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4 – Please restore competency to ASOSU; we’re tired of asking

Harris, Cushing win ASOSU presidential elections n

Jacob Vandever wins speaker of the house, Hatlen, Olsen defeated by 71 votes By Don Iler

The Daily Barometer

After an arduous three-week campaign, the Associated Students of Oregon State University finally have a new president and vice president. Amelia Harris and Dan Cushing defeated Drew Hatlen and Karli Olsen, 971 votes to 900 votes, to become the next president and vice president of ASOSU. “We have an incredible future ahead of us and we are honored that students want to take OSU and ASOSU to the next level,” Harris said. Cushing was equally as excited. “We are incredibly honored that

students have entrusted us with the honor of representing and advocating for them,” Cushing said. Hatlen and Olsen wished to thank their supporters. “We are so grateful for the hard work, support and dedication of those folks that made our dream come this close to reality. Our hearts go out to the students of OSU and we wish the best of luck to ASOSU next year,” Hatlen said. Jacob Vandever defeated Brett Deedon to become the next speaker of the house. This is after controversy earlier this week which found Deedon removed from the ballot, only to be reinstated after a decision of the judicial council Wednesday evening. “I’m ready to take the job really seriously and get down to work,” Vandever said.

A total of 1,871 students voted in the general election for president; approximately 7.5 percent of the student body. A total of 1,377 students voted for a speaker of the house, which amounted to 5.5 percent of students. Four students were also elected to the Student Incidental Fee Committee: Madison Parker, Nic Nolan, Tyler Hogan and Victoria Sarah Gillihan | THE DAILY BAROMETER Redman. Elections for senators and representatives will not be confirmed Things are looking up for Dan Cushing and Amelia Harris. The two won the until April 30. ASOSU presidential elections. The new officials will take office June 1, at the end of incumbent Madison Parker, Nic Nolan Election Results President M. Tonga Hopoi’s term. President: The president, vice president and Speaker of the House: Amelia Harris, Dan Cushing 971 speaker of the house each serve for Jacob Vandever 789 Drew Hatlen, Karli Olsen 900 one-year terms. Don Iler, managing editor On Twitter: @doniler

T. Brett Deedon 588 Tyler Hogan, Victoria Redman

Student Incidental Fee Committee:

Student ambitions drive “Mi Familia,” unite university, Latino community n

Event designed to connect university with Latino, Hispanic families to increase diversity By Jack Lammers The Daily Barometer

Julia Green


Mi Familia weeked brought Latino and Hispanic families to campus to get them familiar with the university and higher education. The number of Latino and Hispanic students enrolling at OSU has increased the last few years.

Scenes of smiling, laughing and appreciation swept through the Memorial Union as Latino and Hispanic families took advantage of Mi Familia Weekend. For many volunteers, these moments signified the payoff of a not so easily orchestrated plan, requiring funding and hours spent translating Arlyn Moreno Luna’s dream into reality. Much of the event can be attributed to the number of volunteers in attendance and also to Oregon State University students and co-directors of Mi Familia Weekend, Moreno Luna and AnnaRose Adams. Over the last year and a half, Moreno Luna and Adams began the process of turning Luna’s vision of Mi Familia Weekend into reality. “We are two very persistent people, and much of our time has been spent fundraising and appealing to organizations for the event,” Adams said.

The motivation behind their efforts, according to Moreno Luna and Adams, was easing the transition into college and providing assistance for Latino and Hispanic families. “In underrepresented and minority students, we have seen a theme; they never come to experience the campus here at the university,” Moreno Luna said. Moreno Luna, through attentiveness to fellow students, found that many Latino and Hispanic families haven’t had opportunities to visit the Oregon State University campus. In a Mi Familia Weekend survey, Moreno Luna found that out of 24 families that participated, 21 said they hadn’t visited campus. “Some parents can’t speak English and many events aren’t geared toward the Hispanic and Latino community,” Adams said. “This event is designed to break down the language and cultural barriers.” The event is sponsored by groups including Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Science and Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez and has the backing to serve an integral role in future years. The See Mi FAMILIA | page 3

Mini dance marathon makes some moves, hits the floor at McNary n

Marathon put on by Beavs Helping Kids to benefit Children’s Miracle Network By Jack Lammers

The Daily Barometer

Students and supporters of the Beavs Helping Kids Dance Marathon took to the McNary Hall dance floor on April 28, rocking the night away for Children’s Miracle Network. Since September, Beavs Helping Kids has worked and collaborated with student groups on campus to piece together a memorable and significant fundraiser that has become a staple at many other college campuses nationwide. “We wanted to start teaching people about the Dance Marathon and Children’s Miracle Network,” said Keely Bertak, Beavs Helping Kids co-director. “We wanted to create something similar here as people say, ‘For the Kids.’ Beavs Helping Kids is an organization that began this year through the University Honors

College, hosting events to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network, a national nonprofit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals. Children’s Miracle Network treats over 17 million patients a year and educates families and communities on child safety and care along with providing $2.5 billion in uncompensated care per year. Bertak and Taylor Nelson, public relations coordinator, after seeing the Dance Marathon at the University of Oregon, decided to attempt a similar awareness event at Oregon State University. “We hope next year will be a competition with University of Oregon and with the events spread two weeks apart, we can support one another for the cause,” Bertak said. With the help of University of Oregon students, they were able to set up what they refer to as a “mini dance marathon,” a precursor to a longer marathon to be held Feb. 9, 2013, in the Memorial Union Ballroom.

“This event will benefit Sacred Heart Springfield and has much significance for the Oregon State University,” Nelson said. “There have been several families from the Corvallis community or who have ties with the community, many are directly benefiting from events such as this one.” All of the proceeds from this event go directly to Sacred Heart Springfield, and more importantly, they go directly into the costs for care. Sheena and Wesley Dickerman, miracle parents in attendance, were grateful for the help provided through Children’s Miracle Event and events including the dance marathons. “This has been a very important event,” Sheena Dickerman said. “We are excited that they are raising money for Children’s Miracle network, an organization that has helped us with equipment and care in the [intensive-care unit].” The dance itself brought out enthusiasm from many involved, with awards given for enthusiasm and effort and a morale dance

shown for additional liveliness. Several groups attended this first marathon in teams ranging from Greek organizations to residence halls. “This has been a fun and easy way to help in the community,” said Rakesh Phillips, member of dance marathon team “RHA All the Way.” Phillips also applauded the efforts of Beavs Helping Kids in reaching out and devoting time to communicate with organizations, in this case the Resident Hall Association. “[Beavs Helping Kids members] took the time to meet with us personally and we entered to show our support because of that,” Phillips said. By next year’s Dance Marathon, Nelson and Bertak hope the turnout and recognition from this year’s event will bring more people to the longer marathon, becoming a regular event for the Oregon State University community. Jack Lammers, reporter On Twitter: @dailybarometer

