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Happy Valentine’s Day

Cecil & Steve

Happy Valentine’s Day


Sophie & Charlie


Happy Valentine’s Day

Kaya & Caleb

Happy Valentine’s Day


After Midnight


“You only live once, best to make the most of every moment! - Bane Lockhart




Love Meter

Whether love is all you need or you’re a “Miss Independent”, being in love is a whole new world with every relationship. You might be in a passionate affair or a friends-for-life 30-year marriage, but understanding the kind of love you’re in or used to be in will help you live happily ever after. Take the quizzes on the next pages to discover your love style! 17

How well do you kiss? Find out your kissing style now!

Add up the points and calculate your score at the end.


1. Do you alter the speed when kissing? A. Sometimes. (+3) B. Most of the time; depends on the mood. (+6) C. Yes. It’s important to get it just right. (+10) D. No. I prefer to keep it fast. (+7) 2. Do you think technique is important when kissing? A. Definitely. However, I feel my technique is not good enough. (+2) B. Most of the time. But sometimes it is simply kissing. (+5) C. Yes. It’s important to kiss the right places at the right time and strength. (+10) D. Not really. There is not much technique involved! (+8) 3. Do you gaze at your partner when kissing? A. Sometimes. (+10) B. No. I keep my eyes shut and enjoy. (+3) C. Most of the time. (+6) D. Yes. (+7) 4. Do you like to French kiss? A. Not really. It’s a bit too rough. (+2) B. I like it most of the time. (+5) C. Yes. But I like to kiss differently too. (+8) D. Definitely. It is more passionate. (+10) 5. Do you think about getting hotter when kissing? A. No. (+2) B. Most of the time. (+7) C. Sometimes it depends on the mood. (+6) D. Definitely. (+10)


6. Do you prefer to kiss in private? A. Definitely. (+10) B. Depends on my mood. (+5) C. Not really. (+8) D. Usually. (+2) 7. Do you gently touch your partner before kissing? A. No. (+2) B. Most of the time. (+5) C. Yes. It is very sensual (+10) D. Sometimes. (+8) 8. Do you enjoy gentle kisses on the lips? A. Most of the time. (+3) B. Yes. It’s very nice. (+10) C. Sometimes. (+6) D. Not really. I prefer hard forceful ones. (+7) 9. Do you have violent tongue action when you kiss? A. Never I’m gentle all the way. (+10) B. No. I prefer to keep it slow. (+5) C. Sometimes. (+3) D. Yes. It is very passionate. (+8) 10. Does one kiss lead to many kisses? A. Sometimes. (+7) B. Most of the time (+6) C. Yes definitely. (+10) D. No. (+3)


Shy Kisser (Score: 01 – 25) You are a Shy Kisser. Why so shy? That’s okay maybe it’s just because you’re just being yourself and kissing isn’t sparking for you. When you kiss someone you’re supposed to be with, you’ll feel that certain spark and you’ll want to kiss all the time. For now just practice and hopefully you’ll find that special someone. Romantic Kisser (Score: 26 – 50) You are a Romantic Kisser. Good for you! You know how to kiss and hopefully you have a certain someone to experience a surge of happiness with. If not, it doesn’t hurt to flirt kiss a little. Just don’t get carried away. Romantic kissing is always a plus! Kissing is an art keep it up and you’ll be really good! Aggressive Kisser (Score: 51 - 75) You are an Aggressive Kisser. You impose yourself on your partner when kissing. Sometimes it is a bit of over enthusiasm on your part but you’re simply being passionate. However, remember that it is not right to impose your passion on others and we hope you’ll be able to find another as passionate person to match your fiery love. Perfect Kisser (Score: 76 – 100) You are a Perfect Kisser. It’s good to experiment with kissing. You’ve about perfected the art of kissing. It’s fun to do! For those of you who didn’t know, some studies show the bigger the lips the better the kisser. Just remember gentle kisses on the lips, and some tongue, and altering the speed etc., can feel really good too.


