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Influx of students affects more than campus

Alexandra Taylor


Apartments on Tyler Avenue dating from the large influx of students after World War II are being torn down to make way for another set of townhomes. Residents were given 60 days notice to move out before demolition began.

Goal to increase campus size to 30,000 by 2025 has larger implications for residents, city of Corvallis

its student population size from “30,000 to 35,000 students as of the year 2025,” according to the Oregon University System website. While students have been feeling the stress of these increasing numbers as new buildings are constructed around campus and new profesBy Kelly Ward sors are added to faculty, Corvallis has its own The Daily Barometer It is no secret that Oregon State University is cosmetic changes to attend to. in the process of a unique transitional growth A new townhomes housing project, not period. However, changes that were expected far from the outskirts of campus, is officialto only influence the OSU campus are now ly underway. The new development, nestled seeping beyond the border of Campus Way, amid 29th Street, Tyler Avenue and Polk and the Corvallis community is feeling the Avenue, is replacing what used to house World effects of these changes. War II era apartments. The new townhomes As of late, Oregon State is expected to increase will be a “five-building structure” consisting of n

an inner section that “allows for parking, landscaping and a children’s play structure,” said Ed Stanton, contractor with E&M Constructors and prime contractor for the building project. These townhomes are expected to be built to cater to not only young families, but will also be of interest to students as a prime real estate option for “student housing,” according to Stanton. It is no doubt that students will be attracted to these new townhomes, as “many ideas are being incorporated into the construction that students thought would be needed,” Stanton said. The project interest and initial consulting

only dates back to June 2011. Before any real action took place by the developer or E&M, research went into the “feasibility to determine what the wants and needs of the university students and how economically that can be achieved,” Stanton said. While the previous World War II era apartments were historic, they were not a part of the three historic districts in Corvallis. Instead, this land was private property and “the decision to demolish the apartments is that of the property owner,” according to Jared Voice, a planner with the City of Corvallis Development

Bringing a melodious passion to biophysics n

Biophysics/biochem instructor sings original songs in lecture to help students understand scientific concepts By Martin Forde

The Daily Barometer

Biophysics and sing-alongs. Oddly enough, there is a time and place in which these two concepts are combined to create an uncommon student experience. Every term, hundreds of students cram into Milam Auditorium, nervously anticipating the dreaded biochemistry classes required for any student going into the medical, dental or other health-related fields. The instructor of this course, Professor Kevin Ahern, developed a new way to help students learn and also relieve some of the pressures associated with the class, using something he calls “metabolic melodies.” These melodies are clever jingles sung to the tunes of well-known songs such as “Jingle Bells” or the “ABCs,” and can be used to help students remember the various complex processes and terms that his class demands. Take for example his song “Transcription,” sung to the tune of “Frosty the Snowman,” with lyrics consisting of “Phos-pho-di-esters, are the bonds of RNA, that support a ribo-poly-mer made of G, C, U and A!” Ahern said his inspiration for the idea came

years ago. “I wanted to do something kind of fun that would relax students,” he said. “I wanted to have something that would cut through students’ anxieties.” His pupils can attest. It seems that everyone is made more comfortable that the class isn’t as straightforward and serious as one would expect. Ahern said that the “feedback is very positive,” and that he will continue to write the melodies, which he produces and performs mostly by himself. In fact, he writes a new one every term. “When I first started teaching in the mid-90’s, I taught my first big class. I was nervous and at the end of the term I felt really good about it and I wanted to do something to celebrate,” Ahern said. “I saw this book called the ‘Biochemist’s Songbook,’ so I sang and the reaction was, ‘Oh my god.’” The process to write the jingles is obviously a difficult one, as he has to make the complex terminology flow together and rhyme. He claims the easiest way to do this is “to match the cadence of the words to the cadence of a melody.” The first time this developed took place in class, when he was explaining “gluconeogenesis,” which is the process where we make glucose in our bodies, hummed to the tune of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” “It popped into my head, the wires crossed, and I hear the phrase: ‘gluconeogenesis is some See AHERN | page 3

See HOUSING | page 3

Student Fees discusses childcare subsidies n

For first meeting of term, Rec Sports, Memorial Union request additional funds By Kristin Pugmire The Daily Barometer

contributed photo

| courtesy of Kevin Ahern

Professor Ahern has made a name for himself due to his unorthodox teaching methods.

Last night, the Student and Incidental Fees Committee held its first meeting of winter term. All seven committee members were present. The meeting’s first topic was a set of contingency requests made by Recreational Sports and the Memorial Union, respectively. A contingency request, as SIFC Chair Josh Makepeace reminded the committee, is a one-time budgetary request for an unforeseen expense. Both Rec Sports and the MU requested additional funds for payroll, in order to compensate for the recent Oregon minimum wage increase. Representatives from each unit explained that the wage increase was not foreseen during the 2011–12 See SIFC | page 3

2• Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Supreme court turns aside recusal request on health care challenge The Supreme Court has turned aside a motion from a political advocacy group that sought to argue Justice Elena Kagan should not participate in the upcoming blockbuster appeals over the constitutionality of health care reform. The justices without comment on Monday denied the request from Freedom Watch. Kagan herself did not get involved in this particular motion. The court’s brief order all but assures the newest justice will participate in the late March arguments, and eventually rule on the cases’ merits. Similar calls for recusal from other groups have been directed at Justice Clarence Thomas. Larry Klayman, head of Freedom Watch, wanted to argue the recusal issue himself, as part of the three days of public oral arguments scheduled for March 26-28. There, lawyers for the Obama administration and a coalition of 26 states and private groups will separately plead their case on the health care law’s legal limits. Klayman said that while the argument request was denied, he still thinks Kagan should pull out of the debate. “The justices work for us, and the Supreme Court is the people’s court, not the justices’ court,” he

said. “I hope that they will sober up and do the right thing and disqualify Justice Kagan from sitting on the Obamacare case, as she has a textbook conflict of interest given her involvement in the drafting of, and supporting, the legislation, while she was an official of the Obama administration at the Department of Justice.” A loss of just one justice from ruling on an issue like health care would be huge, making a difference perhaps in the ultimate outcome. Activists from the left and right have made separate recusal requests, trying to manipulate the judicial playing field to each side’s advantage. “Obamacare” is the term used by the law’s opponents, since he helped aggressively push for health care reform’s passage in Congress. Kagan, 51, was the administration’s top government lawyer handling appeals to the Supreme Court. Her nomination by Obama in May 2010, and the weeks leading up to it, came at a time when Congress had passed — and the president signed — the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The health care reform law would significantly change how Americans receive medical services and has been the subject