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The humor at the 98th annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner went to the dogs. President Barack Obama poked fun Saturday at everything, from the Secret Service scandal to the lavish spending by the Government Services Administration, to the upcoming general election. However, it was a spoof about Mitt Romney and his dog Seamus that highlighted the president’s monologue. The joke recalled a political ad released by the Newt Gingrich campaign that took aim at Romney for admitting he once put his family dog in a cage and perched it on the top of his car. “I know everybody is predicting a nasty election, and thankfully, we’ve all agreed that families are off-limits,” the president said. “Dogs, however, are apparently fair game.” The president’s punch line: An ad by a phony Super PAC that featured Romney on Air Force One with a dog cage on top of the aircraft and promoted dog freedoms, while warning of Obama’s policy of dog socialism. “Under his leadership, man’s

best friend has been forced into automobiles. Imagine the European-style socialism that he has planned for the next four years,” the spoof ad said. The president even poked fun at himself over recent criticism by the Romney campaign about revelations in his book, “Dreams From My Father,” where he revealed he was fed dog meat as a boy in Indonesia. “That’s pretty rough. But I can take it, because my stepfather always told me, it’s a boy-eat-dog world out there,” Obama said. The dinner was Obama’s fourth as president. It has been a ritual in Washington since 1920, when it was first held to boost communication between the press and the president. Journalists and news organizations were well-represented at the affair, and they brought famous faces in tow. Among those in attendance Saturday were Claire Danes, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, Sigourney Weaver, Eva Longoria, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Rachel Zoe, Goldie Hawn and Josh Hutcherson. The annual gala, also

known as the “Nerd Prom,” raises money for journalism scholarships. While the dinner is notorious for its sometimes bawdy political humor, the president took a serious moment to recall the deaths of Anthony Shadid of The New York Times and Marie Colvin of the Times of London, “who made the ultimate sacrifice as they sought to shine a light on some of the most important stories of our time.” Shadid and Colvin died in February while covering the conflict in Syria. Overall, Obama stayed true to the theme of the night — humorous barbs. He joked about business tycoon Donald Trump, whom the president kidded at last year’s dinner about pushing the president to release his long-form birth certificate. “We gather during a historic anniversary. This weekend last year, we finally delivered justice to one of the world’s most notorious individuals,” Obama said to a packed ballroom at the Washington Hilton. A photo of Trump was shown, rather than that of slain al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Obama then went back even further in time. “Four years ago, I was in a brutal primary battle with Hillary Clinton,” Obama said. “Four years later, she won’t stop drunk texting me from Cartagena,” a reference to the city where Secret Service agents allegedly consorted with prostitutes. The president also took aim at the scandal, itself: “I had a lot more material prepared, but I have to get the Secret Service home in time for their new curfew.” Obama, speaking before comedian Jimmy Kimmel, made light of a General Services Adminstration conference in Las Vegas that cost more than $800,000. “Look at this party. We have men in tuxes, women in gowns, fine wine, first-class entertainment. I was relieved to hear it was not a GSA conference,” Obama quipped. He even chided Kimmel, star of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “Jimmy got his start on the ‘Man Show.’ In Washington, that is what we call a congressional hearing on contraception.” — CNN


Tuesday, May 1 Meetings

ASOSU Senate, 7pm, MU 109A. Convenes to discuss student issues. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend.

Events MEChA and College Democrats, Noon-1pm, meet up in Valley Library Quad. International Workers Day, speaking and songs in support of OSU workers. Labor Action in support of CGE recognize all campaign. Black Cultural Center, 6-8pm, Black Cultural Center. Come learn about the nine major world religions - we will have a great speaker from the Philosophy Department joining us for the night.

Wednesday, May 2 Meetings ASOSU House of Representatives, 7pm, MU 211. Convenes to discuss student issues and concerns. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend.

Thursday, May 3 Meetings Baha’i Campus Association, 12:301pm, MU Talisman Room. “Foundations of Civility” is the theme of this interfaith meditation, devotion and sharing time. Bring your favorite inspiration to share.

Events Black Cultural Center, 5:30-7pm, Black Cultural Center. Come learn about different countries and cultures in Africa.

Friday, May 4 Events

Panetta: ‘No kind of silver bullet’ to destroy al-Qaida Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said there is no question that the United States is safer with Osama bin Laden, the architect of al-Qaida, dead, though he said there is no way to completely destroy the network. Panetta’s assessment came just days before the one-year anniversary of the U.S. commando raid on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, that ended a manhunt for the al-Qaida founder that began following the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. “Having been involved in operations even before bin Laden, it was clear that there is no kind of silver bullet here to suddenly be able to destroy al-Qaida and that includes going after bin Laden,” Panetta told reporters Friday after a meeting with defense counterparts in South America. “The way this works is that the more successful we are in taking down those that represent their spiritual and ideological leadership, the greater our ability to weaken their threat to this country.” The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security last week warned of the possibility of terrorist attacks leading up to and after the anniversary of the May 2, 2011, killing of bin Laden. There is no specific, credible terror threat, the agencies said.

The warning, released by the FBI and DHS, says individuals have posted messages on “violent extremist Web forums” vowing attacks on the United States around the anniversary, but adds that “such threats are almost certainly aspirational.” I don’t think there’s any question that America is safer as a result of the bin Laden operation,” Panetta said.”... It doesn’t mean that they don’t remain a threat. It doesn’t mean that we somehow don’t have the responsibility to keep going after them wherever they are.” He described the raid that he oversaw as the then-CIA director as “tense,” with several “nerve-wracking moments.” Panetta recalled the moment during the raid when one of two helicopters used by Navy SEALs crashed at bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. “Just the fact that having those helicopters going 150 miles into Pakistan and the concern about whether or not they would be detected. And then actually going in to the compound when one of the helicopters went down because of the heat coming off the ground. It was just hotter than anybody had anticipated. And obviously that was pretty nerve-wracking,” he said. “... Fortunately, we had a back-up helicopter that came in and was able to pick up the people that were there.”

The biggest question during the operation, Panetta said, was “whether or not bin Laden was really there.” “We had no specific information that he was actually located there. All we had was, you know, just a lot of circumstantial intelligence and information. But all of us were, were kind of holding our breath to find out whether or not he was actually there.” The answer came about 20 minutes after the SEALs entered the bin Laden compound, with the utterance of the code word “Geronimo.” “There was a huge sigh of relief by everybody involved in that,” he said. While many details of the raid are known, questions remain about how bin Laden could have been in living for years in a compound that was only a mile from the Pakistan Military Academy in Abbottabad, a largely military community outside the capital, Islamabad. The U.S. raid, which was conducted without the knowledge of Pakistan, enraged the Pakistani public and deploy embarrassed its military. Panetta has said he remains convinced that someone with authority in Pakistan knew bin Laden was hiding at the compound. That claim has been denied by Pakistani officials. — CNN

GOP says Obama playing politics with bin Laden anniversary Days before the one-year anniversary of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, top surrogates for President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took to the national stage to argue the politics of the attack. Senior Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs defended the campaign’s use of the event in a recent Web video and in a speech from Vice President Joe Biden. Meanwhile, senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie characterized the political steps surrounding the death as a “bridge too far.” Team Obama released a video on Friday, partially narrated by former President Bill Clinton, that praised the president’s decision to order the killing of the al Qaeda chief one year from Tuesday and questioned whether Romney would have made the same choice. Biden similarly questioned the former

Massachusetts governor in a campaign-style speech on Thursday. Gibbs, the former White House press secretary, said the video was “not over the line” and criticized comments Romney made on the issue during his first White House bid as “foolish.” The video quotes Romney in 2007 during his first White House bid, saying, “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth, spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.” Days later, he said, “We’ll move everything to get him (bin Laden).” “There’s a difference in the roles they would play as commander in chief, and I certainly think that’s fair game,” Gibbs said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” During his second White House bid, Romney has repeatedly praised the president for launching the raid on bin Laden.