What’s your sex style in bed? Take this quiz to find out!

Add up the points and calculate your score at the end.


1. How many times do you want to have sex in a week? A. Zero. (+2) B. As many times my partner wants. (+5) C. 2 to 3 times. (+7) D. As many times as possible. (+10) 2. How many times do you actually have sex in a week? A. Zero. (+3) B. As many times my partner wants. (+6) C. 2 to 3 times. (+8) D. As many times as possible. (+10) 3. How much of the time do you initiate sexual contact with your partner? A. 0% (+2) B. 50%-50%. I believe in equal treatment even under the sheets. (+7) C. All the time! (+5) D. When the timing is right. (+10) 4. How long does sex last normally? A. 0 to 5 minutes; done in a flash! (+2) B. About 20 minutes. (+6) C. Half an hour. (+10) D. Over an hour; I enjoy foreplay. (+8) 5. How many positions do you try during sex? A. 1 position is all I need. (+3) B. 2 to 5 it depends on the situation…and place. (+6) C. All kinds! I love experimenting! (+10) D. I pull just my favorite from my bag of tricks. (+8)


6. What’s your favorite sex position? A. Missionary position. (+2) B. Any position that my partner likes. (+6) C. 69 definitely! (+10) D. Doggy style. (+7) 7. Where is your favorite location for sex? A. On the bed. (+3) B. On the floor. (+10) C. On the sofa. (+8) D. Anywhere, anytime. (+6) 8. What’s your sexual fantasy? A. I don’t fantasize. (+3) B. Sex in public. (+7) C. My partner in uniform. (+5) D. A threesome. (+10) 9. Oral sex is… A. Disgusting. (+2) B. Best when the favor is returned. (+7) C. Useful to set a mood. (+10) D. My favorite thing. (+5) 10. Anal sex is… A. Too painful to do more than once. (+5) B. Something I will never do. (+3) C. Interesting. (+8) D. Part of my normal routine. (+10)


Wooden Block (Score: 01 – 25) You’re a Wooden Block when it comes to sex. Clearly, you do not enjoy sex and passion is taboo in your mind. You’re often mechanical and dislike variety while making love. Do try to be more adventurous as it’ll spice up the relationship greatly. Adventurer (Score: 26 – 50) You’re an Adventurer in the bed when it comes to sex. You like experimenting and yet can control yourself from being placed in a situation you do not find comfortable. You enjoy sex in an energetic fun fashion and love to show off your fantastic moves in the bed as well. The word fun is the best word to describe your sexual style.

Sex Kitten (Score: 51 – 75) You’re a Sex Kitten when it comes to sex. You please your partner as well as make sex highly enjoyable for yourself through your gentle ways. You show a fine balance of sexiness and yet fun in bed. You’re creative and energetic in bed and are a dream lover for many under the sheets. Tiger (Score: 76 – 100) You’re a Tiger under the sheets dominating your partner and often have an insatiable appetite for sex. Sex with you is vigorous and rough and at times uncomfortable. However, it is precisely your power that increases your sex appeal in bed. Sex with you is exciting but not enjoyable at times.


Learn about what kind of romantic personality describes you best!

Add up the points and calculate your score at the end.


1. Being romantic means… A. Forever coming up with excuses to surprise my lover. (+7) B. Making my lover happy by doing the things I know they love. (+3) C. Giving flowers and presents on Valentine’s day. (+6) D. Showing the person I love how much I care. (+10) 2. What do you do on Valentine’s Day? A. Something extraordinary but private. (+2) B. Make reservations and have a nice dinner alone. (+8) C. Plan a romantic night at home with my partner. (+10) D. What I do every day. Treat my partner with surprises and fun. (+5) 3. When is a good time for being romantic? A. Anytime! (+10) B. When I’m in the mood. (+6) C. When I’m alone with my lover. (+7) D. On Valentine’s day. (+3) 4. What is your favorite kind of romantic movie? A. Tragic romantic movies like Romeo and Juliet. (+5) B. Movies like Titanic; I don’t mind a good tear-jerker. (+8) C. Romantic comedies that both of us can enjoy. (+10) D. Any romantic movies I watch with my lover. (+2) 5. Which of these actions do you consider the most romantic? A. A guy proposing on his knees in the middle of the street. (+3) B. Being practical and saving surprises for really special occasions. (+7) C. Springing surprises to my love whenever I feel like it. (+6) D. Dancing a slow dance under the sunset with my lover alone. (+10)


