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Seals • Absorbs • Protects

75 years of experience in the development, production and supply of foam, rubber and plastic solutions.

DAFA is the ideal global partner to fulfil all your foam, rubber and plastic requirements. We have supplied the automotive industry for many years, offering a wide range of sealing, absorption, and protection solutions. Our aim is to become your preferred supplier and always to deliver a customized solution rather than just sell a specific technology. Furthermore, DAFA’s global supply chain means that we can deliver wherever you want in the world and at competitive prices. Our network of international sales and technical advisors are ready to meet you and investigate how we can help you to sharpen your company’s competitive edge. Jacob Norby CEO DAFA A/S


Dedication and focus for more than 75 years DAFA is a Danish family-owned business with more than 75 years of experience in the development, production and supply of foam, rubber and plastic solutions. Today, held by the third generation of the Norby family, DAFA is an international company with more than 300 employees and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and USA.

DAFA seals, absorbs, and protects Sealing, absorption and protection – these three attributes characterize our entire range of quality products and solutions.


DAFA HQ, Denmark

DAFA - your trusted partner in the automotive industry We are proud to serve some of the most demanding customers in the automotive industry, to whom DAFA has been a trusted partner for decades. Our customers have very different needs, but share common requirements for credible compliance with standards, excellent functionality and reliable durability. In this highly competitive, innovative and demanding sector, the largest and best-known manufacturers and subcontractors have long chosen to cooperate with DAFA on sealing, absorption and protection.


The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association DAFA is a member of FKG – the Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association, the trade association for the Scandinavian suppliers to the automotive industry. FKG is, in turn, a member of CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, and DAFA’s links to these organizations ensure that we possess the latest knowledge and remain at the cutting edge of the industry.


Close to the markets - close to you...

More than 300 employees worldwide, working in consultancy, development, customer service and production

Close collaboration with a wide variety of international business partners and suppliers

Effective logistics and efficient delivery that match your production processes

DAFA is geared to accommodating new and untried challenges in foam or rubber solutions that seal, absorb and protect

Production in: China, Denmark, Italy and Poland Warehouses in: China, Denmark, Poland and United States


Our engineers have years of know-how and experience and we always strive to base our solutions and advice on the latest technology and knowledge in the field

38,000 m2 production and warehouse facilities

Worldwide presence shapes our global footprint DAFA operates across Europe, Asia and the United States, allowing us to efficiently take care of customers’ local and global requirements. Our dedicated and experienced teams in consultancy, development, production, logistics and service are available to offer support across time zones. Wherever you are, we are always close to you. Our engineers will assist you in finding the optimal solution for your application using the latest state-of-the-art technology and knowledge in the field. You can also rely on DAFA to test your application at our in-house test center, ensuring that your solution meets your particular requirements and international standards. With 38,000 m2 of high-tech production and warehouse facilities worldwide, cost-efficient processes thoughout the entire supply chain are guaranteed. Additionally, our technicians and account managers across several countries provide global agreements, making sure that you have one point of contact in your daily interactions with DAFA.


Seal • Abso 1

Spacer and sealing front end: cellular rubber, PE

7 2

Thermoformed parts as seal, spacer: PE

3 3

Seal lighting: FIPFG, silicone foam, PoronÂŽ, sulfur free cellular rubber


Comfort underlayer: PE, PUR




11 5

Spacer dashboard: PE, bonded foam


Dust seal, interior: PE, PUR, FIPFG



10 7

Spacer roof liner: PUR, bonded foam, PE

We are always ready to listen to the sealing, damping or protection challenge you are facing. 7

rb • Protect

6 5


Seal firewall dashboard: impregnated PUR, PUR FIPFG, semi closed cellular rubber


Speaker sealing: PE, PUR FIPFG System, Poron®


Seal exterior trim: butyl, cellular rubber, PE, FIPFG


Seal against water, air and sound: cellular rubber, PE, PUR, Nonwowen


Seal door locks: FIPFG, cellular rubber, PE


Decoupling petrol tank and battery: cellular rubber, Poron®


Seal air-conditioning/ventilation duct: PUR, FIPFG, impregnated PUR, semi-closed cellular rubber


14 3




The numbers are just some examples of solutions DAFA offer to the automotive industry. 8

7 The wide range of materials available from DAFA helps you to solve nearly every task around the luggage compartment: use sulfur-free, weather-resistant and heat-resistant gaskets for the LED backlight. To seal the PRV against dust and water, our FIPFG gaskets are ideal; and for external noise reduction we offer various acoustic foams.