Gillespie, a former aide to former President George W. Bush and former chairman of the Republican National Committee, said utilizing the raid for political purposes is one of the reasons Obama has “become one of the most divisive presidents in American history.” “He took something that was a unifying event for all Americans, and he’s managed to turn it into a divisive, partisan political attack,” Gillespie said in a separate interview on the same NBC program. “I think most Americans will see it as a sign of a desperate campaign.” The campaign video received criticism from Republicans, including from 2008 Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain. On Friday, he called the minute-long spot “a cheap political attack ad.” White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan

avoided the politics of the issue but did praise the president’s decision-making skills surrounding bin Laden’s death by U.S. Navy SEALs during a raid in Pakistan. “I don’t do politics,” Brennan said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I just know that President Obama, when the time came for him to make a momentous decision like that, he took the action that did bring bin Laden to justice.” Biden teed off what will likely remain a talking point from Team Obama through the election in a Thursday address that previewed a potential 2012 slogan. “If you are looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how President Obama has handled what we inherited, it’s pretty simple: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive,” Biden said during a speech at New York University, lines Gibbs echoed on Sunday. — CNN

Music Department, Noon, Giustina Gallery, LaSells Stewart Center. Music å la Carte, featuring the OSU Clarinet Mafia and the OSU Double Reed Ensemble. Free noontime concert. Student Events and Activities Center, 7-9pm, MU Commons. MUvies: Free showing of The Help for Mom’s and Families Weekend. Includes free popcorn and snow cones.

Tuesday, May 8 Meetings ASOSU Senate, 7pm, MU 109A. Convenes to discuss student issues. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, May 9 Meetings ASOSU House of Representatives, 7pm, MU 211. Convenes to discuss student issues and concerns. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend.

Events Childcare & Family Resources, Noon-1pm, MU 211. Talking to your kids about sex. Dr. Kathy Greaves will be speaking.

Thursday, May 10 Meetings Baha’i Campus Association, 12:301pm, MU Talisman Room. “The Nature of Prosperity” is the theme of this interfaith devotion, meditation and sharing time. Share your favorite inspiration.

Friday, May 11 Events Music Department, Noon, MU Lounge. Music å la Carte. Free noontime concert featuring Sophia Tagart on flute and David Servias on piano. Bring your lunch, family and friends!

Tuesday, May 15 Meetings ASOSU Senate, 7pm, MU 109A. Convenes to discuss student issues. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend.

Events Disc Golf Club, 8:30-10pm, Reser Stadium. Hosting a Ladies Night Clinic. Free, no experience necessary and equipment will be provided. At the end will be a raffle with great prizes!

Wednesday, May 16 Meetings ASOSU House of Representatives, 7pm, MU 211. Convenes to discuss student issues and concerns. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend. Graduate Women’s Network, Noon1:30pm, Women’s Center. Come celebrate a wonderful year. Sweets provided.

Thursday, May 17 Meetings Baha’i Campus Association, 12:301pm, MU Talisman Room. “Building a Spiritual Democracy” is the topic for this interfaith devotion, meditation and quiet time. Please share your favorite inspirational material. • 737-2231 

Monday, April 30, 2012 • 3

Secret Service changes its rules after scandal The Secret Service agent at the center of the Colombia prostitution scandal has been identified as Arthur Huntington, sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN on Friday. According to the sources, Huntington was the agent in a seventh-floor hotel room in Cartagena who had a dispute over pay with an escort. CNN also learned that Huntington has left the Secret Service, but it was not clear under what circumstances, according to CNN’s Drew Griffin. According to sources, the alleged prostitutes — the youngest of whom were in their early 20s — signed in at Hotel Caribe. One of these women, Dania Suarez, allegedly was later involved in a dispute about how much she was to be paid for the night, which brought the entire incident to light. Suarez, 24, through a statement credited to her attorney, said she was an escort, not a prostitute. At least three agents assigned

to rooms on the seventh floor left Cartagena early, according to hotel records. Two agents have been cleared to return to work, according to sources with knowledge of the investigation. Monday, a man who identified himself as Arthur Huntington declined comment to a CNN producer. Thursday, someone at his residence closed the door and made no comment. No one answered the door Friday or responded to phone calls. The residence was just listed for sale this week. Huntington, 41, is married and the father of two boys, according to neighbors. A woman who identified herself as a family friend called the situation “heartbreaking.” “I know him and his character,” she said of Huntington. “I would question the allegations.” Also Friday, the Secret Service distributed new rules for its agents on assignment intended to prevent a repeat of such alleged misconduct, according to two government sources familiar with the resulting investigation.

Called Enhanced Standards of Conduct, the new guidelines given to all Secret Service personnel make clear that standards of behavior required in the United States apply on missions abroad, the sources said. Effective immediately, the new standards require detailed briefings before each trip that will include safety precautions and any necessary designations of establishments and areas that are “off limits” for Secret Service personnel, the sources said. Also in the new standards, foreigners are banned from Secret Service hotel rooms at all times, except for hotel staff and host nation law enforcement and government officials on official business, according to the officials, and all Secret Service personnel are prohibited from going to a “non-reputable establishment.” The new standards specify that U.S. laws apply to Secret Service personnel when traveling, rendering invalid the excuse that specific activity is legal in the foreign country, the

officials said. In addition, the new guidelines allow moderate alcohol consumption when off duty, but prohibit alcohol consumption within 10 hours of reporting for duty or at any time when at the hotel where the protected official is staying, the officials explained. An additional supervisor from the Office of Professional Responsibility will now accompany the “jump teams” that bring vehicles for motorcades and other transportation, the officials said. Agents involved in the Colombia incident were part of such a jump team. First word of the new regulations came Thursday night, when Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas outlined them on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” after meeting with Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan about the scandal that has embarrassed the 147-yearold agency and raised questions about possible security breaches. — CNN

