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philatelic news

Merger creates third largest Auction House in Australia Two of Australia’s most successful auction houses have announced plans to merge. Leski Auctions, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary as Australia’s premier auctioneer of sporting memorabilia, collectibles and philately, will join forces with art auction specialist, Mossgreen. The merger will take place on July 1st, 2013. The merged entity will be branded Mossgreen and will initially incorporate the Leski name for collector’s categories. The combined sales of the companies are approximately $20 million.  It will become the third largest by turnover in Australia in the art, memorabilia, collectibles and philately markets. A new board of directors will comprise Jack Gringlas as non-executive chairman, Charles Leski as managing director of Mossgreen Collectors Auctions and Paul Sumner as managing director of Single-Owner and Asian Art Auctions and Mossgreen Gallery. The new company will relocate to the historic Armadale Picture Theatre building in Melbourne.  The former home for Sotheby’s will be subject to extensive refurbishment, due for completion in September.  It will also house Mossgreen Gallery and Mossgreen Tea Rooms.

Charles Leski said the merger would not only be significant in financial terms but in its ability to expand the markets for which both Leski Auctions and Mossgreen are major players. “Leski Auctions is one of the largest auctioneers of cricket memorabilia in the world,” he said.  “We have sold more ‘baggy green’ Australian Test caps, Bradman memorabilia and cricket bats than any other auction house.  “We have also established a name as the auctioneer behind rare and iconic collectibles including Captain Cook’s pistol, Carji Greeves Brownlow Medal, a handwritten notebook of the tonics fed to legendary racehorse Phar Lap, and Dan

1800 + AUSTRALIA 1854 - 1940 just added TONGA 1886-1940 stamps & covers QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE PHONE 08 - 9592 4913 email POSTAL: PO BOX 378 ROCKINGHAM, WA, 6968 6 - Stamp News

Kelly’s pistol from the siege of Glenrowan. “The merger will present us with opportunities to achieve even greater market penetration, which will instill confidence in buyers and sellers globally. We regard this as one of the most important outcomes from this initiative. “I’m particularly happy to be working closely with Paul Sumner and his experienced team. I’m convinced that our combined skills and experience will be evident very quickly.” Paul Sumner, who established Mossgreen in 2004 as a single -owner auction specialist and gallery, was previously managing director of Sotheby’s in Australia. By 2012, Mossgreen was the market leader in Fine and Decorative Arts and Antiques and also finished the year with the highest total in sales for Indigenous art. “Mossgreen has become a very successful company in a relatively short period. The timing seems right for the business to grow from this solid platform, guided by a strong and experienced management board and a greater capitalisation which is a result of this amalgamation.“ “I am delighted and proud to join the new board with Jack Gringlas and Charles Leski, two people for whom I have great business respect and personal

liking” “For our loyal clients and many supporters it is business as usual at Mossgreen, but with a greater future than we could have achieved independently. There will be even broader scope for collectors at Mossgreen, now that the company will incorporate many new categories.” “On a personal level, I am looking forward to returning to the building in which I had my early business success while managing Sotheby’s operations in Australia.” Jack Gringlas was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. He is the former owner and managing director of CMG Engineering Group, which operated in eight countries. It was the market leader in Australia in the manufacture and sale of electric motors and related products. In 2010, Gringlas sold CMG to Regal Beloit Corporation of the USA. With the necessary financial resources behind him, he identified this new and exciting opportunity to invest in and lend his considerable managerial and entrepreneurial experience. “I am delighted to be part of this dynamic team and look forward to seeing this merged entity become the market leader in its field.”

Swan River Stamp Show News The Swan River Stamp Show is coming up on Saturday and Sunday 19th and 20th October 2013! As usual it will be at the Guild Function Centre, University of WA, Hackett Drive, Nedlands WA 6009. Opening hours are 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. Besides the competitive display there will be local and interstate dealers and auctions on both days. John Dibiase is Chairman and enquires should be directed to him at john_dibiase@yahoo. . Dealers Liaison is Penny Wells & Glen Stafford is handling the souvenirs and special cancels.

The Exhibition is conducted by the Western Australian Philatelic Council Inc. (“WAPC”) under the auspices of the Australian Philatelic Federation (“APF”). Stamp News - 7

In tandem with buying from their favourite Traders, most serious collectors’ worldwide trawl the auction house catalogues for their interests, increasingly online now that the philatelic world is everyone’s oyster. I’m amazed at the in depth penetration of the internet in Philately, traditionally not an industry associated with cutting edge technology, I think it fair to say. If one can master the art of search for one’s interests, including utilizing some of the more obscure search functions available (“fatfingers” anyone?), it’s possible to discover so much that would otherwise elude one. Likely never again will a Western Figure 1. Mint “OS” 2d and 3d pretty ordinary in comparison Australia inverted frame 4d, auctioned in Germany, appropriately described in German under the country heading “Westen Australien”, be there for value for money. Collectors would rather the mint the taking for approximately AU$3000, and sold duo of the 1931 Kingsford Smith “OS” overprints, months later for $22000 (Perry 1977 Rarity sale). which are readily available, extensively faked, and When I meet a collector who doesn’t buy in overpriced, than owning this once-in-a-lifetime auctions, frankly I find it difficult to take that commercial Official cover bearing a pair of the 2d, collector seriously. Other than via the act of buying correctly paying double Letter rate, the day after a significant collection intact, I’ve yet to encounter the overprinted stamps were distributed to Federal a memorable collection which doesn’t to a large MP’s, no less. A text book example of why I’m degree owe its existence to its owner being a pro challenged when endeavoring to comprehend the active auction buyer. tastes of many amongst the present generation of So, this month I’m featuring a selection of items collectors. from recent Australian auctions, for no better reason I considered forming a collection of Australian than I like the subjects selected. And, besides, in Official Stationery about a decade ago. Status so doing I may even be shouted “a round” by the International then had a terrific collection/ respective auction proprietors. The selection is in accumulation of this material, assembled many no particular sequence, and auction results exclude years ago by someone with an eye for the future. I premiums. procrastinated, and it never happened. Status still Velvet Collectables Group on June 22 had a has very nice Official Stationery in most auctions, cover, Figure 1, which will be seen to have been suggesting that hoard has not yet been exhausted. a very astute purchase. Estimated at $360, Lot Figure 2 was Lot 1579 in the June 6 sale, a Wrapper 1201 fetched $380, and I should have been in there with stamped KGV 1d red with colourless “OS” (story of my life), for this represented excellent dots, uprated with punctured KGV ½d green for 8 - Stamp News

Figure 2. Rarer, though less sought after than 1d “Eosin” War tax, neatly used at Tallarook Aug 6 1919. Alan Grey collection), realizing $675 (est $400This Stationery item catalogues $500 in the superb 500), still good value for money. One of the few recently published ACSC Postal Stationery, a most New Guinea “crash”-related covers I’ve seen, it welcome new volume to one’s library. The Status was sent from Rabaul Aug 3 1936 for airmail to lot realized full catalogue, against an estimate of England via Australia and ended up on the Scipio, an $500-800. Less than the coveted 1d “Eosin” shades Imperial Airways Short S17 Kent flying boat which fetch, although the wrapper is far more elusive. I had crashed at Bay of Mirabella, near Crete, on Aug 22. intended to feature Lot 1578 in the same sale, the The handstamped ‘DAMAGED BY SEA/WATER’ KGV 1½d black-brown Wrapper with “OS” in solid was applied to some of the mail salvaged. The engraving, but couldn’t execute a suitable scan. That stamps managed to resist the temptation to take a is a rarer item again; only 4000 were printed, similarly specifically for the Education Dept. ACSC prices unused only (at $500); the Status item was used at Melbourne Apr 1 1918 (“April fool’s day”!), and fetched $750 (est. $750-1000). That was good value, lesser quality examples in recent years having made $1100 and $800 at auction. Incidentally, this new ACSC publication, a Geoff Kellow masterpiece, supported by a cast of Stationery superheroes (seriously), will provide a much overdue boost for Stationery which, in tandem with commercial covers, is very underrated in comparison with traditional mint and used stamps. I originally spotted the Figure 3 cover on eBay in the early 2000s, and bought it. I sold it through Millennium Auctions, and Figure 3. Exotic item for Birds or Crash mail serious it next appeared at Charles Leski Auctions collections Airmails sale of May 16 as Lot 569 (the Stamp News - 9

dip in the balmy waters off Crete, and although I prefer my ‘crash’ covers to look the part, I must say that this comparatively “fine” condition item is nevertheless a particularly pleasing item for my eye. And it demonstrates that eBay can produce little gems amongst the copious dross perpetually on offer, particularly amongst traditional stamps. That is if one loves the ‘hunt’, and shouldn’t we all?  Prestige Philately had Figure 4 as Lot 2327 in the May 8 sale. Estimated $1500, it went for $1250. Items such as this should be worth more than your average mint Figure 4. Mint £2 Kangaroos decidedly common in relation to items £2 Kangaroo. This Dec 18 1914 such as this registered use of a 6d Engraved Kookaburra Brisbane to Sweden bearing 1st wmk Kangaroo 2d (corner fault could be Not mentioned in that earlier article was the restored) and 2½d making up triple Foreign letter source of the information regarding the depth of rate (2½d x3) + 3d registration, with scarce early the Mondolfo mint £2 holding (he had similarly Brisbane Censor tape, presents overall as a very outrageous mint quantities of most British Empire attractive item. I’ve seen probably less than five then “blue chip” material). Colin Whitehead, then correct rate commercial postal articles bearing the M.D. of Stanley Gibbons Ltd., mentioned to me over 6d Engraved, and this is probably second only to one dinner in Melbourne that SG had recently bought of the others, an advertising envelope, which I’ve 200 mint Mondolfo £2 Kangaroos, to assist the previously featured. gentleman in paying a ransom for his daughter, who In the Oct 2004 issue of this column, I wrote, had been kidnapped by the notorious Red Brigade. and forgive me for repeating: “I wonder just how I suspect Mr Whitehead was hoping I would relieve many mint £2’s [Kangaroos] could be accumulated him of some of that unwieldy quantity of £2’s, as he in, say, one year or two if a well-heeled buyer just plied me with fine wine. One wonders how many 6d stood in the market and bought every example which Engraved commercial covers Mr Mondolfo had? I appeared worldwide at auction and in traders’ suspect that like most of us in the 1970s, he would stocks. Renato Mondolfo, the Italian Industrialist not have given such an item a second glance. How and philatelist, once did something similar to that in preferences change, given time and education. the 1970s and ended up with hundreds of examples Interestingly, not long after the time this incident [see below for previously unpublished detail]. took place, the legendary Alan Leverton, then Compare that ready availability with the £2 stamp M.D. of the venerable Bridger & Kay Ltd, of Pall used on cover, or as more probable, parcel tag. It Mall, advised me (again over a fine dinner, not a wouldn’t matter how deep your pockets, in the space mint £2 Kangaroo in the conversation, I hasten to of a couple of years you more than likely will be add) that Mr Mondolfo was in the market for great unable to buy a quantity of the stamp in that format covers; nothing under £5000 need be offered, I was greater than the number of fingers on one hand.” informed. 10 - Stamp News

Figure 5. Persistence pays off for new owner

as an astute purchase, when compared with the stratospheric prices regularly paid for readily available traditional “blue-chips” (an irreverent philatelic friend, obviously wishing to curry favour, refers to such material as “bluewoodchips”, when in my company). You know what I mean, the “rarities” which turn up ad nauseam in every second auction catalogue one opens or sees online. Torsten Weller has emerged as a leading specialist in usage material, featuring many elusive items in his online auctions, amongst more general Postal history offerings. In the May 7 sale was a rare use of the 1965 2/6d Robin, Figure 6, from the alluring Birds £SD series, rightfully very popular amongst usage aficionados. This Nov 1965 solo use, Sydney to exotic destination of Grenada, was for the ½oz. airmail rate to B.W.I. I’ve noted only three other solo usages, two to Latin America, which shared the B.W.I. rate, one of these the remarkable “Red omitted” error (!) in the Arthur

In the sale of my airborne mail collection by Phoenix Auctions on June 7 was Figure 5 (Lot 1085), which I have also featured here previously (in Nov 2010), with the caption “Would you pay $6,325 for this?”. Obviously I did, when offered in the Prestige Aug 2010 sale (price before premium was $5500), requesting in my sale that the item be estimated at $5000. Realistically, I expected the underbidder, indeed solitary other bidder when I bought it, to be the only other collector who fully appreciated the significance of the item. Not to be, for there were three bidders, the former underbidder becoming the proud successor; persistence had paid off. The auction price was $8750, a new Australian record for a “crash” cover. This is the first discovered and only survivor of the Australian National Airways aircraft which crashed in May 1942 in the sea off the coast of Flinders Is, killing all four persons on board. My definition?: Postal history of real and brutal significance, combining ultimate rarity (unique), of Museum quality. Figure 6. A stamp on this one, and another elusive item for Bird Despite a record price, I regard this enthusiasts Stamp News - 11

Gray collection, and a double 1/3d rate to Philippines. Torsten’s item realized a very healthy $440. Those who don’t give at least some attention to “usage” are setting themselves up for missing out on the emerging next big thing in Philately, I believe. I seldom feature 19th century covers in this column. I am actually very passionate about them, but much has been written well before this column was Figure 7. Unusual reference to the century earlier than that for my current philatelic research ever conceived, and there is probably not I regularly see Super Funds salting away often much I can add. Besides, I rate 20th century material terrible items; meanwhile great items at very as under researched, which is largely why it is, attractive entry prices, such as this subject, often in comparison with the earlier century, generally don’t get so much as a smidge of consideration. underpriced. Fair to conclude, therefore, my passion There concludes “A round with the Australian for “underpriced” exceeds that for aesthetics in auction houses”. I appreciate comments from the case of 19th century material. So I feature for readers (even brickbats); particularly from those Millennium, as Figure 7, Lot 192 from the Apr 3 with suggestions for subject matter for forthcoming sale, a superb example of usage of the N.S.W. 1855 columns, or providing scans of unusual, newsworthy imperf. Diadem 8d, accompanied by lovely marginal covers (preferably Australasian). I can be contacted example of the 1d of the series, paying 9d ¼oz. rate on rod at (remember to replace the “at” to U.K. via Marseilles, used at Sydney Apr 10 1857. with “@”, I’m harvested by scammers enough to not Described as “a very attractive franking” and “one provide them with more ready means with which to of the finest of the few recorded 8d’s on cover”, both bombard my email address). statements with which I heartily confer. Estimated at a very reasonable $4000, the lot was unsold, Rod Perry has been a philatelic trader since 1962 and is available at reserve of $3000 (+ premium and a Stamp News advertiser since the 1960s . He at time of writing). I’ve seen plenty of cut-down founded Rodney A Perry Auction Galleries (now perforated unused 8d’s sold as the imperf. at sums Millennium Philatelic Auctions) in 1971. As a collector well in excess of these figures; generally without he has exhibited nationally and internationally. Rod any certificate of opinion. This cover comes with prefers his used stamps on cover and likens taking a Holcombe certificate (1995), very respected, if a stamp off its original cover to converting a tree unnecessary; the perforated stamp did not appear to woodchips. Past editions of this column may be until 1860, around three years after this cover was posted. accessed on Rod’s ‘’ 12 - Stamp News

Cinderella Corner


stamp. Huge numbers of these items were issued over the period of the war and many still lurk in the An Adelaide reader has sent these, (fig. 1 and 2), back of old time collectors albums. This particular to me with the suggestion that they may be of one was found by an Adelaide collector among an Estonian origin, but asking for more information. Unfortunately I do not know anything about them, can accumulation of stamps for a charity lot. any reader help.

1930 Adelaide Exhibition

Back in the March column I noted this label rouletted. A reader has sent me an illustration of the perforated issue. (Fig. 3). It is perforated 11, but otherwise is exactly the same as the rouletted issue.

Spanish Civil War

This label, (fig. 4), was one of many issues used as propaganda during the Spanish Civil War. The dates 1938 and 1939 indicate the issue period of the

Radio Week

I have seen another label from this advertising campaign, but not this one, (fig. 5). With only the dates September 22 to 28 it is a bit difficult to establish the year, but I suspect it is about 1950.


A classic advertising label is this one for Hearne’s Bronchitis Cure, (fig. 6). I am guessing that it dates from the 1930s.

Above: Figs 1, 2 &3 Left: Figs 4 & 5

14 - Stamp News

Tony Presgrave

Adelaide Children’s Hospital

This label, (fig. 7), is one of many produced as fund raisers for the hospital and they are relatively common. This type in particular can be found as colour separation trials as well. Unusually I found an example on cover at one of the trade stands at Australia 2013 exhbition so I bought it and it is now part of my collection.

Advantage Australia

I have noted these stamps in the last couple of columns. Rewards were referred to but I had no indication of what they were. A reader has sent me a copy of the brochure that publicised the stamps and on the back is a list of the companies involved and the rewards available. They range from discounted petrol to tyres and furniture, travel, games and

cinema tickets.

Medicinal Plants

I found these two items, (fig.8 & 9), in the front of a book that has been loaned to me. The book dates from the late 1890s to early 1900s period, and the labels bear no relationship to the contents of the book. They are almost certainly Italian in origin, come from the Tobler Chocolate Company and feature medicinal plants. Anyone ever seen them before?

Aussie Inventions

A couple of Christmas seals from the Lions series featuring Australian Inventions, (figs 10 & 11), the Riding coat and the Hearing Implant. There is no indication of the year that these were issued, or how many were in the series.

Top row: Figs 6, 7, 8 & 9 Bottom row: Figs 10, 11 & 12 Stamp News - 15

Cinderella Corner

Lions Seals Again

Another series, this time dated to 1991 and featuring Australian Native animals. (Fig. 12). This one is the Tasmanian Devil. I don’t know where they were produced or the sheet size, but a guess would be a sheet of 12 or possibly 20.

World War I Photographic Stamps

Another of those souvenir stamps based on the Australian King George V head One Penny stamp issue of 1915 (fig 13). Bill Hornadge wrote about them in his book Cinderella Stamps of Australasia published way back in 1974. Bill suggested that they might have been produced in Melbourne by some enterprising photographer and as they are based on the then current stamp issue, however I am going to put a different theory forward. I suggest that they were produced either by Anson Brothers of Hobart or someone who copied their ideas. Anson Brothers operated in Hobart from 1878 to 1895 and advertised in the October 1890 issue of the Federal Australian Philatelist describing their stamp portraits as Fairy Photographs. They sold them at 5 shillings for 25, 7 shillings and sixpence for 50 or 10

shillings for 100. I have never seen more than one of a kind so as they were copied from a current postage stamp they probably incurred the wrath of the Post Office and were withdrawn. Other different designs have also been seen.

Tuberculosis Seals

Of the many different labels I have seen for the various TB appeals, this one is very different. (Fig.14). It was issued in 1982 by the Australian Tuberculosis and Chest Association and commemorates the centenary of the discovery of the Tubercle Bacillus by Robert Koch. Another one, (fig 15), this time issued by Westcare which I guess is the Western Australian branch of the TB fundraising charities. It is a Christmas seal and appeared in 2002 and probably a peel and stick type as most of them were by then.

