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The Gr e at Balloon Adventure

Jeogeot Riding The Winds Through Every Second Life Continent by Dahlia Jayaram

The Great Balloon Adventure

Jeogeot Riding The Winds Through Every Second Life Continent

by Dahlia Jayaram

©2010 by Dahlia Jayaram All Rights Reserved Book design by Dahlia Jayaram

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Jayaram, Dahlia, 2008– The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot p. cm. ISBN-13:000-0-00000-000 ISBN-13:000-0-00000 1. Second Life, hot air balloon, ballooning, travel, adventure, exploring. 2. Second Life–In travel. NC1429.M1558J 2010 741.5’6973-dc5

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The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot is Dahlia’s third book in a series of travel adventures by hot air balloon. This adventure begins in Second Life’s first and earliest sims and follows a route of discovery from the oldest continent of Sansara to the newest continent of Necera. Follow along as Dahlia flies in every Second Life continent. Along the way, she explores and reports on some of her more interesting encounters with people, places and things that make our Second Life worth seeing and living in.


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Week 1 1 : W hat ’s I n A N am e? Week 1 2 : F rom “L ady ” To King Of P op Week 1 3 : Ob am a’s W hit e H ouse Week 1 4 : F rom H ot L ava t o I ce C r eam Week 1 5 : S hoes, A S p ider, and S c hool Week 1 6 : Orb it ing Ot her Worl ds Week 1 7 : F rom Buddha t o The Bl ues Week 1 8 : F ly ing H ig h t o t he E nd Maps: The P lan & The R esul t Tim eline A t A Gl anc e: C hart ing P r og ress Dahlia’s Top 1 0 F avourit es An Open L et t er To t he L inden F am il y About The A ut hor

C O N T I N E N T T H R E E • J E O G E OT

W h a t ’s I n A N a m e ? H , J E O G E O T.

Where to begin with this continent? How about with it’s name. Was it pronounced “geeoh-gee-oh,” or “gee-oh-gee-oat”? Perhaps it was “geeoh-gee-aught”? Whatever it was, it was certainly the continent with the tongue-twisting name. Just like it’s name, the continent of Jeogeot was a complete mystery to me. I had no clue if I’d ever been there before. All I knew was that this was the continent on the bottom of the map that looked a little cropped off at it’s southernmost tip. Whatever it was…“gee-oh-gee-oh,” “gee-oh-gee-oat,” or “gee-oh-gee-aught,” I was on my way there to find out.


Opposite page: Starting her Jeogeot journey in Quoll, Dahlia had to unpack her balloon in a narrow gap between the Explorer’s Information Centre building and it’s carport roof. Above: Hawkside Airport rested on the western shore of Jeogeot’s central bay and provided ample space to land and park. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

I had a Jeogeot road map, and on it was a tiny icon for the Explorer’s Information Centre. It didn’t list a sim name; it was just an icon. So I opened up my big map and zoomed in as close as I could, trying to match the little colour squares on the road map with what my big map could see. It looked to me that the centre was right on the southernmost part of a big curve in a road it bordered, so I put my cross hairs

there and teleported, hoping I wouldn’t land on top of a skybox or go tumbling down a cliffside on my arrival. You want to know something incredible? I landed right next to the doorway of the Explorer’s Information Centre in Quoll. How’s that for a pin-point landing to a place I’d never been before? I hoped it was a good omen for me on this stage of my Second Life world tour by hot air balloon.

Above: A general flight path was established for Jeogeot, beginning just south of it’s central bay where the continent’s only Explorer’s Information Centre resided in Quoll. 3

The centre was very small—just a tiny room—and inside maps hung on all four walls. All except one map had been updated within the last three months. And in a set of cabinet drawers, notecards offered driving landmarks and reviews of roadside places you could find along the way. Very nice, I thought. I grabbed all I could and stuffed them into my hip satchel, then walked out the door to look around.

open space than either Sansara or Heterocera. All around, there were big, open parcels of green grass not yet developed and the sky had a modest but maneuverable collection of sky properties. It certainly looked like it would be easy to navigate.

I steadied the balloon and looked around in all directions to take in the view of this new land. Where I was looked to have far more

The reason for my ejection? I wasn’t on the access list. That sounds like not being on the guest list at a special event, doesn’t it?

It only took seconds for me to get a reality check, however. My hope that my earlier pin-point landing in front of the info centre might be a Almost comically, Outside, next to the good omen for me building, was a was quickly my Terra E-Chute short covered cardashed when I whispered: port structure began to move the where you could rez balloon. At the “Freefalling at your vehicle. Unforvery next parcel, tunately, my vehicle 6 meters! Deploy RS1 512, I got was much taller ejected from the emergency than the carport balloon and the roof, and none of balloon was imparachute!!” the property directly mediately rebeside the centre alturned to my lowed rezzing, so I ended up un- inventory. Almost comically, my packing my balloon in a narrow Terra E-Chute 2.2 whispered: space in between the building and “Freefalling at 6 meters! Deploythe carport. As soon as I lit up the ing emergency parachute!!” I burner, I shot up about 6 meters would have laughed if I had into the air so the balloon could enough time before landing on clear the carport roof. the ground.

Above: Using a variety of map and notecard information gathered from advance research, Dahlia put together a general flight plan and mapped out her course on a modified version of one of the more recent world maps. The course used airports and airstrips on each continent as check points where she could stop to verify their continued existence or removal. Jeogeot was the third continent of her trek. 4

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Bridging the gap: An impressive bridge crossed Jeogeot’s central bay in Lordshore.

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


At first blush: Hawkside Airport in Hawkside seemed to represent the open and expansive quality Jeogeot’s general landscape had.

geot. When I reached Lordshore Cove, I made it to the southern shore and enjoyed a view of a large, modern bridge that stretched over the bay in a southwest to northeast trajectory. I flew half the distance of the bridge to take a few pictures, then turned back to land on a wooden walkway atop the hillside of the southwestern shore.

Above: In Kyle, one resident proclaimed her distain for ban lines by erecting a sculpture showing both a plane and a blimp penetrating a solid wall. Ironically, the same resident banned people crossing into her land with a silent security monitor that gave no warning to people crossing into it before they were immediately ejected.

Similarly, an ejection is like trying to get into a night club and having a big, invisible bouncer toss you out before you even knew what happened. So here I sat, outside on the roadside curb—literally. I walked back over to the info The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

centre where I could unpack a new balloon and started over, making certain to go in the opposite direction to avoid RS1 512. I didn’t get far this time either. Moments later, I was ejected again, this time from the parcel Colette & Monty’s Tree House at Adder because the parcel was full. For-

tunately, I was able to unpack a new balloon at nearby Flattish Green Roadside in Hughes Rise and quickly be on my way again. I was now flying northwest from the info centre toward the southernmost shore of a big bay that cut deep into the interior of Jeo-

I knew of three airports to expect in Jeogeot: Brouwer, Hawkside and P2 & Teles. P2 was just north of me on the eastern side of the bay, Hawkside was on the western side of the bay, and Brouwer was inland, south from there. I decided to head in the direction of Hawkside, then make my way south to Brouwer and save P2 for later. I climbed back into the balloon basket and took off, heading The deck served as a lookout west along the bay’s southern point and had a picshore until HawkTsk, I thought. nic table on it that I side stretched out could stop and have in front of me, We really gotta lunch at. It also right on the edge served as a handy get some heavier of the southwestern place to rez a new shore of the bay. vehicles here in balloon if needed, so I decided to stop Hawkside Airport Second Life. there while I was big, with a looked at my big map to decide nice, long runway and paved which direction to go next. parking along either side of it. There were even three balloon As I started reading, a cute little landing pads. It had plenty of mini cooper car passed me and I hanger space along one side of the watched as it drove across the runway, and open parking on the bridge. Next thing I knew, it was other—with even more for heliairborne, a victim of a sim cross- copters in a lot at the opposite end ing gone awry. Tsk, I thought. We from the bay. It looked like a nice, really gotta get some heavier vehiorderly, and accommodating aircles here in Second Life. After the port facility to land at. car disappeared over the horizon, I waited a moment to see if it Nearby, to the west of the airport would rubber-band back. Noth- in Agora, I noticed a large building happened, so I went back to ing for The Advertising Guild. consulting my map. The facilities served as a place for 7

The Advertising Guild to hold events, contests, and community outreach. Also nearby, a large pyramid-shaped building housed the Virtual Worlds Association, which had a nice sized open air theatre with comfortable seating and a large video screen that served as it’s presentation area. WEEK 12: FROM “LADY” TO KING OF POP

After checking out Hawkside Airport, I flew west toward open fields just past The Advertising Guild. I quickly discovered that the “open” fields were actually not open at all after I was abruptly knocked out of my balloon and landed on the ground below. From where I landed, I watched my balloon continue to drift on without me.

nication, Music, Writing for Film and Television, and lastly, Multimedia. After collecting my information from the admissions office, I jumped back into the balloon and took off, heading back east and crossed Route 10, where I spotted a lovely Tuscan-looking complex of buildings on a hilltop with a large grape orchard in a valley below. I was soon to learn that this property was The Monastery of Felix Meritis in Katipo.

It was an Italian renaissance style cloister with cathedral, church, dorms, cells, monks, chapels, library, gardens, valley and farmland. Owner, Clark Jonze, invited the public to “enjoy the peace in SL and come for prayer, meditaAbove: The College of Art and Design at UArts in Denso Heights provided detailed information about it’s degree offerings and required Perplexed about what just hapcourses. Opposite page: Crossing into Katipo, Dahlia spots a beautiful Tuscan vineyard and monastery called The Monastery of Felix Meritis. tion or just wondering.” I keenly pened, I read the “about land” noticed he didn’t mention anywhere I bounced out of and learned warning message and nothing at months before my arrival. Looked Club Rex and go into the art thing about the wine! Neverthethat it was owned by the group all on the land, not even a sign. like “Lady” Gail wasn’t much of a building to see what was there. less, I thought the monastery Lady Gail’s Angels, founded by She had some gall to talk that way. good landowner either. No wonsounded pretty good to me, so I Gail Whitman. I had apparently der she was so crass. As for me, I What I found was a multi-storied set my balloon down near the crossed into Lady Gail’s Private Surrounding her parcel on three unpacked a new balloon next building with classrooms, an ad- orchard and took in the natural Land, EllyMay Alter’s Home. sides, however—including a blimp door at Revelation in Bogong and missions office, a small selection beauty of the landscape for a moThe “about land“ continued to in Kyle with a sign proclaiming continued on my way. of student work hanging on the ment before walking up the hill announce: “Keep the fuck off “ban lines suck.” The “about walls in the entryway, and exten- to the monastery. unless invited!“ land” information indicated that In Denso Heights I came across sively written notecards describit belonged to: “Zindra AbanThe College of Art and Design at ing the different degrees offered I first went into the chapel to give “Wow, that’s some ‘lady,’” I retorted doned Land, Land abandoned by UArts. Being interested in art by the school and the course work thanks and pay my respects. There aloud to myself. There were no Lady Gail’s Angels (group) on 04- myself, I decided to land the bal- plan by semester. You could get were candles to purchase for visible ban lines, no advance Aug-2009.” This was about eight loon next door at Ak Design degrees in Illustration, Commu- lighting and leaving at the alter, 8

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


but not free ones that you could leave a notecard in and have title hover text like the cathedral in Sansara. I decided to wait on purchasing a prayer candle until I saw more of the complex. I left the chapel and enjoyed seeing a beautifully manicured garden that made me want one of my own, then I came across a statue of St. Andrew holding a baby. It proclaimed: “Won’t you help me find my way?” Having been lost plenty of times myself, I could relate and, well, I couldn’t pass that up, so I broke down and bought a candle, then left it with well-wishes for St. Andrew to find his way. Inside another building, one could get a meal and a mat to sleep on. There was also a little study room with six desks where you could read manuscripts. But leave it to me…I poked around until I found the previously unmentioned wine cellar in the basement—and wow, was it ever stocked!

Above left: The Monastery of Felix Meritis in Katipo provided a peaceful refuge from the troubles of everyday life…and stocked a pretty impressive cellar of wine to help

in the cause too! Above right: A statue of St. Andrew carrying a baby asked for help finding their way, so Dahlia purchased a candle from the cathedral and lit it for them.

Opposite page: The morning after exploring the monastery, Dahlia took off and headed eastward—and ironically came quickly upon the nearby town of Sin City.

why Jonze didn’t mention it; the room and, under the watchful up by the time my eyes opened. monks wanted to keep it for eyes of St. Vincent (on a poster), I As you might imagine, it took a themselves! I plenty more and de- rolled out a mat for myself. Thanks while for me to roll off my mat cided that after a few glasses, to the monastery’s house wine, I and get upright again. The wine even the gruel they from the night behad for meals was In what must be a touch of irony, it didn’t fore had really done sure to taste pretty a number on me. take long after leaving the holy monastery good to those I went to the doorway and stuck monks. I considered breakbefore Sin City came into view. my head out. No residents were fast, but one look at anywhere to be seen, so back in I After consuming more wine than was out almost before my head what was left of the morning’s went and tapped a keg to find out I care to admit, I decided not to touched the pillow. now cold gruel changed my just what fueled those monks. I drink then drive my balloon. Inmind. Instead, I decided to head took a sip and thought …not bad, stead, I teetered through the hall- The next morning came too soon, for the skies after a brief stroll not bad at all! Now I understood ways until I found the sleeping even if the sun was almost straight through the flower garden one 10

last time. I was going to hate leaving this place, but in the words of the great St. Vincent (or so I imagined) “we all must find our own path sooner or later.” I was afraid that mine was going to have to be sooner. A little while later, I rose into the sky in my balloon and watched as the monastery shrank away while I headed east. In what must be a touch of irony, it didn’t take long after leaving the holy monastery before Sin City in Mount Owen The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Above left: Jane Zhaoying and her friend, Erik, met Dahlia as she landed at Sin City in Mount Owen. Above right: MadMax Warden videoed visitors of Sin City and ran the live feeds to his website.