of six current appeals pending at the high court. Twenty-eight states and dozens of individual plaintiffs have opposed the law. During her confirmation hearings to the high court, Kagan said she sat in “at least one meeting where the existence of the litigation was briefly mentioned, but none where any substantive discussion of the litigation occurred.” The White House has long insisted that she was “walled off” from involvement in the internal health care law discussions. After two conservative groups sued, the Justice Department turned over some documents related to Kagan. One e-mail from her to fellow government official Laurence Tribe talked about an upcoming House vote on health care: “I hear they have the votes, Larry!! Simply amazing.” Another e-mail from her deputy at the time, Neal Katyal, indicated that Kagan asked her office “to be involved in this set of issues.” Congressional Democrats have separately called on Thomas to pull out, citing his recent lapse in reporting the income of his wife for 13 straight years, as required by federal disclosure laws. Virginia Thomas had worked

for, and later founded, her own advocacy group, Liberty Central. Since she has openly opposed the health care bill, many liberals have said, and her political activities raise questions about Justice Thomas’ own judicial independence and impartiality. The justice said the information was “inadvertently omitted” from the disclosure forms, and his defenders note that his wife’s employment history for a variety of conservative causes was widely publicized. “To believe that Justice Thomas didn’t know how to fill out a basic disclosure form is absurd,” said Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., on behalf of 20 colleagues. “I cannot determine guilt or innocence, but I can request that the government do our due diligence in investigating a situation that strikes me, and many members of Congress, as suspicious.” Slaughter separately has asked the Justice Department and judiciary’s administrative office to investigate. The high court has made no announcement on Thomas, but he has fully participated in the consideration of the health care appeals, and appears set to be involved in the arguments and subsequent rulings. — CNN

Chavez still battling cancer, Spanish newspaper says Cancer has spread in Hugo Chavez’s colon, spine and bones, and the Venezuelan president could have only nine months to live, Spain’s ABC newspaper reported Monday, citing medical records provided by unidentified intelligence sources. “His health appears to be deteriorating at a more rapid pace. Clearly there has been metastasis in the bones and the spine,” the ABC report says, citing what it said were doctors’ observations after medical tests Dec. 30. The newspaper did not divulge its sources or detail how it checked the information’s accuracy, and CNN was unable to verify the report. An official in Venezuela’s information ministry said the newspaper’s report was invalid and the government would not comment on its contents. In June, Chavez said doctors in Cuba had removed a cancerous tumor from his body but did not specify what type of cancer it was. He announced in October that treatment had cured him of cancer, but the govern-

ment has released few details about his health. “There are no malignant cells in this body. They don’t exist,” Chavez, 57, said at the time. The ABC newspaper report details what it says are doctors’ differing estimates of Chavez’s life expectancy during the course of his treatment. According to ABC, in June doctors diagnosed Chavez with prostate cancer but said he could live for five years or more with treatment. In late October, ABC says, the president’s medical team said the number of cancerous cells in his bone marrow had increased. In late December, according to the newspaper, doctors said they had found a tumor in Chavez’s colon. The president was refusing a more intense recommended treatment and could have only nine months to live, ABC says, citing medical records. Citing a Jan. 12 medical report, ABC says Chavez was receiving “increasing doses of

painkillers and stimulants that have helped him give the impression that he is stabilizing and have given him a high level of visibility.” A lawmaker from Chavez’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela mocked the newspaper report’s claims. “We have laughed a lot about this because they insist, but they are seeing a Chavez that is active, that is working, that is in front of the government, of the party, of the fight, of the problems of the people and who is demonstrating that he is healthy,” Aristobulo Isturiz said at a news conference broadcast on state television. Isturiz, who is vice president ofVenezuela’s National Assembly, noted that an energetic Chavez gave a state of the union speech that lasted more than nine hours earlier this month. The desires of political opponents of Chavez are fueling speculation, Isturiz told reporters. “Desires are one thing, and there are many who wish Chavez had not nine months, but one month [to live],” he said. — CNN

Giffords finishes ‘Congress on Your Corner’ event before resigning Rep. Gabrielle Giffords arrived Monday in Tucson, Ariz. to finish what she started — a “Congress on Your Corner” meeting that was interrupted by gunfire, a shooting rampage that left six people dead and Giffords with a gunshot wound to her head just over a year ago. The meeting comes just hours after Giffords, 41, announced on Sunday that she would resign from Congress this week — but not before finishing the “Congress on Your Corner” event. Two pictures of Giffords’ arrival were sent out to the public, one showing her being greeted by supporters at the event. Another, more emotional picture was later tweeted out: It showed Giffords hugging Daniel Hernandez, the staffer credited with saving her life. According to a statement from Giffords’ office, she will attend other private events later in the day to meet with her

staff, community members and those who were at the “Congress on Your Corner” event on Jan. 8, 2011. “A lot has happened over the past year. We cannot change that,” Giffords said in a video on her website, speaking in a halting manner. She said she will resign to continue her recuperation from the brain injury she suffered when she was shot. “I don’t remember much from that horrible day, but I will never forget the trust you placed in me to be your voice,” Giffords continues. “Thank you for your prayers and for giving me time to recover. I have more work to do on my recovery. So to do what is best for Arizona, I will step down this week.” Giffords, a Democrat, will submit a letter of resignation during the week to House Speaker John Boehner and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. Brewer told reporters Sunday that within 72 hours of receiving

that resignation, she expects to call a primary election sometime in April for political parties to pick their candidates for the state’s 8th Congressional District seat. That would be followed by a general election — likely in June, according to the governor. The winner will head to Congress for the rest of Giffords’ term, which ends in Jan. 2013. “Her recovery has been nothing less than a miracle,” said Brewer, noting she spoke with Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly, earlier Sunday about the decision. “Who knows what’s going to happen in the next two years? I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Gabby Giffords.” Before she steps down, Giffords will attend the State of the Union address Tuesday in Washington, her office said. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, the De m o c ra t i c Na t i o n a l Committee chair, told CNN that Giffords — a close friend —

came to the conclusion that she couldn’t devote her full energies to both her job and her recovery. The congresswoman’s recent return to Tucson for the oneyear anniversary of the shooting showed her “how challenging it would be. It came into focus then,” Wasserman Schultz said. “This decision is really quintessential Gabby Giffords,” she added. “She needed to step aside for herself, so that her constituents could get full-time representation. She cares about them so much, that was her No. 1 priority — taking care of them.” President Barack Obama was effusive in his praise for Giffords, saying she “embodies the very best of what public service should be.” He added that her “cheerful presence will be missed in Washington (and) she will remain an inspiration to all whose lives she touched — myself included.” — CNN

Calendar Tuesday, Jan. 24 Meetings ASOSU Senate, 7pm, MU 109A. Convenes to discuss student issues. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend. Recreational Sports, Noon-1:30pm, MU 110. Open Hearing. Public input for 2012-13 Recreational Sports budget.

Events The Pride Center, 3:30-4:30pm, The Pride Center. A discussion group focused on LGBTQ issues and topcs. Tea will be provided. Campus Recycling, 1-4pm, MU Steps. Help kick off the 2012 RecycleMania competition. Grab an event schedule, explore the styrofoam igloo and get your picture taken!