6. You consider yourself romantic because… A. It’s a part of who I am and I can’t help it. (+10) B. I feel in the mood for romance. (+8) C. I want my partner to be happy. (+2) D. I do what everybody does for Valentine’s Day and give gifts and flowers. (+5) 7. How would you give a bouquet of roses to your date? A. Hand it to him/her personally in public. (+6) B. Hand it to him/her personally in private. (+7) C. I don’t give roses. I prefer something more personal. (+3) D. By courier to their home (+10) 8. Where would your ideal location be for a date? A. Anywhere as long as it’s with my lover. (+2) B. A romantic getaway like a cruise to someplace exotic. (+5) C. A secluded beach where I can have lots of privacy. (+10) D. At home. It’s private and personal. (+8) 9. When in love, you should… A. Be yourself. (+6) B. Be practical. (+3) C. Be happy. (+7) D. Be passionate. (+10) 10. How much do you want to be in love? A. A lot. Everyone needs love at some point in his/her life. (+2) B. It depends. I don’t want to rush into anything, it has to be right. (+10) C. Very much. I can’t do without it. I love being in love. (+5) D. Not much. I can do without it. (+7)


Sincere Lover (Score: 01 – 25) You are such a total sweetheart people have a hard time taking you seriously. Sadly, because you are so sincere and sweet you get walked all over. Try to hold your ground a little bit and beware of the selfish lover, they feed off of sincere lovers like yourself. Even though you get used and abused a lot you still have a heart of gold. Classic Romantic (Score: 26 – 50) You adore romantic movies and stories and go for romance in dramatic fashion. You enjoy showing your love to your partner and delight him/her in the process. Love is never boring with you around as you’re full of surprises. You’re best described as a Classic Romantic. Closet Romantic (Score: 51 – 75) You prefer to be romantic in private. Beneath your cool and calm personality, you’re actually passionate about love and enjoy doing romantic stuff for your partner. You tend to surprise your partner too as you’re not as romantic as you look. The best way to describe you is a Closet Romantic. Passionate Lover (Score: 76 – 100) You are the complete package and you receive the complete package. You are NOT selfish and yet you still don’t get walked all over. You’re what everyone looks for and you show the opposite sex what it is like to truly be loved. Anyone who gets you is truly lucky.


Is he/she your eventual soul mate? 1. How did the two of you meet? A. Through a matchmaking service. (+6) B. Through social encounters (i.e. schooling, work, clubbing, gaming) (+7) C. We met through friends. (+10) D. We met by chance. (+2) 2.Can both of you remember each other’s birthdays? A. Yes. It is imprinted at the back of our heads. (+10) B. Sometimes one of us will forget. (+5) C. We do not need to remember. We automatically remind each other. (+8) D. No, not at all. (+3) 3. Were you friends before starting a relationship? A. No. We just met and fell in love. (+2) B. Yes. We were buddies before falling in love. (+10) C. Uh. Does the period of courtship count as friends? (+6) D. We were normal friends before falling in love. (+7) 4. What’s the reason for dating with him/her? A. I like him/her a lot. (+8) B. I love him/her! (+10) C. He/She is rich, handsome/pretty and seems like a nice person. (+5) D. I’m on the rebound. (+3) 5. Do both of you believe in true love? A. Yes! (+7) B. No but we believe love requires a lot of effort to make growth. (+10) C. One of us believes in it but the other does not. (+6) D. No. It only exists in fairy tales. (+2)


