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The Twist Side of Mo Model: Mo Twister Photographer: Daemon Becker Grooming: Noel Madrigal Stylist: Ada Lopez Clothes: Tough Jeans Ecko Unltd Zoo York

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December - January 2009



The Twist Side of Mo By John Davies Vardeleon

Photography by Daemon Becker

IQ Idol of the month Every issue, IQ Time awards the “IQ IDOL” title to someone who exudes intelligence, success, and style.


ften referred to as controversial, careless, and sometimes, downright rude, Mohan Gumatay lives a mundane life dissimilar from the twisted and vulgar image he portrays on radio and TV as Mo Twister. He is an embodiment of all sorts of oxymorons. He distinguishes himself from the pack by being terribly good on his talk shows. Actually, he is good at being cruel and needs to be cruel to be good, oftentimes engaging himself in friendly arguments. While he is sometimes clearly misunderstood for his unbiased opinions, up close – barring the radio static and camera lenses – he is in fact an awfully nice person. When he was young, mediocrity was all he thought was in store for him. But now, and happily so, Mo is a grounded achiever who relates his success to his common sense and his unchanging drive for perfection.


Who would have thought that this introvert, this down-to-earth, purebred Bulakeño would grow up to be one of the most influential voices in entertainment today? Starting as a DJ of a well-known radio station, he now hosts four television shows. All of his gigs’ common denominator is his intelligent, no-nonsense, and often notorious opinions. Mo’s biting social commentaries are a wonderful hodgepodge of anything and everything under the sun. It is surprisingly refreshing to see and hear him unabashedly draw conclusions from seemingly random and triv6

December - January 2009

ial things. Mo says that he gets his inspiration from common daily occurrences in life like driving and even the inanimate, humungous billboards. Besides that, he reads a lot. “I just like information. I’m a fan of atlases and almanacs. I like seeing everything from population trends in countries to analyzing their flag and why it looked that way,” he says.


After returning from the United States more than three years ago, he ventured into unknown territory in FM radio at that time. When radio meant sound trips, Mo initiated a move that would revolutionize how modern city dwellers would perceive FM radio—talk radio. “We were always questioned about our talk format, kasi parang FM is known to be a medium for music. We used to go eight, nine minutes of conversation but now, we go forty minutes talking, no problem.” Mo’s delectable format of comedy and controversy has been a huge hit, but he admits it’s not all a walk in the park. He spends unbelievable man hours researching through the internet and writing his own material. “It takes me six to seven hours to write this show every day. I try to write comedy. Your normal sitcom runs thirty minutes to an hour and scriptwriters take a week to write it. I have to write three hours every single day.” But the verdict is clear. With off-the-wall topics, droll jokes, and incredibly convincing arguments, his program rates the highest with its demographic market in its time slot.


Even though his career demands a lot of his time, Mo takes a breather once in a while and unwinds. He is kind to his body. He avoids vices by not smoking or drinking too much. Equally important to staying fit is his active lifestyle.

On Mo Twister Shoes - Skechers Pants - Tough Jeans Jacket - Tough Jeans Polo Shirt - Ecko Unlimited

December - January 2009


Though going to the gym is not much of an option due to his busy schedule, he compensates for it through sports. As he says, he works hard, but he also plays hard. “I do a lot of physical sports, like squash on Sundays and Thursdays. Sometimes I play baseball with Richard Gomez. I play basketball three to four times a week.” He also likes to take long vacations outside the country where he says he can really de-stress. “It kind of takes you back and makes you feel recharged,” he added.

RIGHT FRAME OF MIND With all the publicity he’s been getting, Mo could easily get his head lost in the clouds. But without assistants or a manager, he confesses that he has remained grounded. On the other hand, believing in himself is what helps him get ahead. Off the air, he’s a normal dude, but when he’s on the radio, he has to believe that he’s the very best thing that’s out there. “From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., I truly believe that I’m the most valuable player in this industry. I have to believe it, whether I am or not.” he says. On whether he thinks of himself as intelligent and whether this might actually be the catalyst for his success, he explains, “I have a lot of broad, general knowledge. I think I know enough about a lot of things that can pass me [off] as somewhat intelligent. But you know, I don’t fail. I’m absolutely determined to not just be good at all the things that I do but to be illegally good at the things I do. And I think there has to be a little bit of intelligence for you to pull that off there. So I might not have the highest IQ. But I think if you have the drive, and you’re well-read, intelligence manifests or at least it looks like it does.”


December - January 2009

Smart, eloquent, and fast on the draw, Mo is known for pushing buttons and breaking down barriers, both with his critics and avid listeners. His arresting personality, bright intellect, and unique brand of wit and humor carry across waves in his highly entertaining TV and radio programs where he is his own one-man team. He is a contradiction in terms, and he continues to astonish and surprise everyone. He is Mo Twister, talk show hostextraordinaire, sometimes clearly misunderstood, but always terribly good. SIDE TRIVIA Mo’s two digital SLRs provide unparalleled comfort and retreat when he’s in the zone pursuing his photography hobby. Take a look at some of his spectacular pictures from his vacations. (at right)

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