American Bible Society

Two attractive labels, (figs 16 & 17), issued by the American Bible Society but no indication of a year although fig. 17 is on a piece with Netherlands stamps postmarked early 1991 which places the label at 1990.

Above: Figs 13, 14 & 15 Left: Figs 16 & 17

16 - Stamp News

philatelic news

London 2015 Europhilex Announcements! London 2015 Europhilex, the international stamp show being organised by Stamp World Exhibitions, will take place at the Business Design Centre, London on 13 to 16 May 2015. The leading European auctioneers, Heinrich Koehler and Corinphila, have been appointed as official auctioneers for the event. The Koehler and Corinphila companies are part of the Global Philatelic Network that includes H R Harmer in the USA and John Bull Stamp Auctions Ltd in Hong Kong. The European Philatelic Federation (FEPA) has given patronage to LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEX and the exhibition has also received recognition from the International Philatelic Federation (FIP). The competitive part of the exhibition will be for affiliates of FEPA. The occasion will provide a great opportunity for visitors from around the world to meet in London and build their collections. A first-class auction will encourage visitors to come to the event and the offer from Koehler and Corinphila to stage it at the Business Design Centre towards the end of the exhibition was gratefully accepted. Further details will be published nearer the time. Further information about the auction can be obtained from Heinrich Koehler ( or Corinphila ( London 2015 Europhilex international stamp

show is pleased to advise that the rules for competitive exhibits are now available at www. London 2015 will be held at the Business Design Centre, London on 13-16 May 2015 with patronage from the European Federation of Philatelic Associations and recognition from the world philatelic body FIP. There will be 1,400 frames for competitive exhibits in the following classes: Traditional, Postal History, Aerophilately, Thematic Philately, Open, Revenues, Postal Stationery, Youth Philately and Literature. Frank Walton is the Commissioner General and Commissioners have now been appointed by almost all the members of the European Federation. The application form to enter the competitions can be downloaded from www.london2015. net. It should be submitted through the National Commissioner in each member country. The closing date for applications is 31 January 2014. The exhibits will need to have achieved the required standard to qualify for entry. This is that the exhibit should have achieved at least Vermeil in five frames at a national exhibition in the last five years. The last opportunities to qualify in the UK will be at the national exhibition Autumn Stampex on 18-21 September 2013. London 2015 Europhilex is the only European international show planned in the next few years. Take full advantage of this opportunity and apply to enter!

Stamp News - 17

Exercise some common cents! First time ever offered, newly arrived off paper mix from overseas, at from just ONE CENT PER STAMP! Lowest price we have ever offered for this type of mixture. This is an all world mix, 99% postally used material from the 19th century up to quite recent; quite mind boggling at this price, and with minimal duplication. Pick the best for your own collection and trade the rest at 5c to 50c or even more per stamp! We simply weigh it out into unsorted lots. This is not all small definitives or “head” stamps - a good proportion will be large pictorial, commemoratives and thematics. With about 15-16,000 stamps to the kg, and at 1 cent per stamp you just cannot go wrong, especially as we offer a 14 day money back guarantee if this lot is not as described. OK here goes! Send in today, do not delay supplies necessarily limited, this mix is full of the “F” Factor. Tell us how many of the letter F you in the following paragraph you find and we will send you a special free gift if you are correct! Fun and frivolity for all with many fantastic finds to be found. Be sure to fone or fax us with details of fine finds that you find; failing that focus on finding fakes or forgeries if any that may be in this lot, anything is possible! This is an all world lot, though you may request Australia only if you prefer, this option will necessarily contain more duplication.

F1) 150 grams, or approx 2500 stamps $31 plus $5 postage F2) 300 grams, or approx 5000 stamps $59 plus $10 postage F3) 600 grams, or approx 10,000 stamps $115 plus $15 postage F4) 1200 grams, or approx 20,000 stamps $219 plus $20 postage F5) 3 kilograms, or approx 50,000 stamps $525 Postage FREE F6) 6 kilograms, or approx 100,000 stamps $999 Postage FREE Registration and insurance included in all prices for this offer. Do not forget our guarantee, full refund if returned within full days if you find that these lots are misdescribed. Super special, order 1 lot of Australia and 1 of World and get an additional 10% discount.

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The God Given Kingdom There are numerous cases in history where royal families claim to be God’s representatives here on planet earth. This is of course a clever way of legitimizing what has frequently been rather dictatorial regimes. This claim was certainly true for the family which ruled the God Given Kingdom of Bahawalpur in British India for more than 200 years. The state was founded in the early part of the th 18 century. In 1833, the royal family entered into an alliance with the British; as a consequence Englishmen came to play an important role in the administration of the state for the next 100 years. During its period as a stamp-issuing entity (19451949), the ruler was Nawab Sir Sadiq Mohammad Khan Sahib Bahadur Abbasi who used the title of

20 - Stamp News

Amir. At the tender age of three, he succeeded to the throne in 1907 and it was only in 1924 that he became the de facto ruler of his state. He then remained at the helm of Bahawalpur until 1947 when the state joined Pakistan following the partitioning of British India. The Amir passed away in 1966. In common with many other Indian princes, he had a solid reputation as a playboy and he was reputedly infamous as a very slow payer of his invoices. Bahawalpur comprises a fairly large land area but as much as two thirds consist of desert. Geographically we find the state in the south-eastern corner of today’s Pakistan. In the 19th century, the state was far from prosperous. Many people worked

Christer Brunström in subsistence farming and most were illiterate. In 1880, a railway line linking Karachi with Lahore was opened. It passed through Bahawalpur and the previously isolated state now had far better contacts with the rest of the world. However, the amount of postal mail remained very limited. In 1931, Bahawalpur had a population of almost one million people. In common with their ruler they are all Muslims. We can safely assume that the population was considerably larger during the stamp period. Now there is a most important fact that we need to know about the Amir. He was a passionate philatelist and he obviously wanted his state to issue stamps of its own like so many of the other

princely states in British India. However, the British authorities refused to accept his request feeling that the imperial post office sufficed to serve the state’s postal needs. He made a first attempt in 1933 to issue Bahawalpur stamps. That year marked the centenary of the British-Bahawalpur Alliance. The Amir had a commemorative stamp printed in England but no permission was received from the British to have it issued. Despite this a few apparently legitimate covers are known franked with this stamp. At about the same time six additional pictorial stamps were ordered from De La Rue in England. Shown here is the eight-anna value depicting the Juma Masjid Palace in Fort Derewar. Please take a

Stamp News - 21

The God Given Kingdom close look at this magnificent stamp and notice how the palace is mirrored in the nearby lake. This is a superb example of engraved stamp art at is very best. Despite its many technical and artistic qualities the set could not serve as postage stamps but they were used as revenue stamps on a variety of legal documents. In recent years, numerous such documents have reached the philatelic market place. The Indian Imperial Post Office handled the Bahawalpur service mail free of charge. However, in 1945 the Amir finally received permission to issue service stamps. The six 1933 stamps were now overprinted with the word Sarkari in Persian

22 - Stamp News

script. Later there four more overprints on the same stamps. In 1946, Bahawalpur celebrated the victory in World War II with a commemorative service stamps. There is nothing to suggest that this stamp was ever postally used in the state but the stamp can be encountered cancelled to order. The partition of British India in 1947 was in many respects a very complicated time. From August 15th until it joined Pakistan on October 3rd, Bahawalpur was technically an independent nation. The Amir decided to have obsolete Indian definitive stamps overprinted with the text The God Given Kingdom of Bahawalpur in Persian

Christer Brunström script. Also included in the overprint was a star and crescent. Today this set is extremely valuable as only very few of the higher denominations were thus overprinted. The stamps were only valid until 3 October 1947. In common with all other issues of Bahawalpur they were only valid within the borders of the state. On 1 April 1948, there was a splendid set of definitives many of which depict different buildings in Bahawalpur. The lowest and the highest denominations show a portrait of the Amir. Like the 1933 pictorials, these stamps belong to the crème de la crème in stamp art. They were also suitably overprinted to be used as service stamps. On 3 October 1948, one year had passed since Bahawalpur had become a part of Pakistan and the anniversary of course received its own postage stamp. The Amir is shown together with a portrait of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. There are strong suspicions that the Amir used the incomes from the sale of the stamps to finance his own collections. This might explain why the high value 1948 definitives were reissued in different colours later that same year. In 1949 it was the Amir’s Silver Jubilee as the state’s ruler. It was suitably commemorated on a set of four stamps. One of the designs features irrigation, a topic already used on the 1933 pictorial revenues. The Silver Jubilee stamps were produced in huge quantities. This explains why they are still very inexpensive. A leading British stamp dealer currently charges 30 pence for an unmounted mint set but 21 pounds for a cancelled one. I started my own Bahawalpur collection many years ago with this particular stamp set. In the 1950s, the set was frequently included in packets of worldwide stamps. Today it is far more difficult to find the stamps of Bahawalpur. They are generally far more valuable fine used than in mint condition. Bahawalpur never was a member of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) but this did not prevent the Amir from marking the postal union’s 75th anniversary in 1949 with no less than 24 different stamps including perforation varieties. First there was a set of postage stamps perforated 13. The same

stamps also exist perforated 17 and this issue is less common. Even more uncommon are the imperforate varieties. All these stamps also exist with a service overprint. The UPU issue was the last one issued by Bahawalpur but the state’s local post office seems to have operated well into the 1950s before being finally taken over completely by the Pakistani postal service. There is much evidence to suggest that the Amir ran his own postal service as an excuse to have his own stamps printed and thus augment his and the state’s incomes. From a postal point of view the stamps were not really necessary. However, today we find numerous states issuing a myriad of stamps for which there is no real postal need. The Bahwalpur postage and service stamps are most interesting. The designs relate very closely to the state (except for the UPU issue) and the technical and artistic qualities are exceptional. It is thus not surprising that many collectors have chosen to specialize in these most beautiful stamp issues. One philatelist who has devoted much time to the study of Bahawalpur’s stamps and postal history is Ron Wood. His studies have resulted in two books: Bahawalpur (1987) and The God Given Kingdom of Bahwalpur (1990). Some 40 years after the Amir’s death in 1966, the archives were finally made available to philatelic researchers (and much of the material was sold). One result of this research was the book The Amirate of Bahawalpur Postal History & Stamps by Isani and Hussain. The book is partly based on Wood’s earlier works. Some of Bahawalpur’s stamps have become rather valuable but it is still quite possible to assemble a complete collection (if you avoid the scarce 1947 provisionals). Apart from the catalogued stamps, there are a small number of mainly perforation varieties. As already mentioned, genuinely used stamps are far scarcer than mint items. In fact, most of the used stamps on the market have been cancelled to order. This also holds true for many covers. Postal history is undoubtedly the most challenging part of Bahawalpur philately. Stamp News - 23

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Stamps in the News - Globally! No Visa for il Papa

Reported at The Vatican put a new coin on sale last week to commemorate its historic papal transition. Too bad overseas collectors won’t be able to buy it for months. It appears that the Vatican still hasn’t fully resolved an embarrassing shutdown in credit card services, despite announcing four months ago that systems were back up. The impact has been far worse than the Vatican ever let on, costing the Holy See lost sales at a time when Pope Benedict XVI’s shock resignation and Pope Francis’ surprise election laid the groundwork for a bonanza in Vatican-minted papal memorabilia. The credit card debacle began Jan. 1 when Italy’s central bank compelled Deutsche Bank Italia to stop providing electronic payment services to the Holy See. The Bank of Italy cited the lack of an EU-required banking regulatory framework in Vatican City. It’s all emblematic of the continued troubles plaguing the Holy See’s financial system, rocked by allegations of incompetence, tax evasion and money laundering. The shutdown meant visitors to the Vatican Museums had to use cash to pay for tickets, audio guides and coffee table books on Michelangelo. The Philatelic and Numismatic Office, which issues commemorative and circulating stamps was drastically affected too. “A disaster. A disaster. A disaster!” lamented Mauro Olivieri, the head of the coin and stamp office, which in 2012 was the Vatican’s thirdplace money-maker with some euro 20 million in revenues. “The year 2013 has been what I call the ‘annus horribilis.” 28 - Stamp News

The first half of 2013 should have been a windfall for Olivieri, given the world’s attention was fixed on the Vatican for a solid month, from Benedict XVI’s historic Feb. 11 announcement that he would retire at the end of the month, to the March 13 election of the first Jesuit pope and first pontiff from the Americas, Francis. Such historic occasions are sought-after by coin and stamp collectors, who lined up in droves at temporary sales points in St. Peter’s Square to buy the commemorative “Sede Vacante” stamps that were issued as soon as Benedict retired Feb. 28. “Linn’s Stamp News,” the largest U.S. weekly on stamp news and the market, featured the four-stamp “Sede Vacante” collection on the front page of its March 18 editions. But anyone who placed an order through the Vatican to buy the stamps electronically received word that credit card systems were down and orders couldn’t be processed. So the order forms, thousands of them, piled up in boxes in Olivieri’s offices. Finally, five months after the shutdown, credit card sales resumed for stamps and coins, but the damage was done. The office is months behind schedule, with a backlog dating to November. Overseas collectors who have long put up with the Vatican’s antiquated subscription and order system said it was almost the final straw. “They don’t run it like a business,” said Henry Gitner, the main U.S. stamp dealer and retailer who years ago stopped buying directly from the Vatican. “The only way to get guaranteed delivery is to literally have someone there buy it and ship it.” Olivieri said he had no idea how much had been lost, saying only that “undoubtedly” there were losses.

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

For his part, Pope Francis has made clear he wants a church “of the poor and for the poor.” “St. Peter didn’t have a bank account,” he said in a homily.

Stamps provoke controversy

Reported at Prominent pro-Palestine blog, Australians for Palestine, is calling for people to boycott the 60c and $2.60 stamps that feature the Australian Light Horse at the Battle of Beersheba against Turkey in 1917. Activist Sonja Karkar said she purchased the stamp and “received far more than I bargained for – nothing less, would you believe, than a dollop of Israeli propaganda”.

Ms Karkar said the stamp is inaccurate as the town of Beersheeba was a Palestinian town at the time. “This is a really disturbing and incorrect remark,” Ms Karkar wrote. “It is insulting to the memory of Palestinians who were forced to leave Beersheba when the newlycreated Israel captured it in 1948 and who have never been allowed to return to their homes.” The modern Jewish state of Israel was created in 1948 and has been in conflict with Palestine ever since. A spokeswoman for Australia Post told au the Australian War Memorial consulted with the creation of the stamp as well as war historian Peter Stanley. See the debate on Stampboards: http://tinyurl. com/lttp8ze

Rare red revenue

Reported at A rare, bright red stamp issued by the Qing

government 116 years ago is expected to fetch HK$6.5 million to HK$8 million when it goes under the hammer in a forthcoming Interasia auction. The Red Revenue Small One Dollar stamp issued in 1897, ranks among the world’s dozen rarest stamps. Only 32 are believed to exist and it is claimed to be the rarest regularly issued stamp of China. Initially a three-cent revenue stamp, they were used as postage stamps by the Qing government for its new national postal system and are considered by many to be the first true national issues of China. They were printed using bright red ink - a colour denoting good fortune in Chinese culture. They were then stamped to show they were worth one dollar. However, the Chinese characters in the overprint were considered too small, so a second one dollar Red Revenue stamp with larger characters was subsequently issued, thus creating one of the great rarities in the world of philately. View the auction catalogue online @ http://

Getting the mail through for 250 years Reported at

Canada Post has released a commemorative stamp in honour of 250 years of formal postal service in Stamp News - 29

Stamps in the News - Globally!

Canada. Postal services debuted in Canada in the beginning of the 17th century as the French developed a network of roads and rivers used for fur trade and delivering correspondence. Portuguese courier Pedro Da Silva was the first recognized postal carrier as he delivered Royal dispatches and mail throughout New France. In 1753, Benjamin Franklin was appointed Deputy Postmaster General to the British colonies and opened a post office in Halifax to connect the Atlantic colonies with Britain. But eventually, Franklin’s involvement with the growing revolt against the British Empire made it necessary for him to leave his post. The Treaty of Paris in 1763 opened the doors to a formalized postal system as the British invested further by opening more post offices in what is now known as Quebec. Quebec merchant Hugh Finlay became Postmaster General on June 10, 1763, and built a weekly service between Québec, TroisRivières and Montréal. The ambitious Finlay arranged for a courier from Montréal to New York to reach the monthly packet sailing to Britain. By 1771, weekly service was available year round. His innovations earned a profit for the British Post Office Department, which paid Finlay a fifth of gross receipts. The service developed quickly. In 1833, the Quebec-built Royal William was the first steamer to carry mail across the Atlantic. Canada’s first railway line was established in 1836, and became 30 - Stamp News

quickly recognized as a way to carry mail faster and farther. In 1840, Samuel Cunard’s new steamer Britannia transported mail between Liverpool and Halifax. Following Confederation on July 1, 1867, postal systems from Halifax to Fort William, on Lake Superior, amalgamated. And on April 1, 1868, an Act for the Regulation of the Postal Service officially created Canada’s uniform postal system. Stamp designer Andrew Perro notes the challenge of depicting such a long, detailed history. “Realizing 250 years of Canadian postal history on a stamp is like trying to summarize it in one sentence – not easily done. Instead, the design focuses on the system’s early establishment and how it helped to shape Canada’s future.”

Local legend

Reported at FOR nearly 60 years, Gingin (Western Australia) postmaster Bevan Gresele has worked with mail. Now he has decided to retire. It was not a love of letters and post stamps that inspired him to start his long career, but a conversation with his father at the tender age of 14. “My Dad told me to get a government job, so I did,” he said. “I started in Margaret River at 14-and-a-half working for Postmaster General’s Department doing the mail run and working the counter. “ Mr Gresele,71, moved to Gingin in 1976 and became the postmaster in the oldest purpose-built post office in WA. “In 1993, I bought the building and we became a

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

licensed post office,” he said. “ I have always got on well with the customers and it’s been good running the post office. “Post offices do anything these days – licensing, passports, gun licensing, working with children checks and the mail which is increasing with parcels because everyone is buying things online. “If I had my life over again I might do something different but it’s been great.”

