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Project #1 citi bank Creative

Don’t Talk, Just Act. Don’t Say, Just Show. Don’t Promise, Just Prove.


Dafna Linden Bio

I was born in California, raised in Israel, educated In The Netherlands and left my creative stamp on the advertising industry all over the world. With two diplomas in hand, I went to work as a web and graphic designer for AKQA and Kubik in Amsterdam and McCann Ericsson in Tel Aviv among others. I worked well in team environments to create innovative solutions to design problems on tight deadlines. Dealing with social and interactive media, as well as usability, and taking projects from concept to completion in both online and offline environments, Im ready for a new challenge. Whats next on my to do list? Make my dreams come true in NY.

trust, transparency, infrastructure, leading, investing forging, constructing, creating, cleaning, revitalizing, future millennials, crisis, money, community, hope

Project #1 citi bank Problem



Research Highlights

Citi is at a crossroads. Having taken the brunt of the blame for the financial crisis, the institution is seen as cold, aloof, and destructive. In order to re-establish a good reputation with the American public, they have to find a way to effectively communicate that they care.

36% of all Millennials depend on financial support from their families, including 14% of all young adults who are working full time. 30% of young workers live at home.

Business Objective Establish a positive position in the mind of young people, displaying an understanding of the things that they care about in order to build authentic connections with consumers for long term.

Core Audience


Citi wants to engage the next generation of upwardly mobile, educated, progressive millennials. They are motivated to make money and succeed, but they are also motivated to make a difference in the world around them.



Citi represents the 1%. They are Corporate US financial magnates who care nothing about the people, just making their bonuses and turning a profit.


Convince these young influentials that Citi is a bank that understands their values and is a trustworthy partner worthy of trusting with the responsibility of managing their financial future.


As a result of all those difficulties they are down to their last drop of optimism.


Each individual drop can only do so much. Citi can be the bucket that collects those drops and creates a new wave of hope.

The Big Idea Citi Collective. Giving people a platform to live out their values.

Creative Execution Insperational video, homepage placement, The citi colective project website.

Digital Component


Citi has 18 million unique visitors every month on their home page.This free high traffic page is the perfect place to gain exposure and drive participation in their charitable initiatives.

Project #1 citi bank Creative

Creative Note: Every time citi customers log in to their online banking accounts, they pass this page.

Fat Life Food Manly Pounds Shame Honesty Difficulties

Project #2 Weight Watchers Problem



Research Highlights

Weight Watchers offers the most realistic program for men, yet they represent only 9% of subscribers.

“Doctors should stop mincing their words and tell the overweight they are fat, the public health minister has said.“ - Daily Mail.



Radical honesty pushes men to take action.

Business Objective


Increase male subscriber base.

Beat them down to tone them up.

Core Audience



8.5 million men in America are obese. 60.3% of single men have a BMI >25

30-44 • 50 pounds overweight • Single • Middle Class, 40k-75k salary • Sedentary Desk Job • From the Midwest or south.

Barrier Obese men don’t realize how much easier every day could be if they were lighter.

Challenge Drive obese men to make a hard change for an easier life. easy choices

hard life

harder choices

easy life

The Big Idea You’re Fat. That’s the last time you’re gonna hear it.

Creative Execution Catching the core audience in moments of vulnerability via a contextual media strategy. Outdoors: Billboards, Transit advertising, advertising in the subway environment (posters and stair cases). Online:, LinkedIn,, Facebook, twitter.

Digital Component The Fat Lickin is a Radical Honesty Facebook app. Just take a photo of your beer belly with any webcam, and brace yourself for some tough love that will push you to finally take the extra step and join weight watchers today.

Project #2 Weight Watchers Creative

Creative Note: The media strategy brings to life the radical honesty approach.


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Project #3 Febreze Problem Problem

Opportunity Opportunity


Research Highlights

We commissioned research study with 40 women that represents our target audience and these were the results:


Febreze is a brand of household odor eliminator manufactured by P&G, First introduced in 1993. Febreze enjoys a market share of between 71% in the US. However, market size has softened despite competitive entries from Glade & Lysol.


Business Objective 2.04 3.74

Get people to use more Febreze in order to reach the benchmarks of 2.04 million and 3.74 million additional units.

Core Audience

Would you use Febreze? Yes, I love it

Insight Women are their own harshest critics.


Miss Perfect’s Nightmare

The Big Idea

Barrier “Miss Perfect” perceives Febreze users as dirty.

Challenge Get “Miss Perfect” to overcome her prejudice against Febreze, and show her how Febreze simplifies her life.

The obligatory other 40 total votes

Mothers 35-54 with kids 6-17 in the house. Superwoman with one mission in mind: Perfection. Type A - “Uber Organizers” AKA “Miss Perfect”.

Unannounced Guests Showing Up On Your Doorstep.

