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PRODUCTS based on the megatrend TECHTENDENCY

concealment HOLDER

CONCEALMENT HOLDER The concealment holder is a holder for the phone. This holder is made of an explicit material that will take your privacy to the next level. In the megatrend TECHTENDENCY we talk about the ‘big brother is watching you’ feeling, especially for people that want to have their privacy can use this concealment holder. The explicit material is made against the radiation that will record your phone calls.


SELECTIVE CLUTCH In this elegant and unisex clutch it is only your choice what you show the outer world. the transparant bag represents the transparancy of the society nowadays. In the transparancy part you choose the products that you want to show off. In the middle of this elegant clutch you see this little covered leather piece. This is the private little clutch inside the transparant clutch.Such as your mobile phone, bankcards or other personal belongings. But not only that this part is covered is special, the inside of this little black leather clutch is made as the same material as the concealment holder, this will also keep the radiation away.


IDENTITY GLASSES This is the identity glasses, at first sight this looks like just another fashionable sunglasses, but these glasses are the ultimate way to keep your privacy. The pattern that the glasses have is inspired by the anti-surveillance schmink of Adam Harvey called CV Dazzle. The pattern Adam uses in the make-up is especially designed so you won’t be recognized by the surveillance camera’s. As we explained in the megatrend TECHTENDENCY the technology won’t stop developing and the privacy will be reduced even more. This glasses gives us the opportunity to choose whether we want to be recognized or not.-



based on the megatrend TECHTENDENCY by dagmar rijgersberg


based on the megatrend TECHTENDENCY by dagmar rijgersberg