Postmaster General US-style Reported at

The job of postmaster general was once one of the country’s most politically powerful. It is also one of the oldest; a version of the position existed before the Declaration of Independence. But today, US Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe finds himself continually caught in the political crossfire, tangling with unions and members of Congress over how to manage the Postal Service’s future as it faces huge losses. It may seem strange now, but Donahoe was originally drawn to postal work by the money. “$4.76 an hour, and in 1975 that was a lot of money,” he recalls, “so I thought, ‘Well, I’ll try that for a while until I’m done with school,’ and I never left.” In 37 years, he has occupied nearly every position at the Postal Service: “vehicle maintenance, airport operations, accounting, personnel, labour relations.” The Postal Service is one of the largest employers in the country, but it is saddled with enormous retirement and health care costs that it cannot afford. It’s running billions of dollars in the red and has had to borrow heavily from the U.S. Treasury. Its main source of revenue — first-class mail — is falling off. It is trying to grow its package-delivery business, but there, it competes with FedEx and UPS, and technological change is swift. Reining in costs is politically fraught. That’s because, though its operations are not taxpayerfunded, the Postal Service is also controlled by Congress, which mandates delivery of mail to every household in the United States and requires it to prefund retiree benefits, decades into the future. This hybrid governance structure leads to

tension. Donahoe’s most public skirmish came earlier this year, when he announced plans to save money by ending Saturday letter delivery without congressional approval. Two months later, Congress forced him to scrap those plans. Donahoe says he doesn’t like the political crossfire. He demurs when asked his party affiliation. But he lights up when discussing stamps — especially collectibles. Donahoe owns every stamp printed since 1892. Opening a box of sheets of reprinted vintage stamps, he explains, “These are proof sheets. They’re stamps, but they’re not cut, so you would actually buy this for a collection.” That generates almost pure profit for the Postal Service, he notes. But the fact is: Stamp collecting isn’t exactly en vogue. “That’s a shame. That’s a problem, because there’s a lot fewer people [writing] today.” Donahoe laments the current state of things. He may be nostalgic, but he also says that in order to survive, the Postal Service must embrace the future.

Postmaster General Botswana-style Reported at

Botswana Post Chief Executive Officer Pele Moleta Chief Executive Officer faces huge challenges to keep on delivering snail mail in this fast paced day and age of instantly delivered e-mails and real time chat messages. Moleta began his working life in the financial services sector and when the Botswana Post CEO Stamp News - 31

Stamps in the News - Globally! position became vacant, he was headhunted. He found the prospect both exciting and daunting. “I arrived clearly saying to myself I needed to listen to people both within the post office and outside. I needed to first establish what the people that were there were doing, what they were focusing on and what their challenges were.” “I believed for Botswana Post to move forward we needed to automate, transform and connect all the post offices on a real time online basis. And then everything else will follow.” Moleta has defined the role of Botswana Post as adding value to the lives of customers. “We must start with the customer at the centre of what we do. Traditionally the post office provided postal services, but when you look at it we are a communication service provider.” “We allow our customers to communicate among themselves and with friends around the world. Because of that, what we are looking to do is to broaden those services so that other value adding services are brought to their door step. For an example, we have always done money transfers.

Now we offer paying prepaid electricity, water bills and collecting old age pension to add a dimension of value to the life of an ordinary Motswana.” “We are making the post office a one stop service centre in the heart of those communities.” Moleta is facing up to the challenges of new technologies by accepting the methods people use to communicate and define the Post Offices role. “When I joined people were telling me that e-mail was going to replace communication. In this environment, if people communicate and buy on line, they need someone to deliver the product purchased-a service the post office can provide.” “Particularly for business, the most direct way of communicating is to write your customer individually. Postcards continue to be a fantastic and simple easy way to communicate. Postal stamps continue to be the simplest and most dynamic ambassador that a country can ever have.” “We are actually modernising the stamps and shortly we will be providing an opportunity to both companies and individuals to buy personalised stamps.” In this context, Moleta sees a major challenge in that Botswana Post is a company wholly owned by government and decisions made by the board need to be ratified by government. “Sometimes we need the Minister of Finance to approve certain decisions. Because of that there are areas which are not profitable to go to, but because of universal obligations, we end up going there.”

Private Postie

Reported at Q Who looks after military mail for US forces on deployment abroad? A The military. The Inter-service Postal Training Activity of soldier Support Institute conducts regular four week courses to train military staff in postal clerical tasks which range from selling stamps to unit mail room operations, registered mail, and transportation of mail all of the postal operations necessary to move mail into and back out of theatre. 32 - Stamp News

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

Postal operations are a crucial part of military operations within the US and for forces overseas. It boosts the overall morale of soldiers and the unit, ensuring that mail is handled properly and packages are sent and received in a timely and efficient manner. The operator’s course gives the soldiers the opportunity to understand the postal language and operations prior to working in a post office down range. “A lot of soldiers get sent down range and assigned to a post office with little to no experience and are learning by on the job training,” said an Institute spokesman. “The problem with that is some of the violations in a post office are federal offenses. It is a lot more beneficial for soldiers to go to the training and learn and understand through regulatory guidance what is required prior to deployment.”

End of an era. Stop. India scraps telegram. Stop.

Reported at http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes. com In India, it was the technological breakthrough that revolutionised communications across what was then the vast British Raj – expediting the East India Company’s total commercial dominance of the country, helping to suppress the 1857 uprising and providing newspaper readers in Britain with regular updates from the Empire. However, after 163 years, the days of the telegram – or taar in Hindi – are coming to an end with the dawn of the age of text messages and emails

reaching India’s rural poor for the first time. More than 900,000 Indians now own mobile phones and 120 million people use the internet – figures that are expected to rocket in the coming years. India is the last country in the world to use the telegram on such a large scale, but officials said the service had run up losses of more than £2 billion and the government stated it was no longer willing to bear the cost for what had become “nostalgia”. The last telegram to be sent in India on July 15 will use similar technology as the first, which was successfully transmitted over the 13 and a half miles between Calcutta and Diamond Harbour – on the banks of the Hooghly river in 1850. Its use in India was pioneered by William O’Shaughnessy, a surgeon and inventor. While the world’s first ever telegram was sent by Samuel F.B. Morse in Washington DC in 1844, O’Shaughnessy was apparently unaware of Morse’s work and used a different code to send a message by transmitting electric signals over long distances. Lord Dalhousie, the Governor of India, recognised the potential of telegrams and authorised O’Shaughnessy to build a 27-mile line near Calcutta. By 1856, the network stretched 4000 miles across the British Raj, connecting the strategically vital cities of Calcutta, Agra, Bombay, Peshawar, and Madras. The next year, the telegram helped the British violently subdue the Indian Rebellion 1857, with one captured Indian soldier, on his way to the gallows, reportedly pointing at the telegram device and stating: “There is the accursed string that strangles us.” Stamp News - 33

Stamps in the News - Globally! Stampboards member repatriates war mail Reported at

A pair of letters sent from a U.S. soldier serving in World War II to his wife nearly 70 years ago finally arrived at their intended destination this past weekend. Fair Oaks resident Chuck Kunellis received the letters his father wrote to his mother in 1944. They were sent from Italy to Arlington, Virginia, but for some reason, the letters got lost in the mail. An Australian Stampboards member who collects WWII Italian covers, came across the letters when he bought them from an American dealer. “They were just a bunch of letters. And when I was sorting through them, I found these two that didn’t look like they’d been opened,” he said. He researched online for the sender, Chris Kunellis, but instead found his son Chuck. After an email correspondence, the collector posted the covers. “ I posted them to him because that’s where they belong.They’re only about 70 years late, which is quite something really, if you think of it.” Kunellis said his parents Chris and Phyllis are gone, but reading the letters for the first time brings back a lot of memories. “It was a bit emotional. I felt like a child again,” said Kunellis. Pamela Kunellis, Chuck’s wife said, “I thought how wonderful for Chuck to have this piece of history for his family because both of his parents are gone.” Kunellis, whose his father went to war days after he was born, says the letters mean a lot to him because his father never talked about his time in the service. “He was part of the invasion on Italy and the 34 - Stamp News

assault on Monte Cassino, which thousands of thousands of men on both sides died,” said Kunellis. “Having read this, I got a sense of where he was then.” The Stampboarder who discovered the letters, said he collects World War II postal memorabilia from Italy. He says lots of letters were not delivered during the war. “It was quite chaotic. The fact that any man got any mail was quite astonishing.” He believes the letters sent by Kunellis’s father to his mother were among those that did not reach their destination during those chaotic years. “I’ve been a historian all my life. It’s the stories that get to me. An envelope on my desk doesn’t have a story until I start looking at it. If I can finish the story by sending it to the person who it relates to, that’s great.” Margo Campbell is a Librarian, and a founder and Moderator on Each month she assembles a global selection of quirky media snippets that relate to stamps and philately. Please contact her with any interesting news pieces you may see or read to -

03 9758 7506

GUERNSEY MARINE LIFE Sue Daly’s wonderful underwater images taken around the tiny Channel Island of Sark feature on our Marine Life issue. Also included is a very special miniature sheet which transports you under the ocean with Sue to watch just what goes on beneath the waves. Simply download the app on any smartphone or tablet.

Set of 6


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Celebrating 60 years since the Queen’s Coronation




Celebrating 60 years since the Queen’s Coronation




Celebrating 60 years since the Queen’s Coronation






We are delighted to commemorate the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation in June 1953 with a set of stamps depicting events from the rich pageantry of this truly special event.


Celebrating 60 years since the Queen’s Coronation



Set of 6 stamps £3.61


Celebrating 60 years since the Queen’s Coronation





Celebrating 60 years since the Queen’s Coronation

Guernsey & Alderney stamps are available at by telephone on +44 (0)1481 716486 or email:

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Collecting the KGV Penny Red Part 9 The next couple of chapters in our epic journey through the penny red shades will cover some of the rarer and more problematic shades. All of the following shade groups are on rough paper, see last month’s column for more details on the rough paper / smooth paper divide. Shade Group G64 This shade group, G64 brownish rose, is somewhat related to the preceding shade group G63 rose red aniline. The two shades have a similar pale daylight appearance, however, the much rarer G64 lacks any aniline component to the ink. This means that the UV reaction of shade group G64 is quite pale and dull and this feature is very important in their classification. This dull UV reaction readily separates G64 stamps from those of group G63. Stamps belonging to shade group G63 can have pale or subdued reactions, but there is always an orange element and at least a

Figure 1. Top row: two examples of shade G64; bottom row: their corresponding long wavelength UV reactions. 36 - Stamp News

hint of brightness. Contrast this to the pale and dull reaction of group G64, the reaction is very similar to that of the smooth shade group G21 or even G23½ which probably used the same ink formulation. The daylight appearance of group G64 has a definite brownish element to the colour and specimens placed next to a stamp from shade group G63 should look definitely brown. This uncommon to rare shade first appears around the middle of 1917 and can be found until about January 1918. Shade Group G65 This is doubtless the most poorly understood of any penny red shade and this is due in no small part to its extreme rarity. The word rare is thrown around all too readily in stamp collecting, however, shade group G65 – orange-red can rightly wear this badge. The orange-red G65 shade group is somewhat

Figure 2. Top row: two examples of shade G65; bottom row: their corresponding long wavelength UV reactions.

Dr Scott Starling related to the G62 shade group, carmine aniline, and is itself a strongly aniline shade. There is a definite orange ‘wash’ through the colour of the stamp in both mint and used condition and only stamps with a strong orange, aniline component to the shade should be admitted to this group. The UV reaction is also a bright orange and is not dissimilar to the common G62 reaction. All of this, the daylight and UV appearances, is at odds with what the fine monograph The Redhead by Colin Beech and the Australian Commonwealth Specialists’ Catalogue say on the subject of shade group G65. However, these are the criteria for this group that most experts now agree on. Periods of usage are still a bit sketchy for this shade group, though most examples sighted seem to have September or October 1917 cancels. Those who are sceptical about the rarity of this shade should try and source one from a dealer, you’ll

Figure 3. Top row: two examples of shade G66, on the left used, on the right mint; bottom row: their corresponding long wavelength UV reactions.

likely come up empty handed after a long search. Unfortunately, as most dealers and collectors have never seen this shade, some will therefore declare that it doesn’t exist, but exist they do. To end on a more heartening note, as this shade has been so poorly understood for most of its existence, there are still copies lurking out there in collections and bulk lots just waiting to be found. After shade groups G63, G64 and G65, there was a small break in the appearance of the rough paper shades and there seems to have been a marked lull in their usage around the December 1917, January 1918 period. This also saw the change from printing from the right plates (panes V, VI, VII & VIII) to the left plates (panes I, II, III & IV). So all the rough paper shades from February 1918 can now be found with the die II variety and the substituted clichés as well as the other left plate varieties. Unfortunately, this is about the only help a collector gets in sorting out the shades for all the subsequent rough paper groups. They all first appear with quite a rush over the February/March 1918 period and had lengthy periods of overlapping use. Shade Group G66 The shade group G66 is usually given the name pink, though the colour is a lot less appealing than the smooth paper shade G28 of the same name. There seems to be a definite yellowish component to the colour of most examples and this lends credence to the theory that they were printed with the same ink that gave us the G27 salmon eosin stamps. The UV reaction of these stamps is nothing short of brilliant and is a very fluorescent orange, almost the equal of the famed eosin reactions on smooth paper. The bright reaction is toned down with mint examples due to the presence of esculin. It is mentioned in the literature that esculin was added to the eosin formulations, possibly to moderate the vivid pinkness of the eosin colourant. Esculin is colourless, though fluoresces a brilliant blue in UV light. It is also very water soluble, so when soaking stamps with it in the ink the esculin mostly washes away or diffuses into the rest of the Stamp News - 37

Collecting the KGV Penny Red Part 9 stamp and leaves behind the eosin dye with undiminished brightness. The esculin can then be seen as a bluish glow in the unprinted areas of the stamp. Most of the stamps from this printing were set aside to be perforated OS for official use, the colour being deemed inappropriate for general issue. In fact even the perforated OS sheets appear to have been set aside for an extended period as most have Melbourne cancels from the 1920s. The small number that made it into general circulation (without the OS perforation) can be found with cancels from February 1918, though can be encountered used well into the early 1920’s. The shade is rarer than catalogues suggest and examples can be difficult to find.

rarity. The daylight shade lacks any of the yellowness of G66 – pink and has a definite blue element. The UV reaction is similarly quite intense, though reduced in its brightness and slightly redder. It is more than likely that these stamps used the same ink formulation as the smooth paper G28 – pink or G29 – carmine pink. Most of the shades of this group are also deeper than G66 and much more appealing. As before, printings that form shade group G67 was mostly diverted for official use and perforated OS, though the geographical distribution doesn’t seem as narrow as with G66. Examples with and without OS perfins can be found with postmarks from February 1918 all the way through to the 1920s.

Shade Group G67 This shade group, G67 – rose pink, is closely related to the preceding one and is of a similar magnitude of

Shade Groups G68, G69 & G70 The final groups we will discuss this month all fall

Figure 4. Top row: two examples of shade G67; bottom row: their corresponding long wavelength UV reactions.

Figure 6. Top row: left an example of G68 with a dull UV reaction, on the right a stamp from group G69; bottom row: their corresponding long wavelength UV reactions.

38 - Stamp News

Dr Scott Starling under the umbrella shade name rosine. The word ‘rosine’ appears to have been an invention of philatelists or even penny red collectors as I can find it in no dictionary. It is perhaps a contraction of the word roseine which is the name of a synthetic magenta dye. Semantics aside, the name rosine denotes a pink with a reasonable element of blue and tending towards the darker end of the spectrum. Shade group G68 – rosine, is the most common or at least the least rare of the shades covered in this month’s column. The daylight appearance is a bold magenta with a perceptible blue element. The UV reactions can be divided into two groups, a fluorescent group and a dull group, though with very similar daylight appearances across both groups. The fluorescent group displays reactions that range from fluorescent orange to a fluorescent orange-red. Within this grouping, the deepest daylight shades and the reddest reactions are assigned to shade group G70 – deep rosine.

In the dull grouping are stamps with a more muted reaction which is definitely red. Most stamps still display a certain brightness to their UV reaction, but some can be very dull. In the middle of all this falls group G69, which unlike all other shade groups doesn’t describe a shade but is where all OS perforated rosine stamps are slotted. This is an historical quirk and a creation of the stamp dealer Orlo-Smith who was also a great pioneer in the penny reds. He managed to secure several sheets of mint stamps in the rosine shade perforated OS. Their daylight appearance doesn’t distinguish them from other rosines, so it may have been a marketing ploy in order to sell the otherwise undesirable official perfins. Stamps with OS perfins were virtually universally rejected by collectors of the time as damaged or inferior specimens. Purists would say that group G69 should be reserved for these several hundred mint rosines that OrloSmith secured, however, it now seems to be convention that any rosine, mint or used, that is perforated OS is called a G69, no matter its provenance. Stamps from the three groups first appear in February 1918 and again can be found until the 1920’s. The deep rosine shade is quite rare and only rich, deep examples should be admitted to this group. In next month’s column we’ll tackle the three shades that cause the biggest headaches for all penny red collectors from ingénue to aficionado.

Figure 5. Top row: left and middle – two examples of G68 with bright UV reactions, on the right shade group G70; bottom row: their corresponding long wavelength UV reactions.

Any questions, comments or problems, please e-mail me au . Stamp News - 39

philatelic news

2013 Perth Stamp & Coin Show The 2013 Perth Stamp & Coin Show is being held on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August 10am to 4pm (3pm Sunday) at the University of WA in Hackett Drive in Nedlands. This two day show brings together not only Interstate and local stamp, coin, banknote, postcard & collectable dealers but also an upstairs room of local collectors with their own single tables selling their excess or unwanted material, very similar to the European “Flea Market” style stamp shows. This will be a drawcard for all collectors as it means there is something for everybody’s budget. In addition there is free entry plus a huge variety of prizes to be won including $200 in APTA dealer vouchers and stamps & coins

from Australia Post & Perth Mint. The inaugural show in 2012 was hugely popular with a strong turnout of collectors and the majority of the 22 attending dealers immediately booked their stand again for 2013. The show will become an annual event and be exclusively for dealers and collectors to buy and sell. Ian Boulton, the show organiser tells me there are still tables available for collectors upstairs for a modest $40 with an application form and further information at Attending dealers can also be found listed on the website with all their information should you wish to contact them in advance to bring material of interest for you.

