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1 SAC Meeting 15-17 Hearing/Vision Screening 14 Happy Valentine’s Day

20 Presidents’ Day No school 21 Senior Parent Nights 24 Orchestra/ Wind Ensemble Concert

>> MARCH 1 Casino Night 2 Professional Development No students March 5-9 TCAP testing (See page 3 for details) 7 SAC Meeting 19 Parent-Teacher Conferences 23 Teacher Work Day. No students 26-30 Spring Break

Students pack gym for game vs. Eagles

Unified Grizzlies have fun during game and pose for a picture.


On Thursday, Jan. 12, ThunderRidge High School hosted a very special basketball event. The Unified Grizzlies team played their rivals, the Unified Eagles, to a standingroom only gym packed with students, players and community members. Prior to the start of the game, the players for each school’s team each were introduced with the announcement of each player’s moniker enthusiastically broadcast as the player ran through a column of students. The national anthem was performed by the ThunderRidge High School Select Choir and the game began! At half time, there was an obstacle course, raffles, half court shot contest, and most importantly, “pie-ing the teachers.” Unified Grizzlies T-shirts were generously donated by Protect and Serve Driving Academy so that all the profits could support the teams. The Cutters Den gave a $25 gift card to all of the players, so that everyone was a winner. One of the ThunderRidge Administrators, Miss Katy Saville, said it was her proudest moment as an educator. With weeks of hard work, ThunderRidge DECA and Marketing students planned the event, organized activities, found sponsors, but best of all they managed to gather TRHS students to support the Unified Grizzles and Unified Eagles team. What an amazing event.

TRHS Wins John Irwin Schools of Excellence Award for 2011 The John Irwin Awards are given to schools that demonstrate excellent academic achievement. On the school performance framework that is used by the state to evaluate schools, these schools “exceed” expectations on the academic achievement indicator and “meet or exceed” expectations on the indicator related to academic growth gaps.





Seniors SENIOR PARENT NIGHT: a preview of the culminating events for the Senior Class Pick the night that best fits your schedule FEB. 21 (Tuesday) OR FEB. 28 (Tuesday) 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. TRHS AUDITORIUM

Parents of all Class of 2012 students are strongly encouraged to attend Senior Parent Night. The Senior Parent Night meeting will be held on Feb. 21 (Tuesday) and Feb. 28 (Tuesday). Both meetings will cover the same material, so parents may attend just one of the Senior Parent Night meetings. An overview of the timeline and expectations for the final events of student’s senior year will be presented. The events covered include: Senior Project, Senior Activities, and Graduation.




The Class of 2012 will graduate at 12 p.m. On Monday, May 21, 2012 at Sports Authority Stadium in Parker

Senior Project and Senior Boards on Friday, April 27 During each school year, all Seniors in English IV/AP/IB participate in the Senior Project. The Senior Project is the cumulative evaluation of four years of hard work. It validates the graduate’s ability to read, write, and speak at the level necessary to take the next step to adulthood. The model project also validates the student’s abilities in project design, problem solving, time management, self initiative, work ethic and life long learning skills. The Senior Project consists of a research paper on a self-selected topic, followed by fieldwork and a final product showcasing their learning. The final portion consists of an oral presentation that synthesizes all three components and is presented before a review board composed of school staff and community members called the Senior Boards. Friday, April 27, will be a milestone for ThunderRidge High School seniors. The Senior class will be making presentations of their Senior Projects to the Senior Boards. In the past, it has been an extremely rewarding experience, so much so, that we have many Senior Board members returning to serve again. If you would like to participate as a Senior Board judge and celebrate our students’ success, please contact Denise Orsini at

Mark your calendars for Grizzly Summer School 2012 Mark your calendars and make your plans for mathematics) will also be offered during this Session I in Grizzly 2012 Summer School. Registration will begin English, History, and Science for students who wish to on April 30th for both Session I (May 30 – June 20) and gain credit entirely off-site. Session II (June 25 – July 18). Session II Session I Session II will feature credit recovery and advanceSession I will feature credit recovery and advance- ment classes strictly through online web-based Odysseyment classes through traditional teacher-led courses. ware courses. This session is entirely off-site. These on-site classes are held over a 3 week period We expect to offer classes in Algebra I, Geometry, Alfor 4 hours a day, and attendance is mandatory. Math gebra II, English, Social Studies, and Earth/Environmencourses will only be offered as a teacher-led class for tal science. Depending on the needs of our students other Session I. Sessions usually fill up quickly as space is courses may be offered as well. limited to 20 in these teacher-led classes. Online webPlease watch the RidgeLine for more information on based Odysseyware courses (with the exception of costs and course offerings.


