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Teen Pregnancy Volume 1, Issue 1

Special points of interest: How does Teen Pregnancy affect the baby? Teenage pregnancy not only affects the moms but the dads as well. Statistics A perspective from a pregnant teen

Inside this issue: Teen Pregnancy; Not Only Hurting the Teen


Where’s the Baby’s 1 Daddy? Statistics


Confessions of a Teenage Pregnancy


Just Say No


Planned Parenthood


American Pregnancy Helpline


Pregnancy in the media


Options for preg- 5 nant teens A word Search!


November 24, 2009

Written By Darby Hobbs

Teen Pregnancy; Not Only Hurting the Teen When thinking about Teenbe in a position to get a agers who become pregjob and support their child. nant people often think The child's risk of medical “Oh, that poor girl, her life problems is also increased will never be normal.” Howwhen the mother is a teenever, they often overlook ager. Teen pregnancies are another Human beings life often a result of alcohol that will never be normal; the babies. Once the baby is born, the teenage mother usually has no way of supporting the baby. In fact, eighty percent of all teenage mothers have to rely on welfare at some point in their life. Monetary problems do not only affect the Mother but the child too. The child will A Pregnant teenager; holding her most likely not receive stomach. holiday gifts, an education, and might not receive three meals a day. and substance abuse. This Only about one– third of can affect the child‟s brain teenage mothers will reand body growth. Leading ceive a high school dito mental, physical, and ploma. So, many of these social problems. Teenagers teenage mothers will never

are also more likely to have premature babies as well. These babies are also more subject to abuse and neglect than the child of a more mature woman. While pregnant, the teenager doesn‟t necessarily have a good diet or good nutrition also affecting the baby. Girls born to teenage mother‟s are 22% more likely to become teenage mother‟s themselves. The circumstances in which these babies are born are not fair to the child. Because their mother is a teenager they are subject to mental, health, social, and physical problems that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Teen Pregnancy is not only hurting the teenager, but the baby as well.

Where’s the Baby’s Daddy? When a Teenage boy receives the phone call of their partner telling them they are pregnant, they often feel scared, confused, and clueless. Unfortunately, this often results in the father leaving the mother. However, many of these fathers don‟t choose for this to happen. Father‟s used to prefer “shotgun” weddings, weddings where

the father would force the boy to marry his pregnant daughter. Now, however, they prefer for the boy to have nothing to do with their daughters. The teen dad is looked at as irresponsible for getting the girl pregnant in the first place. Based on stereotypes, most people believe that the father chooses to have nothing to do with

the baby. There are many resources that help teen dad‟s be better fathers. Classes and Web resources have guides on how teen father‟s can be better fathers. If teen father‟s were allowed in the family the child would end up with a better life style.

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Teen Pregnancy

Statistics 80% of all teenage mothers will have to rely on welfare at some point in their life. 33% of all teenage mothers will obtain a high school diploma. 7 billion dollars is spent on teen pregnancies every year. In the USA 750,000 teenagers become pregnant in a year. 57% of pregnancies end in births. 29% of pregnancies end in abortion. 14% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Pregnant Teenager reading Pregnancy test

11% of all US births are to teens. 82% of teen pregnancies are unplanned. 67% of all teen pregnancies occur among 18 and 19 year olds The rate of teen pregnancies has declined 36% since 1990


“In the USA, 750,000 teenagers become pregnant in a year�

Pregnant Teen

Graph of percentages for teenage pregnancy results

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Confessions of a Teenage Pregnancy “My name is Penny Sanchez and I am a pregnant teenager. It‟s not easy being pregnant and only 16. I obviously did not want to become pregnant. My ex-boyfriend left me when I told him the news. He said „I‟m in a really good place right now, and I don‟t want the responsibility of a baby.‟ I‟m okay with that though, my father didn‟t want him in the picture anyway. I told my parents early on. They tried to be supportive but I know they are disappointed in me. My mom takes me to all of my sonogram and doctor‟s appointments. I know it breaks her

heart though every time she see‟s people give me one of “those looks.” You know, the look that says “Oh my god, that girl is so young and she is pregnant! How irresponsible.” It‟s embarrassing. One mistake and now I am paying for it. I don‟t think it is fair that it has happened to me. Seventy percent of all kids have had sex before they are nineteen and yet I am the one who gets pregnant. I‟m still considering what to do with the baby. My parents want me to have him or her adopted. I know a nice pair of people would be able to provide a better life for my child

then I ever would. But every time I think about giving the baby up I get this pit in my stomach. It maybe a burden now but I already love this child. As for my education I am trying to get my GED. I had to drop out of high school because the kids made fun of me. However, this could have happened to any one of them if they are sexually active. Birth Control doesn‟t always work. My advice to you teenagers is to not have sex. It may be “thrilling” but trust me, being a pregnant teenager is not.” -Written by Darby Hobbs

Penny Sanchez, pregnant teen

“One mistake and now I am paying for it. I don’t think it is fair that it has happened to me.