ATA Extends Special Membership Incentive The American Topical Association is extending a popular new member incentive through the end of 2013. New members may choose a free topical checklist of their choice, up to 50 pages in length, or a $10 credit toward the purchase of a longer list. Checklists for topical collectors enable them to search for stamps in their area of interest by country and Scott number, greatly simplifying the hunt for stamps. The ATA has more than 600 checklists on every imaginable topic from airplanes to the zodiac. Checklists are available printed or digitally. Membership is $25 a year ($33 for international 40 - Stamp News

members), and includes the bi-monthly journal, Topical Time; the book, Adventures in Topical Stamp Collecting, and a topical handbook. The free checklist, which has been offered since January, has been popular with new members eager to use it to find stamps on a specific topic. Complete membership information is available on the ATA website:, or by calling the ATA office at 618-985-5100. The ATA is the largest affiliate of the American Philatelic Society. Topical collecting is increasingly popular, and ATA membership is growing, as well.


mike lee

Stamps of the Polar Worlds 1900 to 2012 full page map of Antarctica, A brief history of the exploration of the north and south poles, Important people of the polar regions, Important ships of the polar regions, and miscellaneous animals, places & items of the polar regions. There are also helpful and informative notes throughout the book which are in printed red to make sure you don’t miss them. If you have any interest in this ‘frosty’ area of philately, this book is a must! The author advises it is also available in a Kindle reader version from Amazon. A great book, and a great read! Mike Lee


(Est. 1968)



Latest Price-List Free on Request

Author: Frank R. Michel 5th edition, 144 pages, paperback

Using “SG” + “Scott” Numbers

Including • Sets + Singles • Booklets • Cinderellas • FDC’s

Available online through, for US $35.00 This useful publication is an illustrated checklist of approximately 3200 stamps and philatelic items issued worldwide that have a Polar theme. This includes, in the authors words, ‘stamps, mini sheets (souvenir sheets) and ‘items of a ‘Cinderella’ nature which the author feels are relevant to the topic’ The book is well illustrated with over 300 good quality colour images, though not all stamps listed are illustrated. There is quite a lot of additional detail, including a 3½ page listing of Polar stamps by country, A

• Limited Editions • Revenues • Year Sets • Ross Dependency

Also • BAT • Falklands • AAT • Christmas Is. • Cocos • Fiji • Kiribati


• Nauru • Norfolk • PNG • Pitcairn • Samoa • Tokelau

PO Box 776, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand Phone: (+64) 3 477 6128, Fax: (+64) 3 479 2718 Shop: 32 Hanover Street, Dunedin Email: Website:

Stamp News - 41

Revenue Review Outwards for Free

I have written about figure 1 & 2 before, very little has come to light since I last spoke on these revenues from Western Australia, other than I can now put a start and finish date to these issues. As we know the ‘The Fremantle Harbour Trust Act, 1902’ was accented on 11 December 1902. This Act included Outward wharfage fees within the State of Western Australia, these fees being collected by the Customs Department under arrangement with and on behalf of the Trust. This practice also continued when the department was taken over by the Federal Government. On 4 February 1907 amendments to the Act concerning Outward wharfage dues, were implemented so as “All goods shipped over wharves or out of lighters to ports within the State [Western Australia] shall be free of wharfage fees”. So this series of rare revenues ran for a tad over 5 yrs with 6d being the minimum fee. Amazingly figures 1&2

Fig 1

Fig 3

42 - Stamp News

are the only survivors to date. Maybe you have a few in your ‘what are these’ file, if so please share them here so we can record them.

What a Mess

They say there’s one born every minute. Last months figure 1 was remnants of multiples of Victoria railway stamps used on an old suitcase with a value of zero! This month we look at more Victoria railway issues this time used on a parcel piece [fig 3]. This was on eBay for $40 and was passed in, as one would expect, except the seller relisted it he next week with a $20 start, the piece eventually selling for a tad under $80. Amazing this made over $10 in my book as the stamps are in just awful condition!

Tas Bits

Tasmania Stamp Auctions from Hobart sold some

Fig 2

Fig 4

Dave Elsmore nice revenues in their last sale late in June. Figures 4 & 5 are just two of the better items. Figure 4 being a very nice piece of usage from Webster and Rometch Ltd a private bus company from Tasmania. Figure 5 being one of just 10 used newspaper wrappers carrying an impressed duty stamp. All 10 are philatelic but nonetheless rare.

Postal Rails

More on Tasmania, this time a postally cancelled railway stamp [fig 6], that being a railway parcel stamp obliterated with a postal cancel. Exceedingly rare usage. Any railway issue carrying a postal obliterator from Tasmania is rare and if you see any you had best dig deep and secure them, as they only turn up one in every 10 years.

Imperf Foil

Back to Victoria this time with a rather nice

Fig 5

Fig 7

Victorian ‘foil’ imperf between [fig 7] the actual railway parcel stamp and the receipt. This being auctioned by a Sydney firm and achieving around $800 a couple of months ago. This imperf is the first I have seen and would like to record it here in Revenue Review. Nice to see this kind of material survive.

Q Rail

Queensland railway scarce station names continue to turn up. Figure 8 from ‘Boyne Valley Junction’ west of Gladstone is the first I have seen and would like to record it here in Revenue Review. It may pay you to recheck your stations and see if you have any from this station.


Another gem from Tasmania Stamp Auctions

Fig 6

Fig 8

Stamp News - 43

Revenue Review this time figure 9 a rather scarce beer duty from Tasmania. Recorded here for collectors to droll over. You do not get better than this for clean usage. As we know survival of beer duty issues from all states are scarce to rare to really rare to unique!


Mike Mulroy from Western Australia [a Westie and avid revenue collector] sent in a very nice ‘floating swan’ revenue [fig 11]. I have seen a few floaters in my time but figure 11 is particularly nice. Maybe you have a few in your collection? If so share them here. You may also have a few ‘Sunk Swans’ to share.

Tatts This

Tatts tickets do turn up in auction and I have recorded several in this column over the years. Figure 10 is no different except it is a rather nice £1 value with a 2/- ‘tax box’ very collectable indeed I hear you say, selling for a poultry $22, bargain I hear you say. This is only the second £1 to surface both are red in colour but have different frames. Again I would like to record this here in Revenue Review.

Some surprising results in Velvet Collectables last Sydney auction, with a group of Victorian revenue lots fetching some tasty prices. Lot number 1402 bringing a surprising $10,600 plus buyers against an estimate of just $1000. The lot consisted of no less than 17 sets or 85 of the high value 1884 mono colours, all with pin holes. Lot number 1398 as a runner up fetching $6100 plus buyers against

Fig 9

Fig 10

Fig 11

44 - Stamp News

Smooth as Velvet

an estimate of $1250. This lot contained better Victorian revenues, inc 6 clean copies of the 35/-, 51 x 45/-, £6 x 30, £9 x 29 etc etc 200+ in all, so lots of fun to be had here. If you are not on the mailing list for Velvet Collectables of Melbourne & Sydney your missing out so why not give Danny Jurd a call to get the next catalogue.

Perfin Corner

More new revenue perfin finds this month. Its hard to get that excited about a few holes but when something turns up that is unrecorded it can brighten your day. Figure 12 is no exception with a single ‘M’ punch. This being for James Moore & Sons Pty Ltd. Timber Merchants, Saw Millers & Importers of City Road South Melbourne. I do try and add new finds to as they come in. You may like to double check your Victorian

revenue Perfins and see if you have such a beast within your collection, if not this is the only one to surface so far. Last but not least a very nice pair of embossed “Norwich Union Fire Office” revenues from New South Wales. I had only recorded the 2/- value with this security embossing and to add this 5/- pair [which sold in auction recently] is a nice addition to the very few recorded security embossed revenues that are recorded. Collecting these embossed security issues is a nice but challenging sideline to any revenue collection.

I can be contacted by mail: P O Box 66 Springwood 4127 Queensland or an Email link from my web site:

Fig 13 Fig 12

Stamp News - 45

Worldwide New Issues On the road again, with Australia Post Australia Post celebrates the road trip with the release of five domestic baserate (60c) stamps. The issue takes a light-hearted approach to travelling to some of Australia’s key urban centres – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and the Gold Coast. “We trust this second issue in the Road Trip Australia stamp series will be as popular as the first. The colourful and playful stamp designs should appeal to everyone, especially young collectors,” said Australia Post Philatelic Manager Michael Zsolt. Sydney, with its magnificent harbour setting, is a major tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors. This stamp includes the Sydney Opera House which this year marks 40 years since its opening. Nestled around the gentle curve of Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is an enviable cultural hub, and much diversity and vibrancy evident through its theatres, galleries, museums and restaurants. The stamp design depicts the well-known seaside suburb of St Kilda, and its iconic pier and kiosk. Adelaide is commonly known as the City of Churches and often as a city of festivals, too which are both displayed on the stamp. The city is host to the popular Adelaide Festival, which showcases some of the world’s best performing, visual and literary artists, and to the renowned world music festival WOMADelaide. This year is the 100th anniversary of our nation’s capital, Canberra. The federal capital is home not only 46 - Stamp News

to Parliament House and some of Australia’s most important cultural institutions, but also the 55-bell National Carillon on Aspen Island, Lake Burley Griffin, shown on the stamp design under a sky filled with Canberra’s famous hot-air balloons. The Gold Coast is a 70-kilometre stretch of coastline that runs from South Stradbroke Island, Queensland, to the border of New South Wales. With its warm climate, beautiful beaches and mega theme parks, the Gold Coast attracts several million sunseekers each year. The stamp design shows our roadtrippers going off-road and onto a roller coaster. Australian artist Gavin Ryan created the stamp designs, following his popular designs for the 2012 Road Trip Australia stamp issue. This issue is accompanied by a souvenir pack which includes 10 x 60-cent stamps from both Road Trip Australia stamp issues in a single self-adhesive sheetlet. Also available is a postal and numismatic cover that marks 25 years of the Australian Parliament House; it features the Canberra stamp for Road Trip Australia and a 20-cent Royal Australian Mint coin. Other products available are a miniature sheet, first day cover, stamp pack, set of five maxicards, booklet of 10 x 60c self-adhesive stamps and a booklet of 20 x 60c self-adhesive stamps. The Road Trip Australia stamp issue is available from 2 July 2013 at participating Australia Post retail outlets, via mail order on 1800 331 794 and online at

Worldwide New Issues New book captures life in Åland The Stamp Year Book “Ålands frimärken berättar 2012-2013” (a story through Åland stamps) is issued in November. Containing all the stamp issues for the last two years, the book has won the hearts of many readers through its combination of interesting articles, stunning imagery and background stories of the featured stamps. This year’s content includes a comprehensive account of the ‘King of Smugglers’ Algoth Niskas’ activities, his Smuggler’s bus being one of the stamps featured in the book. The readers also get a look behind the scenes of one of the many summer events, music festival Island in the Sun. The book contains as usual several interesting articles on Åland nature and wildlife, among them a story about John ”Jonte”

Sjögren from Vårdö, whose keen interest in the preservation of nature and wildlife made him Åland game warden of the year. The Year Book with 96 glossy pages holds not only a great many intriguing stories, but also the entire issue of 2012 and 2013 stamps and postal labels. The denomination of the stamps adds up to €67.25, which is also the price of The Year Book. The edition is 3,000. The book was produced in cooperation with advertising agency April, which was in charge of texts and layout. The book has undergone a minor facelift from the previous edition to create a more airy design and clearer chapter structure. The texts are written by Linda Wiktorsson-Lång and are mainly in Swedish with summaries in Finnish, English and German. For our French-speaking customers a French summary is enclosed separately. The Stamp Year Book is issued every second year in November and can be bought from Åland Post.

more than €21000 to the Åland Cancer Society from the sale of stamps, stamp In 2012, Åland Post decided to start issuing charity watches and model vans stamps, part of the selling price of which is donated with a Pink Ribbon motif. to charity. This year, the profit will be donated to the Other activities in connecBlue Ribbon campaign and prostate cancer research. tion with the Pink Ribbon The stamp is issued on 2 September since this campaign raised further is the month when Blue Ribbon campaigns sets off funds. Our hope is naturally that the Blue Ribbon internationally. Despite the fact that prostate cancer stamp and ensuing campaign activities will raise an is the most common type of cancer among men in equal amount to cancer research. Finland, the Blue Ribbon campaign has gained relaHåkan Sandberg’s stamp features a garden sculptively little attention, as opposed to its big sister Pink ture, which he has created himself. The sculpture repRibbon. The Blue Ribbon stamp is designed by Åland resents a bon vivant, who enjoys life on earth. Apart graphic designer Håkan Sandberg, who himself was from wanting to emphasize the importance of living diagnosed with prostate cancer. in the here and now, another purpose of the stamp is The Blue Ribbon charity stamp sells at €1.20, to challenge the taboo surrounding prostate cancer. €0.20 of which is donated to Åland Cancer Society. The Blue Ribbon logo has been visibly placed on the At the start of 2013, Åland Post was pleased to donate stamp.

A stamp for the benefit of cancer research

Stamp News - 47

Worldwide New Issues

Indigenous Australians honoured by Australia Post Warning – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this article contains names and images of deceased people Five eminent Indigenous Australians are being honoured by Australia Post in a new stamp issue. There are five domestic base-rate (60c) stamps featuring Shirley Smith AM, Neville Bonner AO, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Eddie “Koiki” Mabo and Charles Perkins AO. Since European settlement, many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians have fought to make Australia a more just and equitable society. This stamp issue honours five of these exceptional individuals who tirelessly campaigned for the rights of Indigenous people. Australia Post Managing Director and CEO Ahmed Fahour said Australia Post has a long standing commitment to improving the social and economic wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. “We trust this stamp issue will remind all

48 - Stamp News

Australians of the significant contribution made by these important Indigenous Australians,” said Mr Fahour. Shirley Smith AM (1921–98), also known as “Mum Shirl”, was born on Erambie Mission, Cowra, New South Wales. She was a member of the Wiradjuri nation and was a committed activist for the justice and welfare of Aboriginal Australians. She was a founding member of several important organisations including the Aboriginal Legal Service and the Aboriginal Medical Service in the Sydney suburb of Redfern. Shirley received many awards for her work, and was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) and a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE). Neville Bonner AO (1922–99) was born on Ukerebagh Island on the Tweed River, New South Wales. In 1971 he became the first Aboriginal person to sit in the Commonwealth of Australia parliament. He also became the first Indigenous Australian to be elected to the par-

Worldwide New Issues

liament by popular vote. An elder of the Jagera people, Neville Bonner continued to be a strong advocate for Indigenous rights until his death in 1999. Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) (1920– 93) was a descendant of the Noonuccal people of Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland. Oodgeroo was a poet, political activist, artist, educator and environmentalist. In 1962, she was instrumental in advocating for citizenship rights for Indigenous people. Oodgeroo received numerous awards in recognition of a lifetime commitment to Indigenous peoples and her outstanding contributions to Australian literature. She was awarded three honorary doctorates by universities within Australia. Eddie “Koiki” Mabo (1936–92) was born in the Meriam community of Las on Mer, known as Murray Island, in the Torres Strait, Queensland. In 1982 Eddie challenged land ownership laws in the High Court of Australia and won. The notion of terra nullius (land belonging to no one) was expelled from Australian law paving

the way for the Native Title Act 1993 (Cwlth). In 1992, Eddie was posthumously awarded the Australian Human Rights Medal by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Native Title Act. Charles Perkins AO (1936–2000) was born at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Aboriginal Reserve in the Northern Territory. His parents were Arrernte and Kalkadoon people. In 1965 Perkins led the Freedom Rides, exposing racial discrimination throughout country NSW. From 1984 until 1988 he was Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, the first Aboriginal Australian to attain such a position in the bureaucracy. In his post-public service life Perkins played key roles on the boards of Aboriginal arts, sport and media organisations. He was a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), serving as Deputy Chairman from 1994 to 1995, and was also a member of the Arrernte Council of Central Australia. The stamps were designed by Lynette Traynor of the Australia Post Design Studio. Products associated with this stamp issue include a first day cover, stamp pack, set of five maxicards, prestige booklet, gutter strip of 10 x 60c stamps with design and a roll of 200 x 60c self-adhesive stamps. The Indigenous Leaders stamp issue is available from 9 July 2013 at participating Australia Post retail outlets, via mail order on 1800 331 794 and online at stamps while stocks last. Stamp News - 49

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation Part 36 The opening of Australia 2013 in Melbourne recently brought to a satisfactory conclusion the first and most important stage of the Exhibition Frames Restoration project undertaken by the APF. Australia 2013 was the very successful International Philatelic Exhibition held at the Royal Exhibition Hall from 10th to the 15th May 2013, and required all of Australia’s 16 sheet frames supplemented by some frames Erected and mounted exhibition display frames on loan from New Zealand. This operation sheet exhibition frames which were purchased received very significant support from organised second hand from Singapore early in 1998. These philately though a Frame Sponsorship Appeal. frames are held in 7 transport containers and are To date sponsorships have raised in excess of stored in the open at Goolwa in South Australia. $80,000, defraying 99% of the cost, a remarkable To protect the frames in the containers during example of self-help. transportation, every second frame is fitted with a The APF is extremely grateful to all those protective padded “overcoat”. people and organisations who have so generously These frames are effectively two individual contributed to this appeal, and wishes to thank frames locked together with screwed clips. They most sincerely all of the many volunteers from rely upon being paired for their strength. The top South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia who have worked tirelessly on this project over the and bottom rails of the display area are locked with grub screws which are loosened and tightened last three years. using an allen key. A major limitation with the Two of the volunteers are worthy of special mention, Jeff Trinidad for making his workshop in frames is that both sides cannot be opened at the Kalgoorlie, WA, available for the project, and who same time, and this makes the systematic and careful control of mounting and dismounting performed or supervised much of the mechanical exhibits extremely important. work, and Peter Alexander, who became the Material is mounted within the frames by project’s Knight in Shining Armour. loosening the top grub screws and taking off the top rail, thus allowing the perspex to be removed Australia’s Exhibition Frames and the pages inserted into the mounting strips, Australia has approximately 1,325 two sided 16 50 - Stamp News

John Sadler,

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

Building the corflute welding machine 4 rows of 4. When the perspex and top rail have been replaced, the grub screws are tightened again, and the frame is secure. The frames are reasonably heavy and generally require two people to safely handle them. The feet on which the frames stand are quite a tight fit and can cause problems during the erection and dismantling processes, especially if they need to be forced apart. Another problem is that rough handling of the frames plus any movement during transportation may cause the bottom rail to move slightly, mostly downwards, thus causing the frame to be no longer square, and making removal of the top rail difficult. Out of square frames can also create problems in properly fitting the perspex, and could result in cracked or broken perspex. The first time that these frames were used was at Canberra Stampshow 1998, and the frames were erected in straight lines. During the demounting process a whole section of frames

collapsed. Fortunately, there were no people within the area and all of the material had been removed. Since then, the frames have always been erected in a zig-zag format, a much more stable situation. It is essential at all exhibitions that after dismounting the exhibits, the top rails are securely locked. At most exhibitions there is a shortage of allen keys, which often delays the mounting and dismounting operations, as well as increasing the probability of frames not being correctly locked, prior to their return to storage. Over the years, broken perspex sheets have been progressively replaced with lighter more flexible sheets. To ensure that all of the frames are progressively used, the containers are rotated. This rotation policy demands that the containers be maintained in certifiable condition. Without a current certificate, the containers cannot be