Right: Brouwer Regional Airport presented numerous obstacles for flying in and out, making it the worst airport Dahlia had ever experienced. Opposite page: In Campbell, it rained cats and dogs–literally!

came into full view. The parcel had about five city streets, a night club, a large apartment building and a lot of vacant retail shops.

filming with a video camera. That piqued my interest even more, so I decided it was time for an even closer look around.

Looking down from high overhead, I noticed an elderly woman in a wheel chair riding along one of the city streets. It’s not every day that you see a wheel chair user in SL, so I paid extra close attention to her to see where she was going. After a while I noticed she and her younger male walking companion stopped in front of someone on the street who was

As soon as I landed, the wheel chair woman, Jane Zhaoying, rolled up to see the balloon. Her male friend, Erik, came too and we all talked about the balloon, my adventurous journeys, Sin City and many other things. They were both excited by my tales and the fact that I had published some of them online, so I offered them both copies of my books. Jane


wanted to display them in her freebie shop a block away, so I also passed her a big poster that advertised one of my current photography exhibits. I asked Jane about the person I saw videotaping on the street and she told me that it was the land owner, MadMax Warden, who shot videos of visitors and streamed them live to his website. I thought that was a really cool idea, so I went over to check him out. Sure enough, I could stand in front of him and see myself live The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

on his website http://www.justin. tv/sin_city_on_secondlife#r=wQ zpXvk~. I waved, made the peace sign, stuck out my tongue and mugged for the camera the same silly way many people do when they encounter a camera. Nearby, I saw a sign that advertised free apartments at Sin City, so I asked Max about them. He took me over to look at a large, 22 unit apartment building nearby. There were three floors, each with six standard-sized rooms and two larger apartments. Max opened up one of the smaller unit doors to present a single, fairly large 20x12 meter room. It was big enough to divide up into two rooms if you wanted. I asked what the catch was. Max said there was none. The only requirement was that residents remain under 10 prims. I liked that, but I wished I had a few more, so I sweet-talked Max a little and got eight more prims to use for a total of 18. After setting permissions on the entry door, Max gave me my keys and I set out a few basics, then went back out to my balloon to return to the skies. Wow, I would have never imagined I’d find a little apartment for free in Sin City, I thought. I felt a little The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


guilty about it, because I had just left the monastery. But, as they like to say: “the lord works in mysterious ways!” However, before you rush out to Mount Owen and look for a free apartment in Sin City, let me tell you that ownership changed only two months later and the city closed down. Apparently, even sin can only be sustained for a short time.

exquisite palm tree oasis in the sky.

Instead, before I even got close, those particles started taking form, getting larger and larger. They were dropping past me like a big rain drops, only the particles weren’t rain at all. They were dogs and cats. It was literally raining dogs and cats outside! Hundreds of dogs and cats fell Back in the air, I headed south for past me in a constant stream and Brouwer Regional Airport, owned it was a frightful sight. by Mjolnir Uriza. This was almost a “non-airport,“ because all it had After a few moments of being was a tower and a very stubby, pelted by dropping animals, I short runway. Worse, neighbour- must have gotten a puncture ing parcels on two sides had ban from one of them, because next lines and no access permissions, thing I knew, I was free falling making it impossible to even glide and had to deploy my parachute. through them to the runway. Per- Thanks to my trusty parachute, I haps that was the reason for the landed gracefully on the ground short runway…you had to land at HidMan’s Residence in Koala. coming straight down out of the sky. It really was a terrible locaHigh above in the sky, I had tion and facility for an airport. glided past Asahara Design, a shop that specialized in indoor I sped off to a higher altitude, and outdoor decor for Moroccan, away from the ban lines and no Arabian, Persian, Syrian theme access zones. While gaining alti- lands. Even higher and further tude in Campbell, I noticed above away were the now tiny specs of me the underside of a giant rock cats and dogs raining in the sky. in the sky. Particles rained down from under it, so I thought there What a trip, I said to myself. must be a river that emptied out Those poor animals! I made a into the sky. I rose up higher to mental note to myself to rememinvestigate, expecting to see some ber to look up the International 14

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or World Society for the Protection of Animals. But for now, I needed to find a place to unpack a new balloon. I got back up in the air and soon found myself at AnnMarie Devil’s Golf Course in Putiki Fold. This was the golf course I saw advertised in Heterocera by the little school bus that repeatedly blasted off into the sky at the Great Northern Wall. I recognized it because they had another school bus doing the very same thing here too. The golf course offered a free play version that didn’t record your score, and a recorded score version that you could pay $L50 for to compete for prizes. They even offered a money back guarantee if you didn’t think it was worth the price. I expected I’d be horrible, so I did the free play to see how it was. It took me about an hour to finish the 8 hole course, which was the same amount of time they advertised it would take. I had a pretty high score though, so I knew I’d need a lot of practice if I wanted to beat other golfers. It was fun, but I decided to leave that to them; I had my balloon adventure to attend to. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Next door to the golf course was Jezebel’s Jazz Club in Whanganui. I walked over to check it out and noticed there was a teleporter that went to Sin City, so I imagined the same people operated both. The location also had a variety of buildings and environments there too. Besides the Jazz Club, there were tropical gardens, a beach, and some retail shops all along a beach front. It looked to be a nice, relaxing area.

some chicken made me wrinkle my nose.

but I don’t do damage…I just snoop a lot.”

“How far away can you be and still have it work?” I asked. “96m, but that’s just begging for trouble. It’ll pull 16 people to you,” he said. “What will you call this invention?” I asked, thinking I’d keep an eye out for it when it made it to market. “Right now it’s the NiteMag but I’ll get a better name,” he said.

“Someday when I’m actually happy with the booster, I’ll start selling copies. I can move up to 100 meters per second in a low lag sim.”

But I had to keep moving, so I continued walking until I could find a place to unpack a new balloon. I finally found a space in Mangakino, at Accessible Builds Annex. Before I had a chance to unpack, however, the parcel’s owner, NightRunner417 Destiny, appeared and used a gravity tool to pull me to him. I had never had that happen to me before. I asked what he used to do that.

“How about also making a repel version too? Can you do it? Maybe use a name something like a magnet,” I suggested. “Yes, I use it to keep people away from my chickens. It’s stronger the closer you get and if you keep trying it just plain throws you so far. But you have to allow push on your land I think.”

“Watch me for a sec, I call this a “blink.” He put on another in“I designed this to pull chickens vention and walked through the to me,” he said. “It uses a pull/ wall of a nearby house. “Its not a push object which I found out a phantom wall, is it?” I asked. long time ago works on avs too, “My booster has a click for hehe. But it uses some math to blinks…it forces me to move determine mass. Apparently for faster than the object can withavs it was a bit weak.” The stand. 40+ meters, I think, is thought of being pulled along like when it happens. That’s how I get kicked off land a lot. If I see an Left: In Mangakino, Dahlia met NightRunner417 Destiny, who introduced her to Sec- interesting place with no door…I just blink a wall or roof. I’m bad ond Life’s “Wireframe” view function. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

“Good thing you haven’t invented X-ray vision for avatars yet…I’d feel violated!” I chuckled. “Oh I sorta have that too but that’s a SL thing…ctrl-shift-r. Wireframe mode, you can see through everything.” “Oh, I’d never used that before!” I exclaimed with renewed interest while trying it out. “It’s a bit hard to navigate in that mode,” he continued. “Things look a little weird, but it helps sometimes if you misplaced an object.” “That’s good to know; I’ve only used Highlight Invisibles until now,” I said. “Highlight invisibles…I don’t think I’ve ever used that. That’s great to know; thanks.” With that, we said our goodbyes and I continued on my way, flying over to the coastline where Wheelies neighbourhood catered to people with mobility challenges in real life. They had a couple of sea-side streets with small homes on it, a club, boardwalk and pier. 15

I flew in low from the south, allowing my balloon to slip in between the rising buildings. Just as I got between them, I saw a Boeing 747 and a jet fighter heading straight for me. In an emergency After my stop at the Michael maneuver, I quickly dropped Jackson Memorial, I lifted off from nearby Shape Of My Heart lower and crashed into the ban Beach in Rasczak and flew west lines of a small beach at the edge of the Kandor sim border. More over the Tihuta-Cape Charles mansion home toward the south- beach sand, more dusting off. western-most corner of Jeogeot at “Shoot!” I complained to myself, Glade of Sorrows, in Tihuta Beach. I hit a rough patch, how- irritated with the knowledge that I’d have to go scout out a new ever, and was ejected from my balloon due to a full parcel at Cal- place to unpack another balloon. I lie Hideaway in Centaur 54, and got up and walked a few meters, checking out the parcel I had then a second ejection from Shadow Haven in Rokanan due fallen onto. There was a lot to see on the street—many buildings to ban lines which I didn’t even see until I parachuted down. For- and vehicles and a couple of peotunately, my parachute and butt ple, so I began to wander while looking for my next launch site. pillow were there to save me, as they often were. Next thing I knew, I was surWEEK 13: OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE rounded by a group of men in I picked myself up and dusted the black suits, all carrying walkiebeach sand off of me at Age of talkies blaring with incompreSail in Xentilx, then launched an- hensible conversations. A black other balloon. Nearby, modern limosine screeched to a halt near skyscrapers loomed high into the me and for a moment I thought I sky in Rokanan and Kandor. was about to be kidnapped. But After having flown mostly when the car door opened, the around lower-level buildings dur- President of the United States, ing the first days of my journey in Barack Obama stepped out. My Jeogeot, these towers were defijaw must have landed on the nately a magnet for my attention. ground. I thought I was dreamI had to go see what was there. ing! I looked closer at everything

few months earlier MJ had died. I bet during that time, this place was full of visitors, busy with tribute events and activities.

Above: The T2RGroup had a warehouse district looking collection of buildings in Janszoon with a couple of fashion shops, a gas station and diner that Dahlia dropped in on.

Visitors could pick up copies of items such as wheel chairs, crutches and other items, to help residents with mobility issues get around easier.

grab a quick meal at the diner, Continuing on along the coastline then lifted off again, flying inland. I came across the Michael Jackson Support Group & Memorial Park Only a couple of parcels away, I in Rasczak. Created for and by came upon another diner, the Michael Jackson’s beloved family Kaz Carrera Park 5 Diner in of fans, this park was made to From there, I skimmed down the Exxilon. I dropped down to com- provide a location to dance, recoastline into Janszoon, where the pare menus between it and the flect and remember Michael JackT2RGroup had a beach front Janszoon diner, and saw competi- son. They even had a group you street with a gas station, a diner tive dishes and prices offered be- could join to stay up to date on and a retail warehouse full of tween the two. Hot competition, I events. I thought my arrival there graffiti on the walls. I stopped to thought. was pretty timely, because only a 16

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

around me and then it hit me: I had just landed near the lawn of the Presidential White House in the United States of America.

with the big desk, famous paintings and the big seal of the president on the floor. It must be pretty cool being the President of a country and all, I thought.

He invited me to sit on one of the sofas. I couldn’t help myself, but I confess, I looked for any stains left behind from the president of earlier administration, wondering Mr. Obama must have mistaken if this might be the famous sofa me for the “Obama Girl” because Mr. Obama then asked if I would I’d heard about. I was allowed to join him on the like to watch a video together, sidewalk. We walked over to the and at first I wondered what I sat tentatively while Mr. Obama West Wing of the Oval Office would Mrs. Obama think? But turned on a video monitor and entered, then Mr. Obama then I thought it was cool, the mounted on the wall. The video showed me around his new digs. President asking me to watch a featured the President talking Everything looked just like I had video with him. Would popcorn about “A Day in the Life of the seen it in the movies, complete be involved? West Wing.” It was pretty good

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

and I was impressed by all the jobs people do there and all it takes to keep the White House running smoothly. Next, he sat at his desk and wrote on an official looking certificate, then handed it to me. It was a proclamation. It said “I, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America do hereby proclaim today, March 26, 2010, Dahlia Jayaram Day.” Wow, how cool was that! I was beaming.

Above left: Dahlia unknowingly comes in for a crash landing near the Presidential White House of the United States of America in Kandor. Above right: After a swarm of secret service agents initially surrounded Dahlia outside of the Oval Office, President Obama took her in to see the West Wing.

Then I furrowed my eyebrows in thought. “Mr. President, I don’t have much to give, but I have this.” I pulled out a copy of my book, “The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Sansara” and handed it to 17


The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

him. “This looks really fascinating,” he said, “but it’s missing something.”

and waved as the whir of jet engines drown out the sound of everything around us.

“What’s that?” I said, suddenly worried. “A signature. It needs your signature. Will you sign it for me?” “Why, oh yes, of course, Mr. President!” I gushed, all atwitter. He let me sit at his famous desk, where I signed my book and handed it to him with a big, toothy smile.