6. How does the decision making process go in the relationship? A. We just happen to make the same decisions most of the time! (+5) B. We take a long time to decide on anything. (+3) C. We do not decide on anything. We allow fate to decide for us. (+8) D. One of us decides and the other just follows equally. (+10) 7. Can you share anything with him/her? A. We stay out of each other’s activities. (+2) B. I share some of my stuff and some of my less personal inner thoughts. (+6) C. Most of my inner thoughts and possessions but not everything. (+7) D. Yes! I share all of my personal possessions and inner thoughts! (+10) 8. Does he/she share anything with you? A.I think my lover shares everything with me. (+8) B. No. He/She shares nothing with me. (+5) C. Only when I ask him/her for it. (+3) D. Yes my lover shares everything with me. (+10) 9. Do you still have a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever you see him/her? A. Yes, most of the time when we’re together. (+7) B. Huh? What feeling is that? (+2) C. Yes! My heart simply screams every time! (+10) D. Sometimes but rarely. (+6) 10. How long do you think your relationship will last? A. Forever! As long as I’m alive I won’t let my lover go! (+10) B. Until I find a better catch than my current partner. (+3) C. It’ll last as long as we continue to work at it. (+8) D. Until my lover decides to break up. (+5)


Puppy Love (Score: 01 – 25) You have some feelings for your lover but it’s not earth shattering or record breaking. You are waiting for something better to come along and sweep you off your feet and aren’t giving your all to your current relationship. You have an ideal of what love is or should be and until you find it you won’t be able to get past the first stage of “like”. Unorthodox Lovers (Score: 26 – 50) Both of you are Unorthodox Lovers who may have met by chance and don’t understand each other very well. However, nobody can explain the strange thing called love. Fate might not be on your side but love is. Keep your passion of love burning and through hard work and effort the love might still work out! Lovebirds (Score: 51 – 75) Lovebirds is the term to describe this loving couple we see here. This relationship might not have occurred by chance but nevertheless the love between the both of you is very real and have blossomed into a serious relationship with a view for the long term. Both of you love each other deeply and are a perfect couple in the eyes of many. Cherish this love and continue loving the way you do for a better future! Amigo Del Alma (Score: 76 – 100) Both of you are Amigo Del Alma which means soul mates in Spanish! The chances of both of you walking down the aisle and living happily ever after like a fairy tale is very high. It is obvious that you and your special someone live your lives for each other and know each other very well. If ever there were two persons that are made for each other, it has got to be the both of you!


“I’m a creature of habit. I do what feels good for my soul and rarely stray from my norm.“ - Caleb Savage




Creating the perfect



So you wanna give your honey a nice bouquet to say “I love you” but you don’t know which one is best?

Well you’re in luck! Today we’re going to discuss the many different types of roses and what each means! So the next time you’re at the florist you’ll know exactly which flower to get for every occasion!


Classic Red

Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a timehonored way to say "I love you." The red rose has long symbolized beauty and perfection. A bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to express your deep feelings for someone special.


Pink As a symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as an expression of admiration. Pink roses can also convey appreciation as well as joyfulness. Pink rose bouquets often impart a gentler meaning than their red counterparts. A light pink rose means "sympathy". When someone has had a loss then light pink roses is a very nice way of expressing your condolences.


With their blazing energy, orange roses are the embodiment of desire and enthusiasm. Orange roses often symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance. A bouquet of orange roses will send a meaningful message. An orange rose is a symbol of desire. “I desire you” or “I desire to get to know you better” is the message that orange roses send.

Yellow The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The warm feelings associated with the yellow rose are often akin to those shared with a true friend. As such, the yellow rose is an ideal 44 symbol for joy and friendship and the perfect way to say “I care”.

White White roses represent innocence and purity and are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. The white rose is also a symbol of honor and reverence, and white rose arrangements are often used as an expression of remembrance. When combined with red roses it represents “unity”.

