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A Passion for Jewellery A P a s s i o n f o r Tr a d i t i o n a l C r a f t m a n s h i p A Passion for Nature A Passion for Metals A Passion for coloured Stones A Passion for Diamonds A Passion for Colours A Passion for Life A P a s s i o n f o r M a k i n g Wo m e n A l l o v e r t h e Wo r l d F e e l B e a u t i f u l a n d S p e c i a l This is the Strong Force That Lies Behind the Creation of Our Collection

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen was established in 1963 by goldsmith Ole Lynggaard, who, after having studied and worked i n G e r m a n y, P a r i s , N e w Yo r k , San Francisco and Japan, came back to Denmark and bought a small workshop. Charlotte L y n g g a a r d , h i s d a u g h t e r, w h o i s a goldsmith and designer like h e r f a t h e r, j o i n e d t h e c o m p a n y in 1992, after having studied in Switzerland, Paris and San Francisco. Søren Lynggaard, his son, became Managing Director in 2003, Michel Normann, Charlotte´s husband, became Commercial Director in 2006, a n d H a n n a , S ø r e n ’s w i f e , joined the company in 2008. With more than 100 employees, the family-run house has a solid and wellestablished reputation as a luxury brand, not only throughout Scandinavia, but also in many other parts of the world.


Søren Lynggaard

Karin & Ole Lynggaard

Charlotte Lynggaard

Michel Normann

Hanna Lynggaard


The enigma of beauty Changing moods and fleeting sensations. One day playfully sensual, the next resolutely focused. One moment mellow and calm, the next spirited and bold. But no matter your mood, the purpose of your jewellery remains unchanged – it emphasises the beauty and nature of the woman who carries it, and offers infinite pleasure.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collections offer a variety of jewellery combinations, allowing you to either dress up or dress down at a whim. Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard each have their own creative style, which adds an extra dimension to the already generous palette of styles that embrace feminine sentiments and bold, elegant, sensual or casual looks.


Quality above all

Most Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen jewellery is produced at the c o m p a n y ’s s t u d i o n o r t h of Copenhagen. This allows Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard to work closely with their highly skilled staff in hand-crafting their unique designs. Each gemstone is carefully selected according to shape a n d c o l o u r. A n d e a c h p i e c e of jewellery is subjected to stringent quality control before it reaches boutiques worldwide. Quality jewellery always brings enjoyment. With their timeless design, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collections are passed on as cherished heirlooms from generation to generation.



The metamorphosis of the caterpillar into an elegant butterfly has always fascinated man. For centuries the butterfly has inspired painters, poets, and jewellers. It symbolizes rebirth, i m m o r t a l i t y, h a p p i n e s s . It is free.



I named the butterfly Katrine after my grandchild, one of the wild ones... For me the Butterfly symbolizes optimism.

“Just living is not enough,” s a i d t h e b u t t e r f l y, “one must have sunshine, f r e e d o m a n d a l i t t l e f l o w e r. ” H. C. Andersen






The silhouettes of branches against the sky with small enveloping leaves offer eternal inspiration. This light and airy i m p r e s s i o n . Yo u d r e a m , y o u a r e drawn. I yearn to convey this emotion born in me.


The new rings are like single Lotus buds with silky petals of gold, o x i d i z e d s i l v e r, and diamonds encircling a coloured stone. Tw o o r m o r e s i n g l e rings put together form new rings of various colours.



mber. This beautiful,

mysterious yellow material which may be clear and transparent, cloudy or even opaque is seen in jewels already at the end of the Ice Age. Amber is a fossil resin which exuded from prehistoric coniferous trees. It is said to give magic strength, to be light that has become solid. Today most of the amber comes from Poland and Lithuania.




jewel is born of creative zeal; an inner struggle

in the heart and mind of the designer that draws on a wealth of impressions and inspirations. Ideas are rendered into visual form. Sketches and models are l a b o r i o u s l y e l a b o r a t e d . A n d w i t h a t r u e a r t i s a n ’s dedication and skill the designs are fully realized.







Hearts of diamonds hanging midair





after my grandchild



A handsome flower Growing a bit wild At the feet Of a wild young boy Got picked along With a handful of cousins To a s u d d e n But delightful reunion The occasion Wa s a d e l i g h t f u l g i r l With brown eyes, Blond hair and freckles In return for her name Dropped as ransom, The young boy would release His flower hostages.


Carving to capture light In the hands of a stone artisan, a p r o f e s s i o n a l l a p i d a r y, who practices the craft of working, forming and finishing the stones, the beautifully faceted Sweet drop gems are

Sweet droplets in the sea, on the branches, and on the skin.

cut and car ved, capturing

Droplets of love, of

a maximum of light into the

s e n s u a l i t y, a n d o f f u n .

stone, increasing the lustre and

A droplet can bob,

creating an enchanting sparkle

dangle, dance,

of colour and light.

swing, and twinkle its way into your heart.

The skilled lapidar y cuts another raw stone in a convex cut, creating a smooth, polished and refined finish, turning it into an elegant cabochon. The shapes and colours of the Sweet Drops enable many wearable and complimentar y variations of the bracelet. This supports Ole Ly n g g a a r d ´ s o r i g i n a l i d e a o f d e s i g n i n g f l e x i b l e j e w e l l e r y, the concept of the company for a l m o s t h a l f a c e n t u r y. 74


he Sweet Drops™ bracelet

is handmade in Denmark. The luxurious bracelet is made from the finest soft, c a l f s k i n l e a t h e r, t a i l o r e d f o r the purpose of wearing it with the beautifully crafted, changeable Sweet Drops in numerous different and exquisite expressions. The exceptional leather handwork of the bracelet is supported by traditional tanning, dying and sewing techniques. Each process requires hours of manual labour in order to acquire the desired result and at the end of each method, the leather is subjected to stringent quality control, in order to ensure the superior quality of the finished product.





oral. The collection

“Corallium Rubrum�, thriving

features fine jeweller y made

in the waters of f the coasts of

from the exotic material,

Sardinia and Sicily. Inhabiting

coral. Vibrant red cabochon

depths between 80–200

corals, delicately set in

meters, the corals are

beautifully handcrafted

carefully retrieved by selected

gold, are tender organic

authorized divers, who are

jewels. Cared for lovingly,

strictly regulated by regional

coral gems will become

legislation. The extremely

heirlooms. The coral used is

sensitive corals are neither

the red Mediterranean coral,

chemically treated nor dyed.



after my first grandchild


after my grandchild


Helena Christensen photographed by Marc Høm

Ole Lynggaard 2012