middle-aged mother of two, ourselves if we claimed otherwise. admitted to spending 40-60 hours a Why do we feel the need to be week on the Internet. linked in or connected to the social She experienced depression media 24 hours a day? How many symptoms whenever she was not annoying “Dude, I’m so bored” or in front of her computer and would “What’s goin’ down tonight?” posts cancel real life obligations in order from the Facebook creeper do we to stay online. This was six years ago. have to read before we realize that During that time social media has we’re not missing out on much? exploded. At least one more, apparently. This addiction is very real. I’m In my attempt to understand not saying we should shut off our this emerging phenomenon, I computers and phones for good, researched psychological and psy- but we should try and control our chiatric journals and they all seemed use and wean our dependence off to say the same thing: addiction to of false social interaction. It’s a scary social media, like most addictions, new world. is caused by a pleaAccording to surable response online dating giant to a stimulus. Each, one Social media has sequential behaviorin five relationreplaced ‘liquid stimulus interaction ships now start compounds the inionline. Nothing courage’ as the cure tial addiction. against online datfor rejection. I’m What is that ing, but it’s crazy stimulus? They are to see how techterrified to see what the notifications nology has taken kind of world my that pop-up every such an integral time we login to children will grow up in. role in social interactions. Facebook or the Who actually blinking unread calls people anyemail light. How are these pleasurable? more? Texting is a much easier, less Maybe they make us feel important confrontational way to communior feel like someone is listening or cate now. Why would we want to come out of our shells if we don’t cares. Why is this a growing problem? have to? Social media has replaced “liqWell, the Internet is more assessable and convenient than any other uid courage” as the cure for rejecdrug. There’s no running down to tion. I’m terrified to see what kind of the street corner and waiting for world my children will grow up in. Let’s do spring term right. Get out your sketchy contact; your next high is on your smartphone in your in the sun and float the Willamette. Get together and play some patio pocket. Maybe the whole “dope” com- pong or, dare I say, real sports? Live life in 3D, don’t watch it parison is a bit rash and unfair but it’s honestly not that far off the pass by on an iridescent computer truth. How many times has social screen. t media ruined study days by means Leathers is a sophomore in microbiology. The opinions of rampant procrastination and James expressed in his columns do not necessarily represent those of distraction? The Daily Barometer staff. Leathers can be reached at forum@ Psychologist Kimberly Young



The Daily Barometer


he U.S. House of Representatives voted Friday to prevent college student interest rates from doubling. Phew. But students shouldn’t get too excited — this bill is likely to die in the Senate, as Democrats surprisingly oppose the bill, disagreeing over the source of funding that would subsidize our loans. It is a shame that college students are increasingly dependent on the federal government to attend college. What is even worse, however, is that the federal government’s promise of an affordable or accessible education is no longer as viable as it once was. But the problem at hand here reaches far beyond just the interest rates on Federal Stafford Loans, the undergraduate and graduate higher education loans guaranteed by the federal government to eligible students. At the root of the issue are the stumbling “promises” of retirement, health care and education that have become unlikely and unviable for my generation. The practicality of student loans is now entirely questionable. Congress is using the student loan issue as a political ploy to advance partisan issues during election season — Democrats essentially look to cut from oil subsidies while Republicans look to take funds from the Affordable Care Act in order to keep interest rates low. Had interest rates been left to double, it would cost the average student another $1,000 on top of already monstrous amounts owed. Furthermore, it is a preposterous argument that Congress cannot “afford” this expenditure amidst its already out-of-control spending in other domestic and foreign ventures. But in all honesty, this federal subsidy can only last so long. In an economic climate where student loan debt now exceeds credit card debt, the student loan bubble may