Stamp News - 51

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation Part 36 transported. The Problem At Melbourne 2009 quite a few of the frames were falling apart when removed from the containers during the set-up and even more had not been properly locked during the closedown process resulting in a complete container of damaged frames – probably between 180 and 200 frames. With Australia 2013 now on the horizon every one of the APF frames would be required, so ideas were put forward and an interim maintenance The welding machine in operation affixing mounting strips to the corflute panel program prepared. This basically involved strengthening the frame by welding the two halves lighter, more rigid frames were easier to handle, together, making the bottom rail fixed to prevent the mounting strips were not successfully adhering any movement, and to reduce the weight by to the corflute, and many exhibition pages slipped replacing the plywood mounting boards with much down in the frames. Adhesives and polypropylene lighter corflute (polypropylene) panels. are not a good combination, as virtually no The initial cost of this exercise was estimated as glue or adhesive (double sided tape) sticks to falling between $20,000 and $30,000. polypropylene. Welding seemed to be the only viable The Restoration Process alternative. Once the work began, it became apparent that the Tony Presgrave, the APF Frames Officer had two sections of each frame could not be joined, already contacted a number of suppliers of poly and brackets were made to secure the bottom rails products regarding the possibility of welding the permanently. mounting strips, but had been advised that it could One factor that had not been fully recognised in not be done. the initial costings was the high cost of moving the With things looking rather bleak, enter the containers to and from the workshop at Kalgoorlie. Knight in Shining Armour. It became more economical to move the people to the frames, with many working bees being held in The Ultimate Welding Machine Kalgoorlie, Goolwa, SA, and Melbourne, Victoria. Peter Alexander, a very talented collector, A number of frames were modified and tested describes himself as an “Electronics at Sydney Stamp Expo 2011. However, whilst the Tradesperson�, a rare breed. 52 - Stamp News

John Sadler,

Philatelic Development Officer, APF to retrofit the pneumatics, which provided a force of 500 kg to push the welding blade into the plastic. Both the pressure and the welding time were adjustable. Control of the 5 x 400W heating elements was performed by adjustable electronic controls, and maintained a welding temperature within about 20 degrees C. The weld is a series of 5x5 mm squares along the length of the strips with additional welds at each end. To facilitate the final welding process 3 jigs was prepared allowing the five strips and the corflute panels to be consistently located, and the welder positioned to do one strip at a time. Depending A fully loaded frames container showing the protective covers over every upon the skill of the operators, second frame and the milk crates containing the feet between 15 to 30 panels could be welded in an hour. Peter did not believe that a welding process was A very successful task with almost no scrap impossible and inspiration drove him to proving - a fantastically low failure rate for a process the experts wrong. He produced a test weld using and machine that was unproven and entirely an ordinary soldering iron which provided the experimental! catalyst to proceed. Peter works in a 2 man business, and on many For a successful weld, the old PVC mounting occasions is asked to do the impossible in an strips would need to be replaced by material unreasonable time frame without any prototyping more compatible with the corflute. A suitable polypropylene supplier was located and the cutting - always with results similar to those achieved above. The title of “Knight in Shining Armour” of the strips arranged – 2,650 corflute panels each sits very well. requiring 5 strips. Whilst all this was happening, Peter was The Frame Sponsorship Appeal conceptualising the welding machine, using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to assist. Based upon the initial costing it was clear that the APF would require additional finance to During the design phase Peter considered the supplement its limited sources of income. possible use of pneumatics to drive the welding The concept of appealing to the 200 odd blade, an area in which he had no previous design stamp clubs and societies throughout Australia experience. Initially the machine was fitted was agreed. Clubs and societies were invited to with crank handles to drive the welding blade, sponsor single frames for $25.00, or a two sided but this proved tiresome and would have been frame for $40.00. It was proposed that each unreliable in use. Subsequently, Peter chose Stamp News - 53

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation Part 36 sponsor would have a plaque placed on the frame that would remain there permanently.  Sponsors were offered a choice of two inscriptions, either “In Memory of (Name)” or “Proudly Sponsored by (Name)”.  This was an ideal opportunity •• to support organised philately; •• for clubs, individuals, and companies to support the showpieces of philately – State, National and International exhibitions; and •• to honour past and present significant club members. The overall result of this appeal was beyond all expectations, and at the date of writing, had raised $81,917, with support not only from clubs, but from many individuals and State Councils as well. The larger sponsors did not seek recognition on the frames. The largest sponsorship received was for $13,000.00. The initial concept of sponsorship recognition needed to be modified for two very valid reasons •• The cost of a permanent plaque would have heavily diluted the intended benefit of the sponsorship; and •• With the frames being rotated, the frames with permanent plaques would not always be in use, thereby diminishing their effectiveness. Therefore removable plaques were decided upon which can easily be transported from exhibition to exhibition, and then temporarily affixed to whatever frames are being used, thus ensuring that the sponsorship plaques are always on display. By having the plaques numbered, any missing ones can be easily identified and replaced. At each National Exhibition, the APF is allocated one frame which is used to acknowledge the supporters who have opted not to have plaques. In addition, all sponsorships are acknowledged in the APF’s four-monthly magazine, “APF News”. Further Frame Maintenance Plans We have now had these display frames for 15 years, and with care they should last for another 15 years. The current cost of replacing these frames could well exceed $350,000, very significant 54 - Stamp News

money and a compelling incentive to properly maintain what we already have. Whilst the major refurbishment task has now been completed, there is still work to do to ensure the needed longevity – •• The remainder of the heavy perspex sheets need to be replaced with the lighter variety; •• The feet need either attention or replacement for a smoother fit, resulting in much easier handling of the frames; and •• There is an ongoing need to either repair or replace the transport containers in which the frames are constantly stored. Unless these containers are maintained in a certifiable condition, they cannot be legally transported. Conclusion The Exhibition Frames Sponsorship Appeal has been a major exercise in self-help and strongly reflects enormous support from our collecting community, and will be a significant contributor towards our collectors’ uninterrupted enjoyment of their hobby for many years to come. For any club or society, State Council or individual still contemplating participation in the sponsorship program, by all means favourably consider the appeal as there is still work to do, and what better way can there be to continually recognise many of our distinguished collectors? Full details as to where to direct future contributions are available on the APF website at The images included in this article are courtesy of the APF website and my own collection. Earlier articles in this series can be viewed on the APF website Generally, these articles are available one month after their publication. Should you have a subject that is either interesting, difficult to understand, or one which you would like to have explained, or if there is a particular topic on which you would like more information, please let me know by emailing

Great Britain Genuine Six Reigns Mix Off Paper A new lot which has just come our way, with excellent variety thoughout, mostly used, but with a few pre-decimal mint noticed. Also the odd minisheet. Many higher and better values and scarcer items‌this is a genuine unpicked mix! We have broken down into convenient sized parcels, by weight, and there should be around 16,000 stamps to the kg. Each lot has extra free items added as listed below in case you are uncertain about the value the average cost per stamp is around 6 cents. GBG1) About 1000 stamps, or 60 grams in weight, includes a free 1841 1d imperf. Cat value 30 pounds. Price $65 GBG2) About 2500 stamps, or 150 grams weight, includes a free 1841 2d Blue Cat value 100 pounds. Price $149 GBG3) About 5000 stamps, includes both of the free stamps above plus a 2/6d and 5/KGV Seahorse minimum cat for these 4 free gifts 255 pounds. Price $289 GBG4) About 10,000 stamps, includes all of the gifts above, plus a 2/6d and 5/King Edward VII or Queen Victoria, minimum catalogue value for all the gifts in this parcel 600 pounds! Price $549 GBG5) About 16,000 stamps, a whole Kilo of this magnificent mixture with all of the free gifts as above, plus a nice genuine 1840 1d black with Maltese cross cancel, total of all the gifts in this lot $950! Price $829.

WE ONLY HAVE 3 KILOS OF THIS MIXTURE AVAILABLE IN TOTAL, SO PEASE HURRY! GB Catalogues available: Collect British Stamps 2013 $25.90 Great Britain Concise 2012 $53.95 Victoria Specialised $71.90 Four Kings Specialised $71.90 QEII Pre- decimal $71.90 QEII Decimal Machin Definitives $79.50

Kevin Morgan Stamps and Coins PO Box 1290, Upwey Vic 3158 Callers strictly by appointment. Tel: 03 9729 0082 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email:

Market Matters: Please use STAMPS!!

Readers of my columns over the last 30 years will realise that this subject is one of my pet “hobby horses”. And I make no apology for raising it again! This column is a “primer” for how we all hopefully should mail packets and sendings to each other. No matter WHERE you live! Nothing bugs me more than receiving a parcel that cost $20 or $25 to mail, from a dealer or collector, and seeing two near worthless $10 definitives on there as franking. Or far worse still, a white “Supermarket” type white self-adhesive meter frank label - value to anyone being ZERO. Or a plastic pre-paid satchel. This makes my blood boil. How on earth are future generations going to source FU copies of short issue stamps unless WE all try and use them postally today??

Not only is it very poor manners to another member of the stamp fraternity - it is often costing YOU money, as most times I do add on something decent for the nice frankings, when folks are sending me material to purchase. And if I pay postage for an auction sending or something, I can GUARANTEE you will get a rocket from me, if you expect me to pay for lazy junk definitives on my packet. The parcel front shown nearby cost some thoughtless collector $8.35 to mail to me locally and they allowed the PO to affix a “Supermarket” type white frank label - value zero. My blood pressure is sky high before I even open up such parcels, and trust me - the sender often gets FAR less, than had they used some nice STAMPS.

Please ask for STAMPS! 56 - Stamp News

Simply Poor Manners

Glen Stephens

MAKE money on a $50 parcel.

A Worthless $81 white label

Some idiot from Perth used a $81 white label on a road parcel to me this week. Had he used a Block of 4 of the current $20 Glover Painting, I’d have allowed him $50 extra in his payment. Why? is where I sold a postally used block of these for $70 this year on a parcel from Darwin - why don’t all collectors use such logic? The recent huge price increases for parcel post here means you are a MUG if you do not use stamps to pay for your sendings. $50 is a MEDIUM weight surface parcel to or from WA or NT these days, and all dealers and collectors need to get savvy to compensate. Parcel costs overseas are terrifying since the very recent price hikes. The recent ACSC “Postal Stationery” catalogue

costs me over $A100 Insured air to Europe - buyers EXPECT me to use decent frankings to defray costs.

Small parcels are often $100+ now

I bought 100 of these sheets of $50 shown nearby to use on parcel mail to clients. They are VERY popular. Took this photo at PO on a parcel to WA to make the point on that a $50 franking can be worth MORE than $50 on receipt! Why can’t the Australia Post boffins use some BRAINS and have a pictorial designs on these annoying white label blanks - exactly as the UK does with their machine labels? Send some letters in folks - someone in there may actually take notice, and they then MAY be Stamp News - 57

Market Matters collectible one day. One of the recent pretty UK issues is illustrated nearby. Collectors LIKE these labels. MINIMAL cost to create, and global philatelic sales of these brings in 10,000 times more than any production costs. Changing the base designs each year or so as they did with “Framas” labels is savvy, and generates much philatelic usage and purchases. The secret of mailing these days of course is to outline clearly to the PO clerk BEFORE you start the transaction, that you are sending your packet to a stamp collector, and you WANT them to use stamps on the sending “PLEASSSSE”. Most of the time they use the boring white labels by automatic force of habit, as they are faster and easier. Clerks often claim they cannot void the label output once printed - nonsense.

“We cannot use stamps anymore”

Read instead: “Voiding this label will take me 30 seconds, and I cannot be bothered to do that”. Some clerks here now claim - “we now cannot use stamps on parcel mail”. Utter fiction. Get smart - affix stamps to parcel BEFORE you take it in, and they then can’t use that lame excuse for being lazy. Within Australia a stockbook type packet costs about $15-$20 to most places. The PO has a good online rate checker. Lick on a block of 10 x $1.50 or $2 Commemoratives on, and you are ahead of them! Many dealers sell mint stamps well under face that you can use for postage, and I have no idea why every stamp den does not have a folder of them sitting there for this use. More now than ever. offers $A1000 of face value in perfect full sets for $A700, so you SAVE money - $300 - using stamps and not labels. AND get happy recipients as a bonus. WIN-WIN.

“I want STAMPS please”

Why can’t AP use designs? 58 - Stamp News

So be clear right up front you want your Post Office to use real, attractive, postage STAMPS. And you will never then have issues with them

Glen Stephens

Cost under $20 - sells for $40 doing so in my experience. I find the same in the USA or Europe or Canada when I post parcels to clients, which is often when I am visiting those places - the same approach works. Tell the clerk CLEARLY up front you want real stamps, and they usually are happy to be cooperative. In fact it occurs so seldom, they often get right into the pantomime with you! Or pre-affix roughly the stamp value needed before you leave home for your PO, and problem solved.  Use up some surplus mint stamps. Foreign mailers … even large Auctions - CAN use current stamps - if you ask, and IF they bother to try. A client recently mailed me the Canada cover shown nearby. Has the massive $10 Whale and $8 Grizzly, and some low value shrapnel to make up exact correct “AR” registered rate. All on sale at all POs there.

Cost him exactly the same as using a boring and worthless label. I listed this up for sale on today at $40, and have no doubt it will sell. In 10 years’ time a perfectly valid used in period like this will be worth many times that, so WINWIN all round! We all have the responsibility to ensure that future generations of collectors get a supply of used stamps from OUR era. I get packets from senior, senior, Gold Medal collectors that use pre-paid envelopes and satchels, indicating a total laziness and apathy, and that is appalling, and I was very tempted to name names. YOU know who you are!

New Gibbons “AUSTRALIA”

The backbone of the stamp collecting hobby are Stamp News - 59

Market Matters the Stanley Gibbons Catalogues. Anyone using books like Scott or Michel for this part of the world is frankly just wasting their time. The brand new 2013 “Australia” book (8th Edition) is an absolute essential, for ANYONE collecting or dealing in this region. The Seven Seas Stamps “ASC” catalogue used to be the unassailable leader for this kind of single country catalogue. Dominant, ANNUAL, accurate prices, full colour, and well laid out. However they have adopted the cunning Mao and Stalin “Five Year Plan” tactic it seems, and grace us with a new edition once or twice a decade - so SG have wisely filled the gap! The Brusden White ACSC publishers seem to have also copied this very brilliant business plan in the past decade or so, with precious little new output, although this year has seen an encouraging sign the long hibernation Outsmarting the local publishers is behind us. I have often typed, the ACSC 10 Volumes were THE most comprehensive and detailed specialist A sad state of affairs, that has been a large seacatalogues published in ANY country, and I do hope anchor on the strong real-world prices we have in some updates of past volumes returns there soon. this market, so Gibbons have stolen some serious 60 - Stamp News

Glen Stephens

Much more detail in here. business from them too. New editions of this SG “Australia” have been appearing each year or so, given the inexplicable vacuum left to them on a plate by Seven Seas Stamps and Brusden White. This latest SG edition continues in the far more sensible and smaller B5 size format adopted for

recent editions, and this book I use every day.

New Edition 326 colour pages

For folks who have not bought SG catalogues for a while, these new editions are now in full colour, on bright white paper. Superb. This volume includes all the Colonial (“State”) Stamp News - 61

Market Matters issues, and all the stamps a page for that info is fair of the Commonwealth of value on its own. Australia, including the No other single reference 1946 British Occupation on earth cover the “States” Force (Japan) overprints. so widely, and using other And all booklets and foreign catalogues for them booklet issues - and dies, is all but useless. inverted watermarks, and Australian agent MD Ian major plate varieties postage Pitt told me today - “sales dues etc. And prices for onof these increase issue by cover copies for them all etc. issue - SG really are on the The new issues go right ball for producing these into 2013 - most impressive annually.” for a UK printed catalogue I For 326 full colour pages had in my hands in May. for the price of a dinner out, Also included are it represents excellent value issues from the Australian in my view. A “one stop” Antarctic Territory, buy for local collectors. Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and The million dollar China stamp China stamps burn Norfolk Island. RED hot! And also the preChina’s rarest regularlyindependence Issues for Nauru (to 1968), New issued stamp, the 1897 “Red Revenue” Small One Guinea, Papua and Papua New Guinea, and the Dollar was sold for HK$6.9 million (presale estimate popular GRI/NWPI etc. HK$6.5 million) in Interasia Auctions Hong Kong record-breaking June 29-July 1, 2013 auction. At the time of the auction that was near enough Extensive price revisions exactly one MILLION Australia dollars. Prices have been extensively revised - with many The 2,800 lot sale was invoiced at 100s of significant increases since the last edition. HK$71,851,540 (=$US9,264,000), smashing its preStarting at SG1, right through. sale estimate of HK$50 million. How on earth editor Hugh Jefferies gets the vast Making it the year’s largest stamp auction in swag of Stanley Gibbons Catalogues out, is anyone’s dollars in Hong Kong, as well as the largest auction guess. of Chinese stamps anywhere in the world in 2013. This new catalogue is very reasonably priced at Only 32 examples are recorded of the 1897 “Red less than $A50 RRP, and all leading dealers stock Revenue” Small One Dollar, which is acknowledged them. The local price was $75 only a few years back. The strong Australian dollar has allowed the local as the rarest regularly issued stamp of China, and ranks among the world’s great stamp rarities. agent to drop prices sharply. UK retail is £28.95, The “Red Revenue” series, of which the Small so with the new high post rates ex the UK, buying One Dollar is a part, was adopted as a provisional locally is the smart option. measure, as the set of stamps to reflect China’s new Major plate flaws are being added and priced all currency that was to be issued, was delayed at their the time, as is shown nearby. Japanese printer. There are 53 detail packed pages on “Australian Consequently, an unissued red revenue stamp was States” issues ALONE - and paying less than $1 62 - Stamp News

Glen Stephens

Sold for HK$4,600,000 Stamp News - 63

Market Matters overprinted with various denominations as a stop gap measure.

First National China stamps?

The “Red Revenues” are also considered by many to be the true first national issues of China. The previous China stamps listed in the standard catalogues were issued by the foreigner-dominated Maritime Customs Department for their limited postal system. The “Red Revenues” were issued by the Qing Government itself for the national postal system that it was instituting. Their bright red colour - a symbol of luck and good fortune in Chinese culture, no doubt adds to the series’ appeal. The Chinese characters in the Small One Dollar’s overprint were however considered too small, so that a second one dollar “Red Revenue” stamp with larger characters was subsequently issued. Another highlight of the 3 day sale was a group of five 1884-1885 Taiwan envelopes, from a family correspondence to Germany, that was invoiced for a total of HK$11,615,000 (US$1,498,000). The sale of these five rare newly-discovered early envelopes from Taiwan, brought a total of HK$11,615,000 (US$1,498,000) against a presale estimate of HK$880,000, through fierce bidding among floor and phone bidders. The five 1884-1885 envelopes from a family correspondence to the then Chief Minister of the German principality of Oldenburg, all originated from the Customs Post in Southern Taiwan. They then transited through Amoy (Xiamen) on the Mainland, representing very important pieces in the development of both the post in Taiwan and Cross-Taiwan Straits postal arrangements. Each bears the Customs Post handstamp of Takow (Kaohsiung) or Taiwanfoo (Tainan) of its southern Taiwan origin, as well as Hong Kong stamps cancelled by the British Post Office in Amoy, which paid the overseas carriage to Europe. Each cover was invoiced for over a million Hong Kong dollars. 885 envelope showing the earliest of the three 64 - Stamp News

recorded examples of the “Takow Customs/Mail Matter” handstamps, and fetched a staggering $HK4,600,000 on a presale estimate of just $HK200,000! That set a new world price record for both a Taiwan and a Hong Kong postal history item.

