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hat so much the women can manage to play video games? Be surprised at the number and observe the motives. Though it seems to be surprising, every time the participation of the women is major as gamers in the whole world, the numbers show that in the day of today, the majority, unlike what it might imagine, belongs to women. It estimates that 64% of the North American teenagers (age between 12 and 20 years) plays often to the video games, whereas the males represent 36% remaining. Various factors influence the choice of the game in women and men.

The consumption habits of women are different from those

of men, that extends the choice of game and in the time allotted to play. All the women refer to a major offer in the subject matter of the game. They prefer those of strategy, resolution of problems and cruxes, more elaborated plots, cooperative way, interactive way and, certainly, with an more feminine protagonists.

It discovers which are the motives that do that the women like it the video games.


Games of love, of romantic adventures

by: Karen Vanegas.

and games related to the wardrobe and the makeup: inevitable in the interests of the women. Most women are looking for content oriented girls (as the game series The Sims, which has a strong presence in the female audience) but, above all, that contains another type of discourse. The culprit is the technology, until now access to game consoles and a specially configured PC to play, appeared to be a specific area of men. As the girls take their time with other tasks and concerns, men have always shown a greater approach to technology issues. Even the habit of discussing technological aspects; it is much more verifiable in these talks. So what was it that happened? How came the women? The launch and success of the latest personal consoles such as Nintendo DS and PSP, surely one of the factors of this approach. Not having to worry about the latest video cards or sound or the complication inherent in their configurations, the handheld came to be widely accessible to teenagers.

Nintendo’s revenue with a new paradigm of game,

across the launch of his successful Wii, brought to collation the revenue of a persons’ enormous quantity without links with the culture of the video games to play. The players of Wii can move his body, already it is not a question of moving the buttons him with the thumbs: we are speaking about a radical change. Now we can play and be in movement, having the control of the prominent figures on screen. They are ‘’they’’ those who adopted the Wii. The women bet on new games without violence and that in addition imply certain physical exercise. These and more factors motivate the women for wanting to interfere in the video games.





by: Angie fernandez.

Such fairs are held every 2 to 3 months in the chico

our society today most young people are bound to find the same thing in many aspects such as dress accessories and more things that are "essential" to our age. We comply with what we see in some places without opening our minds to something new and innovative as what afrecen most young designers in many shows of this type.

museum in Bogota (Cra 7 # 93-01) and is often done in a more clandestine in the center of Bogotรก in "six hands" at the street 22. On many occasions have seen or found Colombian music groups as "Monsieur Perineum" Presenting his music in such events.


n my opinion this is a great space for all of the world not only for exhibitors but to buyers because it takes something very unique nine rn every way. Besides that this is something especially thank Beatriz Alicia Ramirez and Andrea Arbelaez for allowing new artists, musicians, chefs and designers to share their knowledge.

As "the gates of

heaven" a space for independent designers show each of their projects to the public, in open spaces such as parks or plazas located in the north of Bogotรก


n these places you can find both food clothing accessories such as cameras and other furniture at affordable prices for everyone, this space also lends itself well to listen to some acoustic music make "Picnic" do yoga and enjoy some family or friends a good time. This is a space that has occurred since 2009 in the city of Bogota and hopefully other cities also adopt such manifestations.


oday these shows are more often so an invitation to attend a fun time with people who strive to do something they hope you like it, the next date of "the gates of heaven" is scheduled for September so it's an opportunity that not many use but still take.



BODYBUILDING A lot of people around the world are interesting in the

way they look but sometimes some people exercise their bodies too much and they develop big and definite muscles but this is not easy they have to train strong and have a nutritive diet.

In the tournaments the competitors have to do

They have to eat a lot of carbohydrates because this

mandatory poses also they prepare a physical routine, sometimes the tournaments have different categories and they complete for the title of mister universe or mister Olympia.

