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Vol #1 Issue 2- July 2011

From the Editor’s Desk This month, we bring to you a brand new issue of Daft’n’Direkt. Our last issue was extremely well-received even though the site was hacked most of the time thanks to some stupid Italian hackers. Lots of compliments and a plethora of pats on the backs have made us work even harder on this issue. We have improvised on our magazine thanks to the feedback, complaints, suggestion and compliments we have received. And the changes will keep coming. Thanks to our readers. This month, we have introduced three new sections into our magazine. One, to touch the hearts of a few sentimental beings out there. Second, for the gaming enthusiasts out there. And third, for the enjoyment of movie-buffs around the world. Not to forget, the previous sections have been retained. Ineptly, this month’s magazine doesn’t contain the Sports Section like last time. We apologize sincerely.

We hope that the changes in this issue are welcomed by you. If there is anything at all that you don’t like, do let us know. We welcome criticism like we welcome “Sheela’s Jawaani” and “Munni’s Badnaami”. Boot-licking and an encomium or two wouldn’t really hurt. If you wish to be a part of us, email us. That will be all for now. We shall be making our return next month. Till then, hasta la vista! Love, Daft’n’Direkt Magazine™

Contributors  ‘I Forgive You’- Nupur Raut  ‘Hybrids’- Shantanu Gandhe  ‘Essence Essentielles’- Isha Mantry  ‘Galaxy S II’- Yash Bhatia  ‘iExplorer’- Angad Jagtiani  ‘The Future of Gaming’- Ajinkya Bhonsle  ‘Friday’- Krishna Bhatt  ‘Sun Soaked Pop’- Akshay Merchant

I Forgive You! People spend all or most of their lives holding grudges. I don’t blame them. It’s human to choose your ego over your peace of mind. The heaviness and pain seem to comfort humans, even though they complain of it all the time. They love masochism. My life would be so carefree without grudges, I know. But I still hold them. I do try to get rid of them, honest. But there are roadblocks. I start thinking about what would happen after I forgive the objects of my grudges, and whether they will be ungrateful. But by forgiving them, I know I will let go of the hurt and the pain that I was inflicting upon myself. There is someone I’ve wanted to forgive with all my heart and start a friendship on a clean slate…but knowing his true nature, I can’t. He leaves no room for anyone but himself (not literally). There are people like that in everyone’s lives…you want to forgive them but you know the consequences of that could be catastrophic. There are so many other people I want to forgive….an unreasonably strict schoolteacher, a friend who stopped talking to me because she found another friend, a girl

who was given undeserved importance just because she is rich, and the Happening Gang of my school. They wouldn’t be grateful, definitely, because they will look at what I did wrong on my part, and think me quite stuck-up for saying “I Forgive You.” But who said they have to acknowledge your forgiveness? You can just forgive them within your heart. By doing that, you’re going to let go of the heaviness in your heart. You’re going to feel light. You’re going to feel like you’ve done a good deed. A compromise in your favor, right? What do you get by keeping the horrible boiling hatred inside you? And does the gratefulness on the other person’s part really matter? To let go of a grudge is a lot like trying to scrub grit off frying pans. It takes lots of time and energy (and the grit can come back sometimes), but at the end of it your conscience is spick and span. There is nothing selfless in the act of forgiveness: are you scrubbing the pan so that the pan will feel better? You’re doing it for yourself so you get to cook and eat clean food.