World record China prices

An 1884 Hong Kong postal stationery postcard, discussing the difficulties of sending mail from Takow because of the French blockade during the then Sino-French War sold for HK$2,300,000 (presale estimate HK$180,000), a world record for a Hong Kong Postal Stationery item. A substantial People’s Republic section reflected the popularity of this extensively collected subject both within Greater China and abroad, with the two complete sheets of the ever-popular 1980 Year of the Monkey bringing HK$1,150,000 and HK$1,092,500. Dr Jeffrey Schneider, Director of Interasia Auctions said: “Philately has a special place in Chinese culture, with rare stamps regarded as important cultural icons and treasures, just like art.” “Fierce competition for rarities and recordbreaking sales reflect the economic growth of Mainland China and its emergence as an economic superpower, with stamp collecting holding a place both as a sophisticated and fashionable hobby, as well as a store of value and alternative investment.” “Major collectors have emerged in Mainland China in recent years, along with growing enthusiasm from ethnic Chinese abroad and non-Chinese alike, making Chinese stamps some of the most popular stamps in the world” Schneider concluded.

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John Cornelius PO Box 23, Magill, SA, 5072

PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158 Ph: 03 9729 0082

Ken Cowden

Maree Nieuwenhuizen

PO Box 108, Bateman’s Bay, NSW 2536 Ph: 02 4472 5231

Mike Lee 7 Colbury Rd, Bayswater Nth, VIC 3153 Ph: 03 9729 5855

PO BOX 457, Bayswater, VIC 3153 Ph: 03 9762 1848

Con Vayanos


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Send 100-1000 Australia and World Stamps for my same # US stamps. Tom Har-

Germany Third Reich. For Germany Third Reich and other World War II material

kins, 7 Quaker R, New Fairfield, CT 06812, USA. Email

please visit

Collector needs collectors in Canada, China, Great Britain to exchange used or mint stamps, please. Fair exchange only. Chris Jewell-Smith, PO Box 5124, Broulee, NSW, Australia 2537

European stamps: Germany, Austria, France, Scandinavia, Russia,Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Poland etc. On approval. Return Unwanted. P&D Nicholls P.O.Box 426, Glenbrook NSW 2773


Penfriend Wanted - For exchange, fauna, flora, mushrooms, lighthouses, moun-

tains, stamps on stamps, Christmas, Olympics, world cup, music, trains, airplanes from Aust, NZ & Pacific. Exchange value Yvert, Michel, Scott. Speaks Spanish/ English. Antonio Creo Reyes, PO Box 2222 Habana 2, Cuba 10200 Exchange: Send 200 - 800 World stamps, exchange for World/Australia. Brian Clark, 15 Windmill St, Miller’s Point, Sydney , NSW 2000

for sale Aerogramme Letters 1981 - 1990, need 1947. Tony Dambiec, 138 Garden St, Tamworth, 2340 8/13 Adelaide’s One Stop Stamp Shop. Buying, Selling + regular Stamp & Coin Auctions. Refer to our Dealers Ad in Products & Services. Stewarts Stamp Shop & Hallmark Auctions Ph [08] 8223 4435. Australia, N.Zealand, West Europe, Better earlies at bargain prices. VFU only, some in quantity. Phone 0419 680 824, PO Box 93, Bexley South, 2207 13,300 Pristine Mint PreStamped Envelopes (PSEs) 20c to 55c values up to 150 of each PO. Cost $5400-00 Stamp Face Value $4900-00,. Phone: 02 96343115

Collection surplus Stamps from Canada, Channel Islands, Falklands & Dependencies, Fr. Antarctic, Gibraltar, GB, Ireland, Malta, Namibia, NZ, South Africa and USA. MUH mint and used. Trade Enquiries OK. Send your wants lists to: John Cornelius, PO Box 23, Magill, 5072.

Buying Australia and World Kiloware. We urgently wish to buy quantities of modern Australia and World Kiloware. Regular supplies needed. All mixtures to be close clipped single paper, and will pay as follows, all prices per kg. (a) Australia Commemoratives only to 2010 $7, 2011 $10, 2012 $15 (b) Australia Mission modern inc..2005/6, not less than 50% weight $4 (c) Australia Territories, inc. Cocos, AAT, Christmas Is. Norfolk Is. etc. $25 (d) Australia Higher values, 53c upwards inc. Commems. $60, defins only $20 (e) Worldwide, modern mix unpicked. $30. Minimum sending $100 please. Single country mixtures also required, please enquire. Phone Kevin Morgan 0425 795 693 My current buying list for Australia available on request. Kiloware wanted – Modern Australia unpicked. Send 1kg sample. (I pay $10 minimum if acceptable).Robin Linke, 181 Jersey Street, Wembley, 6014. 08 9387 5327. Collector/Active Buyer of quality old time world collections. Albums must be in


excellent condition and issed prior to 1932. Dr William Mayo, Email mayoinavalon@

Quality British Commonwealth Pacifics Australia World & Thematics. P&D

Buying Australian Kiloware 55c Or 60c Values, Commemoratives and Definitives

Nicholls P.O.Box 426, Glenbrook NSW 2773 0413 542 081 After 7pm

and current year kiloware Too, 60c bundles banted too, for more details email:

accessories ALBUMS, CATALOGUES, AND EQUIPMENT for stamps, coins, & banknotes at mail order discount prices. Enquiries or quotes write to: SAPPHIRE COAST PHILATELIC SUPPLIES, PO Box 285, Pambula, NSW 2549, or Phone/Fax (02) 6495 7382. Ph 02 99186825,

thematics Animals - Birds - Aeroplanes - Automobiles - Sports - Flowers Including Packets on approvalP&D Nicholls P.O.Box 426, Glenbrook NSW 2773

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Single: 46mm x 24mm $260 per year or $26 per month Double: 46mm x 50mm $520 per year or $52 per month Triple: 46mm x 78mm $695 per year or $69.50 per month Quad: 46mm x 102mm $990 per year or $99 per month Larger spaces POR Ph: 03 9729 0082 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email: 66 - Stamp News

now free for subscribers (subject to available space)

societies PENINSULA STAMP CLUB Meets 3rd Wednesday each month at 7.30pm, BRIGHTON PS Inc. Meets 8.00pm 2nd and 4th Tuesday and 10.30am Uniting Church Hall, Murray Anderson Road, Rosebud. Visitors most 3rd Tuesday each month. 80 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale, Vic, 3185. Visitors/new members welcome. welcome. Secretary: PO Box 187,Dromana, 3936 AUSTRALIAN PS meets 3rd Monday monthly. RSL Homes, 152 Canterbury GLADSTONE AND DISTRICT PS Inc. Meets on the 2nd Wednesday each Rd (cnr Keats St) Canterbury. All visitors most welcome. Contact: PO Box month at 7.30pm. Venue: Neighbourhood Centre, 10 Toolooa St, Gladstone. Postal: PO Box 1089, Gladstone, Qld, 4680. Ph: (07) 4978 1155. 7014, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122 for advice. The IPDA Inc - Internet Philatelic Dealers Association - dealers & prt time sellers who believe there is a need for a global organisation to represent them as accredited internet sellers. Join the IPDA. Go to for details.

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Catalogues AVAILABLE

STANLEY GIBBONs GB & British commonwealth

Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840-1970 2013 Edition ................................... $143.95 Commonwealth Simplified Catalogue 1840 - 2010 ......................................................................$99.95 Australia and Territories 8th Edition 2013...................................................................................$52.50 Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 2nd Edition 2010 ................................................$32.50 Belize, Guyana, Trinidad 2009 .......................................................................................................$35.90 Bermuda, Bahamas & North Caribbean 1st Edition 2006 .........................................................$59.95 Brunei Malaysia & Singapore 2009 ..............................................................................................$41.50 Canada & Former Provinces 2011 Edition ...................................................................................$35.95 Cyprus, Malta & Gibraltar 3rd Edition 2011 .............................................................................$37.90 East Africa 1st Edition 2007 ...........................................................................................................$49.95 Eastern Pacific 1st Edition 2007 ....................................................................................................$39.95 Falklands Is. & Dependencies 2010 ...............................................................................................$26.90 Hong Kong 4th Edition 2013.........................................................................................................$29.50 India including States 2009 ............................................................................................................$41.50 Indian Ocean 2nd Edition 2012 .....................................................................................................$34.50 Ireland 5th Edition 2011 ................................................................................................................$29.95 Leeward Islands 2012 .....................................................................................................................$50.35 Northern Caribbean Bahamas & Bermuda 2nd Edition 2009 ..................................................$35.90 New Zealand & Dependencies 5th Edition 2011 ..........................................................................$45.00 St. Helena & Dependencies 2011....................................................................................................$27.90 Southern Africa & Central Africa 2011 ........................................................................................$59.90 West Africa 2nd Edition 2012 ........................................................................................................$50.95 Western Pacific incl. Fiji, Pitcairn, Cook Is., PNG, Solomons etc 2009 .....................................$41.50 Windward Islands & Barbados 2nd Edition 2012 .......................................................................$52.50 Great Britain Concise 2012 ............................................................................................................$53.95 Collect British Stamps 2013 ...........................................................................................................$25.90 Collect Channel Is. & Isle of Man 2011.........................................................................................$89.50 GB Specialised Queen Victoria 16th Edition 2011 .......................................................................$79.95 GB Specialised 4 Kings 11th Edition 2011 ....................................................................................$71.90 GB Specialised QEII pre-decimal 11th Edition 2011 ...................................................................$71.90 GB Specialised QEII Decimal Vol 4 2010 Edition ........................................................................$79.50 KGV Commonwealth Specialised 1st Edition 2010 ...................................................................$105.00

foreign Countries & thematics

Western Europe Simplified catalogue 2012 .........................$69.95 Stamps of the World, 6 volumes New 2013 Edition .................$450 Austria & Hungary 7th Edition 2009 .....................................$62.90 Balkans 2009 .............................................................................$76.50 Benelux 6th Edition 2010.........................................................$71.90 Central America 3rd Edition 2007 ............................................$115 Central Asia 4th Edition 2007 .................................................$79.95 China 9th Edition 2012 ............................................................$86.50 Czech. & Poland 7th Edition 2012..........................................$52.50 France & Colonies 2010...........................................................$81.90 Germany 10th Edition 2012 ....................................................$68.50 Japan & Korea 2008 Edition .................................................$62.90 Italy & Switzerland 7th Edition 2009 ....................................$76.50 Middle East - 2009 ..................................................................$76.50

Portugal & Spain 6th Edition 2011.........................................$71.90 Russia 2008 Edition..................................................................$69.90 Scandinavia 6th Edition 2008 .................................................$62.90 South America 2008 Edition ...................................................$71.90 South East Asia 2012................................................................$80.95 USA 7th Edition 2010...............................................................$76.50 Collect Autographs 7nd Edition 2010 ....................................$35.00 Collect Birds on Stamps 5th Edition 2003 .............................$59.95 Collect Chess on Stamps......................................................... $27.00 Collect Railways on Stamps 3rd Edition 1999 ..................... $68.50 Collect Ships on Stamps 3rd Edition 2001.............................$89.50 Collect Motor Vehicles on Stamps 1st Edition 2004............. $59.95 Collect Aircraft on Stamps New Available Now ..................$119.50 Collect Fish on Stamps 1st Edition .........................................$64.50

Stamp News Mail Order PO Box 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia Ph: 03 9729 0082 Fax: 9758 7506 email: Prices do not include Postage & handling

Special ‘27½% Off’ Discount. “Desert Magic” Imported Stamp Drying books For those readers who have not seen these Desert Magic books, they are a large A4 sized book (stockbook sized) with thick white Spiro edge binding that as you can see allows them to lay flat. (There is a half sized one which is basically useless in our view.) The pages are of REALLY thick blotting type paper. i.e.thick heavy cardboard thickness. It is some special “fast release” formulation .. no idea what they use, but it really does WORK! There is then a special smooth plastic coating on one side. So you wash your stamps, and if you leave them to air dry on tea towels or blotting paper or newspaper, light creases and bends will always stay there. If they are placed into this book when touch damp (not sopping wet) and left there with the gum side to the plastic side and the front of stamp to the blotter side, they dry perfectly flat, and many light bends and creases vanish. Nearly all of them. It is amazing the difference they make, which is why we sell so many! Readers of have acclaimed these as one of the best stamp accessories on the market. Just put your stamps in, pile a few heavy books on top and forget them for a week. Most collectors have two books, as that is the secret ..... do NOT touch them for a week and let them dry slowly under weight. Most important. The special formulation plastic coated side is super important as otherwise many stamps STICK to blotter if damp and between 2 sheets of blotting paper, with heavy weight on top. These do not. Again it is some special coating they have figured out which works perfectly for this specific job. Almost any other kind of plastic sheet you may try to experiment with at home will leave a real ugly mirror like “SHEEN” on the gum side if placed in damp, under weight, which looks really stupid, and really shows what you have been doing. These do NOT. The books last for decades. They really do. A 10/- C of A Roo used and light creased copy will be $100 retail, and one that is nice and flat $200. So the cost of the book is paid 3 fold with just one stamp that is saved. Retail Price is $38 each. For readers we offer 27½% off retail special deal for purchases of two books

$A30 singly or $A55 for 2 Flat Fee Registered Postage anywhere in Australia (for either 1 or 2) add $A10 - airmail overseas is $A20 for 1 or 2. All credit cards accepted

Stamp News Mail Order PO Box 1290, Upwey, 3158, Victoria, Australia Ph: 03 9729 0082 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email:

philatelic clubs & societies new south wales Armidale Circle RSPC: Mtg 2nd Wed Australian Cmwlth Collectors Club of NSW: Mtg 3rd Mon 7.45pm, 1st flr. Philas House, 17 Brisbane St, Darlinghurst, Sydney 2001. Ph 02 9267 8301; Fax: 02 9264 4741. GPO Box 1971, Sydney NSW 2000 Ph: 02 9264 8301 Aust. States Study Circle: Mtg 4th Wed 7.30pm; Ph: 02 9264 8301 Bathurst Stamp Coin and Collectables Club: Mtg 1st Mon 7.30pm, Old Eglinton fire shed, Park St, Elington PO Box 151, Bathurst NSW 2795 Bega Phil. & Numismatic Society: Mtg 3rd Friday 8.00pm. Mthly Newsletter. PO Box 370, Bega NSW Blue Mountains Stamp Club: Mtg 4th Friday (ex Dec) 8.00pm Katoomba Public School; PO Box 76, Blackheath Boambee East PS: Mtg 1st Tues (ex. Jan) 6pm Boambee East Comm. Centre, Bruce King Dr. Ph: 02 66581385 Campbelltown District PS: Mtg 2nd Wed 7.30pm (ex Jan - 4th Wed); @ Catholic Hall Acacia St, Ruse. Inquiries:; PO Box 478, Campbelltown 2560 Castle Hill SC Mtg 2nd Wed 7.30pm, Hills District Bowling Club, Jenner Street, Baulkham Hills; PO Box 151 Castle Hill NSW 1765 China Study Group of PSNSW: Mtg 4th Mon 7.30pm; Ph: 02 9264 8301 Cinderella SC: Mtg 2nd Friday, even months; Produces “Cinderellas Australia” and monographs; PO Box 889, Chatswood, NSW 2057 Coffs Harbour SC: Mtg 2nd Wed Earlwood and District SC:Mtg 1st Wed Grafton SC: Mtg 2nd Wed (ex. Dec) Grafton Stampers & Everything Philatelic: Mtg 1st Sun 2pm (ex School Hols). Grafton Baptist Church Hall, Cnr Queen & Oliver Sts. Ph 02 6642 1363. email Great Lakes SC: Mtg1st Sat 9.30am , Workshop & Market 1st Sat 9-12, Great Lakes Campus Annexe, Taree St, Tuncurry Enq: Ph 02 6554 9776 Gosford PS: Afternoon Mtg 1st Mon; Evening Mtg 2nd Thurs Hawkesbury Valley PS (Richmond Stamp Club): Mtg 2nd Thurs (ex Jan) PO Box 28 Richmond 2753 Illawarra PS: Mtg 3rd Thursday (ex. Jan) Wollongong Master Build. Club Ltd, Oasis Room, 7.30pm. All welcome. Tel. (02) 42252011. Kempsey RSL PS: Mtg 2nd Wed Lake Macquarie Stamp Club:: Mtg 2nd Sat 9am; Combined Pensioners & Community Care Services 130 Josephson St, Swansea. Enq: 02 4392 5211 Lord Howe Island Postal History Society: Mtg by arrangement. Contact Pres: Dr William Mayo, 02 9918 6825 Lower Clarence PS: Mtg 4th Tues Macquarie Valley PS: Mtg 2nd Tues Maitland SC: Mtg 2nd Mon ex Jan. ‘Show & Tell’ every mtg E. Maitland Bowling Club, Bank St. Pres. Mark Saxby; Sec. David Carratt; Ph: 02 4932 4045 Email: Manly-Warringah PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs St David’s Church Hall, Dee Why. Sec. Graeme Morriss Ph: 02 9905 3255 email: Manly-Warringah Rugby Leagues SC: Mtg 4th Tues cnr. Pittwater Rd & Federal Pde, Brookvale. Sec. Graeme Morriss Ph: 02 9905 3255 email: Milton-Ulladulla SC: Mtg 7pm on 4th Mon (ex Dec); Milton-Ulladulla Bowling Club Mtg Room, St Vincent St, Ulladulla, Sec. PO Box 670, Ulladulla, NSW, 2539 Morisset Uniting Church SC: Mtg 4th Sat 10am (ex Dec) Enq: 4977 2525 (Jenny) Mudgee Coin Note & Stamp Club: Mtg 1st Sunday Ph 02 63735324 Nambucca River PS: Mtg 1st Sunday Newcastle PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs, 7.30pm Mayfield Ex-Services Club; 10am 3rd Wed, 48 Mackie Ave, New

act Canberra, Philatelic Society of: 1st Thursday: General Meeting,3rd Thursday: Afternoon Meeting (IF REQUIRED),3rd Thursday: (Evening) Exchange Night, 2nd Tuesday: Postcard Group, 4th Monday: Machin Collectors Group. All meetings 7:45pm, Griffin Centre, Genge Street, Canberra City Postal Address:PO Box 1840,Canberra ACT 2601,

western australia The Airmail Circle of WA: Mtg 5th Monday “Wellington Fair” Unit 18, 40 Lord St. East Perth Tel: 08 9294 3356 Armadale-Kelmscott PS: Mtg 4th Tues; Ph: 08 9397 6525 email: Bridgetown-Manjimup SC: Mtg 1st Thurs 7.30pm Masonic Hall, Hampton St, Bridgetown Ph 08 9761 4638 or 08 9761 2005 Busselton SC: Mtg 1st Mon, 5pm 7th Day Adv. Church, Alpha St; Ph: 08 9752 4449, 0400 646 282 email Canning SC: Mtg 1st Wed; Ph: 08 9457 7565 Daytime SC: Mtg 1st Thurs; 08 9341 3576 Denmark SC: Mtg 1st Weds Lions Lair Rivermouth Inlet Drive, Denmark. Tel: 08 9848 3325 email: Eastern Goldfields: Mtg 3rd Thurs ; Ph: 0412 156 351 Eaton SC: Mtg 3rd Thurs, 7pm Ph. 08 9795 7744, email: Fremantle and District PS: Mtg 2nd Wed, Tennis Club House, Parry St, Fremantle at 8pm; Ph: 08 6363 6415 Have a go SC: Mtg Last Thurs. 137 Edward St, East Perth. Tel: 08 9305 2073 email: Kalamunda SC: Mtg 3rd Wed; Ph: 08 9291 8484 Mandurah PS PO Box 625 Mandurah WA 6210 2nd Tues 4.45 - 6.30pm Bortolo Park Pavilion Cnr. Bortolo and Murdoch Drives

