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Thursday, February 18, 2016 Oregon State University

International Degree suspended Applications not accepted as validity of program is questioned By Lauren Sluss News Contributor

The Oregon State University International Degree program is currently under review and is not accepting new applicants at this time, and has sparked concern and disappointment among those involved with the program. The International Degree program, started in 1992, required students to gain and advanced proficiency in a foreign language, complete an experience abroad in a country where that language was spoken, take four ID courses and write a thesis on an international dimension of their primary major. Students enrolled in the ID program receive a supplementary degree, titled as Bachelor of Arts in International Studies in their major field. Recently, however, concerns have been raised about the validity of the program, according to Vice Provost for International Programs Mark Hoffman. “Shortly after I moved into this office six months ago, concerns came to me regarding several aspects of the International Degree,” Hoffman said. “I had several conversations with individuals, both inside and outside of International Programs, and made a decision that we need to evaluate this degree program before we continued to admit students to it.” According to Hoffman, these concerns included the validity of the program at present-day OSU. “When the program was developed it was cuttingedge, and was copied by other institutions around the country,” Hoffman said. “But times are different and students have changed and become more focused on different experiences than they were when the program was developed.” Although specific reasons leading to the suspension have not been released publicly, the lack of availability of the upper-level division language classes to students had been causing reason for concern, according to former coordinator for the International Degree Andrea Herling. “There has been an issue with students not being able to meet their upper-division language requirements, but in my past experience students have been amazingly creative in getting their language requirements and that wouldn’t deter them,” Herling said. Other potential issues with the program stem from funding, according to professor of Anthropology and

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Former coordinator for the international degree program Andrea Herling discusses the program’s suspension.

Club puts polo on two wheels OSU Bike Polo Club modernizes an equestrian based sport, makes sport competitive, laid back By Luuk Van Hoomissen News Contributor

An informal club in Corvallis plays the old sport of polo with a twist—instead of playing horses, the club puts the sport on two wheels. Wheels are spinning and mallets striking with full force as spectators watch sitting in folding chairs and the sounds of bluegrass music plays in the background— this is the life of Corvallis Bike Polo. “It’s a community of like-minded people who come together to touch mallets and whack balls,” said Ben Leland, a Corvallis local who was identified as an unofficial club president by other members. Bike polo is a fast paced game where two teams of three try to hit a small ball into a goal with a the face of a mallet. In Corvallis games are usually played to five points or for thirteen minutes, whichever comes first. The players must stay on their bikes at all times, and if either foot touches the ground they must ride a lap around the field of play as a penalty. Teams are determined randomly to keep the games casual. These are the basic rules of the game, for now at least. “The rules are ever changing,” said Jesse Walker, who has been playing Bike Polo for a year and a half. “Just try to have fun and don’t be a jerk.” In addition to the comfortable atmosphere, most players say they show up out of sheer love for the game. ADAM t. wood | THE DAILY BAROMETER

Typically played on horses, the game of polo uses mallets to drive a ball into the opposing team’s goal.


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The Daily Barometer, February 18, 2016  
The Daily Barometer, February 18, 2016