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…Analysing our eating habits…

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Food for thought: analysing our eating habits

Type of mLearning: language through natural sciences Project goal: By the end of the project students will be able to: * recognise their eating habits * explain eating problems that people can have * differenciate healthy and unhealthy food * organise a campaign to teach other students about healthy food. * recommend a healthy diet to the school community Target audience: * 4th form students at a bilingual school will be teaching the school community about eating habits and they will organise a campaign to change the school menu and turn it into a healthy menu. Technology: Students smartphones and tablets, school netbooks, interactive whiteboard and projector. Wifi is available in the school Deadline or timeline for developing the project: This project will be carried out during the first two weeks (diagnostic period)

Description of the project

Lesson 1: * Task 1: Teacher introduces the topic “Food for thought�. Using simplemind teachers and students create a mind map with all the vocabulary and ideas related to food. The projector and whiteboard are used to create a collaborative mind map which is shared to all the students through edmodo. Sample map.

* Language focus: teacher and students work on countable and uncountable nouns, quantifiers and expressions to use the brainstormed vocabulary appropriately. * Homework: use your devices to take pictures of the food you have at home, you buy at the supermarket, at the school canteen. Bring those pictures to class or upload them to edmodo.

Lesson 2: * Task 1: Teacher shows students the Food pyramid projected on the board. Students relate those pictures taken to each part of the pyramid. They decide if they are healthy or not.

* Task 2: Students create a lino using those pictures gathered to make two lists: healthy and unhealthy.

*Language focus: should - shouldn’t. Present tense to talk about their eating habits.

Lesson 3: * Task 1:Teacher introduces the idea of eating problems. Students use their devices to investigate each of those problems mentioned: obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart diseases.

* Task 2: In groups of five, students create a cartoon using comic life to explain how unhealthy food can lead you to the problems mentioned before. They share those comics with students from other forms to warn them about the dangers of eating unhealthy food.

* Language focus: past tenses to narrate the story of a person who used to eat unhealthy food.

Final Task: * Task 1: Students gather all the information collected so far and they create a healthy menu to be shared with the school canteen.

* Task 2: Students prepare posters using smore to promote the campaign.

Analysing our eating habits  

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