70 - Stamp News

NSW club information:The Philatelic Association of NSW, PO Box220, Darlinghurst, NSW, 1300 Phone: 02 9264 8301

Lambton, Juniors 11am 3rd Sun, Wallsend Pioneers Hall NSW Postcard Collectors Soc: Mtg 1st Wed 7.30pm; Ph: 02 9264 8301 Northern Suburbs PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs, 7.45pm, Naremburn Library, Central St, Naremburn off Slade St; Ph: 02 9419 7354 Orange Coin and Stamp Club: Mtg Last Tuesday, Orange Community Info Centre, 79-81 Kite St, Orange 7.30pm Ph: 02 6362 3754. Orchid Stamp Club: Mtg 3rd Sat. (Jan and each 2nd mth) Parramatta PS: Mtg 1st Friday Penrith and District PS: Mtg 1st Thursdays, 8pm, CWA rooms, Baby Health Ctr, Tindale St PO Box 393, Kingswood NSW 2747 PHILAS Stamp Auctions: Mtg 2nd Sat Mar,Jul, Nov Ph 02 9264 8301 PS of Australia: Mtg 3rd Wed (exDec); Ph 02 9399 7556 PS of NSW: Mtg 1st Tues (Philas House), 3rd Tues (Chatswood); Ph: 02 9264 8301 Richmond River (Lismore) PS: Mtg 4th Thursday Royal Sydney Philatelic Club: Mtg 2nd Tues. (ex Jan); Ph: 02 9264 8301 Sapphire Coast Stamp & Coin Club: Mtg Enq 02 6495 7308. Mail to PO Box 285, Pambula, NSW 2549 St. George PS: Mtg 1st Mon Shoalhaven PS: Mtg 2nd Monday (Ex Jan) PO Box 4047, East Nowra 2541. Ph 02 44472976 Smithfield SC: Mtg 2nd Mon Society for Polar Philately: 2012 meetings: 2nd Wednesday of February, March, May, July, Sept and November held at Ryde Ex-Services Club 724-730 Victoria Rd, Ryde, NSW Tel: 9807 3344 (in Mackinnon room) starting at 8pm.Enq 0407 277 223 or email Strathfield-Burwood PS: Mtg 4th Wed Sussex Inlet and District: Mtg 3rd Mon Sutherland Shire PS: Mtg 2nd Tues. , 7:30pm, Sutherland Uniting Services Club, 7 East Pde, Sutherland. Information Secretary, PO Box 339, Sutherland, NSW 1499 Sydney Anglican Stamp Society: Mtg 2nd Sat, even months 9.30am - 2.30pm, St Paul’s, Carlingford. Details: Tamworth PS: Mtg 1st Mon ex. Jan. Tamworth Bridge Club, 7 Hilton St, Tamworth Sec. Graeme Mitchell. PO Box 678, Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 02 67664853 Taree RSL Club Ltd SC: Mtg 3rd Mon Thematic Society of Australia: Mtg 3rd Wed Toronto SC: Mtg 1st Wed Tuggerah SC: Mtg 4th Sun (ex Dec.) Turramurra SC: Mtg 2nd Monday, 7.45pm. Ph: 9144 4225 Twin Towns Stamp Club Inc.: Mtg 1st Monday, 7.30p, Home & Comm. Centre, Tweed Heads Wagga SC: Mtg 1st Wed (ex Jan) ARCC Building, Tarcutta St, 7.30pm. Secretary: Peter Simpfendorfer Ph:02 6922 3393 Willoughby Legion Philatelic Section: Mtg 4th Tues Wyong PS: Mtg 3rd Tues, 7.30m. Jim Spence, Sec. Ph 02 4392 7536

northern territory Alice Springs SC: Meet Informally; PO Box 1529, Alice Springs, NT, 0871. Ph 08 8953 3054 Darwin Philatelic Circle: 1st Sun. 10am - 2pm. 53 Flametree Crt, Rosebery; Ph:(08) 8931 2898; PO Box 1624, Palmerston, NT, 0831; Email: WA club information: WA Philatelic Council, GPO Box 9800, Perth, WA, 6001 Greenfields WA 6210 08 9581 1083 Northern Districts SC: Mtg 2nd Mon; Ph: 08 9329 0117 Philatelic Forum: Mtg 1st Mon (ex Jan); Ph: 08 9294 4277 Rockingham & Kwinana (PS of): Mtg 3rd Tues (NB 2nd in Dec) Pres. Malcolm Brown; Sec. Terry Boyd; PRO Lucie Schokker Ph. 08 9419 1604; email: PS of WA: Mtg 3rd Tues; Ph: 08 9294 4277 Stirling PS: Mtg 4th Wed (ex Dec); Clubrooms, Charles Riley Reserve, Wendling Rd, North Beach, Ph: 08 9447 7256 The Postmark Circle (WA): Mtg 2nd Mon; Ph: 08 9294 4277 Victoria Park SC: Mtg 1st Wed; Ph: 08 9472 8072 or 08 9450 5280 WA Study Group: Mtg 4th Thurs (ex Dec) 08 9384 1050 Wanneroo SC: Mtg 3rd Mon; Ph: 08 6106 0874.

philatelic clubs & societies new zealand Air Mail Society of NZ: Ph: 03 3584838; Email: Auckland PS: Mtg 1st and 3rd Tues (except Jan). Ph 09 9853212; Email kiwibrooce@; Website: Christchurch PS: Mtg 2nd Tues, Library night 3rd Tues; GB Machin 3rd Fri odd months; Postal History 1st Mon; Postcard 3rd Tues even months. Email: secretary@; Website: Dunedin PS: Mtg 4th Thurs (except Nov and Dec). Ph: 03 4557643; Email:; Website: Hastings Stamp Collectors Club: Mtg 3rd Wed (except Jan and 2nd Wed Dec). Ph: 06 8765911; Email: Hawkes Bay PS: Mtg 1st Wed (ex. Jan). Ph: 06 8439433; Email: dennmarg@paradise. Horowhenua PS: Mtg 2nd Mon. Ph: 06 3689881; Email: michael.christensen@xtra. Hutt Valley PS: Mtg 1st Tues (ex. Jan). Ph: 04 5697439; Email: Kapiti PS: Mtg 3rd Tues (ex Dec). Ph: 04 2971197; Email: Manaia PS: Mtg (Hawera) 1st Sun. Ph: 06 2784292; Email: Manawatu PS: Mtg 1st Wed, daytime meeting 3rd Tues. Ph: 06 3584565; Email: Marlborough Stamp Collectors Club: Mtg 3rd Mon (except Jan and 2nd Mon Dec). Morrinsville Stamp Club: Mtg 2nd Wed. Ph: 07 8893199 Nelson PS: Mtg 2nd Tues. Ph: 03 5469092; Email: North Shore PS: Mtg 2nd (except Jan) and 4th Wed (except Jan and Dec). Email:; Website: NZ Stamp Collectors Club Christchurch: Mtg 4th Wed. Ph 03 3895511; Email: steve@; Website: NZ Postcard Society: Ph: 03 3848463; Email:; Website: www.

queensland Arana Hills SC: Meeting 2nd Tues; 07 3851 0213; email: petermccloskey@bigpond. com Bayside Afternoon SC: Meeting last Wed; Ph: 07 3206 6281. Bribie Island SC: Meeting 4th Wed; Ph: 07 3408 2238 Bundaberg PS: Mtg 2nd Mon, The Family Centre, Kensington St (in the Show Grounds); Ph: 07 4152 2403 or 07 4151 3062 Caboolture & District SC: Mtg 3rd Sat. Ph: 07 5498 6504 Cairns SC: Mtg 3rd Wed. 7.30pm Star Services, 115 Lyons St, Bungalow Ph: 07 4055 1302 Sec: Ross Bottomer,, web:www.cairnsstampclub. Caloundra SC: Mtg. 4th Thurs. Catholic Church Hall, Edmund St. 1.30pm. Ph: 07 5494 7233 City Daytime SC: Mtg 2nd Thurs. Ph: 07 3206 6281 City of Brisbane PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs; Ph: 07 3263 8573 (ah); email: COLLECTORS CLUB QUEENSLAND: Mtg 2nd Thurs 1.00 pm BCC Library, Garden City Shopping Centre, Upper Mt.Gravatt. Contact 32068507 or stampman5@ Enoggera SC: Mtg 1st and 3rd Mon. Ph: 07 3264 4157 Gladstone and District PS: Mtg 2nd Wed (Ex. Jan) & 4th Wed (Ex.Dec). Ph. Sec: 07 4978 1155 Ian Rippingale, Gold Coast PS: Mtg 2nd Mon, 11.30am, Southport Community Centre, Lawson St, Southport. Ph: 07 5546 3801 Gympie SC: Mtg. 2nd Sun. Jessie Witham Centre 1 - 3pm Ph. 07 5483 9188 email: Hervey Bay Afternoon Club: Mtg 3rd Wed. Ph: 07 4124 1138 Ipswich SC: Mtg 1st Thurs (ex. Jan). Ph: 07 3282 2983

Further information can be obtained from the NZ Philatelic Federation, PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua, 5245, NZ. E-mail: Postal History Soc of NZ: Auckland 1st Mon (except Jan). Ph: 09 5220311. Chapter meetings held Invercargill, Nelson, New Plymouth and Wellington. Pukekohe Stamp Club: Mtg 1st Sun. Ph: 09 2357737; Email: pukekohestampclub@ Royal PS of NZ: Mtg 2nd Wed (ex Jan). Ph: 04 5899530; Email:; Website South Auckland PS: Mtg last Sat (except Dec), Papatoetoe, day time mtgs 3rd Fri (ex Dec and Jan). Ph: 09 2682245; Email: Southland PS: Mtg 1st Thurs (except Jan), 3rd Tue (daytime) (except Jan). Email: Taranaki PS: Mtg 1st Mon except Jan. Ph: 06 7546212; Email: murray-grimwood@ Tauranga & District Stamp Club: Mtg 2nd (except Jan) and 4th Mon (except Dec). Ph: 07 5765210; Email: Thames Valley PS: Mtg 1st Mon (except Jan). Ph: 07 8689190. Thematic Association of NZ: Ph: 04 2347218; Email: Timaru PS: Mtg 1st Wed. Ph: 03 6880343 Upper Hutt PS: Mtg 3rd Mon (except 2nd Mon Dec). Ph: 04 5284123; Email: teme. Waikato PS: Mtg 1st (except Jan) and 3rd Wed (except Jan and Dec). Email: Wakatipu PS: Ph: 03 4428865 Wanganui PS: Mtg 2nd Wed. Ph: 06 3427894; Email: Wellesley PS: Mtg 2nd and 4th Mon (ex public holidays). Ph: 9 8271240 Wellington PS: Mtg 4th Mon (except Dec); Ph: 042347218; Email: Whakatane PS: Mtg 2nd & 4th Thurs (except Jan) Ph: 07 3222054 or 07 3086193 Whangarei PS: Mtg 2nd Meeting: 2nd Tues (Ex.Jan) Ph 09 4348000; Email QLD Philatelic Council, 18 Coolcrest St, Wynnum, Qld, 4178. Ph: 07 3396 0846 Fax: 07 3396 0842. Email: Web:

Junction Park SC: Mtg 1st Tues, 7.30pm, Annerley Baptist Hall, Lambton St. Contact: 07 3277 6724. PO Box 177, Annerley, 4103, Lockyer Valley SC: Mtg 4th Sun, 1.30pm, Senior Citizens’s Hall, Gatton. Kerri Martin, Sec. Ph: 07 5465 3390 Email: Logan City SC: Meetings 2nd Thurs, Presbyterian Church, Barry St, Slacks Creek, 6pm. Ph: 07 3805 9226. Mackay and District PS: Mtg 2nd Tues. Ph: 07 4942 5433; Maryborough and Wide Bay PS: Mtg 1st Wed (ex. Jan). Salvation Army Youth 7 Comm. Hall. Bazaar St Maryborough. Ph: 07 41224708 (see also Hervey Bay) Nanango SC: Mtg 4th Thurs. Ph: 07 4162 2945 Philatelic Society of Qld: Mtg 4th Wed 7.30pm,18 Coolcrest St, Wynnum. Ph: 07 3245 5222 Queensland Study Group: Sunday bi-monthly 1.00pm meets QPS house. Contact Ph: 07 3396 0846 email: Redcliffe SC: Mtg 2nd Sat. Ph: 07 3204 6095 Rockhampton SC: Mtg 1st Tues. Ph: 07 4926 3336 Sherwood Afternoon SC: Mtg 2nd Tues. Ph: 07 3372 6096 Southport Afternoon SC: Mtg 2nd Sat; Ph: 07 55630384 Southside PS: Mtg 3rd Tuesday & 3rd Wednesay (9am) Ph: 07 3848 2304 (ah) email: Sunshine Coast SC (formerly Nambour SC): Mtg 1st Wed, 7.15pm at C.W.A. Hall, Short St. Nambour. Ph: 075445 3647 Thematics Queensland: Mtg bi-monthly 9.30am. Ph: 07 3262 5605 email: Toowoomba SC: Mtg 2nd Sat 2pm; Pres. Bob Littlehales; Phone 07 46355623; email: Twin Towns SC: Mtg 1st Mon; Ph: 07 5598 7629 Waterloo Bay SC: Mtg 1st Thurs (afternoon); 4th Thurs (evening); Ph 07 3207 3121.

Stamp News - 71

philatelic clubs & societies south australia

Information about clubs in SA can be obtained from the SA Philatelic Council, GPO Box 9800, Adelaide, SA 5001. Daytime Ph: 08 8212 3557 or 8223 4435

Australian Airmail Society: 1st Wed. 7.45pm 22 Gray Court, Adelaide. PO Box 395, Edwardstown 5039. Ph: 08 8276 3969 Barossa SC: Mtg 1st Tue 7.30 Greenock Luth Church Hall, Bevan St, Greenock; PO Box Greenock 5360; email:; Ph: (08) 8562 8386 Blackwood PC: Mtg 2nd Wed ex Jan; Uniting Church, Main Rd, Blackwood; Ph: 08 8278 1629; PO Box 581, Blackwood 5051; email: Bordertown & Districts PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs; Bordertown PSchool; Ph: 08 8752 1297 Community PS: Mtg 1st & 3rd Fri - 7.30pm. Marion Bowling Club, off Sturt Rd. PO Box 75 Edwardstown, 5039; Auctions, circuit books. Ph: 0408806894 City of Noarlunga PS: Mtg alternate thurs,-- Community Health Centre, Grand Boulevard, Seaford, Contact 08 85566371 or PO Box 272, Port Noarlunga 5167 Eastern Districts PS: 2nd Thurs (ex. Jan), 7.30pm Senior citizens Hall, 47 Reid Ave. Hectorville; PO Box 240, Magill, 5072; Ph: 0400 156 796 Elizabeth PS: Mtg 2nd & 4th Fridays, 7.30pm, RSL Hall, Cnr of Halseys/Midway Rds;PO Box 701, Elizabeth 5112; Ph: 08 8255 0608 Encounter Bay SC: Mtg 1st Wed, 7.30pm; School Hall, Woolworths Centre, Victor Harbour; PO Box 317, Goolwa 5214;; Ph: 08 8555 3311 ETSA Stamp Club: Mtg 1st Mon (ex. Jan); Canteen, 1 Anzac Highway, Keswick; PO Box 2079, Magill North, 5072; Ph: 08 8278 7163 Frama Club: Mtg 2nd Wed 7.30pm, members homes; For collectors of CPS, Framas. Newsletter and Auctions. PO Box 62 Campbelltown 5074. Gawler SC: Mtg 4th Mon 7.30pm; Evanston Primary School, Para Rd, Evanston. PO Box 2, Willaston 5118; Ph: 08 8522 2335 Email: German Philatelic Club: Mtg 2nd & 4th Mon 8pm; German Club, 223 Flinders St, Adelaide 5000; Ph: 08 8260 2251 Glenside PS: 1st Wed 7.30pm& 3rd Sat 1.30pm; Uniting Church Hall, Carlton St. Highgate. PO Box 29, Glenside 5063. Ph: (08) 8353 8683 Lower Murray PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs,7.30pm, 2nd Sat, 10am; Murray Bridge Showgrounds. PO Box 810, Murray Bridge; Ph: 08 85704074 Mount Gambier PS: Mtg 3rd Tues; Reidy Park Corn Centre. 8pm. Also1st Sunday (ex. Jan) 1.30pm - 4pm. PO Box 2261,Mt Gambier.Ph: 08 8724 9474 Para Hills PS: Mtg 1st Sun; Community Hall Wilkinson Rd, Para Hills. PO Box 64, Para Hills; Ph: 08 8522 4345

victoria Australian PS: Bi-monthly meetings on 3rd Monday in February, April, June, August, October and December at RSL Homes, 152 Canterbury Road [cnr Keats Street] Canterbury. Secretary, PO Box 7014, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122 Bairnsdale SC: Mtg 3rd Thurs Ballarat PS:Mtg 3rd & 5th Mon Balwyn PS: Mtg 3rd Friday; Daytime 1st Friday Bendigo PS: Mtg 1st Tues Berwick SC:Mtg 2nd Sun (ex Jan); Ph: 03 5942 7626 Blackburn Baptist SC: Mtg 3rd Thurs Brighton PS: Mtg 2nd & 4th Tues; Daytime 3rd Tues Camperdown SC: Mtg 1st Tues Castlemaine SC: Mtg 3rd Tues (ex Dec) Colac PC: Mtg 4th Mon (ex. Dec), Colac Community College, Bromfield St, Colac. Ph:52314746 Corner Inlet SC: Mtg 4th Thurs, Foster, Ph: 03 56881100 Dandenong PS: Mtg 4th Wed (ex Dec) Diamond Valley PS: Mtg 3rd Mon Essendon-Broadmeadows PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs; St Johns Uniting Church Hall, Cnr Mt Alexander Rd & Buckley St, Essendon; Murray Gorham, Ph 9306 7480 Footscray PS: Mtg 1st Mon (2nd in Jan); Maribyrnong Comm. Centre, 54 Raleigh Rd, Maribyrnong. PO Box 2477 Taylors Lakes 3038. PH. 0438 901 144. email: footscraystamps@gmail Frankston & District SC: Mtg 3rd Tues (2nd in Dec) Seaford Community Centre, Broughton St Seaford. Ph: 5996 3745 Geelong PS: Mtgs 1st Sat 7.00pm, 3rd Mon 1pm (ex Jan) Sat - Diversitat Community Centre, 9-15 Clarence St, Geelong West. Mon - Belmont Library, High St, Belmont Ph: 0438578591 (Sec); PO Box 342, Belmont 3216 Hamilton PS: Mtg 2nd Monday Hungarian PS: Mtg 2nd Wed Italian PS: Mtg 2nd Mon (ex Jan), 7.30pm, Veneto Club, 191 Bulleen Rd Bullen. (PO Box 166, Niddrie, 3042)

tasmania Derwent Valley PS: Mtg 4th Mon Devonport Junior SC: Mtg 1st & 3rd Mon Devonport Stamp Group: Mtg 4th Fri, Public Library Mtg Rms, 7.30pm Ph. 03 6424 3449 Glenorchy SC: Mtg 1st Tues Hobart Junior Group: Mtg 1st Sat; Ph: 03 6278 2224