Just Say No! There are many ways to say no to a boy if he wants to have sex. Sex can lead to pregnancies. “Don‟t have sex. Because you will get pregnant, and Die”-Mean Girls. While this is not true, there are unfortunate consequences to having sex, so just say no! Don‟t wait until you have gone too far. Establish rules before hand. If that doesn‟t work try a distraction, like going to the restroom. Stand up too pressure! If your partner loves you,

Seventy percent they will understand that you are not ready and that you need to wait. No boy likes a tease and saying things that you don‟t mean can send mix messages. If you say no then stand firm and say no! There are also a bunch of other activities for couples to do instead of having sex! Here is a list of activities that you cannot get pregnant doing:

Go dancing! Abstinence Holding hands Going to the movies Apple picking Hiking Shopping

Write love letters

And many more, just be creative!

Have a picnic

Planned Parenthood in the Saint Louis Region. Planned Parenthood has many health care centers around the country that offer a wide range of services. There is a location in Saint Louis that is located in the Central West End. They are very helpful in reproductive services. Ranging from pregnancy tests to sexual reproduction education, the Saint Louis Planned Parenthood will help. They also act as a pharmacy. If you need birth control pills they will supply

them. They also will supply emergency contraception pills or more commonly known as the “morning after pill.” While most commonly known for there pregnancy planning services, they also help pregnant mothers with testing and vaccinations. I would describe them as a hospital for pregnant people! Unfortunately, there are often protestors outside of the Saint Louis location. Because Planned parenthood doesn‟t

frown on abortion, people who are “pro-life” protest. I recently drove by planned parenthood and there were Catholic priests protesting. However, planned parenthood does have good security guards! Besides the protests, Planned Parenthood of the Saint Louis region is an excellent resource for planned and unplanned pregnancies!

of all kids have had sex before they are nineteen and yet I am the one who gets pregnant.” -Penny Sanchez, pregnant teen

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Teen Pregnancy

American Pregnancy Helpline The American Pregnancy Helpline is a service a woman can call if they think they are pregnant. They are free and confidential helpline for people who are scared and confused. This Helpline allows people to talk to a real person, where as for Planned Parenthood you often get a voice recording. These people can help through any confusion and offer services. They recommend the people who call to a local agency that will help them. American Pregnancy Helpline offers services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, sexually transmitted disease tests,

classes, counseling, and references. A unique thing they offer is counseling for a teenager to help tell their parents if they are pregnant. They can obviously not conduct pregnancy tests and ultrasounds over the phone, so they will help set an appointment for a caller in a center that is local for them. The telephone answers are not allowed to disclose their names but the the American Pregnancy Helpline phone number is 1-866942-6466. It is a free and confidential number that any confused teen can call!

Pregnancy in the Media “Teen Pregnancy in the media fails to show the hardships that it truly causes”

Television drama‟s and reality programs sometimes use Teenage Pregnancy to increase suspense and viewer interest. However, the way the Media portrays teen pregnancy isn‟t necessarily how it is in real life. Teen Pregnancy in the media fails to show the hardships that it truly causes. In 90210 a young sophomore becomes pregnant. However, her posh life doesn't show what teen pregnancy is really like. The father‟s mother offers to send her on a spa

vacation until the baby is born. She also offers to cover all of the costs. This does not typically happen. The show does show the embarrassment the girl goes through being pregnant. However, the embarrassment only lasts for one episode. Jamie Lynn Spears, was shown on the cover of almost every magazine in 2007 when she announced she was pregnant. It seemed as though she took her pregnancy with stride even though she was only 16.

Of course she lost her T.V. show, however it created much controversy. Her fan base was mostly young girls. They were then filled with the idea that it is ok to be pregnant at age sixteen. While some people believe it is okay to be pregnant and a teenager, it is certainly a lot harder when girls are that young. And the actual difficulty of being a pregnant teenager is rarely shown by the media.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Options for Pregnant Teens Once the pregnant teenager has had the baby there are may options for her. Adoption is an option. The mother may not view herself as a suitable mother, and she understands that the baby will have a better life if the baby is adopted. Abortion is another option. It is a huge political debate, because people question if abortion is morally right. Because in abortion doctorâ€&#x;s terminate the fetus, some people view

it as murder of baby. However, some people claim that because it is okay because they are only killing a fetus, not an actual baby. Never the less abortion is an option. Unfortunately, because the babies mother is a teenager, the baby is more likely to be born premature. This unfortunately causes miscarriages. The mother can always assume the role of motherhood. A lot of pregnant teenagers feel a maternal sense and cannot give the baby up

A word search:

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for adoption or have an abortion. It is very hard for them to be a mother. However, the motherâ€&#x;s life will never be the same. She will most likely not get an education and she will loose all free time she previously had. It is very hard to be a teen mother, however, many teens do it. There are many options for pregnant teenagers who are looking to do what is best for them, and to do what is best for the baby.

Write Ups! National: American Pregnancy Helpline



4251 Forest Park Avenue

Services: Helps confused and possibly pregnant teens How they help?- Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, and classes. For more see page 4.

Planned Parenthood

St. Louis, Mo. 63108 314-531-7526 Services– help men and women with reproductive health services How they help?- Abortion Referral, Birth Control, Testing, Treatment, and Education. For more, see page 3.



Data Base

National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

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Information about Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy


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