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Romney: U.S. should protect Chinese dissident Mitt Romney said he hopes the United States government is aiding Chen Guangcheng, a popular Chinese dissident now believed to be hiding in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing after fleeing house arrest in eastern China. “My concern at this moment is for the safety of Chen Guangcheng and his family,” Romney said in a statement released by his campaign on Sunday. “My hope is that U.S. officials will take every measure to ensure that Chen and his family members are protected from further persecution.” U.S. government and Chinese officials, however, have declined to comment on Chen or confirm reports of his whereabouts. Meanwhile, analysts say questions over U.S. assistance could provoke tension in the country’s delicate relationship with China. A fellow human rights activist, Hu Jia, told CNN on Saturday that Chen had fled to the embassy in Beijing. Chen, who is blind, gained fame in the

late 1990s as a legal advocate for what he called victims of abusive practices, such as alleged forced abortions, by China’s familyplanning officials. In 2006, he was sentenced to four years and three months in prison on charges that his supporters called preposterous. Released from prison in 2010, he has since been confined to his home along with his family. Weighing in on Sunday, Romney said Chen’s escape “points to the broader issue of human rights in China.” “Our country must play a strong role in urging reform in China and supporting those fighting for the freedoms we enjoy,” Romney said. Neither the White House nor President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has officially weighed in on the issue. Romney has previously criticized China’s alleged human rights abuses. On the campaign trail, he has said the country’s sizable economy, paired with reports of infringe-

ments against freedom, should disqualify China from receiving U.S. assistance. While the U.S. government does provide financial aid to the country, the money does not go directly to the Chinese government, Douglas Paal, a China expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told CNN’s Jill Dougherty. He said it goes to local organizations that promote public health, law enforcement, environmental protection and democratic principles. According to the U.S. State Department and USAID, the government appropriated $17.8 million in foreign aid for China in the fiscal year 2011. But Romney said that money could be used elsewhere. “I would stop sending foreign aid to countries that can take care of themselves,” Romney said at a campaign event in November. — CNN

Newt Gingrich to call it quits on Wednesday, source says Newt Gingrich will end his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., a source close to the former House speaker told CNN. Previous reports said Gingrich would likely quit the race on Tuesday. Gingrich is expected to express his support for likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney. The two spoke by phone last week, a Gingrich spokesman said. The decision to make the announcement this week was due to logistical reasons, sources told CNN last week. Gingrich will leave the

Republican presidential campaign with a mixed legacy. The former speaker was left for political dead last year after his top campaign advisers quit over a disagreement on the direction of the campaign and its financial structure. But he came roaring back in late 2011 — due in part to a Republican electorate that was not sold on Romney’s candidacy. It is the past few months, though, for which he may be most remembered — for staying in the race for too long, rather than for the big ideas he espoused on the campaign trail. For most, the time for him

MI FAMILIA n Continued from page 3 event also received a tremendous deal of support from Larry Roper, vice provost of student affairs. Luna and Adams both describe the event as a convergence of group activities and pertinent informative gatherings. Events ranged from breakout sessions designed for purposes of motivation and academic information, to dances and even a soccer game in McAlexander Fieldhouse for active participation. The event incorporated a resource fair with representatives from campus organizations including the University Honors College, Beaver Yearbook and ASOSU. Additionally, Mi Familia Weekend

to go would have been after his Southern strategy failed, when he failed to win the Alabama and Mississippi primaries after coming out on top in South Carolina and Georgia. Gingrich formally announced his bid for the nomination last May, only to see it almost crash the next month when a half-dozen staffers, including the senior leadership, left the campaign. Among the gripes from the departed staffers was that it was difficult to schedule campaign events or spend the time needed to raise money to fuel the campaign. Additionally,

incorporated keynote speakers including John Haroldson, Benton County district attorney. Haroldson shared his perspective as son to a Mexican mother, raised in both the Pacific Northwest and Monterrey, Mexico. “They will see this event and they can connect with the community. Hopefully, they will be given a well-deserved opportunity to adapt,” Moreno Luna said. Many families did appear to value the strength and gravity of the event, by responding and showing their support with positivity. “This is the first time we have come here. The event has been good for the Latino Community and it has been well organized. Hopefully, it keeps running in the future,” said Osvaldo Contreras, father and Mi Familia Weekend participant.

there were complaints that Gingrich’s wife, Callista, had veto power over all scheduling requests. While his staffers felt Gingrich should be hitting the trail, he and Callista embarked on a two-week luxury cruise in the Mediterranean. For some in the campaign, that was the last straw. His campaign languished over the summer and into the fall as conservatives test-drove a series of anyone-but-Romney candidates: first Michele Bachmann, then Rick Perry, then Herman Cain. — CNN

The work of Moreno Luna and Adams along with fellow committee members and 45 other volunteers brought the event together and certainly received attention. “[Moreno Luna and Adams] have put a lot of work into the event. Now their efforts have finally paid off and they have the support they deserve,” said Alejandra Marquez Loza, Mi Familia Weekend Volunteer. Looking to the future, Adams and Moreno Luna hope the event can work its way into the START programs to come and see the event as an important part in expanding and enriching the university community. Jack Lammers, reporter On Twitter: @dailybarometer






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t least it’s over. Amelia Harris and Dan Cushing are now the new president and vice president of the Associated Students of Oregon State University. They defeated two qualified and outstanding candidates, Drew Hatlen and Karli Olsen, and are now stuck picking up the pieces from the Hopoi administration. Harris and Cushing have a tough road ahead of them. Confidence in student government is at an all time low, and our student body is faced with many issues that they will need to address during their time in office. Our new president will need to set a different tone of leadership. Harris will need to make sure that organizations within ASOSU are treated professionally and with care. She will need to be able to consider other viewpoints and have a working relationship with both the legislative and judicial branches. Harris cannot make decisions that go against the statutes or are made in secret. Openness and transparency should be the goal of any government, and governments should also operate within the confines of their own rules. Harris needs to convince us the days of unauthorized pay raises and illegal, unilaterally made decisions are over. They will need to restore trust in student government. ASOSU is entrusted with a budget of over $1 million and it will need to be spent wisely and judiciously, and not frivolously on name tags, video displays and over-budget trips to Washington, D.C. Returning ASOSU to a path of fiscal responsibility while continuing to provide its unique services should be paramount. Harris will need to do a better job of engaging the student body and being attentive to its needs. Harris should be interacting with other student leaders, whether they come from one of the many diversity centers, or from a club of one kind or another. She will need to listen to the concerns raised at town hall meetings and make these her priorities. Harris needs to make sure this university is accessible to everyone, by fighting at the state house to keep tuition low, but by also waking up our administration to the fact that our university is no where near meeting the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. New buildings are not being built to ADA standards, and old ones are ignored, or have ramps that are not built to code or the proper specifications. Harris needs to stand up and fight for this marginalized group that has been ignored by both our administration and student leaders for too long. Harris should also stand up for graduate student rights. President Ed Ray should recognize graduate research assistants’ right to unionize and collective bargaining, and ASOSU See EDITORIAL | page 5


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mericans Elect is a fascinating and wonderful idea, yet it’s unfortunate that a vast majority of people who aren’t constantly on news websites don’t know what it is. Americans Elect is basically a new nomination process and voting platform that is set up to create the first bi-partisan presidential candidate in U.S. electoral history. The candidate would have access to the ballots in all 50 states. In other words, Americans Elect is basically a third party that has no political views, other than easy access to voting and fair voting for all. Unfortunately, they have no candidates either, which is why few have heard of it. It’s a brilliant idea. One can sign up online, get securely verified and then cast a vote in an online primary to decide which bi-partisan candidate will have a chance to use the Americans Elect spot on ballots come November. In this manner, every vote counts and is equally weighted. Let me ask you all a question. When was the last time a voter in Oregon cast a ballot in a presidential primary that mattered? The answer is never. We have our primary so late that even in this year’s insane Republican primary, the candidate, Willard Mitt Romney, is already assured to win the nomination by the time Oregon

