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Make Your Dream Come True with the Vine

요한복음 John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches” If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; Apart from me you can do nothing.



세계적 리더관 배양



선생님과 학생간, 자신의 믿음



더바인 학생은 희망의 증거



마음과 세상을 여는 사랑의 가르침

Reaching the World We help students become leaders who will make a big difference in the world, loving God, people and life. KOREA




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Helping students to become a leader with a good command of English


Giving students a chance to use English and experience foreign culture


Helping children in poor country to be educated and live a better life with donations.

The History of the Vine The story of the Vine continues on

• 1996-2003



• Helping students to go to special-purpose high school

• 2004-2008 • Lee Kyung Soon Institute • 2008-2011 The Vine English

The Curriculum of the Vine The Integrated teaching system- we teach students four areas of English, reading, listening, writing, and grammar. Students will get to know English naturally by exposing themselves to 4 sections simultaneously with the help of the teachers in the Vine. LAB

+ Speaking + Writing

+ Speaking

+ Writing



+ Speaking + Writing

A good Communicator

+ Speaking + Grammar



+ Speaking + Writing

Building Good Character

Step by Step Prepare four parts of English studying by Pattern drill with The Vine Pattern Textbook

Seed Basic skill in reading, listening, speaking, writing

Plant Practical learning & repetitive studying

Water Intensive courses for master

Reap Independ ent studying &

Multiply Good. competitive

English speaker .


for tests

TEXT Multiplying

Reaping Watering Planting Seeding Prep.

Training English Skill with the Vine

No. 1 in the World

Global Leader

Elementary Branch The Vine kids, VIKI program, plant s various backgrounds, based on four fields of Reading, Listening, Writing& Grammar, Speaking in systematical language and makes young students speak in English fluently like a native speaker to be entitled to be a global leader.. •Pattern training •Story Book •Oral Summary & Debate •LAB을 통한 받아쓰기 훈련 •Shading & Repeating •Recording을 통한 발음교정

Speaking Reading

•Pattern Drill with Grammar •Express Self-opinion •Creative Writing

Listening Writing With Grammar Speaking

Courses in Elementary Branch

Speaking with

Speaking with



Reading Course

Listening Course

With storybook and fictional, nonfictional story students learn to summarize what they read and express self-thought about it in debate.

Dictate and note-take what they listen to and oral-summarize it. For exact pronunciation record and correct theirs through online learning.

Writing With Grammar

Writing & Grammar Course By writing students’ summary and thought, they can learn grammar naturally. They keep diaries, story writing and essay to be creative and confident.

Middle Branch We aim to make students develop their English skills


Reading -key word -key sentence

Grammar Problem-solving

Prep Speaking

Speaking -Situation-based -Theme-based -Debate

Speaking Writing


Integrated English Learning 4sections simultaneously

Speaking Writing

What/How to study Reading Section

Integrated Writing /Grammar Section xss

●Key Word(주제단어찾기) ●Key Sentence(주제문찾기) ●English Summary(지문요약을) -Writing/Speaking(쓰고 말하기) ●Listening to the native Speaker’s reading -Correcting students’ pronunciation (LAB을 통해 원어민이 읽어주는 지문 읽고 발음 수정하기)

Writing Grammar


●Sentence Structure(문장구조학습) ●Writing based on Sentence Structure (문장구조학습에 근거한 쓰기) ●Speaking training based on Sentence Structure (문장구조학습에 근거한 말하기) ●Problem-solving (실전에도 강하게 하는 문법 문제 풀기)


Listening Section ●Main Text Book(주교재) ●Auxiliary Textbook (부교재) ●Summary-based Speaking Through a textbook (주교재를 통한 말하기 실력향상) ●Developing Listening Skills for Various Tests through an auxiliary text book (부교재를 통한 모든 시험 유형에 노출)


Speaking/ Study Abroad

Speaking Section ●Developing theme-based situational conversation (주제별, 상황별 대화훈련) ●Debate(Opinion Sharing) (의견 나누며 토론하기) ●Giving students a chance to go abroad and experience new culture (샌프란시스코 더바인 본원을 통한 어학연수 기회 부여)

High Branch We help students aim high and march on toward their goals by developing their skills in English. 인생이라는 항해에 목표를 높게 세우고, 그 목표를 영어실력 배양으로 성취할 수 있도록 도와줍니다. 영어정복기

Mastering English


KSAT (모의고사)

모의고사 풀이

-Expose students to actual tests Train them to find keys words and sentences in passages -Thorough Editing 학생들이 실전 문제 에 익숙하여지도록 도와주며, 늘 주제어 와 주제문을 찾도록 훈련시킵니다.

구문훈련 통한 해석

-Help students to translate sentences and understand passages based on grammar and pattern drills 문법에 기초한 문장 분석 능력을 통해 문 장과 지문을 잘 해석 하고 이해하도록 훈 련시킵니다.


유형별Skill 배양

-Train students to be used to the patterns of KSAT and correct their answers through repetitive listening and dictation 듣기 영역의 문제유 형에 친숙하게 하며 반복적인 듣기 학습 과 받아쓰기를 통해 고득점을 맞을 수 있 도록 합니다.

쓰기를 통한 문법 실력 배양

Preparation for the new pattern of written English with the sentence structure 내신대비의 새로운 서술형 주관식을 위 한 완벽대비를 문법 을 기초로 한 쓰기로 준비합니다.

문법이론 정리 및 풀이

Learn Grammar from the basic to the intensive and provide students with actual test skills 문법의 기본에서부터 심화이론까지 체계적 인 정리와 수능문제 유형 맞춤식 훈련을 제공합니다. .

The Vine English Introduction  

The Vine English Introduction