Wednesday, Jan. 25 Meetings ASOSU House of Representatives, 7pm, MU 211. Convenes to discuss student issues and concerns. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend. Baha’i Campus Association, 12:301pm, MU Talisman Room. Recharge your battery - Interfaith meditation, devotion and prayers - bring your favorite inspirational reading to share.

Events Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez, 4-5:30pm, Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez. What is Causa? Causa is an organization that helps promote latin@ issues, hispanic civil rights and human rights. Our guest speaker is Victor Mondragon.

Thursday, Jan. 26 Meetings Recreational Sports, 3-4pm, Dixon Conference Room. RecSports Board Meeting. Discussion and deliberation on 2012-13 Recreational Sports budget.

Friday, Jan. 27 Speakers Sustainable Energy Initiative, 7pm, LaSells Stewart Center. Bill Bradbury, former Secretary of State, will present “Global Warming Hits Home” and discuss conservation efforts in Oregon, job opportunities created by renewable energy and Oregon’s new energy economy.

Sunday, Jan. 29 Meetings Vegans & Vegetarians @ OSU, 5pm, SSC, 738 SW 15th St. We eat, chat and exchange recipes. All are welcome, even if you aren’t vegetarian.

Monday, Jan. 30 Meetings College Democrats, 5pm, MU Board Room. Come talk about current events, local campaigns and international news with like-minded people!

Tuesday, Jan. 31 Meetings ASOSU Senate, 7pm, MU 109A. Convenes to discuss student issues. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, Feb. 1 Meetings ASOSU House of Representatives, 7pm, MU 211. Convenes to discuss student issues and concerns. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend. Baha’i Campus Association, 12:301pm, MU Talisman Room. Recharge yourself – Bring your favorite inspirational reading, prayer or devotion to share in an interfaith surrounding.

Monday, Feb. 6 Meetings College Democrats, 5pm, MU Board Room. Come talk about current events, local campaigns and international news with like-minded people!

Tuesday, Feb. 7 Meetings ASOSU Senate, 7pm, MU 109A. Convenes to discuss student issues. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, Feb. 8 Meetings ASOSU House of Representatives, 7pm, MU 211. Convenes to discuss student issues and concerns. Students and student organization delegates are welcome to attend. Baha’i Campus Association, 12:301pm, MU Talisman Room. Interfaith meditation or devotions – bring your favorite inspirational reading to share.

Sunday, Feb. 12 Meetings Vegans & Vegetarians @ OSU, 5pm, SSC, 738 SW 15th St. We eat, chat and exchange recipes. All are welcome, even if you aren’t vegetarian. • 737-2231 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 • 3

New app “StreetSafe” provides campus night safety Smartphone application designed to accompany students in the dark By Martin Forde The Daily Barometer

New safety service lets students take an active role in their safety: App gives you “mobile personal security system” It’s a scene straight out of a horror movie: late at night, walking home alone. A shady individual appears to be following slowly in the distance; lurking not far behind. Unfortunately, this scenario is common on college campuses. A new safety product, known as StreetSafe, seeks to combat the issue. “StreetSafe is a unique service that turns any smartphone into a mobile personal security system,” said Pamela Epstein, account executive of StreetSafe. “It enables people to take a proactive role in their personal safety (and) gives you peace of mind, keeping you more focused and aware of your surroundings.” College students are “under the misconception that 911 can find you anytime, anywhere, and that’s really not the case,” said Tom Rissman, CEO and founder of the StreetSafe app. “911 can receive your location from your cell phone provider, but that can take up to six minutes,” Epstein said. “Some people don’t like scary statistics, but one that weighs heavily on me is that one in four women in college will be sexually assaulted in her time there,” Rissman said.

Preventative measures are key to ensuring are immediately dispatched to your location, all without you having to pick up your phone and safety at college. When students enroll in the service, they get speak with someone. The Department of Public Safety at Oregon an online profile where they fill in a name, age, description and any notable medical condi- State said, “A safe and secure environment is tions. In an emergency, StreetSafe is able to made possible through each member of the share this information with authorities, so they Oregon State University community’s involvecan pinpoint a student’s exact location using ment in crime prevention and sensible behavior.” Although additional safeyour phone’s GPS technology. ty initiatives may decrease the “It’s a one of a kind service,” risk for any emergencies, in Epstein said. “There’s really StreetSafe is a unique the end, “each person must nothing else out there like it.” There are two main parts service that turns any take responsibility to recognize one’s own vulnerabilof this service— the “Walk smartphone into ity to crime and reduce risks with Me” component and the through preventive action and a mobile personal “Silent Alarm”. The “Walk with cooperation with OSP.” Me” component is designed security system If interested in enrolling for a situation when you may in this service, you can visit be walking home from campus Pamela Epstein and view the and see something suspicious, StreetSafe account executive variety of different plans and or you just don’t feel comfortoptions they offer for college able. You simply click the students. Also, StreetSafe has green button from the app on your mobile device, and you are automatically generously offered the discount code BESAFE connected to a live, trained safety professional to the OSU community, which is good for 15 in your area, oftentimes an off-duty police offi- percent off the entire product. “In the grand cer. This professional will stay on the line with scheme of things, somebody’s paying an awful you the entire time until you reach your desti- lot of money to go to college. If you pay a small nation safely, and if the situation escalates they amount to stay safe while you’re there, it’s a relatively small investment,” Rissman added. can directly contact the authorities. “Even when walking with friends, you can feel The “Silent Alarm” feature is similar, but offers a much faster, more direct way to receive alone,” states StreetSafe’s website, and this is assistance. If an emergency arises, you just tap certainly the case. When emergency situations the red button on your phone’s app, and police arise, it can be hard to tell when you should




JOhn Zhang

make the right move and call 911. This product completely removes any indecisiveness on a student’s behalf, and gives you the extra tools you need to stay safe while away at school.