The bodybuilders compete in tournaments where are a


provides energy to the body and promote secretion of insulin that has steroid-like effects in terms of muscle gains.

the 1970s, bodybuilding had major publicity thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger and others in the 1977 film Pumping Iron. By this time the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) dominated the competitive bodybuilding landscape and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) took a back seat.

panel of judges, who assign points based on their appearance. Bodybuilders prepare for competition through a combination of dehydration, fat loss, oils, and tanning (or tanning lotions) which combined with lighting make the definition of the muscle group more distinct. The bodybuilders could be a man or a woman (the genre is not an impediment) in this way there are tournaments for men and for women.


people could think that the bodybuilders there are just people obsess with their bodies but the bodybuilding can be consider an sport because this like other sports require of discipline, be constant and train much.


The Nogales Cuban style F

our years ago the teacher Lazaro Jesus Garcia , came to the school and he made of this school the most important in the town. Lazaro alias "El Cubano" was born with volleyball on his blood, he is a winner , he is a sportsman who always find the victory and in this moment he only wants the best for Nogales volleyball team.


oday the students participate in intercollegiate with Female child and Juvenile Female . These girls have shown great performance and reliability in the sport, thanks to them Nogales continues and will continue to enhance Funza level and may still be large to Cundinamarca level.


hen this sportan came to school he came with a way of thinking of incentivate student with the sports. Today Nogales is the best school which is in the top for the sport level. Thanks to Lazaro Garcia the students know about the sport and is very funny.


hey show the Cuban caste as its leader Lazaro Garcia the best trained level Cundinamarca. Nogales expects many more victories and greatness from you. Good look.



ver time they have increased the number of halls with 4D around the world, in places like: Mexico United Estates Brazil Asia (select counties) Today the technology is still innovating and continues creating different things with the idea of being able to please the audience or the common people.


he technology in 3D is not enough for all the viewers, there will be one more D or other dimension to enjoy the movies another way most spectacular. A few days was said and ad that this technology began operating in 200 (two hundred) theaters in untied estates.

Apart from the 3D, as now exist the cinema in 4D the best

option is that the cinema will be adapt to a suitable theater for this technology, for this reason the chairs can be move, to generating rain sensation, wind, cold and will be a big ventilators to simulate burst of wind, also be used to generate smells as for example smoke, powder, etc. all according to the film that is showing, The company call CJ 4D PLEX, of Korea, will be responsible for making this possible. According to the site of L.A TIMES, the Korean company believes that the viewers will not have problem to pay a few dollars more to see those movies, which means a beater experience. The programming or installation of de 4D effects of one film can take between 16 to 20 days, all using a special software to control things as the level of the wind and vibrations or movements of the chairs . Furthermore, theater design and equipment may cost more or less two millions of dollars. The company CJ debuted in 2009, has done work whit more than 20 (twenty) great movies made in Hollywood also they have big international studies, they have many successes whit a series of films, that was said for Chris Aronson the director of domestic distribution for 20th century fox.


the game of hunger in colombia: While you are eating a delicious meal with juice or


soda, millions of people around you do not have a bite to eat, that's the reality of our country. Unfortunately, this situation affects an unimaginable number of Colombians, especially children, who must eat in a healthy way in the first three years, so that in the future do not suffer from any disease and may have optimal health conditions.

or this reason, it is important to develop public policies that strengthen disadvantaged sections of the population, and that every individual should have the fundamental right to enjoy a balanced diet to be in the ability to lead an active life.

According to the Dane, in his report on poverty in

his is a call to individuals to be aware that food insecurity is one of the biggest problems that affects to Colombia, and therefore, it is important collaboration, for a better future for people who do not have the possibility to eat a single bite and those who do not practice healthy habits to have a satisfying life.


2008, twenty million Colombians are poor and about eight million are homeless. From this point, it reflects a broad relationship between poverty and malnutrition, as many Colombians do not have the minimum to meet basic needs, something that reiterates once again that our country is on red alert about this issue.