When I’m upset with someone, my mother always says, “Bless them and forgive them, forget about it. It’s like holding hot coals in your hand and not letting them go.” She does know a lot about forgiveness. It took her years, but she forgave all the villains who loved seeing her sad. She’s damn good at forgiving my adolescent tantrums, too. To everyone who I’ve mentioned I want to forgive: Whether you guys read this or not, I forgive you. I do not expect you to do the same for me because I have selfish intentions in forgiving you. I want to be at peace with myself. I also forgive myself for being so tough on myself all the time (this one is harder. But I’m going to try). To everyone who’s reading this, stop thinking so much about what can happen if you forgive. Please pick up those rocks sitting inside you and throw them away. You’ll feel much, much better. And today, I begin the process of forgiveness. I feel powerful. “Life is too short to hold a grudge, also too long.” Robert Brault

-Nupur Raut

Hybrids The Earth has reached a very delicate stage. Pollution levels are at an all time high and there have been adverse effects of urbanization and many other factors on our Earth’s ecosystem. In such a situation, automobile companies realized the necessity to introduce environment friendly cars and thus ushered in a revolution of sorts by producing these cars known as hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are those which work on two or more power sources. The term ‘hybrid car’ is most commonly used for electric vehicles which utilize the internal combustible energy of the car and two or more power sources .These power sources can be any environmentally friendly source ranging from compressed air to solar sources or even coal wood and solid combustible materials .

The simplest types of hybrid vehicles are electric scooters, mopeds, etc. In today’s times we find many of our vehicles or public transportation running on the roads being hybrid vehicles. From heavy vehicles like trains, ships to trucks to military vehicles like off-road Humvees run on hybrid technology and turn out to be more efficient. There are also numerous commercial vehicles and a few aircrafts made running on hybrid technology.  TRAINS: The first operational prototype of a hybrid train engine with significant energy storage and energy regeneration capability was introduced in Japan as the ‘KiHa E200’. It utilizes battery packs of lithium ion batteries mounted on the roof to store recovered energy.

 SHIPS: Ships with both mast-mounted sails and steam engines were an early form of hybrid vehicles. Another example is the diesel-electric submarine. This runs on batteries when submerged and the batteries can be re-charged by the diesel engine when the craft is on the surface.

 CARS: There are numerous hybrid cars which are in mass production; the most famous being the Toyota Prius. Most of these cars are electrically powered or run on other alternative fuel sources. Toyota, Ford, GM and others have introduced hybrid pick-ups and SUVs .Even trucks are found to run on hybrid technology. Apart from these even military Hummers also make use of hybrid technology.

-Shantanu Gandhe

Essence Essentielles I have been obsessed with perfumes ever since I was a little tantrum throwing kid. And I hold my father responsible for making my fixation worse when he gifted me my first perfume when I was 10! A Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel! But, I think perfumes are an extension of your personality, it’s literally your essence. It has the power to evoke sensations of serenity, nostalgia and desire (and by desire I don’t mean those ridiculous pheromone induced perfumes sold by TeleBrands that claim to invoke sexual desires in the opposite gender!). It marks your presence in a crowd and makes an impression; just as much as foul body odour would, but definitely in a non repulsive, striking way! Smelling good, is THE way to go! One of the best compliments I have received is, “Wow, What are you wearing? You smell like home!” Apparently, my perfume reminded my home-sick friend of his best friend back home at Canada.

And honestly there is nothing sexier than a man or a woman who smells good! If you get it right, it’s definitely a total turn on! Moving on to a few of my recommendations! One of my all time favorites is Burberry London for women!

In this floral-fresh scent, gentle top notes of rose and honeysuckle are balanced by deeper heart notes of tiare flower, jasmine and peony and a hint of fresh clementine zest. Solar notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli impart subtle warmth to create an inspiring fragrance. Bottom-line, this will blow your mind away! It’s

individualistic, sexy and leaves a lingering trail of your zesty persona! If you are bold enough to handle a truly seductive perfume, the Dior Addict is just for you! A sophisticated oriental fragrance with a floral heart, for the passionate, intuitive woman who ignores dictates and follows her own rules. It has a compelling heart note of the Jamaican “Queen of the Night “a rare and elusive flower that blooms only for a few hours and is considered the soul of enchantment. Intensely seductive. Be prepared to beat the guys off with a yardstick!