State of the Union to offer a ‘blueprint’ for the economy President Barack Obama will use Tuesday’s State of the Union address to frame the message of his re-election campaign. The annual speech to Congress will lay out in clear terms a theme he’s been repeating recently about economic inequality and a government that should ensure “a fair shake” for all. Democratic sources briefed on the draft speech say it will describe a “blueprint for an economy that’s built to last.” That blueprint will focus on manufacturing, energy, education and middle-class values, according to a video released on the Obama’s campaign website and Democratic sources who have been briefed on the address. A Democratic source briefed on the latest draft of the speech said Obama will include a series of proposals, including: — Tax reform so that wealthy Americans pay more and the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 expire — More refinancing for homeowners in trouble — Additional tax breaks for companies that bring back jobs to the United States — More clean energy incentives — Enhanced education and job-training initiatives, especially for high school graduates seeking technical degrees — Establishment of the so-called “Buffett Rule” that would set a minimum tax rate for people earning more than $1 million. The president has proposed such steps previously as part of his administration’s efforts to spur the nation’s still sluggish recovery from the recession. Given the treacherous state of the economy, the president’s campaign aides are attempting to make the theme of the upcoming election a choice about the role of government and the future of the

middle class — not a referendum on the president’s handling of the economy. They say this speech and its underlying theme — income inequality — go a long way to shaping that message. The president will continue to challenge Congress over the ongoing gridlock that blocked most elements of his jobs bill and embroiled Washington in a debt fight last summer. One Democratic official said the president will offer to work with Congress if Congress agrees to work with him. However, this official acknowledged that Obama’s tone will not differ significantly from the approach he’s taken in recent months when he’s attacked Republicans in Congress for general inaction. The speech will build on a theme the president laid out in Kansas last month — that in today’s economy, the game has been rigged against the nation’s middle class. Obama will say he wants to return to the “values” that define America, where hard work pays off and where responsibility — not recklessness — is rewarded. In a Dec. 6 address in Osawatomie, Kansas, Obama described stark differences between a Republican ideology he described as leaving people to fend for themselves and his vision of government that helps provide equal opportunity for all Americans regardless of where they begin in life. “It’s not a view that we should somehow turn back technology or put up walls around America,” Obama said. “It’s not a view that says we should punish profit or success or pretend that government knows how to fix all society’s problems. “It’s a view that says in America, we are greater together — when everyone engages in fair play, everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share.”

HOUSING n Continued from page 3

AHERN n Continued from page 3

Services Division. This lack of city-acknowledged historic ownership is why “no public process was required prior to building demolition,” Voice said. Previous tenants of the apartments were “formally notified in October of the construction project,” Stanton said. “Property managers assisted in the relocation of many of those tenants.” While questions have arisen regarding how this new housing will affect the mortgages of surrounding neighbors as well as more minute issues, like where all these new residents will park their cars, Stanton adheres to the notion that these new townhomes will only benefit Corvallis and the surrounding area. “Project housing parking is internal to the (structure)” and the architectural design provides what Stanton promises to be “street appeal to the neighborhood.” While demolition for the project is underway, meaning the World War II era apartments are already in the process of being eradicated, Voice said the building permit applications are still pending and under review. Regardless of the intended demographic of the new townhomes, it is difficult to miss the correlation between an expected increasing student population on campus and the new means to deal with this influx of students. Along with the goal of reaching a student population size between 30,000 and 35,000 students by 2025, other OSU goals seek to “promote economic development and social progress,” according to the OUS website. These townhomes are the start of just that.

thing quite atrocious.’ And the cadence matched supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Almost every song I write has a hook like that I’d catch. And once I get that hook, then the rest of the words of the song usually just flow really easily.” This single stroke of ingenuity sparked the creation of hundreds of metabolic melodies; 120 melodies, to be exact. “I found that I really liked to write the melodies, and I sort of use them as a teaching tool, so there’s real biochemistry that’s in them, and they’re focused on specific subjects. And they’re fun to sing in class.” Ahern is currently using his unconventional method in his lecture on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays this term.

Kelly Ward, staff reporter

Martin Forde, staff reporter, and Joce DeWitt, news editor



New app “StreetSafe” shown on a smart phone.

Democratic sources told CNN on Sunday that the bullet points of Obama’s blueprint will focus on American manufacturing, including “insourcing” — or bringing back jobs from overseas. The sources say he’ll argue that during his term, the United States has seen the manufacturing industry grow for the first time in 15 years — especially in the auto industry that he helped with bailout funds. On the topic of energy, the president will stress alternative energy development and energy independence from unfriendly nations. He’ll also tout his record of doubling fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. The address will include new proposals to prepare American workers and students for the jobs of the future. Obama will also suggest job training for the long-term unemployed and veterans, the sources said. He’ll also highlight his record of expanding Pell grants for college students. Throughout his speech, the president will weave in an emphasis on what his administration calls middle-class values, and that this is a make-orbreak moment for that segment of American society, likely putting it into stark terms, according to the sources. He’ll suggest that the United States has a choice to either become a place where only the wealthy succeed, or it can level the playing field and give everyone an opportunity. “They’re big ideas, because we’ve got to meet the moment, and this speech is going to be about how we do it,” the president’s preview video released over the weekend said. — CNN

Martin Forde, staff reporter 737-2231

SIFC n Continued from page 3 budget cycle, therefore no funds were allotted to cover the new expense. Rec Sports requested an additional $23,392 for the remainder of the 2011–12 academic year, and the MU requested an additional $22,000. Both requests were approved. The results of a budgetary review of Our Little Village, and Oregon State University childcare program were presented by committee representatives Alexandra LeziyMiller and Elliot Riesterer. The review and its results were extensive, though a primary point of interest was OLV’s working capital, which was defined, in simplified terms, as the department’s financial surplus. The committee reported that OLV’s working capital is currently $347,883, which is approximately 830 percent more than the Oregon University System’s recommended level. The review committee recommended that the current working capital might be used to help create additional childcare subsidies for the 2013 fiscal year. OSU students may apply for these subsidies to help cover the costs of childcare. The committee reported that another OSU childcare facility, Growing Oaks, will soon be closing. Additional subsidies would assist those whose children are currently attending the facility, providing the families with additional funding to seek out childcare elsewhere in Corvallis. Kristin Pugmire, senior reporter 737-2231

The Daily Barometer 4 •Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Editorial Board

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Sports Editor Managing Editor Photo Editor • 541-737-6376

What should be said in tonight’s State of the Union Address T

onight, President Barack Obama will announce his candidacy for the White House in 2012. Despite not being in the same room for quite some time, Congress will listen, applaud and quickly rebuttal the flat and fickle points of our leader’s campaign — from last year and beyond. No one Union stands out over another, no one Union ever kick starts the engine to recovery or cooperation, especially in our state of affairs. But it doesn’t mean Obama can’t be brutally honest, all while getting people back on the bandwagon. To both set up his next four years — for himself and his Congress — and wean the American people from a dejected to auspicious state, he could simply get real. Concede 2012. It’s not to say Obama hasn’t tried — it’s not a president’s job to create policy — rather come to terms, respect the country and simply admit that American can expect more of the same from last year. Absolutely nothing will get done in 2012. And this goes far beyond the

“leadership” of a president. The U.S. House has been on recess since Dec. 9, only just reconvening last Tuesday and the U.S. Senate since Dec. 30, coming back just yesterday. The stress has clearly gotten to them. But did anything change? If the Congress leaves for a few months, does anyone notice? The answer is no. We should be worried their first day back is met with an absolute rejection of their proposed legislation, SOPA/PIPA. Do not acknowledge the GOP nomination race. We realize how absurd our political process is. We can see how weak and befuddled the candidates are. But mentioning the GOP race subsequently admits you’re well aware — and prepared — of the 2012 presidential bid, revealing a sort of vanity about the federal government. And that’s just something most of us don’t want to believe at this moment. Defend the pipeline rejection. Despite job estimations and foreign involvement, proponents will