Ramsey Ugarte

be charging toward a point of critical mass. Tuition will only rise, debt is only going to increase and the utility of our degrees will continue to be a topic of debate. As part of his college tour, President Barack Obama spoke to students at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to stress the importance of every American receiving higher education that is affordable. “So we should be doing everything we can to put higher education within reach for every American — because at a time when the unemployment rate for Americans with at least a college degree is about half the national average, it’s never been more important,” said Obama in a conference call with student journalists early last week. I want to stress that the federal promise of every student attending college is dangerous, and that it is, at its core, a cultural problem when we are sending kids to school only to graduate with substantial debt and a job that previously did not require a bachelor’s degree. Undoubtedly, students with college degrees on average receive substantially higher median salaries. But it is unclear how well one’s degree is utilized or necessary in a particular job, making that statistic onedimensional. Furthermore, the federal promise to education has arguably only allowed universities to raise their tuition. While state support for higher education has slipped each year, federal aid to education in the form of loans has increased 164 percent over the past decade, creating a harmful trend of high tuition coupled with high debt. The federal government keeps awarding students various loans See LOANS | page 5 • 737-6376 

Thursday, May 3, 2012 • 5

Occupy Wall Street fading despite renewed energy




esterday marked the annual celebration known as International Workers’ Day, or May Day, around the world. It is recognized as a holiday to commemorate workers’ struggles for normal and fair eight-hour work days. Particularly popular in New York City, the day was an opportunity for Occupy Wall Street to gain a second wind and remind New Yorkers that we are still fighting for equal pay and fair treatment for workers. May Day is an essential part of American history that should be remembered and celebrated each year. The labor force has had to fight for centuries to slowly improve conditions, and International Worker’s Day reflects how far they have come and how much work is still ahead of them. The large turnout and fanfare accompanying this year’s May Day is reflective of one fact: These days, many Americans are not only thinking about these issues but are also galvanized enough to speak out together against problems the system has. OWS is largely responsible for inspiring this fervor. What OWS has accomplished in this regard is highly commendable. However, while the movement

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LOANS n Continued from page 4

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ryan mason is a sophomore in graphic design

Washington Square News

New York University has been highly effective in creating mass support for the redistribution of wealth in our country, it has also struggled to organize itself around one message and has used opportunities like May Day to bolster more support and rejuvenate itself. While the movement’s message is important to the progress of our country, single day holidays cannot give the movement the fire that it had at its inception. Overall, there seems to be a growing disconnect between the people who are involved in OWS and the people in charge of the government. Vibrant discussions about a variety of reforms heard in Union Square on a daily basis are not met with proposed changes from Congress or President Barack Obama. For OWS to leave a sustained mark on the nation, these two agendas need to intersect at some level. Similar to the Tea Party in 2010, members of OWS will have to enter the political arena for the upcoming congressional elections. Washington Square News New York University

about whether or not this is ultimately a good policy. The bad policy of the past should and grants regardless of a student’s not be placed on the youth of today merit, choice of major or chance of but the façade does, at some point, paying back, essentially eliminating a need to come to a close. The federal university’s incentive to keep college government needs to realize its constitutional and pragmatic limitations affordable. At the end of the day, I highly doubt and end an era of well-intentioned Congress will double student inter- but unrealistic promises. est rates once the source of funding Ramsey Ugarte is determined, and I am undecided University of California, Los Angeles

6• Thursday, May 3, 2012 • 737-2231

Syrian opposition group: ‘Annan plan has been ineffective’ A six-point peace plan for Syria negotiated by U.N.-Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan is not being upheld, an opposition group said Wednesday. “Having spoken to a range of residents and activists across Syria, Avaaz is able to assert with confidence that the Annan plan has been ineffective, with residents continuing to flee the violence being committed by both sides,� the report concluded. Annan’s peace plan calls for establishing a cease-fire between the government and the opposition, allowing humanitarian groups access to the population, releasing detainees and starting a political dialogue. It also calls for government forces to withdraw from city centers. In Homs, “Armed opposition groups remain inside the city while the regime’s