President Obama turned out to be a pretty cool dude, I thought. Maybe there’s room enough for a second “Obama Girl.” Or at least a Second Life one. I took the White House tour while floating on my own personal cloud, thinking back on my time with the President. I don’t remember much about the tour, but I do remember there were other videos to watch scattered all around the White House property. You could click them to get additional website links too, including:

“Hey, wanna see my big plane?” he asked me. I looked around nervously at the closed doors, security detail through the windows, and the potentially famous sofa. It’s right out this way,” he said, walking over to the door and cracking it open. Relieved, I sprang up and joined him, thankful it wasn’t a metaphor for something else or a phony pick-up line he just used just to impress a girl. As we walked along, I told him of my near-miss with that plane earlier in the day while entering Kandor. “Yeah, you know those wide-bodies,” he said. “They need a lot of room on account of they got a lot of junk in their trunk.” I laughed aloud. I might have even snorted nervously. He took me to the stairs leading up to Air Force One. “I’d show you the The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot t/air-force-one Force_One dex.php Opposite page: President Obama showed Dahlia around his oval office and invited her to sit and watch a video about what a typical day in the White House was like for a variety of staff members.

inside, but then I’d have to kill you,” he snickered. I said I’d rather live to see another day, so he let me off the hook gently and pointed to the entrance of the White House where the official

Above: Dahlia signed a one of her books to give to Mr. Obama after he had signed an official certificate proclaiming March 26, 2010 “Dahlia Jayaram Day.”

White House tours began. “Right over there, you’ll get to see more. Thank you for coming; it was a real pleasure to meet you, and watch out for jets flying out of here,” he said with a big smile.

I wondered which West Wing staffer got to be in charge of the Second Life White House in Kandor. I bet that is a plum assignment, I thought, smiling to myself.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” I said. I turned and began to walk away, but quickly swung around to add: “I’d vote for you, but I can’t. I’m an independent from I had to walk a few parcels out of Jamaica!” He just smiled broadly Kandor before I could unpack a


new balloon. I was certain it must have been due to a restricted nofly zone surrounding the White House. Finally, after zig-zagging around from parcel to parcel, I found a place in Ivanova where I could launch a new balloon.

Surf Village, a small community for surfing lovers that included a big pipe wave for surfing on the FITA circuit, fishing, a shopping mall for both tinies and regular sized people, a church, ballroom, art gallery, and nightclub/bar.

I flew northeast out of Ivanova, rising up and passing the Faelandia Fairground in Flammarion, home of the Pegasus Club, which had a romantic ballroom in the sky. Just next door to the north, I saw 0 Flag City. There, they had a large assortment of waving, flex flags, including an Obama flag, Naval signal flags and poles, Second Life flags, options for custom flags, free parachutes, flight feathers and beer.

While I was walking around checking out the surfing village, I got a call from Toby Lancaster, whom I met while ballooning through my second continent of Heterocera. Toby was calling to inform me of some good news related to a gap I discovered between the public railroad track and the Eucidia Rail Station.

[9:28] Toby Lancaster: Hi Dahlia - Bree has been given the parcel you found. I was tempted to stop, but just [9:29] Dahlia Jayaram: Yay! Connorth of there along the roadside gratulations to you both! That is was another flag shop, Seaview great news. I was just thinking Terrace Flags in Choa Nu. They about you this week as I was had a smaller selection, but still writing the entry in my book nice, and all waving in the breeze about Eucidia Station and meettoo. I decided rather than head ing you. back to 0 Flag City for more com- [9:29] Toby Lancaster: she made parison shopping, I’d just keep a donation going. I was sure there would [9:29] Dahlia Jayaram: Thank you be plenty more opportunities for for telling me so I can add that me to find the flag I wanted: a notation to the book…success! Jamaican flag. [9:30] Toby Lancaster: Yes, excellent. Coming up to the the seashore in [9:30] Dahlia Jayaram: I hope it Fluger I arrived at DOLCE Style will be worth in the long run


tAbove: Lila Wardark joined Dahlia during the journey over Pine Tree Square community in Deitide where Routes nine and ten intersect.

then. You can have a miniground breaking party for the tiny construction project needed to complete the steps…then a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Invite Michael Linden of the Public Works Department and

the Arbor Project owner to give a and inventory clearance items little speech. I’ll attend! ranging from clothes to homes were available at low yard sale I climbed back into my balloon and discount prices. and took off from Fluger. Lila Wardark joined me as I flew past From there we passed over the Bonnys Bargains in Gorynych expansive small town of Pine where a small selection of freebies Tree Square which covered the The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

touch signs for a variety of different hunts that were going on at the same time. Across the roadside from The Amazing Hunt was the Milkshake Lounge at Cedarbrae Beach. From the roadside, you could hop into a convertible car that would deliver you right to the front door of the lounge.

Above: Flying along a river in Silvercreek, Dahlia saw some grand hillside residences, including a stately castle in Somerset that appeared to serve as a museum.

entire region of Deitide with shops and homes for rent. Pine Tree Square was located at the intersection of two major Linden roads, Routes 9 and 10—which was right where Lila and I dropped down to park the balloon while we looked around. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

After a while, Lila had to go join a friend, so I took off and flew north, following Route 10 until the pavement poured itself into a tunnel and dove down under the water in Silvercreek until it reached the other shore in Flint. I turned at the shoreline in Silver-

creek to follow the a river west between high bluffs in Buffalo Run and Houndsfield, then circled back around again to Flint where I came upon the home location of The Amazing Hunt. The Amazing Hunt was a free

SL scavenger hunt group and activity that started in December 2006. Each month a new game would be released and run all month long. The first night of the game, special prizes would be given for those who finished the fastest. In it’s building you could

Inside, the club played relaxing, commercial-free smooth music and provided a place for pleasant conversation and dancing. They boasted no contests, tip jars or pressure. It was just a place to relax, enjoy some music, and a few freebies. If you wanted to move around outside of the club, you could borrow a small boat or other vehicles to tour the region with. Just be sure to steer clear of the pet out back, Chester the monster fish, with giant teeth and a little light that dangled from a long appendage sprouting from his head to attract other creatures. Owner Sage Stark welcomed me as I looked around the club. We talked a while about his club and my travels while his friend, Aphrodite Ahren, showed us some of her recent shopping finds, including a large assortment of hair styles. We watched while chatting 21

Down Under: Route 10 poured itself into a tunnel and dove down under the water in Silvercreek until it reached the opposite shore in Flint.


The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

and while I finished writing notes WEEK 14: FROM HOT LAVA TO ICE CREAM After my meal at the roadside from my day’s journey. diner, I took off and flew west, After a while, Sage must have past homes and castles high on known I was getting hungry be- the hills of Somerset, then down cause he mentioned that he also to the flatlands where Manwell & owned a nearby diner back out at Lucki’s Place in Black Drake had the roadside and that it had a a small, apparently private airstrip unique feature: the waitress actu- probably only 40 meters long. ally came to your table to take your order. Well, I couldn’t pass I got knocked out of my balloon that up, so I went over there next at Luminosity in Fyre Maven due to have a bite to eat before taking to a full parcel, but nearby, The off again. Sure enough, after I sat Graveyard, also in Frye Maven offered a unique place to unpack down in my traditional diner’s a new balloon. The Graveyard booth, she came over. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

touted itself as “a perfect place to book a grave for yourself.” Fortunately for me, I wasn’t quite ready to book my plot just yet. I had a series of my own to write first. I circled around and headed back east, closely following the route I took there from Cedarbrea. At Wildchilds in Martindale, I crashed again, this time into the waters of the bay. The impact of the crash drove my balloon basket underwater, and while submerged, I noticed a large octopus down below. Startled, I swam pretty fast

out of there, and launched a new balloon, only to have it also crash, due to a full parcel in Coverdale. Fortunately, an airstrip was conveniently located directly on the water in nearby Cedarbrae. There, I could launch another balloon. And there, I ended up having to go back twice more to launch additional balloons after two more crashes occurred within moments of lifting off, again, due to full parcels at Albi’s Coverdale Home in Coverdale and Auburn Beach in Auburn Bay.

Above left: Manwell and Lucki’s Place in Black Drake looked to have a private airstrip for themselves. Above right: A menacing deep sea fish floated on the surface of the water near a floating runway in Cedarbrea.


I managed to maneuver my way away from all the nearby full parcels but got stuck on a ban line briefly in Quigley. I finally broke free from the hassles of land and made a dash out into the open waters of the large bay that separated west from east Jeogeot.

itself. It was here that the Department of Public Works office of Michael Linden resided. On the southern tip, a paddle wheel boat was docked and on the northern tip, a large bi-plane was docked. In the middle was a small parklike grassy area with a set of bleachers where residents and volunteers would congregate during Michael’s 3pm SLT meetings on Wednesdays.

From my better vantage point, it was easy to spot and fly directly to a smoldering volcano in Ichelus. While arriving, I noticed another large hot air balloon flying nearby the peak of the volcano too. We both must have noticed and got curious about each other at the same time, because we flew directly to each other like moths flying to a bright light. In the other balloon were passengers Fernando0 Putzo, RicardoTeles Negulesco and P2nda Skall. We greeted each other and I shouted out that I was on my way to P2 Airport. Ricardo told me he had just flown out from P2 and that he would be going back there momentarily after giving his friends a tour, so I flew ahead and landed at the airport which resided on the western shore of the big bay in Hyojong.

Above: While approaching a volcano near the Zebrasil Infohub, Dahlia encountered another balloonist touring passentgers in Ichelus.

for helicopters and hot air balloons. Flanking it on the south side, hangers, a terminal building and a grand tower provided shelter.

port group so I could park my balloon there whenever needed, which was good because I planned to use the airport for the next day or two as a local base to fly out of. The other trio soon landed on a And so I happily joined, thinking nearby pad and we all got out to how fortuitous our meeting was in talk a while about ballooning, Ri- the air near the volcano in Ichelus. P2 was a good sized airport with cardo’s hot air balloon service, my a nice, long runway and taxi way, adventure and P2’s facilities. Ri- On the next morning, I took off then had multiple landing pads cardo invited me to the P2 Airfrom P2 to go explore the Ichelus


volcano and surrounding area in the bay. Just north of the volcano, the Zebrasil Infohub shared the same sliver of island as the volcano and continued to be abuzz with residents flying in for socializing and seeking help. I continued north to Shamon where an even narrower sliver of an island lay out in the bay all by

Being as it was early in the morning, the island was empty, so I continued a little further north to a tiny islet in the southeast corner of Saddlemead. The islet was so small that it could barely contain the small, single room hut that was built on it. Down below in the waters, a diveable shipwreck lay on the bay floor. I took note of this location because sometime in the future I hoped to photograph a series of scuba divers. By now, my time for flying was getting short, so I flew back to P2 to do some preparations for the next day which would be my last there because I planned to fly back over the bay to the northern tip of the west side of Jeogeot, and then back across the mouth of the bay to it’s east side so I could continue my journey northward along the continent’s western shores. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

We flew one last “Its amazing the things you accidentally find thought back time past the on my past just by traveling” I said. They nodded in volcano, the Zethree days flybrasil Infohub, ing around the agreement, engrossed in the spectacle. and the Departbay and that inment of Public credible volcano. Works, until we landed at the tiny needed to do some other things, Some things are just more memoSaddlemead islet where I pointed so we said our goodbyes and I rable than others, I thought to out the submerged shipwrecks on continued northwest, crossing myself while licking the big ice the bay floor. over shoreline properties while on cream cone in my hand. We kept our distance so as not to my way toward Jeogeot’s western WEEK 15: SHOES, A SPIDER, AND SCHOOL be hit by a flying boulder. It was After a few minutes of exploring peninsula. After I finished my ice cream very impressive to see how large underwater, we climbed back the boulders were and how far into the balloon and lifted off to Not far inland from the coastline, cone, I took off and flew further the volcano could hurl them. “Its continue our venture north until I I stopped at a roadside ice cream north and west in an alternating amazing the things you acciden- landed on some wooden docks truck in Martindale that was call- zig-zag fashion. During one of my zigs in Temple Green I flew tally find just by traveling,” I said. along the shore in Taravista near ing to me with its familiar jackThey nodded in agreement, enthe MoXximized! mega prim re- in-the-box sounding tune. I sat at over the home and hillside retail complex of women’s shoe creator grossed in the spectacle. tail shop. By then, my passengers a table next to the roadside and The next day, I started out early and was joined by friends Nya Silverfall and Ilse Bellic. I wanted to show them the incredible sight of the smoldering, then erupting volcano which billowed plumes of fire and ash, and hurled enormous chunks of flaming boulders into the sky.

Lara Basevi and her BASEVI MODA shop. Basevi had a marvelous, large modern home. I know this because I was ejected from my balloon and landed on the roof of her home unintentionally. After brushing myself off, I thought I should take the opportunity to peek in a window or two while I tried to find my way out to a place I could unpack a new balloon. So in between departing and peeking, I noted how beautifully appointed her home was with all manner of furniture and conveniences. In its vast emptiness, however, it seemed far too big and lonely. Up the hill from her home was an expansive castle where her inventions were offered to the insatiable masses. I didn’t dare look in there for fear of spending the rest of my day trying on a tempting array of shoes. Don’t even get me started!, I thought to myself.

Far left: Two hot air balloons park at P2 Airport, still in sight of the large volcano in Ichelus, west of the airport. The airport became Dahlia’s regional hub for two days. Left: Also with the volcano still in sight, the Department of Public Works island was located on a tiny sliver of land in the middle of the bay just north of ichelus and the Zebrasil Infohub. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


Spectacular fireworks: A volcano belches smoke and launches large, flaming boulders high into the sky as it erupts in Ichelus, near the Zebrasil Infohub.

Keeping cool: Mr. Whippee’s ice cream truck, parked alongside the roadside in Martindale, provided a delightful treat after spending the day flying in the heat.