My personal favorite is The Flowerbomb, by Victor and Rolf. In addition to its interesting packaging, it is power packed with an explosive combination of a thousand fresh floral scents simulating a fresh wave of sensations. This detonating floral mix leaves behind a breathtaking trail and a dozen dazed admirers!

An all time classic is Chanel No.5. It’s sophisticated and embraces womanhood in all its glory! It’s touted to be the ‘now and forever’ fragrance and has won the Allure Magazine's Reader's Choice Award for Best Classic Fragrance. Enough said!

For the fun and flirty kinds, Light Blue by D & G is one of the most popular scents that rarely manage to stay on the shelves for more than a few days! This legacy has been passionately created to capture the sensual essence of the Mediterranean! The enticing aroma is a tribute to the love affair of the sun, sand and the sea! If I were to describe it in one word, it would be ‘delicious’!

I know I’m a little partial when it comes to impart my ‘gyaan’ and it tends to tip in favor of the girls! But I love men’s fragrances as well! Here are a few of the most popular ones!  Bvlgari Pour Homme Sior  Ungaro III  Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani  Davidoff Hot Water  Davidoff Cool Water  Obsession by Calvin Klein  Tom ford Grey Vetiver Go ahead and pick out your favorite! There is a technique to apply a perfume if u wish to have the desired effect on people around you, or perhaps a potential date. Simply dousing yourself in your favorite perfume is a bad idea. You don’t want people around you cringing and crinkling their noses! Always apply perfume to the pulse points of the wrists and throat and do it from a distance of 5-6 inches.

Over-applying, thinking that the scent will stay strong all day long, is not the way to go. Subtlety is the key to proper application. Re-applying the perfume throughout the day is not recommendable. Your smelling sense becomes desensitized to fragrances and you will not be able to smell the perfume while others still can and you will probably end up being the reason for their headaches! That being said, you now have the license to thrill! As a parting gift I shall enlighten you with a little something I stumbled upon a few days ago. How to make your very own home-made perfume/ how to make your girlfriend squeal by gifting her home-made perfume! Making a delicate water-based perfume with a floral scent is deliciously direct- and an ideal gift for a romantic at heart. When making perfume as a gift, it’s important to keep in mind the recipient’s tastes and preferences. You’ll want to use a highly fragrant flower to achieve a good scent, so think about which flowers your beloved enjoys. (You can get a bouquet to make the perfume and save the

remaining flowers to give alongside your handmade gift.) Get even greener with this gift and pick the flowers from your own garden. Some options to consider are rose, honeysuckle and lavender. Basic supplies for making perfume:      

1½ cups chopped flowers Cheesecloth Medium-size bowl with lid 2 cups distilled water Small saucepan Washed and sterilized vanilla extract bottle, or another small colored bottle with a lid or an airtight stopper

Instructions for making perfume: 1. Wash the flower petals. Gently clean off any dirt and sediment with water. 2. Soak the flowers. Put the cheesecloth inside a bowl with edges overlapping the bowl. Put the flowers into the cheesecloth-lined bowl and pour the water over them, covering the flowers. Cover the bowl with the lid and let the flowers soak overnight.

3. Heat the flower-scented water. The next day, remove the lid from the bowl and gently bring the four corners of the cheesecloth together, lifting the flower pouch out of the water. Squeeze the pouch over a small saucepan, extracting the flower-scented water. Simmer over low heat until you have about a teaspoon of liquid. 4. Bottle the perfume. Pour the cooled water into the bottle and cap it. The perfume will last for up to a month if stored in a cool, dark place. Voilà! You can decorate your bottle, or create a small label for it, or simply leave it as is. Go ahead. Sweep her off her feet! You must’ve heard of this one before, “You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile!” I say, “You are not fully dressed until you wear a good perfume! The smile will automatically find its place!”