Editorial continue to hammer on this rejection until Obama finally defends his action with some legitimate basis, which was made available by his own Department of Energy’s Assessment Report on the pipeline and its production. It won’t take a lot to make opponents — such as House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — quiet down the criticism; they don’t have any real defense of the project either. It’s easy to shut them up. But instead, Obama chose to blame the rejection on the “arbitrary deadline” set by the GOP on the approval, playing right into this juvenile, callow form of government we know as politics. In return, he gets the best: Boehner admitted to Chris Wallace of Fox News on Sunday, “Every option is on the table. We are going to do everything we can to try to make sure that this Keystone pipeline is, in fact, approved.” To Wallace’s question if

the House GOP would “link” the project to an extension of the payroll tax cut, Boehner could only hint: “We may.” Admit that America will likely be in Iran within the next year. It’s sad when one country feels the need to police another over rights to have nukes — freedom plays in the States, but doesn’t count overseas — but we know Obama has been on a roll in foreign affairs. Setting up the year with a realistic, probable plan only makes Obama that much harder to beat on defense and foreign relations. And no one could have seen it coming — his supporters against the war, or his opponents for defense spending — when he took office. It’s something people can take him seriously in. Or at least know he’ll follow through on, despite Guantanamo, which is more of a social and legal issue than military. Accept that the Affordable Care Act will dominate debate for another next two years — no matter how the Supreme Court ultimately rules. They deem it constitutional and

the GOP — even health care policy splits between party lines today — only ramps up efforts to ride a veto through the Congress. They deem it unconstitutional and Obama’s got a new platform to run on for 2012: Reimagining the Affordable Care Act, despite Republican opposition. Don’t announce a new grand idea to stimulate America’s economy. It only makes matters worse in the next year — hope, expectations and all that junk the government relies upon. Besides, we saw how well that “We do big things” idea of jumpstarting the new, efficient public transit system across the nation went last year. Don’t call America exceptional; don’t say the American people are frustrated, struggling and angry; don’t repeat what any other politician — past or peer — has said before you. And then, only then, can the president ask: Does anyone take any of this seriously? t

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Effective use of public protest Importance of the Union address


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Leineweber The Pen is Mightier protests may be a little overdone or overdue for their ending, their effectiveness is hard to argue with. It has been a long time since a congressional bill has been brought to the attention of millions across the nation in such a manner. Often, the general populace is not aware of a lot of legislation until bills are passed, resulting in acts that many are unhappy with but can do nothing about. What the SOPA/PIPA protests were able to do was call attention to an unpopular bill well before voting and coordinate a widespread protest to announce their opposition. Through the shutdown of popular websites, and good old-fashioned letter-writing campaigns, the congressional support of the bill swung dramatically against it, as elected officials got the message that this was important for their re-election. It is easy in today’s society to think that we cannot influence the affairs of Washington. We elect our officials every few years and then forget about them, or don’t keep tabs on what they actually do. The daily or weekly actions of elected officials and the bills voted for regularly go unnoticed or with-

out consideration by much of the population. What is done in Congress seems to stay in Congress, and besides sending our representatives, we can’t do too much about it. But regardless of your stance on the bills, the SOPA/PIPA protests have shown that the population can in fact have a say in the passage, or refusal, of legislation. Over the years, political protests have become a staple of the American political system, where likeminded and upset citizens with an agenda rally together to voice their disapproval of the government. Often these protests fall on deaf ears, or are not seen through to their intended completion, such as the Occupy movement. But when protest movements rally to a certain piece of legislation is when they are most effective. In the eyes of many Internet users, and voters, the political lives of congressional leaders would live and die by their SOPA/PIPA vote. By holding senators and representatives accountable for their votes on crucial pieces of legislation, the people can sway the law of the land more than we thought was possible. Because really, shouldn’t listening to what the people want be the whole point of government? What a concept. t Charles Leineweber is a junior in psychology. The opinions expressed in his columns do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Barometer staff. Leineweber can be reached at


nce again, the time has come for our televisions to be usurped during our favorite evening programs to listen to the president yap on about how this isn’t his fault, things will get better, and here are some positives while he was in office. On Tuesday, the president will have his State of the Union address highlighting a wide variety of issues. Before anyone gets upset about how television is now going to be unwatchable for an hour or so as congress claps every 15 seconds while the president talks, people should seriously consider the importance of this address. The State of the Union address used to be exclusive. Before television or radio, the American people had no idea what the president had on his mind. Only after the advent of the television set were Americans finally able to get a glimpse as to the way the president viewed the status of the country and the direction he was taking it. Sure, we get glimpses of the president’s thoughts and concerns throughout the year, but the address is almost two hours of unadulterated time with the president. No news anchors guiding the questions, no political pundits attacking while he is speaking — most of the time — this is our chance as citizens of the United States to see the affairs of the country through

people to truly consider our recent issues. It shows citizens exactly what the president considers to be his top Robert priorities and how he views past mistakes. As a show of civic responsibility, people Rebel without a pulse should watch to decide if the the eyes of the president. We president is taking our counshould be happy and ecstatic try in the right direction — a to listen to a boring mono- direction that will bring about tone speech from the presi- the prosperity of the United dent, simply because of the States and its people. After watching the address, honor of getting his perspecwe can then write our senative directly. Furthermore, Americans tors, congressmen, and even have achieved a level of com- the president himself about placency that many other our agreements or disagreements with countries the issues aren’t afforddiscussed ed. Here in As a show of during the the United address. States, bashcivic responsibility, Then we ing the counpeople should watch can take try is almost to decide if the our voice to a pastime; the polls to you could president is taking vote on the a l m o s t our country in the issues that consider lead America it the sign right direction... forward, not of a “True backwards. American.” We then We talk have the about how we hate the politicians, the opportunity to remove those government, hate the newly greedy self-centered politicreated policies and bills like cians from the offices that SOPA, but fail to use our civic grant them more power than responsibility to help form it should. The year is 2012, and our own country. Instead of trying to make a country we America has barely crawled can be proud of, we just talk out of the dark hole it started about the things we hate, and in. We still don’t have equal continue to let them happen. rights for all citizens, we The State of the Union See FIX | page 6 Address allows the American





f at any point last Wednesday you tried to find some need-to-know information on Wikipedia or waste time on Reddit, you would have been met with a blacked-out screen and a closed website. This was done by many websites around the internet in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills being considered in Congress. If there is anything to learn besides the fact that the vast majority of Internet users, which is a good chunk of the population, hated the bills, it’s that an organized and effective protest can actually work to change the course of politics. The bills were aimed at eliminating online piracy, but held powerful side effects that many in the Internet community felt was a gateway to government censorship. In protest, many popular websites went down on Wednesday. In the days following, support for the bills plummeted among congressmen and senators and SOPA was even scrapped. Where countless other protests, such as Tea Parties or Occupys, have gone wrong, the internet protest went right. Instead of tackling generic, political issues that many people do not understand or cannot act to change, such as those the Tea Party and Occupy movements promote, the recent Internet protest took advantage of a tangible bill people could get behind in opposition. While some of the Internet