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


I wondered if a shoe-making celebrity could ever find true contentment if she was always driven to push herself on to the next level of shoe inventions or to the next season of fashion marketing. In an attempt to distract myself from the notion of shoe shopping, I wondered if a shoe-making celebrity could ever find true contentment if she was always driven to push herself on to the next level of shoe inventions or to the next season of marketing and fashion shoes. Being an innovator and competitor for customers must certainly be both a blessing and a curse. At times, I’m sure every successful creator feels as if they have become a slave to their own success, and I suspected Lara Basevi had her moments of thinking that too. Literally surrounded by the large Basevi Moda empire, a smaller home parcel named Avaven yielded a more poynient and personal story. Belonging to owner Carrie Pennell, a small reflection was illuminated: “Once upon a time, two people loved each other here. They sat in the grass and talked. Made love. Here, and then in RL. They eventually sadly 28

parted. Now they love other people in RL, and this place and its memories have become a fairy tale.” Carrie had only one person listed as having access to the property, so I assumed perhaps that was the significant other person. I dared not stay too long, as if I had landed on a page in her personal diary and didn’t want to be caught reading it (never mind I had hardly half the self-conscious guilt while peeking through Lara Basevi’s windows). So I quickly launched my balloon and continued with my trek toward Jeogeot’s northwestern coast. Not long after leaving Temple Green, I arrived at the public sandbox in Hyboria. It had not only one sandbox, but three, as Right: Upon arriving in Temple Green, Dahlia fell out of the balloon and landed right on the roof of shoe maker Lara Basevi’s home. Despite having a BASEVI MODA shop in a castle up the hill, Dahlia managed to resist the urge to go shoe shopping. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Top left: The Hyboria Public Sandbox marked the northwesternmost part of the south and western aspect of Jeogeot before flying across the continent’s big bay to the northern portion of the continent. Bottom left: The Library @ Driftwood Beach in Aslan was a welcome sight, full of good books, tips for residents and a variety of amenities, including being able to read on the beach.

take a phone call, so while it was preoccupied, I didn’t waste a moment and jumped into my balloon basket, fired up the burner, and took off toward the east, following the beachfront. I was out of there like a Usain Bolt of lightning!

well as some platforms to gather freebies from. With a sigh of relief, I landed on the sandbox’s beach that looked out to the ocean.

I didn’t slow down until I arrived at The Library @ Driftwood Beach in Aslan. The library was pretty nice, because it had a good sized selection of books, as well as Whew, I made it, I thought, happy tutorials covering basic functions to know I’d made it to the north- for residents such as changing ernmost reaches of the lower their shape or making things. It western part of the continent. I also had plenty of space inside to still had the upper western porread as well as lounge chairs outtion to fly, but at this location I side on the beach to relax on estimated I had completed about while reading. one third of Jeogeot. It felt good. I began a southeasterly course And then another feeling hit me. across the western peninsula tip, It was the hairs on the back of my back toward my last expected traneck, standing up at the sight of a verse across the mouth of the Jeogiant spider larger than me walk- geot bay. Before reaching the bay, ing around the beach. however, I spotted and dropped down on the enormous, three Asian Restless was on his or her floored Pholly Garden Center & way directly toward me. I froze Textures in Gawain. The floors in my tracks as it approached me. of the center were so large that It made some noise, perhaps a multiple football fields could be slurping, I couldn’t tell, so I tenta- placed on each floor. My balloon tively said hello and it talked back looked so small, it was like a mere to me. I think it said I looked de- flea had landed on the top floor. I licious. I was just about to pull out got oout and looked around a my spear when it said it had to while, but I kept my hands in my

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


Above left: The enormous Pholly Garden Center & Textures in Gawain was perhaps the largest and utilitarian garden center Dahlia had seen thus far in her travels. Above right: Nairb’s Airfield, which had a variety of vehicle showrooms throughout the SL world, including this one in Seonbawee, catered more to generating sales than to providing a convenient travel facility.


pockets to avoid the temptation to Nairb’s Airfield in Seonbawee. touch and buy. This was not an airfield I knew about to look for, so when I spotAfter checking out Pholly Garted it I was surprised. Although den, I flew across the mouth of Nairb’s had public hangers for the bay, over to the eastern side rent, it was more of a retail airand turned north just inland field than a public one, as its focus from the western coastline. Signs was on selling the airplanes and By Gary in Sagwa caught my at- skydiving equipment it had on tention, so I landed to have a look display, along with additional around. It was a huge place with landmarks offered to its other a large selection of almost every retail locations. conceivable sign one might want. In an unique move, however, I I continued north just inland did notice it had placed two job from the coastline until I reached openings on its job board: one for

an estate manager and one for a stand-up comedian who could perform at the local pub around the corner from the airfield.

looked any further beyond the rooms I was in. I admit, when I went to see “The World’s Largest Sex Bed.” I wasn’t looking for a bed. I went out of curiosity to see Continuing north, I flew into Lit- for the novelty of it. How could tle Philadelphia North, where the you not be intrigued to see how Topgol Circuit Court, the Marcus big “TWLSB” is? Hook Lounge and some retail stores were. Most notably, howFor the uninitiated, TWLSB is ever, Little Philadelphia North actually only part of a bed store. was home to the World’s Largest The bed just happens to be a terSex Bed (as so advertised in SL). rific marketing device used to bring in the curious and hopeThis surprised me. I had been fully potential customers for one here before, but I had never of their regular sized beds. But The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

the shop uses it well. TWLSB is a highly advertised marketing devise that uses multiple keywords in the SL search, so it is difficult to not come across its adverts, making it one of the more visited shops in SL.

was one of their claw foot bath tubs. Who knows, perhaps it was just a natural reaction for me after having just left a big sex bed.

In Onnuri, I enjoyed the beauty of a large natural area that included the Falkenrath Flats Fish From Little Philadelphia North, Camp. I hovered for a while to I traveled further north, passing take it in, then called down to a the UE Furniture and Garden person below to inquire about the Centre and then its newly opened space. Amon Kaela shouted back aquatic centre. They had a decent that the lands belonged to the variety of plants, fish and aquari- Falkenrath family, but didn’t ums to choose from, but what I elaborate, so I just accepted the spotted that I liked even more news for whatever it was. Next

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

thing I knew, without even asking if I was interested, Amon decided to show me his balloon, which was actually quite nice. It illuminated brightly like a light bulb, but also had a nice green sheen to it. I asked about it, but Amon’s personal light bulb must have been off. Despite hovering near me for about 10 minutes, he never said a word, then went back to where he had been previously sitting. Ok…I thought. It’s time to be moving on.

Nearby in Dotoorak and Dasom, I arrived at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke’s School of Education. I landed in the courtyard in front of their building and explored inside, gathering notecards and landmarks along the way. Reading the notecards, I appreciated how well written and thoroughly organized the notecards were. The writer made it very easy to get a broad understanding of the school as well as get the finer details too.

Above left: Dahlia peeked through the window as she flew by to see The World’s Largest Sex Bed. The bed is advertised by a company in Little Philadelphia North as a marketing device to attract customers to their bedding company. Above right: Dahlia spotted a beautiful and inviting claw foot bathtub in, of all places, the UE Furniture Garden Centre and Aquatic Fish Centre. While the plants and fish were nice, at the moment, prospects of having a nice soak was even more inticing.


One of the notecards described the structure of their three academic departments to include: The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, The Department of Professional Education Programs, and The Department of Professional Leadership. Each department offered a selection of multiple degree programs ranging from undergraduate to masters level.

On the other side of the courtyard was the Student Union, so I poked around there some too, picking up whatever freebies appeared interesting. Campus-wide, were multiple buildings in separate annexes and sky pads—many more than I wanted to spend my time on—so I grabbed what information I could and stuffed it all into my hip bag for future reading. I liked that the school offered a

great variety of things to do and see, including a Welcome Center, a Newbie Convenience Center, a public sandbox, the Student Union and more. WEEK 16: ORBITING OTHER WORLDS

Just up the hill from the school was Zee and Zora’s Little Slice in Areumdeuli which featured a ginormous “Sculpty Earth” world globe that projected satellite

Left: In Onnuri, Dahlia spotted resident Amon Kaela outside of his gypsy wagon home at the Falkenrath Flats Fish Camp, a wonderful nature area belonging to the Falkenrath family. Opposite page: Amon showed off his wonderfully illuminated hot air balloon while Dahlia appreciated wonderful views of Falkenrath Flats Fish Camp’s natural environment and surrounding areas in Onnuri. Above: In Dotoorak and Dasom, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke had a large campus both on the ground and on multiple levels of sky platform class space. It even had a Welcome Center, a Newbie Convenience Center, a Student Union, and a variety of degree program departments.

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

weather imagery onto the globe surface via the media stream.

recent 24-hour period of weather activity. It sure was impressive!

Development of Sculpty Earth was based on actual satellite photography and geological survey elevation data from the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, the University of Dundee and the Space Science and Engineering Center. It’s satellite data is updated every three hours and depicts the most

As if the Scultpy Earth wasn’t interesting enough, three or four small flying saucers about the size of my hot air balloon basket were busy at work hovering near and about the area, flying from one location to pick up cargo from one spot and deposit it to another. It was interesting to see them 33

doing their work, but after my War of the Worlds experience in Heterocera, I was leary of their true intentions and checked to make sure I had my jack hammer at the ready, just in case. Exiting Zee and Zora’s Little Slice and moving north into Choerom, the Celestial Game Tower welcomed me. It had two buildings filled to the brim with games of every kind you’ve ever seen on sale. Celestial claimed to be the largest game store in SL and I believed them. As their info read: Solo Skill Games, Multiplayer games, Tournament Games, Board Games, Sports, Billiards, Cards, Race, Hunt, Score & Prize Boards, Game add-ons, club and party supplies, Decor, Camping and more. I already had my hands full with the only game I needed. I was riding in it. So I flew on. After days of criss-crossing my way up the central and western Right: Zee and Zora’s Little Slice in Areumdeuli had an enormous “Sculpty Earth” hovering above the ground that projected the most recent 24-hours of weather satelite imagery onto it’s surface, updated every three hours. Opposite page: Sculpy Earth used actual satellite photography and geological survey elevation data from the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, the University of Dundee and the Space Science and Engineering Center. 34

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

regions of the continent, I finally found myself on the shores of upper northern Jeogeot and the water that separated it from its northern island. The crossing wasn’t very far, but the island itself looked to be a pretty good size. It looked as if I could spend another couple of days circling it alone. I studied the view a few minutes longer, then set out to cross the channel in Daseuri. The crossing went smoothly—as most over-water flights do—and arrived at the island’s southern shore in Pyeonghwa, then turned west in Gaenari. Risng high up into the air in Gaenari, a large tree with a platform home in it at Pandemonium’s Nest caught my eye. It had a distinctive Asian flair to it, but despite it’s ornate cultural styling, it seemed a little lonely due to it’s lack of personal touches in the furnishings department. I continued on, skirting along the southern shoreline and enjoying my view of homes that dotted the coast. Outside of one home in Tal was a wonderful sculpty statue of a blindfolded woman. With the palm of one hand turned up, she almost held an orb that levitated only millimeters from her. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


The orb had encrypted text rotating around it like a neon sign for some old restaurant or hotel, but more mysterious. I tried to imagine why she was wearing a blindfold and what the meaning of the text could mean: the key to life, perhaps? I wasn’t certain, but the statue was wonderful nonetheless. Just past the statue and out in the waters off the coast were two small islets in Banpo and Jilseo. Flying between the two of them, I felt it was a good symbol of my current progress flying between Jeogeot and its northern island. I flew northeast, just inland until I reached the northern coast. There I passed a nuclear plant in Yurim and found Ruby’s Linden Exchange in Yongchon. Although I knew independent money exchanges existed in SL, this was there first one I had actually seen. Ruby’s was a simple and small one-room home on an equally small plot of land surrounded by a cute white picket fence. It had a lovely front yard with grass and flowers and there was a single park bench to sit at. The yard was just big enough to accommodate me landing my balloon on it. Left: A wonderful scupture on the southern coast of Jeogeot’s northern island in Tal provided both beauty and intrigue. 36

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Inside the home was a terminal post and instructions for making one’s transactions. It was all just enough to run a business with. But I never understood why one would use one of these Linden cash buying services; I thought one could just pay at the Linden Lab or SL website when wanting to add more money to an in-world account. I had always relied on making all my money in-world and never relying on foreign exchanges to survive. While standing in Ruby’s front yard, my eyes began to survey the landscape around me. Nearby, a large building called “Chaos Zone” loomed large in the background. To the best of my knowledge, Chaos Zone had nothing to do with Ruby’s, but I thought it perhaps fitting that someone desperate enough to use a private currency exchange in-world must be living a pretty chaotic life— and here they were, represented within steps of one another.

In Mos Ainsley, I came upon an outer space “Space Base,“ created by Governor Linden. It was a lunar-like space campsite with a couple of buildings, including a greenhouse that grew plants.

