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Dafne´s Collections BY: Dafne Santa María

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Supporting Tolerance By: Dafne Santa MarĂ­a. Tolerance is important in ou live because people that are explosive no body want to be with them , so if you have this value and you applied in your live you would have a good and healthy live. Tolerance is the ability to accept ideas, behaviors and feelings that are different than those of the individual. In science, it is the ability of the body to adjust to a new substance. Tolerance is important because it opens the door to the opportunities and increases the chance of success. People who have had exposure to cultural differences feel confident living in a diverse society. For example: If you are tolerant with your brothers you will have a good relation with them and you can be healthy. You do not have to like the same food or music as your Friends, practice the same religion, or dress the same way. But you might want to be open to learn about those differences. If you have tolerance you will be healthy and its better for you because you will have a lot of opportunities , anybody can change your way of be.

Robbin By:Dafne Santa MarĂ­a. In the trees of the forest There are a Robbin That sings to the sun and to the moon.

He never tires of singing Although it stay hoarse Excitedly her does With the purpose that one Girl always goes to hear him.

Between the black oacks And the beauty source Of Stone and one clayjar that never fills. The animals always run To listen run the water And the beauty That sings Robbin.

Two Bodies By: Octavio Paz Two bodies face to face are at times two waves and night is an ocean. Two bodies face to face are at times two stones and night is a desert. Two bodies face to face are at times two roots laced into night. Two bodies face to face are at times two knives and night strikes sparks. Two bodies face to face are two stars falling in an empty sky.

Short Story By : Dafne Santa María. FERLAND Once upon a time one sunny day in the town where live Rose a lot of people where outside of her house with a lot of surprises because they recieve a notice that was that a baby was going to be born , Rose was the princess of that town called "Ferland" so she was the most popular girl in that town, she was confused but excited with that notice because she only have 18 years old she was not prepared to have a baby but she was alware in what she do. After 5 months she went to the doctor and se makes a ultrasoun and the surprise was that they were twins, two girls and in lees of 4 months they were going t be born. She never found the father of that girls so she starts to do the idea that she it was going to be single mother so she cries one day but it doesn´t matter for her so she starts doing the room of the baby , she do all the decoration , paint the room of pink and white , put decorations of little horses , mickey mouse etc that week she was making purchases of all that needs the babys. When the doctor gves the notice that she was going to be mother of two girls she think in the name of Fernanda to represent the town because the name of the Town was Ferland but she doesn´t think in the other one so she bought a lot of books to investigate names of girls she search like 1 week the name and she found one that it was "Caroline" but another that was "Sofia" and she was thinking a lot of time and after 1 month she decides that the name that she prefers was "Caroline". So now she was anscious to have her twins , the time was passing and her belly was growing , she always want to sleep so she neglect the town. After 4 monthsshe starts with the contractions but she thinks that it doesn´t happens anything so she only sleep 3 hours but the pain was intense, so she decides to go to the hospital and the doctor says that it was necesary to make the operation , after 5 hours she saw her twins ; Caroline and Fernanda , they were very little with a small nose , they have blue eyes with green , they were so beautifl. They stared to grow with her mom , they were very kind because is the education that gives her mother. They have one horse , the name of the horse was Pegaso , he was a big horse , he was white , the fur of Pegaso was incredible , very beautiful. Fer and Caroline always plays with Pegaso and they imagine that they were the princess of the town.

After 3 years her mom recieve the notice that she was pregnant for another girl , it was so incredible, Fernanda and Caroline was excited , they decided the name from her new sister , Rose search in the books that she had bought of the names of girls and she likes the name of Tiffany but the twins want the name of Sofia because they say that it´s the name of their favorite princess. Finally Rose accepted and the name of the new baby it was going to be Sofia. They starts decorating the room of her sistr Sofia with her mom , the twins say that her mon needs to bought another horse so her mom bought the brother of Pegaso. The room of Sofia was incredible , pink with purple , little horses , stars , the cradle was of princess, they make their best effort in the room of Sofi ; her mom was surprised and very happy with the attitude that have the twins. Because she thinks that it was going to be difficult but no , she doesn´t have problems with that , the twins always help her. After 9 months Sofi affortunately was in home with her mm and with her sisters and obviously her horse. The people of the town went to the hospital to visit Rose and the saw Sofi and they make comments and comparations not good , they say "Oh you have seen the twins are beautiful and Sofi no so much" they say that because Sofi is brunette and she looks diffrenet , she dosen´t looks like her sisters. The twins and Sofi started to grow , they started to go to the school and the comments of the people it doesn´t disappears , Sofi in the school was an agressive girl and the twins were so kind with their friends and teacers , Sofi doesn´t want to study and the twins were the most intelligent of their generation , Sofi did not have friends and the twins were the most popular girls in the shool and the town, the twins were perfect for the soiety and Sofi was like the loser. But Rose did not permit that kind of comments because the 3 are her daughters and obviously she loves the 3 in an equal way , Rose did not have preferences and Rose went to the school to talk with the teachers and Rose says that they need to have the values of respect , of love and the most important that was equality. Rose thinks how the teachers want to teach to the calssroom the values if they did not have them or did not do the things correctly. The time was passing , the twins and Sofi were growing with that distinction but after 16 years Sofi has an emotional problem because the society don´t respect and she always was angry , she starts to hate her sisters and when Rose saw that she inmediately talk with her and the words that gives Rose to Sofi was " princess you are so beatiful don´t pay attention in what does it says the society , remember that when people have envy make that kind of comments, start worrying about you

and do not worry about those comments , you are an important girl , you are incredible , I admire you , I love you princess." Since Rose tells that , Sofi started to change her live , she starts to do exercice , she loves soccer so she goes to classes , she cut her hair , she do some makeup in her face , she starts studying and demostrating to her that she can , all that she wants to do she can , she doesn´t have limits. The time was passing and all the town were surprised because Sofi was other emotionally and physically , all Ferland asked for an apology and obviously she says "yes , it doesn´t matter , it doesn´t happens anything" Short time ago the town propose that Sofi can be the new princess of Ferland and her mother and her sisters help her , so until now she is the princess of Ferland because she teaches a lot to them. She is so kind , she respect the town , she help the people that needs food or what ever prolem that they have she resolve it. She is like her mom , very kind. The town are very happy with the new princess , because they say that she teaches a lot of things and she loves all at equal , she doesn´t discriminate thyem , and she teaches a lot of values and that is the most important. They live happy all their live.

ACRONYM (DAFNE) BY: Dafne Santa María

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