For sound and thermal insulation, and water and dust prevention, DAFA offers products and solutions that improve functionality and performance of car doors and speakers: • • •


Die cut gaskets • Strips in fixed length • Spools for automatic applications

Damping foams for acoustic support FIPFG gaskets

To seal inlets into the cabin, semi closed foams cover wide tolerances without the need of high-compression force to seal. Foam strips and tapes on spools support automatic application where efficient manufacturing is important.

Front-end applications include damping foam pads, gaskets or protective elements to avoid paint damage caused by vibration. To protect the LEDs, gaskets for light systems must be sulfur-free, weather-resistant and heatresistant. To ensure the best possible performance, different foam types are available.


DAFA has an extensive range of materials and products for sound insulation and noise reduction: DAFA Sound ABS


• DAFA Sound Blocker • DAFA Sound Combi

Did you know that DAFA develops sealing solutions for electrical vehicles’ battery boxes?


The right material for your application Whatever company you represent, DAFA is always ready to hear about the sealing, damping or protection challenge you are facing.

Polyethylene foam

Cellular rubber

Polyurethane foam

Solid rubber


Bonded foam


FIPFG PUR/Silicone

DAFA offers a wide range of materials for the automotive industry based on foam, rubber and plastics, including: • • • • • • • •

polyethylene foam polyurethane foam bonded foam solid rubber cellular rubber tapes/adhesives FIPFG PUR/silicone a number of nonwovens

Draw on our extensive insights into the various options, safe in the knowledge that our advice is based on many years of practical experience in the use of these materials for a diverse array of applications. We also collaborate with leading suppliers of raw materials, who provide us with knowledge, data and test results on the properties of the given materials, to help us find exactly the right solution for you.


Solutions that seal…

Products dedicated to the automotive industry

• • • • • •

The majority of DAFA’s products can be tailored to meet the individual customer needs. Our ability to develop and manufacture products made of foam, rubber, and plastics that precisely meet specific requirements is just one of the advantages of working with DAFA.

Gaskets Self-adhesive strips Formed in place foam gaskets (FIPFG) Rubber materials and profiles Molded materials Sealing systems

Solutions that absorb… • • • •

Our broad range of products made from all types of materials – from hard and soft rubber to expanded plastic materials – allow us to quickly find a solution with the optimum material for any given situation.

Sound absorption Sound insulation Damping of structural sound Vibration insulation

Solutions that protect… • • • •

Profiles Molded parts Strips, panels, rolls Die cut parts

The use of new materials such as composites, aluminium and highstrength steel in car structures creates new challenges, but with DAFA’s knowledge of established materials, and our ability to innovate and adapt, we are equipped to meet any challenge.



Perfect production framework DAFA creates quality products in ultra-modern facilities using state-of-the-art machinery. This ensures that DAFA provides competitive solutions that are appealing to industrial manufacturers. Our flexibility allows us to adapt capacity according to current market and customer demands. We continuously expand our high-tech production machinery, so that we are always ready to meet our customers’ increasing demands for quality, efficiency, and documentation.

