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Try The Monopoly Board Game For All The Family Technology is both the evil and the good these days. While it is the means to forge connections between opposite-world people, it could potentially deter face-to-face social interaction. Relying on technology for one's entertainment thus sounds this complicated. But what could make your life a lot more fun is to be engaged in a Monopoly board game. Think this is far-fetching? Then you need to (re)discover the wonders of this classic game. Roots of the game In 1903, Quaker political activist Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips devised a game that simulates activities associated with real estate properties like renting and purchasing and the mechanisms of taxation. It was called "The Landlord's Game". This was based on the propositions (collectively known as Georgism) of the American political economist Henry George regarding property ownership and how profits from it could affect both the owner and the tenant. It also demonstrated how monopolies could massively make a single person ultimately rich while others are impoverished to the point of bankruptcy. A lot of people became interested with this board game companies and redesigned it. The game went through different patent ownerships and editions until it finally was finally called the Monopoly board game. There have been separate versions for the US and UK consumers. The Parker Brothers (US) and the John Waddington Ltd. (UK) are the most prominent and foremost publishers of this game. Reach of the game To date, there are more than a billion people who have played the Monopoly board game. With this data, it is very much deserving of the title as the Most Played Commercial Board Game in the World. In addition, it has even appealed a lot of companies and brand names to be involved with it. There are versions showcasing SpongeBob Squarepants, the Disney Princesses, Bratz, Family Guy, and even the Beatles, which replaces the game's popular character Rich Uncle Pennybags. There was also a 1970s Braille edition to cater to the visually impaired players. What Monopoly board game sets contain Each set includes the game board bearing locations of properties from apartments to utilities, dice, cards such as Title Deeds, Chance and Community Chest, plastic houses and hotels, and paper money in different denominations. Monopoly City, U-Build and the Electronic Banking Edition are among the most recent editions from Hasbro Parker Brothers that have additional or new pieces in the set. These have more buildings, cards (such as Reminder, District and Debit cards) and dice. The second one even features customizable tracks such as Starter, Pro and Freestyle. The third one has bank cards instead of paper bills and an electronic game board.

Try the monopoly board game for all the family