-Isha Mantry

Galaxy S II The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in India was extremely hyped. And rightly so. As the successor to the extremely successful Galaxy S, this handset had a lot of expectations from the public. The next iteration of the Galaxy S series packs in a punch with its 4.3 inch SuperAMOLED-Plus display and a plethora of other features. The Galaxy S2 is faster, lighter and thinner than the original Galaxy S. The 0.33 inches thick Galaxy S2 features the latest version of Google’s widely popular Android Operating System along with Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz 4.0 customization.

The hardware of the Galaxy S2 is incomparable to the devices in the same league. Its beautiful 4.3 inch display is something that is going to take everyone’s breath away. The Super-AMOLED-Plus technology makes the blacks deeper and the colors are extremely ebullient, which makes using this device an overall enjoyable experience. This technology, like its predecessor, is energy-efficient. So, even though it gives you a vibrant screen, the Galaxy S2 most certainly won’t be running out of juice every so often. The only catch here is the resolution of the screen. While most of the new devices like the HTC Sensation are packing a qHD resolution of 960 X 540, the Galaxy S2 seems slightly inadequate with a resolution of 800 X 480. But, with that kind of a screen size and luminosity, I don’t think many people out there would care a damn.

The software of the Galaxy S2 is well-designed and is absolutely delightful. Running Android 2.3.3, this beast has no problems whatsoever in day-to-day operations. It simply pounds the competition with its fluidity and smoothness. For the Android geeks who are simply interested in the Quadrant scores of the device, this monster scores a 3396. Way above the LG Optimus 2X! And it should not be forgotten that the Galaxy S2 has already been rooted (Cool Android term for ‘hacked’) and custom ROMs are already in the making!

Over-clocking the Galaxy S2’s 1.2 GHz dual-core processor has already been tried and the results are mind-boggling. With the GSII over-clocked to 1.5 GHz, this bad boy scores a dizzying 4062 on Quadrant.

The TouchWiz 4.0 implementation is done extremely well. An older version of the Samsung customization was previously seen in the original Galaxy S and has received a lot of criticism. But, with TouchWiz 4.0, everything is changed. The TouchWiz UI can now be compared to HTC’s Sense UI (which is extremely brilliant, mind you). It looks much better than the previous version and has all the functionalities as before.

The RAM can be cleared by the nifty Program Monitor widget, which leads to a faster performance, overall. It most definitely won’t be needed with the dual-core processor and the 1 GB of RAM. A useful addition to the TouchWiz customization is a copy of HTC’s motion-sensor functions. The phone can be flipped face-down to mute all sounds. The “Turn Over” technology works like a charm each and every time, unlike the army of HTC Android devices, where it feels like a ‘hit and miss’ kind of a situation. The Galaxy S2 with all its features may look like a batteryguzzler to you. But, this is not the case. The drool-worthy Galaxy S2 has a battery life of about 20 hours with push

notifications from FaceBook, Gmail and Twitter while being connected to a Wi-fi network. The secret to this is the Galaxy S2’s efficient energy-management system. The phone, in its idle mode, under-clocks itself to around 200 MHz! What’s even more impressive is the fact that there is no setback in performance. At all. For the photography aficionados, Samsung packs an 8megapixel camera with an LED flash. The camera is capable of capturing 1080p HD video. The images captured are extremely sharp with very slight noise. The camera is extremely customizable and the settings can be tweaked to one’s heart’s contents. The Galaxy S2 is overall a splendid handset with outstanding features. This, I daresay, is the best Android smartphone money can buy. And if I might add, quite to the annoyance of an Apple FanBoy- this beats the hell out of any iOS device out there. Personally, the irascibility of an Apple FanBoy is something I would ohso-gladly witness. Oh, the sadistic pleasures of Life!

-Yash Bhatia

iExplorer Internet Explorer is one of the oldest and most stable web browsers around and some users who shift from a Windows OS to the Mac OS still prefer using Internet Explorer. But since Microsoft has officially stopped developing Internet Explorer for the Mac OS, Mac users are not able to use IE. But, with the following tool you can still run IE on your Mac. Developer Mike Kronenberg has developed a tool for Macs which is called ‘WineBottler’ this tool enables you to use any version of Internet Explorer on your Mac. The software is available here. Once you download it, you might require little help getting it to life. Here you go1. After you download the software, install it and launch it.