“In Colombia, five thousand children die each year for malnutrition

and 5 of 10 adults, approximately do not have the necessary conditions for optimal health condition. These figures reveal a daunting situation for our society.�


Really concerned, the doctor proceed to do the

exam and just like a miracle, the tumor was 50% smaller! The doctor was absolutely amazed and he was speechless just like his patients they could not believe that something like that happened in their bodies, he said: ‘’it is a miracle, I have not an explanation’’.inmmediately the doctor started to analyze how the tumor got smaller and he asked the women what they did to fight against that big bad ball? The women answered that they started to make some art just like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and handcrafts.

by: Fernanda Montoya.

¡the new cure for breast cancer!


ome new research found that the art was the cure for a group of women which suffered breast cancer.


doctors were absolutely amazed about the diagnosis and the progress that those women experimented since the beginning of their illness. When the women knew about their illness they got depressed and the tumor started to grow uncommonly; the doctors were really worried because the cancer started to invade a big part of the breast and the women were worst every day.


he women started practicing some activities like painting, sculpture and handcrafts everything related whit the art, two weeks later the women started to feel good, peaceful and resigned, trying to enjoy the little things, leaving behind the pain of suffering breast cancer, and feel the brave and the energy to fight against it.


he doctors were happy for the attitude change in the women, but still worried about the big tumor in their breast, so he decided to make an exam to see if the tumor was bigger.


The women said that as they were painting they

started to feel better, and happier; the doctor was surprised of hearing that so he decided to talk with a neurologist about the miracle, he said that when we do something to feel better we are fighting against our illnesses and physical problems, for that reason the brain started to clean our bodies from the inside to the outside.


he doctor was happy and amazed he congrats the women and told them to keep doing the art job for fun and make the tumor smaller and smaller, the women were so relief and smiley and they said that they were going to keep doing their paintings. Two months later the women went to the doctor’s office he did the necessary exams and he found that they have not longer any tumor; the women and the doctor were amazed and finally in peace cause they won the battle of the cancer.

In my opinion as a reader and woman I think that

we are fighters, we are able to do anything we want , we can do all and doing positive things to feel better and enjoy life, we could be free from any bad thing that want to attack us, and finally be happy and enjoy every single and little thing in life. I hope that you as readers can understand and feel admiration for those women cause they are a model of strength and overcoming.


oday we say goodbye to our school and hello to a new stage in our lives. We are full of enthusiasm and overjoyed by the significant experience from these years of studies because we know it all was worth it and we start getting ready for our Little journey through life in this new state.Here we learned the true meaning of friendship, unity, solidarity, joy and confidence. God has placed some people in our path throughout time; people who are hard to forget because, even though, they stay in our lives for awhile, they leave footprints in our heart. We can’t remain a lifetime with those people but, despite the short time sharing with each other, a part of them will always be growing in us. So on behalf of all the students in this generation, we give our thanks: First of all, to God, for letting us to know him through for him all and for having he in our lives. Secondly, to our parents and siblings, for encouraging and supporting us despite of the economic and family difficulties. They’re always with us. Thirdly, to teachers and administrators for providing their knowledge, for investing the time and effort inside and outside the workplace in order to provide timely feedback on assignments, for choosing to educate and help nurture us so that we may realize our potential, learn about the world in which we live, and grow into becoming responsible and productive members of society. We’re happy to have found great friends and those who those who joined us on the road. This is a unique generation, because everybody did their best to succeed as a group. It will be impossible to forget the competitions, rehearsals for performances, afternoons studying for exams, and pranks as the ones that were for teachers. Among others that will remind us, in spite of our age, we will be always a child though, sometimes you have to get distracted to discover new feelings. For example, some people could have been in love or something. A farewell is necessary but it’s like the end, and it’s hard to say goodbye to School. These years have been in charge of our training, we know what is coming will not be easy, but we’re excited we know you’re always going to be there. Saying thank you is not enough to express what we feel: this mixture of sadness, happiness and satisfaction when we reach the goal and having to say GOOBYE to this family, Our family!. “Good-bye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart's the memory and you'll always be there ”. ~ The Fox 'n' the Hound. By: Diana Paola Rincón Upegui 11°


We finished!!

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