Lavender The unique beauty of the lavender rose has captured many hearts and imaginations. With their fantastical appearance, lavender roses are a perfect symbol of enchantment. The lavender rose is also traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight. A lavender rose is a symbol of “falling in love”. When you give it to a person you are saying “I have fallen in love with you and am enchanted by you.”

Blue A blue rose is very hard to reproduce or find, although some floral companies are trying to do it naturally. Others just dye them. To some a blue rose symbolizes “mystery” and to others “attaining the impossible”. A blue rose given can symbolize the rarity of your partner. You have attained the impossible.


“I like knowing those around me are happy and being what I am, I know how to make that happen.� - Charlie Savage





How to Orally Please Welcome back to Girl Talk! We hope you enjoyed the past holidays and are ready to jump back in! This is the month of love and it’s everywhere!

Absolutely! Just this morning I had to run a few strays off my porch doing the dirty on my welcome mat. I mean I know it says “welcome” but it wasn’t being literal!

This week’s letter is from a reader in Miami, Florida hoping to learn how better to orally pleasure her man and she writes: Dear Kaya and Cecil, I feel self-conscious about giving oral sex. My boyfriend is very much into it and loves to do me but when it comes time to repay the favor I freeze up. I was raised that these kinds of sexual favors are completely taboo and I think I psych myself out a lot when I’m sitting in front of him. I don’t think I’m any good at it because I can never finish him no matter how hard I try. Do you have any advice for me that might help me enjoy it more? -- Curious in the Sunshine State


Newsflash Curious: you’re probably not bad I couldn’t agree more! As “gross” as it sounds and as “taboo” as many see it, oral sex is at it, you just need more practice. Granted it’s really one of the most enjoyable sexual acts the act of placing your partner’s sex organ between both partners! It’s quick, fun and into your mouth and sucking but there’s a certain finesse required to *ahem* tackle the liberating to know you can draw orgasm by a simple flick of the tongue! beast.

You can also try flavoring your palate One of the easiest ways to get comfortable beforehand as well by snacking on something with oral sex is by taking a sensual shower chocolaty or otherwise sweet to get over any together. Slowly soaping one another up and qualms you may have about the taste. washing your partner in a way that helps you Another good thing to try is using sex oils, remove the “dirty” feeling from the act. whip creams or flavored condoms or dental dams.


Yes as part of what you’re feeling may be caused by the thought of swallowing. My advice: Don’t do it if you have that bad of an emotion towards it. Oral pleasure should be pleasurable for the both of you, giver AND receiver!

Exactly! If you’re squeamish about ‘finishing’ him off, try using a Kleenex or even his boxers to catch the semen. You should communicate on what feels most comfortable to you both!

And a special treat as part of today’s segment! My most beautiful and talented cohost and I with the enlisted help of a few others will demonstrate how best to please and be pleased when it comes to the ways of oral! But remember, the first rule of blowjobs: never do anything you don’t want to do!

Yes! There are several different reasons for blowjobs and even more ‘techniques’ that would probably amass a nicely sized novel. But for time’s sake we’re only going into the basics with our respective partners. Enjoy!


Bane sat back and watched as the two women entered the dark room, a smug grin upon his face as they stopped in front of the bed and waited on his commands. This was his favorite benefit of being a rockstar, women at his constant disposal. He slid from the edge of the bed and held out his hands. Immediately the two women moved closer and began undressing him before disrobing themselves. Without a word they fell to their knees in front of him. And as one gave a thorough licking and massaging of his balls, the other gripped his shaft and slowly pumped the hard muscle up and down.

Two Heads are Better

“Mmm, very good ladies,� Bane moaned as his eyes closed beneath their attentions. His hand moved to the backs of their heads and he guided them a little roughly towards the tip of his cock and like magnets they were drawn to the small amount of precum that had formed on the head. Licking it off quickly, their mouths met and joined in a kiss over Bane’s dick. The girl on his left hurriedly moved her mouth to cover his shaft and Bane pushed her head down until he could feel the back of her throat, a technique that he always favored. His breath caught in his throat as the other dropped lower and began sucking his balls. The simultaneous pleasure of both was bringing him to a quick end.