72 - Stamp News

Phillumeny SC: U3/26-28 Crozier Av, Modbury 5092. Ph: 08 8337 6533 Email: figg/amccs Port Pirie PS: Mtg 4th Mon; PO Box532, Pt Pirie 5540; Ph: 08 8632 1105 Printed Collectables Club (SAPC): Mtg last Tues, Julia Farr Cent. Canteen, Ground Floor, Fisher St. Ph: 08 8265 7395; PO Box 657, Enfield Plaza 5085 PS of South Australia:1st & 3rdTues; 22 Gray Ct. GPO Box 1937, Adelaide 5001; Ph: 08 8555 3311 PS of South Aust. (Aus. Com. Spect.Grp.): Mtg 4th Tues 7.30pm;22 Gray Ct. Ph: 08 8373 3756 PS of South Australia (Daytime SC):Mtg 1st & 3rd Thurs; 22 Gray Ct.Ph: 08 8373 3756 PS of South Australia (Study Group):Mtg 4th Tues 7.30pm; 22 Gray Ct. Ph: 08 8522 4345 Postal Stat & Postal Hist Soc: Mtg 2nd Tues; SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Ct, Adelaide. email:; Ph: 08 8260 3352 Riverland PS: Mtg 3rd Fri, 10am ;Whitmore Hall, Barmera Village; Ph: 08 8595 3023 SA Junior Stamp Club: Mtg 2nd Sun 1pm - 3pm;Anyone over 5years, parents welcome. 22 Grey St, Adelaide. 08 8250 0484 Salisbury PS: Mtg 1st & 3rd Mon;StJohns Church Hall. PO Box 336 Salisbury 5108; Ph: 08 8252 2392 Stirling PS: Mtg 4th Fri 7.45pm, Old Railway Station (now Community Services Bldng.); Ph: 08 8370 2680 Strathalbyn PS: Mtg 2nd Mon; Rosa Hoare Room, Lutheran Church Complex Corner, Commercial Rd/North Pde; C/- Post Office, Strathalbyn 5255; Ph: 0429 693 747 Ukrainian Collectibles Club: Mtg Wed as per syllabus; PO Box 466, Woodville 5011; Ph: 08 8345 4033 Yorke Peninsula Collectors Club: Senior Citizens Club. Taylor St, Kardina. Mtg 3rd Wed ex. Jan; PO Box 178, Bute 5560; Ph: 08 8821 2906 Club Information: Victorian Philatelic Council, GPO Box 9800, Melbourne, Vic, 3001 Latrobe Valley PS: Mtg Last Wed ex Dec 7.30pm, St Lukes Uniting Church Hall, Princes Way, Morwell; Chris Zarb, Sec. ph. 03 5174 3394 Maryborough Stamp Club:Mtg mthly ex Jan 2nd Tues of month 8pm, St Augustine’s Hall, Maryborough. PO Box 295, Maryborough, 3465; Ph: 03 5464 2400. Mildura PS: Mtg Last Thurs (ex Dec)Carnegie Building 74 Deakin Ave Ph: 03 5023 8789 Mooroolbark PS: Mtg 1st Tues; Ph: 03 9723 3304 Oakleigh PS: Mtg 2nd Wed 7.30pm (ex Jan) Oakleigh Public Library, Drummond St, Oakleigh Ocean Grove SC: Mtg 4th Wed. 10am. Ocean Grove Senior Citizens Clubrooms Melways: 234 A. Ph. 03 5255 1372 Peninsula SC: Mtg 3rd Wed, 7.30pm Uniting Church Hall, Murray Anderson Rd, Rosebud. Ph: 03 5974 1950 Polish PS: Mtg 3rd Tues (2nd in Dec) Prahran PS: Mtg 1st Wed (ex Jan) Ringwood PS: Gen Mtg 1st Thurs; Daytime 3rd Mon Ph: 03 9551 2235 Royal PS of Victoria:Mtg 3rd & 5th Thurs; Daytime 1st Tues Sale SC: Mtg 1st Mon (ex Jan) Shepparton PS: Mtg 2nd Tues, Mechanics Institute, Shepparton. Ph. 0419 560 813 Sherbrooke PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs ex Jan Upwey Fire Brigade Hall, 8pm; Bob Cook Ph: 03 9758 3465 Upper Yarra SC: Mtg 3rd Tues Warragul PS: Mtg 2nd Fri Warrnambool PS: Mtg 3rd Wed 7.45pm St Joseph’s Primary School, Botanic Road;Ph: 03 5561 1470 Waverley PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs 7.30pm, Mt Waverley Community Centre, 47 Miller Cres, Mt Waverley; Daytime mtg the following Friday, 9.30am, Uniting Church Hall, 482 High St, Mt Waverley. Ph. 03 9898 4102 Obtain Tasmanian clubs information from: Tasmanian Stamp Council, GPO Box 9800, Hobart, TAS, 7001. Ph: 03 6278 7084 Kingston Junior Group: Mtg 2nd Sat; Ph: 03 6278 2224 Launceston PS: Mtg 1st Thurs (ex. Jan) & 3rd Sat (ex. Dec), Max Fry Hall, Trevallyn 7.30pm; Ph: 6344 3676 Mersey-Leven PS: Contact: 03 6425 3603 Rosny Junior Group: Mtg Last Sat; Ph: 03 6278 2224 Tasmanian PS: Mtg Last Monday (ex. Dec);, Legacy House, 159 Macquarie St Hobart

stamp & coin fairs & events new south wales Aug 3 - (1st Sat) 9am to 4pm Orange Stamp Fair, Quinn’s Arcade, Summer St, Orange. Ph: Norm 02 63623754. Aug 3 - (1st Sat) Northside Stamp Fair. 1st Floor, Car park Building, Manly-Warringah Leagues Club, cnr Federal Parade/Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, NSW. Aug 3 - (1st Sat) Katoomba Stamp & Coin Fair, 9am 4pm, Masonic Hall, Cnr Station & Civic Sts, Katoomba. Ph. 0417 802 754 Aug 3 - (1st Sat) Sutherland Shire Stamp & Coin Collectors Fair, Gymea Anglican Church Hall, 131 Gymea Bay Rd, Gymea. Aug 4 - (1st Sun) Bankstown Stamp & Coin Fair, Bankstown Masonic Hall, Cnr Greenfields & Restwell Sts, Bankstown. 9am - 3pm. 7 Dealers. Aug 18 - (3rd Sun) Stamp & Coin Fair, 10am - 3pm, Pioneers Hall, Cowper St, Wallsend. 8 Dealers. 4971 3483 Aug 25 - (4th Sun) Epping Stamp & Coin Fair, Community Hall, 9 Oxford St, Epping. 10am - 4pm. Free Entry, 6 Dealers, Buy/Sell

victoria Aug 4 - (1st Sun) Stamp, Coin & Phone Card Fair, Ukrainian Hall, Russell St, Essendon. 9am-3pm Aug 18 - (3rd Sun) Stamp, Card - Phone Card Fair, Bentleigh-McKinnon Youth Centre, Higgins Rd, Bentleigh. Dealers plus huge range activities. Ph: 0418 322 315. Aug 25 - (last Sun ex Dec) Stamp, Coin & Phonecard Fair, Jaycees Hall, Silver Grove, Nunawading. 9am-3pm.

queensland Aug 4 - QStamp Fair, Southside, Mt Gravatt Showgrounds, Memorial Hall, Logan Rd. Free Entry 8.30am -2pm Aug 4 - Queensland Stamp & Coin Fairs, 8:00am -1:00pm, Contract Bridge Club, 67 Ipswich Road,Woolloongabba Check ‘Weekend Shopper’ on Saturday to confirm or contact 0428 450 616 day only. Aug 12 - (2nd Mon) - Gold Coast PS Sale, Rm 1, Southport Comm. Centre, Lawson St, Southport. 11.30am - 2.30pm Aug 18 - Caloundra Stamp Fair, Beerwah Community Hall 8.30am-3.30pm, Enq: Jill Hughes 07 5494 7233

western australia Aug 17/18 - Perth Stamp and Coin Show, Sat. 17th Aug, 10 - 4, Sun 18th Aug. 10 - 3, Guild Function Centre University of WA, Hackett Dr. Nedlands

Oct 19/20 - Swan River Stamp Show ,Guild Function Centre, University of WA, Hackett Dr. Crawley. 10am - 4pm Displays, dalers, auctions. Enq: john_dibiase@yahoo.

request for listing or update of events or clubs & societies pages This form or a photocopy of this form must be completed in full and signed by and authorised person and submitted by post to Stamp News for any event or update to be listed in the Events or Societies pages - please note that specific dates cannot be included in club details. If any part of the form is incomplete the listing/update will not be made. Information will not be accepted via email. This is a free service and listings are included at the discretion of Stamp News and also subject to available space. Wording may be altered.

Please PRINT CLEARLY - illegible submissions will be disregarded. Name of event/club: ________________________________

Signature of authorised person: _________________________

Section to appear in (EVENTS or CLUBS): ____________________

Wording requested for listing/update: _____________________

Date/s of event/meeting: _____________________________


Town & STATE: ___________________________________


Contact phone to appear in listing: _______________________


Name of person authorised to request listing/changes: ____________________________________________

Contact details (phone or email) of authorised person (not to appear): ____________________________________________

Submit to: Stamp News, PO Box 1290, Upwey VIC 3158 Stamp News - 73

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Zero Buyer’s Commission Zero Card Fees Flat sellers fee per lot Tel: 03 9729 0082 Fax: 03 9756 7506 email:info@21stcenturyauctions.

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By Steve Fletcher

THE NEW ZEALAND STAMP COLLECTOR Published quarterly by the ROYAL PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND (INCORPORATED) PO Box 1269, Wellington, NZ Annual subscription (posted) NZ$60.00 (airmail extra)

Subscription correspondence and advertising enquiries should be addressed to the Business Manager, PO Box 1269, Wellington, New Zealand

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Philatelical event of the year: : a real magazine, 100% colour

Timbres Magazine

Reports, studies, hundreds of photos of stamps in France and in the whole world. Monthly, 100 pages Free sample (Join $A2 by stamps) Subscription by air: 475ff (approx. $A90) Information & subscription: TIMBROPRESSE 6, rue du Sentier 75080 Paris Cedex 02 Telephone: (33) 1 55 34 92 55

SAS/OCEANIA INVITES YOUR MEMBERSHIP Our award-winning quarterly journal, ‘The Informer’, contains regular, informative articles about Australia and States, New Zealand, PNG, and other Pacific countries by knowledgeable philatelic writers. Sample copy/ application form sent airmail for $US1.00. Mint US postage accepted.

1840-GREAT BRITAIN-2012 We can supply all reigns, in top quality condition, at the lowest prices in Australia. 1924 - 2012 Commemorative Sets U/M 1840 - 2012 Definitives High & Low Value Sets & Singles, Including Officials & Postage Dues, U/M, M/M, F/U. Machin & Regional Issues U/M. Request free price lists. Large S.A.E. Appreciated. 44 years dealing in fine stamps of Great Britain

H.M.Reed (Est.1966)

SAS/O Secretary, PO Box 24764,San Jose, CA 95154-4764, USA

PO BOX 476, Redlynch, QLD, 4870 Tel: (07) 4039 3459, Fax (07) 4039 3469 Email.

Kevin Morgan Stamps & Coins


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74 - Stamp News

Always buying/selling collections, accumulations, mixed lots. We are a general dealership stocking a wide range of worldwide items plus albums, accessories, etc. Credit Cards accepted. Discounts for Seniors Card holders and Philatelic Club members on production of membership ID.

PO Box 321 Brookvale, NSW 2100

Manufacturers of the full range of Seven Seas brand album pages and complete albums, and publishers of the Australasian Stamp Catalogue. Also a full range of stamps as well as other accessories. Personal callers welcome or ask for free price lists. Tel: (02) 9905 3255. Fax: (02) 9905 7922. Email: Web: 06/06

societies&publications MONTHLY ONLINE AUCTIONS Zero Buyer’s Commission Zero Card Fees Flat sellers fee per lot Tel: 03 9729 0082 Fax: 03 9756 7506 email:info@21stcenturyauctions.



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c/- PO Box 1290 Upwey, Vic. 3158 PHILATELY from AUSTRALIA a quarterly record of Research & information

ROYAL PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF VICTORIA INC. Australia $35, Br. Commonwealth £14 Sterling, United States & Canada $US28 per year. No serious collector of Australia and its States, New Zealand and Pacific Islands should be without asubscription to this International Award Winning Journal. Three Year Indexes - $A10 each Most back issues on hand. Write to: Business Manager PO Box 642, Toorak, VIC, 3142

PHILAS STAMP AUCTIONS 17 Brisbane St, Sydney 12:30pm Saturdays Second Saturday in March, July and November.

Viewing on preceding Saturday, Thursday and Friday illustrated catalogues posted free within Australia ($15 per annum posted overseas) Lots for sale welcome PO box 220 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 Phone: (02) 9264 8301 or ()2) 9264 8406 Fax: (02) 9267 4741

Sel Pfeffer’s BOONAH STAMP SUPPLIES PO Box 155, Boonah Q 4310, Australia Australia & Territories Booklet Catalogue Edition 4, Volume 1 - 1904-1972 - $40.00 Edition 4, Volume 2 - 1979-2009 - $45.00 Supplement 2010 - $18.00; 2011 - $15.00 Australasia & Territories Frama & CPS Catalogue - $45.00 Aust. Postage on cats. $3 - on sups. $2. Overseas at cost. Try one of my famous $100 Mystery boxes. Worth $400 retail! Box (1) - stamps & covers etc. (2) Booklets. (3) Framas & CPS Boxes - plus post at cost Four (4) STOCK REDUCTION DIRECT SALES annually Savings of up to 50% on popular material Reduction sale lists emailed or posted free. Phone 07 54631516. Email:- web :


The society has a regular program of meetings, with displays, exchanges and discussion nights, and welcomes visitors to Canberra. It has a flourishing exchange branch, which circulates to small stamp clubs in the south region, as well as in the Canberra area. It publishes, quarterly, a newsletter and a research journal ‘Capital Philately’. Enquiries about membership or about separate subscriptions to the journal should be directed to: Secretary: Tony Luckhurst Ph: 02 6241 1963 e-mail:

JOIN TOPICAL STAMP COLLECTORS IN 90 COUNTRIES Join the AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION! Many Benefits: 96-page TOPICAL TIME stamp journal containing articles and checklists, printed on slick coated paper, profusely illustrated. Membership Directory (150 pages) of 8,000 members listed under 700 topics and specialties, plus services. Biography service for 13,000 persons shown on stamps. Membership Information Board to answer your questions. Translation service. Handbooks of many topics. Much more...

Write today Airmail to : AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, USA PH: 1-618-985-5100 Fax: 1-618-085-5131 Visa and Mastercard welcome

Trouble getting Stamp News? Not a subscriber yet? See our handy form towards the back of this issue, you can also order your subscription through your favourite stamp dealer. The following Stamp Shops do keep Stamp News, though mostly for regular purchasers, so you may need to ask the dealer to order in an additional copy for you. ( dealers who have a standing order for a minimum of 3 copies monthly get a free listing here, ask for details)

New South Wales

Gabriele’s Philatelic Service, Gabriele Woodbine, Suite 11/17 Gerrale Street, Cronulla, Ph: (02) 9544 3333 Fax: (02) 9247 8333 e-mail: Web: http:// Kennedy Stamps Pty Ltd, Robert Kennedy, Shop 4, 155 Castlereagh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000, Ph: (02) 9264 6168 Fax: (02) 9264 5969 e-mail: Web: www.

South Australia

Stewart’s Stamp Shop, Basement, Bertram House, 4 Coromandel Place, Adelaide 5000, Tel: 08 8223 4435


The Stamp Place, Trafalgar on Collins, Shop 3, 110 Collins Street, HOBART TAS 7000, Ph: (03) 6224 3536 Fax: (03)62243536 e-mail: Web: http://www.


Geelong Collectors Corner, 93 Little Malop Street, Geelong, VIC 3220, Ph: (03) 5229 4969 Max Stern & Company, Port Phillip Arc, 234 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3001, Ph: (03) 9654 6751 Fax: (03) 9650 7192 email: Web: http://maxstern.customer. Kevin Morgan Stamps & Coins, 39 Kalman Drive, Boronia, Victoria, 3155 Tel: 03 9729 0082 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email Shields Stamps & Coins, 52 Burgundy St, Heidelberg, Vic., 3084 Ph. 03 9459 5953

Western Australia

Cygnet Stamps, 8 Clevedon Way, Karringyup, WA, 6018. Ph/ Fax: 08 9447 8004 Ace Stamp Auctions, PO Box 2076, Ellenbrook, WA, 6069. Ph: 08 08 9297 3040 email: There are also about 4950 newsagencies in Australia, and most of the major stores carry a number of copies, alternatively you can arrange with your local newsagent to put one by for you each month. Stamp News - 75

Stamp News Australasia Advertising Rates & Data Commencing January 2013 Publication details Stamp News Australasia is published by Stamp News Pty Ltd, ACN 099 565 223, at monthly intervals, twelve times per year. Publication date is the 1st day of each month.

RATES - casual (all rates include GST) All Prices now include 4 Colour Separation $

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Christmas Island

Christmas Island is covered with lush green vegetation and is notable for its fl ora and fauna. It is home to around 411 plant species, of which 213 are native and about 18 endemic. This stamp issue depicts four common species of fl owering shrub native to the island: Colubrina pedunculata, Abutilon listeri, Urena lobata var. sinuata and Indigofera 80 - Stamp News

hirsuta. Artist Deirdre Bean has detailed the shape and texture of each shrub’s foliage and fl ower, as well as the relationship between the leaf and bloom. The approach is from the long tradition of botanical art. This is the first stamp issue for which Deirdre has been commissioned.

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