ACADEMICS <<<< TCAP (formerly CSAP) Testing Schedule 2012, March 5 – 9

Please note that Colorado students will no longer take the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP). Starting in the Spring of 2012, students in the state of Colorado will take the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP), during a transition to a new test by 2014. Why the name change from CSAP to TCAP? Colorado is transitioning from the current standards to the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) which will be measured by the new assessment. Monday Freshmen and Sophomores arrive by 7:35 a.m. and take TCAP tests until 12:25 p.m. (9th – Math – Bring calculators. 10th – Reading/Writing). Juniors will participate in a free ACT test preparation session (times TBA)** Seniors arrive by 12:25 p.m.* ALL students attend classes (Periods 1 and 2) until 3 p.m. Tuesday Freshmen and Sophomores arrive by 7:35 a.m. and take TCAP tests until 12:25 p.m. (9th – Reading/Writing. 10th – Math – Bring calculators). Juniors with the last name beginning with A-H arrive by 7:35 a.m. and report to assigned area for a practice ACT exam. ` Seniors and remaining Juniors arrive by 12:25 p.m.* ALL students attend classes (Periods 3 and 4) until 3:00 p.m. Wednesday Freshmen and Sophomores arrive by 7:35 a.m. and take TCAP tests until 12:25 p.m. (9th and 10th – Reading/Writing). Juniors with the last name beginning with I-P arrive by 7:35 a.m. and report to assigned area for a practice ACT exam. Seniors and remaining Juniors arrive by 12:25 p.m.* ALL students attend classes (Seminar and Period 5) until 3:00 p.m. Thursday Sophomores arrive by 7:35 a.m. Sophomores take TCAP tests (Science) until 12:25 p.m. Freshmen do not need to report until 12:25 PM. If riding the bus is necessary, freshmen may ride the bus in the morning at the usual time and will participate in a quiet study hall in the commons until 12:25 p.m. Juniors with the last name beginning with Q-Z arrive by 7:35 a.m. and report to assigned area for a practice ACT exam. Seniors, remaining Juniors and Freshmen arrive by 12:25 p.m.* ALL students attend classes (Periods 6 and 7) until 3:00 p.m. Friday Regular ALL Day * Buses will run as normal. If Juniors and Seniors require transportation (and Freshmen on Thursday), they can catch the bus in the morning with the underclassmen. They will be in a quiet study hall in the commons from 7:35 a.m. until 12:25 p.m. while TCAP testing is in progress. ** The ACT test preparation session on Monday as well as the practice exams given according to last name Tuesday through Thursday is optional. However, TRHS strongly encourages all juniors to take advantage of this opportunity. For more details on TCAP testing you can visit our website at Information will be available as the TCAP testing window approaches

ACT preparation class offered for Juniors Parents of junior students, in preparation for the state mandated ACT College Entrance Exam on April 24, we would like to apprise both you and your student of the great opportunity ACT provides to enroll in their online preparation course. This course has no association with ThunderRidge or Douglas County School District and is put on by the outside company ACT. Because of the high-stakes nature of the ACT College Entrance Exam, many students end up taking it more than once, and this ACT course is available for a full year to students who subscribe. The cost associated with the course is $19.95, and provides students with a very good option to utilize in their preparation. If you and your student are interested, please find out more at:


ACADEMICS & ACTIVITIES <<<< IB Update: February The graduating Class of 2011, the first IB class in ThunderRidge High School’s history, returned to ThunderRidge on January 5 for a brunch and to receive their diplomas and certificates. They shared their insight with the IB Class of 2012 and Class of 2013. They are seeing the rewards of IB through their smooth adjustment to college life and courses. Parents of 8th, 9th and 10th graders: It is time to register your student for the IB Programme. We are still receiving interest forms from current 8th and 9th graders and commitment forms from current 10th graders for the IB Programme going into 2012-13. The forms may be obtained through the TRHS IB website or stop by the IB office in C115. We are excited to expand our program as we grow in student interest.


Arts celebrations:

Zachary Begley is our Senior Student of the Arts recipient for the January 2012 Rotary Club of Highlands Ranch. He was chosen based on his GPA and accomplishments in music and other extracurricular activities. This honor allows him to compete against fourteen other students from the high schools in Highlands Ranch for a three thousand dollar scholarship to the university of his choice.