Always need to consider safety, even on vacations T

he vivid images of the elegant cruise ship, Costa Concordia, sinking to the depths off the western Italian coast last week certainly left a scarring picture in my mind — passengers young and old still dressed in their finest outfits for dinner, huddled up in lifeboats, the ship’s winding slide slipping right into the watery depths, foreigners running up and down the slanted deck, yelling to loved ones in different languages. The chaos that ensued after the

admit that I am slightly apprehensive about stepping aboard after last week’s tragedy. With today’s modern technolSarah ogy, how is it that such a great ship could sink? But the more concerning issue — why did eleven people die? On the Bright Side Certainly, despite the ship’s giant cruise liner hit rocks and start- advancements in predicting foul ed sinking off the Italian coast has weather patterns and steering the left everyone from frequent travelers boat in the correct direction, accito homebodies flabbergasted. With dents happen. Experts claim that the a cruise planned to Mexico over ship’s sinking was a result of running spring break, my very first one, I’ll into hidden rocks that left the ship


on its side. Nevertheless, it would seem that such a prestigious ship should have had a more efficient evacuation system. According to passengers that survived the tragedy, a practice evacuation had been planned. But it was for Saturday, a day after the cruise ship had sunk. Indeed, passengers did attend a brief safety lecture, but many passengers thought it was far from informative, rather it felt like See PAETH | page 6 • 737-2231 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 • 5

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6• Tuesday, January 24, 2012 • 737-2231

Severe weather rakes Southeast; 2 dead in Alabama Severe weather tore across the Southeast early Monday, killing at least two people, injuring more than 100 and spreading damage through several states, emergency officials said. The two fatalities reported were near Birmingham, Ala., according to Sgt. Jack Self of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. One was a 16-year-old in Clay, northeast of the city, and the second was an 82-year-old man in the Oak Grove community west of Birmingham, Self said. The teenager was a female, Self said, although the fatality was initially reported as a male. Authorities believe the same storm, which struck about 3:30 a.m., was responsible for both deaths, he said. At least 100 injuries were report-

PAETH n Continued from page 4 promotional sales pitch for off-shore excursions. Some hadn’t even had the safety briefing yet, according to other passengers. And though most of the passengers made it to shore safely, at least eleven passengers did not. The Costa Cruise line is well known for hosting many travelers from all over the world — up to eight different languages were spoken on the boat. The crew members’ disconnect in communication and lack of instruction contributed to the tragedy, as many passengers couldn’t understand the evacuation orders. Though the sinking of the Costa Concordia comes as a nasty shock to many of us, I won’t be cancelling my cruise ticket just yet. This tragedy serves as a painful reminder to us all that when traveling: we are ultimately responsible for our own actions. Costa Concordia should have had a more detailed and descriptive evacuation


ed, from cuts and bruises to broken bones, Self said. And at least 211 homes were destroyed and 218 suffered major damage in Jefferson County, according to Alabama Red Cross spokesman Chris Olson. That number is expected to rise. Emergency crews were working to locate people who may be trapped or injured and to clear roads, several of which were impassable, the sheriff’s office said. Video from the Center Point area, also northeast of Birmingham near Clay, showed numerous downed trees, some on top of homes. People had to step over trees as they made their way down a residential street. An EF-3 tornado struck the town of Clay, the National Weather Service confirmed late Monday. Wind speeds

plan and safety briefing, but passengers should have also assumed more responsibility for their safety. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a trip on the sea, travelers often feel that vacation means they don’t have to worry about safety or “think about the worst.� No matter if it’s a new area or a place you’ve been to a million times before, it remains imperative that travelers understand the proper safety protocols. Being aware of one’s safety can be as simple as looking at the evacuation map, knowing where the CPR kit is, or knowing who to call in the event of an emergency. If clarification is needed, then the passenger needs to assume responsibility and get his questions answered. The Costa Concordia accident was just that — an accident. Though tragic, we can’t place all the blame on the captain by claiming he’s incapable of steering. Nor is it fair to claim that the passengers were naively bumbling about with their life jackets

from the twister were estimated at 150 miles per hour. “The whole house just shook,� Mary Mann told CNN affiliate WVTM. “We were all in the back bedroom praying to God to put his angels around us. We made it out, but ... the devastation.� One resident told WVTM he and his family had sought shelter in his home’s basement when the house’s front door came “flying by us. We made it just in the nick of time.� The man, who was not identified, grew emotional as he told the station, “We’ve lost our house, but at least ... we’ve got our family, and that’s all that matters right now.� A photo from one Clay subdivision showed a number of homes heavily damaged or destroyed, with debris strewn across the neighborhood and trees snapped in half.

FIX n Continued from page 4

on backwards. When traveling, it’s important to remember that we can only rely on tour guides and travel companies so much. Ultimately, the safety and well-being of a passenger is the responsibility of the passenger. Come spring break, I look forward to basking on the deck of the cruise ship with a fruity drink in one hand and the latest Sophia Kinsella novel in the other. I can’t wait to get a tan, explore Mexico’s open-air markets with my family and swim in the Infinity Pool. When all is said and done, cruises are a safe and fun form of travel. As with all trips, it’s important to remember that safety is still the number one priority. I’m not letting this tragedy dampen the spirit of my spring break fun, but rest assured I won’t truly relax until I know the emergency evacuation plan and understand where the lifeboats are.

have failing education, corrupt healthcare system with doctors and insurance agencies, and we don’t even allow people privacy in their own bedrooms and homes. The fact that we still don’t have equal marriage rights for homosexual couples is reprehensible; that we allow our children to play video games instead of doing their homework, that we haven’t created a healthcare system that treats doctors and patients with respect, allowing everyone to get medical treatment is appalling. Regardless of your moral beliefs or political affiliations, you are an American citizen, and the United States makes the claim to be a country that is the beacon of freedom and equality, yet we can’t get past ignorant religious ideologies, or pathetic party beliefs. Watch the State of the Union Address and assess the ideas of the president. Is he really taking the United States of America in the right direction? Is he paving a way for the country to be prosperous, to live up to the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? If not, then do something,


Sarah Paeth is a senior in public health. The opinions expressed in her columns do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Barometer staff. Paeth can be reached at