Above left: Ruby’s Linden Exchange in Yongchon was an independently owned cash exchange service for residents.

with retail space in it, as well as a central Taj Mahal building that had a unique dance and social club below it underground. Outside, a peaceful garden built along the hillside awaited visitors too.

climbed in. I asked her about her home and business there in Danbi, wondering if her sales had noticeably fell during a particularly down economic time.

hopeful traffic would pick up again and remained there. She had a regular following that inspired her to continue on, and besides, she enjoyed what she did for herself. I was happy for her I fired up the balloon and lifted Voodoo had moved to Danbi from and wished her the best. off. I flew west through Solha, I spotted the owner, Voodoo a previous site about five months over the Dreamwoven HQ store Spyker, up on the rooftop of the earlier, and like many people I From Voodoo’s Mumtaz, I conthat sold unique buildings and Taj Mahal and shouted down my talked with, she too had noticed a tinued on my way flying south textures, and into Danbi, where I greeting to her. She shouted back, dip in the traffic trend over the along the eastern coast of the isspotted the Mumtaz Taj Mahal welcoming me. I invited her up recent past few months, presum- land until I was back over water shopping mall complex. Mumtaz where the vantage point was bet- ably due to the depressed global in the southeastern most corner of consisted of a couple of buildings ter from the balloon and she economy. Nevertheless, she was the island territory.

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

On the surface of the ground, a large sliding metal doorway revealed a landing area deep below ground, good enough to land space ships into. If it was good enough for spaceships, maybe it’ll be good enough for me, I considered. So I gently guided my balloon into the submerged bay until I touched ground. I got out to survey my fit and noticed that, unfortunately, my balloon was a little too tall for the doors to slide closed. The good thing was, now that I had landed I could deflate the balloon so the doors could completely close. After securing my parking spot, I looked about. The doorway to get in was locked, but I was able to get a free space suit and rez a new flying vehicle to take back out of the landing bay to fly around. The controls were a little sensitive to touch, but I managed to maneuver nicely up and out for a good look around. Outside, a lunar surface vehicle was parked and could be used to drive around on the ground. It was nice, but unfortu37

Above left: Dahlia flies over Mumtaz Taj Mahal complex in Danbi with owner Voodoo Spyker and Freyja Beresford. Above right: Dahlia and Voodoo spotted each other. Mumtaz featured a mall, a Taj Mahal memorial with a club under it, and an outdoor garden. Right: Dreawoven HQ in Solha manufactured imaginative homes in the shape of exotic bottles.

nately, there was hardly any room available to drive it. I hopped out to look around outside and found that one of the buildings had an open door, so I entered and found a plant growing room full of starter plants.

The buildings were all nice, but there needed to be more of something to make them truly functional, like interactive maps, a captain’s log to flip throuh, or more lived-in features like a meal vending machine or showers that worked, sleeping bays, etc. I Back in the hallway between the thought it was a great concept and plant room and the outside door would love to see it developed there was a lift to take passengers further. Having the air lock doors to lower floors. I called for it to work would be a great start too! come to my level, but it wasn’t working, so I floated down the I went back to the docking bay open shaft to look in areas of the and refilled my balloon for takebuilding I couldn’t access earlier off. When ready, I rose up out of from the landing bay. the bay and flew east through the 38

regions of Quark Star and Byeulddongbyuel. Only seconds after passing out of Byeulddongbyuel, I looked on my map to check my directions and noticed the region just as it went offline, its region square going dim behind me on the map. Boy was that close! I didn’t get any advance warning and made it out in the nick of time. Had I not crossed over into a new region, it would have been lights out for me too, like being sucked into one of outer space’s black holes. I was still counting my blessings while I passed over Stone’s Point Park, created by Stone Semyorka. Stone was the same person that helped to develop The University of North Carolina at Pembroke properties that I passed through back in Dotoorak.

Final Frontier: “Space Base” in Mos Ainsley was created by Governor Linden and resembled a lunar crater.

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

There were enough things to do in this park that if I listed them all here, my book would look like a directory. So instead, I’ll have to say just go look and enjoy this 88,000 sqm park adjacent to the ocean. Primarily see the Dotbyeul region, with sections extending into Similrae, Taerae, Dasom and Myung-simbogam. There’s plenty for you to see and do at 39

Down The Hatch: Dahlia prepares to descends into the landing docking bay through sliding doors on the lunar surface. Inside was a space lab for scientific research.

Space Agriculture: The space station in Mos Ainsely offered free space suits to visitors, so Dahlia wore one while exploring the area. Here, she discovered a lab trying to grow plants.

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


Weightless in Mos Ainsley: Dahlia flew around the outside of the space station in her balloon, wondering about the physics of that. Was it even possible?


The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Stone’s Point Park and links to other areas Stone has developed too! I hung a left at Stone’s Point Park and headed south and crossed over a bay of water into Hwaegi, where I landed at Kea Airfield at Kea Bay. My balloon came to rest in front of a hanger belonging to the “Kiwi Girls. Chicks in Aviation” group. It had a P-51 Mustang parked in it that looked very sporty and dangerous compared to my soft, round balloon. Group members Loota Klossovsky and Ergo Brandeis soon arrived nearby, and I think we mutually regarded each other but kept to ourselves as they talked among together and I worked on updating my flight log. Once my log was updated, I was off again, flying south out of Kea Airfield and gaining a high altitude so I could inspect a race track in the sky in Dacham.

Above left: Kea Airfield at the mouth of Kea Bay in Hwaegi was home to the Kiwi Girls Aviation Group and a convenient stopping location near the water on the eastern side of the continent. Above right: An oval race track for driving elevated about 300 meters up in the sky in Dacham. Right: AThe Omurice Buddhist Centre in Omurice provided an informative selection of notecards, reading and music for visitors to study and enjoy.

be a long way down to your final resting place. I took a long look over the side of the race track to look below and see if there was When I arrived, I landed on the either a giant pillow or a gravehome stretch and hopped out of yard for people or their cars. my balloon to take in the view. I No graves, but there was a large thought it was pretty cool to have house directly underneath! I such a good sized oval track to wondered if they had collision race on, only, if it weren’t for the insurance for their rooftop. question nagging me: what hapWEEK 17: FROM BUDDHA TO THE BLUES pens if you get in an accident and get run off the track? That would I continued south and cut over toThe Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

ward the eastern coastline where a large nature area and a building with a big gold dome caught my eye in Omurice. The building turned out to be the Omurice Buddhist Centre, so, feeling like I could benefit from a good blessing, I landed and went in to ask for a blessing. I wrote on a notecard and dropped it into a large prayer wheel, then spun it for good tidings. After that, I went inside the temple to look around. 43

Inside, were many items available for reading, viewing and hearing. A group of monks chanted and played giant horns, a gong was available to strike, and even the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso, was available to read me a passage: “Material development certainly contributes towards happiness—to some extent—and a comfortable way of life. But this is not sufficient. To achieve a deeper level of happiness we cannot neglect our inner development.” I took it to heart and deposited a few coins into a nearby donation box, contributing to it’s inner development. Feeling my spirit lifted, I climbed back into my balloon and lifted it up with me. I didn’t go too far before I entered Hobak where Art In The Park provided a relaxing, natural space for a variety of different artists to display their works inside a parklike setting. Occasionally music is played as part of an opening event, and a group can be joined to inform members of when new events are scheduled. I continued my trek south out of Hobak, passing a balloon shop in Jeogori, an apartment complex in Taesot, a bunny farm in Ozimar44

After my break, I took off again, flying northeast up to see a large community-looking area that caught my attention on the map that I almost had passed by.

Oddly, outside against the museum wall, there was a retail display and lucky chair for a motorcycle company, and guess what? The lucky letter on display was “D.” I quickly sat down, not even knowI changed my direction to fly ing what the prize was, but when northwest until I found The Cot- the trumpets played and I received tages at Ivy Hollow in Hanbok, the gift, I discovered I had won a Woolsan and other sims. Owned motorcycle. and managed by Vine Investments, the entire region was a large, Wow, timing can be everything, grassy rural location and dotted can’t it? I heaved my new motorwith lakes and cottages of all cycle up and into the balloon basshapes and sizes over multiple ket with me, then turned the sims. It looked like a tranquil, flame on extra high due to my quiet place to live away from the new, heavy weight, and up we hustle and bustle of clubs and rose with a few additional groans shopping districts. from the ropes: me, my balloon and my new motorcycle. Immediately south of the Ivy Hollow development was the Not far from the museum, an imSteam Locomotive Preservation pressive, giant structure loomed Group in Baedal. There, one ahead of me in BaikUn. It remindAbove: Dahlia stopped by the Omurice Buddhist Temple, where the 14th Dalai Lama of could see a variety of British steam ed me of a giant tinker toy or Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso, read her a passage about material and spiritual development. locomotives recreated and placed something made up of multiple ket, and eventually landed at an to do. He had only been flying in the Steam Locomotive Railway metalic balls connected together intersection along Route 10 where aimlessly about with no direction Museum. Exhibits included the by skinny pipes. But this model I could take a break. and was a bit bored. Flying Scotsman, Duchess of was huge. It started on the ground Sutherland, City of Coventry, and continued rising up through While I was sitting along the road- I gave him some search tips and Stephensons Rocket, GWR Tank the clouds where it eventually side checking my notes and maps, passed him a few SL guide note- Engine and an animation showing pulled up alongside a large platform. resident Cross Rain approached cards and landmarks to a few how the valve gear of an engine me. He was only one day old, so I newbie places for him to explore works. The museum also included As I approached, I learned the sent him my greeting, welcomed and learn more. He thanked me an information board that showed structure was nicknamed the him to his second life and asked and teleported away—hopefully locations of other steam railways “molecule,” and that it was part how he was liking it so far. He to some of those locations I shared and locomotives in SL. I thought of the Kira Science Park complex. replied that he wasn’t sure what with him. that was particularly generous. The large platform it rose up to The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Amazing Structure: The “molecule� in BaikUn was a massive structure that rose up from the ground and into the clouds. It was part of a multi-structured complex that included meeting facilities for conferences and lectures for up to 80 people.

View from above: Kira Space Park’s sky platform in BaikUn hosted conference and meeting areas and included a homey lodge called Kira Cafe for more informal gatherings.


The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

was home Kira Cafe, where one could attend workshops, or just relax and socialize.

I noticed that the owner, Storm Nordwind, was not far away from where I was, so I sent him my greeting and complimented him Nearby, there were other strucon his wonderful “molecule” tures, including Kira Dome West, structure. He said that he was a conference and lecture venue pretty pleased with it, considering that could accommodate 80 peo- that he only spent two hours to ple, thanks to straddling the bor- build it. I was impressed, but then der of two regions. Then there again I’m impressed easily when was also the Kuan Yin, a build it comes to building things. Nevmodeled after oracles at Senso-ji ertheless, I thought nobody could temple in Tokyo,. And finally, say it wasn’t a striking structure Kuan Yin Oracle, hailed as the to see. only Kuan Yin Oracle in SL to contain 100 readings of poetic Not far from BaikUn at AVexh005 wisdom dictated by Kuan Yin. in Mieum was another tall strucThe Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

ture—this one a tall cylander that appeared to be made of a wire frame of silver threads. I thought perhaps it was a parachute jump tower, so I flew over the top of it and was about to land when I noticed there was a hole on the top of that went straight down through the center of the tower, all the way to the ground.

different continent! I thought how odd to have this entire towering structure here just for a teleporter. It surely must be an expensive waste of money if for that purpose only. But whatever, I’d seen even more wasteful things than that before.

Left: Dahlia spots an incredibly large and well-defined rainbow arching over the village community of Ear in northern Heterocera.Gukyeo Hanja Welcome Area Following spread: Two more shots of the balloon as it approaches and flies up toward the top of the rainbow. Hamnida NCI South

After flying back up to the top of the tower, I resumed my southerly I parked my balloon on the top serpentine flying pattern, first flyand rappelled down to ground ing east toward the coast, then level where a small terminal curling back inland to where a awaited that offered to teleport vast, green-grassed four-sim area visitors to a gallery in the Dowden opened up with nothing on it but region of Sansara—a completely a small complex of buildings 47

where the four corners came to- My balloon had disappeared gether to form the Hanja/Hangeul/ while I was walking around, so I Gukyeol Infohub. needed to unpack a new one in the designated rez zone. UnfortuFour open-walled structures of- nately, that zone it was under one fered a variety of different sign of the roof-covered structures. boards that delivered notecards, landmarks, illustrated detailed Seeing as I had no other alternauser guide instructions, or offered tive place to rez nearby, I shrugged: a place to unpack objects. One “oh well, let’s see how this goes!,“ kiosk provided free textures cre- and set my balloon out on the ated by Torley Linden. floor. The balloon stuck up and

out through the roof, but at least it appeared and I could board it. I turned on my burner and rose up until I cleared the infohub building then headed west, because right along the border in the next region of Hamnida was NCI South. I had been to Hamnida before when I first started looking for

Above: A neighbourhood including the ChicagoLand Mall, the University of Nottingham–Second Life Campus, and the Old ChicagoLand Club—which played classic jazz standards—enjoyed early successes, but appeared to be in a period of decline when Dahlia passed by. 48

historical information about SL, trying to learn where the first sims where. It was here where I first met Wolfinski Bearinski, an NCI volunteer, who took me to Governor Linden’s Mansion to look for early SL maps and other historical information before I decided on my flying route.

Hesten. This shop would carry a selection of freebies, dollarbies Midnight Mania gifts and more to help new residents transition into their lives.