CLUB NEWS ProStart, FCCLA looking forward to in the next several month ProStart has a competition coming in March called the “ProStart Invitational,” in which two teams to compete in either culinary or management. For the culinary team try-outs, we had 26 current ProStart students compete in a slider competition for 4 slots. For the management team try-outs, we had 6 students compete by presenting an “on the spot” restaurant concept idea in an interview. The teams have now been finalized for the competitions at Johnson & Wales University on March 9. The following ProStart students will be competing: ProStart Culinary Competition Team: Alex Plaven Sam Andrus Hailey Howell Nick Sabina Teams participating in the culinary competition must demonstrate their creative abilities through the preparation of a three-course meal in only 60 minutes. Their performance during the practical session is observed and then rated by judges from leading colleges and universities. ProStart Management Competition Team: Claire Eubank Josh Smith Brad Hammons Tori Kachel Teams participating in the management competition demonstrate their knowledge of the restaurant and foodservice industry by developing a restaurant proposal, delivering a verbal presentation, and applying critical thinking skills to challenges managers face in day-to-day operations. Their performance is observed and rated by judges from leading colleges and universities and industry professionals. FCCLA has state competition coming up as well in April! This year we have double the chapter we’ve had in previous years attending state competition! Students will compete in events in everything from culinary to job interview, hospitality & tourism, fashion design, and entrepreneurship. The following students will be competing at the 2012 FCCLA Colorado State competition: Hannah Stoddard, Lauren Solzman, Bradley Blackman, Ashley Cremeen, Jaclyn Magnowski, Tyler Klotz, Zechari Wood-Hillman, Hillary Sass, Hailey Howell, Mychael Ayon, Jayme Davis, Luke Hildebrandt, Christine Olszewski, Tori Kachel, Heajeen Lee, Sarah Lee, Amanda Mckenzie, Isabel Perez, Zoe Sands, Lisa Scheeler, and Josh Torp.


ACTIVITIES & VOLUNTEER NEWS <<<< Mardi Gras! Silent Auction and Fashion Show on Sunday, Feb. 26 Benefit for After Prom at ThunderRidge High School The fun begins at 1 p.m. when the doors open for the Silent Auction. Place your bids on hundreds of items. Bidding will close at 4:30 p.m. Admission to the Silent Auction is free! This year’s fashion show will take us to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! Join us in celebration of our seniors and juniors as we raise money for a successful After Prom. An abbreviated show at 2 p.m. (Act 1 only) will feature two students from each or our feeder elementary schools. The 4 p.m. show will showcase formalwear in our very special second Act, honoring our graduating seniors. Tickets for the 2 p.m. show are $10. Tickets for the 4 p.m. show are $10 for students and $15 for adults and will be available for purchase at the door. If you are interested in donating items for the Silent Auction, please contact Nancy Peterson at

Come be a part of SAC meetings SAC — Come be a part of what makes ThunderRidge High School special. The SAC committee is an advisory body made up of parents, administrators, community members and teachers who discuss topics and issues important to the functioning of the school. This body makes recommendations, but the final decision-making authority rests with the principal or another person or group. The meetings begin at 6 p.m. in the ThunderRidge library. • Feb. 1 • March 7 • April 4 • May 2


Nancy Plamp • Volunteer Coordinator • 303-387-2035

CramFest: On Dec. 9, 300 to 400 freshmen came to the commons for study tips on how to survive their first high school final exam. Thank you to all parents for your donations of snacks, Jiffy Lube for their water bottle donations and to our teachers and NHS students, who made this possible. Vision and Hearing Screening: Vision and Hearing Screenings will be held Feb. 15-17. Our District Representative, Barb Graham-Wright, will be working with our volunteers to help screen all 9th graders, new students to TRHS and all special education students. We will need seven parent volunteers per day for about three hours per shift. (There will be two shifts per day.) If you are interested in helping with this event, please email Nancy Plamp at Community Partners: Thank you to Baskin Robbins, Jason’s Deli, Noodles & Company, Romano’s, Red Robin, Wendy’s and Jack in the Box for sponsoring our Student and Staff of the month and other student rewards programs. Thank you Jiffy Lube for continuing to be our community partner for two years in a row. Jiffy Lube provides bottles of water for many TRHS events. Look for their bottles with the $5 off coupon or ask your student to bring home the empty bottle for your next lube and oil. Jiffy Lube will also donate $3 to charity per bottle. Volunteer hours: Please turn in your volunteer hours to Nancy after you have completed your activity. All volunteer hours are given to district for potential grant funding at the end of each school year. Please, make sure and send me all your volunteer hours from this past summer through now. Even if you do not know the exact amount, a rough estimate would be wonderful. Upcoming events: Hearing and Vision Feb. 15-17 ( 2 shifts, need 7 parents per shift) After Prom Fashion Show and Silent Auction, Feb. 26 12 p.m. - 7 p.m. PT Conference March 19 TCAP Window (Formally CSAP) March 5-23 Prom April 14 Senior Boards April 27 see story on next page


Ridgeline February 2012  

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