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Several organizations, including the Salvation Army and the Red Cross, said on Twitter they were sending teams to aid storm victims. Several shelters were open in Jefferson County, the sheriff’s office said. Terri Nichols spoke to CNN in Clay, where she was helping neighbors sort through the debris. “As bad as it looks, they’re fortunate that they have their lives,� she said, standing amid piles of wood that had once been homes. Damage was also reported in Perry and Chilton counties, south of Birmingham in the central part of the state. Some 14 homes were destroyed and 38 homes damaged in the Chilton County town of Maplesville, the county’s emergency management agency said, but no one was injured. Art Faulkner, director of the Alabama




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put the United States on the proper path, not a liberal or conservative one, but a path that allows you to live freely and allows your neighbor the same rights and freedoms you’ve given yourself. There was a time when the vote meant something, when the state of this country meant something; Malcolm X gave his speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet,� warning that if AfricanAmericans failed to receive equality, then they were going to take it. What happened to that fire? What happened to the belief that the ballot was the ultimate protest, the greatest use of your voice? For the most part, people

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used to make informed decisions about the votes they casted, now we can’t be bothered to even read the measures or vote for that matter. We need a change in attitude. Watch the State of the Union Address, not the edited highlight that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart will mock on their shows, but the actual address. Take note of the direction this country is heading, use your voice to guide the United States in a better direction, then use your vote to ensure we stay in that direction.


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Emergency Management Agency, told CNN officials are focused on several areas, including Center Point, Oak Grove and the town of Trussville, also northeast of Birmingham, as well as Maplesville. Search and rescue operations were ongoing, he said. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley declared a state of emergency for all of Alabama’s 67 counties, meaning state resources can be called upon to assist local officials, Faulkner said. Seven Alabama counties reported storm damage, with the majority in Jefferson and Chilton counties, said Yasamie August of the Alabama Emergency Management Agency. By Monday evening, 12,300 customers statewide were without power — the majority in Jefferson County — Alabama Power said on Twitter. — CNN


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Q: I imagine you had numerous offers after leaving Iowa and winning three national championships there. Why did you choose OSU? I felt it was a great fit for me. I like the environment and the school’s sense of community and hardworking aspects. We’re kind of a blue-collar school, and I enjoy all of the things associated with this school. I like the working degrees that you can get, like agriculture. I just like everything about the school. The athletic department and the people are ultimately what make it great for me. Q: Is it similar to Iowa in that way? A: You know I think it’s a little different. I think it’s better for me personally. I think it’s a better fit for me. Q: What about the weather? A: It’s way better (laughs). Q: You prefer the rain to the snow then? A: I prefer the rain to the snow, and

the humidity in the summers is brutal want to see kids continue to grow and win national titles, but more importantly, in Iowa. Q: In your six years here, you’ve had grow as human beings. Seeing them win some outstanding wrestlers. Do any championships and succeed later in life is what it’s all about. stand out in particular? Q: How would you A: I like the guys on the fare today in college Oh, it wouldn’t team this year. There have wrestling? been some great ones over even be a match A: I think I’d fare my six years but I’m real(versus Clayton Jack). pretty well. I’d have ly excited about the guys now. Guys like Clayton I’d win, no question. to adjust to some of the new techniques, Jack, Michael Mangrum, Make sure you but I think I would R.J. Pena, (Scott) Sakaguchi. do fine. They have some goals and print that, too. Q: I know Clayton I think they can achieve Jack is a heavythem. Seeing those guys - Jim Zalesky weight, but do you start as freshmen and progWrestling head coach think you could take ress to the wrestlers they him in your prime? are now is great for me. A: [Laughs] Oh, it Q: You’ve accomplished pretty much every individual accolade the sport has wouldn’t even be a match. Q: He’d win? to offer. What else is there left for you to A: No I’d win, no question. Make sure do in wrestling? A: I think there’s always more to accom- you print that, too. (Laughs) plish. It’s not about me at this point; it’s Andrew Kilstrom, sports writer about this team and the kids we have. I



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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 • 7

Pac-12 standings

1. Oregon St. 2. Stanford 3. Cal Poly 4. Arizona St. 5. Boise St. 6. Cal St. Bakersfield

4-0 3-0 2-2 1-1 3-4 1-4

7-2 8-5 4-5 5-9 3-7 2-5

11/18 11/20 11/25 12/10 12/11 01/08 01/15 01/20 OSU individual stats Record: Clayton Jack (28-1), Mike 01/22 Mangrum (28-2), Scott Sakaguchi (27- 01/27 01/29 5), RJ Pena (23-8), Pat Rollins (21-11) Pins: RJ Pena (18), Clayton Jack (13), 02/03 Mike Mangrum (10), Pat Rollins (8)

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Pac-12 standings 1. Cal 2. Oregon 3. Colorado 4. Washington 5. Stanford 6. Arizona 7. WSU 8. UCLA 9. OSU 10. ASU 11. Utah 12. USC

6-2 6-2 5-2 5-2 5-3 4-3 3-4 3-4 3-5 2-5 2-5 0-7

16-5 15-5 13-6 12-7 15-5 13-7 11-8 10-9 13-7 6-13 5-14 5-15

OSU individual stats

Women’s Basketball Pac-12 standings

1. Stanford 2. Cal 3. USC 4. ASU 5. Colorado 6. WSU 7. UCLA 8. OSU 9. Oregon 10. Arizona 11. WSU 12. Utah

6-0 4-1 4-2 3-2 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-4 2-4 1-4

15-1 9-6 13-5 9-8 13-3 7-9 13-4 11-5 10-5 11-6 10-8 8-8

OSU individual stats

Gibson, A Marchbanks, E Bright, P Martin, A Indendi, S

PPG RPG APG 12.4 4.3 2.8 12.0 6.8 3.6 9.6 5.1 0.2 8.6 3.3 1.9 7.5 4.1 2.7

Last four, next four

Last four: 01/12 ASU 01/14 Arizona 01/19 @ UCLA 01/21 @ USC (OT) Next four: 01/28 Oregon 02/02 Colorado 02/04 Utah 02/09 @ WSU

W, 56-51 L, 58-56 L, 69-60 W, 65-61

Cunningham, J Starks, A Collier, D Nelson, R Brandt, A

PPG RPG APG 17.8 3.7 3.0 13.5 2.3 2.7 13.2 4.9 2.0 10.1 3.2 2.7 9.5 3.3 1.5

Last four, next four Last four: 01/12 @ Arizona L, 81-73 (OT) 01/14 @ ASU L, 76-66 01/19 UCLA W, 87-84 01/21 USC W, 78-59 Next four: 01/29 @ Oregon 02/02 @ Colorado 02/04 @ Utah 02/09 WSU

Gymnastics National rankings (top 10)

T1. Arkansas T1. UCLA 3. Utah 4. Nebraska 5. Oklahoma 6. Alabama 7. Georgia 8. Florida 9. Penn State 10. Oregon St. • Bars (T-3rd) • Floor (3rd) • Beam (17th) • Vault (18th)