2. After installing and launching ‘WineBottler’ click on the ‘Install Predefined Prefixes’ tab on the left column of the screen.

3. Then choose which version of IE you would like to use. After this you will have to specify the folder in which you would like to install IE. 4. Once the installation is completed, go to the location where you have installed ‘Wine Bottler’. And voilà, you can now use IE on your Mac! -Angad Jagtiani

The Future of Gaming E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is a week where gaming companies from around the world showcase upcoming games. It’s also where you see new hardware announcements from companies like Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. We were shown tons of awesome upcoming games at E3 but what really made this year special were the surprise hardware announcements from Sony & Nintendo. The next generation of gaming is about to begin! 1. Nintendo Wii U

Pretty standard look, not curvy enough for my liking

The Wii U will be Nintendo’s 6th home-gaming console (the first was the NES back in 1983), it will be the successor to Nintendo’s Wii which launched in 2007. Nintendo’s Wii has been a big success and it leads the current home-gaming console market with 86 million in sales, much more than PS3 or Xbox 360 (at 50 million & 55 million respectively). However, in recent times due to a poor lineup of games, the Wii has faced severe declines in public interest. Mr. Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo said that the aim behind the Wii U was all about personalizing the gaming experience towards the consumer. Now Nintendo is seen as the king of innovation in gaming, their gaming consoles always have some innovative features that have never been done before, and this tradition continues with the Wii U.

It’s a GameBoy! It’s a DS! It’s a 3DS Lite! NO, it’s actually Wii U’s Controller!

Don’t be fooled by its looks, this isn’t a Nintendo DS or a GameBoy (Nintendo’s portable consoles), this is actually the controller for the Wii U and as we can see it has a screen on it, something that has never been done before in a controller for a home-gaming console. The built in screen isn’t the only exciting new feature of the controller as it also boasts features like a microphone, touch screen, speakers, gyroscope and two cameras (one inward facing and one outward facing). Nintendo’s aim is to combine the controller’s features and the WiiMote (the remote for the current Wii Console) for unique gaming experiences, such as laying the controller on the floor and using it as a place to keep your golf ball in a golfing game while you use the WiiMote as the golf stick. More tech demos at E3 showed interesting usage in car games where the screen on the controller was acting as a rear view mirror while you were driving. It should be mentioned that through the front camera on the controller and the advanced online capabilities of the system you will be able to video chat with other people who own Wii Us!

The system is said to be slightly more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and the X-Box 360. The games announced for the system so far are ‘Batman:Arkham City’, ‘Assassins Creed’, an untitled ‘Tekken’ game, ‘Super Mario Bros Mii’, ‘Darksiders 2’ and a few more. Overall the games lineup so far is quite disappointing as the show floor was full of just tech demos or trailers for the upcoming games mentioned above. Overall, I was disappointed by the showing, not the idea of the Wii U but the lack of exciting games shown, or even a price, it all felt a bit rushed to me. Nintendo is targeting a mid 2012 launch for the system so I hope they have more games to reveal at future events!

2. Sony PlayStation Vita

A touch screen on the front & a touch pad on the back!

Sony’s PlayStation Vita will be their third foray into the handheld gaming market, their first attempt being the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and the second being the PSP Go. The PSP is generally seen as a success with sales of 68 million; however it fell far behind its competitor the Nintendo DS which has sales of 146 million.