Brad Alvarez

votes in May. The Americans Elect process ensures a fair process where every American gets a fair vote in deciding the presidential candidates. Additionally, don’t you think that the presidential candidates might tailor their campaign to fit the states that actually matter in a primary, like Iowa, South Carolina, Florida and New Hampshire? Of course they do. Those states’ issues get a disproportionate amount of attention compared to other states that have just as important issues. This is wrong, Americans Elect is trying to change this and bring our voting into the 21st century. Most Oregonians don’t really think of this, but in order for most Americans to vote in elections, they have to go to a polling station somewhere that might not be close to where they live. Here in Oregon, we have it good because of our voterapproved vote-by-mail style. And this new Americans Elect process will make it even easier by allowing you to participate in a primary without ever leaving the safety of your home, hopefully increasing voter turnout. Of course, with any good movement (think Kony 2012), there are some legitimate criticisms. They all

mainly have to do with the funding of the organization and the secrecy surrounding it. Peter Ackerman, a very wealthy ex-Wall Street investment banker, jumpstarted the organization with $5 million, and now his son is the chief operating officer of Americans Elect. Other Wall Street bankers have helped in the seed money as well. Moreover, because Americans Elect is a 501(c)(4) “social welfare” group, they don’t actually need to disclose any of their donors. This is rather troublesome; however, I do understand their reasoning, even though I strongly disagree with it. This whole Americans Elect thing has upset the Republican and Democratic establishment, because someone with very strong potential could sign on as a candidate and make things extremely interesting this summer and fall. A lot of these people who have donated large sums of money would suffer retribution if it were publicly known they gave money to an organization that was actively looking for candidates to go against President Barack Obama and Romney this fall. In fact, here is retribution at its finest. After former governor and mandarin-fluent Chinese Ambassador Jon Huntsman called for a third party or some sort of movement to put forward new ideas, he was disinvited from a Republican fundraiser. The

GOP apparently doesn’t like people stepping out of line, which is eerily similar to the Communist Party in Soviet Russia and Communist China. I still think they should come public with all their funding, because these people who are donating can’t have it both ways. They can’t try to help out an organization that is ultimately trying to end the gridlock in Washington, but then if it doesn’t work, still be a part of these parties and get invited to their social events. It’s pathetic actually. It’s too bad Americans Elect could go down as one of the biggest fails of 2011-2012 if no legitimate candidate arises from the mix. Right now, Buddy Roemer (who?) is the leading declared candidate, while Ron Paul has the highest support overall, but has about a 0 percent chance of abandoning the Republican Party and seeking this third party route. All of you reading this should go to their website and register as a delegate so you can vote in the nomination process, because who knows, maybe a real candidate will step up, have courage and seek to end this madness that has gripped Washington. t

Brad Alvarez is a junior in finance and economics. The opinions expressed in his columns do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Barometer staff. Alvarez can be reached at forum@dailybarometer. com.

Beyond career, Beyoncé serving as role model for women I t’s hard not to love Beyoncé. With her killer voice, sweet smile and “bootylicious” curves, Beyoncé serves as a symbol of feminine empowerment to girls and women worldwide. Besides selling over 75 million records, earning 16 Grammy Awards and famously naming her newborn daughter “Blue Ivy”, Beyoncé recently made headlines again by breastfeeding her newborn daughter in public. According to ABC News, Beyoncé nursed her daughter alongside husband Jay-Z at a New York restaurant during an evening out with the family several weeks ago. The megastar confirmed she is breastfeeding her young daughter and has been spotted nursing her daughter in public on several occasions. Beyoncé’s decision not only to nurse, but to nurse in public, is a noble decision that couldn’t have come at a better time. Whether she intended to, feeding little Blue in public has put Beyoncé in the ranks with millions of other “lactavists” around the country. Confused? Don’t worry — “lactavist” isn’t some new form of vegetarianism. A “lactavist” is a lactation activist who is passionate about promoting breastfeeding wherever she has a right to be, including in



On the Bright Side stores, restaurants and other public locations. Though specific legislation regarding breastfeeding varies by state, 45 states have some variation of law recognizing a woman’s right to breastfeed her child in any public or private location. With breast milk boasting endless benefits for mother and baby — decreased rate of postpartum depression in moms, essential antibodies for the infant and a decreased rate of sudden infant death syndrome, just to name a few — it makes sense that moms and babies should breastfeed when they want and where they want. However, not everyone sees it that way. American society puts a huge emphasis on breasts as sexual objects, not as a means for providing an infant with nutrition. We don’t have to look far to make the sexual connection. Flip on the TV and you’ve got some busty MTV star nearly flashing you; open a magazine and there’s a Kardashian sister

in a low-cut shirt that leaves little to the imagination; even a stroll down the toy aisle at Fred Meyer’s can leave one a little worried. After all, something tells me that wellendowed Barbie isn’t using her buxom bosom for nursing. With our nation’s focus on breasts as sexual objects instead of means of providing infant nutrition, it’s no wonder that some feel uncomfortable seeing a woman nursing. To many, breasts are hidden, coveted objects of sexual passion — seeing a mom nursing a baby in the middle of the store throws off our perception of what breasts are actually intended for. Breastfeeding advocates are praising Beyoncé for normalizing breastfeeding by nursing in public. Beyoncé serves as the perfect image of a poised, loving mother and demonstrates how to discreetly breastfeed in public so that it is barely noticeable. Beyoncé helps reinforce the notion that breastfeeding is normal, healthy and beautiful, and not something that should be confined to public restrooms, as women are so often forced to do when out in public. Think about it — would you want to eat your lunch in a toilet stall? I didn’t think so. Beyoncé also serves as a role

model for breastfeeding moms in the African American community. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 74 percent of white women initiate breastfeeding, while only 54 percent of African American do. On a national scale, only 11 percent of African American babies are nursed until 12 months of age — about half as much as white babies, according to the CDC. African American babies face an overwhelming health disparity when it comes to nursing and with millions of babies missing out on breast milk each year, the detriment of not receiving mother’s milk could mean huge public health implications later on down the road. Beyoncé can act as a role model to African American nursing moms that breastfeeding remains a crucial step in attaining proper infant health. Whether it’s her music, her clothes or her choice to breastfeed publicly, Beyoncé has yet again wowed us with her trend-setting ways. Beyoncé sends the message loud and clear that breastfeeding is normal, natural and beautiful. The question is, are we listening? t

Sarah Paeth is a senior in public health. The opinions expressed in her columns do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Barometer staff. Paeth can be reached at

Teacher strike fails to acknowledge the most important aspect T o my fellow Gresham High School students, our school and the other GreshamBarlow School Districts are about to go on strike over contract negotiations. Now, before I tear into why I hate teacher strikes, I’ll give an overview of why the teachers might go on strike this coming Wednesday — issues according to the GBSD’s website. The three key issues holding up negotiations are salary, prep time and student safety. The GBSD teachers’ union thinks teachers need an