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reports of violence and deaths within Syria because the government has restricted access by most of the international media. The plan’s call for the release of political prisoners “has not even seen the light of day,� the report said, with activists in Homs saying “no political prisoners have been released.� Humanitarian aid is not getting into the city, and demonstrators must leave Homs to avoid being shot, it said. Though Syrian authorities say they have permitted 400 journalists to enter Syria, “these journalists enjoy little to no freedom of movement, with their movements calculated in advance by the Syrian security forces under the pretext of protecting them,� the report said. — CNN



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forces retain a formidable presence,� Avaaz said. Also in Homs, the plan’s call for a ceasefire is not being observed, the group said. “Snipers are still stationed across the city’s rooftops, shooting at anything within range,� the report said, citing residents. “One man was shot dead today in Khalidiya.� It also reported that Abdelbasset Saroot, the Olympic goalkeeper for Syria’s national soccer team, was also injured by sniper fire. The report said government forces were continuing to clash with Free Syrian Army opposition forces. An activist blamed the army for “shooting at anything� in its efforts to enter cities, and state media was blaming “terrorists� for targeting government forces. CNN cannot independently verify

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m ••737-2231 737-6378 

Tuesday, Thursday, January May10, 3, 2012 2006 • 7

GORTON n Continued from page 7

behind he plate or on the mound, Gorton has produced this year. “He’s been really clutch,” said freshman leftcareer after his freshman year at Oregon fielder Michael Conforto. “He’s been one of State. It looked like Gorton would be a staple the most clutch hitters we’ve had this year. He coming out of the bullpen and a potential came up with a huge hit against UCLA to put us starting pitcher at some point. He finished the up two runs and also being able to catch or play 2009 season with a record of 2-0 and a 1.97 ERA in the outfield has been huge also. He’s been big defensively as well as offensively.” and 20 strikeouts in 32 innings of action. But things got confusing for Gorton during However, the clutch play is something that his sophomore campaign. The coaching staff would have never been possible if it wasn’t wanted to see if he could play both ways and for the transformation. Gorton has used his tried him out as a positional player going back experience and time at Oregon State not only and forth between the outfield and catcher, to better his own game as a baseball player, but while still coming out of the bullpen. his teammates as well. Gorton made 17 appearances as a pitcher “I’ve been a part of almost 200 games since and 11 in the field, but had I’ve been here, so leadership little success in either capacis something I can bring now,” ity. His ERA skyrocketed from Gorton said. “Leadership and the impressive 1.97 he posted I took three and a half just growing up. Coming in his freshman year to 5.30 as a weeks off this summer at 18, 19 years old, it’s kind of sophomore. with a lot of things going and just kind of took hard At the plate, things weren’t on and the college life. I really any better. He hit .231 on the a step away from the just focused on baseball this year with only one extra base game. Once I started year and being the best teamhit and six RBIs. mate I can be.” NEIL ABREW | THE DAILY BAROMETER playing half way “My freshman year I was “He’s definitely one of big- Whether he’s behind the plate, in the lineup as the team’s designated hitter, or coming out of coming out of the pen and through the summer, gest leaders on this team,” the bullpen, Ryan Gorton has been able to contribute in a big way this year. was ready to go when I got to added Conforto. “I didn’t I kind of got that the ballpark everyday,” Gorton know him really at all until said. “When I didn’t know if I passion back. I came here in the summer, was going to play or where I but I knew he was a good guy was going to play before every right away. I knew he’d be a Ryan Gorton game during my sophomore big leader because he took us Oregon State senior and junior year I think I kind freshmen out here and he’d of lost focus.” throw us batting practice. In his junior season, Gorton He wasn’t that stereotypical pitched in only eight games and posted an ERA senior who was too hot or too cool for school.” of 9.00. Things were even worse at the plate. After this year and after Gorton’s time Gorton didn’t record a single hit in only five at at Oregon State University has concludbats in the 2011 season. ed, he will turn his attention to another In the summer leading up to his senior sea- goal that most everybody found unrealson, Gorton decided to take a little bit of time istic entering the season — the MLB Draft. off from the game to re-evaluate things. What “Hopefully I get a chance to play pro ball,” followed was a change that all of Beaver Nation Gorton said. “I think that’s pretty much everyhas noticed. body’s dream that’s playing college baseball “I took three and a half weeks off this sum- is to get a shot at playing pro ball and I’m no mer and just kind of took a step away from the different. I think I’ve put myself in a good posigame,” Gorton said. “Once I started playing tion to do that and hopefully the opportunity half way through the summer, I kind of got presents itself.” that passion back and that drive to be the best For now, Oregon State just hopes that Gorton player that I can be and that’s carried over into this year. That’s what I needed — to get the can continue to take advantage of his opportunity in Corvallis and help lead the Beavers passion back.” on their quest for another championship. The renewed passion saved Gorton’s career and turned a once forgotten pitcher/utility Andrew Kilstrom, sports writer man into one of the Beaver’s most recognizable Twitter: @andrewkilstrom players. Whether he’s in the lineup as the DH,