No, ew.

Febreze helps you keep up appearances

Every woman has dirty little secrets.

Creative Execution Billboards, magazine ads, facebook and twitter campigen.

Digital Component Secrets of the mist is an anonymous Facebook confession wall and twitter feed where Miss Perfect can let loose and unburden herself of the weight of her own deepest imperfections. Its OK to be a little inappropriate... no one will know its you...

Project #3 Febreze Creative Creative

Creative Note: Every woman has dirty little secrets...


Project #1 citi bank Creative

Project #4 Red Envelope Problem Problem

Opportunity Opportunity Research Highlights


Red Envelope is an online retailer offering unique and personalized gifts for life’s special occasions. 

 Currently RE is lacking a clear strategic direction.

Business Objective Our task was to create a comprehensive integrated social media strategy that engages their customers (& prospective customers) across social networks and drives traffic to the RE website, ahead of the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Core Audience


Female (74%) 30-50 years old (38%) High index for children in HH Highly Educated (33% Post Graduate) Resides in: CA, CO, CT, VA, DC, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY High HH income (58% >$100K)

Great gifts trigger nostalgia.

Giving a gift is an opportunity to make a memory.

RE is languishing in relative obscurity as a brand that is struggling to emotionally connect with their target audience.

Reposition the brand to better connect with its affluent female core audience, making necessary changes along the way, while at the same time maintaining the brand’s core values and highlighting what they already do well.

Insight Strategy



The average Instagram user is female, aged 25-35. According to Quantcast, 29% of visitors to are 25-35, but the average purchaser trends older. There is a missed opportunity with the 25-35 demographic. Instagram is RE’s way of reaching them.

The Big Idea


member connect minisce

Creative Execution Homepage redesign, facebook page, twitter page. 
 Pinterst, Facebook & Instagram campaigns. Facebook, Twitter & google+ treasure hunt game.

Digital Component The “fill your frame” app allow users to create Pin Boards, Facebook & Instagram albums & order photo frames from filled with their photos from their social media platforms

Project #4 Red Envelope Creative Creative

REminisce with RE C A M PA I G N

Instructions Step 1: Sign Facebook account and"Like" “Like”RedEnvelope, Step 1: Sign intointo youryour Facebook account and or Pinterest sign into your Pinterest account and follow orRedEnvelope, sign into your account and follow RedEnvelope. RedEnvelope. Step 2: Build your album (on Facebook or Pinterest) and title it Step 2: Build your album (on Facebook or Pinterest) and pin “REminisce with Red Envelope." it “REminisce with Red Envelope.” Step 3: Order your frame on and submit your Step 3: Order your frame on and submit album checkout. your URL albumatURL at checkout. Step 4: After checkout, you'll receive a digital copy Step 4: After checkout, you’ll receive a digital copyofofthe theframe. frame. Step 5: Receive frame in in thethemail Step 5: Receive frame mailcomplete completewith with printed printed photos (printed framed a courtesy from RedEnvelope). photos and (printed and as framed as a courtesy from RedEnvelope).

Follow these simple instructions to create a unique gift with help from RedEnvelope! #redenvelope #fillyourframe

Creative Note: Users can bring their boards to life by useing The “fill your frame” app.

Project #1 citi bank Problem


Dafna Linden




Work Experience

• 2012-2012 Miami Ad school, NY. Account Planning Program.

• Dafna (Freelance) June 2009 – June 2012 Digital Creative consultant at AKQA Amsterda, BIA NL, McCann Erickson Tel Aviv and many more.

• MA - 2003-2004 European Media Master of the Arts, Digital Media Design at the school of the arts Utrecht (HKU). Faculty of Art Media and Technology (KMT), the Netherlands. • BA - 1997-2001 Wizo Design Academy. Graphic design & visual communication degree. Teaching Diploma - Design Teacher qualification. Haifa, Israel.

Applications Adobe CS4/5/6: Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign Flash | Fireworks | DreamWeaver | Premiere | AE MS Office: Word | PowerPoint | Excel | Keynote Site statistics: Google Analytics | SiteCatalyst |

Skills Account Planing | Branding | Concept Development Creative Strategy | Web & Graphic Design | Web 2.0 e-commerce | Digital Media &...I can drive a Tractor

Some of the brands I worked on

•, Amsterdam /Guangzhou Oct 2009 – June 2012 Co-founder & Creative Director of • Blinck, Amsterdam Aug 2007 – April 2009 Web & TV Designer

• Kubik, Amsterdam Aug 2005 - June 2007 Graphic and Digital Media Designer • ZiLtd, Amsterdam May 2004 - Feb 2005 Jr. web designer

Languages • English | Fluent • Hebrew | Native • Dutch | Spoken

Dafna Linden | Planner check me out | email me | or call maybe | 917.59.38.531

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