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trendbook ss 18


In the megatrend SHIFTED PLACES it is all about the focus that is shifting to the other countries The folklore in Russia, the simplicity of Scandinavia, the traditions and tribes of Africa. Since the future is all about going back to the essence, you really see multiple factors coming back such as: Tradition, roots, tribes, handycrafts, communities etc. But with going back to the essence also comes along the consciousness. Not only when it comes to someone’s roots but also about putting everything into perspective; for example: Who are we? and where do we stand for? I’ve noticed in the art scene of Africa and Russia there is this so called New Realism. New realism is un-aldurated and unbounded by certainties and absolutes. Beyond its natural and sociological boundaries. For example the Russian artist PLUSCH, he describes his work as more levels of understanding and approach to reality. He uses artistic techniques into an instrument of social and political criticism. New realism will be the main focus for ss 18, we’ll have a new look upon the traditional morals, forms and rituals. by Dagmar Rijgersberg

COLOURS colours are an essential part of trends, especially these trends. The maxim of the colours of the trend in ss 2018 will have a certain simplicity, you do not always have to scream to get noticed. The colourpallet wil include the following colours: jasmine pink babylon blue simplicite grey DRKLN black The colour DRKLN Black will have a leading role in this season

traditional forms The focus is changing in the world and in ss 2018 our focus will be on the TRADITIONAL FORMS from for instance Africa. The forms of the tribes and local civillian in Africa will be used again but have been put into a new perspective. Like the name says in the trend TRADITIONAL FORMS we will see a lot of traditional forms from different tribes, but alsof the hairstyles and headwear we’ll see in the movement.


ART OF BRAIDS Traditional hairstyles will be the main focus. It will be our aim to honor the influence of the African tradition by recreating African creations and design aesthetic. Such as : braids, dreadlocks, headwraps, weave and all the traditional hairstyles and creations will be used to create the african look to the fullest.

KARIN JOLLET The artist Karin Jollet her art is a marvel of craftsmanship and falls under the category the french would call unclassable, or impossible to classify. It’s definitely art, the medium is mostly textile, and the result a hybrid of sculpture, modeling and sewing. I find her work eerily beautiful and sometimes a bit disturbing. NEW REALISME IN ART

scandinavian simplicity The trend SCANDINAVIAN SIMPLICITY comes along with the consciousness of people in these time of days. The handycrafts of scandinavia is the main focus of the trend. That will influence the material that is used such as woven materials and organic materials. The design in scandinavia in influenced by the simplicity of the nature and landscapes. The forms of this seasons trend will be influenced by this SCANDINAVIAN SIMPLICITY.


THE ART OF SIMPLICITY The Steel and leather armchair designed in the 1970 by French sculptor and designer Alain Douillard. is characterized by similar extreme qualities as some scandinavian designs. But Douillard`s work represents the next level of convergency of design and fine art. Because this armchair looks more sculpture than useful interior object. Often characterized by Minimalism and clean lines, the Scandinavian design movement originated with a 1950s design show that traveled to the United States and Canada to showcase Nordic designers and the “Scandinavian way of living.� Scandinavian design influenced the development of Modernism in North America and Europe, and it continues to shape decorative arts today.

folklore aesthetics Russian folklore takes its roots in the pagan beliefs of ancient Slavs and now is represented in the Russian fairy tales. This seasons trend is all about the FOLKLORE AESTHETICS such as the patterns, jewellry and forms. The ss 2018 trend will be influenced by colourfull patterns and forms. The traditional patterns will be combined with new colours and forms to create a new look on the folklore clothing.




Vulture Magazine

KON TRUBKOVICH a Russian-born, New York-based artist born in 1979. He begins his work by filming his own videos, which he further analyzes, sometimes presenting selected clips as separate films, and then decides which stills will go on to become intriguing still-life works. His oil and graphite canvas paintings present their own distinct statement, complete with true-to-form blips, glitches, and interference. This is most recently seen in his Transmission series, where people’s faces have been distorted beyond identification.

folklore in interior modern folk embroidery Modern Folk makes cross-stitch patterns inspired by centuries of foalk embroidery from across the globe.



SHIFTED PLACES by dagmar rijgersberg '13

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