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Arctic Circle City

Mo i Rana is the administrative center of the municipality of Rana in Nordland county, Norway. The city is the third largest in Northern Norway with 26.000 inhabitants. Mo i Rana is known for its expanding green industry and the geographic location close to the arctic circle.

Photo: Se Nor / Petter Aspdal Hansen

Expanding and green

Natural resourses

The municipality is rich in natural resourses, especially iron ore and clean water, which is used to produce hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power production in the area is 6 TWh. Mo i Rana is strategically located in the middle of Norway, and is a regional node for road, sea and train transportation. The city center embraces the fjord ÂŤRanfjordenÂť and is surrounded by mountains as well as a numerous rivers and water resources. It is strategically located with regards to the Process Industries in the Arctic.

Photo: Se Nor / Tor-Arne Sandnes

Strategically located

Renewable energy

120 years industrial history In the early 50s the Industrial park was established on the best plot in town. That’s why the city centre and the industry will be both close to, and dependent of each other. This symbiosis poses some challenges, but mainly advantages. For instance is the industry supplying the city centre with sustainable energy during wintertime, to prevent the build-up of snow and ice on walkways, patios and roadways. 85 GWh is recycled and used for district heating for the city centre, sportsarenas, buildings etc. Mo i Rana and Mo Industrial park has potential to develop environmentally friendly solutions in and for the future.

Photo: Se Nor / Petter Aspdal Hansen

Mo i Rana has a 120 years old history of industry. It is closely linked to steel production, and has attained this position as Mo i Rana has natural prerequisites for process industry.

Mo Industrial park Green industrial park with world class ambitions. Mo Industrial park is the leading industrial development zone in Northern Norway with a strong green profile.

Go green go arctic

The location of Mo Industrial park (MIP) is based on three important factors: iron ore, water and labour force. The steel and ferroalloy industry at MIP is a world leader in clean processes. This applies to both air and water emissions. Mo Industrial park aims to be amongst the world’s leading industrial parks measured in emissions to air and energy efficiency. Mo Industrial park has attractive areas for both shore-based and offshore industries, with access to roads, water and rail transport. It contains approximately 100 businesses, employing a total of 2300 persons. 20 percent of all export from Nordland County origins from MIP, 5 billions NOK in total.

Photo: Rami Abood Skonseng

 World leader in clean processes


efficiency and circular economy

Mo Industrial park is to be one of the world’s leading industrial parks in terms of emissions to the environment, energy efficiency and recycling, and this must be displayed by focusing on established research and improvement projects.

Surplus materials from one company are utilized as a resource by neighboring companies. They have developed a system for recycling byproducts, i.e., scrap metal and CO² gas and hosts one of the cleanest steel plants in the world. The cluster have Norway’s largest district heating system based on surplus heat, supplying Northern Norway’s third largest town with sustainable energy. Norway’s second largest waterworks supplies the industrial park with process water, cooling water and drinking water. The waterworks infrastructure is used to produce electric power both at the intake and outlet, so the same water is used for 5 different purposes.

Photo: Audun Gullesen

Mo Industrial park is the industrial gateway to the northern areas, and are working actively to facilitate establishment of new companies at the industrial park. Today there are a wide specter of businesses, mining, metal industri, supplier industry and fish-farming.

MO I RANA Industrial access to the arctic Read more about Mo Industial Park at www.mip.no

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Photo: Se Nor / Petter Aspdal Hansen

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