Rebel without a pulse increase to their salary and more prep time to help combat the increase in class sizes. The website doesn’t go over any particular concern about student safety, making me believe the issue is more of a political tool to justify the first two. Prep time is very important to

teachers, and the problem the union is having is that budget cuts are forcing the layoff of teachers at all grade levels. This means even larger class sizes or more classes to teach, reducing the time teachers have to prepare for class. I don’t quite understand the prep time issue, because teachers essentially teach the same material every year. But I’m not a teacher; therefore, I have no reason to argue the importance of prep time. However, I have no problem saying that we can just extend school hours. If teachers want more time to

prepare, then keep the students in school for a few more hours. Gresham High School finished class at 2:22 p.m. every day of the week; why not keep the kids in school until 5:30 p.m.? School should be the equivalent of a 9-to-5 job. Our students should spend more time in class to boost their education. The longer the school day, the more classes can be held allowing for a reduction in class sizes. Sure, teachers will have about 8-12 classes a day, but if you can cut the class in See FIX | page 5 • 737-6376 

Monday, April 30, 2012 • 5

FIX n Continued from page 4 half, isn’t that beneficial for everyone? The salary issue is pathetic, self-centered and downright disheartening. Teachers don’t make that much other than their salary, retirement benefits, insurance and the other benefits they get that could fill the rest of this article. When you add all that together, teachers are making quite a bit more than we think they are now, aren’t they? Teachers have bills, mortgages and other living expenses to pay like everyone else, but the economy is still in the toilet. And with the education budget cut by the Oregon government, now isn’t the best time for raises. The GBSD website even states the “Employment Relations Board would force the district to layoff 43 teachers or cut 16 school days next year.” A salary increase at this time would do more harm to teachers and students than if they just waited until there is a better opportunity. To the reason why a teacher strike is the dumbest idea in the world is simply that it shows the selfishness of teachers. Teachers preach about how they are all for the students until that almighty dollar ascends from hell to say, “Hey, look at me, you want more don’t you?” Then like puppets at the end of a string, teachers start jumping up and down, crying about how they need more money to do their job. If this was any other service industry, the only way to increase your wage would be to produce a higher quality product.

I have a great deal of respect for my former teachers at Gresham High School, but that drops a little each time I hear them talking about going on strike. How can they put their selfish needs ahead of the future of the children they claim to care so much about? There has to be a better solution than shutting the GBSD schools down for three days, then filling them with substitute teachers, while the “real” ones are on strike. Will the quality of education really be on par? Does the Gresham Barlow School District have exceptional French and Japanese subs? What about calculus subs? Are they able to teach International Baccalaureate classes? GBSD and the teachers are trying to play down the harms that this strike might have on the education of the students, but every day a student misses class or receives improper instruction is detrimental to that student’s future. The K-12 education is the most important education anyone can have; this is where the foundation for their future is built. The teachers will choose to do what is right by them, but I hope they put the needs of their students first. I understand that the GBSD teachers are under a severe amount of stress with increased class sizes and fewer hours to do the work they need to do. However, that doesn’t mean that the students should have to suffer as a result of contract disagreements. Whatever happens this coming Wednesday, I hope this issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. t

Robert Fix is a senior in business. The opinions expressed in his columns do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Barometer staff. Fix can be reached at forum@

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Ryan mason is a sophomore in graphic design

EDITORIAL n Continued from page 4

credibility. Cushing needs to be instrumental in restoring those ties. While these are lofty challenges, we expect should be at the forefront of that fight with the nothing less for our university and student body. But let’s also remember that even if they aren’t Coalition of Graduate Employees. Cushing will need to maintain a connection attained, we aren’t sure things could get much between the legislative and executive branches worse than they currently are. Don’t prove us and bridge the gulf that emerged between the wrong. t two. Too much of this past year was wasted on serve as a means for Barometer editors to offer commentary petty squabbles between the two branches, Editorials and opinions on issues both global, local, grand in scale or diminutive. which in turn led to a questioning of ASOSU’s The views reflected here are a reflection of the editorial board’s majority.

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Men’s golf finishes fifth at inaugural Pac-12 Championship By Oregon State Athletic Communications A very successful Pac-12 Men’s Golf Championship came to a close on Sunday with Oregon State finishing in fifth place at the threeday, 72-hole tournament that was played on its home course of Trysting Tree Golf Club in Corvallis, Ore. The Beavers were unable to match the outstanding 7-under 353 they shot on Saturday, but they still finished the tournament

ahead of No. 9 Stanford and No. 13 Washington with a 7-over 362-365-353-367-1,447 at the par-72, 7,030yard course. Oregon State has now finished fifth in three of the last four conference tournaments, but this year’s finish is even more impressive considering the addition of two new teams to the field “I feel pretty good but I wish we would have played a little better today,� Oregon State head coach

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Jon Reehoorn said. “If you had told me we would finish fifth at the beginning of the week, I’d be very happy. To beat Stanford and Washington, two really good teams, gives us some momentum to build on for regionals.� Oregon State now has to wait until Monday, May 7 to find out where it will go for the NCAA Men’s Golf Regional Championships, which will be announced at 6 p.m. via a webcast selection show on www.ncaa. com. Senior Alex Moore led the way for the Beavers on Sunday as he had five birdies and four bogeys to card a 1-under 71 and record a top-20 finish with a 2-over 76-74-69-71--290 for 19th place. He was upbeat after Sunday’s final round and seemed to move past the two triple-bogeys he had on Friday that forced him to play catch-up on the weekend. “I really enjoyed the week,� Moore said. “It was great to have a little gallery. I had my family out watching. I know they don’t get to watch very often. My buddies came up and my

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74-76--294 that included a nearly-impossible par on the final hole of Sunday’s round when he hit a flop shot out of the high rough and made a 10-foot putt that got a huge applause from the gallery. Motomochi thanked the fans who attended the tournament, the staff at Trysting Tree Golf Club and the volunteers who worked the past three days on Twitter, saying “I wouldn’t have wanted to have my last conference tournament go any other way! Thanks again.� Junior Nick Sherwood had his parents, Oregon State alums Bill and Lynn Sherwood, walking with him throughout the tournament and finished with a 13-over 73-76-72-80-301 for a tie for 47th place. He wasn’t pleased with Sunday’s final round but said he plans to work hard to get ready for regionals. In a very exciting finish, California won the team title in a two-hole suddendeath playoff over Oregon, while Andrew Yun of Stanford won medalist honors with a 13-under 275.