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OSU individuals in top 20

Leslie Mak • 1st (beam) • 7th (all-around) • T-9th (bars) • T-13th (floor) Melanie Jones • T-13th (floor) Brittany Harris • T-15th (bars)

Makayla Stambaugh • T-20th (floor)


! All are welcome to review the ow r r 2012-2013 budget proposal. omo T

Basketball W, 44-6 W, 32-10 L, 21-18 W, 45-4 W, 36-6 W, 32-18 L, 23-22 W, 35-9 W, 20-13

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8 • Tuesday, January 24, 2012



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All-arounders aplenty at Oregon St. Mak, Stambaugh, Harris and Tang each compete in all four events, a rare thing for a team as loaded as Oregon State

“To have that many allarounders on a team, it means that we have a lot of talent on this team, and we’re not stronger on just one event,” Stambaugh By Warner Strausbaugh, sports writer said. “We’re not strong on The Daily Barometer just bars, and just floor, Vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor we’re all so strong on all routines are four events in the rotation at a four events.” gymnastics meet. While one could imagine competing in just one or two of these would “They focus their enerprove to be a difficult task, competing in all four Makayla Stambaugh gies and make the best out is not seen very often. of every event,” said Head Junior Oregon State is a different breed; with four Coach Tanya Chaplin. regular “all-arounders,” the Beavers prove to The grind that comes with being all-arounder have some of the best athletes in the sport. is not an easy one, but it is a challenge the Senior Leslie Mak, junior Oregon State University gymnasts are up to. Makayla Stambaugh “It takes a lot of strength,” Harris said. “Some and sophomore Brittany days you come in and it will be hard, or your Harris are all regular allarounders for the team, body will hurt, and you just have to do all showcasing a wide vari- the events. But it’s worth it because when ety of talent in all four dif- you’re competing, you can’t feel anything, it’s ferent aspects of a gym- indescribable.” nastics meet. Freshman “We have quite a few this Chelsea Tang competed in year,” said Associate Head all four events for the first Coach Michael Chaplin. time Friday against the “And they’re doing a great University of Arizona. job and hopefully they can Leslie Mak “To be able to compete keep pushing through the Senior in all four events — it’s a whole season, because it’s privilege because you get very difficult to do it for the to showcase all of your skills, everything you whole year.” can pretty much do on each event,” Stambaugh Injuries or wearing down said. as the grind of the season Chelsea Tang After their first meet against the University goes on is always a conFreshman of Oklahoma, three of Oregon State’s four all- cern for the all-arounders. arounders (Mak, Stambaugh and Harris) were There is so much weight in the top 12 nationally. on the gymnasts who do all-around because After Friday’s meet, Stambaugh and Harris they are competing in a majority of the team’s dropped out of the top 20, while 7th-ranked routines. With only six spots for each event, and Mak managed to stay in the top 10. four doing all-around, that is already “I think it’s an honor,” Harris said. two-thirds of the team right there. “Just to be able to represent my team Heavily relying on a few gymnasts on one or all four events is a huge is not ideal, but it also shows how honor, and I just appreciate the talented the all-arounders are. opportunity.” “It’s pretty remarkable because for While the honor is great for them, a competitive team, it should be very competing in all-around takes tredifficult to make the lineup,” Michael mendous effort and discipline Chaplin said. “That’s kind of a sign because of having to do so many of when you’re a top 10 team — it more tasks. It is commonplace for should be hard to make our lineups. most gymnasts to compete in two or Brittany Harris three events. It’s rarer to be able to do And if you can do it on all four events, Sophomore all four, and to do them well. that’s a pretty good sign.” n




Freshman Chelsea Tang competing on the beam in the season-opener versus Oklahoma. Last week in Tucson, Tang competed on four events, making her the team’s fourth all-arounder. Oklahoma had no one competing in all-around, do all four events,” Tanya Chaplin said. and Arizona had two, it won’t be common to see With a bevy of all-arounders, Oregon State is four gymnasts doing all-around every meet of the primed for another excellent season, sitting at season like the Beavers are doing. No. 10 nationally after a 2-0 start. It’s no accident that there are so many allWarner Strausbaugh, sports writer arounders in Corvallis, though. “When we recruit them, we recruit them to

oaches orner Jim Zalesky By Andrew Kilstrom The Daily Barometer

Jim Zalesky is in his sixth season as the head coach of Oregon State wrestling. He has won 73 dual meets at Oregon State University, good for third in program history. He has 200 dual wins for his career, including three national championships as the head coach at the University of Iowa. Zalesky also won three national championships in the 158-pound weight class as a student-athlete at Iowa, and was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004. Zalesky recently sat down with The Daily Barometer’s Andrew Kilstrom, who asked what Zalesky possibly has left to accomplish and whether or not he would beat current Beaver heavyweight Clayton Jack. Q: When did you first start wrestling? A: I started in the seventh grade. I grew up playing basketball and football, but when my brother got into wrestling I got into it as well. Q: It’s not usually the first sport kids choose, but did it click right away for you? A: Yeah, it clicked right away for me. I just like the one-on-one competitiveness. It was one of those sports where it’s either going to click or not at all, and it did for me right away. Q: Obviously you had incredible success at Iowa, winning three national championships. What do you remember about that time being a student-athlete?

A: I just remember being on a team with a lot of guys that had the same goals as me of being national champions. That was the expectation, and if you made the team you were expected to compete for a national title. Q: Winning an individual national championship has to be the ultimate thrill. What’s it feel like to be the best at your sport? A: It’s one of those things that you dream about and you’re always thinking Jim Zalesky about. The accomplishment and feeling of achieving it is unbelievable. It’s a natural high that you just can’t get anywhere else. Q: How does winning an individual championship compare to winning one as a coach? A: I think it’s the same. Both were unique experiences of equal gratification for me. Q: Do you prefer coaching or competing? A: I like coaching and competing, but what I like about coaching is helping other guys reach their goals. I get just as much satisfaction out of seeing other guys train hard, work hard and win than I did accomplishing those things myself. Probably even more so than when I was competing, actually. Q: What kind of an honor was it to be inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of



He’s won three national titles as a coach and three national titles as a student-athlete, but Jim Zalesky still feels like he has more to accomplish. Fame? A: It was a great honor. You know, I grew up reading about all of the guys in that hall of fame. I love history, especially wrestling history, and you want to be a part of the history of your sport, so being inducted into that group was a big honor for me. Q: I read that you were named the Wrestler of the Decade for the ’80s. How gratifying

was that? A: Yeah, a while back ‘Amateur Wrestling’ named me the Wrestler of the Decade, which was a great honor. It meant quite a bit because you look at the ’80s and there were some great, great wrestlers. To be even mentioned as one of the best is truly thrilling. See ZALESKY | page 7


The Daily Barometer Jan. 24, 2012