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To our super sweet and cute bunny! .. enjoy your trip  We decided to make your trip more exciting and full of memories, enjoy reading our wishes 

You are everything I could ask for! You are simply a super cute, amazingly sweet, shopaholic, humorous and caring friend, an amazing workmate and a great sister. I truly enjoyed working, giggling, travelling and having fun with you. Wish you the best in that trip, ENJOY and come home safe. Dahlia <3

"Sonya betsalem 3likiw bt2olek follow ur passion ya mazmazil :D!" Islam Shabana

"When I remember these wonderful days and this time exactly when I told you that we will go to the FAR BIG MILITARY SHIP, I smile :) and I want to tell you something I can't believe my life without knowing someone like you" Anwar

"Ya Menna Ya Nasr" Every time I see this photo, I see the cute childish spirit that I do love and respect. Keep it up ya Menna and Enjoy your time in the States. Anwar

" I am so happy that i got the chance to get closer to u, gonna miss our city stars outings, shopping and the bus rides as well ;) ... just be happy and have fun .. be strong .... gonna miss u ya bunny :* " Noha sabry

"I will miss you ya "SWEEEEET"" Nada Gabr

wish you all the best in your life w ya rab tetbesty w t3eshy memories 7elwa matensehash abadan waiting for you erga3elna bel salama ya baby ;)Mona Ragab

"Ya Menna ya Sweeeeeeeeeeettt, I love you ! and I love the things we have in common and how crazy they are I truly wish all the best in this I am sure it will be graet in shaa'Allah ba7bk 7ob el sweetsss" Noran Abdou

" da kan a7la yum for me. I miss uuuu n wishin u the best luck " Mariam tarek

"captain Menna..we'll miss you geddan" Sarah Abu nar

"trou7i w trga3ilna b alf salama" Hussam Mohamed and Yassin

Bunny's memories file  

Have a nice trip and come back safe hun :)

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