After scouring the NCI for ideas I might want to pursue in the future, I cut back east, crossing back over the southern regions of the grassy infohub land I had just come from until I spied a new, small freebie shop for newcomers being built by Claireschen

I curled inland, away from the beach and headed south over land, passing the World Peace Flag Garden in Odaesan where their motto was: “In Second Life, good people of all nations meet in friendship.” I loved that sentiment almost as much as I loved that their

After perusing the selection still being organized, I climbed aboard the balloon and changed course to fly north briefly NCI South is a faIf you want to through Parktown cility for new and where a giant learn something old residents alike, sculpture of resiin that it not only dent martian from another offers beginner’s Glurp Gurbux freebies, maps, resident, a mentor, stood on a rooftop landmarks, basic above the Hanja teacher or tutor, information and Hangout Shiot classroom lessons, Novelty Shop go to any NCI but it offers the where games same for residents to learn more. could be played for at any level of exfree. Next, I turned perience they may be. So if you east to circle over a country church want to learn something from an- steeple and Dark Designs by Kelli other resident, a mentor, teacher, in Tamna before reaching the or tutor, go to any NCI to learn eastern shores of Jeoget, where more. There is a calendar of Hallasan City had an undocuevents showing the NCI class mented air strip with a few helischedule you can join in for free. copters on it for retail purposes.

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Left: The Chilbo Town Hall was everything a town hall should be: a gathering place for both residents and visitors alike, a resource centre that offered a bounty of information about the community, a supplier of provisions for in- and out-of-world links to community and gridwide information, an introductory video, community reprsentitives to call when online, a calendar of events and notices, and even more. Above: Topping out at 300 meters, a tree near Chilbo’s Town Hall climbed higher than any other tree Dahlia had ever encountered during her travels. An earlier one seen in Lythria, Heterocera continent, was only 264 mebers tall in comparison.

flags from all nations were free! I plucked a couple up from the ground for myself and then noticed that they also had free patriotic swim trunks, gym shorts, speedos, shirts—even a camping chair for world peace. Now that was a novel idea! I continued on a southwesterly course where in Taean I came upon ChicagoLand Mall and the The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Old ChicagoLand Club, a jazz club that apparently had some notariety in earlier days.

anything in the one room building to see or do. Outside of the building was an assortment of furniture hovering above ground haphazardly. I could only hope that the school was renovating it’s space as if they were still getting organized, because it didn’t look appealing at all.

The mall formed an “L“ shape and nestled in the crook of the shape rested the University of Nottingham, Second Life Campus. This university sure could take a cue from the other two universities I’d passed on my Leaving Taean, I crashed into ban journey, because there was hardly lines before I could cross over into

Haean where I also crashed due to a full parcel. Then I crashed once more in Kyung at Camp Mustang where “nearly free rent“ was offered. I checked it out, but the complex was completely filled up, so I continued on.

I saw a nice looking lake with some houses around it in Han Loso, so we went to investigate that area and found ourselves crashing three more times before I could fly completely over the lake from one shore to another.

My friend and ballooning first mate, MsPaddles Ninetails, called asking to join me, so I picked her up and we soldiered on together.

I was determined to get to get to the other side, however, because on the far shore was a nightclub, Blues by the Lake, which caught 49

End of Route 9: The highway terminated into a grassy depression between properties for future expansion in Hwanin.


The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

my eye. This place described itself as: “A laid back & funky place to listen to the blues, be with friends, dance and explore a bit. Also the venue for my RL photos of blues players from the Chicago area— never before seen in RL and available only here!”

We flew to the top of the tree to see how tall it was and found that it topped out at 300 meters. The Lythria tree—which also poked out of the top of the clouds—was only 264 meters in comparison! I was certainly impressed by the hight of this gigantic tree.

That sounded pretty tempting to me, so I finally landed on it’s wooden front deck and saved a landmark for going back to when a party was on and I wasn’t crashing in a balloon. From Han Loso, we passed over Slavelicious in Sanshilyong where a huge yard sale of BDSM/Master/ Mistress/Slave/Domme/Sub/Vampire/Neko stuff was on display. I Above: A harbour surrounded by gently sloping hillsdes in Hwainin was a perfect magnet to never really understood all that attract both residential and businesses alike to it’s protected waters. MonteCarlo on The Beach was the largest retail mall that included a variety of shops selling everything from kind of dark stuff, so I just flew right on by without even taking a clothing and plants to yachts. second glance. After checking out ChicagoLand, going due east along the southeastern coastline, then cutting I resumed my southerly course, MsPaddles had been interested in flying us to a peninsula in Tokebi back northward toward an inold style jazz clubs, and since I had where a couple of pirate ships credibly tall tree I spotted on the horizon from what must have just seen ChicagoLand not very were docked along the shore at far from where we were, I decided NekoMancer Cove. Lucky for us, been three regions away. to turn the balloon around to take no pirates were around, so we her to see the club before we got were able to take a break to assess As we approached what looked much further away from it. It our next move through the south- like a large residential community in Chilbo, the tree was maswas only a short backtrack. eastern aspect of the continent. sive. It had a huge trunk and rose We landed on the rooftop of the up through the clouds, bringing club and checked the interior out WEEK 18 FLYING HIGH TO THE END from above. MsPaddles was im- We parked for a while, at Neko- to mind my earlier super-tall tree experience in the Lythria region pressed by it, so I was happy I took Mancer Cove, studied the map, then resumed flying—this time on the continent of Heterocera. the time to fly us back there.

The town had very intelligently placed buildings for shopping, an art gallery, a town hall, shops for avatars, clothing, gadgets, HUDs, eyes, freebies, shoes, a hair salon, and even a private dressing room with a magic mirror. As I walked around, I saw a huge number of

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

small, independent galleries and homes with very few possessions in them. The sparceness of furnishings gave me the feeling that this was a transitory space for those passing through it. Nevertheless, it was still a lovely place with much to see, and the positive Chilbo support seemed palatable We flew back down to the in the air. I considered a moment ground near the tree’s base and how I could possibly make use of found the Chilbo Town Hall Chilbo, but decided my projects where a vast variety of maps, resi- were already in full swing and I dent information, community was fortunate enough to already standards, portrait indicators of have a home. in-world community helpers, and other helpful resources could be After our little tour of Chilbo, we picked up for free. climbed back into the balloon and lifted off, this time heading southChilbo positioned itself as a new- west, where we passed the end of bie friendly community with a Route 9 as it’s pavement termimission to help new residents nated into a grassy depression on adapt to their Second Life experi- the land. Beyond that, a harbour ence. They particularly liked to in Hwanin came into view, where support artists, musicians, writers, we landed on top the harbour’s teachers, students, creative think- tallest building, MonteCarlo on ers, entrepreneurs, and those who The Beach, a mall that sold a bevvy are interested in contributing to of products from clothing to the public good. plants, furniture and even yachts. After a short look around, we lifted back into the air to complete our crossing of the harbour to the other side where another high thing in the sky caught our eyes— this time a two-leveled football stadium. Jeogeot sure had a thing about putting sport arenas in the 51

sky it seemed. First, a racing oval to the ground level below, we and now a double-decker football continued with our flight and stadium in Hwanin. dropped down in altitude to see yet again, another super-tall As we rose up and got closer to building structure in Korumburra. the stadium, we realized just how enormous this place was. It was This tower was almost like a so huge that we could fly the bal- space needle going right through loon over the first level playing two spheres high up its column. It field and be right under the base almost reminded me of a toothof the second level field. “GOOO- pick going through the olive of a AAAAALLLLLL” I proclaimed, martini. As it turned out, this as I flew us between the two mas- tower currently being constructed sive stadium slabs. I hovered the here in SL was a reproduction of balloon with MsPaddles in it a real life building in Kuwait. while I rappelled down to take a few photos of the balloon from Mosaic tiles were still being fitted the vantage point of the goal net- around the surface of the largest ting. It was remarkable that we and lowermost sphere of the two, could fit a balloon in between the and a photo of the real building two fields. sat out near a work platform high in the sky next to the dome being Next, we flew to the upper deck tiled. I could tell that once this and got out to take a look around. building was finished, it was I saw that there was a league of going to be spectacular. I knew teams that played at the stadium that I’d be coming back to check and it even had a website dedion its progress again and to take cated to informing players about pictures of the finished work. matches, schedules, news and events. It was actually quite imI left MsPaddles there at what I pressive to me because they seemed had begun calling “the Kuwaiti so well organized. They even had building” and forged ahead on a web site at www.ligafutbolvir- my own, choosing to take a look high up over the clouds.

Above: At over 300 meters high in Hwanin, two football stadiums levitated in the air, one over top of the other. They were just far apart enough for Dahlia to fly her balloon between the two fields. Later, after exploring the facility, Dahlia taught her hot air balloon first mate, MsPaddles Ninetails, on how to base jump with their parachutes off the edge of the stadium and down to the Hwanin harbor below.

French-only speaking owner, Elzear Anatine had turned this blimp, named Prometheus into his home art gallery, which showed works from his first as well as second life. As a balloonist who showed my works at a variety of venues, I thought how spectacuAfter a short break with MsPad- I spotted the shape of a zepplin lar it would be if I could show my dles to take a few base jumps off flying high overhead in Watarrka. works in his gallery sometime, so the edge of the stadium bleachers and went to investigate. The I kept the idea in my head for a


later plan, whether it be here in Watarrka, or another venue.

The airport had a nice, long twin runway, both with taxi ways, parking, hangers, and a major My southerly trajectory had fiairport terminal. I skimmed along nally taken me all the way down over the runway, taking my balto the southernmost regions of loon all the way to a landing locaJeogeot. Reaching the southern tion in the Kea Bay Airbase shores, I turned eastward and de- section of the airport. scended down into the approach path for JBT International AirI knew that the airport had hosted port in Wajo Hill. a big air show event a couple of The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


weeks earlier while I was flying the on western side of the continent. I was sad to have missed the show, but I knew there would be more events in the future.

I hopped out of the balloon basket and took a walk into the main arrival/departure terminals. I was impressed by the attention to detail. There was an escalator up to a second floor ticketing and gate JBT seemed to be a very active area, and even an x-ray machine airport in terms of group member for baggage and customer scanparticipation and activities. The ning. I unconsciously pinched the airport listed a variety of things metal hook on the front of my bra that could be done there besides while I was looking at it, then basic flying, such as dogfights, turned to the ticketing counters skydiving, and bungee jumping. to see what flights they had.

Standing in the ticket line I saw Jack Linden waiting to get a ticket to somewhere, his head expanding and deflating like a big balloon. I thought it looked both funny and dangerous, so I kept my distance in case it exploded. Like at every scene of an accident-in-waiting, I couldn’t watch but I couldn’t look away either. It is an often hard to suppress, that strange human nature which compels us to watch incredible, appalling scenes—like Jack Linden’s head (or ego) about to burst. The ticket agent stood behind the counter dispassionately watching the repeated swelling and deflating. But for me, I decided to get out of there before I pressed my luck too far and ended up with brain matter—if there was any— splattered all over me.

In the spotlight: Dahlia’s balloon passed through the fog and ground-operated search lights while leaving the region of Korrumbura. 54

I rode back down the escalator and out to the tarmac to unpack a new balloon. By the time I got it ready and hopped in, I noticed a large ocean faring ship sitting on the taxi way right in front of the airport terminal. “Only in SL” I thought. Looking at a boat sitting on the pavement reminded me of looking at a parade float on a city street—only this ship was about as big as a building!

Fortunately, there was enough bad—what I got a whiff of was room for me to take a gliding lift- burgers on the barbie, so I had to off by flying west along the run- come investigate. way while slowly gaining altitude. Once clear of the airport border, I I flew down the runway and curled back around north of the pulled off to park just outside of airport for a easterly pass. I folSandbar Sports Grill, owned by lowed just inland Mayos Fride. of the southern Sure enough, Like at every scene coastline which there were burgcurved northward ers smoking on of an accidentalong a peninsula, the grill right outin-waiting, I and home to the side of the front Los Angeles Yacht door. My mouth couldn’t watch, Club in Tully High. was watering, so I but I couldn’t went in and took The yacht club had a seat while I look away either. looked around. a small jazz and blues club in it called the Baked Potato, based on There was a lot of vocal chatter a real club in Los Angeles which going on in the place, tables and a was celebrating its 30th anniver- decent counter with stools to dine sary of operation. It also had a at, and a dart game on the wall nice Asian-styled garden off to its positioned between photos of side with a koi pond and relaxing Amelia Ayrehart. I couldn’t help places to sit. But if you preferred, but to toss a few darts and take right next to the club and behind my picture with the unforgettable a fence, you could sit and have a pilot that made such big news smoke at a picnic table. Not car- with her own flying adventure ing to smoke or listen to music in around the globe “back in the an empty club, I continued on. day” when flying was still relatively new and many air distance Only one more region away I records were still up for grabs. came upon a flat, rectangular and white beach with a single airstrip I had myself one of those fine on it that served Jonestown. I burgers, then went on a stroll to could smell it a region away too. walk off some of my digital caloNo, not because of anything ries. Just down the way from the The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

restaurant which was only steps away from the runway, was a box of free airplanes…free! I grabbed one for myself, checking back over both shoulders, not quite convinced that such a great deal was for the taking. I decided to take a limo to the Jonestown city in the sky, so I hopped in and when I arrived street-side in Jonestown, I found myself mobbed by a group of reporters calling out my name and snapping my photograph. [10:43] Master hack Harry: Hey look its Dahlia Jayaram! [10:43] hack celeb writer: Hey Dahlia, over here! [10:43] hack flasher: Show us some leg Dahlia! [10:43] hack writer: Is it true you have a new romance in your SL Dahlia ? [10:44] hack Snapper: Stop pushing! Dahlia…here! [10:44] hack celeb journo: Dahlia! Dahlia! Give us a smile Dahlia. [10:52] Master hack Harry: Hey look its Dahlia Jayaram! [10:52] hack writer: Where do you buy your clothes Dahlia? [10:52] hack celeb writer: Over here Dahlia! [10:52] hack Snapper: I cant see anyone! Where is Dahlia? The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