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ver ial! a e B pec S

his own the last couple of tournaments. It’s really good to see.� The other transfer, Matt Rawitzer from the University of Idaho, also had his best finish at Oregon State with a 1-under 75-70-69-73--287 for a tie for 13th place. He went out in 2-under with birdies on the par-5 fifth and par-4 sixth holes, but had a double-bogey and bogey on the back nine before making a great up and down on his final hole. “I walked with Matt all four days and was very pleased with the way he improved each round,� Reehoorn said. “He was as solid as Nick in this tournament and really seems to be comfortable with everything around him.� Sophomore David Fink scrambled like crazy on Sunday to shoot a 3-over 75 and finish in a tie for 37th place with a 9-over 72-76-74-75--297. This was just his second tournament since returning from a wrist injury and the extra time before regionals will allow him to work on his game. Senior Jonnie Motomochi finished in a tie for 30th place with a 6-over 71-73-

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girlfriend was here so I just enjoyed playing in front of them and talking to them throughout the round. “Today was the best I hit it out of all four rounds,� he added. “I just made a couple of silly mistakes and it could have been a little bit better. But I’m pleased with a 71 with these pins on the final round. They were pretty tough. Anything under par today was decent.� Nick Chianello recorded his best finish as a Beaver with sole possession of 11th place after a 4-under 71-7269-72--284 that included an unfortunate double-bogey on his 72nd hole when the ball got stuck in the high rough just right of the 18th green. The junior transfer from the University of Portland has four top-20 finishes in the past five tournaments and has taken over as the most consistent player in Oregon State’s lineup. “Nick Chianello was rock solid all four rounds,� Reehoorn said. “It’s too bad he had the double-bogey on the final hole, but I’m very proud of the way he has played for us. It’s been good to see Nick come into

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Monday, April 30, 2012 • 7

Gilmore, Guzy guide softball to series victory over the Utes By Oregon State Athletic Communications

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Freshman Dani Gilmore hit two home runs, drove in three and scored twice while senior Erin Guzy contributed a two-RBI double as the No. 23 Oregon State softball team defeated Utah, 5-4, in Salt Lake City on Sunday afternoon. The win gives the Beavers their second consecutive Pac12 series victory and third of the season. OSU (33-16, 8-9) had never won back-to-back series since the conference switched to the current format for league play in 2010, with three games in three days against the same opponent. In taking two of three from the Utes, Oregon State also won its third Pac-12 series of the year for the first time since 2007. This year the Beavers also won all but once in threegame sets against then-No. 15 Oregon and then-No. 9 Washington. In 2007 they did the same against Stanford, California and Washington.

The road win against Utah (26-23, 1-17) showcased the best of both old and young for the Beavers, as the veteran Guzy and newcomer Gilmore powered Oregon State to victory. Utah took a 4-0 lead in the second inning when, after the bases were loaded on two walks and a hit, Tia Palauni hit her second home run of the weekend over the left field fence to stake her side to a four-run advantage. That quartet of runs would be the only ones Utah could manage to put across in the entire game. In the top of the third, Ya Garcia began the frame with a picturesque bunt single to third base and came around to score when Gilmore bombed the first pitch she saw from Generra Nielson over the fence in center field to pull OSU to within a pair, 4-2. The Beavers would move ahead in the fifth when Gilmore led off the inning with her second bomb of the game, and team-leading ninth of the

SPRING GAME n Continued from page 7

season, to center to make the score 4-3. Sophomore Hannah Bouska would follow that up with a double in the gap and Elizabeth Santana would draw a walk to set the stage for Guzy. The Beaver first-baseman stroked a twobase liner to the fence in left center that plated both Bouska and Santana and put Oregon State on top, 5-4. Tina Andreana got the start and the win for OSU, lasting 4 1/3 innings, to move her record to 9-9 on the year. Paige Hall threw the final 2 2/3 frames, pitching her usual lockdown effort as she allowed only two hits to earn her fifth save. Hall is now tied for third in single-season history at Oregon State for saves. Gilmore’s big day continued one of the more impressive seasons for a Beaver freshman in recent memory. Through 49 games she is batting .302 (45-for-149) with nine home runs and 32 RBIs. Her 38 runs scored and 12 stolen bases tie her for 10th in single-season history at Oregon State in

Guzy’s double was also the 30th of her great career at Oregon State, which ties her for 10th all-time in that category. The Beavers will be back in action at home this weekend when they welcome the unanimous No. 1 team in the country, California, to the OSU Softball Complex for a three-game set beginning on Friday in the team’s annual Strike Out Cancer series.

Academic First Team in the Pac-10/12 in each of his four years at OSU. Offensive tackle Mike Remmers signed with the Denver Broncos. Originally a walk-on, Remmers started 44 games for the Beavers over his four years at Oregon State, which is the sixth most alltime at OSU. Punter Johnny Hekker signed with the St. Louis Rams. Warner Strausbaugh, sports writer Twitter: @WStrausbaugh

Oregon State Athletic Communications

tices, but this team did visibly have a lot more hunger and drive this spring. OSU will begin fall camp in early August, and all the question marks of the spring will start being answered by then.

interesting. Though Riley says he loves what Vaz is bringing this spring, there’s still a hierarchy at quarterback with Mannion at the top. “There’s a definitive one and two, but I think that … you’re always one play away from playing when you’re that second-string quarterback,” Riley said. “That’s the reality of it. You need to have a lot of confidence in that guy and feel like he’s capable of going in and running the team and winning games, and I think [Vaz] is.” Throughout practice in April, Vaz has looked much better than he did last fall. Being able to have confidence in both quarterbacks — like Riley does — is a positive for this team. Vaz looked like the better passer on Saturday, but Mannion is still improving and is young. “Cody has had an awesome, awesome spring,” Gwacham said. “And so has Sean. So as a coach, you can’t go wrong with either of those guys. They’ve been playing their hearts out. With Sean, he’ll get mad; he’ll get really mad when he throws a pick. With Cody, he’ll almost want to kill someone when he gets a pick too. It’s good to see that competitive nature from both of them.” The spring game wrapped up spring camp for the Beavers. There were expected positives and negatives during the last month of prac-

Warner Strausbaugh, sports writer Twitter: @WStrausbaugh

Stats Passing Cody Vaz: 11-21, 151 yards, one TD, one INT Sean Mannion: 8-15, 81 yards, one INT Rushing Jordan Jenkins: 9 carries, 45 yards Storm Woods: 8 carries, 37 yards Malcolm Agnew: 8 carries, 32 yards, one TD Receiving Obum Gwacham: 4 catches, 96 yards, one TD Markus Wheaton: 3 catches, 32 yards




Celebrate the HU MAN-ANIMAL


each respective category. Her nine long balls in her first year in Corvallis are the most for any Oregon State freshman since All-American Tarrah Beyster launched 12 in 1997. The two-homer game is OSU’s third of the season (Paige Hall – 2/9; Elizabeth Santana – 4/10) and is the first such effort for a freshman since Lea Cavestany went yard twice in a 10-8 victory against then-No. 8 Stanford on April 11, 2010.

