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Kaavalan Movie Review, Kaavalan Puts Vijay Back on Track The lover boy image of Vijay took a serious setback with his past few movies where he was portrayed as some type of super human being saving masses in trouble. Kaavalan brings back the cute Vijay we have seen in “Kadhaluku Mariadhai” and “Thullatha Manamum Thullum”. Sidiqque the director of the film “Friends” has prepared Kaavalan by mixing “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and his own stuff equally. Since Kaavalan was not released on the 14th along with other Pongal releases, Vijay fans feared the release of the film will be delayed further. But they managed to release the project on 15th after much hustle and bustle. But the film is a typical entertainer.

The first half is full of comedy. Vijay is obsessed with anti-heroic and violent characters right from his childhood. He makes it his life’s aim to protect them and act as their bodyguard. He gets fascinated by Rajkiran and pleads to be his bodyguard. He is assigned the duty of taking care of RajKiran’s daughter Asin. Asin hates her body guard who follows her on every step. What follows is a series of hilarious incidents leaving the fans laugh their heart out. Asin and her friend Mithra Kurian trap Vijay by making him believe a girl is in love with him by talking to him continuously on phone. Vijay also falls for the imaginary girl, while Asin starts falling in love with her innocent yet efficient bodyguard.

Vijay has shown the audience he is not only fit for doing mass hero roles. He has lot of scope to show innocence, love, anxiety and anger in this film. The songs are absolutely good with his stunning dance performances. The Asin-Vijay combination has worked out once again. As fate interludes the love of the couple, Vijay is made to believe that it is Mithra Kurian who loved

Vijay and talked to him over phone, not Asin and the duo elopes to start a new life. What follows is a touching climax which will bring tears to many people’s eyes. Vijay returns back after a few years with his child in search of his real love.

The film has commercial items to make it a grand success. Vidyasagar’s music, Vadivelu’s comedy, Ekambaram’s talented cinematography and sizzling Asin along with the beautiful Mithra Kurian everybody have contributed their due share to the film. This film will be a definite feast to the Tamil fans on the festive season. Verdict : Kaavalan - The worth watching Tamil Movie

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