[10:52] hack flasher: Georgeous Dahlia [10:52] hack celeb journo: Dahlia, Dahlia! Give us a smile Dahlia!

city streets to ditch the papparazzi, peering into shops along the way until I decided the ground-level beach airstrip was where I would rather be. So I ran Unprepared for such a greeting, I to a place at the edge of the sky had to scurry off to find some property to jump from—not as a peace. I hadn’t expected such a suicide attempt, but so that I commotion! I jogged along the could parachute down to the

beach airstrip below. I jumped, relieved of my burden, then came in for an approach along the fliht path and landed with a light touch right on the runway. I looked on my map before lifting off from Jonestown Airstrip. I could see that I was very close to

Zepplin Gallery: In Watarrka, resident artist Elzear Anatine turned his zepplin named Prometheus into his home and art gallery. Inside, he showed artwork from both his first as well as second life. Dahlia thought it would be wonderful to show photographs from her balloon adventure there, but considered the difficulty securing the facility when the owner only spoke French, and Dahlia only English. Even so, it may still be worth a try, she concluded. 55

Below: JBT International Airport in Wajo Hill, southern Jeogeot, was one of the largest and most accommodating airports Dahlia had visited. It also hosted air shows and had a good reputation of having an active group membership.

reaching my return location at the Explorer’s Infocenter in Quoll. I actually could feel that my time in Jeogeot was nearly drawing to a close. I’d come a long way, had seen a lot, and was satisfied with my efforts to cover the continent. Not only that, but I discovered

that I actually liked Jeogeot too, myself crashing thirteen times, as so I was ready to move on to the if the continent wanted to slow me next stage of my balloon adventure. down and keep me around for as long as possible. Jeogeot, however, wasn’t so ready to let me go. I crashed entering Redspire due to a full parcel, and again in Arang Over the course of the day, I found while trying to land at the Haetae

Hills Airport. Later, I would crash a few times while maneuvering and taking pictures in Nedben and Varsity, then I was ejected twice in Humogo—once when entering a full parcel and once when doing nothing at all—and finally, I crashed two times in Bilby while visiting an absolutely vacant mall. All these disruptions kept me from getting back to my starting point in what would have otherwise been a quick, short trip. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Because for now, I’m actually still at JBT Airport looking at my map and considering the short distance I have to fly to finish my journey in Jeogeot. I had planned to sweep up in a smooth, northwesterly trajectory. But something north and a little behind me to the east had caught my eye on the map. It looked like there may be an airstrip not earlier reported to me, so I turned north to go check it out. This is when I got stuck in Redspire because the parcel I entered was full. I had to hop out of my balloon and drag out from the parcel before I could hop back in and detour around the property in Redspire. I flew across an open field and eased up to the Haetae Hills Air-


The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

port, which was built right alongside of Route 10 at the base of the Haetae Hills estate. The airport had a little, short runway, a control tower, and a passenger terminal, all surrounded by a waist high brick wall.

with two art centers, an amphitheatre, a horse ranch, a tennis court and a game warehouse, and an estate mansion with a pool and greenhouse. Why, it even had its own postal code!

Right next door to the airport was Due to the brick wall, I sensed it a building with a modeling runcould be a private airport, and it way outside on the lawn and a was, but there were no ban lines couple of television studios inside. or sensors that obstructed my ar- It belonged to the Press Pass rival, so I eased in and hovered Media Group whose member netoverhead my inwork shared free tended landing resources in a co-op Like at every scene spot—and just bemanner to promote fore I descended of an accident- businesses and to land, I crashed. events. The tv stuin-waiting, I Well, at least I dio served resididn’t crash far, I dents and business couldn’t watch, thought, and I was owners, allowing still at the airport. but I couldn’t them to tape and broadcast videos look away either. Wind sheer, I for tv, youtube, sogrumbled, as I cial networks or dusted myself off and went over other outlets. They had a group to check out the terminal. It was that could be joined, and could be small but nice, with a luxurious followed via group notices, their open bar in the center, separating blog or even by Twitter. two nice sized seating areas. Next to the Haetae estates was I learned that the airport served another community built on the residents of Haetae Hills, a rolling hills that surrounded a joinable group community modeled small lake in Oolamoo. Roseheart after a 88k sqm, 22 acre high-end Rental Community, boasted low Atlanta lifestyles suburb estate of rents and high prim allowances in which 40% was wooded forest. a beautiful park-like setting anyHaetae Hills was well equiped one would enjoy. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

What caught my eye even more, however, was the fact that two children, Sasha7 Paulino and Hinamori Breen, had hopped into a cool flying rocket home—something like a mobile recreational home—and proceded to fly it out of Roseheart, then eastward, wig-

gling back and forth along the pavement of Route 10. Eventually, they crept past Haetae Airport and ditched the vehicle, leaving it in the middle of the road. “Juvenile delinquent crime!” I gasped to myself, suspecting that was what I had just witnessed.

Above: After spending some time exploring JBT International Airport in Wajo Hill, Dallia took off, passing a large ship someone had unpacked next to the runway. I bet it didn’t pass customs, she thought as she flew by.


Right & Below: Not long after taking off from JBT International Airport in Wajo Hill, the smell something cooking attracted Dahlia toward Jonestown, where she unexpectedly discovered a landing strip on a small sand bar.


Just then, I crashed into the Rose- cle reported about the SL gallery heart Lake, not having paid atfrom a SL French magazine. tention to where I had drifted to. I didn’t hop out of my balloon to I climbed out of the water sputsee all of these things, but I set it tering and pulling lake weeds out down on the patio just outside of of my hair. I had to find a new the entrance. Where I sat was a place where I could unpack a bal- delightful table and chairs for reloon, so I walked around, testing laxing, as well as a small gift shop parcels for rezzing rights. Finally, with a selection of flowers and reI ended up at the Maranatha Cen- productions of a few van Gogh ter in Nedben where I noted that works—for only $L10 each! I bible studies were held on Thurs- grabbed up two different versions days and Fridays at 6pm SLT. of van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Since I was early, I was sure no a decorative vase of flowers. one would notice or care if I unpacked a balloon on their grass, Some days later, I got a call from then slip inconspicuously away. Christina and we had a delightful chat about van Gogh, her efforts As I lifted off, I realized I had to recreate the exhibition, our love been to the next door property in of art, nature and my travels. AfMaranatha once a long time ago. terwards, she passed me a compliHere, in Nedben was an exhibi- mentary blue vase I had inquired tion of Vincent van Gogh’s artabout, much to my delight. work in a recreated Cathedrale d’Images, arranged by Christina A little west of the Cathedrale Poitier as a christmas gift to her d’Images was Nedben Village, a SL spouse, Jacqueline Triangle. small town square of alpine style buildings available for retail shop Inside was indeed a wonderful rental, including the town square display of van Gogh’s work with church. It had great character, a wonderful note card narrative but I had just spent quite a while written by Christina, guitar music nearby at the Cathedrale d’Images played by resident alfy Darwin, and was eager to be on my way to and links were provided to RL continue my travels. images and YouTube videos of the Cathedrale d’Images. You Unfortunately, Nedben didn’t see could even read a magazine arti- it that way; it wanted me out of The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

my balloon and on the ground, because it dumped me twice, just as I was trying to get past it! After successfully getting past Nedben, the dumping continued in nearby Varsity too. I was looking south, trying to approach a cute little cartoon home, when an even more elaborate cute home that had a giant flower growing out in its back yard was just a little further south of there in Humogo. Unfortunately, Barbara and Calamity’s Home, Valley of the Pixie in Humogo had ban lines surrounding it, plus one side had a big privacy screen. Two parcels away had another set of property ban lines, but right in between the two was an open parcel that looked good enough to float through for a closer look.

Above: Sure enough, burgers were sizzling on a grill just outside the front door of the Sandbar Sports Grill at the Jonestown Airstrip. Above right: While at the airstrip grill in Jonestown, Dahlia posed in front of a large photograph of the famous female pilot, Amelia Ayrehart, whose adventures Dahlia was often reminded of while ballooning. Top left: Jonestown Airstrip was home to Pirate Air, which had a speedy looking plane in it’s hanger. Bottom left: The small but stylish Heatae Airport in Haetae serviced the Heatae estates. Below: Heatae Airport had some very sophisticated looking art and photos on the walls, all related to the theme of flying.

Unfortunately, the least suspicious parcel—which was a barren open space—was just as deadly. Miraculously, it was somehow a full parcel, despite being entirely vacant on the ground level. I crashed and lost my balloon, so I walked through nearby parcels looking for a place to restart again. I unpacked my balloon in the nearest allowable place, three parcels west at Flat&Green in Numbat. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


Terminally stylish: The Haetae Hills Airport—which served the Haetae Hills estates—may have been private, but Dahlia was able to enter and look around the sophisticated passenger terminal that was both well stocked at the bar as well as on the walls with stylish images supporting a flying theme.


The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

tally empty, like a big shell that had yet to be filled. Besides the giant sign that said “Sculpties,“ there were only a few sticks of things on the roof—and that was more than what was inside the warehouse itself. I was truly shocked and disappointed, but I guessed it was just in its infancy of being built. I knew I’d have to call owner Daryl Rubble to inquire later.

From the Sculptie Warehouse rooftop I could see my final destination. I was only about two regions away from my final stop at the Explorer’s Centre in Quoll.

than drag my battered body across the finish line, exhausted from the rigors of the day.

But I could literally taste the finish line. I wanted to finish so But considering that I’d had 13 badly, so I willed myself on. “If I crashes in a short distance and the can just…get…a little…closer!” day was getting late, I decided to I’d be happy, I thought. put a hold on continuing until the next morning when I could start Next thing I knew, I had crashed fresh and enjoy the moment, rather while taking off from the Sculptie

Above: A tiny, one room cute cartoon house in Varsity caught Dahlia’s eye. Right: Another cute home in Humogo, Barbara and Calamity’s home, Valley of the Pixie, had a fanciful large flower out back that reminded Dahlia of the tale Jack and the Beanstalk.

I dared to fly back to Humogo, certain to avoid the earlier ban lines and full parcels where I was earlier. I snapped a few pictures of it and then noticed on the opposite side of the flower home there was another beautiful home. This time, it was a wonderful south pacific island-inspired modern home, comprised of three separate thatched roof buildings with no walls—only curtains interconnected by wooden walkways. I thought it was fabulous.

rounding it that have ban lines or full parcels too! Next door to the Luckless/Brentley home was a giant department store, the Sculptie Warehouse in Bilby. It seems that sculpties are the future of SL’s quality standard right now, as they continue to grow in influence and importance for developing everything from jewelry to landscapes. So when I saw the size of the giant Sculptie Warehouse, I thought this is exactly what people will want to go see and shop at. Considering that, I had to have a look for myself. I landed my balloon on the roof and looked in.

The building’s creator was Anya Ristow and the owners were Gutta Luckless and Princess Brentley. If you have plans to go see it, however, I send you advance warning: The warehouse was empty. And I there are multiple properties sur- don’t mean just empty; it was toThe Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


now. It was in sight and all I had to do was reach out to touch it. I unpacked a new balloon only steps away from where I had crashed and eased gently into the air only a few meters above the ground. The Explorer’s InfoCenter was only one region away in Quoll and I could probably hit it with a stone if I threw it hard enough…but I didn’t have the time because I fell victim in Mooter, right next to Quoll.

Above: As a Christmas gift to her SL spouse Jacqueline Triangle, Christina Poitier recreated the Cathedrale d’Images in Nedben, where a selection of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings were on display and gifts for sale.

Warehouse rooftop. I got back to my feet and noticed I couldn’t board my balloon where I was, so I dragged my balloon from one parcel to the next until I could finally board and start the blower. It probably took me 15 minutes or more to finally get started again at Sierra’s Estates in Kowari. As soon as I began to advance, however, I crashed again. I found myself laying on my back and not 62

MsPaddles Ninetails called me while I was heating up a new balloon, so I shipped her in for what I would surely be relieved to consider my final lean across the finvery eager to get up again. I knew serious game face, heated up the ish tape. Together, MsPaddles, when I was licked and couldn’t balloon and took off from Sierra’s I, and our balloon raised up—and go any more. Jeogeot had gotten Estates in Kowari with great care, within 60 seconds we were over the best of me this day. Exhaust- sure to go around a privacy screen top of the infocentre, where I ed, I decided to throw in the to my north gently set the balloon down on the towel for the day and start fresh driveway in front of the carport. the next day. From there, I continued north until I crashed in Ghamb while I stood there in my balloon basket When the sun rose the next looking at the sunrise. Fortuafter touch-down, half-expecting morning I felt as if I was about to nately, the balloon remained and one more last-second surprise, summit Mount Everest. I knew I could crawl back into it. But my just like the past three days had today was going to be my last good fortune didn’t last long, be- thrown at me. I was sure there push to the finish line and that cause even though I was moving would be a crash, a warning or despite my nearness to Quoll the at my lowest speed, I crashed yet something, but nothing happened. path could be riddled with all another time in Ghamb when I I checked all my parts and my manner of perils unknown to me crossed over into a full parcel. I vital signs…yes, I was still here until it was too late. I knew any- really began to feel like I was and I had actually, finally, made thing was possible, so I put on my clawing my way to the finish line it! Believe me, in that moment I

let out the biggest sigh of relief you had ever heard a person sigh. You would have thought I was releasing air out of my balloon. Something was different about the infocentre, though. It had changed. I could feel it but couldn’t put my finger on it until later. I finally realized that the carport roof had been shortened to allow room in front of it before it reached the road. Today, this allowed room for my balloon to land or be launched, compared to when I first started my journey. On my first day of flying in Jeogeot, I had to squeeze my way out through the carport roof, then flew easily away—completely opposite of the way I flew back— fighting to get back in, but finding the final landing easy. I rolled out of the balloon’s basket still a little wary and kneeled to kiss the ground. Halleluyah! I thought to myself. What a hardfought finish these last three days gave me! What I had anticipated would be the shortest and easiest part of the trip had actually turned out to be the most difficult and exhaustive. By-and-large, the rest of the continent was much easier and far more open than the last 20 regions I flew in. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

In all, it took me the last 49 of my 126 consecutive days flying to complete my tour of Jeogeot. The continent had turned out to be not-so-bad of place to fly a hot air balloon. Sure, like all places, it still suffered the indignancies of the usual flight disruptions, but it was less than other in places, making the overall experience pretty good by comparison. I went into Jeogeot thinking there were only four airports, but came out having discovered at least nine. And there were many marvelous sights from here to put into the memory book too, such as the highest tree I’d discovered so far in Chilbo, or the giant sculptie weather Earth with realtime weather updates on it in Areumdeuli, the world’s largest sex bed in New Philadelphia—a marketing gem if there ever was one—and fabulous structures like the “molecule” in BaikUn, and the Kuwaiti conference space needle in Korumburra. And not to forget perhaps the most spectacular of all, the incredible active volcano that belched smoke and ash, and threw large, flaming boulders out of it’s mouth in Icheus. That will be a memory was certain to make the splendors of Jeogeot hard to forget. = The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Info anyone?: After 49 consecutive days of flying, MsPaddles Ninetails and Dahlia arrived at Explorer’s Infocentre in Quoll, completing a successful tour of the continent of Jeogeot.


