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turn, Maribor 1. cities caught-up in time, a bit picturesque, a bit off-center even the transportation of cars by train all the conveyances, all the references Bachelard salvages the evening if that is true, he’ll come back women demanding perhaps the men rather boring truth is lost, just as peoples’ consistency the jeopardy of the offices of opportunity those any misunderstanding who afterwards a secret prodding yawning, humidity boredom certainly in six minutes the departure and the minute-hand with the red point on the white clock-face with the Latin numerals good-byes in three minutes, opening and closing train TIR RAIL, the points fade and are retracted short whistles, the train is departing in ten seconds and the conclusion, a stereotypical reversal, trak-trak, clack.

2. The red train marks rivers, hills makes all the variations of green loosens and ties the light it grabs it and leaves it almost everyone hangs on the cell phones absent now impressions of hotels now memories from other places now performances without curtains on the way there unease and anxiety exercises in short tunnels quick strolls with all the ignorance the thin coat of the visible with all the ignorance return fatigue.


  at  what  time  at  what   pace  as  if   streets, squares, platforms, stairs, statues river, bridge, valley, hillside, ravine, creeks

4. ambassador to the same universe self-celebration without glory the words slip into the pores of the city while the narrator himself doesn’t know it while the moving population doesn’t want it indifference is difficult, the blessing middling monotonous drone waiting quick gathering of moments anticipation apotheosis of refraction molecular images neither a day in paradise nor a day in hell.

5. in spite of all the undertakings the vulnerability no the impairment from over-specialization the effort perhaps desperately rigs the misunderstanding of the partial the cheapness devious (?) the downgrading of the rest a signifier no yes Maribor before the thing before the planned journey destination end or conclusion “the oldest grape vines in the world the roots of the grape vine in the river�, the same gullet afterwards tests, the red wines writes what beginning what middle what end permit, penury.

6. greed inside, outside faith no faith echo from this way

gnosis diagnosis prognosis misdiagnosis

good bad

veritas veritas veritas veritas

night of the labors day of the labors the furious of the labors

7. the priest, the couple dressed in their Sunday best, two older men, a little girl and the professional with the video camera, the church had probably welcomed larger crowds before, greater joy give us the daily poetry and nothing to the dogs the eulogist came but did not articulate, as everyone is getting ready for the holidays, the actors clean up quickly the stone-paved street, the clowns blow-up the balloons, the market takes care of bread loaves and sausages, afterwards though, delivery on command brief cohabitation, chimera of those outside contracts for the transactions in the midst of enthusiasm and libations the commodity came to the city, but left no trace whatsoever, brief cultivation of the primordial and it went away with the residents of the environs because without quibbles fallacy or proposal.

Maribor Turn  

Visual poetry by intermedia artist Demosthenes Agrafiotis.

Maribor Turn  

Visual poetry by intermedia artist Demosthenes Agrafiotis.