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The Daily Barometer 8 • Monday, April 30, 2012



I notice that everytime i say something the commentators say it the next second. Either there predictable or I know wth I’m talking bout — @EricMoreland15

Beaver Tweet of the Day • 737-6378

Up-and-comers shine at spring game n

Obum Gwacham, Storm Woods among fresh faces who made impact By Warner Strausbaugh The Daily Barometer

Saturday’s spring football game for Oregon State let some up-and-coming players shine in front of a crowd, and made the prospects for 2012 look a little more positive. Sophomore wide receiver Obum Gwacham and redshirtfreshman running back Storm Woods have been two guys that Mike Riley, the media and the fans have all looked at as potential breakouts this spring. They showed on Saturday that the label given to them isn’t far off. Gwacham was the star of the day, catching four passes for 96 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was the highlight of the afternoon, a 44-yard deep ball from Cody Vaz thrown down the sideline that the 6-foot-5 Gwacham caught over the cornerback, and trotted right on into the end zone. “I can’t act surprised about Boomer, because I really had anticipated this leap from him,” head coach Mike Riley said. Gwacham has been a guy

that has had flashes of brilliance on the field, but you’ll also see him running the wrong route during practice and getting chewed out by coaches for it. Learning and improving is what he’s been using this spring for. “I’ve been learning a lot from [Markus Wheaton], from Coach Brennan every day,” Gwacham said. “Trying to learn something new from those guys. And hopefully, when Markus does need a break every now-and-then, I’m able to step in and make those big plays.” And then there’s Woods. Storm Woods is one of the five running backs involved in the most-publicized question of Oregon State spring camp: who emerges as the starting running back? Malcolm Agnew, Jordan Jenkins, Jovan Stevenson and Terron Ward all saw some time at tailback in 2011. Woods was a little behind the curve because he spent last fall on the scout team as a redshirt. But now after spring camp has concluded, it’s very apparent that Woods is considered an equal to those four. “Who’s going to be the starting running back? I don’t know,” Riley said. “But guys like Storm Woods definitely made a move. He’s in that picture now for sure. And then

Vinay Bikkina


Sophomore Obum Gwacham caught four passes for 96 yards in Saturday’s scrimmage, including a 44-yard touchdown reception courtesy of back-up quarterback Cody Vaz. we’ll decide in fall camp what we’re going to do.” Woods is aware of the competition too. “I think it’s going to come down to probably fall camp,” Woods said. “We have a lot of great backs. We’ve just got to

battle it out and see where we go from there.” Woods ran for 37 yards on eight carries Saturday. The numbers might not be there, but Woods passed the eye test, and looks like a legitimate contender to start this fall.

Only Jordan Jenkins received more work, carrying the ball nine times for 45 yards. Besides the coming-outparty for Gwacham and Woods, the quarterback situation may be the most compelling story of the spring

game and of spring practice in general. It’s hard to put too much stock into one spring game, but Vaz’s 21 passing attempts to Sean Mannion’s 15 is See SPRING GAME | page 7

Baseball team drops two of three to USC in Los Angeles The Beavers entered the series hot, but dropped the final two games of the series after winning game one

however, holding Oregon State to only four combined runs in the final two games, winning both. The series loss drops OSU to sixth place in the conference just past the halfway point in The Daily Barometer the conference season. The two losses hurt Los Angeles, Calif. — Just when it looked like even more considering USC is one of the botOregon State had hit its stride and was ready tom teams in the Pac-12 (10th place) and was a to take a big step forward in the loaded Pac-12 prime opportunity for the Beavers to move up conference, they did the opposite, losing two of in the standings. Sophomore left-hander Ben Wetzler assured three to Southern California. The Beavers (28-14, 9-9) had won nine of 10 a win and good start to the weekend for OSU games going into the weekend series with the in game one thanks to 6 2/3 innings of work in Trojans (22-17, 7-10), and looked as though which he allowed only two runs and recorded they were poised for a series win after winning seven strikeouts. The game was also the only decent offensive the first game 5-3. USC bounced back strong, n

showing for the Beavers, who had 12 hits — including three from senior third-baseman Ryan Dunn (including his sixth home run of the season). But things went downhill from there. The offensive struggles started for OSU in Saturday’s game when the Beavers were only able to muster two runs on five hits. The Beavers got an early 1-0, but fell behind 3-1 in the fifth and were never able to regain the lead. The loss came in spite of a strong outing from freshman lefty Jace Fry, who allowed only three runs in 7 2/3 innings of work that included six strikeouts and only three walks. Game three started out the same as game

two with Oregon State jumping out to an early 2-0 lead after the first inning thanks to RBI singles from junior shortstop Tyler Smith and senior designated-hitter Ryan Gorton. Sophomore right-hander Dan Child had a rough outing, giving up five runs on 10 hits in only three innings, and Oregon State was unable to get anything else going offensively and fell 6-2 in the rubber match. The good news for the Beavers is that they have some time to figure out their hitting woes before taking on No. 13 Stanford in Corvallis for a three-game series starting Friday. Stanford currently sits in fifth place, only a half game up on the Beavers.

Just one Beaver, Brandon Hardin, hears name during NFL Draft n

Hardin goes 79th overall to Chicago, while four other Beavers sign free agent deals By Warner Strausbaugh The Daily Barometer

It isn’t quite like the days of old when Oregon State churned out NFL Draft prospects who would be routinely selected in the first couple rounds. Only one OSU player was picked in this past weekend’s NFL Draft. Beaver cornerback Brandon Hardin was selected in the third round of the draft by the Chicago Bears, who took him with the 79th overall pick. The funniest part about Hardin being the only Beaver selected in the draft? He didn’t even play for OSU in 2011. Hardin suffered a shoulder injury in fall camp and had to have season-ending surgery on it before the season even began. “I’m really excited,” OSU head coach Mike Riley said Saturday about Hardin being drafted. “That’s just kind of an indication of our year. We get guys drafted in

the third round who didn’t even play a down for us.” Riley wasn’t surprised by Hardin’s thirdround selection, which many thought was pretty high given he hasn’t played a game since 2010. “Brandon is a really good football player, but they draft on testable qualities,” Riley said. “You talk about a big guy, who is strong. He’s going to lift well, he’s going to run fast, those are really easy.” Hardin will move over to safety for the Bears and joins another former Beaver, Stephen Paea, who was a second-round pick by Chicago a year ago. The Bears must really put high stock into Oregon State’s defense, as Hardin is the fourth OSU defensive player selected by the Bears since 2008. Safety Al Afalava and linebacker Joey Larocque were the other two former Beavers picked by the Bears in recent years. *** James and Jacquizz Rodgers played together in high school, in college at OSU, and now will have a chance to be teammates once more in the pros.

Though James Rodgers went undrafted this weekend, it was learned soon after the draft ended that he would be joining his brother as an Atlanta Falcon. It’ll be a much tougher road for James to make the team than it was for Jacquizz, as he is only one of 21 other undrafted free agents signed by the Falcons. James’ versatility will go a long way, however, as his standout ability as a kick and punt returner­— as well as the many different ocassions OSU used him as a receiver— will be a positive as he tries to make the team and join his brother in Atlanta. James Rodgers finished his Oregon State career as the all-time leader in receptions (222) and all-purpose yards (6,377). *** There were three other Oregon State players who signed free agent contracts after the draft concluded. Linebacker Cameron Collins signed with the Miami Dolphins. Collins played both safety and linebacker during his tenure as a Beaver. Collins was AllSee draft | page 7

Taylor hand


Brandon Hardin didn’t play a down this past year for the Beavers, but that didn’t stop Chicago from drafting him over the weekend.

The Daily Barometer April 30, 2012  

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