last the r u O of s it! s e i t a m deb Don’t … year



The Socratic Club at Oregon State University, celebrating its 10th anniversary, presents a debate that is free & open to the public:

Is Christianity Anti-Science?

Spirited debate is always welcome!

Monday, May 7 • 7 pm • LaSells Stewart Center The relationship of Christianity and science is a contentious subject. Does Christianity hinder scientific advancement or promote its well-being? Is the Church antagonistic to science? Does Christianity encourage society to assume unscientific views? Is the Christian account of creation unscientific? Can a Christian claim to accept evolution or legitimately oppose it? Two noted scientists will engage this issue in a spirited debate. Andrew Karplus will maintain Christianity is supportive of science; Victor Stenger will argue that it is hostile to science.

ANDREW KARPLUS will maintain Christianity is supportive of science

Andrew Karplus is Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at OSU, where he has taught since 1998. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Washington and was twice an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the University of Freiburg in Germany. He has received several awards for his research and has authored or coauthored over 100 peer-reviewed articles on protein structure-function relationships in “Science” and other prominent journals.

Victor J. Stenger is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Hawaii and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado. He received his Ph.D. in physics from UCLA. He was a pioneer in the emerging fields of neutrino astronomy and very high-energy gamma rays. Stenger has authored ten popular books that interface between physics and cosmology and philosophy, religion, and pseudoscience. His most recent title is “God and the Folly of Faith: The Incompatibility of Science and Religion.”

For more information visit our website at Use the contact form to request special accommodations. Watch more than 20 of our previous debates online at

VICTOR STENGER will argue that Christianity is hostile to science

The Daily Barometer 8 • Thursday, May 3, 2012




8• Tuesday, January 10, 2006 • 737-2231

We all talk on twitter, facebook and whatever else we use to social network and when we see each other in person everyone scared to talk ha — @J_Rodgers1

Beaver Tweet of the Day • 737-6378



Senior Ryan Gorton is valuable asset to the Oregon State baseball team, serving as a pitcher, catcher and designated hitter.

OSU’s once-forgotten do-it-all senior Ryan Gorton struggled as a sophomore and junior, but a breakout senior season has thrust him into the spotlight

combined games coming into the season. You would also never guess that most people didn’t expect him to have a significant role this year, figuring he’d most likely sit on the bench or occasionally come out of the By Andrew Kilstrom bullpen. The Daily Barometer Instead, the Tigard High School product If you watched an Oregon State baseball has turned into the everyday designated hitgame this year you would never guess that ter, while also getting meaningful playing senior Ryan Gorton had only started four time as catcher and pitcher. Not just that, but n

Gorton has turned into one of the team’s best hitters, as well as one of the most clutch. “I’m just happy for him,” said head coach Pat Casey. “He’s bounced around a little bit from being a pitcher and a catcher and being a two-way guy. I don’t think he was overly dedicated during his second year here after having a real good freshman year and I think he’s got himself refocused on what he wants to do. I’m happy for him.”