MAPS: THE PLAN Right: A look at the general pre-flight route plan shows the intention to fly near to and around some key points of interest.


The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

MAPS: THE RESULT Left: The actual flight path as completed followed the general planned flight route and modified as needed to take in additional points of interest in as they were encountered.

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


Timeline At A Glance: Charting Dahlia’s Prog JANUARY one √D SANSARA


1 January 2010

The Ivory Tower of Primitives Governor Linden’s Mansion The Particle Lab/Learning Center The Vehicle Lab/Learning Center Kazenojin Executive Airport DarkWood Cathedral Bay City Airport Orientation Island Vehicle Park Abbotts Aerodrome Giant SL Handprint Icon Helen Keller Monument YadNi’s Junkyard Kanin Mountain Skiing & Sledding Anton Airstrip Zeppelin Service Zermatt Ice Skating Lake Chalet Linden Cloudmont High Country Smithers Bluff Rainbow Cherished: Romantic River Shops Teslin Meadow Preserve Tour Pegasus Zeppelin St Michel ~ the Jule Verne Museum Shelter Island Balloon Tour Bitch Fight Arena Aztral’s Airport The First Church of Atheism Knowledge Park Linden Village & Offices Help Island Public Orientation Island Knowledge Port Explorers Info Centre Mahulu Volcano New Citizens Incorporated, Kuula Gruppman Technologies Corporate ANWR Offshore Oil Rig Platform

1 Feb. / 11 Feb. (42 Days) FLYING DAYS MISSED



Natoma to Shermerville (N. Central to NW Sansara) WEEK 2 SIM COVERAGE

Shermerville to Mondrian (NW to SE Sansara) WEEK 3 SIM COVERAGE

Mondrian to Hibdon (SE to E. Central Sansara) WEEK 4 SIM COVERAGE

Hibdon to Pooley (E. Central to NE. Central Sansara) WEEK 5 SIM COVERAGE

Pooley to Lozi (NE. Central Sansara) WEEK 6 SIM COVERAGE

Lozi to Calleta, Heterocera (NE. Central Sansara to S. Heterocera) GUEST PASSENGERS

Alina Graf, Lie Rang, Nya Silverfall, Natalia Silverfall, 1 Shermerville passenger, Ms SecretSpy, DawidDawid Dawid, Cyanidekissesxx Draconia, BackHome Soon, Erin Riler, Tatsuhiko Zuka, Rikki Reichmann, Eric Christensen, Narcissus Mint, Ara Enzo, Johnny Mikado 66









22 Feb. / 16 March 2010 (34 Days) FLYING DAYS MISSED



Cecropia to Nessus (S. Central to E. Central Heterocera) WEEK 8 SIM COVERAGE

Nessus to Engrailed (E. Central to N. Heterocera) WEEK 9 SIM COVERAGE

Engrailed to Moneta (N. to W. Heterocera) WEEK 10 SIM COVERAGE

Moneta to Cecropia (W. to S. Central Heterocera) GUEST PASSENGERS

Johnny Mikado, Aleks Piers, Pavl Duke, Madeline McMahon, Mot Mann. Lila Wardark, Caya Corvale, JohnMichael Tobias



Calleta Train Station Hoboland Railroad Infohub Cerridwen's Cauldron Tuliptree Train Station Neumoegen Train Station Busiris Airport Onespace Rockumentary Hopeful EMission Bella Carnival TMA - A Jewish Neighborhood SL Volunteer HQ Andiana City Cycnia & Euclidia Arbor Project SL Coast Guard Training Center Lythria Tall Tree Flanders Field Airport Ear Community Park Rainbow Cloud Nine Club Pug City Continent’s Highest Point, Campion Lapara Airport Arches Paraglider Slope Solo’s Steam Engine Service Moneta Airport The Unknown Theme Park The SL Chess and Sudoku Club H8 Motor Company Great Northern Wall Lord Victor Monument Friends of the Urban Forest & Permaculture Project Lake Gnoma Saiku Rainstorm Sky Mark Properties International House Of Style Didugua Thunderstorm Lightning Mz. Shoes




18 March / 6 May 2010 (49 Days) FLYING DAYS MISSED



Quoll to Lordshore Cove (South to S. Central Jeogeot) WEEK 12 SIM COVERAGE

Lordshore Cove to Xentilx (S. Central to S. West Jeogeot) WEEK 13 SIM COVERAGE

Xentilx to Flint (S. West to West Jeogeot) WEEK 14 SIM COVERAGE

Flint to Martindale (West to W. Central Jeogeot) WEEK 15 SIM COVERAGE

Martindale to Areumdeuli (W. Central to North Jeogeot) WEEK 16 SIM COVERAGE

Areumdeuli to Dacham (North to N. East Jeogeot) WEEK 17 SIM COVERAGE

Dacham to Kyung (N. East to East Jeogeot) WEEK 18 SIM COVERAGE

Kyung to Quoll (East to South Jeogeot) GUEST PASSENGERS

Lila Wardark, MsPaddles Ninetails, Voodoo Spyker, Freyja Beresford



Explorers InfoCenter Lordshore Cove Bridge Hawkside Airport The Monastery of Felix Meritis Raining Cats & Dogs in Cambell Devils Golf Course Wheelies Neighbourhood Michael Jackson Support Group & Memorial Park White House, USA Silver Creek & Flint Route 10 Tunnel Milkshake Lounge Ichelus Volcano P2 & Teles Airport Department of Public Works Office Mr Whippie Ice Cream Truck The Library @ Driftwood Beach Zee & Zora's Little Slice Sculpty Earth Mumtaz Taj Mahal Mos Ainsley Space Base Stone's Point Park Kea Airfield Dacham Sky Race Track Omurice Buddhist Centre Steam Locomotive Preservation Group Kira Cafe Demonstration Area NCI South World Peace Flag Garden Chilbo Community & Tall Tree Korumburra Kuwaiti Building Hwanin Football Sky Fields JBT Airport Jonestown Airstrip Jonestown Media Attention Press Pass Media Studios Cathedrale d'Images The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

ress On The Calendar, Continent-By-Continent APRIL one √D SATORIJEOGEOT / BLAKE SEA ISLAND COMMUNITIES








19 March 2010

1 May 2010

Throughout June, 2010



15 April 2010

22 May 2010


16 April 2010



30 April 2010










17 July 2010

15 August 2010

2 September 2010



18 July 2010


18 August 2010


19 August 2010

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot


Dahlia’s Top 10 Favourite Big People, Places,




Blowing Off Steam

The Highest Tree Yet

The “Molecule”

This spectacular volcano erupted about once every hour, billowing out huge plumes of ash and flaming boulders into the sky.

Topping out at exactly 300 meters, this tree rose higher than any Dahlia had discovered in the three continents she had flown so far.

Kira Space Park was comprised of meeting and convention facilities, and most noteably an incredible structure rising 300 meters up.




A Presidential Proclaimation

Giant Globe of Weather

Not everything is white in the United States’ White House these days. Mr Obama declared it “Dahlia Jayaram Day” when I came.

Zee and Zora’s Little Slice enormous “Sculpty Earth” used the latest satelite data to project weather imagery onto it’s surface. The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

Things Or Moments While Traveling In Jeogeot



Ballooning in Outer Space

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs!

A Linden-built lunar facility included a plant lab, usable passenger ground and flying vehicles, and a free space suit.

Thinking she going to see the spray of water from a waterfall under a sky rock, Dahlia was shocked to see that it was animals!




Tempting Fate

FDR Football Sky Stadiums

The Sightless Will See

The Monastery of Felix Meritis provides shelter and rest for visitors who wanted to enjoy the blessing of tranquil contemplation.

A double decker of two league-sized football field stadiums levitated 300 meters above ground and hosted tournament play.

A beautiful sculpture of a blindfolded woman had a mysterious orb levitating above the palm of her hand. What could it be?

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot



Dear Jack, Happy new year to you. I have two items of interest I would like to share with you, to see if you or any other Linden family member may have any interest in them. > First, the results of my 5-continent sailing adventure. > Second, the beginning of a new adventure to fly by hot air balloon to/around/through each of Second Life’s 9 continents, flying in order from the oldest to the newest continents to explore many of the interesting sights and people seen along the way. THE SAILING JOURNEY We met briefly at a Blake Sea town hall meeting in August 2009. I had asked for your thoughts from a Linden Lab viewpoint toward exploring the possibility of working toward ensuring an open waterway around each of Second Life continents and you had favorable comments toward the idea. I have since completed a sailing trip around the five continents that are linked together by a common waterway and published a book covering that adventure at: Excerpts from the book also appear in four concurrent issues of ICON magazine, from October 2009 until January 2010. Near the last page of the book, I included a letter written to the Linden family at large so those who I met along the way may read a little about the result of my endeavor to initiate some form of dialog about working toward an open waterway. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it too, and to let other Linden members know of it as well. During my trip, I asked residents if they were interested in having an open waterway around each continent and their response was overwhelmingly in support of it. I passed the results in the form of a petition to Blondin and Keira Linden back in October. I have since sent follow-up messages to Blondin once each month thereafter, without receiving any reply from either he or Keira, so I’m of the impression that they are not interested to pursue any dialog on the topic.

none at all, as I’m sure you can understand. Perhaps if Blondin and Keira are not the appropriate Lindens to engage in this topic, as I was told they were—and as Blondin himself directed me—you might be able to steer me in the appropriate direction toward who would be best to receive such information and what I should expect in return by way of response. THE BALLOON JOURNEY With the sailing adventure completed, I have moved forward with a new adventure: to fly by hot air balloon throughout the entire nine continents of Second Life. While the sailing adventure took seven weeks to circumnavigate five continents, I expect the hot air balloon journey to take at least three months—this is with flying at least a couple hours on average each day. The journey is already underway, having begun January 1, 2010. You can track my progress on my blog at: and in potential future issues of ICON magazine, which are available both in-world as well as on HISTORICAL MARKER FOR SL’s OLDEST SIM As part of the balloon expedition, I was wondering if perhaps the opportunity existed to have a public design contest to create a historical marker in Natoma to indicate it as one of the first and oldest sims in all of Second Life. I thought perhaps it could be incorporated into the festivities surrounding the annual Second Life birthday events. As SL gets older, people may have increased interest to know of its roots, and as of yet all historical information is scattered around, rather than being centrally located. We could bring them all together in a venue surrounding such a memorial marker. I have ideas for this and would be interested to discuss them with you if you or others in the Linden family have interest. I’m wondering if any of the Lindens may be interested to know of the balloon endeavour, or to spread news of it in any particular fashion, such as in Blue Linden’s travel blog or via other notices. The journey will continue regardless of publicity; I was just interested in sharing a good thing with you and others, should there be any interest in it. Thanks for reading and best to you in 2010.

I'm writing you because you had expressed an interest, and I would be happy to receive any thoughts you may have in reply—for, against or disinterested—any comment would be appreciated more than receiving


Dahlia Jayaram 10 January 2010

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dahlia Jayaram began her Second Life in October, 2008. Part of her first few months were spent searching for the most beautiful and natural islands in SL. That endeavour led her to Crossing Currents Island, which she now shares with her partner, Lie Rang, developing and promoting island lifestyle products for MnM Designs. After sailing around five of Second Life’s continents in late 2009, Dahlia wanted to have a travel adventure that would include all nine continents (which became ten just before completion of this book). Thus, the Great Balloon Adventure was born and launched January 1, 2010. Travel from the oldest continent of Sansara through the youngest continent of Zindra would result in a book for each of the nine continents, published at

“For some of us, travel is like oxygen–we need it to live. Without it, we feel stagnate, uninspired, unmotivated, uncultured and unfulfilled.” The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Heterocera Jeogeot


What will be your adventure?

The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot  
The Great Balloon Adventure ~ Jeogeot  

The third in a series of books that chronicles hot air balloonist Dahlia Jayaram as she embarks on an ambitious journey to explore every con...