Instead of calling the successor to the PSP, PSP2 (PlayStation Portable 2), Sony has ditched the “Portable” end and called it PlayStation Vita. There is supposedly a deeper meaning behind the name as Vita means ‘Life’ in Latin, which is ironically a dead language now. Jokes aside, the name itself sounds pretty bad to me, it fails to excite and most importantly “Vita” has nothing to do with any of the features the system has or about it being portable. At a glance the PlayStation Vita looks similar to the PSP, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, let’s go deeper into what features the PlayStation Vita will have. First and foremost the PS Vita will come packed with tons of power under the hood, let’s not bore ourselves with the technical details, what is important is that it will be able to run games with graphics quality close to PS3 games. Dual analogue sticks will be there this time (PSP having just a single analogue stick was annoying), there is a 5-inch OLED touch display on the front. The back of the PS Vita also has a touch pad. There are 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the back. The system also has a gyro sensor and accelerometer. Finally the PS Vita will come in two versions, a regular version with wi-fi built in and a slightly more expensive version with 3G built in.

The price was revealed to be $249 USD for the cheaper version and $299 USD for the 3G one, this is quite a reasonable price for what the machine packs, in comparison the PS Vita’s underpowered competitor Nintendo’s 3DS retails at $249 USD. Many games have been announced for PS Vita. These include ‘Little Big Planet’, an untitled ‘Bioshock’ game, ‘Lego Harry Potter’, an untitled ‘Call of Duty’ game and many more. So far, the standout title shown for the PS Vita has been Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Nathan Drake’s first Portable Outing

Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2 are some of the PlayStation 3’s best games and the games main character Nathan Drake is one of the most beloved characters among PlayStation fans. It was only natural that Sony would want to bring over the franchise to the PS Vita as well. Now this isn’t the standout title just because of how

gorgeous the game looks but because the game seems to actually use all the features that have been added to the PS Vita to make the game-play more involving and immersive.

The game utilizes PS Vita’s new features very well. While jumping from one ledge to the next you can move the PS Vita in the direction you want Drake to jump. When you climb rocks, you can use the front touch screen to direct which rocks Drake can climb by tapping on them. You can tap on enemies while you are on a ledge to grab them and throw them down. The shooting parts of the game can be played as if you’re playing on a PlayStation 3 due to the presence of two analogue sticks making aiming much easier and more fun. When you need to climb up a rope you need to make climbing motions with fingers on the back touchpad of the PS Vita to climb up, the speed

by which you do these movements will determine how fast you climb. When you use a sniper rifle in the game, you can use the PS Vita’s gyroscope to aim by actually moving the PS Vita in order to adjust the scope in the game screen. All the innovative features combined with the stunning graphics make this game a must buy for anyone picking up the PS Vita and maybe even a reason to buy the PS Vita itself. Personally, I’m very impressed with the PS Vita’s launch. The system itself seems to combine all the great features on past portable gaming consoles. With high quality games like ‘Uncharted: Golden Abyss’ hitting the system at launch, one can only imagine the quality of titles hitting the PS Vita a few years from now.

-Ajinkya Bhonsle

Friday Movies, television, showbiz - basically the world of entertainment. We all get a glimpse of the outer glitz and glamour of this world. To most of us, it’s a weekly fix of frolic to go into a different space, a new realm. The intricacies, complicated relationships, moneys, hard work, pressure and competition go completely unnoticed. But in all-earnest, there is a lot more to the film business than meets the eye. I know what you must be thinking – “Gosh! This one’s going to be an intense melodramatic rant on the problems of the film industry!” But you can sit back and relax. All I’m going do here is put forth my views on one of the most major issues for the Indian film industry today.

Friday - a big day in the life of every movie buff. My father and grandfather often tell me about the times when they would bunk college to see back to back movies. An English movie was like a treat for moviegoers because they released in such select theatres at the time. However today, the times have changed drastically. Hollywood is spreading, even to the remote villages of India because of their multi-lingual availability making it easy for even the Indian masses to view the film. But has anyone thought about the consequences this is having on the Indian film industry? The audiences now have a variety of films to choose from. Multiplexes, which are the major source of revenue for producers are where they face maximum loses. The people now chose to watch ‘Fast 5’ or ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ over ‘Love ka The End’ and ‘Pyaar ka Panchnama’. In spite of being released in only English, ‘Hangover 2’ did a business of around 5.50 crore nett (7.25 crore gross) over the weekend while ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ was around 4 crore nett (5.25 crore gross). ‘X-Men: First Class’ made a booming 10 crores in India. This is way more than I can say for some of the Bollywood films that released in the