• Vertical & horizontal cutting

• 3 and 5 axis CNC milling

• Roll cutting

• Foam impregnation

• Die cutting

• Water Jet

• Laser cutting

• Kiss cutting


• Gluing

• Foam block splitting • Lamination/ adhesive backing


Formed in place foam gasket (FIPFG)

DAFA Siglo Sealing Solutions • Tailor-made chemistry solutions • Fully automatic bonding and sealing systems • Primers, cleaners, activators for gluing, hot melts, potting, PU/SIL polymeric solutions • Contract gasketing, gluing and potting • Manual and automatic mixing, and dispensing systems for bonding, sealing, foaming and potting • Maintenance service and spare parts

FIPFG PUR gaskets are characterized by advanced technological precision and high repetition accuracy. DAFA’s PUR gaskets are durable and retain their shape, matched to the specific component – even those with complex dimensions. The FIPFG technology makes it possible to produce gaskets and make them adhere to a component without manually handling them. Gaskets are applied directly to components in a one-stop cycle and with CNC-controlled precision. The result is a top-quality, uniform seal, an excellent finish and efficient production, making the method highly competitive. The high level of precision allows DAFA to perform complex tasks with strict requirements for tolerance, surface finish, quality and speed.



To be applied onto a flat surface

To be applied into a groove


Spools DAFA leads the way in spooling technology. Draw on our extensive insights, safe in the knowledge that our advice is based on many years of practical experience in the use of spools for a diverse array of applications.

Your advantages • Very long spools allow to automate the application process and eliminate frequent production line downtime • Small number of tape joints means less production waste • Possibility of using different thimble dimensions – for example: 3” (76mm) and 6” (152mm)


Nonwovens can be used for

Nonwoven The use of nonwovens in the automotive industry has increased and still more parts are made with nonwoven fabrics. Nonwovens’ unique quality help to reduce the weight of the car and enhance the comfort.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Carpets Acoustic components Headliners Door panels Dashboard insulation Seating components Airbag covers Trunk liners Loudspeaker covers Air filters Oil filters Fuel filters Bumper acoustical pads ... and much more


Strong Research and Development DAFA’s R&D engineers have high focus on product development and optimization in close collaboration with our business partners. This is a vital part of our core values. By working with our R&D engineers, you can be sure of finding the optimal solution in relation to your requirements e.g. in terms of functionality and costs. We have years of know-how and experience, and we always base our solutions and advice on the latest technology and knowledge in the field. DAFA’s Research and Development can be your partner in all facets of sealing, absorption and protection applications for the automotive industry, such as: • New product research, including determining product specifications, production costs, technologies and production time line • New product development, from proposal to prototype to series production • Existing product updates, including optimization of material usage • Conducting tests, experiments and quality verifications, including documentation required by the customer, such as PPAP • Innovation, research and analysis of products to help your company maintain its competitiveness in the industry • High level of consistency throughout the supply chain


In close cooperation with the production team, our team of engineers strives to find the best possible solution for your application, whether that means upgrading existing solutions or developing new ones.

Did you know that DAFA has R&D engineers on 3 continents?


Did you know that DAFA has it’s own test center? In the DAFA test center, we rigorously test our products and materials to ensure the highest quality.

At DAFA we use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor our processes in real-time and PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is part of our quality assurance process.


Quality in focus Quality is an integral part of DAFA’s core values, the way we work and think. All our administrative and manufacturing processes reflect this, ensuring that ongoing improvements are made in quality loops – including training, development, and prevention. As a supplier to the automotive industry, DAFA adheres to strict customer requirements and various quality standards as part of our quality assurance process. Market demand in relation to tolerances and documentation for stable processes led us to invest in and implement SPC (Statistical Process Control) in our production, which we use to monitor our processes in real time. By monitoring and analyzing process data, we ensure that the processes operate at their full potential and meet the needs of the customers. SPC also makes it possible for us to detect any process variation early on and act proactively to prevent further problems. DAFA’s management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015. This means that our company undertakes to provide uniform, reliable quality in our processes and products which are continuously being improved for the benefit of customers and suppliers alike.



PR P We define the framework for innovative solutions and quality requirements A through close dialogue

with our customers. We see ourselves as consultant sparring partners, and we believe that optimal, customized solutions are created when experts work together towards a common goal.


Close to the markets – close to you

ISO 9001 2015 certificeret

ISO 14001 2015

DAFA Deutschland GmbH Tel +49 2761 94295-0

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DAFA Polska sp. z o.o. Tel +48 22 739 04 00


DAFA Sealing Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Tel +86 10 8453 7428

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