Charlie looked down at Sophie as she again filled her mouth full of his hard cock. He enjoyed watching her just as much as she enjoyed having his eyes on her every move. It was the visual act of what his mate was doing to him that increased his arousal and always begged for a repeat. He loved seeing her gorgeous blue eyes staring up at him begging to have a taste of his cum and he couldn’t help but admit she looked incredibly sexy with his cock buried deep in her mouth. He placed his hand on the back of her head as he watched the hunger in those two ocean orbs increase with her bobbing.

Beauty is in the Eye

The greed in her eyes at every moment reassured him that she was invested in what she was doing and found equal enjoyment in his pleasure. His head fell back the farther she swallowed him down her throat and he moaned letting her know just how good it felt. “I’m gonna cum soon,” he growled and pushed her head in rhythm with her motions. She hummed against him, the vibrations filling him with yet another illicit sensation and he allowed himself the treat of watching her again. Sophie could feel how close Charlie was to cumming and got herself into position to best swallow her lover’s load. He smiled at her, let his muscles relax and felt the familiar tingling in his balls.


Caleb breathed in slowly through his nose as he felt Kaya’s tongue move around the bottom of his shaft again. For the last gloriously, fun-filled thirty minutes she had been teasing him with her mouth and it didn’t appear she would tire anytime soon. She’d spent a good ten minutes on his balls alone, licking, sucking and massaging both masculine features of his engorged cock. He didn’t mind; the longer she spent on each section, the more he could feel her beautiful breasts rub against him. She ‘d started this game by lightly tickling his thighs with her fingernails, letting him know her wolf wanted to play.

Slow and Steady

Then he felt the pucker of her lips as she tenderly kissed his chest and belly before licking the inside of his thighs. She nibbled and sucked the veins on the underside of his cock all the while avoided slipping his dick in her mouth. She smiled up at him and he winked at her playfully. Kaya’s hand closed in a tight fist at the base of his shaft and she moved her mouth over the head of his cock. Caleb caught his bottom lip between his teeth to keep from screaming as he felt her warm mouth close over his engorged cock. A deep sigh of satisfaction escaped his lips and he thrusted his hips lightly to meet with the pumping of her mouth. She was in for a nice reward for her teasing!


“Lick it Baby, just like that,” Cecil moaned as Steve’s tongue rolled up his shaft again before he felt the head of his cock push into his mouth once more. His lover was enjoying the delicious taste of his dick and made sure to touch every inch with his slick tongue. He smoothed his tongue around the head catching every drop of precum that leaked from the puffy, purple dome. His hands held firmly against Cecil’s ass cheeks, squeezing and massaging as he worked his mouth fervently over his dick. Steve moaned and hummed as he felt his own cock twitching with excitement every time he swallowed another inch.

The G-Spot

Turning his head a little, Cecil’s cock met with the soft, smooth wall of Steve’s cheek making his dick feel too big for his mouth. He gripped Steve’s blonde mane tightly as his breathing came faster. His hips thrusted up and he prepared himself to explode. "Oh god, You ready Baby?” he grunted and pumped himself faster. Quickly Steve placed his middle finger between Cecil’s ass cheeks. Pressing into his tight anal cavity, he expertly massaged his prostate until a thick stream of cum touched his tongue. The single jet was followed by another and he continued sucking until Cecil went limp in his mouth and his grip loosened within his hair.


Now that you know the basics, think of ways All blowjobs are good but some are you can play with your partner and other better than others! Stick to doing what’s things you can do while watching his or her eyes comfortable before experimenting but roll into the back of their heads! once you’re into the act, definitely try and improve your game with new techniques!

Thank you for joining us for another edition of Girl Talk! We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay!


And until next time, stay Beautiful!

After Midnight Edition #3 - Savage  

SAVAGE It’s not just a name, but their way of life

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