Going into the weekend series with No. 12 Stanford, Gorton is hitting .311 with 13 RBIs and 17 runs scored in 74 at bats. He’s also been impressive on the mound, allowing only two runs in nine innings of work as a righthanded pitcher this season. This year’s success, on the mound at least, looked like a conceivable conclusion to his See gorton | page 7

The world of sports is no place for holographic opportunities A

pril 15, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy. When Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg unleashed the hologram edition of the late Tupac Shakur to the world, they changed the course of history. Hologram Tupac opened up the doors for an entire world of holographic opportunities. It’s only a matter of time before we will be seeing worldwide tours by the Holo-Beatles, hologram versions of Isaac Newton teaching physics and holographic recreations of famous Civil War battles. The conspiracy theorist in me is convinced that holograms will take over the world and enslave the human population — but we won’t get into that. As campy and gimmicky as they are, holograms have the potential to change all facets of entertainment — except for sports. There will never be a hologram recreation of Super Bowl III, there will never be a hologram Michael Jordan going off for 38 while sweating out the holo-flu and there will never be a

hologram Kirk Gibson hobbling and fist pumping around the bases after hitting a walk-off holo-homer. Sports remain the only asset in the realm of television that loses its meaning when not viewed live. In this era of information oversaturation, someone who misses their favorite team’s game will inevitably be made aware of the outcome immediately following the game. Anyone who has ever missed a Beaver game knows how it goes. Here’s a sample scenario: you can’t watch the game tonight when it’s on so you DVR it with the intention of watching it later. Good luck. One glance at Facebook, Twitter or any text messages from friends and you will know much more about the game than you wanted to. Unless you live in total isolation like Mark Whalberg in Shooter, you probably won’t end up watching the game you recorded because you already know not only the outcome, but the key players, the key plays and who’s Beaver Bicep they showed in the third quarter.


Crawford Cut me Mick Sitcoms, reality TV, cartoons and pretty much anything else on TV, besides sports, have been time-shifted. You can record them now and watch them later without losing the meaning. Sports gain their meaning from the unknown. When you watch live, you don’t know what’s going to happen next, and that’s what makes it great. Human beings like hope; the thought that anything can happen. Live sports provide that on a nightly basis. The concept of going to the Rose Garden to see hologram Wilt Chamberlain put up 100 points sounds like a fun idea and a possible great money making opportunity. Unfortunately for Musion Technology Limited (the company that made the Tupac hologram), this will never work.

Advertisers lick their chops, like a cougar on mom’s weekend when they think about advertising during sporting events. Sports must be watched live which means no TiVo, and no TiVo means no fast forwarding through commercials. This is exactly why sports are the hottest commodity on television. Five of the top six most watched telecasts of all time are Super Bowls, and the number of viewers just keeps growing. According to the Nielsen Company, 106.5 million people watched Super Bowl XLIV, 111 million for XLV and 111.3 million people watched this year’s game (XLVI). According to, the average cost of a Super Bowl ad this year was $3.5 million. reports that the cost of an ad during NBC’s Sunday Night Football last year was $512,367. The second most expensive ad spot on Sunday night television was Family Guy with ads costing $264,912 a piece. What all these numbers show is that people have the need to watch sports live.

It is conceivable that bands with dead members will soon begin touring with hologram versions of the deceased. In fact, TLC announced last week that a hologram Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez will be joining them on their reunion tour later this year. Additionally, I could see a colossal lecture hall filled with science nerds listening to a complex quantum physics lecture from hologram Albert Einstein. As for sports, though, they will remain the way they have been for decades: a form of entertainment that must be enjoyed live to get full meaning. Neither Holograms nor TiVo will replace the feelings of excitement, frustration, disappointment and euphoria that one gets from watching sports live. The Tupac hologram may have forever left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment but for sports, the song remains the same. Alex Crawford, sports writer Twitter: @dr_crawf

The Daily Barometer May 3, 2012  

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