same week. Even a Shah Rukh Khan production like ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’ and Bheja Fry 2 did not receive as big an opening. July 1st had 3 major releases. Transformers 3, Delhi Belly and Budha Hoga Tera Baap. Prior to the release of ‘Transformers 3’, I interacted with some 3D technicians who shot for the movie. The footage they showed me left me gaping. One look at it and I knew that it was going to take the Indian market by storm. Today, ‘Transformers 3’, a Hollywood film alone is giving major competition to an Amitabh Bachchan or an Aamir Khan film. Even as far as 3 years back, did any of us even dream that this would be possible? But the reality is that even the biggest Bollywood stars today face competition from the American film industry because of the technology and multi-lingual accessibility of these films. Every film is mentally compared to an English film of the same genre. It’s become a second nature to us to point out the comparative flaws of our films. It’s true that we have not yet matched up to an ‘Avatar’ or ‘Inception’, two of the highest grossing films in India in the year 2010. But the competition isn’t really helping our cause

either. The market in India has proved to be so large with so much scope, that companies like Fox, Sony Columbia, Walt Disney, Warner Brother and Paramount are targeting it. Fox, in fact is co-producing ‘Raaz 3’, a 3D horror film, with Vishesh Films, a huge venture into Indian cinema. So, the point I want to bring up here is, is there a solution? A solution where in the industry doesn’t take such a huge hit at the box office due to the American films without depriving the Indian audiences of the same. Can we solve this conflict by guaranteeing a win-win situation for all parties? I believe that there is a need to protect our local industry, which in this case is the film industry. After thinking about it, the solution that comes to my mind is to limit the number of theatres and shows for the foreign films. But that is my take on it. The slow creep in of Hollywood into India has its flip side. Now I know that many of you will not agree with my point of view. Some of you may rebuke it, others may agree to it, but it’s definitely worth a thought! -Krishna Bhatt

Sun Soaked Pop Selena Gomez’ collaboration with The Scene has finally yielded into something eventful and has finally allowed her to shake away her moonlighting actor vibe. Though it might have taken three years and two somewhat failed albums, Selena is finally showing signs of her potential as a pop artist. With some very catchy electro disco ditties like ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and some Metallica titles like ‘Hit the Lights’ and ‘Whiplash’, Selena is finally beginning to push away from her Disney Princess image. No wonder Bieber is so bedazzled by her. With some pretty awesome collaborations namely Britney Spears, and some truly excellent songs, this album is by far her best so far. Songs like ‘Hit the Lights’ and ‘Whiplash’ are instant club hits while the dreamy ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ and the self obsessed ‘Who Says’, and groovy beats this album is as infectious as a cold in the winter.

Though, by the end, one is confused whether to love it or hate, it is an honest attempt to recreate what her Disney predecessors did. The album was originally named ‘Otherside’, but with songs that light up your world after sunset, the name was rightly changed to When the Sun Goes Down.

-Akshay Merchant

Acknowledgements To most of us, a simple “Thanks” means nothing. The word is simply tossed around by us teenagers. But, not this time. Daft’n’Direkt is the result of the combination of the hard work of its founders, readers and the contributors. First of all, I would like to thank Krishna Bhatt for nudging us in the right direction to include a few new sections in our magazine. Subsequently, our heartfelt regards to Isha Mantry for providing us with such excellent articles every time. And not to be biased towards the aforementioned, we would like to offer a HUGE “Thank You” to everyone else who made this magazine what it is. And last but not the least, our parents, who like the Rock of Gibraltar supported us and elucidated us throughout. Thank you everyone, Love, Daft’n’Direkt Magazine™

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